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Conference 7.286::notes$archive:printservers

Title:Some day my prints will come!
Notice:This conference has been replaced - see 1.6
Created:Tue Sep 16 1986
Last Modified:Fri Dec 06 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:666
Total number of notes:3325
Number with bodies:0
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1.07REGENT::HUMMERSTue Sep 16 1986Guidelines ...
2.02REGENT::HUMMERSTue Sep 16 1986Directories of this conf.
3.011REGENT::HUMMERSTue Sep 16 1986Get your kits here!
4.08REGENT::HUMMERSTue Sep 16 1986LPS4
5.03ATLANT::SCHMIDTTue Sep 16 1986LPS4
7.01POTARU::QUODLINGTue Sep 30 1986Server/client/symbiont software
9.02SOPHIA::KEESFri Oct 10 1986Remote control LPS4
10.07REGENT::KEELERTue Oct 14 1986LPS4
11.01SWIFT::PRICETue Oct 14 1986Device Controller LEDs
12.07POTARU::QUODLINGMon Oct 20 1986LPS4
13.01CEDSWS::NEWKERKWed Oct 29 1986Tranlators?
14.03TENNIS::KAMSun Nov 16 1986Printserver 4
15.016TENNIS::KAMSun Nov 16 1986Printserver 4
16.013TENNIS::KAMSun Nov 16 1986Definition of "REMOTE PRINTING"
18.01TENNIS::KAMThu Nov 20 1986Request for LPS4
19.01TENNIS::KAMTue Nov 25 1986Procedure to ABORT Printing Job
20.03TENNIS::KAMTue Nov 25 1986TRANSLATOR - Local or Remote ?
21.04POTARU::QUODLINGMon Dec 29 1986LPS4
22.02WARLRD::JBINGHAMMon Jan 05 1987Copy stock, POSTSCRIPT resolution, red/blue diffs?
23.02VIDEO::LASKOWed Jan 07 1987Where's ISO Latin-1?
24.04TROPPO::ANDERSONThu Jan 08 1987Printing .LN3 files?
25.02UTRTue Jan 13 1987Marketing Guide?
26.04POTARU::QUODLINGTue Jan 13 1987Only with Vaxes???
27.02POTARU::QUODLINGWed Jan 14 1987Specs on LPS4
28.016OSLCSC::OLAVThu Jan 15 1987How to run translator only?
29.05OSLCSC::OLAVFri Jan 16 1987Change font for ANSI job
30.07SWSNOD::ODONNELLFri Jan 16 1987Node Name Necessary?
31.013MILORD::BISHOPMon Jan 19 1987Wanted: Offset to avoid the holes on drilled paper
32.06TRCOTue Jan 20 1987IBM Fonts With Graphics?
33.04OSLCSC::OLAVFri Jan 23 1987Accounting correct?
34.0REGENT::KEELERTue Jan 27 1987LPS4
35.011NEDDY::NOBLEThu Jan 29 1987Printing both sides on LPS4
36.02VIDEO::HARVEYJFri Jan 30 1987VAX Host PostScript, Anyone?
37.010CHEVThu Feb 05 1987Forms Output w/Variable Data?
38.01OSLCSC::OLAVFri Feb 06 1987Files from Postscript on the LPS4
39.02CLOVAX::SHORTFri Feb 06 1987LPS4
40.0REGENT::JORRYMon Feb 09 1987Product Management is now at VIDEO::
41.015NY1MM::BOUCHILLONWed Feb 11 1987Changing trays
42.03OSLCSC::OLAVThu Feb 12 1987
43.08TENNIS::KAMThu Feb 12 1987New Toner Cartridge Shorter ?
44.03CSMADM::WELLINGTONFri Feb 13 1987How many pages _really_ per month?
45.02DECWET::FUJIIMon Feb 16 1987CLIENT kit location???
46.0ENGGSG::RAVENELLEMon Feb 16 1987"Burst" pages and short printouts
47.02OSLCSC::OLAVWed Feb 18 1987Need: LPS4
48.03MINDER::BANKSWed Feb 18 1987LPS4
49.01CLOSET::DEVRIESWed Feb 25 1987We want to fly Delta
50.05FURILO::BLINNWed Feb 25 1987PostScript is a trademark of Adobe Systems, Inc.
51.054JOET::JOETMon Mar 02 1987Can't get LPS4
52.02DECWET::FUJIIThu Mar 05 1987LPS$<q>_PARAMETER logical
53.03BOEHM::STRUTTFri Mar 06 1987undefinedresult error
54.01SKYLRK::POLLAKFri Mar 13 1987need help on printserver 4
55.02DAN::SCHULLMANTue Mar 17 1987maybe we should support TCP/IP?
56.03HSKSA1::TILLANENWed Mar 25 1987Where's literature of LPS4
57.07ABACUS::WOODWed Apr 15 1987Can't print postscript from a VAXmate
58.020MRSVAX::MISKINISFri Apr 17 1987Get access GETTIME object
59.01FDCV18::CHOAFri Apr 17 1987help on la5
60.01ACTTWO::ALSAFFARThu May 07 1987PrintServer 4
61.01NEEPS::MCMILLANFri May 08 1987lps4
62.04REGENT::MERRILLWed May 20 1987Are Translator fonts retained?
63.02CUJO::CARLBTue May 26 1987TEX DVI File conversion S/W?
64.04NEWVAX::RICKWed May 27 1987Ascii onto a Form problem.
65.01VIDEO::KIVLIGHANMon Jun 01 1987LPS4
66.01CSCMA::DUERRTue Jun 02 1987set idle fonts
67.0PDVThu Jun 04 1987HP AND EPSON SUPPORT ?
68.07RDGENG::CORNEWed Jun 10 1987Delays either side of the banner page
69.010YACK::BROWNFri Jun 12 1987LPS4
70.04NEEPS::MCMILLANTue Jun 16 1987Translator does'nt initialise
71.02RDGENG::CORNEWed Jun 24 1987Stacker full when not (!)
72.01GLORY::REISTERThu Jun 25 1987Help with a customer's need!
73.03MYVAX::ANDERSONFri Jun 26 1987Limiting list of allowed client nodes?
74.024MAGIC::VONSUCKTue Jun 30 1987User Requirements
76.03HSTSSC::BERGIUSWed Jul 01 1987More about different character sets
77.05HSTSSC::BERGIUSWed Jul 01 1987Big files and queuenames
78.01VNACSC::ANDREASTue Jul 07 1987LN
79.04SUSHI::KMACDONALDMon Jul 13 1987Changing LPS4
80.04ASHLND::SZEMPLINSKIMon Jul 13 1987Server 4
81.08SALES::SCHULLMANThu Jul 16 1987LPS$JOB_nnn.LOG files ending up in SYS$SYSTEM
83.02MEMORY::BERKSONMon Jul 20 1987LPS4
84.020PTOVAX::REARICKMon Jul 20 1987LPS 4
85.02GEMVAX::ODONNELLThu Jul 23 1987DECpage Output
86.03TITUS::PERKINSTue Jul 28 1987Problem printing Stream_LF files
87.02GEMVAX::ODONNELLFri Jul 31 1987DSR bolded text on LPS4
88.03REGENT::EPSTEINMon Aug 03 1987LPS4
89.07SALES::SCHULLMANMon Aug 03 1987problem with paper size or transformation changing?
