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Conference orarep::nomahs::rally_wish

Title:VAX RALLY Wish List
Notice:This conference is moving to NOMAHS
Created:Sat Jun 25 1988
Last Modified:Wed Oct 25 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:341
Total number of notes:1161
Number with bodies:0
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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1.0CLT::TROGERSSat Jun 25 1988Welcome
2.01HSKPRF::WILENThu Jun 30 1988Hope this isn't the last one
3.07MISVAX::ROSSMon Jul 11 1988A few (hopefully) new ones...
4.013BISTRO::KIRKWed Jul 13 1988LOVs stored in the Afile.
5.013BISTRO::KIRKWed Jul 13 1988Field highlighting on demand.
6.04SNO78C::SMITHISun Jul 17 1988simple locator support
7.03RTOEU::GADDLETONMon Jul 18 1988DB_OPEN/DB_CLOSE with task-wide scope
8.04BISTRO::KIRKTue Jul 19 1988SQL support...
9.06BISTRO::KIRKFri Jul 22 1988EDSD - extended DSDs.
10.0BISTRO::KIRKTue Jul 26 1988RMS Run unit journalling support.
11.04THATIS::SIMPSONTue Jul 26 1988Screen editor improvements
12.0THATIS::SIMPSONTue Jul 26 1988Improve message editing
13.04THATIS::SIMPSONTue Jul 26 1988Action sites!
14.0NWGEDU::DINGEMANSFri Jul 29 1988Direct obj. manipulation stops at ADL
15.02NWGEDU::DINGEMANSFri Jul 29 1988DSD field validation action site
16.03NWGEDU::DINGEMANSMon Aug 01 1988'STARLET' file for external values
17.07HAIGHT::BAILEY_DAWed Aug 03 1988Make RALLY reentrant
18.01HAIGHT::BAILEY_DAWed Aug 03 1988No locks across terminal IO
19.01BISTRO::KIRKTue Aug 09 1988External link item lists...wanted.
20.07SNO78C::SMITHIFri Aug 19 1988RE-READ LOV in new transaction
21.05CLT::BBWed Aug 24 1988debug log suggestions
22.0HAMCL3::MARTENTue Aug 30 1988ALLIN1_LINK
23.09COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDFri Sep 02 1988And now the REPORT utillity
24.02NZOVSat Sep 03 1988Data from memory (via rdb)
25.04NZOVSat Sep 03 1988LSE support for ADL
26.01CLT::SCHUETZThu Sep 15 1988Other RALLY conferences changing!
27.011NZOVSat Sep 17 1988Security Issues
28.0SNOCMon Sep 19 1988Comment field for External link Parameters
29.01SNO78C::SMITHIMon Sep 19 1988PRINT and SUBMIT built-ins
30.01HAMPS::POOREMon Sep 19 1988ANY or UNIQUE required
31.015UBEAUT::MACKAYTue Sep 20 1988Command file interface with Application File
32.08SNO78C::SMITHIThu Sep 22 1988dates - an easy one!
33.02COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDFri Sep 23 1988Another "Action Site" proposal
34.03SUOSW3::GSCHWENDTNERWed Sep 28 1988field-offsets in FIX-DSDs
35.01SNOCThu Oct 13 1988Pass parameters into Rally-for BATCH, etc
36.02UBEAUT::MACKAYSun Oct 16 1988Ability to turn off automatic group and field cre
37.01THATIS::SIMPSONTue Oct 18 1988Segmented strings please
38.04THATIS::SIMPSONTue Oct 18 1988Make 'LF' behave like FMS/TDMS
39.01COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu Oct 20 1988Control Breaks on any field
40.02MQOSFri Oct 21 1988Error messages
41.02THATIS::SIMPSONTue Oct 25 1988ACMS integration
42.01LAIDBK::VICTORTue Oct 25 1988OR on extended queries
43.0SUOSW3::MARTENFri Oct 28 1988group action, required field
44.01LAIDBK::VICTORMon Oct 31 1988SQL & CDO inside Rally
45.01UBEAUT::MACKAYWed Nov 09 1988Print multiple copies of a report
46.02SNO78C::SMITHIFri Nov 11 1988Let me size the TEXT AREA
47.04TRCOTue Nov 15 1988Don't sort fields when editing relation.
