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Conference 7.286::vt1000

Title:VT1000 Decwindows terminal
Notice:This conference is not owned by the VT1000 engineering group
Created:Sat Feb 17 1990
Last Modified:Wed Jan 03 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:928
Total number of notes:2966
Number with bodies:0
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1.02MARVIN::WARWICKPSat Feb 17 1990Introduction
2.01MARVIN::WARWICKSat Feb 17 1990Notices
3.0MARVIN::WARWICKSat Feb 17 1990Reserved
4.0MARVIN::WARWICKSat Feb 17 1990Reserved
5.034STLTH::BIRMINGHAMSun Feb 18 1990Color Model?
6.05SUBWAY::KABELThu Feb 22 1990Ethernet and ROM questions
7.04EIGER::FREYFri Feb 23 1990VT1
8.014QUARK::LIONELFri Feb 23 1990Print support
9.048DUGGAN::GABRIELMon Feb 26 1990DECwrite performance ???
10.025SNDPIT::SMITHMon Feb 26 1990What _is_ a VT1
11.06WARNUT::YATESTue Feb 27 1990Get 'em while they're hot...
12.012SAC::MAGUIRE_GTue Feb 27 1990Documentation
14.010CIVAGE::FOXWELLWed Feb 28 1990VX1
15.022HXOAWed Feb 28 1990Positioning the DWT?
16.01MINNY::WALDISPUEHLThu Mar 01 1990How does it do terminal emulations?
17.01ODIXIE::MCCLOUDSun Mar 04 1990VMS 5.3-1, LAT & TCP/IP Transport Problem
18.011MINNY::MITEVSKIMon Mar 05 1990<LEVEL
19.02EMILE::TREGERMon Mar 05 1990Performances ?
20.07CIVAGE::FOXWELLMon Mar 05 1990Site Prep Specs for VT1
21.010GOONS::BAKERTue Mar 06 1990Intermittent hangs
22.08AUNTB::WARNOCKTue Mar 06 1990Font problem on VT1
23.05CRBOSS::LEMONSWed Mar 07 1990Software for the VT1
24.04OTOOThu Mar 08 1990Performance/configuration regarding hosts?
25.02WARLOC::YATESThu Mar 08 1990Questions Questions Questions...
26.01CMOTEC::AUSTINThu Mar 08 1990Software needed ?
28.0CHEESE::KAISERFri Mar 09 1990X-TERMINALS conference
29.01RTPCDA::DUNCANFri Mar 09 1990Determining server number from a command procedure
30.02WR2FOR::GRUBB_JASat Mar 10 1990What comes with a VT1
31.06ALOSWS::SCHICKEDANZMon Mar 12 1990More Font ?? problems
32.0KETJE::ERNSTTue Mar 13 1990VT1
33.03STKHLM::BUBENKOTue Mar 13 1990LAT terminal session(s) dissappears
34.0BURTON::YEATESTue Mar 13 1990ROM v RAM
35.0SUBURB::GALECWed Mar 14 1990VMS 5.3 + UCX + DWT ?
36.0333529::SCHICKEDANZWed Mar 14 1990ROM upgrades ???
37.010SALSA::MOELLERWed Mar 14 1990What's on these TAPES ?
38.0FORBIN::WILKINSONThu Mar 15 1990IBM Competition
39.013SCAACT::COXThu Mar 15 1990Different font problems
40.07BOSTON::HICKSThu Mar 15 1990Program F-keys on VT1
41.01CRBOSS::PIERPONTMon Mar 19 1990DECwindows Performance info from Corp source
42.04CIVAGE::FOXWELLMon Mar 19 1990Draft Documentation Problem
43.01WARNUT::YATESTue Mar 20 1990Ethernet Traffic
44.08PEACHS::MITCHAMTue Mar 20 1990Modify LAT Terminal Window title and icon thru program control?
45.01SNOCThu Mar 22 1990VAXstation Client and LAT Transport?
46.01AUNTB::WARNOCKThu Mar 22 1990Internal positioning paper on VT1
48.01CSC32::BUTTERWORTHFri Mar 23 1990Hangs and Rom revision...
49.01GLDOA::BENORESat Mar 24 1990Tablet Support?
50.01KYOA::HUSBYMon Mar 26 1990Ultrix use (DS31
51.04EDUHCI::RUDACKMon Mar 26 1990Any known Workarounds?
52.03WLW::SHREVETue Mar 27 1990UNIX X applications don't display
53.013POBOX::SMITH_TTue Mar 27 1990VT1
54.09OLDTMR::BENNETTWed Mar 28 1990Need Inputs for Performance Testing
55.0CONOR::STILLWAGGONWed Mar 28 1990tftp problems solved
56.010SCAACT::SMITHJWed Mar 28 1990Interleaf & VT1
57.05CSOA1::AYLWARDWed Mar 28 1990Update on Font Tape for Non-DEC Environment
58.02CGOSWed Mar 28 1990Interactive user - or not?
59.04TOOHOT::WALTERSThu Mar 29 1990HELP WITH X to VT1
60.03SUBWAY::LAUERThu Mar 29 1990Is REMOTE DWT MANAGER planned ?
61.02CIVAGE::PRUSSFri Mar 30 1990DECwrite - How?
62.04CIVAGE::PRUSSFri Mar 30 1990FileView font problems?
63.01POBOX::SMITH_TFri Mar 30 1990Can't find out enough...
64.09HOTAIR::DEGIDIOFri Mar 30 1990What is a font path?
65.04TRHLE1::MOGENSWed Apr 04 1990VT32
66.01TOOK::L_OUELLETTEWed Apr 04 1990VT1
68.0GLDOA::HILLMANFri Apr 06 1990LAT connections to DS2
69.0112312::thomasMon Apr 09 1990Wishlist Item: TD/SMP out the host port...
70.02TRNOI1::POLETTIMon Apr 09 1990How can I use serial lines ?
71.0QUARK::LIONELTue Apr 10 1990Missing fonts
72.03QUARK::LIONELTue Apr 10 1990Illegal slot received
73.01SNOCTue Apr 10 1990How many VT32
74.0STKHLM::BENEDICTSSONTue Apr 10 1990XOpenDisplay to VT1
75.04HILLST::JONESTue Apr 10 1990MORE font problems!!!
76.08SKYWAY::STUKERWed Apr 11 1990VMS 5.3-1 / LAT driver
77.0WELWEL::GRAHAMThu Apr 12 1990VT1
78.01MUDIS3::RBOEDEKERThu Apr 12 1990VT1
79.01MUTTON::LAMBThu Apr 12 19903rd Party Memory - SIMMs speed?
80.01SALSA::MOELLERThu Apr 12 1990Seed VT1
81.01NUTMEG::BARRYFri Apr 13 1990DECW$FD Won't Startup
82.02SALSA::MOELLERFri Apr 13 1990New Documentation ?
84.02JOCKEY::BYNGNTue Apr 17 1990X,release 4 not working !
85.012KAOFS::G_STOFKOTue Apr 17 1990Xon/Xoff Behavior
86.02DELNI::DSILVAWed Apr 18 1990Set display won't work?
87.03DELNI::DSILVAWed Apr 18 1990how many session mgrs?
88.06CSOA1::MCELWEEThu Apr 19 1990LAT Terminal Window NODE option problem.
89.010SCAACT::COXFri Apr 20 1990Dumps on the Vt1
90.0SIOG::ODRISCOLLFri Apr 20 1990Crashes when no memory left??
91.02HSOMAI::THOMASFri Apr 20 1990SIXEL OR REGIS ???
92.04LURE::CERLINGMon Apr 23 1990Problem in Dialing other systems
93.05RT128::BATESMon Apr 23 1990Problems with X11perf
94.0CBCRAS::WATSONTue Apr 24 1990Screen in "slow" mode? Help!
95.0CANYON::GURALNIKTue Apr 24 1990Upgrade Options for Color??
96.03CANYON::GURALNIKTue Apr 24 1990DECwrite looks different??
97.01ATHINA::GABITue Apr 24 1990Any ideas related to VT1
98.02SCAACT::EAGANTue Apr 24 1990multiple terms on VT1
99.011CANYON::GURALNIKWed Apr 25 1990Slow Performance... AGAIN??????????
100.0EMILE::TREGERWed Apr 25 1990Performance milestones ?
101.017SHAPES::OSBORNENWed Apr 25 1990DECwrite on VT1
102.01YUPPY::PIESLEYThu Apr 26 1990Yet another font Problem ?!
103.01SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Apr 27 1990VT1
104.06ZSAZSA::READINGSFri Apr 27 1990VT1
105.04SALSA::MOELLERFri Apr 27 1990RISC/ULTRIX *MOTIF* Fontload?
106.06CSC32::FORSMANFri Apr 27 1990X Session hangs after login
107.03CIVAGE::PRUSSSat Apr 28 1990Login screen from ultrix?
108.041DELNI::MHARRISMon Apr 30 1990Unacceptable (Barely Acceptable) performance
109.01EMASS1::KANGMon Apr 30 1990Need Font Education
110.0GLDOA::BENORETue May 01 1990Using fonts from non-DEC hosts
111.04SAYER::ELMORETue May 01 1990TCP/IP and DECNET on a VT1
112.01HXOATue May 01 1990automatic VTE creation?