90.09GNUVAX::LIBRARIANTue Aug 04 1987Is printing to the edge a feature?
91.06LISTNH::SIMONSThu Aug 06 1987Can it run on V5?
92.0422943::PATRICKNGFri Aug 07 1987help
93.05SRFSUP::JOHNSONThu Aug 13 1987Can't boot from 86
94.01CUPOLA::HAKKARAINENThu Aug 20 1987Just curious
95.02GNUVAX::LIBRARIANMon Aug 24 1987LPS4
96.03RDGENG::FITTONMon Aug 24 1987$PRINT/HEADING !!!!!!
97.04USFHSL::COELINGTue Aug 25 1987print reports from IBM host to LPS4
98.02DELNI::PITARDThu Aug 27 1987Question
99.03CLARID::TURNBULLThu Aug 27 1987Font Selection on the LPS4
100.013AKAMAI::HILLMon Aug 31 1987Print Data on Electronic Form, How to?
101.04INFACT::NORTHERNWed Sep 02 1987Using /SETUP with LPS4
102.01SAACTFri Sep 04 1987current lps4
103.016THESUN::LANGMon Sep 07 1987Landscape Speed
104.03FSLENG::CHERSONWed Sep 09 1987Help!
105.05MDVAX3::CHANDLERThu Sep 10 1987LPS4
106.01CHUCKL::LEMONSMon Sep 14 1987Is V2.
107.02VAXUUM::DEVRIESMon Sep 14 1987"minus" and "hyphen" different; are they right?
108.07OSLLAV::OLAVThu Sep 17 1987SHEET_LIMIT not working correct?
110.03BPOV1Mon Sep 21 1987Changing Fonts
111.03OCKER::WHORLOWTue Sep 22 1987page sizes and font selection baffle brains
112.01HGOVThu Sep 24 1987Help
113.09CADDLE::CALLANThu Sep 24 1987LaTeX+PostScript=Landscape?
114.02TAVSun Sep 27 1987LPS4
115.01COOKIE::WITHERSMon Sep 28 1987Antisocial behaviour with errors and /DELETE
116.03HJUXB::JUDICETue Sep 29 1987Menus Don't Load After Nodename Change
117.010WATNEY::HUCKINSThu Oct 01 1987Should drilled paper work?
118.038CHUCKL::SSMITHThu Oct 01 1987Colored Paper Between Jobs
119.02ENGINE::METHOTThu Oct 01 1987Postscript only?
120.03GEMVAX::ODONNELLFri Oct 02 1987Help!!! Black Pages Printing
121.02TITUS::PERKINSFri Oct 02 1987setdash limits?
122.01MSAVMon Oct 05 1987two logical pages in one page
123.01GAOVMon Oct 05 1987Dead LPS4
125.03RDGEMon Oct 05 1987Cure(?) for load timeout on LPS4
126.015MRSVAX::MISKINISMon Oct 05 1987Supressing certain (or all other clients)
127.02REGENT::HUMMERSWed Oct 07 1987Invalid Key from one node in a cluster...
128.01JUNIOR::RZUCIDLOWed Oct 07 1987LPS$queuename_PARAMETER question
129.03CSSE32::MERMELLThu Oct 08 1987problem with wildcard processing?
130.0CSCMA::DUERRThu Oct 08 1987You dont want the ansi trans. to use another font
131.03DPDMAI::LITMANThu Oct 08 1987Print Drum Life???
132.03CHUCKL::LEMONSThu Oct 08 1987Log of clients?
133.016MPGS::PASQUALEMon Oct 12 1987lps4
134.01SANTEE::GREENEWed Oct 14 1987Why the change on generic POSTSCRIPT queue name?
135.05VIVIAN::G_BAKERWed Oct 14 1987lps4
136.02HSTSSC::BERGIUSThu Oct 15 1987Do we support PS-programming?
137.01MDRADV::JESUSThu Oct 15 1987Working in A3 and documents templates
138.01CSCMA::DUERRThu Oct 15 1987SPRINT and the LPS4
139.01CRONIC::PCUMMINGSFri Oct 16 1987limiting access to the LPS4
140.0REGENT::EPSTEINMon Oct 19 1987The full story about LPS4
141.01DIXIE1::GJOHNSONMon Oct 19 1987LPS4
142.05JOEL::BERMANTue Oct 20 1987IWS and B Size
143.02LOGGIT::BEAUMONTWed Oct 21 1987sixels in A3 landscape-LPS4
144.021DEPOT::FLATHERSWed Oct 21 1987LPS4
145.02HPSCAD::TAYLORWed Oct 21 1987NEW user needs help...
146.04NEEPS::MCMILLANWed Oct 21 1987Accounting data file placement?
147.02ALIBUT::BLOOMWed Oct 21 1987Installation on VMS V5
148.08LESLIE::LESLIEThu Oct 22 1987Is Remote Interrogation of n LPS4
150.02UTRTSC::JONKERFri Oct 23 1987PS4
151.027AQUA::SCHULLMANFri Oct 23 1987LPS$LAYUP access, info, etc.
152.06MSAVMon Oct 26 1987Suppress flag,trailer pages - HOW??
153.01REGENT::MURPHYMon Oct 26 1987LPS4
154.04HSTSSC::BERGIUSTue Oct 27 1987Roman8 character set support?
155.05GYPSC::KERNTue Oct 27 1987problem with fonts (pfs sequence)
156.09MTBLUE::FREEMAN_KEVITue Oct 27 1987Lenght of Paper ?'s
157.03KCDEMO::HOWELLTue Oct 27 1987132 char on 8 1/2" paper
158.04ILOVWed Oct 28 1987ScriptPrinter with A4, 77 and a bit chars wide.
159.02AQUA::SCHULLMANFri Oct 30 1987font changes in LN
160.06HIBOB::KRANTZMon Nov 02 1987Use cluster alias on the flag pages?
161.0HAMPS::NOBLETue Nov 03 1987Food for Thought
162.04SRFSUP::JOHNSONTue Nov 03 1987Performance on Small Jobs
163.01WIENER::WEIDINGERWed Nov 04 1987lps$management
165.04MUHIS1::SYSTEMWed Nov 11 1987lps prints flagpage before file
166.05OCKER::WHORLOWWed Nov 11 1987Customer wants to account for pages printed
167.01OASIS2::BERNARDThu Nov 12 1987LPS4
168.04MARTY::FRIEDMANFri Nov 13 1987Adding Fonts
169.0DGOSWMon Nov 16 1987Awful QUiC Language Translator
170.01NUTMEG::RYANMon Nov 16 1987Install Failure - LPS$LN
171.04CRONIC::COLBATHWed Nov 18 1987LPS4
172.03UTRUST::R_DEVRIESThu Nov 19 1987Interleaf/LPS problems...
