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Conference ozrock::x25_osf

Title:Proudly built by the engineers of NaC Australia
Created:Mon Oct 12 1992
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:908
Total number of notes:3829
Number with bodies:152
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1.0OZROCK::RODRIGUESMon Oct 12 1992Welcome
2.048OZROCK::RODRIGUESMon Oct 12 1992Introducing...
3.0+22OZROCK::RODRIGUESMon Oct 12 1992Kit Locations
4.07OZROCK::RODRIGUESMon Oct 12 1992Release Notes
6.01OZROCK::RODRIGUESMon Oct 12 1992Document Locations
7.06OZROCK::RODRIGUESTue Oct 13 1992Patches and TIMA/STARS Articles
8.03SWTHOM::DORNANOFri Oct 30 1992Ultrix X25 library compatible with OSF ?
9.011SYOMV::KRASWed Nov 04 1992Description of functionality (pre-spd)
10.05DC1Tue Nov 17 1992x29login capabilities ?
11.03GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDThu Nov 19 1992EFT configuration problems
12.0OZROCK::CRILLYThu Nov 19 1992x25setup advanced doesn't add any commands to /sbin/irc3.d/S28.5
13.02GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDFri Nov 20 1992event logging doesn't work!
14.01GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDThu Dec 10 1992mouse hang when lapb enabled!
15.0242397::KINDER_NSun Dec 13 1992DTE-class detecting llc2 dte failure
16.02DC1Thu Dec 17 1992new kit needed for BL1
17.05SWTHOM::DORNANOTue Dec 22 1992X25 Library supports DEC Threads ??
18.01DC1Thu Dec 24 1992how to send SNMP trap based on event ?
19.05BIS1::BUTTIENSTue Jan 12 1993Loading a DEMSA (X.25 Gateway)
20.011DC1Tue Jan 12 1993hostname -> DTE address translation
21.02HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGTue Jan 12 1993Max DSYT1 Supported?
22.01PRSSOS::CAPAZZATue Jan 19 1993X25 problem on OSF-APX
23.08DC1Thu Feb 18 1993some simple questions
24.02ZURThu Feb 18 1993DECnet & X25 Inconsistency with location of ncl scripts
25.01DC1Fri Feb 19 1993Kit for BL12 ??
26.04SMAUG::GRAHAMMon Feb 22 1993SCC Driver not listening to DSR...
27.0SMAUG::GRAHAMTue Feb 23 1993Problems with 2nd OpenPhPort...
28.08TRLIAN::NSGWed Feb 24 1993Pelican support for DSYT1???
29.01ISIDRO::MAMORENOFri Feb 26 1993LLC2 manuals ?
31.03ZURSat Mar 20 1993LAT broken with X.25 for OSF/1 ??
32.03COMICS::TURNERTue Mar 30 1993Extended call confirms...always?
33.03BIS1::BUTTIENSTue Mar 30 1993How to disable the use of facilities on an LLC2 dte ?
34.02DEKVC::NAMJINCHOThu Apr 01 1993Configuration questions
35.03ZURThu Apr 08 1993x29login (x25appl'd?) problem with 'EPL buffer too small'
36.01WR1FOR::THOMPSON_SAThu Apr 08 1993Permanent Virtual Circuits?
37.05TAVSat Apr 17 1993Time to develope X25 application ???
38.011BIS1::BUTTIENSTue Apr 20 1993LLC2 DTE becomes synchronising when plugging in Ethernet on OTHER controller
39.05BIS1::BUTTIENSSat Apr 24 1993X.25 application worked with OSF/1 BL 1
40.06FORTY2::TSANGTue May 04 1993Licences
41.02VAXRIO::NASCIMENTOWed May 12 1993DCE possible?
42.05FORTY2::TSANGFri May 14 1993Docs - missing info.
43.013MSAMSat May 15 1993Alpha sync requirements
44.08HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGThu May 20 1993X.25 1988 Compliance
45.08SCAACT::ANDERSONSat May 22 1993Kernel build error
46.06DC1Wed May 26 1993Ultrix system as LAN client for AOSF X.25 relay ?
47.07MUGGER::WHITHAMThu May 27 1993X.25 Performance - call setup /clear / DECnis ?
48.04DC1Wed Jun 02 1993llc2 - logical channel ranges ??
49.03WRKSYS::RICHESSONFri Jun 04 1993setld -v WDABASE1
50.02FORTY2::TSANGTue Jun 08 1993Ethernet versus Hardware Addresses for LLC2
51.02FORTY2::TSANGTue Jun 08 1993Loopback on LLC2?
52.01ZURTue Jun 08 1993X25mail doesn't like Subject: test 1
53.02TRNFri Jun 11 1993config. question
54.01FORTY2::TSANGSat Jun 12 1993wddsetup fails
55.02AEOENG::BOMMARTSat Jun 12 1993Access to the programming examples...
56.01OZROCK::HUNTERWed Jun 16 1993X.25 OSF/1 IP/X.25 Config Sanity Check
57.09AEOENG::BOMMARTWed Jun 16 1993A little bit confused...
58.04MUGGER::WHITHAMWed Jun 16 19933rd Party X.25 Cards ?
59.01AEOENG::BOMMARTFri Jun 18 1993Successfull status for X25SendData...
60.03AEOENG::BOMMARTFri Jun 18 1993X25SendClearConf ??
61.01AEOENG::BOMMARTWed Jun 23 1993Qualified & More bit.
62.01MEOCThu Jun 24 1993Remote printer support
63.02WRKSYS::RICHESSONSat Jun 26 1993Way to exercise the DSYT1
64.07SIEBK::PITHANTue Jun 29 1993X25Library not usable for incoming calls ?
65.03FORTY2::TSANGThu Jul 01 1993Another auto configured entity please....
66.01FORTY2::TSANGThu Jul 01 1993"Special" address prefixes?
67.08DC1Thu Jul 01 1993Padding NSAPs with trailing 9's ??? [Moved from Note 6]
68.01HGOVC::DONWONGMon Jul 05 1993schedule for DSYT1
69.02PAOIS::LARDERETWed Jul 07 1993XPI on X.25 OSF/1
70.02DC1Fri Jul 09 1993clarification on statements in SPD
71.010TRLIAN::NSGFri Jul 16 1993DSYT1-BA is comming soon to a neighbourhood near you!!!
72.02PAOIS::DUPASSat Jul 17 1993TCP/IP over X25 using RFC 1356
73.0OZROCK::MCGINTYFri Jul 23 1993Basic configurator requirements
74.02DC1Tue Jul 27 1993X25 V1.
75.07DC1Sat Jul 31 1993LLC2 help needed
76.04FORTY2::MILLSONMon Aug 02 1993X.25 for DECnet/OSI V1.1 ????
77.07HKGACT::KKHAUWed Aug 04 1993Does DSYT1 support on X25 OSF/1
78.06GIDDAY::CHONGThu Aug 12 1993Problem with Packnet
79.0+6MUGGER::WHITHAMSat Aug 14 1993Blind Self configuration with X.25 ?
80.03OZROCK::BATHFri Aug 20 1993OSF V1.2->1.3 upgrade loses DSY entry in tc_option_data.c file
81.01OZROCK::BATHWed Aug 25 1993h/w interface for DEC 3
82.01OZROCK::LUCASFri Aug 27 1993CTF Access Control problem (moved form DNU_OSI note 728)
83.04MANENG::WHITHAMSat Aug 28 1993X.25 on Sterling OSF/1 ?
84.04NERSW5::BURCHAMWed Sep 01 1993bad file number error
85.08CSC32::M_TEMKINWed Sep 01 1993X.25 Application Daemon Database pointer needed...
87.015SMAUG::MCDONELLSat Sep 04 1993DSYT1 rx aborts (mod128 SDLC)
88.05COMICS::MAGUIRESat Sep 11 1993MSG_PEEK on OSF ????
89.02TKOV51::EGAWASat Sep 11 1993DEC33
90.015SMAUG::MCDONELLTue Sep 14 1993dsy modem ctrl problems (sdlc)
91.010SMAUG::MCDONELLThu Sep 16 1993scc modem ctrl problems (sdlc)
92.05LOOKIN::MAGUIRETue Sep 21 1993Panic:X25packetsused MACRO called with zero packet
93.01ROMThu Sep 23 1993Question on WDD doc
94.02CSC32::J_DRIGGERSThu Sep 23 1993multiple profiles
95.01SEAWLF::COLEFri Sep 24 1993CCITT Version setting (1988 vs 1984) does it matter ?
96.03BALZAC::QUENIVETWed Sep 29 1993Incoming call = core dump
97.01CSC32::J_DRIGGERSThu Sep 30 1993testing x25 transport
98.06MANENG::WHITHAMFri Oct 08 1993Morgan Support for Native SCC ?
99.06ATHINA::RAGHEBFri Oct 08 1993LLC2 and X.25gateway set as a DCE
100.06CAATS::VINESFri Oct 08 1993X.25 - LAPB conformance help?
101.03SWTHOM::DORNANOTue Oct 12 1993kernel build error
102.01CSC32::J_DRIGGERSThu Oct 14 1993dsyt1 all
103.07ATYISA::NEYROUDSat Oct 16 19932
104.01FORTY2::TSANGTue Oct 19 1993x25setup core dumps
105.02WARABI::LAMSIMONWed Oct 20 1993Remote printing revisited - pls. reply 2
106.03WRKSYS::BCLARKFri Oct 22 1993x.25 kit for 1.3A OSF?
107.04OZROCK::HUNTFri Oct 22 1993X.25 V1.
108.01HGODC1::SUSANCHANMon Nov 01 1993migrating from VMS to OSF/1
109.01TALE::PILOUI::PITTETMon Nov 01 1993high availability
110.011SEAWLF::COLETue Nov 02 1993modem connect autodial ???
111.011D::MCDONELLTue Nov 02 1993scc wdd_frame_abort (sdlc)
112.05WRKSYS::BLANEYWed Nov 03 1993X25(1.
113.04CSC32::PITTWed Nov 03 1993Training anyone?
114.05UKARC1::SPILLANEWed Nov 03 1993LLC2 Disconnect
115.07ESSB::LGEOGHEGANWed Nov 10 1993X.25 Support for DEC 2
116.08WRKSYS::BLANEYWed Nov 10 1993NO LUCK WITH V1.
117.08MARVIN::RIGBYWed Nov 10 1993LAN/WAN relay through DECbrouter9
118.01MANWRK::WHITHAMSat Nov 13 1993Call accept event ?
