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Conference 16thbt::rt11

Title: RT-11 Notes
Created:Sat May 31 1986
Last Modified:Mon Dec 23 1996
Last Successful Update:Thu Jan 23 1997
Number of topics:692
Total number of notes:2631
Number with bodies:0
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1.06ALIEN::SZETOFri Apr 13 1984Introduction
2.02ALIEN::SZETOFri Apr 13 1984BASIC-PLUS on RT-11
3.02ALIEN::SZETOFri Apr 13 1984BASIC-PLUS for PDT
4.0YORICK::BROOKETue Apr 17 1984regis/tek4
5.0ALIEN::SZETOTue Apr 17 1984BASIC-11 V3.
6.01EVE::CSCAT3Wed Apr 18 1984RT-11 with Hardware ODT
8.01JON::SEGALFri Apr 20 1984VTERM BUG WITH RT11 V5
10.06MANANA::BOEBINGERFri Apr 20 1984Neat trick for fast systems
11.01MANANA::BOEBINGERWed Apr 25 1984F77 and DECnet
12.01PICA::FRIEDRICHSThu Apr 26 1984Software Lists
14.02ELWOOD::TANZERThu May 03 1984copy/boot?
15.0EXODUS::MCKENDRYFri May 04 1984Ethernet?
16.02HARPO::MOODYFri May 04 1984Looking for TSX & OMSI pascal
17.01EAYVWed May 30 1984DECnet on RT11
19.04NEWTON::PRAISMon Jun 25 1984VTCOM for non-DL/DLV11's?
20.0USMRM1::MCHAIKOWSKIThu Jun 28 1984On Line Documentation?
22.09STKTue Jul 10 1984Native TRANSF
24.04CLOSUS::BROWNThu Jul 19 1984Lisp anyone? (looking for...)
25.01ALIEN::SZETOSun Jul 22 1984Is there RTEM for P/OS?
26.02ADVAX::A_VESPERFri Jul 27 1984DECUS C on Pro/RT-11
28.01LATOUR::VOBATue Aug 07 1984RT-11 5.1B Installation
29.01STKThu Aug 09 1984RE. Decnet/RT
30.03BRSFri Aug 10 1984Size SPOOL workfile
31.02STKFri Aug 17 1984RTI handler
32.03WARLRD::DICKINSONFri Aug 24 1984<continuation file support ??>
33.06STKSat Aug 25 1984VTCOMming away..
34.06STKTue Aug 28 1984What's TSX ??
36.02WARLRD::DICKINSONTue Sep 04 1984FORMAT--single dens only ?
37.01GWOPC::VANCASPELThu Sep 13 1984RT/11 training
38.0GWOPC::VANCASPELThu Sep 13 1984RT/11 training
39.010MKT782::PETERSONMon Sep 17 1984image file xfrs, RT-11?
40.0EPSOM::CURTISWed Sep 26 1984RT11/REMOTE: What is it?
41.02BEANO::BELLCHAMBERSWed Sep 26 1984KDJ11 OR 11/73
42.02EAYVFri Sep 28 1984RQDX1 Problem
43.014DC2VMon Oct 15 1984VAX to/from RSX xfer
44.05WARLRD::DICKINSONTue Oct 16 1984programming RTI module
45.01UTRTue Oct 16 1984RTEM futures
46.02REFUGE::PORTERFri Oct 19 1984KERMIT-11 kit
47.09ALPINE::HEARNFri Nov 02 1984PRO/RT... any Sftwr Avail?
48.0WARLRD::BOGGSWed Nov 21 1984Calendar Program Needed
52.0STKSun Dec 16 1984PRO/Rt11 What's new??
53.01DC2VWed Dec 19 1984VMS like typeahead for RT11 ??
54.03SILVER::BENSONWed Dec 19 1984DEQNA support ?
55.01PARVAX::YANAGIWed Dec 19 1984Memory???
56.01GAUSS::ULICHNEYThu Jan 03 1985RA6
60.01BTTue Jan 15 1985RT11 & SDB on the PRO
61.08OVDVAX::FISHERFri Jan 18 1985RT11 PASSWORDS ??
62.01STKFri Jan 25 1985RX5
63.01CTOAVX::EMERYSat Jan 26 1985rt11 on the pro
64.0DC2VMon Jan 28 1985CENTRONICS / LP
65.0STMon Jan 28 1985Pro/RT on Net?
66.01SMURF::HETRICKMon Jan 28 1985RT-11 Pascal?
67.01ASYLUM::SIMONFri Feb 08 1985Wanted: Driver for Plessey Driv
68.02NATASH::RUDESun Feb 10 1985Wanted: Current RUNOFF for RT
69.0EAYVMon Feb 11 1985RT11 DECtype
70.05EKBVMon Feb 11 1985VTCOM SOURCE
71.02NANOOK::RABIDEAUFri Feb 15 1985CTS-3
72.04DC2VTue Feb 19 1985who has a sorting program
73.02VOX::DARGINTue Feb 19 1985rt decnet v5.1
74.01BRSThu Feb 21 1985MDUP.* ???
75.03CRVAX1::KAPLOWFri Feb 22 1985RT-11 V5.1C RX5
76.0STKFri Mar 01 1985RT11 and Multinational
77.02SYSENG::VANSICLENMon Mar 04 1985Lastest and greatest
78.03ARNOLD::FISHERMon Mar 04 1985RT/DIBOL HELP ??? (dont laugh)[
79.03AMBER::EIRIKURThu Mar 07 1985TECO for XM?
80.01CTOAVX::PYERSThu Mar 28 1985rt v3 to v 5 update info
81.04PYRITE::GAYWed Apr 03 1985Why 3 retries w TRANSF?
82.04REGINA::LOMICKAJWed Apr 03 1985FLX for MICRO-11?
83.03SPRITE::BROWNThu Apr 04 1985Meaning of trap vectors
84.06WHYVAX::HETRICKTue Apr 09 1985Supported C on RT-11
85.09NY1MM::KAMBOURAKISWed May 01 1985looking for a symbolic-dynamic
86.05GVAEDU::CASELLINIThu May 02 1985What is RT2 V4.
87.07SWAN3X::PALKAMon May 13 1985DEC Standard 52 Modem Control
88.01CHOPIN::MWILLIAMSWed May 15 1985RT-11 monitor with multi-terms?
89.04LYMPH::DIMEOWed May 15 1985Small Systems Digest
90.03CYGNUS::BOUCHERTue May 21 1985PDT-11/15
91.02ARNOLD::FISHERTue May 28 1985CTS3
92.018JAKE::GUINEAUWed May 29 1985IBS (IEEE) subroutines
93.01BTMon Jun 03 1985Anymore on BASIC V3 ???
94.08PIPA::JANZENMon Jun 03 1985How do I get RT11?
95.05EAYVTue Jun 11 1985TK25 AS BACKUP ON ORION 11/73
96.06USMRM1::MCHAIKOWSKIWed Jun 12 1985RQDX? and the Micro 73
97.07SYSENG::VANSICLENWed Jun 12 1985New mass storage devices
98.011GALLO::RMEYERSSun Jun 30 1985Spreadsheet for RT
99.04LYOFri Jul 05 1985rt11/dhv11
100.08CRVAX1::KAPLOWTue Jul 16 1985PRO/RT / VTCOM "unfeature"
101.01USMRM1::MCHAIKOWSKITue Jul 30 1985Version Numbers?
