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Conference pampam::pca1_eu

Title:PCA1 V1. Europe
Created:Mon Jun 16 1986
Last Modified:Fri Feb 19 1993
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:265
Total number of notes:1035
Number with bodies:0
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1.01WHYNOT::PALOMAMon Jun 16 1986Welcome to the PCA1_EU notesfile
2.06PAMPAM::DARCEMONTThu Aug 14 1986PC/ALL-IN-1 V1.
3.04PETRUS::BERGERWed Aug 27 1986? Building a translated server kit
4.02PETRUS::BERGERWed Aug 27 1986? Translate sys$message:wplmess.exe
5.02STKOFF::NORMANFri Aug 29 1986Does kit build proc. incl certified PCs?
6.016PETRUS::BERGERWed Sep 03 1986Error while sending mails
7.05PETRUS::BERGERThu Sep 04 1986Bug reporting
8.03PETRUS::BERGERTue Sep 09 1986Bug Report BL24
9.01PETRUS::BERGERWed Sep 10 1986Can't build keyboard drivers
10.0WHYNOT::PALOMAFri Sep 12 1986Last chance messages
11.03UTROFF::GEERDESTue Sep 16 1986Conflicting IN-TEXT comments in RNO files
12.04PAMPAM::PALOMATue Sep 16 1986Translation support via NotesFile
13.05UKOSC::KEENTue Sep 16 1986Just a few questions
14.04STKOFF::NORMANWed Sep 17 1986The IBM new keyboard?
15.09PETRUS::BERGERWed Sep 17 1986IBM keyboard driver problems
16.02PAMPAM::PALOMAThu Sep 18 1986A4 format on the LN
17.01PETRUS::BERGERFri Sep 19 1986stability of QLG ?
18.03PETRUS::BERGERFri Sep 19 1986changing printer tables
19.03PETRUS::BERGERFri Sep 19 1986Severe bug in the Quick Lookup Guide
20.03PETRUS::BERGERFri Sep 19 1986number of online help screens
21.06STKOFF::SEVERINSat Sep 20 1986Mixed Swedish queries
22.03KOALA::HYDEThu Sep 25 1986Does DOS translate reserved names?
23.02KOALA::HYDEFri Sep 26 1986Attn: Scandanavian IBM users
24.06LEROUF::PALOMAMon Oct 06 1986Microsoft C compiler V3.
25.01LEROUF::PALOMAMon Oct 06 1986Terminal Emulation SETUP menu
26.02STKOFF::NORMANTue Oct 07 1986PCA1 on VAXMATE; KOALA stack dumps.
27.0LEROUF::PALOMATue Oct 07 1986Press !AS to EXIT.
28.0UKOSC::KEENTue Oct 07 1986DECspell lexicon
29.02PETRUS::BERGERThu Oct 09 1986WPS-PLUS default settings
30.01UKOSC::KEENThu Oct 09 1986LINKing with KOALA
31.05UKOSC::KEENFri Oct 10 1986Divide overflow error when booting PC
32.07LEROUF::PALOMATue Oct 14 1986ADMIN Form for the SERVER
33.017STKOFF::NORMANTue Oct 14 1986Is my IBM PC/XT compatible with IBM PC/XT?
34.01TRNING::ALLERTONTue Oct 14 1986CLONE Support in Europe
36.02UKOSC::KEENThu Oct 16 1986Whats next ?
37.01PETRUS::BERGERFri Oct 17 1986WPS+ documentation
38.09UKOSC::KEENMon Oct 20 1986Filecabinet problem
40.01HLSWWed Oct 22 1986Unmarked print form changes
41.07PETRUS::BERGERWed Oct 22 1986FCS$MAIL_AGENT crashes
42.08STKOFF::NORMANWed Oct 22 1986" within a koform message
43.0BALZAC::GUYOTTEFri Oct 24 1986Where is "[MRGATE]VMSERR.DAT"
44.0--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 27 1986Installation problem with Vaxmate
45.08BALZAC::ROMNEYMon Oct 27 1986problem installation with VAXmate
46.02MDRTue Oct 28 1986Two questions about documentation
47.03HLSWThu Oct 30 1986Some questions and a sorting tool
48.01STKOFF::NORMANThu Oct 30 1986QLG on VAXMATE & EPC; first observations
49.01PETRUS::BERGERThu Oct 30 1986translation of messages
50.0148165::SIMONFri Oct 31 1986QUERYBOX doesn't like my DRD
51.01STKOFF::NORMANFri Oct 31 1986I have been Access Violated by Koala
52.0LEROUF::PALOMAFri Nov 07 1986changes for the QLG and keyboard driver
53.0LEROUF::PALOMAMon Nov 10 1986HELP forms
54.0UKOSC::KEENWed Nov 12 1986support plan for pc all-in-1 v1.
