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Conference 7.286::session_support_utility

Title:SSU - Session Support Utility
Created:Mon Apr 13 1987
Last Modified:Fri May 30 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:256
Total number of notes:1361
Number with bodies:11
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1.0VIDEO::SYSTEMMon Apr 13 1987Welcome
2.010GVADEV::LUGRINTue Apr 14 1987First questions
3.010VIDEO::PORCHERTue Apr 14 1987Location of VAX/VMS SSU kit
4.03STOAT::BARKERTue Apr 14 1987Advantages over LAT?
5.06CAVER::LEAVITTTue Apr 14 1987Overview Please?
7.02FROST::W_PIPERFri Apr 24 1987any way to do IO$M_LT_READPORT after ENABLE ?
8.02FROST::W_PIPERFri Apr 24 1987no LAT forward switch?
9.02SRFSUP::SCHULZMon Apr 27 1987Getting Close to Windows?
10.04CAMPER::LOMICKAJThu May 07 1987A truely weird use of SSU
11.03CAMPER::LOMICKAJThu May 07 1987SSU for the Atari ST
12.02NAAD::NEWMANFri May 08 1987SSU for other operating systems?
13.0CAMPER::LOMICKAJFri May 08 1987Looks like VMS, TOPS-2
14.03AYOV15::STEVEBThu May 14 1987SSU ENABLE no worky
15.06NAAD::NEWMANThu May 28 1987SSU questions
16.02CSC32::P_HIROSSThu Jun 04 1987questions on installing SSU
17.01NAAD::NEWMANFri Jun 05 1987What is the reason for the SSU prompts?
18.01VIDEO::GABRIELTue Jun 16 1987A Simple One
19.013CSC32::GROSSMANTue Jun 23 1987Associate TDAn port w/ physical terminal
20.05SNDBOX::SMITHFri Jun 26 1987I have no serial ports....
21.0THEBAY::COHENMon Jul 06 1987SSU-DECnet conflict (oops!)
22.01DBCIC1::RUSSELLTue Jul 07 1987HOW DO I USE SSU???
23.07DBCIC1::RUSSELLThu Jul 09 1987DECSERVER 1
24.01NAC::ZAMBREWed Jul 15 1987SSU Performance?
25.014SRFSUP::LONGOFri Jul 17 1987SSU V1.1 kit ready yet? Will SSU V1.1 run on VMS V4.6?
26.02CSC32::GROSSMANMon Jul 20 1987Why NOMODEM and HANGUP?
27.07CSC32::ANNINWed Jul 22 1987Questions on multi-sessions
28.05BELFST::COYLEThu Jul 23 1987Dual Sessions and an Attached Printer in use??
29.016SPUD::GAYFSat Jul 25 1987SSU Not Working.
30.04MUMPS::CRAIGWed Jul 29 1987DEVACTIVE error?
31.03HITEST::SMITHWed Aug 19 1987Help with SSU ENABLE.???!!
32.02CSC32::GROSSMANWed Aug 19 1987Parity and SSU don't mix.
33.011NAAD::BATESTue Aug 25 1987Each Session Count as a Login?
34.012CREME::BINGHAMWed Sep 09 1987QIO to SSU terminals, function and arrow key actioon
35.01CAMPER::LOMICKAJWed Sep 23 1987Automation
36.011MUMPS::CRAIGWed Sep 30 1987SSU and LAT don't work?
37.01IJSAPL::VANGEESTFri Oct 02 1987SSU on MV2
38.01SNDCSL::SMITHFri Oct 02 1987SSU for single user?
39.02SNDCSL::SMITHFri Oct 02 1987OPCOM over SSU?
40.08COMICS::BUXTONWed Oct 07 1987SSU Gripes.
41.03CSC32::VICKREYWed Oct 07 1987SSU, LAT, and a different kind of application
42.011SMAUG::FLOWERSTue Oct 13 1987Control Y hang
43.02SMAUG::GARRODWed Oct 14 1987Why SSU for VMS?
