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Conference orarep::nomahs::rdbexpert

Title:DEC RdbExpert for OpenVMS
Notice:RdbExpert V2.1A is now available - See note 2.4
Created:Fri Jul 10 1992
Last Modified:Tue Jun 03 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:755
Total number of notes:2761
Number with bodies:92
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1.01DATABS::SMITHFri Jul 10 1992Welcome
2.04--UnknownUser--Fri Jul 10 1992On-line kit and documentation
3.01TALK::KORY_LFri Jul 10 1992RdbExpert, DECtrace, Rdb versions
5.04CSC32::L_NELSONWed Jul 15 1992V1.
7.01TROOA::WHALEYFri Jul 17 1992Collect 4.
10.01DATABS::TAYLORFri Jul 17 1992Product desc, ordering info
11.0DATABS::TAYLORFri Jul 17 1992Learning RdbExpert video course
13.09MSDOA::SECRISTSat Jul 18 1992Ed. Svcs. Course Updated Yet ?
21.0NIAM::BWILSONWed Jul 22 1992How to Fix the "Ident mismatch/DECW$XLIBSHR" problem
22.0NIAM::BWILSONWed Jul 22 1992How to Run RdbExpert v2.
24.04DATABS::TAYLORThu Jul 23 1992Articles, success stories
25.04--UnknownUser--Thu Jul 23 1992Slides, Presentation materials
34.01OTOOA::GMACDONALDThu Jul 30 1992RdbX for Capacity Planning?
44.03GRANPA::KMCGINNISMon Aug 10 1992Import DECtrace SQLMOD workload
46.01EEMELI::KORVENRANTATue Aug 11 1992'String_optimization' -warning
51.08DATABS::BALARAMANMon Aug 17 1992Workaround for DECtrace import (RUJ problem)
56.07OTOOA::GMACDONALDWed Aug 19 1992RDBX 2.
57.06STKHLM::KNORNWed Aug 19 1992SQL Module language requirements
58.0DATABS::TAYLORWed Aug 26 1992AI Expert article
60.07BOUVS::OAKEYFri Aug 28 1992Does RdbEx work in a Rdb 4.2 environment?
73.07TROOA::WHALEYFri Sep 04 1992Good News!!
89.02CSC32::G_HUBBARDFri Sep 18 1992Table contains invalid characters or is blank error on logical schema import....
93.01BACHUS::DEKEYSERWed Sep 23 1992Question about datatrieve workloads
95.03GBIFri Sep 25 1992Not null constraints and workload analysis
101.02EEMELI::KORVENRANTAThu Oct 01 1992BAD_TXN_STATE importing workload
102.03NEWOA::SUTTONThu Oct 01 1992DECtrace events and Rdb requests
103.01PAULUS::PAULFri Oct 02 1992TP System Case Study
104.01WARNUT::TPCASE::PICKERINGSTue Oct 06 1992Reports to format to A4
107.02CSC32::G_HUBBARDTue Oct 06 1992RDBexpert and Excursion...heavy memory usage...
111.01CSC32::D_MCELHOESFri Oct 09 1992found block expecting blocks error
112.01EEMELI::KORVENRANTATue Oct 13 1992Existing indexes in new desing
113.05EEMELI::KORVENRANTATue Oct 13 1992* after column in idx-summary
115.01CSC32::P_VANKLEYWed Oct 14 1992Is importing a schema from a remote database supported?
116.06BATMAN::LEBLANCMon Oct 19 1992Import Workload from RALLY problem
118.01CSC32::S_MAUFEWed Oct 21 1992any documentation on DECtrace detailed workload report?
119.03CPCOD::SPA_TESTFri Oct 23 1992Import workload from DECtrace
120.04CSC32::J_KUHNFri Oct 23 1992read write number on report question
121.05BATMAN::LEBLANCMon Oct 26 1992Physical design has invalid storage map
122.02BATMAN::LEBLANCMon Oct 26 1992Starting With and HASHED index
124.0DATABS::TAYLORTue Oct 27 1992News from Tools group
125.0DATABS::TAYLORThu Oct 29 1992QFD Results - Action requested
126.01MERIDN::SEBASTIANThu Oct 29 1992Questions on Report data
127.05GIDDAY::HADDADFri Oct 30 1992ACCVIO followed by ROPRAND on IMPORTing schema!
128.01OTOOA::GMACDONALDFri Oct 30 1992Focus & Powerhouse Support?
129.07EEMELI::KORVENRANTAMon Nov 02 1992Import workload and odd behaviour
130.026TROOA::WHALEYTue Nov 03 1992Ignoring Unique indeces
133.02CSC32::G_HUBBARDTue Nov 03 1992RMU-F-BLRINV error when using RDBX/EXTRACT...
136.01WMODEV::HALL_BThu Nov 05 1992The Was Not Found -- What is "The"???
137.011CSC32::G_HUBBARDFri Nov 06 1992No BLR found for a request....
139.05COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDTue Nov 10 1992RdbExpert hits a deadlock, presumably with itself
142.02DELSFri Nov 13 1992Problem import workload dectrace
143.02GRANPA::KMCGINNISSun Nov 15 1992Need example reports for proposal!
144.02KERNEL::JACKSONTue Nov 17 1992Problems with remote imports
145.05NCBOOT::PEREZWed Nov 18 1992How to Update volume from changed logical design?
147.04CX3PT1::WSC455::P_VANKLEYThu Nov 19 1992Problem importing schema - error creating RDBX$TEMP table
149.06AIMHI::LMCCARTHYMon Nov 23 1992customer satisfaction issue - need help
151.01CSC32::L_NELSONTue Nov 24 1992What does RDMMSGSHR.EXE do?
153.01COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu Nov 26 1992Problems on import from SQLMOD
156.03CX3PT1::WSCWed Dec 02 1992Another end of input error.
157.03VNABRW::SCHMIDTMon Dec 07 1992Pointer to RdBX Training Labs needed
158.01TROOA::YERUSHALMYTue Dec 08 1992Default physical schema empty ERROR ?
159.03COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDWed Dec 09 1992Page 3-1 in support supplement, I don't understand...
160.04TROOA::WHALEYWed Dec 09 1992UNION problem
161.02HERON::MARSHALLThu Dec 10 1992Invalid SQL Syntax on create of design directory
162.014KETJE::MOSNERONMon Dec 14 1992DECTrace BLR Translation
163.04EMASS1::SHAHMon Dec 14 1992Concurrent use license
164.06CSC32::S_MAUFEMon Dec 14 19922.
165.01KXOVAX::SECRISTTue Dec 15 1992RDBX on AXP Plans ?
166.014MSDOA::SECRISTFri Dec 18 1992Wish / Parallel IMPORTing
167.01--UnknownUser--Fri Dec 18 1992Wish / Import workload by time-range
168.012MSDOA::SECRISTSat Dec 19 1992Wish / Improve doc. on the character cell interface !
169.01KXOVAX::SECRISTSat Dec 19 1992Wish / Abort, Disco Options for Import/Generate
171.05EEMELI::KORVENRANTAMon Dec 21 1992Experiences about V2.
175.03CSC32::G_HUBBARDTue Jan 12 1993SYSTEM-F-FLTDIV_F error importin workload...
176.02YEOLD::STRONBERGWed Jan 13 1993Rdbexpert giving error when creating a design directory
177.03MERIDN::SEBASTIANWed Jan 13 1993Another import logical schema problem
178.01STKHLM::KNORNThu Jan 14 1993Workload cycle definition
179.01STKHLM::KNORNThu Jan 14 1993FOR-MODIFY translates to SELECT-INSERT ?!?