113.01HXOATue May 01 1990Session lock feature?
114.02SHIPS::CLARKE_JWed May 02 1990LAT query
115.02CIVAGE::PRUSSThu May 03 1990VT1
116.0FULMER::MCERLANEVThu May 03 1990Remote session manager
117.06BURTON::YEATESFri May 04 1990VT1
118.08ASABET::CUNNIFFFri May 04 1990Can't Open display (non-SYSTEM accounts)
119.03CACHE::LEIGHFri May 04 1990Changing fonts with Terminal Mgr/LAT windows
120.0DELNI::MHARRISFri May 04 1990Will my VT1
121.03OTOOMon May 07 1990Do we need two conferences?
123.04TALK::JARVISTue May 08 1990Bug? or incorrect setup?
124.01MAIL::RICHARDSONTue May 08 1990Official Perf. report
125.02JSOCSS::NANBAWed May 09 1990"Usable" X Window Applications with VT1
126.01SEWANE::MASSEYWed May 09 1990Finding VT1
127.05DELNI::MHARRISWed May 09 1990How do I create a font server?
128.02--UnknownUser--Wed May 09 1990Problems with All-in-1
129.09ROYALT::FGZWed May 09 1990Final (almost) performance data
130.09SALSA::MOELLERThu May 10 1990What is a VT1
131.02CSC32::FORSMANThu May 10 1990Memory usage on VT1
132.07ZURFCC::WALDISPUEHLThu May 10 1990A VT1
133.01BSS::J_OLSSONThu May 10 1990Control Characters in Answerback?
134.0SCAACT::ZIPPThu May 10 1990Mouse copy/paste
135.01PAXVAX::GULDENSCHUHFri May 11 1990LAT link names
136.01EMILE::TREGERMon May 14 1990Oh really ?? Still no perf info ?
138.02VINO::MCARLETONMon May 14 1990XCopyArea with clip_mask fails
139.02DELNI::MHARRISTue May 15 1990How can i get V1.2 firmware?
140.01MANFAC::GREENLAWThu May 17 1990How do I get the settings to be active?
141.04KAORSC::S_HYNDMANThu May 17 1990Is there local echo support/Login timeouts
142.06SALSA::MOELLERThu May 17 1990VT1
143.03SALSA::MOELLERThu May 17 1990When to use the EXTERMINAL.FT4 tape?
144.0KYOA::KOCHThu May 17 1990Additiona features wanted for VT1
145.01KYOA::KOCHThu May 17 1990Dedicated LAT ports on a VT1
146.06FORTSC::SHOMOFri May 18 1990VT1
147.02EIGER::BRUGGERFri May 18 1990Data-Processing mode and local language
148.07RTOIC::KABRATISFri May 18 1990Vt1
149.0TALK::W_PIPERFri May 18 1990CONNECT service NODE nodename?
150.02EVTIS2::HOANGMon May 21 1990Thin and Thick wire.
151.01BURTON::YEATESThu May 24 1990What's on the font tape ??
152.02CHEESE::KAISERThu May 24 1990VT1
153.0ROYALT::FINGERHUTThu May 24 1990VT1
154.0ROYALT::FGZFri May 25 1990NCD terminals are optimized to the detriment of the network.
155.0SKRAM::STETSONFri May 25 1990Need Cable Part No.
156.0VAOUFri May 25 1990generic x envrionment
157.01--UnknownUser--Sat May 26 1990VT1
158.01SNOCMon May 28 1990DECchart problem on VT1
159.0TRHLEG::MOGENSMon May 28 1990CUT/PASTE in 7bit NRC mode
160.01VAOUTue May 29 1990reverse bye order processing
161.010MUNICH::CLAUSTue May 29 1990decterm counts buffered I/O
162.01SUBURB::JAMESHTue May 29 1990Tilt & Swivel?
163.09CASTLE::BRISSETTETue May 29 1990Next generation ....
165.01UTROP2::BEEKMAN_WWed May 30 1990Video option.......
166.03HAMSC3::UWEHWed May 30 1990LEVEL
167.02POBOX::SMITH_TThu May 31 199066 Lines/132 Col
168.06SCAACT::COXThu May 31 1990Does wide screen work?
169.07INFACT::NORTHERNThu May 31 1990Ability to change LAT name?
170.03GLDOA::GAUNNACThu May 31 1990graphics problem with vt1
171.01UTROP2::BEEKMAN_WFri Jun 01 1990LATMASTER and VT1
172.0HOTAIR::ENGQUISTFri Jun 01 1990A couple of improvements for the vt1
173.011RIPPLE::PEARSONCHFri Jun 01 1990Extra characters with WPS-PLUS using VT1
174.02CSC32::FORSMANTue Jun 05 1990Can't get a remote session up on a VT1
175.05WLDWMN::BYRATue Jun 05 1990VT1
176.05ALEX1::CUSICKWed Jun 06 1990Font path problem
177.05SCAACT::COXWed Jun 06 1990Reconnect problem after LAT timeout
178.07AKOFIN::SHAWThu Jun 07 1990Hold/scroll question <help>
179.0ZILPHA::KAPLANFri Jun 08 1990Blank windows
180.03USWAV1::LOEWFri Jun 08 1990Multiple VT's on Single-user vax??
181.05DPDMAI::DAVIESMon Jun 11 1990VT1
182.08AIMHI::TAYLORTue Jun 12 1990Ethernet port error - 24
183.0BLYTH::CORNWALLWed Jun 13 1990VT1
184.013BUZZER::GERBERWed Jun 13 1990Why does VT1
185.02SALSA::ABELSONWed Jun 13 1990LAT-X Session Confusion
186.0SCAACT::BRUSCOThu Jun 14 1990Yet another LEVEL
187.03STKHLM::HARTIKAINENThu Jun 14 1990Can't save current settings
189.0CSOA1::HUNTFri Jun 15 1990Performance over Twisted Pair
190.012COMICS::FISCHERWed Jun 20 1990Current ROM version.
191.0FORTSC::CHABANThu Jun 21 1990Sizing RISC Clients for VT1
192.02MUDIS3::OSWALDThu Jun 21 1990Problem with SPARCstation and VT1
193.0NOPLAN::LOUCKSThu Jun 21 1990Access violations with LAT X to VT1
194.05SALSA::ABELSONThu Jun 21 1990LAT-X session Menu - Rating???
195.02AKOFIN::SHAWFri Jun 22 1990VPA problem
196.02BERNMon Jun 25 1990v1
197.0WIKKIT::WARWICKMon Jun 25 1990Would the VT1
198.07CACHE::LEIGHMon Jun 25 1990Disappearing windows: XIO error 65535
200.01FRSCS::ERLEMANNTue Jun 26 1990Answerback?
201.0CECVWed Jun 27 1990decwindow cbi question
202.0HAMSC3::UWEHThu Jun 28 1990different programming behaviour on VT1
204.01MOVIES::RAKSHITThu Jun 28 1990LAT X Session Problems with VMS 5.4-4GE
205.01MOVIES::RAKSHITFri Jun 29 1990Remote X Window Problems on VMS 5.4 - 4GE
206.03COMICS::FISCHERFri Jun 29 1990Where are customized settings saved?
207.01UTRTSC::LAKENSTue Jul 03 1990Gateway Routing TCP/IP?
208.011OK4ME::LUNDTue Jul 03 1990VT1
209.06ACEHI::L_HERZLICHTue Jul 03 1990Who's responsible for "reconnecting" to the font path???
210.0ACEHI::L_HERZLICHTue Jul 03 1990Hexadecimal Key Sequences ?
212.03AKOLD1::WARRENThu Jul 05 1990Lat connections to specific nodes
213.08GIDDAY::SMALLFri Jul 06 1990Cannot connect to decserver service requiring password
214.02OSPREY::MCERLANEVWed Jul 11 1990VT1
215.0TOWNS::RUFFIEUXThu Jul 12 1990XOpenDisplay to a VT1
216.0FRSTSC::ERLEMANNThu Jul 12 19907bit problems in keyboard emulation?
218.05BAGELS::ALAGAPPANThu Jul 12 1990Steps wanted to do the LAT Xsession connection
219.01AIMHI::TINIUSFri Jul 13 1990X8.8 - Auto Resize Term doesn't work?
220.0AIMHI::TINIUSFri Jul 13 1990X8.8 - why do windows turn black?
221.01COMICS::FISCHERFri Jul 13 1990Processes left on host after X session is quit
222.02KINRYU::JENNINGSFri Jul 13 1990Multi (X) terminal processes
223.04BELHOP::BELLCFri Jul 13 1990New ROMs?, When?
224.01POBOX::LACEYMon Jul 16 1990How many VT1
225.01ECADJR::PERKINSTue Jul 17 1990VT1
226.01UTRTSC::ANBEEKTue Jul 17 1990Vt1
227.02OK4ME::MCCROHANWed Jul 18 1990Rom Upgrades - process question
228.01UTOPIE::KASPARThu Jul 19 1990Release Notes V1.2
229.01--UnknownUser--Fri Jul 20 1990How to change routing table?
