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Conference 7.286::vtstar_bugs

Title:VTstar defect reporting system
Notice:Welcome to ONTIME
Created:Sat Dec 04 1993
Last Modified:Tue May 20 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:527
Total number of notes:2496
Number with bodies:6
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1.010PRNSYS::LOMICKAJTue Mar 29 1994VTstar bug report conference rules
2.045PRNSYS::LOMICKAJSat Dec 04 1993Macintosh VTstar KIT location
3.045PRNSYS::LOMICKAJSat Dec 04 1993Windows (DOS/Win16) VTstar KIT location
4.033PRNSYS::LOMICKAJSat Dec 04 1993Windows NT/Intel kit location
5.035PRNSYS::LOMICKAJSat Dec 04 1993Windows NT/Alpha AXT kit location
6.05PRNSYS::LOMICKAJSat Dec 04 1993Windows NT/MIPS kit location
7.07PRNSYS::LOMICKAJSat Dec 04 1993Macintosh PowerPC kit location
8.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJSat Dec 04 1993r e s e r v e d
9.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJSat Dec 04 1993reserved
10.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJSat Dec 04 1993reserved
11.01PRNSYS::LOMICKAJSat Dec 04 1993CLOSED: Screen clearing is slow
12.01PRNSYS::LOMICKAJTue Jan 04 1994CLOSED: Datascope window not created
13.01PRNSYS::LOMICKAJTue Jan 04 1994CLOSED: Ansi color preferences set-up problems
14.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJWed Jan 05 1994CLOSED: Window titles too long
15.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJWed Jan 05 1994OPEN(YY):Define Function Keys... not implemented
16.01PRNSYS::LOMICKAJWed Jan 05 1994CLOSED: Window Origins not saved
17.02PRNSYS::LOMICKAJWed Jan 19 1994CLOSED: Responsiveness & scrolling performance
18.02PRNSYS::LOMICKAJWed Jan 19 1994CLOSED: Status line not implemented
19.01PRNSYS::LOMICKAJMon Jan 24 1994CLOSED: ANSI Color controls broken
20.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJThu Mar 31 1994CLOSED:Mouse double clicks sends wrong stuff
21.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJThu Mar 31 1994CLOSED: TDSMP Selection session happens between OPEN and RESTORE
22.03PRNSYS::LOMICKAJThu Mar 31 1994CLOSED: Recover session is incomplete
23.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJFri Apr 01 1994OPEN(JL): BREAK while sessions enabled hangs server
24.02HANNAH::ALFREDFri Apr 01 1994CLOSED: Wrong usages of string WHACK
25.01HANNAH::ALFREDFri Apr 01 1994CLOSED: <CSI>22m sequence is ignored
26.05HANNAH::ALFREDFri Apr 01 1994CLOSED:Shift key should extend current selection
27.014RANGER::HARRISSat Apr 02 1994CLOSED: Bus Error @ 4
28.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJMon Apr 04 1994CLOSED: No arrow keys on mouse in Mac version
29.01BRONS::BurrowsMon Apr 04 1994CLOSED: Resets Modem to Factory settings
30.03BRONS::BurrowsMon Apr 04 1994CLOSED: Non DECserver terminal servers: How
31.01BRONS::BurrowsMon Apr 04 1994OPEN:Calling V.32 modems while set 14.4
32.0BRONS::BurrowsMon Apr 04 1994OPEN(JL): Need Support for System Password
33.01BRONS::BurrowsMon Apr 04 1994CLOSED: Autobauding bug
34.01BRONS::BurrowsMon Apr 04 1994CLOSED: Script debugging support
35.04BRONS::BurrowsMon Apr 04 1994CLOSED: Hostname problems
36.04126Mon Apr 04 1994CLOSED: Bus Error at 4
37.0327958::BELANGERTue Apr 05 1994CLOSED: VTstar crashes on PowerMac
38.01STRYKR::S_STRYKERTue Apr 05 1994CLOSED: Macintosh version bombs on PB1
39.0221Wed Apr 06 1994CLOSED: Junk character in select download folder dialog
40.0421Wed Apr 06 1994CLOSED: Not clear how to use MODEM tools
41.0921Wed Apr 06 1994CLOSED: X across sessions that you can't type in is confusing
42.02RANGER::HARRISWed Apr 06 1994CLOSED: Crash with 5 sessions and logging back in
43.011RANGER::HARRISWed Apr 06 1994OPEN(JL) Password is not hidden on Macintosh
44.03RANGER::HARRISWed Apr 06 1994CLOSED: Windows-NT VT graphic char set not there
45.03RANGER::HARRISWed Apr 06 1994CLOSED:Windows-NT: keyboard window misaligned click area
46.02RANGER::HARRISWed Apr 06 1994CLOSED: Windows-NT: no scroll bars
47.01RANGER::HARRISWed Apr 06 1994CLOSED: Windows-NT: ACCVIO getting Build dates
48.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJThu Apr 07 1994CLOSED: Mouse arrow key mode broken again
49.02PRNSYS::LOMICKAJThu Apr 07 1994CLOSED: Loss of carrier doesn't inactivate window
50.02BRONS::BurrowsThu Apr 07 1994CLOSED: Mac scroll bar bouncing
51.01RANGER::HARRISThu Apr 07 1994CLOSED: Windows: Maximized window can't be dragged
52.02RANGER::HARRISThu Apr 07 1994CLOSED: Errors in autologin setup dialogs
53.02RANGER::HARRISThu Apr 07 1994CLOSED: need to config before 1st dial-in
54.01RANGER::HARRISThu Apr 07 1994SUGGESTION: Hid the mouse pointer when typing
55.03RANGER::HARRISThu Apr 07 1994OPEN(YY): Keyboard remapping interface
56.03RANGER::HARRISFri Apr 08 1994OPEN(PC): PopChar style character selection
57.013RANGER::HARRISFri Apr 08 1994CLOSED: Windows-NT: getting Hangs - have to kill process
58.01PRNSYS::LOMICKAJFri Apr 08 1994CLOSED: Crash when you insert lines
59.08HANNAH::BAYFri Apr 08 1994CLOSED: AUTOMATIC defaults and saving OOTB
60.02RICKS::PSHERWOODFri Apr 08 1994OPEN(JL): Macintosh Sensitivity to other apps using serial port
61.03126Fri Apr 08 1994OPEN(JL): Mac crashes with odd address when using TGE TCPtool
62.02126Fri Apr 08 1994CLOSED: V34 Conn docs don't work with Apr 8
63.02126Sat Apr 09 1994CLOSED: Another BusError @ _CountMitems
64.02RANGER::HARRISMon Apr 11 1994CLOSED: Windows Needs Icons of its own
65.05RANGER::HARRISMon Apr 11 1994CLOSED: Windows-NT: pixel residue from previous window
66.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJTue Apr 12 1994OPEN: Wrong accelerators on edit menu.
