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Conference orarep::nomahs::sql_services

Title:SQL/Services Forum
Notice:kits(3) ft info(7) QAR access (8) SPR access (10)
Created:Thu Oct 13 1988
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:2214
Total number of notes:8586
Number with bodies:352
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1.07NOVA::HSUThu Oct 13 1988Welcome to the SQL/SERVICES Notes Conference
2.086NOVA::HSUThu Oct 13 1988This note reserved for participant sign-in
3.05NOVA::HSUThu Oct 13 1988Distribution Kits
4.06NOVA::HSUThu Oct 13 1988Documentation Kits
5.03NOVA::HSUThu Oct 13 1988Phase Review Information
6.02NOVA::HSUThu Oct 13 1988Ordering Information
7.04NOVA::HSUThu Oct 13 1988Field Test Information
8.01NOVA::HSUThu Oct 13 1988How to access the QAR system
9.010BROKE::GILPATRICKThu Sep 02 1993Support Articles
10.02BROKE::GILPATRICKThu Sep 02 1993How to access SPR system
11.04MINDER::PICKERINGMon Oct 17 1988What 'tools' on PC are TBS?
12.08CLT::ALEXANDERMon Oct 17 1988SQL Services Description?
13.05KESEY::GETSINGERMon Oct 17 1988VMS, ULTRIX, and OSF -- One DB for all systems?
14.012SOS6::LECOREFri Oct 21 1988Tell me more about the SERVER
15.01NEWVAX::TSHAWTue Oct 25 1988Are these valid uses of SQL/Services?
16.09NOVA::CASWELLTue Oct 25 1988DEC and ATC announce dBASE - SQL/Srv's 1st client!
17.03BANZAI::HSUWed Oct 26 1988Field Test Training
18.01IND::TAKOSMon Nov 14 1988Architecture of Server ?
19.07DWOVAX::BONINIWed Nov 16 1988Query passing standard?
20.08SNOCTue Nov 22 1988Plans for the MAC?
21.04SNOCTue Nov 22 1988When available?
22.05MDVAX1::DUNCANGWed Nov 23 1988Training Available ?
23.09IND::TAKOSTue Dec 06 1988Just A Few Questions
24.09DAVIDS::DAVIDFri Dec 09 1988Few problems with the VMS api
25.02HSKThu Dec 15 1988What SQLSRV.DMP?
26.01HIRAM::BARNESFri Dec 16 1988Get the 11/15 netkit, the 1
27.01PHDVAX::LARSONWed Dec 21 1988OS/2 Support?
28.03HSKThu Dec 29 1988DOS API/'Invalid statement id'
29.02HIRAM::BARNESThu Jan 12 1989Wishlist for the next version
30.0BANZAI::SERRAThu Feb 02 1989Ultrix API announcement!!
31.02MQOP12::P_BOURASSAFri Feb 03 1989Multinational character support
32.04TROAThu Feb 16 1989What Rdb License is needed for SQL Services?
33.0REORG::ROGOFFWed Feb 22 1989It's not as complicated as it looks
34.07POBOX::LACEYThu Mar 02 1989Token-Ring access
35.03CSOA1::MOLLEYTue Mar 07 1989SQL/Services vs. CL/1
36.01BISTRO::GODFRINDFri Mar 10 1989Missing error codes for the sample application
37.011WARABI::DEHEERSun Mar 12 1989Writing Programs for Multiple Platforms
38.03HIRAM::BARNESWed Mar 29 1989V1.1 internationalization input requested
39.01TROAMon Apr 03 1989Field Test Problems
40.07POBOX::LACEYWed May 03 1989Sybase SQL-Server
41.01SNO78C::BELAKHOVThu May 18 1989NEC APC IV's ???
42.01EEMELI::MANNISTOWed May 24 1989With RDB or not
43.02EEMELI::MANNISTOThu May 25 1989Where 'prepare' is done?
44.0TRCATue May 30 1989Competitive Analysis?
45.01TAVSun Jun 04 1989SQL services implementation
46.0HIRAM::BARNESMon Jun 12 1989DECnet DOS V2.1 large model bug
47.04SNO78C::BELAKHOVMon Jun 26 1989More information needed !!!!
48.01RICARD::GODFRINDMon Jun 26 1989SQL/Services kit bundled with Rdb/VMS RTO Kit ?
49.0MSDSWS::SECRISTMon Jun 26 1989Current Product Info ?
50.02AKOV68::WHS_DEV_CONSWed Jul 05 1989Dynamic/Modular cursor question
51.01SNO78A::MACLAURINTue Jul 11 1989SQL/Services IVP failure
52.05NANOOK::ANTHONYWed Jul 12 19892
53.02ROMMon Jul 17 1989SPD????
54.05GLORY::LAITue Jul 18 1989SQL/Services vs VMS remote access
55.04SNO78C::BELAKHOVWed Jul 19 1989Any applications out there ???
56.02BMT::JWILLIAMSMon Jul 24 1989ultrix install question
57.01GUIDUK::HENRYMon Jul 24 1989SQL Service of IBM
58.01SNO78C::BELAKHOVWed Jul 26 1989How to do a SQL> SHOW VERSION ?
59.05MXOVThu Jul 27 1989SQL Services/Sybase/dB IV questions
60.05ASDS::CMCDERMOTTFri Jul 28 1989TCP/IP?
61.08ZPOVThu Aug 10 1989DECstation supported?
62.02SHAPES::HJONESThu Aug 17 1989Training material?
63.01USRCV1::SHOWALTERFri Aug 18 1989SQL/Services on Novel Network?
65.01SAC::HOBBSTue Aug 22 1989Rdb V3.1 Support
66.02ASDS::CMCDERMOTTTue Aug 22 1989Ingres?
67.02HGOVC::MICHAELCHIUWed Aug 23 1989Panic! Corrupted SQSAPIS.LIB file
68.04BRICHS::BIRCHTue Aug 29 1989Homegrown APIs?
69.014EEMELI::MANNISTOFri Sep 01 1989Memory usage?
70.02NOATAK::WAITEFri Sep 01 1989PC failure recognition
71.01TAVIS::RONYWed Sep 06 1989conformance to Microsoft/Sybase standard
72.03SNO78C::BELAKHOVTue Sep 12 1989What happens when client connection is lost ???
73.0LAIDBK::VICTORMon Sep 18 1989Using Turbo C?
74.02LASHAM::CHANDARANAWed Sep 20 1989PC access for DB2 databases using sql_serv/VIDA
75.07AKOLD1::BENNETTFri Sep 22 1989Questions on SQL/Services design decisions.
76.014VAOUMon Sep 25 1989Third party products
77.09CBOSWS::FRYLANDWed Sep 27 1989Develop on Ultrix -> move to VAX???
78.04MISFIT::EPSTEINJMon Oct 02 1989MS-Windows Application Compliant?
79.0NEOVWed Oct 04 1989fortran sample program?
80.01CBOSWS::FRYLANDFri Oct 06 1989Accessing IBM, RDB, and Ultrix DBs
81.01DELREY::LANGSTON_BRMon Oct 09 1989Slide Show for SWS Sales Support?
82.02SHALOT::BOYDFri Oct 13 1989Example program for SQL/SERVICES
83.03OTOOThu Oct 19 1989Informix to Rdb using SQL/Services?
84.01TROAFri Oct 20 19891-2-3 Version 3 for SQL Services
85.012NBOSWS::REITHTue Oct 31 1989Performance question
86.02IND::BOWERSFri Nov 03 1989ULTRIX/RISC
87.02EEMELI::MANNISTOMon Nov 20 1989Multi updates with one request?
88.03AKOLD1::BENNETTMon Nov 20 1989Format of Dynamic (i.e. SQLSRV) Parameter LIsts
89.018SNO78C::BELAKHOVSun Dec 03 1989Paradox database system on MS-DOS ?
90.09SQLSRV::BARNESMon Dec 04 1989The DUIT SQL Services demo is now on line
91.06ATLAST::KELLYThu Dec 07 1989DBKEY input problem
92.04ATLAST::KELLYThu Dec 07 1989LOCAL_FLAG weirdness
93.01ASDS::CMCDERMOTTMon Dec 11 1989User Interface Question?
94.04BANZAI::NEEDLEMANFri Dec 15 1989sql 199X
95.0NOVA::FOLDEVIThu Jan 04 1990the demo script
96.07BACHUS::LEENMon Jan 08 1990Problem installing the ULTRIX version
97.05HANThu Jan 11 1990access to IDMS/R and IMS?
98.02SAC::HOBBS2Mon Jan 15 1990Dbase IV and PC Tools
99.03SHALOT::KELLYThu Jan 18 1990proxy to IBM?
100.01COPCLU::TROELSMon Jan 22 1990Products for SQL-Client?
101.03LAIDBK::ROKNIANTue Jan 23 1990A few questions...
102.03MUSKIE::THOMPSONGTue Jan 23 1990Dispatcher/Servers rather than pools???
103.01MUCTEC::BORBATHWed Jan 31 1990Problems installing the VMS version
104.01ASDS::CMCDERMOTTThu Feb 01 1990SQL_Services and Ultrix/SQL
105.03VAXRIO::DANYFri Feb 02 1990What about the source code??
106.06TROAMon Feb 12 19903rd Party Endorsements
107.0TROAThu Feb 15 1990EXCEL to RDB Demo
108.02TROAMon Feb 19 1990License Question
109.05TROATue Feb 20 1990NETbios Support
110.09ZPOVWed Feb 21 1990Statements in different programs
111.09ISETue Feb 27 1990MS/DOS installation questions
112.0CLYPPR::HSUWed Feb 28 1990Down-Time
113.01ISEMon Mar 05 1990PC hang in sqlsrv_associate
114.03HANTue Mar 06 1990MS/DOS installation problem
115.06ISEWed Mar 07 1990RDB-E-BAD-DB-FORMAT
116.03ISEMon Mar 12 1990SQL/Services on UNIX?
117.04QUICKR::WASSERMANWed Mar 14 1990Wanted: ideas for sales demo
119.02EVOIS6::TEBOULFri Mar 16 1990Just a help using COBOL....
120.01HGOVC::SHIRLEYCHANMon Mar 19 1990SQL Services on PC
121.02SHALOT::KELLYTue Mar 20 1990Mixed memory problem
122.01ISEThu Mar 22 1990Problem using VIDA
123.01TAVMon Mar 26 1990ULTRIX/RISC API for Rdb 3.
124.010BERNMon Mar 26 1990SQLERRD[
125.0ISETue Mar 27 1990Hardware and Software requirement for MAC SQL/Services?
126.04SUBWAY::KERBSTue Mar 27 1990PC SQL Client
127.02SUBWAY::KABELThu Mar 29 1990updated pointer to documentation
128.03MQOP12::P_BOURASSAMon Apr 09 1990VIDA DB2 and parameters problems
129.02KAOFS::M_ROYTue Apr 10 1990OPEN_CURSOR resets pointer on already opened cursor
130.03SHALOT::KELLYTue Apr 10 1990Field Test Questions
131.011BOOZER::LUMMISWed Apr 11 1990'C' from Cobol ?
132.02TAVThu Apr 12 1990Mixing Dynamic SQL with precompiled
133.01ISETue Apr 17 1990Open two DBs and join tables?
134.01TPSPS1::TSC1MGRWed Apr 18 1990DECLAR auth_id SCHEMA two times crash system
135.09DGOSWThu Apr 19 1990MS/DOS layered Products available
137.03KAZAN::SOENENTue Apr 24 1990SQL/SERVICES For Macintosh
138.0CLYPPR::WASSERMANWed Apr 25 1990Top seven questions
139.09SUBWAY::JCOLONThu Apr 26 1990SERVER=int.proc?
140.06TAVWed May 02 1990Time_out ?
141.02KAOFS::B_ZINNThu May 03 1990sqlsrv_fetch_many corrupting data?
142.02PRSSOS::LECOREFri May 04 1990FETCH Performance Question
143.0MANMSat May 05 1990RM-Cobol on PC
144.01CLYPPR::HSUTue May 08 1990Extended Memory Products
146.0ATHINA::XYDASThu May 17 1990SQLSERV for Oracle/Ultrix ?
147.06NOVA::WASSERMANFri May 18 1990Official fact sheet
148.04NOVA::WASSERMANFri May 18 1990Slide presentation (script in .+1)
149.05CAM::BRENNANTue May 29 1990UWS / SQL Services?
150.01MSDSWS::WADEWed May 30 1990LOTUS/VMS 123 Access to Rdb "help"
151.02ISEWed May 30 1990MS/DOS Link File error?
152.016YUPPY::SANDYThu May 31 1990Lotus/Rdb Access?
153.01ZPOVTue Jun 05 1990Some Advices Needed in a Awkward Situation
154.08CSC32::M_HOEPNERWed Jun 06 1990IVP fails on SQLERRD[
155.03DISORG::FAATZMon Jun 11 1990SQL/Services Documentation - Pointer to
156.0DISORG::FAATZMon Jun 11 1990Documentation on REORG Node
157.02INTERN::CARTERTue Jun 12 1990RISC Ultrix link errors
158.013TAVTue Jun 12 1990License question
159.04TAOVFri Jun 15 1990IVP Fail when installing Rdb/VMS V3.1
160.01LYOIS1::LEFEBVREMon Jun 18 1990sql_serv advantages???
161.04AISG::CHANGMon Jun 18 1990sqlsrv_set_filter
162.01TAVTue Jun 19 1990binding to ada ?
163.01CIMNET::BOURDEAUWed Jun 20 1990Who is using SQL Services ?
164.02VAXRIO::DANYThu Jun 21 1990sqlsrv_release commits ???
165.01OSLSWS::HAAVARDOTue Jun 26 1990Server processes unde V4.
166.06NOVA::WASSERMANTue Jun 26 1990Which applications do you want?
167.03AISG::CHANGWed Jun 27 1990SQL/Services and SQL module language
168.01WEORKS::ROBBINSWed Jun 27 1990What's on the front end
169.011MANMThu Jul 05 1990Rdb/VMS file to PC dBase IV file
170.01NOVA::WASSERMANThu Jul 05 1990SQL/Services demo at DECWorld
171.01MQOATue Jul 10 1990RISC,pc,db...Performance???
172.06CIMNET::RUDRAKSHIThu Jul 19 1990Process pooling problem
173.02HILLST::AMELIThu Jul 26 1990Need help with some questions for a customer!
174.01WARABI::JACOBSFri Jul 27 1990Percentage improvement using pooling????
175.04LYOIS1::BRUNETTue Jul 31 1990APOLLO/UNIX api ?
177.01COOKIE::BRIJTue Aug 07 1990bus error for large table
178.01MEIS::SIGALOWed Aug 08 1990Sample C programs using Dynamic SQL...
179.03MINOS::BONNELLTue Aug 14 1990specific cause of generic error?
180.011GIDDAY::RALLINGSWed Aug 15 1990SQLERRD[
181.01MSDSWS::WADEFri Aug 24 1990SQL 3.1 release notes missing
182.07GLDOA::DISHNEAUThu Aug 30 1990Request for Information and the SPD
183.02VIA::HEFFERNANWed Sep 05 1990docs?
184.0REORG::FAATZWed Sep 05 1990Final SQL/Services Documentation for Rdb/VMS V4.
185.07TROAThu Sep 06 1990PC SQL End User ASSET
186.03CIMNET::RUDRAKSHIFri Sep 07 1990IDLE setting of server processes
187.03THEBAY::SOORENKFEWed Sep 12 1990SQL Services and access to Oracle and CA/IDMS
188.03CIMNET::RUDRAKSHIThu Sep 13 1990Problem in creating db class server
189.04EMASS1::MARTINThu Sep 13 1990Configuration help
190.01CIMNET::RUDRAKSHIMon Sep 17 1990Question on proxy
191.02MUNLEG::TUSCHEKWed Sep 19 1990Passing NULL values to parameter markers?
192.01GRANPA::DCLAWSONThu Sep 20 1990SQL access for ORACLE?????
193.03AUNTB::GETTYSBIThu Sep 20 1990Do we use DLL in the OS/2 version?
194.01BREAKR::MADDENThu Sep 20 1990SQL services and MS windows
195.0OVID::BONNELLMon Sep 24 1990Keep the cursor around?
196.05NEOVTue Sep 25 1990SQL/service<-->PARADOX Demo. HELP!!!
197.02SHALOT::WELTONTue Sep 25 1990SQL/Services Header file problem
198.0BEAGLE::GODFRINDThu Sep 27 1990Error in sample program and IVP
199.02BEAGLE::GODFRINDThu Sep 27 1990Buffer size and performance
200.01TRUCKS::BARNES_RThu Sep 27 1990SQLSRV_FETCH Problem
201.0NZKIWI::CHAMBERLINMon Oct 01 1990R-Base
202.02TROATue Oct 02 1990Microsoft Server Questions
203.01GBIWed Oct 03 1990System sizing rules needed
204.02GBIWed Oct 03 1990Netkit & documentation
205.08OTOUWed Oct 03 1990MAC tools supported by SQL/Services API?
206.04BOMBE::ALDENWed Oct 03 1990Unknown termination status using execution class server
207.03ZPOACT::SEOWHURNThu Oct 04 1990RDB access via SQL from LOTUS ALL-IN-1
208.03EEMELI::KORVENRANTATue Oct 09 1990API and Rdb-rt ?
209.04BARMY::PETERWed Oct 10 1990Access violation without /debug
210.02MEO78B::FLAHERTYThu Oct 11 1990List of Vendor support??
211.012BARMY::PETERTue Oct 16 1990How to put Host variables into the SQLDA ?
212.01SCAACT::HARRISONThu Oct 18 1990SQL Services --> VMS (SQL Module Language)
213.01MEO78B::FLAHERTYFri Oct 19 1990Any Response to 21
214.03BAHTAT::BELLFri Oct 19 1990Oracle->VIDA->DB2 via SQL Services?
215.01BOMBE::ALDENFri Oct 19 1990Does a commit close a cursor?
216.01VAXRIO::DANYWed Oct 24 1990PARADOX kit ??
217.0PIRU::GOETZETue Oct 30 1990Report writers for DOS/SQL Services?
218.02BOSTON::BIANCOWed Oct 31 1990SQL/Services problem with DECnet need to be addressed
219.01SHALOT::DUNCANTue Nov 06 1990SQL/Services memory management?
220.05STRIKR::THATCHERWed Nov 07 1990Please Help with IVP Failure
221.02SHALOT::DUNCANFri Nov 09 1990sqlsrv_sqlda_set_data usage
222.03HGOSPS::STEVENLAUTue Nov 13 1990Error in linking SQSIVP.
223.0EISLMC::COHENWed Nov 14 1990DB2 to PC demo
224.04DELCHZ::THOMPSONThu Nov 15 1990Enterprise Integration Capabilities?????
225.01LYOIS2::FIETFri Nov 16 1990SQL/Services <-> ULTRIX/SQL
226.01TAVSun Nov 18 1990PC (Paradox & PCSA) <-- VAX accvio, need help
228.01DELCHZ::THOMPSONTue Nov 20 1990SQL SERVICES MS/DOS examples?
229.01DELCHZ::THOMPSONTue Nov 20 1990SQL services PS/2 examples?
230.01DELCHZ::THOMPSONTue Nov 20 1990Formal Enhancement channels? QAR system? ??
231.01TAVSun Nov 25 1990sqlsrv_associate with invalid username & password
232.03SHALOT::DUNCANSun Nov 25 1990DBKEY handling question
233.02SHALOT::DUNCANThu Nov 29 1990parameter sqlda confusion
234.02VOGON::HOOPERFri Nov 30 1990SQL/Services demo needed
235.04IJSAPL::PIJNENBURG_WTue Dec 04 1990What 3GL language on MS-DOS
236.03SHALOT::DUNCANWed Dec 05 1990VARCHAR question
237.07SHALOT::DUNCANWed Dec 05 1990Problem keeping server processes available
238.01BOSTON::ELKINSTue Dec 11 1990Accessing more than 1 RDB db from SCO Unix
239.01SHALOT::DUNCANTue Dec 11 1990padding with nulls
241.03MAIL::HAYDENWed Dec 12 1990Where are the DOS C programs?
244.04EVTIS2::DELOBELWed Dec 19 1990link error during install
245.02CX3PST::WSC1Wed Dec 19 1990sql error -2
246.07BOSTON::DAGOSTINOFri Dec 21 1990SQL services to non-DEC databases?
247.03BOSTON::DAGOSTINOWed Dec 26 1990Can we find SQL/NAS in action?
248.0BEAGLE::GODFRINDThu Dec 27 1990See note 234
249.04ZPOVC::JEFFREYCHOYFri Dec 28 1990Can Informix/HP-UX access Rdb/vms ?
250.05TLAVC::WICHAIWed Jan 02 1991DOS sql/services: using sql statements ?
251.01DEKVC::DAEHEEKIMThu Jan 03 1991Help with SQL/Services IVP failure on PC
252.01WISDOM::ROSENBERGFri Jan 04 1991Seeking Documentation Online
253.02CX3PST::WSC1Fri Jan 04 1991ivp on ultrix 3.1 fails
254.03DEKVC::DAEHEEKIMMon Jan 07 1991Failure SQL/Services MS-DOS IVP error(more infor)
255.04MRKTNG::SETTYMon Jan 07 1991SQLSRV$DYNAMIC sample program problem ??
256.0ROMTue Jan 08 1991Problem accessing DB2 with VIDA
257.0DEKVC::DAEHEEKIMWed Jan 09 1991SQL/Services Demo and some query
258.04DEKVC::DAEHEEKIMWed Jan 09 1991SQL/Services Demo and some query(urgent)
259.0CSSEDB::TOBINThu Jan 10 1991interested in an SQL services course?
260.05WILARD::MATTHEWSFri Jan 11 1991Turbo C and SQL/Services?
261.04DEKVC::DAEHEEKIMMon Jan 14 1991Question about DECquery and SQL/Services(important)
262.02KERNEL::PULLEYMon Jan 14 1991Fetch_many--howmany records returned?
263.03COPTOR::SYSTEMTue Jan 15 1991Filling out SQLDA and related questions
264.01VNABRW::PAYLOR_SThu Jan 17 1991LLVs PARADOX ??
266.09HGOSTS::LIWAICHUNGFri Jan 18 1991LINK error - L2
267.012OSLFri Jan 18 1991sql/services ivpfailure
268.0DEKVC::DAEHEEKIMSun Jan 20 1991DECquery some function and user's guide
269.01DEKVC::DAEHEEKIMSun Jan 20 1991DECquery for DOS
271.03OSLSWS::HAAVARDOMon Jan 21 1991SQL/services and SQLconnectivity
272.03YNGSTR::BROWNWed Jan 23 1991Ultrix/SQL+DOS PC sw?
273.03SUBWAY::KABELWed Jan 23 1991Protected mode access to API
274.010EUCLPT::BRADLEYThu Jan 24 1991Pre-started servers and identifiers don't mix
276.012AITVAX::PARDOThu Jan 24 1991SRA & no proxy accounts?
277.0BROKE::HIGGSFri Jan 25 1991SQL/.Services does not access ULTRIX/SQL
278.01NSDC::PERNETThu Jan 24 1991RDMS-F-VIEWNORET occurs only using SQL Services !
279.01ODIXIE::RICHARDSONMon Jan 28 1991SQL services for DOS distribution??
280.02SHALOT::DUNCANTue Jan 29 1991Allocating sqlda's -- how do you do it?
281.09CSC32::MOLLERTue Jan 29 1991ULTRIX API - installu.c not working
282.03TRCAWed Jan 30 1991Macintosh client issues
283.014CSC32::MOLLERThu Jan 31 1991MSDOS API IVP error -2
284.012AITVAX::PARDOThu Jan 31 1991$SQLSRV_PRCQUE batch queue deletes itself
285.02OSLSWS::HAAVARDOFri Feb 01 1991Allocation of processes in pool
286.01BEAGLE::GODFRINDFri Feb 01 1991Wish: a process mgt tool
287.03BEAGLE::GODFRINDFri Feb 01 1991Database class server not supported with 4.
288.01CX3PST::WSCMon Feb 04 1991Problem with Parameter Markers in V4.
289.01SIOG::DALYTue Feb 05 1991SQL Services running slow...
290.03CX3PST::WSC174::S_KEACHTue Feb 05 1991SLQSRV$.DMP file created on system shutdown
291.02NOVA::BARNESThu Feb 07 1991V4.
292.02MRKTNG::BARRYThu Feb 07 1991Ftlexeerr- IVP Fail
293.04UTOPIE::KREISLERTue Feb 12 1991SQLSRV$SHUTDOWN problems
294.01TAVTue Feb 12 19914D of ACIUS with Sybase.
296.07KAL::BARNOThu Feb 14 1991IVP problem with MAC
297.06BEAGLE::GODFRINDFri Feb 15 1991How do I use sqlsrv_set_server_class() ?
298.02MAMTS2::DCLAWSONMon Feb 18 1991USERS per VUP ???
299.01KETJE::LEFEVERWed Feb 20 1991list of products/vendiors supporting SQL_SERVICES
300.0RAB::PITTMANWed Feb 20 1991Example program for SQL/SERVICES -- buffer declarations problem
301.06CSC32::MOLLERThu Feb 21 1991Can't shut down system - SQL$SERVER active
302.01UTRTSC::SOBCZAKMon Feb 25 1991IVP failure SQLERRD[
303.02LARVAE::BRIGGSMon Feb 25 1991SQL Access Standards
304.02TROAMon Feb 25 1991Services for 3.
