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Conference bookie::ms_windows_help

Title:Creating Microsoft Windows Help Files
Notice:Use this conference to discuss the generation of Windows Help files
Created:Mon Mar 01 1993
Last Modified:Fri Apr 25 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:266
Total number of notes:870
Number with bodies:2
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1.01CXDOCS::DCHAVEZMon Mar 01 1993Welcome!
2.03CXDOCS::DCHAVEZMon Mar 01 1993Introductions
3.0+3CXDOCS::DCHAVEZMon Mar 01 1993Conference Announcements
4.0CXDOCS::DCHAVEZMon Mar 01 1993Reserved
5.0CXDOCS::DCHAVEZMon Mar 01 1993Reserved
6.05BOOKIE::SHERLOCKMon Mar 01 1993Converters
7.036CXDOCS::DCHAVEZMon Mar 01 1993Help Authoring Guide/Tool
8.010IJSAPL::STOEKENBROEKTue Mar 02 1993How to print an entire .HLP file? .HLP file?
9.01ESBSTue Mar 02 1993VMS .HLP -> .RTF
10.02KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Mar 02 1993magazine article
11.08DEMON::PANGAKISWed Mar 03 1993Defining push buttons for .HLP files
12.01ESBSWed Mar 03 1993MS Help File format
13.02DECWET::KOSAKWed Mar 03 1993RoboHelp License
14.02PINION::BOWKERThu Mar 04 1993Help vs. MM Viewer??
15.02WEORG::GILLISThu Mar 04 1993Single source for multiple platforms?
16.011TERSE::WILLISONFri Mar 05 1993Translation in the PC world
17.017MKOTS4::ABSURD::RYANSun Mar 07 1993Questions: HC31.EXE and writing .RTF?
18.04ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGMon Mar 08 1993CBT files??
21.02MKOTS4::ABSURD::RYANWed Mar 10 1993Why buy 3rd-party tools over WHAT?
22.01MKOTS4::ABSURD::RYANWed Mar 10 1993Help compiler bug
23.01Wed Mar 10 1993Announcing Word for Windows Notes Conference
24.01LJOHUB::VERRILLIWed Mar 10 1993PATHWORKS Help Guidelines
26.03DEMON::PANGAKISMon Mar 15 1993Help and Administrative functions
28.03BRAT::ABSURD::RYANTue Mar 16 1993Windows help->MacIntosh help?
29.03ZENDIA::NORTONTue Mar 16 1993"Out of File Handles" error when compiling help file
30.031Wed Mar 17 1993Evaluation paper for RoboHelp, D2H, and Help Magician
31.02BOOKS::HAMILTONFri Mar 19 1993tables
32.02BRAT::ABSURD::RYANMon Mar 22 1993Recommendation: QDHELP
33.0ORION::SHERLOCKTue Apr 13 1993Conversion Services and Consulting: SDML->WinHelp/EHelp/Word...
34.03ROMWed Apr 14 1993Writing DLL's to log users actions
35.0LJOHUB::BUKWHT::HANSENTue Apr 20 1993DOC2HELP/DOS 5 EDIT problem
36.0PINION::BOWKERTue Apr 20 1993FT Search Errors 'cross Titles
37.07TALLIS::FREANThu Apr 29 1993Converting ditroff file to RTF
38.01CIMFIE::NMILLERFri May 21 1993Graphics for Windows and Mac ?
39.01JENRAN::RBROWNFri May 21 1993WinHelp Macros
40.016CXDOCS::DCHAVEZFri May 21 1993Tool: Visual Help
41.03CXDOCS::DCHAVEZFri May 21 1993Tool: Create Help
42.0RDGENG::65183::Ross(WATSONR)Tue Jun 01 1993Writing DLL macro function using Borland C++ ?