67.01PRNSYS::LOMICKAJTue Apr 12 1994CLOSED: Menu aceclerators on windows
68.01HANNAH::LOMICKAJTue Apr 12 1994CLOSED: Need another OPEN item
69.02REFINE::MCDONALDWed Apr 13 1994CLOSED: GPF caused by HELP/ABOUT.../Build Dates.
70.011REFINE::MCDONALDWed Apr 13 1994CLOSED: Double-click on window title does MDI maximize inst
71.0REFINE::MCDONALDWed Apr 13 1994OPEN(JL): Windows: VTSTAR to port in use locks things up.
72.01REFINE::MCDONALDWed Apr 13 1994CLOSED: Windows: VTSTAR to non-existant port locks things
73.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJWed Apr 13 1994OPEN(JL): Scrolling while selecting
74.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJWed Apr 13 1994CLOSED: Cursor coupling doesn't work
75.04RANGER::HARRISThu Apr 14 1994CLOSED: Can not scroll back in Mail
76.04RANGER::HARRISThu Apr 14 1994CLOSED: Windows-NT: .VTC not associated with VTstar.exe
77.04RANGER::HARRISThu Apr 14 1994OPEN(PC):Path confusion when opening .VTC files from file nam
78.01REFINE::MCDONALDThu Apr 14 1994CLOSED: Can't drag scroll box to scroll.
79.01REFINE::MCDONALDThu Apr 14 1994CLOSED: Win16: Unexpected scroll box behavior.
80.011HANNAH::GABBEThu Apr 14 1994CLOSED: Poor copyright protection
81.01HANNAH::OSMANThu Apr 14 1994CLOSED: Duplicate of 21, but on SSU side of TDSMP
82.02REFINE::MCDONALDFri Apr 15 1994CLOSED: Script-related dialogs unclear
83.01CADSYS::LARRICKSat Apr 16 1994OPEN(JL): Suggestion: Always prompt for password
84.05KEPTIN::el-baz.lkg.dec.com::GranoffSat Apr 16 1994OPEN(JL): Performing port writes asynchronously
85.01HANNAH::GABBESun Apr 17 1994CLOSED: Problem with expired passwords
86.01329224::LEVYThu Apr 21 1994CLOSED: STRANSF failure
87.02NECSC::LEVYThu Apr 21 1994CLOSED: STRANSF hangs via SET HOST/LAT
89.03HANNAH::GABBEThu Apr 21 1994CLOSED: AppleTalk LAT tool crashes when window is resized
90.01BRONS::BurrowsFri Apr 22 1994CLOSED: Mac, CMD-W closed wrong window.
91.04HANNAH::BAYFri Apr 22 1994CLOSED: First session is number
92.01HANNAH::BAYMon Apr 25 1994OPEN(PC): Scroll bars for parent window
93.02KEPTIN::16.2Tue Apr 26 1994CLOSED: System error #87 at _GetWVariant+64
94.02HANNAH::GABBEWed Apr 27 1994CLOSED: No double-width, single-height
95.01HANNAH::GABBEWed Apr 27 1994CLOSED: Command-I can crash VTstar
96.06NECSC::LEVYWed Apr 27 1994CLOSED: Cut and Paste problems
97.09NECSC::LEVYThu Apr 28 1994CLOSED: AUTOLOG.VTS quirkiness
98.013NECSC::LEVYThu Apr 28 1994CLOSED: Independent window sizing
99.01NECSC::LEVYThu Apr 28 1994OPEN(PC): DEC keyboard keys & input focus
100.05BASTAR::KAIRYSThu Apr 28 1994CLOSED: Can stransf put but not get
101.03BASTAR::KAIRYSThu Apr 28 1994OPEN(PC): Windows needs a keyboard keys window
102.06NECSC::LEVYThu Apr 28 1994OPEN(YY): Default function key mapping is wrong
103.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJFri Apr 29 1994CLOSED: TDSMP should zero credit on session open
104.03NECSC::LEVYSat Apr 30 1994CLOSED: Autolog.vts puts latpass in username
105.01HANNAH::GABBETue May 03 1994CLOSED: Modem sequence when starting a new session
106.0HANNAH::BAYWed May 04 1994OPEN(PC): VTSTAR defeats AD SS IQ feature
107.01HANNAH::BAYMon May 09 1994CLOSED: Copy buffer not properly reset
108.01HANNAH::BAYMon May 09 1994OPEN(PC): Screensaver leaves behind selection
109.01CSC32::M_AUSTINWed May 11 1994CLOSED: Problems with CYCLE WINDOW
110.0187Wed May 11 1994CLOSED: Send arrow keys feature won't disable
111.06PRNSYS::LOMICKAJWed May 11 1994CLOSED: Can't set baud rate above 96
112.04MARVIN::COBBWed May 11 1994CLOSED: "Read error" messages sent to host
113.042941::MUNYANThu May 12 1994OPEN(RH): Kermit doesn't cancel when you tell it to
114.02CSC32::B_HIBBERTThu May 12 1994CLOSED: Rectangular operations not implemented
115.01MARVIN::COBBFri May 13 1994CLOSED: WAIT command limited to 16 strings
116.01PRNSYS::LOMICKAJSat May 14 1994OPEN(JL): Stransf ACCVIO when dir open error
117.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJSat May 14 1994OPEN(YY): Alt-Gr keys misbehave
118.0187Sat May 14 1994CLOSED: GPF
119.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJSat May 14 1994CLOSED: UK set wrong
120.02MARVIN::COBBMon May 16 1994CLOSED: Line drawing characters missing\
121.04NECSC::LEVYMon May 16 1994OPEN(JL) Printer functions
122.09AXEL::FOLEYTue May 17 1994CLOSED: Script sending spaces after init string
123.014BRONS::BurrowsTue May 17 1994CLOSED: Filename reported incorrectly
124.092419::listnh.zko.dec.com::SimonsWed May 18 1994CLOSED: Init string sent after dial number
125.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJWed May 18 1994CLOSED: Overrun protection in TDSMP
126.02PRNSYS::LOMICKAJThu May 19 1994CLOSED: Cancelling paste leaves you stuck
127.0HANNAH::OSMANThu May 19 1994CLOSED: lack of whitespace promotes subliminal obtain
128.04MARVIN::COBBFri May 20 1994OPEN(JL): Losing characters under WIN16
129.02HANNAH::BAYMon May 23 1994CLOSED: Some dialogs are visually unappealing
130.01HANNAH::BAYMon May 23 1994CLOSED: Can't get mini-keyboard back
131.01HANNAH::BAYMon May 23 1994CLOSED: Close window dialog is TERMINAL
132.014282Mon May 23 1994CLOSED: About spelling, INTERNAL=INERNAL
133.06RANGER::BACKSTROMWed May 25 1994CLOSED: More complete TRMNLAXS.DLL support
134.01RANGER::BACKSTROMWed May 25 1994CLOSED: Windows UI style - Connection... dialog
135.09RICKS::PSHERWOODWed May 25 1994CLOSED: Mac Alerts doesn't take escape as cancel
136.04RICKS::PSHERWOODWed May 25 1994CLOSED: unfriendly memory low operation
137.02NECSC::LEVYThu May 26 1994CLOSED: SSU remains inactive without intervention
138.01PRNSYS::LOMICKAJThu May 26 1994CLOSED: Startup script must be optional
139.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJFri May 27 1994OPEN(JL): Autologin to WATN not working
140.01735477::CLOEIS::COBURNFri May 27 1994CLOSED: AUTOLOG.VTS detects strings out of context
141.07PRNSYS::LOMICKAJSun May 29 1994CLOSED: Scrolling and/or drawing problem
142.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJMon May 30 1994CLOSED: Mac resource file bugs in May 27 release
143.073324::SCHNEIDERTue May 31 1994CLOSED: 2nd session causes C: drive to flail
144.02HANNAH::BAYTue May 31 1994OPEN(RH): Status LINES are distracting
145.0HANNAH::BAYTue May 31 1994OPEN(RH): Kermit Buttons don't reflect current mode
146.010BRONS::BurrowsTue May 31 1994OPEN(JB): Nits: SUGGESTED modem init string.