173.010HSTSSC::LEHMUSFri Nov 20 1987Form, 132x66 landscape ?
174.05MUHIS::SYSTEMTue Nov 24 1987problem printing .ln
175.01MUHIS::SYSTEMTue Nov 24 1987printing document doublesided
176.03TOPDOC::DUBETue Nov 24 1987Only *some* PostScript files print!
177.01POLAR::GOODHEWMon Nov 30 1987Print bar code on LPS4
178.07REGENT::HUMMERSSun Dec 06 1987/NOTIFY and "userdata"
179.02UTRUST::R_DEVRIESMon Dec 07 1987pagelenth 6
180.02PANIC::HARVEYThu Dec 10 1987LPS4
181.04BERNThu Dec 10 1987ALLIN1 error %LBR-E-KEYNOTFND
182.05VINO::GSCOTTThu Dec 10 1987Support of LPS4
183.07DICKNS::FRIEDMANThu Dec 10 1987Flames and Kudos
184.03RAIN::CELENTANOFri Dec 11 1987Landscape on 11x17 w/ ANSI
185.01CADSE::ANDERSONFri Dec 11 1987Command file for PARAMETERS
186.06POLAR::GOODHEWMon Dec 21 1987LPS4
187.01CADSE::ANDERSONWed Dec 23 1987REGIS file wont print.
188.03PEACHS::BINGHAMThu Dec 24 1987V2.
189.03NOBHIL::BODINE_CHWed Dec 30 1987Printserver and ALL-IN-1/WPS
190.02MUNICH::STEFANMon Jan 04 1988some fonts are not working
191.02ASPEN2::BOIKOMon Jan 04 1988ScriptPrinter SW or LPS4
192.01GUIDUK::EKBLADMon Jan 04 1988Ultrix Client Software for the LPS4
193.01POLAR::MONTEITHTue Jan 05 1988Annoying LPS4
194.07REGENT::LUWISHTue Jan 05 1988Client kit for V5 available
195.03FURILO::WILKEThu Jan 07 1988Rev. 2.
196.02PTOMVX::SCOTTFri Jan 08 1988lps4
197.01COMICS::PRICEFri Jan 08 1988Print Engine Hardware Error
198.02BSS::MULLIGANTue Jan 12 1988LPS4
199.02ACTTWO::ALSAFFARThu Jan 14 1988Help with POSTSCRIPT Files
200.06HIGHD::VIERSThu Jan 14 1988Classified markings on LPS4
201.05CHIC::MALKOWIAKFri Jan 15 1988Queue manager crashes due to LPS symbiont crash.
203.02TFH::MARSHALLTue Jan 19 1988disable service circuit until boot time?
204.02RTPSWS::ABEDThu Jan 21 1988Differences between LN
205.01FURILO::WILKEThu Jan 21 1988Internal LPS4
206.0148637::TESSIERFri Jan 22 1988LPS4
207.02HGOVMon Jan 25 1988Urgent. Needs help
208.01POOL::DULACThu Jan 28 1988LPS4
209.04SINNET::KAMFri Jan 29 1988Portability of Postscript Demo files
210.02GYPSC::KERNMon Feb 01 1988printing not proportional ?
211.03FNYFS::CAMPBELLMon Feb 01 1988SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO problem.
212.04HIT::GLASERMon Feb 01 1988annoying extra 1/2 page in number_up=2
213.011CREME::BINGHAMTue Feb 02 1988Restrict host? Cluster install?
214.06AKOV11::JODOINTue Feb 02 1988Need help printing Pagemaker files on PS_***
215.01NEDVAX::MAZZOTTAWed Feb 03 1988cluster queue(s) question
216.02SHARE::LEMONSThu Feb 04 1988Printing 132-columns on large (B/A3) paper
217.03MXOVMon Feb 08 1988console does not display main menu
218.02HGOVTue Feb 09 1988Set Up LPS4
219.016WAV14::BEAUDOINMon Feb 15 1988PAPER TYPES
220.07FDCVWed Feb 17 19889 drums/3 cu/3 prt engines...
221.02AKOV68::SHEPROThu Feb 18 1988.LN3 to LPS4
222.02ECADSR::RAVENMon Feb 22 1988Offending command is putinterval
223.01NEDVAX::GLICKMANWed Feb 24 1988How many queues
224.03HGOVThu Feb 25 1988How overlay is done on LPS4
225.03GLORY::LANPHEARFri Feb 26 1988Help for DQS integration
226.03HGOVSat Feb 27 1988Label
227.03LENITA::SCHAFERTue Mar 01 1988Operator requests from the console terminal
228.04SKYLRK::MORRISONWed Mar 02 1988talaris to postscript translator needed
229.03REPLAY::TALLETTMon Mar 07 1988Coloured flagpage anybody?
230.01DELI::SEIGELMon Mar 07 1988Excessive MOM.LOGs? And a hanging printserver...
231.05XANADU::MORRISMon Mar 07 1988Virtual memory disappearing?
232.06MPGS::ORNSTEINTue Mar 08 1988Needed: updated PPSU tool
233.02CUPOLA::HAKKARAINENWed Mar 09 1988Page Repeated
234.01CASVWed Mar 16 1988urgent help requested
235.03GHANI::STARKEYSun Mar 20 1988Print engine error codes??
236.04MSAVMon Mar 21 1988prints >132 chars???
237.04DEMOAX::MACGILVARYMon Mar 21 1988WPS+ and the LPS4
238.08SKIVT::JARVISWed Mar 23 1988It's a big Paper-Weight!!!
239.01STAR::BFISHERThu Mar 31 1988Where are the brackets?
240.03GIDDAY::BAKERMon Apr 04 1988pagesize=A4-->68lines/inch????
241.03KIPPIS::BERGIUSWed Apr 06 1988Some ansi_translator problems
242.03NUTMEG::MCDONALDWed Apr 06 1988server installation question
243.07SANTEE::GREENEMon Apr 11 1988LPS4
244.01REGENT::MERRILLTue Apr 12 1988Move Image Position? (help req.)
245.01POBOX::MAMMENTue Apr 19 1988lps4
246.01FURILO::KAISERWed Apr 20 1988Xerox printservers: mailing list
247.01UTOPIE::ASCHAUERWed Apr 20 1988Print symbiont dies on ACCVIO - help!
248.0EPSPUB::DAVEBWed Apr 20 1988can I turn off messages from selected servers?
249.020VANISH::HARRISWed Apr 20 1988Large jobs hang LPS4
250.06MYBOAT::HEBERTMon Apr 25 1988Kill the Boot node work?
