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Conference orarep::nomahs::dectrace_v20

Title:DECtrace V2.0 and All-in-1 Perf Rpts conf.
Notice:Kits+Doc, 2 | Patches, 3
Created:Mon Apr 26 1993
Last Modified:Mon Jun 02 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:467
Total number of notes:2058
Number with bodies:125
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1.02PMASON::ROYALMon Apr 26 1993Welcome!
2.043PMASON::ROYALMon Apr 26 1993Kit and Doc locations
4.010PMASON::ROYALMon Apr 26 1993Products instrumented with DECtrace
5.06CSC32::S_MAUFETue Apr 27 1993OAV3.
6.04CX3PT1::WSC455::P_VANKLEYWed Apr 28 1993EPC-E-SCHED_DBCOLDUP error when scheduling collection - 1.2A
7.01CICCIO::DELMONTEFri Apr 30 1993Can the Online-Monitor COUNT events?!
8.05CX3PT2::WSC455::P_VANKLEYFri Apr 30 1993DECTRACE-COLLECTOR license for V1.2?
9.0PMASON::LAVASHMon May 03 1993Help is on it's way
10.011WILBRY::JRFVAX::HODGESFri May 07 1993 %EPC-E-RPCL_FAILED, Report Operation Failed
11.07CX3PT2::WSC455::P_VANKLEYWed May 12 1993Registrars bugcheck and crash under 2.
12.06PRSSOS::MIROUXThu May 13 1993instal on FT6.
13.01PRSSOS::MIROUXFri May 14 1993exiting the monitor
14.01PRSSOS::MIROUXFri May 14 1993probleme with rmu
15.01CX3PT1::WSC455::P_VANKLEYFri May 14 1993Capabilities of new ACMS monitor in V2.
16.03IJSAPL::NIJENHUISMon May 17 1993Scheduled collections not always started with DECtrace V2.
17.01CICCIO::DELMONTEMon May 17 1993DECtrace cross-fac items and ACMS
18.03KERNEL::JACKSONWed May 19 1993ACCVIO formating 1
19.034Wed May 19 1993Regression test for DECtrace
20.01IJSAPL::NIJENHUISMon May 24 1993kitinstal does not allow installation of DECtrace root under SYS$COMMON
21.0KERNEL::JACKSONTue May 25 1993ACMS and Rdb documentation\
22.03CSC32::M_HOEPNERTue May 25 1993GPTFULL on 2.
23.01HANSBC::BACHNERWed May 26 1993'continuous' data collection ?
24.01CICCIO::DELMONTEThu May 27 1993DEctrace V1.1 kit?
25.06CSC32::WILCOXThu May 27 1993Did BATCH log and AST problem get fixed?
26.05BACHUS::ALLEMEERSCHFri May 28 1993v2.
27.03CSC32::WILCOXFri May 28 1993Negative numbers for CPU, DIO
28.03STRASB::HONORETue Jun 01 1993Pak for DECtrace V2.
29.01CSC32::G_HUBBARDTue Jun 01 1993SET HISTORY creates new ACLs
30.07CSC32::WILCOXThu Jun 03 19932.
31.01SOS6::MIROUXFri Jun 04 1993bad_tpb_form
32.06CSOA1::MOLLEYFri Jun 04 1993Can't get monitor to go...
33.02GALXCE::TALCOTTFri Jun 04 1993A little counting problem in your 2.
34.03STRASB::HONOREMon Jun 07 1993Alarming system ???
35.02JURA::SYSTEMWed Jun 09 1993DECtrace up but Registers do not detect !!!
36.04CSC32::M_HOEPNERWed Jun 09 1993Dectrace 2.
37.08IMADV8::LAWLERThu Jun 10 1993Bugccheck (ACCVIO) at EPC$INIT for 1.2a
38.01CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYThu Jun 10 1993DECtrace 2.
40.04BSS::J_LUNDYFri Jun 11 1993Empty 7
41.02EMNTAL::CHAUME::HIRSCHLETue Jun 15 1993DECtrace Monitor crashes my Alpha
42.03CSC32::M_HOEPNERTue Jun 15 1993SCHEDULE COLLECT, SHOW REGISTER shows only a few
43.01BACHUS::ROELANTSWed Jun 16 1993monitor/replay ACCVIO
44.06CSC32::S_MAUFEThu Jun 17 1993No users listed after restart
45.01TROPPO::HUNTMon Jun 21 1993NAS4
46.03BACHUS::ROELANTSTue Jun 22 1993Dectrace Questions..
47.03EEMELI::KORVENRANTATue Jun 22 1993DECtrace hangs after collection
48.02CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYTue Jun 22 1993EPC monitor bugchecks with ACCVIO
49.03WOTVAX::HODGESMTue Jun 22 1993V1.2 kit needed
50.02DBSUK1::HOBBSWed Jun 23 1993Monitor and Pre V2 Collection Files
51.06UTRTSC::VDRIELThu Jun 24 1993Monitor remote systems on a central place?
52.06CSC32::MCCRACKENThu Jun 24 1993RMS record formats
53.0JRDVMon Jun 28 1993ACMS task canceled when the collection is aborted.
54.01ESSB::BREETue Jun 29 1993moving to 2.
56.03MIMS::BEKELE_DFri Jul 02 1993BUGCHECK While Running A1 Performance Rpt.
57.02UTRTSC::VDRIELWed Jul 07 1993FORMAT fails, ACCVIO ??
58.01ZIMBOO::HILDEBRANDTThu Jul 08 1993%EPC-W-FMT_DCF_RECLONG, while formating
59.05BACHUS::ALLEMEERSCHThu Jul 08 1993v2.