147.0HANNAH::BAYTue May 31 1994OPEN(RH): No FINISH button in Kermit dialog
148.02535477::CLOEIS::COBURNTue May 31 1994CLOSED: VTX support with long displays (lines > 24)
149.04RICKS::PSHERWOODWed Jun 01 1994CLOSED: Behaviro when Mac OS runs out of memory
150.01HANNAH::BAYThu Jun 02 1994OPEN(RH): Kermit dialog needs work
151.01HANNAH::BAYThu Jun 02 1994CLOSED: Disable Session Management doesn't
152.011RANGER::HARRISThu Jun 02 1994CLOSED: An SSU V2.
153.01HANNAH::BAYFri Jun 03 1994CLOSED: BSP-SPACE-BS is too noticable
154.01RANGER::HARRISSat Jun 04 1994CLOSED: Can't enter Control/R
155.03STKEIS::BYSTAMWed Jun 08 1994CLOSED: National character set problems
156.01TARKIN::LINSat Jun 11 1994OPEN(PC): Alt+F4 Close Everything (Windows/Windows NT)
157.01CSC32::B_HIBBERTMon Jun 13 1994CLOSED: VTstar caused GPF in module DECwrite
158.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJWed Jun 15 1994CLOSED: Toolbox tool customizations (like baud rate) do
159.055Wed Jun 22 1994CLOSED: ? disable autolog script
160.0142498::63854::lewisWed Jun 29 1994CLOSED: Seg fault on starting vtstar 35.
161.01HANNAH::OSMANFri Jul 08 1994CLOSED: mouse button spillover from deiconify to selection
162.06RANGER::HARRISFri Jul 15 1994CLOSED: Blank memu bar
163.09RANGER::HARRISSun Jul 17 1994CLOSED: SET_TERM_INQUIRE.EXE doesn't like v36
164.0MARVIN::PATELTue Jul 19 1994CLOSED: General Protectio Faults in the 'File' menu.
165.03MARVIN::COBBTue Jul 19 1994CLOSED: Prioritising output over input?
166.0212862::HUGHESWed Jul 20 1994CLOSED: Mac VTSTAR doesn't work with AppleTalk ADSP tool - sho
167.01MARVIN::COBBThu Jul 21 1994CLOSED: NOECHO very broken
168.0HANNAH::OSMANFri Jul 22 1994OPEN(RH): ckptr crash when canceling one of the ZMODEM boxe
169.01HANNAH::OSMANFri Jul 22 1994CLOSED: crash when OK'ing renditions
170.01RDGENG::vranx.reo.dec.com::COBBTue Jul 26 1994OPEN(JL): output lost to script while dialog active
171.016NOVA::DIAMONDTue Aug 02 1994OPEN(PC): user-selectable BEEP sound on Windows.
172.02NOVA::DIAMONDTue Aug 02 1994CLOSED: don't like "Window already on top" error
173.03NOVA::DIAMONDTue Aug 02 1994CLOSED: Mac menu bar blank at startup
174.06NECSC::LEVYThu Aug 04 1994CLOSED: AUTOLOG.VTS and US Robotics Sportster 144
175.03HANNAH::OSMANThu Aug 04 1994CLOSED: the large X got corrupted\
176.0642371::JAMESHTue Aug 16 1994OPEN( ): Comm 4?
178.04STAR::PITCHERThu Aug 18 1994CLOSED: Failed to open xx.vtc. All SCBs allocated
180.02VIDEO::PULSIFERFri Aug 19 1994CLOSED: autologin / server prompt Win 3.1
182.0HANNAH::OSMANMon Aug 29 1994CLOSED: vtstar exits when it shouldn't
183.07GVAMon Aug 29 1994OPEN(EW): cursor doesn't come down automatically when typing
184.016MARVIN::HAQUESat Sep 03 1994CLOSED: Triple-click doesn't select line
185.01NECSC::LEVYTue Sep 06 1994OPEN(JL): No progress if VTstar isn't top window
186.01CVG::CAMPANELLATue Sep 06 1994CLOSED: Mac crash on startup
187.02BASTAR::KAIRYSThu Sep 08 1994CLOSED: Successful installation with one glitch
188.01HANNAH::YONAThu Sep 22 1994CLOSED: mouse shape fails to change
189.064215::MITTONFri Sep 23 1994CLOSED: Child Titlebar inaccessable
190.0BASTAR::KAIRYSFri Sep 30 1994OPEN(RH): Can't tell Kermit FINISH.
191.02BASTAR::KAIRYSFri Oct 07 1994CLOSED: Need to reset session management sometimes.
192.0HANNAH::HASTINGSSun Oct 09 1994CLOSED: PC wedged if run Oct 5 VSTAR after connect with old VT
193.0HANNAH::HASTINGSSun Oct 09 1994OPEN(RH): Troubles with ZMODEM receiving big text file with VTS
194.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJWed Oct 12 1994OPEN(JL): Drag/Drop doesn't always drop when it should
195.0WONDER::SKRYPEKWed Oct 12 1994OPEN(RH): VTSTAR -> LAT -> MODEM -> BBS Download?