119.07LYOISA::BOIRINTue Nov 16 1993STREAM & X25
120.03TRLIAN::NSGFri Nov 19 1993Marben OSI stack on DSYT1??? Any thoughts???
121.010THEBAY::CHABANEDSat Nov 20 1993What to order?
122.03THEBAY::CHABANEDSat Nov 20 1993HELP!!
123.06MANENG::WHITHAMTue Nov 23 1993BL7 and BL7 X25 F.T. Kits ?
124.02HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGWed Nov 24 1993PVC again, any workaround?
125.09D::MCDONELLThu Nov 25 1993V.24/RS232C adapter: any use for scc?
126.01DRAC::DSMAILTue Nov 30 1993Modem cable for SCC device
127.01SWTHOM::DORNANOWed Dec 01 1993how to disable facilities ?
128.02BIGUN::chmeee::MayneThu Dec 02 1993Audit Trail Mode?
129.04TAEC::AMBLARDFri Dec 03 1993Some Ingenuous questions
131.03D::MCDONELLSat Dec 04 1993SCC zeroing received SDLC frames
132.03STROP::LAYLANDTue Dec 07 1993DSYT1 Perfofmance ???
133.02BIGUN::chmeee::MayneTue Dec 07 1993No output for X.29 login
134.03BUFFA::HALLWed Dec 08 1993DSYT1-BA and netstat errors
135.05STROP::LAYLANDWed Dec 08 1993Is 512 SVC's the limit ?
136.048253::MARTINFri Dec 10 1993Very strange IP problem
137.010IDOWS::IDOWed Dec 15 1993Using HDLC from Alpha OSF/1...
138.04TAEC::AMBLARDWed Dec 15 1993X25 OSF/1 IVP problems
139.05TAEC::AMBLARDFri Dec 17 1993setup kernel problem with X25 FTU
140.01MUGGER::WHITHAMSat Dec 18 1993zeroing ncl counters for x25 ?
141.01WELTM1::CRIDDLEMon Dec 20 1993Use of Packet size negotiation on Tymnet
142.04AIMHI::LONGLANDWed Dec 22 1993x25-Native AND x25-Relay???
143.01GO4GUT::NASHTFri Dec 24 1993Decoding CALL packet with 1984 extensions for OSI addressing
145.05CSC32::PITTWed Dec 29 1993X25 access on OSF
146.01VAXRIO::OCTAVIOThu Dec 30 1993X25 for OSF/1 and DECnis
147.03TAEC::AMBLARDSat Jan 01 1994Always setup kernel problem even with correct version
148.01THEBAY::CHABANEDSat Jan 15 1994No Calling DNA in Call Req. Pkt.
149.06CSC32::J_WIELANDWed Jan 19 1994x29 to youself, should work right?
150.013DECPRG::PAVLUPSat Jan 22 1994OSF/1 - WAN capabilities ????
151.02D::MCDONELLWed Jan 26 1994SCC and 3
152.02HGOVC::MICHAELPOONThu Jan 27 1994oils::/public is empty
153.03IJSAPL::VANDOMMELENFri Jan 28 1994More performance questions
154.01THEBAY::CHABANEDSat Jan 29 1994CTF/DECnet/X.25 problem
155.0OZROCK::GROHNMon Jan 31 1994Crash on DSYT
156.019CSC32::J_DRIGGERSThu Feb 03 1994enable x25 access application x29 fails
157.03SEVENS::MURPHYThu Feb 03 1994Problems getting x.25 dte and lapb link going
158.04SHIPS::SMITH_JSat Feb 05 1994Can X.25 on OSF/1 connect via GAP to a connector node?
159.02FORTY2::BOONHAMSat Feb 05 1994Can not run /usr/sbin/x25setup
160.01PRSSOS::CAPAZZAWed Feb 09 1994panic sbdrop
161.03HGOVC::MICHAELPOONThu Feb 10 1994Migrating from RISC WANDD to Alpha X.25
162.01VILIS1::EFUCHSFri Feb 11 1994Documentation?
163.05GVAFri Feb 11 1994DOC .ps anywhere?
164.06GVAFri Feb 11 1994X.25 CPU monster?
165.06ANNECY::BULTEMon Feb 14 1994X25 Access remote DTE class service nodes distribution
166.0VNABRW::ZIELINSKI_CWed Feb 16 1994work around to load x25router
167.07SMAUG::GRAHAMSun Feb 20 1994Transmit problem with SCC and Half-Duplex
168.05KETJE::BUTTIENSWed Mar 02 1994How many IP-> X.25 address mappings ?
169.06SMARIO::DAVIDSONTue Mar 08 1994EISA X25 card, details?
170.06TOSSUC::MIONThu Mar 10 1994seven_bit on x29login call (incoming)
171.08PRSSOS::CAPAZZASat Mar 12 1994Forwarding IP to X25
172.0SMAUG::MURPHYMon Mar 14 1994System crash in X25 when shutting down system?
173.03MSDOA::DAVISSTTue Mar 15 1994x.4
174.01FORTY2::BOONHAMThu Mar 17 1994Getting a connection and no Calling DTE
175.02MUNICH::KLOEPPERFri Mar 18 1994X.25 V1.
176.05FORTY2::FISKFri Mar 18 1994LLC2 relay, What filter values?
178.01CECEHV::HARVALA_MTue Mar 22 1994Current situation of flotsm node
179.01CECEHV::HARVALA_MWed Mar 23 1994Your kit missing a control-data directory ?
180.015FORTY2::FISKThu Mar 24 1994LLC2 Relay, corrupted CALLC?
181.01KERNEL::STRAHORNWed Mar 30 1994X25 + REAL TIME
182.02PRSSOS::CAPAZZATue Apr 12 1994API: Send/Receive buffer size
183.01FRSCS::WHOHLWed Apr 13 1994LLC2-Crash on OSF/1 and Decnet/OSI
184.01SMAUG::GOWDAWed Apr 13 1994LLC2/LAPB versions on OSF V2.
185.010KETJE::BUTTIENSWed Apr 13 1994Kernel Rebuild fails with X.25 V1.
186.02OZROCK::TAYLORWed Apr 13 1994X29 problem?
187.03CSC32::J_DRIGGERSFri Apr 15 1994help with note 156
188.08HERON::KNOCHFri Apr 15 1994UDP/IP Over X.25
189.03FSTSC1::AURANDSat Apr 16 1994Problem with X25ClearCall function
190.07SMAC1Thu Apr 21 1994LLC2 problems between DECnis and OSF/1
191.03LEMAN::ZOFKAFri Apr 22 1994Sable X25 and WAN questions
192.02TKOV51::INMARUFri Apr 22 1994CTF optional?
194.07TPSC1Mon Apr 25 1994X.25 packet level talks to Tandem?
196.05SMAUG::MURPHYThu Apr 28 1994Help needed configuring X25 relay with QLLC
197.01CSC32::J_DRIGGERSSat Apr 30 1994x25err: undefined error code (32)
198.0STKHLM::SUNDSTROMTue May 03 1994SIGURG different from Ultrix ??
199.02NAC::HARRINGTONTue May 03 1994A CALL with no remote addressing info...
200.012TPSC1Wed May 04 1994api for OSF/1 --LLC2 -- DECNIS ==>> PVC <==
201.01SHIPS::SMITH_JFri May 06 1994Loosing calling sub address from LLC2 and X25 gateway
202.05GVASat May 07 1994X.29 accounting...??
203.04VNABRW::PAYLOR_SSat May 07 1994panic: X25PacketsUsed MACRO called with zero packet size
204.02SMAUG::GOWDAWed May 11 1994System crash in AccReturnCredits()
205.03MFOIS1::CHOQUETThu May 12 1994XTI/TLI Api over X25 ?
206.02DRAC::DSMAILThu May 12 1994unable to run x25setup
207.03MUGGER::WHITHAMFri May 13 1994FT Kits for Gold T3.
208.03SAC::KINDER_NSat May 14 1994Licence requirements on v1.
209.07SMAC1Mon May 16 1994Logout not working correctly, shell or x.29 prob?
210.02SWTHOM::DORNANOTue May 17 1994IP/X25 fake IP source address
211.02SMARIO::DAVIDSONWed May 18 1994ASE failover X25 address?
212.01SMAUG::GOWDAWed May 18 1994Inaccurate SAP Maximum PDU Size?
213.04D::MCDONELLFri May 20 1994X.21 leased and DSYT1 (wdd 1.
214.08VAXRIO::MANOELSat May 21 1994X25 vs ammount of memory !!
215.04SAC::BURGESSTue May 24 1994Support in what version for SCC?
216.01ANNECY::LEMMATue May 24 1994WAN Router 9
217.06CSC32::N_HENDERSONWed May 25 1994X29login and multi-packet messages
218.01OTOOA::CHANDLERWed May 25 1994session start/end time
219.02BROUGH::DAVIESThu May 26 1994X.25 programming interface compatibily question
220.02USNCG::NIKOLICThu May 26 1994FTAM and X.25 over OSF V1.3b
221.01BIS1::VANBEVERFri May 27 1994X.25 against HP
222.04SWTHOM::DORNANOFri May 27 1994S
223.01OZROCK::CRILLYFri May 27 1994Problems in X25 V1.
224.014ZURThu Jun 02 1994X25 Mail broken in V1.
225.01CSC32::J_WIELANDSat Jun 04 1994sync programming interface to SCC uner OSF
226.02GVAMon Jun 06 1994Kernel build error with WANDD
227.02CSC32::PITTTue Jun 07 1994Can't x29 into OSF from VMS
228.04CSC32::J_WIELANDWed Jun 08 1994How does OSF/Native X.25 handle hangups?
229.03ULTOE::browderFri Jun 10 1994License issues of copying libraries to development systems
230.02TKOV51::EGAWAWed Jun 15 1994DNSES-AA support
231.01OZROCK::TAYLORWed Jun 15 1994event logging problem
232.01SMAUG::LEHMKUHLFri Jun 17 1994is X.25 "thread safe"?
233.02TRNFri Jun 17 1994X25 & SNA Together?
234.01WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIMon Jun 20 1994HDLC socket interface (unsupported) kit location ???
235.08TKOV51::EGAWAMon Jun 20 1994GAP support
236.01CSC32::J_WIELANDWed Jun 22 1994errorlog without decnet... possible?
237.04HITIT::GOKCENThu Jun 23 1994IP over X25, system crashes.