56.04STKOFF::NORMANFri Nov 14 1986Keyboard Drivers & TCS some questions
57.01GYLEGMon Nov 17 1986TCS on the Rainbow ??
58.01MDRWed Nov 19 1986Another documentation problem
59.04UTROFF::EISINKThu Nov 20 1986Building a kit
60.010LEROUF::PALOMASun Nov 23 1986The UPDATE KIT ...
61.02UKOSC::KEENMon Nov 24 1986Final kit in full
62.02PAULUS::BERGERMon Nov 24 1986Questions about artwork
63.0LEROUF::PALOMAWed Nov 26 1986ASYNC line
64.04MDRWed Nov 26 1986PC ALL-IN-1 BIV with Spanish PCs
65.07STKOFF::NORMANThu Nov 27 1986Some ADMIN stuff to be xlated anyhow?
66.0LEROUF::LEDOUARECThu Nov 27 1986Correction to the Getting Started
67.0LEROUF::LEDOUARECThu Nov 27 1986Correction to Reference Cards
68.0LEROUF::LEDOUARECFri Nov 28 1986Minor, final change to List and Sort Processing
69.02MUNTRA::SCHNUETTGENFri Nov 28 1986Editor Math - Calculating totals
70.0LEROUF::LEDOUARECFri Nov 28 1986Technical correction to Editor Functions
71.0STKOFF::NORMANMon Dec 01 1986PCA1 SERVER is unsecure!
72.02STKOFF::NORMANMon Dec 01 1986Problem with A:COPYINS
73.01516Tue Dec 02 1986SORTing ...
74.01PAULUS::BERGERTue Dec 02 1986Creating installation floppies
75.01UKOSC::KEENThu Dec 04 1986Final Country kits - how to build
76.01MDRThu Dec 04 1986Problems when creating user accounts
77.0MANAEG::LEHKYFri Dec 05 19863rd party software test results
79.08STKOFF::NORMANMon Dec 08 1986Mail server not running!
80.05MDRTue Dec 09 1986Problems with the Rainbow kit
81.07STKOFF::NORMANWed Dec 10 1986Who wants predifined drawers?
82.0PAULUS::BERGERWed Dec 10 1986updating KOFORM files
83.0LEROUF::LEDOUARECWed Dec 10 1986Corrected Error in User's Guide master file
84.0LEROUF::LEDOUARECFri Dec 12 1986Last, minor changes to Editor Functions
85.01STKOFF::NORMANMon Dec 15 1986QLG on IBM - the xlated one...
87.04PAULUS::BERGERWed Dec 17 1986Printer table conversion ?
88.02PAULUS::BERGERWed Dec 17 1986Reference Cards etc.
89.05PAULUS::BERGERThu Dec 18 1986WPS BL32 gold key bug
90.04PAULUS::BERGERFri Dec 19 1986Frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch...
91.03STKOFF::NORMANSun Dec 21 1986Mail message notyfication...
92.03STKOFF::NORMANMon Dec 22 1986Formatting - some questions.
93.01MDRMon Dec 22 1986Warning linking WPLMESS.EXE
94.01STKOFF::NORMANMon Dec 22 1986Strange <GOLD><L> answer
95.04BALZAC::ROMNEYMon Jan 05 1987PC keyboard problems
96.0LEROUF::LEDOUARECTue Jan 06 1987Correction to Installing PC Software
97.012PAULUS::BERGERWed Jan 07 1987TCS fallback table
98.03STKOFF::NORMANThu Jan 08 1987CUT & PASTE problem on an IBM/AT
99.09STKOFF::NORMANMon Jan 12 1987exc$filespec_error_tran
100.0LEROUF::SLOBODANMon Jan 12 1987LA1
101.02MDRMon Jan 12 1987Error using the translated PTUFORMS.MSG
102.02PAULUS::BERGERTue Jan 13 1987What about MS-DOS 3.2 ?