230.02PARVAX::WARDLETue Jul 24 1990Need help getting LAT-X session started
231.02OSLACT::TOREOTue Jul 24 1990X program behaves strange on VT1
232.01HANNAH::OSMANTue Jul 24 1990vt1
233.05USWRSL::YUAN_VIWed Jul 25 1990DECwindows on VT1
234.01SYOMV::SCHOLZWed Jul 25 1990VT1
235.0CAM::EGERTONWed Jul 25 1990Specifying TCP/IP security
236.0BLKPUD::THOMASAThu Jul 26 1990Reverse LAT Printer port ?
237.01STKHLM::JOHANSSON_TThu Jul 26 1990vt1
238.01TRNOI2::POLETTIThu Jul 26 1990using XtOpenDisplay to a VT1
240.0ROYALT::FGZThu Jul 26 1990Performance data and questions about xstones
241.0CSCOA3::HOOD_DOThu Jul 26 1990no m's, w's in dxue on vt1
242.05TRHFri Jul 27 1990NFS mount of fonts??
243.02CSC32::BARELAFri Jul 27 1990LAT Xsession hangs in DECW$SESSION
244.01DURDUR::TREGERMon Jul 30 1990Screen stability
245.02SHRLOC::BRIDGESMon Jul 30 1990Tab key does not auto-repeat
246.04EPIK::SIDRA_PTue Jul 31 1990connecting to ULTRIX system?
247.01STKAI1::ARAKANGASWed Aug 01 1990ReGIS/DECterm ROMs
248.02DENVER::ARCHERWed Aug 01 1990FILEview problem?
249.01CSC32::BARELAThu Aug 02 1990problems using ADVISE/DECWINDOWS on VT1
250.04AKOV14::BAREThu Aug 02 1990Repeating Data
251.01DSTEG2::BROWNThu Aug 02 1990ln
253.07FULMER::MCERLANEVFri Aug 03 1990New VT1
254.01POBOX::MAMMENSat Aug 04 1990joystick instead of mouse?
255.02ZSAZSA::READINGSTue Aug 07 1990GKS and VT1
256.01YUPPY::STRICKLANDMTue Aug 07 1990CPU Speed (or not)
257.01FRAMBO::ERIKSSONThu Aug 09 1990LAT-session to VMS 5.2???
258.02AIMHI::TINIUSThu Aug 09 1990Multiple session managers?
259.03SKYWAY::STUKERMon Aug 13 1990RS232 Connections
260.03MSDOA::SECRISTTue Aug 14 1990*ANY* info on TI34
261.02FORT::HURST_JOTue Aug 14 1990Problem w/LATmaster & Font Loading
262.06MSDOA::SECRISTTue Aug 14 1990VT12
263.01PTOVAX::SCOTTWed Aug 15 1990Disable Terminal Window Manager ??
264.0UTRTSC::OOSTERHOFThu Aug 16 1990LANSA tool not found
265.0RHETT::PICKETTThu Aug 16 1990connection limitations - any besides memory?
267.0MQOAFri Aug 17 1990X11_perf for VT12
268.0RBW::WICKERTSat Aug 18 1990Window title should have service Name embedded
269.08MSDOA::SECRISTTue Aug 21 1990Customer Prefers RAM-Based Downloadables
270.01YUPPY::STRICKLANDMTue Aug 21 1990UWM, Sequent, VT1
271.01COMICS::FISCHERWed Aug 22 1990Message
272.02BACHUS::ROETSWed Aug 22 1990alt function key
273.0UTRTSC::HOFMANWed Aug 22 1990ACCVIO from DECW$FD-process
274.0KYOA::BARKERWed Aug 22 1990Terminal Manager questions
275.01KETJE::BEYENSThu Aug 23 1990dxpsview on vt1
276.03LURE::CERLINGThu Aug 23 1990Escape character
277.02LURE::CERLINGThu Aug 23 1990Openlook
278.01CSC32::D_HOHMSat Aug 25 1990font load from VMS V5.3 and TFTP?
279.0TLSEMon Aug 27 1990VT1
280.04WOODRO::MARSHALLTue Aug 28 1990VT12
281.04STKHLM::LORENTZIWed Aug 29 1990Some questions about VT13
282.01ANNECY::LEHYWed Aug 29 19901m45s to load fonts
283.04TRCAWed Aug 29 1990ALL-IN-1 AND VT1
284.01KETJE::VERVAENENThu Aug 30 1990How to change Window title for a VTE ?
285.0AIMHI::TINIUSThu Aug 30 1990Very slow COPY AND PASTE
286.01SALSA::MOELLERThu Aug 30 1990ANY vt12
287.03TFH::HSIAThu Aug 30 1990how to do graphics on VT1
288.0COMICS::ALLAMSFri Aug 31 1990DECwrite and VT1
289.011KERNEL::MCNULTYMon Sep 03 1990Can't load VT1
290.0OSLLAV::AGE_PMon Sep 03 1990DECW$FD memory consumption ?
291.0KERNEL::MCNULTYTue Sep 04 1990AIX v3.1, xterm error -> VT1
292.0ZENA::PUGGELLITue Sep 04 1990Industrial keyboards and VT12
293.0FORTSC::GAVINTue Sep 04 1990Is there Font Alias Support on the Vt1
294.08BAHTAT::BAHTAT::HILTONTue Sep 04 1990Motif on VT1
295.01CSOA1::MMOORETue Sep 04 1990VT12
296.02PTOVAX::METZThu Sep 06 1990Text Locator Support with mouse?
297.0AIMHI::TINIUSThu Sep 06 1990VTEs and "virtual hold screen"
298.01CLO::FORNERFri Sep 07 1990ICON pictures not showing up.
299.0HANNAH::OSMANMon Sep 10 1990regis file CRASHES entire VT12
300.01SKELTN::YINGMon Sep 10 1990How to start MOTIF window manager?
301.01AIMHI::TINIUSTue Sep 11 1990VTE loses top line after LAT X session
302.02MLNOIS::STABELLINIWed Sep 12 1990VT12
303.06HAMSC3::UWEHThu Sep 13 1990LAT window customization/resources and TABs
304.0TRCOThu Sep 13 1990new ROM config questions
305.04MEIS::FERRANTETue Sep 18 1990VR319-CA Can't get it to work.
306.02MINDER::EWINGRWed Sep 19 1990how many VTs /VUP;/Mb;...
307.09NUTMEG::BARRYWed Sep 19 1990New VR319 monitor issues
308.01SKYLRK::WHEELERLLThu Sep 20 1990
310.02COMICS::FISCHERThu Sep 20 1990Does host need DECwindows?
311.0PRMSThu Sep 20 1990VT12
312.0342238::DRAPERFri Sep 21 1990LAT X/XTDRIVER problem
313.02UTRTSC::CAHILLFri Sep 21 1990Black on Black...
314.07ROYALT::GURSKYMon Sep 24 1990Winning against NCD17c with the VT13
315.0DPDMAI::STEINERMon Sep 24 1990VT12
316.01DDIF::MCEVOYMon Sep 24 1990problem connecting VT1
317.0COMICS::FISCHERTue Sep 25 1990v2.
318.01SAC::POON_MTue Sep 25 1990bdf font file required.
319.02TOOIS1::MIRGHANEWed Sep 26 1990which VS31
320.01DDIF::MCEVOYThu Sep 27 1990Ethernet Port Error 24
321.03STKHLM::HARTIKAINENFri Sep 28 1990VT12
322.0KADOR::GVAFri Sep 28 1990Connect LAT X Session problem
323.01MAIL::DAVIDSONMon Oct 01 1990vt12
324.02TLSETue Oct 02 19904
325.01MLNCSC::BELLENCHIATue Oct 02 1990Xlogo with ROM v2.
326.01TOOIS1::MIRGHANETue Oct 02 1990Support of several Ethernet
328.07HEARNS::KURATAWed Oct 03 1990How do we upgrade to a VT12
329.01WELWEL::GRAHAMWed Oct 03 1990Any success with a sun load host ?
330.05SALSA::MOELLERWed Oct 03 1990Definitely SLOWER than the competition
331.02WECARE::GUIMONDThu Oct 04 1990Forced (!) to use DECwindows interface?
332.02STROP::LAYLANDThu Oct 04 1990vt13
334.03SUOSW3::WAGENBLASTFri Oct 05 1990Font path with ROM V1.2?
335.01BACHUS::RENTYFri Oct 05 1990Hang when creating LAT X Session to 39
338.07CSC32::L_SERKMANMon Oct 08 1990VT12
339.01EISDMF::FEUERSTEINMon Oct 08 1990Inconsistancy in setting the Autorepeat function
340.02CSOA1::CARLOTTIMon Oct 08 1990VTE copy/paste between TPU sessions
341.04KCBBQ::DUNCANWed Oct 10 1990How many vups for 185 VT12
342.03GRANPA::GHULETTWed Oct 10 1990Lat Services not seen?
