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Conference 7.286::multia

Created:Tue Oct 04 1994
Last Modified:Tue Jun 03 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:782
Total number of notes:3413
Number with bodies:144
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1.02HANNAH::VAUGHANThu Nov 03 1994Welcome!
2.03HANNAH::AXELRODFri Oct 07 1994Submit Problem Reports by Mail
3.0HANNAH::AXELRODFri Oct 07 1994<reserved>
4.0HANNAH::AXELRODFri Oct 07 1994<reserved>
5.0FAILTE::MACKINNONPFri Nov 04 1994product documentation?
6.08SUBURB::POWELLMMon Nov 07 1994The first (?) questions on Multia.
7.019SUBURB::POWELLMMon Nov 07 1994Memory questions.
8.08FAILTE::MACKINNONPTue Nov 08 1994Documentation required
9.06OSLACT::JENSHTue Nov 08 1994Graphics info?
10.01BODGIE::CupitWed Nov 09 1994Crashhhh
11.03EVTISA::ES_HOANGWed Nov 09 1994BL5 someone ?
12.01LANDO::CUMMINSWed Nov 09 1994Multia remote user diagnostics
13.02BACHUS::648Wed Nov 09 1994Extract from Product Service Plan
14.0EVTISA::ES_HOANGThu Nov 10 1994Nice Screen Saver for MultiA
15.03QUARK::LIONELThu Nov 10 1994Power consumption
16.02ZURThu Nov 10 1994Back to Factory installed ?
17.03TRHFri Nov 11 1994eXcursion tested?
18.014UTROP1::WALLACE_BFri Nov 11 19942-4 User NT System
19.04AIMHI::ONETME::TAYLORFri Nov 11 1994PATHWORKS Environment
20.09EVTISA::ES_HOANGMon Nov 14 1994Install from scratch.
21.03EVTISA::ES_HOANGMon Nov 14 1994License with PATHWORKS V5 and PATHWORKS in general.
22.0UTROP1::WALLACE_BMon Nov 14 1994
23.07PLUGH::needleTue Nov 15 1994Multia disks disconnect during transit
24.0MROA::CATALANOTTITue Nov 15 1994Multia and PATHWORKS Licensing
25.02OTOOA::DDUNCANWed Nov 16 1994Banyan support?
26.03EPS::BOEHMWed Nov 16 1994What is the Administrators password?
27.03EPS::BOEHMWed Nov 16 1994Netbios-NETBEUI-LANA
28.02POBOX::ZEISLERWed Nov 16 1994Ethernet address??
29.02SSDEVO::PARRISWed Nov 16 1994Legacy Applications: What are they?
30.023FIREBL::LEEDSThu Nov 17 1994what is it, really ????
31.014ALFAM7::BALTESKONISThu Nov 17 1994Multia Demo?
32.03PLUGH::needleThu Nov 17 1994Multia is Byte Best System of the Show at COMDEX
33.012MROA::CATALANOTTIThu Nov 17 1994Multia Electronic Learninig Module
34.0TENNIS::KAMThu Nov 17 1994Engineering or System Specification - is this available?
35.03MRKTNG::SETTYThu Nov 17 1994No Logon Screen after the first Logon ?
36.0CGOOA::OWONGFri Nov 18 1994.GIF files from HTML demo set
37.02ZURFri Nov 18 1994RefDesk (online documentation)
38.04SUBURB::POWELLMFri Nov 18 1994Floppy Disk questions.
39.01TROOA::BROWNTue Nov 22 1994status of X11 & 327
40.05TROOA::BROWNTue Nov 22 1994Servers vs Admin WS?
41.03TROOA::BROWNTue Nov 22 1994?Installing Multia Kits on Host Systems?
42.0TROOA::BROWNTue Nov 22 1994?Dashboard-like capability for Multias?
43.03TROOA::BROWNTue Nov 22 1994?FAX server in Multia environment?
44.03OSLTue Nov 22 1994Multia Optimized X11.R6 server vs. eXcursion for Windows NT/Alpha?
45.01TROOA::BROWNTue Nov 22 1994Workload characterisations?
46.01TROOA::BROWNTue Nov 22 1994?EFT experiences? Referencable?
47.03SUBURB::POWELLMWed Nov 23 1994Kensington Lock on the Multia?
48.06SUBURB::POWELLMWed Nov 23 1994Multia Software questions.
50.01POBOX::ZEISLERWed Nov 23 1994Multia as a server??
51.0TELSEL::DAY_CWed Nov 23 1994How to boot from other than hard disk?
52.0SUBURB::POWELLMThu Nov 24 1994Any possibility of future Multia CD/R recording?
53.08OSLFri Nov 25 1994Token Ring card?
54.0CARECL::CASTIENMon Nov 28 1994Need repair and test info
55.018POBOX::ZEISLERMon Nov 28 1994Mosaic from Multia
57.021HANNAH::B_COBBWed Nov 30 1994MULTIA WWW Home page
58.0MR2MI1::CARRWed Nov 30 1994MULTIA PM/MM contacts
59.07OTOOA::DDUNCANFri Dec 02 1994Win16 emulator?
60.0658631::WDUNCANSun Dec 04 1994DECnet support?
61.021BIS5Wed Dec 07 1994X performances
62.03BODGIE::CupitThu Dec 08 1994TCP routing via Multias?
63.014SUOSWS::SUOPC7::WagenblastFri Dec 09 1994PS Viewer on Multia
64.08PLUGH::needleFri Dec 09 1994Hooking RRD42 CDROM to Multia
65.02TENNIS::KAMMon Dec 12 1994Need Multia artwork, drawings, illustration, pictures, etc.
66.01OSLWed Dec 14 1994How to reinstall a Multia from scratch?
67.0BIS1::SASWed Dec 14 1994secundary routers for TCP/IP
68.01OTOOA::DDUNCANWed Dec 14 1994X server beta code?
69.01OSLACT::JENSHThu Dec 15 1994Motif & CDE?
70.07TBLADE::GEEHANThu Dec 15 1994More Multia Questions
71.04OSLACT::JENSHThu Dec 15 1994Boot problem
72.05HGOVC::MAHUAHSINThu Dec 15 1994Multia kits location ?
73.010NEWVAX::MURRAYFri Dec 16 1994Multia SPECmarks please?
74.04RTOIC::WREUSSFri Dec 16 1994U: new Multia and no boot
75.06MRKTNG::SETTYMon Dec 19 1994Help - Problem with NetWare Connection.
76.04OSLACT::JENSHTue Dec 20 1994eXcursion eXpiration Notice?
77.09POBOX::ZEISLERTue Dec 20 1994Mass Multia upgrades ??
78.01COPCLU::FLEMMINGThu Dec 22 1994Does MULTIA support VR297 ?
79.04OSLACT::JENSHThu Dec 22 1994International keyboard support?
80.03GYZPBWed Dec 28 1994Q: How to configure printer shares
81.011TRHWed Dec 28 1994Remote Accesable LAT port?
82.09DECLNE::PEACOCKWed Dec 28 1994Multia a VMS alternative???
83.0GYDMO4::SCHOENINGFri Dec 30 1994Not a Me Too Product !
84.05OFOSS1::LOMBARDITue Jan 03 1995user can't connect to Sun Host w/eXcursion...
85.0CARECL::CASTIENThu Jan 05 1995More info needed on SPecs, Diags and Listings....
86.01BIS1::VERHOELSTThu Jan 05 1995VCS on Multia ??
87.031COPCLU::WAGTBERGThu Jan 05 1995Reinstalling Windows NT
88.015OTOOA::DDUNCANThu Jan 05 1995MS Word on Multia?
89.09EXHIBC::BYWATERFri Jan 06 1995Hard disk access prevention disaster
90.0TROOA::BROWNFri Jan 06 1995Silly Black humour in the press
91.02BODGIE::CupitMon Jan 09 1995Benchmarks?
92.01RTOIC::WREUSSMon Jan 09 1995U: Problem with German Keyboard
93.014NAMIX::jptMon Jan 09 1995One more time: Multia & DEC OSF/1 AXP and OpenVMS
94.0ODIXIE::KIMBELMon Jan 09 1995Technical Specifications Available?
95.010MSDOA::GARDNERMon Jan 09 1995Graphics out-of-sync
96.02ONOIS1::LINDIVATTue Jan 10 1995FDDI and JV3 on Multia
97.02TBJVOA::MINAMIZAWATue Jan 10 1995GHOST on right edge on screen
98.01KAOOA::PINKERTONTue Jan 10 1995Marketing info ??
99.06MR2MI1::CARRTue Jan 10 199516-bit application performance data
100.02HANNAH::ILSLEYTue Jan 10 1995Service Guide pointer
101.0GYDMO4::REUSSWed Jan 11 1995Q. about unconfigure
102.04DV78Wed Jan 11 1995Pathworks and other software issues.
