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Conference 7.286::turbo_c

Title:Welcome to the Turbo/Borland C/C++ Notes File!
Created:Mon Oct 03 1988
Last Modified:Tue Dec 10 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:663
Total number of notes:2959
Number with bodies:0
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1.01SCOMAN::DESHARNAISTue Oct 04 1988The Purpose of this Notes File.
2.05SCOMAN::DESHARNAISTue Oct 04 1988Public Service Announcements
3.0CIMBAD::DESHARNAISTue Oct 04 1988Reserved for future use.
4.0CIMBAD::DESHARNAISTue Oct 04 1988Reserved for future use.
5.0CIMBAD::DESHARNAISTue Oct 04 1988Reserved for future use.
7.0USHSWed Oct 05 1988PC c to Vax c tips...
8.012GALLOP::BOURNEJThu Oct 06 1988PD "C" Compiler?
9.039CIMBAD::POWERSThu Oct 06 1988Introductions
10.07MEIS::GARCEAUFri Oct 07 1988New DOS/TC Users - TC Env or CL?
11.02E2XE2X::MCCONNELLSat Oct 08 1988Size of TC 2.
12.05RTOISD::TINIUSSun Oct 09 1988Define keys using "shift" ?
13.06TAVMon Oct 10 1988Implementing CoRoutines
14.04MSAVTue Oct 11 1988B-tree sort ?
15.05SCOMAN::DESHARNAISWed Oct 12 1988Back Online!
16.03TSE::MILLERThu Oct 13 1988MSC V5 F$SEARCH function ??
17.026ATPS::GRASMANNThu Oct 13 1988Converting MS-C to TURBO_C
18.017ILO::VMURPHYFri Oct 14 1988TC V2 available when ???
19.07STRATA::DESHARNAISSat Oct 15 1988
20.012ACE::WILLIAMSWed Oct 19 1988Help on Pointers
21.01STORMY::SELLERSWed Oct 19 1988Turbo C under VMS?
22.01K::FISHERWed Oct 19 1988MIX Power C
23.01K::FISHERWed Oct 19 1988Turbo C upgrade - details
24.013SCOMAN::DESHARNAISFri Oct 21 1988Merits of a C course in the conference?
25.09CSOA1::STANBACKSat Oct 22 1988turboc v2 on RB
26.09CIMBAD::DESHARNAISTue Oct 25 1988Receiving Input from a Mouse
27.014OTOFS::D_HOULEWed Oct 26 1988Loadable run time lib.
29.08SCOMAN::DESHARNAISMon Oct 31 1988Compiling on a color system.
30.05CHEST::BOWMANTue Nov 01 1988Indexed Files
31.03SCOMAN::DESHARNAISFri Nov 04 1988Changing screen color
32.02TALLIS::INGRAHAMMon Nov 07 1988Borland's new copyright notice requirement - comments?
33.02ACE::WILLIAMSMon Nov 07 1988C and Lotus..can it happen???
34.02OTOFS::D_HOULETue Nov 08 1988v2.
35.02ATPS::GRASMANNWed Nov 09 1988Source Locations for Various Software
36.06CIMBAD::POWERSThu Nov 10 1988Why use C
37.05ATPS::GRASMANNFri Nov 11 1988Turbo Debugger: Trip down 'memory' lane?
38.06CIMBAD::DESHARNAISMon Nov 14 1988Memory model problems
40.04WILLEE::CLARKThu Dec 01 1988A slight transgression - where's INT in TA1.
41.01HEAVY::KESMITHWed Dec 07 1988Can I link using MS LINK?
42.053D::MCMASTERWed Dec 07 1988c file size warning
43.07MEIS::GARCEAUThu Dec 08 1988School of hard knocks enough?
44.063D::MCMASTERWed Dec 14 1988Findfirst return size=empty ?
45.02WCW::WHITNEYMon Jan 02 1989LK25
46.08OTOFS::D_HOULEThu Jan 05 1989Extended Memory Allocation
47.04RTOISB::TINIUSThu Jan 05 1989INT 2F, PRINT ??
48.01SAACTTue Jan 10 1989TASM/TLIB/TLINK V2.
49.010ATPS::GRASMANNWed Jan 18 1989Memory MODELS problem
50.0WAV12::SOHNThu Jan 19 1989Need someone to teach C
51.01MEIS::GARCEAUFri Jan 20 1989Make TC TCINST defaults stick
52.01WCSM::CHANGFri Jan 20 1989using TAP FILL option in TC editor
53.0CADSE::RALTOFri Jan 27 1989Using setvisualpage in EGAHI mode
54.02MEIS::GARCEAUWed Feb 01 1989More DOS info request
55.03ATPS::GRASMANNThu Feb 02 1989Bug Swatter Topic
56.08BUSY::CRODRIGUEZSat Feb 04 1989VAX BASIC to pc C translation...
58.05MEIS::GARCEAUWed Feb 08 1989Formatted Date/Time routines requested...
59.06PAULUS::HUCKERTFri Feb 10 1989bugs in version 2.
60.05FDCV1Wed Feb 22 1989Text file type length max?
61.06CHEST::BOWMANThu Mar 02 1989Hiding files
62.02EXIT26::ZIKAThu Mar 02 1989TURBO_C is
63.024ATPS::GRASMANNFri Mar 03 1989Turbo C Font Files
64.04VAXWRK::BLOOMWed Mar 08 1989TC Debugger - Which One
65.0JAWS::KEELERTue Mar 14 1989Use absread/abswrite with CAUTION on RAINBOW
66.07ESASE::GRAYTue Mar 21 1989Anyone using Zortech C ?
67.06ESKIMO::DESHARNAISFri Apr 07 1989Programmer's Utility Package
68.03WCSM::CHANGThu Apr 20 1989How to insert LF characters in TC editor
69.01ASHOK::NADKARNIThu Apr 20 1989Large model segment question
70.04ASHOK::NADKARNIThu Apr 20 1989Turbo C video questions
71.06JUMBLY::LOWISFri Apr 21 1989Help
72.08MPGS::RAMANWed May 03 1989HELP...HOW TO READ A SECTOR.....??
73.0HAZEL::SLEDDFri May 05 1989Mix Power C V1.3 released
74.04STORMY::SELLERSTue May 30 1989An .ARC question
75.01BISTRO::HASLERTue Jun 06 1989MSC to TC porting ?
76.08PEAKS::WELLSWed Jun 07 1989Turbo C OOP extensions (any plans?)
77.06ATPS::GRASMANNThu Jun 08 1989Turbo Prolog
78.02KID2::PEPERIMon Jun 12 1989Trying to use TLINK against a MS Library
79.07TROPPO::GRIMSHAWTue Jun 13 1989MOUSE integration in TC applications??
80.01JAPA::CAMPBELLSat Jun 17 1989scientific math routines?
81.04ODIHAM::HEERJEE_KMon Jun 19 1989Any alternative for movmem()?
82.06RICKS::ASHERFri Jun 23 1989Borland's number
83.03TROPPO::GRIMSHAWFri Jun 30 1989V2.? OOP extension announcements???