196.0REFINE::MCDONALDWed Oct 12 1994OPEN(JL): Blinking changes as more attributes are displayed.
197.02RANGER::HARRISWed Oct 12 1994CLOSED: Multiple line paste looses line breaks
198.02RDGENG::COBBThu Oct 13 1994CLOSED: I don't like the icons
199.0MOVIES::MCLARENThu Oct 13 1994CLOSED: Crash in USER.EXE with VTSTAR window as the curent win
200.0ZURSun Oct 16 1994OPEN(YY): Alt Gr broken - Recover Connections mixup
201.01BOGUSS::CAPIKTue Oct 18 1994CLOSED: DOUBLE Height Characters cut off at top
202.021BASTAR::KAIRYSFri Oct 21 1994CONTESTED: Seems to want a tickle sometimes
203.011845Fri Oct 21 1994OPEN(JL):Double click won't reselect unless mouse is moved
204.042919Mon Oct 24 1994CLOSED: New build hangs in Windows
205.0HANNAH::OSMANMon Oct 24 1994CLOSED: wrong error checking in termnlaxs code
206.0HANNAH::OSMANThu Oct 27 1994OPEN(PC): vtstar windows stick together too much in stacki
207.01VIDEO::PULSIFERMon Oct 31 1994CLOSED: New--suggestion control menu exit, one time
208.07VIDEO::PULSIFERMon Oct 31 1994CLOSED: Suggestion-clear communications
209.01VIDEO::PULSIFERMon Oct 31 1994CLOSED: Phantom VTstar Process
210.01CSC32::B_HIBBERTThu Nov 03 1994OPEN(JL): Session won't accept keyboard input
211.02HANNAH::OSMANTue Nov 08 1994OPEN(JL): Text cursor disappears when vt session doesn't have focus
212.0324935::MONACOFri Nov 11 1994CLOSED: Suggesion Unique User Defined ICON Names
213.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJMon Nov 14 1994OPEN(YY): Character set invocation bugs
214.02PRNSYS::LOMICKAJThu Nov 17 1994CLOSED: Can't clear scrollback buffer
215.0135977::HALEYTue Nov 22 1994OPEN(RH): Error openning AUX, then GPF
216.0OASS::HIBBERT_PWed Nov 23 1994OPEN(RH): Zmodem crash when choosing More option multiple t
217.03NECSC::LEVYThu Dec 01 1994Slow character echo
218.04MOVIES::BROCKBANKThu Dec 01 1994CLOSED: Double-click on system menu doesn't do the same
219.05HANNAH::OSMANFri Dec 02 1994CLOSED: vtstar fails to clear highlighting from screen
220.03HANNAH::OSMANFri Dec 02 1994CLOSED: dragging and dropping whitespace makes vtstar
221.011693Mon Dec 12 1994CLOSED: autologin setup broken on Alpha WNT
222.011693Mon Dec 12 1994CLOSED: Use default Windows colors
223.0111693Mon Dec 19 1994CLOSED: Missing 14.4k baud in comm setup ?
224.052919Fri Dec 23 1994CLOSED: WIN16 -- VTSTAR.exe dated 14-OCT-1994 17:59:
225.021189Sun Jan 08 1995CLOSED: Change from COM2 to COM3, startup options, cut/paste
226.0335276::KAIRYSMon Jan 09 1995CLOSED: set_term_inquire says I'm a VT2
227.0145286::SMITHMRThu Jan 12 1995Hangs on Mac II
228.0345286::SMITHMRThu Jan 12 1995CLOSED: New sessions don't work with SSU
229.01VIDEO::PULSIFERFri Jan 13 1995NEW ONLY 1 session with SSU
230.02VIDEO::PULSIFERFri Jan 13 1995OPEN(PC): OBTAIN MESSAGE strings should display lieral '&'
231.024Sun Jan 15 1995CLOSED: proc.c line 3
232.034Sun Jan 15 1995CLOSED: error in whack.c at 774
233.024Sun Jan 15 1995CLOSED: Can't close More connection dialog box
234.024Sun Jan 15 1995OPEN(JL,deferred):Can't auto start two TDSMP sessions
235.034Sun Jan 15 1995CLOSED: display setup parameters not saved
236.024Sun Jan 15 1995CLOSED: NEW What are font sizes using vtstar font
237.0835276::KAIRYSSun Jan 15 1995CLOSED: V39 on WNT 3.5: Re. toplevel window
238.01335276::KAIRYSSun Jan 15 1995CLOSED: V39 on WNT 3.5: Re. fonts
239.0135276::KAIRYSSun Jan 15 1995OPEN(JL): Are the correct script starting points used?
240.01835276::KAIRYSSun Jan 15 1995CLOSED: Tymenet cases missing from autolog.vts
241.0235276::KAIRYSSun Jan 15 1995CLOSED: Can't do advanced configure
242.0235276::KAIRYSSun Jan 15 1995CLOSED: Z commaind inits modem by default
243.04RDGENG::impi.reo.dec.com::haqueMon Jan 16 1995OPEN(YY): LK45
244.010STAR::PITCHERMon Jan 16 1995CLOSED: Can't seem to use TELNET.
245.0543984::boldor.reo.dec.com::goodwinMon Jan 16 1995CLOSED: SELECT key (Version 39, Jan 13, 1995)
246.01943945::GOODWINMon Jan 16 1995CLOSED: Problems with UNDERLINE
247.07RDGENG::COBBMon Jan 16 1995OPEN(JL): ENG and ENU
248.04RDGENG::COBBMon Jan 16 1995OPEN(YY): Help and DO still on wrong keys
249.02RDGENG::HAQUEWed Jan 18 1995CLOSED: resize causes window jump/move
250.08TARKIN::LINThu Jan 19 1995CLOSED: i386 Version 4
251.0243984::GOODWINThu Jan 19 1995CLOSED: OSF/1 vi and TELNET
252.0543984::GOODWINThu Jan 19 1995CLOSED: Icon madness in build 4
253.02RDGENG::HAQUEThu Jan 19 1995CLOSED: ^D deletes session definitions
254.05STAR::PITCHERThu Jan 19 1995CLOSED: VTSTAR still very buggy for TELNET.