103.011MR2MI1::CARRThu Jan 12 1995Positioning Statement: Multia, Workstation and Servers
104.0CARECL::CASTIENFri Jan 13 1995FSL floppy. How? Where?
105.03UTROP1::LAAR_JFri Jan 13 1995X-server r.6 Option
106.02BRUMMY::SPREADBURYFri Jan 13 1995dual ethernet capability ?
107.03TROOA::BROWNFri Jan 13 1995SMS/PAW vs Multia Administrator
108.01POBOX::ZEISLERFri Jan 13 1995Dead keyboard stops Multia boot?
109.01OFOSS1::LOMBARDIMon Jan 16 1995Problem with "CHAT" ...
110.010UTROP1::LAAR_JMon Jan 16 1995MULTIA versus Windows '95
111.03UTROP1::LAAR_JMon Jan 16 1995Corel Draw 5.
112.01HGOVC::MAHUAHSINTue Jan 17 1995Can Multia support true color ?
113.03UTROP1::LAAR_JTue Jan 17 1995MULTIA questions
114.03GUIDUK::MCCANTATue Jan 17 1995X11 official marketing plan?
115.02RTOIC::UFCWRE::wreussWed Jan 18 1995KEA! and DECnet support
116.0CLPAXP::QUENARDWed Jan 18 1995BL6 ?
117.04POBOX::ZEISLERWed Jan 18 1995Disappearing icons
118.03POBOX::ZEISLERThu Jan 19 1995Layered products?
119.04TLE::KIMBALLThu Jan 19 1995Ordering Multia With 2
120.06GRANPA::JCONNORSFri Jan 20 1995RPC not available ?
121.0--UnknownUser--Fri Jan 20 1995
122.012POBOX::ZEISLERFri Jan 20 1995HPview from Multia??
123.016OSLSat Jan 21 1995Multia management vs. standard Windows NT stuff?
125.01VEGAS::GURALNIKMon Jan 23 1995Mutlia is Coooooool!
126.03OSLMon Jan 23 199532-bit native newsreader for Multia!
127.03MROA::BLODGETTTue Jan 24 1995Lotus Notes
128.04GRANPA::JCONNORSThu Jan 26 1995Local Disk Access
129.0BLOFLY::COCAM::GORDONFri Jan 27 1995Bad Checksum errors?
130.01BAHTAT::HILTONFri Jan 27 1995Multia overview,features,benefits for customer?
131.05BODGIE::CupitMon Jan 30 1995SW BA 353
132.06KERNEL::WILLIAMSNTue Jan 31 1995ARC problems on new MULTIA system
134.02OFOSS1::LOMBARDIWed Feb 01 1995can't create printer...
135.03OFOSS1::LOMBARDIWed Feb 01 1995TCPIP Printing...how?
136.02TROOA::BROWNWed Feb 01 1995Interoperability with VT LAN4
137.0DV78Thu Feb 02 1995One customers comments on the Multia
138.01DV78Thu Feb 02 1995Sell multia S/W for NT systems
139.06OSLACT::JENSHFri Feb 03 1995Notes Conference Usage
140.0ONOIS1::GAIRNSFri Feb 03 1995IP Multicast support for Multia
141.02UTROP1::OVERBEEK_HSun Feb 05 1995Multia SW in a NT-profile ?
142.02UTROP1::OVERBEEK_HSun Feb 05 1995Configuration-manager Password ?
143.03UTROP1::OVERBEEK_HSun Feb 05 1995Attribute change oerm. to execute files /
144.01FILTON::VINERMon Feb 06 1995Cost of Ownership ; help please
145.0TROOA::BROWNTue Feb 07 1995Can we say Multia is exclusively NT too?
146.04OFOSS1::LOMBARDIWed Feb 08 1995looking for documentation...
147.01OTOOA::DDUNCANWed Feb 08 1995Sys. Admin. kit for standalone Multia?
148.04PLUGH::needleWed Feb 08 1995Multia stopped booting...
149.03IJSAPL::JANSEN_GThu Feb 09 1995DECnet support on any Alpha Windows NT system?
150.010HANNAH::ILSLEYThu Feb 09 1995Post documentation comments here...
151.06POBOX::ZEISLERThu Feb 09 19955
152.03GRANPA::JCONNORSFri Feb 10 1995General Questions ????
153.02POBOX::ZEISLERThu Feb 16 1995eXcursion launch time
154.03TROOA::BROWNTue Feb 21 1995?WinDD from Tektronix?
155.07TAVTue Feb 21 1995XDMCP + Font loading in MULTIA?
156.05COPCLU::WAGTBERGTue Feb 21 1995LK411 support
157.08TROOA::BROWNWed Feb 22 1995
158.08OSLACT::JENSHFri Feb 24 1995Hummingbird eXceed vs. eXcursion
159.05TBJVOA::MINAMIZAWATue Feb 28 1995p/n of the serial Y-cable
160.017CARECL::CASTIENTue Feb 28 1995Update of firmware, software and OS
161.010ZPOACT::MURALIWed Mar 01 1995Can Multia be converted as NT server ?
162.01KERNEL::WILLIAMSNWed Mar 01 1995Failed to load LOGINBOX.SCP error C
163.01OTOOA::DDUNCANWed Mar 01 1995IBM 525
164.01OTOOA::DDUNCANWed Mar 01 1995Configuration instructions?
165.02RCOCER::ROLANDRWed Mar 01 1995PCMCIA Type 3 plans?
166.01OTOOA::DDUNCANThu Mar 02 1995Multia vs. VAXstations?
167.05OTOOA::DDUNCANFri Mar 03 1995FAT vs. NTSA?
168.01OTOOA::DDUNCANMon Mar 06 1995Serial X support X.25?
169.01EVTIS1::ES_HOANGTue Mar 07 1995Excursion and Bull and MultiA.
170.07ZPOACT::GUESTWed Mar 08 1995Multi-Media/CD input & eXcursion probs.
171.0POBOX::ZEISLERThu Mar 09 1995Foxpro on Multia
172.01EVTISA::ES_HOANGFri Mar 10 1995Configuration server to update 3rd-party software.
173.01EVTISA::ES_HOANGFri Mar 10 1995About the 2.5A CD-ROM.
174.02EVTISA::ES_HOANGFri Mar 10 1995Display scrren.
175.05POBOX::ZEISLERFri Mar 10 1995Groupwise on Multia??
176.02BRUMMY::WALLACE_JMon Mar 13 1995X11 Xtrap extension - supported on Multia ???
177.0MSAMMon Mar 13 1995LK46
178.02GOOEY::PDERRMon Mar 13 1995Future$aver on Multia?
179.04GRANPA::JCONNORSWed Mar 15 1995DECnet when ??
180.011OTOOA::DDUNCANThu Mar 16 1995Config. Mgr. password
181.01BIGUN::chmeee::MayneThu Mar 16 1995eXcursion v2.
182.03FILTON::VINERFri Mar 17 1995Physical Security ????
183.08HGOCS::IVANCHENGFri Mar 17 1995F18 key does not work
184.05OTOOA::DDUNCANTue Mar 21 1995Ethernet duplex?
185.01BLKPUD::PAGEHWed Mar 22 1995Multia with NTFS disk
186.04EVTISA::ES_HOANGWed Mar 22 1995NFS client.
187.02EVTAI1::MALASPINAThu Mar 23 1995Sound no longer working (Multia 2.5 A)
188.03POBOX::ZEISLERThu Mar 23 1995Cannot connect Multia VIA IP
189.05ZPOACT::MURALIThu Mar 23 1995File services from Vax?
190.02ZPOVC::CSNAQSMon Mar 27 1995Serial Killers !!
191.02EVTISA::ES_HOANGMon Mar 27 1995Show stopper bug in 2.5
192.01JRDVWed Mar 29 1995FEMAP doesn't run in Multia
193.05OSLACT::JENSHThu Mar 30 1995Error connecting to Netware drives at login
194.04ODIXIE::KIMBELWed Apr 05 1995Multia without monitor?
195.08POLAR::TOMKINSSat Apr 08 1995Multia FIS NOTE.
196.0EVTISA::ES_HOANGMon Apr 10 1995DDE error on MultiA.
197.016OFOSS1::LOMBARDIMon Apr 10 1995Is the LK45
198.01MKOTS3::KORNTue Apr 11 1995166mhz to 233mhz Upgrades?
199.03EVTISA::ES_HOANGWed Apr 12 1995MultiA and PW V5 interoperability.
200.06ZPOACT::MURALITue Apr 18 1995Configuring a Multia as Configuration Server.
202.013MR2MI1::CARRTue Apr 18 1995Multia V3.
