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Conference 7.286::notes$archive:a1_print_compat_kit

Title:Support Issues for ALL-IN-1 PostScript Compatibility Kit
Notice:Read groundrules in 1.*. Pointer info in 2.*
Created:Fri Mar 16 1990
Last Modified:Fri Dec 06 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:27
Total number of notes:70
Number with bodies:0
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1.04REGENT::LEVINEFri Mar 16 1990Conference Guidelines and Charter
2.04REGENT::LEVINEFri Mar 16 1990Kit Pointer
3.0REGENT::LEVINEFri Mar 16 1990reserved for future use
4.0REGENT::LEVINEFri Mar 16 1990reserved for future use
5.0REGENT::LEVINEFri Mar 16 1990reserved for future use
6.0REGENT::LEVINEFri Mar 16 1990reserved for future use
7.0REGENT::LEVINEFri Mar 16 1990reserved for future use
8.0REGENT::LEVINEFri Mar 16 1990reserved for future use
9.0REGENT::LEVINEFri Mar 16 1990reserved for future use
10.0REGENT::LEVINEFri Mar 16 1990reserved for future use
11.01AKOV11::MINEZZIMon Apr 23 1990???'s
12.04AKOV11::MINEZZIWed May 02 1990I want to install it....but,
13.01TRHThu Jun 07 1990RELNOTES-I-PLEASE, ????
14.01ISTWI1::OZILWed Jun 13 1990usage with LN
15.03IJSAPL::KUPPENSMon Jul 02 1990PSPRINT in ALL-IN-1 to LJ25
16.02CUJO::DANEKThu Aug 09 1990Landscape on Legal and Ledger Problems
17.02CTOAVX::SMITHDFri Aug 10 1990Multi-vendor prt strategy
18.013BERNMon Aug 20 1990LPS2
19.01DPDMAI::SCHOONOVERTue Dec 03 1991Need LN
20.03GIDDAY::BURTWed Feb 05 1992DEClaser 225
21.0FRAFS1::ELHAJMon Mar 09 1992Printing LOGO as loadable font
22.01LATINA::CABREROThu Apr 09 1992"HELP 225
23.0TROOA::IOSSIFIDISMon Jun 01 1992Drivers for EPSON
24.01MFOIS1::TURCHIFri Oct 23 1992ALL-IN-1, VT22
25.01FSOA::CKELLEHERSun Mar 28 1993HELP! DECprint Supervisor Software????
26.0TEMOLO::DONATINIFri May 21 1993LA1
27.01UTROP1::WILDEMANVMon Jan 31 1994ALL-IN-1 1152 via remote PC