48.01UBEAUT::BRYANTWed Nov 16 1988Learner/Expert mode?
49.01UBEAUT::BRYANTWed Nov 16 1988Error status in ADL
50.01UBEAUT::BRYANTWed Nov 16 1988Design input to RALLY
51.0NZOVWed Nov 16 1988BUGCHECK dumps - more details
52.08BISTRO::KIRKThu Nov 17 1988ON ERROR action site.
53.03CLT::BBThu Nov 17 19885
54.02UBEAUT::MACKAYSun Nov 20 1988Dynamic Defaults Wanted
55.06UBEAUT::MACKAYSun Nov 20 1988Indexing of records accessed by a F/R
56.03SNO78C::SMITHIThu Nov 24 1988Suggestion for easier legend creation
57.03SNO78C::SMITHIThu Nov 24 1988Suggestion for READ_ONLY_QUERY mode
58.05SNO78C::SMITHIThu Nov 24 1988A better ADL editor please!
59.01SNO78C::SMITHIThu Nov 24 1988Three faces of FIND...
60.01SNO78C::SMITHIThu Nov 24 1988suggestion for hiding special parameter packet
61.05UBEAUT::MACKAYTue Dec 06 1988Multi-line field handling not hard coded
62.07MINDER::PICKERINGFri Dec 09 1988Rally needs to use CDD/Plus properly
63.05MINDER::PICKERINGFri Dec 09 1988Internationalisation
64.02TRCOMon Dec 12 1988move Sort Order out of the DSD
65.02MINNY::HIRSCHLEWed Dec 14 1988Rally and Queue Management
66.04EIGER::HIRSCHLEThu Dec 15 1988Text Manipulation
67.01MINDER::PICKERINGThu Dec 22 1988Right justification of numerics
68.03TAVIS::ARIE_LTue Jan 03 1989Cursor positioning
69.04MINNY::HIRSCHLETue Jan 03 1989TO_CHAR with formatting attributes for numbers
70.01CSSE32::SCHUETZTue Jan 03 1989add QUIT_TO call type
71.04MINDER::PICKERINGWed Jan 04 1989F|R builder do more for us
73.051847::BRUNSGAARDWed Jan 04 1989Missing value for all field types.
74.0251847::BRUNSGAARDWed Jan 04 1989A very different way to specify RSE in the DSD.
75.04MLNTue Jan 10 1989DSD parameters and ADL
76.01GYPSC::LANEFri Jan 20 1989ADT --> RALLY
77.06ODIHAM::POOREMon Jan 23 1989Control of Broadcast messages
78.01KETJE::SABLONFri Jan 27 1989More automatic for UPDATE.
79.0HAMSTR::GONZALEZFri Feb 03 1989Disable "You didn't enter a choice" on menus
80.03SNOCWed Feb 08 1989DECwindows for Rally? Never?
82.01MINNY::HIRSCHLEThu Feb 09 1989Sort criterias specified by end-user?
83.09KOBAL::BBMon Feb 20 1989The Power of the Notes file
84.04MISVAX::ROSSTue Feb 21 1989RALLY & DECwindows
85.0UTRUST::HERWIJNENMon Mar 20 1989More GET_... functions in ADL
86.0KETJE::SABLONThu Mar 23 1989keeping boxes
87.04SPGOGO::TREMBLAYThu Mar 23 1989meaningful message names
88.01KAZAN::GROSGURINFri Mar 31 1989French DECUS Symposium Feedback
89.0NZOVSun Apr 02 1989Mouse? (The cat is away)
90.01UTRUST::HERWIJNENTue Apr 04 1989A better maintainable AFILE
91.01EMASS::NORTHWOODSat Apr 29 1989DEFINE GLOBAL FIELD recursively
92.0SPGOGO::TREMBLAYTue May 02 1989give dml more power
93.0IJSAPL::DIRKSThu May 18 1989Different WW date format
94.03HKFINN::TRUBIANOWed May 24 1989See disjoint objects before deleting?