84.01STUThu Jul 06 1989guru insights anyone ?
85.09OTOFS::D_HOULEFri Jul 07 1989Save & Repaint Screen for VT Emulator
86.03KEELER::GARYMon Jul 10 1989Help with getvect & setvect routines
87.06RICKS::ASHERFri Jul 28 1989memory remaining on heap
88.010ESKIMO::DESHARNAISFri Aug 25 1989Simple Editor Example Wanted
89.03ATPS::GRASMANNThu Aug 31 1989Turbo Pascal V5.5
90.01HYDRA::MISKAFri Sep 01 1989Translating Pascal to C (INT21)
91.04STAR::NORCOTTFri Sep 15 1989Want TC to use MY editor
92.0LAIDBK::VICTORMon Sep 18 1989Using SQL Services?
93.03OTOFS::D_HOULEThu Oct 05 1989use of long
94.010SANS::WILLARDThu Oct 05 1989New User Supported Stuff
95.04ARCHER::PRESTONFri Oct 06 1989Turbo Tyro Struggles with Linker
96.0E2XE2X::MCCONNELLFri Oct 06 198996K Limit with Expanded Memory?
97.01HAZEL::SLEDDMon Oct 16 1989Power C bug with realloc()
98.07EXLIB::DLUGOSZThu Oct 26 1989malloc(), getimage(), and headache
99.0ATPS::GRASMANNMon Oct 30 1989VGA and 256 colors in Turbo C
100.02WILLEE::FINANCE_REFThu Nov 02 1989need help with write();
101.012OSLMon Nov 13 1989Database Toolbox for Turbo-C???
102.0HANDVC::HENRYCHUNGTue Nov 14 1989Size of Residence ?
103.02ESKIMO::DESHARNAISMon Nov 27 1989New Home Needed for TURBO_C
104.04TRUCKS::MACIW_PFri Dec 15 1989VGA screen dump.
105.010ATPS::GRASMANNTue Dec 19 1989SIGNAL? Signal what?
106.02ATPS::GRASMANNWed Dec 20 198932 voice MUSIC from your PC
107.0PERN::SLEDDThu Dec 28 1989Mix Power C limitation
108.0457846::PROJECTSTue Jan 02 1990Receiving AWFUL/HOPELESS compilation error
109.01057846::PROJECTSWed Jan 03 1990How does the window statement work?
110.0CALYPS::KERBERMon Jan 08 1990Cross compilers??
111.01COMET::ALFORDWed Jan 10 1990V2.
112.02ATPS::GRASMANNWed Jan 17 1990Why "do while" when "for" a while? Problem w/ Loop!
113.02FREZEN::PROJECTSMon Jan 22 1990Mouse Software
114.02HANDVC::HENRYCHUNGThu Feb 01 1990Help me TC <-> TP!
115.03RDGE42::MIKEHMon Feb 05 1990Turbo-C Professional Problems
116.07VAXWRK::GRANOFFTue Feb 06 1990Turbo C V3.
117.09HANDVC::HENRYCHUNGThu Feb 08 1990LEX and YACC
118.018CHEST::BOWMANThu Feb 08 1990Stack overflow error
119.03DOOLIN::HNELSONWed Feb 14 1990Musical notation help
121.02HANDVA::STEPHENWONGTue Feb 20 1990where is crypt()?
122.09TOMCAT::PRESTONThu Feb 22 1990Writing to COM1 port
123.03ATPS::GRASMANNThu Feb 22 1990The Generic I-Don't-Know Topic?
124.04FREZEN::PROJECTSWed Feb 28 1990Writing files in ASCII/BINARY
125.04BACHUS::PETRIOLIFri Mar 02 1990"In-line code not allowed" ?
126.02MUSKIE::SUZDAFri Mar 02 1990Vermont Views?
127.04FREZEN::PROJECTSMon Mar 12 1990RAM memory problem after program finishes
128.01FREZEN::PROJECTSTue Mar 13 1990PC/XT/AT turboC application compatability Ques.
129.05BRADOR::HOOPERTue Mar 13 1990Coming In From The Cold
130.02NRADM::BHALLSun Mar 18 1990Moving DOS to Expanded Memory
131.0VISA::BIJAOUIWed Mar 21 1990What (where) is MCMVSMEM.OBJ ?
132.02BRADOR::HOOPERWed Mar 21 1990putimage AND_PUT/XOR_PUT
133.08PTOVAX::CARLETONWed Mar 28 1990mouse event handler problem
134.01PTOVAX::CARLETONTue Apr 03 1990printf("%p") bug ?
135.02SONATA::MCINTYRETue Apr 03 1990Interrupt program?
136.06PTOVAX::CARLETONTue Apr 10 1990writing directly to the keyboard buffer
137.01MGOIThu Apr 12 1990Absolute memory address > 1 MB
138.08FREZEN::PROJECTSMon Apr 16 1990How to create a child with NO_WAIT
139.03MACNAS::CMPENGGAOWed Apr 18 1990Pulling *.TIF images into a C program?
140.01BRADOR::HOOPERFri Apr 20 199043 and 5
141.01BRADOR::HOOPERThu Apr 26 1990Keep Function
142.06HGABSS::HENRYCHUNGMon Apr 30 1990Queries on memory allocation
143.020DEMING::ELKINDThu May 03 1990Turbo-C vs MS Quick C
144.02FREZEN::PROJECTSMon May 14 1990Unix/Vax C language vs Turbo C language
145.0CXVLSI::HAAGThu May 17 1990TC 1.5 & TPAS 4 Integrated Enviroment On RAINBOW now Works
147.02PTOVAX::CARLETONTue May 29 1990BGI driver for super graphics modes ?
148.01CXCAD::COOMBESun Jun 03 1990Looking for RBBIOS.ARC
150.05CSC32::MORGANTue Jun 05 1990Object what?
151.07FORTY2::RANDALLTue Jun 05 1990Binary (.BIN) files
152.024WILKIE::KMCQUADEThu Jun 07 1990C++ an upgrade?
154.06BRADOR::HOOPERMon Jun 11 1990What's C++ ???
155.03UTRTSC::BEYERWed Jun 13 1990MAKE -> Too many arguments
156.02VANILA::DICKSONTue Jun 26 1990SUBMit
157.03PTOVAX::CARLETONWed Jun 27 1990how to get library listing ?
158.012LUGGER::MILLSFri Jun 29 1990help with graphics mode
159.010NAVIER::SLEDDTue Jul 03 1990Mix Power C V2.
160.07CECVMon Jul 09 1990Graphics Library
161.08VOGON::JOHNSTONTue Jul 10 1990Custom keyboard drivers
162.06IXION::BROWNWed Jul 11 1990_TEXT Segment Too Large. ???
163.0CLOSUS::AMENDSat Jul 14 1990TCC.EXE Turbo C V1.5 on RB
164.01MGOIMon Jul 16 1990TC Editor Question
165.04ROMTue Jul 17 1990Windows and mouse package
166.01PTOVAX::CARLETONWed Jul 18 1990batabase access from c ?
