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Conference 7.286::logo_language

Title:Dr. LOGO and Associates
Created:Mon Mar 23 1987
Last Modified:Mon Dec 12 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:42
Total number of notes:225
Number with bodies:0
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1.07REGENT::MERRILLMon Mar 23 1987Welcome
2.0REGENT::MERRILLMon Mar 23 1987List of commands in VAX LOGO
3.038AIAG::BILLMERSMon Mar 23 1987Reader Registry
4.09CAMLOT::DAVISMon Mar 23 1987Trivia Quiz
5.03SOFTY::HEFFELFINGERTue Mar 24 1987VAXLogo/VT241 questions
6.03ENGINE::STODDARDWed Mar 25 1987LOGO for VAXstation?
7.09REGENT::MERRILLSat Mar 28 1987wish list: FILL
8.05IMGAWN::ALVAREZMon Mar 30 1987Looking for books
10.01ENGINE::STODDARDWed Apr 01 1987LOGOs with 3D graphics?
11.04UTRYIT::HUISMANThu Apr 02 1987I found this - is it any use?
12.04AYOV1Wed Apr 15 1987Post graphic routines here
13.02AYOV1Wed Apr 15 1987Post other routines here.
14.04CADWRK::BUTLERFri Apr 17 1987logo for rainbow
15.03MERLYN::BILLMERSThu Apr 23 1987Interesting LOGO experiences
16.05VMSDEV::FISHERFri May 01 1987Looping implementation
18.02REGENT::MERRILLThu May 21 1987Lost Notes !
19.06DUBWed Jul 08 1987looking for LOGO
20.03REGENT::MERRILLTue Sep 22 1987Hilbert curves?
21.0REGENT::MERRILLFri Oct 16 1987Logo for Handicapped ?
22.03AIAG::BILLMERSFri Nov 20 1987LOGO on VSII, GPX...?
23.012MDKCSW::SUMMERSTue Nov 24 1987Problems deARCing LADYBUG?
24.04CGOOTue Jun 21 1988Is anyone there?
26.01MLNCSC::ZAPPANIThu Feb 23 1989LOGO on Enet ?
27.01MLNCSC::ZAPPANIWed Mar 01 1989readchar and cbreak primitive
28.03MEXVMon Mar 27 1989Looking for Commodore Logo manual
30.03IAMOK::ROSENBERGFri Aug 18 1989Looking for Logo (Iteration n)
31.03HANNAH::VESSALTue Aug 22 1989printing logo files
32.02CRAIGA::SCHOMPWed Feb 14 1990Recursion - help!!!
33.03LUGGER::MILLSTue Jun 05 1990XLOGO kit available
34.024LUGGER::MILLSMon Sep 10 1990Free $-) Real LOGO for PC
35.05GALINA::SSMITHMon Jan 21 1991Updated VAX/VMS LOGO Manual
36.02ZIBIBO::BONFISSUTOMon Sep 23 1991Missing kit and documentation
37.01MSDSWS::RCANTRELLThu Dec 12 1991Where is PC LOGO?
38.0ERLANG::MILLERFri Mar 20 1992Object Logo
39.0QUEK::MOYTue Aug 25 1992USENET group, comp.lang.logo
40.03SONATA::SADLERTue Dec 08 1992Logo for the Atari ST?
41.03DANGER::INGRAHAMWed Oct 27 1993Reference to MS-Windows LOGO
42.0UFHIS::MDUTTON_COXMon Dec 12 1994Logo Docu