203.0MR2MI1::CARRTue Apr 18 1995RUMBA for Mainframe for Multia option - summary
204.0MR2MI1::CARRTue Apr 18 1995New Multia hardware configurations - summary
205.05OFOSS1::LOMBARDIWed Apr 19 1995problem with PRO/E and eXcursion....
206.0MR2MI1::CARRWed Apr 19 1995Multia X Server option summary
207.01ULYSSE::JORDANThu Apr 20 1995MULTIA does not allow "-" in host domain names
208.03AROSThu Apr 20 1995Is there support for PCMCIA cards in Multia
209.04GIDDAY::KINGSMILLThu Apr 20 1995Multia V3 kit
210.01ATLANT::SCHMIDTThu Apr 20 1995PCMCIA is dead; long live PCMCIA!
211.05POBOX::ZEISLERSun Apr 23 1995Is there a secure Multia??
212.03POBOX::ZEISLERSun Apr 23 1995RAS support on Multia
213.03BIGUN::chmeee::MayneMon Apr 24 1995Customer unrest
214.03CARECL::CASTIENMon Apr 24 1995PArtnumbers for spare cables
215.03BBPBV1::WALLACEMon Apr 24 1995FDDI connectivity ?
216.03FILTON::VINERWed Apr 26 1995Dual Screen x Server ??
217.02BLKPUD::PAGEHWed Apr 26 1995CUT and PASTE V3 ift doesnt work properly
218.01TAMPA::FEINSTEINWed Apr 26 1995ZLXp-E2 For New Multia
219.03CRONIC::DUNLOPThu Apr 27 1995some general questions
220.01OGBON::COCAM::GORDONFri Apr 28 1995Starting applications minimized on the Multia
221.01OSLACT::JENSHFri Apr 28 1995Problems with remote window manager (CDE) & eXcursion V2
222.06--UnknownUser--Sun Apr 30 1995Multimedia on Multia??
223.02BLKPUD::PAGEHTue May 02 1995Multia no longer boots up with APPMGR
224.02BPSOF::BPPCLA::lenartWed May 03 1995How to get V3.
225.02POBOX::ZEISLERFri May 05 1995TCP/IP names with "-"
226.0ODIXIE::KIMBELMon May 08 1995TOEM Design Guide??
227.03KERNEL::GARDNERNTue May 09 1995STOP:
228.0XDELTA::HOFFMANTue May 09 1995Customer-Reported Problems With Multia
229.01JAMTEN::NILSSONWed May 10 1995Multia or PC - external devices - Supported?
230.06FSSB::GROPWed May 10 1995Multia disks with pre-installed software...
231.01MKOTS3::KORNWed May 10 1995Multia Memory Config--did it change?
232.02POBOX::ZEISLERTue May 16 1995Layers products software upgrades
234.02GIDDAY::KINGSMILLTue May 16 1995"X-Server Option partnumber"
235.02RTOIC::UFCWRE::Werner ReussWed May 17 1995Problems with the new X-Server
236.06OSLACT::JENSHMon May 22 1995Is disk repair with V3.
237.06TAVTue May 23 1995Problems updating V2.5->V3.
238.04NAMIX::jptTue May 23 1995High resol. graphics (16
239.03BODGIE::cupitWed May 24 1995PWVMS License
240.02JAMTEN::NILSSONWed May 24 1995Standalone without accounts 2.5A - No login - Disk swap?
241.0TROOA::BROWNFri May 26 1995?Support for full sized PCI cards?
242.03TROOA::BROWNFri May 26 1995?remote shudown capability/restriction?
243.04BPSOF::LENARTFri May 26 1995How to get Xcursion working?
244.05OSLACT::JENSHMon May 29 1995V3.
245.06OTOOA::PINKERTONMon May 29 1995PC APP's on a MULTIA?
246.02OSLACT::JENSHTue May 30 1995Application Manager does not start after upgrade to V3.
247.02MINNY::BOELSTERLITue May 30 1995Future Microsoft Applications
248.0OTOOA::PINKERTONTue May 30 1995New p/n's please
249.02WASHDC::SARASINTue May 30 1995Multia Xserver problem.
250.02IJSAPL::VENEMAWed May 31 1995need internal order price for some Multia options
251.01EVTISA::ES_HOANGWed May 31 1995Problem with Aix-term.
252.07OSLACT::JENSHThu Jun 01 1995Upgrade from V2.5A to V3.
253.03JRDVFri Jun 02 1995X server V2 or V3?
254.07BLKPUD::PAGEHFri Jun 02 1995Multia LK411/45
255.02GBIFri Jun 02 1995HELP where are my errors?
256.03GBIMon Jun 05 1995Firmware upgrade on a floppy-less Multia?
257.05CARECL::CASTIENTue Jun 06 1995Performance issue
258.05BLAZER::MIKELISTue Jun 06 1995Graphics performance same as 486/66?
259.01KOLFAX::JEZOWSKIPATue Jun 06 1995OS/2?
260.012RTOIC::UFCWRE::wreussWed Jun 07 1995Installing xsupport on an OpenVMS host
261.02RTOIC::UFCWRE::WREUSSWed Jun 07 1995Some questions about EDR
262.01ULYSSE::JORDANWed Jun 07 1995Tablet support by the Multia X server
263.07BPSOF::LENARTWed Jun 07 1995Problems with eXcursion
264.02CSOA1::SWARDENWed Jun 07 1995Diskless Multia/PATHWORKS?
265.04MLNORO::CAMPICEThu Jun 08 1995Upgrade to 3.51 ?
266.03RTOIC::UFCWRE::WREUSSMon Jun 12 1995Problem with Multia X-Server and IRIX
267.03SUOSWS::WAGENBLASTMon Jun 12 1995noise problems anyone?
269.02KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLTue Jun 13 1995No Configuration Server..
270.02GBITue Jun 13 1995How to make a multia as similar as possible to a VXT?
271.07GOYA::ALVAROWed Jun 14 1995Upgrading to 3.
272.01GBIWed Jun 14 1995how to turn autologin on?
274.01POBOX::ZEISLERThu Jun 15 1995Multia and NEXT??
276.07GBIThu Jun 15 1995Unusual multia setup. Help!!!!
277.02BLKPUD::PAGEHFri Jun 16 1995RMFing a dead multia gives EDR> prompt
278.02TLSEFri Jun 16 1995AZERTY keyboard | Login Box US key understand
279.03IJSAPL::RIETKERKMon Jun 19 1995TZ3
280.06FILTON::VINERTue Jun 20 1995A security lapse ?
281.0CARECL::CASTIENFri Jun 23 1995VX42 and VX5
282.02EVTISA::ES_HOANGFri Jun 23 1995FrameMaker on MultiA.
283.04POBOX::ZEISLERSat Jun 24 1995X11R6 display setup question
284.04POBOX::ZEISLERSat Jun 24 1995Shuffle up??
285.04BOBSEG::SEGRESTSun Jun 25 1995HAL for Multia ???
286.01WOTVAX::PAGEHMon Jun 26 1995LADCDDRV, multia reading cd in infoserver
287.01WOTVAX::PAGEHMon Jun 26 1995Diskless multia and hardware address
288.04WOTVAX::PAGEHMon Jun 26 1995multiple xdmcp sessions
289.0+16WOTVAX::PAGEHMon Jun 26 1995RAS on Multia
290.01COWBOY::MIRGHANETue Jun 27 1995environmental specifications of the Multia ?
291.03EXHIBC::BYWATERTue Jun 27 1995LAT problem over kilostream
292.08KAOU93::BAIRDWed Jun 28 1995Will VR32
293.01NZOVThu Jun 29 1995No Custom changes
294.05RTOIC::UFCWRE::WREUSSThu Jun 29 1995Q: X-Server+Medusa+HP VUE
295.02TAVThu Jun 29 1995How to get the V3.
297.02TAVSun Jul 02 1995How to get the initial grey screen back?
298.03NZOVSun Jul 02 1995reset to unconfigured.
299.04JAMTEN::NILSSONMon Jul 03 1995Upgrade 2.5 -> 3.
300.06JAMTEN::NILSSONWed Jul 05 1995Xserver 3.
301.01TYCOCH::WILLIAMSGSun Jul 09 1995Multia running OpenVMS ??
302.05ULY1Mon Jul 10 1995How to make a Novell 4.1 seen and reachable?
303.02ULY1Tue Jul 11 1995Problems with Twisted Pair connection
304.02BELFST::REGISTRARTue Jul 11 1995Decnet and Lat for Multia?
305.02UFHIS::WKARNBAUMTue Jul 11 1995QSUSER cannot login
306.01JAMTEN::NILSSONWed Jul 12 1995DHCP WINS TCP/IP Multia 3.