238.06CSC32::B_GRUBBSSat Jun 25 1994osf x.25 1.1a can't bring up lapb link to ACCUNET
239.01TAVTue Jun 28 1994x25ifconfig problem on OSF/1
240.05MUGGER::WHITHAMTue Jun 28 1994enable modem connect hangs (intermittently)
241.02MUGGER::WHITHAMTue Jun 28 1994tu
242.05TRNWed Jun 29 1994X25 "internals" manual available?
243.06VAXSPO::RP_SATOFri Jul 01 1994Throughput class should be a problem ???
244.03VAXRIO::MANOELTue Jul 05 1994X25 under TCPIP manual ?
245.04ANNECY::BULTEThu Jul 07 1994X.29 outgoing call from an application
246.0TPSC1Tue Jul 12 1994How to use the example, call_sender prog
247.07ROMTue Jul 12 1994HELP
248.08NANTES::PAYNEWed Jul 13 1994OSF1(X25 lib) versus Ultrix(sockets)
249.03KYOSS1::TURNERFri Jul 15 1994OSF X.25 versus Eicon X.25
250.05MUGGER::WHITHAMFri Jul 15 1994Binary format of CTF trace file for x25 proto dte ?
251.09SAC::KINDER_NMon Jul 18 1994Disabling Negotiated Window/ Packet Size
252.05SHIPS::SMITH_JTue Jul 19 1994X.25 for OSF, DECnis, Brouter or what?!
253.03RMRDTO::giaipronThu Jul 21 1994X25 with Realtime ... again
254.01DBCIC1::BOCONNORSat Jul 23 1994DEMSA to be used with OSF/1 v2.
255.01MINNY::WALDISPUEHLTue Jul 26 1994non-blocking makecall?
256.04BAHTAT::DODDSat Jul 30 1994X.25 from OSF/1 on Sable - 21
257.04RMRDTO::giaipronSat Jul 30 1994Real time kernel failed with X.25
258.03TKOV51::EGAWATue Aug 02 1994Long packets on DNSES
259.01SMAUG::LEHMKUHLTue Aug 02 1994DNSES serial synch interface for EISA AXP systems incl 21
260.0WRUMPI::mccaneTue Aug 02 1994pre-EFT kit available
261.02LOOKIN::SCOBLEFri Aug 05 1994X29 Call setup oddity
262.04TRUCKS::DAVIESFri Aug 05 1994Application Incoming call help required
263.013MINNY::WALDISPUEHLSat Aug 06 1994Details on improper call negotiation
264.04HERON::CODGER::HEMMINGSMon Aug 08 1994LIcensing issues in x25setup
265.05TROU52::GREENALLTue Aug 09 1994problem with X25mail - resource problem handling from line
266.06TROU52::GREENALLTue Aug 09 1994incorrect speed
267.09PRSSOS::CAPAZZAWed Aug 10 1994X25CreateListener and queue lentgh
268.06MUDIS3::RBOEDEKERThu Aug 11 1994 22 x synchr. interfaces ???
269.03TAKEOF::FREUNDSun Aug 14 1994Outgoing subaddress over X.25 relay?
270.03ARRODS::ROWETue Aug 16 1994API for Level 2 (LAPB) ???
271.02NAC::HARRINGTONThu Aug 18 1994Conceptual/Capability question from the Internet...
272.014WOOF::MARTZFri Aug 19 1994sscc
273.02CSC32::B_GRUBBSWed Aug 24 1994x29logind hangs from x29stty command
274.02CSC32::PITTFri Aug 26 1994select call with X25
275.07KETJE::BUTTIENSMon Aug 29 1994X25 filter state : ??? 2 - Uhh ?
276.07BACHUS::GOOVAERTSWed Aug 31 1994Cause
277.06CSC32::PITTWed Aug 31 1994osf v2.1 -what x25 version
278.03BACHUS::CUYTFri Sep 02 1994x29login from script problem
279.01VAXRIO::MANOELSat Sep 03 1994LLC2 vs X.25 RELAY !!
280.04OSLACT::BJORNMon Sep 05 1994LAPB programming interface available?
281.01BRSTR1::MERTENSWed Sep 07 1994Sable and X.25
282.01CSC32::J_WIELANDFri Sep 09 1994EPL format errors?
283.01TLSE1Fri Sep 09 1994X25 programming with sockets ? ( like with Ultrix )
284.05TPSC1Mon Sep 12 19944 DNSES cards (8 ports) support in SABLE?
285.01TAVIS::ALTERTue Sep 13 1994need 2MB x.25 link
286.07ULTOE::browderTue Sep 13 1994OSF/1 X.25 Socket interface v.s. bind error 48
287.010FRSIN::KRAMERTue Sep 13 1994llc2 / relay and called/calling address extension
288.04WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIFri Sep 16 1994WANcontroller 72
289.03WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIFri Sep 16 1994Sync comms options for AXP OSF
290.0ZENA::ASTRUATue Sep 20 1994SLIP (TCP/IP) on X.28
291.012ZENA::ASTRUAWed Sep 21 1994Sync. board on PCI bus
292.03BELFST::DOGGARTThu Sep 22 1994HELP with DEC 21
294.01ATYISA::BENOITSat Sep 24 1994U: X25 V1.1 , WHEN ????
295.03CSC32::B_GRUBBSTue Sep 27 1994x25setup/dlisetup problems with DNSES card
296.04EISKFC::CAREYWed Sep 28 1994X.25 and X.21 Help needed
297.02KETJE::GORREMANSThu Sep 29 1994X.25 specification question
298.03SNOCThu Sep 29 1994Bad Port From Lower Layer message, X25 Access.
299.09ZPOVC::SONGHUATFri Sep 30 1994Cannot config for SNA Peer Server
300.01HGOVC::ALEXCHEUNGTue Oct 04 1994is hdlc (broadcast) possible in alpha system?
301.01FORTY2::WILLIAMSONThu Oct 06 1994osi_getaddr: invalid length (17739 + 44 > 18)
302.01VAOUThu Oct 06 1994X29 API?
303.04COMICS::EDMUNDSThu Oct 06 1994 X.25 call negotiation with incoming calls to OSI Transport
304.04FORTY2::WILLIAMSONFri Oct 07 1994System crash when sending SSPDU over 65
305.02OTOOA::CHANDLERTue Oct 18 1994cisco router interaction
306.03VELENO::MICHIELITue Oct 18 1994DEC 3
307.07LISVAX::KALENGAWed Oct 19 1994X.25 Relay: client to PSDN doesn't work...
308.01BROUGH::DAVIESThu Oct 20 1994Protocol Analyser recommendations ?
309.05ZENA::ASTRUAFri Oct 21 1994Accpet with Dest. & Source address
310.04BACHUS::ROELANDTSFri Oct 21 1994release date for X25 on OSF 3.
311.06WELCLU::BISPJL::lewisFri Oct 21 1994GDN profile for OSF X.25 ??
312.0LISVAX::KALENGAWed Oct 26 1994Tracing OSF/1 X.25 events from OVMS AXP: how?
313.05COWBOY::MIRGHANEWed Oct 26 1994ISA X25 support under DEC OSF/1 on MUSTANG computers
314.09DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGThu Oct 27 1994panic:kernel memory fault
315.01ISTWI1::GUVENERTue Nov 01 1994Sable, X.25 and DEMSB-HX
316.05BERNTue Nov 01 1994X29login without login??
317.0ROMFri Nov 04 1994Looking for manuals and SPD for v1.1 ...
318.06BALTMD::GLOCKSat Nov 05 1994ISDBBA kit whereabouts??
319.03ANNECY::KLING_CTue Nov 08 1994Problem with LAPB
320.01PRMSThu Nov 10 1994Can I Cross Wire Two ISDN Systems?
321.01PRMSThu Nov 10 1994Do I Have To Load All Of the Subsets for IP over ISDN
322.05GIDDAY::STRAUSSThu Nov 10 1994panic: X25 Access: bad port reference from lower layer
323.01DEKVC::DOOGYUPARKFri Nov 11 1994x29login : port in invalid state
324.012PORVAX::MORAISFri Nov 11 1994Panic: "Kernel Memory Fault" after the X25 startup
325.01OFOSWed Nov 16 1994Customer needs help configuring OSF/1 and X.25....
326.01SMAUG::LEHMKUHLWed Nov 16 1994looking for BELGACOM
327.08ZURFri Nov 18 1994Still X.25 Mail problems in the V1.1 kit (sendmail.cf hacking!)
328.02WARABI::CHIUANDREWMon Nov 21 1994CTF doc pointer?
329.01BBIVWed Nov 23 1994client-server over WAN
330.05SWTHOM::DORNANOThu Nov 24 1994Quality of Service
331.06BERNThu Nov 24 1994%PAD-I-BADMSG,
332.02ISTWI1::OZILFri Nov 25 1994Basic questions
333.06BAHTAT::NAYLORSun Nov 27 1994ISDN support on 21
334.01STKAI1::SBERGQUISTMon Nov 28 1994X.25 f OSF/1 1.1 kit moved ?
335.06MXOVTue Nov 29 1994Support for the new Alphaserver 1
336.03CSC32::B_GRUBBSTue Nov 29 1994Port Terminated: Remote Procedure Error
337.0SMAUG::LEHMKUHLThu Dec 01 1994X.25 V1.1 for DEC OSF/1 has shipped
338.07SWTHOM::DORNANOThu Dec 01 1994passing port descriptor to processes
339.02BLGSUP::BONORAThu Dec 01 1994Slow performance with IP over X.25
340.08VAXRIO::MANOELFri Dec 02 1994X29 connection problem!!
341.03ZURMon Dec 05 1994QARed now ...
342.03TROOA::TRCU17::ANCLIFFETue Dec 06 1994tar.Z kit please...
343.05GIDDAY::CHONGTue Dec 06 1994Insufficient system resources error
344.06TAEC::CONTIThu Dec 08 1994dsy
345.05BAHTAT::TAYLORSat Dec 10 1994Need advice on Customer solution
346.03TAEC::CONTIWed Dec 14 1994npl TRANSPAC changes mandatory
347.03CSC32::PITTWed Dec 14 1994llc2 and lsap question
348.04GIDDAY::CHONGWed Dec 21 1994V1.1 fail to install WDADATALNKS11
349.01KERNEL::LOTAThu Dec 22 1994Remote load/boot a DECnis from OSF
350.014FRSIN::KRAMERFri Dec 23 1994X25 access filter questions
351.07OFOSS1::HEBERTJFri Dec 30 1994osf,llc2,psi questions
352.0TPOVC::MOBBYLINTue Jan 03 1995X.25 program outgo to remote x.28 port?
