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Conference 7.286::printing_model

Title:Printing Systems Model
Notice:this conference is WRITE LOCKED - see 1.6 for details
Created:Wed Oct 22 1986
Last Modified:Tue Mar 05 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:633
Total number of notes:2276
Number with bodies:0
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1.06HAYNES::FISHERWed Oct 22 1986Welcome to the PRINTING_MODEL conference
2.03HAYNES::FISHERWed Oct 22 1986Print Service DEC-wide or OS specific?
3.01KATYA::FISHERWed Oct 22 1986Is Symbiont-Service Protocol OS specific?
4.05KATYA::FISHERWed Oct 22 1986How are symbionts managed?
5.06KATYA::FISHERWed Oct 22 1986How is information returned to the client?
6.02KATYA::FISHERWed Oct 22 1986How should protocols be implemented?
7.01KATYA::FISHERWed Oct 22 1986How does Client react to unavailable services?
8.04KATYA::FISHERWed Oct 22 1986Is "estimated time to service" required?
9.03KATYA::FISHERWed Oct 22 1986Should "Print Before" ever shorten wait time?
10.02KATYA::FISHERWed Oct 22 1986Where are defaults supplied?
11.01KATYA::FISHERWed Oct 22 1986How does user specify defaults?
12.01KATYA::FISHERWed Oct 22 1986How does system manager specify defaults?
13.03KATYA::FISHERWed Oct 22 1986Should ANSI Asynch Data Link Protocol be used?
14.04KATYA::FISHERWed Oct 22 1986Should Printing Instructions be part of Document?
15.05KATYA::FISHERWed Oct 22 1986Should variants between copies be supported?
16.01KATYA::FISHERWed Oct 22 1986Should Printers interpret the Document Protocol?
17.012KATYA::FISHERWed Oct 22 1986Should DEC Programs follow Postscript conventions?
18.03KATYA::FISHERWed Oct 22 1986Does page independence need to be enforced?
19.06KATYA::FISHERWed Oct 22 1986Should Printers dynamically load fonts?
20.01KATYA::FISHERWed Oct 22 1986Should printer always request fonts from Symbiont?
21.05KATYA::FISHERWed Oct 22 1986How is font usage declared?
22.03KATYA::FISHERWed Oct 22 1986How are font licenses protected?
23.01KATYA::FISHERWed Oct 22 1986How are page independent features handled?
24.06KATYA::FISHERWed Oct 22 1986How is scheduling/accounting of CPU intensive jobs done?
25.01KATYA::FISHERWed Oct 22 1986How are costs of Cache flushing/loading computed?
26.06KATYA::FISHERWed Oct 22 1986How is Authentication performed?
27.04KATYA::FISHERWed Oct 22 1986What are the rules for early bidding?
28.06KATYA::FISHERWed Oct 22 1986Should Printer Ports be added to the model?
29.02NIEMAN::ROSESun Oct 26 1986Compatibility?
30.02NIEMAN::ROSESun Oct 26 1986Suggested separations
31.017PCASSO::ROSEMon Oct 27 1986Application Program Requirements
32.01SARAH::S_COHENThu Oct 30 1986Terminology suggestions
33.01SARAH::S_COHENThu Oct 30 1986Comments on model summary (sec 1.4)
34.05SARAH::S_COHENThu Oct 30 1986Proposal for Printing Instructions model
35.06PCASSO::ROSEFri Oct 31 1986Printer selection by capabilities
36.02SARAH::S_COHENFri Oct 31 1986Data protocols (see 2.2)
37.04KATYA::FISHERTue Nov 04 1986Requirement for user written scheduler
38.05KATYA::FISHERTue Nov 04 1986Should interfaces be open or closed?
39.06KIRK::KYZIVATWed Nov 05 1986When Print Service is inaccessable...
40.02KIRK::KYZIVATThu Nov 06 1986when is it safe to /DELETE?
41.04ZIN::MCGREGORFri Nov 07 1986Model Complexity and Subsetting
42.05SWAMI::LAMIAFri Nov 07 1986Accounting and Auditing Issues
43.0SWAMI::LAMIAFri Nov 07 1986Device Symbiont Issues
44.0KATYA::FISHERFri Nov 07 1986Minutes from November 7 Review
45.02REGENT::POWERSMon Nov 10 1986WHAT is safe to /DELETE?
46.06PIXEL::TRAVISMon Nov 10 1986Formatting services should be separated out
47.03GLIVET::NELSONTue Nov 11 1986PRINT SCREEN and workstations
48.05REGENT::POWERSMon Nov 17 1986page/sheet geometry proposal
49.0RIVEST::MASONTue Nov 18 1986Meeting with Secure Systems
50.0SMURF::BULLERFri Dec 12 1986ULTRIX Concerns
51.01REGENT::MERRILLFri Jan 09 1987changing Protocols
52.0KATYA::FISHERWed Jan 28 1987Application Requirements to Model
53.0VIDEO::DCLThu Jan 29 1987Print symbiont architecture minutes
54.04VIDEO::DCLMon Feb 02 1987How many device protocols?
55.03MOSAIC::KRASINWed Feb 11 1987DECwindows issues
56.02VIDEO::DCLThu Feb 26 1987Job separation
57.01VIDEO::DCLThu Mar 12 1987Queued translation
58.0VIDEO::DCLThu Mar 26 1987Leaving footprints
59.0VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Mar 31 1987Printing Systems Model (PSM) V2.
60.04KATYA::FISHERThu Apr 09 1987Simplifying Printer Capabilities
61.0KATYA::FISHERTue Apr 21 1987Printing Systems Model Work Plan
62.0KATYA::FISHERTue Apr 21 1987Customer Feedback on Printing Model
63.07KATYA::FISHERMon Apr 27 1987Distributed symbionts
64.0VIDEO::HASTINGSWed May 06 1987TBU Comments on PSM Chap 5, Submitter Subroutines
65.0VIDEO::HASTINGSWed May 06 1987PSM Figures and Slides Announced
66.0KATYA::FISHERFri May 15 1987Use Name Service to Determine Order of Defaults
67.0611Tue May 19 1987ASN.1 in PSP
68.025KATYA::FISHERWed May 20 1987Do RPC's help or hurt?
69.02KATYA::FISHERWed May 27 1987Chapter 4 agreements
72.011VIDEO::LEVWed Jun 03 1987Where should job data base exist?
73.06VIDEO::HASTINGSWed Jun 24 1987Revised Adobe Printer Description (APD) spec
74.0VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Jun 30 1987Review of Print Service Architecture Spec (PSA)
75.06VIDEO::DCLTue Jul 07 1987Symbiont: one thread per job?