343.01GLDOA::STOCKMANWed Oct 10 1990VT13
344.0STKAI2::RLUNDBERGThu Oct 11 1990MOTIFLOOK software on VT1
346.01DEMOAX::LOEWThu Oct 11 1990VT12
347.01UTROP1::CONIJN_RFri Oct 12 1990Multisession also Multiusers
348.02UTRTSC::CAHILLFri Oct 12 1990<ESC> problem on VT12
349.01BOSTON::CHUFri Oct 12 1990xdm on vt12
350.01UTRTSC::LAKENSFri Oct 12 1990VT12
351.02CSC32::M_TURNERFri Oct 12 1990Program causes the VT12
352.0MUNICH::BENDERMon Oct 15 1990VT12
353.01KERNEL::LOATMon Oct 15 1990Why won't my SET DISPLAY work? 8-[
354.02MARX::SYSTEMWed Oct 17 1990Another VT1
355.02USRCV1::RHODESJThu Oct 18 1990DECnet on VT13
356.05UTRTSC::CAHILLThu Oct 18 1990VT12
357.0SCAACT::ANDERSONFri Oct 19 1990Changing Default Location of Lat Window
358.04WINERY::NORDLINGERSun Oct 21 1990O fonts found
359.07CSOA1::REIGHTMon Oct 22 1990Low cost color DWT
360.0LEVEL::OSMANTue Oct 23 1990VT12
361.01RHETT::PICKETTTue Oct 23 1990# of available services limit of 64 - any plans for expansion??
362.04THEBAY::PEPERITue Oct 23 1990Trying to substitute fonts in the VTE
363.01SUBWAY::COMASTue Oct 23 1990Alternate keyboards?
364.02BLKPUD::THOMASAWed Oct 24 1990Fortran Xlibintro & VT1
365.02OSLHW::HAAKONW_PWed Oct 24 1990VT12
366.03VAXWRK::NORDLINGERThu Oct 25 1990DECW$DWT_FONT_DAEMON.EXE crashes system
367.05UTRTSC::CAHILLFri Oct 26 1990VT12
368.01VNABRW::KOITZTue Oct 30 1990VT12
369.03BLKPUD::THOMASATue Oct 30 1990VT1
370.0SKYWAY::FRIDLETue Oct 30 1990slow TCP/IP implementation?
371.02DNEAST::BOTTOM_DAVIDTue Oct 30 1990VT12
372.0GLDRVR::THROCKMOR_JOTue Oct 30 1990Terminal size is a major factor in this one.
374.0XNOGOV::PAVITTThu Nov 01 1990vt12
375.01DNEAST::BOTTOM_DAVIDThu Nov 01 1990Does X LAT service use a cluster service name?
376.0DNEAST::BOTTOM_DAVIDThu Nov 01 1990DO I need to Install XTERMINAL software?
377.0HANNAH::AXELRODThu Nov 01 1990FF Mode Defaults
378.016UTRTSC::CAHILLFri Nov 02 1990Vt12
379.0UTRTSC::CAHILLFri Nov 02 1990Default settings fo VT12
380.01DELNI::SCHERMERHORNFri Nov 02 1990VT12
381.01AIMHI::ALGERFri Nov 02 1990Source for user guides?
382.02RHETT::PICKETTFri Nov 02 1990decterms on vt12
383.02ROMMon Nov 05 1990VT1
384.02BREAKR::HAMon Nov 05 1990bdf/pcf/scf font formats
385.02CSC32::FORSMANMon Nov 05 1990VT12
386.01TODD::WARNOCKMon Nov 05 1990Is VT1
387.01SUBURB::HARTLEYATue Nov 06 1990VT13
388.01LABC::NGUYENThu Nov 08 1990EWS software for the VT13
389.0TPOVC::CCHSUMon Nov 12 1990VT-12
390.02MUNICH::BENDERTue Nov 13 1990which processors are in a vt1
391.0ULYSSE::GOYARDTue Nov 13 1990list of languages available for VT1XXX ?
392.04MARVA1::KIMMELThu Nov 15 1990How to help
393.0REGENT::EPSTEINThu Nov 15 1990X9.41 hang problem
394.0KERNEL::BSCOTTFri Nov 16 1990Demon Page Faulting ?
395.04INFACT::NORTHERNFri Nov 16 1990VT-12
396.01FORTSC::SHOMOMon Nov 19 1990Does VT13
397.01PJWL::LAMBTue Nov 20 1990VT13
398.03BLKPUD::THOMASATue Nov 20 1990VMS 5.3 & Xterminal kit location ????
399.01MACNAS::FEENEYTue Nov 20 1990VT13
400.01MUTTON::LAMBTue Nov 20 1990VT13
401.01CGOSWed Nov 21 1990VT12
402.0UTOPIE::HORINEKThu Nov 22 1990postscript extension ?
403.0JEREMY::EMMANUELMon Nov 26 1990VT12
404.02SKYLRK::BERGMon Nov 26 1990Latest VT1
405.010CHOSRV::YOUNGMon Nov 26 1990Why is OUR memory so expensive?
406.01MLNOIS::CAPERDONITue Nov 27 1990HELP on VT1
407.03THEWAV::CREIGHANTue Nov 27 1990Motif on VT13
408.01ROMWed Nov 28 1990VT1
409.01TIMCHZ::KASCHINSKEWed Nov 28 1990Disabling the LAT X session... ?
411.03ZURFri Nov 30 1990VWS SIGHT with UISX on a VT12
412.04KETJE::GEVAERTMon Dec 03 1990local Motif Window mgr on VT12
413.02SWAM2::LYNCH_SEMon Dec 03 1990anybody home?
414.01GUIDUK::SOMERMon Dec 03 1990VaxServer Licensing and VT13
415.03BLKPUD::STOCKMANSTue Dec 04 1990Vt1
416.0SMAUG::L_HOTue Dec 04 1990VT12
417.02NZOVTue Dec 04 1990VR29
418.02MUNICH::RUZICKAWed Dec 05 1990vt12
419.01HACMAN::HACKWed Dec 05 1990link lost running over TransLan T1 link.
420.01HXOUThu Dec 06 1990Server Configuration for VT13
421.0CMOTEC::HARTLEYFri Dec 07 1990VT12
422.02TAVSun Dec 09 1990VT1
423.02TRCOMon Dec 10 1990Fonts loaded but not found?
424.0STKHLM::KARLSSON_STue Dec 11 1990Autorepeat on tab or not???
425.03FRUST::HAGEMANNTue Dec 11 1990DECterm copy problem
426.0SALSA::MOELLERTue Dec 11 1990X Load Simulators ?
427.01TRCOTue Dec 11 1990No Font Alias
428.01MOMUNY::WSC183::D_LEWISWed Dec 12 1990x-remote session question
429.02COMICS::ALLAMSThu Dec 13 1990VT12
431.01LEMAN::SIMMONSFri Dec 14 1990Exchanging my VT12
433.01PASMMon Dec 17 1990Create X window on Host port
434.02TOOIS1::MIRGHANETue Dec 18 1990Configuring VT1xxx on many Ethernet
435.02TOPTEN::WOODTue Dec 18 1990VT12
436.01RHETT::KNORRTue Dec 18 1990Can you get an alternate logo on a VT1
437.0SEWANE::MASSEYMon Jan 14 1991VT12
438.01PASMWed Dec 19 1990Connect VT12
439.01UTOPIE::KASPARThu Dec 20 1990VPA V2.1 Display Graph results wrong font.
440.02FLYSQD::FERJULIANWed Dec 26 1990Where is HELIX::EWS ??
441.03POBOX::FEIGLEFri Dec 28 1990VTxxxx affect on resources
442.04PASMWed Jan 02 1991Create 2 session in 2 machines failed
443.01TOOIS1::MIRGHANEThu Jan 03 1991server configuration documentation
444.01TOOIS1::MIRGHANETue Jan 08 1991Xstone bench for VT13
445.0FRUST::HAGEMANNWed Jan 09 1991login setup
446.0HOBBLE::WILEYThu Jan 10 1991Dual-display config help needed
448.01BALTMD::RUFFNERTue Jan 15 1991NO GKS???
449.02PAULJ::HARRIMANTue Jan 15 1991VT1
450.0SORGEN::STEFANWed Jan 16 1991LAT Terminal Window output hangs
451.0DEC25::ATKINSONDWed Jan 16 1991TM Pause Screen failing
452.01BRSSWS::WILLEMSHThu Jan 17 1991Starting DEBUGGER on a VT13
453.01FRSTSC::ERLEMANNThu Jan 17 1991VT1x
454.07POCUS::KCARPENTERThu Jan 17 1991VT12
455.02COGITO::ZIKAFri Jan 18 1991NEW VT12
456.03KYOA::SCHULZFri Jan 18 1991Does DECgraph work on VT1
457.07AKOCOA::BAREMon Jan 21 1991ROM 2.
458.01CGHUB::JANEBMon Jan 21 1991VT12
459.0MAIL::KUTZMon Jan 21 1991VT1xxx limited X sessions
460.01BLKPUD::THOMASATue Jan 22 1991NCD 1c xterm and message number
461.01NBOFS1::IOANNOUTue Jan 22 1991VT13
462.03MUNICH::BENDERTue Jan 22 1991locking password case-sensitive ?
463.01PLAYER::VANDENEYNDEWed Jan 23 1991Bigger fonts ?
466.06BALZAC::ANTONEThu Jan 24 199115" color monitor on VT13
467.0OTOAThu Jan 24 1991Speed of scrolling text ?