255.02BASEX::KAIRYSThu Jan 19 1995CLOSED: VTstar V4
256.03STAR::SESTESThu Jan 19 1995OPEN(JB): logon gets hung
257.01STAR::SESTESThu Jan 19 1995CLOSED: Insufficient resources error
258.03STAR::SESTESThu Jan 19 1995OPEN(PC): BarClock compatibility
259.02STAR::SESTESThu Jan 19 1995CLOSED: Wrong default font size, no save setup
260.02STAR::SESTESThu Jan 19 1995CLOSED: Kermit packet counter seems hosed
261.04BASEX::KAIRYSThu Jan 19 1995CLOSED: Error in Whack.c at line 663
262.016UTROP1::FUHREN_PThu Jan 19 1995CLOSED: Don't load WINSOCK unless you intend to use it
263.04RDGENG::COBBThu Jan 19 1995CLOSED: Scrollback buffer takes a lot of resources?
264.031189Fri Jan 20 1995CLOSED: Alt-C and Alt-V don't do cut/paste in V4
265.061189Fri Jan 20 1995OPEN(JL): Init string crashes VTstar
266.05STAR::PITCHERFri Jan 20 1995CLOSED: undefined "VE" at login
267.04TIMASA::DRABICKYSun Jan 22 1995OPEN(PC):Could not register class DigitalDialogClass
268.02NECSC::LEVYSun Jan 22 1995OPEN(EO):V4.1 Problems with RAS/PPP/Telnet - WNT3.5 & WIN95
269.03NECSC::LEVYSun Jan 22 1995CLOSED: Keypad gets un-set
270.02STAR::PITCHERMon Jan 23 1995CLOSED: VT32
271.04STAR::SESTESMon Jan 23 1995OPEN(JL): GPF after autolog hang
272.01CSC32::B_HIBBERTMon Jan 23 1995CLOSED: UDKs cause VT32
273.0132816::WINALSKITue Jan 24 1995CLOSED: Scholar session works OK, but I have to dial by hand
274.02STAR::PITCHERTue Jan 24 1995CLOSED: Keypad state not restored.
275.04STAR::PITCHERTue Jan 24 1995CLOSED: Closing session list window
276.02AD::ASHERTue Jan 24 1995CLOSED: color names don't map to correct colors
277.03AD::ASHERTue Jan 24 1995CLOSED: DTR doesn't get turned off when application exits.
278.02MOVIES::BROCKBANKWed Jan 25 1995CLOSED: Keyboard accelerators (again)
279.062816::WINALSKIThu Jan 26 1995CLOSED: VTSTAR doesn't know I've disconnected
280.02RDGENG::HAQUEFri Jan 27 1995OPEN(JL): SSU in LOGIN.COM crashes VTstar
281.03NETCAD::EWANCOFri Jan 27 1995CLOSED: Mouse Arrowing sends wrong sequence
282.01PRNSYS::LOMICKAJSun Jan 29 1995CLOSED: User settable selection isn't in there
283.05KERNEL::MCGOWANMon Jan 30 1995CLOSED: Session opens in wrong window
284.03STAR::PITCHERMon Jan 30 1995OPEN(EO): GPF in V41
285.07BASEX::KAIRYSThu Feb 02 1995CLOSED: Type this file to crash VTstar
286.02AD::ASHERThu Feb 02 1995CLOSED: V42 Win3.1: still annoying iconization problems
287.01AD::ASHERThu Feb 02 1995CLOSED: Slow character input on first session (DS9
288.03AD::ASHERThu Feb 02 1995CLOSED: GPF when closing last session
289.013BASEX::KAIRYSTue Feb 07 1995SSU enable fails first time in 44.
290.0742638::ROWELLTue Feb 07 1995OPEN(YY): KeyBoard Language Changes
291.06CSCMA::MOOREJRWed Feb 08 1995CLOSED: "SHOW OPEN SESSIONS LIST" is a killer
292.013KERNEL::MCGOWANWed Feb 08 1995CLOSED: Top-of-screen dotted line
293.010431Wed Feb 08 1995CLOSED: Function keys menu errors in V44
295.06STAR::PITCHERWed Feb 08 1995CLOSED: (as much as it will ever be) GFP creating NEW TELNET session.
296.01RANGER::HARRISWed Feb 08 1995CLOSED: Mac version missing mini-keyboard (v44)
297.09331::NELSONWed Feb 08 1995OPEN(JL): Problem entering data into dialog box that asks f
298.0345531::MORRISRThu Feb 09 1995CLOSED: Poor out of memory handling on new session
299.01RANGER::HARRISThu Feb 09 1995OPEN(JL):(Mac) 2 Open Sessions battle over dialingphone
300.04RANGER::HARRISThu Feb 09 1995CLOSED: (Mac) Scrolling does not work
301.03KEPTIN::GRANOFFMon Feb 13 1995CLOSED: Non-terminal windows shouldn't count as Open Di
302.05KEPTIN::GRANOFFMon Feb 13 1995CLOSED: Mac comm toolbox error dialogs not formatted correctly
303.0542638::ROWELLTue Feb 14 1995CLOSED: WPS-PLUS problems
304.02BASEX::KAIRYSThu Feb 16 1995V44 won't start up first time
305.042816::GLOSSOPSat Feb 18 1995OPEN(PC): Bad interaction with the TOPDESK reskit utility
306.06RDGENG::HAQUEMon Feb 20 1995OPEN(JB): vt51
307.03RANGER::HARRISMon Feb 20 1995CLOSED: strings like 'Whack' need to be purged
308.05VIDEO::PULSIFERTue Feb 21 1995OPEN(JB): Autologin get stuck
309.0REFINE::MCDONALDWed Feb 22 1995OPEN(EO): SETUP requirements for STATUS LINE.
310.06SMOP::glossopWed Feb 22 1995OPEN(PC): [duplicate]Please only raise one VTstar window (or have an option
311.04REFINE::MCDONALDWed Feb 22 1995CLOSED: Numeric .vs. Application Keypad Mode
312.01REFINE::MCDONALDWed Feb 22 1995CLOSED: Normal .vs. Application Cursor Keys
313.0REFINE::MCDONALDWed Feb 22 1995OPEN( ):User Features Locked/Unlocked.
314.03REFINE::MCDONALDWed Feb 22 1995CLOSED: Answerback Concealed
315.02REFINE::MCDONALDWed Feb 22 1995OPEN( ): Auto Answerback/No Auto Answerback
316.0REFINE::MCDONALDWed Feb 22 1995OPEN( ): New Line Mode/No New Line Mode
317.03REFINE::MCDONALDWed Feb 22 1995CLOSED: Split speed support
318.0REFINE::MCDONALDWed Feb 22 1995OPEN( ): XOFF AT n setting.
319.0REFINE::MCDONALDWed Feb 22 1995OPEN( ):7Bit Space and 7Bit Mark Parity.