60.0ISIDRO::ITZIARFri Jul 09 1993EPC$BUGCHECK without data
61.01DATABS::COMICS::HISCOCKFri Jul 09 1993remote replay accvio
62.02DATABS::COMICS::HISCOCKFri Jul 09 1993Monitor crashes with accvio
63.03CSC32::G_HUBBARDTue Jul 13 1993START and END events don't match???
64.02CSC32::G_HUBBARDTue Jul 13 1993EPC-E-FMT_DCF_ITEPOS error???
65.03GIDDAY::HADDADWed Jul 21 1993V2.
66.03KERNEL::WILESLThu Jul 22 1993Installation bugcheck with sql-f-noentrypt
67.03MRKTNG::SETTYThu Jul 22 1993DECtrace on AXP OpenVMS ???
68.03CSC32::MCCRACKENFri Jul 23 1993Confusing DECtrace data
70.03VAXRIO::CSANTOSWed Jul 28 1993Another NOT COLLECTING probem - v1.1A-
71.0IJSAPL::NIJENHUISThu Jul 29 1993Registrar process going down with ACCVIO
72.0IJSAPL::NIJENHUISThu Jul 29 1993V2.
73.01KETJE::TRIGAUXFri Jul 30 1993callable interface for the real time channel
74.017GIDDAY::HADDADWed Aug 04 1993Getting %EPC-W-DISABLED IN SWLUP!
75.03CSC32::G_HUBBARDThu Aug 05 1993EPC-E-FMT_DC_SECEXIST error running monitor?
76.06NWDMon Aug 09 1993Quick question on /REGISTRATION value
77.02CSC32::WILCOXMon Aug 16 1993DECTRACE "dropping" records?
78.01CSC32::S_MAUFEMon Aug 16 1993monitor dumps on Rally file
79.01CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYThu Aug 19 1993V2.
80.010CSC32::G_HUBBARDTue Aug 24 1993EPC-E-RG_CLM_INS error...
81.01MQOSWS::M_DESBIENSWed Aug 25 1993Help about Cross-Facility utilization
82.06SOS6::MIROUXWed Aug 25 1993Program counter and dectrace
83.01SOS6::MIROUXWed Aug 25 1993access violation with rdb
84.01MIMS::BEKELE_DThu Aug 26 1993Details in ALL-IN-1 Performance Report missing?
85.02CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYFri Aug 27 1993FORMAT of a data collection file bugchecks
86.06WILBRY::JRFVAX::HODGESFri Aug 27 1993some questions about MONITOR functions
87.03IJSAPL::WOODROWMon Aug 30 1993CPU time inconsistent with VUP rating
88.04WILBRY::JRFVAX::HODGESFri Sep 03 1993windows blank then freeze!
89.08CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYFri Sep 03 1993EPC-W-FMT_DCF_RECLONG warning during FORMAT
90.01CSC32::B_LEHLBACHFri Sep 03 1993ACMS and DECtrace
91.05MILPND::S_STRYKERThu Sep 09 1993Need Facility Definition for Rdb V4.1
92.07UTRTSC::VDRIELTue Sep 14 1993DIO's & request ?
93.04MRKTNG::SETTYWed Sep 15 1993EPCMUPA
94.0DTRACY::LAVASHWed Sep 15 1993View for RDB tuning stats
95.01CSC32::M_HOEPNERFri Sep 17 1993DECTRACE and MV Rdb
96.07CLO::MOLLEYSun Sep 19 1993Collection w/o REQUESTS
97.05CLO::MOLLEYMon Sep 20 1993Class=RDBEXPERT_NO_CF
98.04GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Sep 20 1993ECO1
99.09GIDDAY::BRYDENMon Sep 20 1993how to do you implement cross fac definitions?
100.01SIOG::ARTCANUTue Sep 21 1993SPD please ...
101.01FROCKY::HSCHAEFERThu Sep 23 1993Slides for DECtrace?
102.01FUJISI::LALIBERTEThu Sep 23 1993CPU TIME What does it mean??
103.01CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYTue Sep 28 1993DECtrace collection questions
104.03CSC32::WILCOXTue Sep 28 1993Is one-database collection possible?
105.011DPDMAI::TATUMTue Sep 28 1993No data from ACMS/DECforms/Rdb application
106.02CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYWed Sep 29 1993Cluster licensing and the IVP
107.01DATABS::TAYLORMon Oct 04 1993DB Tuner available
108.013STKHLM::KNORNWed Oct 06 1993Nonclosing DCF
109.01CLUSTA::SILVERFri Oct 08 1993minimum version for Blade?
110.0833436::HERBSTSat Oct 09 1993Missing part of RALLY transaction
112.03CSC32::S_KEACHTue Oct 12 1993%EPC-E-FMT_FAILURE,Formatting failed
113.02TPTEST::MOOKWed Oct 13 1993/SINCE reports only complete events?
114.03ZENA::PEDRIALIMon Oct 18 1993Installed images not collected
115.01DNEAST::LEMARMon Oct 18 1993Upgrading from 1.1A to ??
116.06EEMELI::KORVENRANTATue Oct 19 1993ALL-IN-1 V2.4 and DECtrace ?
117.01MSDOA::SECRISTTue Oct 19 1993DECtrace for MVS !
118.01MSDOA::SECRISTWed Oct 20 1993BLR with DECtrace Monitor ?