353.01BELFST::DOGGARTTue Jan 03 1995Help on configuration ?
354.01ANNECY::HAVARD_PWed Jan 04 1995Help on x25 Upgrade (1.
355.01BACHUS::GOOVAERTSWed Jan 04 1995LLc2 calls cleared:facility code not allowed
356.02VARESE::IALLOThu Jan 05 1995D-bit support
357.01OFOSS1::SHORETTEThu Jan 05 1995Control X.25 FLOW CONTROL negotiation
358.01VAXRIO::SCHORSat Jan 07 1995TCP/IP over X.25 routing problems
359.05VAXRIO::VENTRIGLIASat Jan 07 1995X25 configuration problem on Alpha PC
360.07CSC32::B_GRUBBSSat Jan 07 1995X.25 protocol dte event codes?
361.01CSC32::B_GRUBBSSat Jan 07 1995Parity problems connecting in via x.75 gateways
362.07TAVFri Jan 13 1995X.25 and two clocks
363.0BIS1::VANKERKHOVESat Jan 14 1995
364.04CSC32::B_GRUBBSTue Jan 17 1995X25_panic: Protocol debug panic.
365.02CSC32::N_HENDERSONTue Jan 17 1995Unaligned access in x25setup delete application
366.01ROMWed Jan 18 1995Unable to build kernel after installing X25 v1.1 on OSF 3.
367.02FSTSC1::AURANDFri Jan 20 1995Core dump with X25WaitForEvent
368.01SUOS18::SANDERSMon Jan 23 1995LLC2 with DECnet/OSI License doesn't work
369.03PRSSOS::CAPAZZATue Jan 24 1995DNSES and LAPB problem
370.02FRSIN::KRAMERTue Jan 24 1995ISDN unsupported subkit
371.01DECLNE::PEACOCKWed Jan 25 1995Synchronous modem - DEC 3
372.01LISVAX::KALENGAWed Jan 25 1995LLC2: Network Initiated Reset
373.010CSC32::B_GRUBBSThu Jan 26 1995Packet level negotiation questions
374.02ANGLIN::LANKFORDFri Jan 27 1995BX.25 support?
375.02CSC32::B_GRUBBSSat Jan 28 1995ctf panic message
376.04TKTV2Tue Jan 31 1995Q:Where is document?
377.03SHIPS::SMITH_JTue Jan 31 1995X.25 client to LLC2 on DECbrouter for CONS?
378.08FORTY2::TSANGWed Feb 01 1995Address extension default value
379.010OTOOA::BOGARTWed Feb 01 1995Help with IP over X.25
380.05SHIPS::SMITH_JThu Feb 02 1995NCL for ES-ES over X.25?
381.01TKOV6Thu Feb 02 1995LAPB link and LLC2 link using X.25 Relay
382.02OSITEL::BRITTAINThu Feb 02 1995Standard X25 protocol for meteorology data ??
383.05MLNORO::MALACRIDAMon Feb 06 1995DNSES performance figures
384.010SMAUG::TSUKERNIKTue Feb 07 1995No SDU counters in the HDLCIVP output and
385.02TAEC::CONTIWed Feb 08 1995wansetup advanced problem
386.02SAC::HERBERTWed Feb 08 1995UK GOSIP PICS - timers and counts
387.01CSC32::J_WIELANDWed Feb 08 1995does x25 want exclusive use of the scc device?
388.06WELTM1::CRIDDLEThu Feb 09 1995ctf core dumps when tracing X.25 to a file
389.02PRSSUD::NEVEUFri Feb 10 1995Disable LAPB Enable LAPB questions
390.01TRNFri Feb 10 1995How many X.25 ports for OSI ?
391.013BPSOF::PURIFri Feb 10 1995LLC2 link does not come up on FDDI
392.05GOYA::JOSEFSat Feb 11 1995TCP/IP - X.25 - ISDN
393.02CHEFS::DAVIDSONSSat Feb 11 1995XTI, DLPI?
394.02CSC32::J_WIELANDSat Feb 11 1995more information on this issue...
395.01EVTAI1::LEGOUBEYTue Feb 14 1995n messages in one packet?
396.01COLTue Feb 14 1995Can't find the ISO8881X profile in X.25 V1.1 (facility problem)
397.07BROUGH::DAVIESTue Feb 14 1995Pad Resets ? Help
398.04SHIPS::SMITH_JFri Feb 17 1995X.21 signals supported on DNSES?
399.03KERNEL::LOTASat Feb 18 1995X.25 V1.2 for OSF/1 V3.
400.01SWTHOM::DORNANOWed Feb 22 1995trace analyse
401.01DELDPN::C_MUNOZSat Feb 25 1995x25mail problem in X25 1.
402.0SMAUG::TSUKERNIKSat Feb 25 1995CTF core dumps during analysis since upgrade to x.25 1.1
403.06OTOUTue Feb 28 1995ppp...is it thrown in?
404.01OZROCK::HARTWIGThu Mar 02 1995Request for specification of performance figure requirement
405.02SAYER::ELMOREFri Mar 03 1995replacment for DEC WANcontroller 72
406.03SAC::HERBERTFri Mar 03 1995Stray Interrupt and serial port
407.04CHEFS::DAVIDSONSFri Mar 03 1995HDLC, LAPB standards?
408.04CHEFS::DAVIDSONSFri Mar 03 1995Disconnect Mode Response?
409.0CSC32::PITTSat Mar 04 1995Install/wansetup problems
410.02HGOCS::ANDYNGTue Mar 07 1995x25 V1.1, osf/1 V3.
411.01MLNORO::MALACRIDAThu Mar 09 1995all zeroes ... is there a cure???
412.01STKHLM::NORDSTROMThu Mar 09 1995DSYT1 problem and IVP failure
413.04WELTM1::CRIDDLEThu Mar 09 1995Config file details for the DSYT1 device
414.05HGOM11::TYRONELINMon Mar 13 1995X25 card for PC
415.09ALFETA::MAURICIOTue Mar 14 1995Do we support X.32?
416.01LARVAE::HOWLETT_TWed Mar 15 1995Just asking? could setld X.25 break /usr/bin?
417.01VARDAF::CHURCHWed Mar 15 1995X.25 V1.2 for DEC OSF/1 SPD text version "error"
418.01TRNThu Mar 16 1995TCP/IP on X.25 and Netview polling.
419.01CSC32::PITTMon Mar 20 1995call cleared after 29 X29 logOUTs
420.05OTOOA::BOGARTTue Mar 21 1995Help with X25 Access
421.014CSC32::PITTTue Mar 21 1995kernel rebuild fails. v1.1 on 3.2 osf
422.02HGOCS::ANDYNGTue Mar 21 1995Open Port on Physical layer module failed ??
423.03VAXRIO::MANOELThu Mar 23 1995Urgent information needed !
424.01TKOV51::EGAWASat Mar 25 1995Dynamic load text
425.01NWGEDU::MACKNEYThu Mar 30 1995Help with X.25 license
426.01EVTISA::ES_DEGELASFri Mar 31 1995panic on boot again X25 1.1, OSF 3.
427.03WELCLU::CRIDDLEFri Mar 31 1995OSI Transport over X.25 being called with diag E8
428.02ANGLIN::LANKFORDFri Mar 31 1995spider code for X.25
429.019NWGEDU::MACKNEYWed Apr 05 1995IP over ISDN - how?
430.01ANGLIN::LANKFORDWed Apr 05 1995Streams Interface?
431.08ANNECY::WHARMBY_MWed Apr 05 1995memory pb in v1.1
432.05TKTU21::hasegawaThu Apr 06 1995boot & build kernel on V1.1
433.06BACHUS::CUYTFri Apr 07 1995problem with fcns_x25l3_prf.var in OSF V3.
434.08TAEC::EYNAUDFri Apr 07 1995Kernel rebuild fails V1.2 on V 3.2 UNIX
435.08BACHUS::ROELANDTSFri Apr 07 1995how to configure relay ?
436.01GBIFri Apr 07 1995Bootp support on X.25? -- PPP/SLIP on X.28 ???
437.015LISVAX::KALENGASat Apr 08 1995LLC2 doesn't memorize originsl PSDN channel?
438.01HGOVC::MICHAELPOONSat Apr 08 1995DNSES H/W documentation
439.03ANGLIN::LANKFORDSat Apr 08 1995X.25 and OSI interface
440.02TRNTue Apr 11 1995a Clear cause lapb to halted
441.01ANNECY::ALLEGUEDETue Apr 11 1995is X25 supported on DEC3
442.03CSC32::PITTTue Apr 11 1995ctf for ip over X25??
443.01STKAI1::SBERGQUISTWed Apr 12 1995Licensing question ...
444.01TPSYS::ZAHAVIThu Apr 13 1995Looking for performance numbers on Digital UNIX platforms
445.02CSC32::PITTThu Apr 13 1995How to disable data port client
446.05VAXRIO::MANOELFri Apr 14 1995Memory upgrade X X25 !!!
447.07KERNEL::WEBSTERCTue Apr 18 1995ISDN, IP, PPP negotiation
448.05CSC32::N_HENDERSONFri Apr 21 1995Select not passing reset/interrupt
449.08CSC32::N_HENDERSONFri Apr 21 1995x25_panic bad port reference
450.05EICMFG::DRECHSELTue Apr 25 1995X.25 ISA/PCI on 25
451.04BRSTR1::MERTENSTue Apr 25 1995DNSES and Alphaserver 1
452.02MUGGER::WHITHAMThu Apr 27 1995wansetup kernel & relocation errors in link
453.03HTSC19::ANDYNGSun Apr 30 1995llc2 PVC --- X25 relay ---- PVC ok ??
454.02TKOV51::EGAWASun Apr 30 1995DECnet/OSI V3.
455.01NYOSS1::YANNIOSWed May 03 1995Configuring Multiple DNSES?
456.0SEAWLF::COLEThu May 04 1995PPP packet decoder in CTF ?
457.0OZROCK::MUGGERIDGEThu May 04 1995ANNOUNCEMENT: X.25 V1.2 gains EURO-ISDN certification
458.04FSTSC1::AURANDFri May 05 1995MODEM CONNECT LINE does not come up at boottime
459.03FSTSC1::AURANDFri May 05 1995Kernel memory fault with FTAM over X.25
460.02CHEFS::DAVIDSONSFri May 05 1995WANDD, HDLC questions...
