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Conference bookie::casino

Title:Casino Gambling
Created:Tue Oct 05 1993
Last Modified:Tue May 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:64
Total number of notes:361
Number with bodies:6
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1.02DBLDOG::DONHAMTue Oct 05 1993Welcome to Casino Gambling
2.039DBLDOG::DONHAMTue Oct 05 1993Conference Registry
3.0+4DBLDOG::DONHAMWed Oct 06 1993Conference Announcements
4.0DBLDOG::DONHAMWed Oct 06 1993Reserved
5.0DBLDOG::DONHAMWed Oct 06 1993Reserved
6.03DBLDOG::DONHAMTue Oct 05 1993General Casino Frequently-Asked-Questions from rec.gambling
7.01DBLDOG::DONHAMTue Oct 05 1993Craps Frequently-Asked-Questions from rec.gambling
8.019DBLDOG::DONHAMTue Oct 05 1993Blackjack Frequently-Asked-Questions from rec.gambling
9.01DBLDOG::DONHAMTue Oct 05 1993Video Poker Frequently-Asked-Questions from rec.gambling
10.08DBLDOG::DONHAMTue Oct 05 1993Poker Frequently-Asked-Questions from rec.gambling
11.01DBLDOG::DONHAMTue Oct 05 1993Miscellaneous Games Frequently-Asked-Questions from rec.gambling
12.021DBLDOG::DONHAMWed Oct 13 1993Beating the slots?
13.0DBLDOG::DONHAMThu Oct 14 1993Events
14.05DBLDOG::DONHAMMon Oct 18 1993Usenet / Internet gaming groups
15.03KOALA::BOUCHARDWed Oct 20 1993Foxwoods poker -- when to play?
16.07EARRTH::PERLAFri Oct 22 1993Montreal casino?
17.022KACIE::SANDERTue Oct 26 1993Foxwoods (Ledyard, CT)
18.04RTL::LINDQUISTThu Oct 28 1993Blackjack Software
19.011DBLDOG::DONHAMMon Nov 01 1993'93 World Poker Finals (Foxwoods) schedule
20.0CSSE16::SILVERFri Nov 05 1993CRAPS software?
21.0DBLDOG::DONHAMMon Nov 08 1993Map of Vegas (ASCII)
23.07HERIAM::CARRIEFri Dec 03 1993The Luxor/Vegas hotspots
25.01USCTR1::MMURRAYFri Dec 17 1993Driving Time to Las Vegas from Anaheim or San Diego
26.015SCCAT::DICKEYTue Dec 21 1993Income Tax and Morality Topic.
27.02BAGLDY::SIPILAWed Dec 22 1993Vegas/Laughlin/Pahrump
28.06FURFCE::CARRIEThu Jan 06 1994Bingo at Foxwoods
29.02LEVERS::R_PEPEMon Jan 10 1994KENO in Mass. Restaurants?
30.0+20KAOOA::MWEBBTue Jan 11 1994Vegas hotels question
31.02QETOO::FERREIRATue Jan 11 1994Blackjack conditions in US
32.07POWDML::PILLIVANTMon Jan 17 1994Wanted: 25 cent mechanica slot machine
33.07MUNICH::SCHALLERMon Jan 24 1994age limit for gambling/shows?
34.08EASI::GEENENWed Feb 16 1994Blackjack Card Counting
38.04SWAM1::KAWA_MIThu May 12 1994"Love Vegas"
39.0COMET::SOCORROWed May 18 1994Cripple Creek Note!
40.02PEACHS::DRYEMon Jun 06 1994Mississippi Casino
41.04POWDML::PALVIAMon Jul 18 1994Las Vegas Shows
42.06ASIC::MFERRAROMon Aug 01 1994Hickok's six card
43.02SNAX::WAGERTue Aug 16 1994A 2nd Conn. Casino??
44.0SNAX::WAGERWed Aug 17 1994Atlantic City Recommendations
45.06SNAX::WAGERThu Aug 25 1994N.Y. Casino
46.05LEEL::LINDQUISTThu Aug 25 1994Poker for PC?
47.02WRKSYS::PAIKFri Nov 18 1994Four Queens Poker Cruise Satellite report
49.02YSDVTue Dec 20 1994special dynamite (5 stud poker)
50.01MTWASH::GRAY_TFri Jan 13 1995WANTED: for VT34
51.0TOOTTS::KINNEYDMon Jan 23 1995The Flamingo in New Orleans
52.08SALEM::SPAGNUOLOThu Jan 26 1995Excalibur Recommendation?
53.04STOWOA::CLOUTIERFri Jan 27 1995Gambling in Puerto Rico
54.0TELSEL::ROBRIEN_CMon Feb 20 1995Trip Report Atlantic City
55.04SALEM::SPAGNUOLOThu Mar 30 1995Foxwoods resturants question....
56.0HUMOR::EPPESMon Apr 17 1995"Las Vegas Online" - a Web home page
57.08SWAM1::KAWA_MISun May 21 1995Laughlin
58.01POWDML::PALVIATue Jun 13 1995Winner / Loser
59.0MIMS::KINSER_JMon Jun 26 1995Aruba Casinos info?
60.06OTOOA::BERNARDFri Mar 29 1996New Casino in Hull, Quebec, Canada
61.08AKOCOA::CSAWYERMon Apr 01 1996C/W theme casino w/dance floor in Vegas?
62.02SWAM1::KAWA_MITue May 28 1996Need some luck.
63.0SALEM::MCCULLOCHSun Jun 16 1996Slot Machines Wanted
64.0ASDG::JOHNSONThu Sep 26 1996New Casino in Connecticut
64.01IROCZ::PARTRIDGETue Nov 19 1996What about the Mohegan Casino?