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Conference parvax::new_jersey

Title:The Garden State
Notice:Welcome to New Jersey.
Created:Mon May 04 1992
Last Modified:Fri May 30 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:164
Total number of notes:956
Number with bodies:3
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1.05SULACO::JUDICEMon May 04 1992Introduction and Administrivia
2.033SULACO::JUDICEMon May 04 1992Sign In Here
3.027SULACO::JUDICEMon May 04 1992For Sale/Rent/Wanted
4.06SULACO::JUDICEMon May 04 1992New Jersey Events
5.04SULACO::JUDICEMon May 04 1992NJ Resturant Note
6.0SULACO::JUDICEMon May 04 1992NJ Lodging Note
7.01SULACO::JUDICETue May 05 1992DEC NJ Facilities
8.074SULACO::JUDICETue May 05 1992Driving in NJ
9.01SULACO::JUDICETue May 05 1992NJ Politics Note
10.0SULACO::JUDICETue May 05 1992Car Pool Note
11.01SULACO::JUDICETue May 05 1992Points of Interest: Jersey Shore
12.0SULACO::JUDICETue May 05 1992Points of Interest: Great Adventure
13.02SULACO::JUDICETue May 05 1992Points of Interest: Princeton
14.01SULACO::JUDICETue May 05 1992Points of Interest: Newark
15.0SULACO::JUDICETue May 05 1992Points of Interest: Trenton
16.0SULACO::JUDICETue May 05 1992Points of Interest: Camden Area
17.0SULACO::JUDICETue May 05 1992Points of Interest: Somerset/Hunterdon
18.0SULACO::JUDICETue May 05 1992Points of Interest: Morris/Warren
19.01SULACO::JUDICETue May 05 1992Internet NewsJersey
20.02SULACO::JUDICETue May 05 1992Housing For Rent/Sale
21.01CAFEIN::PFAUFri May 15 1992Cassette Deck Servicing
23.011KYOA::HANSONTue May 19 1992Looking for flat, smooth, paved places.
24.015ACOSTA::MIANOSat May 23 1992FLORIO: Allows tax cut if leg. does not cut spending?.
25.0CAFEIN::PFAUTue Jun 02 1992Programming Job @ ToysRus
26.01KYOA::HANSONThu Jun 04 1992Air Shows/Ballooning 1992
27.0ACOSTA::MIANOThu Jun 04 1992If you borrowed my software...
28.016HOCUS::TLEEFri Jun 05 1992New Jersey and ME?
29.01458Fri Jun 05 1992Six Flags Great Adventure -- Jackson, NJ
30.0SULACO::JUDICEFri Jun 12 1992FAX Cover Sheet
33.014SUBWAY::BONNELLTue Jun 16 1992License Plates
34.04STAR::D_NICHOLSThu Jun 18 1992Cherry Hill bound (I think...)
35.0232945::NAEGELYMon Jun 22 1992Amtrak Strike
36.016KYOA::SACHSTue Jun 23 1992Radar and Laser Detectors
37.06KYOA::SACHSTue Jun 23 1992Traveling from NJ to elsewhere!
38.0232945::NAEGELYThu Jun 25 1992DJ & Photographer
39.031Tue Jun 30 1992Good Sports Memorabilia Stores in NJ ?
40.03--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 30 1992kidnapping of Reso
42.01PCOJCT::LOCOVARETue Jul 21 1992CONDO/Iselin NJ
43.05ACOSTA::MIANOWed Aug 05 1992Flim Flam Florio's ruck New Jersey Tour
44.08ACOSTA::MIANOMon Aug 10 1992Meyers-Briggs Male/Female compatability Program
45.0KYOA::SACHSWed Aug 12 1992New Limo Service...
46.02KYOA::HANSONThu Aug 20 1992Good, 1-2 person sailboat, on the cheap
47.0KYOA::WINGSun Aug 23 1992Horseback Riding Suggestions??
48.01051847::SIIGMon Aug 24 1992Info sought for vacation in September/October
49.05PARVAX::GUPTONTue Sep 08 1992Moving Companies?
50.06KYOA::SACHSTue Sep 15 1992I'm outta here...
51.03CAFEIN::PFAUWed Sep 16 1992Who still works here?
52.0724594::MAGALETTAThu Sep 17 1992directions to Atlantic City
53.060SULACO::JUDICEWed Sep 23 1992Election 92
54.05ASABET::HABERFri Oct 02 1992questions about the TZ bridge
55.02BONNET::MAUFOUXSat Oct 10 1992<<I want to know more about NJ>>
56.034158::J_GOLDSTEINWed Oct 14 1992State Agencies dealing with People with Emotional Illnesses?
