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Conference decwet::nt-developers

Title:MS Windows NT Developers
Notice:See note 1222 for MS bug reporting info
Created:Mon Nov 11 1991
Last Modified:Tue Jun 03 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:3247
Total number of notes:15633
Number with bodies:214
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1.04DECWET::JENNESSMon Nov 11 1991Welcome
2.0228DECWET::JENNESSMon Nov 11 1991Conference Registry
3.01DECWET::JENNESSMon Nov 11 1991Documents
4.01DECWET::JENNESSMon Nov 11 1991Ports complete! (enough to talk about...)
5.03DECWET::JENNESSMon Nov 11 1991Windows NT Kit Information
6.08DECWET::JENNESSMon Nov 11 1991Windows NT Frequently Asked Questions
7.0DECWET::JENNESSMon Nov 11 1991Reserved
8.0DECWET::JENNESSMon Nov 11 1991Reserved
9.0DECWET::JENNESSMon Nov 11 1991Reserved
10.0DECWET::JENNESSMon Nov 11 1991Reserved
11.01DECWET::SCHREIBERSun Nov 17 1991Installation hints/kinks for the October 1991 Prerelease CDROM
12.03DECWET::JENNESSFri Jan 03 1992Editors for NT
13.05DECWET::SCHREIBERMon Jan 13 1992Adaptec SCSI problem can trash your disk
14.0DECWET::SCHREIBERThu Feb 13 1992PDK2 may crash with floppy access
15.027DECWET::JENNESSThu Feb 13 1992433T for NT
16.02TAGART::SCOTTFri Feb 14 1992Kernel/Keyboard bugcheck?
17.03XANADU::BOEBINGERTue Feb 18 1992Force to non-Super VGA?
18.05CIRCUS::MCJONESWed Feb 19 1992Problem booting DOS from dual-boot loader
19.03CIRCUS::MCJONESWed Feb 19 1992_beginthread vs. CreateThread
20.08ERLANG::TARDOThu Feb 20 1992Starting the Network
21.01CIRCUS::MCJONESMon Feb 24 1992Win32/DOS vs. Win32/NT
22.0CIRCUS::MCJONESWed Feb 26 1992Missing topic delimiter in API32WH.HLP
23.07DECWET::JENNESSTue Mar 03 1992DExxx Driver for PDK2
24.03RANGER::SHAPIROTue Mar 03 1992Debugger Update
25.01CIRCUS::MCJONESWed Mar 04 1992Programmer's reference being published?
26.0CIRCUS::MCJONESWed Mar 04 1992Setting child process's standard i/o handles
27.06CIRCUS::MCJONESWed Mar 04 1992Win32 threads vs. CMA/POSIX threads
28.06DECWET::JENNESSThu Mar 05 1992Tools for NT
29.0RANGER::SHAPIROWed Mar 11 1992Compuserver NT Forum?
30.01DECWET::JENNESSTue Mar 24 1992Recursive text search
31.01EYEORE::STEWARTWed Mar 25 1992Unable to access kit on DECWET::NTKIT
32.07EYEORE::STEWARTMon Apr 13 1992Mouse doesn't work in ntpdk2.zip installation
33.02MTVIEW::CHENGTue Apr 14 1992Is there anything similar to UNIX signals in NT?
34.01MTVIEW::CHENGWed Apr 15 1992POSIX on NT
35.03MTVIEW::CHENGThu Apr 23 1992Is there a way to find out in which library is an NT function located?
36.01EYEORE::STEWARTMon Apr 27 1992How to deal with filenames > 8 characters?
37.0RTL::COWANTue Apr 28 1992WD8
38.04MTVIEW::CHENGWed Apr 29 1992Some porting questions ...
39.04MTVIEW::CHENGWed May 06 1992Process polling
40.01MTVIEW::CHENGThu May 07 1992Automatic cleanup on Semaphore?
41.09DTENG1::CARTYThu May 14 1992Boot of NT leeves me at Username/Password..!!
42.0RTL::COWANTue Jun 02 1992ZIP notes
43.0RTL::COWANWed Jun 03 1992Eight char filenames
44.04SAC::RILEYThu Jun 04 1992Technical Information of Alpha Buses
45.02TALLIS::PERKINSMon Jun 29 1992Will the July NT CD-ROM be released here?
46.01ECAMV1::SHIVESFri Jul 10 1992Error accessing NTKIT
47.010ROYALT::HALPINMon Jul 13 1992NT SDK and DECpc questions
48.02VORTEX::BASLIN::RYANTue Jul 14 1992NT kit on a 386 notebook
49.09SICVAX::TIMMINSTue Jul 14 1992NT + Motif? Needed for ease of 1
50.013CAMONE::EMMERTHALTue Jul 14 1992TCP/IP Problems
51.08TLE::GERMAN::wellsWed Jul 15 1992Special NT/PDK licensing for Digital?
52.010DNTPC3::BURKE_EDWed Jul 15 1992NT Install Problems
53.06PHDVAX::DLEWISThu Jul 16 1992NT Install with 8MB? How?
54.02TLE::PETERSONThu Jul 16 1992Windows NT SDK: Sample programs won't build (continued)
55.01OXNARD::KOLLINGThu Jul 16 1992AVI info?
56.042RANGER::HAYDENSun Jul 19 1992Update on Adpatec 154
57.01SCOTTR::ScottRWed Jul 22 199232-bit Bart
58.01CAMONE::EMMERTHALMon Jul 27 1992Is the NEC CDR-74 compatible with NT ?
59.03CHOVAX::FARMERMon Jul 27 1992Win32 API Pocket Guide
60.02EDWIN::MJDAILEYTue Jul 28 1992ISAM support?
61.0TALLIS::PERKINSWed Jul 29 1992NT Configuration Information:
62.05CIMNET::MJOHNSONThu Jul 30 1992Win16 Support Runs in Standard Mode?
63.018CIMNET::MJOHNSONThu Jul 30 1992Seeing a CDROM connected via a Soundblaster Pro
64.0TLE::PETERSONThu Jul 30 1992Making SDK Group default to all user's Program Manager profile
65.0DECWET::REHMThu Jul 30 1992Hint for Compiling MFC Sample programs on NT 7/92 SDK
66.01HERON::SPALTMon Aug 03 1992win3.1 apps on alpha/nt
67.022ASDS::TOWNSENDTue Aug 04 1992Hardware Compatibility
68.03MTVIEW::CHENGWed Aug 05 1992New version of NT tools available for the July release?
69.067RANGER::COOKWed Aug 05 1992Printing CDROM postscript docs
70.02TLE::PETERSONThu Aug 06 1992SETENV.BAT: where is it?
71.016GUIDUK::BERKUNThu Aug 06 1992Configuration Questions
72.04QUABBI::"reilly@nsl.dec.com"Fri Aug 07 1992Western Digital Ethernet card supported?
73.09ALAMOS::ADAMSSun Aug 09 1992How to remove flexboot
74.010OZROCK::ROBERTSONSun Aug 09 1992FTP sites for NT-ware
75.08TALE::ZGRAGGENMon Aug 10 1992How to get TCP/ip running?
76.0MUNICH::GABLERMon Aug 10 1992SCO-ODT, NT and DOS on one machine
77.04DEADWD::HEILEMon Aug 10 1992How do you print???
78.06ERLANG::TARDOMon Aug 10 199216-Bit Applications
79.01CIMNET::MJOHNSONMon Aug 10 1992Programmer's Workbench (PWB) on the SDK?
80.014DSSDEV::TANNENBAUMMon Aug 10 1992Editors for NT
81.01TALE::ZGRAGGENTue Aug 11 1992SYSTARTUP_V5/rc.local for NT?
82.07CREATV::63639::STRAUBTue Aug 11 1992Incorrect EISA Memory Configuration on 433ST
83.02QUIVER::WASHABAUGHTue Aug 11 1992NMI Error on Decstation 425c
84.04TLE::PETERSONWed Aug 12 1992Are there WIN32 calls to obtain CPU usage?
85.07DREICH::GRANTWed Aug 12 1992NT and Windows 3.1 apps Blow my Brains
86.03MTVIEW::CHENGWed Aug 12 1992Using telnet to talk to another ultrix failed ...
87.04HAGEL::HAGELThu Aug 13 1992Developer Network CD Browser application
88.0CSC32::S_HALLFri Aug 14 1992Event Viewer stopped working
89.04TALLIS::PERKINSFri Aug 14 1992Windows-NT .EXE file format:
90.011CIMNET::MJOHNSONFri Aug 14 1992How to format an NT File System (NTFS) Partition?
91.05IGNATZ::JUDDSat Aug 15 1992Patched ET4
92.04CSC32::S_HALLMon Aug 17 1992No privilege to change COM port
93.04TALLIS::PERKINSTue Aug 18 1992Number of CDs in July Release (I only got 1!)
94.022DC1Tue Aug 18 1992SoundBlaster (PAS16) support under NT
95.020AKOCOA::PWISEWed Aug 19 1992
96.023EEMELI::PEURAWed Aug 19 1992configuring TCP/IP with DE2
97.02DECWIN::MACKAYFri Aug 21 1992Problem with access disks on another NT machine
98.02FLYWAY::LEHMANNJFri Aug 21 1992Logitech Bus Mouse? Yes/No [N]
99.01PERCPT::COUGHLINSun Aug 23 1992NT RAM consumption ???
100.011CGOOA::BARNABESun Aug 23 1992433W supported??
101.012LEDS::ZAYASTue Aug 25 1992S3_1
102.0AMCMKO::CHENGWed Aug 26 1992process and thread priorities
103.06SPOCK::IRONSThu Aug 27 1992Can't log in: how do I change password?
104.09CHICHZ::EDELMANNThu Aug 27 1992NT and DOS emulation
105.02ALOSWS::MONTANOThu Aug 27 1992NT kit for Alpha ....
106.06DSSDEV::TANNENBAUMFri Aug 28 1992Listing file?
107.011IGNATZ::JUDDSun Aug 30 1992Linking DLL's - one developer's story
108.09ROYALT::HALPINMon Aug 31 1992Video cards, printers, etc...
109.04MTVIEW::CHENGMon Aug 31 1992Is synchronous I/O supported on the FAT file system of Windows NT?
110.03ATSE::VMILLERTue Sep 01 1992Newer installation directions for NT?
111.029FLYWAY::LEHMANNJWed Sep 02 1992Systems NT runs on!
112.017DECWET::SCHREIBERWed Sep 02 1992MicroEmacs for Windows NT
113.012HGRDWed Sep 02 1992WINDOW-NT string comparison API?
114.0ROMThu Sep 03 1992MP Windows NT on display
115.01HGOVA::KIMWAHNGThu Sep 03 1992PC hang when installing NT
116.07BLUMON::JPSThu Sep 03 1992logon scripts
117.01BLUMON::JPSThu Sep 03 1992.inis verses the registry
118.07OXNARD::KOLLINGThu Sep 03 1992NT performance?
119.03BLUMON::JPSThu Sep 03 1992Build procedure for non-graphical code
120.09HGOVA::KIMWAHNGFri Sep 04 1992How to add serial mouse to NT ?
121.0CGOOA::BARNABEFri Sep 04 199245
122.03BHAJEE::JAERVINENMon Sep 07 1992Where's my partition?
123.03INFACT::BEVISTue Sep 08 1992Not enough memory to LINK?
124.07HGOVC::FEFSSPSTue Sep 08 1992Configuring TCP/IP with 3C5
125.08BHAJEE::JAERVINENWed Sep 09 1992Where are the C++ header files?
126.09VIVIAN::GOODWINWed Sep 09 1992Hardcopy Documents for SDK?
127.01VNABRW::ENGEL_WWed Sep 09 1992Corel SCSI for NT ?
128.06HGOVC::FEFSSPSThu Sep 10 1992SETUP in NT not work ?
129.06KAOFS::K_MAINThu Sep 10 1992NT install from infoserver ?
130.0TAGART::SCOTTMon Sep 14 1992European DDK conference
131.01LJOHUB::MRCLIF::MuiseMon Sep 14 1992POSIX support on NT
132.03CHICHZ::EDELMANNMon Sep 14 1992Adding memory after NT install?
133.07GALVIA::MMCCARTHYTue Sep 15 1992DECpc 2
134.01TALLIS::PERKINSTue Sep 15 1992Getting the Microsoft C++ stuff to work:
135.01AIDEV::BAILLIETue Sep 15 1992Any auditing on Windows NT?
136.011QUABBI::"pandya@levers.dec.com"Tue Sep 15 1992Support for Future Domain Adapter
137.03TALLIS::PERKINSWed Sep 16 1992Third Party Nt Developement Tools
138.0SCOTTR::ScottRWed Sep 16 1992WinDebt
139.011IGNATZ::JUDDWed Sep 16 1992RRD42 disappears shortly after WindowsNT boots
140.05TALLIS::PERKINSThu Sep 17 1992Next Release Info
141.015IGNATZ::JUDDThu Sep 17 1992Standards / Reserved names for Registry
142.02ATSE::VMILLERThu Sep 17 1992Do I have the right CD-ROMs?
143.04TYSON::KURATAThu Sep 17 1992What else do I need to add
144.0NEEPS::GEDDESFri Sep 18 1992R4
145.05ESGWST::NULKARFri Sep 18 1992CD-ROM not recoginized during setup
146.0IGNATZ::JUDDFri Sep 18 1992News Flash: WINDBG cannot handle long file names...
147.02TYSON::KURATASat Sep 19 1992Will ESDI and SCSI work?
148.05GLDOA::CUTLERMon Sep 21 1992Problems Installing NT on 45
149.07DSSDEV::TANNENBAUMMon Sep 21 1992NTFS on floppy?
150.02DSSDEV::TANNENBAUMTue Sep 22 1992Floating Point Constant Type
151.0CHICHZ::EDELMANNTue Sep 22 1992NT Setup issues - Help!
152.04QUABBI::"mills@athena.lkg.dec.com"Tue Sep 22 1992Dumb questions
153.01ATSE::VMILLERTue Sep 22 1992Can you specify which disk to boot on Adaptec controller?
154.01HGOVA::KIMWAHNGWed Sep 23 1992NT Loader or OS/2 2.
155.07SUTRA::NIMRODWed Sep 23 1992Tape supported ?
156.03GENIE::USTERThu Sep 24 19923.5" MO-Disk and NT :-( Why not?
157.0KITVAX::METHOTThu Sep 24 1992Multi-NICs on the server?
158.05ASDG::PCMon Sep 28 1992Installing NT from zips...help!
159.07KA1GFN::HORTONTue Sep 29 1992Problem running CL386 compiler - Fatal Error C1
160.022TLE::LUCASTue Sep 29 1992Media Vison and NT install
161.01SPEZKO::A_FRASERThu Oct 01 1992System Management for NT
162.0514386::DEMPSTERThu Oct 01 1992IP setup without dos2nt.bat???
163.02ATSE::VMILLERFri Oct 02 1992Did you get registration card with your NT SDK?
164.0FLYWAY::LEHMANNJSun Oct 04 1992TCP/IP and LanMan?
165.015GYUPCC::GOSEJACMon Oct 05 1992NT RPC <-> DCE RPC
166.04VIVIAN::GOODWINMon Oct 05 1992Crash Dump?
167.013ROMMon Oct 05 1992U.I. Campaign against WNT
168.0IOSG::TALLETTMon Oct 05 1992Toshiba T32
169.04ENUF::DEMPSTERMon Oct 05 1992Can't do and edit in the DOS window
170.04ULYSSE::DONZETue Oct 06 1992Error 3523 - TCP/IP LANMAN
171.04WAGGIS::SCHWYNWed Oct 07 1992Trouble with installation
172.01FLYWAY::LEHMANNJWed Oct 07 1992ATOMS and RegisterClass()
173.04ENUF::DEMPSTERWed Oct 07 1992Help! I want to STOP tcpipsvc and then restart...
174.04TLE::LUCASThu Oct 08 1992start up error
175.01FLYWAY::LEHMANNJFri Oct 09 1992& bg and NT
176.0IGNATZ::JUDDFri Oct 09 1992C++ Link Error "Continuation of COMDAT not supported yet"
177.05ASICS::LESLIEMon Oct 12 1992Installed NT, now no DOS...
178.01KBOENG::RROHBECKTue Oct 13 1992Good news on DDK pricing
179.0KEMER::DARUGERTue Oct 13 1992DOS,WNT, and QNX?
180.01LABC::RUTue Oct 13 1992Microsoft CD and infoserver?
181.06BAHTAT::NICHOLWed Oct 14 1992Digital Products? PATHWORKS, eXcursion - TCP/IP & NT
182.01QUABBI::"moro@jrd.dec.com"Thu Oct 15 1992LanMan
183.0AMCCXN::VOSSFri Oct 16 19924mm tape driver ???
184.04CHICHZ::EDELMANNFri Oct 16 1992Inside Windows NT - book information
185.07DSSDEV::TANNENBAUMTue Oct 20 1992FTP insists on getting a password from the console
186.04RANGER::PITONIAKWed Oct 21 1992Oct Beta NBT service
187.03BIGUN::MAYNEWed Oct 21 1992NT/Jensen IFT?
188.032WBC::BAKERThu Oct 22 1992Windows NT October Beta
189.01PEACHS::FINKELSTEINFri Oct 23 1992Problems install on an applicationDEC 433mp
190.05LEDS::ZAYASSun Oct 25 1992SCSI pass-through I/O in NT?
191.0LJOHUB::SLATTERYMon Oct 26 1992UNIX to Windows NT Training 11/11-11/12 MRO
192.03CSC32::S_HALLTue Oct 27 1992NT October -- system hangs....
193.010TLE::PETERSONTue Oct 27 1992NT October -- Net server won't start
194.01EDWIN::SMITHTue Oct 27 1992Windows NT Oct. Beta version Ok to distribute inside DEC ?
195.01RANGER::PITONIAKTue Oct 27 1992Postscript Printing Problems
196.03STAR::BOIKOTue Oct 27 1992Boot off CD - Yes/No?
197.018BLUMON::JPSTue Oct 27 1992Missing TELNET
198.02BLUMON::JPSTue Oct 27 1992Configuring Events
199.02BHAJEE::JAERVINENWed Oct 28 1992October beta delivery in Europe?
200.0CSC32::S_HALLWed Oct 28 1992Not Enough Memory, Comm errors
201.01TALLIS::JCAGE::PerkinsWed Oct 28 1992Problems with WINDBG
202.07TALLIS::JCAGE::PerkinsWed Oct 28 1992Microsoft C++ Compiler Bug List
203.0GOOEY::WA1ZCH::mackWed Oct 28 1992Devos: Installation Questionnaire
204.012TALLIS::JCAGE::PerkinsThu Oct 29 1992Getting the Diamond SpeedStar to work
205.08RANGER::PITONIAKThu Oct 29 1992Pathworks TCP Problems
206.01BOBOB::LEMBREEThu Oct 29 1992info wanted on DECstation 325c drivers
207.01ABSISG::SMITHFri Oct 30 1992Is there anyway to Duplicate a disk?
208.0RANGER::PITONIAKFri Oct 30 1992NT LanMan???
209.05CSC32::S_HALLFri Oct 30 1992Lack of docs hinders Beta troubleshooting...
210.07BLUMON::JPSFri Oct 30 1992Is anyone working on a driver to print to an LPS2
211.02VIA::TOWNSENDSun Nov 01 1992Long file names for old apps?
212.03DECWET::SCHREIBERMon Nov 02 1992NT vs 3.1 Swap File Corruption
213.01DFS::SAVOIEMon Nov 02 1992boot problem: boot.ini looks ok, but still trying to boot from nt directory
214.0DECWET::SCHREIBERMon Nov 02 1992NTFS rename across directories?
215.08PEACHS::FINKELSTEINMon Nov 02 1992October Beta on aD433MP
216.03--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 03 1992Requesting Assistance
217.02PEACHS::FINKELSTEINTue Nov 03 1992Ye old
218.01IRNBRU::GRANTWed Nov 04 1992Disk Partitioning
219.012GUIDUK::BERKUNWed Nov 04 1992install problem 45
220.01HLDEThu Nov 05 1992tunable parameters
221.0HLDEThu Nov 05 1992printing on printer connected to workstation from a server
222.0DNTPC3::BURKE_EDThu Nov 05 1992NT on Tiger II no problems
223.05RBW::WICKERTThu Nov 05 1992Detects wrong type of SCSI adapter
224.017TYSON::KURATAFri Nov 06 1992Mounting NT CD on Ultrix and RRD4
225.04SOFCAD::KNIGHTFri Nov 06 1992BETA NT hangs when attempting to log in. . .
226.01WBC::BAKERFri Nov 06 1992NT Executive Questions
227.010SYSMGT::HALLYBSat Nov 07 1992Internal XVT error
228.0MTVIEW::CHENGSat Nov 07 1992Where can I find the unix tools for the October version?
229.01HLDETue Nov 10 1992performance figures available ?
230.03HLDETue Nov 10 1992Hermes
231.01HLDETue Nov 10 1992Third party products ?
232.02BHAJEE::JAERVINENTue Nov 10 1992Booting DOS from D: ?
233.0BHAJEE::JAERVINENTue Nov 10 1992What time is it?
234.0BLUMON::JPSTue Nov 10 1992Automatic Precompiled headers
235.02RANGER::PITONIAKTue Nov 10 1992Application hpmon errors?
236.0HGOVA::KIMWAHNGWed Nov 11 1992Cannot boot DOS with NT October ?
237.06TLE::PETERSONWed Nov 11 1992Dual NTFS name space problems
238.012NDWND::CAMPBELLWed Nov 11 1992Exception handling questions.
239.04HGOVA::KIMWAHNGWed Nov 11 1992NT system crash using FTP !
240.01BHAJEE::JAERVINENThu Nov 12 1992Corrupt NTFS?
241.07IRNBRU::GRANTThu Nov 12 1992Why Ain't my Shutdown working
242.0OLDTMR::BROWNThu Nov 12 1992Excel on NT
243.0GALVIA::PFEHINThu Nov 12 1992New Guide to Usability
244.05MTVIEW::CHENGThu Nov 12 1992Did they take out the chdir() function from the library?
245.02SPEZKO::DORSEYThu Nov 12 1992Problem installing Win32s on Windows for Workgroups
246.08BHAJEE::JAERVINENFri Nov 13 1992More CDrom problems
247.01HGOVA::KIMWAHNGFri Nov 13 1992NT cannot recognise HPFS ?
248.0--UnknownUser--Fri Nov 13 1992Resume:Experienced Windows Programmer.
249.08NBOFS1::KASTENMEIERMon Nov 16 1992NT on DECstation ?
250.0RANGER::PANDYAMon Nov 16 1992IO Subsystem question
251.0VNABRW::FIWITue Nov 17 1992Missing KEYB.COM
252.01TRCOA::AHMEDTue Nov 17 1992How do I deinstal WNT?
253.04BACHUS::ROETSWed Nov 18 1992baud rate on com port
254.01PRMSWed Nov 18 1992Best SCSI, caching preferred
255.01TLE::PETERSONWed Nov 18 1992Win32 Equivalents for Unix System Calls
256.038GUIDUK::BERKUNWed Nov 18 1992network question
257.01IRNBRU::GRANTThu Nov 19 1992Nice Developers Out There
258.010IRNBRU::GRANTThu Nov 19 1992Beta Kit Received Yet
259.02IRNBRU::RODANFri Nov 20 1992Barcode reader - no "BEEP" on NT
260.011FREBRD::POEGELFri Nov 20 1992Getting output to stdout, stderr to work
261.023STAR::BOIKOFri Nov 20 1992Procomm Plus for Windows on Beta NT?
262.01LJOHUB::STOREYSun Nov 22 1992Device Driver Kit (DDK)
263.017MUDIS3::BARVUS::HATHWAYMon Nov 23 1992NT on home PC?
264.04STAR::BOIKOMon Nov 23 1992Latest Quicken V2 run on NT yet yes/no?
265.013OLCROW::MCCANCEMon Nov 23 1992tcp/ip setup probs
266.0ATSE::VMILLERMon Nov 23 1992Please don't write W I D E notes
267.02DSSDEV::TANNENBAUMMon Nov 23 1992Changing the size of a DOS-box
268.02SYSMGT::HALLYBMon Nov 23 1992Window blanked / icon zapped
269.04BAHTAT::HILTONTue Nov 24 1992How do I get my 2nd DOS partition back?
270.018VNABRW::FIWITue Nov 24 1992TIGA driver available soon(est) ?
271.01CANTON::HOVEYTue Nov 24 1992hangs trying to debug application.
272.021MUDIS3::BARVUS::HATHWAYTue Nov 24 1992NT Self-Education Worth It?
274.030ODIXIE::ELLERYTue Nov 24 1992SVGA Support ?
275.06VNABRW::FIWITue Nov 24 1992CHKDSK : Tough game
276.05RANGER::PITONIAKTue Nov 24 1992Jensen PCI bus support?
277.03TALLIS::JCAGE::PerkinsTue Nov 24 1992Windows 3.x apps under Win-NT and OS/2?
278.02NEWVAX::MURRAYTue Nov 24 1992NT Dvlp Environment
279.02WPOPTH::MINETue Nov 24 1992TCP/IP & HOSTS File Unexpected Behaviour
280.022GAAS::JONESWed Nov 25 1992Definitive answer on loading NT.
281.07BHAJEE::JAERVINENWed Nov 25 1992C++ demangler?
282.02TALLIS::JCAGE::PerkinsWed Nov 25 1992Communication between Win16 and Win32 apps?
283.03SUOSW3::KAISERThu Nov 26 1992Will NT work on this SCSI controller?
284.02VNABRW::FIWIThu Nov 26 1992Changing "private" group windows to "common" ?
285.013BIGUN::MAYNEThu Nov 26 199264 bit int size in C compiler
286.03VNABRW::ENGEL_WSat Nov 28 1992TCPIP and DOS Questions
287.01AIDEV::LANDINGHAMSun Nov 29 1992NEC CDR-84 question
288.02DECWET::SCHREIBERSun Nov 29 1992NT and WD7
289.01OSLACT::ARNEMon Nov 30 1992Missing .h-file oscalls.h
290.06KITVAX::METHOTMon Nov 30 1992Gateway 2
291.01ENUF::DEMPSTERMon Nov 30 1992NT support for Proteon Token ring cards?
292.02HLDETue Dec 01 1992NT multiprocessor on AD433MP?
293.01XLIB::BAILEYTue Dec 01 1992pagefile.sys placement
294.09DECWET::SCHREIBERTue Dec 01 1992Installing DOS destroys NT boot loader
295.05QUABBI::"jim@ilo.dec.com"Tue Dec 01 1992COMPAQ Drivers for Windows NT Beta
296.06BCSE::ZUCKERMANTue Dec 01 1992Problem accessing NT over TCP/IP
297.02TYSON::KURATAWed Dec 02 1992Where is Programmers WorkBench (PWB)
298.03INFACT::BEVISThu Dec 03 1992About the NT mail distribution list
299.01BIGUN::MAYNEThu Dec 03 1992Jensen minimum memory
300.0STKHLM::SAMUELSSONFri Dec 04 1992Cant 'move' down the tree structure on my CD
301.01GOONS::BAKERFri Dec 04 1992OS/2 app compatibility on AXP/MIPS
302.03SPESHR::HAMILTONFri Dec 04 1992Internet news?
303.0STKHLM::BENEDICTSSONFri Dec 04 1992Programming manuals for VGA NI1
304.016ASD::POLSTERFri Dec 04 1992Migration issues: memory management with win32s
305.06IRNBRU::GRANTMon Dec 07 1992Drive letter to SCSI ID No.
306.07CSC32::D_PINAMon Dec 07 1992Logitech Bus Mouse won't configure in Oct NT Release
307.012MARVA1::DANGMon Dec 07 1992TEXEL DM-3
308.025CLADA::LAWTONMon Dec 07 1992Help, yet another
309.011MQOSWS::MQOP36::m_lemayTue Dec 08 1992IDE & SCSI with Windows NT
310.0CSOVM1::ZanggerTue Dec 08 1992make file manager update display?
311.06CSOVM1::ZanggerTue Dec 08 1992file manager bug?
312.04EYEORE::STEWARTTue Dec 08 1992FTP - Returns message "Protocol Not Supported"
313.011TALLIS::JCAGE::PerkinsWed Dec 09 1992Question/Problems with OLE on Non-Intel platforms
314.0GALVIA::MMCCARTHYThu Dec 10 1992NT won't boot on Jensen
315.01TALLIS::JCAGE::PerkinsThu Dec 10 1992Info on Aztech Sound Galaxy NX
316.03SPESHR::HAMILTONThu Dec 10 1992mem/c
317.01MR4MI2::HOPEWELLThu Dec 10 1992DE422 supported?
318.0POCUS::HUSTONThu Dec 10 1992Unix app on Posix NT demo-ed.
319.01VARDAF::BERBIGIERFri Dec 11 1992Case sensititvity ?
320.014VNABRW::FIWIFri Dec 11 1992Borland C++ for NT (?)