95.02USMRM7::JHABERThu May 25 1989working message "hangs" up jobs
96.0MINDER::PICKERINGThu Jun 01 1989Modernise RDS appearance
97.0MINDER::PICKERINGThu Jun 01 1989remember last object used
98.02MINDER::PICKERINGThu Jun 01 1989LOV row accessing
99.0MINDER::PICKERINGThu Jun 01 1989improve action site access definition
100.01MINDER::PICKERINGThu Jun 01 1989Remove annoying editor errors.
101.0--UnknownUser--Fri Jun 16 1989Inner join and Rally
102.01LASHAM::POORETue Jun 20 1989Do not allow entry during Query ?
103.0MINDER::PICKERINGSun Jul 09 1989Macro decoder
104.0MINDER::PICKERINGSun Jul 09 1989Ability to copy related objects
105.04MINDER::PICKERINGSun Jul 09 1989ADL to recognise current forms/fields better
106.04MINDER::PICKERINGSun Jul 09 1989Is this wish list a black hole?
107.0YUPPY::HARRISONSTue Jul 18 1989Facilitate Audit trails of data updates
108.0SNO78C::MORANTue Jul 18 1989Trace log include CPU time for tuning!
109.03JAWS::STRYKERFri Aug 04 1989Improve support of CDD for help messages
110.0MDVAX3::TAYLORFri Aug 04 1989More global variables
111.02MLNThu Aug 10 1989Basic graphics improvement on reports.
112.0YUPPY::HARRISONSFri Aug 18 1989Copy Fields and change to underlying data
113.0YUPPY::HARRISONSFri Aug 18 1989Copy fields Based on Data Source field
114.02COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDSun Aug 20 1989A number of "minor" customer wishes.
115.01TAVIS::YEHUDA_ASun Aug 20 1989Product Manager ?
116.05KOBAL::HENNINGTue Aug 22 1989Customer Vote on RALLY Improvements
117.01VAOUSun Sep 03 1989Inherit form mode from F/R Packet
118.0MINDER::PICKERINGMon Sep 04 1989Show current application file
119.0MINDER::PICKERINGThu Sep 14 1989Query Visitation order list
120.02MINDER::PICKERINGFri Sep 29 1989Use variable names in flow control
121.01MINDER::PICKERINGFri Sep 29 1989Passing parameters to a batch f|r
122.01MINDER::PICKERINGFri Sep 29 1989'copy' could be smarter
123.0MINDER::PICKERINGFri Sep 29 1989Initial value should allow copy into?
124.01HAM::MARTENFri Oct 13 1989global variable BASED ON CDDfield
125.0MINDER::PICKERINGFri Oct 13 1989Compact with delete & globals
126.0MINDER::PICKERINGFri Oct 13 1989Compact with delete option
127.0PANIC::HARRISONThu Oct 19 1989Format extension
128.01HAM::MARTENThu Oct 19 1989'required field' wish
129.012YUPPY::HARRISONSFri Oct 27 1989Auto-select LOV entry when unique
130.0MINDER::PICKERINGMon Dec 04 1989Parameters in messages
131.0MINDER::PICKERINGMon Dec 04 1989RDS questions too negative
132.0MINDER::PICKERINGMon Dec 04 1989ADL needs power function
133.0MINDER::PICKERINGMon Dec 04 1989Visitaion order & non-displayed fields
134.0MINDER::PICKERINGMon Dec 04 1989quick access to non-display attribute
135.01MINDER::PICKERINGMon Dec 04 1989Validation range checks improvements
136.01MINDER::PICKERINGMon Dec 04 1989LOV & CNTL/E
138.0MINDER::PICKERINGTue Dec 05 1989Edit DSD RSE on longwinded path
139.015MINDER::PICKERINGThu Dec 07 1989RALLY READ command
140.0MINDER::PICKERINGWed Dec 13 1989choice list LOV
141.02MINDER::PICKERINGWed Dec 13 1989Look-up LOV
142.0ALOSTue Dec 19 1989Dynamic Placement of LOVs
143.0MAMTS3::BJOHNSONFri Dec 29 1989Rally in Batch Processing???
