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Conference atlant::x-10

Title:X-10 Powerhouse Home Control System
Notice:For Sale/ Wanted use Note 75
Created:Tue Mar 01 1988
Last Modified:Thu Apr 03 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:271
Total number of notes:2083
Number with bodies:8
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1.0+11RSTS32::HERBERTTue Mar 01 1988Welcome to X-1
2.05RSTS32::HERBERTTue Mar 01 1988Directory list
3.08RSTS32::HERBERTTue Mar 01 1988X-1
4.013MONSTR::PHILPOTT_DWWed Mar 02 1988Radio Shack Home Minder and a possible future for the system?
5.021ASTRO::BOONEWed Mar 02 1988Mine don't work !
6.016MANTIS::RICHARDSONWed Mar 02 1988X1
7.02PFSVAX::MCELWEEMon Oct 04 1993Introduce Yourself.
8.09RSTS32::HERBERTWed Mar 02 1988Undocumented maxi-controller feature
9.014RSTS32::VMILLERWed Mar 02 1988Having "Stubborn Button" Problems??
10.029PYRITE::BURKHARTWed Mar 02 1988New/Desired Features
11.032STAR::BECKThu Mar 03 1988Sources
12.08VINO::CRITZThu Mar 03 1988RFI generators
13.010RETORT::GOODRICHThu Mar 03 1988How do you keep lamps OFF?
16.03PTOECA::MCELWEEMon Mar 07 1988X-1
17.04PTOECA::MCELWEEMon Mar 07 1988Intercom Interference?
18.08CNTROL::COTETue Mar 08 1988How do you use X-1
19.05PTOECA::MCELWEETue Mar 08 1988Protocol Format
20.01MEMORY::DIMASCIOWed Mar 09 1988!!!!MICROMINDER!!!!
21.05MISFIT::CARNELLThu Mar 10 1988DAK $6.9
22.02UTRUST::VANHULSTFri Mar 11 1988X-1
23.03MISFIT::CARNELLFri Mar 11 1988I've been working on the railroad.
24.03PFSVAX::FULTONSun Mar 20 1988Rainbow X1
25.04HJUXB::LEGASun Mar 20 1988Need cheap conputer controller.
26.06RETORT::RONMon Mar 21 1988A wall-switch question
27.026ULTRA::KINDELWed Mar 23 1988X-1
28.0ULTRA::BUTCHARTThu Mar 24 1988Spare parts sources?
29.04KSAFRG::SMITHPTue Mar 29 1988X-1
30.0VAXRT::WILLIAMSThu Mar 31 1988Press Release from X-1
31.016MIZZEN::DEMERSWed Apr 06 1988need a catalog!!
32.011AOHM::JACOBSThu Apr 07 1988Homeminders watch the line!
33.022SAACT3::SAKOVICH_ATue Apr 12 1988X-1
35.03BINKLY::WINSTONMon May 02 1988low-draw off/on problem
36.048RETORT::RONWed May 04 1988Zenith SL-532
37.07SAACT3::SAKOVICH_AWed Jun 01 1988Info on new X-1
38.015ATSE::HERBERTWed Jun 01 1988Stanley HCS
39.09CREDIT::WOODThu Jun 16 1988PL513 Power Line Interface Module
40.01GWYNED::MCCABEWed Jun 22 19882 Kinds of Alarm Interface Modules
41.0BINKLY::WINSTONThu Jun 23 1988Notice of Vendor Markdown Sales
42.03MIZZEN::DEMERSMon Jun 27 1988New is not necessarily better...
43.04NYAREA::SCHEIBELWed Jul 13 1988added functionality!!
44.04UTRUST::VANHULSTWed Jul 13 1988Taffie to be or not to be ?
45.042STAR::BANKSTue Jul 26 1988Garage door openner?
46.05NEWVAX::HUMMONWed Jul 27 1988New Voice Unit
47.07NCVAX1::MILLERThu Jul 28 1988Baby Monitor Interference
48.0BINKLY::WINSTONFri Jul 29 1988one for the experts...
49.013ASD::MINTZFri Jul 29 1988Local indicator on wall switch?
50.03AIMHI::GINSBERGFri Aug 12 1988swap a two way switch for a single?
51.014CNTROL::COTEWed Aug 24 1988Momentary contact module info ?
52.02STAR::BANKSThu Aug 25 1988What to do with a switch/socket combo
53.010CIMNET::STATAFri Sep 02 1988SUN TRACKER option
54.0183D::SANBORNTue Sep 06 1988Computer module
55.07CNTROL::COTEFri Sep 09 1988Computer Interface s/w on Rainbow??