307.01GIDDAY::THOMPSONSWed Jul 12 1995Problems in Multia with Xsessions
308.06JAMTEN::NILSSONThu Jul 13 1995EDR/RMFed disk. No boot STOP c
309.03GBIThu Jul 13 1995Cannot convert D from FAT to NTFS: help
310.01GBIFri Jul 14 1995How to move desktop data between config servers?
311.05OFOSS1::absFri Jul 14 199532-bit apps performance...
312.05NZOVMon Jul 17 1995HELP HELP HELP
313.02POBOX::ZEISLERMon Jul 17 1995Can internal disk be formatted??
314.06WARNUT::YATESTue Jul 18 1995Icon Colours with New X software
315.0TKOV51::NONAKA_HWed Jul 19 1995Q:about X Serial Options
316.04ULYSSE::MAHIEUXWed Jul 19 1995YES Yes RUN STANDALONE is to be avoided bu th
317.02RTOIC::RTOWTE::WREUSSThu Jul 20 1995Problems with X-Session over LAT
318.04UTRTSC::HELDENFri Jul 21 1995Application started after lock workstation
319.02EVTISA::ES_HOANGMon Jul 24 1995Font server though LAT.
320.012LATINA::MONJETue Jul 25 1995DECnet transport and RPC Server is unavailable!!
321.02MANIOK::GREBEWed Jul 26 1995forgotten Admin-Password
322.05CLPAXP::QUENARDWed Jul 26 1995LK411 - Azerty Keyboard
323.016OFOSS1::LOMBARDIWed Jul 26 1995Native 32bit app problems on MULTIA...
324.01TAVThu Jul 27 1995Problem opening X Session to VMS / RS6
325.01POBOX::ZEISLERFri Jul 28 1995Cannot connect to remote drive
326.03POBOX::ZEISLERFri Jul 28 1995Add memory = lose SCSI??
327.010SUFRNG::WSAMon Jul 31 1995Need suggestions for Multia Backups
328.01SYOMV::CLARKTue Aug 01 1995No stereo?
329.013EVTISA::ES_HOANGWed Aug 02 1995PCMCIA on MultiA
330.02LATINA::MONJEThu Aug 03 1995Multia Applicat. Manager not appear! How launch it
331.017LATINA::MONJEThu Aug 03 1995Can't start X-session under LAT/DECnet on OpenVMS
332.03CHISPA::MCNAMARAWed Aug 09 1995cannot save configuration ?
333.01BIGUN::chmeee::MayneThu Aug 10 1995X cursor not changing in window + xsetroot
334.02TIMABC::SANCHEZThu Aug 10 1995Installing software stops at EDR prompt
335.09CHUECA::JMGUERRAFri Aug 11 1995problems with Xsession in MULTIA
336.01BOBSEG::SEGRESTSun Aug 13 1995Network problem with 3.51 ???
337.011UTRUCK::SCHOLLAERTMon Aug 14 1995DECwrite fonts much to small ?
338.02COPCLU::FLEMMINGWed Aug 16 1995Ordre number for the Admin kit on svr contract ?
339.01SNOFS1::Simon WattWed Aug 16 1995Performance of Microstation Benchmark
340.0HLFSFri Aug 18 1995KEA notes around ?
341.05VERN::CARPENTERMon Aug 21 1995How do I install
342.01BIS1::VERHOELSTTue Aug 22 1995NT documentation
343.05ROMTue Aug 22 1995Wrong display driver sticks MULTIA
344.03GIDDAY::OMELEYWed Aug 23 1995Urgent need for V3.
345.02TMANVO::SYSTEMWed Aug 23 1995PCI Video graphics questions
346.03HGOVC::RAYMONDLUIThu Aug 24 1995Multia as Web Server
347.05STKAI1::THEILSat Aug 26 1995Probl. Installing X Server option
348.0POBOX::ZEISLERSun Aug 27 1995Multia customization questions
349.0+6HLFSMon Aug 28 1995No X-session possible to cluster-alias ?!
350.03KERNEL::IMBIERSKITTue Aug 29 1995Pathworks licence request problem
351.0TBJVOA::MINAMIZAWAWed Aug 30 1995xbench & memory config.
352.01LANDO::CUMMINSWed Aug 30 1995Multia manufacturers, contacts?
353.03ROMMon Sep 04 1995Mosaic gives an error when starting...
354.07ZPOVC::CSNAQSMon Sep 04 1995Problems installing S/W Options
355.01JAMTEN::NILSSONTue Sep 05 1995TGA performance driver - How to shut off?
356.01COPCLU::FLEMMINGWed Sep 06 1995ARC firmware (newest) location ?
357.02HGOVC::RAYMONDLUIThu Sep 07 19952nd ethernet for Multia
358.0ATLANT::SCHMIDTThu Sep 07 1995IBM Introduces a Multia Competitor
359.06ATLANT::SCHMIDTThu Sep 07 1995What will NT Clusters Do to Multia's Sales Message?
360.07STKAI1::THEILThu Sep 07 1995Upgr. Windows NT to V3.51
361.02ROMThu Sep 07 1995What is best, 16 or 32 apps?
362.06BACHUS::RENTYThu Sep 07 1995How to get loginbox automatically after ending Xsession
363.02BODGIE::CUPITTue Sep 12 1995graphics tablet
364.06TRNOIS::POLETTIWed Sep 13 1995How to set autologin off
365.02HGOVC::RAYMONDLUIFri Sep 15 1995Multia as IP router
366.02HLFSFri Sep 15 1995Use a DECNET database from the server - filespec. ?
367.02ACISSun Sep 17 1995Problems with autostart X and 3.
368.03ZURWed Sep 20 1995RUMBA and DECnet
369.03HGOSPS::LAWRENCELAMWed Sep 20 1995Screen Printing
370.05EVTISA::ES_HOANGThu Sep 21 1995Print to a LAT printer.
371.0EVTISA::ES_HOANGThu Sep 21 1995Whitepaper on PATHWORKS & MultiA.
372.03BIS1::VERHOELSTFri Sep 22 1995Serial X how to configure
373.05NETRIX::"poletti@caron.trn.dec.com"Mon Sep 25 1995X server release
374.01ZURTue Sep 26 1995Moving MULTIAs - no go - or how to do?
375.0TRNOI2::POLETTIThu Sep 28 1995I need MTBF of MULTIA
376.03EEMELI::KARPPINENTue Oct 03 1995X-server session questions
377.05TRNOI2::POLETTIWed Oct 04 1995I need Product Manager Name
378.03KERNEL::GARDNERNThu Oct 05 1995Bug or design feature...
379.02BACHUS::BIS1Thu Oct 05 1995Really 233 MHz ??
380.03ANOHAC::COMFORTThu Oct 05 1995V2.5 -> V3.
382.01STKAI1::EGELANDFri Oct 06 1995VX42B-F2 233Mhz partnumbers
383.0TYCOCH::WILLIAMSGMon Oct 09 1995LK25
384.03JAMTEN::NILSSONMon Oct 09 1995Is 3.
385.0BLAZER::MIKELISMon Oct 09 1995Couple questions from Digital Customer
386.02VIVIAN::N_BONDMon Oct 09 1995How do we reload software after hard disc repl. ?
387.0ANOHAC::COMFORTTue Oct 10 1995FTP upgrade problems
388.03CSC32::M_KETERWed Oct 11 19953rd party application fails on Multia; works on PC with eXcursion and on VMS workstations
389.02DAIVC::SUGIYONOThu Oct 12 1995SCSI tape device ?
390.01VIVIAN::N_BONDThu Oct 12 1995V3 administrators guide
391.01HANNAH::ILSLEYThu Oct 12 1995Documentation Available
392.06LJSRV2::mrcote.mse.tay.dec.com::Paul CoteFri Oct 13 1995Different internal SCSI cable
393.02ZPAC12::MURALITue Oct 17 1995Slow Multia ?
394.010ZURTue Oct 17 1995The official performance discussion
395.05BIGUN::wills.cao.dec.com::PINKERTONWed Oct 18 1995VTStar on Multia questions
396.03YUPPY::BAYLISSWed Oct 18 1995Word problem on Multia
397.02VIVIAN::N_BONDThu Oct 19 1995Software responsibilites after h/disc replacement ?
398.0GIDDAY::KINGSMILLFri Oct 20 1995New QAR forms?
399.02ACISS1::ZEISLERFri Oct 20 1995Documentation pointer request
400.02EEMELI::KARPPINENFri Oct 20 1995Unconfig state
401.017ACISS1::ZEISLERFri Oct 20 1995EV5 chip in Multia??
402.01SWAM1::HOLT_JOMon Oct 23 1995Missing componants in Rumba 327
403.03TAVTue Oct 24 199512MB Simms from new 233MHz Multias in old 166MHz Multia?
404.03TAVWed Oct 25 199512MB Simms from new 233MHz Multias in old 166MHz Multia?
405.01CSC32::M_KETERWed Oct 25 1995How to set a font path to Digital Unix system using lat...