469.01DPDMAI::RESENDEFri Jan 25 1991X Window Terminals & Dial-Up?
470.01GBIFri Jan 25 1991Questions on VT1
471.02AISG::MISKINISFri Jan 25 1991Dialog box - VT1
473.02BALTMD::RUFFNERTue Jan 29 1991vs to vt up-grade
474.02HSOMAI::LINTue Jan 29 1991DECimage 12
475.02UTRTSC::CAHILLWed Jan 30 1991SESSION MANAGER using resource.
476.01RACER::DAVEThu Jan 31 1991VT1
477.02COGITO::ZIKAThu Jan 31 1991Terminal Manager error
478.02MAIL::KUTZFri Feb 01 1991DECconnect boxes
479.0CSC32::R_ABBOTTFri Feb 01 1991bookreader and memory?
480.01MUCTEC::WENDLTue Feb 05 1991NON-DEC load host for vt13
483.01SUBWAY::DAVIDSONWed Feb 06 1991Service not offered?
484.0NWGEDU::DINGEMANSWed Feb 06 1991Secure, non-customizable multi-terminal display
485.0SUBWAY::DAVIDSONWed Feb 06 1991SECURPAK deletes session manager?
486.0WKRP::LENNIGFri Feb 08 1991SSU support?
487.06VINO::MCARLETONFri Feb 08 1991VT12
488.02CSC32::L_ALMEIDAMon Feb 11 1991Font weirdness w/ VR315/319 & Paint
489.01CSC32::D_COHNTue Feb 12 1991Help in locating the "LATMASTER" conference...
490.02SLICER::RODTue Feb 12 1991Zero Fill LAT from VT1x
491.02UTRTSC::CAHILLWed Feb 13 1991Session manager disappears in paused state.
492.0MUNICH::STEFANWed Feb 13 1991possible => reverse lat Session
493.0CX3PST::WSCThu Feb 14 1991decterm location and speed connected?
494.01STUMon Feb 18 1991Connect VT12
495.05CAFEIN::KANOUSETue Feb 19 1991resize button problem?
496.01SUBWAY::SAMBAMURTYTue Feb 19 1991Vt13
497.01FULMER::MCERLANEVWed Feb 20 1991OPCODE ERROR 28 again HELP
498.0NEURON::LEEWed Feb 20 1991VT12
499.01ISIDRO::DELCURAThu Feb 21 1991VT13
500.02PLAYER::VANDENEYNDEMon Feb 25 1991Trap Interrupt Occurrence - 28
501.0SYSTEM::DBATESNPWed Feb 27 1991LAT dying with vt12
502.01TAVIS::DRORIWed Feb 27 1991VT12
503.06VINO::MCARLETONWed Feb 27 1991Missing monitor cable
504.01WARNUT::FORSHAWJWed Feb 27 1991VT13
505.0EISJAT::TEDESCOWed Feb 27 1991what about 12
506.01RONAN::RONANWed Feb 27 1991VT12
507.03GRANPA::DROSENTHALThu Feb 28 1991Print Screen - Printer Location
508.01YUPPY::BROWNGFri Mar 01 1991 SUN and VT12
509.0NEGD::CASAGRANDEMon Mar 04 1991Remapping the VT12
511.04STKHLM::HARTIKAINENWed Mar 06 1991VT1
512.01POBOX::LARKWed Mar 06 1991Ultrix/VT12
514.0ROMFri Mar 08 1991Image in reverse video on VT1
515.0THEWAV::STETAKFri Mar 08 1991Xterminal Network Saturation and Supported Quantities
516.0HAMSC3::UHABENREICHMon Mar 11 1991LK4
517.01UTROP1::LILLJEGREN_EMon Mar 11 1991Which brand is the VR32
518.0BRUMMY::LUMMISTue Mar 12 1991VT12
519.01COPCLU::BROLINWed Mar 13 1991Does vt13
520.0STEREO::PHELANWed Mar 13 1991VT12OO Response Time?
521.07SYSTEM::DBATESThu Mar 14 1991Can I maske fonts smaller ?
522.03BERNThu Mar 14 1991VT12
523.01POBOX::LARKThu Mar 14 1991VT12
524.02DNEAST::BOTTOM_DAVIDFri Mar 15 1991What group makes the VT12
525.02UTRTSC::CAHILLMon Mar 18 1991LAT windows killed by DW session manager.
526.01XCUSME::FULTZWed Mar 20 1991High speed/Low speed
527.07SYSTEM::COCKBURNThu Mar 21 1991VT12
528.01KERNEL::YOUNGMThu Mar 21 1991Terminal Manager Pause not secure?
530.03CIGRBX::NELSONThu Mar 21 1991Answerback (again)
531.01STARV5::LIVINGSTONThu Mar 21 1991VT12
532.03SYSTEM::COCKBURNFri Mar 22 1991VT1
533.03MADWT::HEEBFri Mar 22 1991Network loading when moving one pixel.
534.01AUNTB::BOYERSun Mar 24 1991Monitor Setting VT12
535.01NCESW1::GUILLEMINMon Mar 25 1991AZERTY not QWERTY on VT13
536.01BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODMon Mar 25 1991TCP/IP performance
537.04KAOFS::D_FORBESMon Mar 25 1991LAT sessions disappear
538.0DYOSW8::WILDERTue Mar 26 1991Vt12
539.0H2SO4::GERSBACHThu Mar 28 1991VT12
540.04COMICS::FISCHERThu Mar 28 1991Multiple LAT X Session confusion
541.01CGOAThu Mar 28 1991WAN & X-sizing
542.0DPDMAI::HARTSONMon Apr 01 19912.2 *when*
543.03MASALA::GHUTCHEONTue Apr 02 1991Problems With VMS5.4-2 & Font Loading
544.01NMGDV4::DOEVEWed Apr 03 1991VT13
545.01MUNICH::BENDERThu Apr 04 1991host port connection to decserver rs232
546.0RIPPLE::DENIGAN_KEMon Apr 08 1991Level
547.0GIDDAY::ARTHURWed Apr 10 1991vt1
548.0BIGRED::DANIELSWed Apr 10 1991VT12
549.0GIDDAY::WANThu Apr 11 1991Paint on VT12
550.0TROAFri Apr 12 1991OPCODE 28 Again
551.01WIDGIT::WESTFri Apr 12 1991Need help connecting VT1
552.02COMICS::FISCHERTue Apr 16 1991Font not found problem with Bookreader
553.03--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 16 1991VT12
554.0CENSUS::BOLLINGERTue Apr 16 1991VTE Big Font+Big Screen = Very Slowwwwwwwww
555.02METSYS::COCKBURNWed Apr 17 1991VT12
556.02COGITO::ZIKAMon Apr 22 1991VT12
557.0ULTRA::GASSERMon Apr 22 1991Mouse acceleration
558.02COMICS::FISCHERWed Apr 24 1991Can't open display. Error
560.0ULTRA::SEKURSKIFri Apr 26 1991VT12
561.010ULTRA::GASSERFri Apr 26 1991VTX crashes multiple DECterms through X session
562.01BUGEYE::PLESSASFri Apr 26 1991Display PostScript and DECimage 12
563.03GOYA::ANAFri Apr 26 1991LAT X Session to a ULTRIX machine
564.01ULTRA::GASSERFri Apr 26 1991Big font needed on banners
565.04ULTRA::GASSERTue Apr 30 1991Serious security problem with pause
566.02FSTTOO::VALVERDEThu May 02 1991VT13
567.01TRCAFri May 03 1991Printscreen Problems
568.02ULTRA::GASSERFri May 03 1991Can't set font path
569.02GIDDAY::ARTHURMon May 06 1991Vt12
570.0ULTRA::GASSERMon May 06 1991Hard to finely position an icon
571.0ULTRA::GASSERTue May 07 1991Illegal opcode and NVR error
572.01ODIXIE::PEACOCKRTue May 07 1991Memory Adapter not available
573.011SALSA::ABELSONTue May 07 1991BIGGEST FONT for Blind Persons?
574.0ULTRA::GASSERThu May 09 1991Change in iconification
575.01JMPOFF::OSTThu May 09 1991X prog. ref guide
576.02DSM::CRAIGThu May 09 1991Help with VT13
577.04ILKKA::KORKKOFri May 10 1991VT1
578.0AIMHI::TINIUSFri May 10 1991It's still happening, help?
579.03ARTLIB::GOETZETue May 14 1991Memory Free Bar -- sluggish to respond to quitted app.s?
580.03TPOVC::SAMCHUWed May 15 1991VT12
581.0NANOOK::FOXWed May 15 1991Setting Font Path to Cluster on Other Side of a Bridge
582.01COMICS::PENDERGRASTThu May 23 1991error...set.exe..insuff wslimit..
583.0ESRAD::PANGAKISFri May 24 1991Can I come use your VT1
584.04WR2FOR::RIFKIN_DAFri May 24 1991DecImage 12
585.03HAMSC4::UHABENREICHTue May 28 1991VT12
586.05ZURCAT::SPACEMGRWed May 29 1991Unable to CREATE/TERM or start window
587.01ILKKA::KORKKOThu May 30 1991Secure reset on VT12
588.01NEGD::SAMANENThu May 30 1991Trouble cutting/pasting between LAT and X windows
589.07POBOX::ALLENThu May 30 1991Login window on VT12
590.01ESRAD::PANGAKISMon Jun 03 1991Guide for developing applications?