321.04HDLITE::MORINFri Dec 11 1992Need help with DEC EtherWorks EISA adapter ...
322.04VAXSYS::ALEXANDREFri Dec 11 1992Seeking higher video resolution
323.04EICMFG::RICHTERMon Dec 14 1992October Install Problem only, July works fine??
324.08XLIB::BAILEYMon Dec 14 1992winnt.h compile error
325.02IRNBRU::GRANTMon Dec 14 1992Mailslots ??
326.014WHYNOW::NEWMANMon Dec 14 1992Looking for a list of available WNT compilers
327.013SCHOOL::LEKASMon Dec 14 1992Longer Term Hardware Support
328.01SWTHOM::TEMAMTue Dec 15 1992Telnet setup
329.02TALLIS::JCAGE::PerkinsTue Dec 15 1992Problems with Win32s
330.05BIGUN::MAYNEWed Dec 16 1992Calling kernel/subsystems from application
331.01CVG::MONTIVIRDIWed Dec 16 1992PC hangs at NT logo...
332.02SMURF::NAPOLITANOWed Dec 16 1992NT crash system won't boot
333.011CSC32::BINGHAMWed Dec 16 1992Moderator for DECWET::NTAXP-IFT?
334.041ODIXIE::STAROSTAWed Dec 16 1992QIC tape support on NT
335.02OSLACT::ARNEWed Dec 16 1992Error startin Virtual Dos Machine
336.05MARVA2::DANGWed Dec 16 1992Screen Saver
337.02BLUMON::JPSThu Dec 17 1992NSM/AD Presents: WIN/NT Tools, APIs, and Techniques
338.0VNABRW::PSCSThu Dec 17 1992runtime error
339.034STAR::STONECYPHERThu Dec 17 1992ATI driver beta available
340.03RBW::WICKERTThu Dec 17 1992Setting up icons for apps already installed
341.03POBOX::DITTMERThu Dec 17 1992NT Requirements??
342.025VNABRW::FIWIFri Dec 18 1992FlexBoot ReInstaller available now !
343.04NAPIER::LAXMANFri Dec 18 1992CD-ROM kit from Gateway - Is it Windows-NT compatible?
344.05NAPIER::LAXMANFri Dec 18 1992Sony CDU-541 CD-ROM kit - Looking for a good price.
345.01NAPIER::LAXMANFri Dec 18 1992Adaptec 174
346.06GLINDA::REHBEINFri Dec 18 1992trouble getting tcpip to run
347.01VNABRW::FIWIMon Dec 21 1992DOS16 Subsystem questions
348.01CESARE::CORGNATIMon Dec 21 1992TCP/IP socket() fails; error 3
349.01CSC32::S_HALLMon Dec 21 1992Serial ports: COM1 to COM2
350.08PRMSMon Dec 21 1992POSIX examples?
351.06KAOFS::LOCKYERMon Dec 21 1992Networking Short Course
352.04CSC32::S_HALLTue Dec 22 1992Changing Workgroup Name
353.01TALLIS::JCAGE::PerkinsTue Dec 22 1992Fatal System Error:
354.06CANDOO::GRIEBTue Dec 22 1992How do you force a driver to load ?
355.01CREATV::EVANSWed Dec 23 1992KOFAX 95
356.017CREATV::EVANSWed Dec 23 1992Opinions on OCT NT Stability
357.0DSSDEV::TANNENBAUMWed Dec 23 1992Debugging POSIX apps
358.03VNABRW::FIWIMon Dec 28 1992TCP/IP installed with Control Panel ??!!
359.027CSC32::S_HALLMon Dec 28 1992Great new NT development environment !
360.020DSSDEV::SHENMon Dec 28 1992restore files from a tar saveset
361.01ODIXIE::STAROSTATue Dec 29 1992Installing Microsoft Bookshelf (multimedia app)
362.03EEMELI::PEURATue Dec 29 1992DECps LP series and NT
363.01TOOK::NIPWed Dec 30 1992Which cable connects RRD42 to Adaptec 174
364.04BLUMON::JPSThu Dec 31 1992REGINI.EXE
365.010PRMSThu Dec 31 1992POSIX calls from WIN32 environment?
366.0QUABBI::"vixie@pa.dec.com"Mon Jan 04 1993need technical manual for Intelligent Graphics Controller (433ST)
367.09DSSDEV::TANNENBAUMMon Jan 04 1993Booting off of an RZ24
368.02ESGWST::NULKARMon Jan 04 1993Vertical Refresh and the October NT version
369.01IAMOK::BOBDOG::GENTILEMon Jan 04 1993Stacker 3.
370.03ICS::CHENGMon Jan 04 1993how to use emergency repair disk?
371.03TPSYS::ZIMRANMon Jan 04 1993NT Performance Tools
372.022--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 04 1993NT support of MS WORD?
373.019CHICHZ::EDELMANNMon Jan 04 1993FLEXBOOT and multiple SCSI HDs?
374.04RANGER::PITONIAKTue Jan 05 1993Multi processor alpha systems?
375.07CHOWDA::HARNOISTue Jan 05 1993DEPCA mouse not functioning
376.0TEACH::GARTue Jan 05 1993Problems with WINDBG
377.03CHOWDA::HARNOISWed Jan 06 1993Write question
378.02ELWOOD::OBRIENWed Jan 06 1993Licience and kit question
379.05CANDOO::GRIEBWed Jan 06 1993NETLOGON won't start :-(
380.012USA::CHAVISWed Jan 06 1993Help getting Network started on my 433w
381.011SRUS::SATURNELLIThu Jan 07 1993Object specification
382.032GLINDA::REHBEINThu Jan 07 1993adaptec 1542 controller problems
383.0RANGER::PITONIAKFri Jan 08 1993Security Question
384.01CIMTWO::OSCAR::JEFFFri Jan 08 1993Using parallel ports for network link?
385.02KALI::EWANCOFri Jan 08 1993Unknown corruption makes hard disk unbootable
386.044BERNMon Jan 11 1993PC for NT
388.03QUABBI::"coffler@dbased.enet.dec.com"Mon Jan 11 1993NT questions: DOS compatibility and FLEXBOOT configuration
389.0CSC32::M_MENKHUSMon Jan 11 1993Anyone Seen a SLIP?
390.04GLINDA::REHBEINMon Jan 11 1993tcpip network unreachable
391.09LKPDEE::PETTERSSONTue Jan 12 1993AHA-152
392.020SARAH::D_LATHAMTue Jan 12 1993Windows Socket spec?
393.05KETJE::MISTIAENWed Jan 13 1993Can I add True Type Fonts?
394.02RGB::MINERWed Jan 13 1993Profiling tool(s)
395.08RINGSS::WALESWed Jan 13 1993Dec 92 Hardware List?
396.017FRUST::SPALTThu Jan 14 1993getting Ethernet address on a NT system - code
397.0OSLACT::OLAVThu Jan 14 1993Underscore in resource names?
398.03CADSYS::COOKThu Jan 14 1993Talon TA-2
399.07DSSDEV::GREGGFri Jan 15 1993how do you set ntfs symbolic links from command line?
400.052CSC32::VISAGESun Jan 17 1993Diamond Viper VLB and NT.
401.07DRAC::BOSCHMon Jan 18 1993procedure entrypoint "formatmessage" not found
402.014PASHUN::ANDERSONMon Jan 18 1993Courses - what is best route to learning
403.04OSLACT::OLAVTue Jan 19 1993This is not a developers conference?
404.05TEACH::BEEBETue Jan 19 1993object OMG compliant ?
405.082HAL9::gauvinTue Jan 19 1993Appian BBS Deleted My Note on their BBS
406.09MACROW::WIMBERGTue Jan 19 1993Asking a thread to terminate?
407.01TEACH::BEEBEWed Jan 20 1993can TCP/ip and PW (decnet) coexist
408.03HYDRA::ALDENWed Jan 20 1993Drive manager woes
409.09KETJE::MISTIAENFri Jan 22 1993Oddities with TCP/IP subnet mask
410.0JER::HARROWFri Jan 22 1993Has anyone gotten _popen() to work?
411.0VMSDEV::CLABORNFri Jan 22 1993Manual SDK installation really is!
412.08MOVIES::PORTERFri Jan 22 1993NTFS named datastreams
413.01DATABS::MJDAILEYFri Jan 22 1993
414.04MSBCS::SHAHFri Jan 22 1993Microsoft SQL Server for NT
415.07HYDRA::ALDENFri Jan 22 1993Various startup problems
416.03GLDOA::CUTLERMon Jan 25 1993Artisoft AE-2 Ethernet Board
417.06LANDO::MAZURMon Jan 25 1993Console and NT
418.01AIAG::CARIFIOMon Jan 25 1993looking to order an alpha platform for WNT; info pl.
419.0HURON::BATESMon Jan 25 1993NT-DDK Video Presentation...
420.014CIVAGE::PRUSSMon Jan 25 1993Any users of NETBIOS over TCP/IP?
421.03MTVIEW::CHENGMon Jan 25 1993Accessing Windows NT from Ultrix/MIPS
422.06AIDEV::TETue Jan 26 1993Perfomance/Resource Usage info in the Registry?
423.09TAVTue Jan 26 1993Can't boot DOS after WNT installed
424.06OSLACT::OLAVWed Jan 27 1993Alpha technical information?
425.04YAMS::YAMS::RYANWed Jan 27 1993CPU cache requirements?
426.05CIVAGE::PRUSSWed Jan 27 1993STRIPE/MIRROR in use out there?
427.06HLDEThu Jan 28 1993HELP!, information for STREAMS driver needed
428.02BBIVThu Jan 28 1993Has AutoCAD been ported to Windows-NT yet?
429.02CIVAGE::PRUSSThu Jan 28 1993Lan Manager Server info?
430.04KAOFS::R_STJEANThu Jan 28 1993setup is out of memory 433ST,425ST
431.02HDLITE::DEMPSEYThu Jan 28 1993Using NTSD with a terminal?
432.07RINGSS::WALESThu Jan 28 1993Hang after installing Soundblaster driver
433.06ISTWI1::DARUGERFri Jan 29 1993Netware Connectivity
434.015BHAJEE::JAERVINENMon Feb 01 1993Scheduling algorithm question
435.06GLINDA::REHBEINMon Feb 01 1993tcpip stalling with pathworks
436.0BHAJEE::JAERVINENMon Feb 01 1993CONFIG/AUTOEXEC renaming?
437.06DELNI::VENKATMon Feb 01 1993'gettimeofday' on NT and DOS
438.05KOALA::LATHAMMon Feb 01 1993TCPIP problems
439.01SOJU::SLATERTue Feb 02 1993Gates: ACCESS, NT, servers, OS/2, CAIRO, Etc.
440.03KEPERA::RIPLEYTue Feb 02 1993Messages under C++, MFC
441.08CHOWDA::HARNOISWed Feb 03 1993new Beta release?
442.02YUPPY::BURGESSMWed Feb 03 1993NTAXP-IFT Moderator ?
443.06YUPPY::BURGESSMWed Feb 03 1993Compuserve file access ?
444.015DECWET::LEHMANNWed Feb 03 1993FTPD
445.0RTOAL1::STADLERThu Feb 04 1993Installing NT in Novell 3.11
446.03OSLACT::OLAVThu Feb 04 1993Windows on Win32 in Enchanced Mode?
447.014BHAJEE::JAERVINENThu Feb 04 1993MS Linker/librarian problem
448.012VNABRW::FIWI5Thu Feb 04 1993Fine small fonts for standard VGA
449.03ENTIAT::GORDONThu Feb 04 1993NT Supported Device List
450.02ASD::ROSSIThu Feb 04 1993325c
451.026OSLACT::OLAVFri Feb 05 1993Drivers for CDROM under DOS?
452.09STAR::BOIKOFri Feb 05 1993Visual Basic on NT yet?
453.010GNPIKE::JOHNSONFri Feb 05 1993How to get NT to see my AHA174
454.0STAR::DZIEDZICFri Feb 05 1993Win32 SDK manual installation/group & items
455.0DECWET::LEHMANNFri Feb 05 1993SetTokenInformation()
456.017MR4DEC::JAINFri Feb 05 1993xlib on nt
457.01MUCTEC::THOMASMon Feb 08 1993WNT Kernel questions
458.01STKHLM::SAMUELSSONMon Feb 08 1993Problems with CD
459.013DTRACY::MJDAILEYMon Feb 08 1993EtherWorks Turbo DE2
460.0AMCFAC::DISHNEAUMon Feb 08 1993Problems Booting To DOS After Oct Upgrade
461.01EMC2::POTTSMon Feb 08 1993Odd print problem - win 3.1 apps
462.012BHAJEE::JAERVINENTue Feb 09 1993Why no NTFS for removable media?
463.012TEACH::BEEBETue Feb 09 1993Remote install ?
464.02HDLITE::LIBKINDTue Feb 09 1993CreateDialog problem.
465.03SUBWAY::CHANGTue Feb 09 1993Unix SELECT() call
466.012OSLACT::OLAVWed Feb 10 1993POWER-X24 graphics card?
467.05OSLACT::OLAVWed Feb 10 1993Print to Print service problems?
468.0GLINDA::REHBEINWed Feb 10 1993need some help with tcpip
469.03CSOVM1::ZanggerThu Feb 11 1993swiss german keyboard in dos-box?
470.019AXEL::FOLEYThu Feb 11 1993What does MS use for code management?
471.0MR4MI2::HOPEWELLThu Feb 11 1993CHKDSK, Spmalloc:Heap Validation Failed?
472.02DECWET::BISHOPThu Feb 11 1993Distribution list for NT i18n questions
473.0CANDOO::GRIEBFri Feb 12 1993how do you grant privs for a short period of time ?
474.08TENNIS::KAMFri Feb 12 1993NT and Multi-user & Multi-processor capabilities
475.05DWOMV2::CAMPBELLFri Feb 12 1993Remove CD drive and/or controller?
476.0RANGER::PITONIAKMon Feb 15 1993Lanman Domain Problems
477.014AIAG::PARIKHMon Feb 15 1993Have you CRASHED your NT system lately?
478.0AIDEV::TEMon Feb 15 1993close, open, lseek, read write?
479.04OSLACT::OLAVMon Feb 15 1993Will not boot from IDE disk?
480.011OSLACT::OLAVMon Feb 15 1993Change Program Group type?
481.01OSLACT::OLAVMon Feb 15 1993Connect to PATHWORKS for ULTRIX weirdness?
482.05PHONE::MURRAYMon Feb 15 1993Ultrastore 34F (moved my question from WINDOWS-NT conf)
483.03OSLACT::OLAVTue Feb 16 1993User path not effective?
484.012OSLACT::OLAVTue Feb 16 1993MFC version?
485.01DTRACY::MJDAILEYTue Feb 16 1993ZEOs SCSI compatible with Win NT?
486.0OSLACT::OLAVTue Feb 16 1993When prompted for password when connecting to share name?
487.03TENAYA::SWHEELERTue Feb 16 1993viewing clipboard files
488.03PEKKA::peuraTue Feb 16 1993file manager problems on 466LP
489.0CANDOO::GRIEBTue Feb 16 1993how do you read arrow keys from a console window ?
490.01CANDOO::GRIEBTue Feb 16 1993multi-access floppy may not yield desired results
491.023DC1Tue Feb 16 1993Multimedia Supportin Win32s?
492.01SUBWAY::CHANGTue Feb 16 1993TCPIP problem -- help
493.08BIGUN::MAYNEWed Feb 17 1993Mathematic testing
494.03BHAJEE::JAERVINENWed Feb 17 1993Yet another TCP/IP problem (broken by PW)
495.01GYUPCC::BLAKEWed Feb 17 1993Strange behavior with thread scheduling?
496.0SYSMGT::HALLYBWed Feb 17 1993Restart a subsystem without rebooting?
497.03CANDOO::GRIEBWed Feb 17 1993How to cd from a program ?
498.01NWGEDU::MACKNEYWed Feb 17 1993Is SCSI compulsory
499.0BLUMON::JPSWed Feb 17 1993NSM/AD Presents: WIN/NT Internals (videos from PDK in SF)
500.01CANDOO::GRIEBWed Feb 17 1993how do you make a network disk stay alive ?
501.05BIGUN::MAYNEWed Feb 17 1993LAT access for printers
502.02SMAUG::ZOLFONOONThu Feb 18 1993inbound connects over tcp/ip
503.04SUBWAY::CHANGThu Feb 18 1993WOSA
504.06LABC::RUThu Feb 18 1993CDROM for IDE adpater?
505.02RTL::DMULLENThu Feb 18 1993GetLastError question
506.05FORFUN::SAMPSONThu Feb 18 1993NMI interrupt - Fatal System Error on NT install.
507.03STANZG::GazawayFri Feb 19 1993Extending Windows NT with a System Service
508.010DECWET::LEHMANNFri Feb 19 1993CreateSemaphore()
509.09CADSYS::LEMONSFri Feb 19 1993Notepad can't open .TXT files on a CD
510.02BERNMon Feb 22 1993NT-setup
511.06IRNBRU::GRANTMon Feb 22 1993Can't see outside our site
512.04RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHMon Feb 22 1993unable to install nt on d:
513.07OSLACT::OLAVMon Feb 22 1993DE2
514.06RTL::DMULLENMon Feb 22 1993_lclose? Why no CloseFile()
516.013ESSB2::DMCWEENEYTue Feb 23 1993install from infoserver
517.0MUDIS3::STADLERTue Feb 23 1993Porting VMS to WNT
518.09BITS1::REUTERTue Feb 23 1993access violations and floppy errors
519.04KEPERA::RIPLEYTue Feb 23 1993Jensen Proto Info Needed
520.03RTL::DMULLENTue Feb 23 1993AddJob? StartDoc?
521.01SUBSYS::KERRTue Feb 23 1993Kernel Debug with ALPHA
522.013KEPERA::RIPLEYTue Feb 23 1993Any way to break in to WNT?
523.03THEBAY::BOSWELLBRTue Feb 23 1993WIN 3.1 apps won't start
524.0BIGUN::MAYNETue Feb 23 1993Physical Screen Size
525.05PRMSWed Feb 24 1993OLE 2 Beta on NT?
526.02EPTMAX::RADOFFWed Feb 24 1993Install Problems with PC45
527.02RANGER::RICHWed Feb 24 1993NUMLOCK on NT on DECpc 45
528.03OSLACT::OLAVWed Feb 24 1993Windows interace to FTP?
529.05QUABBI::"mills@athena.lkg.dec.com"Wed Feb 24 1993Windows 3.1 application uses 1
530.07COPCLU::BRAMSThu Feb 25 1993Cannot execute mandelbrot - compilation issue ?
531.02ESSB2::DMCWEENEYThu Feb 25 1993sho sys question
532.01ESSB2::DMCWEENEYThu Feb 25 1993really messed up this time
533.04RANGER::LESKOWITZThu Feb 25 1993Subclassing the desktop window...
534.012ENTIAT::GORDONThu Feb 25 1993LB-intelligent SCSI controller?
535.02INTERN::SWABOWICZThu Feb 25 1993NT will not boot on 433ST ....
536.07HLDEFri Feb 26 1993COM port access
537.0DSSDEV::TANNENBAUMFri Feb 26 1993Network resources
538.03ESSB2::DMCWEENEYFri Feb 26 1993group TDI and NDIS
539.02VNABRW::FIWI5Fri Feb 26 1993Internal Compiler Error C1
540.07TENNIS::KAMFri Feb 26 1993WINNT & DECstation 32
541.05HPSRAD::TREMBLAYSun Feb 28 1993Streams service failed...error 8
542.03NANTES::FARNEMon Mar 01 1993PB INSTALL PC 433 MP
543.02ESSB2::DMCWEENEYMon Mar 01 1993hpmon and some general questions
544.02DPDMAI::HARTSONMon Mar 01 1993Install hangs Oct. Release
545.03OSLACT::OLAVMon Mar 01 1993Network partner exited?
546.02DECWET::LAURUNEMon Mar 01 199364-bit integers
547.0SEND::PATRICKMon Mar 01 1993How to create detached process for diff users
548.03VMSNET::CHURCHETue Mar 02 1993RegOpenKeyEx returns 2?
549.06DECWET::IMBIERSKITue Mar 02 1993Kernel debugger - useful field tool??
550.02ECADSR::SHERMANTue Mar 02 1993Common Lisp on Windows NT?
551.03DECWET::IMBIERSKITue Mar 02 1993Process troubleshooting tools??
552.020SUBWAY::CHANGTue Mar 02 1993Fork -> NT
553.05PTOVAX::SMITHTue Mar 02 1993Botched DECpc 45
554.02OSLACT::OLAVWed Mar 03 1993How to connect to internet from FTP?
555.04TROOA::HENDRIKSEWed Mar 03 1993nfs mount for NT
556.02ZPOVC::MICHELLETANGWed Mar 03 1993Installation Hang on 45
557.04CADSYS::LEMONSWed Mar 03 1993Missing sys.spccmosram file
558.0512138::PARIKHWed Mar 03 1993NT kernel
559.07YNGSTR::BROWNWed Mar 03 1993MS-Test???
560.01SMAUG::JONESWed Mar 03 1993Will adaptec 152
561.04NAPIER::VERMAThu Mar 04 1993Problem with NT and Borlands TDW debugger
562.02ANGLIN::SUZDAThu Mar 04 1993Network won't start - File not found
563.01ROCKT::MAThu Mar 04 1993Logon session doesnot come out on PC 486, why?
564.03OSLACT::OLAVThu Mar 04 1993connect() and EINVAL?
565.06GYUPCC::BLAKEFri Mar 05 1993What is the STREAMS environment?\
566.01GYUPCC::BLAKEFri Mar 05 1993Signals in WIN32 ?
567.017TENAYA::SWHEELERFri Mar 05 1993new SDK? DDK? when?
568.03MSBCS::TARSAFri Mar 05 1993NT equivilant of UNIX stat() call?
569.09STAR::RLORDSun Mar 07 1993Installation Gone Bad (also in Windows-NT)
570.0STAR::DCARRSun Mar 07 1993Log files screw up video while booting??
571.0ZURMon Mar 08 1993C++ / WINDBG, syntax for watching class members needed ...
572.017OSLACT::OLAVMon Mar 08 1993"Best" API for distributing real-time data?
573.0HGOVA::KIMWAHNGTue Mar 09 1993Help, my NTFS is corrupted !
574.0NBOFS1::KASTENMEIERTue Mar 09 1993Another installationsproblem
575.04SUBWAY::CHANGTue Mar 09 1993how to interpret the error code
576.03BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANWed Mar 10 1993"Drive A does not exist" in NT?
577.0RANGER::WCAThu Mar 11 1993PATHWORKS for Windows NT field test update
578.07VNABRW::FIWI5Thu Mar 11 1993!! Diamond SpeedStar 24 fully supported !!
579.01MSBCS::TARSAThu Mar 11 1993ZIP for ULTRIX?
580.08LARVAE::DRSD27::GALVINFri Mar 12 1993Hardware Upgrade Questions ...
581.01VNABRW::FIWI5Fri Mar 12 1993How to simulate a supported CD for Setup *and Emergency Repair*
582.08AIAG::CARIFIOFri Mar 12 1993can't find linker; can't find object file
583.04REFINE::KNOXFri Mar 12 1993Need an enhanced Recorder
584.03DSSDEV::GREGGFri Mar 12 1993command to tell what functions are exported by a library?
585.01PEKKA::peuraMon Mar 15 1993network problems with Jensen
586.04SHIPS::YATES_MMon Mar 15 1993Adaptec 1542C / NT Beta 3.1
587.0DEMOAX::KENNARDMon Mar 15 1993PCTAZ-AD (AHA-154
588.01PEKKA::peuraMon Mar 15 1993March beta performance
589.02MSBCS::TARSATue Mar 16 1993Redirecting standard output
590.03ROMVLC::PASITue Mar 16 1993SCSI controller PC6XR-AD
591.01KETJE::BRH96Tue Mar 16 1993Is DEPCA supported ?
592.06ELWOOD::LANETue Mar 16 1993Librarian
593.08KOALA::LATHAMTue Mar 16 1993POSIX threads on NT?
594.01MSBCS::JOGINPALLITue Mar 16 1993POSIX on NT
595.03CADSYS::LEMONSTue Mar 16 1993Sharing drives among multiple users
596.01DSSDEV::TANNENBAUMTue Mar 16 1993Sort
597.01DSSDEV::TANNENBAUMTue Mar 16 1993Dynamic Dialog Box
598.01DECWET::VEZINATue Mar 16 1993Registry Questions
599.01LOBSTR::LEBELTue Mar 16 1993BOOT: I/O error reading disk
600.05OSLACT::OLAVWed Mar 17 1993Common Windows network API?
601.02FORTY2::SHIPMANWed Mar 17 1993Interlink?
602.06HDLITE::HOPEWELLWed Mar 17 1993Application DEC 4
603.02JAYDA::LOFTINWed Mar 17 1993Large Vax/VMS -> NT migration -- Ideas, suggestions???
604.02DSSDEV::SHENWed Mar 17 1993nmake recursively
606.07IGNATZ::JUDDWed Mar 17 1993INTEL -> AXP Port: Actual Experience
607.01BOSEDF::FEATHERSTONThu Mar 18 1993Anyone gotten the USENET News Reader to work
608.05MSBCS::TARSAThu Mar 18 1993Unix CURSES library for NT?
609.08APACHE::RYDERThu Mar 18 1993Install freezes at "Exam Disk Config" Problem
610.08PEKKA::peuraFri Mar 19 1993March Beta and Tiger 2 S3 drivers
611.03RANGER::RICHFri Mar 19 1993Sound routines in WIN32 ??
612.01SCHOOL::LEKASSat Mar 20 1993Looking For Supported Hardware List
614.03RANGER::RICHMon Mar 22 1993has "Show Only TrueType fonts" been selected?
615.029SICVAX::TIMMINSMon Mar 22 1993433W and March Beta 2
616.0NSDC::BIANCHIMon Mar 22 1993Training @NEU
617.0RANGER::PITONIAKMon Mar 22 1993March Beta TCP Problem hosts.
618.0BHAJEE::JAERVINENTue Mar 23 1993March beta & TCP/IP?
619.01CNTROL::HAMILTONTue Mar 23 1993Printing to DECLaser 22
620.03ROWLET::BYRONTue Mar 23 1993Install problem determining memory size
621.02OSLACT::OLAVTue Mar 23 1993What is a HCT?
622.02QUABBI::"mcjones@src.dec.com"Tue Mar 23 1993NT-Word for Windows / Ultrix Pathworks compatibility problem
623.06GNPIKE::MIKELISTue Mar 23 1993Trident 89
624.08SPESHR::HAMILTONTue Mar 23 1993Boot problem having both October and March Beta
625.07TEACH::BEEBETue Mar 23 1993March BETA on LAPTOP !!
626.0MUZICK::KUNGTue Mar 23 1993fieldtest sites solicited for DECscheduler product
627.04JULIET::CRABTREE_LATue Mar 23 1993Any tools for Porting Motif to W-NT ?
628.01IGNATZ::JUDDTue Mar 23 1993March Beta: ET4
629.07OSLACT::OLAVWed Mar 24 1993How to get enhanced mode application to run (Visual C++)
630.012MONTOR::MIKELISWed Mar 24 1993Another DOS booting problem
631.06MYOTT::HERGTWed Mar 24 1993CD-ROM, In March Beta- no access unless drive loaded w/cd?
632.08BLUMON::JPSWed Mar 24 1993Error Opening Symbolic Link Object
633.08VIA::HPISTE::EISENBERGWed Mar 24 1993hi res on 433t possible?
634.05RANGER::PITONIAKThu Mar 25 1993NFS on NT?
635.04GNPIKE::MIKELISThu Mar 25 1993Password for Admin Account?
636.04DSSDEV::TANNENBAUMThu Mar 25 1993Video Board Recommendations
637.01DSSDEV::SHENThu Mar 25 1993fixes for "command line too long"?
638.01QUABBI::"mcjones@src.dec.com"Thu Mar 25 1993Compatibility of March NT with October Advanced Server
639.0OSLACT::OLAVFri Mar 26 1993Win16, print to file problem?
640.06OSLACT::OLAVFri Mar 26 1993Win16 and DLL problem?
641.0RANGER::COOKFri Mar 26 1993switching screen resolution - March beta
642.01FLYSQD::FERJULIANFri Mar 26 1993Inquiring minds...
643.01QUABBI::"mjordan@src.dec.com"Fri Mar 26 1993DLLs and floating point
644.04UCROW::GIBSONSun Mar 28 1993Drivers for VLB Video Adapters?
645.03RTL::COWANSun Mar 28 1993"Fixing" your ISA configuration
646.02GVPROD::CHAPACOUMon Mar 29 1993Installation hangs during disk config checking
647.011OSLACT::OLAVMon Mar 29 1993Animation samples?
648.07KETJE::WARICHETMon Mar 29 1993EtherWorks3, DE2
649.019OSLACT::OLAVMon Mar 29 1993SCSI adapters?