102.0USMRM1::MCHAIKOWSKIWed Aug 07 1985Personal RT-11 V5.
103.07OBIWAN::PECHTERSat Aug 31 1985Wanted:PDT kermit
104.02CRVAX1::KAPLOWThu Sep 05 1985RA disks, RT-11, and TSX
105.01USLASL::LONGOMon Sep 09 1985DZ11 Device Handler for VTCOM?
106.04PYRITE::GAYWed Sep 25 1985Can't upload over LAT
107.02CHARS::SZETOThu Sep 26 1985Rainbow to RT-11, anyone?
108.03ZURFCC::STRAUBSat Sep 28 1985DBMS on RT-11 ?
109.0OURVAX::GITNERFri Oct 04 1985RT-11 V5.2 on the NET ?
110.0ALIEN::SYSTEMTue Oct 29 1985Old version restored
111.01DAEMON::GENTRYTue Oct 29 1985RT Technical Seminars
112.022CHARS::SZETOWed Oct 30 1985RT-11 BASIC-PLUS status
113.0WARLRD::BOGGSWed Oct 30 1985RT ---> VAX converter
114.02OBIWAN::PECHTERSat Nov 02 1985RT DECnet query?
115.02STUSWS::HARDTMon Nov 11 1985VTCOM with Ethernet ?
116.0CTOAVX::EMERYMon Nov 11 1985decnet support for xm
117.02BTWed Nov 13 1985Another ? on BASIC V3
118.02STKMon Nov 18 1985-- UCL --
119.02BIRMVX::KIRKTue Nov 19 1985Data Overrun on a DL-11W
120.06WHYVAX::SCONCETue Nov 19 1985BASIC-PLUS/RT-11 V3.
121.0TKTVTue Dec 03 1985RT-11 V5.3 new feature
122.0VAXWRK::CHASSAIGNEFri Dec 06 1985** READ ME ** (info on BUP)
123.03IJSAPL::BELMon Dec 09 1985Attach VT125 to PRO
124.04NETWRK::SANDERMon Dec 09 1985New SPEED, VTRANSF?
125.03ZURFCC::MANDACHTue Dec 10 1985What's up with F77/RT
126.01NANUCK::SSMITHWed Dec 11 1985RT<->VMS DECnet questions
127.01PD75Wed Dec 18 1985DECNET/RT AND ETHERNET ???
128.02BOEBNR::BOEBINGERTue Dec 24 1985RT11 <=> RSTS
130.03CRETE::BERMANSun Dec 29 1985RD53 on a Micro 11/73
131.02WEO73A::FSERVThu Jan 09 1986RT11 V5.1 Printer Problem
132.01TKTVThu Jan 09 1986HOW TO USE SPFUN371 CODE 371
133.0CRVAX1::KAPLOWFri Jan 17 1986F-IV SECNDS(X) misbehaves
134.02IJSAPL::BELTue Jan 28 1986 ?? APL V2 somewhere ??
135.0PSEUDO::GEIGERWed Jan 29 198616-bit Centralized DECsupport
136.01USHSFri Jan 31 1986u11/73 and RT-11 V5.
137.0TKTV2Sat Feb 01 1986SYSTEM HANG,RT-->VMS by RVT
138.04STKSat Feb 01 1986Handlers anyone .....
139.03FSTVAX::NEDBALEKSun Feb 02 1986RT11 to Rainbow utility
140.04LABATT::G_LIVERMANThu Feb 06 1986Colorado Springs TBU Hotline
141.01ARNOLD::FISHERMon Feb 10 1986basic plus prob's
142.012LA73Tue Feb 11 1986COPY/DEVICE Repairs bad floppy
143.0GALLO::RMEYERSWed Feb 19 1986PDT Notesfile
145.0MMOWed Feb 26 1986Non-file-structured writes
146.02CRVAX1::KAPLOWMon Mar 03 1986DHV-11 support under RT-11?
147.05GVASA::PISSOTThu Mar 06 1986TK5
148.06AKOVMon Mar 10 1986VTCOM & XL ON PDT
149.04CASTOR::MELVINSat Mar 15 1986RT-11 Boot block question
150.01LA73Mon Mar 17 1986BOOT command crashes RT-11 V5.3
151.01FURILO::JOHNSONMon Mar 17 1986device drivers in global mem?
152.0FURILO::JOHNSONMon Mar 17 1986device drivers in global mem?
153.01TKTVTue Mar 25 1986MP-PASCAL/RT notes file
154.05BRIVAX::RIZANTue Apr 01 1986VIRTUAL LSP - Does it exist?
155.01CRVAX1::KAPLOWFri Apr 04 1986PRO/RT11 Enet Kit Available???
156.04CRVAX1::KAPLOWMon Apr 07 1986DW bad block replacement
157.02BTThu Apr 10 1986Order numbers ??
158.01FURILO::LUWISHFri Apr 11 1986Another call for SSDigest
159.02STKTSC::LONNGRENFri Apr 18 1986Compatibility F77/F4 ?
160.01CRVAX1::KAPLOWSun Apr 20 1986RT-11 V5.3 questions and ?bugs?
162.04ZURFCC::STRAUBTue Apr 29 1986Bad blocks on various media (RX
163.0ZURFCC::STRAUBTue Apr 29 1986RT-11 V5.2 questions...
164.02ZURFCC::STRAUBTue Apr 29 1986Printer Port Support
165.06HUMAN::MODERATORWed May 07 1986Move this file or convert it
166.0SHEILA::HOWARDThu May 15 1986DH support in RT or CTS-3
167.04CRVAX1::KAPLOWSun May 18 1986VTCOM upgrades?
168.01FIG::KRANTZTue May 27 1986DZQ11 & VTCOM?
169.06CRVAX1::KAPLOWWed Jun 04 1986"PIP-F-Output error LP:file.ext"?
170.01SKYLRK::RICHARDTue Jun 10 198611/
171.03HUMAN::SMOPRWed Jun 11 1986Don't ask me why
172.01SKYLRK::RICHARDWed Jun 11 1986graphics
173.06NETMAN::SANDERThu Jun 12 1986PDT => PRO using RT-11?
174.08HAM::SWOBODAFri Jun 13 1986where are dispatches
175.0OCKER::HOWARDMon Jun 23 1986DECtype V3.1 and RQDX3 support ?
176.01PHENIX::ZAHORAMon Jun 23 1986Parity / Non-Parity Memory Mix
177.0CURIUM::FORBESTue Jun 24 1986DECUS session notes?
178.0SYSENG::VANSICLENWed Jun 25 1986Harware Product Description Questionaire
179.02NETMAN::SANDERTue Jul 01 1986TMS on PRO?
180.09CUJO::GAYMon Jul 07 1986Ethernet - Pro To Vax
181.0SYSENG::VANSICLENTue Jul 08 1986PRO/RT11 and the SLU
182.01ZUREIS::UWETue Jul 15 1986help
183.01--UnknownUser--Wed Jul 16 1986v4 spd
184.06ANT::JANZENMon Jul 21 1986AAV11,ADV11 handlers
185.07CANYON::GIUNIPEROMon Jul 21 1986256k memory limitation
186.0TKTV2Fri Jul 25 1986RT-11 V6.
187.05MANTIS::ALLISTERWed Jul 30 1986Did 5.3 affect LP: ?