251.02GIDDAY::FAIRMANTue May 03 1988LPS4
252.02MEO78B::MANTUANOMon May 09 1988LPS4
253.02NZOVMon May 09 1988Print limit for LPS4
254.02GIDDAY::RAMSAYMon May 09 1988Page Count Limit for a LPS4
255.02DSSDEV::MUNYANTue May 10 1988LPS$MANAGEMENT doesn't properly recognize arrow escape sequences
256.03REGENT::GLEESONWed May 11 1988Looking for Internal Field Test Sites
257.02USHSThu May 12 1988Paper size and thickness?
258.03KYOA::SANTANGELOThu May 12 1988kept in the dark!!!!
259.02NEEPS::MCMILLANFri May 13 1988Flag page additions
260.01VIDEO::BATCHELDERNThu May 19 1988/Setup and /Form Survey
261.02SNOCMon May 23 1988DELQA-M may solve your load problems, too...
262.0PEARS::KRAMERWed May 25 1988Screen-dumped sixels
263.010MLCSSE::ROSATIThu May 26 1988queueing problem - jobs pending
264.09COMICS::BMCMILLANThu Jun 02 1988too many libraries open
265.03HPSVAX::TRIBUNAThu Jun 02 1988LPS4
267.01PLUS8::LAWTONFri Jun 03 1988Pausing between pages - feature of fault?
268.01JAC::COFFLERTue Jun 07 1988Data overflows object record?
269.06TITUS::PERKINSWed Jun 08 1988margins and ANSI output
270.05SANTEE::GREENEWed Jun 08 1988Replacement paper size keys???
271.06TFH::MARSHALLThu Jun 09 1988how to plot two pages of ReGIS
272.02REGENT::HUMMERSThu Jun 09 1988Paper Trays and Keys
273.01CSOA1::REARICKThu Jun 09 1988LPS-4
274.01HAMPS::NOBLEFri Jun 10 1988What's the difference
275.01ARGUS::STAPLETONMon Jun 13 1988How do I print at 1
276.05BRSDVP::CAPPELLEMANSWed Jun 15 1988printing a small NU (TCS)
277.02MRSVAX::MISKINISWed Jun 15 1988Any easy ways to set left margin?
278.08ECADJR::PERKINSWed Jun 15 1988ThinWire - LPS4
279.01SNOCFri Jun 17 1988Imaging & Pixel Size
280.06TENNIS::KAMMon Jun 20 1988PAGE_O parameter w/NUMBER_UP parameter
281.04IPG::MAXWELLMon Jun 20 1988Does PRINT filename/HEADER work?
282.04TENNIS::KAMMon Jun 20 1988Layout Definition File Parameters List
283.01EMASS::COLLINSMon Jun 20 1988DEC Tech. Character Set?
284.01TENNIS::KAMTue Jun 21 1988%LPS4
285.08ALIEN::BRADFORDWed Jun 22 1988LPS4
286.08TENNIS::KAMFri Jun 24 1988Problem with PAGE_ORIENTATION
287.08TENNIS::KAMFri Jun 24 1988Controlling SHEET ORIENTATION
288.01KLOVMon Jun 27 1988Transport Release Lever
290.01MUNICH::GENIUSFri Jul 08 1988Scanned Images from PageMaker to LPS4
291.01MUHTSC::SUSANNETue Jul 12 1988LPS4
292.01PMRV7Tue Jul 12 1988printing problems
293.02DORIS::JAMESWed Jul 13 1988Bar Code Font?
294.03WAV12::GARDNERThu Jul 14 1988Duplex print? - even semi-manual?
295.08RDGENG::DREIDThu Jul 21 1988Print both sides??
296.01DEMOAX::MACGILVARYThu Jul 21 1988Temporarily Set Hidden by Moderator
297.08WR1FOR::CALLAGHLAThu Jul 21 1988Print job max size??
298.05OTOOFri Jul 22 1988Translator Question
299.01CANYON::LEEDSFri Jul 22 1988Apollo Ring to LPS4
300.01NEEPS::MCMILLANMon Jul 25 1988Paper trays and keys.
301.02REGENT::EPSTEINThu Jul 28 1988Temporary conference unavailability
302.03TRUCKS::BOOTHFri Jul 29 1988LPS4
303.04CANYON::GURALNIKMon Aug 01 1988LPS4
304.05MULLEN::NOBLETue Aug 02 1988Printing UIS files
305.02USATWed Aug 03 1988LPS4
306.04LEMAN::SOLAND_TThu Aug 04 1988Russian? Arabic? Chinese?
307.05AUNTB::MASSENGILLThu Aug 04 1988Where's the legal tray?
308.03ISWSW::VILAINMIWed Aug 10 1988Xerox 97
309.03CRUISE::DHOLMANThu Aug 11 1988V2.1 Invalid Password
310.03NBOFS1::TAWWATTERSFri Aug 12 1988Required Training on the LPS4
311.02DSSDEV::CANTORFri Aug 12 1988Clients and PrintServers in different areas
312.01ZPOVTue Aug 16 1988Seeking Bell Gothic/Centeniel fonts
313.07PULPIT::MOOREHEADTue Aug 16 1988132 column plus sideways?
314.04NEWVAX::ZIMMERMANTue Aug 16 1988LPS4
315.01KARCEC::TALLETTMon Aug 22 1988PostScript in living colo[u]r?
316.07STKAI1::ARAKANGASFri Aug 26 1988LPS4
317.01RAINBO::LESLIEWed Aug 31 1988Line Drawing characters
318.02UTOPIE::GERHARDWed Sep 07 1988LPS4
319.07SONATA::ARDINITue Sep 13 1988Black line on left. Ver 3.
320.01GAOV11::GLYNNFri Sep 16 1988decpage problem on v3.
321.04BOXTOP::BOONEFri Sep 16 1988Plaids ARe Back!
322.0REGENT::GALLAGHERFri Sep 16 1988URGENT: bogus kit alert! Please read this!
323.01ATLAST::BOUKNIGHTMon Sep 19 1988V2.1 Installation Problems
325.09REGENT::KACHRANIWed Sep 28 1988ULTRIX-PrintServer SW is available
326.01WAV14::SCIREThu Sep 29 1988LPS4
327.05HPSRAD::LINDSEYThu Sep 29 1988V2.1 - But my Network IS running
328.05AUGGIE::SKEENANMon Oct 03 1988Missing Translator ??
329.02PARROT::PANGAKISWed Oct 05 1988Colored paper between jobs?
330.08OSLLAV::MAGNARThu Oct 06 1988OCR-B font for PrintServer
331.01OTOUTue Oct 11 1988ALL_IN-1 DECALC LPS4
332.02DUBFri Oct 14 19881
333.013KYOA::SACHSTue Oct 25 19881/2 speed LPS4
334.02OASS::SBRADFORDMon Oct 31 1988Set password at priv'd menu, password unknown
335.03REGENT::WOLFFri Nov 04 1988PrintServer TCP/IP Software for ULTRIX
336.01MUNTCC::BRECHTTue Nov 08 1988LPS4
337.01KIPPIS::BERGIUSWed Nov 09 1988Seven bit NRC encoding vectors?