76.05VIDEO::DCLTue Jul 07 1987Comments on Symbiont Requirements, please
77.01VIDEO::DCLThu Jul 09 1987How to divide Print Service documents
78.03VIDEO::HASTINGSFri Jul 10 1987Comments on PSA Modula 2+ Notation
79.04VIDEO::HASTINGSFri Jul 10 1987PSA order of bytes in integers isn't DDIS order
80.01VIDEO::HASTINGSFri Jul 10 1987Disposition Print Request Parameters
81.0VIDEO::HASTINGSFri Jul 10 1987PSA needs a State Transition Diagram
82.06VIDEO::HASTINGSFri Jul 10 1987Should Hold/Release Job be done with Modify Job?
83.03VIDEO::HASTINGSFri Jul 10 1987Parameter atributes needed to be added
84.07VIDEO::DCLTue Jul 14 1987Private operation
85.011VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Jul 14 1987Representing of Accounting Info in General & DDFF
86.0RAINBO::KRASINTue Jul 14 1987PC Integration
87.08VIDEO::HASTINGSThu Jul 16 1987Comments on PSA Data Syntaxes parameter
88.01VIDEO::HASTINGSThu Jul 16 1987Missing Marking Instruction Parameters from PSA
89.01VIDEO::HASTINGSThu Jul 16 1987PSA Printer Identification Argument
90.06STAR::BFISHERMon Jul 20 1987SDL vs. MODULA2
91.0STAR::BFISHERMon Jul 20 1987Comments on the "RAISES" clause
92.02RAINBO::KRASINMon Jul 20 1987PSP Requirements
94.0VINES::BDMon Jul 20 1987Local Printing Protocol
96.04VINES::BDMon Jul 20 1987Order of the PSP parameters
97.0VINES::BDMon Jul 20 1987Fallback values for PSP Parameters
98.01VINES::BDMon Jul 20 1987DDFF Printing Instructions part of PSP?
99.05VINES::BDMon Jul 20 1987Per-Document Job Instructions
100.02VINES::BDMon Jul 20 1987Authentication of Operators
101.01VINES::BDMon Jul 20 1987Printer Identification Parameters
102.07VIDEO::HASTINGSWed Jul 22 1987New Summary of PSP
103.01VIDEO::DCLWed Jul 22 1987Weekly extract of this conference
104.01Q::ROSENBAUMThu Jul 23 1987Request for Naming Service comments
105.0VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Jul 28 1987Newer PSM Print Service Access Protocol (PSP) chap
106.04STAR::BFISHERFri Jul 31 1987Support for non-Networked Services
107.024VIDEO::DCLSat Aug 29 1987Symbiont Architecture available for review
108.01VIDEO::HASTINGSSun Sep 06 1987Updated Print Service Architecture (PSA) available
109.08VIDEO::HASTINGSFri Sep 25 1987Review: Printer Access Protocol (PAP) Req.
110.01VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 29 1987DDFF Architecture Spec for Review by Oct 6
111.02VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 29 1987p1-6 DDFF ISSUE 1: Use DDFF instead of RPC for PSP?
112.09VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 29 1987p1-6 I2: One File Type for DDFF or one for each PDL?
113.04VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 29 1987p1-1
114.05VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 29 1987p2-7 I4: Use all upper-case or mixed case in Tags?
115.02VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 29 1987p3-2 I5: Just use the external references in PSP?
116.05VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 29 1987p3-2 I6: is $DEFERRED mechansim really needed at all?
117.04VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 29 1987p3-2 I7: Should concatenated DDFF move deferred to beg?
118.03VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 29 1987p3-2 I8: Have Hierarchical facility names?
119.03VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 29 1987p3-5 I9: All DDFF forms to DocumentBodyType?
120.03VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 29 1987p3-6 I1
121.06VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 29 1987p3-6 I11: Is list of natural languages needed for DDFF?
122.05VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 29 1987p3-1
123.06VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 29 1987p3-1
124.09VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 29 1987p3-11 I14: Ok to always print pages in sequence?
125.03VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 29 1987p3-11 I15: Add PageOrder to PSP in PSA?
126.07VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 29 1987p3-12 I16: Allow include-external-object in Prologue?
127.05VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 29 1987p3-12 I17: DDFF Objects and DNS Entities?
128.07VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 29 1987p3-13 I18: Require font-assumed-decl for all fonts?
129.02VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 29 1987p4-2 I19: OK NOT to use DDIF NamedValue in DDFF?
130.01VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 29 1987p4-3 I2
131.03VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 29 1987RESOLVED: Don't add $FORM at this time
132.05VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 29 1987p4-4 I22: BoundingBox 4 strings, not 4 integers?
133.013VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 29 1987p4-7 I23: OK that PDL Data is really Stream data?
134.03VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 29 1987p4-7 I24: Specify Max. length of PDL Data OCTET STRING?
135.04VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 29 1987p4-8 I25: Combine character set and font name?
136.08VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 29 1987p4-8 I26: Use new Descriptive Font Naming Proposal?
137.010VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 29 1987p4-9 to 4-11: I27: Add indicated parameters to PSP in PSA?
138.04VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 29 1987p5-1 I28: How embed DDIF graphic or images in DDFF?
139.03VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 29 1987p5-1 I29: Need a Page Fragment form of DDFF?
140.01VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 29 1987pB-1 I3
141.01REGENT::MERRILLWed Sep 30 1987Specific Error Question
142.0VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Oct 06 1987Updated Requirements for DDFF
143.0PIXEL::TRAVISWed Oct 07 1987Why StringTag instead of nominal INTEGER values?
144.0PIXEL::TRAVISWed Oct 07 1987No IMPLICIT CHOICE, please.....
145.02PIXEL::TRAVISWed Oct 07 1987Is DDFF structured or flat?
146.01VIDEO::HASTINGSWed Oct 07 1987Bill Fisher's comments on DDFF spec
147.01VIDEO::HASTINGSThu Oct 22 1987Print Service Architecture (PSA) Chap 3, 5 Review
148.03VIDEO::HASTINGSMon Oct 26 1987PSA ISSUE 1: Required vs. Preferred Parameters?
149.02VIDEO::HASTINGSMon Oct 26 1987PSA ISSUE 2: timeToComplete - what further study?
150.0VIDEO::HASTINGSMon Oct 26 1987PSA ISSUE 3: Combine ListJobs and ReadJobStatus?
151.0VIDEO::HASTINGSMon Oct 26 1987PSA ISSUE 4: Form of ListJobs and ReadJobStatus results?
152.0VIDEO::HASTINGSMon Oct 26 1987PSA ISSUE 5: How authorize ReadJobStatus function?
153.02VIDEO::HASTINGSMon Oct 26 1987PSA ISSUE 6: Filter Mechansim for ListJobs?
154.0VIDEO::HASTINGSMon Oct 26 1987PSA ISSUE 7: Output Filter for ReadJobStatus?
155.04VIDEO::HASTINGSMon Oct 26 1987PSA ISSUE 8: Add per-document ProductionInstructions?
156.04VIDEO::HASTINGSMon Oct 26 1987New Descriptive Font Names for PrinterCapabilities?
157.0VIDEO::HASTINGSMon Oct 26 1987Use Descriptive Font Names for FontSubstitution?