650.04WOTVAX::MORRISONMon Mar 29 1993DE212 (MCA) driver, please ?
651.015GNPIKE::JOHNSONMon Mar 29 1993MicroEMACS on the March Beta
652.04GNPIKE::JOHNSONMon Mar 29 1993March Beta OLE 2.
653.05MACROW::WIMBERGMon Mar 29 1993TCP/IP net use problems to VMS Pathworks
654.05MANANA::RED911::CUMMINGSMon Mar 29 1993Questions about shared memory
655.04GIDDAY::MILNEMon Mar 29 1993ATI WONDER
656.023SEND::PATRICKMon Mar 29 1993EtherWORKS LC no longer works
657.012SOFCAD::KNIGHTTue Mar 30 1993S3-924 + PCXAV-EA in March Beta?????
658.06QUABBI::"mills@athena.lkg.dec.com"Tue Mar 30 1993Borland, NT and ALPHA
659.01AIDEV::MNGTue Mar 30 1993Event Log Questions
660.02EICMFG::DRECHSELWed Mar 31 1993NT+DOS+OS2 with one boot mgr?
663.09KAOFS::LOCKYERWed Mar 31 1993Upgrading to DOS V6
664.06MSBCS::TARSAWed Mar 31 1993
665.08CADSYS::LEMONSWed Mar 31 1993File copying problems during March 1993 setup
666.089ELWOOD::RIEDLWed Mar 31 1993Sony CDU-31A NT Driver
667.02MSBCS::TARSAWed Mar 31 1993NT for Jensen
668.03ALAMOS::ADAMSWed Mar 31 1993Print Problem with March Beta
669.01QUABBI::"mjordan@src.dec.com"Wed Mar 31 1993DLL DEF files
670.012BOSEDF::FEATHERSTONWed Mar 31 1993Network Password?
671.03KISMIF::WITHERSWed Mar 31 1993Info on structure of FAT and NTFS file systems?
672.09GLDOA::CUTLERWed Mar 31 1993March Beta Less Responsive?
673.020IGNATZ::JUDDWed Mar 31 1993Colorado Tape Support!
674.01QUABBI::"mjordan@src.dec.com"Wed Mar 31 1993DLL debugging
675.01BRUMMY::MORTONThu Apr 01 1993Customer Developing NT
676.05AKOCOA::PWISEThu Apr 01 1993Can't run DOS, WIN16 apps
677.02ANGLIN::SUZDAThu Apr 01 1993Drivers NOT starting?
678.0BLUMON::JPSThu Apr 01 1993OLE2.
679.016MSBCS::BROWN_LThu Apr 01 1993March MAKEALL times
680.09KETJE::DIERICKFri Apr 02 1993Async I/O with I/O completion routine Not working in March Beta ?
681.03MANANA::RED911::CUMMINGSFri Apr 02 1993Compose key application
682.07CSC32::J_KLEINFri Apr 02 1993Mail sign in (security?)
683.0IGNATZ::JUDDSat Apr 03 1993Reporting bugs to MS
684.0STAR::GUINEAUMon Apr 05 1993Cheap networking - UUCP, SLIP
685.06NECSC::LEVYMon Apr 05 1993SYSTEM.INI not processed at startup?
686.07MSBCS::WIRYAMANMon Apr 05 1993Streams API?
687.02SUBWAY::CHANGTue Apr 06 1993copying files from October Beta to March Beta
688.013IRNBRU::SADLERWed Apr 07 1993Physicl addresses from Virtual ones ????
689.09SUBWAY::CHANGWed Apr 07 1993connect Windows V3.1 drive
690.0LEMAN::GOLON::BezenconWed Apr 07 1993Developement Environement on NT/AXP
691.02RANGER::PITONIAKWed Apr 07 1993Network Print connection problem
692.03AIAG::CARIFIOWed Apr 07 1993C++ libraries?
693.03BONKA::FINNIEThu Apr 08 1993ReadFile & GetOverlappedResult problem
694.04RTL::DMULLENThu Apr 08 1993GetSystemTime
695.08ROCK::OLESINFri Apr 09 1993SDK install from a non-SCSI cdrom /March Beta
696.01BLUFSH::VAUGHNFri Apr 09 1993HELP: Driver conflict, S3 128
698.03RUMOR::STANPC::fosterSat Apr 10 1993How do I find 'library 3' on CIS ?
699.0RUMOR::STANPC::fosterSat Apr 10 1993Problem installing and Running March NT kit
700.01DCEIDL::OBRYANMon Apr 12 1993Visual C++ (C V8) on NT ?
701.06CLOHUB::CLOEIS::COBURNMon Apr 12 1993Remote Access Services - March Beta
702.05AIDEV::MNGMon Apr 12 1993Mail API?
703.05ODIXIE::GARABOMon Apr 12 1993PETZOLD's 3.1 examples broke in March '93 beta
704.01SXOSLS::BANKEYTue Apr 13 1993MSmail on Alpha Jenson
705.03AZUR::NAVARROWed Apr 14 1993NT HLP file readable on Win 3.1
706.01HANNAH::BATCHELDERNWed Apr 14 1993Server service hung
707.04ROWLET::BYRONWed Apr 14 1993Any disk caching available? Ram-disk?
708.09RANGER::FREITASWed Apr 14 1993How to transport files with long names?
709.02KETJE::BHP695::FORSTERThu Apr 15 1993NT Adv.Server limitation, scalability ???
710.02RANGER::PITONIAKThu Apr 15 1993TCP Gateway on march Beta
711.04BINKLY::JOHNThu Apr 15 1993Mail doesn't run!
712.01SUBWAY::CHANGThu Apr 15 1993struct _find_t in DOS.H
713.04RANGER::RICHThu Apr 15 1993GetNumberOfConsoleMouseButtons() problem
714.01BIS1::BHP384::Conferencing-UserFri Apr 16 1993retail banking bid on NT, BID support needed
715.04CESARE::OLOBARDIFri Apr 16 1993HW Compatibility for Alpha PCs?
716.01CADSYS::VANNOYFri Apr 16 1993Non privileged password changes
717.02OSLACT::OLAVMon Apr 19 1993How to enable auditing on a file?
718.02GYUPCC::BALTESKONISMon Apr 19 1993F9
719.07HDLITE::MASSEYMon Apr 19 1993GetFocus: how to find handle in ANY THREAD?
720.010DIVING::DAVISMon Apr 19 1993DE422 problems with March Beta
721.0PWCUST::SOMon Apr 19 1993Question on the UnpackDDElParam routine
722.02ZURTue Apr 20 1993Info Server Access / LAST ?
723.01RANGER::PITONIAKTue Apr 20 1993RPC Server/Locator question
724.01MSBCS::TARSATue Apr 20 1993Quoting rules: what are they?
725.06KETJE::DIERICKTue Apr 20 1993Questions received during NT Programming Course
726.01NOVA::EASTLANDTue Apr 20 1993Uninstalling NT
727.04SOJU::SLATERTue Apr 20 1993Problems With CONFIG.NT
728.02OSLACT::OLAVTue Apr 20 1993How to network a Jensen PC with a PC in a Token Ring network?
729.03DECWET::HASEGAWATue Apr 20 1993
730.0ESBSWed Apr 21 1993IBM PS/2 M56 + RRD42 supported ?
731.02SUTRA::NIMRODWed Apr 21 1993Netware and March beta ?
732.08KETJE::BHP695::FORSTERWed Apr 21 1993BOOT SECTOR infected, how to reinstall it ?
733.0DCEIDL::OBRYANWed Apr 21 1993Workaround to password-retry limit ?
734.0HDLITE::OMALLEYWed Apr 21 1993writev()
735.0IRNBRU::ARMSTRONGWed Apr 21 1993Changing Font Style in Command Prompt
736.01BINKLY::JOHNWed Apr 21 1993MD3
737.03LJOHUB::HEERMANCEWed Apr 21 1993chdir() doesn't last beyond a program.
738.01TPOVC::DAVIDHSIEHWed Apr 21 1993net print with PW for Ultrix
739.0SUBWAY::CHANGWed Apr 21 1993March Beta Setup Error
740.01ESBSThu Apr 22 1993_fastcall parameter passing
741.02ADO75A::JARMANThu Apr 22 1993DE2
742.03KETJE::BHP695::FORSTERThu Apr 22 1993Max. Number of TCPIP connections ?
743.04SOJU::SLATERThu Apr 22 1993The REAL NT Boot Sequence
744.01SNOCThu Apr 22 1993Changing Adaptec 154
745.0TRCOA::BROWNFri Apr 23 1993Easter Eggs?
746.05TRCOA::BROWNFri Apr 23 1993Conversational Breaki-in Boot?
747.06QUABBI::"gibian@ljohub.enet.dec.com"Fri Apr 23 1993tcp/ip problem with March version of NT/Intel
748.0RANGER::PITONIAKFri Apr 23 1993Alerts/SNMP?
749.04CADSYS::VANNOYFri Apr 23 1993"The network path was not found"
750.0GANTRY::HULLFri Apr 23 1993COM1 speed problem
751.02GANTRY::HULLFri Apr 23 1993VDM startup problems
752.014GANTRY::HULLFri Apr 23 1993Assigning drive letters - how?
753.014CREATV::SHAROSFri Apr 23 1993RSH and REXEC
754.04GANTRY::HULLFri Apr 23 1993Animated cursor
755.01PIPA::SANTIAGOFri Apr 23 1993MARCH Beta, POSIX fopen() problem
756.07TPOVC::DAVIDHSIEHFri Apr 23 1993WNT Advanced Server questions
757.049711::MISTIAENMon Apr 26 1993problem with VLB IDE controller
758.02CHIRPA::LINMon Apr 26 1993Compuserve Windows NT Files (East and West locations)
759.0GNPIKE::MIKELISMon Apr 26 1993PATH statements not seen
760.02IRNBRU::SADLERTue Apr 27 1993Adding Entry to Registry ???
761.02COPCLU::JORNTue Apr 27 1993Chess and Mandelbrot for March Beta ?
762.01NWGEDU::DINGEMANSTue Apr 27 1993New ADVANCED graphics mode in March!
763.04RTL::DMULLENTue Apr 27 1993Message Compiler
764.08ANGLIN::ORTHOBERTue Apr 27 1993Dual Head Monitor on Jensen Possible?
765.01STAR::GUINEAUTue Apr 27 1993multi-head on NT?
766.03MR4DEC::JAINTue Apr 27 1993How to turn off dialog box when application crashes?
767.02OSLACT::OLAVWed Apr 28 1993RECT *and* RECTL?
768.01CESARE::CORGNATIWed Apr 28 1993Prob. accesing files on netw drive
769.07DSSDEV::TANNENBAUMWed Apr 28 1993Device Info
770.0DECWET::SCHREIBERThu Apr 29 1993NTAS IFT sites wanted
771.0NSDC::SCODOS::BIANCHIThu Apr 29 1993Automatic Setup (CPS)
772.0OSLACT::OLAVThu Apr 29 1993How to browse all users, groups etc from a program?
773.09RANGER::PITONIAKThu Apr 29 1993Arc Disk Naming convention
774.02OSLACT::OLAVThu Apr 29 1993How to allocate SID?
775.01OSLACT::OLAVThu Apr 29 1993How to get to the Access Token object?
776.011AIMTEC::ROSIEP::PORTER_TThu Apr 29 1993Better than VGA for jensen seed units?
777.01BINKLY::JOHNThu Apr 29 1993is build 3.58 and 3.85 from OCT or March??
778.0CREATV::SHAROSThu Apr 29 1993Problems with drag and drop with dialog boxes
779.02MSDOA::MCCLOUDFri Apr 30 1993NT & AMD386
780.07RANGER::COOKSat May 01 1993problem formatting a drive
781.03--UnknownUser--Sat May 01 1993Hang at network choices
782.01FSCORE::KAYESun May 02 1993.LOG files have bad file size during boot
783.044126::SADLERMon May 03 1993Symbolic links - HOW ???
784.0144126::SADLERMon May 03 1993Guidline for writing portable device drivers
785.02STKHLM::BACKSTROMMon May 03 1993NEC MultiSpin 84-1 & 45
786.01CUSTOM::STAFFORDMon May 03 1993NT on DECpc 325SL??
787.02STAR::NORDHMon May 03 1993password to MS-Mail...
788.010GLDOA::SBURNSMon May 03 1993Question: Balance memory/processor/$$$
789.07EEMELI::OSFSYS::plTue May 04 1993Vector drawing performance
790.06KETJE::DIERICKTue May 04 1993WIN32 File Security question
791.01TSCGPX::SUSANNETue May 04 1993Logitech S9 and MarchRelease
792.05PRSSUD::AGUADOTue May 04 1993Real Time and Windows NT ????
793.02MISFIT::SALEHIMTue May 04 1993MultiThread demo
794.04SOJU::SLATERTue May 04 1993Disk Admin. Tool
795.010PMASON::ROYALTue May 04 1993DE2
796.03WRKSYS::AMARALTue May 04 1993MORGAN IFT nomination form.
797.01CALDEC::SWHEELERTue May 04 1993ReportEvent Documentation?
798.02WR1FOR::THOMPSON_SATue May 04 1993Jensen Install problems -- March Beta
799.01GYUPCC::BLAKEWed May 05 1993How to access [WIN][SYSTEM].INI info from a 32 bit app
800.014FLAMES::TAFTWed May 05 1993Installation Assistance
801.02HITEKS::SZORENYIWed May 05 1993Can you connect two NT system via TCP/IP????
802.014COPCLU::SVENDSENThu May 06 1993How do you make a new repair disk??
803.0COPCLU::SVENDSENThu May 06 1993set file/owner=? wanted.
804.02BCFI::WRETMANThu May 06 1993NetBIOS interrupts on NT??
805.0IRNBRU::GRANTThu May 06 1993Communications Port
806.02GYUPCC::KLUMPPThu May 06 1993How to get WINDBG to display source code?
807.02SOJU::SLATERThu May 06 1993HiJaak Under WIN NT ?
809.01LSNCSC::BRAUNThu May 06 1993DBLSPACED non primary partition
811.023PRIVAT::OTTOThu May 06 1993TLZ
812.03MONTOR::MIKELISThu May 06 1993How are .WAV files played?
813.01IGNATZ::JUDDThu May 06 1993Looking for decent YACC and LEX for INTEL and AXP...
814.08RANGER::COOKThu May 06 1993Lazy writing to disk
815.013OSLACT::OLAVFri May 07 1993How does mail interoperate?
816.010RANGER::PITONIAKFri May 07 1993Media Player *.avi files?
817.09MSDOA::MCCLOUDFri May 07 1993Print ps files from a VMS system
818.05LODGE::MARCHIONDOFri May 07 1993Installing NT Outside \WINDOWS Directory
819.02RANGER::PITONIAKTue May 11 1993Netware Client
820.08DCEIDL::OBRYANTue May 11 1993NT (March Beta) on Gateway 486 ?
821.03WARNUT::PAVERDTue May 11 1993NETDDE.EXE errors
822.07KETJE::WARICHETTue May 11 1993HP LaserJet IV on ethernet
823.03PAMSRC::635Tue May 11 1993Screen flicker on OS boot screen?
824.0BACHUS::VANTUYKOMWed May 12 1993odi 32-bit drivers for EtherWorks
825.02HLDEWed May 12 1993SCSI programming question
826.03HDLITE::CONROYWed May 12 1993IEEE NaN support on Alpha/NT?
827.01CHICHZ::EDELMANNWed May 12 1993MS-MAIL setup problems
828.03RCOCER::SALEHIWed May 12 1993How to specify hosts without a nameserver
829.012KETJE::DIERICKThu May 13 1993Yet another Posix question
830.0OZROCK::GROHNFri May 14 1993ACTIX graphics engine 32
831.010OSLACT::OLAVFri May 14 1993Number of mouse buttons in registery?
832.01CANDOO::GRIEBFri May 14 1993Account migration ?
833.09VNABRW::SCHNABL_RFri May 14 1993SUBST for complete system ?
834.06JER::HARROWFri May 14 1993How do you suppress the dialog box that reports errors in console applications?
835.012OSLACT::OLAVFri May 14 1993Experiences with MS-MAIL (NT flavor)?
836.02MISFIT::SALEHIMFri May 14 1993Broadcast all
837.02TLE::FRIDAYFri May 14 1993Question about redefining the path variable
838.07SWAM2::WONG_HEMon May 17 1993win 3.1 terminal emulators under Win NT
839.02XSTACY::BODONOVANMon May 17 1993Phase 1 I/O initialization failed
840.05BOSEDF::FEATHERSTONMon May 17 1993Need help getting LPS4
841.04RANGER::PITONIAKMon May 17 1993VDM Config.sys question
842.01OSLACT::OLAVTue May 18 1993How to migrate Program Manager groups?
843.07RANGER::PITONIAKTue May 18 1993Domains Anyone??
844.0IRNBRU::SADLERTue May 18 1993Timing functions
845.0OSLACT::OLAVTue May 18 1993How to make software available in a domain?
846.03LARVAE::LEGG_BTue May 18 1993Better than QVISION?
847.03FAIRTue May 18 1993It it "Multimedia" time.
848.04MSBCS::BROWN_LTue May 18 1993FreeCell autoplay "Easter Egg"?
849.010RCOCER::SALEHITue May 18 1993Password incorrect on connection to paswword protected file service
850.0TEACH::BAKERWed May 19 1993VirtualLock -- how locked is locked ?
851.01RTL::DMULLENWed May 19 1993Automatically creating dependency lists for NMAKE
852.09POBOX::ZWIKELWed May 19 1993How to print .PS1 files?
853.0KETJE::DIERICKWed May 19 1993LSA calls ?
854.02NETRIX::michaudWed May 19 1993How well does the Registry scale?
855.04SPECXN::KANNANWed May 19 1993Install problems with March Beta VLBus system
856.02HGOVA::WILSONWONGThu May 20 1993Layer product and schedule port into window NT
857.012COPCLU::SVENDSENThu May 20 1993NTFS questions
858.01COPCLU::SVENDSENThu May 20 1993How to generate a ?
859.0TRUCKS::BAKER_SThu May 20 1993March and Etherlink 16 and DEClaser 215
860.01AMCSAD::YATESThu May 20 1993HP-IB or IEEE 488?
861.01RBW::WICKERTThu May 20 1993Boot from two types of SCSI controllers
862.08TRIPEN::BoettcherFri May 21 1993PCXAT-AA Tape Drive Problem (originally posted in WINDOWS-NT Conference)
863.09OSLACT::OLAVFri May 21 1993Problem saving icon arrangement?
864.011DECWET::THOMASFri May 21 1993Tiger III DECpc 466d2 MTE and Windows NT?
865.011RANGER::COOKSat May 22 1993Billiards game for NT
866.0SCHOOL::LEKASMon May 24 1993CDROM access from VDM and WOW?
867.015DSM::SCHWARTZMon May 24 1993Common W/NT Development Environment
868.01AD::CRUZMon May 24 1993Performance monitoring tools meeting
869.05AIDEV::MNGMon May 24 1993WIN32 workaround for UNIX select() ?
870.06NETRIX::michaudMon May 24 1993errno, single- and multi- threaded applications
871.0OSLACT::OLAVTue May 25 1993How to view a group/users granted rights?
872.0MSBCS::CSGPERFTue May 25 1993AXP Personal Computer Performance Brief-Windows NT
873.03RANGER::PITONIAKTue May 25 1993Print Manager Local Port
874.0LSNCSC::BRAUNWed May 26 1993user or share level security ?
875.02DECAUX::ULLI::BOSTERSWed May 26 1993Diamond Speedstar 24X
876.06TLE::FRIDAYWed May 26 1993Need help doing own wallpaper
877.02CESARE::CORGNATIThu May 27 1993WaitForMultipleObjects() and Wsock select()
878.05OSLACT::OLAVThu May 27 1993Not permitted to use gatekeeper.dec.com?
879.02ATH853::GABIThu May 27 1993Int. RZ25 doesn't boot after removing ext. RZ58
880.01SWAM1::JAYME_ALFri May 28 1993LN
881.0MSBCS::CSGPERFFri May 28 1993AXP Personal Computer Performance Primer Available
882.08STAR::GUINEAUFri May 28 1993QIO equivilent?
883.0TYSON::KURATAFri May 28 1993How to load drivers from CD
884.01STKAI1::HLOFGRENFri May 28 1993PATHWORKS WNT install trouble
885.012DECWET::KARMALIFri May 28 1993porting message catalogues
886.016MALTM1::SMEDBERGTue Jun 01 1993Mitsumi CD-ROM for WNT Drivers Where?
887.03RANGER::PITONIAKTue Jun 01 1993NT use Bios?
888.0RANGER::PITONIAKTue Jun 01 1993Personal Program Groups
889.0JUNG::NEUMANTue Jun 01 1993Need WIN32S for Demo
890.010DSM::SCHWARTZTue Jun 01 1993C Predefined Macros
891.03NOODMA::NOODME::knightlyTue Jun 01 1993425ST floppy problem trying to build WINNT
892.04KAOFS::R_STJEANWed Jun 02 1993Internal modem recognition prob.
893.03AMCFAC::DISHNEAUWed Jun 02 1993Problem Encountered Installing MicroSoft Word For Windows
894.015MUMPS::SCHWARTZWed Jun 02 1993Non-ANSI Comments in Header Files
896.0PORVAX::SILVA_JCWed Jun 02 1993nt file server in a TCPIP WAN
897.015STAR::GUINEAUWed Jun 02 1993Async I/O, Completion routines and Alertable threads
898.02KETJE::DIERICKThu Jun 03 1993Stars "ported" to NT (Intel, AXP will follow)
899.02YUPPY::BURGESSMThu Jun 03 1993Viewps available ?
901.03NETRIX::michaudThu Jun 03 1993User/Password authentication [LSA?]
902.0HOBBLE::SUPPLEEFri Jun 04 1993External lib. proc. ArcPathToDosPath error.
903.0HITEKS::SZORENYIFri Jun 04 1993No response to "Ctl-Alt-Del"
904.01FREEBE::JHOOGENDOORNSat Jun 05 1993Netware Requester and 3c5
905.01GIDDAY::MILNEMon Jun 07 1993DE2
906.02RANGER::COOKMon Jun 07 1993The March DDK - smoke and mirrors?
907.012RANGER::PITONIAKMon Jun 07 1993Ras Problems
908.012RANGER::GADGILMon Jun 07 1993CDROM drivers in NT
909.02KAOFS::R_STJEANMon Jun 07 1993From Primary to Backup Domain setup
910.0RUSURE::EDPMon Jun 07 1993NT Configuration Quirks
911.02MUMPS::WATTMon Jun 07 1993relationship between signals & structured exceptions?
912.03DIBDIB::DBATESTue Jun 08 1993TCP/IP and DNS (Domain Name Service)
913.0VISTAS::GAMLIELTue Jun 08 1993Variable height items in LBS_OWNERDRAWVARIABLE listboxes
914.01BHAJEE::JAERVINENTue Jun 08 1993GNU make?
915.02CURRNT::CARSONTue Jun 08 1993changing Video mode outside of NT?
916.02RTPLTue Jun 08 1993Creating a consistant logon environement
918.04BHAJEE::JAERVINENWed Jun 09 1993PFE for March beta?
919.06RANGER::PITONIAKWed Jun 09 1993Dos install after NT?
920.02RTL::DMULLENWed Jun 09 1993Wanted: Example of CreateRemoteThread (and CreateProcess)
921.03TLE::FRIDAYWed Jun 09 1993How to preserve accounts when upgrading NT
922.03EASI::ARORAWed Jun 09 1993Fortran compiler availability
923.0CLOHUB::CLOEIS::COBURNWed Jun 09 1993Tandberg SCSI tape - is it supported?
924.02ROMVLC::PASIThu Jun 10 1993Tape problem with PC6XT-CB
925.01LEDS::DTSULLIVANThu Jun 10 1993Is there and ASPI driver for NT?
926.0EMASS::PALLADINOThu Jun 10 1993Does RAMDRIVE work under VDM ?
927.02ICS::CHENGThu Jun 10 1993problem using com1 of decstation 425c
928.07ICS::CHENGThu Jun 10 1993workgroup or domain name in registry
929.02RANGER::PITONIAKFri Jun 11 1993Wide area browsing over tcp?
930.02STOHUB::SLRVMS::SOCHAFri Jun 11 1993March NT won't do 1
931.02CALDEC::SWHEELERFri Jun 11 1993driver perf counter overflow
932.0MAOTAI::MIKAO::mullickFri Jun 11 1993OS/2 on DECpc433T - cannot install NT
933.03RANGER::PITONIAKMon Jun 14 1993NT intel install on two partitions?
934.0NAC::BOYLANMon Jun 14 1993Is this an NT compiler bug?
935.01RANGER::COOKMon Jun 14 1993System Dump Analyzer?
937.01KOALA::LATHAMTue Jun 15 1993C++ frontend available?
938.01LANDO::ALLISONTue Jun 15 1993HAL interface spec???
939.04MARVA1::DANGTue Jun 15 1993How to make common less so
941.08BHAJEE::JAERVINENWed Jun 16 1993Predefined C/C++ macro for NT?
942.01BINKLY::JOHNWed Jun 16 1993can't re-install NT over an NTFS disk!??
943.0--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 16 1993System error 93?
944.02CANDOO::GRIEBWed Jun 16 1993Why use SETUP toolkit ???
945.0FSOA::OGRENWed Jun 16 1993Better UARTs on comm ports?
946.02GIDDAY::MILNEThu Jun 17 1993Registry values
947.034CANDOO::GRIEBThu Jun 17 1993Attention Project Leaders !
948.0AIMTEC::ROSIEP::PORTER_TThu Jun 17 1993problems with rcp from WNT to ULTRIX
949.0LJSRV1::EVANSFri Jun 18 1993DEC Layered Products on NT?
950.03OSLACT::OLAVSat Jun 19 1993How to administrate files with no access?
951.010BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANMon Jun 21 1993DE2
952.08OSLACT::OLAVMon Jun 21 1993Problem setting up a home directory?
953.013NOVA::COFFLERMon Jun 21 1993Kermit on Windows/NT?
954.05BGYBRD::UDICKMon Jun 21 19933
955.01MUDIS3::STADLERTue Jun 22 1993support for Wanrouters
956.03COPCLU::BRAMSTue Jun 22 1993VDM addressing of PC-Cards ?
957.05OSLACT::OLAVTue Jun 22 1993Windows NT support for diskless MS-DOS clients?
958.0MLAD18::FALSINAWed Jun 23 1993Frame Grabber availability on NT AXP
959.0OSLACT::OLAVWed Jun 23 1993Backup experience?
960.010OSLACT::OLAVWed Jun 23 1993Disk quotas?
961.04RANGER::PITONIAKWed Jun 23 1993lanman domain browsing problem
962.04HANNAH::BATCHELDERNWed Jun 23 1993How do you get a properly internationalized date and time?
963.04CNTRLZ::WALTERSWed Jun 23 1993MEP (Microsoft Editor)
964.01CHIPS::PAGEWed Jun 23 1993and the parameter that is incorrect is?
965.08NETRIX::michaudWed Jun 23 1993Thread specific storage in a DLL (Microsoft C "thread" keyword)
966.05UFRCS1::KRAEMERThu Jun 24 1993COREL Photo-Paint and NT
967.07DSSDEV::TANNENBAUMThu Jun 24 1993DDK information sought
969.03BGYBRD::UDICKThu Jun 24 1993ADA compiler for WIN NT ?
970.02EVTAI1::MEYER_MFri Jun 25 1993About IMPORT statement in a .def file
971.05MSDOA::MCCLOUDFri Jun 25 1993Disk Cache
972.05RT95::MCDONALDJFri Jun 25 1993LARGE Jensen/NT opportunity...
973.010OWLMED::GENTILEFri Jun 25 1993Any news on Soundblaster CD-ROM driver?
974.011MARVA2::DANGSat Jun 26 1993DeskJet 5
975.010TRHPC1::JOARMon Jun 28 1993PAGEFILE.SYS
976.02XLIB::CHANGMon Jun 28 1993problem with the square root program
977.05BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANTue Jun 29 1993Write program to access ethernet driver?
978.03AXEL::FOLEYTue Jun 29 1993Stuck at Windows NT Setup
979.05BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANTue Jun 29 1993FDDI connection for NT
980.0RANGER::PITONIAKWed Jun 30 1993NT/Lanman Domain connect probs
981.06XSTACY::BODONOVANWed Jun 30 1993Detecting that I am running under windows NT
982.025ELWOOD::LANEWed Jun 30 1993NT Backup
983.01DPDMAI::TATUMWed Jun 30 1993Remote Boot Support?
984.010WETONE::LICATAThu Jul 01 1993NT Resource Kit, and Tech-Net CD
985.01KETJE::DIERICKThu Jul 01 1993DCE RPC example with GUI anyone ?