461.03MEOCFri May 05 1995ISDN certification for Australia?
462.01MEOCFri May 05 1995PPP for async, dial-up ???
463.07FSTSC1::AURANDFri May 05 1995X25setup modifies start_routing.ncl
464.02SALEM::ELWARNERTue May 09 1995Need help with TCPIP over x.25
465.02TKOV6Tue May 09 1995How many x.25 access filters can we use?
466.03BIKINI::DITETue May 09 1995"OSI Transport" filter/template - Configurator problem
467.05CSC32::N_HENDERSONWed May 10 1995Pesky facilities negotiation on outgoing call
468.0HGOVC::MICHAELPOONWed May 10 1995DSYT1 Document?
469.03OSLACT::BJORNWed May 10 1995ISDN support for Digital Unix via X.25 SW?
470.03MUGGER::WHITHAMThu May 11 1995debug help on
471.02LISVAX::TEIXEIRA_DFri May 12 1995OSF/1 3.2 with integrated SVGA and X25 kernel rebuild fail
472.03KERNEL::KHANRFri May 12 1995Panic_Event _undefined state
473.01CSC32::J_WIELANDFri May 12 1995x25 examples will not build in ivp?
474.01POLAR::STEWARTNTue May 16 1995v1.1 config guide
475.01HLDETue May 16 1995Where is utc.h?
476.04TPOVC::MOBBYLINWed May 17 1995missing pvc_example.c program?
477.02CSC32::J_WIELANDThu May 18 1995ncl syntax, it this value filled in a run time?
478.02TPOVC::MOBBYLINThu May 18 1995PVC 'idle and alive' hello messages?
479.02TKOV6Fri May 19 1995release timing of blocking mode function?
480.015PRSSOS::CAPAZZASat May 20 1995same problem
481.02TAVMon May 22 1995Getting high throughput over ISDN
482.02TPOVC::MOBBYLINFri May 26 1995simple symbol to trace level 2 and 3?
483.06SMAUG::BOURDEAUSat May 27 1995Are there any patch kits for X.25 for Digital UNIX V1.1?
484.0GIDDAY::LEUNGTue May 30 1995Memory leak problem in V1.1
485.01CSC32::N_HENDERSONThu Jun 01 19951.2 on CDrom?
486.02SALEM::ELWARNERFri Jun 09 1995Decbrouter 9
487.04STKAI1::SBERGQUISTWed Jun 14 1995Call blocked by X25 security ...
488.03CSC32::B_GRUBBSThu Jun 15 1995SNA over x.25, outgoing x.25 access port terminated
489.01YEENOT::SAVAGETThu Jun 15 1995IP over ISDN crashes DEC3
490.0LARVAE::HOWLETT_TFri Jun 16 1995does anyyone have a socket example DSYT1
491.04ZURSat Jun 17 1995IP over X.25 (RFC877) timeout not working on V1.1 for OSF/1?
492.0PRSSOS::CAPAZZAMon Jun 19 1995X29 option generates memory fault
493.06TRUCKS::BARRONTue Jun 20 1995ISDN DEC3
494.01STKAI1::SBERGQUISTThu Jun 22 1995Invalid facilities ... (urgent)
495.07GIDDAY::CHONGFri Jun 23 1995query on x29InviteClear()
497.01QCAVWed Jun 28 1995DCE support of OSF/1 and troubleshooting?
499.03COPCLU::TRIERSat Jul 01 1995Kernel build problem V1.2 (NMVL symbols undef)
500.05UTROP1::HARTGRING_FTue Jul 04 1995specific event filter x25 access
501.0GIDDAY::GARDNERTue Jul 04 1995defunct processes (x25applicationd)
502.01BBIVWed Jul 05 1995 IP over X25 on PVC's Support
503.06SWETSC::NORDSTROMWed Jul 05 1995Interframe time fills ?
504.02VAXRIO::LEANDROThu Jul 06 1995cat: cannot open /sys/conf/s122
505.02TPOVC::MOBBYLINMon Jul 10 1995holdback timer and polling timer
506.01TPOVC::MOBBYLINMon Jul 10 1995PVC passthru X25Gateway
507.04LFOIS1::MOUSSUThu Jul 13 1995Platform limitations
508.02NECSC::SNAYFri Jul 14 1995RTS REMAIN HIGH ON A 72
509.01MSAMThu Jul 20 1995Converting DTE to NSAP addresses
510.0ATYISA::CHAFFAUT_CSat Jul 22 1995X25 PSDN Provider in NEW-YORK ?
511.01MSAMMon Jul 24 1995LLC2 cannot work on FDDI (DEMFA)
512.05LISVAX::TEIXEIRA_DTue Jul 25 1995Remote DTE Class , via Relay Gateway
513.01EIGER::SUTTERThu Jul 27 1995x29logind crashes on V1.2A & Digital UNIX V3.2C
514.01CSC32::J_WIELANDFri Jul 28 1995What routers work with OSF and x25 LLC2?
515.0UTRTSC::VROOIJSat Jul 29 1995X.25 VMS as relay??????
516.03COPCLU::TRIERTue Aug 01 1995Called Address Extension and No Filters in use
517.04AUBER::DORNANOWed Aug 02 1995undefined symbols in wansetup kernel
518.01LARVAE::HOWLETT_TWed Aug 02 1995WHAT DOES -D WAN-OSF switch
519.05BALZAC::QUENIVETWed Aug 02 1995X.25 scc slows down the system
520.07BACHUS::MANISEThu Aug 03 1995panic: X25 Access: bad port reference
521.01COLMon Aug 07 1995When will subaddresses be supported
522.01COMICS::PRICECThu Aug 10 1995llc2 acktimer expire too soon
523.01CHEFS::TREVENNOR_AFri Aug 11 1995NFS Over ISDN - Actual experience?
524.07OSLLAV::BJORNSat Aug 12 1995LLC2 DTE to more than one Enet-node?
525.04AXPBIZ::SHIBETTATue Aug 15 1995x.25 config??
526.02SWTHOM::MAGENCFri Aug 18 1995memory fault ncl show x25 access port * all
527.02VIRGIN::GABATHULERFri Aug 18 1995Any patches for X25 V1.2A for Digital Unix V3.2
528.02CSC32::B_GRUBBSSat Aug 19 1995x.25 security, 2 matching Rights ID, which access?
529.04CSC32::B_GRUBBSSat Aug 19 1995x25ifconfig >1 x25 access filter?
530.014OSLLAV::BJORNTue Aug 22 1995Turn off packet size negotiation?
531.05EEMELI::RUUSKANENThu Aug 24 1995programming select-clause to read X.25 messages in OSF/1 ?
532.0MTVIEW::BARTELLFri Aug 25 1995X25WaitForEvent() vs. select()
533.06ANNECY::ENTWISTLESat Aug 26 1995X25 relay client config problem
534.01CHEFS::DAVIDSONSSat Aug 26 1995loopback?
535.03MTVIEW::BARTELLSat Aug 26 1995When to retry after X25RC_WOULDBLOCK?
536.04CSC32::N_HENDERSONTue Aug 29 1995Force X.29 call to clear before accepting it?
537.04GIDDAY::DANIELThu Aug 31 1995wansetup kernel on X25 V1.2 & OSF V3.2 17
538.03ANNECY::ENTWISTLEFri Sep 01 1995Unexpected Clear code vlaue
539.01ATYISB::AQS_CHAFFAUTSat Sep 02 1995X.25 for Digital UNIX V1.3 : When ?
540.05VARESE::ORIANAMon Sep 04 1995Memory leak with call_rcv example
541.08ANNECY::LAWSON_JTue Sep 05 1995Question on PKTSIZEIN/OUT in EPL
542.01ATYISA::CHAFFAUT_CThu Sep 07 1995DNSES support on AlphaServer 8xxx ?
543.05OSLLAV::BJORNSat Sep 09 1995X.25 MIB support in the future?
544.04BBIVSat Sep 09 1995queries on x25 .. SVCs , D-bit
545.03VAXRIO::MEYERTue Sep 12 1995slip or pppp over x29
546.02CSC32::B_GRUBBSTue Sep 12 1995Holdback timer expired?
547.01RUSURE::MCCARTHYTue Sep 12 1995Looking for DNSES driver sources
548.03HTSC19::KENNETHWed Sep 13 1995X25 relay, DTE synchronising.
549.02BGSDEV::DINTINOThu Sep 14 1995Help getting docs etc...
550.01FRSCS::DSCHULZFri Sep 15 1995Porting X.25 AViiON software to Digital UNIX
551.01HTSC19::KENNETHFri Sep 15 1995Two LLC2 for one system, ok?
552.0CSC32::N_HENDERSONSat Sep 16 1995X.29 password verification program?
553.04BBIVTue Sep 19 1995x25, LLC2 and DECsafe
554.01ATYISB::AQS_CHAFFAUTTue Sep 19 1995X25 PSDN in India ?
555.01CHEFS::HOWLETT_TTue Sep 19 1995If sync/async port is consol, can X.25?
556.0OZROCK::MUGGERIDGETue Sep 19 1995X.25 V1.3 for Digital UNIX is available - See note 3.14
557.01AEOENG::BOMMARTThu Sep 21 1995X25 relay loses sync line and reports normal clearing to application
558.04IBFri Sep 22 1995# maximum of llc2 dte?
559.04CSC32::B_GRUBBSSat Sep 23 1995Setting 'extended' PAD paramters
560.01BROUGH::DAVIESMon Sep 25 1995DTE/DCE or Negiciated which is best
561.03SEGUR::COULONTue Sep 26 1995Call details from X.29 application?
562.02TAKEOF::DELIPPETue Sep 26 1995x25 v1.2 llc2 outg call cleared d=41
563.01GIDDAY::STANISLAUSWed Sep 27 1995DSYT1 - Loopback
564.02HGOVC::PATRICKNGWed Sep 27 1995How easy to migrate IBM X.25 to Digital UNIX?
565.02OSLLAV::BJORNWed Sep 27 1995ISO8881X not nescessary on the DECNIS LLC2?!
566.03RTOEU::EGAUTHIERSat Sep 30 1995Example NCL scripts for HDLC and LAPB?
567.01TROOA::LFUNGWed Oct 04 1995Multiplexing I/O between socket and x25
568.02ARAFAT::SUNDSTROMWed Oct 04 1995Getting to the ISDN 'frames'
569.02HGOVC::JAMBUWed Oct 04 1995PBXDI/DNSES config issue, help..
