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Conference 7.286::keyboard_design

Title:New Keyboard Issues
Notice:Relocated to Marlboro
Created:Thu Mar 27 1986
Last Modified:Thu Jun 05 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:264
Total number of notes:1339
Number with bodies:14
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1.07RANI::VIDARCHMon Oct 01 1984Welcome to New Keyboard notes
2.037RANI::VIDARCHMon Oct 01 1984Escape, Backspace, and Linefeed
3.012RANI::VIDARCHMon Oct 01 1984The LK2
4.012RANI::VIDARCHMon Oct 01 1984SHIFT and RETURN keys
5.07RANI::VIDARCHMon Oct 01 1984Angle brackets < and >
6.033RANI::VIDARCHMon Oct 01 1984CAPS LOCK key
7.013RANI::VIDARCHMon Oct 01 1984COMPOSE key
8.031MRVAX::DDBTue Oct 02 1984Function keys
9.028MRVAX::DDBTue Oct 02 1984VT1
10.028REX::MINOWFri Oct 05 1984"Key tactile feel"
11.07ELUDOM::WINALSKITue Oct 09 1984screw DIN standards!
13.07MANANA::DICKSONTue Oct 09 1984Software interface
14.0ALIEN::PETTENGILLWed Oct 17 1984Change in "hold screen"
15.02HUMAN::SZETOThu Oct 18 1984Touch typing
17.02SYBIL::BURROWSFri Oct 19 1984Human Engineering notes file
18.09REX::GETTYSTue Oct 23 1984New Keyboard ??
19.0REX::MINOWWed Oct 24 1984Country Kits
20.048NULL::SEILERMon Nov 05 1984Soft labels for Function Keys
21.03NULL::SEILERThu Nov 08 1984Multinational charset for VT1
22.011GAUSS::WILKINSONThu Nov 15 1984Mouse to LK2
23.04REX::GETTYSWed Nov 28 1984philosophy
24.021NULL::SEILERThu Nov 29 1984One handed Keyboard usage
25.02WARLRD::WOODBURYFri Nov 30 1984Meta key
26.01REX::MINOWWed Dec 05 1984Inverse T for arrow keys
27.01EDSVAX::CRESSEYThu Dec 27 1984Of Mice and Humans
28.029VIKING::FLEISCHERWed Jan 09 1985Correspondence vs Data Processi
29.039NOD::GRAYThu Jan 10 1985Dvorak Simplified Keyboard
30.040EDSVAX::CRESSEYFri Jan 11 1985The LK2
32.0EAYVMon Feb 11 1985VELOTYPE keyboard
33.02SMILEY::SZETOFri Feb 15 1985IBM PC keyboard
34.03EDSVAX::CRESSEYThu Mar 07 1985Protocols and Keyboards?
35.05USHSThu Mar 28 1985Keyboard standalone interface ?
36.01USMRW1::JTRAVERSTue Apr 02 1985OA Keyboard Functions
37.05MILRAT::HOUSEThu Jun 06 1985What is the LK25
38.05PERCH::DICKSONMon Jul 08 1985LK2
39.0OVDVAX::STRAUSSThu Nov 21 1985RT1
40.0VOGON::TYLDESLEYThu Feb 13 1986Gold Key Legends/Country Kbds
41.02HUMAN::CONKLINSat Mar 15 1986When to upgrade to VAX NOTES?
42.09SIERRA::OSMANFri Mar 28 1986Accidently shift-locking lk2
43.02REX::MINOWFri May 02 1986In search of a sane keyboard standard
44.03SANFAN::WOODRIFri May 30 1986Blue skying with "keygrips"
45.01ATLANT::SCHMIDTWed Jun 04 1986Keyclick + Bell = *BELL!!!*
46.0REX::MINOWThu Jul 03 1986Philips' Prize-winning terminal keyboard
47.033REGINA::SICHELWed Jul 23 1986ESC, BS, and LF on the LK2
48.04PAMPAM::DENISMon Aug 25 1986A mouse for imaging
49.04KAOAThu Sep 11 1986A Left Handed Board
50.07RAYNAL::OSMANTue Oct 21 1986why 1/2 and 1/4 but no compose 1/3 ?
51.0GVASA::LUGRINThu Jan 08 1987ECMA TC1 and keyboard standard
52.010VIDEO::SICHELFri Jan 16 1987Alternatives for Processing Multiple Character Sets
53.05KOALA::HYDEMon Feb 23 1987Alt Char set/layout MEETING CALL
54.07IECG::GREENWOODMon May 11 1987Split space bar ?