986.07NWGEDU::RODENBURGThu Jul 01 1993Browsing Protocol questions
987.02NWGEDU::RODENBURGThu Jul 01 1993Browsing on Windows-fW station
989.026KEIKI::WHITEThu Jul 01 1993Multiprocessing in NT.
990.02NETRIX::michaudThu Jul 01 1993Obtain Account information (directory) from API?
991.02MSDOA::MCCLOUDThu Jul 01 1993Remove Virtual Mem Hose's System
992.04RANGER::COOKSat Jul 03 1993Documentation on .INF scripts?
993.02WETONE::LICATASun Jul 04 1993DrWatson32 and WINMSD32
994.07ZPOVC::MANCHINGMon Jul 05 1993RZ57 in SZ12 as boot device for NT?
995.02FJIVMon Jul 05 1993Btrieve under NT
996.04RANGER::COOKMon Jul 05 1993QuickEdit documentation?
997.0COSMO::JANICHMon Jul 05 1993Canon LPB4-Plus
998.04PRIAM::OESTREICHERTue Jul 06 1993WOW, and Win16 emulation
999.05MANIOK::SIMONTue Jul 06 1993link32 problem, we are stucking in
1000.03RANGER::PITONIAKTue Jul 06 1993local accounts prob
1001.05JRDVTue Jul 06 1993Compiler -Zp1 option problem ?
1002.05HGOVA::KIMWAHNGWed Jul 07 1993Trouble with NTAS & PW V5 ?
1003.01GLDOA::SBURNSWed Jul 07 1993Sony 531 = CDU31A ???
1004.0OSLACT::OLAVThu Jul 08 1993How to defragment the system partition?
1005.0KETJE::DIERICKThu Jul 08 1993Windows NT RPC's and LOCATOR issue
1007.03SX4GTO::MACKBEEThu Jul 08 1993Any info on DLPI - Data Link Provider Interface?
1008.09JRDVThu Jul 08 1993Demacs: GNU Emacs for Windows NT.
1009.03SX4GTO::TZAYFri Jul 09 1993NT <--> Ultrix, OSF/1 ??
1010.0STKAI1::HLOFGRENFri Jul 09 1993WNT + DECpc466MT, videodriver problem
1011.02ROMA::SIEBOLDSun Jul 11 1993How to export screenshots from NT?
1012.08IAMOK::GENTILESun Jul 11 1993NT orderable now???
1013.02ZPOVC::MANCHINGMon Jul 12 1993%SystemRoot% ?
1014.01ZPOVC::MANCHINGMon Jul 12 1993Hardcoded DRIVE LETTERS in REGISTRY...YUCK!
1015.04OSLACT::OLAVMon Jul 12 1993ARC Status = 13?
1016.0RANGER::PITONIAKMon Jul 12 1993Ras Question
1017.03RANGER::PITONIAKMon Jul 12 1993Printer notifications
1018.0ROMEDU::NEBBIATue Jul 13 1993Documentation available via network
1019.06ROMEDU::NEBBIATue Jul 13 1993Related Conferences and Notes Files
1020.01OSLACT::OLAVTue Jul 13 1993VDM and EMS Memory?
1021.05SPUD1::tuppensTue Jul 13 1993Adding a SCSI scanner
1022.03OTOP39::pondTue Jul 13 1993Boot NT into an app, without security window?
1023.0RTPLTue Jul 13 1993Way to create a logoff script?
1024.03ROCK::FREEDMANTue Jul 13 1993Code regions are writable?
1025.0ROCK::FREEDMANTue Jul 13 1993How to purge working set?
1026.04GNPIKE::MIKELISWed Jul 14 1993Merging Windows and Windows NT
1027.02ICELAN::SNOMAN::AaronWed Jul 14 1993Upgrade DOS trashed NT + other woes
1028.0HEART::JOHNSTONWed Jul 14 1993DialogBox problem
1029.0SUOSWS::STECKDAUBThu Jul 15 1993Excel, Word, 1-2-3 under NT: which import/export filters will they have?
1030.01AYJEN1::ROBINThu Jul 15 1993Adaptec 274x driver available????
1031.01RANGER::PITONIAKThu Jul 15 1993Bindings Reposition button
1032.0TUXEDO::BLACKSTOCKThu Jul 15 1993Want to adjtime() on NT
1033.01KOALA::LATHAMThu Jul 15 1993building samples with claxp
1034.012EST::TOUYSSERKANIThu Jul 15 1993Video driver for 45
1035.02OSLACT::OLAVThu Jul 15 1993Have you tried SQL Server beta II?
1036.03SHODAN::SYSTEMThu Jul 15 1993Fortran Compiler for ALPHA PC?
1037.030OSLACT::OLAVThu Jul 15 1993Internet news reader?
1038.04NEWVAX::MURRAYThu Jul 15 1993Initing Firmware/EISA Errors?
1039.0LSNCSC::BRAUNFri Jul 16 1993NT hangs when accessing a PW 5 server.
1040.01LSNCSC::BRAUNFri Jul 16 1993Browsing spec required
1041.0OSLACT::OLAVFri Jul 16 1993Why reboot after delete of disk partition?
1042.03GLINDA::REHBEINFri Jul 16 1993RPC & Named Pipes
1043.05OSLACT::OLAVMon Jul 19 1993Rdb on Windows NT status?
1044.03STKAI1::SWE171::HansLofgrenWed Jul 21 1993WNT Beta2, S3 924 driver problem, 64
1045.03STKAI1::SWE171::HansLofgrenWed Jul 21 1993How to get logonscript working?
1046.03OSLACT::OLAVWed Jul 21 1993Credentials conflict?
1047.05DSSDEV::TANNENBAUMWed Jul 21 1993Domain vs. Workgroup
1048.01LJSRV1::SHAROSWed Jul 21 1993Import problems for a DLL
1049.05WETONE::LICATAThu Jul 22 1993NTAS Raid5 stripe regenerate question
1050.02NWGEDU::DINGEMANSThu Jul 22 1993Porting Tool issues
1051.0HDLITE::BEACHThu Jul 22 1993Streams.lib doesn't have allocb, freemsg, etc.
1052.01EVOAI2::TALPEThu Jul 22 1993DE2
1053.011ASIMOV::LAXMANThu Jul 22 1993HummingBird - Has anyone heard of it?
1054.04OSLACT::OLAVThu Jul 22 1993How to delete active partition?
1055.01OSLACT::OLAVFri Jul 23 1993Could backup, but not restore?
1056.07KITVAX::METHOTFri Jul 23 1993NTFS features?
1057.0STKHLM::SAMUELSSONMon Jul 26 1993Logical address on a Token ring card?
1058.03OSLACT::OLAVMon Jul 26 1993Path to the running .BAT file?
1059.01OSLACT::OLAVMon Jul 26 1993Problem with access to user profile?
1060.01OSLACT::OLAVMon Jul 26 1993Problem with temp environment variables?
1061.01TINKER::FORECASTMon Jul 26 1993Video for Windows Documentation?
1062.03ISTWI1::DARUGERMon Jul 26 1993WNT to AS/4
1063.03RANGER::PITONIAKMon Jul 26 1993Com Port Problems
1064.02AIDEV::TEMon Jul 26 1993Error "2186"
1065.01GYUPCC::KLUMPPTue Jul 27 1993Connect-to-interrupt in NT?
1066.01RANGER::PITONIAKTue Jul 27 1993WINMSD Qustion
1067.01OSLACT::OLAVTue Jul 27 1993How to check/restart print spooler?
1068.07NETRIX::michaudTue Jul 27 1993NT officially released
1069.07DECWET::NIKLASTue Jul 27 1993DEC C++ for Windows NT pre-IFT
1070.04SNOFS1::HANFLINGTue Jul 27 1993Harderror C
1071.04OSLACT::OLAVWed Jul 28 1993File used by another process?
1072.02AD::FRYDELWed Jul 28 1993Reading raw data on disk
1073.01LEMAN::GOLON::BezenconWed Jul 28 1993Netware Requester on AXP, Please....
1074.02GLINDA::REHBEINThu Jul 29 1993RPC and single threads
1075.011ASD::BARGOOTThu Jul 29 1993Using Windbg on DLLs ?
1076.05LJOHUB::RODALFri Jul 30 1993UNIX du like command under NT?
1078.04ELWOOD::LANEFri Jul 30 1993SDK Compiler weirdness with pointers
1079.01GANTRY::OS_RAJVANSHIFri Jul 30 1993WIN32 SDK (beta) still....
1080.05ISTWI1::DATCA::darugerSun Aug 01 1993NT (or NTAS) latest version in network?
1081.014DRIFT::WOODSun Aug 01 1993Microsoft Announces Increased Internet Support
1082.02NWGEDU::DINGEMANSTue Aug 03 1993Registry: identifying the workstation?
1083.0HERON::LALLITue Aug 03 1993Mandel RPC Client on a WfW PC <-> NT
1084.04RANGER::PITONIAKTue Aug 03 1993Credentials Conflict
1085.0RANGER::PITONIAKWed Aug 04 1993Mac Print services
1086.013RANGER::PITONIAKWed Aug 04 1993Virus Scaners
1088.01BHAJEE::JAERVINENWed Aug 04 1993Two-sided printing via VMS PW?
1089.02CUSTOM::SHIVESWed Aug 04 1993The Never-ending Print job ...
1090.01RANGER::PITONIAKWed Aug 04 1993Gowinnt.microsoft.com Goldmine
1091.0AMCFAC::DISHNEAUWed Aug 04 1993Looking for MS-DOS to Windows NT Porting Docs
1092.016HITEKS::SZORENYIWed Aug 04 1993Colorado 25
1093.022TYSON::KURATAWed Aug 04 1993Is final SDK available ?
1094.02OSLACT::OLAVThu Aug 05 1993Print Manager does not remember connections?
1095.01GRANMA::NBUTTERYThu Aug 05 1993NT/OSF Dual development?
1096.01SAC::GIBSON_CThu Aug 05 1993Trapping exceptions and unwinding the stack
1097.02GIDDAY::MILNEFri Aug 06 1993Windows NT RPCs talking to VMS
1098.07OSLACT::OLAVMon Aug 09 1993How to patch binary files?
1099.01EPS::BOEHMMon Aug 09 1993NT and removable disks
1100.02RANGER::PITONIAKMon Aug 09 1993Dos Config.sys handling?
1101.01RANGER::PITONIAKMon Aug 09 1993Illegal filename characters
1102.01LJSRV1::FREITASMon Aug 09 1993How do I authenticate a user?
1103.0DSSDEV::ROZMOVITSMon Aug 09 1993DECtalk for NT IFT now available
1104.05DC1Mon Aug 09 1993TCP/IP fails on DE422 - 'Gold' version
1105.06NETRIX::michaudMon Aug 09 1993stdio and libcmt (multi-thread libc)
1106.05STKHLM::SAMUELSSONTue Aug 10 1993Can't connect to PW for Ultrix
1107.07DRIFT::WOODTue Aug 10 1993Do not install final version of NT over your beta
1108.01LARVAE::LEGG_BTue Aug 10 1993HPGL Printer/Plotter Drivers
1109.01VMSNET::CHURCHETue Aug 10 1993Can't find graph.h
1110.02ICS::CHENGTue Aug 10 1993RAS and scholar+ modem
1111.03PYRO::VANZUYLENWed Aug 11 1993Workgroup Post Office reconfig
1112.04OSLACT::OLAVWed Aug 11 1993Not enough memory to run word?
1113.05RANGER::PITONIAKWed Aug 11 1993Final release print probs
1114.0RANGER::PITONIAKWed Aug 11 1993Lanman/NT problems
1115.02ARGUS::LEBLONDWed Aug 11 1993Error Using ECU Utility
1116.01ARNOLD::WERNERWed Aug 11 1993Not able to copy from A:
1117.03UNYEM::CLARYThu Aug 12 1993Network apps on one machine?
1118.011TLE::REAGANThu Aug 12 1993Misinformation about SPECmarks and NT
1119.02SX4GTO::MACKBEEThu Aug 12 1993Need to validate username and password
1120.04NAC::HEERMANCEThu Aug 12 1993Any Limit on CreateThread in the March Beta?
1121.01NETRIX::michaudThu Aug 12 1993Generic Objects
1122.01CHEFS::FINCHFri Aug 13 1993Pascal for Win NT Alpha PC
1123.012BIS1::BHP695::FORSTERFri Aug 13 1993Several questions : HELP !
1124.09CANDOO::GRIEBFri Aug 13 1993Product Installation Program for NT
1125.09RANGER::PITONIAKFri Aug 13 1993Terminal emulator question
1126.01RANGER::COOKFri Aug 13 1993RAS client-bits for MSDOS?
1127.03HITEKS::SZORENYIFri Aug 13 1993What happened to TARKIN::DASH2:[LIN.PUBLIC????
1128.010ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGMon Aug 16 1993128
1129.0ZPOVC::MICHELLETANGMon Aug 16 1993frame grabber card availability ?
1130.09PYRO::VANZUYLENMon Aug 16 1993NTFS Home Directory fails
1131.05JRDVMon Aug 16 1993How to run UNITOOL.EXE
1132.07DSSDEV::ROZMOVITSMon Aug 16 1993DECtalk for NT IFT Kit Location
1133.08TOOK::MCCARTHYMon Aug 16 1993NT Backup problems
1134.0TUXEDO::BLACKSTOCKMon Aug 16 1993How do you AdjustTokenPrivileges
1135.03SX4GTO::CHONGMon Aug 16 1993NT/AXP public domain software
1136.0HEAT::BOLDMon Aug 16 1993Password Functionality Question?
1137.0EVTAI1::MEYER_MTue Aug 17 1993Acced denied from a service
1139.05LJSRV2::RODALWed Aug 18 1993I'm Sad and I can't get Happy
1140.04KITVAX::METHOTWed Aug 18 1993NTAS "Tuning"
1141.05LOWELL::MACKWed Aug 18 1993How to get hardware address?
1142.010KETJE::DIERICKWed Aug 18 1993Real urgently needed : SDK for Official release
1143.02BONKA::FINNIEWed Aug 18 1993How to change non-paged pool limit ?
1144.04DSM::SCHWARTZWed Aug 18 1993GetLastError and errno
1146.01KETJE::DIERICKThu Aug 19 1993DNS for tcpip not working in NT Advanced Server?
1147.0RUSURE::ZAHAREEThu Aug 19 1993Decoding disk error events.
1148.03GANTRY::HULLThu Aug 19 1993File error on Final Release Installation
1149.02MAST::CHANGThu Aug 19 1993Can NT run two o. s. concurrently?
1150.04ROCK::STRICKLANDThu Aug 19 1993Printing Postscript files
1151.07DSSDEV::TANNENBAUMThu Aug 19 1993VGA 1
1152.05FORTY2::NEWELLFri Aug 20 1993Handing TCP connections to another process
1153.03STKHLM::SAMUELSSONFri Aug 20 1993Installation problems on IBM PS/VP 325T
1154.02CGOOA::HOMMENFri Aug 20 1993virtual dos machine - how shipped?
1155.06MSDOA::MCCLOUDFri Aug 20 1993NT on striped set
1156.01SPEZKO::DORSEYFri Aug 20 1993Does the Farenheit 128
1157.02GANTRY::HULLFri Aug 20 1993Sound problems across reboot
1158.03ROCK::SANTIAGOFri Aug 20 1993Final Release WinDbg question
1159.04SUBWAY::TEDWARDSFri Aug 20 1993Nbf_Lance
1160.02OSLACT::OLAVMon Aug 23 1993Time synchronization in a domain?
1161.02ROCK::STRICKLANDMon Aug 23 1993dos windows
1162.021AXEL::FOLEYMon Aug 23 1993Pathworks for NT notesfile unreachable
1163.02RDGENG::BERENTMon Aug 23 1993Where are the C compiler options documented?
1164.01OSLACT::OLAVMon Aug 23 1993Can MS-DOS applications use the sound card?
1165.02RANGER::PITONIAKTue Aug 24 1993NT and DPMI apps??
1166.01AIMTEC::ROSIEP::PORTER_TTue Aug 24 1993DECnet with a 3Com EtherLink III?
1167.017OSLACT::OLAVTue Aug 24 1993Technical information on Cairo?
1169.02PEKKA::peuraTue Aug 24 1993Xircom support on final NT-kit
1170.01DECWET::LANETue Aug 24 1993Created processes slow to start
1171.07ZPOVC::MICHELLETANGWed Aug 25 1993CD ROM with 3
1172.012ELWOOD::LANEWed Aug 25 1993Big disks
1173.0BHAJEE::JAERVINENWed Aug 25 1993Printer setup on 511
1174.07SOJU::SLATERWed Aug 25 1993REGEDIT "Graft" To Save Program Groups
1175.05OSLACT::OLAVWed Aug 25 1993Advanced Server vs. Netware?
1176.03KAOFS::V_LEDOUXWed Aug 25 1993Archive 925
1177.05RANGER::PITONIAKWed Aug 25 1993Netware requester 511
1178.010MSBCS::BROWN_LWed Aug 25 1993#9, NT 511 S3 drivers
1179.01NETRIX::michaudWed Aug 25 1993Null device (ala /dev/null or nl:)
1180.05CVMS::DOTENThu Aug 26 1993DEPCA on a 433MP running March Beta NT
1181.01CVMS::DOTENThu Aug 26 1993Conference for 433MP systems?
1182.017ELWOOD::LANEThu Aug 26 1993Network suggestions?
1183.011STKHLM::BENEDICTSSONThu Aug 26 1993Making your own compiler for Windows NT
1184.04KITVAX::METHOTThu Aug 26 1993LANman errors
1185.04LMOPST::RCKGDN::BROWNThu Aug 26 1993Problem with MANUAL.BAT in final SDK
1186.02OTOU2Thu Aug 26 1993.BAT files and console window.
1187.03PTOVAX::METZThu Aug 26 1993'dialog box' outline residue with VGA.SYS/HT216-32
1188.01POBOX::ZWIKELThu Aug 26 1993LN
1189.03NETRIX::michaudThu Aug 26 1993DECnet via WinSock user poll
1190.01SX4GTO::CHONGThu Aug 26 1993Networking NT & Ultrix
1191.0NETRIX::michaudThu Aug 26 1993Orderly close of an [Anonymous] Pipe
1192.02NETRIX::michaudThu Aug 26 1993CreateProcess and inherit only SOME inheritable handles
1193.050OSLACT::OLAVFri Aug 27 1993Windows NT SDK and/or Visual C++ for Windows NT?
1194.0BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHFri Aug 27 1993Multiple RPC calls over one Handle?
1195.01ARNOLD::SYKESFri Aug 27 1993Kernel Crashs
1196.05TOOK::MCCARTHYFri Aug 27 1993Messed up System environment
1197.01TOOK::MCCARTHYFri Aug 27 1993How do you re-assign CD-ROM drive letter
1198.08MR4DEC::SGENTILEFri Aug 27 1993Two urgent questions
1199.01RANGER::PITONIAKFri Aug 27 1993Prgram Group Question
1200.03AMCSAD::SCHWARTZFri Aug 27 1993ERROR_IO_PENDING on network named pipe
1201.02BMT::TANNAFri Aug 27 1993Need DDK for Jensen/NT
1202.05MARVA2::DANGSat Aug 28 19931655
1203.01RANGER::COOKSat Aug 28 1993Does NWLink work on 'gold' NT (Intel)?
1204.06TANG::RHINESun Aug 29 1993Problems and questions ...
1205.07SNOCMon Aug 30 1993ATI Graphics Ultra Plus driver for Intel?
1206.02QUABBI::"gibian@talent.enet.dec.com"Mon Aug 30 1993Documentation/examples of building "setups" on NT
1207.029SPESHR::ROCKWELLMon Aug 30 1993Pathorks Kit for NT Final Rel?
1208.01MR4DEC::SGENTILEMon Aug 30 1993Drastic comm problems under NT!
1209.03CANDOO::GRIEBMon Aug 30 1993Looking for high res video card
1210.02HAMER::DANGMon Aug 30 1993Compiler Error in Final SDK
1211.0NWGEDU::RODENBURGTue Aug 31 1993Request for Network Internals training
1212.06BHAJEE::JAERVINENTue Aug 31 1993Final SDK samples build time
1213.01CSOA1::SYKESTue Aug 31 1993Performance Monitor problem
1214.03ARGUS::LEBLONDTue Aug 31 1993ZIP on CD?
1215.010RANGER::CHENTue Aug 31 1993DEC pcs for NT?
1216.08BHAJEE::JAERVINENTue Aug 31 1993Strange problems with final release
1217.01NWGEDU::WIERSMAWed Sep 01 1993WINDOWS NT trainer wanted!
1218.02OSLACT::OLAVWed Sep 01 1993How to add ACL's to many different files?
1219.01RANGER::PITONIAKWed Sep 01 199316 bit VXD's on NT?
1220.04FSCORE::KAYEWed Sep 01 1993installed 3.1, can't access some groups as User?
1221.08GRANMA::LDANGWed Sep 01 1993CorelDRAW 3 can't save files
1222.011DECWET::SCHREIBERWed Sep 01 1993Reporting bugs to Microsoft
1223.02CVMS::DOTENThu Sep 02 1993Can't get a domain to work
1224.0RANGER::PITONIAKThu Sep 02 1993NT Supported Clients?
1225.04EST::REUTERThu Sep 02 1993Placement of swap file and user directories?
1226.06DSM::SCHWARTZThu Sep 02 1993Porting OSF-Ultrix Data Link Interface Sockets to NT
1227.03SMAUG::FRIEDMANFri Sep 03 1993Using the registry to set environment variables
1228.03OSLACT::OLAVFri Sep 03 1993Problem using login scripts?
1229.01SCHOOL::WASHABAUGHFri Sep 03 1993Fixing Corrupted System Path
1230.02SX4GTO::TZAYMon Sep 06 1993eecanalp.dll file ?
1231.01BIS1::BHP384::Conferencing-UserTue Sep 07 1993Automated management 1
1232.04VIVIAN::GOODWINTue Sep 07 1993Install problem on 45
1233.02BIS1::BHP695::FORSTERTue Sep 07 1993TCPIP NT =/= TCPIP NT/AS
1234.03GYUPCC::KLUMPPTue Sep 07 1993How are DIRQLs assigned?
1235.01ARDEV::SHEATue Sep 07 1993NT V3.1 SDK Install 'Invalid switch - /i error' ?
1236.010VAXWRK::OXENBERGTue Sep 07 1993Windows3.1 App. Access from NT?
1237.07DRIFT::WOODTue Sep 07 1993Fix for RAS and the DECmodem V32 (aka DF296)
1238.01UKARC1::JENKINSWed Sep 08 1993Where is ExtractIconA ??
1239.05RANGER::PITONIAKWed Sep 08 1993Access denied error
1240.08KITVAX::METHOTWed Sep 08 1993NT file server early results
1241.01SX4GTO::TZAYWed Sep 08 1993print.h file ?
1242.01VAXWRK::OXENBERGThu Sep 09 1993autoconfigue?
1243.012SPECXN::WITHERSThu Sep 09 1993Digital MCS NT Support on CompuServe
1244.01KELVIN::KROThu Sep 09 1993drivers - cancel vs. cleanup
1245.05MR4DEC::SGENTILEFri Sep 10 1993Working Share/Freeware with released NT??
1246.0LEDS::ZAYASFri Sep 10 1993Schedule+ file format anyone?
1247.01CADSYS::LEMONSFri Sep 10 1993Win32, Win32s
1248.01TOOHOT::ROCHAFri Sep 10 1993sdk/ddk/vc++ nt/axp when/how?
1249.010HITEKS::SZORENYISat Sep 11 1993How's Telnet supposed to work on Final Version?
1250.08SEND::PATRICKSun Sep 12 1993Any FAKEVM-like tool for Windows NT
1251.016ZURMon Sep 13 1993Connecting Pathworks File service
1252.010PASSES::D_JANSENMon Sep 13 1993MOUSE not working - after installation
1253.08VAXWRK::OXENBERGMon Sep 13 1993Microsoft Subscriptions?
1254.04ELWOOD::LANETue Sep 14 1993Tools Sampler CD?
1255.03HEART::CHAKERATue Sep 14 1993WNT command to show memory base addresses
1256.05RANGER::PITONIAKTue Sep 14 1993No ASPI on NT?
1257.016AMCUCS::DEWISTue Sep 14 1993PC Mag benchmarks
1258.03CAPNET::TEHRANIANTue Sep 14 1993Win-NT GUI level test tools
1259.02RANGER::PITONIAKWed Sep 15 1993ODI drivers for depca?
1260.0RANGER::PITONIAKWed Sep 15 1993winnt install question
1261.0OSLWed Sep 15 1993Connect to printer: Access is denied?
1262.09RANGER::PITONIAKWed Sep 15 19932 depca's on 511
1263.03DECWET::MIRIAMWed Sep 15 1993Doc conversion tools for UNIX to WNT port projects?
1264.0BIS1::BHP695::FORSTERThu Sep 16 1993Command prompt access deny ...
1265.01KELVIN::KROThu Sep 16 1993windbg editor questions
1266.05CESARE::CORGNATIThu Sep 16 1993MFC for NT/Aplha ?
1267.01DRINKS::CARIGNANThu Sep 16 1993Jobs scheduled with AT: User environment variables?
1268.06FJIVFri Sep 17 1993Device Drivers for TZK1
1269.04ZURFri Sep 17 1993SB 16ASP DSP revision problem ?
1270.01TKOVOA::MORI_YFri Sep 17 1993How to get another users info?
1271.04TRHPC1::JOARFri Sep 17 1993Word 2.
1272.013OSLFri Sep 17 1993Win32 vs. Win16 performance?
1273.01NETRIX::michaudFri Sep 17 1993Naming convetions for DLL import libraries vs. static
1274.07RANGER::CHENFri Sep 17 1993C-Shell for NT?
1275.0LEDS::ZAYASFri Sep 17 1993Time-based control of services?
1276.01TYSON::KURATASat Sep 18 1993MS Development tools for Alpha/NT ?
1277.02KELVIN::LUDWIGSun Sep 19 1993NT loader program runs twice during boot! Now do I fix?
1278.02GVPROD::ZAVADILMon Sep 20 19935 1/4" floppy support?
1279.01ZPOVC::MICHELLETANGMon Sep 20 1993netware client on rc2 axp
1280.07HLDETue Sep 21 1993unknown hard error c
1281.0BIS1::BHP695::FORSTERTue Sep 21 1993Reaching another NetBios subnet (Scope ID) ???
1282.0BHAJEE::UHLIGTue Sep 21 1993How does EscapeCommFunction work?
1283.06CAPNET::TEHRANIANTue Sep 21 1993How to boot NT in character/command mode
1284.01BIS1::BHP695::FORSTERWed Sep 22 1993BOOTP / TFTP Server ?
1285.09ARRODS::SYSTEMWed Sep 22 1993RZ57 REVISITED
1286.05VAXWRK::OXENBERGWed Sep 22 1993WinFAX Pro V3
1287.02OSLThu Sep 23 1993Problem running PowerPoint?
1288.0HERON::LALLIThu Sep 23 1993mssetup user manual?
1289.01DIVING::DAVISThu Sep 23 1993Need 386 VDM for AXP!!!
1290.05LEDS::COHENFri Sep 24 1993Problems building SDK Samples
1291.05TPSYS::WONGFri Sep 24 1993NT setup can't see CD drive
1292.0RCOCER::SALEHIFri Sep 24 1993Can a program group be made public?
1293.06RCOCER::SALEHIFri Sep 24 1993How to specify default home directory for network homes
1294.03DECWET::KARMALIFri Sep 24 1993Does NT provide raw disk access ?
1295.01LJSRV1::FREITASFri Sep 24 1993DLLs on AXP with underscores
1296.07ESDENG::BOWENMon Sep 27 1993How do I reset the Video Drivers
1297.01RCOCER::SALEHIMon Sep 27 1993Does the user need to create mailbox files?
1298.01EDWIN::LOSMon Sep 27 1993NT IRP cancellation problem
1299.0OSLTue Sep 28 1993Lobby for Windows (Win32!) notes client on Windows NT
1300.09OSLTue Sep 28 1993Content Based Retrieval system?
1301.0EEMELI::RAISKINENTue Sep 28 1993Common View ??
1302.02HGOVC::MONTYWONGWed Sep 29 1993Hermes on Intel/Alpha?
1303.02ZPOVC::MANCHINGWed Sep 29 1993SPARROW Service, SPARROW.SYS, SCSI, Adaptec?
1304.053D::SEARSWed Sep 29 1993Microsoft Developers Network (MSDN) CD4 on jensen?
1306.0203D::SEARSWed Sep 29 1993Color changes on screen (palette changing?)
1307.01MOVIES::MOOREThu Sep 30 1993more snake-oil ? u decide
1308.03CESARE::CORGNATIThu Sep 30 1993NetDDE info requested
1309.02RDGENG::RUSLINGThu Sep 30 1993Device Drivers Developers Kit for Alpha NT
1310.01DWOMV2::CAMPBELLThu Sep 30 1993HOOPS ERROR???