305.01CSC32::MCCRACKENMon Feb 25 1991Can't "see" SQLSRV$Volume
306.01TROATue Feb 26 1991decnet or sql problem ?
307.01DGOIS1::DROMIGNYWed Feb 27 1991informations about SEQUELINK
308.06CSC32::MCCRACKENWed Feb 27 1991MAC IVP fails on DECnet link
309.03CDROM::WARDThu Feb 28 1991Proxy Account Questions...
310.01CDROM::WARDThu Feb 28 1991SQL$STARTUP.COM problem...
311.02CDROM::WARDMon Mar 04 1991SQLSRV$RUNEXE.TMP System Boot Problem
312.07CSC32::C_DAYBERRYMon Mar 04 1991Process parameters for the Execution Server Process
313.02SUBURB::MCDONALDATue Mar 05 1991VAX SQL -> database on U*IX?
314.02CSC32::BIERUTThu Mar 07 1991Translation for sql services error codes
315.01WARNUT::BALMFORTHKFri Mar 08 1991SQL$STARTUP misprint
316.01BEAGLE::GODFRINDFri Mar 08 1991Using alternate malloc() routines
317.02KAOFS::B_ZINNFri Mar 08 1991SQSDYN compile error
318.02BEAGLE::GODFRINDFri Mar 08 1991How does the API use dynamic memory ?
319.02BEAGLE::GRICEMon Mar 11 1991SQL/Services API for VMS requires Rdb RTO
320.02BEAGLE::GODFRINDMon Mar 11 1991Compatibility between 3.1 and 4.
321.03BEAGLE::GODFRINDMon Mar 11 1991Error message in 'long_error' not null-terminated
322.01GBIThu Mar 14 1991Installation problems in breaksrc
323.07CSC32::BIERUTSat Mar 16 1991Another sql services ivp failure
324.08BEAGLE::GODFRINDMon Mar 18 1991Problem calling SQL/Services from Clipper
325.0NOVA::BARNESMon Mar 18 1991Any objections to deprecating filters?
326.02SWTHOM::GIRARDTue Mar 19 1991SQLSRV.DMP produced on s specifc request
327.04NOVA::WASSERMANTue Mar 19 1991Possible MAC IIx problem?
328.02TAVThu Mar 21 1991needs more details about Process Pooling
329.03WAYOUT::PYMFri Mar 22 1991SQLSRV-F-NO_MEM ??
330.01KYOA::SCHERERMon Mar 25 1991OS/2 vs client server performance
331.03EISDAW::WESTCOTTWed Mar 27 1991What SQL is need for PC/Mac Development?
332.08CIMNET::BOURDEAUThu Mar 28 19911
333.02CSC32::L_GANGIThu Mar 28 1991Error linking sqsivp on MS-DOS API
334.06WHOSFri Mar 29 1991Sql Services MSWindows examples
335.0WHOSFri Mar 29 1991SQL Services MSWindows Examples
336.01RAB::BABBFri Mar 29 1991Think C support on MAC ???
337.01KOZY::STEWARTMon Apr 01 1991Language Support other than C?
338.01CSC32::L_GANGITue Apr 02 1991Must use lowercase with SQSDYN?
339.01NOVA::WASSERMANWed Apr 03 1991Application descriptions needed
340.06BAGLEY::FOSTERWed Apr 03 1991ULTRIX/SQL, INGRES, and SQL Services
341.01CHEFS::HANSONNThu Apr 04 1991Source code for DOS routines ?
342.03GIDDAY::PRIESTWed Apr 10 1991%SQLSRV-F-FTLEXEERR on V4 ivp
343.03AITVAX::PARDOThu Apr 11 1991SQL Services Crashed - Internal Error
344.01NOVA::BARNESFri Apr 12 1991Request for V4.
345.0AITVAX::PARDOFri Apr 12 1991Upgrade from VMS V5.3 to V5.4
346.01TROAMon Apr 15 1991Network errors?
347.03CSC32::L_GANGIMon Apr 15 1991PARADOX network connection error
348.02FPTVX1::CUSHMANMon Apr 15 1991Sun (TCP/IP) Client Support ??
349.02SNOCWed Apr 17 1991SQL/Services from PC in Novell network???
350.0NOVA::MOYThu Apr 18 1991Looking for 3.1C/4.
351.06IMADV8::LAWLERThu Apr 18 1991error -2
352.01MILRAT::FROLICHFri Apr 19 1991Does This Training Exist?
353.0DATABS::BEAUREGARDMon Apr 22 1991DBS demos conference is active - DATABS::DBS_DEMOS
354.04MEO78B::FLAHERTYTue Apr 23 1991SQL/Services on Ultrix/SQL??
355.01CSC32::C_DAYBERRYTue Apr 23 1991Need examples using LIST CURSORS...
356.01TRCATue Apr 23 1991LOTUS Data Lens and V4.
357.01KERNEL::PULLEYFri Apr 26 1991Ivp fail %system-f-nopriv in sqlsrv$runexe.log?
358.011COMICS::HISCOCKMon Apr 29 1991sqlsrv processes not running down
359.02SIERAS::SANGHERAWed May 01 1991Embedded Vs. Dynamic SQL?
360.04SIERAS::WALLISThu May 02 1991Does DAL (on the MAC) use SQL/Services?
361.01WARNUT::BRYANFri May 03 1991largish client-server implementations
362.06GIDDAY::PRIESTWed May 08 1991dbase access to rdb gives dump file
363.04KAL::BARNOWed May 08 1991Last fetch in fetch_many returns +1 (not SQL_EOS)
364.05VAXRIO::ABREUWed May 08 1991error -2
365.0ALOSWS::DRACEFri May 10 1991WINGZ on SUN to VAX/Rdb?
366.03MECCA::STRAUBFri May 10 1991Rdb Sqsapi.dll for windows 3.
367.04DWOVAX::BURKEFri May 10 1991Unknown SQL Services error -2
368.02COMICS::HISCOCKTue May 14 1991error -28988 on sqsivp
369.09CSC32::P_MEADTue May 14 1991SQL Services IVP failure
370.01IJSAPL::PIJNENBURG_WWed May 15 1991Quick C compiler
371.010AIDEV::TEWed May 15 1991Help on x1 error - server dies
372.04WAYOUT::HISCOCKThu May 16 1991Problem disabling 2pc
373.01WHYME::PATELThu May 16 1991Any more info on RDA stds.
374.04ULYSSE::BIGNOTTIFri May 17 1991Name of folder translated in MAC --> Problem !
375.02AIMTEC::ADAMS_SFri May 17 1991application terminates for unknown reason
376.03CBWND1::MORENCYTue May 21 1991SQL Server for MS-DOS Application
377.05KAOTWed May 22 1991NODECDTM,VMS5.3 and RDB API 4.
378.04TROAWed May 22 1991DECdtm missing.
379.05SCAACT::SMITHDFri May 24 1991Error deleting a sort work file ???
380.04UTOPIE::KREISLERTue May 28 1991SQL/Services: put them in RTO-Kit
381.04CSC32::P_MEADTue May 28 1991DECquery and "Internal error: 44"
382.07KETJE::DESCHUYTERWed May 29 1991FYI: SQL/Services authorization problem
383.03CSC32::MCCRACKENWed May 29 1991MAC SQLSRV API/Lightspeed C?
384.06TROAFri May 31 1991ERROR -2
385.05NOVA::WASSERMANMon Jun 03 1991Windows problem?
386.0RUTILE::BOISTue Jun 04 1991RDB to SQL conversion
387.0CSC32::P_MEADWed Jun 05 1991SQLSRV$DEFAULT_ACCESS should be disabled by default
388.011CSC32::MOLLERWed Jun 05 1991ERROR # and ERROR_TEXT routines
389.03TROAFri Jun 07 1991pointer problem
390.01ROMSLS::DIIORIOMon Jun 10 1991A problem with vida2$access_name
391.05BROKE::JONESMon Jun 10 1991New Server Report; Comments needed
392.011SHALOT::DUNCANMon Jun 10 1991Dealing with intermittent DATAOVERUN
393.04SWTHOM::COSTEUXTue Jun 11 1991SQL/Services fails during the IVP
394.02VIA::VIA::CHIPPERTue Jun 11 1991-sort-f-syserror on an Rdb 3.1b system
395.03CSC32::JAGGERWed Jun 12 1991SQL services and Rdb runtime V3.1B accvio
396.06CLAVIS::MANUELMon Jun 17 1991%SQLSRV-F-NO_P RCAVL error
397.03LYOIS1::BRUNETTue Jun 18 1991SUNos figures
398.09CSC32::C_DAYBERRYWed Jun 19 1991Using the RETURNING DBKEY option of SELECT statement
399.01CSC32::L_NELSONWed Jun 19 1991group level logicals
400.01COMICS::HISCOCKFri Jun 21 1991handling rdb errors
401.03CSC32::MCCRACKENFri Jun 21 1991MS-DOS SQLSRV Dynamic example
402.01POBOX::DMAYFri Jun 21 1991Access to TERADATA db
403.02CLAVIS::MANUELMon Jun 24 1991SQLSRV crashes with ACCVIO
405.01BROKE::HARRISTue Jun 25 1991Deprecate DOS Small Model option in SQL/Services?
406.04HAMPS::RADLEY_SWed Jun 26 1991basics:kit,memory,client,C-calls?
407.02EZLCHZ::EZZELLWed Jun 26 1991Generic TCP/IP needed
408.02OGOMTS::RICCIUTIWed Jun 26 1991SQLSRV$SERVER process stops and creates a SQLSRV$.dmp
409.01JUNG::SCHULHOFFThu Jun 27 1991Seeking Customer Reference Sites
410.01BBIVSat Jun 29 1991SQL/SERVICES Viz-a-viz MS-dos SQL server
411.01SABELL::STRONBERGMon Jul 01 1991V4.
412.014GL::DBROWNMon Jul 01 1991DATE/TIME datatype support?
413.02SUBWAY::DAVIDSONTue Jul 02 1991Broadcast Feature?
414.04ZURFri Jul 05 1991SQLCA.SQLCODE:
415.01MLNADTue Jul 09 1991MS-DOS-->Ultrix_sql spec.
416.04SUBWAY::BONNELLThu Jul 11 1991LOTUS, SQL services, file not found?
417.02CSC32::J_KUHNTue Jul 16 1991Query performance question
418.04SNERT::RALLINGSWed Jul 17 1991IVP Fails-SQS Libraries Don't Like Numerics In Nodenames
420.01CSC32::JAGGERFri Jul 19 1991SQLSRV-F-CREMBX ??? not in sys$help error doc
421.06CSC32::MOLLERFri Jul 19 1991V 4.
422.04CSC32::JAGGERFri Jul 19 1991I want message text, and help text online
423.05MRKTNG::SETTYMon Jul 22 1991Sizing and Performance Questions
424.04OASS::ADAMS_SMon Jul 22 1991SQL Svcs err 2
426.016CLOVAX::MOLLEYTue Jul 23 1991Info on DLL for MS/WINDOWS
427.03COLFri Jul 26 1991Application with protected mode?
428.03RDOVAX::CAHILLFri Jul 26 1991references,performance
429.03RDOVAX::CAHILLFri Jul 26 1991Any tech. presentations avail.
430.0NOVA::HSUMon Jul 29 1991ULTRIX/SQL Server
431.012SUBWAY::WANGWed Jul 31 1991Does SQLservices support Borland C++ ?
432.01GRANPA::63795::CARRIGANThu Aug 01 1991DESKTOP ACMS vs SQL services
434.01HGOVC::EDDIELEUNGMon Aug 05 1991End-user tools using SQL Services on Ultrix ?
435.05CSC32::MOLLERTue Aug 06 1991DECNET.LIB missing - MSDOS installation
436.01TAINO::MARTINEZWed Aug 07 1991PCs -> PARADOX -> RDB (Help!!!)
437.01CSC32::JAGGERWed Aug 07 1991Indicator variables and sqlsrv_sqlda_map_data
438.05UTOPIE::FLEISCHMANNThu Aug 08 1991rdb-e-no_priv with db protected by rights identifier and ACL
439.01WMOIS::TOMASZEWICZMon Aug 12 1991Remote Db Access
440.014GL::LANDRYTue Aug 13 1991multiple transactions = multiple ASSOCIATE calls?
441.03IJSAPL::HOUTEPENTue Aug 13 1991Del sqlsrv$proxy.dat
442.03KERNEL::HIGMANWed Aug 14 1991MS-DOS IVP Fails With Error Code -2
443.04ACESMK::MORANThu Aug 15 1991Are Servers kept bound to db?
444.01CSC32::MOLLERThu Aug 15 1991Error -2712 / SQL Services error from MS-DOS
445.03IJSAPL::HOUTEPENFri Aug 16 1991Cluster alias / load balancing
446.02IJSAPL::HOUTEPENFri Aug 16 1991OBJ_81 gone
447.02CSC32::MOLLERTue Aug 20 1991SQL SERVICES and CLIPPER
448.02STKHLM::PAAKKUNAINENWed Aug 21 1991sqsivp sqlcode 2
449.01CSC32::C_DAYBERRYWed Aug 21 1991SQL CODE of 1934...
450.03LYOIS1::CHAUMATWed Aug 21 1991Error -2
451.05CSC32::G_HUBBARDWed Aug 21 1991Server batch jobs going into infinite loop???
452.0AUNTB::CAWLEYWed Aug 21 1991more questions
453.01MDCRAB::CHLOUT::AKILLIANThu Aug 22 1991??? Record Length Problem
454.06TADSKI::CARRThu Aug 22 1991%SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO error
455.01OASS::ADAMS_SFri Aug 23 1991DECQUERY DLL and Rdb V4.
456.01CSC32::MCCRACKENFri Aug 23 1991Leftover SQLSRV$RUNEXE.TMP files
457.04GIDDAY::HADDADMon Aug 26 1991Remote Access and Batch Update.
458.02OASS::ADAMS_SMon Aug 26 1991explain DNP in low mem
459.03CSC32::JAGGERMon Aug 26 1991Support tools for SQL Services?
460.04PRSSOS::LECORETue Aug 27 1991Error -2
461.017CSC32::P_MEADTue Aug 27 1991Any problems with fetch_many under V4.
462.04BROKE::KRESTAKOSFri Aug 30 19914.
464.03OASS::ADAMS_STue Sep 03 1991absence of tinyints in DECQUERY
465.03PHHPST::DONDI::CORDONTue Sep 03 1991SQL Services & RdbAccess for *
466.03CGOOA::BARNABEThu Sep 05 1991SQL Access Group
468.03CSC32::JAGGERFri Sep 06 1991How many bytes for a record??
469.02IMADV8::LAWLERMon Sep 09 1991Non-privileged account is given privileges. Why?
470.05SWAM2::TUBB_JIMon Sep 09 1991PC "C" calls to Rdb/RMS
471.07UTRTSC::SOBCZAKWed Sep 11 1991Memory leak in the execution server process ?
472.014CSC32::MOLLERThu Sep 12 1991SQL SERVICES - MicroSoft C V 6.
473.03CGOOA::BBRENNANFri Sep 13 1991SQL/Sevices for UNIX??
474.05BACHUS::DEKEYSERFri Sep 13 1991SQL/SERVICES ivp crashes with access violation
475.01TAVSun Sep 15 1991QUEWRTCMP error help needed
476.02TAVSun Sep 15 1991Technical Presentation Material
477.03OASS::ADAMS_STue Sep 17 1991SQL error messages
478.06DECEAT::SHAHTue Sep 17 1991** Batch Queue under VMS T5.5 ?!
479.02CSC32::L_GANGITue Sep 17 1991%SQLSRV-F-NO_CLS, invalid class
480.01FIXSR2::HOSSEINIWed Sep 18 1991SQL Services IVP Failed
481.01TROOA::MILLARWed Sep 18 1991dBASE supporting SQL Services on DOS yet?
482.06TLE::VANROGGENWed Sep 18 1991multiple simultaneous Rdb versions & SQL/Services?
483.05TROOA::MILLARThu Sep 19 1991Paradox with SQL Link
484.013DECEAT::SHAHThu Sep 19 1991IVP fail - SQLCODE:-2
485.0MSBCS::HSUMon Sep 23 1991Installation of MS DOS SQL client.
486.0ALFTP::HOSSEINITue Sep 24 1991RUNTIME STACK OVERFLOW & the return value of 1 from the sqlsrv_fetch ()
487.01CSC32::MCCRACKENTue Sep 24 1991System shutdown hang on SQLSRV$UTL.EXE
488.01DECEAT::SHAHTue Sep 24 1991Error 17 & -2946
489.01EEMELI::MALMIMon Sep 30 1991Rdb 3.
490.05BAGLEY::FOSTERMon Sep 30 1991Access from HP to Rdb/VMS?
491.01BYTHEC::SYSTEMTue Oct 01 1991Latest software and doc kit
492.04CSC32::MOLLERTue Oct 01 1991Hung Processes
493.06CSC32::JAGGERThu Oct 03 1991SYSTEM-F-NOSUCHID on access sqlservices
494.05ODIXIE::HIPPThu Oct 03 1991SQL to Sybase under MS-Windows?
495.02NOVA::WASSERMANTue Oct 08 1991Ungermann Bass
496.02ZURThu Oct 10 1991SQLCODE: -2
497.01VAXSPO::CLAUDIOThu Oct 10 1991Digital's strategy for SCO UNIX
499.0KOZY::STEWARTFri Oct 11 1991PC SQL precompiler & Cobol Examples
500.05KERNEL::HIGMANFri Oct 11 1991Whereabouts of MPW 3.1 kit for SQL/SERVICES for MAC.
501.01CSC32::MCCRACKENFri Oct 11 1991SQLSRV DATE format
502.04BRSSWS::ALLEMEERSCHFri Oct 11 1991sqlsrv_fetch_many supported routine call sequence?
503.04BROKE::KRESTAKOSMon Oct 14 1991DECnet libraries for DOS
504.01KERNEL::HIGMANWed Oct 16 1991SQL/SERVICES FOR MACINTOSH Query on Protocol Buffer Size.
505.03AIMTEC::ADAMS_SThu Oct 17 1991breakpoint error loading metadata
506.05TROOA::WEAVERThu Oct 17 1991Abandoned Server Processes.
507.08MRKTNG::SETTYTue Oct 22 1991Missing installation of SQLSRV.. images ??
508.04TLE::VANROGGENThu Oct 24 1991How to check for certain VAX SQL errors?
509.02SUBNJM::TURNERFri Oct 25 1991SQL/Services in COBOL and SQLDA_SET_DATA problem???
510.03CHEST::PALKTue Oct 29 1991DECmessageQ or SQL_SERVICES
511.04BRSSWS::ALLEMEERSCHWed Oct 30 1991sqlcode -2
512.04OSLLAV::EIVINDR_PThu Oct 31 1991SQLSRV_PREPARE returns wrong value passing SQL "like ?" and "starting wIth"
513.02MRKTNG::SETTYThu Oct 31 1991Questions on SQLSRV connections/executions
514.01VAXRIO::ABREUThu Oct 31 1991C Borland /sql services
515.01VAXRIO::ABREUMon Nov 04 1991sql services / C / Clipper
516.0PRESS1::SPERLINGMon Nov 04 19913rd party appl to update Rdb/VMS database
517.01MRKTNG::SETTYMon Nov 04 1991Uniprocessor vs. SMP Questions
518.01LYOIS1::CHAUMATTue Nov 05 1991SQLCODE and sqlsrv_fetch_many
519.01GIDDAY::CHANMWed Nov 06 1991COMPAC PC DOS V5 -Hang on PREPARE.
520.0KERNEL::HIGMANWed Nov 06 1991DECQuery on SYSTEM 7 returning NETWORK ERROR 1
521.05BSS::STPALY::MOLLERWed Nov 06 1991Server Access - What does it really give you
522.01BSS::STPALY::MOLLERThu Nov 07 1991ACCVIO - when starting SQL SERVICES - RDB V 4.
523.05SUBNJM::TURNERThu Nov 07 1991SQLDQA_SET_DATA doesn't work on MS-DOS either!!!
524.02BRSDVP::ALLEMEERSCHFri Nov 08 1991execution server batch jobs, how many how long ?
525.02CSC32::G_HUBBARDSun Nov 10 1991SQLSRV$UTL hang when DECNET not running...
526.01TLAVC::ROSARAMon Nov 11 1991MS-COBOL to call SQL/service
527.04DBSRFX::WAHLTue Nov 12 1991IVP failure: Ultrix 4.2, SQS for Rdb 4.1
528.02WHELIN::PROULXWed Nov 13 1991Quick question from a (potential) new user
529.01VAXRIO::ABREUWed Nov 13 1991parameter mask error -3
530.01CBWND2::RAYHILLThu Nov 14 1991SQLDATA and SQLIND after sqlsrv_fetch
531.02CHEFS::HANSONNFri Nov 15 1991DLL for MS-Windows ?
532.03LEMAN::PITTETFri Nov 15 1991ULTRIX/SQL Server - News ?
533.03OASS::BURDEN_DMon Nov 18 1991Unimplemented Trap error
534.03CHEFS::HANSONNTue Nov 19 1991Sizing help
535.03STKHLM::LINDGREN_PTue Nov 19 1991How define proxy access with PARADOX?
536.01ALOSWS::DRACETue Nov 19 1991Can you refetch a fetched row?
537.0GBIWed Nov 20 1991Sql Services and the Others
538.01PLAYER::VANAVERMAETFri Nov 22 1991SQLCODE 61312612, %SQLSRV-F-GETACCINF, SQL Services authorization failed
539.01CSC32::MCCRACKENFri Nov 22 1991Rdb 4.
540.03FIXSOR::HOSSEINIMon Nov 25 1991t%SQLSRV-F-NO_MEM, Message number
541.0ALFPTS::RCWK1::HARRISONMon Nov 25 1991Plans for including Sybase?
542.0CSC32::P_MEADMon Nov 25 1991How do you get SQLD when using static SQLDA?
543.01NOVA::WASSERMANTue Nov 26 1991Performance problem?
544.01KAL::MAJAWed Nov 27 1991Does SUN client require UCX on the VAX?
545.01MSDOA::SECRISTWed Nov 27 1991SQLSRV$*.EXE ?
546.04STKHLM::ARENDIWed Nov 27 1991Problems with Vitalink Bridges??
547.01VAXRIO::RENATAThu Nov 28 1991Languages to my PC program
548.02STKHLM::KNORNFri Nov 29 1991Making execution servers more reusable
549.01KERNEL::HIGMANFri Nov 29 1991Question on answer given in note 351.1 (Invalid SQLDA Structure)
551.04CSC32::P_MEADTue Dec 03 1991How to use VMS API Linkable Libraries
552.02PLAYER::VANAVERMAETWed Dec 04 1991SQLCODE 1, after FETCH_MANY & many FETCHes
553.01ROMWed Dec 04 1991LINK 2
554.01TKOV51::HASEThu Dec 05 1991SQL/SERVICES Mac API
555.01SNOCThu Dec 05 1991sqlsrv$default_access defined => still using sqlsrv$srv
556.01KYOA::GOLDThu Dec 05 1991SQL and MOTIF
557.01KETJE::ROBBENSFri Dec 06 1991Problem with FILLER-attribute
558.02KERNEL::PULLEYMon Dec 09 1991Transaction state after network link/client broken?
559.01DURDUR::KIENTue Dec 10 1991help for remote access
560.01EVTDD1::BOURGOINGWed Dec 11 1991Help for remote access on RMS files with RDB ACCESS
561.01UNTADH::HITCHENSWed Dec 11 1991Borland C++ and SQL_services
562.01TKOV51::KITAGAWAThu Dec 12 1991Japanes PC Ploblem
563.01COLWed Dec 18 1991A real SQL/Services-Application?
564.01SIOG::DALYWed Dec 18 1991SQL Services development questions...
565.01PLAYER::VANAVERMAETThu Dec 19 1991security: proxy and proxy-like
566.01STKHLM::TCHANGFri Dec 20 1991SQL/Services API under protected mode in MS-Windows
567.02ZURMon Dec 23 1991Mailboxes left
568.01CX3PT2::WSC164::D_MCELHOESMon Dec 23 1991clarion exe2bin and tiny memory model
569.01KXOVAX::SECRISTFri Dec 27 1991Communications Server Password Fix Status ?
570.03WAYOUT::HISCOCKFri Dec 27 1991sqlda not large enough
571.05CSC32::L_NELSONMon Dec 30 1991Can SQL/SERVICES interface with TCPIP?
572.04CSC32::MCCRACKENTue Dec 31 1991LISTS and segment lengths
573.03XLIB::SCHAFERThu Jan 02 1992SQLTYPES.H
574.02JUNG::SCHULHOFFMon Jan 06 1992DECnet error -2
575.01BSS::STPALY::MOLLERWed Jan 08 1992Forcing a better error
576.02CX3PT1::CSC32::D_MCELHOESWed Jan 08 1992-2
577.01BEAGLE::GODFRINDFri Jan 10 1992VMS user-based licenses
579.010GRANPA::RDOVAX::CARRIGANTue Jan 14 1992Visual Basic DLL ??
580.02SUTRA::DAVIDSEThu Jan 16 1992problems starting SQL/Services
581.05INDEBT::TAUBENFELDThu Jan 16 1992GUPTA SQLWindows with SQL Services?
582.01TLE::VANROGGENWed Jan 22 1992database class servers without explicit access?
583.04BEAGLE::GODFRINDThu Jan 23 1992Error compiling the 4.