56.02JOE::WORRALLMon Sep 12 1988To watch or not to watch?
57.05DFLAT::DICKSONMon Sep 12 1988Touch-lamp sees X-1
58.016CNTROL::COTEThu Sep 15 1988Help programming computer interface?
59.041KALKI::LANGTue Sep 20 1988X-1
60.05CIMNET::STATAWed Sep 21 1988STANLEY Clock Radio Control
61.05CIMNET::STATAWed Sep 21 1988Remote RF Motion Sensors
62.03CNTROL::COTEFri Sep 23 1988Key icon stickers via Fprint
63.05TRCAFri Sep 23 1988Radio Shack Computer controller compatibility
64.09SAACT3::SAKOVICH_AMon Sep 26 1988Can't switch lamp module w/ both swx.
65.013TOKLAS::FELDMANFri Sep 30 1988Audible noise
66.05TOKLAS::FELDMANTue Oct 04 1988Grounding the switch units
67.04SAACTWed Oct 05 1988Smart modules on the way!
68.03PFSVAX::FULTONFri Oct 21 1988Anova Remote Control
69.028BINKLY::WINSTONSun Oct 23 1988HomeMinder failing
70.01MAGIC::LINTWed Nov 02 1988Blown Light Switch - sorta
71.02BINKLY::WINSTONFri Nov 04 1988mounting a maxi
75.024BINKLY::WINSTONSun Nov 06 1988For Sale, Wanted, Swaps, and Trades
76.02LDP::BURKHARTWed Nov 09 1988Handheld Remote Frequency
77.015BINKLY::WINSTONThu Nov 10 1988Modifying a Mini for 9-16
78.03ATSE::VMILLERFri Nov 11 1988DAKs "Great X1
79.018NYAREA::SCHEIBELMon Nov 21 19883-way, n-way
81.09BANZAI::EISENBERGFri Dec 09 1988Temperature Controls
82.08TOMCAT::FOXWed Dec 14 1988What is it?
83.04ULTRA::KINDELWed Dec 14 19881
84.022RENTA::HERBERTFri Dec 16 1988Radio Shack/X-1
85.06SAACTWed Jan 04 1989Flourescents w/ appl.mod.?
86.01BINKLY::WINSTONMon Jan 16 1989until we meet again...
87.01SMOOT::ROTHTue Jan 24 1989X-1
88.05LDP::BURKHARTFri Feb 03 1989The Remote Controlled Home
89.017HANNAH::PORCHERFri Feb 03 1989Leviton's PCC line
90.05RENTA::HERBERTMon Feb 20 1989Red boxes
91.09CADSE::GLIDEWELLMon Feb 13 1989G.E. Homeminder - where find?
92.07BOSTON::SWISTWed Feb 15 1989Pls answer a dumb question before I buy this stuff?
93.08LDP::ROSENWed Feb 15 1989Non-Dimmer Switches
94.08BOSTON::SWISTThu Feb 16 1989Can modules be pulled apart?
95.04LDP::BURKHARTWed Feb 22 1989Selling & Inspecting X-1
96.01KNGARO::SANBORNWed Feb 22 1989Your X-1
97.0PTOMV4::FULTONMon May 01 1989Seeking HCI
98.01CSOA1::MCELWEEWed May 31 1989Hello Out There...
99.04SWAV1::STEWARTThu Jun 01 1989share the enthusiasm?
100.06SWAV1::STEWARTMon Jun 05 1989part numbers for TRIACS, etc.?
101.04CGOFS::CADAMSWed Jun 14 1989Appliance module conversion to dry contacter.??
102.032MAXWEL::COTEMon Jun 19 1989X-1
103.0MAXWEL::COTETue Jun 27 1989Universal Interface/Alarm Interface
104.07TYFOON::VALENTATue Jun 27 1989Three way switch problem.
105.028KAOFS::J_DESROSIERSMon Jul 17 1989Eratic operation cure
106.01DUBMon Jul 31 1989Other Home Automation Products/X-1
107.0LDP::WEAVERFri Aug 25 1989Computer interface that receives as well as transmits?