320.0REFINE::MCDONALDWed Feb 22 1995NEW: Limited/Unlimited Transmit.
321.01REFINE::MCDONALDWed Feb 22 1995NEW: Factory Defaults??
322.02REFINE::MCDONALDWed Feb 22 1995OPEN( ): Margin Bell ON/OFF
323.02BRONS::BURROWSThu Feb 23 1995CLOSED: Launch of Mac via document fails
324.02BRONS::BURROWSThu Feb 23 1995CLOSED: Mac has wrong menu when no windows
325.02AXEL::FOLEYWed Feb 22 1995OPEN(PC): Icons not right in Windows 95
326.06RDGENG::impi.reo.dec.com::haqueFri Feb 24 1995CLOSED: Cut'n'paste turns TABs into spaces
327.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJSat Feb 25 1995OPEN(JL): Selection (mac) while in Application mouse mode
328.013324::SCHNEIDERSat Feb 25 1995CLOSED: Script request Dialogue Boxes Need Cleaning
329.013324::SCHNEIDERSat Feb 25 1995OPEN(PC): GDI's not being released
330.01RANGER::HARRISSat Feb 25 1995OPEN(JL): Reset Communications creates new windows
332.02MARVIN::HARTSun Feb 26 1995OPEN(PC): VT32
333.0158632::PERELLASun Feb 26 1995OPEN(JL): Memory corruption in free()
334.0258632::PERELLASun Feb 26 1995OPEN(JL): Make out of memory warning more stern
335.02RDGENG::impi.reo.dec.com::haqueMon Feb 27 1995OPEN(JL): MB2 paste, selection semantics not quite right
336.01RDGENG::impi.reo.dec.com::haqueMon Feb 27 1995CLOSED: define a UDK to send control characters?
337.03KEPTIN::GRANOFFMon Feb 27 1995CONTESTED: Auto login w/ file other than AUTOLOG.VTS fails
338.01PRNSYS::LOMICKAJMon Feb 27 1995OPEN(JL): Colors wrong on Macintosh
339.01STAR::DEMERSMon Feb 27 1995CLOSED: VT32
340.02STAR::DEMERSMon Feb 27 1995OPEN(EW): VT52
341.09AXEL::FOLEYMon Feb 27 1995OPEN(??): VT32
342.059331::NELSONMon Feb 27 1995CLOSED: mouse pointer doesn't change back
343.0109331::NELSONMon Feb 27 1995CLOSED: Accelerator conflict between HOLD SCREEN and H
344.0312611::FRANCINITue Feb 28 1995CLOSED: Macterminal font encoding is wrong
345.0612611::FRANCINITue Feb 28 1995CLOSED: Need to respond to the OPEN apple event.
346.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJWed Mar 01 1995OPEN(JL): Need a drag/drop cursor
347.0STAR::DEMERSWed Mar 01 1995OPEN: VT32
348.0158632::PERELLAThu Mar 02 1995System error#25 again ....
349.06KEPTIN::GRANOFFThu Mar 02 1995CLOSED: Win16 High-speed (>384
350.014KEPTIN::GRANOFFThu Mar 02 1995CLOSED: What happened to Alt/+ and Alt/-?
351.05AUSSIE::SULLIVANSun Mar 05 1995CLOSED: Session list windows always get created at startup
352.010AUSSIE::SULLIVANSun Mar 05 1995OPEN( ):General Protection Fault when using <ret> to start sessio
353.02BASEX::KAIRYSMon Mar 06 1995CLOSED: Hangup and Restart causes accvio.
354.02TARKIN::LINTue Mar 07 1995CLOSED: (duplicate) Accelerator Key Conflicts: O and E
355.0102816::GLOSSOPTue Mar 07 1995CLOSED: set term to correct size for a >8
356.03SMOP::glossopWed Mar 08 1995OPEN(JB): SPLAT missing from VT51
357.01NETCAD::EWANCOSat Mar 11 1995OPEN(JL): Session hangs after using TDSMP, Multi won't exit
358.02AUSSIE::SULLIVANSat Mar 11 1995CLOSED: Changing session startup state resets session n
359.01AUSSIE::SULLIVANSun Mar 12 1995CLOSED: TAB in session modify box is mis-behaving.
360.04AUSSIE::SULLIVANSun Mar 12 1995OPEN(JL): Unintentional selects
361.02816::SMOP::glossopMon Mar 13 1995Suggestion - close on "normal" disconnect only
362.02816::SMOP::glossopMon Mar 13 1995Suggestion - allow autologin to change all sess. for a host
363.0345531::RICHARDTue Mar 14 1995CLOSED: Error when opening ninth session - WIN16
364.02AUSSIE::SULLIVANTue Mar 14 1995Problem creating Telnet sessions after using a serial session
365.0BRONS::BurrowsWed Mar 15 1995Alert/CANCEL loop
366.0BRONS::BurrowsWed Mar 15 1995Nit: Scripts are not "transfers"
367.0AUSSIE::SULLIVANFri Mar 17 1995WISH: Horiz. scroll knob at left by default.
368.01AUSSIE::SULLIVANSun Mar 19 1995No custom session name when no host specified.
369.02RANGER::HARRISSun Mar 19 1995CLOSED: Logging out grows new windows
370.01RANGER::HARRISSun Mar 19 1995Why final Quit dialog and it won't take <Return>
371.01STAR::SESTESMon Mar 20 1995Login problems via serial line
372.0BRONS::BurrowsMon Mar 20 1995Vertical bar in Script error alert
373.0BRONS::BurrowsMon Mar 20 1995Byte number in script error alert is wrong.
374.0BRONS::BurrowsMon Mar 20 1995Undefined variable spits OBTAIN template
375.0BRONS::BurrowsMon Mar 20 1995Scripted progress is antidisestablishmentarianist
376.0BRONS::BurrowsMon Mar 20 1995Centrist message does not have last word
377.06KERNEL::MCGOWANTue Mar 21 1995COW interface using mouse
378.0529563::WSA1Tue Mar 21 1995Open conflicts wit Options, No keyboard Help.
379.0364282Wed Mar 22 1995OPEN(JL): cut and paste doesn't paste
380.084282Wed Mar 22 1995OPEN(JL): Hang session using Pathworks LAT
381.02BRONS::BurrowsWed Mar 22 1995CLOSED: Misplaced results
382.02BRONS::BurrowsWed Mar 22 1995CLOSED: Misplaced SAVE
383.01PRNSYS::LOMICKAJThu Mar 23 1995CLOSED: Reset Terminal doesn't clear SOS
384.09HANNAH::BAYThu Mar 23 1995NEW: Title-bar string too long
385.01COVERT::COVERTMon Mar 27 1995Floating Point System Error
386.0HANNAH::BAYTue Mar 28 1995NEW: Icon doesn't start new session
387.05KERNEL::MCGOWANThu Mar 30 1995CLOSED: vt51
389.01STAR::PITCHERFri Mar 31 1995OPEN( ): Single click on ICON brings windows to the front.