158.03VIDEO::HASTINGSMon Oct 26 1987How make adding parameters transparent?
159.03Q::ROSENBAUMMon Oct 26 1987PSA & RPC
160.0Q::ROSENBAUMMon Oct 26 1987some questions concerning printerIdentification
161.0Q::ROSENBAUMMon Oct 26 1987Solicitation and Advertisement
162.02Q::ROSENBAUMMon Oct 26 1987need for PSA subset
163.0YOUNG::YOUNGTue Oct 27 1987Does PSA provide today's printing functionality?
164.02Q::ROSENBAUMTue Oct 27 1987PSA: various (mostly) chapter 3 comments
165.011POLICY::BRADLEYTue Oct 27 1987duplex vs sheet (nit)
166.01POLICY::BRADLEYTue Oct 27 1987multiple local language support
167.0Q::ROSENBAUMTue Oct 27 1987PSA: comments on chapter 5
168.0POLICY::BRADLEYTue Oct 27 1987protocol compatibility
169.01POLICY::BRADLEYTue Oct 27 1987jobID too long
170.0POLICY::BRADLEYTue Oct 27 1987how many processes?
171.0STAR::BFISHERTue Oct 27 1987Meta-issue: How can we tie PSA to implementations?
172.0VIDEO::HASTINGSWed Oct 28 1987PSA ISSUE: Require block-count document-statistic?
173.0VIDEO::HASTINGSWed Oct 28 1987Comments on PSA
174.0POLICY::BRADLEYWed Oct 28 1987is a user a person or an account?
175.0POLICY::BRADLEYWed Oct 28 1987please update PSM spec
176.01POLICY::BRADLEYWed Oct 28 1987need print service definition details
177.01VIDEO::HASTINGSThu Oct 29 1987PROPOSAL: Simpler password printing - confidential jobs
178.0VIDEO::HASTINGSThu Oct 29 1987PROPOSED: PSA Clearer states for Jobs and Printers
179.01PIXEL::TRAVISFri Oct 30 1987Section 2.3.4 Protocol Compatibility Rules
180.01PIXEL::TRAVISFri Oct 30 1987ASN.1 vs DDIS ref, Section 5.1
181.01HUMAN::HASTINGSTue Nov 03 1987PROPOSED: Move Sheet types from DDFF to PSA
182.01HUMAN::HASTINGSTue Nov 03 1987PROPOSED: New Name for PSP - Print Access Functions
183.01YOUNG::YOUNGWed Nov 04 1987How many files could a print system print...
184.06VINES::BDWed Nov 04 1987Print Service Standards Reports
185.06YOUNG::YOUNGMon Nov 16 1987How do files get pushed?
186.03VINES::BDTue Nov 17 1987Printing Systems RPC Requirements
187.0VIDEO::HASTINGSMon Nov 23 1987Domain, Data Syntax, & Data Type Identification at DEC
188.02VIDEO::HASTINGSThu Dec 03 1987Comparison of VMS Print and Ultrix LPR Commands
189.01VIDEO::HASTINGSThu Dec 03 1987Updated X3V1.8 SPDL Document Envelope Paper available
190.04VIDEO::HASTINGSSun Dec 06 1987Print Widget Spec for VMS & Ultrix
191.01VIDEO::FLOWERSThu Dec 17 1987Font Architecuture Conference
192.010--UnknownUser--Mon Dec 21 1987Review of the ECMA draft for Print Job Request
193.022HUMAN::HASTINGSSun Jan 03 1988Comments on Proposal for Duplex Qualifiers
194.09VIDEO::HASTINGSWed Jan 20 1988Pros/Cons 1 Symbiont & Scheduler per Printer
195.08VIDEO::HASTINGSFri Jan 22 1988Proposal for Envelopes: New Page and Sheet Size names
196.03VIDEO::HASTINGSFri Jan 22 1988Proposed: ANSI Setup Module Capability
197.09REGENT::MERRILLMon Feb 01 1988Can symbionts be pipe-lined?
198.0VIDEO::HASTINGSMon Feb 08 1988Minutes of PSM Task Group Meeting, 28-Jan-1988
199.01VIDEO::HASTINGSWed Feb 24 1988PSM Task Group Review of PSM Ch 9: Print Service Interface
200.07VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Mar 08 1988Requirements for VFU support - comments?
201.05VIDEO::HASTINGSWed Mar 23 1988DDFF and SPDL Wrapper Requirements/Issues
202.0IPG::MAXWELLThu Mar 24 1988Ultrix PSM Phase1 specs available
203.0HUMAN::CONKLINFri Apr 15 1988Need to filter junk
204.04VIDEO::HASTINGSWed May 25 1988ECMA ISSUE1: Invent a good acronym
205.06VIDEO::HASTINGSWed May 25 1988ECMA ISSUE2: How permit System Manager to define default values?
206.01VIDEO::HASTINGSWed May 25 1988ECMA ISSUE2a: Should DEC push to remove "logical-service"?
207.01VIDEO::HASTINGSWed May 25 1988ECMA ISSUE3: Operation Names to work for batch too
208.01VIDEO::HASTINGSWed May 25 1988ECMA ISSUE4: Need Hierarchical-names spec
209.03VIDEO::HASTINGSWed May 25 1988ECMA ISSUE5: Need min size for server conformance for all parms
210.019--UnknownUser--Wed May 25 1988ECMA ISSUE6: How to submit multiple documents?
211.01VIDEO::HASTINGSWed May 25 1988ECMA ISSUE7: Need Substitutable vs. Non-substitutable attr.
212.03VIDEO::HASTINGSWed May 25 1988ECMA ISSUE8: Need Printer Resource States
213.01VIDEO::HASTINGSWed May 25 1988ECMA ISSUE9.1: Add "for further study" values
214.01VIDEO::HASTINGSWed May 25 1988ECMA ISSUE9.2: Change some IA5 to HierarchicalName
215.01VIDEO::HASTINGSWed May 25 1988ECMA ISSUE9.3: Add delivery-method values
216.0VIDEO::HASTINGSWed May 25 1988ECMA ISSUE9.4: Add Event HierarchicalNames
217.02VIDEO::HASTINGSWed May 25 1988ECMA ISSUE9.7: Staple Coordinate system?
218.02VIDEO::HASTINGSWed May 25 1988ECMA ISSUE9.8: Coordinate system for holes?
219.0VIDEO::DCLWed May 25 1988Bill Fisher on symbionts for non-DEC printers
220.06VIDEO::HASTINGSThu May 26 1988Review of Bill Fisher's white paper, 3-June
221.0VIDEO::HASTINGSFri May 27 1988SPDL Document wrapper syntax/semantics agreed in ISO SC18/WG8
222.07VIDEO::LEVTue May 31 1988Round-89 Phase-
223.01YOUNG::YOUNGTue May 31 1988Issue: Many TBD's
224.013YOUNG::YOUNGTue May 31 1988No review of new service primitives
225.01YOUNG::YOUNGTue May 31 1988Where do hierarchical names come from?