167.01PTOVAX::CARLETONFri Jul 20 1990COM1/2 programming example wanted
168.03GIDDAY::HIRSHMANMon Jul 23 1990Need cross-referencer for C source
169.011VLOMFG::SAMOUNTue Jul 24 1990Problem with TURBO C 2.
172.07--UnknownUser--Thu Aug 09 1990Turbo C V2.
173.01BCSE::KLASMANFri Aug 10 1990Debugging TSRs with the new Turbo Debugger
174.0HGPSMon Aug 13 1990Turbo C -> Turbo PASCAL ??
175.08ZENBOX::ARGENTATIWed Aug 15 1990TC's Graphics Capability
176.03BRADOR::HOOPERThu Aug 16 1990Menuing System?
177.02SALISH::FREEMANROTue Aug 21 1990...books for a novice....
178.02KERNEL::COLOMBOFri Aug 24 1990TSR!!!
179.01CREVAS::PROJECTSMon Aug 27 1990CXL
181.01BRADOR::HOOPERTue Aug 28 1990Other Stroked Fonts
182.04CREVAS::PROJECTSFri Aug 31 1990Spawning cli to a new window
183.03CECVThu Sep 06 1990Hedaka VGA Problem, or C problem?
184.02VISA::BIJAOUIThu Sep 06 1990Need example of COM1: access
185.02BRADOR::HOOPERMon Sep 17 1990textheight & descenders
186.01BRADOR::HOOPERFri Sep 28 1990Help with Font Editor
187.02NHASAD::DUCHEMINSat Sep 29 1990Hidden mouse pointer
188.023AUSSIE::AUSCAD::GROHNWed Oct 03 1990TC++ V1.
192.015CASEE::RAYNERMon Oct 29 1990MS-Windows application development using C++
193.02SHIPS::CAIN_RFri Nov 02 1990PCSA - Task to Task Comms.
196.02HAM::LITMENWed Nov 14 1990MIX Products available in Europe?
197.04GRANE::HEINTZEFri Nov 16 1990Has anybody ued GNU/BISON on MSDOS?
198.02FMCSSE::HEINTZEWed Nov 21 1990Where is LIB$CALLG for Turbo C?
199.02TROAWed Nov 21 1990My CS.LIB zapped?
200.04VANILA::KOSKUBAMon Nov 26 1990DECNET-DOS server under TC++
201.03ALB::BUTLERTue Nov 27 1990what is the differences....
202.08AUSSIE::LOWThu Nov 29 1990Using Turbo C++ for standalone code
203.0UHFMAN::LUDWIGSat Dec 01 1990Virus effects on Turbo-C ++
204.05BRADOR::HOOPERMon Dec 03 1990Save/Restore the Heap
205.07SHIPS::CAIN_RTue Dec 04 1990atof() problem
206.07DECWET::MPETERSONWed Dec 05 1990Pointer-Related bugs and TD
207.03TROAWed Dec 05 1990printf() source anyone?
208.06BRADOR::HOOPERMon Dec 10 1990sbrk() value
209.0HPSCAD::NEWMANMon Dec 10 1990Cheap Laptops
210.0NEGRIL::BROWNTue Dec 11 1990C++ (IDE) bug
211.05VANILA::KOSKUBAFri Dec 14 1990Control-C scrolling screen.
212.05CRIME::BONGARTZMon Dec 31 1990Convert BASIC floating point to C representation ?
213.0ALLVAX::KIRKWOODWed Jan 02 1991Bug: destructors vs. short-circuit
214.02BRADOR::HOOPERWed Jan 02 1991Structure Offset Values?
215.0LABC::WALLISFri Jan 04 1991Turbo-C++ bug list (from USENET comp.lang.c++)
216.02HPSRAD::MAZURWed Jan 09 1991VA_LIST Float problem
217.02--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 14 1991Turbo C++ Professional for sale
218.01BRADOR::HOOPERThu Jan 17 1991Block Header Definitions
219.03DECWET::MPETERSONTue Jan 22 1991malloc() Question
220.014LEDDEV::DINANTFri Jan 25 1991New to C... need suggestions.
221.0411SRUS::HEWITTSun Feb 03 1991Floating formats not linked?
222.0SSBN1::HORNIKTue Feb 05 1991DECmug This Thursday - Symantec Think C & Pascal
223.0MUNMCC::READFri Feb 08 1991hangup when using more than one video page
224.010DECWET::MPETERSONMon Feb 11 1991Is there any interest in this...
225.01FCOIS::JOUVELLIERTue Feb 12 1991SCANF...still on
226.0MQOSWed Feb 13 1991TURBO_C and AUTOCAD
227.02BRADOR::HOOPERWed Mar 13 1991floodfill()
228.03LANDO::ADAMSKIThu Mar 14 1991Is there a way to specify data structure alignment?
229.01OSLFri Mar 15 1991Turbo C++ or Borland C++?
230.06DECWET::MPETERSONFri Mar 15 1991Lint for Turbo C?
231.03DECWET::MPETERSONFri Mar 15 1991Div By Zero BoBo?
233.02SFCPMO::DOWENSun Mar 24 1991Pascal -> C tutorial
234.0SX4GTO::HWANGMon Mar 25 1991OS2 C to Ultrix C
235.02LEDDEV::GUSTINWed Mar 27 1991132 character wide Turbo-C environment?
236.025SFCPMO::DOWENWed Mar 27 1991Borland C++ - how good?
237.03GRANE::HEINTZEMon Apr 01 1991Anybody got a Toy Compiler we can have?
238.06CSC32::MORGANWed Apr 03 1991What's happening with getchar()?
239.03MQOSWS::M_CHEVRIERFri Apr 12 1991Converting PC-MHE of DECbank from MS-C to TC
240.0MQOSWS::M_CHEVRIERFri Apr 12 1991Convert a MAKE file from the MS world to the Turbo world
241.011VLOMFG::SAMOUNMon Apr 15 1991TC++ SLLLOOOOOWWWWW .....
242.07SIERAS::WALLISTue Apr 16 1991How do I format input for the Help Compiler?
243.01ALLVAX::BEERMANWed Apr 24 1991BC++ support on CompuServe?
244.04WFOV12::ARCANDMon Apr 29 1991RunTime Library
245.02CHIEFF::PAPADEASTue Apr 30 1991EXE to ROM image PD programs needed
246.04MQOSWS::M_CHEVRIERWed May 01 1991New TC programmer question
247.0CSC32::S_JOHNSONWed May 01 1991C++ Memory and debugger ?s
248.03SCAACT::GRASMANNThu May 02 1991Archive Utility for VMS<->DOS transfers
250.03TUNER::WAGONERMon May 13 1991Virus Proofing your programs
251.03MUNMCC::READMon May 13 1991address of member function as argument
252.02BRADOR::HOOPERTue May 14 1991Whitewater?
253.07KAHALA::PRESTONMon May 20 1991C++ easier than C?