119.011PMASON::LAVASHWed Oct 20 1993A question to all BLR to SQL proponents
120.01DPDMAI::TATUMWed Oct 20 1993Hints on analyzing DECforms data
121.01BACHUS::ALLEMEERSCHThu Oct 21 1993epc$startup install/delete epc$shr wish
122.05MSDOA::DUPREETue Oct 26 1993DECTRACE and RDB T6.
123.02CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYWed Oct 27 1993DECtrace or RdbExpert added a LIMIT TO clause to some SQL queries
124.03CSOA1::MOLLEYThu Oct 28 1993Hurry Up Mode ??
125.02MYMOON::CASSINELLIFri Oct 29 1993ACCVIO formatting db
126.01CLO::MOLLEYFri Oct 29 1993String Section Full message...
127.03CSOA1::MOLLEYSun Oct 31 1993LIB-F-DELTIMREQ Error
128.0VMSMKT::TAYLORMon Nov 01 1993New Pricing and Packaging
129.06TKTVFS::KATOH_KAMon Nov 01 1993LIB-F-BADBLOADR error
130.05CSC32::M_HOEPNERWed Nov 03 1993Rdb 4.1-12 and Dectrace
131.01KERNEL::PULLEYThu Nov 04 1993Collector & runtime license on upgrade?
132.07MLNADFri Nov 05 1993dump files from accvio
133.06POBOX::BLAINEFri Nov 05 1993FMT_DCF_ASCLONG message
134.010PMASON::ROYALFri Nov 12 1993REQUEST FOR REQUIREMENTS! List them here!
135.03CSC32::WILCOXFri Nov 12 1993EPC$1_253_PROCESSING_STEP table missing
138.06WILBRY::JRFVAX::HODGESTue Nov 16 1993No Rally events in database
139.05TRACTR::LACROIXWed Nov 17 1993EPC start problems
140.0KERNEL::PULLEYFri Nov 19 1993Start collection afte rcancel, & hang database?
141.01CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYMon Nov 22 1993DECwindows version requirement for MONITOR?
142.01CSC32::MCCRACKENWed Nov 24 1993DECtrace and SmartStar
143.05TOSSUB::SICBALDIFri Nov 26 1993RPCL_FAILED and some other problems using ACMS
145.01NYOSThu Dec 02 1993"No BLR was found for this request" message
146.05BERNFri Dec 03 1993IVP fails
147.01SKTUTue Dec 07 1993No read-write transactions/requests?
148.011CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYThu Dec 09 1993Questions on FORMAT/TYPE=RMS
149.04CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYMon Dec 13 1993RDB workload questions
150.07TOSSUB::TOTATue Jan 25 1994EPC
151.0223989::ANSCHUTZTue Jan 25 1994Alpha options
152.01DATABS::BALARAMANThu Jan 27 1994DBA Workcenter notes conference
153.010SYSTEM::POADTue Feb 01 1994DECtrace on Alpha messes DECForms
154.04KETJE::TRIGAUXTue Feb 01 1994strange data in a formatted db !?
155.04WILBRY::JRFVAX::HODGESFri Feb 04 1994Collections go on and on!
156.01HANSBC::BACHNERTue Feb 08 1994which Rdb license do I need for formatting collection files into an Rdb database ?
157.01KERNEL::PULLEYTue Feb 08 1994ECO1
158.07SYSTEM::POADTue Feb 08 1994IMAGELIB different to EPC$SHR
159.05ROMThu Feb 10 1994problem with rally-dectrace
160.03CSOA1::MOLLEYThu Feb 10 1994PC Value and TXN IDs
161.04CX3PT1::WSC455::P_VANKLEYThu Feb 10 1994Need an explanation of the CROSS_FAC_n items
162.0354625::LEENMon Feb 14 1994Explaination of the fields in the DECtrace Monitor
163.01EZLCHZ::EZZELLWed Feb 16 1994DECtrace with Rdb V4.
165.0STRASB::HONOREFri Feb 18 1994Reporting with DECTRACE
166.02MICROW::MOOKFri Feb 18 1994Monitor bugcheck
167.01MSDOA::SECRISTSat Feb 19 1994Call-outs to non-registered SQL logged ?
168.01WILBRY::JRFVAX::HODGESSun Feb 20 1994Bugcheck reporting on CLASS=RDBEXPERT collection
169.02BOUVS::OAKEYMon Feb 21 1994EPC-F-NOAUTH failure on install
170.03CSOA1::MOLLEYTue Feb 22 1994A Doc request...
171.0CSC32::CUTHILLTue Feb 22 1994DECTrace and EXCURSION 1.1?
172.01BOLINA::GADALETAMWed Feb 23 1994DECtrace license and RdBExpert
173.010WILBRY::JRFVAX::HODGESFri Feb 25 1994RALLY + Rdb + DECtrace + RdbExpert = ???
174.03RAISSA::PASSAQUINDICWed Mar 02 1994PC =
175.04HGOVC::MONALIFri Mar 04 1994Corvision sql collection
176.02GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Mar 07 1994another install problem with 2.1
177.01DBSUK1::HOBBSMon Mar 07 19942.1 Installation Problem - NO LICENSE !!
178.08547Tue Mar 08 1994Use MS-Access to analyze formatted D-T DB
179.02CSC32::WILCOXTue Mar 08 1994Bugcheck at RDMS$$DMP_TPB+21A ?
180.05BOUVS::OAKEYFri Mar 11 1994Is the BLR->SQL converter processing correct table?