226.01YOUNG::YOUNGTue May 31 1988ASN.1 for other service primitives?
227.012YOUNG::YOUNGTue May 31 1988Conformance
228.01YOUNG::YOUNGTue May 31 1988Section 6 is blank
229.0YOUNG::YOUNGTue May 31 1988Call status?
230.01YOUNG::YOUNGTue May 31 1988Register-server-profile
231.01YOUNG::YOUNGTue May 31 1988Register-server-resource
232.01YOUNG::YOUNGTue May 31 1988Register-user
233.01YOUNG::YOUNGTue May 31 1988Read-server-profile
234.01YOUNG::YOUNGTue May 31 1988Read-server-status
235.01YOUNG::YOUNGTue May 31 1988Read-server-characteristics
236.01YOUNG::YOUNGTue May 31 1988Notification service
237.01YOUNG::YOUNGTue May 31 1988Read-server-profile list size
238.0YOUNG::YOUNGTue May 31 1988Compatibility of QUEUE display
239.0YOUNG::YOUNGTue May 31 1988Compatibility of JOB display
240.01YOUNG::YOUNGTue May 31 1988Extensibility of return-job-attributes
241.01YOUNG::YOUNGTue May 31 1988Listjobs transparency
242.03YOUNG::YOUNGTue May 31 1988Wildcarding
243.02YOUNG::YOUNGTue May 31 1988Multiple files/documents
244.01YOUNG::YOUNGTue May 31 1988Notification of successful push
245.0YOUNG::YOUNGTue May 31 1988Destination info for file push
246.0YOUNG::YOUNGTue May 31 1988Printing and showing forms and characteristics
247.0YOUNG::YOUNGTue May 31 1988Manipulating forms and characteristics
248.0YOUNG::YOUNGTue May 31 1988Log files
249.0YOUNG::YOUNGTue May 31 1988Global Job Identifiers
250.0YOUNG::YOUNGTue May 31 1988Is PSI a superset of VMS?
251.06YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988Hierarchical name appendix
252.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988PDU definitions
253.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988ANY and EXTERNAL resolution
254.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988Extensible parameters
255.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988Attribute ranges
256.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988Events as hierarchical names
257.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988List-Jobs argument size
258.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988Fields not handled by VMS
259.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988Content-orientation
260.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988document-format and document-reference
261.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988page-select conformance
262.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988Aesthetics
263.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988Page numbers
264.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988No introduction
265.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988No General Concepts chapter
266.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988Lower layer failures
267.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988Section 2 and Section 5 don't agree
268.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988Mandatory constructed parameters
269.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988Duplicate information in PDL
270.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988document-?-description
271.01YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988Enumerated type not ASN.1
272.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988Scheduling algorithm?
273.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988Server-load
274.02YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988Security Model?
275.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988Printer name/location?
276.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988Flag and Trailer pages
277.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988job-priority
278.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988ECMA does forms differently from VMS
279.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988System hints
280.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988Transfer information
281.01YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988logical-service
282.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988User-name
283.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988sub-service architecture
284.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988Hierarchical name not in annex
285.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988Selection of notification service
286.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988Section 2 vs Section 5 name
287.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988Section 2 vs Section 5 name
288.0YOUNG::YOUNGWed Jun 01 1988SET of ANY
289.09VIDEO::HASTINGSThu Jul 07 1988Simplifying ECMA DPS Notification/Logging
290.02VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Aug 09 1988MIT's Palladium PSS spec available
291.08REGENT::KACHRANIWed Aug 17 1988/SETUP and ULTRIX
292.03VIDEO::HASTINGSSat Aug 20 1988U.S. Comments on SPDL Draft
293.04VIDEO::HASTINGSMon Aug 22 1988Forms and Medium Names - same or separate?
294.0HUMAN::CONKLINTue Aug 30 1988PSM Round-88 enters field test
295.0VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 13 1988Updated Summary of ECMA & ROUND-89 Print operation
296.08VIDEO::HASTINGSThu Sep 15 1988How are ANSI and PS put into the same Printer?
297.04VIDEO::HASTINGSFri Sep 16 1988Unique OSI ASN.1 OBJECT IDENTIFIERs for print formats
298.01VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 27 1988Human Interface to Printers - Printer Arch
299.04VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 27 1988Key Operator event Requirements
300.03VIDEO::HASTINGSTue Sep 27 1988print-formats-used: one or a list in ECMA DPS?
302.09VIDEO::HASTINGSWed Sep 28 1988CPS Text Formatting (/HEADER /SPACE /FEED /FORM)
303.03VIDEO::HASTINGSWed Sep 28 1988New process for spec review and approval
304.01VIDEO::HASTINGSThu Sep 29 1988Updated draft Print Formats Id Standard available
305.09VIDEO::HASTINGSMon Oct 03 1988Informational Messages from PS Documents
306.0456733::HASTINGSFri Oct 14 1988Terminal vs. ANSI Tab Emmulation
307.09LEVEL::HASTINGSThu Oct 27 1988Add to ECMA DPS: "presentation-file-specification"
308.0LEVEL::HASTINGSThu Nov 03 1988ECMA DPS: C Call Interface Specification
309.0DELPHI::BFISHERFri Nov 04 1988Talk on PSM Changes for VMS (among other things)
310.08LEVEL::HASTINGSFri Nov 04 1988MIT Athena Palladium Schedule and Status
311.08LEVEL::HASTINGSMon Nov 07 1988Rendition Arch - need a single one for DEC
312.01HUMAN::CONKLINSat Nov 12 1988What is a Printing Manager?
313.0LEVEL::HASTINGSWed Nov 16 1988DEC RPC Phase
314.0LEVEL::HASTINGSTue Nov 22 1988CPS V2.