43.02CECEHV::HAMERSLAG_GThu Jun 03 1993WHAG .HLP version needed
44.06HANNAH::MAROTTAMon Jun 07 1993No tables with WHAT3
46.03PINION::BOWKERWed Jun 09 1993SHARE.EXE problem
47.0PINION::BOWKERThu Jun 10 1993HOTPSPOT Editor Upgrade!!
48.04CECEHV::HAMERSLAG_GFri Jun 11 1993Text searching functionality?
49.01CLARID::CHEYRONThu Jun 17 1993Information on WorldView ?
50.01PINION::BOWKERFri Jun 18 1993Limit on AppendItem?
53.06DECWET::KOSAKTue Jul 06 1993How to obtain help compilers
54.04RTOEU::MGRABEFri Jul 16 1993Non Scrolling Title
55.03RTOEU::MGRABEWed Jul 21 1993Cue Cards (like MS ACCESS)
56.01RTOEU::MGRABEWed Jul 21 1993MSHELP forum in CompuServe?
57.07RTOEU::MGRABEFri Jul 23 1993Pictures in .HLP files
58.01PINION::BOWKERMon Jul 26 1993SHG vs. BMP file size & more..
59.07JARETH::KMCDONOUGHMon Aug 02 1993Interfile Jumps
60.01PINION::BOWKERFri Aug 06 1993MDK Toolkit V2.
61.01TERSE::ICENOGLEMon Aug 09 1993Reusing Help Modules?
64.0ULYSSE::PICKUPMon Aug 23 1993Doc-2-Help Limitations: Can you help?
65.044GL::CMURRAYWed Sep 01 1993Hotspot within pop-up?
66.014ULYSSE::PICKUPFri Sep 03 1993Robohelp
67.01SPICES::P_MAILLYTue Sep 07 1993DOC-TO-HELP compilation problems
68.01DCEIDL::CLARKTue Sep 14 1993Augmenting the Help menu in the VC++ Visual Workbench
69.0PINION::BOWKERTue Sep 14 1993Print Topic ideas needed
70.06DEMON::PANGAKISWed Oct 06 1993Training/documentation/books on WinHelp?
71.03BASLL1::ROBERTSONITue Oct 12 1993Convert PostScript to RTF?
72.0RAGMOP::MINETT::BEABESThu Oct 14 1993Multimedia Usability and Effectiveness Study
73.06TERSE::ROBINSONTue Oct 19 1993WYSI-Help anyone?
74.09BOOKS::HAMILTONWed Oct 20 1993screen capture tool
75.07TALLIS::FREANFri Oct 22 1993Problem with lists
76.04CAPNET::PDICKERSONMon Oct 25 1993HelpBreeze(tm) help file system ($199)
77.03DEMON::DEMON::COURTThu Oct 28 1993Text wrapping in pop-up window
78.07JARETH::KMCDONOUGHFri Oct 29 1993Embed Sound Object?
79.03CLT::CSCAPE::AnastasiaFri Oct 29 1993Library of graphics used in help files?
81.01KIBBIE::MCNULTYFri Nov 05 1993Generate list of keywords??
83.02BOOKS::HAMILTONTue Nov 16 1993help on help (compile)
85.0TNPUBS::CDAYWed Nov 17 1993HELP - Unable to locate formula format file
86.0PINION::BOWKERThu Nov 18 1993Watch HOTSPOT editor revs.
87.015CXDOCS::DCHAVEZMon Nov 22 1993Compiler for Word/Windows 6.
89.034GL::CMURRAYThu Dec 02 1993Annotations
90.01GRILLA::LALIBERTEThu Dec 02 1993corporate licenses / cost
91.01USABLE::RAVENWed Dec 15 1993Where is WHAT?
92.0PINION::BOWKERThu Dec 23 1993Erratic Print Topic error from Help
93.0PINION::WESTWed Dec 29 1993MDK V2
95.02CLT::CSCAPE::AnastasiaThu Jan 13 1994Developing Help for Chicago (Windows 4.