188.02WHYVAX::HETRICKMon Aug 04 1986PDP-11 C
190.02ANT::JANZENWed Aug 06 1986Updates acquisition
191.02ASHLND::SZEMPLINSKIThu Aug 07 1986RT11 v5.4, when??
192.0FOREST::BOUCHERThu Aug 14 1986PDT-11/15
193.01TMCUK2::SURPLICEThu Aug 21 1986publish software dispatch here !
195.03MLNCSC::BELLENCHIATue Aug 26 1986F77/RT-11 Formatted direct access
197.03ARNOLD::FISHERMon Sep 15 1986RT11 V5.3 & SL EDITOR PROB'S
198.01CRVAX1::KAPLOWMon Sep 15 1986Fortran IV /WARN switch
199.02CRVAX1::KAPLOWMon Sep 15 1986running FOCAL under RT-11 V5.3 XM
200.01CUJO::RUBENSTEINWed Sep 17 1986enet kit for Decnet rt??
201.010CRVAX1::KAPLOWSun Sep 21 1986Dial-up access to PRO/RT?
202.01CRVAX1::KAPLOWSun Sep 21 1986Keywords anybody?
203.0FOREST::BOUCHERWed Sep 24 1986PDT-11/15
204.04CRVAX1::KAPLOWMon Sep 29 1986Multiple MSCP under V5.3
205.01CRVAX1::SZEMPLINSKIThu Oct 02 1986Pro 38
206.01LA78Mon Oct 20 1986UNSUP.TXT not distributed with V5.4?
207.07FOREST::HEARNMon Oct 20 1986Basic-Plus and CPR
208.02WKRP::HARTKEMEYERMon Oct 20 1986Serial line handler
209.02USRCV1::SCHOLZTue Oct 21 1986RT with RA6
210.01BRSDVP::BRUSCHEFri Oct 24 1986FILEX Interchange questions
211.05STUSWS::HARDTMon Oct 27 1986TRANSF via LAT.
212.05JANUS::MIDDLETONMon Nov 17 1986DECtape (TU56) formatter ?
213.04ZURWed Nov 26 1986TM.MAC with comments
214.08ZURWed Nov 26 1986IBV11-A and RT11 V5.3
215.02UTRTSC::VERKADETue Dec 02 1986Upgrade to V5.4 but no BA:
217.02BPOVFri Dec 05 1986file compression ?y
218.01WKRP::AYLWARDSat Dec 06 1986Taking IPEEKs from SJ to XM Foreground?
219.01OVDVAX::RYANTue Dec 16 1986Converting ancient CTS code to V8.2
220.0ZURWed Dec 17 1986Installing RT11 on a PRO
221.01MAY13::MINOWSat Jan 24 1987Looking for CDS (T11 debugger) sources
222.01BPOVMon Feb 02 1987time of day > 24 hours ??
223.03MAY13::MINOWTue Feb 03 1987Getting an Umodified CCL Command Line?
224.02NETMAN::SANDERWed Feb 04 1987RT-32
225.02TLE::RMEYERSWed Feb 04 1987Income Tax Spreadsheets
226.0CRVAX1::KAPLOWSun Feb 08 1987RT-11/PDT Bulletin Board Software?
227.02MQFSV1::HOUDEWed Feb 18 1987Tk5
228.02BRSSWS::BRUSCHEFri Feb 27 1987Strange foreground behaviour
229.05COOKIE::KRANTZSun Mar 01 1987XL .SPFUN interface?
230.0NETMAN::SANDERWed Mar 04 1987KEX prob on PRO
231.010FOREST::HEARNThu Mar 05 1987ID prom & LS questions
232.04LA78Sun Mar 08 1987Why FRUN/PAUSE, LOAD, RESUME over LOAD, FRUN?
233.01FOREST::BOUCHERTue Mar 10 1987HELP ME !!!
234.09GRUFFY::ZAHORATue Mar 10 1987DECUS software
235.01WHYVAX::HETRICKFri Mar 13 1987V5.4 KMOVLY.MAC please?
236.03WHYVAX::HETRICKTue Mar 17 1987RX
237.0TSCTue Mar 24 1987Overlay table description
238.06FOREST::BOUCHERWed Mar 25 1987Password utility ?
239.04AUNTB::LAROETue Apr 14 1987Can RT-11 be diskless?
240.01WPO73A::PROSSERThu Apr 16 1987RD53 Problem on V5.3?
241.05ALBANY::HEIGHTSat Apr 25 1987RT11 on VMS?
242.02ALBANY::HEIGHTSat Apr 25 1987Fortran IV to Fortran/RSX/VMS?
243.01TSCTue Apr 28 1987Calling a macro subroutine from a dibol program
244.01GRUFFY::ZAHORAWed Apr 29 1987Scratch Files
245.05FURILO::BOWKERTue May 05 1987VTCOM VT22
246.02SUOSW2::HARDTMon May 11 1987VTCOM history
247.04LSNCSC::JAGGIThu May 14 1987init/interchange du:
248.01MSDSWS::DUNNFri May 15 198711/23+ w/DZ vs 11/73 w/DLV11-J
249.0HGOVMon May 18 1987TU8
250.06TSCTue May 19 198711/34 network under RT11
251.03TSCFri May 22 1987TSD and non-Dibol programs
252.01SUOSW2::HARDTMon May 25 1987Two systems on one disk
253.01TSCWed May 27 1987Job state
255.01MSDSWS::NADAMSWed Jun 03 1987REORG. - ISMUTL. !!HELP
256.04ZURFri Jun 12 1987MAC : Bug or feature ?
257.01TSCTue Jun 16 1987MS/DOS-RT11 compatibility with RX33
258.02482Thu Jun 18 1987MSCPCK and TQK5
259.0TSCFri Jun 19 1987MSCPCK and TQK5
260.0SKYLRK::WHEELERFri Jun 19 1987Need to read strange tape!
261.01OCKER::GILLARDFri Jun 26 1987COPY/DEV - tape to disc
262.08CHOVAX::ALPERTFri Jun 26 1987Need help with RT/TSX+
263.03MORRIS::JANZENTue Jun 30 1987MACRO-11 functions for RT-FORTRAN
264.01TSCFri Jul 03 1987Help for LVP16 programming
265.01SKYLRK::WHEELERThu Jul 09 1987still trying to read tape
266.04CRVAX1::KAPLOWMon Jul 13 1987ABSLDR and .LDA files
267.01BMT::LANDWEHRTue Jul 14 1987DECTALK on a PDT11/15
268.09OCKER::GILLARDMon Jul 20 1987DECnet-RT onto a Wang
269.07BASHER::PROCTERTue Jul 21 1987F-77/RT: latest version?
270.01FOREST::BOUCHERThu Jul 23 1987new SL.SYS does not work with LET.SAV
271.02TSCThu Jul 23 1987Overlay regions and Fortran FUNCTION
272.01OCKER::GILLARDMon Jul 27 1987Partitioning MSCP discs
273.02TMCUK3::SURPLICETue Aug 04 1987need to read RT TK5
274.04PLDVAX::JANZENTue Aug 04 1987.MODULE macro documentation
275.0SRFSUP::LONGOThu Aug 06 1987VTCOM sends dial string too fast for DF224
276.01USWAV3::CHOWFri Aug 07 1987Can someone help?
