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Conference orarep::nomahs::serdb

Title:DEC SERdb - Security-Enhanced Rdb
Notice:SERdb FRS - 8/10/92
Created:Fri Mar 09 1990
Last Modified:Wed Jul 12 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:93
Total number of notes:465
Number with bodies:0
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1.0NOVA::WASSERMANFri May 31 1991Welcome
2.02BANZAI::DAVISONFri Mar 09 1990Conference Announcements
3.035BANZAI::DAVISONFri Mar 09 1990Guest Registry
4.0BANZAI::DAVISONFri Mar 09 1990Rdb/SEVMS Product Description
5.012BANZAI::DAVISONFri Mar 09 1990Phase Review Announcements
6.034BANZAI::DAVISONFri Mar 09 1990Program Team Meeting Notes
7.02BANZAI::DAVISONFri Mar 09 1990Phase Review Planner
8.02WILBRY::WASSERMANThu Jun 18 1992Documentation
9.0BANZAI::DAVISONFri Mar 09 1990Reserved
10.0BANZAI::DAVISONFri Mar 09 1990Reserved
11.02BANZAI::DAVISONTue Mar 13 1990"Orange Book" Security Classes
12.014--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 13 1990Secure Sybase
13.07BANZAI::DAVISONTue Mar 13 1990Rdb/SEVMS Functional Specification
14.015--UnknownUser--Wed Mar 14 1990Trusted Oracle
15.011BANZAI::DAVISONWed Mar 14 1990What is the TDI?
16.01MALLET::NEALEWed Mar 14 1990Explanation of secure database terms and concepts.
18.0BANZAI::DAVISONThu Mar 15 1990Secure DBMS Architectures
19.0BANZAI::DAVISONThu Mar 15 1990What is polyinstantiation?
20.01MALLET::NEALEFri Mar 16 1990There's "integrity", and then there's "integrity"!
21.02CLYPPR::DAVISONMon Mar 26 1990Rdb/VMS V4.
22.03MALLET::NEALEMon Mar 26 1990Responses to 6.n
23.01NOVA::WASSERMANTue Mar 27 1990Pointer to SEVMS conference
24.02DC1Fri Mar 30 1990Some thoughts and questions about Rdb/SEVMS requirements
25.012QUICKR::DAVISONFri Apr 20 1990Rdb/VMS running on SEVMS
26.02CSSEDB::TOBINMon Jun 18 1990quick, easy support tool?
27.0NOVA::WASSERMANThu Jun 21 1990SEVMS kit and doc
28.02QUICKR::WASSERMANFri Jun 22 1990Cold WAr
29.03NOVA::DAVISONMon Jun 25 1990Product Evaluations
30.0NOVA::WASSERMANMon Jul 02 1990Sales forecasts needed
32.01NOVA::DAVISONMon Jul 30 1990Report on Database Security Woods Meeting
33.021NOVA::WASSERMANThu Aug 02 1990What shall we call this product?
34.011NOVA::WASSERMANWed Aug 29 1990Field Test information
35.01NOVA::DAVISONTue Sep 11 1990NCSC Reorganization
36.01NOVA::DAVISONMon Sep 17 1990DBMS Security Courses
38.02NOVA::WASSERMANMon Oct 08 1990Feedback requested on packaging
39.01NOVA::WASSERMANFri Oct 19 1990Coexistence of Rdb and SERdb
40.02NOVA::WASSERMANWed Oct 24 1990SERdb and networking
42.01NOVA::WASSERMANWed Nov 21 1990VMS V6.
43.0NOVA::WASSERMANFri Dec 07 1990Security-Enhanced ALL-IN-1
44.0NOVA::WASSERMANTue Dec 18 1990SERdb session at DB Symposium
45.0NOVA::WASSERMANTue Dec 18 1990SERdb Design Specs
46.04NOVA::WASSERMANThu Jan 31 1991Security presentations
47.027NOVA::WASSERMANThu Feb 14 1991SERdb Evaluation Info
48.011NOVA::WASSERMANWed Mar 13 1991SPD
49.0NOVA::WASSERMANWed Mar 13 1991Draft Sales Update article
50.010NOVA::WASSERMANFri May 03 1991Announcement information
51.01MSDOA::SECRISTFri May 17 1991Oh say can you CDD ?