96.0MARLIN::LENANEMon Jan 17 1994Popup Problem: Main Window Disappears
97.01BASLL1::ROBERTSONIFri Jan 21 1994Winhelp for Programmers and Technical Writers
98.0SCAACT::FORBESMon Jan 24 1994PageMaker (MAC) to RoboHelp (PC) Conversion
99.01ROMTue Feb 01 1994Microsoft MDK discontinued ?
100.01CLT::CSCAPE::AnastasiaThu Feb 03 1994DWHAT, Help template for Word 6.
101.06EEMELI::EINAMOMon Feb 07 1994Help WordPerfect -> help
102.04DEMON::PARROT::TARQUINIOFri Feb 11 1994Context-sensitive Help for MV 2.
103.02MARIN::BELLEROSESun Feb 20 1994Advice on easiest WHAT to buy please!
104.02XANADU::TEAMLK::HullMon Feb 21 1994Program to print all topics in Win Help file?
105.02HUMOR::EPPESThu Feb 24 1994Browsing Help files even when they don't have browse sequences
106.03NWTIMA::PETERSEN_EJThu Feb 24 1994#.HELLLP!
107.01DELNI::BUKWHT::HANSENMon Feb 28 1994PCMS: CMS from the PC
109.02CRAYON::GENTWed Mar 02 1994Request: share your WinHelp style files
110.014GL::CMURRAYFri Mar 04 1994New e-mail list: Winhlp-L
111.02NURSE::FLANAGANThu Mar 10 1994Changing Templates for Hardcopy
112.01TNPUBS::GAUTHIERTue Mar 15 1994Graphic animation
113.0DELNI::BUKWHT::HANSENFri Mar 18 1994Animation in .HLP files
114.07CXDOCS::DCHAVEZMon Mar 21 1994Latest Microsoft Help Authoring Tools Available
115.0PINION::BOWKERMon Mar 21 1994Screen problem jumping between .MVB files
116.0EVTSG8::WEBSTERTue Mar 22 1994Multiple Resolution Bitmap Compiler
117.03HANNAH::DOCTEAMFri Mar 25 1994Viewer or Help on NT?
118.07TALLIS::KOCHWed Mar 30 1994ForeHelp -- a WYSIWYG help authoring tool.
119.01NURSE::FLANAGANWed Mar 30 1994Book: "Developing Online Help for Windows"
120.03LINGO::PETERSTue Apr 05 1994Access to History information?
121.08SCAACT::FORBESWed Apr 06 1994Doc-To-Help and Word 6.
122.01CHOSRV::HORNUNGMon Apr 11 1994OS/2 IPF to Windows RTF converter util needed!
123.01CLT::CSCAPE::AnastasiaTue Apr 19 1994Naming Conventions for Context Strings
124.03HANNAH::ILSLEYTue Apr 19 1994HyperTrack tool and Internet info
125.02EXCENT::KASPERTue Apr 19 1994Not Enough Memory to compile help file
126.04DPPRIP::FOYFri Apr 29 1994Call macro AND popup?
127.0ROMEDU::NEBBIAMon May 02 1994Ownership and availability of tools
128.01ROMEDU::NEBBIATue May 03 1994Errors R6915 and DOSX16
129.04CAPNET::PDICKERSONThu May 05 1994Can Help start with a secondary window, not the main window?
130.0TERSE::ROBINSONThu May 05 1994Issues around moving from Winhelp to MM Viewer
131.02USHSThu May 05 1994embeded graphic in word document failed to compile
132.0NWGEDU::DINGEMANSFri May 06 1994Edit Topic... gives WordBASIC Err=5
134.04USHSThu May 12 1994Header in help file
136.02HANNAH::ILSLEYMon May 16 1994HLP2DOC freeware...
137.05DEMON::PANGAKISMon May 23 1994Designing Online Help - Bibliography/books/articles?
