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Conference 7.286::vaxpac

Title:VAX Public Access Communications
Created:Wed Oct 15 1986
Last Modified:Thu May 30 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:194
Total number of notes:540
Number with bodies:0
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1.0KRAKEN::FAULKNERWed Oct 15 1986Introduction to VAX PAC notes file
3.02KRAKEN::FAULKNERThu Oct 23 1986Location of documentation
4.0KRAKEN::FAULKNERSat Oct 25 1986Summary of product features
5.05CSC32::DUTKOWed Oct 29 1986KITINSTAL problem
6.03CACHE::KOTOKFri Nov 14 1986Line at a time file output to remote sys
7.07JBSVAX::BARNWELLMon Nov 17 1986Broke on old VT24
8.0KRAKEN::FAULKNERTue Nov 18 1986Conferences dealing with Asynch Communications
9.0KRAKEN::FAULKNERThu Nov 20 1986Baselevel 4D available for network installation
10.0KRAKEN::FAULKNERTue Nov 25 1986B/L 4D Known problems and limitations
11.02KRAKEN::FAULKNERTue Nov 25 1986Baselevel 4E available for network installation
12.02ZPOVTue Dec 02 1986FCS date
13.01NY1MM::SWEENEYWed Dec 03 1986Is VAX PAC a trademark?
14.02NUHAVN::WRIDEFri Dec 05 1986Forgive a dumb question, but...
15.02OMEGA::PULSSun Dec 14 1986Delay Character ?
16.0KRAKEN::FAULKNERFri Jan 09 1987Saveset name now VAXPAC
17.01HUMAN::CONKLINSun Jan 25 1987Need Ethernet-connected phone lines
18.02HUMAN::CONKLINSun Jan 25 1987Interrupt and attach
19.02POTARU::KLAVINSMon Feb 09 1987Auto-bauding and FIDO systems?
20.0KRAKEN::FAULKNERWed Feb 18 1987Draft of modem set-up info
21.01ODIXIE::JONESLAFri Feb 27 1987Where is SPD?
22.02KRAKEN::HUNZEKERSun Mar 01 1987VAXPAC V1.
23.02BCSE::J_VANGILDERSat Mar 07 19874f? ALLOC TTxx
24.02HAVEN::PORTERFri Mar 13 1987What is needed to print the docs?
25.06KRAKEN::FAULKNERThu Mar 19 1987Baselevel 4G available
26.01CTOAVX::JENNINGSThu Mar 19 1987Public Service Accounts
27.06KRAKEN::FAULKNERFri Mar 20 1987Appeal for feedback
28.02KRAKEN::FAULKNERSun Mar 29 1987Display of messages during system startup
29.03KRAKEN::FAULKNERSat Apr 04 1987DF
30.0158498::HILDERFri May 01 1987Does VAXPAC work on F4.6
31.01NANUCK::NASHLEANASTue May 05 1987Auto-login Capability?
32.0KRAKEN::FAULKNERSun May 10 1987SDC distribution kit available
33.02DYO78Tue May 12 1987DMF32 Support???
34.09PBSVAX::KILIANFri Jun 12 1987uVAX I gets stuck.
37.03ZPOVFri Aug 07 1987XMODEM support?
38.0KRAKEN::FAULKNERFri Aug 07 1987Appeal for V1.1 test sites
39.02PBSVAX::KILIANTue Aug 11 1987Resizing the Window.
40.02CGOUWed Aug 19 1987XMODEM Hack that Works!!
41.01SDOGUS::MORINSun Sep 13 1987Terminal Server Support?
42.02TUNER::RAVENELLEWed Sep 30 1987Record log file has ^@^@^@^@....
43.01PHILIP::JOHNSONSat Oct 10 1987Asynch Decnet and /EXIT Enhancements?
44.04INFACT::FARNSWORTHTue Oct 13 1987Remote Servers and SYSPRV...
45.0DVF::FAULKNERMon Oct 19 1987VAXPAC T1.1 Baselevel 1 available
46.01CSCMA::LEVYFri Oct 23 1987Sort the COMM$PERSONAL file?
47.02DVF::FAULKNERSun Nov 01 1987Known problems in VAXPAC V1.