390.0142638::ROWELLFri Mar 31 1995CLOSED: CtrlF4 and CtrlF6 marked wrong in keys menu
391.02BASEX::KAIRYSFri Mar 31 1995CLOSED: autologin pages too small.
392.04AUSSIE::SULLIVANSun Apr 02 1995CLOSED: CtrlF4 and CtrlF6 marked wrong in keys menu
393.05AUSSIE::SULLIVANSun Apr 02 1995no response to move,resize, or iconify mouse actions
394.0102889Sun Apr 02 1995V16, Ver. 51 installation problems
395.01142638::ROWELLMon Apr 03 1995CLOSED: Telnet to node not in local database
396.01BASEX::KAIRYSMon Apr 03 1995OPEN(JL): Sending wrong script
397.03483Tue Apr 04 1995CLOSED: Multiple UDK give garbage when loading
398.01QUARRY::nethTue Apr 04 1995CLOSED: Missing/incomplete text in communications setup
399.03QUARRY::nethTue Apr 04 1995OPEN(EO): Error on disconnecting from Winsock
400.029331::NELSONTue Apr 04 1995OPEN(JB):Add text to left of "Modem Init string" text
401.02PRNSYS::LOMICKAJWed Apr 05 1995CLOSED: Modem port not working on Powerbooks
402.09BASEX::KAIRYSWed Apr 05 1995OPEN(YY): Crashes on WIN95
403.03STAR::PITCHERThu Apr 06 1995Can't use title bar/window dressings
404.02EVTAI1::CAILLEThu Apr 06 1995Problem with REVERSE VIDEO MODE
405.03BASEX::KAIRYSThu Apr 06 1995CLOSED: Problems with copy/paste between windows
406.01STAR::DEMERSThu Apr 06 1995NEW VTSTAR5.1 GPF with Pathworks LAT
407.01BASEX::KAIRYSThu Apr 06 1995"Send disable command" causes exit.
408.026Fri Apr 07 1995LAT and SCB problem
409.0452264::quango.vbo.dec.com::MilesFri Apr 07 1995CLOSED: Language versus Country
410.0AUSSIE::SULLIVANFri Apr 07 1995Crash when enabling Winsock on 425SLC laptop
411.024STAR::PITCHERSun Apr 09 1995V51.1 GPFs with TRUMPET WINSOCK.
412.013BASEX::KAIRYSMon Apr 10 1995No UI for closing session list window
413.012816::GLOSSOPMon Apr 10 19958 bit char in prompt string problem
414.03STAR::JACOBITue Apr 11 1995Special symbols for control characters
415.0151342::OLAVWed Apr 12 1995Ctrl+F6 (Do key) doesn't work?
416.05GROOVE::DADDIECOThu Apr 13 1995Session Number 2 Won't Come UP
417.05AXEL::FOLEYThu Apr 13 1995CLOSED: Can't find VT51
418.02STAR::PITCHERThu Apr 13 1995Window with title bar, no contents!
419.0166Fri Apr 14 1995exit
420.02STAR::PITCHERFri Apr 14 1995Menu bar missing!
421.0223848::ALBURYFri Apr 14 1995position saving?
422.021GROOVE::DADDIECOMon Apr 17 19952 sessions at once - finally - but .....
423.01CSC32::J_MCCLELLANDTue Apr 18 1995Can not follow session names with numbers.
424.02CSC32::R_MCBRIDETue Apr 18 1995quick sessions will not minimize v51.3
425.03STAR::SESTESTue Apr 18 1995A few problems: GPF, X in disconnected session and Fonts
427.03BASEX::KAIRYSTue Apr 18 1995CLOSED: 51.3 is a disaster for me!
428.020HANNAH::BAYWed Apr 19 1995VTSTAR causes constant disk access
429.09BASEX::KAIRYSThu Apr 20 1995Still font problems with V1.
430.01NOVA::DIAMONDFri Apr 21 1995OPEN(JL): control space sends space on Macintosh
431.02SHEILA::LOCHRINSun Apr 23 1995Problem UNZIPping WIN16.ZIP
432.032816::GLOSSOPSun Apr 23 1995Suggestion - allow ^M to repeat (if not return)
433.0856547::catherine.crl.dec.com::ALDENMon Apr 24 1995Problems copying the kit using anon-ftp
434.02BASEX::KAIRYSMon Apr 24 1995Modify Session dialog keeps resetting session name
435.03RANGER::HARRISTue Apr 25 1995NEW/v1.1 Mac crashed with old Session List document
436.0343Wed Apr 26 1995Fault/Error 132 to 8
437.02HANNAH::BAYFri Apr 28 1995VTSTAR has no gray areas
438.024282Mon May 01 1995NEW: Close session hangs vtstat
439.03RANGER::HARRISMon May 01 1995OPEN(JB): Mac Icon resource 132 mask is wrong
440.024NODEX::ADEYMon May 01 1995CLOSED: Not enabling multisessions
441.03BRONS::BURROWSTue May 02 1995OPEN(JB): Session Menu just plain wrong
442.032816::gemnt3.zko.dec.com::winalskiTue May 02 1995CLOSED: SHIFT/BACKSPACE should be same as BACKSPACE
443.027914::STEINERWed May 03 1995NEW: Lose menu bar in other applications
444.0NETCAD::SIMONFri May 05 1995Can't have open start-up session
445.01ROWLET::ALBURYFri May 05 1995LAT LIST SERVICES problem
446.04HANNAH::BAYFri May 05 1995NEW: MDI effects still visible
447.04HANNAH::LOMICKAJFri May 05 1995Illegal instruction in comm setup
448.0242638::ROWELLWed May 17 1995OPEN( ): Password not always **********
449.02SHEILA::LOCHRINThu May 18 1995"An unexpected error..."
450.0345531::RICHARDThu May 18 1995Baud definition in help's glossary
451.02GROOVE::DADDIECOMon May 22 1995Unknown String?