254.02GAUDI::BROSSAWed May 22 1991Using registerbgidriver()
255.0ECAD2::FINNERTYWed May 22 1991Application Generator
256.02MLNADThu May 23 1991Help. Linker info required
257.0STEREO::WAGONERThu May 23 1991BCX panic
258.01SUOSW3::KRUEGERTue May 28 1991Documentation for Turbo-C Library-Functions
259.01DECWET::MPETERSONTue May 28 1991Building Mixed Memory Model Libs
260.0AUSSIE::AUSCAD::GROHNTue May 28 1991EDT keypad for TC/TC++/Borland C
261.01MAST::REISERTFri May 31 1991Porting from Turbo-C to MSC 5.1
262.04KBOMFG::GSCHNEIDERTue Jun 04 1991Paradox Engine for C - experiance exchange
263.02CSC32::MORGANTue Jun 04 1991Strange News Indeed...
264.04IXION::BROWNMon Jun 10 1991Having Graphics Functions Problem
265.01FCOIS::JOUVELLIERTue Jun 11 1991ECHO
266.04DECWET::MPETERSONThu Jun 13 1991PCthreads Availability
267.0CHET::ROGERSMon Jun 17 1991MS Windows 3.
268.05POBOX::VITESFri Jun 28 1991Wizzzz C!!!!!
269.02TAVIS::JUANTue Jul 02 1991FORM not recognized?
270.011NETCUR::MCQUADETue Jul 02 1991Help Compiler: MS = Borland ???
271.011OTOAMon Jul 08 1991c window libraries
272.01ORIENT::HUTZLEYTue Jul 09 1991Drive Definition table location on an AT?
273.01MGOIThu Jul 18 1991TC Video Programming?
274.0MLNADSat Jul 20 1991Password Encryption
275.04BUGEYE::CLARYMon Jul 29 1991Borland IDE speed?
276.0TRADE::ASHRAFWed Jul 31 1991Software Development Week '91-Fall, Sep. 8-13.
277.0NUTELA::CHADThu Aug 01 1991Please take this short survey
278.02HGRDThu Aug 01 1991write to keyboard port
279.09KYOA::HANSONSat Aug 03 1991Initgraph() returns "wrong" value?
281.04CIMBAD::MESSIERMon Aug 12 1991Screen Border Colors?
282.0DECWET::MPETERSONMon Aug 12 1991Math Emulator Question
284.0NEWOA::KOSKUBAWed Aug 14 1991moving data across segment boundaries
285.04MAIL::BARBERISFri Aug 16 1991need help with files
286.03CSC32::S_JOHNSONSun Aug 18 1991TC++ & SDK vs. BC++
287.0811SRUS::HEWITTTue Aug 20 1991Borland C++ for $149.95!
288.0ABITOK::wagonerMon Aug 26 1991Debugging side effects
289.06TROOA::CURZONTue Aug 27 1991TC++ for 69? hmm....
290.01BUGEYE::CLARYSun Sep 01 1991Need help with Turbo C++ Classlib.
291.0HGRDMon Sep 02 1991Determine memory size of program/functions for TSR
292.01FCOIS::JOUVELLIERTue Sep 03 1991BCX not working
293.04CORPRL::RALTOThu Sep 05 1991How does BC++ co-exist with DOS 5.
295.03CIMBAD::MESSIERSun Sep 15 1991Projects and Libraries
296.06ALLVAX::KIRKWOODMon Sep 16 1991Borland C++ & MS Windows 3.
297.01RTOEU::DSHATZWed Sep 18 1991Please Try To Compile This...
298.04BRADOR::HOOPERWed Sep 18 1991va_start(). Curious behavour.
299.06BUGEYE::CLARYWed Sep 25 1991Turbo Vision Demo
300.02ABITOK::wagonerMon Sep 30 1991Free memory - How do I find it
301.0GLOWS::MURIELTue Oct 01 1991<QuickC for Windows
303.07COLWed Oct 09 1991Mouse in TC 2.
304.02BRADOR::HOOPERThu Oct 17 1991Graphics & Mouse - Windows3
305.09DATABS::BALLOUFri Oct 18 1991ObjectVision?
306.01SIERAS::WALLISTue Oct 22 1991How do I change cin and cout to binary mode?
307.0BRADOR::HOOPERFri Oct 25 1991Inside Turbo C - May/9
309.013BRUMMY::LUMMISWed Oct 30 1991What Memory , linked lists ?
310.05AUSSIE::AUSCAD::GROHNWed Oct 30 1991MSwindows version of BC++
311.011IMOKAY::wagonerWed Nov 13 1991Borland Tech support Via E-Mail
312.03OTOOA::ANDERSONWed Nov 13 1991msc to turbo c?
313.01ISLNDS::KUGLERThu Nov 14 1991need help with my memory
314.03VAXWRK::LUCCHESIMon Nov 18 1991Direct from Borland
315.01PEAKS::WELLSFri Nov 22 1991linking objects together from C and C++ compilers
316.09PLAYER::TAVERNIERTue Dec 03 1991C++, TURBO C++, BORLAND C++ ?
317.05SFCFri Dec 06 1991BNF description for C/C++?
318.05SFCSun Dec 08 1991Application Frameworks - errors
319.01MAIL::BARBERISMon Dec 09 1991need help using arrow keys
320.09SIERAS::WALLISThu Dec 12 1991New features in Borland C++ V3.
321.0PHDVAX::LUSKThu Dec 12 1991Microsoft C/C++
322.0SIERAS::WALLISMon Dec 16 1991Borland C++ V2.
323.01IMOKAY::wagonerTue Dec 24 1991TPROF problems
324.07GUIDUK::STEBBINSFri Dec 27 1991Book recommendations?
326.021CSC32::S_HALLMon Dec 30 1991Undefined symbol _main in module c
327.01BSS::STPALY::MOLLERFri Jan 03 1992Far Pointer usage
328.02MSDOA::MCCLOUDFri Jan 10 1992BC++ or BTC++ or ??
329.0IMOKAY::wagonerThu Jan 16 1992Forsale BC++ 3.
330.05BRUMMY::LUMMISFri Jan 17 1992It compiles but crash and burn !
331.01BRUMMY::LUMMISFri Jan 17 1992Read byte load integer ?
332.01NEWOA::KOSKUBAMon Jan 20 1992How tell MS-DOS from PC-DOS?
333.03PENUTS::HNELSONTue Jan 21 1992BC++ IDE: annoying flicker, disappearing mouse cursor
334.06ULTRA::WRAYTue Jan 21 1992TD286 & DOS=HIGH problem
335.011DDIF::RALTOTue Jan 21 1992Getting started with Windows programming using BC++
336.013CSC32::S_HALLThu Jan 23 1992C++ 3.
337.02RANGER::RICHSun Jan 26 1992Porting to MicroSoft C
338.01MANWRK::SHEATue Jan 28 1992TSR question.
339.023SOLVIT::EARLYTue Jan 28 1992Which "C" for the Novice programmer, for a PC ?
340.07ROMFri Jan 31 1992Speed: best C compiler?
341.01BRUMMY::LUMMISThu Feb 06 1992bin files ,dos3->dos5 ?
342.01BRUMMY::LUMMISThu Feb 06 1992Graphics Hardcopy ?
343.02DANGER::INGRAHAMThu Feb 06 1992malloc() in small bits or in big blocks?