180.02CSC32::L_NELSONThu Jan 14 1993Redesign creates 2 indexes by same name
181.03CSC32::G_HUBBARDTue Jan 19 1993A database deadlock has occurred????
187.04MSDOA::SECRISTTue Jan 26 1993ACCVIO on Log Sch Import; RDBX V2.
188.06DATABS::FERWERDATue Jan 26 1993RdbExpert error messages you love to hate
189.07TAVThu Jan 28 1993Wrong workload when TX is to 2 databases ???
190.01TROOA::WMURPHYMon Feb 01 1993input output error on workload import
191.02CX3PT3::WSC455::P_VANKLEYMon Feb 01 1993RdbExpert data was not collected by DECtrace?
193.08PRSSOS::MISTLERMon Feb 08 1993Compiled or Dynamic workload image ?
194.02CSC32::S_MAUFEMon Feb 08 1993 no disk names for default physical schema
195.01IJSAPL::JMULDERMon Feb 15 1993SUBSTRING in workload error
197.01GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Feb 15 1993some images not deinstalled by shutdown proc.
198.01TROOA::LFUNGMon Feb 15 1993GEMBASE ?
199.01XSTACY::PATTISONTue Feb 16 1993RDBX$SSE.EXE missing?
200.05SNOCTue Feb 16 1993out of virtual memory
201.01OTOOA::WALTHERWed Feb 17 1993No Sorted Index in a Generated Design
202.01CSC32::G_HUBBARDWed Feb 17 1993SQL-F-NULLNOIND error when opening design directory...
203.01SCAACT::ANSCHUTZFri Feb 19 1993Questions and wish list items
204.03SNOCMon Feb 22 1993hardware requirements for RdbExpert
206.02TRCOA::MCMULLENTue Feb 23 1993VOLUME import from Remote DB
207.03TKOV51::MORI_YWed Feb 24 1993main dir RDBX$DB ??
208.06CSC32::L_NELSONWed Feb 24 1993BLR parsing problems with 2.
209.03VAXRIO::RENATAThu Feb 25 1993Interactive SQL workload
210.03CSC32::G_HUBBARDFri Feb 26 1993Mixed static and dynamic causes PCs to be incorrect...
211.03STKHLM::KNORNMon Mar 01 1993No RMU-privilegies gives bad error message
212.02CSOA1::MOLLEYMon Mar 01 1993Insufficient disk space msg.
213.01CSC32::S_MAUFEMon Mar 01 1993writing to PDD$LOCKS, why?
214.05MSDOA::SECRISTMon Mar 01 1993Prefer old phy. sch. SQL import; bugs known ?!
215.01WR2FOR::NARDI_PHMon Mar 01 1993Sample Demo?
216.01EEMELI::KORVENRANTATue Mar 02 1993Upgrade V1.
217.011UTRTSC::LIEMWed Mar 03 1993After update triggers bypassed ?
218.02TROOA::WMURPHYWed Mar 03 1993Workload Import from Dectrace Problem !!!!
220.05MGOSTue Mar 09 1993end of input error again
221.06QCAVTue Mar 09 1993RdbX bugcheck on rdb 4.2
222.04MUDIS3::HEYMThu Mar 11 1993frequency/importance in workload report
223.03QCAVFri Mar 12 1993distributed transactions question
224.08KAL::MLARSSONMon Mar 15 1993
225.0KAL::MLARSSONMon Mar 15 1993Title for topic 224: Zeros in the DECtrace statistics report
226.02MUDIS3::HEYMTue Mar 16 1993workload summary report incomplete ?
227.013SIOG::FARRELLTue Mar 16 1993Bugcheck dump on IVP
228.08YEOLD::STRONBERGWed Mar 17 1993GENERATE SCHEMA and disk space problems
229.01MSDOA::SECRISTThu Mar 18 1993V2.
230.0DATABS::TAYLORMon Mar 22 1993DBA Workcenter announcement in May
231.02MSAMTue Mar 23 1993Logical schema import problem
232.01STOHUB::DSCGLF::FARLOWTue Mar 23 1993Need Sample RdbExpert Report
233.0CX3PT3::WSC455::P_VANKLEYFri Mar 26 1993Incompatible binary rule file - V2.
234.03CX3PT3::WSC455::P_VANKLEYThu Apr 01 1993RDBX-E-STACKOVERFLOW when importing logical schema
235.02LAVGOD::SIMONIANSat Apr 03 1993DDIF sources for screens in tool/user's guide
236.04MEOCMon Apr 05 1993ACCVIO during IMPORT WORKLOAD
237.01FROCKY::3HTue Apr 06 1993executing of redesign-Procedure fails
238.02TRNAF1::MANISSEROWed Apr 07 1993DSRI calls and IMPORT from DECtrace
241.02KAL::MLARSSONWed Apr 14 1993Buffer size = 5
242.02COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDFri Apr 16 1993Question about identifiers
243.03MSDOA::SECRISTFri Apr 16 1993'Generate' Internals ?
244.08STOHUB::DSCGLF::FARLOWTue Apr 20 1993How do I tune my existing DB?
245.03COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDTue Apr 20 1993"Trip Report". Lots of changes possible for better quality
246.0COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDWed Apr 21 1993Too many indexes proposed when they could be "collapsed"
247.04MSDOA::SECRISTFri Apr 23 1993Latest on RDBX for AXP/OpenVMS ?
249.01MSDOA::SECRISTFri Apr 23 1993Inter-platform RDBX Support ?
250.05WARNUT::BALMFORTHKMon Apr 26 1993bugcheck - PARSESYNTAX error.
251.03DATABS::TAYLORWed Apr 28 1993Competition
252.0DATABS::TAYLORThu Apr 29 1993New Consulting service using RdbExpert
253.0KXOVAX::SECRISTFri Apr 30 1993Wish: Use card. from old run to determine growth ?
254.02STKHLM::WAHLQVISTTue May 04 1993Trigger not imported from Lschema and workload
255.05JRFVAX::HODGESWed May 05 1993ZEROS in DT Workload Statistics Report
256.01COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDWed May 05 1993Wishes for support for what I do as a DBA (Generate)
257.0CX3PT2::WSC455::P_VANKLEYWed May 05 1993Any way to specify NODE"username password":: syntax when importing schema?
258.01JRFVAX::HODGESThu May 06 1993Where is DECtrace Conference?
259.07KERNEL::JACKSONFri May 07 1993ACCVIO @ kb_sql_error & SQL$$EXECUTE_ANSI_DATE
260.01STKHLM::HAGEFri May 07 1993Import and negative defaults
261.02MSDOA::SECRISTWed May 12 1993V5.
262.02DCOPST::RDOBCM::MCCARTYWed May 12 1993* Caution about Proprietary Information *
263.04FSCORE::KAYEFri May 14 1993trouble with DMQ & SQL Services workload
264.06KERNEL::PULLEYMon May 17 1993Upgrade, convert directory not automatically done?
265.0DATABS::TAYLORMon May 17 1993RdbWorld magazine - articles needed
266.01BLGTue May 25 1993 Temp workload and other questions ...
267.012MUNICH::DOERFLINGERFri May 28 1993ACCVIO during Import again
269.0DATABS::TAYLORMon Jun 07 1993DECUS talks
270.032KXOVAX::SECRISTMon Jun 07 1993Good EPC db but 'No programs were found' error ?
271.01CSC32::G_HUBBARDMon Jun 14 1993Questionable CREATE INDEX generated by RDBexpert.....