108.01DEC1Mon Aug 28 1989X-1
109.03SQLRUS::FELDMANWed Sep 27 1989Controlling Casablanca-style light/fan units
110.04TROAFri Sep 29 1989Line interface module from X-1
111.0UTRUST::VANHULSTTue Oct 03 1989Say good night,house
112.015SSDEVO::MARKSTue Oct 10 1989Lamp module vs appliance mod & wireless remote
113.02SSDEVO::MARKSMon Oct 16 1989wanted: wall sw. with BIG actuator
114.03STAR::FARNHAMTue Oct 24 19893-way slave unit works one-way only
115.04CGOOMon Oct 30 1989block heater?
116.07SWAV1::STEWARTThu Nov 02 1989Another shot at furnace control
117.04CIMNET::KYZIVATTue Nov 14 1989Interference from Computer & Other Questions
118.08WONDER::COYLETue Nov 14 1989QUESTION: Big Motors and Outdoor Use
119.011CNTROL::COTEFri Nov 17 1989Controlling an electric hot water heater ?
120.02MAKITA::MCCABETue Nov 21 1989Hot off the press!
121.018RUGRAT::MERCUREThu Dec 14 1989REMOTE Remote Control?
122.01MUSKIE::SUZDAThu Dec 21 1989Variable speed Fan control?
123.02TARDIS::EISENBERGTue Dec 26 1989Stanley offer for mini-controller and lamp module
124.0COMICS::TREVENNORTue Jan 02 1990Associated conference pointer - general home_automation.
125.05CIMNET::KYZIVATTue Jan 02 1990computer controller - DOA???
126.02CANYON::LEEDSSun Jan 07 1990APPLE II/GS computer interface ??
127.04SWAV1::STEWARTMon Jan 22 1990stupid X-1
128.04CANYON::LEEDSTue Jan 23 1990X-1
129.03CANYON::LEEDSMon Feb 12 1990suggestions for remote house control?
130.06WLDWST::RAMORFINITue Feb 13 1990electric locks
131.0SICVAX::SCHEIBELWed Feb 21 1990Good-bye
132.03CSOA1::MCELWEEFri Feb 23 1990Wall Outlet Feed-Through Modification
133.03OPAMP::VMILLERMon Mar 05 1990** Please Read **
134.06TOOTER::WEBERMon Mar 12 1990Hard-wired relay module?
135.015HANNAH::PORCHERWed Mar 28 1990X1
136.07WAKEME::ROBERTSMon Apr 02 1990X1
137.03NG1N::TOOMEYFri Apr 13 1990mini controller problem?
138.0TROAThu Apr 19 1990BR521 Protector plus
139.04ULTRA::KINDELMon Apr 23 1990MASTERVOICE Personal Butler
140.010CANYON::LEEDSMon May 14 1990X-1
141.0POTS::VISSERTue May 22 1990X-1
142.05VAXWRK::INGRAMSat Jun 16 1990Do the mini and maxi controllers use the same chip?
143.09SMAC::MACARTHURTue Jun 19 1990Autodialer and Motion Detector For X-1
144.012SOLARH::GUSTAVSONTue Jun 26 1990Use wireless motion sensor to turn on outside spotlights?
145.01MAKITA::MCCABETue Jul 03 1990Stanley close out!
146.05MQOFS::P_LEThu Jul 05 1990X1
148.0PACKER::STIMSONFri Jul 27 1990Inter-module Interference
149.02ASABET::HENLEYThu Aug 02 1990Manual for X-1
150.02SRPSWS::SKINNERThu Aug 16 1990"Send" LED stays on
151.02SRPSWS::SKINNERThu Aug 16 1990Looking for Mac software for the CP29
152.016GENRAL::HIMESFri Aug 17 1990X1
153.012LNGBCH::STEWARTThu Aug 23 1990X-1
154.03VXNARF::FRANCINIFri Sep 28 1990Wall-switch appliance module for florescents?
155.04CIMNET::KYZIVATThu Oct 04 1990How to ground a wall switch?
156.01PTOECA::MCELWEEMon Oct 15 1990Intelcon(?) devices?
157.04PFSVAX::FULTONThu Oct 25 1990Broken Computer Interface (HCI)
159.02CIMNET::MIKELISMon Nov 19 1990Sodium Light causing x-1
160.0199412::FRANCINIMon Nov 26 1990X1
161.04HANNAH::PORCHERFri Nov 30 1990Mini-controller labels
162.03TEASE::LEARYTue Dec 11 1990Monitoring Activity ?
163.07PJWL::LAMBTue Jan 01 1991Computer Controlled Universal Remote to X-1
164.05PJWL::LAMBTue Jan 01 1991DEC A to D boards for temperature sensing
165.02COGITO::DAYThu Jan 31 1991'ZAP' your Maxi is dust!