406.02JAMTEN::NILSSONThu Oct 26 19953.
407.03MUCCS1::RMUELLERThu Oct 26 1995Multia V3.
408.01LATINA::MONJEFri Oct 27 1995X11 on MULTIA's and backing-store option...
409.09LATINA::MONJEFri Oct 27 1995Upgrade software & file is corrupted and unreadablel
410.01GBIFri Oct 27 1995Is PC6XV-B3 monitor supported on Multia?
411.07UTRTSC::HELDENWed Nov 01 1995KEAVT will crash MULTIA with ^E
412.0MR2MI1::CARRWed Nov 01 1995Multia Intel Pentium models to be announced
413.0HLFSThu Nov 02 199532bits MS-Excel 5.
414.04ODIXIE::FEINSTEINFri Nov 03 1995WIN95 Shell for Multia/Alpha
415.04UNXA::HARTIGANFri Nov 03 1995Multia Upgrade problem.
416.07EVTAI1::MALASPINAMon Nov 06 1995Crash with afd.sys Multia 3.
417.06HLFSTue Nov 07 1995MS products on MULTIA perform bad - or is it the wrong kit ?
418.03FUNYET::ANDERSONTue Nov 07 1995FX!32 x86 emulation
419.03GBIWed Nov 08 1995DECtalk?
420.0CUJO::GAYWed Nov 08 1995Cannot Run VUIT From A MULTIA.
421.05KERNEL::STUBBSPFri Nov 10 1995xcursion displays
422.02GBITue Nov 14 199516
423.05GBITue Nov 14 1995Qualifiers to OpenVMS X applications?
424.0PTOSS1::CYPHERTue Nov 14 1995machine check in palmode or memory confusion
425.03KERNEL::STUBBSPWed Nov 15 1995Upgrade crash
426.03BACHUS::BIS1Wed Nov 15 1995Upgrading from a locally connected CD-drive.
427.01NETRIX::"rpw@"Thu Nov 16 1995MULTIA 3.
428.08BRIEIS::VINERThu Nov 16 199516 bit system hangs / Workaround
429.07BACHUS::ROELANDTSThu Nov 16 1995pcnfsd or nfs problems
430.01ALFAM7::BAUMERTFri Nov 17 1995Partner Software Problems on MULTIA
431.01JAMTEN::NILSSONMon Nov 20 1995Alpha Multia sw with NT 3.51 - when?
432.02TAVTue Nov 21 1995A serious bug in Multia V3.
433.0TAVTue Nov 21 1995Sound is lost?
434.03UTRTSC::HELDENTue Nov 21 1995AUTOLOGIN with VT32
435.0BIS1::CALLEWAERT_JTue Nov 21 1995Explora / NCD ?
436.01ODIXIE::FEINSTEINWed Nov 22 1995Motherboard Only
437.01GBIWed Nov 22 1995X server performance and Decnet transport: Help!
438.0SNOFS1::ELEFTHERIOUWed Nov 22 1995Multia V3.
439.03LEXSS1::nqsrv34Wed Nov 22 1995WINS doesn't bind/enable on cold reboot ...
440.0ACISS1::ZEISLERSun Nov 26 1995TCP/IP setup problems
441.0BRIEIS::VINERMon Nov 27 1995MULTIA and LA7
442.07LEXSS1::LOMBARDIMon Nov 27 1995Need help with adding SCSI devices on the MI...
443.02UTROP1::LAAR_JTue Nov 28 1995Netwizard for NT, software distribution
444.0TAVTue Nov 28 1995ICS-BX on Multia - problem!
445.02CGOOA::BERNERTue Nov 28 1995Dual head problem
446.03CARECL::CASTIENWed Nov 29 1995Whic software?
447.03JAMTEN::NILSSONWed Nov 29 1995Network Drives - V3
448.03SWETSC::NORDBERGThu Nov 30 1995eXcursion fails to install
449.03CARECL::CASTIENMon Dec 04 1995Console display on VX5
450.010JULIET::HARRIS_MAMon Dec 04 1995DEFPA-AA in Multia? Help?
451.0HANNAH::ILSLEYMon Dec 04 1995Multia InfoCenter on WWW
452.07ACISS1::ZEISLERMon Dec 04 1995Can Multia offer up a remote printer via LAT
453.0UNXA::HARTIGANWed Dec 06 1995Request for update on 4 qars submitted Nov 1
454.0LEXSThu Dec 07 1995X-session over LAT problem ...
455.08HLFSFri Dec 08 1995MULTIA with screensaver and password to unlock
456.0OSLLAV::JENSHFri Dec 08 1995Multia vs. HP Envizex X-terminals
457.0LIBRT6::FLAMMINIFri Dec 08 1995Multia - MI CMOS Settings
458.06VNASWS::WILFRIEDMon Dec 11 1995OpenVMS as MOP server - problem
459.05JULIET::HARRIS_MAMon Dec 11 1995Is Multia dead or any product manager around?
460.02ACISS1::ZEISLERTue Dec 12 1995Using LAT for "command line" connections
461.03LIBRT6::CARONTue Dec 12 1995CC:MAIL on Multia MI
462.02ACISS1::ZEISLERWed Dec 13 199516
463.01LEMAN::NEUWEILERThu Dec 14 1995LK411 Swiss-French keyboard problem
464.02PEACHS::GHEFFThu Dec 14 1995Logo image needed.
465.01BODGIE::CUPITThu Dec 14 1995viewers and players
467.02LABC::HATue Dec 19 1995mpanel not found
468.0BIGUN::BAKERWed Dec 20 1995ICA and WinCenter Pro
469.06ZURWed Dec 20 1995Geting Started Step by Step (from unconfig to config srv)
470.04ACISS1::ZEISLERFri Dec 22 1995Network problems with Multia MI??
471.0PEACHS::MACEACHERNThu Dec 28 1995Customer question on multia xserver files.
472.02ZURFri Jan 05 1996MULTIAs in a WAN (what transports needed/usefull) ?
473.02CARECL::CASTIENMon Jan 08 1996How to get printout of Crashdump of WNT?
474.05LEMAN::LA_GIOIATue Jan 09 1996colors change
475.04SWETSC::swe747.soo.dec.com::GROP_NThu Jan 11 1996Run Multia as a StandAlone Alpha Workstation ??
476.05JAMTEN::NILSSONFri Jan 12 1996Intel Multia. Hard to find the Key - why?
477.0KERNEL::HORSEYCMon Jan 15 1996Intel Multi Kea Corrupt on modify system profile
478.01NQOSMon Jan 15 1996X-server install fails
479.07HANNAH::ILSLEYTue Jan 16 1996Clean way to assign D partition?
480.04KERNEL::HORSEYCWed Jan 17 1996Replication on Multia. Fail. Supported ?
481.0LIBRT6::JACOBSONWed Jan 17 1996NFS mount of VMS disk
482.06JULIET::CABREIRA_ROThu Jan 18 1996Config Server Protocol Question
483.07ACISS1::ZEISLERThu Jan 18 1996How to remove Multia icon from appmgr??
484.01JAMTEN::NILSSONFri Jan 19 1996Intel Multia MI - bindings - OEMMDNET.INF
485.02LEXSS1::nqsrv313.nqo.dec.com::lombardiSun Jan 21 1996can't "pull" X application to the MULTIA ...
486.07ACISS1::ZEISLERSun Jan 21 1996Next NT release of Multia??
487.02GBIMon Jan 22 1996Some questions about X-server fonts
488.01GBIMon Jan 22 1996Again on X-server performance...
489.0NETRIX::"aumayr_W@vnabrw.enet.dec.com"Mon Jan 22 1996MULTIA X-Server and Xdefaults
490.04GBITue Jan 23 1996vrt19 on Multia????
491.06SIOG::PKIRKFri Jan 26 1996Multia s/w on different platforms
492.03ZURFri Jan 26 1996KEAterm keyboard problems (support ?)
493.07TAVSun Jan 28 1996No Sound!!! There are no available IRQs?
494.01TBJVOA::NANBASun Jan 28 1996Bus master IDE function
495.03GBITue Jan 30 1996Urgent help about printer configuration
496.0GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDWed Jan 31 1996root windows scroll bars
497.01BIS1::VERHOELSTWed Jan 31 1996NOVELL and Multia
498.01ZPAC12::MURALIThu Feb 01 1996Multia(Intel) + CAD some issues.
499.04GBIMon Feb 05 1996Microsoft network not sees by 'connect network printer'
500.0ZURThu Feb 08 1996BadColor messages with remote MWM (dxsession)
501.01BLGFri Feb 09 1996CD-ROM ISO966
502.02TRHFri Feb 09 1996WNT 3.51 upgrade to Alpha Multia ?
503.03ACISS1::ZEISLERFri Feb 09 1996EINVAL error??