338.0GLORY::CROWNWed Nov 09 1988Any scanned images available?
339.03AKOV11::KAPLANThu Nov 10 1988Top Tray/Flag Page Question
340.02ATLAST::BOUKNIGHTFri Nov 11 1988Question on "lettertray" POSTSCRIPT operator
341.02TENNIS::KAMWed Nov 16 1988Can't reach another LPS4
342.02DELNI::P_COLEFri Nov 18 1988Host @ Ver 2.
343.07NSDC::RATCLIFFFri Nov 25 1988LPS4
344.0REGENT::EPSTEINMon Nov 28 1988LPS4
345.01FHQ::ARDINIWed Nov 30 1988LCIT select problem
346.05AYOV18::PETERMMon Dec 05 1988Counters tell different stories?
347.08TENNIS::KAMTue Dec 06 1988%LPS-W-ATOPMN, Attempting to open menu file
348.01DPDMAI::DAWSONTue Dec 06 1988BLANK PAGES???
349.05SVCRUS::CRANEWed Dec 07 1988Do You Have FDS Problems ?
350.07MANUEL::DISTRICTThu Dec 08 1988LPS4
351.02ANNECY::MERCIERThu Dec 15 1988exhaustive list of serial printers ?
353.01MDVAX3::HABERERTue Dec 20 1988font/size select in setup module
354.01JEREMY::OFERWed Dec 28 1988What is the faster way ?
355.011STIKNY::GUENTHERThu Dec 29 1988The "MAIL" translator is available for internal use
356.01NOBHIL::SINGER_THTue Jan 10 1989IBM S/36 Printer To a VAX
357.03EUCLID::BELLWed Jan 11 1989B size to print on A size portrait
358.02COMICS::SIMSThu Jan 12 1989LPS4
359.0HANNAH::BATCHELDERNFri Jan 13 1989PSPrint/HostScript specs for review
361.02KALKI::LANGThu Jan 19 1989LIB_W_RECTOOSML error
363.03LESLIE::LESLIEFri Jan 27 1989LPS$STARTUP and X5.2 problems
364.06MYVAX::ANDERSONWed Feb 01 1989Turbo-charged LPS4
365.02NOBHIL::BAPTISTA_VIThu Feb 02 1989Printing postscript PCSA on LPS4
366.0REGENT::MERRILLWed Feb 08 1989dll PS font questions
367.03SYNTH::SEIGELThu Feb 09 1989PRINT/DELETE files on a DFS disk
368.013MRSVAX::MISKINISMon Feb 13 1989LPS4
370.0SANTEE::GREENEWed Feb 15 1989Premature PrintServer 2
372.04COMICS::SCOBLEMon Feb 20 1989176X66 with A4 in landscape.
373.02GALLOP::BLACKMMon Feb 20 1989LPS4
374.09NMS::LEEUWENThu Mar 02 1989Help on download Barcode font
375.01SVCRUS::CRANEThu Mar 02 1989install boot media on LPS4
376.06LARVAE::DELANYFri Mar 03 1989PrintServer Knowledge in Europe
377.04DELNI::R_SPENCEMon Mar 06 1989Suggestion for LPS4
378.02DPDMAI::DAWSONWed Mar 08 1989developing bias measuring tool
379.02BOSTON::BUCKLEYThu Mar 09 1989Looking for LPS4
380.04MSAMFri Mar 10 1989print quality on lps4
381.07TALK::JARVISSun Mar 12 1989Path to network partner node lost???
382.05CGOASun Mar 12 1989Output Paper Stacker??
383.01CTCTue Mar 14 1989V21 instal prob "nolognam"
384.01TROAThu Mar 16 1989Another question about unannounced products
385.011ONFIRE::DOWLINGFri Mar 17 1989landscape page on portrait sheet
386.01DELNI::R_SPENCEFri Mar 17 1989LPS dies if BREAK key typed
387.04CSOA1::HALLIGANMon Mar 20 1989XEROX 27
388.01CSOA1::HALLIGANMon Mar 20 1989SCRIBE word processor on LPS4
389.04CAADC::PMWVESTUTOThu Mar 23 1989que for LPS4
390.01SWAPIT::SINIMon Mar 27 1989DS31
391.03MRSVAX::MISKINISTue Mar 28 1989I need the REAL queue status!
393.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Mar 29 1989When did V2.1 first ship??
394.05CSC32::REEDThu Apr 06 1989ULTRIX: remote queue fails
395.01REGENT::EPSTEINFri Apr 07 1989Use of Generic Queues with multiple LPS4
396.01NUTMEG::RYANFri Apr 07 1989LN
397.03GIBSON::DICKENSMon Apr 10 1989PRINT/PAGE is ignored by PrintServer
398.01VLOMFG::DAUBYTue Apr 11 1989ScriptPrinter error - FLUSHING
399.05HXOUTue Apr 11 1989Max number of downloadable fonts?
400.04CSOA1::HALLIGANWed Apr 12 1989LPS4
401.03FAVAX::MORINThu Apr 13 1989Lost without the directions!
402.0REGENT::MERRILLWed Apr 19 1989DECPAGE conf. needs help w. "printed" pages
403.01CSGThu Apr 20 1989Printing Flag/Trailer Pages from different tray
404.02CSC32::JJONESThu Apr 27 1989printing stream files
405.03UTROP1::LILLJEGREN_EThu Apr 27 1989Max capacity of an LPS4
406.012PLEXUS::MAGALETTAFri Apr 28 1989Help with lps4
407.07REGENT::EPSTEINMon May 01 1989Discussion about DECnet hidden areas
408.02FPTVX1::MORABITOTue May 02 1989LPS4
409.03MECAD::HOTue May 02 1989Print postscript files on LPS4
410.05YUBAN::LICATAFri May 05 1989Envelopes on a Printserver ?
411.04DELNI::MOALLIFri May 05 1989Do LPS4
412.03MDRA1::GREGORIOMon May 08 1989Delay resuming the print in PRINTSERVER 4
413.0POBOX::GUIDIWed May 10 1989Customer followup questions
414.03JETSAM::GAETZWed May 10 1989LPS4
415.012RTOEU::PFARQUHARSONThu May 11 1989Printing using 12 pitch font
416.02MCIS2::SYSTEMMon May 15 1989%LPS-F-LRJNAMEUNKNOWN error
417.03MARSWed May 17 1989<sheet_limit=> problems??
418.02BODACH::JLENIHANFri May 19 1989Power code # for LPS4
419.03MERIDN::KEHOEFri May 19 1989LPS4
420.02MILPND::DOWLINGFri May 19 1989Trying to install client v2.