277.05SRFSUP::LONGOFri Aug 07 1987How about just one RT11 conference instead of two?
278.0SHEILA::GILLARDMon Aug 10 1987Copying files from RT11 to VMS via DECNET
280.01GRUFFY::ZAHORATue Aug 18 1987device handlers in high memory
282.06OCKER::GILLARDWed Aug 26 1987IBV-11 software wanted
283.05MSDOA2::ADAMSFri Aug 28 1987Error -
284.04TSCTue Sep 01 1987COP/MUL problem.
285.02RITA::SANDERWed Sep 02 1987Prob inst. PRO F4
286.0CRVAX1::KAPLOWFri Sep 04 1987PRO diagnostics corrupt RT-11 directory
287.02MSDSWS::NADAMSTue Sep 08 1987RT-11 TO MICROVAX
288.02RITA::SANDERWed Sep 09 1987TRANSFER/VTCOM problem?
290.0VAXWRK::SAWYERThu Sep 10 1987$EXCH>COPY from an RT11 TK5
291.012VAXWRK::SAWYERThu Sep 10 19871987 RT-11 Software Dispatch
292.05THESUN::PROCTERTue Sep 15 1987VTCOM: want to change ^P
293.09RITA::SANDERWed Sep 16 1987Editor improvements?
294.02TSCThu Sep 17 1987Forgen and Otsgen hardware options.
295.03NBOIS::JOOSSFri Sep 25 1987Problem with RD53
296.02SED75Thu Oct 01 1987Somebody wants to run KX?-11's in MicroVAXen.
297.02GENRAL::RINESMITHFri Oct 02 1987RT-11SJ to RT11XM
298.01CIM::KAIRYSWed Oct 07 1987Looking for DECUS tapes
299.03PMROAD::AVDEVThu Oct 08 1987More RT to VMS questions
300.01SRFSUP::LONGOFri Oct 09 1987DECnet-RT to DECnet-VAX problem
301.04CIM::KAIRYSFri Oct 16 1987TECO is an editor, too.
302.015MTBLUE::MACKAY_RANDYThu Oct 29 1987looking for documents on dowline load
303.0SRFSUP::LONGOFri Oct 30 1987VTCOM/XL data loss at 24
304.01CRVAX1::KAPLOWMon Nov 02 1987VTCOM - slow vs fast
305.03LUTECE::COSTEUXTue Nov 03 1987Which speed for a DLV11J ?
306.01TMCUK3::SURPLICEThu Nov 05 1987Seeking BASIC-11/RT
307.01STKHLM::OBERGMon Nov 09 1987REGIS and RT11
308.02ANGORA::JANZENWed Nov 11 1987MACRO-11 Language_Sensitive Editor
309.02GIDDAY::GILLARDThu Nov 19 1987RT11 V5.
310.02MLNTSC::PESSINAThu Nov 26 1987Command files & terminal inputs
311.01GRUFFY::ZAHORAMon Nov 30 1987double CRTL Cs in background hang IEEE-488 system job
313.05KAOUMon Nov 30 1987RT-11 setup VT52 on Pro.
314.010VAXWRK::SAWYERThu Dec 03 19871988 RT-11 Software Dispatch
316.04USADEC::RITZMon Dec 07 1987V5.4 format problems
317.010ZURThu Dec 17 1987"LOAD LS:" COMMAND modif. mem. loc 35
318.01SKIVT::P_BOUCHERWed Dec 30 1987Wanted: EIS or FPP chip for PDT !!!
319.07LUTECE::COSTEUXThu Dec 31 1987RT11-V5.4B slower than RT11-V5.2 ??
320.01CSOADM::GIBSONThu Jan 28 1988Online Documentation of RT11
321.02MPGS::SHATue Feb 02 1988Ned help to run program directly after power up ?
322.0VAXRT::CZERNYWed Feb 03 1988Looking for DECnet-RT Field Test Sites
323.01RITA::SANDERFri Feb 05 1988RT-11 PRO: SMOOTH command and Doc Ques.
324.05JGO::MEHIGHENDMon Feb 08 1988RT11 kit on VTX??
325.02KERNEL::PROCTERTue Feb 09 1988What's happened to PROM/RT?
326.0MLCSSE::STEMNISKIWed Feb 10 1988UNIBUS and PMI memory on an 11/84
327.07KAOFS::F_KANNEMANNWed Feb 10 1988Bad KITS for F77 V5.
328.03GIDDAY::GILLARDTue Feb 16 1988COPY dies with "Trap to 4"
329.06VIDEO::FINGERHUTFri Feb 19 1988Ked bug
330.03KAOFS::S_BROOKFri Feb 19 1988CTS-3
331.03MSDOA2::EDYERFri Feb 19 1988adding DHV11 to TSX+?
332.05HJUXB::LEONARDSun Feb 21 1988Any way to read RSX11M pack from RT-11?
333.01ANGORA::JANZENMon Feb 22 1988Bringing down RT11, halt CPU?
334.01ANGORA::JANZENThu Feb 25 1988FORLIB separation from SYSLIB advantages?
335.04SRFSUP::LONGOTue Mar 01 1988Documentation Set Updates from SDC are BAD!
336.0VAXRT::CZERNYTue Mar 01 1988Phase
337.01TSCWed Mar 02 1988Error 61 with Fortran ??
338.01GRUFFY::ZAHORAMon Mar 07 1988FLY.FOR - a simple RT-11 / ReGIS flight simulator
339.02RITA::SANDERMon Mar 07 1988Transfer TRANSF.EXE PRO-RT to VMS?
340.01SRFSUP::LONGOTue Mar 15 1988How do I rebuild RTEM to the latest RT-11 version?
342.02KERNEL::PROCTERTue Mar 22 1988VTCOM and DL11-W
343.01--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 22 1988more info please ...
344.02TSCTue Mar 29 1988Multi-terminal XON/XOFF
345.06TSCThu Apr 07 1988Cop/multi problem
346.014PTOMV5::FULTONWed Apr 20 1988Need RT-11 KERMIT on RX
347.05GRUFFY::ZAHORATue May 03 1988LF character with FORTRAN IV OPEN
348.03TSCWed May 04 1988RT11 and QUAD-SLU for PC38
349.03TSCThu May 05 1988LS handler and blank lines..
350.02TSCTue May 10 1988Running a program using his name ..
351.06MEO78B::MANTUANOWed May 18 1988Keyboard echo
352.01TSCWed May 18 1988Multivolumes RT11 file to VMS ??
353.03COIT::GONZALES_DETue May 24 1988RT-11 & RA82 Drives?
354.01GRUFFY::ZAHORAWed Jun 01 1988.ARC file decompression software needed
355.05COMET::ATKINSONDThu Jun 02 1988beginning questions on rt-11sj
356.05PTOMVX::HALLIGANFri Jun 03 1988DIBOL ^O problem
357.01JGO::MEHIGHENDMon Jun 06 1988ethernet xfr RT11 <--> decnet?
359.03JGO::MEHIGHENDWed Jun 08 1988DW.MAC wanted. RD52 on a unconventional PRO35
360.0VAXRT::CZERNYWed Jun 08 1988RTEM V2.4 - Request for Phase
361.02JANUS::MIDDLETONFri Jun 10 1988Help recovering from Hardware Failure
362.04BRSM1Thu Jun 16 1988BASICplus/RT speed evaluation ?