504.02GUOVFri Feb 09 1996AV
505.01TAVMon Feb 12 1996SHAPE ext. missing? Or maybe not reported?
506.05ACISS1::ZEISLERMon Feb 12 1996LK411 + Multia = ??
507.010GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDMon Feb 12 1996LK411 more key problems
509.02RTOIC::RTOWTE::reussTue Feb 13 1996Specifications needed
510.0NETRIX::"marcinm@mcs.rpw.dec.com"Wed Feb 14 1996Need FSL for Multia
511.0NETRIX::"aumayr_W@vnabrw.enet.dec.com"Wed Feb 14 1996How to configur serial X-option
512.02MUCCS1::RMUELLERThu Feb 15 1996Multia sends 35ms burst on the net
513.02GBIThu Feb 15 1996performance numbers??
514.0TAVIS::SHAPIRThu Feb 15 1996Keyboard Mapping Switching in a Multia X Session
515.0GUOVFri Feb 16 1996Thanks!
516.02OSLSun Feb 18 1996Lock on Multia??
517.03CHEFS::DAVIES_DTue Feb 20 1996Multia S/W onto AXP 15
518.01TROOA::SCHERFWed Feb 21 1996HELP - ARC boot partition info needed
519.02COMICS::SYMONDSKThu Feb 22 1996Problem re-installing Multia software to 3rd party disk
520.02KERNEL::ELLIOTTRFri Feb 23 1996S3 864 video drivers for windows NT 3.51
521.02CSDOSF::nmgFri Feb 23 1996DECnet active but not configured?
523.04NEOVFri Feb 23 1996ProEngineer-WINDD-Performance horror stories
524.03ZPOVC::CSNAQSSat Feb 24 1996cam_logger ERROR during upgrading
525.06ULYSSE::MAHIEUXMon Feb 26 1996Is GKS supported on Multia
526.05IJSAPL::PEURSUMMon Feb 26 1996Integration with SMS/AssetWORKS
527.03EXHIBC::BYWATERMon Feb 26 1996RMF 1GB disk prob
528.06UTOPIE::PUCHINGER_GThu Feb 29 1996Location of Ethernet driver?
529.01BIS1Thu Feb 29 1996slat>set preferred ......produces crashing MULTIA
530.0NBOFS1::RITZERFri Mar 01 1996local language for NT
531.0ACISS1::ZEISLERFri Mar 01 1996VMS/UCX session startup error
532.04CHR27::YEUNGMon Mar 04 1996DECnet node translation problem
533.08UTROP1::ASSELT_MTue Mar 05 1996Comparison eXcursion on PC and Multia
534.01UTROP1::ASSELT_MTue Mar 05 1996What version level of Rumba?
535.0NETRIX::"Nourdin.Boulassel@ufhis.enet.dec.com"Wed Mar 06 1996Problems on Alpha Multias moved to a NT Domain
536.0COPCLU::PALMANNThu Mar 07 1996LAT stop's responding
537.06ACISS1::ZEISLERThu Mar 07 1996SHOW DISPLAY question
538.01AUSSIE::CAMERONThu Mar 07 1996Header files for using X11.DLL
539.0CSC32::LILLYFri Mar 08 1996"Probably non-Windows NT disk"??
540.08VIVIAN::P_GRIFFINSat Mar 09 1996Overheating?
541.03JULIET::CABREIRA_ROTue Mar 12 1996Wxserver Crash
542.02EDSCLU::DUDLEYTue Mar 12 1996Questions about Multia/266
543.03ROMTSS::MATTACCHIONEWed Mar 13 1996Restore Alpha-Based Model 3.
544.03BPSOF::DOBOS_LThu Mar 14 1996TLZ not supported ?
545.0COMICS::ROBERTSSThu Mar 14 1996Upgrading from 3.
546.04KERNEL::HORSEYCThu Mar 14 1996Add external SCSI devices ?
547.01ROMTSS::MATTACCHIONEFri Mar 15 1996Multia crash on Intel CPU
548.06STKAI1::BLUNDBERGFri Mar 15 1996SERVICE goes DISABLED after reboot?
549.02SWETSC::SNILSSONMon Mar 18 1996Can NOT Run X application - Xserver OK - 3.
550.0COPCLU::PALMANNMon Mar 18 1996LAT stop, when high net load.
551.014ACISS1::ZEISLERMon Mar 18 1996Convert RGB to 15 pin??
552.02FORAT::JLSTue Mar 19 1996boot problems: timeout,mwm....
553.04NETRIX::"Nourdin.Boulassel@nobou1.ufc.dec.com"Wed Mar 20 1996RMF Boot disk for Intel Multias
554.04CARECL::CASTIENFri Mar 22 1996Thinwire problems on VX51s
555.04JULIET::CABREIRA_ROTue Mar 26 1996Netware 4.1 CSNW
556.03COPCLU::cpc253.dmo.dec.com::riedelWed Mar 27 1996Customer problem with installing RASon Multia (Intel) V
557.02SMAUG::WOOWed Mar 27 19961
558.07MUCCS1::RMUELLERThu Mar 28 1996problem with autostart x-application
559.03NETRIX::"malaspina@auber.evt.DEC.COM"Thu Mar 28 1996Network Warning select() failed, error=EINTR
560.0FRIXEU::OLOBARDIFri Mar 29 1996Trackball for Multia as X-term/ solutions? pointers?
561.03TAVIS::ERANMon Apr 01 1996Unigraphics
562.0UTRTSC::OOSTINDJERMon Apr 01 1996multia problem with document/graph=render/typ=brf
563.01TROOA::BROWNMon Apr 01 1996? Minervaupdate ?
564.02PEACHS::WORDMon Apr 01 1996What is the deal with BIG-REQUESTS Xserver extension?
565.0RTOIC::RTOWTE::reussTue Apr 02 1996Problem with inetmib1.dll
566.08TAVWed Apr 03 1996A mysterious recurring crash with no dump!
567.04DECBAH::PATROMon Apr 08 1996MULTIA-Display
568.02HGOVC::RAYMONDLUIWed Apr 10 1996Is Banyan ENS client available on Multia
570.07ZURWed Apr 17 1996COMMAND.COM resets keyboard !!
571.04KERNEL::WILTSHIREAWed Apr 17 1996Excursion process wont timeout on reset
572.011FORAT::JLSWed Apr 17 1996help on resfresh display,startup error and mouse
573.011GBIFri Apr 19 1996Keyboard grabbed with X-server?
574.06GBIFri Apr 19 1996how to disable ctrl+esc and/or alt+tab ?
575.01KETJE::BEYENSFri Apr 26 1996Rename config. mgr. and other systems
576.04NETRIX::"sven.nilsson@ots.mts.dec.com"Tue Apr 30 1996Intel Multia Netscape gifpictures
577.09TAVWed May 01 1996Multia X server - can't remove font path elements
578.015ODIXIE::DONCASTERWed May 01 1996Any way to alter file protection without PROGMAN?
580.01ACISS1::ZEISLERFri May 03 1996SNMP error when join domain
581.06ODIXIE::DONCASTERFri May 03 1996Can we disable Customize This Desktop?
582.02TAVSun May 05 1996Intel Multia SCSI driver for Win3.11 ?
583.07CUSTOM::ALLBERYMon May 06 1996Multia in a VMSCluster environment
584.04KERNEL::WILTSHIREATue May 07 1996Windows NT Service Packs
585.03ROMTSS::MATTACCHIONEWed May 08 1996Probl. Installing X Server option
586.03NEOVWed May 08 1996A special software request
587.02JULIET::CABREIRA_ROFri May 10 1996NT Domain questions
588.01ACISS1::ZEISLERFri May 10 1996Multia in an Ultrix V4.1 environment
589.01ACISS1::ZEISLERMon May 13 1996Mouse control to AIX system??
590.04KERNEL::WILTSHIREATue May 14 1996Pagefile CACHE Multia Xserver
591.02DAGWST::CHINNWed May 15 1996change title on TASK LIST
592.01DAGWST::CHINNWed May 15 1996clearing EVENT VIEWER messages
593.0DAGWST::CHINNWed May 15 1996remote installs via mop(?)
594.0DAGWST::CHINNWed May 15 1996service pack changed backspace key
595.01DAGWST::CHINNWed May 15 1996replicate registry entries
596.01VELENO::MICHIELIWed May 15 1996VRC2
597.03ESSB::PCUNNANEWed May 15 1996VTSTAR Notes Conference?
598.06PKOPW1::BITTERWed May 15 1996Expanding the Multia (Add SCSI drives)
599.08NEOVThu May 16 1996Urgent help: vgaoem.fon is missing or corrupt
600.01ROMTSS::MATTACCHIONEFri May 17 1996Parallel port problem with DX22
601.01ACISS1::ZEISLERFri May 17 1996Special consideration for TGV's Multinet?