138.01GALVIA::LBAKERWed May 25 1994WHAT and Word 5.
139.03NURSE::FLANAGANWed May 25 1994Using Buttons for Topics with Doc-To-Help
140.04CXDOCS::DCHAVEZTue May 31 1994New HAG.HLP and Winword Template available
141.02BASLL1::ROBERTSONIWed Jun 08 1994Failure of DLL Breaking Function
142.03JGODCL::JANSENThu Jun 09 1994Print the entire HLP file
143.0HANNAH::ILSLEYThu Jun 09 1994House style guide?
144.01TNPUBS::BELLUSCITue Jun 14 1994associating an index file with a help file
145.0ELWOOD::CLARKEWed Jun 15 1994Invalid fault in RTF file.
146.0HUMOR::EPPESMon Jun 20 1994Review of Doc-to-Help, ForeHelp, HelpBreeze, MasterHelp, RoboHELP
147.04IOSG::MERCHANTWed Jun 29 1994But is it useful? (Feedback)
148.0ERLANG::GLASERFri Jul 08 1994Hypertext Service info for Sable
149.01DEMON::PANGAKISThu Jul 14 1994LSE/TPU procedures ASCII->RTF?
150.02TNPUBS::MICOZZITue Jul 19 1994Positioning Tables with DoctoHelp
151.04GL::CMURRAYThu Jul 28 1994RTFMOD - Rich Text Format Modifier
152.03TENNIS::KAMFri Jul 29 1994Info on WHAT6 as of 29 July 1994/MSDNLIB CD8
153.02TENNIS::KAMSat Jul 30 1994Building a Help File w/ Word or Help Author comments?
154.0BASLL1::ROBERTSONIMon Aug 01 1994What the 'DLL'
155.0GRANMA::RSHEINBERGMon Aug 01 1994WinHelp help needed
158.01NWGEDU::DINGEMANSTue Aug 09 1994Word Basic error 124
159.02SUPER::TIERNANTue Aug 09 1994DOC-TO-HELP "Find Box" error
160.02JULIET::GEIGER_RISun Aug 14 1994WINHELP file format?
161.0PHAROS::HINESMon Aug 15 1994Authoring tools jobaid
162.0TENNIS::KAMTue Aug 16 1994Error: Could not perform compile?
163.05LACVThu Aug 25 1994Browse Sequence help needed
164.04LACVSat Aug 27 1994Help keeping format when window is resized
165.01MXOCWed Aug 31 1994Chicago
166.01HUMOR::EPPESThu Sep 01 1994Couple of WordBasic errors with RoboHELP 2.6 and Word 6.
167.02TERSE::ROBINSONFri Sep 02 1994Chicago WinHelp Strategy information
168.04CLT::CSCAPE::AnastasiaThu Sep 08 1994ZKO Windows Help Developers Forum
169.0SUPER::TIERNANThu Sep 22 1994PC to MAC?
170.02PINION::BOWKERFri Sep 23 1994Mviewer2 Pane Print/Tab Problem
174.02TROOA::AKERMANISMon Oct 03 1994Multiple topic links...how?
176.01RINGSS::WALESTue Oct 04 1994Simple way to edit help files?
177.03HLDEThu Oct 06 1994Line drawing font
178.01DEMON::PANGAKISThu Oct 06 1994Dynamic numbering? Variables in help files?
179.02HANNAH::ILSLEYThu Nov 10 1994Customizing Doc-to-Help templates?
180.01UHUH::DILLBERGERTue Nov 15 1994What is hypertext?