181.01GRANPA::CHOVAX::LEVINESat Mar 12 1994install problem
182.01DBSUK1::HOBBSMon Mar 14 1994BLR to SQL Convertor
183.05STKHLM::WAHLQVISTTue Mar 15 1994BLR to SQL Convertor - use a lot of resources
184.011BACHUS::LEENMon Mar 21 1994
185.01GRANPA::CHOVAX::LEVINEMon Mar 21 1994rdb6.
186.01GRANPA::CHOVAX::LEVINETue Mar 22 1994license problem
187.01CSC32::N_BERENZWed Mar 23 1994Can V1.1a use RDB V5.1 facility def
188.06GRANPA::CHOVAX::LEVINEWed Mar 23 1994bug in monitor
189.0COPCLU::TCLAUSENTue Mar 29 1994Looking for prgm. for custm. report for ACMS,DF
190.015CSC32::WILCOXTue Mar 29 1994Process holding collection file open
191.04CSC32::R_LEEMon Apr 11 1994DOC PTR? RMS Record layouts for Collections
192.05CSC32::M_ROBSONThu Apr 14 1994dectrace 2.
193.0STKHLM::HAGEMon Apr 18 1994Deadlock from EPC$REGISTRAR
194.01COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDMon Apr 18 1994Monitor problems in V2.1A
195.05COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDMon Apr 18 1994Pilot questions on the monitor
196.03COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDMon Apr 18 1994Integrate PAUSE better in the "daily-routines"
197.05COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDMon Apr 18 1994Can collect V4.1 information but not V5.1 of Rdb !?
198.01COPCLU::TCLAUSENMon Apr 18 1994problem on custm. report
199.02HANSBC::BACHNERTue Apr 19 1994getting rid of nodes which left the cluster
200.0OOTOOL::TAYLORWed Apr 20 19945
201.03KETJE::TRIGAUXWed Apr 20 1994which Rdb version is supported by the SQL converter ?
202.02PADNOM::PICHAUTThu Apr 21 1994Installation Problem On VMS V6.
203.03FUJISI::VERMETTEThu Apr 21 1994DECtrace ECO#1 fails install.
204.01FUJISI::VERMETTEThu Apr 21 1994DECtrace MUP V2.1A
205.01CSC32::M_ROBSONThu Apr 21 1994future collections
206.03WARNUT::WARNUT::PICKERINGSFri Apr 22 1994BLR2SQL & multiple DB's
207.024KERNEL::JACKSONWed Apr 27 1994No REQUEST_ACTUAL from Rdb
208.01CSC32::D_MACKENZIEWed Apr 27 1994Can a collection span two shareable images?
209.01UTRTSC::VDRIELWed May 04 1994DECforms ACCVIO when DECtrace installed ??
210.02NSICWed May 04 1994Customer reports problems using DECtrace V2.1-3A
212.02SAHNE::JOCHENThu May 05 1994DECTrace do not collect Rdb Stats
213.02CX3PT1::WSC455::P_VANKLEYThu May 05 1994Problem with the BLR->SQL converter
214.02CSC32::G_ROBERTSMon May 09 1994security alarms against EPC$MSG.EXE
215.06OLCROW::MCCANCETue May 17 1994dectrace on osf1 platform?
216.05WILBRY::JRFVAX::HODGESWed May 25 1994How to tell if ECO1 is applied?
217.02CSC32::N_BERENZThu May 26 1994Needs clarification of DECUS info
218.01TOSSUC::TOTAMon May 30 1994Questions/problems about Monitor
219.01GRANPA::BGATELEINWed Jun 01 1994CPU time non-zero on report beginning
220.04STKHLM::KNORNThu Jun 02 1994EPC$DEFINITIONS file for Cxx
221.02GRANPA::BGATELEINTue Jun 07 1994CPU usage for ACMS application
222.01STKHLM::KNORNThu Jun 09 1994Does FORMAT need the facility definition ?
223.02CABMAC::WARDTue Jun 14 1994How does EPC$SET_CONTEXT work?
224.02CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYTue Jun 14 1994Specifying multiple registration id's
225.02LVFREE::TURKINGTONThu Jun 16 1994Need Help
226.03TOSSUC::TOTAFri Jun 17 1994Other questions about Monitor....
227.01STKHLM::HAGETue Jun 21 1994May CDROM problem
229.01CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYWed Jun 22 1994Need assistance on /FLUSH_INTERVAL
230.04CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYThu Jun 23 1994Register dies with INSVIRMEM
231.01CSC32::N_BERENZFri Jun 24 1994dectrace V2.1-3a ACMS servers die
232.01GIDDAY::HADDADMon Jun 27 1994Getting %SYSTEM-F-FLTOVF_F Intermittently!
233.01CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYWed Jun 29 1994Registrar fails with SQL-F-CURALROPE under Rdb 4.2A
234.01STKHLM::KNORNMon Jul 04 1994
235.01BSS::MI_BAKERTue Jul 05 1994Problem inserting ACMS facility definition
236.010KETJE::TRIGAUXFri Jul 08 1994problem with concurrent collections
237.09GIDDAY::BRYDENMon Jul 11 1994DECTRACE file full error causes ACMS to hang???
238.03KERNEL::SMITHMon Jul 11 1994not grouping the summary report
239.0TOSSUB::SABBADINTue Jul 12 1994OpenVms 5.5-2HF/DECtrace version mismatch with Motif ..help
240.01FUJIS2::FUJIPMWed Jul 13 1994Need help on EPC$IVP
241.04FUJIS2::FUJIPMWed Jul 13 1994Need help on DECtrace V2.1A MONITOR
242.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Jul 14 1994Upgrading and the facility definitions
243.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANSun Jul 17 1994Did Rdb 5.1 ECO3 & ?s about DECtrace part
244.04CSC32::WILCOXTue Jul 19 1994lock conflict occurred at location 12
245.01PTOVAX::WILSONTue Jul 19 1994Can DECtrace be de-installed...