103.01STKOFF::NORMANTue Jan 13 1987fc_more
104.04MDRTue Jan 13 1987Error using Electronic Mail
105.01STKOFF::NORMANTue Jan 13 1987VTXMSG.H makes no sense...
106.01PRSIS7::SIMONTue Jan 13 1987Still problems with QUERYBOX
107.043STKOFF::NORMANWed Jan 14 1987Problems with LLV VTXTCP
108.04STKOFF::NORMANWed Jan 14 1987An observation on DESCRIP.MMS
109.0LEROUF::LEDOUARECThu Jan 15 1987Keyboards book: Printing tables in landscape mode
110.015MDRThu Jan 15 1987Control blocks not working
111.01STKOFF::NORMANFri Jan 16 1987Is this a bug or a feature? (Save Ruler)
112.05MDRFri Jan 16 1987Mails stored with no title
113.07BERNFri Jan 16 1987PCA1 without DZQ11 possible?
114.01PAULUS::BERGERMon Jan 19 1987Red printing in keyboard artwork
115.03BERNTue Jan 20 1987Mail to system-administrator?
116.03STKOFF::NORMANTue Jan 20 1987TERMINAL & VT1
117.02MDRTue Jan 20 1987Documentation mistake?
118.09LEROUF::PALOMAWed Jan 21 1987PRA and PRC
120.01LEROUF::LEDOUARECWed Jan 21 1987Impact of Documentation packaging on translation
121.01MDRWed Jan 21 1987Unrecognized Object message
122.017MDRWed Jan 21 1987Problems restoring profiler data
123.04MDRThu Jan 22 1987WPS-PLUS keys into UDKs
124.01STKOFF::NORMANThu Jan 22 1987Print setting *
125.0PAULUS::BERGERThu Jan 22 1987Bug in EXTRACT.COM
126.06PAULUS::BERGERThu Jan 22 1987QUERY_BOX crashes due to translation
127.01MDRFri Jan 23 1987Paragraph Numbering not working
128.0PAULUS::BERGERTue Jan 27 1987VTXPAD layout in PCA1
129.04MDRThu Jan 29 1987Terminal Emulation not working
130.01ROMCSA::TORDINIThu Jan 29 1987
131.02PAULUS::BERGERFri Jan 30 1987translation of REMOTE.COM
132.01MDRFri Jan 30 1987Wrong QLG help for TRUNCATE command?
133.02LEROUF::PALOMAFri Jan 30 1987update kit from Bl32.1 to post sdc kit
135.0LEROUF::PALOMAFri Feb 06 1987Full translation kit PCA1$KIT SDC version
136.01ROMCSA::TORDINIMon Feb 09 1987Message router doesn't work in LLV
137.0STKOFF::NORMANWed Feb 11 1987PL - a hidden option
138.01STKOFF::NORMANWed Feb 11 1987Can not find FCSMSG-PCOSMESS corresponding messages
139.0242248::KEENThu Feb 12 1987Handling patches
140.042248::KEENThu Feb 12 1987Phase 3 closure
141.04STKOFF::NORMANThu Feb 12 1987Is there a LAT software?
142.01LEROUF::PALOMAThu Feb 12 1987keyboard language
143.01LEROUF::PALOMAThu Feb 12 1987Clone
144.05STKOFF::NORMANFri Feb 13 1987
145.0251365::EISINKFri Feb 13 1987Mail notification
146.03MDRFri Feb 13 1987ex
147.01LEROUF::SLOBODANFri Feb 13 1987PCA1 Test Tool available
148.011PAULUS::BERGERMon Feb 16 1987mail in BL 32.4
149.01MUNTRA::ABSMEIERMon Feb 16 1987Unmarked changes in WPS-PLUS documentation
150.0LEROUF::LEDOUARECMon Feb 16 1987Submission of spine insert and tab dividers files
151.05MDRMon Feb 16 1987Problem with the C files
152.018STKOFF::NORMANTue Feb 17 1987What to do with COPYINS.BAT?
153.0LEROUF::LEDOUARECTue Feb 17 1987Submission of Artwork Labels to MPDS
154.01STKOFF::NORMANWed Feb 18 1987QB.LOG ---> NO QBOX ; Why?
155.051365::EISINKThu Feb 19 1987UK modem support ?