57.01SUBWAY::BONNELLTue Oct 27 1992News of the Wierd
58.0831964::KETTENSTOCKFri Nov 06 1992Summit, N.J. area
59.04JUNG::GALVINFri Nov 06 1992
60.08SUBWAY::GOODEMon Nov 09 1992Piscataway killing...
61.03ALFPTS::GCOAST::RIDGWAYMon Nov 09 1992Jon Bon Jovi address.....
62.0SULACO::JUDICEWed Nov 11 1992Internet Dan Quayle Quotes
63.03SICVAX::WYATTTue Nov 24 1992US Healthcare Recommendations?????
64.0SUBWAY::BENJAMINMon Nov 30 1992Job Opportunity in NJ
65.01SICVAX::WYATTMon Nov 30 1992Small Claims Court info?
66.0SULACO::JUDICESat Dec 05 1992High Performance Computing Seminar
67.01MIANO::MIANOSun Dec 06 1992Corporate Computing Article on Ortho Biotech
68.0HYEND::PLIEBERMANTue Dec 08 1992Need Apt or House to Share
69.0CGVAX2::CORMIERFri Dec 11 1992White Mt NH Ski Vacation townhouse for rent
70.011KYOA::HANSONWed Dec 16 1992The Great 1992 Nor'Easter.
71.05SUBWAY::BONNELLWed Dec 23 1992goodbye
72.04SUBWAY::MONASCHTue Jan 05 1993NJT Discounts?
73.01DEALIN::HOWARDMon Jan 11 1993Wedding nr. Cherry Hill
74.03KYOA::POLAKOWSKIWed Jan 13 1993Earthquake Fault Line?
75.023635::ROBRIEN_CMon Jan 25 1993Need Help for July Rental
76.02KYOA::LAZARUSThu Jan 28 19931993 Gubernatorial Election
77.0KYOA::HANSONThu Jan 28 1993Where do I go to dub music?
78.02PARVAX::GUPTONSun Jan 31 1993Tax Person Needed
79.05KYOA::HANSONThu Feb 11 1993KYO Personnel & Security Issues
80.01SULACO::JUDICEFri Feb 19 1993Pet Adoptions
81.03CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Feb 24 1993visiting the Statue of Liberty
82.01KYOA::LAZARUSMon Mar 01 1993World Trade Center bombing
84.0PARVAX::GUPTONWed Mar 10 1993Tenant Property Tax Rebate Program
85.03EARRTH::ABATELLIFri Mar 12 1993Help w/hotels in the "Jersey City" & "Clifton areas?
86.07KYOA::LAZARUSMon Mar 15 1993The Great Blizzard of 1993
87.02SUBWAY::BERGERWed Apr 21 1993School elections
88.03DELNI::ROBBINSWed Apr 21 1993Looking for campground
89.0TNPUBS::STEINHARTMon Apr 26 1993Bar Association directory?
90.03--UnknownUser--Tue May 11 1993"Help to choose a place for the weekend"
91.0MPGS::GUYWed May 12 1993Uncle Floyd show on VHS?
92.01NWDWed May 12 1993Shore BnB / Accomodation Recommendations
93.05KYOA::WALKERThu May 13 1993Computer Shows and Sales
94.0242822::ZASLAWThu May 20 1993I'm coming; save me a good exit number
96.03COFFEE::PFAUThu Jun 10 1993Musicians
97.0RESTRT::MORENOThu Jun 10 1993Job Opportunity at NJO
98.0136328::SCORZELLIMon Jun 14 1993Any Springsteen tickets available?
99.0BONNET::MICHELTue Jun 15 1993looking for a place to stay
100.0KYOA::PFAUMon Jun 21 1993Who turned out the lights?
101.01SULACO::JUDICEThu Jun 24 1993NJ/Radio Shack Litigation
102.02ACOSTA::MIANOSun Jun 27 1993Access Problems at KYO?
103.065Fri Jul 02 1993Looking For Hotel Close To Train Station
104.04SULACO::JUDICEFri Jul 09 1993Price Club
105.0129169::FINIZIOThu Jul 15 1993SeaSide heights help needed
106.01PCOJCT::LOCOVAREThu Jul 22 1993kennel/sitter needed
107.01KYOA::HANSONThu Jul 29 1993Need #s for MCI and Sprint
108.0QETOO::SCARDIGNOFri Jul 30 1993Fishing & charter trips off Jersey coast
109.02SALEM::WRIGHT_RMon Aug 16 1993Staten Island to NYC
110.01ZEKE::SZCZTue Aug 31 1993Aitline tickets Phil - Jackson Hole
111.02COFFEE::PFAUTue Aug 31 1993'Must Carry'
112.0133Thu Sep 30 1993Spirit of New Jersey Dinner Boat
113.064SULACO::JUDICESat Oct 02 1993Election '93
115.02AD::KUCHLERMon Oct 25 1993Wedding Reception Sites in Central NJ
116.01CSC32::S_HUNTERWed Oct 27 1993Florio, Florio, where art thou Florio.