584.05BEAGLE::GODFRINDThu Jan 23 1992the 4.
585.03BSS::STPALY::MOLLERTue Jan 28 1992SQLSRV_SET_FILTER how & when to use it
586.01COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDWed Jan 29 1992Insufficient privs for SORT files, why ??
587.09SIOG::ORRWed Jan 29 1992connecting to server system
588.02GIDDAY::HADDADThu Jan 30 1992Doing a SELECT is sometimes hanging!
589.03BD31Fri Jan 31 1992%SQLSRV-F-INVSTT, Invalid comm server state
590.01CX3PT3::WSC264::D_MCELHOESMon Feb 03 1992sql services in a TSR
591.02TROOA::WHALEYTue Feb 04 1992Containing,Starting With Buggy
592.01COPCLU::JEPPEWed Feb 05 1992MSDOS/WINDOWS API V4.1 problems
593.011SCCP46::DANEWed Feb 05 1992SQLSRV-F-NO_PRCAVL again and again!!!
595.010TMCDDA::SYSTEMTue Feb 11 1992%SQLSRV-F-GETACCINF, SQL Services authorization failed
596.03KERNEL::HIGMANWed Feb 12 1992Privilege error when running SQLSRV$DYNAMIC
597.02BSS::STPALY::MOLLERWed Feb 12 1992ACCVIO on abnormal program exit
598.0DECEAT::SHAHWed Feb 12 1992Customer Environment Sought
599.01TKOV51::KITAGAWAWed Feb 12 1992fast frist or total time optimaize
600.06TKOV51::MORI_YThu Feb 13 1992Unknown Error -29
601.03OASS::ADAMS_SFri Feb 14 1992how to tell versions of rdb and sql
602.03SUBWAY::WANGFri Feb 14 1992NOVELL on Token Ring access Rdb/VMS on Ethernet
603.010CSC32::G_HUBBARDFri Feb 14 1992SQLSRV-F-ASSEXEMBXCHN error...SQLSRV$SERVER process goes away...
604.04LJOHUB::CRAWFORDMon Feb 17 1992can't get SQL to run interactively
605.02CSC32::JAGGERWed Feb 19 1992Problems? with reuse of prepared statements
607.03TPOVC::HCLINWed Feb 19 1992Move SQL client service to VRTX-PC system
608.01BOJOLB::MCCLEMENTSThu Feb 20 1992Calling SQL/Services API DLL from Visual Basic
609.01TENNIS::KAMFri Feb 21 1992DEC Rdb/SQL to PC non-SQL database
611.01TKOV51::KITAGAWAMon Feb 24 1992List of byte varying
612.02SUBWAY::SIEGELMon Feb 24 1992GUPTA <-> Rdb via TechGnosis?
613.01ZURTue Feb 25 1992API library for compact model systems ?
614.02AUNTB::CLARKTue Feb 25 1992Wollongong (or other) TCP/IP support
615.01SOTT::NAULTWed Feb 26 1992Access to INGRES database on VMS
616.04BAGLEY::FOSTERWed Feb 26 1992PC tools that use SQL/Services, esp. Windows-based
618.01SUTRA::DAVIDSEThu Feb 27 1992Report about DECquery and PARADOX SQL Link
619.01CSOA1::MOLLEYFri Feb 28 1992No processes available message.
620.01TRCOA::ZAOFri Feb 28 1992MS-Windows Software for SQL/Services?
621.02ZURMon Mar 02 1992Links do not terminate
622.03BSS::STPALY::MOLLERTue Mar 03 1992ACCVIO - Lots to fields
623.01JUNG::SCHULHOFFTue Mar 03 1992MS-DOS Install Checklist
624.01EEMELI::LINNA_ALHOWed Mar 04 19924.
625.01CX3PT3::CSC32::D_MCELHOESWed Mar 04 1992rdb$message_vector
626.01CSC32::G_HUBBARDWed Mar 04 1992SQLSRV-F-INTERR, Internal Error: 61
627.02KERNEL::HIGMANThu Mar 05 1992DECQUERY and password control.
628.02MVDSThu Mar 05 1992Help with Logicals, Node names, and Logfiles
629.02TALK::SMALLWOODFri Mar 06 1992BAD_TOKEN error in "SQLSRV$DRIVER" when executing sql_statement under program control
630.0BROKE::JONESFri Mar 06 1992Link leak problems corrected in V4.1
631.01EVTDD1::BOURGOINGMon Mar 09 1992%SQLSRV-F_NO_PRCAVL, no processes are available
633.01EVTDD1::BOURGOINGTue Mar 10 1992sqlca.sqlcode = -1667
634.03RCOJDS::SHOWALTERTue Mar 10 1992Forest & Trees using SQL/Services?
635.02CSC32::G_HUBBARDWed Mar 11 1992SQLSRV$DYNAMIC not working as documented
637.0BROKE::JONESWed Mar 11 1992Communications Server Logging
638.01USHSWed Mar 11 1992SQLSRV IVP Fails -3
643.04KAOFS::M_ROYThu Mar 12 1992Decquery crashes VMS system, SQLSRV$EXE.EXE running
645.02PANIC::CLARKMon Mar 16 1992Desktop - server - RTR
646.03SIEVAX::LLOYDTue Mar 17 1992Windows client apps
647.01MSAMTue Mar 17 1992"DECquery look-alike" ?
648.05VAXRIO::ABREUTue Mar 17 1992idle=
649.06ZURWed Mar 18 1992Network returned an error...
650.01CLAVIS::MANUELWed Mar 18 1992libsqs library needed
651.04ROKCTR::GRAHAMWed Mar 18 1992EXCEL/Q&E/Rdb Problem?!?!?!
652.013CSC32::J_PHELPSThu Mar 19 1992sqlca sqlcode-2
653.01GIDDAY::LEHFri Mar 20 1992Data backend error from Lotus
654.01ROKCTR::GRAHAMFri Mar 20 1992SQL_SERV T4.1/DECquery Problem
655.01TROOA::WHALEYFri Mar 20 1992Memory Leak??
656.05CHATS::JACKSONThu Mar 26 1992RMS-E-CRE when running IVP
657.04TYFYS::SLATERThu Mar 26 1992PARADOX SQL LINK Problem
658.08SHALOT::DUNCANThu Mar 26 1992What is the demand for a Visual BASIC DLL
659.01TRCOA::ZAOMon Mar 30 1992SQL/Service Expert?
660.01CSC32::MCCRACKENMon Mar 30 1992DECnet logical link resources
661.09GIDDAY::HADDADMon Mar 30 1992%SQLSRV-F-FTLEXE again on IVP!
662.02HAM::MARTENTue Mar 31 1992transaction association ?
663.04CGOOA::LEITCHTue Mar 31 1992Need user Login.com
664.02BD31Wed Apr 01 1992Windows+SQL Applications Generators ?
665.07CLAVIS::MANUELWed Apr 01 1992SQLSRV_LIST_VARBYTE example wanted
666.04PARZVL::GRAYThu Apr 02 1992Did some definitions move?
667.01ICANGO::HELBICKFri Apr 03 1992Does it matter what C compiler I use
668.05HSKPRF::JJARVINENSun Apr 05 1992fetch hangs
669.02WILBRY::WASSERMANMon Apr 06 1992Security problems with SQLSRV$SRV account
670.01CHEFS::HANSONNTue Apr 07 1992Windows 3 API ?
671.02BSS::STPALY::MOLLERTue Apr 07 1992SQLSRV_PRSERR During a FETCH / MS-DOS client
672.01SIEVAX::LLOYDWed Apr 08 1992date datatypes
673.04CSC32::S_MAUFEWed Apr 08 1992Debugging the SQL/Services environment
674.01COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu Apr 09 1992How to use class servers in general
675.03GRANPA::RDOVAX::CARRIGANThu Apr 09 1992IPX as server transport?
676.07FHOPAS::BREWMN::BREWISThu Apr 09 1992Datatype Conversions: VAX/VMS <--> UNIX/ULTRIX
677.01TAVIS::IDOSat Apr 11 1992SQL/Services with Object Vision - DLL problem...
678.01CHEFS::HANSONNMon Apr 13 1992data format
679.03YUPPY::NORRISCMon Apr 13 1992DOS PC access to Oracle on UNIX
680.04CSC32::S_MAUFEMon Apr 13 1992
681.07SFCPMO::SFC21::DOWENMon Apr 20 1992Borland no-show [FLAME NOTE]
682.01WILBRY::JACKSONMon Apr 20 1992Rdb to Alpha OSF/1
683.01KCOHUB::DAZOFF::DUNCANTue Apr 21 1992Alpha/OSF1 ... when ?
684.01DBSALF::LACEYWed Apr 22 1992Microsoft 32 bit Windows API
685.011COMICS::HISCOCKWed Apr 22 1992Cannot access 3.1 db
686.01GRANPA::MCAHILLWed Apr 22 1992Write to Rdb from Lotus or Excel?
687.01TOOHOT::ROCHAFri Apr 24 1992windows/dll - HOW?
688.024COLFri Apr 24 1992Excel/Q+E <--> Rdb, working? How?
689.03NSDC::RUTTITue Apr 28 1992SQL DLL 4.1 client with Rdb/VMS 4.
690.0EEMELI::MANNISTOWed Apr 29 1992On SCO?
691.010WILBRY::WASSERMANWed Apr 29 1992DECquery and SQL/Services problem
692.07FHOPAS::BREWMN::BREWISFri May 01 1992Performance and Portability => Protecting the Investment
693.01NEWOA::SUTCLIFFEJFri May 08 1992Is this what I want?
694.04NSDC::RUTTIFri May 08 1992C++, Smalltalk classes
695.03MVDSFri May 08 1992Cant find transport type defs
696.01TYSON::KURATAMon May 11 1992Product managers?
697.02DBSRFX::WAHLTue May 12 1992SQL/Services and Ultrix DCE Threads
698.04VAXRIO::CSANTOSWed May 13 1992DECNET Object "Disappears"
699.02SWTHOM::GIRARDThu May 14 1992How to restrict access to a RDB database via SQL/SERVICES
700.0BROKE::GILPATRICKFri May 15 1992SQL_Services notes policy
701.01BROKE::GILPATRICKTue Mar 01 1994SQL/Services Engineering
702.010BROKE::GILPATRICKMon Jun 01 1992Pointers to other conferences
703.01BROKE::GILPATRICKTue Mar 01 1994Product Management Note
704.03BROKE::GILPATRICKThu Dec 10 1992SQL/Services Documentation
705.044BROKE::GILPATRICKMon Nov 16 1992Guide to Using SQL/Services -- updates
706.03BROKE::GILPATRICKThu Nov 18 1993Support Organizations
707.0BROKE::GILPATRICKFri May 15 1992reserved for future
708.0BROKE::GILPATRICKFri May 15 1992reserved for future
709.0BROKE::GILPATRICKFri May 15 1992reserved for future
710.02PULMAN::CASP::SMYTHThu May 14 1992Problems with SQL Prepare
711.06CONVEX::CROPPERFri May 15 1992SQL Services or Rdb problem?
712.02TKTV27::KOHARAMon May 18 1992SQLSRV_INVCOLUMN error .vs. ACCVIO error
713.02BROKE::JONESMon May 18 1992SQL Services Support Course
714.03TALK::HICKSON_BMon May 18 1992Missing WSOCKET.DLL running SQSDYNKW?
715.09CSC32::MCCRACKENWed May 20 1992Question about SQLSRV_FETCH_MANY
716.01CSC32::MCCRACKENThu May 21 1992Mac CommToolbox.o
717.01SCAACT::STEERThu May 21 1992METADATA Access ??
718.01CSC32::MCCRACKENFri May 22 1992Hypercard & SQL Services?
719.02EEMELI::MANNISTOMon May 25 1992How many cursors per association?
720.010MARSWed May 27 1992DECQUERY / TCP/IP -> DB2 ?
721.05FCOIS::TARDIF_CWed May 27 1992Access to Rdb/VMS from UNIX station
722.01CONVEX::CROPPERWed May 27 1992Correct sytnax for SQLSRV$CONFIG.DAT
723.01LARVAE::MUTCHThu May 28 1992DECdtm & SQL Services
724.01CSC32::BIERUTThu May 28 1992Purpose for SQLSRV$UTL.EXE
725.01CSC32::G_HUBBARDFri May 29 1992SQL statement length limit for SQLSRV_PREPARE
726.07BEAGLE::GODFRINDThu Jun 04 1992Wrong length with CONTAINING and STARTING WITH
727.08PTOVAX::SMITHThu Jun 04 1992Access from Laptops
728.09CSC32::MCCRACKENThu Jun 04 1992MPW 3.1 requirement
729.01BROKE::GILPATRICKThu Jun 04 1992Rdb Conference Orlando Sept '92
730.010GIDDAY::HADDADMon Jun 08 1992Getting SQL-F-INVSTT again and again!
731.02KERNEL::WILESLTue Jun 09 1992IVP failing, account can't be referenced
732.06TLE::VANROGGENTue Jun 09 1992ANSI quoting?
734.01CSC32::G_HUBBARDTue Jun 09 1992SQLSRV-F-NO_PRCAVL error when running Q&E...
735.03RMDSRV::HIGHLANDTue Jun 09 1992Prob. with V7 Microsoft C and SQL Services.
736.04VIA::VIA::CHIPPERFri Jun 12 1992"Inspect" and SQLSRV$SRV account
737.03GIDDAY::HADDADSun Jun 14 1992XL4 and "Unable to connect to source : RDB"!
738.01CSC32::JAGGERTue Jun 16 1992Server process dies with JBC-E-NOSUCHJOB
740.02TALK::HICKSON_BWed Jun 17 1992Pathworks required for MS-DOS/Windows SQL/Services
741.04SWTHOM::GIRARDThu Jun 18 1992sql/services fails help !
742.02TLE::VANROGGENFri Jun 19 1992reading LIST OF BYTE VARYING data?
743.01SUOSW3::ROHRMANNMon Jun 22 1992SQSDYNW.MAK fails with error SQLSRV_XPT_MISSING
744.05EVOAI2::TEBOULTue Jun 23 1992Course Materials
745.05GOBAMA::BROOKSTue Jun 23 1992Interoperability questions between 4.
746.03SUMA::KUHNWed Jun 24 1992SQLSRV_SQLDA_GET_DATA offset parameter.
747.02CTHQ1::GRAYThu Jun 25 1992How does SQLMOD know where?
748.01CSC32::K_HYDEFri Jun 26 1992Joining tables with identical column names
749.01CSC32::P_MEADMon Jun 29 1992Multiple db attaches from same execution server?
750.01SWTHOM::JACOBTue Jun 30 1992SQL-F-DRO_SCH_RDB_ERR in 4.
751.01NCBOOT::PILLAITue Jun 30 1992IVP failed.
752.07OASS::BURDEN_DWed Jul 01 1992unknown SQL errors -2
753.02CSC32::P_MEADWed Jul 01 1992Deadlock errors on SET TRANSACTON READ ONLY?
754.0SUMA::KUHNThu Jul 02 1992Substitution Values using SQLDA
757.01CTHQ1::ROSENBERGMon Jul 06 1992How do I know # SQL Serivces processes?
758.02NSDC::RUTTIMon Jul 06 1992Looking for ADA bindings
759.04CSC32::JAGGERMon Jul 06 1992Asynchronous DECnet and MS-DOS ??
761.0MUNICH::RATSCHWed Jul 08 1992IVP failed SQLCODE:214652
762.05NIMVAX::CUMMINGSWed Jul 08 1992MS-Windows API
763.02NCCODE::PILLAIWed Jul 08 1992Problems with the demo application.
764.0BROKE::JONESWed Jul 08 1992SQL/Services content in Rdb/VMS V4.2
765.01SIOG::L_MURRAYFri Jul 10 1992seurity accessing db using decquery
766.05OASS::BURDEN_DTue Jul 14 1992access problems to rdb through SQL from DECquery
767.01CSC32::L_NELSONTue Jul 14 1992Can we restrict use of SQL/SERVICES queue?
768.01ALOSWS::DRACEWed Jul 15 1992MSDOS questions?
769.02ALFTP::HOSSEINIWed Jul 15 1992X16 error message
771.01SUBURB::MCDONALDAThu Jul 16 1992Yet more Proxy questions.
772.05MARVA1::RAKThu Jul 16 1992Cluster balancing with TCP/IP and HP-UX
773.03BSS::STPALY::MOLLERThu Jul 16 1992Security and SQL Services
774.01TKOV51::TANAKATue Jul 21 1992As to "DDE"
775.06WR2FOR::SMALE_JOTue Jul 21 1992tcp/ip & ms-windows
776.05CLPRWed Jul 22 1992One more SQL/Services IVP Fail
777.0OSTVThu Jul 23 1992PROXY access from ULTRIX
778.01BSS::STPALY::MOLLERMon Jul 27 1992Starting SQLSRV immediatly gives %SQLSRV-F-SHTDWN
779.034GL::RALLY5::TRogersMon Jul 27 1992Novell support?
780.07TRUCKS::NICHOLLSTue Jul 28 1992Help - V41 IVP fails -2
781.01BROKE::GILPATRICKWed Jul 29 1992IVP Troubleshooting
782.01SFCWed Jul 29 1992SELECT w/LIKE blow up OPEN_CURSOR
783.01STKAI2::OLOFSSONThu Jul 30 1992VMS shutdown hang when SQL/services active
784.0GIDDAY::CHANMFri Jul 31 1992 SQLSRV$SRV process dying regularly.
785.01SPICE::WOODWARDFri Jul 31 1992SQL IVP Fail
786.0EZLCHZ::EZZELLFri Jul 31 1992Support for Multi-Schema?
787.0BROKE::JONESTue Aug 04 1992Default Access
788.02CX3PT3::CSC32::D_MCELHOESWed Aug 05 1992qc for windows and windows api
789.04BSS::STPALY::MOLLERWed Aug 05 1992DOS SQLSRV application hanging in Windows 3.1
790.02COMICS::JAMESMFri Aug 07 1992VAX C SQLSRV List of byte varying
791.02VAXRIO::ERTHALFri Aug 07 1992Problems with sqlsrv_fetch_many....
792.05CSC32::MCCRACKENFri Aug 07 1992Leftover DECnet links?
793.0JULIET::DRUMMOND_ROFri Aug 07 1992URGENT_ References Needed
794.0CX3PT2::CSC32::D_MCELHOESMon Aug 10 1992Am I missing something here on startup??
795.01BSS::STPALY::MOLLERMon Aug 10 1992DISKQUOTA & The SQLSRV$SRV account
796.01CSC32::G_HUBBARDTue Aug 11 1992SQLSRV-F-QUEWRTCMP error starting SQLservices...
797.0MRKTNG::SETTYWed Aug 12 1992SQL-W-NOTFOUND and SQL-F-EXQUOTA errors
798.0CX3PT3::CSC32::D_MCELHOESWed Aug 12 1992process dump after 4.1 upgrade using syslck
799.06FCOIS::TARDIF_CThu Aug 13 1992SQL/Services for OS2 ?
800.01CSC32::G_HUBBARDThu Aug 13 1992SQLSRV_GENERALIZED_NUMBER datatype?????
801.01PRIMES::SILVAFri Aug 14 1992SQL Services on Apollo?
802.010STKHLM::ARENDIMon Aug 17 1992Q+E and RDB still not working???!!!!
803.04TALK::HICKSON_BMon Aug 17 1992How to get VMS to SWAP rather than TRIM
806.01GANTRY::SRINIVASATue Aug 18 1992Need info on Synergist and Gateway Sys.
807.0CSC32::S_MAUFETue Aug 18 1992Query Governor, does it work with SQLSRV?
808.01CSC32::S_MAUFETue Aug 18 1992memory up, memory down, memory up, memoru down
809.04SFCWed Aug 19 1992Windows Developer Conference
810.02MBALDY::LANGSTONWed Aug 19 1992DECquery error: Node is not known or the network is not up.
811.0DEKVC::HYUNJINBANGThu Aug 20 1992MSC/Clipper/SQLservice error and samples.
812.01TPLAB::DACHSBECKFri Aug 21 1992Trying to access RMS file from Q+E (EXCEL)
813.012WILBRY::WASSERMANFri Aug 21 1992SQL Server Gateway (RdbGDK) information
814.0ROMMon Aug 24 1992Attach two Databases (2PC)
815.03SHIRE::MSTEINERMon Aug 24 1992SQLSRV$SERVER crashes on access from DECquery PC
816.01MSDOA::CLARKMon Aug 24 1992ODBC vs. Microsoft database library
818.01ISIDRO::BERNABEThu Aug 27 1992Double remote DB.
819.03STKHLM::ARENDIThu Aug 27 1992Quick-C, IVP and hanging at sqldrv_associate??
820.01SUBWAY::WANGMon Aug 31 1992Using MicroFocus COBOL with SQL/Services on OS/2
821.0CSC32::J_PHELPSMon Aug 31 1992RMS-F-RNR record not found RMS-F-RNF record not found
822.06BSS::STPALY::MOLLERTue Sep 01 1992Windows 3.1 - System stalls between calls
823.01CSC32::K_HYDETue Sep 01 1992SQLCODE -2
824.04BRSDVP::LEENWed Sep 02 1992Compiler for SQL/Services Windows API
825.01PRSSUD::MANSOTThu Sep 03 19924GL-SQL/Services
826.07SFCThu Sep 03 1992BC++, WINDOWS, SQL Class example
827.0TPLAB::DACHSBECKThu Sep 03 1992PC / SQL proxies and client user name ?
828.02WARNUT::BALMFORTHKThu Sep 03 1992sample program problem
829.01WARNUT::TPCASE::PICKERINGSFri Sep 04 1992How do you use sql service fetch_many?
831.03BROKE::GILPATRICKFri Sep 04 1992OS/2 Client API
832.0STKHLM::TCHANGTue Sep 08 1992SQL/services internals documentation ?
833.02OASS::BURDEN_DTue Sep 08 1992sql error -1
834.02ANVIL::BUEHLERWed Sep 09 1992SQLSRV_INVSQLDA from sqlsrv_prepare
835.0CSC32::J_LEHTOWed Sep 09 1992SQL/Services and Lotus - Directory protection
836.0CHEFS::CARROLLAThu Sep 10 1992Complete client/server
837.0LILThu Sep 10 1992DAL for MS Windows ?
838.04CSC32::MCCRACKENFri Sep 11 1992SQL/Services for OS/2 V2.
839.01ICANGO::HELBICKFri Sep 11 1992Question about return status from SQL PREPARE statement
840.04SUBWAY::WANGMon Sep 14 1992"Extended Kit" for Visual Basic, Borland C++, ...
841.01BSS::STPALY::MOLLERMon Sep 14 1992OS/2 V2.
842.04LEMAN::ROSSIERTue Sep 15 1992Security issue: more access control ?
843.01VAXSPO::ORSITue Sep 15 1992Access a Rdb file from a PC application
844.07TKTV27::KOHARAWed Sep 16 1992sqlsrv_fetch returned ACCVIO error
845.02ANVIL::BUEHLERWed Sep 16 1992sqlsrv_fetch and SQLSRV_GENERALIZED_NUMBER
846.08KAOFS::M_ROYWed Sep 16 1992Internal Error 42, & -2946
848.03JULIET::DRUMMOND_ROThu Sep 17 1992VB DLL, Enhanced Mode, TCP/IP
849.01RUTILE::RUSSELLMon Sep 21 1992VB causes Gen. Prot. Fault in SQSAPIV
850.01VIA::CHIPPERMon Sep 21 1992Class Servers: Multiple databases/server? Aliases?
851.06OASS::BURDEN_DTue Sep 22 1992SQSDYN.MAK, SQSDYNW.MAK - error U1
852.03TKOV51::TANAKAWed Sep 23 1992How to make the program for Windows
853.0KETJE::BRH588::VANHOVEWed Sep 23 1992AutoCAD AutoLisp intf. to SQL Services ?
854.04KAOFS::M_ROYWed Sep 23 1992SQLSRV$SHUTDOWN problem fixed in V4.1 ?
855.04CSC32::K_HYDEWed Sep 23 1992SunOS -2
856.08STKHLM::HENNERTThu Sep 24 1992SQL Datatype literals not i SQLSRVDA.H in RDB 4.
857.01CSC32::P_VANKLEYThu Sep 24 1992What is the batch queue named 'node$SQLSRV_PRCQUE' for?
858.02BVEUX::LAMAREFri Sep 25 1992Link error on MAC (SQSIVP)
859.01COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDTue Sep 29 1992SQLSRV_MODE_UPDATE in cursors means what ?
860.04COPCLU::NISSENTue Sep 29 1992%SQLSRV-F-ERRAPIABT, API connection aborted
861.03BROKE::GILPATRICKWed Sep 30 1992Windows API issues
862.0BROKE::BURGESSFri Oct 02 1992Any interest in Solaris 2.
863.0CHEFS::ADNITTNMon Oct 05 1992SQL services network traffic?
864.04KERNEL::JACKSONTue Oct 06 1992sqlsrv_fetch_many performance
865.01OASS::ADAMS_STue Oct 06 1992Control over CANCEL function
866.0RVRKWI::BEDIGIANWed Oct 07 1992SQL Services for Alpha
868.0SUMA::KUHNFri Oct 09 1992SQLServices DLL and Proper Cleanup
869.01LOOKIN::HISCOCKFri Oct 09 1992Crashing the sql server
871.01GIDDAY::HADDADMon Oct 12 1992getting Lock conflict even on a rollback!