48.03CSCMA::DICKERSONMon Nov 02 1987V1.1 dual-speed problems
49.0CSCMA::DICKERSONSat Nov 07 1987V1.1 - modems not releasing
50.08CSCMA::DICKERSONSat Nov 07 1987Wish list for new features
51.01WAV12::SPAETHMon Nov 09 1987Decserver Dial-in Kermit?
52.0KRAKEN::FAULKNERThu Nov 19 1987VAXPAC V1.1 FT2 available
53.012CSCMA::DICKERSONThu Dec 03 1987FT2 VAXPAC problems
54.01AITG::CHAPMANWed Dec 09 1987VAXPAC library acesses
55.01STEREO::RAVENELLEWed Dec 09 1987Cluster available lines aren't
56.06DVF::FAULKNERThu Dec 10 1987Some questions - feedback wanted
57.02NANUCK::FORDWed Dec 30 1987When will BI systems be supported???
58.01DVF::FAULKNERMon Jan 04 1988VAXPAC support notes available
60.0DVF::FAULKNERThu Mar 03 1988VAXPAC product requirements
61.01CVG::CAMPANELLAMon Mar 28 1988DecServer Lines???
62.0BETA::CLEVELANDTue Mar 29 1988Dialout works only from local terminal?
63.04CVG::CAMPANELLAThu Mar 31 1988Fixing bad terminal emulation
64.01COOKIE::HANKSThu Apr 07 1988Packet failure numbers.
65.07NIPPER::SOMMERVILLEFri Apr 29 1988Easy way to down-line load Kermit?
66.0GEOFF::G_SCHULTZTue May 10 1988Random characters being lost.
67.01MDVAX1::RIGDENThu Jun 16 1988?'s on file trnsfr to TSO
68.01CSC32::C_BESSANTThu Jun 30 1988Internal Error 5
69.02NUTMEG::KELLOGGMon Jul 04 1988VAXPAC<->PCKERMIT Problems
70.05COGMK::SILVAFri Jul 29 1988Callable interface?
71.0MDVAX1::MCVEYMon Aug 08 1988Timeframe for V1.2/DECserver Support?
72.03SNOJOB::CLINARDTue Aug 09 1988dmf's on a 855
74.0129Mon Aug 15 1988%Comm$Kermit-F-TIMEOUT, device timeout
75.0FSADMN::BEKELEFri Aug 26 1988To Stop Or Not...
76.04POETS::G_SCHULTZWed Sep 07 1988File Transfer - 7 Years Ago & Today
77.03CSC32::C_BESSANTWed Sep 07 1988Session logging quirk
78.01CAADC::TRAINVESTUTOTue Sep 27 1988Line mode access
79.04ZEKE::KOZIKOWSKIThu Oct 06 1988VAXPAC work on VMS V5.
80.02GIDDAY::SOMMERVILLEFri Oct 07 1988Dial out via remote modems?
81.06LEVEL::FAULKNERWed Oct 12 1988Conference moved to HANNAH::VAXPAC
82.02RIPPLE::KOTTERRIWed Oct 12 1988Problems accessing LEXIS - HELP!
83.02KYOA::PFAUTue Oct 18 1988Just a couple of glitches
84.02CSCMA::PLAISTEDWed Oct 19 1988Common comm$personal.dat file?
85.07DLNVAX::HENLEYTue Nov 08 1988Timeshare costs too high
86.02STAR::BECKThu Nov 10 1988Failure to detect carrier on Hayes-compatible modem
88.01OTOUFri Dec 02 1988More VAXPAC and DECserver Questions
90.03CSCMA::PLAISTEDWed Dec 14 1988Secure modems
91.03CGOSTue Jan 03 1989logging or audit trail
92.01WAV14::LYONSJWed Jan 18 1989Problem with 8 bit using VA4224A Modem
93.01MDVAX1::HAYDENThu Jan 19 1989References?
94.04HGOVC::HAUKWOKKEUNGWed Feb 01 1989Can it runs on PVAX
95.02TOKNOW::METCALFEFri Feb 03 1989DF
96.01HANNAH::FAULKNERTue Feb 07 1989VAXPAC V1.2 Field test
97.02PHILIP::JOHNSONTue Mar 14 1989VAXPAC and Static DECnet
98.04CGOSWed Mar 29 1989Scripting capabilities for batch mode
99.0KAOFS::D_BIGELOWTue Apr 04 1989SLV for PDP-11's ?