144.0MINDER::PICKERINGSun Jan 07 1990No labels required option
145.01CGOOSun Jan 21 1990CASE statement for ADL
146.0CGOOSun Jan 21 1990RDS menu additions
147.0CGOOSun Jan 21 1990Add parameters to PRINT PAGE
148.0TRNAF1::DELMONTEMon Jan 29 1990PERFORMANCE testing
149.01HBO::STRYKERThu Feb 01 1990Show f/r display in Report Writer output
150.0CGOASun Feb 18 1990Dist. between mult. occur. of object on Action Stack
151.03VANGRD::QUIRKTue Mar 20 1990Error message display should be more flexible
152.0CGOAWed Mar 28 1990Two wishes for the conversion process...
153.02HBO::STRYKERTue Apr 03 1990Wish for RALLY REPORT writer
154.0LEMAN::GABRIELFri Apr 06 1990QUESTION message type
155.02LEMAN::GABRIELFri Apr 06 1990UPDATE improvements
156.034GL::HENNINGMon Apr 23 1990Vote early & Often
157.01TROAThu Apr 26 1990Copy CDD Record for RDB Relation Creation
158.06VNASWS::EDERMon May 07 1990AAggregates in Data Source
159.04TRCOTue May 29 1990Visitation Order
160.01TRCOTue May 29 1990PC Version
161.04ARRODS::HOONHOUTWed Jun 13 1990New Main Menu Option?
162.0SSGVAX::MJACKSONWed Jun 13 1990don't create partial .RGA files
163.01TAVSun Jul 01 1990- Dynamic sort order in DSD
164.06OSLWed Jul 04 1990Pass operator to restricted DSD
165.05CASP::SEIDMANThu Jul 05 1990Improve legend handling
166.06CASP::SEIDMANThu Jul 05 1990User Interface Issues
167.02CASP::SEIDMANThu Jul 05 1990Allow edits after errors
168.06CASP::SEIDMANTue Jul 10 1990Different underline behavior
169.03CASP::SEIDMANTue Jul 10 1990NAME data type
170.0LVIRA::STRYKERMon Jul 30 1990DSD to cross relations from 2 databases
171.0SSGVAX::MJACKSONTue Jul 31 1990suggestion for debug commands
173.0CASP::SEIDMANTue Aug 28 1990Multiline fields and RETURN
174.02CASP::SEIDMANFri Sep 07 1990CURRENT_FIELD variable
175.05GOOBER::ROSSMon Sep 24 1990Wish: DEC push RALLY like it pushes POWERHOUSE
176.05GOOBER::ROSSThu Sep 27 1990What's next for RALLY?
177.01ATZWed Oct 03 1990some wishes
178.06PANIC::LILBURNWed Oct 03 1990Colour Support
179.03ATZFri Oct 05 1990more wishes
180.05ATZTue Oct 30 1990additional wishes
181.02ATZWed Oct 31 1990other wishes
182.01TAVThu Nov 01 1990Dynamic sorting & Adls without field-names
183.01DUGROS::ROSSFri Jan 25 1991Latest wishes
184.0484GL::KIRKMon Jan 28 1991Your ideas for RALLY V3 and beyond.
185.0CGOSSat Feb 09 19911 nit and 2 proposals...
186.0TLE::MMURPHYWed Feb 13 19914GL/QCA Project - Request for Competitive Info
187.044GL::KIRKFri Feb 15 1991RALLY documentation ideas.