570.01HGOVC::JAMBUWed Oct 04 1995pbxdi 4 port option available ??
571.03EDITEX::BRUNNOCKThu Oct 05 1995AlphaServer 4
572.01FORTY2::TSANGThu Oct 05 1995Events Code=
573.04RHETT::SHEPPARDFri Oct 06 1995alternatives to dxbook docs?
574.02LUTECE::MAGENCFri Oct 06 1995X25 v1.3 kit
575.02HGOVC::JAMBUSun Oct 08 1995hown many DNSES is official supported on 1
576.01CSC32::N_HENDERSONTue Oct 10 1995fcns? Private profile?
577.03CSC32::N_HENDERSONFri Oct 13 1995segment size is what?
578.01BBIVFri Oct 13 1995porting x.25 applications ...
579.0CHEFS::PRINCE_TTue Oct 17 1995Customised ioctls to Network Driver?
580.02CSC32::N_HENDERSONWed Oct 18 1995hdlc api for dnses?
581.0ISTWI1::OZILThu Oct 19 1995programming help
582.0ISTWI1::MUTAFFri Oct 20 1995UUCP from OSF to HP-UX over X25
583.01OSLLAV::BJORNFri Oct 20 1995Vrooms OK, or problems with DNS?
584.01OSLLAV::BJORNSat Oct 21 1995V1.3 .tar file corrupt?
585.0OZROCK::MUGGERIDGEMon Oct 23 1995X.25 T2.
586.02TAEC::AMBLARDTue Oct 24 1995Kernel Build Problem with Digital UNIX X.25 &WANDD
587.05NETRIX::"pierre.musy@aty.mts.DEC.COM"Tue Oct 24 1995PBXDI configuration
588.06ANNECY::LAWSON_JTue Oct 24 1995X25Encode bug?
589.02TPOVC::MOBBYLINTue Oct 24 1995T2.
590.0TKOV6Wed Oct 25 1995X25OpenPVC and pthread operation
591.08NETRIX::"pierre.musy@aty.mts.DEC.COM"Thu Oct 26 19952xPBXDI in an AlphaStation 2
592.03FORTY2::TSANGFri Oct 27 1995No inbound - help!
593.08BBIVFri Oct 27 1995Loopback details on 3
594.0NETRIX::"nancy@tsc.csc.cxo.dec.com"Tue Oct 31 1995X25MakeCAll blocking operation
596.03DAIVC::DAIVC::RAMADONIThu Nov 02 1995remote printer error message
597.01ARRODS::PENDERGRASTFri Nov 03 1995v1.3 needs UNIX v3.2(which) ???
598.01DAIVC::DAIVC::RAMADONIFri Nov 03 1995x29login
599.04CSC32::N_HENDERSONTue Nov 07 1995ISDN B channels combined?
600.01HGOSPS::IVANCHENGTue Nov 07 1995What is the range of LSAP address ?
601.06BBIVTue Nov 07 1995Cable length...?
602.01BBIVThu Nov 09 1995SVC and IP over leased line
603.04SOS6::CAPAZZAFri Nov 10 1995Dignostics Values
604.01CHEFS::DAVIDSONSFri Nov 10 1995ncl x25 setup back to back loopback configuartion
605.01BACHUS::DOBBENISat Nov 11 1995slip over x29
606.0NETRIX::"nancy@csc.cxo.dec.com"Sat Nov 11 1995IP routes disappear
607.01BBIVMon Nov 13 1995x.25 application design query ...
608.08LISTIM::ULTRIXWed Nov 15 1995crash in rlyCtlInput
609.05IBThu Nov 16 1995DNSES with WANDD API
610.01DEKVC::SANGHYUNLEEThu Nov 16 1995DECNET/OSI communication via X.25
611.03BBIVFri Nov 17 1995DTE goes 'unsynchrinized' in 'switched' mode
612.0OZROCK::HUNTMon Nov 20 1995X.25 T2.
613.06CSC32::B_GRUBBSTue Nov 21 1995OSF 2.
614.06BBIVTue Nov 21 1995problem implementing IP over X25
615.04BBIVWed Nov 22 1995What is DSU/CSU
616.02OTOUWed Nov 22 1995V1.2 versus V1.3 under OSF V3.2c
617.01KERNEL::CORNISHPThu Nov 23 1995ZZAUTIL13
618.01ALCALA::ANGELSat Nov 25 1995X25 Relay PVC (LLC2 <=> LAPB) State
619.05CHEFS::SMITH_JJSat Nov 25 1995X.25 circuits for Outbound Event Stream?
620.02LISTIM::ULTRIXWed Nov 29 1995uucp over X25 ?
621.01CSC32::B_GRUBBSWed Nov 29 1995What is normal response on lapb link to FRMR?
622.03PRSSOS::CAPAZZAThu Nov 30 1995X25 port state
623.01CSC32::J_WIELANDTue Dec 05 1995pbxdi, V.35/vx/RS232, how does NCL KNOW?
624.0DEKVC::SOOHWAJEONGTue Dec 05 1995Is DNSES technical material available ?
625.0NSDPTue Dec 05 1995ISDN and possibilities
626.02CHEFS::SMITH_JJSat Dec 09 1995X.25 IP routing setup?
627.0CHEFS::SMITH_JJSat Dec 09 1995X.21 cable for DNSES with Control/Indicate?
628.03MLNORO::CATTOLICOWed Dec 13 1995X25GetPortStatus and line down
629.01BELFST::MCCORRYThu Dec 14 1995Kernel won't rebuild on Unix 3.2C with X.25 1.3
630.03SMAUG::TSUKERNIKThu Dec 14 1995specs for DSY board?
631.0DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGThu Dec 14 1995hang and X.25 and osf
632.02BBIVThu Dec 14 1995BSD socket interface for X.25
633.02RHETT::PARKERFri Dec 15 1995PBXDI ?
634.01OZROCK::MUGGERIDGEWed Dec 20 1995WAN Support V2.
635.01QDOVWed Dec 20 1995X25 , UUCP QUESTIONS
636.04TRNFri Dec 22 1995is npl -update still working?
637.02TRNFri Dec 22 1995strip DNIC feature?
638.02CHEFS::CRIDDLESat Dec 23 1995X.21 support for DNSES
639.02TKOV51::EGAWATue Dec 26 1995X.25 V2.
640.01TKOV51::EGAWATue Dec 26 1995X.25 V2.
641.06CSC32::N_HENDERSONWed Dec 27 1995X.25 V1.3 installation errors
642.06SWTHOM::DORNANOWed Dec 27 1995just to be sure you did not miss 577.3.
643.03CHEFS::CRIDDLEWed Jan 03 1996Max supported speeds for different standards?
644.02CSC32::N_HENDERSONFri Jan 05 1996PBXDI status - no actual speed?
645.03CHEFS::DAVIDSONSFri Jan 05 1996DSYT loopback one more time...
646.01HGOM11::BRENDACAOFri Jan 05 1996high speed sync board?
648.02UTOPIE::BRAUN_RSat Jan 06 1996unable to ping own XW
649.01ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGMon Jan 08 1996PCI Sync Card info?
650.01DRAGNS::BOURDEAUWed Jan 10 1996X.25 FT kit for Platinum?
651.06SMAUG::TSUKERNIKWed Jan 10 1996What is the upper limit for LLC2 link max data size?
652.01OZROCK::HARTWIGWed Jan 10 1996Stray note from OZROCK::X25_AVMS
653.01COWBOY::MIRGHANETue Jan 16 1996max speed of PBXDI when using all lines simultaneously
654.01WOTVAX::PARISHTue Jan 16 1996Export clock on DSYT1
655.05CHEFS::MARSHALL_NTue Jan 16 1996PANIC X25
656.08LISTIM::ULTRIXThu Jan 18 1996cause code
657.01ATYISA::CARRAYROUFri Jan 19 1996call
658.04SORICH::POWERSWed Jan 24 1996How to terminate line to stop errors?
659.01PRSSOS::CAPAZZAWed Jan 24 1996X25 V2.1A kernel memory fault
660.03XFMVWed Jan 24 1996x.25 connectivity at 2mbps -cable part no. reqd.
661.02GIDDAY::YUThu Jan 25 1996LAPB/SSCC
662.02NETRIX::"gordienko@moscow.enet.dec.com"Fri Jan 26 1996License for 82
663.01KNEIPE::KRAMERSat Jan 27 1996ISDN device qst
664.01SWTHOM::DORNANOSat Jan 27 1996x29login : no out of band data available
665.01ATYISA::CHAFFAUT_CSat Jan 27 1996X25 conformance tests : CTS-WAN ??
666.01DEKVC::JEONGGONSONMon Jan 29 1996rsrv:buffer allocation failure
667.01PRSSOS::CAPAZZAThu Feb 01 1996DNSES , V11, 15 pins: cable?
668.0HITIT::TATAROGLUWed Feb 07 1996NCN Connectivity?
669.01PROXY::PERRYFri Feb 09 1996Need help X.21
670.04MLNORO::MALACRIDAFri Feb 09 1996putting Calling DTE Address in CR packet?
671.01ZPORDS::SONGHUATMon Feb 12 1996X25Listen() bug ?
672.01HAMSUP::BBURGERWed Feb 14 1996xxa2
673.01DEKVC::SANGYEOBLEEFri Feb 16 1996X25 not working on 3
674.04CHEFS::SMITH_JJFri Feb 16 1996IP/X.25 to DECbrouter gets Event code = 9
675.03OSLLAV::BJORNWed Feb 21 1996DISC sent by DTE, in what cases?
676.02MUNICH::KLOEPPERThu Feb 22 1996PBXDI programming / (HDLC framing operation)
677.03SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWThu Feb 22 1996LLC2/X.25 relay on X25gateway/Digital UNIX?
678.02CSC32::N_HENDERSONFri Feb 23 1996X.25 event dispatching
679.01SWTHOM::DORNANOSat Feb 24 1996infos on select, read and XSO_CLEARDATA
680.02CSC32::N_HENDERSONSat Feb 24 1996X25WaitForEvent gives X25EV_UNDEFINED
681.03CSC32::N_HENDERSONSat Feb 24 1996X29InviteClear does not flush data buffer
682.01BACHUS::GOOVAERTSWed Feb 28 1996LLC2 to X25gateway:cause=8
683.01CSC32::B_GRUBBSThu Feb 29 1996problem trying to copy 2.