156.07PAULUS::BERGERThu Feb 19 1987DEC mode on VAXmate
157.0151365::EISINKThu Feb 19 1987Can'nt make a AT driver
158.0LEROUF::LEDOUARECMon Feb 23 1987Correction to User's Guide
159.0751365::EISINKMon Feb 23 1987Local VTX build
160.0KOALA::HYDETue Feb 24 1987Alt Char set/layout MEETING CALL
161.02PAULUS::BERGERTue Feb 24 1987PCA1 on a VICTOR VPC II
162.031BALZAC::SIMONThu Feb 26 1987Problems when installing PCA1 from diskettes
163.0KOALA::HYDEThu Feb 26 1987Need sample POSITION.A86 files for testing
164.0LEROUF::LEDOUARECThu Feb 26 1987Correction to User's Guide Artwork
165.0LEROUF::LEDOUARECThu Feb 26 1987Misuse of the word label in artwork files
166.02ROMCSA::TORDINIThu Feb 26 1987WPS PLUS - READ option
167.01PAULUS::STROTHMANNFri Feb 27 1987QLG-Mistakes
168.01STKOFF::NISSESat Feb 28 1987Missing table file in User's Guide
169.07STKOFF::NORMANTue Mar 03 1987How is RIA working?
170.01STKOFF::NORMANTue Mar 03 1987exc$end_of_data_tran
171.01MDRWed Mar 04 1987IBM displays and WPL-PLUS
172.04MDRThu Mar 05 1987Is "Compose" translatable?
173.02ROMCSA::TORDINIThu Mar 05 1987Still a Mail problem
174.015ROMCSA::TORDINIThu Mar 05 1987hard coded messages
175.07PRSIS7::SIMONFri Mar 06 1987PB with the PRINTER keyword in WPS control blocks
176.01STKOFF::NORMANSun Mar 08 1987VIDEOTEX.TXT - a bug or a feature?
177.01STKOFF::NORMANSun Mar 08 1987Where has TOPCAT's notes file gone?
178.01MDRMon Mar 09 1987IBM character set in PM titles
179.01UKOSC::PCA1Mon Mar 09 1987Installation problems
180.05BALZAC::ROMNEYTue Mar 10 1987Loading PCA1
181.02PAULUS::BERGERTue Mar 10 1987German internal test week
182.02PAULUS::BERGERTue Mar 10 1987WPS MATH format doesn't work
183.01LEROUF::LEDOUARECWed Mar 11 1987$EN_DASH() textstring problem
184.0STKOFF::NORMANFri Mar 13 1987Creating user floppies - an observation
185.01MUNTRA::ABSMEIERTue Mar 17 1987How will MPDS handle symbols?
186.0251365::EISINKTue Mar 17 1987migration ?
187.01PAULUS::BERGERTue Mar 17 1987$ in WPS MATH
188.02STKOFF::NORMANTue Mar 17 1987First test with modem-->8bit problem
189.010PAULUS::BERGERThu Mar 19 1987VT1
190.08STKOFF::NORMANFri Mar 20 1987SWITCH_LINE is LOOPING....Help!
191.0TRNING::ADAMSTue Mar 24 1987Information Needed for PCA1 Course
192.0842248::KEENTue Mar 24 1987Installing from floppy kits
193.0PAULUS::BERGERTue Mar 24 1987PTU destroys printer tables !!!
194.0242248::KEENWed Mar 25 1987Wide rulers in WPSPLUS
195.02MDRWed Mar 25 1987Documentation: a couple of questions
196.03UTROFF::DEJONGFri Mar 27 1987Error in help screen for Modify Options Reinstall ?
197.03MANAEG::LEHKYTue Mar 31 1987Planning the PCA1 Internals Workshop
198.03STKOFF::NORMANTue Mar 31 19871 character in PTU forms?
199.0LEROUF::LEDOUARECWed Apr 01 1987V1.
200.051365::WIJKERWed Apr 01 1987Date month format
201.02STKOFF::NORMANWed Apr 01 1987Script command DISPLAY:<text>- only <CR>?
202.01STKOFF::NORMANFri Apr 03 1987Xlated Entries in .PRA files do not work...
204.01MDRTue Apr 07 1987Removing an option from a QLG menu ...
205.03STKOFF::NORMANTue Apr 07 1987Found a bug in FIND?
206.03MDRTue Apr 07 1987Math Editor: problems with SET command
207.01MDRTue Apr 07 1987Leading + sign: Format error
208.0MDRTue Apr 07 1987Decimal fractions with default format
209.03STKOFF::NORMANTue Apr 07 1987Local printing on AT.