1311.03EICMFG::DRECHSELFri Oct 01 1993SYSGEN for NT / Cache Controller / ShareWare
1312.01EST::TOUYSSERKANIFri Oct 01 1993WinDebug utility in NT
1313.021LJSRV2::RODALFri Oct 01 1993How Do I Open Tape Drive From C Program
1314.01OSLFri Oct 01 1993Tape-rotation schedule?
1315.04UKDTS::SYSTEMFri Oct 01 1993NT Boot Install Prob Olivetti
1316.05WOTVAX::ELLISMSun Oct 03 1993Requiring enhancements to NT
1317.011PATTRN::MITCHELLDMon Oct 04 1993WANGTEK 515
1318.0BIS1::BHP695::FORSTERMon Oct 04 1993Trusted domains <-> named pipes
1319.016BINKLY::JOHNMon Oct 04 1993what driver for new graphics card from APPIAN?
1320.06OSLMon Oct 04 1993Remote shutdown?
1321.02KITVAX::METHOTMon Oct 04 1993LOAD TCPIP?
1322.08UNITED::MCDONNELLTue Oct 05 1993Link error help needed
1323.04OSLTue Oct 05 1993Network protocols?
1324.0OSLTue Oct 05 1993How to limit process from eating all virtual memory available?
1325.010RANGER::PITONIAKTue Oct 05 1993browsing spec
1326.03AXEL::FOLEYWed Oct 06 1993Which SCSI board to order for a 466MT?
1327.05PARVAX::MIGDALWed Oct 06 1993Alpha AXP Chip Preformance?
1328.01RANGER::PITONIAKThu Oct 07 1993Dos clients and domains
1329.04FZOVAX::PREVOThu Oct 07 1993Keyboard dies on DECpc 433T while installing NT!!!
1330.05RANGER::PITONIAKThu Oct 07 1993Share Security qyestion
1331.09NICCTR::HOThu Oct 07 1993What compilers are available for Alpha running WNT?
1332.027BONDIE::TOZERRThu Oct 07 1993Windows NT bugs fixed
1333.030ELWOOD::LANEFri Oct 08 1993Backup troubles
1334.01NWGEDU::RODENBURGFri Oct 08 1993EchoConfig in CONFIG.NT
1335.012VISA::ANDREASSONFri Oct 08 1993annoying lack of multi-threaded applications
1336.04TOHOPE::MANDERSON_CFri Oct 08 1993lib32 Map File Checksum could not be located
1337.09VISA::ANDREASSONFri Oct 08 1993MS-DOS and AXP?
1338.04RANGER::PITONIAKFri Oct 08 1993auto mail login?
1339.06DEMON::DACHA::WITTMANFri Oct 08 1993query in which environment Win16 app running?
1340.0MUDIS3::HSCHUETZMon Oct 11 1993Strange SendMessage Behavior
1341.014SCHOOL::WASHABAUGHMon Oct 11 1993Early IFT version of Windows NT driver for the Etherworks 3 Card is available
1342.02NUTS2U::LITTLEMon Oct 11 1993Debugging 16 bit apps on NT?
1343.01RANGER::PITONIAKMon Oct 11 1993Dos client logon
1344.05RANGER::PITONIAKMon Oct 11 1993Domain Logon xport prob
1345.0RANGER::PITONIAKMon Oct 11 1993WINMSD MEM Question
1346.012OSLTue Oct 12 1993File Manager hangs?
1347.06RANGER::PITONIAKTue Oct 12 1993Free dos connects?
1348.06RANGER::PITONIAKTue Oct 12 1993Qvision Drivers
1349.0HGORS::KIMWAHNGWed Oct 13 1993Re-enable B drive after install NT ?
1350.0RANGER::PITONIAKWed Oct 13 1993Alerts
1351.04LJSRV1::CUOCOWed Oct 13 1993Gnu Tools
1352.0CRONIC::DUNLOPWed Oct 13 1993Selecting files to restore using NT backup utility
1353.0CRONIC::DUNLOPWed Oct 13 1993Location of user and site-specific system files?
1354.05GUCCI::HERBThu Oct 14 1993GetUserName(...)
1355.0LNKUGL::BOWMANThu Oct 14 1993Problems with a DECwriter 95...
1356.02ZENDIA::FERGUSONThu Oct 14 1993File mgr: "sharing as..." isn't working always
1357.03EASI::SHEUThu Oct 14 1993NT WIN32 network file sharing functionality ??
1358.05ZURFri Oct 15 1993LN
1359.01ZPOVC::MICHELLETANGSat Oct 16 1993SNA connectivity via DECnet ?!
1360.04LILMon Oct 18 1993Electronic publishing on NT
1361.03MEASLS::MATTEDIMon Oct 18 1993can 1 Console talk to 2nd process Console STDOUT?
1362.08BINKLY::JOHNMon Oct 18 1993What graphics driver for PCXAG-AJ
1363.01FZOVAX::NICHOLSONMon Oct 18 1993NTAS docs on-line?
1364.03MEASLS::GOULDMon Oct 18 1993Support FAT in new product?
1365.04FLYWAY::LEHMANNJTue Oct 19 1993DE2
1366.03MEASLS::MATTEDITue Oct 19 1993Console API -> CHICAGO ?
1367.01VARESE::CORGNATIWed Oct 20 1993CreateService() and OpenProcess(): permission denied
1368.01TOHOPE::MANDERSON_CWed Oct 20 1993DDML routines and POSIX? PUTENV?
1369.02RANGER::PITONIAKThu Oct 21 1993528 Update problems!
1370.01IGNATZ::JUDDThu Oct 21 1993COMPAQ AVGA Drivers
1371.05HDLITE::CREANThu Oct 21 1993Problem running POSIX sample
1373.0FOR26::BRAMBLETTFri Oct 22 1993NT Champion....
1374.07RANGER::CHENFri Oct 22 1993X11 for NT?
1375.05CVMS::DOTENFri Oct 22 1993How to get 433MP to see QIC tape drive
1376.02IGNATZ::JUDDSun Oct 24 1993Win16 apps that burn 1
1377.03ATHINA::GABIMon Oct 25 1993Hi-resolution video controllers under NT ?
1378.03SQGUK::FULLERMon Oct 25 1993Testing security of files ?
1379.0TRHPC1::JOARMon Oct 25 1993Frozen screen problem in WNT and DECpc45
1380.012KITVAX::METHOTMon Oct 25 1993Performance report available
1381.02BAHTAT::HILTONMon Oct 25 1993TLZ
1382.02OSLMon Oct 25 1993Adaptec AHA-154
1383.011ALOSMon Oct 25 1993Video performance blo.. uhhh .. stinks.
1384.015OSLTue Oct 26 1993tar on Windows NT?
1385.04BCFI::TURESSONTue Oct 26 1993Code optimisation
1386.02CARLSN::YUNGTue Oct 26 1993RAS and SCHOLAR modems??
1387.0OSLTue Oct 26 1993Problem with logon script path?
1388.04EVOAI2::KROURIWed Oct 27 1993Memory Template for Dialog BOXES
1389.01SYOMV::SPRAGUEWed Oct 27 1993NDIS Drivers for DE2
1390.05CGOOA::BARNABEThu Oct 28 1993Install problem: C_
1391.02VAXRIO::FERREIRAThu Oct 28 1993Dave demo
1392.014OSLThu Oct 28 1993Problem configuring a DEC DE422 EtherWORKS Turbo network adapter?
1393.03CANDOO::GRIEBThu Oct 28 1993TLZ
1394.012VARESE::CORGNATIFri Oct 29 1993Relationship b NT and Chicago
1395.03BIS1::BHP695::FORSTERFri Oct 29 1993U: needed : Win32-AXP Benchmarks !!!
1396.017DECWET::SCHREIBERFri Oct 29 1993Binaries for V1 NT resource kit released
1397.02BBIVSun Oct 31 1993 EISA Config Utility for JENSON wanted
1398.04GUCCI::HERBSun Oct 31 1993Unix guide to NT?
1399.01CHICHZ::EDELMANNMon Nov 01 1993Looking for WNET call documentation
1400.03CANDOO::GRIEBMon Nov 01 1993How to repartition the system disk ?
1401.024DSM::SCHWARTZMon Nov 01 1993DDK Help with Data Link Layer Ethernet Datagrams
1402.01CERN::HOBBSTue Nov 02 1993Needs 288 drive letters! Any ideas?
1403.01BEYER::beyerTue Nov 02 1993POSIX in Resource Kit
1404.05CROWN::HILLTue Nov 02 1993How to IN and OUT on an i386 NT system?
1405.021GANTRY::SHIVESTue Nov 02 1993Windows NT Networking
1406.01OSLTue Nov 02 1993Equivalent of CC/LIST/SHOW=(INCLUDE,EXPANSION)?
1407.02GOYA::TERESAWed Nov 03 1993Porting OS/2 to WIN32?
1408.01RANGER::PITONIAKWed Nov 03 1993TCP Droped links
1409.01EVTAI1::MEYER_MWed Nov 03 1993Debugging format needed
1410.01NETRIX::michaudWed Nov 03 1993Fetching SIDs out of an ACE/ACL
1411.05MARVA2::DANGWed Nov 03 1993Backup and restore path info
1412.02NETRIX::michaudWed Nov 03 1993Registry HKEY_USERS subkeys
1413.09DVOPAS::GRAYS::PROCTORWed Nov 03 1993Two UnKnown Error messages... HELP?
1414.019NOVA::COFFLERThu Nov 04 1993NT BACKUP: Can't restore files from another system
1415.022CVMS::DOTENThu Nov 04 1993Will shrink-wrapped MS Word run on NT?
1416.02UTROP1::HEHEMANN_RFri Nov 05 1993Don't install from cd!!!!
1417.03OSLFri Nov 05 1993Is using "dup" on a socket allowed?
1418.01OSLFri Nov 05 1993Bad file descriptor on fgets from socket?
1419.01DECWET::LANEFri Nov 05 1993Graying out a bitmap
1420.02DECWET::BARLOWFri Nov 05 1993File Manager Tcl scripting tool
1421.04OSLSat Nov 06 1993How to find out if the .EXE is using 386 instructions?
1422.01EICMFG::DRECHSELMon Nov 08 1993Generic IN/OUT service/driver ??
1423.03CVMS::DOTENMon Nov 08 1993Does DEC's MS Project work on NT?
1424.01LJSRV1::STRAUBMon Nov 08 1993Novell's NetWare Requestor for Windows NT on Alpha AXP
1425.08HERON::LALLIMon Nov 08 1993FindResource problems
1426.04BINKLY::JOHNMon Nov 08 1993can't filemanager connect to VMS?
1427.012BINKLY::JOHNMon Nov 08 1993SCSI disks or cheaper IDE disks??
1428.05GIDDAY::COLEMANMon Nov 08 1993Drivers for SoundBlaster Pro and 16ASP ?
1429.01BCFI::MERIKSSONTue Nov 09 1993event log reachable from windows?
1430.02FORTY2::NEWELLWed Nov 10 1993Reading a CR-ROM mounted on an ULTRIX box
1431.0EEMELI::GOSTROMWed Nov 10 1993HDLC support/boards/drivers for Alpha-NT
1432.01NETRIX::michaudWed Nov 10 1993PATHWORKS for Windows NT - EFT3 kit
1433.0RANGER::PITONIAKWed Nov 10 1993Token Ring Source Routing?
1434.014RANGER::PITONIAKWed Nov 10 1993FTP SERVER on NT
1435.02DSM::SCHWARTZWed Nov 10 1993Xlib on NT (the outside world wants to know)
1436.02OSLWed Nov 10 1993Need to compress a file (to be expanded by EXPAND)?
1437.011DECWET::LANEWed Nov 10 1993Need SVN like control
1438.02BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANThu Nov 11 1993NT DCE problem
1439.06FLAMER::OXENBERGThu Nov 11 1993blue is never blue
1440.08CVMS::DOTENThu Nov 11 1993User customizations domain-wide?
1441.01SX4GTO::PHEBERTThu Nov 11 1993LINK32(): error 1
1442.011MICROW::WIMBERGThu Nov 11 1993Anyone know how to debug a service?
1443.02DEKVC::JAEILLEEThu Nov 11 1993SDK+Resource kit for driver develop?
1444.01BEYER::beyerFri Nov 12 1993Device Driver Customer defined error codes?
1445.03EICMFG::DRECHSELFri Nov 12 1993NT on ISA board: 2
1446.01MACROW::WIMBERGFri Nov 12 1993Running multiple copies of a service problem
1447.0SOJU::SLATERFri Nov 12 1993NT As A Client-NT Developer Journal
1448.01OSLFri Nov 12 1993How do get newlines in a EDIT control?
1449.01MELKOR::DEWISFri Nov 12 1993batch file at boot?
1450.017OSLMon Nov 15 1993Problems with sound card settings (ProAudio Spectrum 16)?
1451.0CAMRY::HILMANMon Nov 15 1993Generic Text Printer Driver
1452.02XELENT::MUTHMon Nov 15 1993NT equivalent of inp(), outp()?
1453.04BINKLY::JOHNTue Nov 16 1993Funny happenings with 2
1454.04UKARC1::HAGUETue Nov 16 1993_controlfp & integer divide by zero exception
1455.04XSTACY::PJMEALYTue Nov 16 1993The CDROM standard used by NT
1456.03DECWET::LANETue Nov 16 1993Updating a window/icon title
1457.0SCHOOL::WASHABAUGHTue Nov 16 1993Setting A Default Value in a Dialog Box from a Network Device Driver OEMSETUP.INF file
1458.010OSAPTue Nov 16 1993More SoundBlaster Troubles
1459.011GIDDAY::COLEMANWed Nov 17 1993TLZ
1460.05KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLWed Nov 17 1993DE422 and AXP 15
1461.04VARESE::CORGNATIWed Nov 17 1993subsystem-independent DLLs
1462.01BRSTR1::DERASWed Nov 17 1993How does setup works with 'inf'-files
1463.05XCUSME::JOHNSON_HWed Nov 17 1993RMS-like functions in NT?
1464.01BIGUN::MAYNEWed Nov 17 1993CD Player Play List
1465.02STAR::BALLISONThu Nov 18 1993Can't find <winnt root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe
1466.04CANDOO::GRIEBThu Nov 18 1993Anyone know about #9 cards ??
1467.0LJSRV1::EVANSThu Nov 18 1993Info on OS/2 Migration
1468.02BIGUN::MAYNEThu Nov 18 1993Can't TCP/IP outside subnet
1469.06MVCAD3::SHIBETTAMon Nov 22 1993Visual C++, gold....
1470.011TOOK::LEMMONMon Nov 22 1993GNU Make and MKS information
1471.01DSM::BELLIVEAUMon Nov 22 1993where is __int64 defined?
1472.0MR1PST::AVNGRS::BOELKETue Nov 23 1993Memory setup?
1473.0EMC2::POGLIANIWed Nov 24 1993SB 16 ASP : is supported by NT ?
1474.0GLDOA::LONGANWed Nov 24 1993NT Setup Problem
1475.05OSLWed Nov 24 1993Network problem to DECWET?
1476.01OSLWed Nov 24 1993This is how you can do a remote reboot
1477.01TRCU17::BROWNWed Nov 24 1993Run a program on top of Windows NT Firmware?
1478.01BIGUN::MAYNEWed Nov 24 1993What else does an installation do besides EXPAND?
1479.04GUNADO::SMITHPThu Nov 25 1993NT industry conferences FYI
1480.01BIGUN::MAYNEFri Nov 26 1993WritePrivateProfileString -> registry
1481.08DEITS1::DEIT1Fri Nov 26 1993Multi-port serial controllers; Info NEEDED !!
1482.09RANGER::PITONIAKMon Nov 29 1993OpenGL driver support?
1483.07CERN::HOBBSMon Nov 29 1993equivalent of UNIX 'time' command?
1484.0SCHOOL::WASHABAUGHMon Nov 29 1993Setting File properties, particularly the Version
1486.0DECWET::BAXTERMon Nov 29 1993Digital C++ for Windows NT Pre-IFT Update
1487.06CVMS::DOTENMon Nov 29 1993Upgrading NT
1489.0EVTAI1::MEYER_MTue Nov 30 1993NetSchedule...() apis
1490.019DECWET::SCHREIBERTue Nov 30 1993FTP.MICROSOFT.COM snapshot on the enet
1493.019OSLWed Dec 01 1993Can you recoment a client/server API?
1494.04ISIDRO::CARBAYOThu Dec 02 1993ODBC apps. in win16 and Windows 3.1
1495.08CVMS::DOTENThu Dec 02 1993Which printer driver for LJ25
1496.02LJSRV1::RICHThu Dec 02 1993ANSI escape sequences?
1497.0UKARC1::JENKINSFri Dec 03 1993subst with a: doesn't work
1498.01RANGER::PITONIAKFri Dec 03 1993share redirected drives??
1499.02DECWET::BAXTERFri Dec 03 1993Digital C++ for Windows NT Pre-IFT Update Updated
1500.03SX4GTO::CHONGFri Dec 03 1993acc, a2coff, and then?
1501.04RANGER::PITONIAKMon Dec 06 1993NT and big drives probs
1502.0TUXEDO::TITCHENERMon Dec 06 1993Disable cache to run install?
1503.03MSBCS::MSD623::GlicklerMon Dec 06 1993Lantastic for NT
1504.0KLUSTR::GARDNERMon Dec 06 1993WAN domains with NTAS: how?
1505.03HDLITE::SHENMon Dec 06 1993Have ip addrees, would like to broadcast
1506.03AYJEN1::GORDONTue Dec 07 1993Countdown Dialog Box
1507.01CERN::HOBBSTue Dec 07 1993NTCLOCK.C, replacement for "clock()" that works like "clock()" should
1508.03ALKAID::HEUSSTue Dec 07 1993433mp memory use (can I access it all??)
1509.01DC1Tue Dec 07 1993RAS through the parallel port w/v.fast ?
1510.0OSLWed Dec 08 1993DIR/SECURITY?
1511.05CSC32::C_LEEWed Dec 08 1993Multiple Windows NT backup
1512.0ESSB::TREANEYThu Dec 09 1993'NT Developers' - European Marketing proposal
1513.06UTRTSC::SWEEPThu Dec 09 1993Driver trace tool
1514.04UKARC1::HAGUEThu Dec 09 1993Microsoft C++ and DLLExport.
1515.01RANGER::PITONIAKThu Dec 09 1993WFW 3.11 clients
1516.01RANGER::PANDYAThu Dec 09 1993Problems installing RAS on NTAS
1517.011STKHLM::SWE171::HansLofgrenFri Dec 10 1993Windows NT on a DECpc XL?
1518.01CVMS::DOTENFri Dec 10 1993Accessing WGPO
1519.02REGENT::ALEEFri Dec 10 1993 login.com/.login equivalent?
1520.02RCOCER::SALEHISat Dec 11 1993How to join a domain if installed as workgroup
1521.03FLYWAY::LEHMANNJSun Dec 12 1993EASYNET LMHOSTS and InterDomain Trusts
1522.02KXOSRV::ALLEYMon Dec 13 1993Fortran Compiler and Wildcards
1523.04RANGER::PITONIAKMon Dec 13 1993netware client probs
1524.012RANGER::PITONIAKTue Dec 14 1993NT 3.11 emulation?
1525.014RANGER::PITONIAKTue Dec 14 1993PCI on NT?
1526.05POLAR::TOMKINSTue Dec 14 1993Floppy Drive, 1.44MB to 2.88MB.
1527.01SMURF::ACHANTue Dec 14 1993Can't boot DOS
1528.04GEMGRP::WINALSKITue Dec 14 1993Printing to E-net attached LPS4
1529.03BIGUN::chmeee::MayneWed Dec 15 1993Appletalk from resource kit
1530.0MALTM1::SMEDBERGWed Dec 15 1993How Do i Change DEFAULT Fonts in WNT
1531.02MILPND::BACCARIWed Dec 15 1993eft3 / IP / DECnet address instal prob
1532.0RCOCER::SALEHIWed Dec 15 1993Symbolic links and ntfs
1533.01HAN::HAEUSSERThu Dec 16 1993Connect to NT shares via PW (TCP/IP) ?
1534.02KAOFS::V_LEDOUXThu Dec 16 1993SPOOLSS crashed/ access violation
1535.06KAOFS::V_LEDOUXThu Dec 16 1993Patches for final Version on intel/axp?
1536.08RANGER::PITONIAKThu Dec 16 1993user manager and RPC?
1537.0RAYNAL::ALPERTThu Dec 16 1993WINSTRM.DLL and route
1538.01OSLThu Dec 16 1993Digital guidelines for developing applications?
1539.02GEMGRP::WINALSKIThu Dec 16 1993Strange Devices
1540.01HDLITE::LAXMANThu Dec 16 1993Windows NT equivalent of isnan, truncf
1541.012ATZIS2::KRAMER_FFri Dec 17 1993C++ under Alpha NT
1542.0QUABBI::"pandya@ranger.dec.com"Fri Dec 17 1993Adptec 151
1543.05TROOA::BANGUSFri Dec 17 1993Disk Recovery Tools
1544.01FLYWAY::LEHMANNJMon Dec 20 1993modifying user profiles
1545.06OSLMon Dec 20 1993Fix DECWET!
1546.01OSLWed Dec 22 1993Should I write my server application as a service?
1547.02BEYER::beyerWed Dec 22 1993NTFS file ownership weardness?
1549.05HEART::CHAKERAWed Dec 22 1993Product files installation standards/directories
1550.0TIFINY::PAZIKWed Dec 22 1993Problem Win16 Apps
1551.0DVOPAS::COWPOK::PROCTORWed Dec 22 1993How do I delete old DLC portnames from NTAS print mgr?
1552.0ZPOVC::EAPENGEORGEWed Dec 22 1993Material for a Developers seminar
1553.0SUBURB::WARNERSThu Dec 23 1993Read Sector..?
1554.07HDLITE::LAXMANThu Dec 23 1993fopen (filename, "r") fails when filename is a directory...
1555.02BIGUN::MAYNEThu Dec 23 1993Emergency Repair Disk not needed in Domain?
1556.01BIGUN::MAYNEThu Dec 23 1993Creating a new Emergency Repair Disk
1557.0MARVA2::DANGFri Dec 24 1993Driver for Hayes ESP?
1558.03EASI::SHEUSat Dec 25 1993Driver for TK5
1559.04OSLMon Dec 27 1993Algorithm to synchronize multiple readers and single writers?
1560.04TUXEDO::GOLDFARBTue Dec 28 1993Shutdown/Restart problem
1561.06UHUH::BEERMANTue Dec 28 1993Start Workstation service on a standalone PC?
1562.02RHETT::BAYMONTue Dec 28 1993ascii text transfer from osf to nt
1563.01OSLWed Dec 29 1993Impersonate problem?
1564.04VARESE::CORGNATIWed Dec 29 1993RAW sockets and winsock.dll
1565.02VARESE::CORGNATIWed Dec 29 1993Code from "Windows Network Programming"
1566.01OSLWed Dec 29 1993How to generate uniqueue message/status/error codes?
1567.03MSBCS::MSD623::GlicklerWed Dec 29 1993Time bug?
1568.0ATHINA::GABIThu Dec 30 1993NTAS to NTAS Mail over RAS
1569.01TDCAI1::49Thu Dec 30 1993DW3
1570.02ELWOOD::GARDNERThu Dec 30 1993Questions about NT W.R.T. Novell SMS TSA/SMDR implementation.
1571.03TUXEDO::GOLDFARBThu Dec 30 1993LA75 printing woes
1572.03RANGER::COOKFri Dec 31 1993How to launch associated apps?
1573.06VNABRW::KRAMER_FMon Jan 03 1994Graphic Libaries for NT
1574.01GNPIKE::MIKELISMon Jan 03 1994where to puchase NT developer's kit
1575.02MINNY::PARKERMon Jan 03 1994multihomed NT, TCPIP Routing works?
1576.07RANGER::COOKMon Jan 03 1994Recommendation for a sound board?
1577.06OSLTue Jan 04 1994How to lookup "Full Name" of a user?
1578.02OSLWed Jan 05 1994RPC name service problem?
1579.02BOUGY::BRAUNWed Jan 05 1994dual boot DOS 5.
1580.05EPS::MARISONWed Jan 05 1994Is there an FDISK for AXP
1581.05KALI::SCARAMUZZOWed Jan 05 1994EtherWORKS 3 Field Test Windows NT driver Notes Conf.
1582.010JULIET::THOMPSON_SAWed Jan 05 1994Porting Testimonials
1583.04OZROCK::GROHNWed Jan 05 1994Borland C V4 IDE does not run on NT
1584.08SAC::GIBSON_CWed Jan 05 1994Problem developing a *large* image under NT
1585.01MINNY::PARKERThu Jan 06 1994433W/Token Ring any chance of NT?
1586.0THEMV1::EMMANUELThu Jan 06 1994Drivers for Cirrus Logic 5428?
1587.04KOALA::LATHAMThu Jan 06 1994better than VGA on DECpc 433?
1588.02OSLThu Jan 06 1994MS RPC for Win32s and Chicago?
1589.05MUMPS::SCHWARTZThu Jan 06 1994Kernel Debugger and Crash Dumps
1590.06HITEKS::SZORENYIThu Jan 06 1994ODI driver for Etherworks LC on NT !!!!! HELP!!!
1591.04MSE1::PCOTEFri Jan 07 1994Recovery from deleted NT boot sector
1592.0ELWOOD::GARDNERFri Jan 07 1994Extended Attributes
1593.0ELWOOD::GARDNERFri Jan 07 1994Microsoft Tape Format
1594.0RTOIC::KERNMon Jan 10 1994Wangtek 92
1595.012RANGER::PITONIAKMon Jan 10 1994Daytona
1596.05OSLMon Jan 10 1994C++ class for subclassing your Windows NT Service from
1597.07RCOCER::SALEHITue Jan 11 1994How to share SDK accross the net
1598.04ZPOVC::SEOWHURNWed Jan 12 1994Sizing of Alpha server for MS-Mail ??
1599.03AYJEN1::GORDONWed Jan 12 1994Nodebug build does not work!
1600.03NAPIER::MCAFEEWed Jan 12 1994Getting started porting
1601.07LAIDBK::PETERSON_RIThu Jan 13 1994How can you move NT to another disk?
1602.0POLAR::TOMKINSThu Jan 13 1994Forcing the presence of a Serial Mouse.
1603.03OSLThu Jan 13 1994Security question?
1604.0MSBCS::BROWN_LThu Jan 13 1994memory diagnostics, DOS vs. NT
1605.06DRINKS::CARIGNANThu Jan 13 1994RZ56 on a Jensen?
1606.08ZPOVThu Jan 13 1994Sizing a Alpha PC for Windows NTAS ?
1607.03EICMFG::DRECHSELFri Jan 14 1994Get window position while moving window?
1608.08SMAUG::MENDELFri Jan 14 1994NT Dev - What to buy
1609.02GNPIKE::MIKELISFri Jan 14 19944SALE: Win32 SDK for Windows NT
1610.02OSLSat Jan 15 1994Problem with MS RPC call under Win32s?
1611.01LJSRV1::SHAROSMon Jan 17 1994433W dual boot problem
1612.03TAVIS::RONENMon Jan 17 1994support fot TLZ
1613.0OSLMon Jan 17 1994Domain name => name of a server in the domain?
1614.01UNYEM::LEFFLERMMon Jan 17 1994Qvision vs #9
1615.033LJSRV1::MUISEMon Jan 17 1994Windows NT Service Pack (update) now available
1616.01BIGUN::chmeee::MayneMon Jan 17 1994Proper protection on profile?
1617.010HEART::CHAKERATue Jan 18 1994VMS kits on PC format floppy
1618.069LJSRV1::MUISETue Jan 18 1994Appian graphics driver available
1619.0SAC::GIBSON_CTue Jan 18 1994Windows NT Support for IP Multicast
1620.03ANNECY::LAGARRIGUE_PTue Jan 18 1994HD, DD Floppy disk formatting
1621.012RANGER::PITONIAKTue Jan 18 1994csd
1622.03OSLWed Jan 19 1994How to list routine enties in a .DLL?
1623.03BIGUN::chmeee::MayneWed Jan 19 1994Event Viewer: Intel from AXP
1624.0BIGUN::chmeee::MayneWed Jan 19 1994GUEST used as default share logon?
1625.05DECWIN::HURLEYWed Jan 19 1994Global Memory problem with DLL's
1626.07DECWET::MIRIAMWed Jan 19 1994Questions on Event Loggin
1627.01SNOCThu Jan 20 1994X.25 comms
1628.07PRSSUD::AGUADOThu Jan 20 1994How to develop NT custom drivers ?
1629.01RANGER::PITONIAKThu Jan 20 1994TCP Bindings question
1630.04ZPOVC::SEOWHURNFri Jan 21 1994Questions on Windows NTAS..
1631.05STKAI1::WANNERSKOGFri Jan 21 1994FTAM support ?
1632.06BINKLY::JOHNFri Jan 21 1994Slip/CSLIP for NT???