189.0COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu Feb 21 1991LOV needs performance lift (new features)
190.03WLDWST::TURNER_JTue Feb 26 1991option to enter a LOV for an empty field
191.01WLDWST::TURNER_JTue Feb 26 1991Please don't purge typeahead
192.01WLDWST::TURNER_JThu Mar 14 1991LOV options
193.04COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDFri Mar 15 1991Copy groups in a F/R
194.0TAVFri Mar 15 1991Restrict & sort by non-data fields
195.03WLDWST::TURNER_JWed Apr 03 1991An extra integrity check
196.0WLDWST::TURNER_JThu Apr 04 1991prevent hangs due to automatic selection on a REQUIRED field
197.01WARNUT::PICKERINGSThu Apr 11 1991Default form characteristics needed
198.01HAM::MARTENWed Apr 17 1991RALLY COMPARE wish
199.02WARNUT::PICKERINGSWed Apr 24 1991compact & display
200.01CRBOSS::LESSARDThu Apr 25 1991How about-the ability to force a form feed/page break in adl
202.01CRBOSS::GALLAGHERMon Apr 29 1991CASE statement in ADL
203.02CRBOSS::GALLAGHERMon Apr 29 1991VMS Delta Time Support
204.01CRBOSS::GALLAGHERMon Apr 29 1991More controll over FF's form feeds
205.01CGOSWed May 01 1991No response area in Cursor Movement or Function key only menues
206.02COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDTue May 07 1991Update ony when null, field option
207.0WLDWST::TURNER_JWed May 08 1991Make the visition order LOV smarter
208.0TAVThu May 09 1991default application
209.0WLDWST::TURNER_JMon May 20 1991Make the jump into location and coordinates friendlier
210.08WLDWST::TURNER_JTue May 21 1991Make verify tell you about database name inconsistencies
211.01ATZWed May 22 1991Formats
212.05CPDW::SEIDMANThu May 23 1991ADL copy from FR edit level?
213.02CPDW::SEIDMANWed May 29 1991Direct examination of variable values
214.02BAGLEY::FOSTERMon Jun 03 1991Cross-tabulation capability
215.02DUGROS::ROSSTue Jun 04 1991Wishing well or bottomless pit?
216.01WLDWST::TURNER_JFri Jun 21 1991Don't reset position after deleting a group
217.03DUGROS::ROSSThu Jul 04 1991Couple more from the field
218.02PLAYER::ADDLETONTue Jul 16 1991Rally menus enhancement wish
219.03WLDWST::TURNER_JThu Jul 18 1991Optional Timeout handling
220.06BRSSWS::ALLEMEERSCHMon Aug 12 1991Rdb insert sql consistent null text fields
221.0MILPND::GALLAGHERTue Aug 13 1991Intelligent Visitation Order Other have it how about Rally?
222.0MILPND::GALLAGHERTue Aug 13 1991More format control and data types not supported by Rally
223.010WLDWST::TURNER_JTue Aug 20 1991A text source language for source code control
224.03CRBOSS::WOFFENDENThu Aug 22 1991Edit RSE choice on Edit DSD menu
225.0TAVWed Sep 11 1991Deffer ADL's updates
226.0PLAYER::ADDLETONWed Sep 25 1991Option to AUTO INSERT after failed query
227.02WNOUFri Sep 27 1991Modifiable VARIABLE fields in READ_ONLY packets
228.02MILPND::GALLAGHERTue Oct 01 1991Data type ODI
229.0ATZFri Oct 04 1991GET_CURRENT_FIELD
230.0PLAYER::ADDLETONMon Oct 14 1991Extend RALLY's character-set support
231.0CSC32::S_MAUFEMon Oct 14 1991no underscores when mixed please
232.011WLDWST::TURNER_JMon Oct 14 1991Automatic selection when there's only one valid answer
233.01EEMELI::MANNISTOMon Nov 11 1991Rally for MS-DOS, etc
235.07TRCOA::BOUNDYWed Nov 13 1991DELETE object can cause problems
236.02PLAYER::ADDLETONThu Nov 14 1991Display longer names on 'reorder/edit' form
237.02NWGEDU::DINGEMANSTue Nov 26 1991Default DSD field order from Rdb
238.014CSC32::S_MAUFETue Nov 26 1991512 field length restriction
239.0PLAYER::ADDLETONWed Nov 27 1991Sub-query & Browse functions
240.08DUGROS::ROSSTue Dec 03 1991Maybe Santa will grant these wishes?