44.012COMICS::DLLOYDThu Oct 22 1987Priv problem with SSU ENABLE
45.06RDGE23::PARTENQThu Oct 29 1987SSU code for session change
46.01CSC32::P_HIROSSMon Nov 09 1987More problem with SSU ENABLE
47.03REGENT::MERRILLTue Nov 10 1987SSU fails over GANDALF ???
48.015CSC32::GROSSMANTue Nov 17 1987Turning off VT34
49.03MISFIT::SCHLITZERMWed Dec 02 1987LAT Software Versions?
50.04ASIC::KEHOEWed Dec 09 1987SSU and VMS V5
51.04SNDBOX::SMITHFri Dec 11 1987SSU nits
52.02CLOVAX::MARESMon Dec 14 1987Non-virtual terminal SSU use problem
53.01HPSRAD::NOGUEIRATue Jan 05 1988Problem using 'CSI&x' to switch sessions
54.01VAXWRK::EPSTEINFri Jan 08 1988Is SSU Available for VMS V5.
55.014BOLT::BAILEYThu Jan 21 1988How do I unwedge my physical TX line?
56.06SALEM::ANDREWSTue Feb 09 1988SSU with one cable
57.016ULTRA::HUMon Feb 15 1988BREAK and hard reset
58.03CSC32::GROSSMANThu Feb 18 1988VT33
59.01BMT::VAITZBLITThu Feb 25 1988SSU and x.29
60.010LARVAE::RIZANThu Mar 03 1988Support over two VAX'es?
61.02LEDS::VEDDERMon Mar 21 1988Auto Login?
62.05TAVENG::ZVITue Apr 12 1988SSU kit for VMS 4.7
63.01SNOCMon Apr 18 1988Location of notes file for DECserver 2
64.06AKOV66::SHEPROWed Apr 27 1988Version for NK2
65.01WAV14::DIXONTue May 17 1988Could Someone Help with Parameters?
66.04MU::PORTERWed Jun 01 1988Any way to identify terminal server?
67.07UTOPIE::ASCHAUERWed Jun 08 1988SSU and LAT services?
68.06WAV14::DIXONThu Jun 23 1988What are the REAL server parameters?
69.01KERNEL::FARROW_SMITHTue Jun 28 1988SSU and even and odd parity
70.01ASPEN2::BOIKOThu Jun 30 1988SSU 1.1/VMS V5.
71.03KAOU22::BOIVINWed Jul 06 1988SSU hangs VWS on VS2
72.02FLYTRP::LENNIGThu Aug 11 1988SSU/DECNET interaction?
73.010CGOUFri Aug 26 1988PAK???
74.01JAWS::PELKEYMon Aug 29 1988Virtual terminal question
75.03COMICS::JUDDFri Sep 02 1988One SSU session hangs in LEF state
76.01DELNI::P_COLEFri Sep 16 1988SSu and V5.
77.02CSC32::M_PFOFFTue Sep 20 1988how does SSU set terminal for dual sessions?
78.0VIDEO::LASKOWed Sep 21 1988VIDEO going away for a while...
79.01KBOMFG::HABYThu Sep 22 1988Error installing 1.1 on V5
80.0PEOVAX::HESHELMANWed Sep 28 1988TEK4129/42
81.04CSC32::BUTTERWORTHMon Oct 03 1988We cannot REPLY/ALL to SSU INSERTED & ENABLED lines
82.01POBOX::KLINDWORTHWed Nov 02 1988Looking for SSU Management Internal Doc.
83.05CSC32::HOCKETTMon Nov 21 1988INVEXCEPTN bugcheck from TDDRIVER+23C
84.0ATLAST::BOUKNIGHTWed Nov 30 1988Comments on third party software: VXTD?
85.01CSC32::R_SOMBERGTue Dec 06 1988ssu V1.1 on VMS V4.7 problems ??