315.01LEVEL::HASTINGSMon Nov 28 1988ULTRIX-DECnet LPS4
317.01VINES::BDMon Nov 28 1988ReadObjectAttributes and ReadJobAttributes
318.02VINES::BDMon Nov 28 1988Size Limits for Attributes
319.01LEVEL::HASTINGSTue Dec 06 1988Type/value pairs for ECMA DPS parameter passing
320.010LEVEL::HASTINGSWed Dec 07 1988Comments on MIT Palladium Spec
321.03LEVEL::HASTINGSTue Dec 13 1988OS/SB Printing Strategy
322.021HANNAH::HASTINGSWed Dec 21 1988VMS PRINT Strawman Proposal for Round-9
323.03REGENT::POWERSWed Dec 21 1988Printer Access Protocol design approach
324.04REGENT::POWERSThu Dec 22 1988PAP multichannel synchronization proposal
325.010STIKNY::GUENTHERThu Dec 29 1988The "MAIL" translator is available for internal use
326.015VOGON::ATKINSONWed Jan 04 1989Conversion of VMS programs calling $SNDJBC
327.04HANNAH::HASTINGSWed Jan 11 1989Representing Attributes in DPS
328.02HANNAH::HASTINGSThu Jan 12 1989Explicit NONE and Default Attribute Values
329.01HANNAH::HASTINGSThu Jan 12 1989Removing DPS PRINT parameter groupings
330.01VINES::BDFri Jan 13 1989Proposed change in job-set terminology
331.0HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Jan 13 1989DEC Positions to ISO - brief minutes of 1/12 PSA Team Meeting
332.01HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Jan 13 1989Comments on PSprint Specs requested
333.01HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Jan 24 1989Why we don't need an IMAGE DATA_TYPE
334.04HANNAH::HASTINGSWed Jan 25 1989"DECprint" replaces "Printing Systems" term
335.023HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Feb 03 1989Latest ECMA DPS Attributes Section
336.09HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Feb 07 1989Ideas for Distributed Printer Naming (VMS Queue Naming)
337.06HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Feb 07 1989Ideas for a Strategy for Handling Printer (queue) Attributes
338.08HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Feb 28 1989Review of VMS PRINT Strawman Proposal V
340.03HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Mar 03 1989p5 I2: Client Translation/HostScript above/below $SNDJBC?
341.06HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Mar 03 1989p7 I3: Use optionial Parameters for where, how?
342.03HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Mar 03 1989p7 I4: User Defaulting vs. NAC/AIA User Profile?
343.03HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Mar 03 1989p9 I5: How O.S. independent should Profile Rules be?
344.02HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Mar 03 1989p1
345.03HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Mar 03 1989p11 I7: Use untran logical name instead of /VARIANT?
346.03HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Mar 03 1989p11 I8: How get non-Q values in other DNS Name Space?
347.07HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Mar 03 1989P16 I9: How/who implements client-only qualifiers?
348.04HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Mar 03 1989p21 I1
349.03HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Mar 03 1989p22 I11: ok to nolonger support /DEVICE=queue?
350.05HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Mar 03 1989p25 I12: Really need per-doc /MEDIA to be a list?
351.02HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Mar 03 1989p25 I13: Ok that /MEDIA somewhat duplicates /FORM?
352.06HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Mar 03 1989p26 I14: Make /MEDIA names same as ECMA DPA draft?
353.03HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Mar 03 1989p29 I15: /SAVE with no value shouldn't = job-name?
354.03HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Mar 03 1989p3
355.013HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Mar 03 1989p31 I17: User really need to print log file at end?
356.06HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Mar 03 1989p32 I18: /SIDES maps to ECMA "sides" & "layup", ok?
357.03HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Mar 03 1989p32 I19: Better name for /SIZE (page-size)?
358.02HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Mar 03 1989p33 I2
359.02HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Mar 03 1989p34 I21: Use untran log name instead of /VARIANT?
360.04HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Mar 03 1989p35 I22: Should DQS /AFTER apply to remote Q?
361.03HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Mar 03 1989p35 I23: Change DQS so /HOLD applies to remote Q?
362.07HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Mar 03 1989p35 I24: Make /AFTER /HOLD /DELETE also on client?
363.01HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Mar 03 1989p35 I25: Decommit /DEVICE? same as note 349 (I11)
364.04HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Mar 03 1989p36 I26: How can SHOW print qualifier name too?
365.03HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Mar 03 1989p37 I27: Have a /NEW qualifier for incompat stuff?
366.02HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Mar 03 1989p37 I28: How implement extensible PRINT command?
367.09HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Mar 03 1989I29: How handle more printers than queues?
368.0DSSDEV::SAUTERThu Mar 23 1989DECforms V2 print plans
369.04HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Mar 28 1989I42: SHOW QUEUE and remote queues
370.0REGENT::POWERSWed Mar 29 1989PAP - clarification of goals
371.03HANNAH::HASTINGSThu Mar 30 1989Review of VMS Print Strawman V
372.0HANNAH::LEVFri Mar 31 1989Decision on Single-Symbiont Single-Printer Issue
373.0HANNAH::LEVThu May 18 1989Default queues based on data syntax in DECW
374.0HANNAH::HASTINGSWed May 24 1989Latest ECMA DPA draft: 19-May 2nd Prelim 5th Draft
375.01HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Jun 06 1989I3
376.01HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Jun 06 1989I31, p5: Host Initiated TD/SMP and LAT Sessions"
377.02HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Jun 06 1989I32, p12: VMS Queue Names cannot exceed 31 Chars
378.01HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Jun 06 1989I33, p12: Can Q Log Name contain DNS Name?
379.03HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Jun 06 1989I34, p15: /FORM is not positional
380.02HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Jun 06 1989I35, p15: Add /FORMAT positional qualifier?
381.01HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Jun 06 1989I36, p15: Add "page-format" to ISO DPA?
382.03HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Jun 06 1989I37, p23: Need to Prioritize Qualifiers
383.03HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Jun 06 1989I38, p28: Reduce /ATTACH, queue to other session?
384.02HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Jun 06 1989I39, p31: Merge /DEVICE_TYPE into /ATTACHED?
385.02HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Jun 06 1989I4
386.02HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Jun 06 1989I41, p35: Add FORM Defn to Media Defn?
387.02HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Jun 06 1989I43, p35: Add no. sides to media object?
388.01HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Jun 06 1989I44, p35: How to Schedule Multiple Media & Cart.
389.04HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Jun 06 1989I45, p39: /ORIENTATION no effect on size or line len
390.03HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Jun 06 1989I46, p42: Map /TRAY to DPA "output-bin"?
391.03HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Jun 06 1989I47, p43: Adding variants to User Profile
392.02HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Jun 06 1989I48, p45: SHOW CHARACTERISTICS of Remote Q
393.02HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Jun 06 1989I49, p45: SHOW FORMS of remote Q
394.01HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Jun 06 1989I5
395.01HANNAH::HASTINGSThu Jun 08 1989I51, p46: SET ENTRY and SET QUEUE commands
396.010HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Jun 19 1989Page-image index maps, DDIF, Production Printers
398.02HANNAH::HASTINGSThu Jun 29 1989I52: Add /COLOR qualifier: color needed/wanted?
399.02HANNAH::HASTINGSThu Jun 29 1989I53: How get Simple Business Letter Head?
400.01HANNAH::HASTINGSThu Jun 29 1989I54: Drop '-WHITE' from medium names?
401.01HANNAH::HASTINGSThu Jun 29 1989I55: /PAGE_SIZE conflicts with /PAGES
402.0HANNAH::HASTINGSThu Jun 29 1989I56: Interaction of /FORM, /FORMAT, /MEDIUM
403.0HANNAH::HASTINGSThu Jun 29 1989I57: /LOG vs. /VERIFY
404.0HANNAH::HASTINGSThu Jun 29 1989I58, p14: Use std /FORM=132_COLUMN for wide text?
405.05HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Jun 30 1989I59: Implement /[NO]APPEND , + differentiation?