1633.02GOOEY::RYANMon Jan 24 1994Printing to DECmultijet 2
1634.0BGSDEV::SEITSINGERMon Jan 24 19948RLE bitmap conversion...
1635.07OSLMon Jan 24 1994What does #NOFNR in LMHOSTS mean?
1636.06OSLTue Jan 25 1994Whta is included on the Microsoft Development Platform CD?
1637.010HEART::CHAKERATue Jan 25 1994Starting a program during WNT boot
1638.02FLYWAY::ZANGGERWed Jan 26 1994ntas crash on xl56
1639.02XLIB::MARSONWed Jan 26 1994MACRO or FUNCTION request for simulated 64 bit signed data assignment
1640.0ASD::DIGRAZIAWed Jan 26 1994NT spawn synchronous WIN16 program? (WinExec, process)
1641.03KDX2Wed Jan 26 1994MPU4
1642.06AMCCXN::BERGHWed Jan 26 1994I'm not getting interrupts ...
1643.02XSTACY::GORMANThu Jan 27 1994Unzip NT zip on OpenVMS?
1644.03GBIThu Jan 27 1994Win16 applications that use NT devices ?
1645.02LJSRV1::MUISEThu Jan 27 1994HalTranslateBusAddress question
1646.01ELWOOD::LANEThu Jan 27 1994For Sale Topic
1647.05GLDOA::MALOTTThu Jan 27 1994Trantor Media Vision SCSI drvr
1648.02BAHTAT::HILTONFri Jan 28 1994Share 1 SCSI disk to 2 NT PC's
1649.01XLIB::MARSONFri Jan 28 1994GetFilePosition() missing ??
1650.0POLAR::TOMKINSFri Jan 28 1994Disk Administrator Question
1651.04HEART::DIDCOCKMon Jan 31 1994NT Server product & capacity limits
1652.010GOOEY::LEMBREEMon Jan 31 1994NTAS Domain Controller w/o ethernet, and RAS on workstations
1653.01PYRO::VANZUYLENMon Jan 31 1994EtherWORKS Turbo (DE2
1654.04BAHTAT::HILTONTue Feb 01 1994'Lost' my SCSI drive
1655.07USATTue Feb 01 1994TLZ
1656.03TAPE::BGARDNERTue Feb 01 1994Why no replies?
1657.010HASTUR::ZYGADLOTue Feb 01 1994Access Privilege Question
1658.01GLDOA::MALOTTWed Feb 02 1994Tandberg 38
1659.01OSLThu Feb 03 1994Storing item data in a list box with LB_SORT style?
1660.02ATLJEB::Jim BellThu Feb 03 1994Excursion and NT Wallpaper conflict
1661.02NETRIX::michaudThu Feb 03 1994Re: previous topic (166
1662.03LJSRV1::MUISEFri Feb 04 1994New CLAXP document available
1663.0EXOCET::ATTWOOLMon Feb 07 1994NT to ULTRIX file problems
1664.01SMAUG::GARRODMon Feb 07 1994Is 15 inch color monitor valid on DECpc AXP 15
1665.03SMAUG::GARRODMon Feb 07 1994Does the DECpc LPv support Windows NT?
1666.03SX4GTO::CHONGMon Feb 07 1994Western Digital's video card
1667.01SX4GTO::CHONGMon Feb 07 1994Emergency repair question
1668.08INFACT::DATZMANTue Feb 08 1994Need NT driver for tape drive
1669.01ZURWed Feb 09 1994Direct printing to TCP/IP devices possible?
1670.01GBIWed Feb 09 19941
1671.0LJSRV1::CUOCOWed Feb 09 1994Driver for Kodak 45
1672.05RANGER::PITONIAKWed Feb 09 1994csd
1673.08SX4GTO::CHONGWed Feb 09 1994adapter problem?
1674.01MARVA1::DANGWed Feb 09 1994Converting NT to NTAS
1675.02OSLThu Feb 10 1994The master browser is stopping, error event?
1676.01BROKE::LOMMEThu Feb 10 1994NetWare APIs for Windows-NT?????
1677.07ONOIS1::JOURDEFri Feb 11 1994Looking for DEC Fortran WNT SPD.
1678.0OSLFri Feb 11 1994GetSecurityDescriptorDacl vs. GetPrivateObjectSecurity?
1679.03OSLFri Feb 11 1994Possible to use trigger Visual C++ debug with DebugBreak()?
1680.013RANGER::PITONIAKFri Feb 11 1994NT Reboot on reconfig
1681.06XANADU::SCHUTZMANFri Feb 11 1994No Encapsulated Postscript in WORD 6.
1683.010COMICS::WOODWARDMon Feb 14 1994File Manager problem in Srv Pack 2
1684.07DSM::SCHWARTZMon Feb 14 1994Unable to install W/NT from MSDN Level 2 CD
1685.02LJSRV1::MUISETue Feb 15 1994IoQueryDeviceDescription problem
1686.05NAC::COLLINSTue Feb 15 1994Porting assembler code from Ultrix to NT
1687.02NRSTA2::CARIFIOTue Feb 15 1994reporting the config
1688.02DECCXL::OUELLETTETue Feb 15 1994E4 version of claxp compiler available
1689.02SX4GTO::CHONGTue Feb 15 1994Dialog Box hints
1690.04NEWVAX::MURRAYWed Feb 16 1994NT and Netware problem
1691.06OSLWed Feb 16 1994ARP IP address is already in use by another node?
1692.0SCHOOL::WASHABAUGHWed Feb 16 1994HERMES and managing Network Interface Cards (adapters)
1693.04LJSRV1::CUOCOWed Feb 16 1994Video For Windows
1694.01CGOOA::OWONGWed Feb 16 1994 Thomas COnrad Adapter Support...
1695.01HGSW67::CHARLESKWANWed Feb 16 1994Panasonic CR-562 supported under NT?
1696.010OSLThu Feb 17 1994Visual C++ V2.
1697.03NRSTA2::CARIFIOThu Feb 17 1994mere mortal beseeches the NT gods (or page fault here)
1698.04RANGER::PITONIAKThu Feb 17 1994IBM Token Ring probs
1699.010NAC::COLLINSThu Feb 17 1994acc -- Where is the manual?
1700.0TUXEDO::TITCHENERThu Feb 17 1994LIB32.exe LINK1117 syntax error in option "" error.
1701.04HPCGRP::HOFri Feb 18 1994Help with linking and building DLL for a novice developer
1702.04HITEKS::SZORENYISat Feb 19 19943C5
1703.05TDCAI1::PCBF76::TABARYMon Feb 21 1994TLZ
1704.03CADSYS::LEMONSMon Feb 21 1994PATHWORKS V5 for OpenVMS <-> Windows NT via NetBEUI
1705.0HEART::JOHNSTONMon Feb 21 1994service startup dependancies
1706.03TOSSUC::MIONTue Feb 22 1994Programming on serial port more than COM9:
1707.01FLAMER::OXENBERGTue Feb 22 1994new user in domain cannot access own files!
1708.0DUSTER::LEONGTue Feb 22 1994Accessing created echo service via TCP/IP & UDP.
1709.011OSLWed Feb 23 1994Compile/link speed Intel vs. Alpha?
1710.0OSLWed Feb 23 1994Where to find MDIREST sample?
1712.03BACHUS::CAERELSWed Feb 23 1994C
1713.01JUDYL::SWARTZFri Feb 25 1994CPU mode times & High Resolution Clock
1714.03USATFri Feb 25 1994Comm Port Allocation NTAS
1715.02JUDYL::SWARTZFri Feb 25 1994Assembler Examples
1716.03KELVIN::CAMPBELLMon Feb 28 1994Intel NT based claxp?
1717.04FORTY2::ODONNELLTue Mar 01 1994Accessing the Registry from C?
1718.02RANGER::PITONIAKTue Mar 01 1994WINS Question
1719.04RT95::MCDONALDJTue Mar 01 1994Daytona on Alpha AXP?
1720.01COPCLU::COPSW2::RistoWed Mar 02 1994Port xterm using eXcursion (SDK)
1721.01NRSTA2::RUSSOWed Mar 02 1994Visual C++ for NT?
1722.03HANNAH::FINGERHUTWed Mar 02 1994Accessing a Registry on the network
1723.0CX3PT1::JSFINE::M_HERRERAWed Mar 02 1994Questions on printer/plotter drivers
1724.03OASS::HIBBERT_PWed Mar 02 1994Network driver programming & LLC
1725.0ACOSTA::MIANOWed Mar 02 1994ANy experience Using the SNA Server???
1726.01HITEKS::SZORENYIWed Mar 02 1994Can't boot DOS after restore from tape!
1727.02VARESE::FRANZONIThu Mar 03 1994only one COM at a time on DEC PC AXP 15
1728.02MSAMThu Mar 03 1994Need packages & tech info
1729.01TAVPC5::shalomThu Mar 03 1994Urgent help with Chameleon32
1730.03DEITS1::DEIT1Thu Mar 03 1994LOCKING; Netware vs NT ???
1731.04DONVAN::BOOKIE::YOUNGThu Mar 03 1994HW that works with NT
1732.01DONVAN::BOOKIE::YOUNGThu Mar 03 1994SW that runs on NT
1733.07TLE::TATHAMThu Mar 03 1994perl available for NT
1734.01LJSRV1::MUISEThu Mar 03 1994New Hardware Compatability List (March 94)
1735.01TROOA::WEAVERFri Mar 04 1994"File Control" operations?
1736.012WOTVAX::WEBSTERMFri Mar 04 1994NTFS ar FAT ?
1737.04TPSYS::BONNEAUFri Mar 04 1994'tar' on NT??
1738.01TAVSun Mar 06 1994TZK1
1739.06RCOCER::SALEHISun Mar 06 1994NT on 56
1740.04OSLMon Mar 07 1994Problem with multithreaded RPC server on Intel?
1741.03BHAJEE::JAERVINENMon Mar 07 1994TCP/IP and local RPC?
1742.010DECWET::HUTCHINSONMon Mar 07 1994DEC C/C++ for Windows NT EFT kit available!
1743.01VMSNET::K_DALTONTue Mar 08 1994TCP/IP drops idle connections.
1744.03DSM::SCHWARTZTue Mar 08 1994Macros to distinguish cl386 from claxp
1745.04TUXEDO::BMARTINTue Mar 08 1994Network connections and password length problem
1746.0TOOK::FLETCHERTue Mar 08 1994hanging after file system checks
1747.03BIGUN::chmeee::MayneTue Mar 08 1994Windows NT JPEG viewer
1748.0ONOIS1::MEZARDWed Mar 09 1994HELP ON CDROM:sbpro/WINNT31
1749.0DEITS1::DEIT1Wed Mar 09 1994X25/ISDN; How to link applications??
1750.08TAVPC5::shalomWed Mar 09 1994can't handle 25
1751.05KETJE::MYLLEWed Mar 09 1994OSI/TP4 on NT ?
1752.02OSLWed Mar 09 1994Demo cd, installed for Intel resulted in AXP?
1753.04RELSIC::VESTUTOWed Mar 09 1994ALPHA CD for NT?
1754.07LJSRV1::EVANSWed Mar 09 1994CompuServe Mirrors
1755.01CADSYS::LEMONSWed Mar 09 1994NT driver for PC speaker?
1756.04NETRIX::michaudWed Mar 09 1994World write access to %SystemRoot% and System32 by default
1757.01ZPOVThu Mar 10 1994Printing to DS 9
1758.021LOCUST::LYNDONThu Mar 10 1994Soundblaster and Jensen ALPHA PC
1759.0DECPRG::LISKAThu Mar 10 1994#9 does not work at 128
1760.07LURE::CERLINGThu Mar 10 1994Neophyte NT coding
1761.01COPCLU::BENTERIKFri Mar 11 1994Develop applications under MS-Windows for WIN32s
1762.0EVOAI2::TALPEFri Mar 11 1994Async I/O with console ?
1763.04VAXRIO::EMILIOFri Mar 11 1994Problems with Scanner and Image In Software
1764.011NETRIX::michaudFri Mar 11 1994Higher resolution on MTE with Vid-928
1765.01NECSC::BOWENFri Mar 11 1994Problem with batch backup - ussp2
1766.01RCOCER::SALEHIMon Mar 14 1994What is the easiest way to tell if the execuable is alpha or intel or whatever
1767.09RANGER::COOKMon Mar 14 1994Running MSHEARTS cardgame on WNT
1768.04NETRIX::michaudMon Mar 14 1994"Enhanced" SCSI mode and NT
1769.02QUABBI::"pandya@ranger.dec.com"Mon Mar 14 1994Adaptec 151
1770.01OSLTue Mar 15 1994Hint for implementing receive indicator?
1771.03LJSRV1::CAMPBELLTue Mar 15 1994QueryPerformance... function returns?
1772.014BGSDEV::SEITSINGERTue Mar 15 1994Tracing back an exception
1773.05MU::PORTERTue Mar 15 1994Setting up environment variables from prompt
1774.04PINBOT::ERVINWed Mar 16 1994Windows NT Help crashes...
1775.02TOOK::FLETCHERWed Mar 16 1994DECpc 466 with S3 video card interferes with EtherWORKS 3 TURBO
1776.0DECWET::SCHREIBERWed Mar 16 1994Beta Test of Korn Shell from Congruent Corp
1777.03TKOVOA::MORI_YThu Mar 17 1994Q: NT/NTAS automated-setup
1778.03SALEBT::HEARNSThu Mar 17 1994STOP process pauses system, lots of page faults --- HELP Please......
1779.012MU::PORTERThu Mar 17 1994Questions about services
1780.06JUGHED::JOHNThu Mar 17 1994submit remote command?
1781.08TOOK::FLETCHERFri Mar 18 1994substituting events for signals .. design question
1782.018DSM::SCHWARTZFri Mar 18 1994comp.os.ms-windows.nt.misc contains lots of Digital questions
1783.06KITVAX::METHOTMon Mar 21 1994WWW Mosaic connection
1784.0FLAMER::OXENBERGMon Mar 21 1994POINTSTOPOINT macro incorrect
1785.01MUMPS::WATTMon Mar 21 1994Can a timer be created in a service?
1786.01USHSMon Mar 21 1994Re-connect to a different Postoffice?
1787.0BRSTR1::DERASTue Mar 22 1994problem with booting from a mirrored system disk
1788.018DEVLPR::GENTILETue Mar 22 1994NT stops recognizing floppy drive!!
1789.02DEVLPR::GENTILETue Mar 22 1994Appian Rendtion IV?
1790.02BERNWed Mar 23 1994RAS problems starting the server.
1791.09ANNECY::LEMMAWed Mar 23 1994Driver from DOS to NT
1792.03RANGER::PITONIAKWed Mar 23 1994NT SQL and decnet?
1793.072HOT::hal9.hlo.dec.com::gauvinWed Mar 23 1994Unable to Change Passwords - Help !
1794.038OSLWed Mar 23 1994Win32 setup toolkit?
1795.03OSLThu Mar 24 1994Does "Chicago" have a registery?
1797.01TROOA::BROWNThu Mar 24 1994?Reading material for Daytona MCP certification?
1798.012PRGRMR::GENTILEFri Mar 25 1994Is there TCP/IP access to this notes conference?
1799.09RANGER::HARRISFri Mar 25 1994any smart NT File DUMP utilities or Disk Editors?
1800.07WEORFI::AFAMASAGASun Mar 27 1994AHA274
1801.0MR3PST::RAISON::GRIMESMon Mar 28 1994T2 SMB's might be cause of "path not found" errors?
1802.02RANGER::PITONIAKMon Mar 28 1994tech net cd??
1803.01JUDYL::SWARTZMon Mar 28 1994QueryPerformanceCounter
1804.04OZROCK::ROBERTSONMon Mar 28 1994Editors - help wanted; MicroEdge - fax number wanted
1805.01OZROCK::ROBERTSONMon Mar 28 1994Anyone got a clever "dongle-buster" ?
1806.02SHIPS::YATES_MTue Mar 29 1994HP Print Cards/HPLJ4/NT AXP
1807.07MROA::AOHM::JACOBSTue Mar 29 1994WATCOM Win386 error with Visual Reality
1808.01REFINE::JONESTue Mar 29 1994WinNT 3.1 co-existing with Daytona and Chicago
1809.01RCOCER::SALEHITue Mar 29 1994CAP location and any other profilers
1810.0EICMFG::DRECHSELWed Mar 30 1994System wide mouse hook?
1811.05ATYISA::AGUADOWed Mar 30 1994Help Interrupt Level and Interrupt Vector
1813.017BGSDEV::TANNENBAUMWed Mar 30 1994Schedule+
1814.012LISTIM::SILVA_AThu Mar 31 1994Out of Memory
1815.02UPROAR::YATESTThu Mar 31 1994multi subnets
1816.01MR4DEC::JAINThu Mar 31 1994bug in setting SYSTEM environment variable and question
1817.03DECWET::RICHARDSONThu Mar 31 1994MSDN Level 2 issue
1818.02TOOK::COLETTIFri Apr 01 1994X.25 for NT
1819.05TPSYS::BONNEAUMon Apr 04 1994Software tools on NT/Intel and/or NT?Alpha
1820.02POBOX::TSUCHIYAMAMon Apr 04 1994What other vendor's support NT?
1821.04CAPNET::TEHRANIANMon Apr 04 1994Need GUI capture utility s/w for Windows NT
1822.0AMCMKO::BEAUMon Apr 04 1994know of any porting tools to go from NT or Windows to OSF/1 ?
1823.04DFACTO::NEWMANMon Apr 04 1994utility to print entire help files
1824.03MUMPS::ROODYTue Apr 05 1994Display/run NT app's to remote X display .....
1825.02MUMPS::KFLANAGANTue Apr 05 1994How to create an account within an application?
1826.011DECWET::RICHARDSONTue Apr 05 1994Hitchhikers Guide to the Daytona beta
1827.0MJPRWed Apr 06 1994Problems with PWNT IFT5 build kit using floppy
1828.04EASI::LEUNGWed Apr 06 1994Cannot update CMOS.RAM?
1829.018BASTAR::KAIRYSThu Apr 07 1994Getting started, looking for tools
1830.01WEORFI::ELMESFri Apr 08 1994MTE under NT with UPS on Serial Port
1831.01FORTY2::ODONNELLFri Apr 08 1994Duplicate DLL's on a system!
1832.01CSC32::DEPAOLANTFri Apr 08 1994 mop support for terminal servers ?
1833.02DEITS1::DEIT1Fri Apr 08 1994Dynamic creations of windows and controls?
1834.04VARESE::FRANZONIMon Apr 11 1994massive NETFS I/O hangs WNT
1835.01BEYER::beyerMon Apr 11 1994W3 Server (The European Microsoft WindowsNT Academic Centre)
1836.04RANGER::PITONIAKMon Apr 11 1994emulation question
1837.015RANGER::PITONIAKMon Apr 11 1994winsock support
1838.0RANGER::PITONIAKMon Apr 11 1994rip on daytona
1839.05ELWOOD::LANEMon Apr 11 1994FoxPro
1840.04DECWET::BARLOWMon Apr 11 1994Word 6.
1841.02SNOCTue Apr 12 1994video camera drivers
1842.0TAVTue Apr 12 1994How to use DeviceIoControl function ?
1843.011TRURL::porterTue Apr 12 1994What's a 'thunk' then?
1844.026THAVE::TEMINTue Apr 12 1994Diamond Viper PCI and WNT?
1845.0NETRIX::michaudTue Apr 12 1994Index Files (Cald.ind)
1846.0EASI::LEUNGTue Apr 12 1994Telephone no. for ABSOFT?
1847.02COOKIE::WOODTue Apr 12 1994NETLOGON not running
1848.06BHAJEE::JAERVINENWed Apr 13 1994Delta for Windows [NT] released?
1849.05ALFAM7::SCHUETZWed Apr 13 1994'nm' for WNT wanted !
1850.01TLE::HAMSONWed Apr 13 1994Environment Variable Editor SETEV
1851.05OSLThu Apr 14 1994How to get error message text for Windows Sockets error codes?
1852.0CSCMA::LACHANCEFri Apr 15 1994XL56
1853.06RANGER::COOKSun Apr 17 1994Allowing DOS pgms access to hardware
1854.012FORTY2::ODONNELLMon Apr 18 1994Message catalogues?
1855.01OSLMon Apr 18 1994Minor problem with difference between Alpha and Intel code?
1856.01XSTACY::DROSSMon Apr 18 1994NT, DE2
1857.03BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHTue Apr 19 1994PVCS anyone
1858.01TDCISA::PCBF76::TABARYTue Apr 19 1994WNT/AXP driver for token ring DW3
1859.0RANGER::PITONIAKTue Apr 19 1994Daytona/MAW??
1861.02POBOX::TSUCHIYAMATue Apr 19 1994What is the GEM compiler?
1862.0UNYEM::SALEHIMWed Apr 20 1994an rmt/dump/restore for nt
1863.0TOOK::COLETTIWed Apr 20 1994Two interfaces for kernel driver?
1864.01DSM::BELLIVEAUWed Apr 20 1994Need Alpha Assembly for Windows NT Code samples
1865.0MUMPS::ROODYThu Apr 21 1994How to prevent pause/lock and invoke autologoff?
1866.01UCROW::PEARSONThu Apr 21 1994Randomized Windbg window size?
1867.013D::SHENThu Apr 21 1994How do I increase ACC's macro buffer size?
1868.02JRDVThu Apr 21 1994How to verify removable media is ready or not
1869.09ISTWI1::DARMARFri Apr 22 1994TERMINAL SERVER???? URGENT!!!!!
1870.06BASLL1::KINGSBURYPFri Apr 22 1994NT driver for TZ35?
1871.02OSLFri Apr 22 1994Which version of MFC in the Daytona beta?
1872.07AXEL::FOLEYFri Apr 22 1994How to change ether board characteristics?
1873.02BASTAR::KAIRYSMon Apr 25 1994Wishing for NT system monitor, etc.
1874.02EXOCET::ATTWOOLTue Apr 26 1994Reaching domains across a WAN
1875.02OSOSPS::SUEHIROTue Apr 26 1994DECpcXL Mem. limit 66Mb [192Mb]????
1876.0XSTACY::DROSSTue Apr 26 1994Migrating SMS site database
1877.0+3TRURL::porterTue Apr 26 1994awk?
1878.01LJSRV1::SHAROSTue Apr 26 1994Firmware rev for TLZ
1879.03TAVWed Apr 27 1994RAM disk
1881.05CANDOO::GRIEBWed Apr 27 1994Where is build number stored ?
1882.02PIYUSH::RUPARELIAWed Apr 27 1994Multiple Ethernet Support using TCP/IP
1883.011NETRIX::michaudWed Apr 27 1994Adding mailers to Microsoft Mail on NT
1884.07MSE1::MASTRANGELOWed Apr 27 1994how do you find which physical drive?
1885.08DSM::BELLIVEAUWed Apr 27 1994assembly language programming questions
1886.01DELSThu Apr 28 1994Using system() from a service?
1887.09LJSRV1::RANAUROThu Apr 28 1994Daytona SDK Compatibility Issues
1888.01BHAJEE::JAERVINENThu Apr 28 1994Long filenames & FAT???
1889.02CADSYS::LEMONSThu Apr 28 1994Scroll bars for Command Prompt window?
1890.08UCROW::PEARSONThu Apr 28 1994_toupper macro fails for upper case characters
1891.03MARVA2::DANGThu Apr 28 1994Adobe Type Manager?
1892.03LJSRV1::CAMPBELLFri Apr 29 1994A problem with CLAXP?
1893.04DECWET::MIRIAMFri Apr 29 1994Table-Driven SNMP Extension Agent Available
1894.06THEMV1::EMMANUELSun May 01 1994Copying NT system disk to another.
1895.0119755::PATRICKMon May 02 1994CreateProcess and Debugging
1896.0PMRV7Mon May 02 1994Install fails on TRANTOR MEDIAVISION w/466ST
1897.0DSM::SCHWARTZMon May 02 1994Help with i386kd and kernel mode debugging
1898.05BACHUS::VANHAVERETue May 03 1994how to implement file system?
1899.01VARESE::CORGNATITue May 03 1994non-SCSI Philips CD-ROM drives
1900.03CSCMA::HODGETue May 03 1994Config utility and driver for ISA option on AXP
1901.014UCROW::PEARSONTue May 03 1994Command line editing for DOS applications on NT?
1902.04GLDOA::ROWENWed May 04 19942 Scsi's on same machine?
1903.016CADSYS::LEMONSWed May 04 1994EMACS for Windows NT
1904.07TOOK::CUDMOREWed May 04 1994nmake & Visual C++ produce different size object files?
1905.02KICKER::N2ITIV::LEEThu May 05 1994 Looking for a "tail" utility
1906.0LOWELL::SKYCLAD::MackThu May 05 1994Need help for 3 problems before doing Daytona
1907.04MOLAR::FLETCHERFri May 06 1994Can't create RAW ICMP socket ..
1909.07BGSDEV::TANNENBAUMFri May 06 1994Schedule+ & Daytona
1910.010BASTAR::KAIRYSMon May 09 1994Wildcard pattern matching on NT?
1911.01BREAKR::UDICKMon May 09 1994DOSKEY/INSERT in Command Window.
1912.023D::SHENMon May 09 1994CVPACK error: type info corrupt?
1913.01EEMELI::RASANENTue May 10 1994S3 and Daytona
1914.04UPROAR::EVANSGTue May 10 1994Socket() fails when started via CreateProcess()
1915.03KLAP::porterTue May 10 1994V3.
1916.0DELSTue May 10 1994Starting a GUI process from a Service?
1917.04EASI::ARORATue May 10 1994Assigning a user defined name to a process
1918.02SICVAX::TIMMINSTue May 10 1994Daytona, PPP, != Web connect
1919.01OSLWed May 11 1994How to check if path is valid?
1920.03NSTG::TIPPINWed May 11 1994OEMSETUP.INF not found error
1921.06SWAM2::SIRBU_SUWed May 11 1994software and alpha?
1922.018GUESS::BROWNThu May 12 1994Hex dump when shutting down NT
1923.01OTOOA::PONDThu May 12 1994Modem pool for RAS?
1924.04POBOX::TSUCHIYAMAFri May 13 1994NTAS, Token Ring, TCP/IP installation tips?
1925.03OSLFri May 13 1994FormatMessage problem?
1926.02OSLMon May 16 1994How to watch network connection between client and server?
1927.0IRNBRU::GRANTMon May 16 1994Get Volume Information ???
1928.011UPROAR::EVANSGTue May 17 1994DECpc XL 566 installation problems
1929.07BOBSBX::CHIQUOINETue May 17 1994Need to share memory between two processes
1930.04OLCROW::MCCANCETue May 17 1994de2
1931.023D::SHENTue May 17 1994accessing global data in a DLL assembly module
1932.03POBOX::TSUCHIYAMATue May 17 1994XL566 and an external Storageworks box?
1933.03CANDOO::GRIEBWed May 18 1994Help needed with 2nd controller
1934.01HANNAH::HENEGHANWed May 18 1994Controling remote NT Machines
1935.01DECLNE::KENNYWed May 18 1994locating partners program info
1936.01TPSYS::BONNEAUThu May 19 1994SDK Docs won't print?
1937.06NETRIX::michaudThu May 19 1994Guidlines for installing layered product SDK?
1938.01UHUH::BEERMANFri May 20 1994Are any hand scanners supported?
1939.01MUMPS::KFLANAGANFri May 20 1994Daytona install problems on laptop
1940.02NWDFri May 20 1994Development Question on NT Alpha
1941.02DELSFri May 20 1994API to "Select computer..." ?
1942.02EICMFG::DRECHSELFri May 20 1994Change PrgMgr Icon Text?
1943.04CLOHUB::CLOEIS::COBURNFri May 20 1994DAYTONA-BETA conference access problems
1944.01KCBBQ::WONGMon May 23 1994HELP!-Pentium beats AXP
1945.010DECWET::BARLOWMon May 23 1994Nifty NT Build Environment, and it's *FREE*
1946.07TOOK::SHIAUTue May 24 1994The limitation on command length
1947.01MOLAR::FLETCHERTue May 24 1994which .lib or .dll goes with LoadLibraryEx(), FormatMessage(), and FreeLibrary()
1948.0XLIB::EDWINTue May 24 1994XMNT - Info request
1949.02OSLLAV::64141::larsl_pWed May 25 1994Booting form mirror disk NT adv server 3.1
1950.0UPSAR::ARNAUDWed May 25 1994GetVDMPointer and friends
1951.02KLAP::porterThu May 26 1994Net slow?
1952.0DSM::SCHWARTZThu May 26 1994CreateFileMapping() for a Permanent Memory Section?
1953.04LJSRV1::RICHThu May 26 1994DebugOutput() and DBWIN on NT?
1954.02DPDMAI::GROVEFri May 27 1994Macintosh Application Env.
1955.02HANNAH::ILSLEYFri May 27 1994Capture screen actions?
