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Conference orarep::nomahs::instantsql

Notice:InstantSQL V2.1A is now available - see note 11.8
Created:Mon May 24 1993
Last Modified:Wed Jan 15 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:92
Total number of notes:269
Number with bodies:0
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1.0DATABS::WILSONMon May 24 1993Welcome to the new InstantSQL conference
10.08DATABS::SWAMINATHANMon Jun 21 1993Introductions
11.08DATABS::SWAMINATHANMon Jun 21 1993On-Line Kit and Documentation
12.0DATABS::SWAMINATHANMon Jun 21 1993Reserved for future use
13.0DATABS::SWAMINATHANMon Jun 21 1993Reserved for future use
14.0DATABS::SWAMINATHANMon Jun 21 1993Reserved for future use
15.0DATABS::SWAMINATHANMon Jun 21 1993Reserved for future use
16.02CADSYS::LEMONSWed May 26 1993The future of DEC InstantSQL
17.01CADSYS::LEMONSWed May 26 1993Installation Guide
19.0DATABS::TAYLORWed Jun 02 1993Infosheet, slides and presentations
20.04CNTROL::DGAUTHIERWed Jun 02 1993Need to postpone constraint checking
21.08MSDOA::SECRISTWed Jun 02 1993Suggestion Box
22.01IMADV8::LAWLERThu Jun 03 1993Query in V1.1 now requires explicit commit ... why ?
24.0DATABS::SWAMINATHANThu Jun 24 1993SPR ICA47246
25.07NIAM::SWAMINATHANThu Jul 01 1993Can I have your inputs please ?
26.02TKOV51::YAMAZAWAFri Jul 23 1993access rdb on AXP ?
27.04SNOFS1::GERAGHTYFri Jul 30 1993%RDB-E-READ_ONLY_TRANS on File/Open...
28.02CSC32::J_LEHTOWed Aug 04 1993Multischema and SQL-F-SCHNOTDEF
29.011PMRV7Tue Aug 24 1993Latest kit on the net?
30.01SOFBAS::LORADITCHThu Aug 26 1993InstantSql & DEC STD
31.01KXOVAX::SECRISTTue Aug 31 1993T2.1 Print Bugs ?
32.0ALLVAX::TIEGER::CIACCIOTue Aug 31 1993Ad Hoc Query Product
33.02CNTROL::DGAUTHIERSun Sep 05 1993Documentation?
34.02UTRTSC::BUIJSWed Sep 15 1993genmod window size
35.0MUNICH::SBECKERMon Sep 20 1993Customize SQL enviroment - Bypassing reserved words
37.01KERNEL::WILESLFri Oct 01 1993Bad performance extracting to file
38.02DOD2::PARKERTue Oct 05 1993Need AXP part numbers!! URGENT
39.03MLNWed Oct 06 1993Cannot insert data because Primary Key Violation
40.01CICCIO::BONFISSUTOThu Oct 07 1993Crash when inserting numeric value greater than the one allowed for the datatype
41.05CICCIO::BONFISSUTOThu Oct 07 1993Crash when checking for column constraint
42.03TOPPER::HISCOCKThu Oct 14 1993Disable metadata access?
43.03TOPPER::HISCOCKThu Oct 14 1993Is CAST supported?
44.01AYOV1Wed Oct 20 1993How to select all entries on a table???
45.02CSC32::B_LEHLBACHWed Oct 27 1993Instant SQL and Windows NT
46.0NIAM::SWAMINATHANFri Nov 05 1993InstantSQL customers
47.04GNPIKE::GUAYTue Nov 09 1993problem with db tool install?
48.01GUIDUK::HEALYWed Nov 10 1993ANSI Dates, BETWEEN, Motif Support Q's
49.03USOPS::KADOWTue Nov 23 1993While using the Predicate symbol, I get stuck
50.03CNTROL::DGAUTHIERTue Dec 28 1993Need InstantSQL -> SAS DataSet
51.02CSC32::J_HAYTERWed Feb 23 1994generate module problem????
52.01STAR::KAPLANFri Feb 25 1994InstantSQL "pretty" reports
53.01JRFVAX::HODGESTue Mar 01 1994how to save the data and/or the query?
54.01JRFVAX::HODGESFri Mar 04 1994extra columns indicator missing
55.06TAVThu Mar 17 1994Bad file format ?
56.0GRANPA::CHOVAX::LEVINEMon Mar 21 1994INstall problem
57.02CRANES::SMITHWed Apr 06 1994InstantSQL T2.1A now available
58.01CSC32::WILCOXMon Apr 11 1994COBOL host language interface file generation
59.02OOTOOL::TAYLORWed Apr 20 19945
60.03STKHLM::KNORNThu Apr 21 1994Rearranging table icons in a 'sorted' order
61.01CSC32::BIERUTFri Apr 22 1994Retrieving revisions
62.0WEORG::GILLISFri Apr 29 1994New documentation for Version2.1A
63.03MLNWed May 25 1994Need help to understand Db Tools versions
64.010KETJE::TRIGAUXWed Jun 29 1994DATE ANSI support, pleaase !!!
65.01ZURMon Jul 11 1994Two aliases for one table possible ?
66.01ZURMon Jul 11 1994Outer Join possible ?
67.01ZURMon Jul 11 1994Constraints evaluated too early
68.01PATE::DGAUTHIERTue Jul 19 1994DB access problems
69.03CSC32::D_SCHAFFERWed Jul 27 1994treating current_timestamp as string literal
70.02GBIFri Jul 29 1994Drop Domain doesn't work
71.01CSC32::N_BERENZFri Jul 29 1994can this be done
72.05CSC32::N_BERENZSat Aug 20 1994v2.1a system-f-accvio
73.0OOTOOL::CRAIGMon Aug 22 1994May 94 CD missing DB Tool Kits - V2.1A on Aug CD
74.02STKHLM::KNORNMon Sep 05 1994Creation of subquery
76.01KELVIN::DEVANEYMon Oct 24 1994where is Database Tools Documentation Road Map
77.0OOTOOL::THATTEThu Nov 03 1994Print widget, InstantSQL, and a crash
78.01SAWA::SMOLAKMon Nov 14 1994%SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO -> column name identifiers ?
79.01NODEX::PINCK::GREENMon Nov 21 1994Can I open the database shareable?
80.01CIMBAD::GRAVELWed Dec 14 1994add column, %SYSTEM-F-ROPRAND, reserved operand fault
81.05CNTROL::DGAUTHIERThu Dec 15 1994Bug found, How to SPR?
82.02CSC32::WILCOXFri Jan 20 1995InstantSQL with DBI/NSDS, how to update
83.01CSC32::N_BERENZMon Apr 24 1995Fortran module generation?
84.0OOTOOL::CRAIGTue Jun 27 1995Oracle notesfile transfer notice - Effective July 2
85.03UKVMS3::PJACKSONWed Dec 06 1995Disallowing write access
86.01ORAREP::CSC32::B_LEHLBACHThu Feb 22 1996InstantSQL Hangs Workstation
87.01ORAREP::CSC32::B_LEHLBACHFri Feb 23 1996Additional Questions
88.05ITVMS1::MRESNATIFri Apr 12 1996docs..facts sheets..latest version
89.0itvms1.it.oracle.com::MRESNATIWed Jul 24 1996infos about instant SQL
90.01esvms1.es.oracle.com::GOLMOTue Oct 22 1996Disable constraints checking when moving beetween records in INSERT but before COMMIT.
91.01BROKE::BASTINEWed Dec 18 1996Future and kits...
92.0esvms1.es.oracle.com::GOLMOWed Jan 15 1997About font type in Motif display.