591.05WR2FOR::RIFKIN_DAWed Jun 05 1991Current DI-12
592.01GIDDAY::ARTHURWed Jun 05 1991Encapsulated Postscript on Vt12
593.0ROYALT::ENGBERGThu Jun 06 1991Job Opportunity - Networks Person needed
594.03YAHOO::ENOThu Jun 06 1991It's not my system!!! HA!!!
595.01LAIDBK::NEMECHEKThu Jun 06 1991VT13
596.03KYOA::ANDERSONSat Jun 08 1991what is OPCODE 28 error
597.01GENIE::SEEMANNTMon Jun 10 1991Port printer for VT13
598.03ANNECY::LEHYTue Jun 11 1991customize security password
599.04COMICS::FISCHERThu Jun 13 1991VMS and TCP/IP
600.01EVOAI2::LUCOTTEThu Jun 13 1991VT12
601.0SUBWAY::BARASCHThu Jun 13 1991Ctrl-F3 breaks NEXT/PREV keys
602.0RIPPLE::FARLEE_KEThu Jun 13 1991Local backing store?
603.03PEACHS::MITCHAMFri Jun 14 1991Clip-art examples screw-up screen memory?
604.0PEACHS::BELDINTue Jun 18 1991TCP X Session - is it possible?
605.03ROYALT::RIESSThu Jun 20 1991Blitz for VT1
606.03CREME::BELDINFri Jun 21 1991Does VT1
607.01KID2::JENNINGSFri Jun 21 1991IMAGE?
608.05GIDDAY::STRAUSSMon Jun 24 1991BadValue from xset +fp fontpath to vt12
609.0ELIS::DOEVEWed Jun 26 1991Application menu around for VT12
610.02GLDOA::KATZWed Jun 26 1991reference site
611.01BUSHIE::OMELEYThu Jun 27 1991VT12
612.01POBOX::FEIGLEFri Jun 28 1991An X-Terminal Study BY A CUSTOMER
613.01ORABX::WSATue Jul 02 1991Unable to make/Keep connection thru LAT/VTE to Remote Service
614.01OSLLAV::VIGDIS_PWed Jul 03 1991VT13
616.02CREME::BELDINTue Jul 09 1991DECimage 12
617.03MALMA1::SMEDBERGWed Jul 10 1991VT13
618.01EVTIS2::HOANGThu Jul 11 1991First pb with the ROM V2.2
619.02HGOSTS::LIWAICHUNGThu Jul 11 1991vt12
620.0ULTRA::GASSERFri Jul 12 1991Prognosis for improving error handling?
621.02HSOMAI::LINFri Jul 12 1991VT13
622.01SUBWAY::SMITHTue Jul 16 1991Prd. Mgr. for new models?
623.01XCUSME::FULTZTue Jul 16 1991color map is full
624.02BRAT::MATTHEWSThu Jul 18 1991setting up user defineable keys??????
625.06KAOHThu Jul 18 1991Problem Autostart from Session Manager
626.02MANTA::SIMONThu Jul 18 199112
627.0HGOSTS::LIWAICHUNGMon Jul 22 1991VT12
628.05SALSA::DUPREMon Jul 22 1991VT1
629.05HALFDM::GOETZETue Jul 23 1991%system-f-timeout, device timeout for 12th and higher DECwindows App.s on VT12
630.0WR2FOR::RIFKIN_DATue Jul 23 1991VT12
631.01TPOVC::SAMCHUWed Jul 24 1991VT12
632.02MINDER::WEBSTERMWed Jul 24 1991Problems running CHOPS on VT12
633.01RHETT::WILLIAMSWed Jul 24 1991dashed lines on VT12
634.01BLYTH::CORNWALLThu Jul 25 1991New product directions
635.01MAIL::HAYDENThu Jul 25 1991switch on graphics board?
636.0592Fri Jul 26 1991VT1
638.0TAVENG::AVISun Jul 28 1991Is there a new font server that can process the alias file available in DW Motif kit ?
639.0CSC32::SCHMALSTIEGSun Jul 28 1991Retransmit Timer
640.01TINNIE::OMELEYTue Jul 30 1991VT12
641.06MAIL::HAYDENTue Jul 30 19912nd serial port uses?
642.04UTRTSC::DORLANDWed Jul 31 1991OPCODE 28 again
643.01KERNEL::LOATWed Jul 31 1991Press buttons twice?
644.01VOGON::HARKERThu Aug 01 1991downloading fonts from ULTRIX V4.2/MIPS (and other problems)
645.01SHRLOC::BRIDGESThu Aug 01 1991VT12
646.01ARTLIB::GOETZEFri Aug 02 1991Are there hard-coded limits in server logic regarding # of connecting app.s?
647.01MFRNW1::DENISGMon Aug 05 1991boot vt13
648.01PEACHS::GILBERTMon Aug 05 199112
649.01KYOA::KULKARNITue Aug 06 1991decwindows thru dialup
650.0POBOX::SEILERTue Aug 06 1991wan mgr on a vt12
651.02PEACHS::GILBERTTue Aug 06 1991XWarpPointer fails on the 12
653.01PEACHS::MITCHAMWed Aug 07 1991More VT12
654.0COMICS::BUTTFri Aug 09 1991VT12
655.01DECEAT::DESHMUKHTue Aug 13 1991WSAn device for VT12
657.01CSOA1::CYOUNGWed Aug 14 1991New products: Which Enet cables?
658.01FIXSR1::WHITTINGTONFri Aug 16 1991Question about GIF files on vt1
659.02MQOSWS::F_GUILLEMETTTue Aug 20 1991Slow with DECdecision ???
660.01SHINER::D_HOHMTue Aug 20 1991Change pointer acceleration on VT1x
661.01NMGDV4::DOEVEWed Aug 21 1991DECW$DWT_DECNET gives a strange error
662.01TRCOA::LIUWed Aug 21 1991Going backward
663.02GIDDAY::KINGFri Aug 23 1991VT12
664.0PEACHS::BELDINFri Aug 23 1991Problems w/ server pixmap memory on vt12
665.01MLNMon Aug 26 1991VT12
666.04GIDDAY::HAHLINGMon Aug 26 1991VR3xx-?? designation confusion
668.01BBOVAX::VILLARIWed Aug 28 1991diags/trblshtg questions
669.0SALEBT::HEARNSThu Aug 29 1991Question from Customer on VT12
670.06CSAVAX::SANTINELLIThu Aug 29 1991DECterm Problem...
671.02PEACHS::GILBERTThu Aug 29 1991vt12
672.04CLOVAX::FORNERMon Sep 02 1991Decwindows over a terminal server?
673.02TAVIS::LANDSBERGMon Sep 02 1991Will X11 R4 ever run on VT12
674.01JUPIT::SYSTEMMon Sep 02 1991VT12
675.02PEACHS::GILBERTTue Sep 03 1991Why is IP address given as number instead of name now?
676.02JURA::SYSTEMThu Sep 05 1991Arrow key moves mouse pointer.
677.01KERNEL::LLOYDAFri Sep 06 1991VT12
678.0RIGI::SCHMITTTue Sep 10 1991font tape again
679.0EVTIS2::HOANGTue Sep 10 1991Slow Refresh on a VTE.
680.01CSC32::L_ALMEIDATue Sep 10 1991?'s on customizing VTE windows
681.0MUNICH::BENDERWed Sep 11 1991vms 5.5 problem / vt1
682.01MLNCSC::BELLENCHIAThu Sep 12 1991X-terminal with Big Endian format and reverse bit.
683.06JGODCL::APETERSFri Sep 13 1991Illegal OPCODE occurrence error
684.02MUNICH::BENDERFri Sep 13 1991again VT12
685.0HOBBLE::WURZBERGERTue Sep 17 1991Font load from VMS over TCP/IP?
686.02HSOMAI::LINTue Sep 17 1991DECimage 12
687.09MLNCSC::VOCIThu Sep 19 1991vt1
688.0SHIPS::DAVENPORT_DThu Sep 19 1991Disconnecting mouse problem
689.01POCUS::WOODFri Sep 20 1991VT12
690.0POCUS::WOODFri Sep 20 1991VT12
691.01POCUS::WOODFri Sep 20 1991VT12
692.01VCOUFri Sep 20 1991VT13
693.01KURTAN::HOLMBERGTue Sep 24 1991GKS and VT12
694.02POBOX::KOCHTue Sep 24 1991Need mkt. & product mgrs.
695.02DEKVC::YOUNGCHANKIMWed Sep 25 1991VT12
696.01TRCOA::LIUThu Sep 26 1991TRACK BALL??
697.01CSC32::A_GEORGEThu Sep 26 1991bitmap files and VT13
698.03EPAVAX::CARLOTTIMon Sep 30 1991Problem with Dialog boxes under Motif v1.