272.010MSDOA::SECRISTWed Jun 16 1993GUI "Stream of Consciousness" Suggestion Box
273.02CSC32::G_HUBBARDFri Jun 18 1993Compression of more than 1
274.03CSC32::S_MAUFEFri Jun 18 1993RDBEXPERT_NO_CF class
275.03CSC32::WILCOXTue Jun 22 1993When would RdbExpert recommend a LIST storage map
276.07KXOVAX::SECRISTThu Jun 24 1993Bugcheck out of Create Redesign Procedure
277.01NEWVAX::MURRAYFri Jun 25 1993RDBexpert porting advantages?
279.01CCAD1Tue Jun 29 1993duplicates in pdd$pd_area_member_idx_
280.09CSC32::WILCOXFri Jul 02 1993Import bugchecks DB_PROFILE_MOVE
281.01KERNEL::PULLEYThu Jul 08 1993Import workload--1 of 2 schemas, entity !exist?
282.05DATABS::WILSONThu Jul 08 1993V2.1 FT Kit Available!
283.04VAXRIO::NOVELLOMon Jul 12 1993'Strange' things while generating physical design...
284.02ISIDRO::ITZIARWed Jul 14 1993A deadlock
285.01CSC32::MCCRACKENFri Jul 23 1993Confusing DECtrace data
286.03CSC32::M_HOEPNERTue Jul 27 1993SYSTEM-F-IVSECIDCTL on set message
287.02CSC32::S_MAUFEThu Jul 29 1993pdd__db_library, SQL syntax error
288.05LIOSTue Aug 03 1993Index Creating and/or ignoring!
289.0JURA::JURA::KEHILYThu Aug 05 1993High verb failure rate during redesign
290.01VAXRIO::NOVELLOFri Aug 13 1993Invalid Operation...
291.01TAVIS::MIROTue Aug 17 1993list of user tables and indexes in rdb$system
292.02VAXRIO::RENATATue Aug 17 1993Physical Design generation takes too long...
293.05XCUSME::DELTOROThu Aug 19 1993Problem with RDMS$version_variant
294.07CSC32::G_HUBBARDWed Aug 25 1993NO_SELECT_LIST in PDL file???
295.02VAXRIO::NOVELLOWed Aug 25 1993URGENT!!! Error the binary rule file is incompatible...
296.02FHOPAS::BREWMN::BREWISThu Aug 26 1993Rdb Tuning SDK
297.01SUOSWS::HAMANNFri Sep 03 1993RDBexpert, for rdb experts only?
298.0CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYTue Sep 07 1993Generate physical schema bugchecks after 3
299.01CSC32::MCCRACKENWed Sep 08 1993Design directory won't upgrade
300.03CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYThu Sep 09 1993RDB-E-NO_DUP error on PDD$PD_AREA_MEMBER_IDX_
301.03CSC32::S_MAUFEFri Sep 10 1993ACCVIO and bugcheck during redesign
302.05CSC32::G_HUBBARDMon Sep 13 1993INSERT requests not in PDL file???
303.03COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDWed Sep 15 1993Update request in PDL, HOW ?
304.01MILKWY::CE_TOOLSWed Sep 15 1993Rally Workload Help
305.01BACHUS::DEKEYSERThu Sep 16 1993Defining environment when database is to be used in a cluster.
306.03CSC32::MCCRACKENTue Sep 21 1993RdbExpert generates bad trigger definition
307.01STKHLM::KNORNWed Sep 22 1993No indexes for 775' record table (cont.)
308.04VAXRIO::NOVELLOThu Sep 23 1993RdbExpert 2.1 suggests a single-file database...
309.01VAXRIO::NOVELLOThu Sep 23 1993Error using GSE from RdbExpert 2.1 FT...
310.0BACHUS::ALLEMEERSCHFri Sep 24 1993bugcheckdump accvio on copy workload
311.03CSC32::G_HUBBARDMon Sep 27 1993RDBX-E-PARSESYNTAX error during import...
312.05JRFVAX::HODGESTue Sep 28 1993my design directory won't upgrade
313.03CSOA1::MOLLEYWed Sep 29 1993SQL.DMP and RDBX.DMP (V2.1)
314.01DATABS::TAYLORMon Oct 04 1993DB Tuner now available internally
315.02CRANES::SMITHMon Oct 04 1993POLL: What's the minimum acceptable VMS on VAX?
316.01COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDMon Oct 04 1993FT2 prblem with logical name for globals files
317.03COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDMon Oct 04 1993Cant import triggers when special syntax is done
318.01MLNWed Oct 06 1993InstantSQL question ( Cannot insert data because Primary Key Violation )
319.01CHTPMon Oct 11 1993Collecting SQL TXN info when using SQLMOD
320.02NYOSWed Oct 13 1993License Problem
321.01PEACHS::MACEACHERNWed Oct 20 1993X server dying while RdbExpert repaints screen
322.03MRKTNG::SETTYWed Oct 20 1993Error while Importing Logical Schema
323.01TAVTue Oct 26 1993BAD_TRANS_HANDL
324.03GNROSE::HAGGERTYFri Oct 29 1993LIMIT clause where none exists
325.01CSC32::S_MAUFESat Oct 30 1993does 2.1 parse date/time arithmetic?
326.02CSOA1::MOLLEYMon Nov 01 1993Arithmetic Fault - Floating Overflow.
327.03BACHUS::LEENWed Nov 03 1993RDBX-E-PARSESYNTAX, RDBExpert V2.1
330.01VERN::CARPENTERWed Nov 03 1993Can't run the redesign com stream
331.01COMET::DILLOWThu Nov 04 1993RDBExpert running on OSF
332.03BACHUS::LEENThu Nov 04 1993Problems validating imported SQLMOD files RDBexpert V2.1
334.02DBSUK1::HOBBSWed Nov 10 1993PARAMETERS Edit in CLI
335.01COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDWed Nov 10 1993Minor problem with Analysis report
336.01STKHLM::KNORNThu Nov 11 1993three segment primary key
337.01STKHLM::KNORNThu Nov 11 1993Comment about analysys report text
338.018KERNEL::JACKSONFri Nov 12 1993ACCVIO when removing duplicate transactions
339.02BACHUS::DECLERCKMon Nov 15 1993Constraint names modified by RdbExpert!
340.01JRFVAX::HODGESMon Nov 15 1993some typos in Analysis Report
341.08COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDTue Nov 16 1993LEGO feedback to DBTOOLS
342.05JRFVAX::HODGESWed Nov 17 1993Surprising usage of disk space/spindles
343.02BACHUS::ALLEMEERSCHWed Nov 17 1993most European customers cannot read v2.1 video !
344.06STKHLM::KNORNFri Nov 19 1993DBTune, DBAnalyzer, DBXact what are they ?
345.01342326::JACKSONFri Nov 19 1993Using RdbExpert on its own database
346.06JRFVAX::HODGESMon Nov 22 1993how to 'refresh' window display?
347.02JRFVAX::HODGESTue Nov 23 1993Triggers "UNNECESSARY" in logical schema?
348.03LYOISA::NEJJARWed Nov 24 1993RDBEXPERT and RDO ?
349.03BACHUS::ROELANTSThu Nov 25 1993Questiona about V2.1
350.0CSC32::MCCRACKENTue Nov 30 1993DECtrace, RdbExpert & SmartStar
351.03STKHLM::KNORNTue Nov 30 1993Record clustering from two tables
352.01SNOCWed Dec 01 1993cannot use VT1
353.0TAVWed Dec 01 1993Customers feedback
354.0GIDDAY::CHANMFri Dec 03 1993DECtrace Import Error- No BLR.