246.04CSC32::WILCOXWed Jul 20 1994Collections collecting or not
248.01CSC32::D_SCHAFFERWed Aug 03 1994collection won't start
249.05MSDOA::SECRISTTue Aug 09 1994Rdb V5.1 eco4 Facility Definition ?
250.02NSICFri Aug 12 1994Registrar process went down after SET HISTORY/NEW
251.01CSC32::MCCRACKENFri Aug 12 1994DECtrace & the HIB state
252.03CSC32::R_LEETue Aug 16 1994%SQL-F-CURALROPE error during EPC$STARTUP.COM
253.02CHTPWed Aug 17 1994Relating TRANSACTION and REQUEST_ACTUAL with DECTRACE
254.02CSC32::WILCOXMon Aug 22 1994SQL/BLR converter question
255.01CSC32::WILCOXTue Aug 30 19942.1-3A, BADBLOADR
256.01ATYISA::MANSOTThu Sep 01 1994INSTALL PB (Creation admin DB)
257.04CSC32::N_BERENZMon Sep 12 1994elevated trans count from 1.1 to 2.1
258.07CSC32::N_BERENZTue Sep 13 1994V2.1-4a error from system service
259.01USCD::MORTONTue Sep 20 1994DECtrace V1.2A installation problem using auto-answer file
260.0CSC32::R_LEEFri Sep 23 1994DECtrace .vs. Multiversion Rdb Article?
261.012DECAUX::VNATIG::KARASEKWed Sep 28 1994DECtrace on 2 nodes in AXP-cluster
262.01CSC32::R_LEEThu Sep 29 1994%EPC-E-DCFINCBUF, ... incomplete buffer flush
263.05STKHLM::KNORNWed Oct 05 1994Incorrect mean value
264.01CSC32::R_LEEThu Oct 06 1994EPC$REGISTRAR logfile messages need timestamps
265.03CSC32::R_LEEFri Oct 07 1994Data collection volume is 6
266.0HERON::GODFRINDWed Oct 12 1994
268.01OOTOOL::FENNELLYThu Oct 13 1994DECtrace Writer Seeks User Profiles in 1
269.02CSC32::M_ROBSONMon Oct 17 1994epc$registrar inn compute loop and show register problems
270.06HGOCS::MICKWIDLAMTue Nov 01 1994file corruption in V2.1
271.01BRSVMS::MOERENHOUTThu Nov 03 1994Licence and PAKs options?
272.05CSC32::M_ROBSONWed Nov 09 1994Adding a class to a facility definition
273.02WILBRY::JRFVAX::HODGESWed Nov 09 1994simple select using MANY resources!
274.04WILBRY::JRFVAX::HODGESThu Nov 10 1994bugcheck dump!
275.02CSC32::R_LEETue Nov 15 1994Cross Facility: TSN VARCHAR() not same ACMS/Rdb
276.01HGOVC::WILSONWONGTue Nov 22 1994%EPC-F-NOAUTH encountered
277.05KERNEL::PULLEYThu Dec 01 1994Format/nojournal, gives ruj--batch update?
278.03CSC32::N_BERENZThu Dec 01 1994DECtrace and ADA question
279.05UTRTSC::VDRIELFri Dec 02 1994UNIFACE (DSRI) and DECtrace ???
280.02KETJE::TRIGAUXMon Dec 05 1994INCOMRE
281.01GVAThu Dec 08 1994How to re-create EPC database ?
282.02KERNEL::JACKSONFri Dec 09 1994Missing requests with Rdb V6.
284.07GIDDAY::CHANMFri Dec 16 1994UIC group & all images ?
285.02CSC32::M_ROBSONWed Dec 21 1994not collecting on an event
286.03TEKDEV::YUILLWed Dec 28 1994Duration Events in FORMAT/TYPE=RMS File
287.04TEKDEV::YUILLMon Jan 09 1995EPC$INIT and Active Event
288.01HGOCS::MICKWIDLAMTue Jan 10 1995died ACMS process not captured after restart
289.08CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Feb 01 1995DECtrace 2.1 supported on OpenVMS 6.1 VAX?
290.01SHOSHI::MCDERMOTTMon Feb 06 1995dectrace licenses?
291.02TEKDEV::YUILLMon Feb 06 1995World Access to Collection Files
292.05CSC32::WILCOXTue Feb 07 1995EXCESS_TRANS only when running a collection
293.012QCAVMon Feb 13 1995Collect fails.. Why ??
294.01TRNMon Feb 13 1995OSF version kits,where ?
295.01CSC32::MCCRACKENWed Feb 15 1995Version compatibilities
296.04TRNFri Feb 17 1995cannot map libcxx.so
297.02UTRTSC::LIEMTue Feb 21 1995Column CROSS_FAC_7_START
298.01HGOVC::BURANCELEUNGWed Mar 01 1995Restart DECtrace to collect information
300.04COMICS::HISCOCKFri Mar 17 19952.1-3a IVP fails with RDB-E-DEADLOCK
301.02COMICS::HISCOCKFri Mar 17 1995queries on the blr converter (2.1a)
302.01COMICS::HISCOCKFri Mar 17 1995another query with blr converter
303.013TROOA::MCMULLENMon Mar 20 1995BLR CONVERTER and licenses
304.01CSC32::MCCRACKENMon Mar 20 1995Tailor made class definitions
305.04CSC32::M_ROBSONThu Mar 23 1995epc$registrar process dies
307.01STKHLM::KNORNMon Apr 03 1995Instrumented applications on nodes not containing trace
308.01JRFVAX::HODGESWed Apr 05 1995how are Rdb resources allocated between data and metadata?