602.03ESSB::PCUNNANEMon May 20 1996System Administrator CD for MultiaMI
603.03COPCLU::FLEMMINGTue May 21 1996HELP - RPC server unavailable on configsrv.
604.02EVTISA::ES_HOANGTue May 21 1996SCSI ID number
605.0HANNAH::ILSLEYTue May 21 1996Web pages that will ship with Multia V3.2
606.06ODIXIE::DONCASTERTue May 21 1996Can C Partition be converted to NTFS
607.03HGOM11::HELENZHOUWed May 22 1996Multia support local character dispay in X server?
608.03MUNICH::HABENREICHWed May 22 1996secondary password on VMS
609.011LEXSS1::nqsrv138.nqo.dec.com::LombardiWed May 22 1996EasyWeb question ...
610.01TAVThu May 23 1996Crashed Multia (dump available) please help!
611.02EVTISA::ES_HOANGFri May 24 1996Future features.
612.0RDGE44::ALEUC3Fri May 24 1996problem connecting a LA31
613.01ACISS1::ZEISLERWed May 29 1996NetBOIS disabled question
614.06AUSS::NOLLERWed May 29 1996Native Alpha Microsoft Office for the Multia
615.08HANNAH::ALFREDFri May 31 1996V3.2 Hints, Tips, and Workarounds
616.01BPSERX::DEVESCOVIMon Jun 03 1996Autocad R13_C4 LPT port do not working
617.017TAVIS::UZITue Jun 04 1996Unable to bind to desktop - Error message when trying to upgrade to V3.2
618.01UFHIS::WKARNBAUMWed Jun 05 1996How to reinstall PW NT 4.1B on a MULTIA ?
619.04SWETSC::SNILSSONWed Jun 05 1996NFS UnixServer Word files corrupt
620.02NEOVWed Jun 05 1996FX!32 and Microsoft Access
621.03MUGGER::WHITHAMThu Jun 06 1996Upgrades PID ?
622.01KERNEL::BELLALFri Jun 07 1996Can't convert D drive to NTFS on Intel Multia
623.01ICS::POMEROYMon Jun 10 1996Multia/NT help needed
625.01NETRIX::"Andrzej.Kurowski@rpw.mts.dec.com"Wed Jun 12 1996MULTIA V3.2
626.02FORAT::JLSWed Jun 12 1996screen_saver vs x11 server
627.04NETRIX::"Sven.Nilsson@ots.mts.dec.com"Thu Jun 13 1996broadcast storm mailslot browse
628.04UTOPIE::PUCHINGER_GThu Jun 13 1996Registry infos and doku requests
629.02LEXSFri Jun 14 1996BIND server returning multiple IP addresses??
630.02KERNEL::WILTSHIREAFri Jun 14 1996Network routine RECV() failed Error
631.03RIGI::JAUNINMon Jun 17 1996KEAterm LAT sessions disconnect/disapear
632.04GIDDAY::CHANTue Jun 18 1996Unknown file on Multia V3.
633.0MUCCS1::RMUELLERTue Jun 18 1996X-Application UCAM wont work on multias
634.04JULIET::CABREIRA_ROTue Jun 18 1996MWM in Multia V3.2 problem
635.06ACISS1::ZEISLERTue Jun 18 1996Can a VMS node be a PDC for a Multia??
636.01HONKY::BASSINNEWed Jun 19 1996DC21
637.04KERNEL::WILTSHIREAWed Jun 19 1996Cannot Reset Desktop to Unconfigured State
638.01DIODE::CROWELLThu Jun 20 1996VT32
639.01ROMTSS::MATTACCHIONEFri Jun 21 1996Null printer driver needed
640.03TAVMon Jun 24 1996Please help - Crashed Multia
641.05NETRIX::"Nourdin.Boulassel@ufhis.enet.dec.com"Tue Jun 25 1996Problems upgrading from 3.1 to 3.1d on x86
642.03RIGI::JAUNINTue Jun 25 1996Don't trust to the keymap files (Xserver)...:-(
643.010FORAT::JLSTue Jun 25 1996MULTIA 3.2 (ALPHA)...available?
644.01JULIET::CABREIRA_ROTue Jun 25 1996Last Known Good problem
645.02UTRTSC::FOLKERThu Jun 27 1996COM4 not seen
646.06FRTOS::GAICHINGERFri Jun 28 1996Multia Pentium and WFW311???
647.01BULAN::swe732.soo.dec.com::GROP_NMon Jul 01 1996Excursion on IBM Thinkpad !!!
648.01EXHIBC::BYWATERMon Jul 01 19963.2 doesn't like 3.1
649.0BULAN::swe732.soo.dec.com::GROP_NTue Jul 02 1996HOLD Led on LK45
650.02GIDDAY::SOUTHWELLWed Jul 03 1996Multia Video Output specs ?
651.03ROMTSS::MATTACCHIONEWed Jul 03 1996Problem installing S/W Options
652.01TAVThu Jul 04 1996Services NBF and NETBIOS disappeared!
653.03RIGI::JAUNINThu Jul 04 1996Upgrade from VMS host ?
654.03COMICS::SYMONDSKSun Jul 07 1996GKS floating divide by zero error
655.01COMICS::SYMONDSKSun Jul 07 1996LK461-AE keyboard mapping
657.02CGOOA::BARNABEMon Jul 08 1996166hz Multia graphics memory?
658.012ACISS1::ZEISLERWed Jul 10 1996Load terminal server via MOP from Multia??
659.02TAVSun Jul 14 1996Paralel port problem with a Multia Intel
660.01CGOOA::BARNABEMon Jul 15 1996Adding a PCI card?
661.03BULAN::goran1.fsc.dec.com::eriksson_gTue Jul 16 1996Video adapter cable EO-MULTI-
662.03ZPOVC::TEKKEEFri Jul 19 1996Installing XServer on Multia, need help
663.03KERNEL::WILTSHIREAFri Jul 19 1996V3.2 Rumba 327
664.02LEXSSat Jul 20 1996V3.2, NT domains, Alpha/Intel
665.01MLNCSC::DELLAPERGOLATue Jul 23 1996Setting Thin-wire with OSF
666.05ZPOVThu Jul 25 1996using Multia serial port as LAT port ?
667.01ZPOVThu Jul 25 1996Running RMF, need help
668.04UTRTSC::FOLKERFri Jul 26 1996RPC server again on 3.1
669.04POLAR::TOMKINSFri Jul 26 1996Alpha Multia, $25.
670.04LABC::HAMon Jul 29 1996LAT service XXX requires password
671.02DESG::LYNNTue Jul 30 1996B-cache auto-size error on Multia 166 over network
672.0VNABRW::PUTZENLECHNEWed Jul 31 1996Multia 3.1 X-Server crash
673.03STVWed Jul 31 1996A few questions....
674.09KERNEL::WILTSHIREAWed Jul 31 1996RMF Alpha Multia Using OSF system ?
675.03TAVThu Aug 01 1996Support for LK461-AT in Multia X
676.03KERNEL::WILTSHIREAThu Aug 01 1996Cant find default font Xserver Multia
677.04UTRTSC::HELDENTue Aug 06 1996eXcursion startup hickup
678.03COMICS::SYMONDSKTue Aug 06 1996KEATERM on Multia V3.2 - .KTC file
679.05TAVWed Aug 07 1996Severe performance degradation under X2.2.451
680.0FCCVDE::KEEFEWed Aug 07 1996Problem with NetManage Chameleon 32NFS
681.01ACISS1::ZEISLERMon Aug 12 1996No APPMGR after INGRESS install
682.04ACISS1::ZEISLERTue Aug 13 1996Debug in registry??
683.06NETRIX::"Sven.Nilsson@ots.mts.dec.com"Wed Aug 14 1996upgrade 3.1 to 3.2 fail - unzip.exe
684.03ZURThu Aug 15 1996EOL Questions / Discussions
685.01ORHVAX::HOLLYThu Aug 15 1996Multia and Windows Clients
686.03CHR27::YEUNGFri Aug 16 1996Multias, RIP
687.01TAVSun Aug 18 1996Local MWM with Multia 3.2 and LAT only system = Impossible?
688.010TAVIS::ERANWed Aug 21 1996WNT 4.
689.02BACHUS::RENTYThu Aug 22 1996created files on Cameleon NFS converted to lowercase ?
690.02COPCLU::FLEMMINGThu Aug 22 1996Multia NT-domain member on WinNT 3.5 ?
691.06DIODE::CROWELLThu Aug 22 1996vx4
692.03COMICS::SYMONDSKFri Aug 23 1996LKNTIX12.zip does anyone have a copy ?