346.06OTOOMon Feb 10 1992Turbo c++ & DLL's
348.02PTOVAX::DLUGOSZWed Feb 12 1992Errors in "BC++ Programming for Windows" b
349.05FCOIS::JOUVELLIERTue Feb 18 1992Local Variable
350.01BBIVThu Feb 20 1992How to use Himem.Sys through C or Asm
351.0ALLVAX::BEERMANFri Feb 21 1992Print to LPTn from BC++ ??
352.01AOSG::CARDIMINOFri Feb 21 1992tddebug.386 & non-windows apps
354.02TOHOKU::TAYLORMon Feb 24 1992LOADBWCC.EXE results in Could not load BWCC.DLL
355.05FCOIS::JOUVELLIERThu Feb 27 1992Extern structures
357.0FCOIS::JOUVELLIERThu Mar 05 1992Lost value
358.0ALLVAX::BEERMANMon Mar 09 1992TurboVision menu itmes
359.02COLWed Mar 11 1992Fortran to C/C++ experience available ???
360.03ANGLIN::SUZDAWed Mar 11 1992Resource Workshop V1.
361.05HGSWS1::DANIELYUENWed Mar 11 1992BC++ for windows info. wanted
362.0IMOKAY::wagonerThu Mar 12 1992TurboVision and colors
363.02TOHOKU::TAYLORThu Mar 12 1992adding .def file causes Hardware Failure on drive?
364.05SMURF::LANGONEMon Mar 16 1992problem with tdw in BC++ 3.
365.01SEGUR::DELARUELLETue Mar 17 1992BGI toolkit
366.03OZROCK::GROHNTue Mar 17 1992Windows comm port code example wanted
367.03FUTURS::SAXBYMon Mar 23 1992Best affordable way of programming for Windows?
368.0SIERAS::WALLISMon Mar 23 1992Problem with BC++ template Array class (BIDS)
369.03BAAH::LAMBThu Mar 26 1992TC (float)X++ error or not?
370.05OZROCK::GROHNMon Apr 06 1992BC++ V3.
371.06CORPRL::RALTOWed Apr 08 1992TDW Ctrl-Alt-SysRq key sequence
372.03JUPITR::DAN_PHAMSun Apr 12 1992NEED HELP?
373.08BONNET::FINTRAININGMon Apr 13 1992BC++ -3Rd party tools/libs
374.02FCOIS::JOUVELLIERWed Apr 15 1992BGIOBJ and BC++ 3.
375.03JUPITR::DAN_PHAMTue Apr 21 1992compatible vs. ps/2 problem?
376.02NEWOA::SAXBYThu Apr 23 1992Missing Object Browser?
377.02IMOKAY::wagonerFri Apr 24 1992Borland Application Frameworks Internet mailing list
378.0DBSRFX::WAHLSun Apr 26 1992Editor Preferences set with BCINST
379.01KETJE::DIERICKMon Apr 27 1992Novice Questions B C++ 3.
380.0SYOMV::CLARYWed Apr 29 1992Two RESOURCE.H
381.02ATISFri May 01 1992Borland "World Tour"
382.04HKGACT::DANIELYUENMon May 04 1992BC++ vs BC++ AF
383.04BRUMMY::LUMMISTue May 05 1992Malloc or Twilight Zone - !!!!!!!!
384.05CXCAD::KGIBSONWed May 13 1992Absolute Segments with 3.
385.01CSSE::NEILSENWed May 13 1992Using BC++, TDW (Turbo Debugger for Windows) error Can't Load WINDEBUG.DLL
386.01ROMThu May 14 1992fopen ("LPT1:", ....)
387.0SFCPMO::SFC21::DOWENFri May 15 1992Hidden TFileWindow problem
388.02HGABSS::ALEXLAMSat May 16 1992Write to a file within Interrupt Handler(ISR)?
389.013ULYSSE::SAMOUNMon May 18 1992Pb linking TC 2.
390.0ROWLET::LOOMISMon May 18 1992Bug in RTL DLL in TC++ for Windows?
391.04CHEFS::COOPERBWed May 20 1992Advice on Compilers
392.0SEGUR::DELARUELLEThu May 21 1992Midi and Exclusive Message
393.0IMOKAY::wagonerFri May 29 1992TurboVision Dialog Box builder tools
394.07AOSG::CARDIMINOMon Jun 01 1992ATI Graphics & turbo debugger(hangs systems)
395.06COMET::DVORAKPTue Jun 02 1992Application Load & Execute Error
396.02VSSCAD::GABRIELETue Jun 02 1992BC++ and Vaxmate
397.08ANGLIN::SUZDATue Jun 02 1992BC++ 3.1 for Windows 3.1
398.08AYOV29::POLVENTMon Jun 08 1992Video memory access
399.02ESMAIL::CORTISTue Jun 09 1992Aspect Ratio
400.013VSSCAD::GABRIELETue Jun 09 1992Operator Overloading Problem
401.06AYOV29::POLVENTWed Jun 10 1992Pointers problem...
402.01AYOV29::POLVENTWed Jun 10 1992MCMVSMEM.OBJ ?
403.06MIMS::RADICK_DTue Jun 16 1992convert app from C to C++ ?
404.0AYOV29::POLVENTWed Jun 17 1992Compression alg. and Graphic format..
405.03DNTPC3::Ed BurkeThu Jun 18 1992Turbo Debugger reboots 433w
406.04FUTURS::HILL_KMon Jun 22 1992.BGI default location
407.08OTOOA::GMACDONALDMon Jun 22 1992Novice C++/Windows Question
408.0DNTPC3::WR2FOR::BURKE_EDMon Jun 22 1992Debugger Bug > 16mb RAM
409.02HKGACT::DANIELYUENMon Jun 22 1992can't use mouse in BC++
410.016ESMAIL::CORTISFri Jun 26 1992Get image problem
411.02ONETWO::STUDENTACCTMon Jun 29 1992Any software manuals available?
412.04RUSURE::MCCARTHYMon Jun 29 1992Such a deal
413.05QOQUAQ::PELTZTue Jun 30 1992far memory blocks > 64K
414.02ANGLIN::SUZDATue Jun 30 1992BC++ 3.1 is now shipping!
415.0MSDOA::MCCLOUDWed Jul 01 1992Array Objects Documented ??
416.05OTOOA::GMACDONALDFri Jul 03 1992Dialog Box/Read Only Text?
417.01OZROCK::GROHNSun Jul 05 1992creating .fon files
418.09OTOOA::GMACDONALDMon Jul 06 1992Display Images in MSWindows/C++/AF
419.09MSDOA::MCCLOUDMon Jul 06 1992Undefined symbol
420.03SYOMV::CLARYTue Jul 07 1992RTL remove() vs. TGroup::remove
421.01OTOOA::GMACDONALDWed Jul 08 1992TextOut vs. TStatic?
422.02KAOU93::HOOPERWed Jul 08 1992find the psp
424.04SFCWed Jul 08 1992copy a file in BC++?