100.05COSBY::TIBBERTWed Apr 12 1989What is a frame file & how did I lose it?
101.0HANNAH::FAULKNERWed May 03 1989VAXPAC at Spring DECUS
102.05ZEKE::KOZIKOWSKITue May 23 1989Can we use scripts now?
103.09STKHLM::KLARSSONMon May 29 1989PAK for VAXPAC?
104.0ACESMK::SILVAThu Jun 01 1989Call interface to VAXPAC?
105.0GRANMA::SSTUARTMon Jun 05 1989VAXPAC Presentation Slides?
106.02ANARCY::DILIDDOTue Jun 27 1989Can't use format characters in V1.2 ?
107.02CSC32::S_ROSCIOThu Jul 06 1989Sources for use at CSC only, please?
108.01PADIS1::HARBOUNTue Jul 11 1989 VAXPAC in EUROPE
109.01GLASS::YANCHESONThu Aug 03 1989Can't get to kit
110.01PBSVAX::KILIANTue Aug 08 1989Available on Ultrix?
111.01SRFSUP::KELLEYMon Aug 21 1989Access to Dow Jones News/Retrieval Service
112.01SUBWAY::ROTHMANThu Aug 24 1989%D not translated (Expert Mode)
113.06GUNADO::SOMMERVILLESun Sep 10 1989Display bug with next/prev screens
114.05GLORY::DOWBENKOThu Oct 26 1989Device Protection Problem
115.03GUNADO::SOMMERVILLETue Nov 07 1989 Would like to update VAXPAC's kermit
116.03FASDER::SBAKERSat Nov 11 1989printing Allin1 mail on attached printer?
117.05MAZE::FUSCIFri Jan 19 1990DF124-A setup?
119.01VLAB::READFri Mar 16 1990COMM$SYSTEM:??
120.02CXCAD::CHAMBONTue Apr 10 1990V1.2 Documentation???
121.04DELNI::MHARRISSun Apr 15 1990Simple HOw-to sought...?
122.0HANNAH::FAULKNERWed Apr 18 1990KERMIT notesfile moved
123.01AHIKER::EARLYWed Apr 18 1990Help! Does this harware config seem ok for VAXPAC ?
124.01CLO::SCHWARTZMon Jun 04 1990Allowing only certain phone numbers?
125.01CSCMA::PICARDTue Jun 05 1990TELEBIT T1
126.02MSAMThu Jun 07 1990Industry Standard AT Command Set same as Hayes?
127.06VFOVAX::STOWERSThu Jul 12 1990VAXPAC with Scholar on PV31
128.02BORIKN::EFRAINWed Jul 18 1990Minor problems and suggestions
129.02CUJO::PROCTORThu Aug 23 1990XMODEM under VAXPAC?
130.01NECSC::PORTERThu Oct 04 1990Premature DTR drops on LAT connected ports
131.02POETS::G_SCHULTZMon Oct 15 1990Can't install V1.2 on VMS V5.4
132.04KAOFS::D_PAWSEYTue Oct 16 1990COMM-F-TIMEOUT error
133.05NOVA::MATSUMOTOWed Oct 24 1990Can't get my 31
134.0AIMTEC::GILKERSON_DMon Oct 29 1990codex
135.07HPSRAD::G_SCHULTZMon Oct 29 1990How to transfer .EXE and .DOC files
136.01AIMTEC::GILKERSON_DFri Nov 02 1990DMF32 and VAXPAC V1.2
137.0CSC32::S_MAUFESat Nov 17 1990parity and spacing questions
138.01FSADMN::BEKELEThu Dec 27 1990V1.2 installation problem
139.01AIMTEC::DERRING_PFri Jan 18 1991Direct Connection
140.0WARWMP::DERRING_PFri Mar 15 1991Expert Dialing Mode
142.01MLCSSE::ROSATIMon Apr 08 1991CDROM kit is bad.
143.01USWS1::JOHNSONTue Apr 09 1991VAXPAC going to become DECPAC?
144.01DECWET::AURICHTue Apr 09 1991numbers randomly dropped
145.0AIMTEC::DERRING_PMon Apr 15 1991dialing
146.01WIDGIT::CALDRELLOThu Apr 18 1991Sending control Q's
147.04SHANE::PACIELLOThu Apr 18 1991VAXPAC, VaxStation 31
148.01NOLE2::KIMBELThu May 02 1991Use of V32 Modem and DSRVB?