684.07SOS6::CAPAZZAFri Mar 01 1996X2.25 V1.2A : HOLDBACK TIMER : sleeping ?
685.02OSLLAV::BJORNMon Mar 04 1996More than 14 digits in the X.25 address?
686.01BACHUS::DIDDENThu Mar 07 1996undefined symbols ,kernel build fails
687.04NAMIX::jptThu Mar 07 1996PPP over ISDN and line activity (dialing)
688.01COPCLU::JENSThu Mar 07 1996IP over x25 security
689.01BBIVThu Mar 07 1996duplicate network numbers in netstat -r output?
690.01NETRIX::"nancy@tsc.csc.cxo.dec.com"Fri Mar 08 1996Create X25 ACCESS FILTER from program?
691.03ANNECY::LEMMAFri Mar 08 1996How many X.25 lines in AS4
692.01FORTY2::TSANGSat Mar 09 1996X25 for Unix V4.
693.05TAVIS::GIVONSat Mar 09 1996Modifying configuration in batch mode?
694.01TRUCKS::BARRONWed Mar 13 1996CHAP & UPAP Authentication
695.01MSAFS6::GUESTThu Mar 14 1996pending dte ready
696.01FOUNDR::VECCHIFri Mar 15 1996IP-PPP-ISDN setup problems
697.05AEOENG::LEHYFri Mar 15 1996panic with X.25 example programs
698.01VELENO::MICHIELIMon Mar 18 1996PBXDI, Sync. card, HDLC LAP-B, UNIX, custom driver
699.04MEO78A::BARNHOORNTue Mar 19 1996LLC2 LAN-WAN relay and multiple X25 connections
700.01PRSSOS::MAGENCWed Mar 20 1996X29 unable to establish call service unavailable
701.01ISTWI1::OZILWed Mar 20 1996FTAM and X.25
702.02UTRTSC::KNOPPERSWed Mar 20 1996V2.
703.01CSC32::N_HENDERSONThu Mar 21 1996Another X25WaitForEvent Undefined Event
704.01ZPOVC::SONGHUATFri Mar 22 1996Pointer for doc_comments
705.05AEOENG::LEHYTue Mar 26 1996Pb with DSY, corrupted data pkts
706.02BACHUS::ROELANDTSSat Apr 06 1996kernel build fails - X.25 V2.
707.0CSC32::N_HENDERSONSat Apr 06 1996X.25 1.3 Still Supported?
708.0BBIVSat Apr 06 1996Why a separate X25 API library ?
709.03BBIVSun Apr 07 1996Why a separate X25 API library ?
710.0ZPORDS::SONGHUATMon Apr 08 1996wansetup kernel fail
711.01HGOVC::CHRISTSANGTue Apr 09 1996Number of VCs supported per DSN
712.01PRSPSU::BOUGEANTWed Apr 10 1996IP@ for OILS ?
713.06TPSPS5::TSCMGRThu Apr 11 1996How to solve the panic for freeing free mbuf
714.01SWTHOM::DORNANOThu Apr 11 1996new V2.
715.02CSC32::N_HENDERSONFri Apr 12 1996ISDN cabling needed?
716.02HGOVC::NANDANFri Apr 12 1996PCI-based Synch Card
717.01TRNSat Apr 13 1996X25 protocol Error code 7 ?
718.02IJSAPL::PAEHLIGSat Apr 13 1996PVC and X25 Access: bad port reference from lower
720.01HGOM11::BRENDACAOTue Apr 16 1996question on DNSES
721.01ATYISA::CARRAYROUWed Apr 17 1996load balancing or round robin
722.04CSC32::N_HENDERSONWed Apr 17 1996x29login and no m-bit, revisited
723.01BBIVFri Apr 19 1996Panic due to X25 access: bad port reference number
724.0COLWed Apr 24 1996HDLC modes of operation
725.01BACHUS::ROELANDTSWed Apr 24 1996x25 V2.
726.01BBIVThu Apr 25 1996effective file transfer speeds
727.0HITIT::KAYIThu Apr 25 1996DNSES interface to local Eripax PFA-23
728.03HGOVC::CHRISTSANGThu Apr 25 1996X.29-Host-initiated call(DNSES&WANSupport-UNIX)
729.03ATYISA::CARRAYROUFri Apr 26 1996X29/LAT Gateway
730.01UKARC1::SPILLANESat Apr 27 1996Get LCN ?
731.01DECLNE::LICKWed May 01 1996API for HDLC?
732.03SWTHOM::DORNANOFri May 03 1996round-robin between LLC2 dtes with X25 Relay
733.01HGOM22::DAVYSUNSat May 04 1996x25 tcp/ip probelm
734.0HGOM22::DAVYSUNSat May 04 1996PSI probelm
735.02AEOENG::LEHYTue May 07 1996Wan Support V2.
736.03NETRIX::"feynmanlo@hgovc.enet.dec.com"Wed May 08 1996IP/X25 for different network classes
737.01MAIL1::GOODMANThu May 09 1996Corruption using two threads on one port?
738.02ATYISA::CARRAYROUMon May 13 1996FTP anonymous on vrooms
739.07MUNICH::BAUMGARTNERTue May 14 1996x29logind hangs
740.06VIRGIN::SUTTERTue May 14 1996PBXDI-AA running ISDN?
741.01LYOISA::GAUDIEZTue May 14 1996DECNET/OSI mandatory with DNSES ?
742.03PRSSOS::CAPAZZAWed May 15 1996PBXDI-x29login-long packet
743.01IAMOSI::LEUNGWed May 15 1996IP over X.25, hostname for interface xw
744.0OZROCK::HARTWIGMon May 20 1996Redirected note
745.02CSC32::N_HENDERSONTue May 21 1996Call Parameters from X29 application?
746.02CSC32::PITTTue May 21 1996generic_lim: didn't find entity agent s/w. X25???
747.02DRAGNS::BOURDEAUWed May 22 1996Problem connecting to PSDN
748.0TKOV51::EGAWAFri May 24 1996Profile - non-cause code
749.01CHEFS::SMITH_JJFri May 24 1996IP/X.25 to a whole subnet?
750.01CHEFS::SMITH_JJFri May 24 1996ISDN still there, what hardware?
751.0LISTIM::NCIT_Tue May 28 1996Redudante configuration with DECNIS and X25
752.06ROMWed May 29 1996Kernel rebuild problem using X.25 2.
753.02SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWFri May 31 1996Patch for V2.
754.02KERNEL::CORNISHPFri May 31 1996sho x25 acc port * all core dumps
755.02BROUGH::DAVIESMon Jun 03 1996X.25 & Incomming x.29 connect help ?
756.05TKOV51::EGAWAFri Jun 07 1996LAPB T4 timer
757.05EDSCLU::TYREEFri Jun 14 1996DEC7
758.03UTRUST::KUIJPERTue Jun 18 1996Installation creates world writeable directories on Digital UNIX
759.02CSC32::N_HENDERSONTue Jun 18 1996No Filters option in x25setup
760.02RULLE::KLASSONThu Jun 20 1996The target implementation does not support this entity class
761.01GIDDAY::STANISLAUSTue Jun 25 1996X25 access for Digital Unix and RouteAbout
762.04LISTIM::ULTRIXTue Jun 25 1996Unrecognized Object object=31
763.03ALCALA::DELCURAWed Jun 26 1996TCP/IP gateway to X25?
764.02TUXEDO::D_LIThu Jun 27 1996dns question
765.08NQOSFri Jun 28 1996Diagnostic code 41? (non-zero LCN?)
766.01PRSPSU::BOUGEANTSat Jun 29 1996"kernel memory fault" using FTAM/X25
767.05CSC32::PITTTue Jul 02 1996send and recv over 4
768.03LISTIM::ULTRIXWed Jul 03 1996failed in enable x25 relay pvc
769.03LISTIM::ULTRIXWed Jul 03 1996"X25 Access: bad port reference from lower layer
770.08BALZAC::QUENIVETThu Jul 04 1996Another kernel build problem
771.0OZROCK::CRILLYThu Jul 04 1996Getting PPP to work over X.25
772.0--UnknownUser--Thu Jul 04 1996ipmt opened
773.07MLNOIS::ASTRUAFri Jul 05 1996A problem using X25WaitForEvent
774.02TRUCKS::BARRONMon Jul 08 1996
775.02SWTHOM::DORNANOWed Jul 10 1996maximum data size and tymnet
776.02DEKVC::SANGHYUNLEEThu Jul 11 1996Limitation of x29 session???
777.04BROUGH::DAVIESThu Jul 11 1996Which way to RELAY ?
778.04DEKVC::WANSUKIMSat Jul 13 1996panic (cpu
779.06LISTIM::ULTRIXWed Jul 17 1996how to setup x29 thru x25relay
780.01FSTSC1::AURANDFri Jul 19 1996X.25 application dumps with segmentation fault
781.02COMICS::WEIRSat Jul 20 1996Kernel rebuild failure -- HELP, please
782.01MSAMFri Jul 26 1996X25 ver 1.3 system panic with dual processors
783.01SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWMon Jul 29 1996X.25 V1.2A on DECnet/OSI V3.2A?
784.01WONDER::TOUSERKANITue Jul 30 1996x25 templates & filters !!URGENT!!
785.01SWETSC::WELINTue Jul 30 1996X25 Wide Area Networking
786.01DEKVC::HYEONKYUPARKThu Aug 01 1996max x.29 login via decnis6
787.03SEPPLT::MARKFri Aug 02 1996System panic if cable removed.
788.04MUNICH::KLOEPPERTue Aug 06 1996panic "tp_cons_input: port id not in use"
789.01CSC32::PITTWed Aug 07 1996request for x29InviteClearStatus
790.08CHEFS::DAVIES_JThu Aug 08 1996PBXDI driver problem
791.01DEKVC::WANSUKIMMon Aug 12 1996/usr/sbin/x25shutdown:no space
792.0DEKVC::DONGWONSHINTue Aug 13 1996The problem for transmitting large data size
793.01TAVTue Aug 13 19963.
794.015CSC32::B_GRUBBSTue Aug 20 1996Send data succeeds even though PVC is down
795.01CSCMA::MADDIREDDYWed Aug 21 1996'Retry Maximum' parameter of LLC2/SAP/LINK unchanged
796.03DEKVC::SANGHYUNLEEWed Aug 21 1996using more 1
797.018TPOVC::MOBBYLINWed Aug 21 1996connect to AT&T, FRMR CTL=31?