406.0HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Jul 14 19891
407.026HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Jul 31 1989Adding simple print-formats to DPA
408.05HANNAH::HASTINGSWed Aug 02 1989Add Disrtribution List Job Attribute to DPA?
409.0DDIF::TRAVISFri Aug 04 1989support for XEROX printers? (reply to DDIF::CDA)
410.0HUMAN::CONKLINSun Aug 06 1989VMS Production requirements for Printing
411.015HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Aug 11 1989New ISO/ECMA DPA draft std available
412.014HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Aug 14 1989DPA I1: Add quota attribute and error
413.01HANNAH::HASTINGSThu Aug 24 1989DECprint OBJECT IDENTIFIER registry
414.04HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Aug 28 1989DEC Print Formats Std V
415.01HANNAH::HASTINGSThu Sep 07 1989DPA I2: Security/secrecy comments
416.0HANNAH::HASTINGSThu Sep 07 1989DECprint Model Security chapter available for Review
417.017HANNAH::HASTINGSThu Sep 07 1989DECprint Application Program Interface (API) white papers available
418.04HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Sep 11 1989DPA C57: Clarify Start/Separator/End Sheets
419.0HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Sep 11 1989DPA C8: Clarify object states
420.0PAWN12::CALLAHANMon Sep 11 1989Draft Proposal for Generic Attributes in DPA...some issues to resolve
421.01PAWN12::CALLAHANMon Sep 11 1989Changes to current Cancel, Interrupt, Promote, Pause, and Resume Operations
422.01PAWN12::CALLAHANMon Sep 11 1989Initial discussion on need for resubmitjob operation
423.03HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Sep 12 1989Reading DPA Attribute Characteristics
424.04HANNAH::HASTINGSThu Sep 14 1989Add DistinguishedNames for DPA Ojects
425.0HANNAH::HASTINGSSat Sep 16 1989Simplifying DPA document-sequence-number attr
426.0HANNAH::HASTINGSSat Sep 16 1989Improved ASN.1 for DP-user operations
427.09HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Sep 18 1989Official DEC Comments on DPA Std
428.07HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Sep 18 1989New Unix pdpr command proposal available for review
429.01HANNAH::LEVThu Sep 21 1989DECprint Document Descriptor based on PDSC for PostScript documents
430.0HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Sep 22 1989Palladium V2 Design Doc available
431.0REGENT::POWERSFri Sep 22 1989Printer Access Protocol Quarterly Report
432.08HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Sep 26 1989I6
433.011REGENT::SNOWFri Sep 29 1989Is DECansi the correct reference
434.011HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Oct 30 1989Formatting DDIF: where and when?
435.07HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Nov 10 1989DEC Comments on ISO SPDL 1st DP 1
436.0HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Dec 11 1989Questions on job-validate and NONE
437.04YUPPIE::COLETue Jan 16 1990Net Kits???
438.02COMICS::OMARATue Jan 16 1990LCG
439.04HANNAH::HASTINGSWed Jan 17 1990Prefix for Printing API: Pdtk, dpa_, DECPRINT$?
440.07HANNAH::HASTINGSThu Jan 25 1990Security Issues and printing
441.03HANNAH::HASTINGSWed Feb 14 1990DWT Printer Port Study
442.01HANNAH::HASTINGSSun Mar 18 1990Proj Athena Deployment and Distribution of Software
443.01HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Mar 26 1990ECMA DPA standard approved
444.0HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Mar 26 1990Modeling DEC Schedulers in Palladium
445.05HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Apr 02 1990Reviews of the Printing API
446.02UFHIS::MMCCREADYWed Apr 04 1990DECprint utility conference?
447.03HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Apr 09 1990API I9: Logical vs. Physical printers in API, Palladium, and ISO std
448.01HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Apr 09 1990API I1: Do non-window programs need attr selected by user before submission?
449.01HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Apr 09 1990API I2: Implement 12 Management API routines on VMS?
450.01HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Apr 09 1990API I3: OK for VAX/VMS binding status to return warnings as info?
451.01HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Apr 09 1990API I4: Syntax of programmer supplied attributes
452.01HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Apr 09 1990API I5: Need Incremental DPAPrintDocument call as well?
453.02HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Apr 09 1990API I6: Need public Print Widget API?
454.0HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Apr 09 1990API I7: Need way for program to submit unlimited data?
455.02HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Apr 10 1990API I8: Ok to not document low-level for customers?
456.0HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Apr 24 1990API I1
457.04UTRUST::FITSKIWed May 09 1990relation DECprint/Printserver
458.01PEACHS::BELDINThu May 10 1990DECprint and DECwindows Print Screen - Is integration possible?
459.010HANNAH::HASTINGSTue May 15 1990Palladium Man Pages for commands - need review
460.01COPCMT::RIISWed May 23 1990DECPrint prints the RAW Sixel file
461.0HANNAH::HASTINGSThu May 31 1990Simplify requested-attributes to verbose, brief, none for M.I.T.
462.01HANNAH::HASTINGSThu May 31 1990Should user-typed options (qualifiers) be compulsory by default?
463.0HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Jun 19 1990Proposal for improving Print Widget UI available
464.01HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Jun 22 1990Make-ready image files for demand printing
465.01BEAGLE::HASLERFri Jun 29 1990DECPrint and PCSA ??
466.02BEAGLE::HASLERMon Jul 02 1990DEClaser printing Postscript ??
467.01SAC::DELANY_SThu Aug 02 1990DECprint? What about IBMprint, HPprint?
468.01HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Aug 07 1990Proposed High Level API enhancements so don't publish Low Level API
469.01OASS::GENUS_VMon Aug 20 1990Undefine Ctrl/D
470.04HANNAH::LANDAUTue Aug 21 1990Proposal to determine file datatype from contents, name, etc.
471.02IOOSRV::COLVINWed Aug 22 1990Could the target sixel output device be a VT34
473.0HANNAH::HASTINGSSat Aug 25 1990Updated API Overview V1.5 available
474.01HANNAH::HASTINGSThu Sep 13 1990IETF Standardization of printing protocols: DPA, PAP
475.0HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Sep 14 1990Systematic change to Printing OID values required by ECMA
476.03MUTTON::LAMBWed Sep 19 1990Can't print postscript with DEClaser 22
477.02KAOFS::M_LAVERGNEWed Sep 19 1990decprint and ln
478.01CMOTEC::AUSTINWed Sep 26 1990LN
479.0LEVEL::HASTINGSTue Oct 16 1990OSF DME SIG Final Evaluation Criteria
480.01SAC::DELANY_SMon Oct 22 1990Mac interface to PrintServers
481.0RCOJDS::SHOWALTERWed Oct 24 1990Questions about printer setup and Print Widget
482.01CMOTEC::AUSTINMon Nov 05 1990Scriptprinter/DECprint/LN
483.0HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Nov 09 1990MIT Palladium command man pages
484.02HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Nov 09 1990MIT High-level API Spec, version 1.7, available
485.0HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Dec 03 1990Posix Paper on Palladium Interfaces
486.01OZROCK::TAYLORThu Dec 06 1990GIA ps-print license?