355.02SNOCMon Dec 06 1993sql access to dectrace db blocks workload import
356.02TAVMon Dec 06 1993TRANSPORT questions
357.01GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Dec 06 1993RDBX$DEFAULT problem?
358.0CACT34::CONNERMon Dec 06 1993Can RDBEXPERT weight the worst perfroming transactions?
359.07SNOCTue Dec 07 1993support supplement here yet?
360.02HAN::DOERINGWed Dec 08 1993RdbExpert: Volumes and Indices...
361.01SDEBOO::HMRThu Dec 09 1993Exceeded quota during import workload
362.0EVTAI1::SOENENThu Dec 09 1993Rdbexpert and 445 tables - 5
363.06TPSYS::COTEThu Dec 09 1993Problems with install fatal bug check
364.04CSC32::MCCRACKENThu Dec 09 1993Generate physical schema fails with RDB-E-NO_DUP on index PDD$PD_EXPRESSION_IDX_
365.015KERNEL::HISCOCKFri Dec 10 1993More accvios in 2.1
366.01ZURFri Dec 10 1993RDBEXP 2.1 really prerequisites VMS V6.
367.02UTRTSC::LIEMMon Dec 13 1993import/stat. from char. interface ?.
368.01CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYWed Dec 15 1993Import workload questions
369.01COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu Dec 16 1993Too many indices, and two are the same !
370.01CSC32::M_HOEPNERThu Dec 16 1993View has invalid column list
371.02JRFVAX::HODGESFri Dec 17 1993Help with Syntax Error
372.01CSC32::M_HOEPNERFri Dec 17 1993ACCVIO on validate constraint in GSE
373.01MSDOA::SECRISTMon Dec 20 1993Parallelize generate workload/pschema ?
374.01MSDOA::SECRISTMon Dec 20 1993RdbX Needs Logic Firewalls
375.03MSDOA::SECRISTMon Dec 20 1993Progress messages needed from command line interface
376.05STKHLM::KNORNTue Dec 21 1993Database not valid collection
377.09CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYTue Dec 21 1993Problem transporting a DECtrace workload
378.03STRYKR::S_STRYKERTue Dec 21 1993Is there an installation guide? If not, what software versions does V2.1 require?
379.02TAVMon Dec 27 1993ORDER BY suggestion
380.01CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYThu Dec 30 1993Errors from TRANSPORT LSCHEMA
381.02MQOSWS::D_DESMARAISThu Dec 30 1993Physical schema questions?
383.03SNOCTue Jan 04 1994Bachman Db Analyst?
384.014MSDOA::SECRISTThu Jan 06 1994Rename "Power User's Guide" !
385.01TAVMon Jan 10 1994EXPORT WORKLOAD pb with ANSI QUOTING
386.02CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYMon Jan 10 1994RDBX-E-SQLNOTFOUND on workload import
387.01CSC32::P_VANKLEYMon Jan 10 1994Missing requests in RDML/Pascal workload
389.01RIGI::SCHWARZAMon Jan 24 1994Again: Dump with PARSESYNTAX
390.03WELBID::FARQUHARSONMon Jan 24 1994ACCVIO and OPCDEC errors checking Volume information
391.0DPDMAI::ANSCHUTZTue Jan 25 1994RMS error on .rdb file
392.05UTOPIE::KREISLERWed Jan 26 1994Import logical schema: ACCVIO or Error with default value
393.0OOTOOL::BALARAMANWed Jan 26 1994DBA Workcenter conference
394.02ARNIES::JULIANThu Jan 27 1994Kit for V2.1 available on network?
397.01CX3PT2::WSC455::P_VANKLEYThu Feb 03 1994%RDB-F-SEGSTR_PARAM when importing volume
398.04KERNEL::HIGMANFri Feb 04 1994RDBExpert 2.1 frequency query
399.03KERNEL::HIGMANFri Feb 04 1994RDBExpert 2.1 frequency query
400.04JRFVAX::HODGESFri Feb 04 1994LOTS of indexes recommended!
401.01BIGRED::SPARKSFri Feb 04 1994RDBexpert with > 1
402.04CSC32::MCCRACKENMon Feb 07 1994IMPORT performance
403.01JRFVAX::HODGESTue Feb 08 1994index on column with only 5 unique values!
405.03GIDDAY::HADDADMon Feb 14 1994How to create an Audit Report, please!
406.01JRFVAX::HODGESTue Feb 15 1994typo in Analysis report!
407.01JRFVAX::HODGESWed Feb 16 1994Are Foreign Key Constraints recognized as dups?
408.04JRFVAX::HODGESThu Feb 17 1994Bug Check
409.01JRFVAX::HODGESThu Feb 17 1994Reusing DES index for ASC order by clause???
410.02MSDOA::SECRISTMon Feb 21 1994Finding the RdbX SPD in VTX
411.03CSC32::M_ROBSONMon Feb 21 1994fltovf_f during dectrace stat report
412.01CX3PT2::WSC455::P_VANKLEYTue Feb 22 1994RDBX-E-PARSESYNTAX when importing logical schema
413.01BOLINA::GADALETAMWed Feb 23 1994DECTrace licence and RdbExpert
414.011JRFVAX::HODGESFri Feb 25 1994RALLY + Rdb + RdbExpert + DECtrace = ????
415.01MSDOA::SECRISTSun Feb 27 1994Use of VMS 6.1 with V2.1 ?
416.02MSDOA::SECRISTSun Feb 27 1994Wish list: ignorance is bliss !
417.02CSC32::WILCOXMon Feb 28 1994RDB-E-INVTEMPLATE from import?
418.02CRANES::SMITHMon Feb 28 1994New T2.1a Workload Extract Tool (BL2)
419.03VAXRIO::NOVELLOMon Mar 07 1994Trying to append another workload...
420.02HGOVC::MONALIWed Mar 09 1994How to do remote workload import?
421.03CSC32::N_BERENZThu Mar 10 1994system-f-FLTOVF_F on import of workload
422.02COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDMon Mar 14 1994Custom file questions
423.02STKHLM::WAHLQVISTTue Mar 15 1994DECTRACE Statistics totally wrong
424.06TAVTue Mar 15 1994Problems in the redesign dcl procedure
425.011BOUVS::OAKEYTue Mar 15 1994Very slow when converting BLR to SQL
426.01ISIDRO::OLMOWed Mar 16 1994Type DATE unsupport by Rdb 4.
427.01QCAVThu Mar 17 1994MSGNOTFND error in IMPORT LSCHEMA
428.02COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDFri Mar 18 1994Unprintable char is considered an Error ?
429.02COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDFri Mar 18 1994CREATE TABLE FROM is not an error, just ignored BUT
430.02COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDFri Mar 18 1994GSE_GUI file error when only RdbExpert is installed
431.0CRANES::SMITHSat Mar 19 1994New T2.1A Workload Extract Tools (BL3)
432.06BACHUS::LEENMon Mar 21 1994Can not Parse This Request BLR
433.09GRANPA::CHOVAX::LEVINEMon Mar 21 1994install problem
434.04GUIDUK::AUSTINMon Mar 21 1994Bugcheck with DECtrace Import
435.06COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDTue Mar 22 1994Can't get my workload and schema to match
436.01COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDTue Mar 22 1994IMPORT WORKLOAD fails with invalid name template
437.01COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDTue Mar 22 1994naming template change request
438.01COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDTue Mar 22 1994Wierd reference to V3.1 during IMPORT WORKLOAD
439.09COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDTue Mar 22 1994SUCCESSfull RdbExpert work on RALLY, Rdb !!