241.010NSDC::SIMPSONFri Dec 06 1991Rally work file suppression
242.0PLAYER::ADDLETONMon Dec 09 1991form field modifiable only when NULL
243.02PLAYER::ADDLETONWed Dec 11 1991Copy F/R packet with copy form/report
244.05PLAYER::ADDLETONWed Dec 11 1991Extend 'starting with' for LOV's to include wildc
245.03WLDWST::TURNER_JThu Dec 12 1991friendlier record sorting screen
246.01WLDWST::TURNER_JFri Dec 13 1991Consistent LOV handling in Action Sites screen
247.01WARNUT::PICKERINGSThu Dec 19 1991Application comments
248.0WLDWST::TURNER_JMon Dec 23 1991New option to preserve arrow location on menu
249.0CSC32::S_MAUFETue Dec 24 1991LOV/starting_with/numeric
250.01COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu Jan 02 1992Danish Rally User Group wishes
251.01WARNUT::PICKERINGSMon Jan 06 1992platform indicator
252.04KOBAL::ANASTASIATue Jan 14 1992Better control of function key meanings
253.03PLAYER::ADDLETONFri Jan 24 1992auto copy of join fields to child grp at bef inse
254.04PLAYER::ADDLETONWed Jan 29 1992Great docs!!! What about demos too?!?
255.06CRBOSS::WOFFENDENTue Feb 04 1992Where do the wishes go?
256.01SNOCMon Feb 10 1992ODI restrict filter builtin
257.0CSC32::S_MAUFEMon Feb 17 1992field format in background
258.01SNOCWed Feb 19 1992progress indicator
259.03SNOCWed Feb 19 1992copy global variables?
260.0TRCOA::BOUNDYMon Mar 02 1992control over page numbering
261.05STOHUB::GOLFNG::DONOVANFri Mar 06 1992LOV for error and legend messages]
262.012WLDWST::TURNER_JWed Mar 11 1992Create Application From Dictionary
263.0WLDWST::TURNER_JThu Mar 12 1992Sort RMS DSD on multiple keys
264.01CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Mar 24 1992Move whole record.
265.0SNOCFri Mar 27 1992display condition not evaluated often enough
266.01MASADA::HABERWed Apr 01 1992an easier way to COPY OTHER FIELDS
267.02BIGUN::ANDERSONThu Apr 02 1992How object-oriented could RALLY be?
268.0BIGUN::ANDERSONMon Apr 06 1992ACAS and RALLY?
269.0PLAYER::ADDLETONMon Apr 06 1992field option: REQUIRED if VISITABLE
270.02TPLAB::ADDLETONMon May 04 1992Add message sub-type - allow audio messages optio
271.0VAXRIO::MICHELTue May 05 1992Access to Rdb message vector
272.02RUTILE::POTTSTue May 12 1992Auto insert mode when no records available
273.04DUGROS::ROSSWed Jun 10 1992Improve readability of ADL parameter list
274.07CSC32::S_MAUFEFri Jun 19 1992wee little unglamorours wishes
275.0JRFVAX::HODGESFri Jun 19 1992Don't update if it didn't change!
276.01CSC32::N_BERENZMon Jun 22 1992NULL and Edit strings
277.03WARNUT::TPCASE::PICKERINGSFri Jul 03 1992REcognise primary keys
278.01WARNUT::TPCASE::PICKERINGSMon Jul 06 1992Verify by platform
279.01CSC32::S_MAUFEMon Jul 06 1992increase some DSD limits
280.02CSC32::J_OPPELTMon Jul 06 1992parameter array hooked to action site call
281.04BAGLEY::FOSTERTue Jul 21 1992Commands to move to and insert into a specific group (rather than NEXT GROUP)
282.02DANDY::HABERWed Jul 22 1992need 3rd dimension on SCREEN editor
284.02SNOCTue Aug 18 1992local function suggestion for Location coords and opts
285.0CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Aug 20 1992STATUS on TO_DATE
286.01ODIXIE::ABGONZALEZMon Aug 24 1992LOV auto enter if invalid switch
287.0ODIXIE::ABGONZALEZThu Aug 27 1992Integration with Desktop ACMS
288.05DUGROS::ROSSSat Sep 05 1992Allow TRACE to be activated from editing environment
289.02DUGROS::ROSSSat Sep 05 1992Allow easier access to RDB DSD record selection options
290.01DUGROS::ROSSMon Sep 28 1992A request for color
291.0ODIXIE::ABGONZALEZWed Sep 30 1992Required field auto positioning
292.0ODIXIE::ABGONZALEZWed Sep 30 1992Macro types.