309.04HGOCS::MICKWIDLAMFri Apr 07 1995collection scheduled but not executed
310.01MUNICH::SARANTISFri Apr 07 1995collect "delete" collection !!!!
311.01CSC32::N_BERENZTue Apr 11 1995stats on cursor, tables, etc.
312.06CSC32::M_ROBSONFri Apr 14 1995changes related to ECO 6
313.01DUCATI::LASTOVICAThu Apr 20 1995ACCVIO when ctrl/z from DECtrace> prompt V2.1-6A
314.0+17KERNEL::WILESLMon Apr 24 1995EPC$1_221_REQUEST_BLR table not found on import
315.02COPCLU::JEPPETue Apr 25 1995SQL-F-INVRNG when formatting
316.04TEKDEV::YUILLTue Apr 25 1995-EPC-E-DCFINCBUF Error on Format
317.01HGOSPS::MICKWIDLAMWed Apr 26 1995BLR converter ask for RDBX file after ECO 6 installed
318.01NEWVAX::RAYWed Apr 26 1995The database !AZ has obsolete metadata
319.04OLCROW::MCDERMOTTTue May 02 1995accvios on v6.2-ft3 of axp/vms
320.01CSC32::N_BERENZWed May 10 1995v2.
321.01TINCUP::CLAFLINThu May 11 1995General Questions about DECtrace
322.03JRFVAX::HODGESMon May 15 1995What Version support Rdb V6 on Alpha?
323.07COMICS::HISCOCKTue May 16 1995dectrace accvio (corvision)
324.01HGOSPS::MICKWIDLAMThu May 25 1995EPC$REGISTRAR crash in V2.1A ECO 6
325.012GIDDAY::BRYDENFri May 26 19952.1-3A, can't convert blr from SQL SERVICES..
326.0STKHLM::KNORNTue May 30 1995Running instrumented applications on systems without Trace
327.04CSC32::FRANCESCHINITue Jun 06 1995RDB-E-EXCESS_TRANS from Rdb during DECTRACE collection
328.07COMICS::KNIGHTRWed Jun 07 1995Oracle Trace ACCVIO Bugcheck V2.1-4A
329.01MUNICH::SARANTISFri Jun 09 1995formatting binary data in hex within trace????
330.02CSC32::M_ROBSONThu Jun 15 1995report with /options & restriction item
331.01MUNICH::SARANTISWed Jun 21 1995How to remove finished collections ?
332.04NOMAHS::SECRISTMon Jun 26 1995Does Trace V2.
333.05TINCUP::CLAFLINMon Jun 26 1995Can't get Report example to work
334.0OOTOOL::CRAIGTue Jun 27 1995Oracle Notesfiles access change Notice - Effective July 2
335.02ORAREP::COPCLU::JEPPEWed Jul 05 1995Collection files open after MAX_ALLOC reached
337.03DTRACY::LAVASHWed Jul 19 1995Minimum Alpha VMS version for V2.2
338.06ORAREP::GIDDAY::CHANMThu Jul 20 1995Missing information for the 1st connection.
339.01ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::RKNIGHTThu Jul 20 1995ECO6
340.015ORAREP::JRFVAX::HODGESThu Jul 20 1995bugcheck on BLR_TO_SQL converter
341.0OOTOOL::CRAIGTue Aug 01 1995How to obtain kits
342.03ORAREP::CSC32::D_MCELHOESThu Aug 03 1995registrar bugcheck with RG_GBLCNV
343.09ORAREP::GIDDAY::CHANMWed Aug 09 1995Program Counter not in Alpha.
344.0ORAREP::GIDDAY::CHANMFri Aug 25 1995Questions about EPC tables and events.
345.01b-wWed Aug 30 1995epc$startup fails when Rdb T7.
346.01ORAREP::STKHLM::KNORNWed Sep 06 1995Joining TRANSACTION and REQUEST_ACTUAL (again)
347.0114344::GOLMOWed Sep 06 1995Minimum Dectrace version compatible in OpenVMS/VAX V6.1
348.02b-wFri Sep 08 1995join Rdb requests to Rally form/reports ?
349.0OOTOOL::CRAIGThu Sep 21 1995Oracle Trace Course Available
350.0103681::PJACKSONFri Sep 22 1995Bugcheck dump with %SQL-F-NULLNOIND
351.013681::SHISCOCKTue Sep 26 1995epc$request_actual with sqlid = -1
352.03OOTOOL::CRAIGTue Sep 26 1995Trace V2.2 with OpenVMS V7.
354.01itvms1.it.oracle.com::FALLOGGIWed Oct 11 1995Order number needed
355.08OOTOOL::CRAIGWed Oct 18 1995ACCVIO with Rdb V6.
356.06CHSR38::ROHRThu Oct 26 1995coll moni and adjust window size blows.