210.03MDRWed Apr 08 1987VTX and IBM PCs
211.01MDRWed Apr 08 1987A question about non-breaking spaces
212.01UTROFF::EISINKThu Apr 09 1987Translated Printertables
213.01MDRThu Apr 09 1987Another WPS-PLUS feature?
214.01MDRThu Apr 09 1987Script documents don't work in my XT ...
216.02MDRThu Apr 09 1987Rbow: Press INTERRUPT twice to Stop Printer menu
217.0MDRThu Apr 09 1987EXCEPT_PROFILE reading attached documents
218.051365::WIEGMANFri Apr 10 1987How to check XT BIOS date
219.03STKOFF::NORMANFri Apr 10 1987Printig Wide TDG Diagrams - HOW?
221.0LEROUF::PALOMAFri Apr 10 1987Full Translation kit
222.0LEROUF::LEDOUARECSat Apr 11 1987User's Guide: Three corrections
223.01MDRMon Apr 13 1987A question about footnotes
224.01MDRMon Apr 13 1987Special characters within TDE
225.02MDRMon Apr 13 1987Gold ABBREV within TDE
226.0MDRTue Apr 14 1987ALT_SHIFT different in ATDRIVER and PCDRIVER
227.04STKOFF::NORMANTue Apr 14 1987Slow post delivery or none?
228.0LEROUF::SLOBODANTue Apr 14 1987Date/time string is fixed length (a bug)
229.05BALZAC::SIMONTue Apr 14 1987Pb with 8-bit characters when building SHELL
230.0LEROUF::SLOBODANWed Apr 15 1987Document Transfer (DX.EXE) fix for memory limit
231.02STKOFF::NORMANWed Apr 15 1987Does is really happens?
232.0STKOFF::NORMANWed Apr 15 1987More messages, pls.
233.01STKOFF::NORMANWed Apr 15 1987PDC and DRIVE A/B DRAWER.
234.02STKOFF::NORMANThu Apr 16 1987Lost is Lost or ...
235.03UKOSC::PCA1Thu Apr 16 1987new INSTALL.EXE
236.0STKOFF::NORMANThu Apr 16 1987CV -Be shure what you are doing!
238.051365::EISINKTue Apr 21 1987FCS stackdump
239.01STKOFF::NORMANWed Apr 22 1987Stack dump from FCS$MAIL_SERVER
240.07PAULUS::BERGERThu Apr 23 1987mail and DX bugs in BL32.?
241.0451365::EISINKThu Apr 30 1987Not . in FCSPARM
242.0352532::BELENMon May 04 1987More VTX ...
243.03STKOFF::NORMANWed May 06 1987More bugs in VTX...
244.01STKOFF::NORMANTue May 12 1987Where is my MLDATETIME format?
245.0KOALA::HYDEMon Jun 08 1987IBM PS/2 character set rumor
246.0MDVAX1::STURMWed Jun 10 1987IBM 552
247.02UTESFri Jun 19 1987DOCUMENTATION V1.1
248.01BRSADV::ROBEIRTue Jun 23 1987ITT Xtra and Toshiba clones
249.0STKOFF::NORMANWed Jun 24 1987Spell checker - source?
250.01PAULUS::BERGERTue Jul 14 1987V1.1 on XT and RB - can't run INSTALL.EXE
251.0LEROUF::SLOBODANWed Jul 15 1987A new conference for PCA1 V1.1 translation only
252.06STKOFF::NORMANWed Jul 22 1987THINWIRE Installation problems!!!
253.0HANWed Jul 22 198712
254.01STKOFF::NORMANWed Jul 29 1987THANKS A LOT!!!
255.0KETJE::ROBEIRThu Dec 03 1987V1.1 on MVax 2
256.0LEROUF::LEDOUARECWed Dec 16 1987Bye bye
257.03HGOVThu Jan 28 1988PCA1 source language
258.01HGOVWed Jun 15 1988remote PC to run PCA1?
259.0UBOHUB::READINGTue Aug 02 1988mail notification on PC's
260.0KAOFS::M_VALLEEFri Oct 07 1988share find
261.032291::SILVATue Mar 28 1989terminal emulation in PCA1?
262.0EEMELI::SIHVONENThu Apr 18 1991Scripts & callback modem
263.0BEBBI::SCHMIDTIMon Jul 29 1991DECEND::A1SVC_PC conference
265.0GALVIA::PFEHINFri Feb 19 1993New book on Software Usability