1956.06SPECXN::MCALEERFri May 27 1994TZ85 driver
1957.05ANNECY::ACHINOMon May 30 1994How to get TCP/IP information from an interface?
1958.01FUTURS::LONGWY::LEWISTue May 31 1994PCI SCSI & Daytona
1959.01PASTA::BEAVERSONTue May 31 1994secondary cache information
1960.08HANNAH::FINGERHUTTue May 31 1994How does the program mgr store icons?
1961.0OZROCK::ROBERTSONWed Jun 01 1994Multi-port serial with single INT?
1962.02EASI::LEUNGWed Jun 01 1994Need latest Speedstar Video card driver for NT
1963.06UPROAR::EVANSGThu Jun 02 1994Service & Remote Drives
1964.02TUXEDO::BMARTINThu Jun 02 1994What defines the "CPU" environment variable
1965.05VARESE::CORGNATIThu Jun 02 1994ODBC driver for Rdb
1966.07DSM::SCHWARTZThu Jun 02 1994cl386 fatal error C1
1967.01TPSYS::BONNEAUFri Jun 03 1994Unable to resolve references using LINK32 and WSOCK32.LIB !
1968.0VAXRIO::SCHORFri Jun 03 1994NT setup icon problem
1969.01HANNAH::HENEGHANFri Jun 03 1994Building MFC on NT 3.5 Beta Build 612 on Alpha AXP
1970.04EDSBOX::EBROWNFri Jun 03 1994more WAN browsing questions
1971.04OZROCK::ROBERTSONSun Jun 05 1994NT 3.1 driver OK for Daytona?
1972.05AKOCOA::PWISEMon Jun 06 1994New Adaptec controllers supported?
1973.01EASI::ARORAMon Jun 06 1994Trying to bind a socket
1974.04ANGLIN::ORTHOBERMon Jun 06 1994VMS AXP V6.1, 2
1975.01BACHUS::VANHAVERETue Jun 07 1994SCSI class driver data transfer problem
1976.0SUOIS3::GROSSTue Jun 07 1994direct memory access in user mode
1977.05COPCLU::HENRIKVJWed Jun 08 1994TZ87/TZ877 and NTAS ??
1978.04JUGHED::JOHNWed Jun 08 1994Why isn't the DE2
1979.0TPSYS::BONNEAUWed Jun 08 1994Can't print SDK docs on Print Server 2
1980.05BLAZER::MIKELISWed Jun 08 1994Need info on VMS-->NT application migration
1981.04KAOAWed Jun 08 1994problem with DE2
1982.03BASTAR::KAIRYSWed Jun 08 1994Unexpected heap error.
1983.01OSOEIC::MATSUOWed Jun 08 1994SUBMIT/REMOTE from VMS(AXP) to NT
1984.02MSE1::PCOTEThu Jun 09 1994Interrogating the SCSI Bus ?
1986.02STAR::DZIEDZICFri Jun 10 1994WD 54
1987.03FLAMER::OXENBERGMon Jun 13 1994Restoring registry files...
1988.01CTXOBJ::PatrickMon Jun 13 1994NetRules and Binding
1990.0RANGER::PITONIAKMon Jun 13 1994MSTEST Question
1991.018BIGUN::chmeee::MayneMon Jun 13 1994SMTP for Windows NT
1992.02BIGUN::wills.cao.dec.com::PINKERTONMon Jun 13 1994GOSIP on WINDOWS NT
1993.06RDGENG::BAKERSTue Jun 14 1994WNT and DECpc LPx 56
1994.01TNPUBS::BELLUSCITue Jun 14 1994WinHelp question
1995.01FORTY2::ODONNELLWed Jun 15 1994Command Line Recal with ReadFile
1996.01KALVIN::HILLERThu Jun 16 1994Find Adapter # in OEMSETUP.INF
1997.02EEMELI::MLEINOFri Jun 17 1994File lock problem with PW V5.
1998.02OTOOA::PONDFri Jun 17 1994Exabyte 85
1999.01CANDOO::GRIEBFri Jun 17 1994Looking for installdate value info
2000.0OZROCK::ROBERTSONMon Jun 20 1994Can a user-mode app check IO resource usage?
2001.0MOLAR::FLETCHERMon Jun 20 1994redirector unhappy with a PATHWORKS served share ..
2002.01BOBSBX::CHIQUOINETue Jun 21 1994Need ntalpha.h
2003.02MOLAR::FLETCHERTue Jun 21 1994uudecode executible anyone?
2004.09WOTVAX::WEBSTERMTue Jun 21 1994Application to change a user PASSWORD
2005.02LJSRV1::MUISETue Jun 21 1994Hardware Compatability List - May 94
2006.01ODIXIE::RICHTue Jun 21 1994UNIX tar files on NT??
2007.03HANNAH::HENEGHANTue Jun 21 1994Getting Ethernet information from application API ?
2008.0DELDPN::C_RIOSTue Jun 21 1994recvfrom DGRAM socket blocks under Windows NT
2009.0TAVWed Jun 22 1994Fonts of the MS-CMD box.
2010.05VIOLON::MANAGERWed Jun 22 1994Microsoft Access and JENSEN/NT
2011.0BGSDEV::TANNENBAUMWed Jun 22 1994WINDBGRM Access Violation - Beta 2
2012.01VAXRIO::SCHORThu Jun 23 1994NT & Lan Man 2.2 prim. controller
2013.0HGORS::KIMWAHNGThu Jun 23 1994Very Big Dialog Box !
2014.01HGORS::KIMWAHNGThu Jun 23 1994Office 4.3 Installation on NT ?
2015.02HOBBLE::YOUNGThu Jun 23 1994Is the TLZ
2016.05WOTVAX::WEBSTERMMon Jun 27 1994Can Anyone recommend a good book ?
2017.02TRUCKS::SMITH_BMon Jun 27 1994adaptec 2742 and now lots of problems
2018.0TUXEDO::BLACKSTOCKMon Jun 27 1994Handling TerminateProcess
2019.03CSOA1::CSOADM::CSOADM::RUPERTTue Jun 28 1994DECMigrate/VEST program for NT Alpha?
2020.0ELWOOD::PETERSWed Jun 29 1994Drivers for TLZ
2021.03BASTAR::KAIRYSWed Jun 29 1994Product licensing strategy?
2022.07OSOEIC::KOUSAIWed Jun 29 1994I want to manipulate the remote process.
2023.04XSTACY::DMCWEENEYThu Jun 30 1994Visual C++
2024.0VIA::hal9.hlo.dec.com::gauvinThu Jun 30 1994Tape Drives not working since Update2 - HELP!
2025.02XSTACY::DMCWEENEYThu Jun 30 1994XL and trinitron monitor
2026.08CVMS::DOTENThu Jun 30 1994Tape security error using backup
2027.02TUXEDO::CHUBBThu Jun 30 1994Alpha/NT conference?
2028.01BACHUS::CAERELSWed Jul 06 1994TZK11 - does it work in NT 3.1 or not ?
2029.05TRHWed Jul 06 1994Adaptec and booting?
2030.07HANNAH::REESMANWed Jul 06 1994Setting the desktop pattern and wallpaper
2031.08CALDEC::RAHWed Jul 06 1994cannot configure hardware component
2032.01NSTG::KADEKARWed Jul 06 1994cl386.exe missing from SDK
2033.01BASLL1::KINGSBURYPThu Jul 07 1994Mitsumi CD-ROM
2034.03HANNAH::HENEGHANThu Jul 07 1994Resolving Endpoints in dynamic endpoint servers
2035.09RANGER::PITONIAKFri Jul 08 1994New GUI on daytona
2036.0EICMFG::DRECHSELMon Jul 11 1994Sitches for NTLDR (Boot.Ini)
2037.02VARESE::CORGNATIMon Jul 11 1994Many Clients for one Mailslot ?
2038.01XSTACY::DMCWEENEYTue Jul 12 1994memory usage question
2039.01BRSDVP::ROETSTue Jul 12 1994DECpc lpv+ nt install from floppy
2040.02DSM::SCHWARTZTue Jul 12 1994How do you find netcard(s) from a kernel mode TDI driver?
2041.06MOLAR::SCAERTue Jul 12 1994Tool for mass conversion of files from X11 bitmap to .bmp?
2042.03DVOPAS::COWPOK::PROCTORTue Jul 12 19943.5 Resource Kit?
2043.01SCOBOX::WestbrooksTue Jul 12 1994NT/PW NT Performance problems
2044.03WOTVAX::WEBSTERMWed Jul 13 1994Changing Computer Name & IP Addresses
2045.01CX3PST::JSFINE::M_HERRERAWed Jul 13 1994How to eject a tape from batch file or program....
2046.03CANDOO::GRIEBWed Jul 13 1994How to validate user+password
2047.0OSOEIC::NAKAOKAThu Jul 14 1994Callable ftp and rsh
2048.04KLAP::porterThu Jul 14 1994C++ in NT kernel?
2049.02OTOOA::PONDThu Jul 14 1994Repeatable failure, Jensen, 3.1NTAS, SWXCR.
2050.04NETRIX::michaudFri Jul 15 1994BOOT: Couldn't find NTLDR
2051.015VARESE::CORGNATIMon Jul 18 1994Where to find Ataman Rlogind Service ?
2052.02LEDS::ZAYASMon Jul 18 1994Resource for developers available
2053.01HGOVC::RAPHAELHUNGThu Jul 21 1994Time quantum
2054.02TUXEDO::flipit.lkg.dec.com::philpottMon Jul 25 1994Help wanted in NMAKE: recursive macro expansion
2055.01DAGWUD::JOHNTue Jul 26 1994A couple of questions about file connections to VMS
2056.03DECWET::KOWALSKITue Jul 26 1994Time-out ReadFile on a named pipe?
2057.04NETRIX::michaudTue Jul 26 1994TCP/IP Implementation under Daytona vs. V3.1
2058.03OLCROW::MCCANCETue Jul 26 1994de2
2059.01MRBEEN::WATTWed Jul 27 1994EMS/Exchange Beta site info reqd
2060.06VARESE::CORGNATIWed Jul 27 1994Impressions about Daytona's TCP/IP
2061.0WOTVAX::WEBSTERMWed Jul 27 1994How to access info. stored in Security Hive
2062.01VIA::hal9.hlo.dec.com::gauvinWed Jul 27 1994Fatal Error on Tape Drives...
2063.05EICMFG::DRECHSELThu Jul 28 1994DOS ok, NT parity error: HELP
2064.04PULMAN::RGALVINThu Jul 28 1994Unable to allocate resources from NDIS wrapper
2065.05CVMS::DOTENFri Jul 29 1994What is "Detecting System Component" during boot?
2066.02SIMESE::STARRSat Jul 30 1994NTAS sys name not visible when browsing
2067.0UPROAR::LANESMon Aug 01 1994Progman's system menu
2068.02UHUH::BEERMANMon Aug 01 1994Kodak Photo CD under Windows NT
2069.01ISIDRO::CARBAYOMon Aug 01 1994Task to Task through RAS?
2070.03NETRIX::michaudMon Aug 01 1994How to specify language when doing LoadString?
2071.01SUFRNG::WSATue Aug 02 1994PW 5.
2072.01CANDOO::GRIEBTue Aug 02 1994Nojoy on NTAS upgrade attempt
2073.05HLDETue Aug 02 1994tar SCSI tapes?
2074.0POBOX::NATHTue Aug 02 1994Benchmarking/Performance Testing Software
2075.011HANNAH::FINGERHUTTue Aug 02 1994How to implement Pause
2076.02VARESE::CORGNATIWed Aug 03 1994SOCKETS and Wait..Objects() in Daytona
2077.02DECWET::KOWALSKIWed Aug 03 1994Path to tcpip adaptor in registry?
2078.09HANNAH::REESMANThu Aug 04 1994Changing the system-wide locale
2079.04RDGENG::BAKERSThu Aug 04 1994Diamond Steath 64 PCI and V3.1?
2080.01HANNAH::FINGERHUTThu Aug 04 1994Logoff
2081.02RANGER::PITONIAKFri Aug 05 1994Sable data needed
2082.03CADSYS::LEMONSFri Aug 05 1994Reading Macintosh floppies on NT
2083.01HANNAH::HENEGHANFri Aug 05 1994How can you Find Heap corruption. Crashing with exception 5 in HeapAlloc
2084.0NETRIX::michaudFri Aug 05 1994Is GetSystemDefaultLCID() sufficient to also obtain LangID?
2085.03EASI::SHEUMon Aug 08 1994NT 3.5 OpenGL general info. needed
2086.0LJSRV1::RICHMon Aug 08 1994API to get version of WIN32S ?
2087.0KLAP::porterMon Aug 08 1994Pipes, overlapped reads, and I/O cancellation
2088.01MUCTEC::BECKERTue Aug 09 1994unaligned access
2089.02SIEVAX::LLOYDTue Aug 09 1994NEC CDR-26
2090.08DFACTO::NEWMANTue Aug 09 1994socket hand-off for 16-bit apps under NT
2091.0PMRV7Wed Aug 10 1994The right tool for the job??
2092.06OSLWed Aug 10 1994IBM says:UID&PASSWORD readable in WNT swapp.dat
2093.0OSLThu Aug 11 1994Should Shutdown save user profile?
2094.03HDLITE::LAXMANThu Aug 11 1994PTC unable to link using "/debug:full" switch
2095.0SUOIS2::MGOLDWASSERFri Aug 12 1994WIN32 for DECpc 15
2096.015HLFSFri Aug 12 1994Matrox > Windows-NT
2097.08OTOOA::PONDFri Aug 12 1994Extract usernames to a file?
2098.0PASTA::BEAVERSONFri Aug 12 1994non paged pool overhead
2099.09GIDDAY::HODGESSat Aug 13 1994Keyboard Drivers for LK45
2100.01ELWOOD::LANESun Aug 14 1994Uuencode for windows?
2101.04BASLL1::KINGSBURYPMon Aug 15 1994TCPIP-32
2102.0WRKSYS::WILSONMon Aug 15 1994NT/OpenGL Porting Help
2103.03DEKVC::JEONGGONSONTue Aug 16 1994TCP/IP with DE2
2104.02TOXICO::RAKIS::BIANCHITue Aug 16 1994VDM and TCP/IP
2105.02MSBCS::RAVINDRATue Aug 16 1994How to get memory size on Microsoft NT?
2106.021SCHOOL::WASHABAUGHTue Aug 16 1994Code management on NT, functionality like RCS or CMS
2107.05DAGWUD::JOHNWed Aug 17 1994Can't boot from RZ26 in a BA35
2108.09OLCROW::MCCANCEWed Aug 17 1994can't boot or install on jensen
2109.01IMBETR::DUPREZThu Aug 18 1994Problems w/Dialog Box when specifying a dlgprc
2110.0NETRIX::michaudThu Aug 18 1994Datalink interface
2111.05HANNAH::REESMANTue Aug 23 1994Disabling network drives for a specific user
2112.0DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGTue Aug 23 1994MS SQL SERVER run module
2113.05FORTY2::SHIPMANWed Aug 24 1994Deleting open files
2115.0AMCUCS::tandy.pa.dec.com::dhunterThu Aug 25 1994New Conference Available for MS SQL Server
2116.01MOLAR::MICOZZIFri Aug 26 1994Determining if a user is a member of a group
2117.0HOBBLE::ROTHKUGELSat Aug 27 1994tapes for nt <-> dos/win
2118.01POBOX::TSUCHIYAMAMon Aug 29 1994SWXCR Support on DEC 2
2119.03OZROCK::NASHWed Aug 31 1994POSIX subsystem
2120.0UPROAR::HOURAHANERWed Aug 31 1994NTFS aware access function
2121.02BLAZER::MIKELISWed Aug 31 1994Help with configuring USRobotics internal Modem
2122.06POBOX::TSUCHIYAMAWed Aug 31 1994Is the DE425 alright with the JENSEN?
2123.02DUSTER::LEONGWed Aug 31 1994Formatting disks using APIs.
2124.0LISVAX::SILVA_PThu Sep 01 1994axp/NT low level disk format
2125.04KLAP::porterThu Sep 01 1994All my .LIBs are 2,
2126.0LJSRV1::RICHFri Sep 02 1994WIN32S remote debugging: unacceptable performance
2127.03WOTVAX::WEBSTERMFri Sep 02 1994Any Good Windows NT Courses in UK ?
2128.01MOLAR::FLETCHERFri Sep 02 1994dynamically adding menus to the main menu (menubar)
2129.03OZROCK::GRIFFITHSSun Sep 04 1994NCR 81
2130.0OSLTue Sep 06 1994Flush a disk without shutdown?
2131.02XSTACY::DROSSTue Sep 06 1994MSVC 1.5 Link bug under Daytona RC1
2132.0WOTVAX::WEBSTERMTue Sep 06 1994NT Command line Restore
2133.01INBLUE::DAIANTue Sep 06 1994Problem installing RC2 on AXP 15
2134.02RT93::MCDONALDJTue Sep 06 1994Quantum at RT priority?
2135.0RT93::MCDONALDJTue Sep 06 1994Controlling ints. on multi-CPU system
2136.04ISIDRO::GEMMAWed Sep 07 1994WIN32 & DEC Fortran V1.
2137.03KLAP::porterWed Sep 07 1994How to get text for winsock errors?
2138.03CANDOO::GRIEBThu Sep 08 1994How to disable scan of AUTOEXEC.BAT
2139.0UPROAR::EVANSGThu Sep 08 1994Disappearing text from buttons & list box
2140.01CANDOO::GRIEBThu Sep 08 1994WOW mem size ?
2141.0CSOA1::STUTSONFri Sep 09 1994Migrate from OS/2
2142.0EASI::LEUNGFri Sep 09 1994Lockfileex ignores OffsetHigh?
2143.025EPS::BOEHMMon Sep 12 1994App runs on Intel but not on AXP
2144.0JUGHED::JOHNMon Sep 12 1994nbtstat cache loosing info??
2145.02BGSDEV::LEELAMon Sep 12 1994OSF & NT on Avanti?
2146.02DECC::OUELLETTETue Sep 13 1994What resource limits this?
2147.07HANNAH::FINGERHUTWed Sep 14 1994CreateProcess working directory
2148.010LABC::RUWed Sep 14 1994Where is oldnames.lib?
2149.01STANZG::GazawayThu Sep 15 1994Problems with new WNT Icon file format.
2150.0EEMELI::RASANENFri Sep 16 1994Avanti & Logitech trackball problem
2151.0OSLLAV::JONH_PFri Sep 16 1994Moving RAID5-sets between Servers ???
2152.04PRSSUD::PRONIERFri Sep 16 1994MATROX/PCI drivers ??
2153.06H2SO4::GERSBACHFri Sep 16 1994RRD42 / Adaptec 787
2154.0ROMEOS::COHENDAFri Sep 16 1994Autodesk on Alpha NT
2155.02BULEAN::ROBERTSFri Sep 16 1994No stack info on blue screen
2156.05HANNAH::FINGERHUTFri Sep 16 1994Translating common dialog boxes
2157.02CANDOO::GRIEBFri Sep 16 1994will 151
2158.0DECWET::AUBERGFri Sep 16 1994Visual C++ for Alpha: EFT1 now available
2159.03TKOV51::SATO_TSat Sep 17 1994How to develop an ATM netcard driver ?
2160.0ROMEOS::MOKBEL_SAMon Sep 19 1994Comparison of WNT client and WFW
2161.05KLAP::porterMon Sep 19 1994Getting all IP addresses for a host
2162.01CMOTEC::AUSTINTue Sep 20 1994PATHWORKS FPA work ?
2163.03OSLTue Sep 20 1994How to move RAID-5 disk set to another system?
2164.0135186::STUTSONTue Sep 20 1994NT lite?
2165.03OSLTue Sep 20 1994New Microsoft's new World Wide Web Home Page!
2166.05VAXRIO::HENRICHSTue Sep 20 1994xl56
2168.01VAXRIO::MARCIA_LWed Sep 21 1994Mail settings
2169.04MXOCWed Sep 21 1994Chicago no funciona en maquinas Digital
2170.0EJOULT::KRYSTOWed Sep 21 1994NT install problem on DECpc XL Server 566
2171.07KELVIN::KLUMPPThu Sep 22 1994Problem with kernel debugger !pte command
2172.01FLAMER::OXENBERGFri Sep 23 1994Non administrator group members can't execute office apps
2173.0VAXRIO::HENRICHSTue Sep 27 1994NT installation in Maxtor disks
2174.01RANGER::CLARKWed Sep 28 1994NT (LAN Manager) API Docs?
2175.0GIDDAY::MILNEThu Sep 29 1994MDI threads
2177.0PASTA::BEAVERSONFri Sep 30 1994locked page count quota
2178.02AUSSIE::elstree.sna.dec.com::kimptonSun Oct 02 1994Acc. Vio. using setsockopt()
2179.0OZROCK::GROHNMon Oct 03 1994floppy tape drive streaming & adaptec 154
2180.03KOALA::EISENBERGMon Oct 03 1994tcp/ip, daytona, pathworks 4.x server
2181.0HANNAH::BONIASMon Oct 03 1994DeviceIoControl(...,code,...)->Mac func mapping
2182.04GRNCHZ::ESCHENBACHWed Oct 05 1994Move from VAX/VMS to NT
2183.02ZPOVC::TANBENGWed Oct 05 1994Kernel_stack_inpage_error
2184.01TAVThu Oct 06 1994Mouse hang
2185.0KOALA::EISENBERGFri Oct 07 1994toolhelp stuff for win32?
2186.035BEYER::beyerMon Oct 10 1994WINS (Windows Internet Naming Service)
2187.0VAXRIO::SCHORMon Oct 10 1994Error joining domain (Add account)
2188.02KOALA::EISENBERGMon Oct 10 1994TCP/IP, daytona and WFW/WOLVERINE
2189.04DP1FS1::GATHERNMon Oct 10 1994applicationDEC 433mp and NT..supported??
2190.06MICROW::WIMBERGMon Oct 10 1994Be careful of VC++ V1.1 under NT V3.5
2191.01NEMAIL::CHENGThu Oct 13 1994how to move post office?
2192.01MOLAR::FLETCHERThu Oct 13 1994how does pview "kill" a process?
2193.02UPROAR::KESTERTONAFri Oct 14 1994MSDN with NT3.5 in Europe yet?
2194.01OSLMon Oct 17 1994Mustang and Avanti notesfiles?
2195.04POBOX::TSUCHIYAMATue Oct 18 1994How can I tell which SCSI id's are being used?
2196.01HANNAH::FINGERHUTTue Oct 18 1994Main window without title bar
2197.04HANNAH::REESMANTue Oct 18 1994Finding out if there is a floppy drive
2198.0SAC::GIBSON_CTue Oct 18 1994Tight Integration of Windows NT into a NetWare 4.x Environment
2199.04PCBUOA::TEHRANIANWed Oct 19 1994Need WIN-NT 3.5 bug list
2200.011TYSON::KURATAThu Oct 20 1994Can't load V3.5 (Production Release) ?
2201.0KLAP::porterThu Oct 20 1994NT Privs 1
2202.02DRIFT::WOODFri Oct 21 1994FTP from NT V3.5 hangs with large files, only from different sites
2203.01GIDDAY::MILNESun Oct 23 1994Is MFC in VC++ 2.
2204.01AYJEN1::ARMSTRONGMon Oct 24 1994DDK Video Driver question
2205.06AXEL::FOLEYMon Oct 24 1994Corp. contact for Chicago/Windows95 beta?
2206.02MSE1::PCOTEMon Oct 24 1994Inaccessiable boot device after upgrade to V3.5
2207.06BGSDEV::SWARTZTue Oct 25 1994Console Window and GUI Window
2208.03KETJE::bhp9Wed Oct 26 1994SDK PathWork for windows NT
2209.03ROGGEN::blundellWed Oct 26 1994Video Driver PCI Dense Space Access, HOW?
2210.05DSM::BELLIVEAUWed Oct 26 1994Intel assembly programmer's guide for NT?
2211.01VAXRIO::MARCIA_LThu Oct 27 1994Problem: floppy disks
2212.015ALFAM7::SCHUETZThu Oct 27 1994What does link32 error no. 4
2213.06DRINKS::CARIGNANThu Oct 27 1994SWITCH.INF entry for starting SLIP on DECserver 7
2214.04KETJE::MISTIAENThu Oct 27 1994No V3.5 in MSDN LII?
2215.03KICKER::N2ITIV::LEEThu Oct 27 1994 56
2216.014NETRIX::michaudFri Oct 28 1994oldnames.lib, what is it and why does it get referenced
2217.0NETRIX::michaudFri Oct 28 1994File Manager Add On's need hack to show up
2218.01HANNAH::FINGERHUTMon Oct 31 1994Problem with system shutdown
2219.0PCBUOA::KAZOGLESTue Nov 01 1994Recognizing floppy change
2220.011MSE1::WEYMOUTHTue Nov 01 1994RAS and PPP from WFW Client to NT Server???
2221.01SWIBEE::WENGERThu Nov 03 1994Debugger can't handle array of strings properly
2222.0LJSRV1::CAMPBELLThu Nov 03 1994"Unexpect heap error" - checked libraries available?
2223.04KOALA::EISENBERGFri Nov 04 1994RAS client problems on WINNT 3.5
2224.01UPSAR::ARNAUDFri Nov 04 1994Win16 installable drivers on NT?
2225.05OTOU2Mon Nov 07 1994How to find partition NUMBER (not letter)?
2226.03POBOX::TSUCHIYAMAMon Nov 07 1994Is there a driver for the Intel TokenExpress NIC?
2227.0FJIVMon Nov 07 1994LG
2228.0FJIVTue Nov 08 1994RAS/X25 on Alpha
2229.0KAORSC::R_STJEANTue Nov 08 1994Upgrade 3.1 to 3.5 backup first nogo
2230.07TYSON::KURATATue Nov 08 1994Support for TCP/IP printing ?
2231.05QUETIP::BENJAMINWed Nov 09 1994XL 59
2232.011OSLMon Nov 14 1994Mail API for Windows NT 3.5?
2233.0NASENG::MUNYANMon Nov 14 1994Need help printing from Visual C++ V1.5
2234.03ARRODS::PENDERGRASTMon Nov 14 1994Dual head S3Vision864 on 3.5 XL - PCI no go, ISA OK
2235.0MINNY::HUBERFTue Nov 15 1994NT3.5 Viper SE P91
2236.07VNABRW::SCHNABL_RTue Nov 15 1994ZNYX ZX312 EtherAction PCI NIC
2237.01NASENG::MUNYANTue Nov 15 1994Need a tool to fix line endings (not BILF)
2238.03FORTY2::BOONHAMWed Nov 16 1994Windows 95 controls on Windows NT?
2239.01BLAZER::MIKELISWed Nov 16 1994Shareware for NT?
2240.09UTRTSC::VANSENTENThu Nov 17 1994NT 3.5 on DECpc XL 59
2241.01BGSDEV::CLIFFORDThu Nov 17 1994How can I determine CPU clock rate?
2242.03BACHUS::VANHAVEREThu Nov 17 1994equivalent of SYS$CANCEL?
2243.07CANDOO::GRIEBThu Nov 17 1994CPU category test
2244.01UTROP1::HLP3Fri Nov 18 1994Listener on NT?
2245.04DSM::BELLIVEAUFri Nov 18 1994hInstance vs. hinstDLL
2246.08BOXORN::HAYSSun Nov 20 1994NT 3.5 IDE disk problem
2247.0LEMAN::JOSHIMon Nov 21 1994J/JM/MPEG boards for WNT?
2248.01BLKPUD::TAYLORJMon Nov 21 1994Adding NT Server to existing OS/2 LAN Manager domain
2249.02RANGER::COOKWed Nov 23 1994Boot-option didn't upgrade
2250.0OSLLAV::PER_PFri Nov 25 1994TWINSOCK - winsocket over a modem connection
2251.02CGOOA::BARNABESun Nov 27 1994Changing disk controllers?
2252.0VARESE::IALLOMon Nov 28 1994DDEML calls vs. Threads
2253.0CSOA1::STUTSONMon Nov 28 1994NT databases on AXP?
2254.05VNABRW::SCHNABL_RMon Nov 28 1994XL59
2255.0CESARE::VIOLATue Nov 29 1994Image Format Lib from Accusoft Co.
2256.02LJSRV1::SHAROSTue Nov 29 1994Microsoft Visual C++ V2.
2257.02DPDMAI::LINTue Nov 29 1994NT backup and restore
2258.05TAVWed Nov 30 1994NT 3.5 DDK BUILD problem
2259.04CNTROL::HAMILTONWed Nov 30 1994Input trays not selected when printing to "LPTn:"
2260.0MEMIT::BABBITTWed Nov 30 1994Would you use BoundsChecker on Alpha/NT?
2261.014QCAVThu Dec 01 1994WNT detached process starting...
2262.01POBOX::TSUCHIYAMAThu Dec 01 1994Which video adapters are supported?
2263.03DECWET::KOWALSKIThu Dec 01 1994dmake for NT?