440.06VAXRIO::ABREUFri Mar 25 1994import workload not working ...
441.01CSC32::N_BERENZMon Mar 28 1994DCL-W-BUFOVF from redesign command file
442.02COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDTue Mar 29 1994UNLOAD/LOAD fails when Multinat. char in metadata
443.01COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDTue Mar 29 1994error in .CONSTRAINTS command file
444.02COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDTue Mar 29 1994Index too Large error for a generated index
445.01COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDTue Mar 29 1994Should RMU/OPEN before UNLOAD/LOAD when GB enabled
446.01HANSBC::BACHNERWed Mar 30 1994RdbExpert hangs on exit
447.08MSDOA::SECRISTWed Apr 06 1994Requests processed:
448.04COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDWed Apr 06 1994Now only minor problems left (I hope)
449.03COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDWed Apr 06 1994Some wishes
450.05COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDWed Apr 06 1994Index node sizing observations
451.04VAXRIO::ABREUWed Apr 06 1994more info
452.01OOTOOL::SMITHWed Apr 06 1994RdbExpert T2.1A now available
453.013VERN::CARPENTERWed Apr 06 1994Can't load my schema
454.01CSC32::N_BERENZThu Apr 07 1994workloads from ACMS and RDO
455.02GUIDUK::AUSTINFri Apr 08 1994Exceeded enqueue quota during WORKLOAD IMPORT
456.04GUIDUK::AUSTINFri Apr 08 1994T2.1A Workload Extract Tool
457.0JRFVAX::HODGESFri Apr 08 1994Bug Check Dump!
458.0CSC32::N_BERENZFri Apr 08 1994 NOTANRDBCOLL tables missing
459.03MSDOA::SECRISTSat Apr 09 1994Bogus column cardinality in exported volume ?
460.01GUIDUK::AUSTINMon Apr 11 1994T2.1A Bugchecks When GSE Is Invoked
461.08COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDWed Apr 13 1994License problems on T2.1A (LEGO)
462.07UTOPIE::KREISLERThu Apr 14 1994NSTC formatted tapes for Europe ?
463.02OOTOOL::SMITHThu Apr 14 1994Updated Power User Guide / Support Supplement
464.09STKHLM::WAHLQVISTFri Apr 15 1994Error creating design report
466.03MSDOA::SECRISTSat Apr 16 1994RDMS-F-FLDNOEX Error (T2.1A-BL2) !
468.03STKHLM::WAHLQVISTMon Apr 18 1994Bug report: Volume Editing
469.04COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDMon Apr 18 1994Dont destroy the VOLUME on LSCHEMA changes unless needed
470.0OOTOOL::TAYLORWed Apr 20 19945
471.04IJSAPL::JMULDERWed Apr 20 1994Cursor in workload
472.02COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu Apr 21 1994Error Window keep old errors ?
473.05COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu Apr 21 1994Missing BLR, pilot error ?? (T2.1A from last week)
474.01KERNEL::HISCOCKThu Apr 21 1994Scan causes RdbExpert to hang (2.1)
475.07STKHLM::WAHLQVISTThu Apr 21 1994Request for keeping indices (again)
476.04COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu Apr 21 1994Import workload, Edit and quit cause CPU loop
477.04COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu Apr 21 1994DECtrace prepare indices done in parallel ?
478.01COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu Apr 21 1994Ctrl/Y stop gives RMU/DUMP/USER error when reenterring Rdbexpert
479.0COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDFri Apr 22 1994EDIT WORKLOAD performance is terrible (LEGO)
480.012COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDFri Apr 22 1994Can't get my workload imported,
481.02VERN::CARPENTERFri Apr 22 1994Can't build the database
482.01TEE1UP::ANTHONYFri Apr 22 1994Collecting workload from one database
483.02MSDOA::SECRISTFri Apr 22 1994T2.1A-BL2: Stuck in Loop While Generating Workload
484.04MSDOA::SECRISTFri Apr 22 1994T2.1A-BL2: Mystery SET WORK_IN_PROGRESS
485.03MSDOA::SECRISTFri Apr 22 1994rdbx_extract_wkr for VMS 5.5 (VAX) ?
486.09MSDOA::SECRISTFri Apr 22 1994Suggestions for RdbX in the Real World
487.01MSDOA::SECRISTMon Apr 25 1994T2.1-BL2 Incomplete Workload Read
488.02CSC32::CUTHILLMon Apr 25 1994RDBX$UPGRADE Leftover .PDL and .CUSTOM Files
489.01STKHLM::WAHLQVISTMon Apr 25 1994BUGCHECK on report analysis report
491.06JRFVAX::HODGESTue Apr 26 1994IVP failed when installing latest kit!
492.06MSDOA::SECRISTThu Apr 28 1994Understanding Workload Frequency Values
493.0MSDOA::SECRISTThu Apr 28 1994Understanding RdbX SPAM Threshold Calculation
494.0WEORG::GILLISFri Apr 29 1994New documentation for Version2.1A
495.05JRFVAX::HODGESFri Apr 29 1994Got a DUMP!
496.01COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDSun May 01 1994Exited with an error when switchin from DECW to CC
497.04NSICMon May 02 1994Install V2.1A at customer for consultancy?
498.01CX3PT1::WSC455::P_VANKLEYMon May 02 1994RDB-E-NO_DUP error when generating physical schema
499.03FUJISI::VERMETTEMon May 02 1994V2.1A SSB kit availability
500.06ZURWed May 04 1994Questions to Analysis Report and Design. 2.1A
501.09BACHUS::LEENThu May 05 1994Error using Workload Extractor
502.02CX3PT1::WSC455::P_VANKLEYThu May 05 1994Problem with the BLR->SQL Converter
503.03BACHUS::LEENFri May 06 1994Exception: Puzzling BLR
504.02JRFVAX::HODGESFri May 06 1994waiting for daemon REALLY slowed down INSTALL
505.08CX3PT1::WSC455::P_VANKLEYFri May 06 1994Missing requests in Rdb/RDML workload
506.07COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDMon May 09 1994Wish: Make Embedded SQL a source for workload
507.02HERON::GODFRINDTue May 10 1994Where is the QAR system ?
508.01GUIDUK::AUSTINTue May 10 1994Insufficent disk space message during generate
509.01HERON::GODFRINDWed May 11 1994PROBLEM: RDBEXPERT help missing on AXP
510.01HERON::GODFRINDWed May 11 1994PROBLEM: Missing RDMMSGSHR image causes rdbexpert to fail on AXP
511.01HERON::GODFRINDWed May 11 1994PROBLEM: IVP failure - unsupp datatypes in rdb 3.1
512.01HERON::GODFRINDWed May 11 1994PROBLEM: Inexistent VMS directory error not reported
513.05HERON::GODFRINDWed May 11 1994Problem: Wrong diag about bad mapping value
514.04HERON::GODFRINDWed May 11 1994%RDBX-E-PARSESYNTAX while loading rdg 6.
515.05COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDFri May 13 1994Access Violation using newsts MUP T2.1A version
517.03COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDTue May 17 1994Cpu loop during Generate (I think)
518.03FUJIS2::VERMETTETue May 17 1994V2.1A availability.
519.01OOTOOL::SMITHTue May 17 1994RdbExpert 2.1A and Rdb 5.1 problem
520.01GBIWed May 18 1994SYSTEM-F-SHRIDMISMAT with RDBX V2.1 Help
521.04COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDWed May 18 1994problems in generated design
522.02CSC32::MCCRACKENThu May 19 1994RdbExpert and Rdb Multiversioning
523.03VAXRIO::ABREUThu May 19 1994import workload not working
524.0COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu May 19 1994Wishes for better reporting in workload area !