55.011REGENT::MERRILLThu May 14 1987Customer KBD Grumps
56.016MAX::HIEBFri May 22 1987Configurable Keyboards?
57.0SKETCH::MYSELFri May 29 1987Keyboard Study
58.0ALPINE::TRAPPFri Jun 12 1987Handicap keyboard???
59.0PRSFSA::SORIEULFri Aug 14 1987LK2xx Keyboard Verify Station
61.02VAXWRK::SCHNEIDERTue Sep 29 1987N Key Rollover?
62.03JVAX::JOHNSONThu Mar 10 1988Split keyboard proposal
63.022VIDEO::SICHELMon Mar 21 1988DECwindows Keyboard Extensions
64.0ANNECY::DEBACKERWed Jun 22 1988WPS plastic covers for LK2
65.05PRSIS4::DIVIENWed Jun 29 1988V-keyborad in DEC ?
66.0ULYSSE::ZITTATue Aug 09 1988Questions on DEC keyboards
67.017VIDEO::SICHELThu Sep 01 1988Keyboard Strategy and Proposal to Remove LEDs
68.02DEKVThu Sep 08 1988Calculator function in keypad
69.06CURIE::SLACKThu Dec 29 1988T1
70.02MEO78B::SMALLMANTue Jan 03 1989Financial Keyboard for VS2
71.02MEO78B::SMALLMANThu Jan 26 1989IT3xx and LK2
72.02WILKIE::KEITHTue Jan 31 1989Keyboard multiplexer available soon
73.0FSTTOO::HANAUERFri Feb 17 1989Special Keyboard for Kids
74.0TRUCKS::RUMMINGThu Mar 02 1989LK2
75.03DOMINO::TABORTue Mar 07 1989Size of LK3
76.01IOSG::TYLDESLEYThu Mar 09 1989 PC standard keyboard?
77.03HANNAH::SICHELThu Mar 09 1989What is the LK4
78.02RTPSWS::DAVISSun Mar 12 1989LK25
79.0KIPPIS::BACKSTROMTue Mar 21 1989Any info on LK25
80.02SNOCThu May 04 1989Digital Keyboards for Use With IBM PCs?
81.0REGENT::MERRILLWed May 17 1989Compose LED goes away; DECwindows adds complexity:
82.0SKETCH::MYSELFri May 26 1989LK4
83.02HANNAH::SICHELThu Jun 01 1989Calling All Legend Strips
84.05KETJE::KONINGSMon Jun 19 1989French layouts of IBM PC enhanced
85.06TRUCKS::HARDYFri Jul 07 1989Financial Keyboard functionality
86.0KAOATue Sep 12 1989Future of B
87.01LISPER::WILSONWed Nov 01 1989One-handed keyboard?
88.060TRCOFri Nov 17 1989DECstation Unix-type keyboard???
89.02SNDCSL::SMITHMon Nov 27 1989LK2
91.04CHEESE::KAISERWed Jan 31 1990Keyboards for the handicapped
92.06ULTRA::TIERNEYWed Feb 07 1990Virtual Keyboard
93.0KETJE::DEMOORWed Feb 28 1990Braille caps
94.01BAHTAT::NAYLORThu Apr 26 1990LK4
95.02INBLUE::HALDANEWed May 16 1990Please let me switch off my keyboard!
96.0MQOFS::FORBESThu Jul 05 1990How rugged are the IT3XX keyboards?
97.03YUPPY::STRICKLANDMWed Jul 18 1990Repetitive Strain Injury Question
99.03KAOAThu Aug 23 1990Industrial LK4
100.05CTOAVX::MCKIEWed Sep 12 1990VT42
101.04CMOTEC::AUSTINThu Sep 27 1990LK25
102.06CVG::PETTENGILLSat Oct 06 1990DVORAK LK2
103.0BLUFIN::WILLIAMSThu Oct 11 1990Where's the BUG?
104.04PRIMES::ABENDROTHFri Oct 19 1990LK4
105.01TRUCKS::RICHARDS_PMon Oct 29 1990Keyboard studies - Help required
106.02ULTRA::HERBISONWed Oct 31 1990How can I get DECwindows to use the new LK4
107.02TRUCKS::PRICETue Nov 27 1990LK4
108.01APACHE::DERMon Feb 04 1991Any keyboard documentations?