487.0HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Dec 28 19901
488.01BRULE::CUTRIMon Jan 28 1991DECwrite and DECprint, no thread
489.07HANNAH::HASTINGSSun Feb 03 1991Need Comments: ISO DPA Imposition/Finishing "Clarifications"
490.0HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Feb 05 1991Pd term change: Print Server now Print Spooler
491.0HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Mar 18 1991Proposed new MULTI VALUE attr syntax for Pd com/API
492.0HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Mar 19 1991HP Printer Protocols identified for ISO DPA Std
493.02HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Mar 19 1991DEC, IBM, Xerox, Adobe, MIT doc formats identified for ISO DPA Std
494.0HANNAH::HASTINGSWed Mar 20 1991DECprint Arch/ISO DPA Std and character sets
495.0HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Mar 22 1991Scheduling Print Jobs by Media Attributes?
496.01LNGBCH::SCHNEIDERTue Apr 02 1991colormatye PS info?
497.0SAC::DELANY_SWed Apr 03 1991DQS V2.
498.02CALYPS::KLAMERUSWed Apr 03 1991Sixel FormFeeds
499.02CSOA1::WVCTue Apr 09 1991Need IBM AFP OGL equivalent
500.01POLAR::HUTCHMon Apr 29 1991OUT=TOP prints unwanted trailer page
501.0HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Apr 29 1991Palladium Supervisor API man pages - asking for review
502.01CALYPS::KLAMERUSFri May 03 1991DDIF->HP LaserJet
504.010HANNAH::HASTINGSMon May 06 1991PAP and Printer Management (font faulting, ...)
505.0VOGON::HOFri May 10 1991Documentation, Presentation, Papers for ** NON-DIGITAL ** consumption?
506.02VBVFri May 24 1991Opening the protocol?
507.02BRULE::MICKOLSat Jun 22 1991Need DECprint Futures
508.0REGENT::JONESWed Jun 26 1991Name that protocol
509.01AUNTB::MELVINTue Jul 23 1991DECprint Printing Kit location?
510.0TRUCKS::EVANS_MAMon Aug 05 1991HP LJ routines, same as PATHWORKS routines?
511.01MALLET::MUNRO_MTue Aug 13 1991TRN$ANSI
512.02KYOA::SCHULZWed Sep 18 1991CONTERMINATE error from CPS
513.0HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Oct 21 1991Palladium supervisor documentation available
514.0HANNAH::HASTINGSThu Oct 24 1991MIT Palladium API and CLI specs V2.4 available
515.01NBOFS1::HERMANNWed Nov 06 1991PS to Sixel V1.
516.0IMLAY::KLAMERUSWed Nov 13 1991high-density printing
517.01HANNAH::HASTINGSWed Nov 13 1991V1.
518.01RANGER::WITHROWWed Dec 04 1991Wanted: CPS conference or CPS license pak...
519.01BOSEDF::FEATHERSTONTue Dec 10 1991Does DECprint allow LPS printers to emulate HP Laserjets?
520.0HANNAH::HASTINGSWed Jan 08 1992Availability of DCE Field Info Kit
521.03HANNAH::HASTINGSThu Jan 09 1992Do Distributed Batch (similar to printing)?
522.0HANNAH::HASTINGSThu Jan 09 1992Print Widget Spec available
523.01HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Jan 17 1992European sprocket feed paper and media size, pages size parameters
524.02HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Jan 21 1992MIT Palladium (BL6.2) docs available
525.01AKOCOA::MINEZZIMon Feb 03 1992INIT queues with AUTOSTART in CPS
526.03HANNAH::HASTINGSThu Feb 06 1992File sniffing by CPS, print widget, CDA-run-time, mail, etc.
527.0CENPCS::BIRMINGHAMThu Feb 06 1992Network characteristics for client-> Printserver
528.0HANNAH::HASTINGSThu Feb 27 1992ISO DPA draft standard available in plain text form
529.02HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Mar 06 1992Long List of VMS Symbionts
530.08HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Mar 09 1992IETF LPR/LPD protocol std, RFC 1179
531.0HANNAH::HASTINGSWed Mar 11 1992DEC Palladium Phase
533.01HANNAH::HASTINGSWed Mar 11 1992DEC LPR to ISO DPA (Palladium) protocol conversion
534.0HANNAH::HASTINGSWed Mar 11 1992Phase
535.0CGHUB::HUGHSONThu Mar 12 1992Layup File for DECpresent Printing
536.04MODEL::NEWTONTue Mar 17 1992Making DECwindows printing easier to use
537.03HANNAH::HASTINGSWed Mar 18 1992Problem with lpr truncating lines to 8
538.0HANNAH::HASTINGSThu Apr 02 1992MIT Pd SPI (Systems Programming Interface) spec available
539.02HARBOR::VANSICLENMon Apr 13 1992Generic queue to both LPS2
540.01LAVGOD::ALLENMon Apr 13 1992Delay printing to postscript printer. Why?
541.0HANNAH::HASTINGSThu Apr 16 1992POSIX starts mock ballot on Palladium CLI and SPI
542.03WKOLMon Apr 27 1992printing to non-dec postscript printers
543.01CGOOA::BARNABEFri Jun 12 1992/HEADER + landscape = chop at 8
544.02JMPSRV::MICKOLMon Jul 13 1992Xerox Opportunity
545.01PCONE1::hamptonTue Aug 04 1992Can the translators be used standalone?
546.01VAXRIO::CSANTOSThu Aug 06 1992Vetical pitch setup using DECPrint and DECLaser
547.0AZUR::DEMARCHEZMon Sep 21 1992Does DECprint overlap PQM?
548.01PARVAX::GOLDThu Sep 24 1992Optimize printing DDIF file?
549.02GIDDAY::BURTSun Oct 18 1992Technical Character set problems
550.02HANNAH::HASTINGSThu Oct 22 1992Interaction of layup and duplex documents
552.0BONNET::DIVINETue Nov 03 19927X9 border definition needed on each printed page
553.0159384::G_DONELYMon Nov 30 1992Problems with LN
554.0TLSEWed Dec 02 1992status of DPF ?
555.01CHEFS::BRIGGSRThu Dec 03 1992DEClaser 11
556.01KETJE::VERVAENENThu Dec 03 1992DECprint Supervisor (DCPS) for OpenVMS
557.0KAOFS::G_LEDUCThu Dec 03 1992LN
558.0HANNAH::HASTINGSThu Dec 03 1992U. of Maryland's Network Printing Protocol (NPP) explained (to IETF)
559.01STKHLM::LUNDSTEDTFri Dec 04 1992LN
560.03ESDUWed Dec 09 1992 Is the Kodak 1392 already supported ?