525.02CSC32::MCCRACKENFri May 27 1994RdbExpert Global Buffer recommendations
526.02COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDSun May 29 1994Multiple sizing passes though plenty of disks ?!
527.06COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDSun May 29 1994recognise domain constraint and set col-cardinality
528.02GUIDUK::AUSTINTue May 31 1994%RDBX-E-NOOBJEXISTS, the variable, COLUMN_POS, was not found
529.01BACHUS::LEENWed Jun 01 1994New test results are comming but first ...
530.03BACHUS::LEENWed Jun 01 1994Puzzling BLR ...
531.03BACHUS::LEENThu Jun 02 1994Options to limit VM usages
532.013GBIThu Jun 02 1994Import workload problem. Help!!!
533.01STKHLM::HAGEThu Jun 02 1994ACCVIO after import workload
534.03BACHUS::LEENThu Jun 02 1994import workload ACCVIO's at end of PDL file
535.02CSC32::N_BERENZFri Jun 03 1994error while generating physical schema
536.02BACHUS::LEENFri Jun 03 1994Error: The procedure, AUDTI, was not found
537.07VAXRIO::ABREUThu Jun 09 1994ACCVIO/2.1A (link date 21-MAY) /IMPORT WORKLOAD
538.01ATYISA::MANSOTFri Jun 10 1994DECtrace statistics still WRONG in 2.1A ?
539.07FUJISI::LALIBERTEWed Jun 15 1994RDBX V2.1A IVP fails
540.02CSC32::N_BERENZMon Jun 20 1994import logical schema error
541.013STRASB::HONORETue Jun 21 1994RDBexpert for DEC OSF/1
542.01ATYISA::MANSOTWed Jun 22 1994Different Numbers in DECtrace/RDBX for TX,Request
543.02JRFVAX::HODGESWed Jun 22 1994measurements for requests vs transactions
544.03DCLNUT::STEINKUHLERWed Jun 22 1994arithmetic trap problem while generating the physical schema in V2.1A
545.01CSC32::N_BERENZWed Jun 22 1994how to associate trans to business function
546.04PADNOM::MISTLERThu Jun 23 1994Puzzling BLR again with V2.1A
548.09CSC32::M_ROBSONThu Jun 23 19942.1a install problems
549.03CSC32::CUTHILLThu Jun 23 1994Correlate Request# or PC inPDL to Dectrace Data
550.01CSC32::J_HAYTERThu Jun 23 1994"%decrdb version 4.2 does not exist on your system"
551.01BACHUS::LEENWed Jun 29 1994Puzzling BLR when and a complicated aggregate
553.02HAN::AUEWed Jul 06 1994problems in generated design
554.04CSC32::MCCRACKENWed Jul 06 1994Workload Summary Report
555.04GNROSE::HAGGERTYWed Jul 13 1994DBTOOLS$STARTUP.COM from batch
556.01CSC32::MCCRACKENWed Jul 13 1994Workload - DECtrace statistics
557.03SAWA::STEFANOWICZMon Jul 18 1994RdbX & Rdb 4.
558.01CSC32::M_ROBSONMon Jul 18 19942.1a or DW v1.1-921231 that is the question
559.02HYLNDR::ANDREWSTue Jul 19 1994V2.
560.02CSC32::WILCOXTue Jul 19 1994is SFDB recommended if no workload?
561.01ROMEOS::AGOPIAN_ARTue Jul 19 1994RdbExpert for ORACLE
562.01CSC32::G_ROBERTSWed Jul 27 1994IVP fails not finding RDMMSGSHR.EXE
563.02CSC32::MCCRACKENThu Jul 28 1994RdbExpert & RMU/EXTRACT and SQL syntax
564.01CSC32::M_ROBSONFri Jul 29 19942.1a causes swapper to go nuts
565.07CSC32::M_ROBSONTue Aug 02 19942.1a bugcheck during import logical schema
566.01CSC32::N_BERENZTue Aug 02 1994Can't open display DWT-F-DWTABORT
567.02MSDOA::SECRISTWed Aug 03 1994%RDBX-E-DBERROR (-RDB-E-NO_DUP) problem ?!
569.04PADNOM::MISTLERThu Aug 11 1994the ENTRY was not found ?
570.05CSC32::FRANCESCHINIWed Aug 17 1994DECTRACE workload IMPORT giving ACCVIO
571.03KERNEL::HISCOCKThu Aug 18 1994rdbx 21.a problem with views
573.01CSC32::N_BERENZThu Aug 18 1994frequency clarification
574.010TEKDEV::YUILLThu Aug 18 1994-SYSTEM-F-INTOVF Gening Schema
575.06CSC32::WILCOXFri Aug 19 1994SQL/BLR converter
576.01GBIMon Aug 22 1994No indexes defined for a direct accessed table !?
577.0OOTOOL::CRAIGMon Aug 22 1994May 94 CD missing DB Tool Kits - V2.1A on Aug CD
578.01CSC32::MCCRACKENFri Aug 26 1994RdbExpert INDEX recommendations
579.01CSC32::N_BERENZMon Aug 29 1994NO BLR request found
580.02CSC32::WILCOXTue Aug 30 1994RdbExpert says not enough disk blocks
581.02CSC32::N_BERENZTue Aug 30 1994not a valid rdb collection suddenly
582.04CSC32::M_ROBSONTue Sep 06 1994physical schema generation
583.015KERNEL::HISCOCKWed Sep 07 1994rdbx 2.1a screen problems with motif 1.2
584.01TEKDEV::YUILLTue Sep 13 1994Want To Change The Rules
585.03MSDOA::SECRISTWed Sep 14 1994Confusing work_in_progress messages.
586.02CSC32::N_BERENZThu Sep 15 1994redesign process logical translation
587.02CSC32::N_BERENZThu Sep 15 1994no requests since upgrade to V2.1a
588.04CSC32::N_BERENZThu Sep 15 1994sql-f-nullnoind when generate physical schema
589.02PADNOM::PICHAUTTue Sep 20 1994The variable, AREA, was not found
590.05CSC32::N_BERENZTue Sep 20 1994found . at or near line 1
591.0CSC32::N_BERENZTue Sep 20 1994access violation editing disk info
592.02CSC32::N_BERENZThu Sep 22 1994column, parameter not found gen physical schema
593.0125Thu Sep 22 1994Need Help - First time User !
594.03CSC32::N_BERENZThu Sep 29 1994workload near completion?
595.08KERNEL::JACKSONThu Oct 06 1994ACCVIOs and bugchecks with MOTIF 1.2
596.03CSC32::N_BERENZMon Oct 10 1994TRANSPORT problems
597.05PADNOM::PICHAUTWed Oct 12 1994INDEX store clause
598.09BACHUS::LEENThu Oct 13 1994ACCVIO when doing a 'Logical schema report' on tables
599.02CSC32::MCCRACKENMon Oct 24 1994RdbExpert logical schema dependencies
600.03NZOVMon Oct 24 1994Large Imports - What to do ?