117.06KYOSS1::HANSONTue Nov 02 1993What *are* those Troopers doing?
118.06ACOSTA::MIANOFri Nov 19 1993Electronic Stores - Not Radio Shack
119.03ACOSTA::MIANOSat Nov 20 1993To the "Borrower" from my cube
120.01ACOSTA::MIANOTue Dec 07 1993Computer Stores?
121.01ACOSTA::MIANOWed Dec 08 1993Unix Trape Drive Anyone
122.04POCUS::BLACKMANMon Dec 13 1993NJ Realtors...
123.02CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Dec 14 1993Info on NJ malls.
124.02NYTP22::NAEGELYMon Jan 10 1994Lighting Stores
125.029SULACO::JUDICETue Jan 18 1994SNOW!!!
126.04ACOSTA::MIANOWed Jan 19 1994Flam Flim Florio and his Facists Gone!!!!
127.04POCUS::BLACKMANMon Jan 31 1994Scotch Plains area?
128.01KYOSS1::WALKERThu Feb 03 1994Science on Saturday at PPPL
129.03KYOSS1::HANSONMon Feb 07 1994Limo services based in Monmouth County?
130.01KYOSS1::WALKERThu Feb 10 1994NJ State Museum/Planetarium
131.01SULACO::JUDICEWed Mar 09 1994Governors
132.04OPTION::LAZARUSThu Mar 24 1994Disaster in Edison
133.0333395::LALLAThu Mar 24 1994CARLTON HOMES ???
134.01KYOSS1::WALKERSun Apr 03 1994Trenton Computer Festival
135.0348885::ARBARETWed Apr 06 1994Looking for lodging in NY City in July?
136.057ACOSTA::MIANOThu Apr 14 1994The OFFICIAL "Is Anyone Out There" Note
138.03FXODEV::PONCETue Jul 05 1994Cape May info
139.03PARVAX::SCHUSTAKThu Jul 28 1994The future of NJO???
140.03SULACO::JUDICEFri Jul 29 1994Employer Trip Reduction Program
141.06THAVE::TEMINTue Aug 16 1994Crosby Stills Nash Tickets
142.02OVID::YATESFri Aug 26 1994Me Too
143.0SULACO::JUDICEWed Oct 12 1994Ed Adler Passed Away 9/25
144.05SULACO::JUDICETue Oct 25 1994NEW NJ Transit Service to Hunterdon
145.02KYOSS1::PLAUTMon Nov 07 1994Douglas Ian Judice
146.09427Thu Dec 08 1994exploring
147.01MAIL2::BLACKMANFri Dec 16 1994Sales Tax question
148.0SULACO::JUDICETue Dec 20 1994NEW JERSEY Moving!
149.0SULACO::JUDICEFri Dec 30 1994A Fond Farewell
150.04MAIL1::BLACKMANThu Feb 16 1995Home Contractor recommendations?
152.0MAIL1::BLACKMANWed Apr 26 1995MUMPS Programmer Needed!
153.0NYAAPS::CORBISHLEYMon Oct 09 1995AlphaGeneration Logo Clothing Offer
154.03METSYS::NELSONThu Oct 19 1995Need a desk during the week of 17-Dec-95?
156.0NQOSWed Nov 22 1995New Jersey Devils!!!
157.0KYOSS1::WALKERFri Dec 15 1995CompuServe
158.01ILLUSN::SORNSONMon Feb 05 1996Summer shore rentals (seeking info/advice)
159.0DONVAN::CAMACHOFri Apr 05 1996Looking for Campsites
160.01POWDML::WHEELERWed May 29 1996Brigantine
161.02SCAMP::CHAMBERLAINThu May 30 1996wanted: vacation ideas/rental
162.0KYOSS1::POLAKOWSKITue Oct 29 1996Time Change Anyone?
163.0RICKS::BERMANThu Nov 07 1996How to buy a DEC machine in New Jersey?
164.0 *+2DELNI::LBASSETTTue Apr 15 1997Six Flags Hotel