182.0CSC32::T_HUTCHINMon Nov 21 1994Non-scrolling region using AMIPRO
183.04HLDETue Nov 29 1994Macro 'JI' and secondary window
184.0TAVWed Nov 30 1994Problem printing bitmap images on DEC LA324 (=Bull Multiprinter)
185.01EVTSG8::WEBSTERWed Nov 30 1994Visual C++ Code for Context Sensitive Help
187.01TNPUBS::FISHERMon Dec 05 1994SHED and popping up a secondary window
189.0PINION::BOWKERMon Dec 12 1994? Capacity of Mviewer Copy Buffer
190.01PINION::BOWKERMon Dec 12 1994Neat Graphic Technique
191.01LACVMon Dec 12 1994VB HelpWriter Info Anyone?
192.02PEGLEG::DEBRUYNTue Dec 13 1994winword errors during editing
194.01DEMON::PANGAKISTue Dec 20 1994MMV as delivery mechanism, customization?
195.0CSSE::MEYERSTue Jan 03 1995Convert HLP to HTML ??
196.0HUMOR::EPPESFri Jan 06 1995WinHelp electronic newsletter
197.01TLE::KDICKINSONWed Jan 18 1995What should go in Help About?
198.02PINION::BOWKERTue Jan 24 1995Need French and F/L Stop Words
199.01WREATH::FANTASIAThu Feb 16 1995DOC2HELP and Navigator problems
200.0VAXUUM::HARAMUNDANISMon Feb 20 1995Report from WinHelp Conference '95, Seattle
202.02TLE::KDICKINSONTue Feb 28 1995Replacement of Windows NT Help with Windows 95 Help???
203.04HLDEMon Mar 20 1995Help Methodologies
204.02PEGLEG::DEBRUYNTue Mar 21 1995Trademark symbol not displaying
205.03WNPVSun Apr 02 1995Problems with quote marks and apostrophes
206.01TNPUBS::MCKINNONMon Apr 03 1995Doc-to-Help 1.5 -> 1.6 problem
207.07TERSE::ICENOGLETue Apr 18 1995Multiple secondary windows?
208.01NAC::TURMELThu Apr 20 1995Can't find Win95 Help Compiler on SDK...
209.03LARVAE::AKHTAR_WFri Apr 21 1995Visual Basic Help function
210.0TERSE::ICENOGLEFri Apr 21 1995D2H on NT 3.5?
211.01DEMON::BOWKERFri Apr 21 1995Print/Topic problem
212.01DONVAN::KEEFEMon Apr 24 1995Fonts
213.03USCTR1::CROSBY_GWed Apr 26 1995RoboHELP & WordIA
214.04TERSE::ICENOGLEThu Apr 20 1995Preventing reformatting of text (margins)?
215.02HUMOR::EPPESFri Apr 28 1995"WinHelp Office" from Blue Sky (the RoboHELP folks)
216.0HUMOR::EPPESTue May 02 1995WinHelp resources available on the Internet
217.04ORION::SHERLOCKFri May 05 1995Using the WinHelp 4.
218.02DEMON::DOWNINGThu May 11 1995Macro to Create Win95 CNT File
219.02ADCATue May 16 1995Text missing in PopUp window
220.02VAXRIO::63142::angelaWed May 17 1995Unknown macro in Portuguese WinWord?
221.0HUMOR::EPPESMon May 22 1995MSDN article on WinHelp 4.
222.0TNPUBS::CARRIGFri May 26 1995Doc-To-Help Notes Conference
223.04TNPUBS::ICENOGLEThu Jun 15 1995How to create UP Button?
224.02HUMOR::EPPESMon Jun 19 1995Footnoters no longer matching titles
225.04MAASUP::TURROWed Jul 12 1995Some Help Please!
226.07TNPUBS::J_GOLDSTEINMon Jul 31 1995Windows95 and Windows NT Help - different compilers?
227.04GALVIA::EMURPHYThu Aug 17 1995RoboHELP V2.6 coming back to haunt me after V3.