166.06MSCSSE::ANDREWSThu Jan 31 1991Telephone responder experience?
167.01LNGBCH::STEWARTWed Feb 06 1991Wireless Feedback!
168.09ODIXIE::JLONGWed Feb 13 1991HomeMinder Backup Battery is Failing
169.0OHFMV4::MCELWEEMon Feb 25 1991Homeminders- X-1
170.01COGMK::WOODThu Feb 28 1991Looking for CP29
171.07BEAD::KLIMASEWSKIThu Mar 28 1991High wattage wall switch
172.01HIBOB::KRANTZMon Apr 01 1991Frankenstein from HAL?
173.02FORBIN::WILKINSONWed Apr 10 1991Solution to AC line filter attenuation of X-1
174.013BROKE::FELDMANThu Jun 13 1991Poltergeists?
175.02BEAD::KLIMASEWSKIThu Jun 27 1991How does a slave switch work
176.0211SRUS::OPALKAMon Jul 01 1991For Sale
177.0DEC1Mon Jul 08 1991Wired in a relay
178.02DEC1Tue Jul 09 1991URC-5
179.026BEAD::KLIMASEWSKITue Jul 09 1991Mods to modules
180.07BEAD::KLIMASEWSKIFri Jul 19 1991Stanley wireless motion detector
181.05TARKIN::KEEFERFri Aug 02 1991X1
182.04MLTVAX::N1BFKMon Aug 05 1991Mini-controllers self-incinerating
183.07ROYALT::BATTISTAWed Aug 07 1991CP-29
184.03SA1794::NADEAUBTue Aug 20 1991TEL. TRANS. FOR SALE
185.011EZ2GET::STEWARTWed Aug 21 1991Local dimming modification for wall switch module
186.09DECWET::SHOEMAKERSun Sep 01 1991Did My Computer Interface Die?
187.01CGOSMon Sep 02 1991Eliminate wall switch dimming?
188.0KCBBQ::THOMSONMon Sep 09 1991Solus Users?
189.08ROYALT::PORCHERThu Oct 03 1991Is X-1
190.02CSC32::J_WETHERNThu Nov 07 1991Commodore 64 (C64/64C) help needed
191.01FMCSSE::HIMESThu Dec 12 1991CATALOGS
192.032KAOFS::J_DESROSIERSMon Dec 16 1991Wall switches and halogen lamps. Incompatible?
193.02MUTTON::LAMBMon Jan 20 1992New product comming out from Universal Electronics
194.02MAKITA::MCCABEWed Jan 22 1992Should work now
195.05PATE::COTEWed Feb 26 1992Electric cars/automobiles & X-1
196.04PTOECA::MCELWEEMon Mar 30 1992Home Control Concepts- Sales and Use Taxes?
197.02ICELAN::AARONTue Mar 31 1992DAK's autodialing security system
198.016PJWL::LAMBMon Apr 06 1992Computer RS-232 control of X-1
199.06TARKIN::KEEFERThu Apr 09 1992X1
200.013LOEDGE::DUNCANWed Apr 22 1992EnerLogic 14
201.09PTOECA::MCELWEEWed May 13 1992Countdown timer- cheap and simple?
202.05ONEDGE::DUNCANWed May 13 1992CCInk Home Control System II
203.0+86TARKIN::KEEFERTue Jun 09 1992WinX1
204.02BROKE::FELDMANThu Jun 11 1992Gremlins in the homeminder?
205.01WMOIS::SWEENEYMon Jun 15 1992Telephone Responder Questions
206.05WMOIS::SWEENEYMon Jun 15 1992Wall Switch System Question
207.05HOTAIR::INGRAMTue Jun 16 1992DAK files chapter 11
208.014LODGE::WVCThu Jun 25 1992Television Time Bank (skip if not a parent)
209.05CIMNET::MIKELISThu Aug 13 1992controlling a flicker bulb
210.0PTOECA::MCELWEEThu Sep 17 1992The Departing.
211.0MOLAR::ROBERTSFri Sep 18 1992X1
212.0TROOPR::DALESSANDROThu Oct 01 1992Need help.....
213.02EZ2GET::STEWARTTue Oct 20 1992local access to Circuit Cellar BBS?