363.01KERNEL::SUDDICKMon Jun 20 1988Writing to XL from DIBOL.
364.01TSCMon Jun 20 1988Xcall WAIT problem.
365.02GIDDAY::GILLARDMon Jun 20 1988INIT/BAD DU gives odd error message
366.03GRUFFY::ZAHORAThu Jun 23 1988help - copy RX5
367.03SKIVT::P_BOUCHERFri Jun 24 1988VTCOM (autodial) w/DF224 ?
368.04GIDDAY::GILLARDWed Jun 29 1988CTS-3
370.01GRUFFY::ZAHORATue Jul 19 1988recovery from bad blocks on DU
371.01TKTV2Fri Jul 22 1988How to check DU device's status.
372.01MSCSSE::BERENSTue Jul 26 1988CSSE Corporate Support
373.08SANCHO::REYESTue Jul 26 1988 Another RT11 ---> network challenge
374.03SRFSUP::LONGOWed Jul 27 1988PIP's operation during TYPE
375.0TMCUK2::SURPLICEFri Jul 29 1988RT11 + 11/83 + RD32 not in SPD table
377.01CIMNET::LEBLANCThu Aug 04 1988RT11 Dist. Kit Needed for 11/53 v?
378.02KAOFS::M_ROYFri Aug 05 1988SATURN CALC info..
379.01TMCUK2::SURPLICEThu Aug 11 1988RT OK for 11/83+RX
380.08ZURThu Aug 11 1988Files from VMS to RT11
381.0GIDDAY::GILLARDMon Aug 15 1988V5.4D available on net ?
382.01VLAB::WONGTue Aug 16 1988Seeking an RT-11 XM for program testing
383.01TDCIS2::COSTEUXThu Aug 18 1988Foreground or Background Date ??
384.02SNOWY::SIEGMon Aug 22 1988old v4 docs needed
385.01KAOFS::P_MATHIEUThu Sep 08 1988V5.4E -> F77 V5 'A'/'B' ?
386.01WARMTH::SUDDICKTue Sep 13 1988Module FATAL in RMON
387.01WARMER::SUDDICKFri Sep 16 1988Swapping the Console
388.03POLAR::DAMMon Sep 19 1988DECNET/RT supports DDCMP protocol???
389.08GIDDAY::GILLARDTue Sep 20 1988SET date & time on a PRO-35
390.01CSOA1::FISHERMon Oct 03 1988PRO35
391.04GIDDAY::GILLARDTue Oct 04 1988Update 1/88 kitmap needed (maybe)
392.03TSCFri Oct 07 1988BACKUP/NOREWIND on a TK5
393.01TKTV2Wed Oct 12 1988File transfer between RT-11 and Micro/VMS
394.0LSNCSC::PAHUDThu Oct 13 1988Copy hang with RT11 V5.
395.03KERNEL::PROCTERMon Oct 17 1988Console switching on a PRO?
396.05KERNEL::PROCTERThu Oct 20 1988CTS/RTS Flow Control?
397.01KRIEK::BRUSCHEFri Oct 21 1988KEX on PRO and 78 char wrap
398.04MSDSWS::SECRISTMon Oct 24 1988Config/Sysgen Word Access
399.03ZURMon Oct 24 1988Link: Symbol table overflow
400.0LUTECE::COSTEUXTue Oct 25 1988F77 distribution
401.02FINALY::PRENTICRWed Oct 26 1988Need program help
402.01SPYDER::JANBURTONWed Oct 26 1988RT11 -> VMS Conversion
403.05GIDDAY::GILLARDFri Oct 28 1988What device is DK: ?
404.0UTRTSC::VDKLEIJMon Oct 31 1988RX5
405.02TKTV2Wed Nov 02 1988call root segment from overlaid segment
406.06GIDDAY::GILLARDThu Nov 10 1988RTSORT - what and when ?
407.06ANT::JANZENThu Nov 17 1988MACRO11 Hexadecimal Unary fails on A-F
408.02CSC32::M_POTTERMon Nov 21 1988RT-11 V5.4F on magtape - one tape or two?
410.02OSKVWed Nov 23 1988macro callable rotines in SYSLIB
411.03CSSISG::UBANWed Nov 23 1988RT11 tapes => Ultrix?
412.03UTOPIE::HONISCHFri Nov 25 1988TU77 on RT11
413.02FINALY::PRENTICRMon Nov 28 1988backup problem - HELP!!
414.05ALIEN::MELVINMon Nov 28 1988Does RT-11 have powerfail support? How many systems?
415.01KRIEK::BRUSCHETue Nov 29 1988CREF RT11 ><TSX+ versions
416.03KLO::COLLINSWed Nov 30 19884 timers
417.03MDVAX1::KOEHNThu Dec 01 1988DHU11 support?
418.01STKHLM::OBERGMon Dec 05 19888751 assembler needed.
419.08MSDSWS::SECRISTMon Dec 05 1988VMS TRANS or RT Kermit on Media Source ?!
420.0JGO::MEHIGHENDTue Dec 06 1988RXAT.SAV, from DECUS, MSDOS->RT11
421.01COMET::DEHAANMon Dec 12 1988Modified LS Handler Wanted
422.03LUTECE::COSTEUXWed Dec 14 1988Transfert RT11 files to P/OS ??
423.0EVOAI1::ECONOMOUFri Dec 16 1988tsx plus COBOL to VAX COBOL
424.04TKTV2Tue Dec 20 1988RT-11 V5.4-F and IGETC.
425.02TSCWed Dec 21 1988Unexpected error on SPFUN
426.01NEXUS::BURNETTWed Dec 28 1988Making BUP tapes on VMS
427.01SRFSUP::JANESMon Jan 09 1989V5.4F release notes?
428.06NOVA::RANGAFri Jan 20 1989RT-11 files to IBM-PC DOS files?
429.0COMET::DEHAANMon Jan 23 1989CAD for the PDP?
430.05NEXUS::BURNETTTue Jan 24 1989In Search of... CP/RT
431.0TKTV2Tue Jan 31 1989LIBRARY/REMOVE or /INSERT ON V5.1
432.0NEXUS::BURNETTFri Feb 10 1989Where are the dispatches?
433.04STING::CANSLERMon Mar 06 1989help getting kermit
434.01NEXUS::BURNETTMon Mar 20 1989How to SYSGEN a KWV11-A?
435.05TLE::RMEYERSWed Mar 22 19891988 Income Tax Spreadsheets
436.01STING::CANSLERFri Mar 24 1989no help
437.010COMET::DEHAANMon Apr 03 1989PDP/RT Bombs for No(?) Reason
438.04SKIVT::HEARNMon Apr 24 1989Logical Disks and BASIC-Plus/RT...
439.02RAVEN1::STOGNERThu Apr 27 1989RD53 ON PDP-11/73
440.0425532::WELLCOMEFri Apr 28 1989SETUP NOCLICK has stopped working?
441.03KDCFS1::LANGEMon May 01 1989VTCOM and TSX
442.01GRUFFY::ZAHORAMon May 01 1989FORTRAN IV renumbering program
444.04IND::BRASHFri May 19 1989ISPFN/Tape read handler differences V4->V5
445.01MSDSWS::SECRISTSun May 28 1989RT/Pro Kit Availability ?
446.01LDP::LYSAKOWSKISun Jun 11 1989Was SASE::PDP11 conference deleted??