86.01BMT::BRIGGSSat Dec 31 1988TDSMP on IBM PC
87.03GARIT::VANSICLENWed Jan 11 1989Change in ENABLE behavior
89.01CAADC::MMIKLINDWMon Jan 16 19892 session SSU Help
90.02IJSAPL::MEYLERFri Feb 17 1989SSU with other hardware?
91.05DNEAST::PEASE_DAVEFri Feb 24 1989bit 17 set, but no virtual terminal....
92.06ASPEN2::BOIKOMon Mar 27 1989Correct value for TTY_DEFCHAR2...?
94.03JC::CORNETue Apr 04 1989"reverse SSU"?
95.01EIGER::STURZENEGGERMon Apr 24 1989 SSU version 1.1A for VAX 63
96.08MGOIWed Apr 26 1989no such device available
98.04CSC32::J_COFFEYMon Jul 10 1989Ever Heard Of Any Spinlock Related Bugchecks?
99.02ODIUM::BAKERMon Jul 17 1989Don't want to Enable Sessions from Setup
100.01NANOOK::LEBELTue Jul 18 1989What's up Doc (set)?
101.0HYEND::PSWANSONThu Jul 27 1989SSU session hangs in LEF state
102.0SNOCFri Aug 04 1989Need to reinstall SSU after upgrade to VMS V5 ?
103.02CSC32::IRONSWed Oct 04 1989Null info returned on TT_ACCPORNAM using $GETDVI
104.02CSC32::J_COFFEYFri Oct 27 1989Next release of SSU?
105.01CSC32::L_MACLEANTue Nov 14 1989"Escape" sequence for SESSION SWITCH
106.02RTOISC::SUPPORT_HSFri Dec 08 1989Kit location now?
108.03HOGAN::SHAHMon Jan 29 1990ENABLE generates abnormal characters
109.02CSC32::K_WORKMANFri Mar 09 1990SSU not working with MODEMS
110.02CSC32::J_ALBANESEWed Mar 14 1990SPLRELERR crash with TDDRIVER.
111.01CRONIC::DUNLOPFri Mar 23 1990INVEXCEPTN bugcheck at TDDRIVER+2AC revisited
112.08CMOTEC::AUSTINThu Mar 29 1990Will SSU do this ?
113.04POBOX::BOCHONKOTue May 01 1990Desparately seeking Documentation
114.01IJSAPL::VANDOMMELENWed May 02 1990TD/SMP available ?
115.05CMOTEC::AUSTINMon May 14 1990VT42
116.01JAC::COFFLERSat Jul 21 1990SSU V1.2? What's that, and how is it different?
117.011367Tue Jul 24 1990SSU Performance
118.03OASS::GREEN_WWed Jul 25 1990How to tell if ssu is already enabled?
119.02STAR::DAVENPORTMon Jul 30 1990Outbound multiple connections
120.01BRSDVP::BRUSCHEFri Aug 17 1990TD/SMP licensing
121.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJWed Aug 29 1990SSU compatible with DMF32?
122.0BLKPUD::FLYNNBMon Sep 03 1990System hang , TDDRIVER looping
123.02KETJE::DEMOORMon Sep 03 1990Two (local+reverse) sessions on 1 wire
124.02RDVAX::RICHARDSONMon Sep 10 1990SSu 1.2 on working - device error
125.02CSC32::MASIASMon Sep 17 1990SSU and Multisessioning...
126.02CHOVAX::KGEORGEWed Sep 26 1990SSU with Ungermann-Bass???
127.01KERNEL::BROWNLOWHFri Sep 28 1990SERVICE NAME ....?????
128.01COMICS::ERLAMWed Dec 05 1990CSCPAT_
129.0BACHUS::KNEUTSWed Dec 12 1990Null info returned on TT_ACCPORNAM using $GETDVI
130.01OSLWed Dec 19 1990SSU for Ultrix?