425.0SFCMon Jul 13 1992How do I set focus to a TEdit box
426.02CGVAX2::CORTISWed Jul 15 1992BGI and Windows 3.1
427.07GUIDUK::STEBBINSFri Jul 17 1992Borland C++ products clarification needed
428.01ROWLET::LOOMISWed Jul 22 1992Generic Collection for OWL TListBox?
429.02UPROAR::LANESThu Jul 23 1992Generic OWL Drag and Drop
430.04VSSCAD::GABRIELEThu Jul 23 1992Null Pointer Assignment Errors
431.0HGOVA::KIMWAHNGFri Jul 24 1992Starting cluster no of a file in C
432.015LARVAE::MOSSMAN_MWed Jul 29 1992Problem with multiple source files
433.02GUESS::THOMPSONThu Jul 30 1992Problem with pointers in C++ with Windows
434.01SFCThu Jul 30 1992WinExec returns error code '8' ???
435.0NICCTR::MILLSFri Jul 31 1992Owl help and printing question
436.010CSCMA::SOHATue Aug 04 1992Novice Q's: what's the dif? what's included?
437.04OTOOA::GMACDONALDTue Aug 04 1992Radio Button & Bitmap Questions
438.06LARVAE::MOSSMAN_MThu Aug 06 1992Borland Turbo C++ overheads
439.01RANGER::RIZZOLOThu Aug 06 1992Motif style windows possible
440.02FRIPP::HARRISThu Aug 06 1992project file ==> makefile?
441.0SIERAS::WALLISThu Aug 06 1992Why are Attr.w and .H only updated on SIZENORMAL?
442.0LANDO::GENTFri Aug 07 1992TVISION - Trials and Tribulations
443.0ESSB2::DMCWEENEYWed Aug 12 1992message catalogue facilities
444.02OZROCK::GROHNWed Aug 12 1992MSwindows 3.1 + BC3.1 +EGA = problems?
445.01ANGLIN::SUZDAThu Aug 13 1992Control placement on Window?
446.05NODEX::ADEYWed Aug 19 1992TDW/Files and Monitor
447.0ASABET::SVENDSENFri Aug 21 1992Review of Language C Book Proposal
448.0AZUR::GEERDESMon Aug 24 1992debugger and 128
449.0KAOU93::HOOPERWed Sep 02 1992Shades of Grey!
450.01SFCThu Sep 03 1992reading all dir entries
451.0NICCTR::MILLSSat Sep 12 1992Reading a .BMP into an existing DIB
452.014CHEFS::COOPERBMon Sep 14 1992Help with Memory Models
453.03DRIFT::WOODTue Sep 15 1992Borland Video Tape Training Experiences
454.0SIERAS::WALLISTue Sep 22 1992How do I set up a combobox?
455.0TLAENG::AKKAMONTue Sep 22 1992Graphics Library for VGA 256-color mode
456.01TAVIS::JUANWed Sep 23 1992Visual Basic and Borland C
457.03MANENG::SHEAThu Sep 24 1992Problem with constructors
458.09HURON::BATESThu Sep 24 1992Need TIGA.DLL for TDW!
460.02MANWRK::KEENMon Sep 28 1992Compiler types and data.
461.010FORTY2::KOKOLAKISMon Sep 28 1992borland C++ requirements
462.015QOQUAQ::PELTZMon Sep 28 1992Huge/Far memory problem and > 64K allocation
463.010FCOIS::JOUVELLIERWed Sep 30 1992double problem
464.03UKAOS::OVERMEYERWed Sep 30 1992Can Type Point Size be changed in Window Editor??
465.02OTOOA::OTOP15::AndersonFri Oct 02 1992c++ code using Tedit
466.01CRACKR::RITZMon Oct 05 1992DLL & PASCAL & va_arg?
467.01KAOU93::HOOPERMon Oct 05 1992Borland TechFAX Service
468.0NODEX::ADEYFri Oct 09 1992OWL/Disk Accessing
469.03CHEFS::COOPERBMon Oct 12 1992HELP NEEDED: Comms Problem in C++
470.01AOSG::CARDIMINOMon Oct 12 1992Memory Model libs not found by tlink
471.03KAOU93::HOOPERMon Oct 19 1992Possible?
472.01NROPST::BOCA::MIATATue Oct 20 1992Pointer to pointer
473.05NODEX::ADEYTue Oct 20 1992'GDI' Project name
474.0FRIPP::HARRISWed Oct 21 1992Trapping terminator keys using cin.get or getc
475.05SPECXN::KANNANWed Oct 21 1992DOS Applications with Turbo C++ for windows...
476.0DECWET::GREGORYThu Oct 22 1992Student Discount Price for C++
477.02SYOMV::CLARYTue Oct 27 1992Borland/Turbo C++ exe size
478.0ACOSTA::MIANOWed Oct 28 1992fgetname () replacement?
479.0HAM::LITMENFri Oct 30 1992WIN 3.1 API-helpfiles?
480.02BRUMMY::LUMMISMon Nov 02 1992DOS Menu ?
481.07HGOVA::KIMWAHNGMon Nov 02 1992Call C++ functions from C ?
482.01KAOU93::HOOPERFri Nov 06 1992DESQview
483.01AUSSIE::LEONGSun Nov 08 1992clrscr
484.0FRIPP::HARRISFri Nov 13 1992turn off echo using cin,cin.get?
485.0ACOSTA::MIANOFri Nov 13 1992MAKE Performs the wrong actions on a build
486.09MACNAS::MFEENEYWed Nov 18 1992Difftime in C.
487.07ALLVAX::KIRKWOODThu Nov 19 1992Undefined symbol problem for function passing HCD
488.05FUTURS::HILL_KMon Nov 23 1992File access alternatives
489.03FUTURS::HILL_KTue Nov 24 1992FREAD into FAR address
490.02CHEFS::COOPERBTue Dec 01 1992HELP with file copy routine
491.03TUXEDO::WRAYFri Dec 04 1992Object sizes in ObjectWindows
492.02MSDOA::MCCLOUDTue Dec 08 1992Borland Custom Controls??
493.03MIANO::MIANOWed Dec 09 1992TEdit Object Questions
494.05KAOU93::HOOPERMon Dec 14 1992svga (1
495.02TALLIS::JCAGE::PerkinsMon Dec 14 1992Can Turbo C++ build DLLs
496.0TUXEDO::WRAYTue Dec 15 1992BC DOS IDE under Windows
497.0MANWRK::KEENWed Dec 16 1992TV/OWL usage ?
498.04NODEX::BHAVNANIWed Dec 23 1992Error: Too much global data (BCC++ 3.1)
499.01NODEX::ADEYWed Dec 30 1992GPF within IDE
500.03TUXEDO::YANKESMon Jan 04 1993aborting hung program in Turbo C++ for Windows?
501.04HGOVA::KIMWAHNGThu Jan 07 1993Mouse Cursor disappear in Resource Workshop
502.06WMOIS::BELANGER_FMon Jan 11 1993Compiler can't find <stdio.h>
503.01KAOU93::HOOPERMon Jan 11 1993setrgbpalette()
504.0BAAH::LAMBWed Jan 13 1993Need some sound advice
505.01NODEX::BHAVNANIThu Jan 14 1993Compiler (apparently) doesn't test NULL pointer correctly
506.02RTOEU::DSHATZFri Jan 15 1993TC++ & 386max Problem?