561.0BLYTH::CORNWALLFri Dec 18 1992A simple question.... does DECprint support Postscript level 2 ?....any takers
563.01SWETSC::SNILSSONFri Jan 22 1993palladium iso 1
564.02GYZPBThu Feb 04 1993DCPS and DECimage
565.02CCOFMon Feb 15 1993DECPrint to NON-DEC postscript printers
566.0WOTVAX::MEAKINSThu Feb 18 1993Licencing
567.01QUICKP::KEHOETue Mar 16 1993Printing solution over Frame Relay and DECnis
568.02MSAMWed Mar 31 1993DECprint Supervisor & HP Laserjet 4
569.0VEGAS::GURALNIKFri Apr 16 1993TIFF -> PCL?
570.01MOVIES::HARRISThu Apr 22 1993CPS$queuename_STALLED - can I read about it? (Control d received from printer)
571.0GIDDAY::HAGANFri Apr 23 1993CPS queue has jobs Checkpointed
572.01QCAVWed Jun 02 1993dbl side printing how?
573.01VNABRW::ARCH_RMon Jun 07 1993DCPS hangs
574.01RCOJDS::SHOWALTERTue Jun 08 1993Use of Setup Module for Printing Form on Each Page
575.01LEMAN::NICOLEThu Jun 10 1993PCL file on POSTSCRIPT printer
576.01PLAYER::HERICKXTue Jun 15 1993Automatic data type detection (DCPS-PLUS)
577.01SNOCWed Jun 23 1993VMS PC LAN Client Print Services
578.01CODS::ESBECKFri Jul 02 1993Stack Underflow anyone?
579.01GUIDUK::HAIRFri Jul 23 1993Printing from a MAC with DPCS
580.0ISIDRO::ITZIARWed Aug 04 1993DEClaser 1152 & PC8 mode
581.01RCOCER::MICKOLThu Aug 05 1993Xerox Printers <=> VMS Integration
582.01TOSSUB::SICBALDITue Aug 10 1993DecLaser 11
583.04ODIXIE::DWILLIAMSTue Aug 24 1993TCP/IP and DECprint?
584.0MBALDY::LANGSTONThu Sep 23 1993VAX<-Kodak Printer->Bull
585.01VCOUWed Oct 13 1993New DCPS$SMB for every queue?
586.0HANNAH::HASTINGSSun Dec 05 1993Next topics: DMTF, IETF, and COSE Printer Management
587.01HANNAH::HASTINGSSun Dec 05 1993DMTF PWG, IETF Printer MIB, COSE Print Comm Interest List
588.01HANNAH::HASTINGSSun Dec 05 1993Review List
589.08HANNAH::HASTINGSSun Dec 05 1993DMTF PWG agendas and minutes
590.03HANNAH::HASTINGSSun Dec 05 1993ITEF Print MIB Work Group agendas and minutes
591.01HANNAH::HASTINGSSun Dec 05 1993COSE Print Committee agendas and minutes
592.012HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Dec 06 1993Internet mail aliases and ftp areas (DMTF, IETF, COSE)
593.0HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Dec 06 1993Printer MIF/MIB issue: strings vs. enums
594.0HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Dec 06 1993DMTF/SNMP printer issue: talking to busy printers
595.02HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Dec 06 1993Review of MIF/MIB Printer Class
596.02HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Dec 06 1993Review of Input, Output, Media, Finisher Classes
597.01HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Dec 06 1993Review of Interface Class for MIB/MIF
598.02HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Dec 06 1993Review of Job Class for MIB/MIF
599.01RHETT::MACEACHERNTue Dec 07 1993DCPS-F-SETUPNOTFOUND when printing from Fileview
600.07HANNAH::HASTINGSWed Dec 08 1993Review of Interpreter Class of Printer MIB/MIF
601.0HANNAH::HASTINGSWed Dec 08 1993Comparison/summary of ISO DPA attributes with NPAP, HP MIB, QMS MIB
602.02OTOUThu Dec 09 1993Set flag page to use upper tray on LPS32 (DCPS)
603.01HANNAH::HASTINGSWed Jan 12 1994review of printer MIB charter
604.01HANNAH::HASTINGSThu Jan 27 1994Reasons to support both SNMP V1/V2 in a Printer Agent and which MIBs
605.0DOCTP::BRADFORDFri Feb 04 1994Is DECPRINT hardcopy documentation available on line?
606.02HANNAH::HASTINGSWed Feb 09 1994experimental OID issued to the Printer MIB group
607.02HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Feb 11 1994DMTF Printer Model
608.0HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Feb 11 1994Novell proposes one MIF-MIB, instead of many MIBs which each are MIF to MIB mappings
610.0HANNAH::HASTINGSTue Feb 15 1994MIF to MIB conversion
611.01HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGWed Feb 23 1994Asian DECprint Supervisor V1.
612.0REFINE::WEBERWed Mar 02 1994Announcing DQS T1.3 !
613.02HANNAH::HASTINGSWed Mar 09 1994Review of Console Class/Group for Printer MIB/MIF
614.0HANNAH::HASTINGSWed Mar 09 1994Review of Marker and Media Path Groups/Classes for Printer MIB/MIF
615.01HANNAH::HASTINGSWed Mar 09 1994Review of summary of attributes in all groups for Printer MIB/MIF
616.02HANNAH::HASTINGSWed Mar 09 1994Model of a Printer for the Printer MIB/MIF spec
617.02HANNAH::HASTINGSMon Mar 14 1994Supporting Multiple Printers with Printer MIB?
619.01HTSC19::ANDYNGTue Mar 29 1994Max column for DEClaser 225
620.0LASSIE::ZIELONKOMon Apr 25 1994 Does a PRINT queue require a FORM?
621.03HANNAH::HASTINGSWed May 04 1994complete spec of the Printer MIB/MIF
622.0MOEUR7::REVELLTue Jun 07 1994PCL convert to .PS files
623.01SNAX::ORTHTue Jun 07 1994%CPS-W-UNRECOGNIZEDPRI, DEClaser 1152 (LN
624.01SIEBK::SIEPFri Jun 10 1994Help/Info on LA424 needed
625.0HANNAH::HASTINGSThu Aug 11 1994IETF Print Job MIB going slow
626.01CHENG6::STADELMANNFri Aug 19 1994What is our answer ?
627.02HANNAH::HASTINGSFri Dec 16 1994Multi-Function Peripheral Association (MFPA)
628.0IJSAPL::FITSKI::PC2Mon Jan 16 1995XEROX integration?
629.01TAVIS::ALTERMon Mar 06 1995LPS17 booting from NT server
630.02YOUNG::YOUNGMon Mar 27 1995ISO 1
631.0MR2SRV::lev.mro1.dec.com::levFri Sep 08 1995Printxchange, new ISO DPA print system for UNIX
632.01NETRIX::"albert@superuser.stl.dec.com"Wed Feb 21 1996What emulation does DEC Writer 65 uses ?
633.02CFSCTC::PAULINMon Mar 04 1996Looking for some special fonts