699.02GUIDUK::BERKUNTue Oct 01 1991zombie processes under ULTRIX
700.01ULTRA::GASSERWed Oct 02 1991Reestablish font path while X session in progress
701.01ULTRA::GASSERWed Oct 02 1991Better warnings for loss of font path
702.02PLAYER::VANDENEYNDEWed Oct 02 1991X11 R4 compliance
703.08AQOPAS::CONEJO::GLOVERWed Oct 02 1991Problem with v2.2 ROMs
704.0TENNIS::KAMSat Oct 05 1991Session termnated by remote node
705.0BRSSWS::RENTYSun Oct 06 1991Decterm width/ character font density
706.0UTRTSC::CAHILLTue Oct 08 19912 session managers causes vaxserver crash.
707.02WILARD::ATTERBERRYTue Oct 08 1991VT13
708.01WELLIN::LAMBERTCWed Oct 09 1991Open Look and VT12
709.02TROOA::POOTSWed Oct 09 1991VT13
710.01CHUCK::OTOOLEFri Oct 11 1991VT12
711.01EEMELI::RUUSKANENTue Oct 15 1991XDrawPoint() draws nothing to the VT12
712.01LEMAN::ROSSIERTue Oct 15 1991VT13
713.02MLNCSC::RAMAZZOTTITue Oct 15 1991gks kit examples-vt13
714.04TAVWed Oct 16 1991Plans for Font Aliasing?
715.03KERNEL::PARRYWed Oct 16 1991No. of invalid password attempts to unpause
716.02AKOCOA::MINEZZIWed Oct 16 1991No Service for LAT X Sessions
717.0HILLST::JONESWed Oct 16 1991Font problem, VMS5.4-2, VT1
718.01LILIMP::FITZFri Oct 18 1991$ SET HOST problems/DECterm windows disappear
719.04TRUCKS::THRUSSELL_RTue Oct 22 1991German LK4
720.01HKGACT::WILLIAMCHANWed Oct 23 1991Problems
721.01ROYALT::HERONThu Oct 24 1991Announcing: X Terminal Public Acct
723.0HYEND::R_HICKMANFri Oct 25 1991Incomplete view of LDSW FLOW with new ver ROM brd
724.01POCUS::WOODSun Oct 27 1991Telnet problems
725.05AIDEV::MISKINISMon Oct 28 1991How do I find the ROM version?
726.0SYSTEM::COCKBURNMon Nov 04 1991Pointer customisations
727.01GOLF::BROUILLETTue Nov 05 1991How to print to VT12
728.01CSC32::D_MAHDERWed Nov 06 1991Motif..small fonts look like large fonts
729.0KAOFS::G_PAQUETTEMon Nov 11 1991No "CURRENT PORT" name for VT12
730.02SHAWB1::WILLOUGHBYDWed Nov 13 1991Image accounting record written by VT12
731.02IOSG::BIGGINMWed Nov 13 1991Can anyone help?
734.01TYSON::KURATAFri Nov 15 1991problem loading font path from Ultrix
735.0NEWPRT::SCHOOLER_CHMon Nov 18 1991Remote Reboot?
736.01HKOVC::TERENCETue Nov 19 1991Ultrix ws + xdm + VT12
737.01MUNICH::STEFANTue Nov 19 1991Printer port is busy
738.02KAOU58::MACDONALDWed Nov 20 1991VT12
739.01UTRTSC::LITHThu Nov 21 1991panic:timer que corrupted on VT12
740.06RHETT::MACEACHERNTue Nov 26 1991Escape Sequences for Vt12
741.01MLNCSC::VOCITue Nov 26 1991vt13
742.01TROOA::SOLEYTue Dec 03 1991Serial port parameter wierdness
743.01FORTSC::CHABANTue Dec 03 1991VAXstation -> VT13
744.01GIDDAY::ARTHURTue Dec 03 1991Dec Xterminal <-> Apple Mac's
745.01PWDER::ROPERWed Dec 04 1991VXT2
746.05BOSTON::DEVINEThu Dec 05 1991How do you set up vt12
747.01BTOVT::BAGDY_MThu Dec 05 1991Something like a `SET-UP' problem. . .
748.0SHAWB1::TAYLORJFri Dec 06 1991logical name in font path takes longer to load fonts
749.02SNOCFri Dec 06 1991Latest ROM versions 5.x???
750.01LEMAN::FONTOVATue Dec 10 1991VT13
751.01ZURWed Dec 11 1991VT1
752.05OASS::BURDEN_DThu Dec 12 1991DECimage 12
753.04BLKPUD::TAYLORJFri Dec 13 1991VT1
754.0GIDDAY::KINGSun Dec 15 1991vt12
755.0CSC32::K_GRAHAMTue Dec 17 1991HELP..UDK's need to be global for all windows.
756.02TALK::JARVISMon Dec 30 1991VT12
757.01CSC32::R_ABBOTTMon Dec 30 1991VT1
758.02XAPPL::RAVITZThu Jan 02 1992QAR database/contact for VT12
759.0HANNAH::VESSALWed Jan 08 1992Name of default Font used by VT1
760.05HANNAH::VESSALWed Jan 08 1992Font Path Disappears... Date Changedby Moderator
761.01HANNAH::VESSALWed Jan 08 1992survival spec... Date Changedby Moderator
762.01NODEX::GUPTAThu Jan 09 1992HELP Performance Problem!!
763.0KAOFS::N_PIROLLOThu Jan 16 1992VT12
764.0POCUS::WOODFri Jan 17 1992VT12
765.01HYEND::CKELLEHERMon Jan 20 1992Lat Terminal Window Disappears...
766.03ALIENS::OPSThu Jan 23 1992Vt12
767.0CLARID::CHAMEROYFri Jan 24 1992Problem with the display from another node on the VT1
768.0SIOG::ODRISCOLLTue Jan 28 199216
769.02GRANPA::TMALICKTue Jan 28 1992REGIS cross-hair on DWT
770.0CUJO::BROWNMon Feb 03 1992Where is the VT1xxx Position Paper?
771.08EWBVTue Feb 04 1992VT12
772.01ARRODS::WHITAKERWed Feb 05 1992VXT Terminals
773.0VNOTSC::BIRGITTue Feb 11 1992dectermport failed to find language .../ vt12
774.0--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 11 1992yet another font load problem
775.07KERNEL::FISCHERIWed Feb 12 1992Closing VTE window loses everything
776.01TROOA::NAISHWed Feb 12 1992VXT2
777.01CSC32::D_COHNThu Feb 13 1992Process displaying to VT terminal hangs in "PFW"
778.01BLKPUD::WARNESGWed Feb 19 1992VT12
780.0SOLVIT::COOKEWed Feb 19 1992Will a VRT19 work on a VT13
781.01CSC32::D_MAHDERWed Feb 19 1992Motif for vt12
782.0PEACHS::PICKETTWed Feb 19 19923rd party application wants to use a touch screen instead of the mouse.
783.0HGOVA::TASMANSIUThu Feb 20 1992VT12
784.03MDCLAM::WARSHAWFri Feb 21 1992auto login on
786.0KAOTWed Feb 26 1992Multi-Ethernet and VT12
788.03PEACHS::LAMPERTWed Mar 04 1992What is status/outlook for VT12
789.01KERNEL::PARRYThu Mar 05 1992Paint on VT12
790.01TROOA::NAISHTue Mar 10 1992Impact of installing MOTIF on VT13
791.02WELCLU::WOODWARDAThu Mar 12 1992VT12
792.01GIDDAY::KINGSMILLMon Mar 16 1992random font size using remote window manager
793.01ISLNDS::SCHWABETue Mar 17 1992LAT x service node not seen
794.02SHAWB1::WILLOUGHBYDWed Mar 18 1992AST queue corrupted
795.02PAPERS::PARRYWed Mar 18 1992Unable to start X session until touch the VT12
796.011BUNDY::LONGThu Mar 19 1992VT12
797.0PEACHS::MITCHAMFri Mar 20 1992"invalid argument" when doing dxsession to VT12
798.02CUJO::WALTHERWed Mar 25 1992.GIF image on VT12
799.08SWAM2::LYNCH_SEFri Mar 27 1992Let's put it to sleep while we can!
800.02TILTS::VANDERPOTTue Mar 31 1992set up for VT13
801.0CSOA1::LATIMERThu Apr 02 1992w
803.01BRSDVP::RENTYMon Apr 06 1992Can't find font with fontpath to 5.5 node
804.01HOBBLE::WURZBERGERTue Apr 07 1992Can SUN display on VT13
805.04GLIND1::MCKEEWed Apr 08 1992Fonts not found
806.03BRSSWS::RENTYWed Apr 08 1992Session terminated by remote node
807.02ATHINA::TSILIRAThu Apr 09 1992VXT12
808.0HTSC19::KENNETHThu Apr 09 1992VT1
809.01BFOMCM::THERENDEENThu Apr 09 1992SLIP support for X-Terminals?
810.02KERNEL::BROWNLOWHMon Apr 13 1992Timestamp differs greatly??