447.01KAOFS::S_BROOKTue Jun 13 1989TK5
448.01LUTECE::COSTEUXTue Jun 27 1989PC38
449.02GRUFFY::ZAHORAMon Jul 17 1989session logging
450.02SRFSUP::COHENThu Jul 20 1989Fortran 77? et al
451.01CSC32::BURNETTTue Aug 01 1989DECNET/RT vs. PHASE 5
452.03CIMAMT::CHINNASWAMYMon Aug 14 1989RT11- Fortran IV complile error
453.01DPDWed Aug 16 1989DECnet RT and TSX+
454.03KAOFS::S_BROOKWed Aug 23 1989Overlay read error from software ?
455.05BRSDVP::DEWILDETue Sep 05 1989CTS-3
456.03LUTECE::COSTEUXMon Sep 11 1989INIT MT problem ?
457.01CSC32::BURNETTThu Sep 14 1989BUP vs. bad blocks
458.0POBOX::KAPLOWTue Sep 26 1989Needed CTS-3
459.03CALYPS::KERBERTue Sep 26 1989Need RT-11 5.
460.02GIDDAY::ROACHWed Sep 27 1989RT-11 UPDATES 1,2,3/88
461.04STKHLM::OBERGTue Oct 03 1989PRO35
462.01GIDDAY::FITZPATRICKSun Oct 08 1989CTS3
463.011CRACKR::SYSTEMMon Oct 09 1989Backup/Restore
465.06BELFST::MCCLINTOCKWed Oct 11 1989IBMPC to RT11 Diskette transfer
466.0MINDER::THORNTONDMon Oct 16 1989i/o throughput- application 11/83
467.011TKOV16::HIRANOThu Oct 26 1989RT11 TAPE TO VMS V3.7 ?
468.07CRACKR::SYSTEMThu Nov 09 1989RT-11 Training ?
469.04TKTVFS::SHINKADOTue Nov 14 1989DOS BATCH-11 is our digital OS ?
470.09PFLOYD::ROTHBERGThu Nov 16 1989Need a TK5
471.06DPDMAI::MERCIERThu Nov 30 1989RT11 System Upgrade
472.07CANYON::YOUNGWed Dec 06 1989Doc set for version 5.4B
473.0KDCFS1::LANGEWed Dec 13 1989Documentaion PLease!
474.01LUTECE::COSTEUXWed Dec 27 1989PDP11 C precompiler ?
475.01GIDDAY::BOJOVICThu Jan 04 1990copy/setdate to magtape
476.06KERNEL::PROCTERThu Jan 04 1990199
477.06CSC32::BURNETTThu Jan 11 1990DECNET/RT questions
478.03FINALY::PRENTICRFri Jan 12 1990RT/Fortran 4 print problem
479.0KERNEL::PROCTERFri Jan 12 1990EXIT in FORTRAN-77
480.05SWSEIS::SANDERMon Jan 15 1990TRANSFER and VMS V5.1 Question
482.01TRCC1::BRASHThu Jan 18 1990TK7
483.0FINALY::PRENTICRTue Jan 23 1990Needing some information
484.01MILKWY::JANZENTue Jan 30 1990Is RL
485.02RSNTue Feb 06 1990DECUS C somwhere?
486.010MUSKIE::SULLIVANWed Feb 07 19908 Bit ASCII
487.06LEDDEV::ROSSThu Feb 08 1990 ^C exit from .csigen
488.04GRUFFY::ZAHORAMon Feb 12 1990RT-11 5.5 documentation numbers
489.01PESETA::WALLRAFFFri Feb 16 1990Changes to RT-11 between V5.
490.01CIM::KAIRYSTue Feb 20 1990Where *is* 5.5?
491.03WHYVAX::RAITTOThu Feb 22 1990PDP-11 C T1.
492.01SWTHOM::COSTEUXFri Feb 23 1990Decnet/RT documentation needed..
493.03HSOMAI::CARRIGANFri Feb 23 1990In the spirit of keeping RT alive !
494.026Mon Mar 05 1990RT11 XM 5.
495.03CSC32::M_POTTERFri Mar 09 1990How old is RT-11?
496.04MSDOA::SECRISTWed Mar 21 1990Sanity check on an unAutoInstall of V5.1C on a Pro
497.05MSDOA::SECRISTWed Mar 21 1990Want to take my PDT-11/15
498.0FINALY::PRENTICRThu Mar 22 1990BBS ON RT11???
499.0MSDOA::SECRISTTue Mar 27 1990Looking for XLISP
500.04LEDDEV::ROSSTue Mar 27 1990DIR request from macro and/or C code
501.01ELWOOD::GLATFELTERWed Apr 11 1990string assignments?
502.03LEDDEV::ROSSWed Apr 11 1990the clock is ticking......
503.02SWTHOM::COSTEUXThu Apr 12 1990DELQA use needed under RT11
504.01SWTHOM::COSTEUXThu Apr 12 1990RT11-V5.5 release notes ?
505.08LEDDEV::ROSSWed Apr 18 1990handling line clock interrupts
506.01TRNOI1::POLETTIThu Apr 19 1990ASCII files from RT11 to VMS
507.02SWTHOM::COSTEUXMon Apr 23 1990Install problem of Basic-Plus-V3.2-
508.04GRUFFY::ZAHORAWed May 09 1990run multiple versions of VTCOM?
509.0MSDOA::SECRISTFri May 18 1990FOCAL or APL under V5.n ?
510.03SWTHOM::COSTEUXTue May 22 1990RT11 <-> Fortran compatibility ..
511.02SWTHOM::COSTEUXWed May 23 1990FPA (FPJ11-AA) accelerator support ?
512.0TMCUK2::SURPLICEThu May 24 1990Optical disk needed
513.011JANUS::MIDDLETONThu May 24 1990Looking for PI.MAC
514.07SWTHOM::COSTEUXFri Jun 01 1990Need a BASIC-PLUS distribution...
515.04GRUFFY::ZAHORAThu Jun 07 1990VBGEXE and no room for handler error
516.01VANISH::DICKSONFri Jun 08 1990Alveronics 6
517.01ISTWI1::TASThu Jun 21 1990help for rt11 commands
518.0SWTHOM::COSTEUXWed Jun 27 1990$CMPF problem ?
519.06LEDDEV::ROSSMon Jul 30 1990vector location 36
520.06TOWNS::BDAVISWed Aug 01 1990Line oriented editing under RT Squared
521.01GIDDAY::BOJOVICWed Aug 29 1990TK25 installation
522.02TKOVOA::KAWANOTue Sep 11 1990RT11 V5.3 on the KDJ11E ?
523.01SWTHOM::VOUTERSTue Oct 16 1990RT11 version that first supported Ethernet ?
524.03SWTHOM::VOUTERSTue Oct 23 1990.SPFUN with code 373 for the VM handler ?
525.011SWTHOM::VOUTERSThu Oct 25 1990file xfer between RT11 and VMS thru Ethernet
526.03LEDDEV::ROSSThu Nov 01 1990Any way to read-check a MU: backup tape (TK5
527.01RSNFri Nov 02 1990What is Remote-11?? (again)
528.03MSDOA::SECRISTTue Nov 06 1990F77 for RT: Is It Real ?
529.01SWTHOM::VOUTERSTue Nov 13 1990will handler NQ be ever fetchable ?