421.05MERCY::DIAMONDMon May 22 1989Problems with LPS4
422.02TOPTEN::GREENThu May 25 1989can't print portrait mode
423.01JETSAM::GAETZThu May 25 1989Job pending..lowercase attributes not present
424.04COMICS::HACKTue May 30 1989adding font to lps4
425.01BODACH::JLENIHANWed May 31 1989Postscript Management Doc?
426.04USHSMon Jun 05 1989And then there were none. -reboot problem
427.01ALBANY::HEIGHTTue Jun 06 1989Should I recommended the LPS4
428.03ZURWed Jun 07 1989Help for part number
429.015SVBEV::VECRUMBAWed Jun 07 1989Justification a-la-LN
430.06LARVAE::BARKERWed Jun 07 1989Foreign printers & Printserver software?
431.04DLOACT::RESENDEFri Jun 09 1989Product & VTX 'announcement'?
432.01BERFS3::ALBRECHTTue Jun 13 1989Automatic Tray Switch
433.03REGENT::KACHRANIWed Jun 14 1989ULTRIX-PrintServer T2.
434.06MOVIES::GROSSMITHThu Jun 15 1989Another question on BURST-PAGES
435.03DICKNS::R_MCGOWANThu Jun 15 1989Printing an ASCII file in landscape
436.06DICKNS::R_MCGOWANThu Jun 15 1989How do you print a PS file in landscape mode?
437.02GIDDAY::LLOYDMThu Jun 22 1989printserver 4
438.05CURRNT::SYSCONThu Jun 22 1989One client monopolises LPS4
439.02GEMVAX::BERRYThu Jun 22 1989LPS$SMB.EXE questions...
440.03TROAFri Jun 23 1989duplex printing (hidden in a minute!)
442.06JBSVAX::BARNWELLWed Jun 28 1989Can't Get T2.
443.02MOVIES::GROSSMITHMon Jul 03 1989Apparent missing font with LPS4
444.02HAMIS3::GAYHWed Jul 05 1989ALL-IN-1 and Modern Gothic as default font
445.09MUNSBE::STRUZENAWed Jul 05 1989Problem with Page-Size in Postscript-Format
446.01CIMNET::MATHEWSThu Jul 06 1989Portrait sheet, landscape print
447.05AKO455::SHEPROMon Jul 10 1989Reinstalling LPS4
448.06UTROP1::LILLJEGREN_ETue Jul 11 1989Warm or cold PrintServer 4
449.02BSS::SPRAYCARTue Jul 11 1989postscript copies of new product manuals???
450.0REGENT::EPSTEINTue Jul 11 1989Announcing the new products you've been waiting for
451.03GIDDAY::AUNGWed Jul 12 1989LPS4
452.01AUSTIN::BOGGESSWed Jul 12 1989Continuous forms on a laser printer?
453.0ORT::ORTHOBERTue Jul 18 1989Negatives?
454.01RBW::WICKERTWed Jul 19 1989Upgrading to the LPS4
455.03UTROFF::LUITJESThu Jul 27 1989Large volume output tray for LPS4
456.02DLOACT::SYSTEMFri Jul 28 1989LPS$MANAGEMENT and my terminal
457.02YUCATN::LASTOVICAFri Jul 28 1989lps4
458.01MDVAX3::SOCHAMon Jul 31 1989Bigger output stacker needed
459.09MUNICH::VIERTELTue Aug 01 1989Hardware Data Needed
460.03REGENT::KACHRANIFri Aug 04 1989ASCII and ANSI data type in LPS/ULTRIX SW
461.01REGENT::KACHRANIFri Aug 04 1989Page orie. on nonPS printers on ULTRIX
462.03REGENT::KACHRANIFri Aug 04 1989LPS/ULTRIX CLient SW for PMAX and remote queueing
464.010TITUS::PERKINSTue Aug 08 1989VMS="unreachable"; ULTRIX=prints OK ?!?!
465.011HAMIS3::GAYHWed Aug 09 1989Problem: LOGO, FONT, ANSI-Transl. V3.
466.08HAMIS3::GAYHWed Aug 09 1989Problem: LOGO, PARA=INPUT=BOTTOM, ANSI-Transl.
467.0LARVAE::DELANYWed Aug 09 1989PrintServer support for UK/Europe
468.02GLORY::GRAEFFWed Aug 09 1989PS print speed of the LPS-4
469.0REGENT::EPSTEINWed Aug 09 1989Generic Queue limitation alert
470.03CRONIC::MCINTYREThu Aug 10 1989Queue retains jobs despite /NORETAIN
471.08STKHLM::SNELLMANMon Aug 14 1989LPS4
472.010LARVAE::DELANYTue Aug 15 1989PrintServer 2
473.03GLORY::GRAEFFTue Aug 15 1989LANDSCAPE through SETUP module?
474.02HGOVC::JAMANHASSANThu Aug 17 1989LPS4
475.01ULTRA::SMITHMon Aug 21 1989Problems switching paper trays from Ultrix Client
476.010MRSVAX::MISKINISTue Aug 22 1989Secure PrintServer ideas
477.03GERBIL::ORNSTEINTue Aug 22 1989New user questions about fonts
478.06RAD1::DAVISTue Aug 22 1989Wide (expanded) characters?
479.07ATPS::EVATue Aug 22 1989V3.
480.03STKAI1::ARAKANGASWed Aug 23 1989MV33
481.06REGENT::EPSTEINThu Aug 24 1989Problem with V3.
482.013SHIPS::COLWELL_DFri Aug 25 1989LPS4
483.04JULIET::MORRISON_HUMon Aug 28 1989Interleaf ps4
484.03DELNI::SUMNERTue Aug 29 1989Kodak 1392???
485.038KRIS1Wed Aug 30 1989Any way to change DECnet params?
486.01MARVIN::WARWICKSat Sep 02 1989LPS2
487.03EEMELI::SYVANENMon Sep 04 1989LPS4
488.01CLARID::MALKOWIAKWed Sep 06 1989Unwanted sixel prints on dividers (LPS V3.
489.02COMICS::BYWATERThu Sep 07 1989ANSI setup in V3.
490.02COMICS::COOMBERMon Sep 11 1989V3 password; positioning; fonts
491.05SHIPS::GKETue Sep 12 1989PrintServer, Version 3.
492.014STOAT::BARKERTue Sep 12 1989Double-sided only partly works
493.01REGENT::JORRYWed Sep 13 1989Warning: printables in setup modules
494.08EIGER::OKLEThu Sep 14 1989LPS2
495.06SNO78A::MOFFITTFri Sep 15 1989ANSI wraps at 95 chars
496.02HPSTEK::SHERMANFri Sep 15 1989LPS4
497.04PAILUM::STODDARDFri Sep 15 1989LPS2
498.03NCBDVX::HOHMDMon Sep 18 1989Menu front-end for printservers?
500.05MRSVAX::MISKINISWed Sep 20 1989Should we replace DEQNAs?