52.01MSDOA::SECRISTTue May 21 1991External Field Tests ?
53.012MSDSWS::SECRISTWed May 22 1991RACF/MVS Competition (IBM)
54.04WEFXEM::MINERThu Jun 13 1991How do I tell if product <x> is on my system?
55.01TRCAFri Jun 14 1991METADATA labelling
56.0NOVA::WASSERMANFri Jun 14 1991Teradata
57.0NOVA::WASSERMANFri Jun 14 1991Trudata
59.0NOVA::WASSERMANFri Jun 14 1991Prototypes
60.0NOVA::WASSERMANFri Jun 14 1991Other competition
61.02NOVA::WASSERMANMon Jun 17 1991Secure Ingres
62.0NOVA::WASSERMANThu Jun 20 1991Informix
63.05LARVAE::BURGESSWed Jul 03 1991SERdb and DEcwindows? Demo kit?
64.05LARVAE::BURGESSWed Jul 03 1991EF-- Marketing Glossy required?
65.02DPDMAI::MCQUEENEYTue Jul 09 1991Customer Questions
66.07NOVA::WASSERMANMon Jul 29 1991SERdb in the press
67.0NOVA::WASSERMANWed Jul 31 1991RAMP notes
68.01REDBRD::NELSONWed Aug 14 1991Conversion to SERdb
69.03NEWVAX::BOLLINGERThu Aug 15 1991Does SERdb have data encryption?
70.03REDBRD::NELSONTue Aug 20 1991Alter table problems
71.03REDBRD::NELSONTue Aug 20 1991login level function ala Sybase?
72.02CAPITN::CHAN_EDWed Nov 06 1991What are ANSI-Standard ACL?
73.02STKHLM::LINDBACK_MThu Nov 07 1991Informix Multilevel B1 and Ultrix ?
74.01STKHLM::LINDBACK_MSun Nov 24 1991Progress and B1 ??
75.04KAOFS::K_MAINThu Dec 05 1991Application for managing passwords ?
76.01FLYNHI::SIMONSONMon Dec 09 1991customer availability
77.04NOVA::WASSERMANWed Jan 08 1992SERdb and SQL/Services?
78.02MAIL::PARTEEWed Jan 15 1992SEVMS 5.5 & SERdB ???
79.01THEWAV::LEWTue Mar 10 1992DECPLAN in Secure Environment?
80.02WILBRY::JACKSONMon Apr 20 1992Rdb to Alpha OSF/1
81.01KAOU14::UNDERHILLFri May 01 1992SERdb Demo....
82.03OSLACT::OLAVThu Jun 18 1992SERDB documentation?
83.010OSLACT::OLAVFri Jun 19 1992DAC protection on rows?
84.02MAIL::WRIGHTBThu Sep 17 1992Calling SERdb from exec mode code.
85.0WILBRY::WASSERMANWed Sep 23 1992SERdb, SEVMS, and Ultrix-MLS+ Hospitality Suite
86.01MAIL::ENDSLEYTue Oct 27 1992SERdb audit use of BYPASS privilege?
87.0LARVAE::BURGESSTue Apr 20 1993Ingres gets ITSEC E3 FORMAL evaluation
88.01CSC32::BIERUTThu Apr 29 1993Export/Import question
89.01ATPS::BLOTCKYThu Jun 10 1993Informix in final evaluation
90.02LARVAE::BEALEWed Jun 22 1994Dark in here, init!
91.02CSC32::R_LEEMon Jun 27 1994FUTURES? Need contact for customer
92.0GYPSC::65133::KLBARTHWed Jun 29 1994Rdb V5.1 (and VMS 5.5) C2 compliant ?
93.03MQOSWS::M_DESBIENSFri Sep 09 1994Status of SERdb after the latest announcements