214.03ATSE::VMILLERMon Nov 30 1992ATSE is moving on (or near) 12/11/92
215.0VMSNET::CRISAFULLIWed Jan 13 1993Intellihome
216.01VMSNET::CRISAFULLIWed Jan 13 1993Bigmouth
217.07VMSNET::CRISAFULLIFri Jan 22 1993HCC-3
218.0KALI::SMAC::MACARTHURTue Feb 16 1993Smatha Home Control System
219.02DLOPAS::PAMSIC::STEPHENSWed Feb 17 1993Wanted: CP29
220.04MQOOA::LEWed Mar 31 1993The Circuit Cellar HCS & Phonelink's info ?
221.017GNPIKE::MIKELISThu Apr 08 1993Need a special CP29
224.0GRANMA::PTHUMANThu Jun 17 1993Wiring for CEBus
225.04FORTY2::KOKOLAKISFri Jun 18 1993X1
226.08NOVA::EISENBERGThu Jul 08 1993CP-29
227.01SHRIEK::BLESSLEY_SMon Jul 19 1993New(?) wireless transmitter w/solar recharge
228.01GEOFF::SCHULTZMon Jul 26 1993Dimming low voltage halogens
229.02ATSE::VMILLERThu Aug 05 1993Farewell...
230.03UNXA::LEGASun Aug 08 1993keyfob and 8 button remote interop?
231.0PEKING::MOONTMon Aug 09 1993Book recommendations please
232.02UNXA::LEGAMon Aug 23 1993lamp module freaking out
233.0PFSVAX::MCELWEESun Sep 19 1993Compact fluorescents fail prematurely?
234.02GNPIKE::MIKELISTue Nov 02 1993Weird Behavior with outside circuit
235.0VNASWS::HONISCHSun Jan 30 1994IR Master ???
236.0GRANMA::GHALSTEADTue Feb 22 1994X-1
237.07KAOFS::J_DESROSIERSThu Mar 10 1994X-1
238.01MRFISH::SIMMONSThu Mar 17 1994Powerflash and Garage Door
239.01--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 07 1994I need catalog again!
240.0EVMS::DIAMONDThu Apr 14 1994Adding a delay to a universal module
241.02GRANMA::AFILIPThu Apr 21 1994Need some help
242.0SNOFS1::DICKENSThu May 12 199424
243.0PFSVAX::MCELWEEThu Jun 02 1994Smart Repeater?
244.0MYGRAT::PASCUCCIFri Jun 03 1994Another Xdec X1
245.03CGOOA::LADICKTue Jun 14 1994Electronic House ??
246.044CGOOA::LADICKThu Jul 07 1994Anyone else out there? /HomeBase
247.0--UnknownUser--Sat Jul 09 1994
248.03CGOOA::LADICKTue Jul 12 1994Electronic Locks/Sensing
249.01TARKIN::KEEFERMon Jul 25 1994Pointer to WWW home automation page
250.09CGOOA::LADICKThu Aug 18 1994Jeeves from Australia
251.033Thu Aug 25 1994modules too deep
252.073Wed Sep 28 1994X1
253.0PFSVAX::MCELWEEThu Oct 13 1994X1
254.08DECWET::SHOEMAKERTue Nov 29 1994Three Way Switch on the Way Out?
255.01CGOOA::LADICKThu Jan 19 1995Dec/X-1
256.01CGOOA::LADICKMon Mar 20 1995So long....
257.02PAMSIC::STEPHENSWed May 17 1995April 13 issue of EDN, P69
258.09STRATA::RPAQUETTEMon Jun 12 1995CP-29
259.0MPGS::KANNThu Aug 03 1995Defeating local control...
260.04TUXEDO::FONSECATue Nov 07 1995Timed dimmer events
261.0SPECXN::HIMESThu Nov 30 1995Popular Home Automation
262.05NOODLE::DEMERSWed Dec 13 1995Fluorescents interfere with X-1
263.0PAMSIC::STEPHENSThu Dec 14 1995Sensaphone - temp/status over the phone
264.05SAYER::ELMOREMon Jan 08 1996Transmission Range
265.012IJSAPL::VANHULSTTue Feb 20 1996CP29
266.07IJSAPL::VANHULSTSat Apr 06 1996lenght of cp29
267.010FBEDEV::KYZIVATThu May 30 1996forgetful CP29
268.010PASTA::DEMERSThu Sep 05 1996light turns itself back on at night
269.0WONDER::CASABONAFri Dec 13 1996RF Receiver for PIR motion detector?
270.0+3SHOGUN::SWEENEYFri Jan 17 1997Magnavox Home Lighting Kit - On Sale
271.0 *TNPUBS::MACDONALDMon Feb 17 1997X1