149.03USWS1::JOHNSONTue Jun 18 1991What is the current status in VAXPAC?
150.0TRCOA::MOKTue Jul 23 1991PC to VAX over VAXPAC
151.02GLORY::FEGANFri Jul 26 19911.3 location?
152.0AIMTEC::DERRING_PFri Aug 16 1991Bad CDROM kit
153.01VAXUUM::SYSTEMWed Aug 21 1991V1.3 Documentaton
154.0CSCOAC::GILKERSON_DFri Aug 30 1991VT1
155.0CSCOAC::GILKERSON_DFri Aug 30 1991Busy signal ???
156.0KAOFS::BOIVINTue Sep 03 1991DF296 support
157.0NECSC::JOHNSONWed Sep 04 1991LAT connection aborted with reason code 393222
158.0NOLE2::KIMBELSun Sep 15 1991Another approach without modem control?
159.0WARIOR::MARGETSON_MThu Sep 26 1991Logicals and VAXPAC
160.0RIPPLE::KOTTERRIWed Oct 23 1991Support for DECservers and CXY
161.02OASS::MARGETSON_MThu Oct 31 1991VAXPAC Programming
162.0OASS::MARGETSON_MFri Nov 08 1991Modem Problems
163.0WIDGIT::CALDRELLOWed Dec 04 1991No "DO" key, what happens?
164.0CSOA1::HOLLERANFri Dec 06 1991RACALVADIC Modems?
165.0ZURFri Mar 06 1992Looking for RZ/SZ script
166.0BLKPUD::WILLIAMSHMon Mar 09 1992Command procedure query
167.01OASS::MARGETSON_MFri Apr 10 1992Connection Lost
168.01KAOTWed Apr 29 1992What's gonna happen to VAXPAC ?
169.0MIMS::GILKERSON_DTue May 05 1992327
170.05MIMS::GILKERSON_DMon Jun 15 19925.5 compatability
171.0SWAM2::RHODEWALT_BRThu Jul 02 1992Question about dialing long sequences
172.0GEOFF::G_SCHULTZWed Jul 08 1992Transfering large fixed length record files
173.0GEOFF::G_SCHULTZWed Jul 08 1992Increasing file transfer throughput
174.0MIMS::GILKERSON_DFri Oct 09 1992Switch Digital 56KBlink
175.03SUSANJ::FUSCIFri Nov 20 1992no support for modems on DECservers. Alternatives?
176.0GEOFF::SCHULTZTue Feb 02 1993File transfer stopped working with VAXPAC V1.3 and VMS V5.5-3
177.0SMOGGY::EMERYWed Feb 10 1993Speed is King!
178.02CSC32::SCHMALSTIEGSun Mar 14 1993ACCVIO after upgrading VMS to 5.5-2
179.02CSC32::J_SANDOVALMon Mar 15 1993What is the official word on the Support of this product from Engineering..
180.01CSC32::J_SANDOVALFri Apr 02 1993Remote connection disconnected
181.0CSC32::J_LACKMANMon Apr 19 1993Support Documentation
182.0MSDOA::CAWLEYTue Apr 20 1993Where's VAXPAC going?
183.0CSC32::J_LACKMANThu Apr 22 1993New ACCVIO from COMM$STARTUP
184.0NEWOA::PAVITT_AWed Jun 30 1993Tranfering files to remote PC ?
185.0TRACTR::LAPERLETue Aug 17 1993Is a modem the only form of connection available?
186.03BMT::SAMBAMURTYWed Sep 01 1993PAC V1.3 & VMS A5.5-1; timeouts
187.01CSC32::RAYWed Oct 06 1993Strange occurances when using Manager's Menu
188.0NWDSat Feb 12 1994Ability to tweak 1.3 or 3rd party equivalents?
189.0KEIKI::WHITEWed Apr 13 1994Need license for AXP or location to NOOP.
190.01CSC32::J_SANDOVALTue Jul 26 1994%SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO, access violation, reason mask=
191.03CSC32::T_KNAPPWed Nov 30 1994VAXPAC and VMS V6.1?
192.0GRANPA::CULBERTSONThu May 04 1995zmodem->Vaxpac
193.01ASD::GUDITZThu May 11 1995Kit location?
194.0TKTVFS::AEBAThu May 30 1996I have question but..