872.0WARNUT::BALMFORTHKMon Oct 12 1992invalid statement produces bugcheck
873.01KERNEL::PULLEYMon Oct 12 1992No_cls, Msdos v4.1 Multiversion ok with v4.
874.0BSS::STPALY::MOLLERMon Oct 12 1992SQL Services SERVER corruption
875.01CSC32::K_HYDETue Oct 13 1992SYSTEM-F-EXBYTLM in SQL Services 4.1
876.0RVRKWI::BEDIGIANWed Oct 14 1992Another -2946
877.01MUCTEC::JOCHENThu Oct 15 1992Restricted Flag
878.06STKHLM::LINDGREN_PThu Oct 15 1992SQSAPIL.LIB references nonexisting routines?
879.04TAINO::GONZALEZEFThu Oct 15 1992DB Server Sizing for Distributed Application
880.01DWOVAX::EROSThu Oct 15 1992Server ACCVIO
881.03MUNICH::RATSCHFri Oct 16 1992IVP Error -2
882.01EEMELI::LINNA_ALHOFri Oct 16 1992ivp 4.
883.02ROMA::WILSONWONGSun Oct 18 1992Need advise to write the API program
884.03KERNEL::PULLEYMon Oct 19 1992Sqlsrv_f_grantid, insfarg, accessing database ivp?
885.04POBOX::PEDONETue Oct 20 1992Need SQL DLL help for DBKEY
886.01KERNEL::JACKSONWed Oct 21 1992ACCVIO in sqlsrv$bugchk.dmp
887.02EPAVAX::CARLOTTIWed Oct 21 1992LOGIN-F-RESTRICT problem opening databases
888.0CSC32::JAGGERWed Oct 21 1992Make sure to relink applications.
890.03GIDDAY::BOJOVICThu Oct 22 1992sys$revokid in SQLSRV$EXE.EXE ?
891.02CSC32::J_LEHTOThu Oct 22 1992associate_str.MEMORY_ROUTINE = malloc; Probs
892.01CSC32::G_HUBBARDThu Oct 22 1992SQLSRV$RUNEXE.TMP files not getting cleaned up???
893.0OASS::GREEN_WFri Oct 23 1992fatal error in process in batch queue
894.04TKOV6Sun Oct 25 1992Why did processes terminate ?
895.03KERNEL::JACKSONMon Oct 26 1992memory allocation by sqlsrv_associate
896.02STKHLM::ARENDIMon Oct 26 1992Start of sql/services fails with accvio in sqlsrv$.log
897.02CSC32::J_PHELPSMon Oct 26 1992update list of bytes varying usinf sql Services
898.02ROMA::WILSONWONGTue Oct 27 1992MLIBCA.LIB library not found
899.08KERNEL::LIVESEYPThu Oct 29 1992Sqlsrv ! Using own Malloc routines for sqlsrv_associate!
900.03EVOAI2::TEBOULThu Oct 29 1992SQL_RDBERR again.
901.01DV78Fri Oct 30 1992SQL over Async
902.0GRANPA::MCAHILLMon Nov 02 1992Support for IPX Protocol?
903.02SNOCMon Nov 02 1992Excel --> Rdb Question
904.01WARNUT::BALMFORTHKTue Nov 03 1992order by ascending or descending ?
905.0SUBURB::MCDONALDATue Nov 03 1992SQLSRV batch woes with DECquery
906.0ATHINA::TSILIRATue Nov 03 1992sqlcode : -2
907.04STKHLM::ARENDIWed Nov 04 1992Any way to banish a user from using sql/S???
909.010KERNEL::JACKSONThu Nov 05 1992SQLSRV$BUGCHECK - Message number
910.04SX4GTO::CHENThu Nov 05 1992sqlsrv_fetch and SQLSRV_GENERALIZED_DATE
911.0CREATV::KERBYFri Nov 06 1992Help with DOS-client running SQL/Services
912.0SX4GTO::CHENFri Nov 06 1992Case sensivitity?
913.01USAMon Nov 09 1992Does LAN Workplace for DOS Support SQL calls?
914.0RDOVAX::HAYDONTue Nov 10 1992Customer Questions ??????
915.02ZURTue Nov 10 1992Resticted access to a DB via SQL/serv. possible?
916.02GIDDAY::CHANMWed Nov 11 1992Restricted flag in UAF -denied access.
917.01MR4SRV::IORNSTEINThu Nov 12 1992Transaction scope, dbkeys, design issues
918.02MR4SRV::CSTRAUSSThu Nov 12 1992Problem with parameter replacement in a STARTING WITH clause
920.01GLINDA::REHBEINFri Nov 13 1992pc client sql dll connectivity
921.02PTOVAX::SMITHFri Nov 13 1992Multi-threaded issues?
922.03VSSPC::ESTESMon Nov 16 1992Access violation/ bugcheck - Database class servers
923.01TPLAB::DACHSBECKMon Nov 16 1992How to use VDD from MS VB using SQLSRV ?
924.0KAL::MLARSSONTue Nov 17 1992SQL/Services and 4D?
925.01KERNEL::LIVESEYPTue Nov 17 1992%SQL-F-SYNTAX_err
926.0WARNUT::BALMFORTHKWed Nov 18 1992Decquery and Multiversion.
928.01BEAGLE::GODFRINDWed Nov 18 1992Why buffer size limited to 13
929.01BEAGLE::GODFRINDWed Nov 18 1992Need a way to stop idle connections
930.05STKHLM::HENNERTFri Nov 20 1992Meaning of %SQLSRV-F-INVPCKHDR ??? What happened?
931.0HGOVC::SIMONYTCHANMon Nov 23 1992FOXBASE -> Rdb using SQL/Services
932.018GIDDAY::HADDADTue Nov 24 1992ODBC Driver status
933.04STKHLM::JOHANSTROMWed Nov 25 1992SQL-Services access denial
934.03WAYOUT::HISCOCKFri Nov 27 1992program aborts with exceeds bounds??
935.01ZPOAC3::ALLIN1Mon Nov 30 1992SQSDYNVB errors
936.0CSC32::G_HUBBARDMon Nov 30 1992RMS-E-FNF and ACCESS VIOLATION reported by communications server...
937.01EEMELI::TOUKKARIMon Nov 30 1992SQL/Services DLL problem??
938.01SUMA::KUHNMon Nov 30 1992Possible bug in SQL Services using Windows API?
939.01OASS::BURDEN_DWed Dec 02 1992How to change the priority of jobs in V4.1
940.04OASS::BURDEN_DFri Dec 04 1992Defining /job logicals with sqlsrv$srv login.com?
941.06VISTAS::GAMLIELFri Dec 04 1992exec server failure 41 TCP/IP + large data transfer
942.0KERNEL::PULLEYTue Dec 08 1992Reuse execution server after crash/reboot of Pc?
943.03EEMELI::TOUKKARIWed Dec 09 1992SQL Services or ACMS? Client problem.
944.02CSC32::G_HUBBARDWed Dec 09 1992Error finding LLIBCA.LIB during link...
945.01STGWed Dec 09 1992Lotus retrieving deleted fields in a relation?
947.0SWTHOM::DELOBELMon Dec 14 1992Restricted access UAF with SQL/services
948.0BIS6::VANHAELEWIJCWed Dec 16 1992Sqlsrv_prepare returns PREMATURE_EOF
949.02KERNEL::LIVESEYPWed Dec 16 1992Two cursors to two different databases?
950.01KERNEL::LIVESEYPThu Dec 17 1992Batch process locking people out!
952.0351327::MLARSSONFri Dec 18 1992v4.1 FETCH_MANY returns "Fatal error in message parser"
953.0OSOEIC::SHIMIZUSun Dec 20 1992OPEN_CURSOR returns 613127
954.01BRAGE::ESKEMon Dec 21 1992%SQL-E-CHKEXPAND, 6 integrity check errors after IL expansion of routine...
955.01EVOAI2::TEBOULWed Dec 23 1992SQSAPIW.DLL generates a problem...
957.01JULIET::DRUMMOND_ROMon Dec 28 1992SQL/Rdb Performance Data
958.02ODIXIE::STUMPFMon Dec 28 1992Gupta to RdB via SQL
959.051327::MLARSSONWed Dec 30 1992v4.1 REF_DATA returns length = 17 and not 16 for GENERALIZED_DATE columns
960.01BSS::STPALY::MOLLERWed Dec 30 1992Multi-Version SQL Services
961.03CIGRBX::WARDMon Jan 04 1993Wishlist item: Field level inclusion from CDD?
962.0PLAYER::TAVERNIERTue Jan 05 1993SQSAPIV.DLL in trouble ?
963.02LADEDA::GRIGLACKTue Jan 05 1993SELECT *, DBKEY supported?
964.05KERNEL::JACKSONWed Jan 06 1993IVP error -2
965.05GIDDAY::HADDADThu Jan 07 1993Decnet error and Associate -2
966.01CSC32::J_LEHTOThu Jan 07 1993UCX V2.
967.02TAVSun Jan 10 1993Sorting by CAST of VMS date field
968.07KERNEL::JACKSONMon Jan 11 1993Bugcheck - GRANTID - INSFARG
969.0ZURMon Jan 11 1993SQLservice security idea.
970.08CX3PT2::WSC455::P_VANKLEYMon Jan 11 1993Problem updating some records through Excel's Q+E
971.04MSDOA::CLARKMon Jan 11 1993Need more robust security for SQL Services
972.07MSDOA::CLARKMon Jan 11 1993Comm Server bombs/crashes easily
974.010SASE::HILLMANTue Jan 12 1993problem connecting to an Rdb database wile using Microsoft Access
975.07KERNEL::WILESLTue Jan 12 1993SQLCODE: -2
976.01KERNEL::PULLEYWed Jan 13 1993Dos Windows sqsdynk, -2
977.01KYOA::FARESEWed Jan 13 1993PC/VAX Banyan/FUSION TCP/IP?
978.01MSBCS::RYSERFri Jan 15 1993Disconnect problem with MSACCESS
979.02MSBCS::ESTESMon Jan 18 1993SQSIVP failing via TCP/IP SQLCODE: -2
980.01BSS::STPALY::MOLLERMon Jan 18 1993sqlsrvca.h and sqlsrvda.h - Macintosh
981.010AMCUCS::YOUNGMon Jan 18 1993SQL fails on blank xaction
982.01TAVTue Jan 19 1993NOS for TCP/IP
983.08CSC32::WILCOXTue Jan 19 1993%SQLSRV-F-DUPCOMSRV, A Communications server is already running
984.02VAXRIO::ABREUTue Jan 19 1993bugcheck/srvmaxftlerr error
985.01COPCLU::JEPPEThu Jan 21 1993priv's to run utl show_server ?
986.01SICVAX::WICKERTSat Jan 23 1993Is Borland C++ Supported?
987.03MARX::GRIERSun Jan 24 1993Fetching and modifying metadata from SQL services?
988.06YEOLD::STRONBERGMon Jan 25 1993Another VMS SQL/Services IVP failure
989.05KERNEL::JACKSONWed Jan 27 1993-2
990.05STKHLM::ARENDIWed Jan 27 1993Error -2
991.02TRCOA::AHMEDWed Jan 27 1993WIN 3.
992.02CSC32::JAGGERWed Jan 27 1993Why SQLSRV-F-GETACCINF single user node...
993.04ISLNDS::PHINNY::HarringtonThu Jan 28 1993Unknown SQL services error -29
994.01CSC32::S_MAUFEThu Jan 28 1993TCP/IP falls over when Rally connects, why?
995.03GLINDA::REHBEINSat Jan 30 1993Link error with tcpip .dll
996.02MUCTEC::GASTMon Feb 01 1993SQLSRV$SERVER cannot start and produces SQLSRV$.DMP
997.08BROKE::LOMARTIREMon Feb 01 1993A question about the Visual Basic DLL for SQL/Services
998.02GLINDA::REHBEINTue Feb 02 1993link error with tcpip on pc
999.01NRSTA2::RUSSOTue Feb 02 1993Need fast startup in multi-user env...
1000.02THATS::TENBRINKETue Feb 02 1993MS-ACCESS, SQL Driver, Performance issues.
1001.01THATS::TENBRINKETue Feb 02 1993MS-ACCESS temp files problem on system crash.
1002.03FASDER::DWICKERWed Feb 03 1993re 688.4 and Teamdb/CDO/Q&E
1003.02TOPCHZ::BECKERFri Feb 05 1993DOS Turbo C++ -> Rdb???
1004.02CRONIC::BUCKSHAWFri Feb 05 1993Latest version for ULTRIX?
1005.01BIS6::VANHAELEWIJCMon Feb 08 1993Q+E reports SQL-F-NOREPSQLDA for TIMESTAMP fields
1006.02BSS::STPALY::MOLLERMon Feb 08 1993SunOS installation / Building Sample Program
1007.03KILARA::DEANGELISTue Feb 09 1993General SQL/Services questions
1008.0MAIL::KOETTINGLTue Feb 09 1993SQL Services DLL Clarification Please!
1009.03LEMAN::ROSSIERWed Feb 10 1993RESTRICTED vs. CAPTIVE flag checked by SQL Server.
1010.05STKHLM::ARENDIWed Feb 10 1993Large records >13
1011.01LYOISA::BOIRINWed Feb 10 1993Alpha OSF/1 info. ???
1012.01KERNEL::JACKSONWed Feb 10 1993Internal error 24
1013.04STKHLM::ARENDIThu Feb 11 1993
1014.07EM::VARDAROThu Feb 11 1993unknown error running test program
1015.0HLDGFri Feb 12 1993Urgent : Access to IMS
1017.01CSC32::MOLLERMon Feb 15 1993Getting rid of undesired SERVER process
1018.08WARNUT::BALMFORTHKTue Feb 16 1993GETACCINF after 76 attaches
1019.06KERNEL::JACKSONTue Feb 16 1993Server crash - REVOKID
1020.03SOJU::SLATERTue Feb 16 1993ODBC Info Outside Digital
1021.05CHENG5::WIDMERTue Feb 16 1993Cross posted! Password expiration and SQL Service behaviour
1022.05EEMELI::MANNISTOThu Feb 18 1993PC TCP ?
1023.02MBALDY::LANGSTONFri Feb 19 1993convert SQL Server to Rdb?
1024.02GIDDAY::HADDADFri Feb 19 1993RDB-E-NO_PRIV when running V4.1 Multi Version!
1025.01OSLLAV::EIVINDR_PTue Feb 23 1993BAD_DB_FORMAT and RMS-F-PRV;when accessing a database by SQSDYNKW or DECQUERY
1026.03GIDDAY::HADDADTue Feb 23 1993"No db driver:RDB" keeps coming up!
1027.03MRKTNG::SETTYWed Feb 24 1993Why unbundling of SQL/Services from Rdb ??
1028.04COPCLU::GRYNNERUPThu Feb 25 1993How to Order SQLServices for Visual Basic
1029.01STKHLM::ARENDIThu Feb 25 1993Does SQSAPIW work with MicroS Lanman TCP/ip??
1030.01LYOISA::BOIRINFri Feb 26 1993OSF/1 schedule or sources ??
1031.04COMICS::HISCOCKFri Feb 26 1993INVSTT message 2581
1033.01DPDMAI::SMITHDWed Mar 03 1993What languages supported in DOS
1034.01WARNUT::BALMFORTHKFri Mar 05 1993fetch_many performance
1035.05TPSPS1::TSC1MGRMon Mar 08 1993IVP fails on sql/services with SQLCODE: -2
1036.01ESDUMon Mar 08 1993SQLSRV on a hidden node
1038.01ROMTSS::SERAFINIMon Mar 08 1993SYSTEM-F-BREAK accessing databases
1039.01TYSON::KURATATue Mar 09 1993Are SQL/Services available on Alpha
1041.0OASS::BURDEN_DWed Mar 10 1993DECnet OSI?
1042.0CICCIO::DELMONTEWed Mar 10 1993Sql/Services for DOS (& for Ms-Windows) and x.25
1043.02DBSUK1::HOBBSWed Mar 10 1993Servers Required by Tools
1044.0ODIXIE::HIPPWed Mar 10 1993Novell IPX Support - Any Update?
1045.02ADO75A::PANDYAThu Mar 11 1993SQL Fatal error
1046.0DBSUK1::HOBBSThu Mar 11 1993Hints & Tips for PC Users
1047.04CSC32::S_MAUFEFri Mar 12 1993Needed : V7 MAKE file
1048.01COMICS::HISCOCKMon Mar 15 1993Dumping on system running Sun's solaris 2.1
1049.02KERNEL::JACKSONMon Mar 15 1993SQSSYNKW memory
1050.01CGOOA::LEUCHTERTue Mar 16 1993Desktop Tools for RDB/SQL standards
1051.01EMASS::GANZTue Mar 16 1993Running the sample app on the VAX
1052.0BSS::STPALY::MOLLERTue Mar 16 1993SQL Servicess not shutting down
1053.01BSS::STPALY::MOLLERThu Mar 18 1993Macintosh Operating System versions
1054.0ODIXIE::STUMPFThu Mar 18 1993X-based to RdB tools
1055.02KERNEL::JACKSONFri Mar 19 1993Q+E, TCP/IP, Rdb V4.2
1056.01SIERAS::WALLISFri Mar 19 1993Support for LAN Workplace?
1057.0TPSPS1::TSC1MGRMon Mar 22 1993Help on database class server
1058.02BSS::STPALY::MOLLERMon Mar 22 1993Server Aborts too easily
1059.01BSS::STPALY::MOLLERMon Mar 22 1993Prepare uses ~16,
1060.0ODIXIE::RICHARDSONTue Mar 23 1993NO_PRPIVRIV violation accessing Rdb via SQL from DECquery
1061.04DWOVAX::EROSTue Mar 23 1993BYTLM exceeded, but WHOSE?
1062.03CLO::MOLLEYWed Mar 24 1993V7 C Compiler errors.
1063.09COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDWed Mar 24 1993NO restriction on access whatsoever in V4.
1064.01STKHLM::ARENDIThu Mar 25 1993Different behaviour SQL/S 4.1 with vms 5.5-1 and 5.5-2
1065.02BSS::STPALY::MOLLERThu Mar 25 1993Using multiversion SQLSRV$SRV41
1066.01HSKPRF::JJARVINENThu Mar 25 1993Performance/Sizing question
1067.06STOHUB::DSCGLF::FARLOWFri Mar 26 1993Any way to get Visual Basic DLL for Rdb?
1068.01VAXRIO::CSANTOSFri Mar 26 1993SRVMAXFTLERR again
1069.02MRKTNG::SETTYTue Mar 30 1993%SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO and QUOTAs and ???
1071.01SUBURB::MCDONALDAThu Apr 01 1993SQL services server crashing yet again.
1072.01NRSTA2::GUHANThu Apr 01 1993Please reply note 8
1073.02NAPCED::RUSSOFri Apr 02 1993Unknow SQL Services error 8 using TCP/IP
1074.01BSS::STPALY::MOLLERWed Apr 07 1993CNTL-ALT-DELETE & SQL Services Server
1075.01CGOOA::BBRENNANWed Apr 07 1993MAC to Oracle using SQL/SERVICES?
1076.01KERNEL::LIVESEYPThu Apr 15 1993Problems with Sqlservices under Rdb V4.2!
1077.01SARALN::SHEPROThu Apr 15 1993SQLservices Version 5.1?
1078.04BSS::STPALY::MOLLERFri Apr 16 1993SQLSRV_SQLDA_SET_DATA & setting NULLs
1080.05HXOU1Tue Apr 20 1993SQL/Serv, Pathworks, TCP/IP
1081.02BSS::STPALY::MOLLERWed Apr 21 1993Timeouts & Quota's
1082.01HGOVA::ALEXLUIFri Apr 23 1993IVP in PC client fail after installation
1083.0BSS::STPALY::MOLLERFri Apr 23 1993FETCH_MANY & Database Class Servers
1084.01HGOVA::WILSONWONGSun Apr 25 1993Can retrieve data from data and write into the PC hard disk
1085.02JUPITR::STEWARTMon Apr 26 1993VAX Rdb or VAX Oracle to PC?
1086.03LEMAN::ROSSIERTue Apr 27 1993performances with SQL/Services
1087.03KERNEL::LIVESEYPTue Apr 27 199313
1088.0LARVAE::LEGG_ATue Apr 27 1993Pfizer Support
1089.01STKHLM::ARENDIWed Apr 28 1993MPW API shipped with 4.2 a "very old version" according to a customer!
1090.01CSC32::MOLLERWed Apr 28 1993User Defined Classes
1091.01DAH::whiteThu Apr 29 1993Server TCP/IP Stack Choice
1092.03KERNEL::LIVESEYPTue May 04 1993MS Visual C++
1093.0MVDSTue May 04 1993READALL Priv?
1094.02STKHLM::ARENDIWed May 05 1993SQL/Services and Windows for Workgroups?
1095.0KERNEL::PULLEYThu May 06 1993Open list cursor, -2
1096.02JRFVAX::HODGESFri May 07 1993Restricting Updates from PCs
1097.06BROKE::LOMMEFri May 07 1993Soliciting Field Test Sites for SQL Services -- Novell Support
1098.08STKHLM::ARENDIMon May 10 1993SQL/Services and logical SYSUAF???
1100.02CSC32::JAGGERTue May 11 1993SQL$SEMDTP V2.1 DECquery, V4.2 Rdb =)
1101.04NECSC::MAYNARDWed May 12 1993Pathworks for Netware compatibility?
1102.01ROMThu May 13 1993help on sql/services lock
1103.01OASS::ADAMS_SThu May 13 1993Why is Native SQL required here?
1104.01OASS::ADAMS_SThu May 13 1993TCP/IP returned error -1, -1
1105.01BSS::STPALY::MOLLERThu May 13 1993Field test software - ODBC/SQL Services
1106.02DOD2::PARKERFri May 14 1993Help with SQL Services Rights Indentifiers
1108.02RCOJDS::SHOWALTERMon May 17 1993Use of Q & E with SQL/Services?
1110.01BROKE::GILPATRICKMon May 17 1993MS-DOS Medium deprecated in V5.1
1111.01MLNWed May 19 1993Server access control: How?
1112.01ISLNDS::PHINNY::HarringtonFri May 21 1993Unknown SQL Error -1 On some queries
1113.02BROKE::MAVRISMon May 24 1993VAX Ultrix client deprecated in V5.1
1114.0KERNEL::WILESLMon May 24 1993rms-f-fnf in sqlsrv$.dmp, which file?
1115.01BSS::STPALY::MOLLERMon May 24 1993MACintosh - Read Only transaction / DAL
1116.01BROKE::MAVRISTue May 25 1993Deprecating OS/2 client API
1117.0HTSC19::TONYLIUTue May 25 1993SQL/Services IVP failed,V4.1
1118.0KERNEL::JACKSONTue May 25 1993IDENT defaults to class name
1119.01CGOOA::LEUCHTERTue May 25 1993Forest and Trees/RMS files
1120.0BIGRED::STOUTTue May 25 1993Support for Rdb CONNECTIONS?
1121.05TREES::HICKSONWed May 26 1993Mac API w/ 32-Bit addressing on
1122.02COLA1::COLPC3::stalzWed May 26 1993ODPC and VMS
1123.0SOJU::SLATERWed May 26 19931993 Borland Conf. Trip Report
1124.04ROMThu May 27 1993Services authorization failed...again
1125.0MUNICH::DOERFLINGERThu May 27 1993columns per table
1126.01FSDEV::GTHORNEFri May 28 1993Selecting secondary/backup server by client
1127.01ENSURE::BEDIGIANTue Jun 01 1993SQL Services problem connecting
1128.01SOJU::SLATERWed Jun 02 1993New Product: Visual SQL
1129.04WARNUT::BALMFORTHKThu Jun 03 1993date datatypes in 4.2
1130.03COPCLU::JEPPEFri Jun 04 1993SQLSRV Multiversion question
1131.05LMOADM::FLANAGANFri Jun 04 1993Server won't start
1132.0OASS::ADAMS_SMon Jun 07 1993Connection problems from MAC System 7.
1133.02MR4SRV::CSTRAUSSTue Jun 08 1993SQLSRV_OPEN_CURSOR system service failure
1134.0OASS::ADAMS_STue Jun 08 1993JOIN within DECquery/MAC causes errors
1135.05MR4SRV::CSTRAUSSTue Jun 08 1993MV system access problem
1136.0STKHLM::ARENDIWed Jun 09 1993SQLSRV$PROXY and SQL/Services IVP....
1138.07MR4SRV::CSTRAUSSThu Jun 10 1993More on MV access problem
1139.02SASE::HILLMANThu Jun 10 1993Problem with MS Access & RDB
1140.02TPOVC::NANCYLIOUFri Jun 11 1993VB SQLservice thru TCP/IP
1141.02TPOVC::NANCYLIOUFri Jun 11 1993RDB4.2 SQL/service support TCPIP for window API?
1142.02KERNEL::LIVESEYPMon Jun 14 1993Max Buffer! 13
1143.04PRMSMon Jun 14 1993Diffs. between SQL/Serv & SQL Access
1144.0DBSUK1::HOBBSMon Jun 14 1993Error 2
1147.0TKOV51::EGAWAThu Jun 17 1993%SQLSRV-F-INVSTT V4.1
1148.02SERVThu Jun 17 1993EXECUTION SERVERS Will Not Run
1149.0DELNI::P_COLEFri Jun 18 1993SQL no priv errors
1150.01MR1PST::SDAMEM::IRRGANGFri Jun 18 1993Reserved instruction crash running example sqlsrv$dynamic
1151.0BSS::STPALY::MOLLERFri Jun 18 1993LOCAL_FLAG and transaction association
1152.02FHOPAS::BREWMN::BREWISMon Jun 21 1993SQL/Services over TCP/IP without Pathworks
1153.03CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYTue Jun 22 1993SQLSRV-F-GETACCINF error during IVP of V4.