452.03NECSC::LEVYTue May 23 1995Double-height, bold, blink = S L O W VTstar
453.01HANNAH::BAYTue May 23 1995NEW: ALT-SPACE doesn't pop system menu
454.011189Wed May 24 1995NEW: hardware flow control deadlock can't recover
455.02BASEX::KAIRYSThu May 25 1995Disconnect + multisessions + Hangup/Restart = crash
456.01VIDEO::PULSIFERFri May 26 1995repeating
457.010TPSYS::BUTCHARTSun May 28 1995NEW - NT Crash during autologin
458.04NECSC::LEVYMon May 29 1995New Session Quickly - autolog problem
459.0529Fri Jun 02 1995CLOSED - $SET TERM/WIDTH=8
460.06AUSSIE::LOWFri Jun 16 1995Documentation
461.0129Fri Jun 23 1995Reset Comm = New Window?
462.0125Sat Jun 24 1995OPEN GPF when changing default printer
463.076Mon Jun 26 1995Circles in title bar?
464.02HANNAH::BAYMon Jun 26 1995NEW: display not vertically centered properly
465.039331::NELSONMon Jun 26 1995NEW: Print... doesn't seem to work
466.0483Wed Jul 05 1995Session Name Lost of last character
467.029231::M_FRAZIERSat Jul 08 1995Mac: Capture Text File is a CodeWarrior Doc
468.01NPSS::GLASERMon Jul 24 1995VTSTAR icons on TOP
469.04GROOVE::DADDIECOTue Aug 01 1995Autologin.cmd question
470.02RDGENG::HAQUETue Aug 01 1995Window title looses last character
471.0NPSS::GLASERFri Aug 04 1995V1.1 crash
472.02USCD::DOTENWed Aug 09 1995Flow control stall and hang up session problems
473.03527Wed Aug 09 1995Problems with 1.2
474.019547::HARRISWed Aug 09 1995NEW/Autowrap will _NOT_ stay selected
475.02KERNEL::MCGOWANThu Aug 10 1995New cut/paste problem with 1.2
476.012816::GLOSSOPTue Aug 15 1995Box with error message on telnet session disconnect
477.0642798::ROWELLTue Aug 15 1995Slow Cursor Autorepeat
478.0HANNAH::BAYWed Aug 16 1995NEW: No UI to change title bar
479.02816::korbel.mse.tay.dec.com::chenisThu Aug 17 1995Refresh not working w/ opaque moves
480.012816::korbel.mse.tay.dec.com::chenisThu Aug 17 1995Document Bug ? syslogin.com on a Unix system
481.0HANNAH::BAYThu Aug 17 1995NEW: VTSTAR crashes Citrix client software
482.08GROOVE::DADDIECOTue Aug 29 1995VTSTAR & Windows95?
483.04HLISC1::64174::PCFri Sep 08 1995LAT related 1.2 problem
484.03SSAG::LARYThu Sep 14 1995Comments/ Bug reports from a new user
485.03UNIFIX::HARRISMon Sep 18 1995insufficient system resources at remote node
486.01GROOVE::DADDIECOWed Sep 20 1995Terminal Display Size
487.05UNIFIX::HARRISTue Sep 26 1995False Alarm
488.011BASEX::KAIRYSWed Sep 27 1995Help! Telnet suddenly broke for me..
489.05GROOVE::DADDIECOFri Sep 29 1995Display Questions
490.04NPSS::BENZThu Oct 26 1995>24 lines VTSTAR with TPU on Digital Unix ?
491.06ANOHAC::COMFORTMon Nov 06 1995Win95 and orphan window frames
492.07NEWVAX::RAYTue Nov 07 1995Can't connect using LAT or CTERM
493.04AUSSIE::SULLIVANFri Dec 01 1995SET TERM/INQUIRE doesn't detect page length
494.05METSYS::REIDFri Dec 01 1995password exposed in v1.3 autologin setup
495.04BASEX::KAIRYSFri Dec 01 1995Viva VTstar!
496.06SSDEVO::ELLISMon Dec 04 1995V1.3: WINSOCK.DLL missing, and memory leak.
497.02CFSCTC::SMITHMon Dec 04 1995V1.3 (and V1.2) crash and burn
498.09GROOVE::DADDIECOTue Dec 05 1995VTSTAR on WNT with Winsock Telnet?
499.03ULYSSE::STRATMANThu Dec 07 1995broken V1.2 V1.3 (for me)
500.0TMCUKA::ROWELLMon Dec 11 1995Windows 95 Problems
501.010BASEX::KAIRYSWed Dec 13 1995Multiline paste to Windows programs is garbled
502.03GROOVE::DADDIECOWed Dec 13 1995VTSTAR waits for Trumpet now ...???
503.04RDGENG::HAQUEWed Dec 20 1995Pasting from VTstar into Teamlinks
504.05RDGENG::HAQUEWed Dec 20 1995Control vowels being swallowed?
505.03BASEX::KAIRYSThu Dec 21 1995Session list buglet
506.01TELEM::abu199.mko.dec.com::boothThu Dec 21 1995Backspace and delete
507.09GROOVE::DADDIECOWed Dec 27 1995Message Definition?
508.015JRFVAX::FRANDSENSat Dec 30 1995Printing and notepad paste with V1.3
509.019TURRIS::lspace.zko.dec.com::winalskiSun Dec 31 1995Alpha NT version of 1.3?
510.05RDGENG::COBBFri Jan 05 1996VTstar V1.3 starts trumpet winsock
511.02AZUR::HUREZFri Jan 26 1996What is .Aout. or .Bout. ?
512.011GROOVE::DADDIECOMon Jan 29 1996++ characters - how do I eliminate?
513.08BASEX::KAIRYSWed Jan 31 1996WNT: crash on exit
514.02CSC32::R_IVERSThu Feb 15 1996Problem with V1.3 (32bit)
515.01GROOVE::DADDIECOThu Feb 22 1996Open with Just the Session List window?
516.01TLE::PUDERTue Mar 12 1996saved "connected" session
517.01HANNAH::BAYThu May 02 1996More meaningful name for ZIP files?
518.01NETCAD::chenis.mse.tay.dec.com::ChenisWed May 22 1996Failure w/ NT 4.
519.01TLE::PUDERTue Jul 02 1996Error code is 4.
520.05LNZALI::BACHNERTue Jul 30 1996condensed character set for 132 char wide screen ?
521.03STAR::DIPIRROMon Oct 07 1996My window won't close!
522.0NPSS::BENZMon Oct 14 1996NT 4.
523.01LGP3Mon Oct 14 1996V1.3 print very slow, faint, compared to previous version
524.01METSYS::REIDFri Oct 18 1996fix for cut&paste problem?
525.08STAR::JACOBITue Oct 29 199632-bit VTstar 1.3 - No keyboard input with COM1
526.0 *+32251::DADDIECOFri Mar 14 1997Buffering/Bursting Problem?
527.0 *+1DECC::OUELLETTEMon May 19 1997odd escape sequence produces odd title bar