109.0JSOCSS::KYUMAMon Feb 11 1991LK4
110.02UTOPIE::LOEFFLERWed Feb 13 1991LK4
111.0WIENER::SCREENER_2Thu Feb 14 1991scancode LK4
112.01SHIPS::GILBERTSON_AFri Feb 15 1991LK2
113.01STKAI2::RLUNDBERGTue Feb 19 1991Numeric keyboard/left side/Problems/LK-board?
114.01KYOA::HUSBYMon Mar 25 1991LK4
115.0HANNAH::SICHELMon Mar 25 1991LK4
116.0+7FRAGLE::CONNELLYWed Apr 03 1991LK2
117.04SHIPS::GILBERTSON_AWed Apr 10 1991LK2
118.0ALOSWS::LAMOTHEWed May 01 1991Looking for 'steno' keyboard
119.02SCAM::DIALTue May 14 1991Alternate pointing devices? (light pen)
120.0MINNY::EGGERTMon Jul 29 1991LK4
121.05MINNY::EGGERTMon Jul 29 1991LK4
122.05SWAM2::LYNCH_SEMon Aug 12 1991LK25
124.01XKOVThu Aug 22 1991Keyboard; Please help!!!
125.08UTROP2::WIEGMAN_JWed Aug 28 1991LK-4
126.03KBOENG::HAUCKThu Aug 29 1991LK2
127.0GUIDUK::GREENWed Sep 04 1991Spec Error? and Help Needed
128.01DPDMAI::NICHOLASThu Sep 19 1991Special keyboards needed
129.02EICMFG::MCCREADYFri Sep 27 1991DECstation 5
130.02MUHIS::JESTERThu Oct 10 1991LK4
131.01PARVAX::LEEWed Oct 23 1991Help! 3rd Party KB's for DECstation 5
132.0GIDDAY::BENBROOKThu Nov 07 1991Industrial keyboards with raised keys????
133.02MUCTEC::ATZINGERMon Nov 18 1991LK25
134.02COLWed Dec 18 1991LK4
136.05SWAM2::LYNCH_SEMon Jan 13 1992PC4XL-BB vs. PCXAL-AA keyboards
137.02JRDLSI::KITAOMon Feb 10 1992Portable keyboard - requirements/ideas
138.02LOOPBT::WIECHMANNFri Feb 14 1992Tech Specs for LK-4
139.06ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGMon Feb 17 1992LK421 and LK4
140.03KAOU93::BROUILLARDTue Feb 18 1992Intrinsically safe keyboard
141.02JRDDUO::KITAOWed Mar 18 1992LKxxx Power Dissipation?
142.0ABSISG::CHIQUOINEWed Mar 18 1992How to program LK45
143.02AVIVA::NEUMANFri Mar 20 1992LK45
144.01TASTY::JEFFERYMon Apr 13 1992PC style keyboard for DECstations.
145.01MIMS::TAYLOR_DFri Apr 17 1992LK45
146.01JARETH::BSEGALThu Apr 30 1992Articulated Keyboard?
147.02JPLAIN::FRITZWed May 27 19923,63
148.01TYSON::KURATATue Jun 09 1992Integrated keyboard and trackball ?
149.01TAVSun Jun 21 1992miniature keyboards
150.02AIDEV::POLIKOFFThu Jul 09 1992How should a keyboard be cleaned?
151.03TKTVFS::NARUSETue Jul 14 1992LK4
152.03AIWEST::SIROTAFri Jul 17 1992LK-4
153.0IJSAPL::VANDOMMELENMon Jul 20 1992Lefthanded keyboard again
154.01VOGON::HAIGHAThu Jul 30 1992Customer request.
155.03KAOU93::PARISEAUTue Aug 11 1992CSA Keyboard for Canada
156.02EUNIX::NIELSENThu Aug 20 1992Wanted: non-standard mouse for VAX/DECstations
157.010TKTVFS::USHIRO_HFri Aug 21 1992The long-line option for LK2
158.04ERLANG::HERBISONThu Aug 27 1992Helpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp
159.02CSC32::VANDENBERGMon Aug 31 1992LK25
160.03ALFE::CHAILLEYWed Sep 02 1992132 keys keyboard for publishing application ?
161.01PEACHS::MITCHAMFri Sep 04 1992Right-side <Shift> key generating NULL character?