507.03QOQUAQ::PELTZMon Jan 18 1993Rules about the Borland Custom controls...
508.05BRAT::ABSURD::RYANMon Jan 18 1993Getting started: Seeking recommendations
509.09AIAG::WISNERThu Jan 21 1993BC++ TLink problem, duplicate symbols....
510.02BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHMon Jan 25 1993Coordinates in Resource Workshop and in Program
511.0COLWed Jan 27 1993BC V3.1 link problems
512.01TECH::DOWNIEThu Jan 28 1993BC++ owl and reg C++ streams don't mix?
513.0MSDOA::MCCLOUDFri Jan 29 1993EnableMenuItem help
514.0ROWLET::LOOMISTue Feb 02 1993Classlib for BC3.1
515.0ROWLET::LOOMISFri Feb 05 1993Centering A Dialog Box
516.0CURRNT::KOSKUBAWed Feb 17 1993TD386 hangs on DOS 5.
517.03PINBOT::ERVINWed Feb 17 1993Why does debugger _always_ crash?
518.0OZROCK::GROHNWed Feb 24 1993BorlandC for WNT and Win32s
519.01CSC32::R_IVERSWed Feb 24 1993How to set 'watch'es in debugger!
520.0QOQUAQ::PELTZWed Feb 24 1993V3.1 its... ok.. but look out for bugs.
521.03JEREMY::MOTIHWed Feb 24 1993Need help in virt/phys memory allocation in bc++ under windows 3.1
522.01USDEV::GROCK::MacomberThu Feb 25 1993Compiler Error using Borland C
523.04MAY21::OTOOLEMon Mar 01 1993How much for TC++ in New England?
524.0ROWLET::LOOMISTue Mar 02 1993Idle Action From DLL
525.01PABDUL::ROCHELEAUTue Mar 02 1993Is a new BWCC.DLL available on the net?
526.014OTOOA::OTOP19::AndersonFri Mar 05 1993Mix C/Windows
527.016RTOEU::DSHATZWed Mar 10 1993Container Help Needed
528.01FUTURS::HILL_KThu Mar 11 1993Prototype for function pointer call
529.01RTOEU::DSHATZFri Mar 12 1993What Happened To CXL Library?
530.03ISEQ::JSMYTHTue Mar 16 1993Serial comms in TC++
531.01MCIS2::SVALENTINETue Mar 16 1993Application Execution Error 8
532.03WALTA::LENEHANThu Mar 18 1993BC++ linker error DGROUP exc 64k
533.01SOFBAS::ORNSTEINMon Mar 22 1993Listing program?
534.04CAM2::FENTROSSThu Mar 25 1993VAX <-> BC++ floats
535.0LISVAX::MARIANOThu Mar 25 1993C tutor
536.03BUSHEL::DWYER_NMon Mar 29 1993New BWCC.DLL Available on CompuServe
538.04TINKTU::SCHOFIELDTue Apr 06 1993calloc crashes system
539.01TINKTU::SCHOFIELDTue Apr 06 1993Compiler errors in DOS.H
540.016HAMCL3::PLEWKAFri Apr 23 1993any problems with _bios_serialcom ??
541.0BAAH::LAMBWed Apr 28 1993Pascal and C++ on same system
542.022METSYS::GOODWINTue May 04 1993Impressions of TC++ for Windows 3.1
543.01CHEFS::COOPERBTue May 11 1993Help: Shell to DOS??
544.01RTOEU::DSHATZTue May 11 1993Can't Create Dynamic Arrays
545.0ROWLET::LOOMISTue May 11 1993Bug With GetParentObject
546.0OZROCK::GROHNFri May 14 1993ACTIX graphics enginer 32
547.0BITS1::REUTERThu May 20 1993intercepting CDROM access from within Windows
548.01CSC32::R_IVERSFri May 21 1993Help, with BorlandC .vs. TurboC
549.03BACHUS::ROELANDTSMon May 24 1993getche used but no echo why ??
550.03UKARC1::HUDSONFri May 28 1993Anyone managed to get a working WEP (DLL de-initialization routine)?
551.010DECWET::NGFri May 28 1993TC++ for Windows (Visual Edition) ?
552.0SFCWed Jun 02 1993help: multiple args in templates
553.04BROKE::BNELSONThu Jun 03 1993Exception 13, code
554.0RPSTRY::NFSCDD::schutzmanMon Jun 07 1993Splitter Window
556.010SYSTEM::GOODWINTue Jun 15 1993C++, large memory model and object instances
557.02TUXEDO::WRAYThu Jun 17 1993Menu-bar on dialog box?
558.0KAY::FISHERWed Jun 23 1993getenv function
559.0SIERAS::WALLISThu Jun 24 1993 Trouble Shooting Borland Products with DOS 6.
560.03HGOVA::KIMWAHNGThu Jul 01 1993Too much global data defined in a file ?
561.02HAMCL3::HOFHANSLFri Jul 02 1993IIT 387-CoPro Matrix Operations
562.04PINBOT::ERVINWed Jul 07 1993Turbo C++ for DOS still available?
563.01TAVENG::FENSTERSun Jul 11 1993User definable relations between files.
565.01CALS::HEALEYFri Jul 30 1993DLL crashes without reason
566.05METALX::SWANSONSun Aug 01 1993How to read file space on a CDROM?
567.05RTOEU::DSHATZMon Aug 02 1993Can't Run Prgm Outside TC Envmt
568.012POLAR::MOKHTARMon Aug 02 1993pointers : *(two +j) = two[j] = two+j
569.01OSLWed Aug 04 1993How much for BC++
570.0KAY::FISHERMon Aug 09 1993Btree examples needed
571.01RTOEU::DSHATZThu Aug 12 1993Rubber-Band List Boxes?
572.0SIERAS::WALLISThu Aug 19 1993How can I use RegisterWindowMessage()?
573.03POLAR::MOKHTARFri Aug 20 1993allocating dynamic 2 D array
574.01MCIS2::SVALENTINEMon Aug 23 1993executing a BAT file from C
575.05SSDEVO::LUNTTue Aug 24 1993#include info
576.05SIERAS::WALLISThu Sep 02 1993 How do I bring up a maximized MDI window using OWL?
577.01RTOEU::DSHATZMon Sep 13 1993Dialog Control Colors
578.01MROA::SVALENTINEFri Sep 24 1993contents of DGROUP _DATA?
579.01NR75Tue Sep 28 1993Building Visual Basic Custom Controls
580.03TALLIS::KOCHTue Sep 28 1993Exitting TDW messes up screen?
581.0ULYSSE::GEERDESMon Oct 18 1993DLL Bug
582.02QOQUAQ::PELTZWed Oct 27 1993TDW hang problem with V3.1
583.04ZAMBIA::WELLSWed Nov 03 1993problem using mouse in Super VGA modes
584.012IRNBRU::MACKENZIEMon Nov 08 1993Malloc problems with VMS port
585.011SRUS::MICKALIDEWed Nov 10 1993Mouse control in DOS program
586.0EVMS::PBISWASWed Nov 10 1993Malloc error with Borland C++ V3.1
587.02XSTACY::JLUNDONWed Nov 24 1993Port from OpenVMS/ULTRIX to Borland C++ 3.