293.04PLAYER::ADDLETONFri Oct 16 1992How about a GET_STATUS to check other ADLs result
294.0SNOCSun Nov 01 1992old rally wish
295.0BAGLEY::FOSTERWed Nov 25 1992Full SQL capabilities on DSD
296.02TRCOA::BOUNDYWed Dec 30 199219626, a little more info please...
297.08CSC32::S_MAUFEThu Jan 07 1993Add action sites to trace log
298.0MINNY::HIRSCHLEMon Jan 11 1993Rally running in an ACMS procedure server
299.0CIGRBX::MILLERTue Feb 16 1993Command Level Copy
300.012CSC32::S_MAUFEThu Mar 11 1993better diagnostics from external link failure
301.03NOTICL::CUNNIFFEFri Mar 12 1993Form / Report field
302.01SNOCWed Mar 17 1993External links in MS-DOS
303.06SNOCThu Mar 25 1993dynamic creation of objects in editors
304.0JRFVAX::HODGESThu Apr 01 1993Separate local function for packets
305.01PLAYER::ADDLETONFri Apr 02 1993Allow user-defined HELP to recurse
306.0VERGA::FRIEDMANFri Apr 02 1993Numeric field defaults
307.03CSC32::S_MAUFEThu Apr 29 1993numerics only validation
308.0JRFVAX::HODGESTue May 04 1993Support for PROCEDURES in RDB
309.09VAXRIO::MICHELTue May 18 1993Accessing Rdb message vetor
310.01COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDWed May 19 1993Danish Rally User Group wishes
311.0VAXRIO::MICHELMon May 31 1993CASE in ADLs
312.01VAXRIO::MICHELMon May 31 1993Simpler restrictions
313.0STKHLM::ARENDITue Jun 22 1993Error handling on ADL call_cmd!
315.03SNOCTue Jun 29 1993visitation condition action site
316.03SNOCTue Jun 29 1993auto-insert when visitable
317.0SNOCTue Jun 29 1993next field preserves current group
318.05SNOCTue Jun 29 1993parent link field changes propagated to child
319.03SNOCThu Jul 01 1993dynamic creation of globals and DSDs
320.03SNOCThu Jul 01 1993dynamic creation of objects from the ADL editor
321.01PLAYER::ADDLETONThu Jul 01 1993Better screen utilisation of CREATE DSD edit fiel
322.04SNOCThu Jul 08 1993hope not - Rdb engineers work for chocolate
323.0SNOCSun Aug 01 1993detection of extended query requests and nulls
324.01CSC32::S_MAUFEMon Aug 16 1993pre-extend temporary file
325.0DUGROS::ROSSMon Sep 27 1993Allow "limit to" rows in DSD to be parameterized
326.0CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Dec 09 1993Relative legends.
327.01CSC32::S_MAUFEFri Dec 17 1993Request for CLASS field on DSD definition
328.01SNOCWed Jan 12 1994a scripting language
329.0CIGRBX::MILLERTue Feb 01 1994Provide Method to Disable Rdb Prestarted Transactions
330.03CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Mar 01 1994Check Fields
331.01CSC32::B_NICHOLSTue Apr 05 1994customer wants to know
332.0CSC32::B_NICHOLSWed Apr 06 1994from a customer
333.0JRFVAX::FREDRICKSONFri Apr 29 1994Display value in exceeding minimum/maximum range error message
334.0JRFVAX::FREDRICKSONWed May 04 1994Allow 'logical:file' referencing of External Objects
335.01JRFVAX::FREDRICKSONFri May 20 1994Field 'Input Option' switch for 'Blank means Null'
336.01VAXRIO::63Thu Jun 16 1994Transparent calls to EPL on host
337.0DUGROS::ROSSWed Aug 03 1994Want to get to MESSAGES from ADL
339.05DECRAL::GIROUXFri Feb 24 1995Why RALLY_WISH is valuable
340.01JRFVAX::FREDRICKSONMon Mar 13 1995DCL Logical for "Working..." Msg time delay
341.0OOTOOL::CRAIGTue Jun 27 1995Oracle Notesfile transfer Notice - Effective July 2