357.02M5::MMCRACKEFri Oct 27 1995Reporting by process
358.010ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::RKNIGHTTue Oct 31 1995EPC$BLRCONVERT error
359.03ORAREP::TOSSUC::TOTAMon Nov 06 1995MONITOR vs customer own monitor application
360.06UKVMS3::PJACKSONFri Nov 17 1995Event flags not reset using /DURATION
361.06UKVMS3::SHISCOCKWed Nov 22 1995cluster collection not working
362.03ORAREP::CSC32::N_BERENZFri Dec 01 1995epc-e-sched_xfailed
363.03ORAREP::CSC32::N_BERENZTue Dec 05 1995V2.2 epc$bugcheck.dmp files
364.08ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::RKNIGHTThu Dec 07 1995Open VMS 6.1 on AXP for Trace collection
365.03ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::ABARRETTTue Dec 12 1995Versions of Related Products?
366.024177::LINDGRENTue Dec 12 1995Lost collection when using connections with RDB
367.02M5::JAKUHNWed Jan 03 1996help with fancy-smanchy report
368.03UKVMS3::SHISCOCKFri Jan 05 1996trace 2.2 and long metadata access
369.03ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::LWILESMon Jan 08 1996RDBX-E-INVOBJNAME on BLR to SQL convert
370.03UKVMS3::SHISCOCKWed Jan 10 1996how to find max concurrent users ?
371.01ORAREP::CSC32::N_BERENZWed Jan 10 1996problems after copying colleciton file
372.06M5::MROBSONThu Jan 11 1996c shareable image and sqlmods not collecting V2.2
373.01ITVMS1::FALLOGGIFri Jan 19 1996Another EPC-E-FMT_DCF_FAILURE
374.011Tue Jan 23 1996Trace and use of Rdb versions could be improved!
375.06ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::LWILESMon Jan 29 1996No cross facility classes with ACMS V4.1 & Rdb V6.1
376.06ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::RKNIGHTTue Feb 06 1996TRACE and EXPERT BLR Converter versions
378.01NOMAHS::SECRISTWed Feb 07 1996Standard way to recreate EPC databases ?
379.02ORAREP::IFDL::RICEMon Feb 12 1996Is DECtrace DECthread-safe?
380.01ORAREP::IFDL::RICEMon Feb 12 1996Does DECtrace use $SYNCH on VMS?
381.05b-wTue Feb 13 1996blr sql convertor upfront aggregate treatment ok ?
382.02M5::MMCRACKETue Feb 13 1996EPC ACCVIO bugchecks
383.01M5::NBERENZThu Feb 15 1996abort communication
384.08UKVMS3::SHISCOCKWed Feb 21 1996EPC$1_221_DATABASE missing
385.014UKVMS3::PJACKSONWed Feb 28 1996Missing data accessing 2 dbs
386.01ORAREP::TEKDEV::BARKLEYThu Feb 29 1996Hangs caused by EPC locks
387.01FRVMS1::PJACOBTue Mar 05 1996cannot insert ACMS V4.
388.05svrav1.au.oracle.com::MCHANTue Mar 19 1996Problems with OracleTrace/ACMS.
389.027M5::YFRANCESTue Apr 02 1996ACCVIO running 2.2 install IVP
390.05M5::BLEHLBACThu Apr 04 1996EPC-E-HST_DBLSTA Error
391.06M5::NBERENZTue Apr 16 1996registrar dies with rdb-f-sys_request
392.01UKVMS3::PJACKSONMon Apr 22 1996List real users - ACMS & Rdb
393.02ORAREP::BSS::MI_BAKERWed Apr 24 1996Re-start Rdb & ACMS after Trace 2.2 install?
394.06ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::LWILESWed May 08 1996EPC$1_221_REQUEST_ACTUAL missing from database
395.05M5::NBERENZMon May 20 1996EPC$startup fails in system startup
396.04M5::NBERENZMon May 20 1996process will not register v2.2
397.011ORAREP::STKHLM::KNORNTue May 28 1996Recording problems with POWERHOUSE--RDB
398.01ORAREP::ISAR5Fri May 31 1996vms 6.2 & dectrace 2.1A
399.04ORAREP::STKHLM::KNORNTue Jun 04 1996Oracle7 on Unix supported ?
400.01ORAREP::COLTue Jun 04 1996Trace Interactive Users
401.01jpvax9.jp.oracle.com::TANIIWed Jun 12 1996accessing the collection files
402.01UKVMS3::PJACKSONWed Jun 12 1996PAK needed
403.05ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::RKNIGHTFri Jun 14 1996%EPC-W-EVNTNOTCOL error with 2.2 Trace
404.043583::ANNIEMon Jun 17 1996epc$1_253_transaction table is missing (ACMS ?)
405.05b-wMon Jun 24 1996wishlist FORMAT /SINCE /BEFORE
406.01b-wMon Jun 24 1996Rdb request actuals <-> sql cursor loop
407.05ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::LWILESWed Jun 26 1996ACMS data missing - using 2 databases
408.0OOTOOL::CRAIGThu Jun 27 1996Part Number for Rdb Tools CDROM
409.03NLVMS3::MWILLEMSMon Jul 08 1996Trace 2.2 Applying patches Task error
410.03svrav1.au.oracle.com::MCHANWed Jul 10 1996AREA_ITEMS Group items.
411.03NOMAHS::SECRISTThu Jul 18 1996Consulting demonstrations of Trace
412.01NOMAHS::SECRISTThu Jul 18 1996Leveraging Trace/Expert into the Oracle7 World
413.09svrav1.au.oracle.com::MCHANTue Jul 30 1996Oracle Trace on application.
414.03M5::BLEHLBACThu Aug 01 1996ORATRACE and the Year 2
415.01svrav1.au.oracle.com::MCHANMon Aug 05 1996EPC_BLR_TO_SQL_CONVERTER.COM issues
416.034177::LINDGRENMon Sep 09 1996SPD of Oracle Trace?