228.04HWY61::BAECHTOLDWed Aug 30 1995Mangled List Numbering in Windows 95 Compile
229.0HELIX::LFIELDThu Aug 31 1995Framemaker -> Windows 3.1 help
230.0TLE::KDICKINSONMon Oct 02 1995Windows 95 book to be published November
231.0HANNAH::ILSLEYWed Oct 18 1995Doc-To-Help for Windows 95 at end of Nov
232.07TINCUP::CABRALTue Oct 24 1995HTML to DOC converter?
233.01HUMOR::EPPESTue Dec 19 1995Observations (from usability testing) on how people use help files
234.01DEMON::BOWKERTue Jan 02 1996Win95 Help Authoring Comments?
235.05TINCUP::CABRALMon Jan 08 1996Style Guide for Windows NT and 95?
236.01IVOSS1::BONNER_BOMon Jan 29 1996Help, please on WIN95 .HLP behavior
237.01TINCUP::CABRALMon Feb 05 1996Windows NT - Does it support "What's This" Help?
238.09TINCUP::CABRALMon Feb 05 1996Displaying 2 Help Files from an Application
239.03TNPUBS::J_GOLDSTEINTue Feb 06 1996Syntax problem with ChangeButtonBinding macro
240.0DOCTP::TURMELWed Feb 07 1996Popup contents?
241.01TNPUBS::J_GOLDSTEINThu Feb 08 1996Limit on Secondary Windows in WinHelp 3.1?
242.0HUMOR::EPPESFri Feb 09 1996Microsoft to replace WinHelp RTF with HTML
243.0TNPUBS::J_GOLDSTEINMon Feb 12 1996Looking for RoboHelp 3 WinHelp HyperViewer
244.02ZENDIA::HAKKARAINENTue Feb 13 1996Lists and WinHelp 4.
245.0226115::LALIBERTETue Feb 27 1996need robohelp help !!! context id
246.01BOOKIE::chayna.zko.dec.com::EPPESTue Feb 27 1996EasyHelp/Web - generates HTML and WinHelp from Word sources
247.02HELIX::LFIELDWed Feb 28 1996How to put "Digital Confidential" in every topic easily?
248.02TINCUP::CABRALThu Mar 07 1996Pop-ups: How to Control Font Size
249.0ZENDIA::HAKKARAINENMon Mar 11 1996Semi-official WinHelp bug list
250.012DEVLPR::SHEKERWed Apr 24 1996Context sensitive help
251.01OZROCK::OBEIRNEWed May 15 1996win95 auto-sizing help windows
252.010CSC32::T_HUTCHINTue May 28 1996Where to get WinHelp 4.
253.02TINCUP::CABRALThu Jul 18 1996Shortcut Buttons in Win95 Help
254.03VAXRIO::CORREAFri Aug 02 1996How to compile table with borders?
255.06HANNAH::ILSLEYMon Aug 05 1996Free Robohelp 95a and Compatibility Wizard
256.03HANNAH::ILSLEYTue Aug 06 1996HTML Help coming...
257.03TINCUP::CABRALTue Sep 10 1996Auto Resize of Table Column Widths?
258.05VAXRIO::GOMIDESThu Sep 12 1996Help Topic does not exist
259.01TINCUP::CABRALThu Sep 19 1996Define Custom Colors button in RoboHELP 95
260.02BOOKIE::chayna.zko.dec.com::tamara::eppesMon Sep 30 1996Conditionalize text WITHIN help topics?
261.06TNPUBS::J_GOLDSTEINMon Nov 18 1996There are more opening braces than closing braces problem
262.04DONVAN::SCOPAFri Nov 22 1996Robohelp Authorable Button Problem Note
263.01TINCUP::CABRALWed Nov 27 1996SHED Graphics - Background not transparent
264.02TINCUP::CABRALThu Dec 19 1996CNT File for RoboHELP 95 - Where's the pointer?
265.0LJSRV1::ILSLEYWed Jan 22 1997Some Word 8 / Office 97 warnings...
266.0 *TNPUBS::WOODWARDFri Apr 25 1997Popups Appear As Main Windows