162.01PEACHS::BELDINMon Sep 14 1992Control over keyboard bell pitch and duration
163.01TWYLA::LOEWWed Sep 30 1992Country Keyboard Pictures
164.0KAOFS::M_LAVERGNEFri Oct 23 1992ScrollLock does not work on LK25
165.01SUBURB::JAMESHMon Nov 09 1992More codes please
166.0FSOA::HORNIAKThu Nov 12 1992Does LK45
167.0MYJAM::MYSELFri Nov 13 1992Keyboard Evaluation
168.01LEMAN::BAGNOUDWed Dec 02 1992LK25
169.02TKOVOA::NAGASHIMA_MSun Jan 03 1993LK521 keyboard for MAXine
171.03SPECXN::ELLISONTue Jan 19 1993LK4
172.01ULYSSE::DIQUATTROMon Jan 25 1993help needed on Polish keyboard for PC.
173.01DPDMAI::STEINERMon Feb 08 1993pin-outs ???
174.01LISTIM::VICTORTue Feb 09 1993LK4
175.02SUBURB::JONESAWed Feb 10 1993Differences between PCXAL-AE and PCXAL-KE ?
176.0KAU1Tue Feb 16 1993Keyboard/Trackball for Alpha System.
177.02INBLUE::BARBIERIMon Feb 22 1993LK4
178.01HAMSC3::JPULLERTue Feb 23 1993keyboard line spects needed
179.0SALSA::HUNTERWed Mar 10 1993LK45
180.01FRAOST::TRINHWed Mar 17 1993LK5
181.03SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Mar 18 1993Switching the keyboard among systems
182.02UTROP1::HEEREMA_GWed Apr 07 1993help needed on LK45
183.02VIVIAN::K_SMITHTue Apr 27 1993LK45
184.026THAVE::TEMINMon May 03 1993Keyboard Questions from RFM
185.03MIMS::MITCHELL_ETue May 18 1993lk4
186.02ROMEDU::NEBBIAMon May 24 1993PC Keyboard Layout - Greek PC Keyboard Layout
187.02NZOMIS::WILSONRAYTue Jun 01 1993DECpc PC7XL-AA Keyboard - environmental issues.
188.0FAILTE::HUTCHESONTTue Jun 15 1993New keyboard designs?
189.02SUBURB::JONESAWed Jun 30 1993LK45
190.01JAMBOS::SYSTEMMon Jul 05 1993Up and Down Arrows/Escape Sequences
191.01MIMS::MITCHELL_EFri Jul 09 1993lk2
192.01SUBURB::JONESAWed Jul 14 1993LK444 - Any details ?
193.02LSNCSC::NICOLETFri Jul 23 1993help, urgent confirmation !!
194.01HGOVC::XKOVThu Oct 14 1993differances between LK4
195.01SEFISun Oct 17 1993How to turn off keyclick on LK45
196.01HAMSC3::JPULLERThu Oct 21 1993lk4
197.02PONDA::65219::MEANEYThu Oct 28 1993LK2
198.01KAOFS::M_ROLLINFri Oct 29 1993Lk4
199.011CSOADM::ROTHMon Nov 01 1993LK4
200.0FAILTE::64644::GracieFri Nov 05 1993Keyboard & Mouse Extension Cable Spec for VXT2
201.03EISJAT::TEDESCOWed Dec 01 1993LK45
202.01AUSSIE::SARDJONOWed Jan 12 1994Keypad which emulates LK4
203.02SUBURB::JONESAWed Jan 26 1994Keyboard Technology - PC Keyboards
204.01ODIXIE::CAWTHONTue Mar 08 1994How Many Function Keys?
206.02MUGGER::POWELLWed Apr 13 1994WORKSTATION & PC Mice
207.01BASLL1::HOLLANDDWed Apr 27 1994Welsh Character Support..
208.01KAOU93::BROUILLARDThu May 05 1994Lk421 Product Manager???
209.02KAOU93::BROUILLARDWed May 11 1994PC PS2 PIN-OUT info???
210.0RTOSTD::MSCHMOLKEFri May 20 1994Need help on LK411-AG
211.01ATLANT::SCHMIDTThu Jun 16 1994Please describe the *PC* keyboard signalling protocol
212.0UPROAR::TANKDWed Jul 27 1994ALPHA Workstation Keyboard circuitry
213.0REPAIR::RICKETTSWed Aug 17 1994Keyboard testing
214.02DCWB1::CarlsonMon Nov 28 1994PC vs VT keyboard under OSF/1
215.03TAVFri Dec 23 1994pc7xl-aa spec ??
216.01JRDVTue Jan 24 1995keyboard configuration on SRM console
217.0WRKSYS::SCHUMANNMon Feb 13 1995mouse info?