417.0141.143.44.67::ALLEMEERSCHTue Sep 10 1996does Trace license include Rdb base license ?
418.06BROKE::BASTINEWed Sep 11 1996Does trace capture lock information in general?
419.0ORAREP::TREK2::VAUGHANWed Sep 11 1996
420.06M5::DMCELHOEFri Sep 13 1996oracle7 instrumentation?
421.03M5::JAKUHNTue Sep 17 1996SCHED_NTFSD
422.03BROKE::BASTINEThu Sep 19 1996? on timing of registrar startup and image activation
423.02M5::DMCELHOEThu Sep 19 1996registrar and unseen servers
424.01ORAREP::JRFVAX::HODGESTue Sep 24 1996how to get real value rather than 'parameter'
425.02ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::RKNIGHTTue Oct 15 1996Oracle Trace issue with EPCENDFAIL & EVNTNOTCOL
426.0101Wed Oct 16 1996FMT_DCF_ASCLONG failure formatting collection data from ACMS
427.01b-wThu Nov 21 1996part no.?
428.03jpalp1.jp.oracle.com::TANIITue Dec 17 1996asynchronous RMS $WRITE operation
429.03caotv2.ca.oracle.com::BZINNWed Dec 18 1996Trace with Oracle7: -ve CPU used?
430.0ORAREP::ZPOVC::HINSIONGTANThu Dec 26 1996Need help to analyze trace report.
430.01ORAREP::ZPOVC::HINSIONGTANSun Dec 29 1996How to analyze Trace reports ?
431.01M5::DMCELHOETue Jan 07 1997part numbers?
432.03NOMAHS::SECRISTWed Jan 08 1997Example dataset can't execute BLR conversion.
433.01ORAREP::MPOSThu Jan 09 1997FORMAT fails, ENDOFFILE ??
434.02NLVMS3::ADRIELTue Jan 14 1997SET HISTORY/NEW problem ?
436.01NOMAHS::SECRISTFri Jan 17 1997epc$1$253* tables ?
437.0+3NOMAHS::SECRISTMon Jan 20 1997EPC$1_253_SUB_RESPONSE no longer there ?
438.0 *+1NOMAHS::SECRISTFri Feb 07 1997Latest Version of Trace + ECOs ?
439.0 *+2M5::BLITTINFri Feb 07 1997Will the real collection please stand up?
440.0 *+1M5::DDAYBERRMon Feb 10 1997SPD's for Trace and Expert...please.....
441.0 *+4ORAREP::JRFVAX::HODGESTue Feb 11 1997CPU time is bigger than lapsed time!
442.0 *+1M5::PSOEHLTue Feb 18 1997supportlink msg
443.0 *+1svrav1.au.oracle.com::MCHANWed Feb 26 1997Error open data collection file:%RMS-F-DEV
444.0 *+2NOMAHS::SECRISTWed Mar 05 1997Poorly documented /REGISTRATION_ID qualifier ?
445.0 *+4M5::BLEHLBACThu Mar 06 1997SHOW REGISTER Producing Errors
446.0 *+3M5::BLEHLBACThu Mar 06 1997Formatting Errors
447.0 *+1BROKE::BASTINEFri Mar 07 1997BLR->SQL converter his 1
448.0 *+7BROKE::BASTINEFri Mar 07 1997Linking REQUEST_ACTUAL with EPC$1_253_PROCEDURE_CALL
449.0 *+7BROKE::BASTINEFri Mar 07 1997? on /ELAPSED_TIME
450.0 *+112291::PDECLERCMon Mar 10 1997Transaction type (READ_ONLY or READ_WRITE)?
451.0 *+13UKVMS3::PJACKSONThu Mar 13 1997Oracle Trace on the Rdb7 Client CD
452.0 *+2rdb4me.au.oracle.com::DLAWLERSun Mar 16 1997Trace not registering stream id > 1
453.0 *OOTOOL::CRAIGMon Mar 17 1997EPC Transaction and Request Table documentation
454.0 *+3M5::PSOEHLTue Mar 25 1997format failure - v2.2
455.0 *+4M5::PSOEHLWed Mar 26 1997otrcfmt sequent dynix
456.0 *+5M5::BLITTINThu Mar 27 1997Collect monitor crashes cluster...
457.0 *+3M5::LWILCOXMon Apr 07 1997No end time for "hung" transactions?
458.0 *+4M5::JAKUHNSat Apr 12 1997epc$be_ causing hang in v2.2
459.0 *+1OOTOOL::CRAIGTue Apr 15 1997Oracle Trace 1.3.5 for Oracle7 Released
460.0 *+9BROKE::BITHERWed Apr 16 1997Trace 1.3.5 - No Services Discovered
461.0 *+3BROKE::BITHERWed Apr 16 1997VMM error 1
462.0 *+1BROKE::BITHERWed Apr 16 1997XP-7121 - the rule owner not found
463.0 *+1OOTOOL::CRAIGWed Apr 30 1997Trace enabled in many Oracle7 7.3.2, 7.3.3 releases
464.0 *+3BROKE::BASTINETue May 06 1997EPC-E-FMT_DCF_ASCLONG error
465.0 *+1OOTOOL::CRAIGWed May 28 1997Oracle Trace 1.3.5 - No data collected if User isn't connected when collection starts
466.0 *+1M5::BLEHLBACWed May 28 1997Logical Schema Import Error at ":URL"
467.0 *+212293::ALLEMEERSCHFri May 30 1997format/merge %EPC-W-FMT_DCF_MERGED