588.0BUMP::GCLIFFORDTue Nov 30 1993API -> Prog Mgr Objects
589.03NR75Wed Dec 01 1993Borland C++ V4.
590.06ESBLAB::DAVISThu Dec 02 1993System hangs exiting graphics mode
591.0SSDEVO::LUNTThu Dec 02 1993ide color changed
592.0POLAR::MOKHTARSun Dec 05 1993scan/extended codes for non IBM systems
593.01UKARC1::HUDSONFri Dec 24 1993CreateWindow fails if "target windows version" was 3.1
594.02OSLSat Dec 25 1993Converting from TP to BC++
595.02NR75Wed Jan 05 1994C++ V4.
596.03IRNBRU::MACKENZIEWed Jan 05 1994Debugger not displaying correct source - possible linker problem
597.03SUPER::MATTHEWSWed Jan 05 1994How to debug a DLL called from VB?
598.01NOVA::ARNOLDWed Jan 12 1994Beginner questions about BC++ V4.
599.02TLE::PERIQUETWed Jan 12 1994How do you turn off the cursor?
600.01KXOSRV::HAYWOODTue Jan 18 1994Linker doesn't find large memory libraries in 4.
601.0NR75Thu Feb 10 1994Stopping IMPLIB running in V4.
602.01MIASYS::SAVASTANOFri Feb 11 1994Trouble with Turbo Debugger
603.0RTOEU::DSHATZMon Feb 28 1994BC & Appl Framework Available
604.02MAY18::bobWed Mar 02 1994TDialog as child of TMDIFrame??
605.0CRACKR::RITZThu Mar 03 1994TDW 3.1 Long open/load time?
606.05POLAR::MOKHTARSun Mar 06 1994printing characters with color background
607.01PINBOT::ERVINMon Mar 07 1994Question on BC++ 4.
608.01RTOEU::DSHATZWed Mar 09 1994Window Memory vs DOS Memory?
609.07XSTACY::JLUNDONTue Mar 15 1994This is embarrassing but...
610.01AZUR::GEERDESFri Mar 25 1994DLL debugging from IDE
611.0POLAR::MOKHTARMon Mar 28 1994Q: plotting pixels in windows
612.07SIEBK::KRINGTue Mar 29 1994small programs with BC 4.
613.03TLE::PERIQUETThu Apr 07 1994Resource Workshop requires BWCC 2.
614.02GUCCI::CWOODWARDSat Apr 09 1994detect disk drive w/ BC++4.
615.04UTROP1::FUHREN_PMon Apr 11 1994Play sound from within DOS application, possible?
616.0GUCCI::CWOODWARDMon Apr 18 1994BC4.
617.01TUXEDO::WRAYFri Apr 22 1994ListBox scrollers
618.01CRACKR::RITZTue Apr 26 1994MessageBox with 4-5 buttons?
619.04VSSTEG::CHENGThu Apr 28 1994detect EOF ?
620.03LEMAN::PAIVAMon May 09 1994BCC 3.1 command line options ?
621.04HDLITE::WILLISTue May 10 1994Maximum open files in Borland C++ 3.1
622.0OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DWed May 25 1994How to queue print files?
623.0LEMAN::PAIVAWed May 25 1994tlink errors
624.01KAY::FISHERThu May 26 1994can't link function "coreleft"
626.0UKARC1::HUDSONTue Jun 07 1994How to make compiler generate different segments? (BC++ 4.
627.02METALX::SWANSONWed Jul 06 1994Where can I find a Hi-Color BGI driver?
628.01LEDDEV::FURBECKTue Jul 12 1994exception 13 Error 8
629.01METALX::SWANSONWed Jul 13 1994Annoying flicker when setting 256 color palette
630.01TALLIS::KOCHFri Jul 22 1994Undefined _spawnl.
631.04TLE::PERIQUETWed Aug 03 1994Use of classlib data structures in class declaration
632.03IRNBRU::MACKENZIEMon Aug 08 1994Passing Structures problems
633.01JUPITR::SHELINSun Aug 21 1994problem with dosexterr
634.01AZUR::GEERDESWed Sep 07 1994debug win32 DLL problems
635.02IRNBRU::MACKENZIEFri Sep 16 1994BC4
636.0--UnknownUser--Mon Sep 19 1994Turbo C++/Books for Sale
637.03UTROP1::FUHREN_PTue Oct 11 1994Windows for Workgroups vs BCC 4.
638.03SSDEVO::NEWMANWed Oct 12 1994Fatal error when saving files in Borland C++ 4.
639.0NR75Wed Oct 19 1994Looking for Resource Editor in ILO
640.03MPGS::KANNWed Nov 30 1994EasyWin & usable scroll bars?
641.013BHAJEE::JAERVINENTue Dec 06 1994Borland C++ 4.5 ??
642.03NETCAD::SCARAMUZZOThu Dec 08 1994Borland stroke fonts revisited
643.0BLKPUD::WILLOUGHBYDTue Jan 17 1995How do I pass address of member function to BIDS forEach()
644.03NYFSTue Jan 24 1995Can I NOT use the windows stuff in BC++ 4.
645.0AUSSIE::SULLIVANThu Jan 26 1995Raw novice needs help porting 32-bit DOS application
646.01OZROCK::GROHNTue Jan 31 1995MFC and Borland C
647.06LEDS::MSOUCYTue Feb 07 1995anyone here?
648.03LJSRV1::BONNEAUTue Feb 07 1995Why \r instead of \n for getch?
649.03NETCAD::SCARAMUZZOFri Feb 24 1995Accessing registers from Borland C?
650.02NYFSMon Feb 27 1995Borland C/C++ & ANSI
651.02PINBOT::ERVINTue Mar 07 1995Borland C++ 4.
652.0PINBOT::ERVINTue Mar 07 1995Help regarding TSubString class?
653.01IRNBRU::MACKENZIETue Mar 07 1995Linking problem when moving to .CPP program
654.0NETCAD::SCARAMUZZOWed Apr 05 1995Passing information from a (SPAWN'd) Child to a Parent?
655.01LJSRV1::BONNEAUTue May 09 1995External opportunity for real time C programming
656.0TLE::HAMSONWed May 17 1995_declspec(dllimport) or (export)
657.0POLAR::MOKHTARFri Jun 23 1995leading underscores and DLL
658.0COMICS::SUMNERCMon Jun 26 1995Interspotting
659.0WHOSMon Aug 07 1995new version of turbo c++?
660.01TUXEDO::WRAYFri Jul 12 1996Retargetting OWL app from Win16 to Win32
661.0SUBSYS::MSOUCYTue Aug 27 1996Symantec C/C++, anyone used/using it?
662.0UTROP1::GEERDES_BWed Sep 25 1996reboot function needed
663.0NETRIX::"maria.doyle@dbo.mts.dec.com"Tue Dec 10 19962 dimnsional arrays