601.03NZOVWed Oct 26 1994Missing Dectrace Stats
603.01CSC32::N_BERENZThu Nov 03 1994decdbtools_loaner license
604.02CSC32::N_BERENZMon Nov 07 1994Disk space not enough for database
605.03HDLITE::DITOMMASOThu Nov 10 1994Memory allocation question
606.03CSC32::N_BERENZFri Nov 11 1994re-design command file has loop
607.09JRFVAX::HODGESFri Nov 11 1994various syntax problems on schema import
608.01TEKDEV::YUILLMon Nov 14 1994When High Data Compression
609.01IJSAPL::OLTHOFTue Nov 15 1994Partitioning and capacity planning
610.0MSDOA::SECRISTSat Nov 26 1994Farewell all (*sniff*) !
611.0CRANES::RIELTue Dec 06 1994Oracle Expert for Rdb V3.
612.06GIDDAY::CHANMWed Dec 21 1994%RDBX-E-NOOBJEXISTS, the ENTRY was not found.
613.02VNABRW::REINER_CThu Jan 12 1995SQLMOD with compound FOR Statement
614.01LYOISA::NEJJARFri Jan 13 1995bugcheck dump during logical schema import
615.018UTOPIE::KREISLERMon Jan 16 1995Influence of constraints on design ?
616.010UTRTSC::LIEMThu Jan 26 1995Import workload failed with SQL-F-NULLNOIND ?
617.04UTOPIE::KREISLERFri Jan 27 1995Multiversion Feature for Oracle Expert ?
618.04CSC32::WILCOXTue Feb 07 1995Variable COLUMN_POS not found
619.03DPDMAI::ANSCHUTZTue Feb 07 1995The database !AZ has obsolete metadata
620.03CSC32::MCCRACKENFri Feb 17 1995IMPORT LOGICAL SCHEMA failure
621.07JRFVAX::HODGESThu Feb 23 1995IVP can't find SQL$SHR.EXE
622.02BVEUX::LAMAREMon Feb 27 1995volume import on a physical design error
623.01JRFVAX::HODGESMon Feb 27 1995Typos in Tuning Analysis Report
624.09JRFVAX::HODGESTue Feb 28 1995error importing logical schema
625.02JRFVAX::HODGESWed Mar 01 1995Why Collector install must be permanent?
626.04JRFVAX::HODGESThu Mar 02 1995Private installation of collector failing
627.04CSC32::M_ROBSONThu Mar 02 1995%RDBX-E-NOSTATS, no statistics are being collected
628.06JRFVAX::HODGESThu Mar 02 1995Error: The ENTRY was not found
629.03CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Mar 10 1995What version is supported on OpenVMS 6.1?
630.07CSC32::WILCOXTue Mar 14 1995GROUP BY returns syntax error
631.03VAXRIO::AZEVEDOWed Mar 15 1995The variable, AREA, was not found error.
632.02OOTOOL::CRAIGTue Mar 21 1995FT3.
633.02HGOCS::MICKWIDLAMFri Mar 24 1995RdbExpert license problem
634.05OOTOOL::CRAIGMon Mar 27 1995Bug with IMPORT Workload - %RDBX-E-PARSESYNTAX, found '.' at or near line 1
635.012JRFVAX::HODGESTue Mar 28 1995Can't Import Stored Procedures in Workload
636.04TROOA::MCMULLENWed Mar 29 1995transport in v3.
637.03ALFETA::AZEVEDOThu Mar 30 1995Why RDBexpert changes all of my HSH indexes to sorted indexes?
638.02JRFVAX::HODGESFri Mar 31 1995Seem to have duplicate requests . . . .
639.03TROOA::MCMULLENMon Apr 03 1995SCAN problems
641.02TROOA::MCMULLENMon Apr 03 1995PDL and WORKLOAD REPORT inconsistency????
642.014TAVTue Apr 11 1995clustering, clustering but no clustering ...
643.02KERNEL::WILESLMon Apr 24 1995EPC$1_221_REQUEST_BLR table not found on import
644.02OOTOOL::CRAIGThu May 04 1995%RDBX-E-TASKERROR & %RDBX-E-VIRMEMERR - Import Workload Bug
645.05ZIGLAR::RAYMon May 08 1995RMS-F-BUSY error on import
646.01CSC32::N_BERENZTue May 23 1995Does RDB V6.1 run with V2.1a?
647.04CSC32::N_BERENZWed May 31 1995volume to large exceed pagflquota
648.03SOS6::MISTLERFri Jun 16 1995Cannot import logical schema again
649.05NEWVAX::RAYMon Jun 19 1995Problem with V2.1a and Indexes
650.011KERNEL::WILESLTue Jun 27 1995SQL-F-SYNTAX_ERR running IVP on generate physical
651.0OOTOOL::CRAIGTue Jun 27 1995Oracle notesfile transfer Notice - Effective July 2
652.05COMICS::KNIGHTRThu Jun 29 1995Cardinality Issue with Rdb Expert Import
653.018COMICS::KNIGHTRThu Jun 29 1995Rdb Expert bug check
654.01ORAREP::JRFVAX::HODGESWed Jul 05 1995Is this Field Test Code?
655.01ORAREP::KERNEL::WILESLTue Jul 11 1995New documentation for V3.
656.01ORAREP::KERNEL::JACKSONWed Jul 12 1995Reports deleted after exiting editor
657.01ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::RKNIGHTTue Jul 18 1995RDBExpert Cardinality issue
658.014ORAREP::CSC32::N_BERENZTue Jul 18 1995dynamic tuning on remote box V3.
659.03ORAREP::CSC32::MCCRACKENThu Jul 20 1995V3.
660.0OOTOOL::CRAIGFri Jul 21 1995ASYNCH in Rdb V6.1 causes syntax problem with Import Schema in Expert V3.
661.02ORAREP::CSC32::N_BERENZMon Jul 24 1995label incorrect open_database_section v3.
662.02OOTOOL::CRAIGTue Jul 25 1995ENTRY was not found - failing in Environment area
663.06ORAREP::JRFVAX::HODGESWed Jul 26 1995can't import workload on V3.
664.03OOTOOL::CRAIGWed Jul 26 1995Expert V3.
665.08ORAREP::JRFVAX::HODGESMon Jul 31 1995reports keep disappearing!
666.02OOTOOL::CRAIGTue Aug 01 1995How to obtain Kits
667.02ORAREP::CSC32::B_LEHLBACHWed Aug 02 1995PDD$SYSTEM Not Found
668.03ORAREP::JRFVAX::HODGESFri Aug 04 1995support for Stored Procedures needed!
669.01OOTOOL::CRAIGMon Aug 14 1995Expert V2.1A - %RDBX-E-PARSESYNTAX - Importing Schema
670.02ORAREP::CSC32::B_LEHLBACHWed Aug 23 1995RdbExpert and Remote Nodes
671.03ORAREP::TROOA::MCMULLENTue Aug 29 1995rdbx 3.
672.04ORAREP::JRFVAX::HODGESSun Sep 03 1995Hash Indexes on columns with MANY dups???
673.011ORAREP::JRFVAX::HODGESTue Sep 05 1995no detail in Analysis report
674.05ORAREP::JRFVAX::HODGESWed Sep 06 1995The variable, columns must have a subscript in the range of 1 to 1
675.011ORAREP::TROOA::MCMULLENTue Sep 12 1995ECP$IMAGE_KEY_INDEX dup index with workload
677.02itvms1.it.oracle.com::FALLOGGIMon Sep 18 1995Info needed for Expert evolution
678.0OOTOOL::CRAIGThu Sep 21 1995Oracle Expert Training Available
679.06ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::LWILESTue Oct 03 1995Expert bugcheck on import workload.
680.01M5::MMCRACKEFri Oct 06 1995VOLUME IMPORT questions
681.03itvms1.it.oracle.com::FALLOGGIWed Oct 11 1995Order number urgently needed
682.01ORAREP::CSC32::B_LEHLBACHThu Oct 12 1995GSE, RdbExpert Upgrade
683.03ORAREP::CSC32::N_BERENZFri Oct 13 1995dynamic?