1154.03MRKTNG::SETTYTue Jun 22 1993Internal Error 17 and -2946
1155.02TKOV51::EGAWAWed Jun 23 1993TCP/IP exceeded client buffer
1156.08COMICS::HISCOCKThu Jun 24 1993Performance concerns with sql/services (4.2)
1157.01TPLAB::DACHSBECKMon Jun 28 1993see 1
1158.03MRKTNG::SETTYMon Jun 28 1993Error -2
1159.01ESGWST::CHENMon Jun 28 1993sqlsrv_open_cursor with parameter markers
1160.01KERNEL::HIGMANWed Jun 30 1993System hangs when shutting down SQL/SERVICES
1161.0HGOVC::EDDIELEUNGThu Jul 01 1993SQL/Services on PC-NFS TCP/IP ?
1162.01AKODBS::HARRINGTONThu Jul 01 1993Connection to Node xxx Ended message started to appear
1163.0ODIXIE::STUMPFThu Jul 01 1993more than 1 row from a table
1164.02VAXRIO::ABREUMon Jul 05 1993INVPCKHDR error ...
1165.04TPLAB::DACHSBECKTue Jul 06 1993Windows-API nulls set_data, see 1
1166.05HTSC19::SIMONLAUWed Jul 07 1993%RDB-E-NO_PRIV for Rdb/VMS v4.1.
1168.0UTROP1::64545::Alexander_CarpThu Jul 08 1993MSAccess-Rdb conversion error
1169.0CTHQ::PICKARDThu Jul 08 1993SQL services queue setup
1170.02JUPITR::STEWARTFri Jul 09 1993ODBC unexpected type using REALs?
1171.01CSC32::K_HYDEFri Jul 09 1993SQLSRV_FETCH_MANY across the network
1172.04ORO5Fri Jul 09 1993Slow SQL network performance
1173.09CABU::GANDMon Jul 12 1993Using SQLSRV DLL with Borland C++ 3.1 under MS-Windows
1174.0BACHUS::ALLEMEERSCHMon Jul 12 1993DECquery internal errors 9
1175.02WAYOUT::HISCOCKTue Jul 13 1993connection error 122
1176.03KERNEL::LIVESEYPThu Jul 15 1993sqlerror -2
1177.0KERNEL::LIVESEYPFri Jul 16 1993rdms$debug_flags
1178.03GIDDAY::HADDADMon Jul 19 1993Can Paradox interface with Rdb V5.
1179.03KERNEL::LIVESEYPTue Jul 20 1993CTRL Brk on Pc causes sqlsrv to fall over with %SQLSRV-F-ERRAPIABT,
1180.04MINNY::PFISTERWTue Jul 20 1993Security Problem !!
1181.08MSBCS::ASHFORTHTue Jul 20 1993Hard information on SQLSRV$CONFIG.DAT required
1182.01HTSC19::SIMONLAUWed Jul 21 1993SQL SERVICES for Rdb V4.
1183.01ESGWST::CHENWed Jul 21 1993Error MSG - stack exception handlers lost
1184.01BERNThu Jul 22 1993Two Phase commit from UNIX true SQL/Sevices poss.
1185.02CSC32::G_HUBBARDThu Jul 22 1993Use of TGV's Multinet TCP/IP
1186.01CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYThu Jul 22 1993Use database class server from DECquery 2.1?
1187.05HERON::GODFRINDSat Jul 24 1993Do we need specific seminars for managing sql/services ?
1188.04KERNEL::JACKSONWed Jul 28 1993DECquery - node is unknown using TCP/IP
1189.03BIRMVX::DENTWed Jul 28 1993Rally, ENQLM, quota exceeded on Rdb V5.
1190.01SWTHOM::DELOBELThu Jul 29 1993SQSIVP and accentuation
1192.09GIDDAY::HADDADFri Jul 30 1993Getting SQLSRV-F-GETACCINF and we need help!
1193.07KERNEL::JACKSONMon Aug 02 1993-2
1194.01CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYTue Aug 03 1993Missing file for Macintosh API installation
1195.0COPCLU::GRYNNERUPFri Aug 06 1993Switching to ODBC - association control
1196.01CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYFri Aug 06 1993Problem building SQSIVP application on MAC
1197.05GIDDAY::HADDADTue Aug 10 1993Still Getting -2
1198.02CSC32::M_HOEPNERWed Aug 11 1993SQLDA not updated correctly, using PC
1199.02ZPOVC::INDOFri Aug 13 1993Rdb V4.1, error -2
1200.02POLAR::MONTEITHFri Aug 13 1993SQL/Ser Full Features w/o RDB Dev Kit ?
1201.01KERNEL::LIVESEYPMon Aug 16 1993Problem similar to ref 11
1202.01TPLAB::DACHSBECKTue Aug 17 1993How to define LNM$FILE_DEV to make private logicals visible ?
1203.0RCOJDS::SHOWALTERTue Aug 17 1993R:base access to Rdb
1204.0STKHLM::ARENDIThu Aug 19 1993Reversed proxy? Sort of prohibitxy?
1205.02GVPROD::PILOUI::PITTETThu Aug 19 1993News about NT support
1206.0STKHLM::JOHANSTROMFri Aug 20 1993SQL-Services - MS-Windows VB api & SUNOS WABI
1207.01ZPOVC::INDOFri Aug 20 1993sqlsrv$ivp test failed
1208.0KERNEL::LIVESEYPMon Aug 23 1993Another reporting of %sqlsrv-f-errapiabt!
1209.01KAREN::DINTINOMon Aug 23 1993SQSAPIW.DLL called from VB
1210.01CSC32::S_MAUFEMon Aug 23 1993are INVPCKHDR and EXBYTLM fixed in 5.1 SSB kit?
1211.01COPCLU::JEPPETue Aug 24 1993SQLSRV V5.1 with V4.
1212.09CSC32::J_HAYTERTue Aug 24 1993communication method when local_flag = 1 ??
1213.03TREES::HICKSONWed Aug 25 1993MS Windows via TCP/IP - SQLERRD[
1214.03CSC32::J_HAYTERThu Aug 26 1993username/password shows up in dump file
1215.01CSC32::BIERUTThu Aug 26 1993What sqsapiw.ddl is used for
1217.09CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYMon Aug 30 1993Comm server crash and bugcheck - %SQLSRV-F-EXEREDCMPINVSTT
1218.0SOJU::SLATERTue Aug 31 1993C/S Dist. List - Announcement
1219.03SIOG::DALYWed Sep 01 1993ODBC/network problem...
1220.02FORTSC::CLARKThu Sep 02 1993Version 5.
1221.03ZEBRIN::D_KRATZERMon Sep 06 1993GBLSECTIONS for V5.1 installation
1222.01LOOKIN::MELVINDWed Sep 08 1993SQl Services & Windows
1223.0BVEUX::LAMAREWed Sep 08 1993TCP/IP Wollongong...
1224.03CSC32::G_HUBBARDWed Sep 08 1993Not setting LOCAL_FLAG causing strange behavior...
1225.03CX3PST::CSC32::D_SCHAFFERWed Sep 08 1993batched execution/lock conflicts
1226.02IMADV8::LAWLERFri Sep 10 1993SQL/Services VMS Client example in VAX BASIC wanted.
1227.09GIDDAY::HADDADFri Sep 10 1993GETACCINF, MS ACCESS and RdbAccess for RMS!
1228.01SOS6::MIROUXMon Sep 13 1993what sort of TCP/IP
1229.01OSOEIC::TO_KONDOTue Sep 14 1993ACCVIO in sqlsrv_prepare
1230.02CX3PST::CSC32::D_SCHAFFERWed Sep 15 1993%SQLSRV-F-ERRAPIABT, API connection aborted
1231.02MINEThu Sep 16 1993ODBC/SQLservices Problem?
1232.01USDEV::JBONINThu Sep 16 1993Can SQL-Services user/database data be tracked?
1233.03NMGDV9::MONDFri Sep 17 1993Invalid keyword: IDENT error??
1234.01CGOOA::GERASFri Sep 17 1993Link with SQSAPIW
1235.01CSC32::G_HUBBARDFri Sep 17 1993Table DROP allowed????
1236.01NECSC::MAYNARDMon Sep 20 1993Forest & Trees generates FTLEXEERR
1237.02LISTIM::RIBEIROOTue Sep 21 1993Unknown SQL Services error - 28988
1238.02XSTACY::PJMEALYWed Sep 22 1993Location of latest manuals?
1239.02HTSC19::KENNETHThu Sep 23 1993SQL/Services IVP failed with SQLCODE: -2
1241.09USDEV::JBONINThu Sep 23 1993help setting up proxy without using password
1242.01KERNEL::JACKSONFri Sep 24 1993TCP/IP questions
1243.0MSDOA::CLARKFri Sep 24 1993DOS Third Party products
1244.02CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYFri Sep 24 1993Intermittent INVSQLDA errors from SQLSRV_ALLOCATE_SQLDA_DATA
1245.01CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYFri Sep 24 1993Does SQL/Services use SYS$HASH_PASSWORD?
1246.04CSC32::M_HOEPNERTue Sep 28 19935.4 Decnet Extensions
1247.09CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYWed Sep 29 1993Unknown SQL Services error -27
1248.02SFCWed Sep 29 1993SQL*Net to SQL Services?
1249.010KERNEL::JACKSONWed Sep 29 1993RMS-F-SYN bugcheck from 5.1 IVP
1250.02MARVIN::HAQUEThu Sep 30 1993Performance problems with running SQL/Services from my PC (Excel wit Q+E).
1251.01LOOKIN::MELVINDThu Sep 30 1993Number of users decreasing...
1252.01CSC32::JAGGERThu Sep 30 1993Number of Identifiers recognized by sqlsrv$ in auf
1253.01DAH::whiteThu Sep 30 1993V5.1 IVP Failure on AXP (-2
1254.01ESGWST::CHENThu Sep 30 1993sqlsrv_execute with error code -2
1255.01CSC32::B_LEHLBACHMon Oct 04 1993Documentation Clarification
1256.03GIDDAY::HADDADTue Oct 05 1993Getting "-2
1257.01GIDDAY::CHANMWed Oct 06 1993Problem create DECNET makefile.
1258.01ET45Wed Oct 06 1993IPX/SPX client support
1259.01IJSAPL::OLTHOFThu Oct 07 1993Who has seen such a picture?
1260.03CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYThu Oct 07 1993Comm server won't start on one node in a cluster
1261.02TPSPS1::TSC1MGRThu Oct 07 1993PC got SQLSRV_NO_MEM(-2
1262.011TOPPER::ESMITHFri Oct 08 1993 %SQLSRV-F-BUGCHK
1263.01SAILR3::SRIKANTHFri Oct 08 1993Access Violation error for SQLSRV$.EXE
1264.01TALE::63591::KunzFri Oct 08 1993SQLSRV-F-ACCON...
1265.01BSS::STPALY::J_KUHNMon Oct 11 1993Installation requirements & DECNET extensions
1266.0HOTWTR::GREBLE_JOMon Oct 11 1993DECNET Link Restrictions
1267.01SALISH::GREBLE_JOTue Oct 12 1993SQLServices Crash and Error Log
1268.02TOPPER::ESMITHTue Oct 12 1993Segment Size for LIST OF BYTE VARYING objects
1269.06CSC32::WILCOXTue Oct 12 1993SQL-F-INVCRSNAM not in the message file
1270.01TRNAF1::VIALEThu Oct 14 1993Just one login at a time for the same user
1271.01KERNEL::JACKSONFri Oct 15 1993Two SQSAPIW.DLLs on V5.1
1272.02MRKTNG::SETTYTue Oct 19 1993Linking - Undefined Symbols
1273.03VSSPC::ESTESTue Oct 19 1993Generic processes running old version of RDB
1274.0GLDOA::TREBILCOTTWed Oct 20 1993Client/Server Demo Center on Wheels
1275.03GIDDAY::HADDADWed Oct 20 1993How can we make SQL Srv work "well" with 1
1276.03GIDDAY::HADDADWed Oct 20 1993Can we please have some expert opinion on security!
1277.06CX3PST::CSC32::D_SCHAFFERThu Oct 21 1993sqlsrv-f-invcrsnam
1279.07CSC32::M_HOEPNERTue Oct 26 1993RMS-E-ACC
1281.0BROKE::LOMMEWed Oct 27 1993Some more IPX/SPX Info...
1282.03CSC32::J_BALOGHWed Oct 27 1993compiling the sample code
1283.01LISTIM::RIBEIROOThu Oct 28 1993SQLCA: SQLCODE: -2
1284.05CSC32::J_HAYTERThu Oct 28 1993who and for how long is using a generic server
1285.02YEOLD::HAMBO3::COHENThu Oct 28 1993F_FLOATING data type
1286.03CSC32::J_HAYTERFri Oct 29 1993getacctinf on 16th association ???
1287.01ELIS::MONDTue Nov 02 1993Date arithmics with SQL Services?
1288.011TPSPS1::TSC1MGRTue Nov 02 1993V4.1 DOS API got SQLSRV_NO_MEM (-2
1289.01VAXRIO::NOVELLOThu Nov 04 1993Sql Services for OSF/1...
1290.01GUIDUK::HEALYThu Nov 04 1993Problem with DATE ANSI-SQL Svcs & ODBC
1292.01KYPROS::PARELLISMon Nov 08 1993Minimum number of SQL servers
1293.09BROKE::GILPATRICKMon Nov 08 1993SQLDA2 features and discussion
1294.01CX3PST::CSC32::D_SCHAFFERMon Nov 08 1993quotas for execution servers on axp
1295.03GIDDAY::CHANMMon Nov 08 1993 parameter IDLE set to -1 : Should Stay in sys ?
1296.03CSC32::J_BALOGHTue Nov 09 1993exceeded BYTLM..again
1297.04OSLLAV::EIVINDR_PWed Nov 10 1993%SQL-F-NUMHVSNOT on commit .- Need advice
1298.01CTOAVX::BEAULIEUThu Nov 11 1993Product mgr. for SQL services
1299.01CSC32::P_VANKLEYFri Nov 12 1993Problem developing a SQLSRV windows application
1300.05TPSPS1::TSC1MGRMon Nov 15 1993Where is the image to cure EXBYTLM bugchk!
1301.02KERNEL::JACKSONMon Nov 15 1993DataLense Driver from Soma
1302.05GIDDAY::BRYDENMon Nov 15 1993some nice way of telling user no connections avail.
1303.01EEMELI::KARPPINENTue Nov 16 1993Performance problem's
1304.07WARNUT::BALMFORTHKTue Nov 16 1993IDLE time problems
1305.01CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYTue Nov 16 1993SQLCODE = -2
1306.04HERON::GODFRINDWed Nov 17 1993Does SYS$LOGIN get set when switching UICs in servers ?
1307.02CSC32::J_KUHNWed Nov 17 1993db class servers not releasing enqlm
1308.01HERON::GODFRINDThu Nov 18 1993Wish: new and improved management mechanisms
1309.01MUNICH::SBECKERFri Nov 19 1993server process dies with SYNCH_CMPINVSTT, PRSPOPN
1311.0WARNUT::BALMFORTHKMon Nov 22 1993odbc / sql services very slow
1312.0ESGWST::CHENMon Nov 22 1993SELECT FROM a table with alias
1313.01SNOCTue Nov 23 1993MSaccess/ODBC syntax error?
1314.01BACHUS::ALLEMEERSCHTue Nov 23 1993'COM_ABORT Communication server aborted' when ?
1315.01CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYTue Nov 23 1993SQLCODE = -2
1316.0CSC32::J_HAYTERWed Nov 24 1993override privs, where do they come from
1317.01COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu Nov 25 1993SQLMM object copy = File copy * 6, WHY ?
1318.0MLNORO::BIFFIGNANDIFri Nov 26 1993bad_db_handle
1319.0ZURMon Nov 29 1993SQL Services Authentication Weakness
1320.02COLTue Nov 30 1993MBX-Channel not released !?
1321.01COLTue Nov 30 1993Mbx channels aren't released ?!
1322.01VAXRIO::CSANTOSTue Nov 30 1993INVPCKHDR error
1323.01TPLAB::DACHSBECKTue Nov 30 1993SQLSRV-F-GETACCINF & %SQLSRV-F-COM_ABORT regularly occuring
1325.08KERNEL::MELVINDWed Dec 01 1993%SQLSRV-F-OPNLOGFIL and RDB v4.1
1326.04STKHLM::ARENDIWed Dec 01 1993 Can't get the ODBC IPX transport to work!
1327.05CSC32::M_ROBSONWed Dec 01 1993sqlservices and tcp/ip
1328.07NRSTA2::COLESFri Dec 03 1993Servers gain unintentional access to db via process rights
1329.03ZUGZUG::JESSOPTue Dec 07 1993Fatal BugCheck ... across net.
1330.0KERNEL::WILESLTue Dec 14 1993Unable to connect to Rdb with Windows for Workgroups
1331.03NODEX::MCGREALTue Dec 14 1993PC based component of SQL Services kit location ???
1332.03YEOLD::STRONBERGTue Dec 14 1993Proxy limites and database class servers
1333.02STKHLM::ARENDIWed Dec 15 1993Error 2
1334.01BROKE::SLATERWed Dec 15 1993Need X/Open SQL Manual
1335.0KERNEL::SMITHWed Dec 15 1993rdb-e-arith_except lib-f-intovf
1336.010CHEFS::YEOMANSDThu Dec 16 1993Routing through an intermediate node
1337.06BLKPUD::BALMFORTHKThu Dec 16 1993interr and a bugcheck
1338.01CSC32::JAGGERThu Dec 16 1993Wher is sqlsrv_sqlda_sqln call?
1339.01ALFHUB::URSIC::COMOLLIThu Dec 16 1993Invalid Packet Error aborts SQL Services
1340.0TKOV51::KURANUKISun Dec 19 1993about SQLDA2
1341.01CSC32::J_BALOGHMon Dec 20 1993tcpip and versions
1342.05VNASWS::GEROLDTue Dec 21 1993Cannot link with MS-Windows
1343.04CSC32::J_HAYTERTue Dec 21 1993-2
1344.04TAVWed Dec 22 1993SQL/Services on serial line ?
1345.01CSC32::G_ROBERTSWed Dec 22 1993%SQLSRV-F-INTERR, Internal Error: -2946
1346.01TPSPS1::TSC1MGRThu Dec 23 1993where can I get the patching SQLSRV$.EXE?
1347.01SAC::RYDER_PTue Jan 04 1994ERRAPIABT + ACCCON errors
1348.01CSC32::M_ROBSONWed Jan 05 1994tcp/ip VAX version 3.
1349.02TROOA::IOSSIFIDISWed Jan 05 1994SQL server for Alpha AXP-NT server
1350.01DUGROS::ROSSWed Jan 05 1994Misspelling in SQLSRV$UTL message file
1351.01KERNEL::SMITHMon Jan 10 1994%SQLSRV-F-ERRSHTSRV on sqlserver startup
1352.06TREES::HICKSONMon Jan 10 1994COM Server died with unknown messages 1A98 & 62EF
1353.01SNOFS2::ARTHURMon Jan 10 1994Novell Support
1354.0BLOHRD::CAIRNSTue Jan 11 1994VB and SQLMM
1355.03KERNEL::PULLEYWed Jan 12 1994EXecution server lives passed idle time?
1356.02TAVThu Jan 13 1994INTERNAL ERROR 41
1357.06CSC32::J_BALOGHThu Jan 13 1994-2
1358.0CSC32::S_MAUFEThu Jan 13 1994Will SQL/Services work with NTs TCP/IP
1359.0NYOSFri Jan 14 1994RS6
1360.05ALFHUB::URSIC::COMOLLIMon Jan 17 1994Hangs with Class servers
1361.04BROKE::MAVRISMon Jan 17 1994Official statement of support of SQS 5.1 over Rdb 4.x
1363.02SUBURB::MCDONALDATue Jan 25 1994Can't drop views
1364.04MLNORO::BIFFIGNANDIWed Jan 26 1994rdb 4.1a IVP, sql services error
1365.0BROKE::LOMMEWed Jan 26 1994MSDOS Make File for SQL Services Sample application SQSDYN (MS Visual C++)
1366.0BROKE::LOMMEWed Jan 26 1994MS-Windows Make File for SQL Services Sample application SQSDYNW (MS VIsual C++)
1367.01SUBURB::MCDONALDAThu Jan 27 1994What login info passed to remote node?
1368.03ZURThu Jan 27 1994GPTFULL Rdb 4.1 on spec. CLASS access.
1369.02UTOPIE::KREISLERThu Jan 27 1994SQSDYNKW.EXE does not work with parameter markers (Rdb V4.1-Rdb V5.1)
1370.05LAMBS::BARRETTThu Jan 27 1994Does SQL/Services really support Multi Version?
1371.01METSYS::GOODWINFri Jan 28 1994PC IVP failed with -2
1372.04MLNADFri Jan 28 1994SQLSRV-F-DRVCNDHDLERR error
1373.03SHINER::D_HOHMMon Jan 31 1994NOREPSQLDA error, ODBC V1.1 SQL V4.2
1374.02SUBURB::MCDONALDAMon Jan 31 1994Where do sort & log files go?
1375.01TROOA::IOSSIFIDISMon Jan 31 1994SQL monitor failing in standard security mode
1376.03AUSSIE::WITTIGMon Jan 31 1994AXP - TCP/IP - Mac limitations
1377.01VAXRIO::CSANTOSTue Feb 01 1994EXCEL - bugcheck in SQLSRV
1378.01GNROSE::HAGGERTYTue Feb 01 1994IVP failed under T6.
1379.02STKHLM::ARENDIWed Feb 02 1994Getting the number of rows from a query?
1380.0SWTHOM::COUPEAUWed Feb 02 1994sqsdynkw on windows for workgroup
1381.04GIDDAY::CHANMThu Feb 03 1994Think C problem -SQLSRV1 and SQLSRV2 libraries
1383.05GIDDAY::BRYDENThu Feb 03 1994SQL SRV on AXP where are quotas coming from??
1384.04LAMBS::BARRETTWed Feb 09 1994More BYTLM problems
1385.03OASS::BURDEN_DThu Feb 10 1994v4.2 client and V5.1 server
1386.02NAPCED::ALLOGGIFri Feb 11 1994RANDOM BUGCHECK DUMP after 4.2 upgrade
1387.0SUBURB::WARNERSFri Feb 11 1994Q+E: not found in the tables in the current scope
1388.014GL::MCDONALDFri Feb 11 1994SQLSRV VAX T6.
1389.01RDGENG::CLAYTONTue Feb 15 1994SQL Services Multi-Version 5.1
1390.05ROMTue Feb 15 1994insert/delete from MSAccess in RDB database
1391.02STOHUB::DSCGLF::FARLOWTue Feb 15 1994SQL/Services Questions from Customer
1392.01JUPITR::STEWARTWed Feb 16 1994READ ONLY to RDB from Excel QUERY?
1393.01SUBURB::MCDONALDAThu Feb 17 1994Non-priviledged use of SQLSRV$UTL?
1394.01MQOSWS::D_DESMARAISThu Feb 17 1994SQSDYN with TCP/IP - unable to connect
1395.02MQOSWS::D_DESMARAISThu Feb 17 1994IVP with Transport parameter
1396.01IMADV8::LAWLERThu Feb 24 1994Idle DB Class Server blocking interactive user ???
1397.01NSICThu Feb 24 1994Problems - exec srvr stays if client goes + RWMBX
1398.012NSICThu Feb 24 1994ODBC V1.1 and Trumpet Winsock V1.
1399.02HGODCS::AARONYUENThu Feb 24 1994HELP!! in setup !!
1400.03NRSTA2::COLESThu Feb 24 1994Network Error: -2
1401.01GIDDAY::CHANMFri Feb 25 1994SQL/Services and VMS Security alarm.
1402.04CX3PT1::WSC455::P_VANKLEYFri Feb 25 1994Problem with SQL/Services after upgrading TCP/IP
1403.04TENNIS::KAMFri Feb 25 1994DECquery and IPX question? I was pointed to this conference.
1404.02GUIDUK::HEALYTue Mar 01 1994SQL Services Error -2
1405.02HGODCS::AARONYUENWed Mar 02 1994-RMS-E-PRV reported when access RMS files.
1406.02HAMER::LIGHTBURNWed Mar 02 1994?? on starting up SQLSRV$SRV...
1407.02MEOCWed Mar 02 1994Global Buffers and generic servers
1408.0113652Thu Mar 03 1994Rdb access using Lotus/123 for VMS problem
1409.01STKHLM::HENNERTMon Mar 07 1994Support for Solaris V2.3 in SQL/Services V5.1 ?
1410.0STKHLM::LINDGREN_PTue Mar 08 1994Need compiled SQSDYN-example file.
1411.0UTRTSC::VDRIELTue Mar 08 1994Borland C++ and SQL/Services ?
1412.01SIEVAX::LLOYDWed Mar 09 1994DBKEY input causing BUGCHECK
1413.02STKHLM::ARENDIWed Mar 09 1994Lost connection TCPIP server doesn't disappear!