798.02LISTIM::ULTRIXThu Aug 22 1996help on TCP/IP -X25 thru DECnis
799.02BROUGH::DAVIESSat Aug 24 1996X29LOGIN & rematched call problems ?
800.03CXOSI::KEANESat Aug 24 1996dnses to telematics acp - cable help
801.01COLA1::BARENTZENMon Aug 26 1996Format of Documentation
802.01HGOVC::JOSEPHWUTue Aug 27 1996socket interface supported in V2?
803.03HGOVC::JOSEPHWUWed Aug 28 1996How to support large number of X.25 lines from one system?
804.08JOBURG::BERETTAThu Aug 29 1996Kernel build fails with x.25 v2.
805.01VIRGIN::SUTTERSat Aug 31 1996V3.
806.01DEKVC::NAMJINCHOMon Sep 02 1996Sync device for Alphastation 5
807.01BACHUS::CUYTWed Sep 04 1996Version X25 on D-unix V4.
808.08IBThu Sep 05 1996building kernel problems
809.02MARVEL::KHANRThu Sep 05 1996X25 Mail Service unavailable
810.01BPSOF::POLGARSat Sep 07 19961
811.02JOBURG::BERETTAMon Sep 09 1996More hassles with Kernel rebuild
812.08IAMOSI::LEUNGThu Sep 12 1996AlphaServer4
813.02VAXRIO::63222::ManoelSat Sep 14 1996No such entity instance exist !
814.01COLFri Sep 20 1996DNSES/A-Station6
815.05SAPEC3::WALLMEROTHFri Sep 27 1996TokenRing / LLC2 / inactivity timeout
816.08TKOU1Tue Oct 01 1996PBXDI-AC error in boot process
817.02VAXRIO::HENRIQUETue Oct 08 1996TELNET/FTP over X25 fails.
818.03TPOVC::MOBBYLINThu Oct 10 1996ftam user abort
819.07GIDDAY::CHONGThu Oct 10 1996 X25 write data failed !
820.0+4CHEFS::ELLERBY_JFri Oct 11 1996Duplicate I packet generated over LLC2 - link restart
821.05UTRTSC::VELZENSat Oct 12 1996X25Decode returns junk values ?
822.02ATYISA::CARRAYROUMon Oct 14 1996X29 LAT gateway
823.01TAGAUS::AURANDWed Oct 16 1996LAPB Link doesn't initalize with SCC - Patch ??
824.0OZROCK::MUGGERIDGEThu Oct 17 1996WAN Support V2.
825.01AEOENG::LEHYTue Oct 22 1996DNSSES supported by 1.2A ?
826.01COPSWed Oct 23 1996ISDN under Digital UNIX 4.
827.01IMPERO::DE_SALVOThu Oct 24 1996x25 programming manual
828.01VAXRIO::MAURICIOThu Oct 24 1996Where is X.25 for DUNIX?
829.03HGOVC::MANJREKARThu Oct 24 1996X.25 Relay Solution ?
830.02QCAVThu Oct 24 1996x.25,du3.2e,decnis,alcatel switch ...help pls...
831.02IBThu Oct 24 1996Problems with TCP/IP an X.25
832.04TKTV2Thu Oct 24 1996How to get full data using CTF?
833.06VAXRIO::VITORFri Oct 25 1996Cannot change Mtu value.
834.03PLACEK::DANIELEWSKIFri Oct 25 1996DNANETMAN322 and V2.
835.02QCAVSat Oct 26 1996CAUSE=8
836.02CHEFS::DAVIES_JWed Nov 06 1996DNSES throughput ?
837.01SIOG::TMCKEOWNWed Nov 13 1996Panic X25: invalid parameter
838.04STKHLM::SPERSSONTue Nov 19 1996wansetup kernel hangs
839.06CSC32::J_RYERSat Nov 23 1996calling DTE address on wan-to-lan relayed calls
840.0+8CANOVA::GERMANATue Nov 26 1996WAN Support for UNIX v4.
841.01TAEC::DEPAGNETue Nov 26 1996testing an X25 application in a loopback mode
842.01LATINA::SOENGASWed Nov 27 1996llc2 and not supported
843.06MANMFri Nov 29 1996fsi
844.01IBFri Nov 29 1996llc2,relay,filters
845.01IBSat Nov 30 1996two llc2 and Digital unix
846.01QCAVTue Dec 03 1996X.25 configuration problem.(ASE + DU 3.2E + OSI 3.2A)...
847.04MUNICH::WIESHEUTue Dec 10 1996cfs41
848.0TAVThu Dec 12 1996access_ctlinput called - cml registerd ,messages
849.0COPCLU::JENSWed Dec 18 1996number of interfaces per dte ?
850.03ADISSW::HAECKWed Dec 18 1996autox25 problems
851.0+6TPOVC::MOBBYLINWed Dec 18 1996can't build kernel with X.25 X3.
852.0ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSThu Dec 19 1996ftp problem
853.01BACHUS::ROELANDTSTue Dec 24 1996x25 access filter priority
854.04LATINA::VENTURAWed Jan 01 1997Multiple lines to same PSDN questions
855.02HGOM22::DAVYSUNThu Jan 02 1997wide area support for unix 4.
856.03TAEC::DEPAGNETue Jan 07 1997X25ReadData and buffer too small
857.02AUBER::DORNANOThu Jan 09 1997license is not installed
858.01BARNA::DSMAILFri Jan 10 1997ISDN wan support error cause 127
859.05AUBER::DORNANOFri Jan 10 1997cfs 38855
860.02EDSCLU::PORCAROSat Jan 11 1997can I see RIF max. frame?
861.01COPCLU::TORBENHTue Jan 14 1997X25 Panic Dump - Invalid Parameter
862.01NETRIX::"martin@taec.enet.dec.com"Thu Jan 16 1997compilation problem with ctf on DIGITAL Unix 4.
863.0 *+1QCAVMon Jan 27 1997max x29 logins via DNSES...
864.0 *+1IAMOSI::LEUNGWed Feb 05 1997X.25 data read failed: Operation failed - call cleared
865.0 *+2CHEFS::ELLERBY_JThu Feb 13 1997Change to K via npl -update ?
866.0 *TAGEIN::AURANDTue Feb 18 1997X.25 Application segmentation fault dump
867.0 *+3NETRIX::"nancy@csc.cxo.dec.com"Wed Feb 19 1997Check for kernel support
868.0 *+2MXOVWed Feb 19 1997is DCE supported...?
869.0 *+3HGOM11::LKLEEWed Feb 19 1997Urgent ! Pls help ! UNIX<---X25--->NOKIA DX2
870.0 *+1MDRFri Feb 21 1997PPP on ISDN. PAP now, CHAP when?.
871.0 *+1RULLE::KLASSONWed Feb 26 1997X25 over IP. How many sessions at the same time?
872.0 *+7BEJVC::SYLVIAXIONGFri Mar 07 1997Questions about PBXDP???
873.0 *+6VIRGIN::SUTTERTue Mar 18 1997FT WAN_X3.
874.0 *+7CHEFS::DAVIES_JTue Mar 18 1997NCL for second LLC2 link?
875.0 *+2PRSSOS::MAGENCFri Mar 21 1997facility redirect cleared cause
876.0 *+4HTSC19::KENNETHMon Mar 24 1997Problem in setting up FTAM via X25.
877.0 *+1BIS1::CALLEWAERTTue Mar 25 1997Flow control - Application informed of congestion ?
878.0 *+2ALFAM7::URBANWed Mar 26 1997multithreaded daemon hangs
879.0 *+2UTOPIE::BRAUN_RThu Mar 27 1997invalid calling DTE
880.0 *+3FORTY2::JONESWed Apr 02 1997LLC2 problem reported by LAN client
881.0 *+26Fri Apr 04 1997X25 V2.
882.0 *+3NANTES::NGUYENTue Apr 08 1997V3.
883.0 *+2HYDRA::NEWMANWed Apr 09 1997blocking in X25WaitForEvent when signal comes -- what happens?
884.0 *+1KYOSS1::SLAGLEFri Apr 11 1997Online documentation?
885.0 *+1ZPOVC::COLINTONGFri Apr 11 1997Customized Frame protocols for PCI/Sync Controller
886.0 *HGOM22::DAVYSUNTue Apr 15 1997ip over psdn oby nis5
887.0 *+5LYOVTue Apr 15 1997netrix off-line?
888.0 *+26Wed Apr 16 1997X25 V2.
889.0 *+1TAGEIN::AURANDSat Apr 19 1997Question about the 'libx25_r' signal handler
890.0 *+1HGOM11::SYLVIAXIONGMon Apr 21 1997PBXDP manuals???
891.0 *+1BEJVC::ARTHURWANGTue Apr 22 1997EFT agreement
892.0 *+1HTSC19::KENNETHThu Apr 24 1997Just copy x25_config.dat for duplicated system works?
893.0 *+1STKTRA::SODERLUNDFri Apr 25 1997PBXDP-AA Cables
894.0 *+2PRIVAT::OTTOThu May 01 1997ISDN Links stay when two B-channels used at the same time
895.0 *+4MQOOA::LEDOUXFri May 02 1997AS255 with PBXDP-Ax supported/working?
896.0 *+1PRCFS1::SOCHUNWAHFri May 02 1997Want X25 Patch Details for the case CFS_41
897.0 *+2BIKINI::ADAEWed May 07 1997Limitation of the maximum message size
898.0 *+4NNTPD::"typhair@mail.dec.com"Thu May 08 1997Queries
899.0 *+1GRIFUN::PISANITue May 13 1997Sync Driver Example
900.0 *+1LYOVTue May 13 1997V3.
901.0 *DELNI::MUGGERIDGEThu May 15 1997WAN Support V3.
902.0 *+2AEOENG::BOMMARTThu May 15 1997X@%Listen returns status -125 (X25RC_PORTABORT)
903.0 *+3BROUGH::DAVIESSun May 18 1997X25 Relay with Sub Address filtering ?
904.0 *+2ROMWed May 21 1997X29 login problem and line feeds
905.0 *+1HGOM22::DAVYSUNWed May 21 1997kit location for WAN 3.
906.0 *+1TAVMon Jun 02 1997WAN support for digital UNIX V4.
907.0 *ZPOVC::COLINTONGWed Jun 04 1997Does X25 Relay work like a Connector ?
908.0 *+2DAIVC::BENNYThu Jun 05 1997DNSES & Digiboard on AS21