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Conference 16thbt::pdp11_c

Title:PDP-11 C
Created:Mon Aug 04 1986
Last Modified:Fri Jun 03 1994
Last Successful Update:Thu Jan 23 1997
Number of topics:120
Total number of notes:529
Number with bodies:0
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1.0TOMK::KRUPINSKIFri Aug 03 1990Welcome
2.05WHYVAX::HETRICKThu Aug 21 1986Call for requirements
3.0WHYVAX::HETRICKThu Aug 21 1986Previous MAIL requirements
4.0WHYVAX::HETRICKThu Aug 21 1986Previous MAIL requirements
5.0WHYVAX::HETRICKThu Aug 21 1986Previous MAIL requirements
6.01WHYVAX::HETRICKThu Aug 21 1986Previous MAIL requirements
7.013WHYVAX::HETRICKThu Aug 21 1986Previous MAIL requirements
9.04WHYVAX::HETRICKFri Sep 05 1986This week's input and responses
11.07WHYVAX::HETRICKThu Oct 02 1986Compatability concerns
12.0MAY13::MINOWFri Jan 23 1987Decus C has moved
13.03WHYVAX::HETRICKMon Feb 23 1987TURBO C
14.03WHYVAX::HETRICKFri Mar 20 1987Crumbs, chief, it's an announcement!
15.06HELIX::MILLERWed Apr 15 1987When will it be soup?
16.04USRCV1::GREENEMon May 11 1987Need a C compiler now.
17.0TMCUK2::SURPLICEFri Jun 05 1987PDP-11 C and Pro-IV
18.0EVE::NEDVINSTue Jun 09 1987PDP-11's - The Commitment Continues
19.01416BITS::HIATTTue Oct 13 1987Needed - Reviewers
20.04BOLT::MINOWMon Mar 07 1988Leaked
21.02WHYVAX::HIATTThu Mar 10 1988C Product Specification
22.03CAFEIN::PASANENWed Jun 22 1988Is it out yet?
23.0716BITS::RAITTOMon Dec 12 1988DCL syntax as submitted to review board
24.0WAV12::SOHNThu Jan 19 1989Need someone to teach C
25.01MLNCSC::M_FRANZONIThu May 04 1989privileged programming with C ?
26.04TOMK::KRUPINSKITue Oct 03 1989PDP-11 C Announced!
27.026TEKOA::RAITTOTue Oct 03 1989Kit Information
28.08TEKOA::RAITTOWed Oct 18 1989RT-11 Host: Why and How?
29.0CSC32::BAXTERTue Nov 07 1989Example of how to interface with FMS from C
30.01MUNICH::SCHALLERFri Nov 10 1989list of C problems
31.05MVSUPP::RYMERThu Nov 23 1989global variables
32.06MLNCSC::M_FRANZONIThu Nov 30 1989LUN from FILE struct ?
33.02CECILB::DMILLERMon Jan 29 1990What are temporaries, and how can I get more of them?
34.03CECILB::DMILLERWed Jan 31 1990printf function with long values
35.01CSC32::BAXTERFri Feb 02 1990Training Offered At CSC/CS
36.02CSC32::BAXTERFri Feb 16 1990V1.
37.01MLTVAX::WAKEWed Feb 21 1990PDP-11 C and overlaid task startup
38.01CSC32::JAHNKEWed Feb 21 1990RSTS PBS SYS Call from C
39.01TOMK::KRUPINSKIThu Feb 22 1990V1.
40.03CSC32::BAXTERWed Feb 28 1990Questions on getenv()
41.02CSC32::JAHNKETue Mar 06 1990Bug in RSTS C ASTX routine
42.01CSC32::BAXTERMon Mar 12 1990Program returns run-time error on termination
43.05CSC32::BAXTERTue Mar 13 1990MACRO program to convert ASCII/RAD5
44.08CSC32::BAXTERTue Mar 13 1990Unexplained "Memory protect violation" error
45.02CSC32::BAXTERMon Mar 19 1990VSDA definition is missing a parameter
46.03CSC32::BAXTERTue Mar 20 1990Odd Address Trap On Second Call To Function
47.028NWDTue Mar 20 1990RSX compiler on a PRO?
48.08CSC32::BAXTERTue Mar 20 1990Not able to get GIN directive to work
49.01CSC32::BAXTERTue Mar 27 1990Compiler aborted with ODD ADDRESS
50.010SCALP::WAKEThu Apr 05 1990PDP-11 C Training Talk
51.01BOLT::MINOWMon Apr 23 1990PDP11-C at Spring Decus, no mention of Decus C
52.01MFGMEM::BYRONWed Apr 25 1990TRANSFER?
53.03CRACKR::SYSTEMSat Jul 07 1990Communication problem?
54.03TOMK::KRUPINSKIFri Jul 13 1990PDP-11 V T1.1 Field test kits available
55.02DORIE::COMPTONThu Jul 26 1990PDP11 C Optimization?
56.01MLNCSC::M_FRANZONIMon Aug 20 1990U**X like 'make' command for RSX
57.04SIEVAX::GRIMSHAWWed Aug 29 1990RSX Task image with no header?