811.03RHETT::MACEACHERNWed Apr 15 1992Can the Digital logo, on the vt12
812.01CSC32::M_HANSONTue Apr 21 1992Does a VT1
813.0KURTAN::SNILSSONWed Apr 22 1992architectual limit on VTX1
814.0AUNTB::FLACKThu Apr 23 1992LAT X to VMS 5.5 MOTIF
815.02KAOTThu Apr 23 1992Programming VTE function keys
816.01BITBKT::HARRIOTTTue Apr 28 1992is the vt1
817.02CSC32::L_SERKMANWed Apr 29 1992VT12
818.0ZURMon May 04 1992SNA 327
819.01CSC32::D_MAHDERWed May 06 1992set display without latx
820.01TAVSun May 10 1992VUIT won't run on VT12
821.0MCIS2::BONVALLATTue May 12 1992Login to 1 account OK, but no others
822.02CSC32::J_MORTONThu May 14 1992Saved routing info. lost by reboot
823.02HSOMAI::LINWed May 27 1992Max Memory on DECimage 12
824.0POCUS::WOODFri May 29 1992increasing memory allocation
825.0TKTV2Tue Jun 02 1992Display Login Dialog Box
826.0OTOOA::CORBINWed Jun 17 1992Busy printer port , see also note 737
827.0CSC32::C_REESETue Jun 23 1992file table overflow
828.0DPDMAI::DAVIESFri Jun 26 1992VT12
829.0LEMAN::BRUNNERFri Jun 26 1992VT12
830.0DPDMAI::DAVIESFri Jun 26 1992VT12
831.03XLIB::CHANGMon Jun 29 1992Cann't find fonts under VMS V5.5
832.02ISLNDS::SCHWABEMon Jun 29 1992cannot start DECW$FD process
833.0HALIBT::MCCANTAWed Jul 01 1992VT12
834.0WARABI::MCLARENThu Jul 02 1992Frame refresh rate for VXT2
835.0ZURThu Jul 02 1992Aren't able to create LAT-X-Session
836.0OUTBCK::OMELEYFri Jul 10 1992Ctrl-S/Q control on VTE seems broken
837.01SYSTEM::COCKBURNWed Jul 15 1992Motif and VT12
838.0PEACHS::LAMPERTMon Jul 20 1992VT12
839.0BLKPUD::NORRISMFri Jul 31 1992DW-MOTIF VT12
840.03MOVIES::BENSONFri Jul 31 1992set display to vt12
841.01TAVThu Aug 06 1992VT12
842.0JULIET::DRUMMOND_ROFri Aug 07 1992URGENT - References Needed
843.03DECEAT::BISWASTue Aug 18 1992help needed to open bookreader
844.01ZGOVFri Sep 18 1992Port printer over LAT X session ?
845.0OTOOA::GMACDONALDTue Sep 22 1992X Problem after VMS 5.5-1 Upgrade
846.0MUTTON::LAMBTue Sep 22 1992VXT 2
847.02HGOSPS::DENISLIFri Sep 25 1992VT13
848.01SHAWB2::MILLERMTue Sep 29 1992ACCVIO and VT12
849.01FLYWAY::SPIELMANNMon Oct 12 1992VT1
850.01BLGFri Oct 23 1992vxt2
851.03SQM::BOWERTue Oct 27 1992One day, FONTS are found, the next day they are gone
852.02GEMVAX::PARKERWed Oct 28 1992vt12
854.0SFCPMO::JOHNSTONWed Nov 04 1992Prob displaying to VT12
855.05ADO75A::MCSHANETue Nov 10 1992VT12
856.05UTRTSC::SCHUITEMANWed Nov 11 1992Display openwindows on a VXT2
857.02MCIS2::SHERWINThu Nov 12 1992Can't seem to modify Applications Menu
858.0SHAWB1::ROBERTSCMon Nov 16 1992Lat Terminal corruption problem
859.0FAILTE::TAYLORThu Nov 19 1992X-based client/server over the WAN?
860.0ROMTSS::SERAFINIThu Nov 19 1992GKS appl. not deiconized on VT12
861.0CSC32::D_MAHDERTue Dec 01 1992Connecting to a service port
862.04GIDDAY::FLAWNFri Dec 04 1992LAT solicit problems with VT12
863.0NQOPS::REINERTWed Dec 09 1992SLave Printer... Gets Hung Up
864.0MCIS2::SHERWINWed Dec 09 1992VXT12
865.0MLNMon Dec 14 1992VT13
866.02GUIDUK::BERKUNMon Dec 14 1992vms software for vxt2
867.02ROMMon Dec 21 1992Terminal-Bold font needed
868.0BRUMMY::RICHARDTue Jan 05 1993Print Screen behaviour has changed with VMS upgrade!
869.03BACHUS::FOLENSMon Jan 11 1993Change LAT host Name on VXT2
870.0LAVGOD::ALLENMon Jan 25 1993Dropped frames on the VT12
871.0PEACHS::RROGERSTue Jan 26 1993Cust trying to implement Multinet support for VT12
872.04FORTSC::ANDREOUTue Feb 02 1993VXT2
873.04NSTG::FOXTue Mar 02 1993New Location for Docs for VT1
874.0HTSC19::TONYLIUThu Mar 25 1993Old problem:VT12
875.03KAOOA::WEISSFri Mar 26 1993VT1
876.01XLIB::CHANGTue Apr 06 1993AIX application hang on VT12
877.0CAM2::SADLERWed Apr 07 1993What monitors with VT13
878.08FSOA::OGRADYThu Apr 08 1993Help getting a x terminal running
879.0CLARID::CHAMEROYThu Apr 22 1993Fonts problem with a VT1
880.03BLKPUD::NORRISMWed May 05 1993Current Status of VT12
881.02SUPER::OLIVEIRAWed May 05 1993Not listed in "known services"
882.01ADO75A::MCSHANEThu May 13 1993print sreen VXT2
883.01MVCAD3::SMITHMon May 17 1993Flat panel display problems...
884.01POCUS::OHARAThu May 27 1993How to Identify a VT12
885.0MSDOA::FLACKWed Jun 09 1993VT12
886.01CSOA1::TEATERWed Jul 14 1993VT12
887.01VICKI::PAHIGIANMon Aug 02 1993Cable part number?
888.01NMGDV4::DOEVETue Aug 10 1993VT12
889.0TRLIAN::VIDIOT::PATENAUDEWed Aug 25 1993VT1xxx Printer port question
890.01EBYGUM::WOODWARDJThu Aug 26 1993Answerback once again......
891.01NEWVAX::MURRAYWed Oct 06 1993VT12
892.01ZURThu Oct 14 1993Telnet Terminal to Cluster Alias VMS (UCX)
893.01DPDMAI::DAVIESThu Oct 28 1993LAT X connect problem
894.0VESPER::VESPERFri Nov 12 1993Do any DEC X-terminals support multiple colormaps?
895.0HGOM11::LAWRENCEFri Nov 12 1993WP+ inside Allin1 problem
896.02HTSC19::KENNETHTue Jan 11 1994VT13
897.01ZPOVWed Jan 19 1994vt 12
898.05ODAY4Wed Jan 19 1994VT1
899.02DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGWed Feb 02 1994VT1
900.01DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGWed Feb 02 1994Primary name server and hung
901.01NEPHI::COARTue Feb 08 1994Colour X-terminal for captive application?
902.0COLWed Feb 16 1994Questions to VXT2
903.02LUXWed Mar 16 1994LCD Technology screen someone ????
904.01TRUCKS::MILLSMon Apr 11 1994MOTIF APPLIC. > VT12
905.0ISIDRO::ELSAThu Apr 28 1994vt12
907.03PTOVAX::DANZAKTue May 17 1994VT1
908.01STUMon Jul 04 1994vt13
909.02SWETSC::LONNGRENFri Jul 08 1994VT12
910.0KERNEL::HANNANSFri Jul 29 1994Garbled Char's and Fonstruct.
911.02MUNICH::STEFANFri Aug 12 1994Is the VT12
912.01STKHLM::DUFVATue Sep 13 1994LAT vs. TCP/IP performance?
913.03ROMOIS::MASSONETue Sep 20 1994Another font problem
914.01COWBOY::MIRGHANEFri Nov 04 1994VT1
915.02MUNICH::STEFANFri Nov 25 1994AXP, X Lat Session and Motif 1.2 supported ?
916.01PENSKE::DATZMANThu Dec 15 1994OSF/1 and VT13
917.0MUNICH::STEFANTue Dec 20 1994Security Problem with Motif 1.2 and V12
918.01COMICS::SUMNERCFri Feb 10 1995Fonts/Remote Window Manager/Toolkit Problems
919.0RDGE44::ALEUC5Tue Apr 04 1995Default pause password?
920.03COMICS::SYMONDSKTue May 02 1995VT12
921.01LARVAE::WINKWORTH_MWed May 10 1995VT12
922.04QDOVThu Jun 08 1995Fonts Downloading problem using LAT
923.0LARVAE::WINKWORTH_MTue Jun 13 1995Entering TCP/IP vt12
924.0TENNIS::SYSTEMFri Aug 04 1995How to Create | Terminal Window on Printer Port?
925.03LEMAN::LA_GIOIAMon Sep 04 1995tcp/ip loading
926.01SDEBOO::DANZAWed Oct 18 1995Tool to draw something...
927.01CHEFS::HANCOCK_MThu Dec 07 1995Five VT12