131.0LEMAN::ROSSIERMon Jan 14 1991Hung at power off
132.0LUYTEN::LEWISWed Jan 23 1991Documentation location request
133.0CSC32::WSCTue Feb 12 1991SSU and the VT42
134.01ISKATE::BILLDFri Feb 22 1991VT42
135.02CSC32::J_SANDOVALThu Mar 07 1991SSU blows DECWindows Out of the Water!!!!
136.0WKRP::LENNIGTue Mar 19 1991SSU ENA won't, after asynch DECNET
137.09SHAWB1::WOODLThu Mar 28 1991session not enabled
138.01ROYALT::HOVSEPIANWed May 29 1991SSU V1.3 available for testing
139.01KERNEL::SHELLEYRWed Jun 26 1991Physical terminal names ?
140.03HANNAH::VESSALMon Jul 29 1991SSU V1.3 is available
141.02ETER::JMPAZMon Aug 26 1991VT42
142.0CAPITN::FREEMAN_RITue Aug 27 1991SSU V1.3 and OPA
143.0CSC32::RAYFri Aug 30 1991Does SSU work over X.25 & Decrouter 2
144.0CSC32::MASIASThu Oct 17 1991SSU and IVDEVNAM, invalid device name
145.01CARWSH::MURRAYMon Dec 02 1991Create 2 sessions per terminal at startup?
146.01CSC32::DEMOLLITue Dec 03 1991SSU V1.3 compatibility question.
147.01CSC32::DEMOLLIFri Dec 06 1991SSU FIX Kit - is it valid for 5.4-n
148.0CSC32::R_SOMBERGFri Jan 10 1992One more time: Physical Device ...
149.01CSC32::MASIASMon Jan 27 1992Need SSU sources Please...
150.02MUHIS::HSTOECKLINWed Mar 11 1992DEVACTIVE error when using LAT device
151.06SHAWB1::HUGHESSFri Mar 13 1992SSU terminal maximum speed performance vt42
152.0OZROCK::GROHNWed Apr 22 1992TDSMP on Windows
153.01SKIGOD::PFROMERThu Apr 23 1992video::tdsmp around anymore?
154.01CHEFS::DAVIDSONSMon Apr 27 1992SSU for SCO Unix?
155.0SUBWAY::YATESWed May 27 1992Product Manager pointer
156.0TROOA::DAYALJEEMon Jun 08 1992VT emulation support for DG/Aviion, IBM/VM
157.02MLNTSC::VOCIThu Jun 18 1992
158.01CSC32::J_CHISHOLMWed Aug 12 1992ssu$startup.com
159.0CSC32::J_SANDOVALWed Aug 19 1992SSU v1.3 hang, local terminal port.
160.02VFOVAX::PATTERSONThu Sep 10 1992Problem using SSU on 31
161.02TAVThu Sep 17 1992SSU-F-ENABLE_FAIL on TX port ...
162.03LISTR::ENTWISTLESThu Jan 07 1993SSU and multiplexors?
163.01EVTAI1::LEGERThu Jan 21 1993Customer question about SSU protocol
164.06UTRTSC::TIELEMANWed Feb 03 1993ssu-e-enable_fail,-system-f-ivdevnam
165.03AXEL::FOLEYFri Apr 23 1993SSU for VMS V6.
166.060HANNAH::OSMANTue May 04 1993new replacement for ssu called flip
167.0MUNICH::WWERNERFri Jun 04 1993SSU and ALF
168.0HANNAH::OSMANMon Jun 07 1993Performance of Flip (please try it!)
169.09MARVIN::HAQUEWed Jun 16 1993What is FLOP?
170.08NECSC::LEVYThu Jun 17 1993FLIP - Can you please document parameters
171.01MARVIN::HAQUEFri Jun 25 1993FLOP - Can you please document parameters?
172.0ROYALT::WYNNEFri Aug 06 1993SSU V2 (FLIP) Internal Field Test note
173.0ROYALT::WYNNEMon Aug 09 1993Need external field test candidates for FLIP!