501.04--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 20 1989network object rejected error. help?
502.01STOAT::BARKERThu Sep 21 1989Problem with default margins...
503.05STIKNY::GUENTHERFri Sep 22 1989CPS X2.2 available for internal testing
504.02REGENT::MERRILLMon Sep 25 1989TALARIS ??
505.03FLAUTA::RESENDEMon Sep 25 1989Loading Additional Fonts on PrintServers?
506.04MLCSSE::ROSATIWed Sep 27 1989PS_ generic queue printing PS source
507.02TKOV16::NISHIKAWAWed Sep 27 1989Still LOAD PROBLEM ?
510.01EEMELI::LEHTINENSat Sep 30 1989LPS2
511.0STOAT::BARKERMon Oct 02 1989VAX Document double-sided printing processor
512.08STKHLM::LISSDANIELSMon Oct 02 1989LPS V3.
513.09MUCTEC::HIERLTue Oct 03 1989LPS2
514.04COMICS::BYWATERTue Oct 03 1989want to print cedilla on PrintServer
515.04LEMAN::OLDACRE_AWed Oct 04 1989LPS2
516.01WIKKIT::WARWICKThu Oct 05 1989What does V3.1 give me ?
517.03GLORY::HULLThu Oct 05 1989LPS4
518.01BLKWDO::SCHUERERSun Oct 08 1989HP emulation on LPS2
519.02ABLE::DICKENSONMon Oct 09 1989LPS2
520.03CHRCHL::GERMAINTue Oct 10 1989LPS4
521.04GENRAL::R_RENNOLETWed Oct 11 1989Will upgrading the uVAX affect the Operating System?
522.04XNOGOV::MAXWELLThu Oct 12 1989lps2
523.01REGENT::EPSTEINThu Oct 12 1989Proper Network Configuration for LPS2
524.01OAW::DAVISThu Oct 12 1989Training for LPS2
525.03UBOHUB::SYSTEMFri Oct 13 1989HELP with printing
526.08COMICS::COOMBERFri Oct 13 1989invalid command works on lps4
527.05LARVAE::DELANYMon Oct 16 1989Tektronix txln overhead, and "total pages"?
528.06XNOGOV::MAXWELLTue Oct 17 1989Status of TCP/IP user interface
529.01COMICS::TREVENNORTue Oct 17 1989Who owns the Ultrix Docs?
530.04LARVAE::DELANYTue Oct 17 1989Standard LN
532.02HAMSUP::ANDRESSENWed Oct 18 1989Help for Partnumber(LPS2
533.02HANDVA::FREDLIThu Oct 19 1989Any info on LPS4
534.04TOOLS::CRIMMINThu Oct 19 1989Query about an exit status
535.04LARVAE::DELANYFri Oct 20 1989PageMaker performance with LPS4
536.01RDGE44::GILES_9Fri Oct 20 1989Labels - positioning of ...
537.010LARVAE::DELANYFri Oct 20 1989Use of "currentinputtray" with LPS2
539.03CHOVAX::JVANWINKLEWed Oct 25 1989LPS4
540.05DECSIM::COILEYThu Oct 26 1989Layup. Ack.
541.01NEEPS::NORRIEThu Oct 26 1989Wang connections and letter gothic 12 ??
542.01HANDVA::FREDLIFri Oct 27 1989LPS4
543.010XNOGOV::MAXWELLFri Oct 27 1989ln
544.01ASD::LSMITHWed Nov 01 1989What version is currently running?
545.02TAZBOY::ZIGLERWed Nov 01 1989LPS4
546.08RTOVCD::ALONZMon Nov 06 19898
547.011LARVAE::DELANYMon Nov 06 1989File prints on LN
548.03CSMADM::SCHWABETue Nov 07 1989LPS `INSPECT'ed to death!
549.06REGENT::MERRILLThu Nov 09 1989LPS2
550.02REGENT::MERRILLThu Nov 09 1989LPS2
551.07FIGURE::REXFORDThu Nov 09 1989Labeled Pages?
552.02LARVAE::DELANYThu Nov 09 1989PC printing capabilities with LPS?
553.02LARVAE::DELANYThu Nov 09 1989LPS features when booting in non-DEC environment
554.01PCOJCT::YORKEMon Nov 13 1989LPS2
555.01SKYLRK::BERLLYTue Nov 14 1989TCP/IP Client support for AT&T System V ??
556.06PBSVAX::FREBURGERWed Nov 15 1989Bugs in LPS/Ultrix 2.
557.03RAINBO::KOUTAVASWed Nov 15 1989Need info on LPS2
558.02MSAMThu Nov 16 1989install suphost/client on 2 nodes ?
559.04UTROP1::LILLJEGREN_EFri Nov 17 1989A5 format in DUPLEX?
560.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Nov 17 1989Question about Primary host
561.02GRANPA::SFAIRCLOTHTue Nov 21 1989Fonts/Paper Weight for LPS2
562.06CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Nov 21 1989Service Circuit on VAXCluster
563.01BONNET::MOEKENFri Nov 24 1989no white edges
565.05KIPPIS::PEURAMon Nov 27 1989LPS client for Ultrix T4.
566.02CSCMA::CAULFIELDMon Nov 27 1989Printing from Fortran
567.011SCOTMN::LOATTue Nov 28 1989LPS4
568.06AMIS::HOLSTENSONTue Nov 28 1989LPS different forms???
569.09TENNIS::KAMTue Nov 28 1989VMS V5.3 support for Printserver 2
570.04BALMER::MUDGETTWed Nov 29 1989Logical Link Aborted on bootup
571.02BONNET::MOEKENThu Nov 30 1989ARABIC for LPS
572.06AUSPEX::KOZIKThu Nov 30 1989?LN
573.09NUTMEG::MAXIMOUSFri Dec 01 1989Stuck "processing"
574.08COMICS::TREVENNORSun Dec 03 1989ULTRIX Flag page customisation. Possible?
576.01TENNIS::KAMMon Dec 04 1989LPS$$FLAGPAGE.PS for LPS2
577.05LENSMN::boniniTue Dec 05 1989unaligned access errors from lpscomm
578.03PNO::HEISERTue Dec 05 1989NO_NETWORK error on V3 Client Install
579.01BRSSWS::ROETSWed Dec 06 1989lps2
580.02UBOHUB::WINKWORTHMThu Dec 07 1989New module in LPS$DEVCTL
581.03TAVIS::BOAZMon Dec 11 1989Symbiont consumes CPU?
582.05ACESMK::KUHNTue Dec 12 1989printserver hangs when it loads
583.01ATLV5::POPP_BTue Dec 12 1989NonNon-Digital platform support?
584.03PRSARL::TESSIERThu Dec 14 1989PAGE_LIMIT performances
585.07COMICS::BYWATERThu Dec 14 1989V3.