1414.04KERNEL::MELVINDThu Mar 10 1994Using v4.
1415.06JRFVAX::HODGESFri Mar 11 1994SQL/Services and DATE ANSI
1416.03JARRAH::BRADLEYTue Mar 15 1994SQL services and DECnet phase V
1417.01BVEUX::LAMARETue Mar 15 1994SQLSRV-F-TCPPORT, Unable to declare SQL Services TCPport=118
1418.01SU2PLY::MENU_MTue Mar 15 1994Does not work bettween different versios of Rdb/SQL
1419.01GRANPA::BGATELEINTue Mar 15 1994Exec. Server already in use
1420.01CSC32::N_BERENZWed Mar 16 1994Is it fixed in V4.2a?
1421.01LEMAN::SIMPSONThu Mar 17 1994Windows IVP locks up PC
1422.04AKOCOA::LAIFri Mar 18 1994Question on security on 'unauthorized access'
1423.0NYOSMon Mar 21 1994Security help
1424.0WILBRY::BEAUREGARDMon Mar 21 1994DEC ODBC Driver for MS Win. V2.
1425.01GUIDUK::HEALYMon Mar 21 1994TCP/IP 3rd party clients: any progress?
1426.06SIOG::BARRETTTue Mar 22 1994A couple of problems with SQL/Services Version 6.
1427.03QUARK::LIONELTue Mar 22 1994Customer complaint about SQL Services
1428.02RDGE88::ALLENWed Mar 23 1994MS ACCESS, RMS and SQL Services
1429.02METSYS::GOODWINWed Mar 23 1994SQL/Services server - unknown locks?
1430.01JAX12::RANDOLFThu Mar 24 1994Date mismatch on sqlsrv$mod?
1431.02PCCIN::Conferencing-UserThu Mar 24 1994windows sql/service use wsockets.dll?
1432.03ZPOVC::HONGPEWFri Mar 25 1994SQLSRV Error -2
1433.01FHOHUB::FTWUTH::DANEFri Mar 25 1994Sample Code to access BLOB's
1434.0CSC32::JAGGERFri Mar 25 1994Clients crash execution server stays forever
1435.0BACHUS::LEENFri Mar 25 1994Where is SQLSRV$FULL
1436.01ZPOVC::HONGPEWMon Mar 28 1994Can SQL/Service 5.1 works with TCPIP 2.
1437.0VNASWS::GEROLDMon Mar 28 1994somtimes it activates, sometimes it doesn't
1438.04STKHLM::ARENDIMon Mar 28 1994Lost connection IPX server does't go into idle??
1439.0VNASWS::GEROLDMon Mar 28 1994Problem running app in fresh PW V5 environment
1440.0VNASWS::GEROLDMon Mar 28 1994GP in sqlsrv_sqlda_ref_data
1441.0BROKE::ERREDEMon Mar 28 1994SQL/Services and FTP 2.2
1442.04KENSVS::KANOUSETue Mar 29 1994V6 Error
1443.02DELNI::P_COLEWed Mar 30 1994Invalid Keyword err "startup"
1444.01MRKTNG::SETTYWed Mar 30 1994Message Traffic on WANs
1445.03STKHLM::LINDGREN_PThu Mar 31 1994Can't find MSDOS variant of the SQSDYN sample in 6.
1446.03MANThu Mar 31 1994SQL/services, prerequisites for installation?
1447.02CSC32::J_BALOGHThu Mar 31 1994sqsdynk but not sqsdynkw?
1448.01MSDOA::SECRISTMon Apr 04 1994Buffered i/o bound ?
1449.02TREES::HICKSONMon Apr 04 1994%SQLSRV-F-INVSTT, Invalid comm server state
1450.01GRANPA::BGATELEINMon Apr 04 1994ECO1 changes UAF & SQLSRV$SRV account
1451.02UTRTSC::LIEMTue Apr 05 1994SQL/Services and user login.com ?.
1452.01STKHLM::JOHANSTROMTue Apr 05 1994Solaris 2.x, support ?
1453.02CLO::MOLLEYTue Apr 05 1994EPC$SHR missing image.
1454.01ZPOVC::SHANYONGThu Apr 07 1994Detached process failed
1455.0TKTVFS::TAJINOThu Apr 07 1994Execution process status using by tcp/ip, active <-> idle
1456.04CSC32::R_LEEFri Apr 08 1994TCP/IP: "Keep Alive" support?
1457.01SUBURB::PACTR6::GOODDMon Apr 11 1994SORTWORK.TMP file access conflict
1458.011ODIXIE::DWILLIAMSTue Apr 12 1994Banyan TCP/IP?
1459.06CSC32::M_ROBSONWed Apr 13 1994wsanobufs from sqlservices
1460.01CSC32::J_BALOGHThu Apr 14 1994SPD?
1461.01ATYLAN::GALANOThu Apr 14 1994SQL/services V5.1 client and server V6.
1462.01AYOV29::RMCCULLOCHThu Apr 14 1994Network Error
1463.01TPSYS::COMEAUThu Apr 14 1994-F-NO_RDB on v6.
1464.01CSC32::N_BERENZThu Apr 14 1994Will V6.
1465.01GIDDAY::BRYDENSun Apr 17 1994memory mgt quest for dos/mswin API's
1466.01MLNORO::SCAGLIONIMon Apr 18 1994MS-DOS,MS-WINDOWS language support
1467.03STKHLM::ARENDIMon Apr 18 1994SQLSRV$IVP hangs on associate????
1468.02CSC32::D_SCHAFFERMon Apr 18 1994sql services port 118
1469.02CSC32::M_ROBSONMon Apr 18 1994error during association and getaccinfo
1470.03AUSSIE::GARSONTue Apr 19 1994SQL/Services Macintosh System 7 MPW client install
1471.0133655::TJIONASTue Apr 19 1994ODBC unwanted lock conflicts
1472.0STKHLM::ARENDIWed Apr 20 1994MS Lanman TCPIP and SQL/Services??????
1473.06KERNEL::JACKSONThu Apr 21 1994License problems with Gateway for DSM
1474.02COPCLU::NISSENThu Apr 21 1994Execution Server's Virtual memory keeps growing
1475.02GUIDUK::AUSTINThu Apr 21 1994Wollongong TCP/IP & SQL Services
1476.0GALVIA::HFAGANWed Apr 27 1994C++ class libraries to access multiple databases on multiple platforms !
1477.01CSC32::MCCRACKENThu Apr 28 1994-2
1478.03CSC32::D_SCHAFFERThu Apr 28 1994invsqllen after upgrade
1479.01DELNI::P_COLEFri Apr 29 1994MS-access-captive account and SQLSRV 5.1
1480.03SWAM1::DANAHY_DAFri Apr 29 1994SQL/Services and Netware
1481.03CSC32::D_SCHAFFERFri Apr 29 1994Process Software's TCPWARE
1482.02STKHLM::ARENDIMon May 02 1994SQLSRV-F-ASSNETMBXCHN After 16:th conn. MAX=4
1483.01KYOSS1::LOMon May 02 1994NT Client and RDB Integration
1484.05COPCLU::NISSENTue May 03 1994SQL/Services Support features ?????????
1485.06MLNTSC::RESNATIThu May 05 1994Sql/Service and Pathwork 5.
1486.01CTHQ::SCARBERThu May 05 1994Can I access MS Access database?
1488.02ANGLIN::ORTHOBERFri May 06 1994Basic DAL Questions and VMS/ALPHA to RDB
1489.02CSC32::M_ROBSONMon May 09 1994SQL/SERVICES ECO 1 Will there be one for AXP??
1490.01CSC32::MCCRACKENMon May 09 1994SQL/Services IVP -> General Protection Fault
1491.01GIDDAY::BRYDENTue May 10 19944.1 comm error msg no 62EF
1492.01METSYS::GOODWINTue May 10 1994Shutdown specific SQL/Service class?
1494.02METSYS::GOODWINTue May 10 1994Mysterious PR lock
1495.0NYOSTue May 10 1994PC OS/2 on Token Ring to Rdb ?
1496.02GIDDAY::BRYDENThu May 12 1994access security using ODBC???
1497.01KERNEL::SMITHThu May 12 1994IVP error -2
1499.010EEMELI::ROUHUFri May 13 1994Bad performance from Excel Q+E via RDBACCESS for RMS to a indexed RMS file
1500.03HGODCS::AARONYUENFri May 13 1994How to specify different env for different class?
1501.01NSICFri May 13 1994Fatal error at SQL$$Create_Dyn +
1502.06CSC32::J_BALOGHTue May 17 1994RMS-F-DIR?
1503.01NECSC::BITHERTue May 17 1994SQLSRVA
1504.0CSC32::MCCRACKENTue May 17 1994SQL/Services reporting problems
1505.02HGODCS::AARONYUENWed May 18 1994SQL/service exec server need a lot of resource?
1506.06METSYS::GOODWINThu May 19 1994SQL/Services process hangs
1507.03MR3MI2::STELZNERThu May 19 1994-2
1509.0CCAD38::DUBINMon May 23 1994VB => C++ DLL => ODBC => SQL/Services => Rdb Problem
1510.06ODIXIE::DWILLIAMSWed May 25 1994TRAACT Error????
1511.04CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYWed May 25 1994SQL/Services crashes after upgrade to VMS 6.
1512.0PIET21::WOFFENDENWed May 25 1994General Protection Fault in module SQSAPIW.DLL
1513.01TAOVFri May 27 1994DCE Application
1514.02HAN::AUEFri May 27 1994%SQLSRV-F-NO_RDB when starting access server
1515.01CSC32::J_HAYTERFri May 27 1994ECO 4
1516.03STKAI1::SERIKSSONTue May 31 1994MS ACCESS and TCP/IP
1517.01METSYS::GOODWINWed Jun 01 1994Problems with Pathworks TCP/IP
1518.01ROMWed Jun 01 1994MBTOOSML
1519.06AUSSIE::GARSONThu Jun 02 1994create association once only?
1520.03CSC32::J_BALOGHThu Jun 02 1994C++
1521.01LEMAN::BOURAKOFFFri Jun 03 1994Where is located SQLSRV$BUGCHECK.DMP
1523.01SPEZKO::MERMELLFri Jun 03 1994trace facility?
1524.06HTSC12::MICKWIDLAMMon Jun 06 1994URGENT, please help
1525.01BSS::A_SALEMon Jun 06 1994Security issues
1526.04ALFAI::HENNESSYWed Jun 08 19946.
1527.06HTSC12::MICKWIDLAMThu Jun 09 1994location of INVPCK93
1528.04YIELD::HARRISThu Jun 09 1994SQLSRV 6.1?
1529.018WRAFLC::GILLEYThu Jun 09 1994getaccinf error for one dbms, okay for the other?
1530.04WRAFLC::GILLEYThu Jun 09 1994IS 6.
1531.01EEMELI::KOIRA::toukkariFri Jun 10 1994Binary data handling problems (blobs)!!
1532.02SIOG::BARRETTMon Jun 13 1994With Pathworks V5.
1533.02ALICAT::BUDILOVTue Jun 14 1994PARADOX and SQL/Services V6.
1534.02CSC32::J_BALOGHTue Jun 14 1994OS/2
1535.01ROMThu Jun 16 1994SQL Server shuts down
1536.01NEWOA::GIDDINGS_DThu Jun 16 1994Rights identifiers and SYSTEM-F-NOPRIV
1537.0BROKE::MAVRISThu Jun 16 1994Problems fixed in SQL/Services 5.1 ECO
1539.01UTOPIE::KREISLERFri Jun 17 1994MAC: SQL/Services V6.
1540.02COPCLU::JEPPEFri Jun 17 1994SQL-F-NOREPSQLDA with SQLSRV 5.1+ECO1
1541.01BROKE::ERREDEFri Jun 17 1994WINSOCK Connectivity by someone who has done it !
1542.01NEWOA::GIDDINGS_DMon Jun 20 1994MS Access #Deleted and date string
1543.08GLDOA::DANEMon Jun 20 1994Security concerns from the desktop.
1544.02CSC32::M_ROBSONMon Jun 20 1994-2
1545.05JUPITR::STEWARTTue Jun 21 1994Database class/Access/table name too long
1546.0FORGER::FRACCHIAWed Jun 22 1994Netware 4.
1547.01BSS::A_SALEWed Jun 22 1994SQL/Services & ODBC Customer training?
1548.03MUCTEC::GASTThu Jun 23 1994After upgrade to SQLSRV V6.
1549.0SISDA::SISDA::TREMELLINGFri Jun 24 1994MSAccess/RDB ODBC Database servers?
1550.02STKHLM::ARENDIMon Jun 27 1994SQL/Services fails on remote booted PC??
1551.08XSTACY::KBOWENMon Jun 27 1994Internal Error 17 when SQL Server from LAN PC
1552.01GRANPA::BGATELEINMon Jun 27 1994Hung db caused by ROOT lock
1553.02SWTHOM::COUPEAUTue Jun 28 1994How to do in 5.1 when captive flag is really needed ?
1554.01CSC32::JAGGERTue Jun 28 1994SQL/SERVICES consuming resources in API abort
1555.04GIDDAY::BRYDENTue Jun 28 1994attach to GENERIC can get someone elses db V5.1
1556.01BVEUX::LAMAREWed Jun 29 1994SQL/Services V6.
1558.03ATYISA::CHAFFAUT_CFri Jul 01 1994SQL/Services for OS/2
1559.02HBFDSM::THODEWed Jul 06 1994Pointer to InterConnections
1560.02CSC32::M_ROBSONWed Jul 06 1994database class servers and usernames
1561.01ROMFri Jul 08 1994Questions about class and performances
1562.04AYOV29::RMCCULLOCHMon Jul 11 1994IMPORT problem!
1563.0BROKE::HOMon Jul 11 1994Sun Operating System for SQL/Services Client
1564.07SATRN::STEWARTTue Jul 12 1994parse or paramter error:database-class
1565.02BOLINA::GADALETAMWed Jul 13 1994SQL Services Kits...
1566.04LISTIM::RIBEIROOFri Jul 15 1994
1567.02CSC32::J_BALOGHMon Jul 18 1994session_user?
1568.0ISTWI1::48676::DARUGERMon Jul 18 1994Progress v7 Windows to SQLservices ? How?
1569.01DNEAST::PCAMon Jul 18 1994Where is ECO1?
1570.03TKOV6Tue Jul 19 1994ULTRIX:SQLSRV V5.1 fail with -2
1571.01CSCMA::ARSENAULTTue Jul 19 1994shut off logging
1572.04HTSC12::MICKWIDLAMWed Jul 20 1994ODBC client hanged with Rdb V4.1 server with large record size
1573.02JUPITR::STEWARTWed Jul 20 1994two tries to attach
1574.0CSC32::J_BALOGHFri Jul 22 1994decnet extensions..again
1575.06KERNEL::WILESLMon Jul 25 1994Internal error 41 on large prepare
1576.02BVEUX::LAMAREThu Jul 28 1994SQL/Services error: -2
1577.01CSC32::D_SCHAFFERThu Jul 28 1994sqlsrv-f-wrtcmpretsts
1579.04HTSC12::MICKWIDLAMTue Aug 02 1994multiversion vs standard version
1580.01GIDDAY::BRYDENTue Aug 02 1994V6, problem with installed image RDMSHRP.EXE?
1581.05GIDDAY::BRYDENWed Aug 03 1994how do I get ODI drivers to work?
1582.02MANWed Aug 03 1994Another problem with the IVP!
1583.02KAOFS::M_ROYWed Aug 03 1994SQL/SERVICES IVP fails using IPX
1584.014KERNEL::JACKSONThu Aug 04 1994-2
1585.04TREES::HICKSONThu Aug 04 1994-2
1586.01CSC32::D_SCHAFFERFri Aug 05 19946.
1587.01KERNEL::JACKSONMon Aug 08 1994-2
1588.0HIGHD::MELENDEZMon Aug 08 1994wheres wintalk?
1589.01TOLKIN::SWEENEYTue Aug 09 1994database class server change not recognized
1590.02KERNEL::MELVINDWed Aug 10 1994-2
1591.02GRANPA::MLEVINEWed Aug 10 1994install v6 error
1592.0LEMAN::SUBRIThu Aug 11 1994multiple system disks management
1593.06KERNEL::HISCOCKThu Aug 11 1994sql service 6.
1594.04CSC32::D_FLOYDFri Aug 12 1994Documentation question
1595.01COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDSun Aug 14 1994Size of METADATA columns are 29 ?!
1596.06CSC32::FRANCESCHINIMon Aug 15 1994BYTLM problem...again
1597.02CSC32::J_HAYTERMon Aug 15 1994local mode and multiversion - how?
1598.02CSC32::BIERUTTue Aug 16 1994Ultrix API on HP 745
1599.02CSC32::N_BERENZWed Aug 17 1994isolation level control
1601.06MIMS::TAYLOR_DThu Aug 18 1994DOS API for SQS IVP
1602.05AYOV2Tue Aug 23 1994Error [#-2
1603.01DBSUK1::HOBBSTue Aug 23 1994SQSDYNK program and TCP/IP
1604.01KERNEL::HISCOCKWed Aug 24 1994Highest MAX setting?
1605.0STKHLM::PAULSONWed Aug 24 1994Expired passwords revisited (IPX)
1606.04WARS::SMOLAKThu Aug 25 1994Why SQL/Services T6.
1607.010CPDW::VAUGHANThu Aug 25 1994INVMSG error
1608.02CSC32::MCCRACKENThu Aug 25 1994SQL/Services DOS API and Netware 4.
1609.01BACHUS::LEENThu Aug 25 1994Microsoft Lanman V2.1 (TCP/IP)
1610.0BACHUS::LEENThu Aug 25 1994Microsoft Lanman V2.1 (TCP/IP)
1611.03CSC32::J_BALOGHFri Aug 26 1994sqlsrv over slip?
1612.02CSC32::J_BALOGHTue Aug 30 1994sharing connections with winsock
1613.01AUSSIE::GARSONWed Aug 31 1994V6.
1614.02SUBURB::MCDONALDAFri Sep 02 1994Do you guys go to Oracle as well?
1615.04DUGROS::ROSSSun Sep 04 1994How do I get query outlines from SQL SERVICES?
1616.0HBFDSM::THODEMon Sep 05 1994DSM DBI and Apple' DAL ?
1617.0MUCTEC::GASTTue Sep 06 1994Access via SQL Services from Silicon Graphics systems ?
1618.03KERNEL::WILESLTue Sep 06 1994V6
1619.02CSC32::J_BALOGHThu Sep 08 1994padding with nulls?
1620.03NZOMIS::ARTHURFri Sep 09 1994Perf analysis of Rdb/Sqlservices
1621.02GIDDAY::BRYDENFri Sep 09 1994how to start a r/w trans on 4.1 rdb from access 2.
1622.01GIDDAY::HADDADTue Sep 13 1994General Protection Fault in SQSAPIW.DLL
1623.04JUPITR::SHELINTue Sep 13 1994VMS SQLRSV$API.OLB symbols?
1624.04NODEX::JENSENThu Sep 15 1994Username: Admin: problem and tcp/ip problem.
1625.01ALLVAX::PETERSThu Sep 15 1994Error -5
1626.02JURA::FERNEY::DUQUESNEMon Sep 19 1994SQLCODE error -2
1627.04CSC32::J_BALOGHMon Sep 19 1994osf client?
1628.02GIDDAY::BRYDENTue Sep 20 1994V6.
1629.04GIDDAY::BRYDENWed Sep 21 1994how is client logging turned on?
1630.01TAOVThu Sep 22 1994SQLSRV$BUGCHECK.DMP from SQL Services V4.2-
1631.04TAOVFri Sep 23 1994error attach
1632.02METSYS::LIVESEYFri Sep 23 1994Interconnections Leaverage for RDB access using ODBC via IPX/SPX
1633.02KERNEL::WILESLFri Sep 23 1994Non-printable characters from an old SQLDA?
1634.05CADSYS::COOKFri Sep 23 1994Incompatiblity problem between TCP/IP explicit and DECnet proxy access
1635.02PADNOM::FRANBERMon Sep 26 1994SUN OS support
1636.01CSC32::MCCRACKENThu Sep 29 1994PASSWORD encryption
1637.04ROWLET::AINSLEYMon Oct 03 1994SQL services IVP failure
1638.03NSICTue Oct 04 1994Problems running IVP from SQLSRV 6.
1639.04TOSSUC::TOTATue Oct 04 1994SQLSRV$PROXY and other questions...
1640.02STKHLM::LINDGREN_PWed Oct 05 1994SQLSRV$STARTUP ---> username SQLSRV$SRV does not exsist
1641.01BELFST::OPERATORWed Oct 05 1994sqlserver for axp winnt?
1642.02STKHLM::LINDGREN_PWed Oct 05 1994VAX to Windows NT
1643.02GIDDAY::BRYDENWed Oct 05 1994version mismatch error during SQLSRV startup 5.1
1644.02CSC32::MCCRACKENThu Oct 06 1994Borland C++ revisited
1645.02SWTHOM::DELOBELFri Oct 07 1994SQL/services and pathwork v5
1646.01NODEX::MCGREALFri Oct 07 1994SQL/Services kit for VAX/VMS ?
1647.02PROXY::DDSG1Fri Oct 07 1994Help with: RDMS-F-EXQUOTA
1648.02CSC32::D_SCHAFFERFri Oct 07 1994SQSDYNK with TCP/IP
1649.01GIDDAY::BRYDENSun Oct 09 1994prob with multinet TCP/IP & SQLSRV 6.
1650.0254323::FOLIEMon Oct 10 1994%SQLSRV-F-GRANTID
1651.0CSC32::MCCRACKENMon Oct 10 1994SQL/SERVICES startup parameters
1652.01TPLAB::pecee.bro.dec.com::BidonnetTue Oct 11 1994?Force existing Windows application to use TCP/IP
1653.06KERNEL::JACKSONMon Oct 17 1994Error running DECSQSPC
1654.01SAWA::63594::SOBOLEWSKITue Oct 18 1994SQL/services, PATHWORKS, MSC - versions?
1655.02PADNOM::FRANBERTue Oct 18 1994SUN os 4.1.3 SQSSRV 5.1 eco 1 and -2
1656.02GIDDAY::CHANMThu Oct 20 1994DECnet-VAX version ?
1657.04KERNEL::HISCOCKFri Oct 21 1994sql/srv 6.
1658.01TROU36::J_PLUGERSFri Oct 21 1994DECQuery/DOS 2.1 DECNET OK;TCP/IP won't work
1659.04KERNEL::JACKSONMon Oct 24 1994Lotus 1-2-3/Datalens problem with V4.2A
1660.02MROA::DANDREWSWed Oct 26 1994Binary field/variable length rms file
1661.03CPDW::CIUFFINIWed Oct 26 1994... Import process stalled/hanging ...
1662.01CSC32::MCCRACKENWed Oct 26 1994Performance questions
1663.03HTSC12::MICKWIDLAMThu Oct 27 1994SQL/Services V5.1 on Rdb V4.2?
1665.06UKBETA::AS_TOMKINSThu Oct 27 1994ODBC error
1666.01MOSCOW::INKINENMon Oct 31 1994Any available data?
1667.02GIDDAY::BRYDENMon Oct 31 1994how to pick up logicals for a generic server?
1668.06CSC32::M_ROBSONTue Nov 01 1994sqlsrv-e-clrmbx ...Help???
1669.04VAXRIO::ABREUFri Nov 04 1994Invalid password error during association
1671.02LACVFri Nov 11 1994Can't connect with ODBC
1674.03METSYS::GOODWINWed Nov 16 1994Does Nt 3.5 work with SQSAPIW.DLL?
1675.02ROMEOS::AGOPIAN_ARThu Nov 17 1994Wollogong TCP/IP
1676.06KERNEL::SMITHWed Nov 23 1994SQL/Services hangs in LEF
1677.02CSC32::J_BALOGHTue Nov 29 1994comm server confused?
1678.01NRSTA1::COLESTue Nov 29 1994Network Error (-2
1679.02CSC32::N_BERENZThu Dec 01 1994rms-f-priv and rms-f-dec ECO
1680.08CSC32::J_BALOGHFri Dec 02 1994SQLSRV-F-ACCCON
1681.06SIOG::BARRETTMon Dec 05 1994Error -2
1683.01MSAMWed Dec 07 1994API write failed
1684.05ISIDRO::ANAMARIAWed Dec 07 1994-2
1685.04UTOPIE::ROEHRICHWed Dec 07 1994-2
1686.02EWBV89::OKUNOThu Dec 08 1994SQLSRV-F-NO_MEM caused by Update method of ACCESS
1687.06CSC32::MCCRACKENThu Dec 08 1994-2
1688.05AIMTEC::BURDEN_DThu Dec 08 1994-2
1690.01MSAMFri Dec 16 1994upgrade sqlsrv$.exe only
1691.02DNEAST::PCAFri Dec 16 1994How to give access to database class to everyone??
1692.01YIELD::LAUERFri Dec 16 1994timestamp sqlsrv and odbc with msaccess
1693.03CSC32::M_ROBSONFri Dec 16 1994SQL/Services 6.
1694.01MSAMMon Dec 19 1994ODBC V1.1 with NOVELL TCP/IP
1695.01ZURThu Dec 22 1994norepsqlda using sqlsrv API sqlsrv 6.