174.06WKRP::LENNIGTue Sep 07 1993FLIP and virtual (VTAn) terminals
175.02TAVIS::TIKVAH::ARTHURSun Sep 12 1993SYSTEM-W-DEVALLOC, can't log in using TXA port
176.02CSOA1::LENNIGSat Oct 09 1993max number of sessions?
177.011CSOA1::LENNIGSat Oct 09 1993FLIP -loginothers alternative?
178.02FDCV14::WILLIAMSTue Oct 12 1993SSU V2.
179.02HANNAH::OSMANFri Oct 22 1993SSU V2.
180.025FORTY2::GROOMMon Oct 25 1993FLOP questions
181.05CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Oct 26 1993Couple of questions SSU 2.
182.0CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Oct 29 1993We thought we had a prb w/ DECps and SSU but not...
183.01IJSAPL::VANGEESTWed Nov 03 1993FT No licence message overdone
184.016HANNAH::OSMANThu Nov 04 1993*** please help me test new feature in SSU V2.
185.05FORTY2::GROOMFri Nov 05 1993FLOP and snapshot/fastboot
186.05CSOA1::LENNIGTue Nov 09 1993Another SSU enhancement suggestion
187.013HANNAH::OSMANMon Nov 15 1993please test FIELD TEST UPDATE for SSU V2.
188.01BLKPUD::ROWEMMon Nov 22 1993SSU ON VMS V6.
189.011FORTY2::GROOMMon Nov 22 1993FLOP crashes my VAX
190.04NZOMIS::GEMPTONThu Dec 02 1993Multisessions/Screen saver on vt42
191.09HANNAH::OSMANWed Jan 19 1994First ssu on osf available
192.05EVTIS5::ES_MENGUYWed Jan 26 1994INVEXCEPTN, TDDRIVER + 2AC again
193.02TAVIS::LEOWed Jan 26 1994SSU V2 as seen by DecPS Performance Advisor
194.01CSC32::D_SANBORNWed Jan 26 1994LIB-F-INSEF (14
195.01FDCV14::WILLIAMSThu Jan 27 1994SSU V1.3 - %LINK-W-NUDFSYMS, 2 undefined symbols:
196.0HANNAH::OSMANThu Feb 03 1994expired license ? new PAK licenses for VMS SSU V2.
197.03CSC32::RAYMon Feb 14 1994What is the ship date for SSU v2.
198.03MARVIN::MARVIN::COBBTue Feb 22 1994V2.
199.011CSC32::B_BEARDFri Feb 25 1994V2.
200.01CCEIMon Mar 07 1994SSA update for SSU
201.05SWTHOM::DEGAGEWed Mar 30 1994SSU 2.
202.03HANNAH::OSMANThu Apr 07 1994can any of you verify that SSU V2.
203.0HANNAH::OSMANWed Apr 20 1994ssu on sco
204.02NECSC::LEVYMon May 02 1994File access conflict on login.com
205.0HANNAH::OSMANTue May 03 1994what do I do if my license pak expires for SSU ?
206.011KERNEL::SIMPSONRFri May 06 1994SSU and DECcalc
207.05BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANFri May 13 1994Naive questions on SSU
208.02KAOFS::R_DAVEYWed Jun 01 1994VMS print QUEUE to SSU seesion?
209.09RANGER::HARRISSat Jun 04 1994LOGOUT/NOHANGUP tears down the sessio
210.05COMICS::VThu Jun 23 1994Bad status (5
211.07HANNAH::OSMANFri Jun 24 1994SSU v2.1 field test available for ALL MACHINES(ultrix, osf, sco, and vms)
212.09COMICS::VMon Jun 27 1994Base priority for 1st session different from SYSUAF value
213.02HANNAH::SPIELMANThu Jun 30 1994Future terminal products-What are customers requiring?