58.02NYSBU::LIGHTBURNFri Sep 07 1990 How to make EXEC CALLS from C
59.01SNOCTue Sep 11 1990Help needed: Whitesmith C to VAXC
60.02TOMK::KRUPINSKIThu Oct 04 1990V1.1 Draft Doc in Bookreader Format
61.01ATSE::LABAThu Oct 11 1990A couple of RSTS/E C bugs - fixed
62.01ATSE::DMILLERWed Oct 24 1990<FF> in source file causes extraneous <SPACE> in listing file
63.01TOMK::KRUPINSKIWed Oct 31 1990syslib routines with same name as RTL routines
64.02PRSUD1::CHALEATMon Nov 05 1990PDP11_C under RT11
65.02NYSBU::LIGHTBURNMon Nov 05 1990Is this a Bug or Feature in C
66.01CSC32::BAXTERTue Nov 06 1990Compiler aborts with ODD ADDRESS or RI
67.08KERNEL::PARRYTue Nov 20 1990RSX My printf doesn't.
68.02TOMK::KRUPINSKIFri Dec 07 1990Pre-release V1.1
69.01TOMK::KRUPINSKIThu Dec 20 1990Bug in current kits (will be fixed for SSB)
70.04UTRTSC::LUBBERSFri Dec 28 1990? Example of PRO CGL graphics ?
71.02TOMK::KRUPINSKIFri Jan 11 1991Wishes can come true
72.04KAOFS::S_BROOKTue Feb 05 1991Does Standard I/O attach to TI: ?
73.02SSDEVO::FIALAMon Feb 25 1991PDP11C V1, funnies?.
74.02WFOV11::MAJERAN_JTue Feb 26 1991PDT11/15
76.03MUNICH::SCHALLERTue Mar 12 1991printf with \r behaves strange
77.03RANGER::WESTERVELTThu Mar 21 1991"undeclared" macro?
78.01RSTS32::DMILLERMon Mar 25 1991C doesn't handle <CR> as RSTS/E private delimiter
79.012TOMK::KRUPINSKIFri Mar 29 1991Free V1.1 PDP-11 C documentation
80.03VFOVAX::RAGWARThu Apr 04 1991problem with switch statement
81.01VFOVAX::RAGWARFri Apr 05 1991Parsing a file
82.02KERNEL::MCCULLAGHATue Apr 23 1991"I still don't C it"
83.08TOMK::KRUPINSKIWed Jul 03 1991PDP11 C V1.2 Documentation
84.03MSDSWS::SECRISTTue Jul 09 1991Unsupported RT targets with older versions ?
87.0MLTVAX::KRUPINSKIThu Aug 15 1991What's new in PDP-11 C T1.2
88.01CARDHU::WEISSFri Sep 06 1991C compiler for RT11
89.02CGOOA::OWONGThu Sep 12 1991RMS and relative file support - RSX 11M Plus
90.01CARDHU::WEISSFri Oct 04 1991need PDP11-C V1.1 (RSX)
91.02TOMK::KRUPINSKIFri Nov 15 1991The Incredible Shrinking task
92.03KERNEL::MCGOWANMon Oct 28 1991Fread problems
93.03MSDOA::SECRISTMon Oct 28 1991Install PDP-11 C without MCR on Micro/RSX ?
94.01MSDOA::SECRISTFri Nov 15 1991PDP-11 C for VMS on the Customer CDs ?
95.01CROWN::WEISSThu Nov 21 1991link to fms routine
96.06SORGEN::HERMANNTue Jan 14 1992runtime problem in rt-11 "c"
97.010COLThu Feb 20 1992Help on Signal-Handling
98.04KAOFS::S_BROOKFri Mar 06 1992New PDP-11C Doc Set Binding and Covers are a Pain
99.05CHATS::MCGOWANTue Mar 31 1992AST routine query
100.02TOMK::KRUPINSKIWed Apr 15 1992Updates to V1.2
101.05SHAWB1::SUDDICKWed May 13 1992Why so slow?
102.05KERNEL::MCGOWANFri May 22 1992clock() function
104.04KERNEL::MCGOWANThu Sep 10 1992Creating a library from C code
105.07UTOPIE::ROBERTTue Oct 20 1992Cluster (or resident) library for PDP11-C please (for the pro)
106.01TOMK::KRUPINSKIFri Dec 18 1992FIXed task traps after first execution
107.02KERNEL::MCGOWANTue Jan 12 1993Formfeed in list file ?
108.02KERNEL::MCGOWANThu Feb 04 1993Network comms from C ?
109.02TROOA::TAYLORMon Feb 08 1993DECnet from C
110.06MUNICH::SCHALLERTue Mar 16 1993Bug: Compiler can misallocate registers
111.03COLTue Mar 16 1993"Memory resident overlay" with PDP-11C
112.06MSDOA::SECRISTMon Jun 14 1993Producing an RT-11 target from a VMS system ?
113.02MSDOA::SECRISTFri Jun 18 1993How do you get "long" to work !?
114.02TOMK::TKRUPINSKIWed Jun 23 1993Bye, and thanks!
115.016THBT::J_JONESThu Jul 15 1993Conference being write locked
116.03MSDOA::SECRISTFri Oct 22 1993fopen problems ?
117.03UKARC1::HUDSONFri Nov 12 1993Can cross compiler run on OpenVMS AXP (Alpha)?
118.05MSDOA::SECRISTSun Nov 28 1993Help with RT memory woes ?
119.011SRUS::TEKOA::RAITTOMon Dec 06 1993Portable FREE_MEM.C program
120.01MSDOA::SECRISTFri Jun 03 1994Whole CEISRT.OBJ being included ?
121.01ZPOVC::POHINGSun Oct 01 1995DECUS C -> DEC C converted required
122.02TIMAMD::PEDROASun Nov 19 1995How is posible to change a RC25 for new technology.