1696.02TREES::HICKSONWed Dec 28 1994Is V6 of Think C required by SQLSRV V6
1697.018KERNEL::JACKSONTue Jan 03 1995GPF from MS-Word
1698.01KERNEL::SMITHThu Jan 05 1995SQLSRVA-E-RDBSYS on A3
1699.02PROXY::DDSG1Thu Jan 05 1995Rdb GetHostByName Err #11
1700.02GIDDAY::CHANMMon Jan 09 1995SETPRV for sql_services ??
1701.0UTRTSC::VDRIELWed Jan 11 1995 USER context SQL/Services server process ?
1702.09JRFVAX::HODGESWed Jan 11 1995Unknown SQL Services error-2
1703.01STRASB::HONOREMon Jan 16 1995ANSI Date, ODBC, SQL/services V6.1, RDB V6.
1704.02OTOOA::BUTLERTue Jan 17 1995SQL Services installation problems
1705.01IAMOK::COPCLU::JEPPEFri Jan 20 1995Sql Services and Decnet Phase V ?
1706.09SSSAXP::LIVINGSTONEFri Jan 20 1995Problems between ODBC & SQL$SERVICES, perhaps SQLSRV$MOD mismatch problem
1707.08CSC32::M_ROBSONTue Jan 24 1995general protection fault in sqsapiw.dll
1708.07COPCLU::JEPPEFri Jan 27 1995Building G_FLOAT sqlsrv applications ?
1709.0SWTHOM::DELOBELMon Jan 30 1995Example of sqlsrv_execute_in_out
1710.02SIOG::BARRETTMon Jan 30 1995Does SQL/Services support calls from VB?
1711.02VIVARA::ALLOGGITue Jan 31 1995SQLCODE=-2
1712.01PADNOM::FRANBERThu Feb 02 1995OSF/1 client
1713.0CSC32::R_LEEThu Feb 02 1995Pathworks V5.1 - DECnet & TCP/IP on PC - (-2
1714.06UTOPIE::KREISLERFri Feb 03 1995Dead process reported in report as 'EXE Abort'
1715.02COPCLU::JEPPEFri Feb 03 1995Idle generic server still attached to db
1716.01BROKE::BITHERSun Feb 05 1995general prot fault SQSAPIW.DLL (
1717.01CGOOA::JBUTLERMon Feb 06 1995General Prot Fault in SQSAPIW.DLL
1718.02CIM2NI::MESSIERMon Feb 06 1995Generic Default Access
1719.06HGOCS::TONYLIUWed Feb 08 1995invalid account information
1721.010STKHLM::LINDGREN_PThu Feb 09 1995Sun Solaris 2.X support?
1722.02HGOCS::TONYLIUFri Feb 10 1995ODBC V2.
1723.02BACHUS::ROELANTSFri Feb 10 1995memory leak?
1725.03KAOFS::M_ROYWed Feb 15 1995MAC EXCEL to access RDB , what is needed ?
1726.02STKHLM::HAGEThu Feb 16 1995sqlsrv$utl dump
1727.04TAVSun Feb 19 1995IVP problem with Novell TCP/IP
1728.01GIDDAY::BRYDENSun Feb 19 1995S1
1729.05NOMAHS::HOEPNERMon Feb 20 1995SQL Services and 1
1730.04CSC32::M_ROBSONMon Feb 20 1995ODBC-SQL/Services and Desktop backup problems
1731.01CSC32::MCCRACKENMon Feb 20 1995SQS for MAC and Notification Mgr?
1732.01CSC32::D_SCHAFFERThu Feb 23 1995%sqlsrv-f-ftlexeerr #-2
1733.01NOMAHS::SECRISTThu Feb 23 1995EXECUTE *without* USER and IDENT ?
1734.05NOMAHS::SECRISTThu Feb 23 1995ODBC Drivers for MacOS ?
1735.01AIMTEC::BURDEN_DMon Feb 27 1995Unknown SQL Services error 21556
1736.02CSC32::M_ROBSONMon Feb 27 1995sql-f-traact
1737.04ESSB::CWHITETue Feb 28 1995SQL Services, OSF, VMS and firewalls
1738.01CSC32::N_BERENZTue Feb 28 1995SQL/services decnet questions
1739.05KERNEL::WILESLWed Mar 01 1995IVP fails with SQLSRV-F-NO_RDB
1740.01SWTHOM::JACOBWed Mar 01 1995THINK C for MAC : bad SQLSRV1 and SQLSRV2 libraries ?
1741.02NOMAHS::SECRISTWed Mar 01 1995Config of IDLE
1742.02EWBVThu Mar 02 1995SQL/Service process stop suddenly
1743.01RCOJDS::BOUDJEMAIFri Mar 03 1995Sql/Services startup with RDB6.
1744.0NOMAHS::SECRISTSun Mar 05 1995Rdb database via Sybase gateway ?
1745.04CSC32::N_BERENZTue Mar 07 1995WSAECONNREFUSED if PC is booted V6.
1746.03HGOCS::SIMONLAUWed Mar 08 1995SQLSRV$SRV terminated - internal error 61 !
1747.01VAXRIO::ABREUWed Mar 08 1995VMS 5.5-2 / DEcnet Extensions / Sql services 6.
1748.01BROKE::BITHERWed Mar 08 1995SPXListen...ERROR: Invalid data length rec'd
1749.01PDMOPS::SAFFERWed Mar 08 1995TCP/IP Server activation failure
1750.02CSC32::J_BALOGHThu Mar 09 1995ipx and axp?
1751.02GIDDAY::CHANMSun Mar 12 1995SQL IVP hang -%DCL-W-IVVERB.
1752.04CSC32::M_ROBSONTue Mar 14 1995sqlcode 2 on client IVP
1753.07ESTASI::CAREMIROWed Mar 15 1995SQLSRV$PROXY entry with hidden area system
1755.01SWTHOM::JACOBFri Mar 17 1995SQLSRV-F-INTERR, Internal Error: -2946
1756.04CSC32::N_BERENZWed Mar 22 1995Wants to stop/id process if users reboot
1757.03CSC32::MCCRACKENThu Mar 23 1995Windows NT support?
1758.09NOMAHS::SECRISTFri Mar 24 1995Secure updates ?
1759.02STKHLM::LINDGREN_PMon Mar 27 1995DBI/Sybase, -2
1760.0NOMAHS::SECRISTMon Mar 27 1995TP Monitors for ODBC Access
1761.01CSC32::J_BALOGHTue Mar 28 1995SQL$$EXECUTE_BLOB_GET??
1762.05CSC32::N_BERENZWed Mar 29 1995change transport default
1763.05KLUSTR::GARDNERFri Mar 31 1995VARCHAR broken: ODBC V2, SQS V6.1
1764.08KERNEL::JACKSONTue Apr 04 1995Shutdown doesn't work if DECNET stopped.
1765.01TREES::HICKSONTue Apr 04 1995Mac - TCP - associate timeout
1767.01METSYS::GOODWINThu Apr 06 1995Trying to work out locks on SQL/Services
1768.02COORS::J_BALOGHThu Apr 06 1995tcpip node and SQLSRV$UTL
1769.05CSC32::MCCRACKENFri Apr 07 1995SQSAPIW.INI not working
1770.03MSAMMon Apr 10 1995SQLSRV
1771.01XSTACY::JLUNDONMon Apr 10 1995Beginner question with SQL services on OSF/1
1772.01UTRTSC::LIEMTue Apr 11 1995DOS client and PATHWORKS V5.
1773.03NOMAHS::SECRISTWed Apr 12 1995"Idle job" killer for SQl/Services Processes ?
1774.03NOMAHS::SECRISTThu Apr 13 1995Portable v. Prior SqlSrv Functionality ?
1775.04BACHUS::ALLEMEERSCHThu Apr 13 1995Transaction Reusable Database Services 1 executor ?
1776.01CSC32::MCCRACKENThu Apr 13 19954-byte integers on MAC?
1777.0CSC32::MCCRACKENTue Apr 18 1995Database class servers and database access
1778.03CSC32::N_BERENZWed Apr 19 1995TGV duplicate name V6.1 SQL/services
1779.09DEKVC::TAESIKKIMThu Apr 20 1995SQL srv down w/ bytlm exceed
1780.02MDRA1::ANAMARIAFri Apr 21 1995RDB 3.1B AND SQL/SERVICES 6.
1781.05NOMAHS::SECRISTFri Apr 21 1995SqlSrv doesn't trigger VMS intrusion detection ?
1782.09NOMAHS::SECRISTFri Apr 21 1995Ms-Access/ODBC Login to "Admin" account ?
1783.05NOMAHS::SECRISTTue Apr 25 1995When do you get %SQLSRV-S-COM_FORCEX ?
1784.08NOMAHS::SECRISTTue Apr 25 1995SQLSRV-E-REP_INSB crashes server process
1785.03MROA::BONVALLATTue Apr 25 1995RDB-E-INVALID_BLR error on 4 out of 5 SQL nodes
1786.0NOMAHS::SECRISTWed Apr 26 1995Inactivity Timeouts in MS-Access, SQL/Services
1787.04CSC32::MCCRACKENWed Apr 26 1995What happened to MIN?
1788.03VAXRIO::ABREUThu Apr 27 1995%SQLSRV-F-FTLEXERR (-2
1789.01CSC32::MCCRACKENThu Apr 27 1995%SQLSRV-E-EXECLEANUP error
1790.01XSTACY::JLUNDONFri Apr 28 1995OSF/1 V3.
1791.01CCAD39::LAWRENCEMon May 01 1995SQLSRV-F-BUGCHK, Server Crashing
1792.02CSC32::MCCRACKENTue May 02 1995problems copying OSF client from VAX
1793.03CCAD39::LAWRENCEWed May 03 1995ERRAPIABT and ACCCON errors
1794.01ZPOVC::HINSIONGTANFri May 05 1995SS_GENERIC_** chews up big memory
1795.03HTSC12::MICKWIDLAMTue May 09 1995SQL/Services tuning
1796.02DEKVC::TAESIKKIMTue May 09 1995key input lost during DB access from PC
1797.01TEKDEV::YUILLTue May 09 1995Ext Func Callout on db attach?
1798.05STKHLM::LINDGREN_PThu May 11 1995API Mac PowerPC PPCC compiler
1799.02RIGI::SCHMIDMThu May 11 1995accvio and bugchecks DETACH_DATABASE +
1801.03GIDDAY::CHANMWed May 17 1995SQLSRV V6.1 IVP failed: SQLCODE: -2
1802.03TPSPS1::TSC1MGRWed May 17 1995ERRAPIABT, ACCCON on V6.
1803.04GENIE::HARTMANNWed May 17 1995how to show improvement of increased buffer size?
1804.03UTRTSC::LIEMWed May 17 1995Connection problem using TCP/IP ?
1805.02CSC32::J_BALOGHMon May 22 1995DECTrace and SQLSRV??
1806.02GIDDAY::BRYDENMon May 22 19956.1,2.
1807.02NOMAHS::SECRISTTue May 23 1995Internal Oracle Pointer to ODBC 2.
1808.05CSC32::M_ROBSONTue May 23 1995sqlsrv-e-errsetschema after going to 6.1
1809.03NOMAHS::SECRISTWed May 24 1995Beta 2.
1810.04NOMAHS::SECRISTWed May 24 1995MS-Access MSysConf Table and Rdb ?
1811.01NOMAHS::SECRISTWed May 24 1995ODBC Driver and Secondary Password Prompt ?
1812.03NOMAHS::SECRISTWed May 24 1995Can't open ODBC_RDB_DRIVER from NOMAHS ?
1813.02VIVARA::ALLOGGIWed May 24 1995Some licensing and technical questions on ODBC and SQLSRV
1814.04CSC32::J_BALOGHThu May 25 1995%RDB-F-WISH_LIST?
1815.02AUSSIE::SULLIVANWed May 31 1995What version works with RDB V4.2?
1816.06NOMAHS::SECRISTWed May 31 1995ATTACH for non-prestarted servers ?
1817.08EEMELI::VIRNESThu Jun 01 1995Connection refused -> need to restart
1818.01URQUEL::MCCRACKENFri Jun 02 1995SQL_OUT_
1819.0CSC32::N_BERENZFri Jun 02 1995sql/services 32 bit app and 16 bit libraries
1820.08KERNEL::WILESLTue Jun 06 1995IVP failure with SQLCA -2
1821.01CSC32::M_AUSTINTue Jun 06 1995SCO Unix anyone?
1822.06CSC32::G_ROBERTSTue Jun 06 19956.1 server bugcheck, ACCVIO error
1823.07NOMAHS::SECRISTWed Jun 07 1995SQLSRV$SERVER process occasionally inert ?!
1824.04QEWed Jun 07 1995GETACCINF error
1825.06RCOJDS::BOUDJEMAIThu Jun 08 1995ACCVIO on 6.
1826.06KLUSTR::GARDNERFri Jun 09 1995server output flushed?
1827.03CSC32::MCCRACKENFri Jun 09 1995%SQL-F-CURNOTOPE
1828.06KLUSTR::GARDNERFri Jun 09 1995ODBC autocommit and SQS: what, when, and why?
1829.0NOMAHS::SECRISTFri Jun 09 1995Short program to "flush" log ?
1830.04METSYS::GOODWINMon Jun 12 1995RDB 6.1 on Digital UNIX and CTRL-ALT-DELETE
1831.01QEMon Jun 12 1995What gets logged where?
1832.02BROKE::ABUGOVTue Jun 13 1995Packet Split Problem - Any ideas?
1833.01GVAADG::WANJAWed Jun 14 1995Access security setup ?
1834.024JPS1::MCCROREYThu Jun 15 1995ANSI Date-Time Data Types, 6.1
1835.0STKHLM::HAGEMon Jun 19 1995SQLSRV$UTL and API association
1836.08KERNEL::WILESLTue Jun 20 1995Server crash after execution processes left
1837.01CSC32::N_BERENZWed Jun 21 1995class server performance different than generic
1838.01EZLCHZ::EZZELLThu Jun 22 1995GPF with JAM and SQL Services
1839.02CSC32::M_ROBSONThu Jun 22 1995%SQL-F-INVNUMLIT, -2147483648 is an invalid numeric literal
1841.0+10STKHLM::HAGEMon Jun 26 1995%SQLSRV-f-COMLCKDEQEXE again
1842.05QETue Jun 27 1995Cancelling or aborting a request
1843.02chsr34.ch.oracle.com::ROHRTue Jul 04 1995Where can I FTP the kit from now ?
1844.02ORAREP::BROKE::BITHERWed Jul 05 1995SQL/Services and audit server
1845.010ORAREP::KLUSTR::GARDNERWed Jul 05 1995SQLSRV$SHUTDOWN doesn't...
1846.03ORAREP::KLUSTR::GARDNERWed Jul 05 1995expecting 2
1847.01ORAREP::NEWVAX::RAYWed Jul 05 1995Error in MS Access with certain data values
1848.01chsr36.ch.oracle.com::SUBRIMon Jul 10 1995SQLSRV$UTL and TCP/IP client (PC)
1849.0ORAREP::CSC32::M_ROBSONMon Jul 10 1995wsaemfile queue empty no descriptors
1851.02SQLSRV::MAVRISWed Jul 12 1995NOMAHS notes server will be killed every day at 1:
1852.03ORAREP::TOSSUC::TOTAFri Jul 14 19951 execution process per client ?
1853.02chsr38.ch.oracle.com::ROHRWed Jul 19 1995What is internal error -25?
1854.07ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::SHISCOCKTue Jul 25 1995sqlsrv-f-errapiabt after eco 4 for decnet-osi
1855.03ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::SHISCOCKTue Aug 01 1995sqlsrv$dynamic fails but no errors?
1856.05ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::SHISCOCKThu Aug 03 1995SQL/services minimal costing options?
1858.01esvms7.es.oracle.com::GOLMOTue Aug 08 1995IPX support for SQL/SERVICES V6.1/V6.
1859.03ORAREP::GOCELT::RAKTue Aug 08 1995Date to char text conversions
1860.04ORAREP::CSC32::MCCRACKENMon Aug 14 1995SQS and DECnet load balancing
1861.013681::PJACKSONMon Aug 21 1995Too many rights identifiers
1862.02ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::LWILESMon Aug 21 1995Date for ECO 1 for V6.1?
1863.024177::LINDGRENMon Aug 21 1995IVP SYSTEM-F-NOPRIV, VMS 6.2 fixed with PHY_IO
1864.02ORAREP::BROKE::BITHERMon Aug 21 1995SQL/Services 6.1 install problems
1865.03138.3.32.36::SHISCOCKWed Aug 23 19956.
1866.04ORAREP::KLUSTR::GARDNERWed Aug 23 1995weird SQS VARCHAR problem
1867.03M5::MMCRACKEThu Aug 24 1995sqs_mon start fails
1868.01ORAREP::CSC32::N_BERENZThu Aug 24 1995rdb-e-no_priv restarting server fixes it
1869.02ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::LWILESFri Aug 25 1995Performance problem on 1 database
1870.07ORAREP::AUSSIE::SULLIVANMon Aug 28 1995Trouble with attached tables from MS Access
1871.03ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::SHISCOCKTue Aug 29 1995sql services 6.
1872.03ORAREP::SAWA::SMOLAKWed Sep 06 1995SQLCODE=-2
1873.02ORAREP::TAVThu Sep 07 1995transaction for min database servers
1874.01ORAREP::TAVThu Sep 07 1995Performance - where to start for what
1875.05ORAREP::RDGE44::ALEUC6Mon Sep 11 1995SQL Services V6.1 Kits
1876.013ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::SHISCOCKTue Sep 12 1995sql/srv 6.1-
1877.01ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::RKNIGHTTue Sep 12 1995Access violation in SQL Services
1878.01ORAREP::CGOOA::ZALESKITue Sep 12 1995SQL/Services Table Locking Troubles
1879.02ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::SHISCOCKThu Sep 14 1995what a/c is used in the sqlsrv$ivp
1880.0ORAREP::RDGE44::ALEUC6Tue Sep 19 1995Password Re-Prompting for each new stream
1881.01atxap1.at.oracle.com::EKREISLEWed Sep 20 1995SQL/Services client for AIX and SGI Irix ?
1882.06ORAREP::BROKE::BITHERWed Sep 20 1995SQL/SRV 6.1 IVP fails w/access violation
1883.02ORAREP::JARRAH::BRADLEYThu Sep 21 1995Mac's and SQL/services
1884.01ORAREP::DEMAND::HERSEYThu Sep 21 1995Multi version rdb 5.1 & 6.
1885.03borgil.us.oracle.com::MFRAZIERThu Sep 21 1995-2
1886.0ORAREP::SAWA::SMOLAKMon Sep 25 1995OS/2 & SQL/Services API
1887.05ORAREP::TREES::HICKSONTue Sep 26 1995Turn off comm server logging
1888.02ORAREP::DIEHRD::ODONNELLWed Sep 27 1995net kit for documentation?
1889.03ORAREP::SNOFS1::KINGPETERJThu Sep 28 1995ACCVIO in SQLSRV$EXE when using DBI datasource
1890.01ORAREP::KLUSTR::GARDNERFri Sep 29 1995sqs client SEGV
1891.01NOMAHS::SECRISTSun Oct 01 1995SqlSrv and VMS Accounting ?!
1892.01NOMAHS::SECRISTSun Oct 01 1995Wish List / Always log IP address
1893.03ORAREP::METSYS::GOODWINTue Oct 03 1995Problem with SQL/Services and ANSI Date
1894.02ORAREP::JARRAH::BRADLEYThu Oct 05 1995-2
1895.05b-wFri Oct 06 1995Rdb v4.
1896.04ORAREP::CSC32::M_ROBSONTue Oct 10 1995sqs example program and mfc
1897.01ORAREP::TEKDEV::YUILLTue Oct 10 1995Problem using SQL/Services 6.
1899.08ORAREP::CSC32::D_SCHAFFERThu Oct 12 1995execute server in release state
1900.01ORAREP::LOGIBX::CONNERThu Oct 12 1995WILDCARD behavior in V6.
1901.01ORAREP::CSC32::N_BERENZFri Oct 13 1995com and execution server quotas
1902.02ORAREP::AUSSIE::SULLIVANSun Oct 15 1995Best date/time format for MS-Access?
1903.015ORAREP::CSC32::L_SMITHMon Oct 16 1995Need help with rdb-e-req_no_trans error"
1904.08ukvxTue Oct 17 1995Two close cursors on same cursor ?
1905.02ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::LWILESWed Oct 18 1995GETACCINF with SQLSRV$ENABLE_DEFAULT_ACCESS
1906.011ORAREP::KAOP35::OuelletteWed Oct 18 1995%SQLSRV-F-INVSTT, Invalid comm server state
1907.01ORAREP::XSTACY::MDUNPHYThu Oct 19 1995Problem with Rdb SQL Services when accessing an RDb DB from a PC using ODBC
1908.05ORAREP::SHRMSG::HOWARDFri Oct 20 19951
1909.01ORAREP::VAXRIO::MSANTOSSun Oct 22 1995Process left in LEF state
1910.02ORAREP::TKTVFS::TAJINOTue Oct 24 1995ROPRAND, reserved operand fault PC=
1911.01ORAREP::BROKE::BITHERTue Oct 24 1995Using multiple execute statements - db class
1912.02ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::LWILESTue Oct 24 1995SQLSRV-F-NO_MCHRHT accessing V6.1 server class
1913.044177::LINDGRENThu Oct 26 1995SQL*Plus Message -1 not found
1914.038286::FBERNARDThu Oct 26 1995SQLSRV$EXE.DMP
1915.02ORAREP::GIDDAY::MENDOZAThu Oct 26 1995Use of Lower case for column names in query
1916.05ORAREP::TEKAPO::WELLSThu Oct 26 1995More problems with Disconnect
1917.05CHSR38::ROHRMon Oct 30 19956.1 IVP access violation and SQLCODE: -1
1918.024177::LINDGRENMon Oct 30 1995SQL*Plus copy Oracle db to RDB, SQL-F-SYNTAX_ERR
1919.01ORAREP::EWBVWed Nov 01 1995Cannot get a real error code at the client
1920.04ORAREP::WMOENG::CONTRACTOR7Thu Nov 02 1995Accvio in SQL services using Trim function ?
1921.02ORAREP::CSC32::DAYBERRYThu Nov 02 1995No username in UTL report
1922.05ORAREP::MARX::ROSSFri Nov 03 1995Why are our server processes being terminated?
1924.06esvms1.es.oracle.com::JMAURIWed Nov 08 1995MS-ACCESS fails to delete rows with null data (
1925.08ORAREP::KLUSTR::GARDNERWed Nov 08 1995SQLSRV$UTL still doesn't work
1926.03ORAREP::KLUSTR::GARDNERWed Nov 08 1995exectute server ACCVIO...HELP!
1927.01ORAREP::CSC32::N_BERENZWed Nov 08 1995Does Uniface use SQLservices?
1928.05UKVMS3::PJACKSONThu Nov 09 1995Slow attaches
1929.02ORAREP::CSC32::DAYBERRYThu Nov 09 1995"Can't Open DDE link" error
1930.01atxap1.at.oracle.com::EKREISLEFri Nov 10 1995RMS-E-ACC
1932.03CHSR38::ROHRMon Nov 13 1995Win95, Decnet and Odbc, SQl error -2
1933.04chsr34.ch.oracle.com::CONSMon Nov 13 1995DAL driver
1934.01ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::LWILESMon Nov 13 1995SQL$$EXECUTE_BLOB_GET & RMS-E-PRV fetching seg strings
1935.03ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::SHISCOCKTue Nov 14 1995Trying to install on d/unix via .tar
1936.02NOMAHS::SECRISTThu Nov 16 1995Interpreting SQLSRV$.LOG
1937.01NOMAHS::SECRISTThu Nov 16 1995Logging all IPs, not just failed attempts ?
1938.01ORAREP::CSC32::J_HAYTERThu Nov 16 1995Sun OS IVP error -2
1939.03ORAREP::TOSSUC::TOTAMon Nov 20 1995HP client to access RDB: is it somewhere?
1940.02ORAREP::ZURThu Nov 23 1995still 2
1941.02CHSR38::ROHRThu Nov 23 1995Decnet IV and ERRAPIABT / ACCCON
1942.01ORAREP::CSC32::N_BERENZMon Nov 27 1995sqlsrv$exe.dmp v6.1-
1943.02AVMSV1::RROEHRICTue Nov 28 1995Non-printable data displayed in sqlsrv-client.log - SQL/Services 6.
1944.011ORAREP::CSC32::M_ROBSONTue Nov 28 1995-2
1945.06M5::JAKUHNTue Nov 28 1995sqlsrv_release doesn't
1946.01ORAREP::CSC32::M_ONEILWed Nov 29 1995Solaris and Sql/Services ?
1947.01AVMSV1::RROEHRICThu Nov 30 1995Username: Admin: using MS ACCESS, RDB 6.
1948.03NOMAHS::SECRISTWed Dec 06 1995Forthcoming revisions for SqlSrv on VMS ?
1950.05M5::MMCRACKEWed Dec 06 1995client recovery from network error
1951.06ORAREP::AUSSIE::SULLIVANSun Dec 10 1995Null/zero-length strings & MS-Access.
1952.018286::FBERNARDMon Dec 11 1995Support of OS/2 3.x (Aka WARP)
1953.014177::LINDGRENTue Dec 12 1995PROXY and CLASS servers, how to map local account?
1954.02ORAREP::ATHDMO::RALLISFri Dec 15 1995Users are terminated with ERRAPIABT
1955.02b-wFri Dec 15 1995sqs started remote sysman acl's on .ruj files ?