530.07UTOPIE::BALOMIRIThu Nov 15 1990Formatting RX5
531.0TKTV2Wed Nov 21 1990Macro problem (using .sfpa)
532.04QCAVThu Dec 06 1990Need Help On RT 11 upgrades.
533.03QCAVFri Dec 07 1990Will get more infor from customer
534.02GIDDAY::BENBROOKTue Dec 11 1990Version of RT11 for DELQA, 1193 ?
535.01GRUFFY::ZAHORAMon Dec 17 1990EDIT/COMMAND to get 132 column editing
536.02SWAM2::CHANG_ROTue Dec 18 1990RT-11/DOS File Transfer
537.0SWTHOM::COSTEUXWed Dec 19 1990"Cannot run satellite" error. Why ?
538.02TKOVOA::KAWANOWed Dec 26 1990Does the KDJ11-E need NOP ?
539.01SWTHOM::COSTEUXThu Jan 03 1991Does RT11 support the VT42
540.04SSDEVO::DEHAANTue Jan 08 1991LSX Handler troubles
541.03WXYZ::PRUCHAFri Jan 11 1991Backup/Restore 'problem'
542.01BLKPUD::SUDDICKFri Jan 18 1991eightbit characters and exchange
543.0MSDOA::SECRISTMon Jan 21 1991Announcing The PDP_HOME_COMPANION
544.04CSC32::M_POTTERThu Jan 24 1991Whitesmith C, Anyone?
545.03STEREO::PMARQUISTue Feb 19 1991Looking for bits of history
546.04GIDDAY::BARLINThu Feb 21 1991DD driver question
547.04HRCG::DAVIESThu Feb 21 1991TCP/IP support ???
548.02ZENA::PUGGELLIMon Feb 25 1991RT11 5.
549.05CRACKR::RITZSat Mar 02 1991questions?
550.03CIVAGE::PRUSSMon Mar 18 1991VAX-VMS RX5
551.07ZENA::PUGGELLIMon Apr 08 199111/73,RT11 5.2 & RD53
552.02CSOA1::REARICKMon Apr 22 1991Old KED Documention?
553.02MQOAMon Apr 29 1991C for RT11 ??
554.02WMOIS::STMARYFri May 10 1991Help for customer RT-11 -> PC transfer
555.04CSOA1::REARICKMon May 13 1991RT-11 status?
556.02SWSEIS::LEEThu May 16 1991FORTRAN link error -- Address space exceeded
557.0TOMK::KRUPINSKIThu Jun 06 1991Will linker still barf on .OBJS with no PSECTs?
558.01KERNEL::PROCTERFri Jun 14 1991Two MS: type drives ?
559.03MSDSWS::SECRISTTue Jul 09 1991RX
560.06NZOMIS::HOWARDWed Jul 17 1991TSX file transfer with ULTRIX (TCP?)
561.017SKIVT::HEARNThu Jul 25 1991RT-11 Pro to Pro -- No Go?
562.02KERNEL::NBISHOPMon Jul 29 1991dos11_badlabel - rt11 - vms
563.02GRUFFY::ZAHORAFri Aug 02 1991reading RT-11 formatted tape on VMS system
564.01SKIVT::BOUCHERFri Aug 16 1991? any NITEST experience out there ?
565.02QCAVWed Aug 21 1991RT11 VER 4.
566.04CSC32::M_POTTERFri Aug 23 1991Need Help With Fortran IV under RTEM
567.07JGODCL::BLOEMENDALWed Aug 28 1991pass info from program (.MAC) to IND (<EXSTAT>++)?
568.02CARDHU::WEISSFri Sep 06 1991C compiler for RT11
569.02JANUS::MIDDLETONWed Sep 11 1991Looking for VTV31-K support
570.02BACHUS::BRST2Fri Sep 13 1991RT11 Product Management
571.02BUNYIP::QUODLINGThu Sep 26 1991GT4
572.01CRACKR::RITZWed Oct 02 1991?err 62 Fortran start fail
574.02SKIVT::HEARNThu Oct 10 1991MTPRNT - bug perhaps?
575.05CIVAGE::LYNNMon Oct 14 1991RT-11+device support for 11/
576.05XKOVMon Oct 28 1991RT 11 version help on pdp 11/23
577.0CSC32::M_POTTERMon Oct 28 1991Need an RT applications type consultant...
578.0MSDOA::SECRISTMon Nov 04 1991RT-11 in the 21st Century ?
579.0RSNThu Nov 14 1991MINC-23 basic please??
580.01EMDS::PETERSONMon Nov 18 1991GenRad Data Aquisition Ssytem
581.0OTOOA::LANGEWed Nov 20 1991RT11 5.5 Doc set
582.02WXYZ::PRUCHAWed Nov 20 1991Stumped on accessing >65Kblocks on DU:
583.02GIDDAY::BOJOVICWed Nov 27 1991RT-11 future ?
584.01NEGD::MCDONALDTue Dec 10 1991RT11 support/docs
585.04KXOVAX::SECRISTFri Jan 03 1992MSCPCK Utility ?
586.04SWTHOM::COSTEUXFri Jan 10 1992RT11 - MSDOS questions
587.0DELNI::MCGORRILLFri Jan 24 1992CALC5
588.01CSC32::M_POTTERWed Jan 29 1992Can KED be made to see > 24 lines?
589.07MSDOA::SECRISTWed Feb 12 1992BASIC-PLUS versus BASIC-11 ?
590.04GRUFFY::ZAHORAWed Feb 19 1992TRANSF/VTCOM problem with 2nd disk controller
591.01LASSUP::CARWINThu Feb 20 1992Doc & media for latest RT11
592.06BATHO::DEHAANWed Feb 26 1992Kennedy Winchester Drive help?
593.08JGODCL::BLOEMENDALThu Mar 05 1992Looking for a RT11 SEARCH utility...
595.05MSDOA::SECRISTFri Mar 20 1992Poor TK5
596.01CSC32::M_POTTERTue Mar 24 1992BAKRES support???
597.01TROOA::NAISHWed Mar 25 1992Next Release?
598.02VAXRT::WILLIAMSWed Apr 01 1992New operating system ANNOUNCEMENT
599.03OTOOA::LANGETue Apr 07 1992Math on T-11
600.0ROMEDU::NEBBIATue Apr 07 1992Network Kit, document. and courseware
601.04EMDS::PETERSONThu Apr 09 1992Software needed
602.08JGODCL::BLOEMENDALTue Apr 21 1992RT11<-->VMS filetransfer via ethernet! Easy and quick
603.01DENVER::FISHTue Apr 28 1992Need MS driver,RT11SJ Ver.5.
604.0MSDOA::SECRISTFri May 01 1992UUCP for RT-11 ?
605.01MSDOA::SECRISTFri May 01 1992XLISP V1.1 binaries for RT-11 ?
606.05DWOVAX::MANUSZAKWed May 06 1992Question re. CMD Tech. or DSDD floppies
607.01MSDOA::SECRISTWed May 06 1992Portable XLISP V1.1 (VMS,CP/M,MS-DOS,RT,RSX,OSF/1)
608.05MILPND::GALLAGHERTue May 19 1992CTS-3
609.04SWTHOM::VOUTERSTue Jun 02 1992Fatal I/O error on the work file (Macro-11)
610.01MSDOA::SECRISTWed Jun 03 1992SET HOST/??? Into RT-11 ?