684.012ORAREP::MAHONE::DMCWEENEYMon Oct 16 1995V3.
685.0154177::MHAGETue Oct 17 1995%RDBX-E-SQLNOTFOUND bugcheck
686.04ORAREP::JRFVAX::HODGESFri Oct 20 1995Data file is corrupted?
687.03M5::MMCRACKEMon Oct 23 1995Where's the help?
688.011M5::MMCRACKETue Oct 24 1995Extracting SQL from workload
689.0OOTOOL::CRAIGTue Oct 24 1995WARNING: Workload Extract Utility Tool name changed
690.03ORAREP::CSC32::N_BERENZThu Nov 16 1995rdbx-e-divbyzero generating physical schema
691.07atxap1.at.oracle.com::EKREISLEMon Nov 20 1995Table from ditributed transaction not found
692.04ORAREP::JRFVAX::HODGESWed Nov 29 1995how to truncate the snapshot file for the repository
693.01NOMAHS::SECRISTWed Dec 06 1995Public V3 presentations/handouts/etc. ?
694.01M5::NBERENZFri Jan 19 1996change from ACL to ANSI protection
695.01NOMAHS::SECRISTTue Jan 23 1996Error gen idx during workload import
696.03ORAREP::CSC32::N_BERENZMon Jan 29 1996new version of extract?
697.03NOMAHS::SECRISTWed Jan 31 1996V3.
698.08ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::LWILESTue Feb 20 1996No system command procedure created
699.02ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::LWILESWed Feb 21 1996MBFULL on large workload import
700.011esvms7.es.oracle.com::GOLMOThu Mar 07 1996Error: The ENTRY was not found from "Generate Physical Schema" option with RDBX V 3.
701.08M5::MMCRACKEFri Mar 08 1996NO_BLR_FOUND_
702.04caotv1.ca.oracle.com::KMCMULLEWed Mar 27 1996Ken McMullen
703.03M5::DMCELHOEThu Apr 04 1996blr converter & licensing?
704.01ORAREP::GBIWed Apr 17 1996How to extrapolate data related to a given db in a multi-db workload?
705.01ORAREP::GBIThu May 16 1996How to restart an interrupted workload import?
706.05ORAREP::BIRDIE::DOMINGSFri May 17 1996Problem starting the collector for tuning.
707.01caotv1.ca.oracle.com::MROYFri May 24 1996Oracle Expert compatibility with RDB V5.1
708.04ORAREP::COLThu Jun 06 1996RDBEXPERT and CDD integrated database
709.044177::UWAHLQVITue Jun 11 1996Kit order #
710.01M5::MMCRACKEMon Jun 17 1996Workload statistics report
711.03ORAREP::COLTue Jun 18 1996How to merge duplicate requests in different transactions (:PDL) ?
712.0M5::MMCRACKEWed Jun 26 1996SYSTEM-F-ACCIO on GSE report
713.0OOTOOL::CRAIGThu Jun 27 1996Part Number for CDROM with Rdb Tools
714.0NOMAHS::SECRISTThu Jul 18 1996Consulting demonstrations of Expert
715.0NOMAHS::SECRISTThu Jul 18 1996Leveraging Trace/Expert into the Oracle7 World
716.01ESVMS1::GOLMOThu Sep 05 1996ODBC Rdb driver 32 bits for Win95.
717.01ORAREP::GBIMon Sep 09 1996Can't import workload. Avccess violartion: HELP
718.0441Thu Sep 12 1996How to create schema with 88
719.02ORAREP::JRFVAX::HODGESTue Sep 24 1996how to get actual value instead of 'parameter'
720.03M5::DDAYBERRFri Oct 04 1996Bugcheck importing a logical schema
721.03ORAREP::JRFVAX::HODGESTue Oct 15 1996Can I get the WHOLE SQL statement?
723.01NOMAHS::SECRISTTue Oct 15 1996OE Rdb Futures Questions ?
724.01M5::MMCRACKEFri Oct 18 1996Tuning collection errors
725.01NOMAHS::SECRISTMon Oct 28 1996Part numbers for 3.1 Kits/Doc. ?
726.02ORAREP::JRFVAX::HODGESTue Oct 29 1996'no-select-list' ALWAYS a constraint?
727.01NOMAHS::SECRISTThu Nov 07 1996Wish list for rule base additions ?
728.0 *+1NOMAHS::SECRISTTue Feb 04 1997Latest Expert for Rdb thinks in 6.1 or 7.
729.0 *+3NOMAHS::SECRISTFri Feb 07 1997Supporting older versions of Rdb
730.0 *+1193.9.15Fri Feb 21 1997problems with rdb 7.
731.0 *+1BROKE::BASTINEThu Mar 06 19973.
732.0 *+2BROKE::BASTINETue Mar 11 1997Problem with a view definition
733.0 *UKVMS3::PJACKSONThu Mar 13 1997Oracle Expert on the Rdb7 Client CD
734.0 *+1NOMAHS::SECRISTThu Mar 13 1997rmu/extract/items=volume/OPTIONS=COLUMN_VOLUME ?
735.0 *+34177::LINDGRENThu Mar 20 1997Suggested NODE SIZE differs
736.0 *+54177::LINDGRENFri Mar 21 1997Missing BLR
737.0 *+1svrav1.au.oracle.com::AMENDOZAWed Mar 26 1997%rdbx-e-noexists in RdbExpert V3.
738.0 *+5BROKE::BASTINEMon Mar 31 1997Expert with Oracle7
739.0 *+1NOMAHS::SECRISTMon Apr 07 1997OEM and Personal Oracle Lite ?
740.0 *+7OOTOOL::CRAIGTue Apr 15 1997Oracle Expert 1.3.5 for Oracle7 Released
741.0 *+3BROKE::BITHERThu Apr 17 1997XP-7121 rule owner not found, Digital UNIX
742.0 *+2NOMAHS::SECRISTTue Apr 29 1997Trace enabled in many Oracle7 7.3.2, 7.3.3 releases
743.0 *+2NOMAHS::SECRISTTue May 06 1997OEM and 7.3.X, OIA and snmp, NT 3.51 ?
744.0 *+3NOMAHS::SECRISTTue May 06 1997How well can Trace/Expert run against a 7.2.X server ?
745.0 *NOMAHS::SECRISTTue May 06 1997Merging several Oracle7 collections with GUI Trace ?
746.0 *NOMAHS::SECRISTTue May 06 1997OSI Layers Chart for OEM Products ?
747.0 *+4NOMAHS::SECRISTTue May 06 1997OEM etal. documentation questions
748.0 *+2NOMAHS::SECRISTTue May 06 1997Do notes 743-747 belong in this conference ?
749.0 *+3NOMAHS::SECRISTWed May 07 1997Intelligent Agent Availability and Patch Information
750.0 *+2NOMAHS::SECRISTMon May 12 1997Will Expert ever go further ?
751.0 *+6BROKE::BASTINEWed May 14 1997Rdbexpert 1.2 running and running, when's it quit?
752.0 *+1NOMAHS::SECRISTWed May 14 1997OEM 1.3.5 Collection Bug
753.0 *+1NOMAHS::SECRISTFri May 16 1997OEM Expert SQL Input without Trace ?
754.0 *OOTOOL::CRAIGThu May 29 1997Error while Importing Logical Schema Expert 3.2
755.0 *+4M5::BLITTINTue Jun 03 1997GSE clarification?