1956.05AVMSV1::RROEHRICThu Dec 21 1995SQL/Services-Server gets SQLSRV-F-NO_MEM
1957.03M5::MMCRACKETue Dec 26 1995-2
1958.05M5::DDAYBERRFri Dec 29 1995Comm server shutdown on 6.1-
1959.04ORAREP::VAXRIO::ABREUThu Jan 04 1996Microfocus Cobol and sql/services ?
1960.03ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::SHISCOCKFri Jan 05 1996metadata access performance issue
1961.02ORAREP::METSYS::GOODWINTue Jan 09 1996Digital UNIX and SQL/Services restart problem
1962.028286::FBERNARDFri Jan 12 1996SQL/services 6.
1963.02ITVMS1::MRESNATIMon Jan 15 1996sql processes number...
1964.05M5::MMCRACKEMon Jan 15 1996SQL*NET -> Rdb
1965.06ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::LWILESTue Jan 16 1996-2
1966.08ITVMS1::FALLOGGIThu Jan 18 1996Protection in write on a table seems not respected
1967.01ataxp1.at.oracle.com::EKREISLEMon Jan 22 1996NOIMPTXN with Stored procedure in MS Access SQLPATSSTHROUGH
1968.01ORAREP::QEMon Jan 22 1996How could I have gone below the minimum # servers specified?
1969.02ORAREP::DELSMon Jan 22 1996whre is the note?
1970.01M5::JBALOGHWed Jan 24 1996restricted and 6.
1971.01M5::JAKUHNFri Jan 26 1996invalid $qio read state 6
1972.0ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::RKNIGHTWed Jan 31 1996Pathworks connect error #65
1973.03ORAREP::HTSC12::MICKWIDLAMWed Jan 31 1996associate_str.class_name use in PC?
1974.01UKVMS3::SHISCOCKThu Feb 01 1996Required features (or tricks)
1975.01ORAREP::LEVEL4::LEVEL4::SWANSONFri Feb 02 1996Service causes other processes to hang
1976.02nlvms3.nl.oracle.com::MWILLEMSWed Feb 07 1996-2
1977.08ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::RKNIGHTThu Feb 08 1996Running out of CONNECTIONS!
1978.01M5::NBERENZTue Feb 13 1996api libraries for WINDOWS 95
1979.04M5::DDAYBERRTue Feb 20 1996When will ECO 2 for 6.1 be available?
1980.03M5::NBERENZThu Feb 22 1996srvmaxftlerr
1981.09esvms7.es.oracle.com::JMAURIMon Feb 26 1996FTLEXEERR when exporting table from MS-ACCESS. SQLSRV 4.2
1982.09UKVMS3::PJACKSONMon Feb 26 1996Sort work files not deleted
1983.01ORAREP::BROKE::BITHERTue Feb 27 1996Verification need on db class servers
1984.028292::PJACOBFri Mar 01 1996Compatibility with PATHWORKS V6 ?
1985.05ORAREP::BROKE::BITHERFri Mar 01 1996IDLE=
1986.04ORAREP::SWAM1::WONG_HEMon Mar 04 1996Password request from DEC ODBC from Powerbuilder
1988.01ORAREP::HGOSPS::MICKWIDLAMTue Mar 05 1996SQLSRV user is interactive?
1989.04UKVMS3::PJACKSONWed Mar 06 1996READ ONLY SQL Services
1990.0M5::NBERENZThu Mar 07 1996sql/services system crash
1991.0M5::NBERENZFri Mar 08 1996Is anybody using UCX 4.
1993.018286::FBERNARDFri Mar 15 1996SQL/services on power MAC
1994.0NOMAHS::SECRISTFri Mar 15 1996Authenticating client APPs
1995.01ORAREP::VAXRIO::CSANTOSTue Mar 19 1996IVLOCKID under 6.
1996.02M5::JHAYTERTue Mar 19 1996so where do we really stand?
1997.03M5::JHAYTERWed Mar 20 1996error writing file (s)qlsrv$modexeimm
1998.02M5::JHAYTERMon Mar 25 1996SQLSRV-F-INTERR 17
1999.05M5::NBERENZMon Mar 25 1996does not recognize lost connection
2000.01ORAREP::METSYS::LIVESEYWed Mar 27 1996C2 security and Sql/Services on Digital UNIX.
2001.04ORAREP::YIELD::HARRISWed Mar 27 1996Where do you get SQL/services from?
2002.07M5::JHAYTERFri Mar 29 1996SQLSRV-F-NO_RDB
2003.02M5::DDAYBERRFri Mar 29 1996MAC ODBC in SQLSRV 7.
2004.011ORAREP::METSYS::LIVESEYThu Apr 04 1996No default config file is created!
2005.02NOMAHS::SECRISTFri Apr 05 19966.1 ECO
2006.0M5::JBALOGHMon Apr 08 1996Adjusting keepalive timers in UCX
2007.09ORAREP::GVATue Apr 09 1996SQL syntax error with big request
2008.03NOMAHS::SECRISTWed Apr 10 1996Debugging SQLSRV_EXEINTERR -2
2009.07ORAREP::METSYS::LIVESEYThu Apr 11 1996Recv() unexpected close Ret
2010.01ORAREP::IBThu Apr 11 1996VisualBasic+ODBC+Rdb
2011.0AVMSV1::EKREISLEFri Apr 12 1996SQL/Services and UCX (TCPIP Services) 4.
2012.0ORAREP::SALEM::MOITRAMon Apr 15 1996PW/SQL Services
2013.01seaxp.se.oracle.com::PLINDGRETue Apr 16 1996SQSAPIW.INI info in official docs?
2014.01ORAREP::HAN::AUEThu Apr 25 1996SPX/IPX Support
2015.02ORAREP::HLFSMon Apr 29 1996MSAccees via SQLSRV - CPUNOTACT and unable to connect
2017.01NOMAHS::SECRISTTue Apr 30 1996Licensing/use of Client API Kits ?
2018.01M5::JHAYTERWed May 01 1996MV SQL/SRV IVP creating schema
2020.06ORAREP::VAXRIO::CSANTOSFri May 03 1996Bugcheck when running SQLSRV$UTL
2021.06M5::DDAYBERRFri May 03 19962
2022.03ORAREP::HGOVC::JAMBUTue May 07 1996SQL*NET access to rdb7 db
2023.06ORAREP::NECSC::BASTINEWed May 08 1996Page flts and sql/services processes...
2024.03M5::JAKUHNThu May 16 19966.1 LOCAL_FLAG (obsolete) behavior?
2025.01CHSR36::JSUBRITue May 21 1996sqlsrv_execute with execute_flags for batched execution
2027.01ORAREP::NEWVAX::PERKINSTue May 28 1996Macintosh MPW API - distributing completed apps
2028.016UKVMS3::PJACKSONWed Jun 05 1996Waiting for SQLSRV$COMM_SERVER_GULL1
2029.01M5::DDAYBERRFri Jun 07 1996What Ip port numbers does SQLSRV use??
2030.05UKVMS3::PJACKSONWed Jun 12 1996T7.
2032.05M5::DDAYBERRFri Jun 14 1996WSAECONNREFUSED with TCP/IP server mailbox activated
2033.0M5::JAKUHNTue Jun 18 1996why does generic server hav all privs?
2034.021Thu Jun 20 1996What is reasonable memory use on AXP?
2035.09BROKE::BASTINEMon Jun 24 1996Who is responsible for making a connection?
2036.01M5::NBERENZMon Jun 24 1996internal error: 25
2039.01M5::NBERENZTue Jun 25 1996os/2 compiler question
2040.0svrav1.au.oracle.com::MCHANSun Jun 30 1996IPX/SPX and Recv-ACK failed
2041.02ORAREP::GIDDAY::VASSILThu Jul 04 1996Unable to perform PARADOX query
2042.02svrav1.au.oracle.com::MCHANMon Jul 15 1996%SYSTEM-F_NOPRIV on SYSTEM account??
2043.03CHSR38::ROHRMon Jul 15 1996SQS IVP failure -2
2044.04CHSR38::ROHRTue Jul 16 1996sqs_manage bugchecks
2045.01M5::MMCRACKEWed Jul 17 1996Database class server recovery?
2046.02BROKE::BITHERTue Jul 30 1996When MSA starts 2 pids-which one does idle check?
2047.02ORAREP::CSC32::L_SOBCZYNSKIFri Aug 02 1996<SQL login & UAF record update
2048.02ORAREP::TREES::HICKSONThu Aug 08 1996Use with MPW v3.4 on Mac?
2049.01BROKE::BASTINEThu Aug 08 1996Packet sizes???
2050.08UKVMS3::PJACKSONTue Aug 20 1996-2
2051.02CHSR38::ROHRThu Aug 22 1996DEC C++/SQLSRV$API.EXE - undefined symbols
2052.02M5::PSOEHLThu Aug 22 1996power mac api?
2053.01BROKE::BASTINEMon Aug 26 1996V7.
2054.0ORAREP::TREES::HICKSONTue Aug 27 1996SQLSRV V6.1-1 startup & SYSMAN
2055.0+7M5::JAKUHNWed Aug 28 1996$SQLSRV$UTL not showing API associations
2056.01M5::DDAYBERRFri Aug 30 1996NO_PRCAVL & EXE Abort servers - just curious
2057.0M5::PSOEHLTue Sep 03 1996axp crash - ucx drvr
2058.011BROKE::BASTINEFri Sep 06 19966.1 IVP fails with -2
2059.03svrav1.au.oracle.com::MCHANTue Sep 10 1996STOP/ID crashed system.
2060.02BROKE::BASTINETue Sep 10 1996IPX, how does SQL/Services find it?
2061.058283::PDELOBELThu Sep 12 1996sql/services and ipx/spx
2062.074177::LINDGRENMon Sep 16 1996PC Reboot keeps execution proc hang with DECnet
2063.01M5::MMCRACKETue Sep 17 1996GPF and TCP/IP stack size
2064.01ORAREP::GENIE::BIANCHIThu Sep 19 1996SQL/Services SPD...
2065.01NOMAHS::SECRISTThu Sep 19 1996Why is there a MULTIVERSION SqlSrv kit ?
2066.01NOMAHS::SECRISTThu Sep 19 1996Latest version+eco of SqlSrv ?
2067.01BROKE::BITHERFri Sep 20 1996SQL on unix, srv-f-no_cls, invalid classname
2068.02UKVMS3::PJACKSONMon Sep 23 1996Pathworks error #2 ENOENT No such file or directory [#-2
2069.03M5::MMCRACKEMon Sep 23 1996Invalid page fault from SQSMG
2070.03BROKE::BASTINETue Sep 24 1996SQL Services internal error: 3
2071.0108292::PJACOBWed Sep 25 1996CONFIGEX ERRAPIABT and QUEWRTCMP errors in 5.1 with TCP/IP
2072.04M5::JHAYTERWed Sep 25 1996SQL/Services - Message size invalid for any extent bug
2073.01NOMAHS::SECRISTMon Sep 30 1996SqlSrv Executor Process Quotas ?
2074.03NOMAHS::SECRISTMon Sep 30 1996SQLSRV$SERVER at Priority 15 ?
2075.01AVMSV1::GEDERThu Oct 03 1996Macintosh - Excel? other tools ?
2076.08NOMAHS::SECRISTWed Oct 09 1996Server rejecting connections with -2
2077.019NOMAHS::SECRISTThu Oct 10 1996Protocol type/doc of SQL/Services Packet ?
2078.01NOMAHS::SECRISTThu Oct 10 1996Bigger DEFMBX* parameters on SqlSrv VMS systems ?
2079.05NOMAHS::SECRISTThu Oct 10 1996Server blackouts ? "Idle Timer Expired" messages ?
2080.01M5::DDAYBERRWed Oct 16 1996IPX/SPX 2.
2081.02AVMSV1::EKREISLEThu Oct 17 1996SQS 7.
2082.0+14NOMAHS::SECRISTFri Oct 18 1996What to do with a hung SQLSRV$SERVER ?
2083.05NOMAHS::SECRISTWed Oct 23 1996SET SCHEMA issued at connect ?
2084.03ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::LWILESWed Oct 23 1996NOSUCHOBJ on V7.
2085.03svrav1.au.oracle.com::AMENDOZASun Oct 27 1996Pre-attached server can connect to any database?
2086.01NOMAHS::SECRISTMon Oct 28 1996SqlSrv Hardcopy part of "Library Set" ?
2087.02svrav1.au.oracle.com::MCHANTue Oct 29 1996Problems in Building 32 bit DLL on Windows 95.
2088.044177::LINDGRENTue Oct 29 1996SQL/Services 7.
2089.0NOMAHS::SECRISTTue Oct 29 1996SQL/Services Health Checks ?
2090.01BROKE::BASTINEWed Oct 30 1996Strange problems...
2091.07CHSR38::ROHRThu Oct 31 1996Date for Dbapack NT V4 release?
2092.02ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::LWILESSun Nov 03 1996Oracle Network Manager & V7.
2093.09BROKE::BASTINETue Nov 05 1996COBOL program with parameter problem...
2094.04ORAREP::TPSYS::BECKTue Nov 05 1996SQLServer V7.
2095.06NOMAHS::SECRISTWed Nov 06 1996Long ODBC selects hang server or executor ?
2096.03ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::SHISCOCKWed Nov 06 1996sqlsrv 6.1 eco2 IVP - SQLSRV-F-NO_CLS
2097.01Thu Nov 07 1996Request for 7.
2098.0ORAREP::TEKAPO::BAINBRIDGESun Nov 10 1996SQL Multimedia or accessing DDIF Images
2099.02M5::DDAYBERRTue Nov 12 1996Can't STOP/ID SQLSRV$SERVER
2100.04ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::PJACKSONWed Nov 20 1996What should I look for in V7 bugchecks?
2101.01chsr38.ch.oracle.com::ROHRThu Nov 21 1996ODBC on NT and W95 accessing odbc remotely?
2102.04M5::JHAYTERThu Nov 21 1996max length of sqlsrv_execute_immediate statement
2103.01ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::PJACKSONWed Nov 27 1996sqlsrv$startup7
2104.03ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::PJACKSONWed Nov 27 1996SQLSRV-F-NO_MEM from comms server
2105.0241Wed Nov 27 1996WSAENOBUFS and 6.1 API to SQL/Serv 7.
2106.01144.24.1.1::ITOTAMon Dec 02 1996
2107.03M5::JAKUHNMon Dec 02 1996Row count at open cursor time
2108.03BROKE::BASTINEWed Dec 04 1996sqlerrd[
2109.02144.2Thu Dec 05 1996sqlsrv_transact documentation.
2110.04ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::SHISCOCKMon Dec 09 1996sqlnet help
2111.023583::ANNIETue Dec 10 1996sql/services 7.
2112.0+10DBSUK2::HISCOCKWed Dec 11 1996odbc + sql*net for ms-windows only???
2113.03CHSR36::JSUBRIThu Dec 12 1996Internal error -2
2114.010qyao.cn.oracle.com::QYAOTue Dec 17 1996%SYSTEM-F-NOSUCHOBJ IN SQLSRV V7.
2115.0101Tue Dec 17 1996SQS LOGIN keyword not working
2116.0+10BROKE::BASTINETue Dec 17 1996sqlexedirect can't execute sql functions...
2117.05BROKE::BITHERWed Dec 18 1996client perf problem - appl or odbc the culprit?
2118.02M5::DMCELHOEWed Dec 18 1996pgflquota on vax versus axp??
2119.061Thu Dec 19 1996Muliversion or not?
2120.06M5::GHODSONThu Dec 19 1996Help with SQLServices and Cobol
2121.02ORAREP::CRONIC::KBERRYMon Dec 23 1996"network returned an error"
2122.04M5::JHAYTERThu Jan 02 1997I have no idea!!!!!
2123.014177::LINDGRENWed Jan 08 1997SQL/Services Multiversion installation hint
2124.04NOMAHS::SECRISTWed Jan 15 19976.1 ECO2 Server Executor Leaks ?
2125.0M5::LSMITHThu Jan 16 1997Comm Server Crashes when running UTL report
2126.02M5::JHAYTERMon Jan 20 1997getaccinf when user has NO password assigned 7.
2127.02M5::DDAYBERRTue Jan 21 1997Impersonation and VMS accounting
2128.0541Tue Jan 21 1997How to use alternate ports?
2129.0+2ataxp1.at.oracle.com::EKREISLEThu Jan 23 1997Compatibility SQL/Services 7.
2130.0+8CHSR36::JSUBRIThu Jan 23 1997DBApack and DECnet on Windows 3.11
2131.0+5M5::JHAYTERThu Jan 23 1997ftlexeerr and trashed sqlsrv$exe dump
2132.0 *+5BROKE::BASTINEMon Jan 27 1997Help in understanding protections
2133.0 *+4M5::JHAYTERTue Jan 28 1997Unable to convert character string - stored proc.
2134.0 *+48292::PJACOBFri Jan 31 1997SQLBUGCHK.DMP on VAX, OK on AXP with NSDK ?
2135.0 *+9AVMSV1::EKREISLEMon Feb 03 1997cosi-f-accvio during fetch of segmented string (blob) cursor
2136.0 *+8ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::PJACKSONMon Feb 03 1997Connect as user name & identifiers
2137.0 *+3NOMAHS::JPINTOMon Feb 10 1997PWSOCK32.DLL on Oracle RDB7 Client for WIN95
2138.0 *+10M5::PSOEHLMon Feb 10 1997alternate ports again.
2139.0 *+241Tue Feb 11 1997How to use SQLSRV$MEMORY_DEBUG_FLAGS with 7.
2140.0 *+1NLVMS3::ADRIELTue Feb 11 1997MAX server limit reached
2141.0 *SQLSRV::OXBURYTue Feb 11 1997How to use SQL/Services memory debugging
2142.0 *+3ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::PJACKSONThu Feb 13 1997Problem with OCI dispatcher
2143.0 *ORAREP::AWECIM::HOWARDFri Feb 14 1997PC intermittant hangs on ODBC SELECT statement
2144.0 *+2BROKE::BASTINETue Feb 18 1997Blank passwords not allowed in V7.
2145.0 *+2ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::PJACKSONThu Feb 20 1997Strange comment in sqlsrv.h
2146.0 *+4M5::JHAYTERThu Feb 20 1997SQLSRV$CHECK_EXPIRED_PASSWORDS vs /NOpwdlifetime
2147.0 *+6esvms7.es.oracle.com::GOLMOFri Feb 21 1997Internal kits location
2148.0 *+9BROKE::BASTINEFri Feb 21 1997GENERIC process performance degradation for 1st time use
2149.0 *+1NOMAHS::SECRISTMon Feb 24 1997Apple DAL and SqlSrv ?
2150.0 *ORAREP::BPSOF::BPSNKE.bps.DEC.COM::kiralyTue Feb 25 1997MSDOS API, DECNET, TCPIP
2151.0 *+1NLVMS3::ADRIELTue Feb 25 1997SQL/Services & Digital Unix
2152.0 *+17ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::PJACKSONWed Feb 26 1997Problem fetching more than 64k rows
2153.0 *+2NOMAHS::SECRISTWed Feb 26 1997TCP/IP Server activation failed: sts = 2312 (IVP too)
2154.0 *BROKE::BASTINEWed Feb 26 1997DECquery wanting rdb 7 installed with sql/services v7?
2155.0 *+1BROKE::BASTINEThu Feb 27 1997Reports in V7?
2156.0 *+3chsr38.ch.oracle.com::ROHRThu Feb 27 1997Requested Service is not running.
2157.0 *+21Mon Mar 03 1997No Idle timeout for 7.
2158.0 *+2b-wTue Mar 04 1997@sys$startup:sqlsrv$runexe params
2159.0 *+3ORAREP::ELIS::EIJKHOUTTue Mar 04 19976.1 Server bugcheck, ACCVIO in Excel
2160.0 *+11Fri Mar 07 1997SQL Link - Unix access to Rdb
2161.0 *+4chsr38.ch.oracle.com::ROHRFri Mar 07 1997Which C compilers do we support?
2162.0 *+24177::UWAHLQVIWed Mar 12 1997Failover using SQL*net ?
2163.0 *+1BROKE::BITHERWed Mar 12 1997minimum Rdb version req'd to run sqs v7?
2164.0 *+2NOMAHS::SECRISTWed Mar 12 1997BADLIS_MBXMSG, Bad DECnet listener mailbox message ?
2165.0 *+4ORAREP::VSSCAD::FITZGERALDThu Mar 13 1997SQLSRV API questions -- thanks!
2166.0 *+21Fri Mar 14 1997SQS Server side SQL trace or log?
2167.0 *+4ORAREP::MDRMon Mar 17 199732 bit app
2168.0 *+3NOMAHS::PCSOMORITue Mar 18 1997Cluster alias / load balancing via TCP/IP
2169.0 *+7ORAREP::CURRNT::GILROYCTue Mar 18 1997nopriv when accessing from ODBC
2170.0 *+1CHSR36::LCONSTue Mar 18 1997Sql services on unix
2171.0 *+4NOMAHS::SECRISTWed Mar 19 1997SQLSRV$.EXE bugchecks, Exception at 8
2172.0 *+2svrav1.au.oracle.com::MCHANWed Mar 19 1997SQLSRV_PREPARE bugchecking.
2173.0 *+9chsr38.ch.oracle.com::ROHRThu Mar 20 1997Database service priv problem with DO
2174.0 *NOMAHS::SECRISTMon Mar 24 1997Exception at
2175.0 *+2M5::PTAKEOMon Mar 24 1997another DRVCNDHDLERR
2176.0 *+3BROKE::BITHERTue Mar 25 1997odbc attach overwrites db class server attach
2177.0 *+2ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::LWILESTue Mar 25 1997SQLSRV-F-EXECSTARTEXCEED & max no of retries
2178.0 *+1NLVMS3::MWILLEMSWed Mar 26 1997Use PWNODES.DAT instead of DECNODES.DAT?
2179.0 *M5::JHAYTERWed Mar 26 1997hold cursors and autocommit
2180.0 *+3BROKE::BASTINEFri Mar 28 1997API Write Routine Failed... among other errors
2181.0 *+3BROKE::BASTINEMon Mar 31 1997Database Class Service and Rdb Auditing...
2182.0 *+1M5::BLITTINThu Apr 03 1997Will PATHWORKS 5.
2183.0 *+4BROKE::BITHERFri Apr 04 1997questions/problems re: sql/services v7 - thx
2184.0 *+2M5::LSMITHFri Apr 04 1997Check for Expired Account - any plans to do so?
2185.0 *+1ORAREP::HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGMon Apr 07 1997Does SQL_services work on VMS V6.2
2186.0 *+3BROKE::BITHERWed Apr 09 1997Doc errors
2187.0 *+5ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::LWILESWed Apr 09 1997V7.
2188.0 *+5ITVMS1::MFERRARIFri Apr 11 1997QPT not working with 7.
2189.0 *+1ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::PJACKSONFri Apr 11 1997Missing MSVCRT4
2190.0 *+1M5::JHAYTERTue Apr 15 1997arith_except, open cursor, parameter datatypes
2191.0 *+3BROKE::BITHERTue Apr 15 1997EXE ABORT - possible causes
2192.0 *+8ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::PJACKSONThu Apr 17 1997SQL*Net for Rdb
2193.0 *+3ORAREP::AWECIM::HOWARDThu Apr 17 1997Second class server starts for same client?
2194.0 *+3UKVMS3::RVIRRMon Apr 21 1997What does SYS$LIBRARY:SQL$INT.EXE do?
2195.0 *+4M5::BLITTINThu Apr 24 1997UAF-E-PWDSYNTAX 7.
2196.0 *+11Tue Apr 29 1997Errors from old links
2197.0 *+6BROKE::BASTINEThu May 08 1997Executor fails to start, no log file, just com file
2198.0 *+3chsr38.ch.oracle.com::RROHRFri May 09 1997Sql Services 7.1
2199.0 *+1chsr38.ch.oracle.com::RROHRFri May 09 1997Netman31 wants c:\ORAWIN
2200.0 *+1chsr38.ch.oracle.com::RROHRFri May 09 1997CRYPTO_SEED needed?
2201.0 *+5M5::BLITTINFri May 09 1997ACCVIO during large query
2202.0 *+3BROKE::BASTINETue May 13 1997Support for concurrent client apps in v7.
2203.0 *+1BROKE::BASTINETue May 13 1997Just seeing if anyone has seen this...
2204.0 *+2ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::LWILESMon May 19 1997V6.1 & UNIX V4.
2205.0 *+1UKVMS3::RVIRRMon May 19 1997Problems with API call to sqlsrv_sqlca_count
2206.0 *+1M5::JBALOGHMon May 19 1997sqlsrv 7.
2207.0 *rdb4me.au.oracle.com::DLAWLERThu May 22 1997Dispatcher process uses excessive CPU.
2208.0 *+441Thu May 22 1997ORA-1
2209.0 *+2CHSR36::JSUBRIFri May 23 1997SQLNET4RDB ORA-12537 when exiting application
2210.0 *+1CHSR36::JSUBRITue Jun 03 1997SQLNET4RDB trying database links => SQL_CAPABILITY
2211.0 *+1BROKE::BASTINEThu Jun 05 1997SunOS V5.5.1
2212.0 *CHSR36::JSUBRIFri Jun 06 1997RMUwin CSI Error with OEM
2213.0 *+2ORAREP::OSOSPS::HIRAIWAFri Jun 06 1997ODBC V2.
2214.0 *BROKE::BITHERFri Jun 06 1997MUP A for SQS 7.