693.03TLAMC1::PAIBOONTue Sep 03 1996New hard disk on multia
695.05NEOVTue Sep 10 1996Screen switching black screen
696.0MUNICH::NBOULASSELWed Sep 11 1996SRM console gives pka
697.01VAXRIO::EZEQUIELThu Sep 12 1996Hot-standby
698.01HGOVC::KELVINYEUNGThu Sep 19 1996VX4
699.01GBIFri Sep 20 1996Mouse Track (trackball) instead of mouse: HELP
700.05CVG::PETTENGILLMon Sep 23 1996Where can we find the best deals on Multias?
701.0UTRTSC::HELDENMon Sep 23 1996DECnet binding going disabled
702.0ALEF::NIKOLICTue Sep 24 1996VRC2
703.06LEMAN::16.44.Wed Sep 25 1996Multi Manager Program to remove
704.01TAENG4::DOUBLEThu Sep 26 1996disable the onboard graphic and network?
705.03EVOCDG::MHAMDIThu Sep 26 1996Multia Software Only
706.04SWETSC::NORDBERGThu Oct 03 1996Add new video card in Multia (Alpha)
707.08ROMTSS::MATTACCHIONETue Oct 08 1996Add a CDrom to AXP Multia ... upgrade to NT4
708.01NETRIX::"champigny@artrok.enet.dec.com"Tue Oct 08 1996Multia UDB Plastic Door???
709.0DECWET::VOBAWed Oct 09 1996VX4
710.0+20FCCVDE::KEEFEThu Oct 10 1996Win95 installed on Intel Multia
711.0+26ACISS2::LENNIGFri Oct 11 1996Beginner's questions...
712.02BIS1Wed Oct 16 1996Migration Guide on www.digital.com
713.0HANNAH::ALFREDThu Oct 17 1996Multia Administrator Kit Part Numbers
714.0POLAR::TOMKINSThu Oct 17 1996Just a rhetorical question.
715.01PADKOA::TISSERAND_PFri Oct 18 1996Keyclick disable with LK45
716.0CSC32::LILLYFri Oct 18 1996BIOS not accessible if battery removed
717.0NETRIX::"mattacch@ossrio.rio.dec.com"Mon Oct 21 1996Upgrade Multia Intel to WNT 4.
718.03ANNECY::quasar.aeo.dec.com::level_cWed Oct 23 1996Linux on Multia
719.02UTRTSC::ZWINKELSFri Oct 25 1996Multia Desktop Server service hung on starting.
720.0HGOVC::KELVINYEUNGMon Oct 28 1996Obsolete Memory Option for Multia
721.06RANGER::OSMANWed Oct 30 1996multia cdrom driver on boot floppy please
722.04RANGER::OSMANThu Oct 31 1996so close yet so far ... (trying to put WINDOWS 95 on my multia)
723.03GANTRY::ALLBERYThu Nov 07 1996Multia X-Server and modal dialogs
724.05NETRIX::"Sven.Nilsson@ots.mts.dec.com"Wed Nov 13 1996DHCP - Multia leave Domain 3.2
725.0TAVThu Nov 21 1996More Multia Dongle Problems
726.02DECBAH::PATROMon Nov 25 1996configuration queries !
727.01GSGLXT::CHMURAWed Nov 27 1996LK411 w/WinNT V4.
728.01ZURFri Nov 29 1996MS Office on Alpha Multia 3.2 with FX!32 ??
729.03CTHU22::M_MORINFri Nov 29 1996How to re-install NT on Alpha MultiA
730.01BACHUS::RENTYFri Dec 06 1996New Mosaic version for Alpha Multia ?
731.01STAR::BUDAFri Dec 06 1996Prices on UDB
732.01HYDRA::NEWMANTue Dec 10 1996Oops! He deleted osloader.exe -- can he get back?
733.0NETRIX::"poletti@www-proxy.crl.research.digital.com"Thu Dec 12 1996nfs server on Multia
734.01POLAR::TOMKINSSat Dec 14 1996History of fine products.
735.01ZURTue Dec 17 1996V3.2 on x86 PC...no network...
736.05GRIFUN::BENVIWed Dec 18 1996Autologin and X-server behaviour on V3.2 Intel Multia: HELP!!
737.0NQOSWed Dec 18 1996Need help with installed Multia customer
738.01ODIXIE::KIMBELThu Dec 19 1996Changing Resolution under Digital UNIX?
739.05BEJVC::HELENZHOUMon Dec 30 1996Help!! for install Multia from scratch over network
740.01HOTAIR::WENNERTue Dec 31 1996BIO Password RESET??
741.0+8HOTAIR::WENNERTue Dec 31 1996Serial Cable Pt # or PinOut
742.01ACISS2::LENNIGThu Jan 02 1997LK461 and KEA34
743.01VAXRIO::EZEQUIELMon Jan 06 1997Administrator Password???
744.0+6NEOVWed Jan 08 1997Xsession problem
745.0ALFAM7::URBANSun Jan 12 1997spin-up on Toshiba MK2326?
746.01STKAI1::THEILWed Jan 15 1997Need to upgrade firmware
747.0+2NETRIX::"dube@zk3.dec.com"Thu Jan 16 1997Multia Cache Upgrade for Alpha
748.01LABC::HAFri Jan 17 1997WNT 4.
749.0+1NETRIX::"Sven.Nilsson@ots.mts.dec.com"Wed Jan 22 1997Mop Server on Venturis
750.0+5COMICS::SYMONDSKThu Jan 23 1997Multia MOP Server Service on 3.
751.0+4VAXRIO::MARCIUSThu Jan 23 1997Without a desktop's Configuration Server software
752.0 *+3UTRTSC::HELDENMon Jan 27 1997How to add country to international settings
753.0 *+8ACISS2::LENNIGFri Jan 31 1997Disk space discrepancy?
754.0 *+4GRIFUN::BENVIMon Feb 03 1997IDE CD disappear after a Multia sw installation...
755.0 *+9JULIET::HARRIS_MAMon Feb 03 1997Part Number for Official Multia 166 Intel upgrade?
756.0 *+1NETRIX::"dube@zk3.dec.com"Wed Feb 05 1997Intel Multia Forsale???
757.0 *+1AUBER::TISSERAND_PWed Feb 05 1997PATHWORKS license problem on MULTIA Software V3.2
758.0 *+1LNZALI::BACHNERTue Feb 11 1997final version - V3.2 ?
759.0 *+1UTRTSC::FOLKERThu Feb 20 1997S.W. update not completed before logging in....
760.0 *+1BEJVC::HELENZHOUWed Feb 26 1997excursion with local character support in DECWindow
761.0 *+1NETRIX::"moore@stl.dec.com"Wed Mar 05 1997Multia Software v3.
762.0 *+2ZURFri Mar 07 1997Intel MULTIA Monitor refresh rate <75 Hz
763.0 *+2NETRIX::"moore@stl.dec.com"Sun Mar 09 1997Appmgr doesn't start
764.0 *+2KANATA::TOMKINSMon Mar 10 1997exit
765.0 *+2--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 11 1997hardware manuals - where ?
766.0 *+4LNZALI::BACHNERWed Mar 19 1997jumper settings for CPU speed ?
767.0 *+4ZURMon Mar 24 1997KEAterm cut 'n' paste
768.0 *+6CHEFS::oloras3.olo.dec.com::couplandsFri Mar 28 1997Install Win 95 (or NT) over network. MOP or bootp
769.0 *CHEFS::oloras3.olo.dec.com::couplandsFri Mar 28 1997Win 95 and Sound..?
770.0 *+6JULIET::CABREIRA_ROMon Apr 14 1997Win95 and Network
771.0 *+5NNTPD::"dube@zk3.dec.com"Tue Apr 29 1997Which PCI Video Cards will work??
772.0 *+3FLYWAY::WALKERNWed Apr 30 1997Multia version for NT 4?
773.0 *PGREEN::MURDOCHPThu May 08 1997VT32
774.0 *+5COMICS::JUDDThu May 08 1997Lat-X sessions to a cluster service name
775.0 *+2VAXRIO::MARCIUSWed May 14 1997Problems with ntoskrnl
776.0 *+1FLYWAY::WALKERNFri May 16 1997pointer for NT4 upgrade?
777.0 *+1COMICS::SYMONDSKMon May 19 1997LAT and KEATERM startup issue
778.0 *+1NNTPD::"dube@zk3.dec.com"Thu May 22 1997Win 95 and Sound for Intel Multia???
779.0 *UTOPIE::PUCHINGER_GTue May 27 1997multihomed multia possible?
780.0 *+1NNTPD::"dube@zk3.dec.com"Tue May 27 1997Notes on Windows 95 and Network
781.0 *NNTPD::"Andy.Cartwright@lzo.mts.dec.com"Tue Jun 03 1997Multia and LAT (note 349)
782.0 *ACISS2::LENNIGTue Jun 03 199716-bit color?