214.03CSC32::S_BROOKThu Jun 30 1994SSU loses sessions
215.012HANNAH::OSMANThu Jul 07 1994incentive to try the field test of SSU V2.1
216.01GIDDAY::REINHOLDMon Jul 18 1994SSU on OSF/1
217.07HANNAH::WYNNEWed Jul 20 1994Signup note for SSU V2.1 field test
218.013OPENED::LIBOVETue Jul 26 1994"screen" does similar, and more, for free
219.030MOVIES::MCLARENSat Jul 30 1994Why can't I make SSU V2.1 work ????
220.04CSC32::S_BROOKWed Aug 03 1994SSU on AXP .. Poor performance
221.028ZURFri Aug 05 1994Flow problems with V2.1
222.02CSC32::J_SANDOVALMon Aug 08 1994Virtual terminals?
223.08EEMELI::RUOTILATue Aug 23 1994SSU installed or not?
224.03COMICS::LYNEWed Aug 24 1994Disable Sessions within Setup kills processes
225.01CSC32::M_AUSTINWed Aug 24 1994HELP SSU is not...
226.01ONOIS1::SABIAUXWed Aug 24 1994SSU for VAX_VMS 6.1
227.01NZOMIS::HOWARDWed Aug 31 1994SET PORT MULTI ENAB / Multiple Screens?
228.02HANNAH::OSMANThu Sep 08 1994draft for SSU man page
229.02KERNEL::HAWLEYITue Oct 18 1994SSU Enable and terminal types query
230.01MOVIES::MCLARENMon Nov 28 1994Problem starting SSU through an auto-callback system.
231.09CSC32::M_AUSTINSat Dec 10 1994SSU on Novell Unixware ?
232.031DEBUG::GALLOTue Jan 10 1995Can't Create sessions on subprocess
233.01ISIDRO::64594::dediegoWed Jan 11 1995Request for a kit of old versions
234.01SNOCTue Jan 17 1995SSU on OSF/1 V1.3 - error
235.02SNOCThu Jan 19 1995Only fails under V1.3
236.09KERNEL::SYMONDSKWed Feb 08 1995SSU On VT52
237.02LARVAE::DRSD11::THRUSSELLMon Feb 13 1995Current license info required
238.01EUROSW::JHENEGHANFri Feb 17 1995When will V2.1 release as a layered product
239.05DEBUG::GALLOTue Mar 07 1995SSU.EXE/Flop New (& Cur) Features?
241.02EVTAI1::TREGARAUDFri Apr 14 1995ssu_sco ???
242.01EVTAI1::TREGARAUDThu Apr 20 1995order ssu for sco
243.05DEBUG::GALLOMon May 22 1995Flop: Kermitting Bookreader files
244.017DEBUG::GALLOTue May 23 1995Flop: Windows/Mouse pastes can KILL Flop and SSU!
245.07BASEX::KAIRYSThu Jun 01 1995Problem terminating SSU in new version
246.010DEBUG::GALLOThu Jun 08 1995FLOP: Enhancement Request - User Features
247.03DEBUG::GALLOFri Jul 21 1995FLOP: Sessions Freeze - Can't Attempt enable
248.01TAVIS::ADDADYThu Aug 24 1995SSU session setup problem
249.08TAVMon Oct 23 1995Need V2.1 kit ...
250.04CSC32::J_ALBANESEMon Nov 20 1995Can you get remote access port info for FTA devices?
251.02CSC32::B_BEARDThu Dec 07 1995V2.
252.03NETRIX::"heinz@suo.dec.com"Wed Apr 10 1996SSU for Digital UNIX ?
253.02VAXSPO::TOMEFri Aug 02 1996Message: RESSTR29
254.01VAXSPO::TOMEMon Sep 09 1996Is VT51
255.011CSC32::H_ROBINSONWed Dec 04 1996FLOP: Breaks under Motif 1.2-4 (vms)
256.0 *+10QUAKKS::DWORSACKWed May 14 1997LOCAL decserver flop/ssu problems