218.0DEKVC::KWANGHYUNPARWed Feb 15 1995Q: Physical size of IT3XX-AA ?
219.0TIMABS::GUGELITue Feb 21 1995cable layout for PCXAL-CH keyboard;DECstation 35
220.02TIMABS::GUGELIWed Feb 22 1995keyboard PCXAL-CH repl. PCXAL-MH-> PIN???
221.02TBJVOA::KUWABARAMon Feb 27 1995LK411 driver
222.0+17XDELTA::HOFFMANFri Mar 03 1995Keyboard Application Chart?
223.0STKHLM::GULLNASFri Mar 10 1995ISO 9995?
224.0NLAThu Mar 16 1995ergonomic keyboard for VAXstation
225.0SIOG::MACHALEFri Apr 07 1995New Keyboard for AlphaStations?
226.02AKOCOA::PADOVANOTue Apr 18 1995Keyboards w/LCD
227.01SERVPC::COPETTITue May 09 1995PCXAL-FA on VMS 6.2 and Motif 1.2
228.03TAVThu Jul 06 1995Is it exactly a standard PC keyboard ?
229.01LEDDEV::LAROCCOTue Aug 08 1995How do you tell the difference?
230.02BBPBV1::CARTERTue Aug 15 1995Driving an LK4
231.0--UnknownUser--Fri Sep 08 1995What's the latest version of the LK45
232.05JOBURG::RYANFri Sep 08 1995LK461, LK471???
233.04CHEFS::JEPSON_AThu Sep 14 1995Help! A shorter (non_Unix) keyboard??
234.02BBPBV1::WALLACEFri Oct 13 1995LK411 (=LK461) layout picture required
235.01NWDTue Nov 14 1995LK4
236.01GRANPA::JCONNORSWed Nov 15 1995ANSI AFS 1
237.02AUSSIE::SULLIVANFri Nov 24 1995DEC STD
238.01AUSSIE::SULLIVANFri Nov 24 1995LK4
239.0WRKSYS::HOUSEWed Nov 29 1995PS/2 version of the LK421 (short UNIX keyboard) ?
240.06NWDTue Dec 05 1995LK2
241.01CSC32::JERRYTue Dec 12 1995RT6856T keyboards
242.0LEDDEV::LAROCCOWed Jan 17 19964 symbols per key??
243.02WOTVAX::PARISHMon Feb 05 1996LK411 FUNC_SPEC ??
244.01CSC32::STRINGWed Feb 14 1996LK421 Pinouts
245.02CHEFS::JEPSON_AFri Mar 15 1996LK47W layout?
246.01TKOVOA::OKAMURA_KTue Apr 23 1996LK46W-AA SIZE DATA needed!
247.02NWDTue May 07 1996Ergonomic AlphaStation KBs?
248.04CSC32::STRINGWed Jul 03 1996RT6865T Repeat Rate
249.01UNXA::MOKTue Aug 06 1996VMS application keypad on a UNIX keyboard?
250.01ZPOVC::CSNAQSMon Sep 23 1996Replacement for LK45
251.02INBLUE::MILOSEVICTue Oct 01 1996Portuguese LK45
252.01FRAIS::JOSBAECHERWed Oct 09 1996Pipe missing on LK4
253.0SNOFS1::PENNYSIMONWed Oct 16 1996Keyboard I/F specs please
254.04MUDIS3::DSCHMIERThu Oct 31 1996Do we have a 1
255.02MUDIS3::DSCHMIERMon Nov 04 1996Layout of the LK461 anywhere ?
256.0BPSOF::BPPDCA.bps.dec.com::bpsFri Nov 29 1996So what: LK451 or GoToMarket?
257.01EVOCDG::DECBAH::PATROSun Dec 01 1996LK411
258.05FREE::LINDSEYTue Dec 10 1996OS/2 Keyboard driver for LK461-A2?
259.0+1VELENO::MICHIELIThu Jan 16 1997Spanish/Latin America LK471-LK47W differences?
260.0 *+2RHETT::SHEPPARDTue Feb 25 1997vt22
261.0 *BRLLNT::MONTAQUILAThu Mar 20 1997Russian keyboard part #?
262.0 *+3MQOOA::LEDOUXTue Mar 25 1997PS/2 and 4 pin modular electrical compatibility?
263.0 *6Mon Apr 14 1997LK461 blank keycap set?
264.0 *+1SIOG::KILROYFri May 16 1997KEYPAD only device for VT41