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Conference pate::electric_vehicles

Created:Fri Jul 15 1994
Last Modified:Fri May 30 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:67
Total number of notes:214
Number with bodies:7
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1.0PATE::COTEFri Jul 15 1994Electric Vehicles Are Here!
2.0PATE::COTEFri Jul 15 1994Conference policy & guidelines
3.0PATE::COTEFri Jul 15 1994Moderator announcements
4.0PATE::COTEFri Jul 15 1994reserved
5.03PATE::COTEFri Jul 15 1994Related notesfiles
6.0PATE::COTEFri Jul 15 1994reserved
7.0PATE::COTEFri Jul 15 1994reserved
8.0PATE::COTEFri Jul 15 1994reserved
9.0PATE::COTEFri Jul 15 1994reserved
10.014PATE::COTEFri Jul 15 1994User registry, introductions
11.03PATE::COTEFri Jul 15 1994Literature: Books, DIY plans, Magazines
12.01PATE::COTEFri Jul 15 1994Associations, Clubs, Organizations
13.03PATE::COTEFri Jul 15 1994Events, Shows
14.02PATE::COTEFri Jul 15 1994News Items
15.0PATE::COTEFri Jul 15 1994Advantages of EVs
16.02PATE::COTEFri Jul 15 1994Disadvantages of EVs
17.015PATE::COTEFri Jul 15 1994Environmental Impact of EVs
18.09PATE::COTEFri Jul 15 1994Operating Costs $$
19.02PATE::COTEFri Jul 15 1994History of EVs
20.05PATE::COTEFri Jul 15 1994EV Dealers & Manufacturers
21.01PATE::COTEFri Jul 15 1994Parts/Kit Suppliers & Catalogs
22.02PATE::COTESat Jul 16 1994What's Detroit Doing?
23.02PATE::COTESat Jul 16 1994For Sale / classified ads
24.01PATE::COTESat Jul 16 1994WANTED
25.0PATE::COTESat Jul 16 1994Motors
26.0PATE::COTESat Jul 16 1994Transmissions & Drive Train Coupling
27.08PATE::COTESat Jul 16 1994Batteries & Configurations
28.01PATE::COTESat Jul 16 1994Battery Chargers / Charging
29.0PATE::COTEMon Jul 25 1994Battery Boxes / Enclosures
30.01PATE::COTEMon Jul 25 1994Controllers & Relays
31.0PATE::COTEMon Jul 25 1994Meters: Volt, Amp, Fuel, Hour, KWH
32.04PATE::COTEMon Jul 25 1994DC-DC Converters & charging your 12V acc battery
33.01PATE::COTEMon Jul 25 1994Wires, Connectors, Harnesses, Fuses
34.0PATE::COTEMon Jul 25 1994Choosing the base vehicle for conversion
35.0PATE::COTEMon Jul 25 1994Front wheel vs rear wheel vs 4-wheel drive
36.03PATE::COTEMon Jul 25 1994Cabin heaters/heating
37.0PATE::COTEMon Jul 25 1994Power brakes
38.0PATE::COTEMon Jul 25 1994Power steering
39.0PATE::COTEMon Jul 25 1994Cruise control
40.0PATE::COTEMon Jul 25 1994Air conditioning
41.0PATE::COTEMon Jul 25 1994Regenerative braking
42.0+6PATE::COTEMon Jul 25 1994Hybrids: Electric & IC engine combinations
43.04PATE::COTEMon Jul 25 1994Solar cells/ Photovoltaics?
44.07PATE::COTEMon Jul 25 1994Your Vehicle
45.0PATE::COTEMon Jul 25 1994War / Horror Stories
46.01PATE::COTEMon Jul 25 1994The future. Care to speculate?
47.0PATE::COTEMon Jul 25 1994Electric Boats
48.02PATE::COTEMon Jul 25 1994Electric Lawn Tractors
49.0PATE::COTEMon Jul 25 1994Electric "fun" Vehicles: Go-Carts...
50.05PATE::COTEMon Aug 01 1994HV Electrical Safety Mechanisms
51.0PATE::COTEMon Aug 01 1994System Testing & Troubleshooting Techniques
52.01PATE::COTEFri Feb 17 1995EVs and taxes, incentives
53.0+13PATE::COTEMon Feb 27 1995EV info on Internet, WorldWideWeb WWW
54.01PATE::COTEThu May 11 1995Step on the gas!
55.01PATE::COTETue Jun 06 1995Tires
56.012PATE::COTEFri Jun 09 1995'85 Ford Ranger conversion
57.02PATE::COTESat Jun 10 1995FAQ Frequently Asked Questions (and answers)
58.02PATE::COTEFri Sep 08 1995Recharging/plugging-in at work
59.0MIMS::WILBUR_DFri Dec 01 1995Speed limits up will Electric cars make the mark?
60.0MIMS::WILBUR_DFri Feb 16 1996GM to lease GVIs
61.0ALFSS2::WILBUR_DTue Apr 09 1996Honda and Toyota announce.
62.0LESREG::CROSSMon May 20 1996State of Massachusetts leasing program
63.0STARCH::HAGERMANFri May 24 1996Electric Snow Blowers
64.03STARCH::HAGERMANTue Sep 03 1996Electric Lawn Mowers
65.03LESREG::CROSSWed Oct 16 1996Let's have some activity
66.0 *RICKS::EMUMFORDThu Feb 06 1997Looking to build an electric go-kart
67.0 *+2CRUNCI::PIERPONTThu Feb 27 1997Honda releases EV in US