611.0MSDOA::SECRISTTue Jun 16 1992V5.6 ?
612.05MSDOA::SECRISTWed Jun 17 1992Wish list items for next version of RT-11
613.02MSDOA::SECRISTThu Jun 18 1992RT docset in bookreader format ?
614.03NYSBU::LIGHTBURNWed Jun 24 1992RK
615.04KAOFS::S_BROOKWed Aug 05 1992Losing last byte with Odd byte count MT blocks
616.02SOS6::VOUTERSWed Aug 19 1992question about rt11 V5.
617.06MSDOA::SECRISTWed Aug 19 1992Redirecting the RT console at boot ?
618.016MSDOA::SECRISTWed Aug 19 1992?KMON-F-Insufficient memory only on Pro
620.01MSDOA::SECRISTSun Aug 23 1992*ANY* News on V5.6 ?
621.01MSDOA::SECRISTSun Aug 23 1992RT<-->RT File Xfer Via Ethernet ?
622.03KXOVAX::SECRISTFri Sep 04 1992RT-11 Technical Summary ?
623.03KERNEL::PROCTERMon Sep 07 1992Problem with BUP. Was this fixed?
624.02MSDOA::SECRISTMon Sep 14 1992Media-only distribution option from SSB please !
625.04HANNAH::HAMILTONWed Sep 16 1992BUP files to ULTRIX - rtdsk.c
626.02HPSRAD::KANNThu Sep 17 1992How to copy system?
627.09MQOOA::LEMon Sep 21 1992Need C and HST for RT11
628.02HPSRAD::KANNMon Sep 21 1992Need help with MACRO-11
629.05HPSRAD::KANNThu Sep 24 1992Help with MT* subroutines
630.02MSDOA::SECRISTTue Sep 29 1992FORMAT vs. XXDP/MDM ?
631.034293::SECRISTTue Oct 13 1992V5.6 is out !
632.0133972::ZURIKWed Oct 14 1992Error 18 on RC25
633.08482Tue Oct 27 1992Fortran77 for RT11.. Help..
634.02POBOX::NELSON_DThu Dec 10 1992V3B editor question
635.02VAXRIO::HENRIQUETue Dec 15 1992Help...
636.03SWTHOM::COSTEUXFri Dec 18 1992PAK function algorithm ?
637.02TAVSun Jan 10 1993First support in PDP 11/93
638.06KXOVAX::SECRISTTue Jan 12 1993Bookreader docs ?
639.01MSDOA::SECRISTWed Jan 13 1993RT first went multitasking in 197?
640.0MSDOA::SECRISTSun Jan 17 1993Curious about minor doc stuff
641.014SWTHOM::COSTEUXThu Jan 21 1993TK5
642.02DWEEZL::BOUCHERSun Feb 07 1993Wanted -- XMODEM / ZMODEM for RT11
643.07DVLP32::SYPTERASThu Feb 25 1993.RSUM doesn't work.
644.09MSDOA::SECRISTFri Feb 26 1993RT<-->RT Ethernet File Xfer ?
645.01TYSON::HORTONThu Apr 01 1993PDP-11/93 and serial line handler
646.0MSDOA::SECRISTFri Apr 02 1993Need VAX-11 RSX Doc.
647.04TAVTue May 04 1993Help with disk formats
648.03HLFSTue May 04 1993rt11xm(s)v5.4 tk5
649.025828Tue May 04 1993RT support of DU for RX33
650.05VNABRW::ERDEIThu May 06 1993disk support in 5.1
651.01XKOVMon May 10 1993help needed in configuring two mscp controlers
652.02XKOVSat May 15 1993help needed to configure two mscp's
653.01MSDOA::SECRISTTue Jun 15 1993"?CSI-F-Invalid command" from LINK ?
654.05SWETSC::HAGLUNDWed Jun 16 1993DECnet-RT SPD 1
655.05MSDOA::SECRISTWed Jun 16 1993"?LINK-F-Invalid GSD in DK:CFPURT.OBJ" error ?
656.01RUSURE::WILLIAMSMon Jun 21 1993Goodbye
657.0VERGA::WELLCOMEWed Jul 07 1993Copy of V2C System Ref available
658.0RUSURE::GENTRYSat Jul 10 1993V5.6 Bug reports
659.0RUSURE::GENTRYSat Jul 10 1993V5.6 Bug Fixes
660.02MSDOA::SECRISTSun Jul 11 1993Determining available memory, stack at runtime ?
661.010LAMOTA::HORTONTue Jul 13 1993RT11-3b and RL
662.01MSDOA::SECRISTWed Jul 14 1993Kermit-11 for FB (not XM) ?
663.016THBT::J_JONESThu Jul 15 1993Conference being write locked
664.015Thu Aug 19 1993Dangers inherent in a RT11 to VMS port?
665.02KERNEL::MCCULLAGHATue Sep 07 1993Compilation problem
666.03UTRTSC::OOSTINDJERFri Oct 08 1993sysgen v5.6 errors
667.01KXOVAX::SECRISTSun Oct 17 1993MSV-11Ps & RT-11 ?
668.04UTRTSC::OOSTINDJERMon Oct 18 1993IPEEK problem?
669.01DRAC::PADULLESThu Oct 21 1993TU81 plus and RT11XM V
670.010GLDOA::YARMOLUKFri Oct 22 1993Getting past a captive application
671.01CSOA1::BEJCEKThu Nov 04 1993Any old Docs around..
672.02HOO78C::ATTEMAMon Nov 08 1993TS
673.01MSDOA::SECRISTSun Nov 28 1993Help with RT code memory woes ?
674.01RUSURE::GENTRYMon Nov 29 1993Who owns MACRO-11?
675.0KXOVAX::SECRISTMon Dec 06 1993RT-11 SIG tapes available via anon. ftp
676.0RUSURE::GENTRYTue Dec 07 1993Bug in .SDTTM found
677.010BLGFri Dec 10 1993rt-11 5.6 virtual memory limits
678.02SWTHOM::COSTEUXTue Dec 14 1993RT11-V5.5 customization problem.
679.0MSDOA::SECRISTSat Jan 01 1994Need Kermit for FB on RX
680.03BLGTue Jan 25 1994Programming with TZ3
681.05HGOVC::XKOVTue Feb 01 1994copy/boot (VMS/EXCHANGE) help required.
682.03CCOGSun Feb 06 1994RT11 Basic -> MS-DOS
683.03BLGThu Feb 17 1994F77 for RT11 no XM
684.04BLGWed Apr 27 1994RT-11 V
685.02HTSCThu Apr 28 1994RD51-A and RT-11
686.047361::NAYLORFri May 20 1994RT-11 file system in C
687.0SWAM1::ZELLER_CRFri Jun 10 1994Guide to writing MSCP Device Drivers?
688.0KAOFS::P_SAVOIEThu Nov 03 1994error 1
689.0254687::WDEBAKKERThu Jan 26 1995Is RZ26L supported by RT-11 V5.6?
690.0RUSURE::GENTRYThu Mar 09 1995KED vs. DECterm window
691.02MAASUP::PORAMBOWed May 24 1995Location of SPD's or Release Notes?
692.01NETRIX::"Gerard.Bleeker@ilo.mts.dec.com"Tue Jan 16 1996How to get RX5
693.09DCWB1::CarlsonTue Mar 05 1996data transfer to a PC