586.0REGENT::MERRILLThu Dec 14 1989Interleaf config. with LPS2
587.04DPDMAI::SCHOONOVERFri Dec 15 1989LPS4
588.07CLARID::MALKOWIAKTue Dec 19 1989How to get the file name from a PostScript print ?
589.02COMICS::COOMBERTue Dec 19 1989when is a printserver not
590.01A12::DONOVANTue Dec 19 1989HP Draftmaster 7596A
591.02RCOJDS::SHOWALTERWed Dec 20 1989Printserver 2
592.02HAMSUP::ANDRESSENThu Dec 21 1989Help on Partnumber
593.01RBW::WICKERTFri Dec 22 1989Starting LPS queues on multiple nodes in a cluster
594.04TROUThu Dec 28 1989Download font from Ventura to LPS4
595.05STKAI1::ARAKANGASWed Jan 03 1990Owners manual on video tape?
596.08REGENT::MERRILLWed Jan 03 1990Error 12 hang of LPS4
597.01HOO78C::HOOGEVEENThu Jan 04 1990T/S Corrona assy.LPS2
598.01STKAI1::ARAKANGASThu Jan 04 1990Warranty on LPS4
600.03TITUS::PERKINSThu Jan 04 1990another margin(al) question - 8
601.05EARWIG::DELANYFri Jan 05 1990LPS4
602.03DPDMAI::PLATTERFri Jan 05 1990Microsoft WORD + PCSA = no LPS2
603.09COOKIE::ELLISONFri Jan 05 1990Pattern Bug in LPS4
604.02CSCMA::HOLLANDMon Jan 08 1990Writing directly to device
605.07MEDDLE::ANUSZCZYKMon Jan 08 1990Landscape mode printing - line wrapping vs truncation
606.01EARWIG::DELANYTue Jan 09 1990Documentation (release notes) query...
607.0PUEBLO::GABBETue Jan 09 1990Low voltage equals brain damage (a true story)
608.01GLORY::HULLTue Jan 09 1990LPS4
609.03UNXA::BEUTETue Jan 09 1990LPS$SERVER and RIGHTSLIST access errors
610.01HGOVC::SUSANCHANWed Jan 10 1990s/w for print from Macintosh or MS-DOS
611.05CHR27::BARNETTEThu Jan 11 1990can't use layup files to save my skull
612.03CLARID::MALKOWIAKFri Jan 12 1990Implementation limit exceeded error
613.01TAVMon Jan 15 1990A4 page size PATCH needed
614.01KAOOTue Jan 16 1990Adobe 48.3 & 49.2??
615.01JRDVThu Jan 18 1990MS-WORD causes LPS fatal error
616.01STKAI1::ARAKANGASThu Jan 18 1990A4 positioning problem soultion!
617.02TRNOIS::PERINOTTOFri Jan 19 1990LPS2
618.04MISING::COMSUPFri Jan 19 1990LPS2
619.06TUNER::RODERICKMon Jan 22 1990PS_ queue won't print on V2.1
620.06UTRUST::TIMMERTue Jan 23 1990Default 4 pages per sheet?
621.01LEMAN::DORIERTue Jan 23 1990help for black spot on prints
622.06LEMAN::DORIERTue Jan 23 1990print too light
623.08TAVWed Jan 24 1990Symbiont consumes a lot of CPU, does no I/O
624.07HAMSUP::ANDRESSENWed Jan 24 1990LPS2
625.08FERVOR::LEZONWed Jan 24 1990DUplex printing on an LPS2
626.010ILO::FIELDWed Jan 24 1990Editing Console Messages Possible ?
627.0PFSVAX::JACOBWed Jan 24 1990LCIT problems odd cure
628.09REGENT::HUMMERSWed Jan 24 1990"Problem with extra bold printing"
629.06COMICS::BYWATERThu Jan 25 1990V3.
630.07CESARE::PIOVANOThu Jan 25 1990TWO_SIDED by deafult ?
631.012CSCMA::CAULFIELDThu Jan 25 1990ANSI Setup module
632.020CRLVMS::WOLMANThu Jan 25 1990arp problems with TCP/IP printserver 2
633.08MRSVAX::MISKINISThu Jan 25 1990.LN3 -> .PS file? Possible?
635.01NCBDVX::HOHMDFri Jan 26 1990Wish List
636.06PRNSYS::LOMICKAJFri Jan 26 1990LPS2
637.01CRLVMS::WOLMANFri Jan 26 1990bug in lpd
638.08WARNUT::FOSSEYSun Jan 28 1990Problem with default DUPLEX printing
639.07COMICS::BYWATERTue Jan 30 1990Cannot load new ansi fonts.
640.03COMICS::BYWATERTue Jan 30 1990235 chrs/line in ANSI on A4 ??
641.06SUBWAY::ZAMORATue Jan 30 1990Interactive way to ask printers w/c fonts are avail?
642.01EMILE::BRIARDWed Jan 31 1990Book building ?
643.0REGENT::MERRILLWed Jan 31 1990ISV Printer Conference
644.05EPIK::MJDAILEYWed Jan 31 1990LPS2
645.05WMOIS::REINKEWed Jan 31 1990TCP/IP but not U*IX?
646.05CIMNET::SWAMINATHANThu Feb 01 1990DS31
647.04TRNOIS::ISABELLOFri Feb 02 1990LPS2
648.0CRLVMS::WOLMANFri Feb 02 1990bug in Ultrix installation script
649.04TRUCKS::MILLSMon Feb 05 1990OCR-B Font Usage
650.0COMICS::TREVENNORWed Feb 07 1990ULTRIX filters question.
651.01PRNSYS::LOMICKAJWed Feb 07 1990Multiple duplex copies of odd-number of pages?
652.03WR1FOR::CALLAGHLAWed Feb 07 1990Basic questions on LPS4
653.0ESDC2::LEEUWENThu Feb 08 1990LPS4
654.01CSCMA::CAULFIELDThu Feb 08 1990LPS$NETSSETUP.COM statement ???
655.03AIRONE::HARKERThu Feb 08 1990LPSCLI
656.05IJSAPL::BOUWMANSFri Feb 09 1990How exact is 1
657.05KLO::RUANEFri Feb 09 1990Resolution on the LPS4
658.01COMICS::BYWATERFri Feb 09 1990SETPAPERTRAY causes LPS2
659.08COOKIE::ELLISONFri Feb 09 1990LPS4
660.05RDGENG::HAYWARDMon Feb 12 1990Syntax for printing last n pages ?
661.01MANIOK::WILLETue Feb 13 1990Translator Help needed
662.02ENOVAX::JANDROWTue Feb 13 1990Double sided reports
663.02BROKE::TAYLORWed Feb 14 1990parts information for LPS4
664.05YIELD::HARRISWed Feb 14 1990How many characters wide can I print?
665.03TRNOIS::CARROZZOThu Feb 15 1990printing from SIMENS ...
666.01AKOV11::SMITHFri Feb 16 1990Help with Parameter=number=2