2264.02NEMAIL::CHENGFri Dec 02 1994emergency repair question
2265.01OSLMon Dec 05 1994Windows sockets error code EAFNOSUPPORT?
2267.06NEMAIL::CHENGMon Dec 05 1994pathworks to Windows NT migration
2268.03TAVTue Dec 06 1994BREAKPOINTS
2269.03METSYS::GOODWINTue Dec 06 1994txtsetup.inf corrupt?
2270.0NAC::OWENSTue Dec 06 1994Rpc, Midl, and NT 3.5 question
2271.0BGSDEV::HALLAHANTue Dec 06 1994Interfacing with Microsoft Mail
2272.0NEMAIL::CHENGTue Dec 06 1994help interpreting event messages
2273.0VNABRW::SCHNABL_RWed Dec 07 1994Print Accounting, Separator File
2274.01CSOA1::GLASSFORDWed Dec 07 1994TZ867 on PC15
2275.0TPSPS1::TSC1MGRWed Dec 07 1994WEARNES CDROM driver for NT?
2276.04TOXICO::RAKIS::BIANCHIThu Dec 08 1994WOW
2277.01LJSRV1::CAMPBELLThu Dec 08 1994recv() returning < ioctlsocket() reports
2278.01PASTA::BEAVERSONThu Dec 08 1994setting errors from kernel mode
2279.02RSNC::SCHMIDTThu Dec 08 1994NT loader question.
2281.02NWDFri Dec 09 1994Error 1311, no logon servers availble. Cannot connect network drive
2282.0WRKSYS::KASZYNSKIFri Dec 09 1994User Manager Auditing
2283.0USPS::FPRUSSSat Dec 10 1994Architectural limits?
2284.07HGOVC::MAHUAHSINMon Dec 12 1994undeletable archive file ?!
2285.01HANNAH::REESMANTue Dec 13 1994Changing the screen resolution
2286.0BGSDEV::ROZMOVITSTue Dec 13 1994DECtalk Sofftware for Windows NT V4.2 SSB kit
2287.0UTROP1::HLP3Wed Dec 14 1994VC++ build errors on server disk
2288.01DABEAN::B_ROSEWed Dec 14 1994TLZ
2289.02FRIXEU::OLOBARDIWed Dec 14 1994Digital input board /parallel 32/EISA
2290.01MSDOA::HUTCHINSONWed Dec 14 1994Windows NT 3.5 ProE V14.
2291.02ANGLIN::BLANCHARDWed Dec 14 1994CD Writer on NT?
2292.05OSLThu Dec 15 1994How to pick color for highlighting colored items?
2293.0MSE1::MASTRANGELOThu Dec 15 1994RAS: Problem with Hayes Optima modems.
2294.01KLAP::porterFri Dec 16 1994times they are a-changin'
2295.01MXOCFri Dec 16 1994SDK for SMS
2296.02DECWET::B_LEAHYMon Dec 19 1994NT- SetupToolkit directions?
2297.03ALFAM7::SIEBOLDTue Dec 20 1994WNT Developer's Conference
2298.01PCBUOA::SHAROSWed Dec 21 1994Time server within Digital?
2299.05KAOFS::R_HOUDEWed Dec 21 1994IDE CD-ROM & winnt 3.5 server
2300.06SWIBEE::WENGERThu Dec 22 1994process count, open file limit
2301.01MSE1::PCOTEThu Dec 22 1994Crash command in WINDBG
2302.0OSLTue Dec 27 1994ECC memory error notification?
2303.0TOOK::SHIAUThu Dec 29 1994MS Setup question
2304.07--UnknownUser--Thu Dec 29 1994Backing up opened files as well ??
2305.03UTOPIE::OETTLFri Dec 30 1994german keyboard is american when paused
2306.01ANGST::BECKSun Jan 01 1995The unOfficial UPS-on-NT topic
2307.012BOGUSS::CAPIKSun Jan 01 1995Backing up from a NTbackup command line
2308.0OSLMon Jan 02 1995Why isn't this parameter "const"?
2309.01SWIBEE::WENGERTue Jan 03 1995looking for a fast sort
2310.01RANGER::COOKTue Jan 03 1995Sound-Blaster and non-SCSI CDROM problem
2311.0KAMPUS::BIALEKTue Jan 03 1995packages accouting
2312.0HOBBLE::YOUNGWed Jan 04 1995TCP/IP over PPP/RAS problems
2313.0WILBRY::MCNULTYWed Jan 04 1995toshiba cd-rom and NT
2315.02OSLThu Jan 05 1995C/C++ RTL functions and Win32 error codes?
2316.03USPS::FPRUSSThu Jan 05 1995Auto Start GUI App w/o login?
2317.0TPSYS::DIPIETROFri Jan 06 1995Productization of NT performance tools
2319.01NEWVAX::MURRAYTue Jan 10 1995Atdisk fail after CDrom upgrade
2320.08MRBASS::PUISHYSTue Jan 10 1995pcxag-ad graphics contoller
2322.02TYSON::KURATATue Jan 10 1995How do direct output to a file
2323.01DECWET::KOWALSKITue Jan 10 1995winsock: recv returns -1 but no error
2324.04AZUR::BERREZWed Jan 11 1995inetd on WindowsNT ?
2325.02AMCUCS::PHEBERTWed Jan 11 1995Linker problem on very large image
2326.01DRIFT::WOODThu Jan 12 1995Tips, Tricks, and Kinks
2327.03MUZICK::CHENThu Jan 12 1995Sending notification to active users
2328.08UKARC1::CHAMBERLINFri Jan 13 1995Questions about malloc
2329.06NOVA::JAGADISHMon Jan 16 1995Public Domain/GNU software for alpha NT
2330.07SUPER::HARRISMon Jan 16 1995Documentation/Books for NT V3.5
2331.01BLAZER::MIKELISMon Jan 16 1995Equivalent of DEC SCA?
2332.07AZUR::BERREZTue Jan 17 1995Error 1
2333.0STKHLM::SAMUELSSONTue Jan 17 1995Need example using LINK in POSIX to create links
2334.01EVOCDG::RIBESWed Jan 18 1995PC Speaker driver and NT 3.1 pb!
2335.01MQOU18::MASSENETWed Jan 18 1995Graphic Driver for The ZLXp-E1 under WNT
2336.01ZENDIA::FERGUSONWed Jan 18 1995LIB: error LNK11
2337.01AD::MADLERThu Jan 19 1995Increasing TCP time out on NT 3.5
2338.0EICMFG::DRECHSELFri Jan 20 1995Low level mouse hook ?
2339.0HANNAH::METZGERSat Jan 21 1995NCPA & SETUP bypass dialog boxes?
2340.02KERNEL::WILLIAMSNMon Jan 23 1995CLAXP problems
2341.01BACHUS::ROETSMon Jan 23 1995winpopup under windownt
2342.0NEMAIL::CHENGMon Jan 23 1995event id 432
2343.01BACHUS::CAERELSTue Jan 24 1995NT 3.5 , Celebris and IDE quantum drives
2344.03VAXRIO::MARCIA_LTue Jan 24 1995Dump when shutdown
2345.0HANNAH::FINGERHUTTue Jan 24 1995Can I do a hook proc for WNetConnectionDialog?
2346.09TMAWKO::FRAIZERTue Jan 24 1995NT problems on Sabel 21
2347.0INBLUE::DAIANThu Jan 26 1995Pb installing NT3.5 with S3 VGA PS8
2348.02BLAZER::MIKELISThu Jan 26 1995Console & GUI windows
2349.03VNABRW::fiwi5Thu Jan 26 1995Data Compression Within NTFS
2350.05MNATUR::LISTONThu Jan 26 1995API for RAS and File Manager?
2351.03IAGO::hambo5.ljo.dec.com::cohenFri Jan 27 1995REGEDT32
2352.0DECWET::KOWALSKIFri Jan 27 1995Digital licensing on Windows NT
2353.04DCEIDL::PORTANTEFri Jan 27 1995GUI Scsi configuration utility
2354.02SCASS1::RESENDETue Jan 31 1995NT 3.5 & WFW 3.11 co-existence?
2355.0TMAWKO::FRAIZERWed Feb 01 1995PCMCIA drivers for Windows NT 3.5
2356.01KAOU93::BROUILLARDWed Feb 01 1995multiple SCSI devices on "lun"
2357.02ZENDIA::FERGUSONWed Feb 01 1995Hooking in with the NT Performance Monitor?
2358.01BCFI::13Thu Feb 02 1995Atumatic disconnect of Shares on NT Server
2359.01CSOA1::STUTSONThu Feb 02 1995Beginner question
2360.01BGSDEV::SEITSINGERFri Feb 03 1995Event logging and Registry questions
2361.02LUXMon Feb 06 1995de435 on alpha2
2362.0RDGENG::BERENTMon Feb 06 1995gethostbyaddress socket function locking up
2363.01NOVA::MULLENMon Feb 06 1995Unhandled exceptions and threads
2364.011MOIRA::FAIMANMon Feb 06 1995Nmake and explicit source/target directories
2365.01KLAP::porterTue Feb 07 1995Winsock with 'other' protocols?
2366.03BRUMMY::WALLACE_JTue Feb 07 1995VideoPortInt1
2367.01GUESS::DOUCETTEWed Feb 08 1995MS Setup Toolkit from Daytona RC1 SDK can't build diskette kits?
2368.06BLAZER::MIKELISWed Feb 08 1995Windows NT 3.5 Resource Kit Available
2369.0EICMFG::MAHRThu Feb 09 1995CRC Errors using RAS/PPP
2370.02OSLMon Feb 13 1995DDE or new OLE 2.
2371.02LJSRV1::RICHMon Feb 13 1995macro definition help
2373.0ROMTue Feb 14 1995Help needed to write a driver
2374.05BOUGY::BRAUNTue Feb 14 1995
2375.0GUESS::NOETue Feb 14 1995Help with Bounds-Checker32 address
2376.09VNABRW::fiwi5Tue Feb 14 1995Performance Monitor vs. SQL Server
2377.0VNABRW::fiwi5Wed Feb 15 1995SMS Notes Conference ?
2378.07HANNAH::BARNDTWed Feb 15 1995DLL contents... only what's "necessary"?
2379.0LJSRV1::RICHThu Feb 16 1995how to determine current keyboard language?
2380.04MAXVAX::FURBECKFri Feb 17 1995HalGetBusData and EISA/ISA
2381.0ROMA::ROETSFri Feb 17 1995Windows-nt and AppleShare server
2382.03ROMA::ROETSFri Feb 17 1995Windows-NT and Netware question
2383.01ANGST::BECKSat Feb 18 1995Replacing a boot drive: minimum required steps?
2384.01MKOTS3::OPICK1::pickowiczMon Feb 20 1995 accessing the Task List in NT3.5
2385.09TKOV51::SATO_TWed Feb 22 1995Performance? socket and CreateThread
2386.08TOOK::MCCROSSANWed Feb 22 1995RAS/SLIP configuration problems
2387.0ADISSW::FERRARAThu Feb 23 1995GUI to DOS application?
2388.01PERFOM::TNNThu Feb 23 1995OEM floppy for NT 3.5 on a server
2389.01BACHUS::CAERELSFri Feb 24 1995ARC and SWXCR
2390.01WRKSYS::MACKAY_EMon Feb 27 1995Loader question
2392.01TAMPA::FEINSTEINMon Feb 27 1995Interrupt Latency and Context Switch Times
2393.0PWRPC::CALY7Tue Feb 28 1995Controlling an application via OLE
2394.016REFINE::MARRATue Feb 28 1995Looking for Memory leaks in Apps under dev.
2395.0+5CANDOO::GRIEBTue Feb 28 1995API to find outbound shares ??
2396.0SIOG::T_NOLANTue Feb 28 1995celebris znyx and nt
2397.013CRONIC::LEMONSTue Feb 28 1995Mutiple operating systems on a single PC
2398.02SUOSWS::SCHMITTWed Mar 01 1995C & Fortran in one image ??
2399.01OTOOA::PONDWed Mar 01 1995Remote Command Service - NT Resource Kit.
2400.01MEOCThu Mar 02 1995Registry Question: How to disable logon on local station
2401.01DECALP::STANCESCUThu Mar 02 1995Pathwork with winsock API - recv() problem
2402.02KAPLAN::KAPLANThu Mar 02 1995Printing a HLP file automatically?
2403.0LGP3Fri Mar 03 1995Accessing fonts under NT that were accessible under DOS/Windows
2404.048912::alphayves.aty.DEC.COM::toubhansMon Mar 06 1995Multi-threading with MFC
2405.0CX3PST::JSFINE::M_HERRERATue Mar 07 1995WNT 3.1 DDK - HalTranslateBusAddress() general question....
2406.03MYOTT::PERRYTue Mar 07 1995C
2407.02WRKSYS::MACKAY_EWed Mar 08 1995Shared memory between user mode display driver and application
2408.01LJSRV1::BONNEAUThu Mar 09 1995Demoting an NT server to an NT workstation
2409.04DECALP::STANCESCUThu Mar 09 1995Overlapped I/O with Winsock
2410.03MU::PORTERThu Mar 09 1995Nature of InterlockedXXXX calls
2411.01HANNAH::VAUGHANSun Mar 12 1995Want to remotely start an NT image via DECnet
2412.06TRUCKS::SMITH_BMon Mar 13 1995?NT Cluster?
2413.01BACHUS::ROETSTue Mar 14 1995nt lpd pcl and 8 bit
2414.04KLAP::porterTue Mar 14 1995Adding version info to .exe files
2416.01CGOOA::RZOP1Wed Mar 15 1995Dual Token Ring adapters on same ring???
2417.02CRONIC::LEMONSThu Mar 16 1995How to use RAS with DECservers
2418.03HANNAH::FINGERHUTFri Mar 17 1995Application makes itself the active window
2419.0KLAP::porterSun Mar 19 1995Simplified way to set up simple ACL?
2420.03DIBDIB::DBATESMon Mar 20 1995Venturis 41
2421.0TOHOPE::WSAMon Mar 20 1995Just curious, thanks...
2423.011CLPAXP::QUENARDTue Mar 21 1995How to analyse a crash ?
2424.07OOTOOL::SEKURSKITue Mar 21 1995What platforms to use for Alpha NT Development
2425.04STAR::APGARTue Mar 21 1995SCSI miniport interface docs/code?
2426.01MMCSO1::WINTERBERGWed Mar 22 1995Porting from single- to multiprocessor
2427.0+10QUABBI::"hevesh@mmsrv.zko.dec.com"Thu Mar 23 1995netscape
2428.02KLAP::porterMon Mar 27 1995softlinks in registry
2429.0TOOK::L_GROSSMANTue Mar 28 1995Problem piping output to rsh
2430.0SAC::GIBSON_CTue Mar 28 1995Window stacking order question
2431.01QUABBI::"jsteer@pioner.hlo.dec.com"Tue Mar 28 1995NT scheduling
2432.09NOVA::MULLENTue Mar 28 1995Unique 32 bit Host Identifier: gethostid()?
2433.09IAGO::wort.ljo.dec.com::CUMMINGSThu Mar 30 199516-bit apps generate error
2434.030OSLFri Mar 31 1995Datatype compatibility between OpenVMS/VAX and Windows NT?
2435.02ROMEOS::MIKAO::mullickFri Mar 31 1995HP LaserJet4/MV drivers needed
2436.08SNOFS1::ELEFTHERIOUSun Apr 02 1995Event Log Numbers to Ascii Text (Tool or List)?
2437.04BACHUS::VANHAVEREMon Apr 03 1995DMA based driver implementation problem
2438.02MEOCTue Apr 04 1995WFW on Digital CD Distribution for WinNTv3.5
2439.01SUPER::HARRISTue Apr 04 1995NT Porting Materials - Review
2440.0NETRIX::"gjohnson@mpgs.enet.dec.com"Tue Apr 04 1995
2441.02OZROCK::MCGINTYWed Apr 05 1995Timeouts on standard input
2442.01ESSB::KILLEENWed Apr 05 1995Windows NT Samples
2443.03SSDEVO::PARRISThu Apr 06 1995Gartner Group on NT/RISC
2444.01HANNAH::FINGERHUTMon Apr 10 1995Help with Shutdown...
2445.05ODIXIE::CREACYMon Apr 10 1995Service Needs to Know Logons
2446.0THERMO::WONGTue Apr 11 1995Job opportunity to work on NT firewall
2447.02JUGHED::JOHNWed Apr 12 1995help with two PDC'S!!
2448.0THERMO::WONGWed Apr 12 1995screend on NT. how? possible?
2449.03ADISSW::FERRARAThu Apr 13 1995Problem with DSKLAYT2 from Setup Toolkit
2450.02ROUTES::TEDESCOThu Apr 13 1995Can you utilize VXT Xterms with WNT Server?
2451.0POBOX::TSUCHIYAMAMon Apr 17 1995Windows NT Resource Kit for only $84.
2452.03LABC::NGUYENMon Apr 17 1995Urgent - help in WNT 3.5 installation
2453.0VIVARA::LUSCIANOTue Apr 18 1995helps on integration
2454.08ESSB::KILLEENTue Apr 18 1995List of Processes and their corresponding executables
2455.09TKOVOA::NAGATA_MWed Apr 19 1995Exceeds max (268435456)?
2456.0MKOTS3::OPICK1::pickowiczWed Apr 19 1995VB app requires TASK LIST
2457.01TARUGO::ALVAROWed Apr 19 1995LIB: Using ctl3d32.dll with a library for Ix86
2458.04TUXEDO::MURTHAWed Apr 19 1995nmake from command line always builds on alpha
2459.01HDLITE::LAXMANWed Apr 19 1995The accuracy of GetProcessTimes & GetCurrentTime
2460.011BIGUN::chmeee::MayneThu Apr 20 1995Can't open Security event log
2461.05CSOA1::SMITHThu Apr 20 1995NT FTP Performance Questions????
2462.0BIGUN::chmeee::MayneFri Apr 21 1995Finding OS information
2463.03PARODY::CAETANOFri Apr 21 1995TCP stack limitation????
2464.0POBOX::TSUCHIYAMAMon Apr 24 1995Solid State Disks under WNT?
2465.03PTOSS1::DLUGOSZRTue Apr 25 1995Replace WinLogon?
2467.013ZPOACT::MURALIThu Apr 27 1995Printing from Multia to VMS queues using Pwrks ?
2468.011ZPOACT::MURALIThu Apr 27 1995Intel to Alpha move ?
2469.02AIMHI::USIMT::SPENCERThu Apr 27 1995kmode_exception
2470.0MSDOA::KEPHARTThu Apr 27 1995RAS, Security Servers, and X.25
2471.02WELCLU::HUBBARDPFri Apr 28 1995DE422 - Slow ??
2472.01SHARE::PTREDEAUFri Apr 28 1995CIT for Windows NT
2473.02UTROP1::OVERBEEK_HSun Apr 30 1995Username: OVERBEEK_H
2474.05OZROCK::CECILMon May 01 1995fcntl - F_SETFD ??
2475.02ESSB::KILLEENWed May 03 1995Monitor Application Starts
2476.01BGSDEV::TANNENBAUMWed May 03 1995Startup group done initializing?
2477.03AIMHI::USIMT::SPENCERThu May 04 1995Gateway to Netware problem
2478.02AZUR::BERREZFri May 05 1995Error 1723 RPC server too busy...
2479.06VARESE::CORGNATIFri May 05 1995RAW sockets, ping and ICMP ...
2480.0STAR::FENSTERMon May 08 1995Registry entries already exist during installation
2481.01VAXRIO::SCHORMon May 08 1995Order upgrading 3.1 to 3.5 in a domain
2482.03BSS::B_NOTTINGHAMTue May 09 1995How to disable FDDI ring purger operations?
2483.02TUXEDO::PHALENTue May 09 1995Differences between putenv and SetEnvironmentVariable?
2484.03DECWET::NELSONTue May 09 1995ATAPI spec??
2485.0ROMEOS::GAVINWed May 10 1995Non Paged system memory help ??
2487.04HANNAH::ERICWFri May 12 1995Win16 down for the count
2488.02BAHTAT::HILTONFri May 12 1995LK411 driver?
2489.02KOALA::EISENBERGMon May 15 1995Windows NT 3.51 RC1 or RC2
2493.01LIKWOW::PACEMon May 15 1995Com Problem
2494.04DABEAN::B_ROSETue May 16 1995Another Inaccessable_Boot_Device
2495.01HDLITE::SCHAFERTue May 16 1995S/W develop. for CD-ROM jukeboxes
2496.01HDLITE::DORHAMERTue May 16 1995TLZ
2497.0BLAZER::MIKELISWed May 17 1995Paging/Swapping question
2499.08TPSYS::BUTCHARTWed May 17 1995Configuration scan example?
2500.01ATYISB::MOCHELThu May 18 1995HINOTE,pcmcia and BUID 1
2501.02HANNAH::VOBAFri May 19 1995Dynamic Driver Loader Utility
2503.0VNASWS::GEROLDMon May 22 1995Need hooks into the Print Manager
2504.01GANTRY::ALLBERYTue May 23 1995NT on a Starion?
2505.07DECWET::REHMWed May 24 1995NT free() vs. _heapmin()
2506.05TPSYS::CARRWed May 24 1995Access Denied on NT Service Start
2507.06CTXOBJ::PatrickWed May 24 1995Application hangs after attempting to exit
2508.01SIOG::T_NOLANThu May 25 1995prioris pci mylex and nt
2509.06CANDOO::GRIEBThu May 25 1995auto include a resource ???
2510.04AZUR::BERREZMon May 29 1995How to compare LPTSTR strings and char[]
2511.01AZUR::BERREZTue May 30 1995Where are stored memory,cpu or disk hardware errors ?
2512.06RDGENG::WILLIAMS_AWed May 31 1995VC++ Q ..
2513.02NETRIX::"eve_li@acaddy.zko.dec.com"Wed May 31 1995set a var to the output of a program
2514.04DCEIDL::EVE_LIThu Jun 01 1995file access problem in WNT,VMS, pathworks
2515.01ODIXIE::CREACYFri Jun 02 1995Windows NT Certification (How?)
2516.01PARVAX::YANAGIMon Jun 05 1995NT Math library?
2517.0KDCFS1::JAKOBIKTue Jun 06 1995CDU-51
2518.0OZROCK::IRELANDTue Jun 06 1995DLL and Shared mem
2519.01BGSDEV::HALLAHANWed Jun 07 1995Playing Audio with Low Level Audio Functions
2520.020NETCAD::PICKETTWed Jun 07 1995DeviceIoControl, CreateFile, Unicode, and Device Names
2521.01TOOK::TARBOXWed Jun 07 1995WorkingSetTune with DLLs
2522.03CIVPR1::CABANAWed Jun 07 1995Alpha, Multi-Enet, and NT3.5 Server??
2523.01VINES::COLLINSThu Jun 08 1995Need control panel APIs (advice or pointers)
2524.02TALE::golon.geo.dec.com::bezenconMon Jun 12 1995remote printer creation (lpr port) bug ?
2525.0KOYADO::COLLADOMon Jun 12 1995LN
2526.04CRONIC::LEMONSMon Jun 12 1995Discovery - how does it work?
2528.03HLDETue Jun 13 1995Need hints for SMTP/Unix Mail on NT
2529.0NETCAD::PICKETTWed Jun 14 1995SnmpUtilOidFree() barfs when fed legit argument
2530.04TAVIS::SHALOMThu Jun 15 1995New Security API in 3.51 ???
2531.02FREEBE::B_ROSEThu Jun 15 1995TDI Group not started
2532.0MSE1::MASTRANGELOFri Jun 16 1995Anybody using MS Test network stuff?
2533.02NETRIX::"vigneau@ljsrv2.ljo.dec.com"Fri Jun 16 1995Console app compiler?
2534.08GRANPA::BDAVISFri Jun 16 1995available NT virus scanners??
2535.0OZROCK::CECILMon Jun 19 1995pax anyone??
2536.01AZUR::BERREZMon Jun 19 1995How to get performance counters
2537.01DCEIDL::EVE_LIMon Jun 19 1995rcmdsvc(remote command service)
2538.03DCEIDL::EVE_LIMon Jun 19 1995buffered output lost through named-pipe
2539.04OZROCK::BRAYTue Jun 20 1995Named pipes and Windows 95
2540.01BASEX::KAIRYSTue Jun 20 1995... and feathers
2541.0HANNAH::BECKTue Jun 20 1995W95 shell for 3.51 on MSDN premium release CD
2542.06ANNECY::ACHINOFri Jun 23 1995Problem with service and console
2543.03FBEDEV::GANTYALAFri Jun 23 1995Problem : Fully qualified domain name
2544.04AEOENG::PINASAMon Jun 26 1995Can a Windows NT program perform RPCs to Digital UNIX via ONC RPCs (not DCE)?
2545.05HANNAH::FINGERHUTMon Jun 26 1995How to tell NT to re-read the registry
2546.013FSTCAT::COMEFORDTue Jun 27 1995A question on Stress...
2547.01--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 28 1995Testing Phyiscal Memory
2549.02NETCAD::PICKETTWed Jun 28 1995NT/Win95 API Differences...
2550.0KERNEL::MCGOWANThu Jun 29 1995Parent-offspring tasking question
2551.01AD::MCCALLIGThu Jun 29 1995Performance Monitor Float Emulations/sec
2552.03AD::MCCALLIGFri Jun 30 1995Possible scheduler bug
2553.08BBPBV1::WALLACESat Jul 01 1995Installing NT SDK - takes seriously long time
2554.0VAXRIO::EMILIOTue Jul 04 1995Help in NT Benchmark with AplhaStation
2555.01BIS1::BHP384::BICCLERTue Jul 04 1995porting issues Intel->AXP NT
2556.010AZUR::BERREZTue Jul 04 1995_endthread or ExitThread
2557.04REDDWF::OZAXP::giffordTue Jul 04 1995NT 3.51 on Intel - RAS problems/queries
2558.02CHOWDA::VARANESEWed Jul 05 1995Info on RNR API's
2559.06CGOWGS::DREWFri Jul 07 1995WIN32 ASPI Tar available for Win95 & NT
2560.0NETRIX::"jacques@hannah.enet.dec.com"Fri Jul 07 1995Need help on manufacturing installation of Windows/NT
2561.0STAR::L_SZABIETMon Jul 10 1995Automated product builds on NT?
2562.05BACHUS::VERELSTTue Jul 11 1995$ submit /remote to activate a remote batch file
2563.01TOOK::ROBBINSTue Jul 11 1995Need JVC Driver
2564.0DCEIDL::EVE_LIWed Jul 12 1995service and i/o redirection
2565.03DCEIDL::EVE_LIWed Jul 12 1995StartService with arguments
2566.01HANNAH::FINGERHUTThu Jul 13 1995How to tell if mouse is over my window.
2567.05DCEIDL::EVE_LIFri Jul 14 1995locate source line through memory address
2568.02LURE::CERLINGFri Jul 14 1995Determining firmware programmatically
2569.01NETRIX::"jrward@hannah.enet.dec.com"Fri Jul 14 1995Help! Modeless dialog boxes in MFC have no keyboard navigation!
2570.08COOKIE::RUBENSTEINFri Jul 14 1995Help needed with Non-standard Alpah NT install
2571.02DCEIDL::EVE_LIMon Jul 17 1995where to put another copy of passwd db?
2572.04BELMNT::BURROWESMon Jul 17 1995486 emulation on Alpha from insignia
2573.01DCEIDL::EVE_LIMon Jul 17 1995get a list of computer in a domain or workgroup
2574.0STTNG::reisertWed Jul 19 1995Kermit developers need NT keyboard scan codes
2575.03LJSRV1::JANSONThu Jul 20 1995Visual C++ for PowerPC??
2576.03DCEIDL::EVE_LIFri Jul 21 1995how to view the functions in dll or lib
2577.0CSOA1::STUTSONSun Jul 23 1995Need WNTS 3.5.1 update
2578.0MAHONE::DMCWEENEYTue Jul 25 1995inet_*() functions on NT...
2579.03DCEIDL::EVE_LITue Jul 25 1995where is the on-line help for cmd shell
2580.03BESThu Jul 27 1995Which rights are needed for Window API CALLS ?
2581.03BIS1::ORYEFri Jul 28 1995Winsockets -> NetBIOS -> TCP/IP
2582.0DCEIDL::EVE_LIFri Jul 28 1995any mem checker for alpha
2583.01NETRIX::"jrward@hannah.enet.dec.com"Fri Jul 28 1995Is there VC++ 2.1 or 2.2 for Alpha/NT?
2584.01NETRIX::"jrward@hannah.enet.dec.com"Mon Jul 31 1995Can't access windowsnt-group's homepage?
2585.04BROKE::HANCKELWed Aug 02 1995Software installation and NTFS
2586.01LISVAX::CASALWed Aug 02 1995Suplemental_disk with HAL for ALCOR request
2587.01BGSDEV::LANGONEWed Aug 02 1995Writing screen savers for WindowsNT
2588.0OZROCK::CECILWed Aug 02 1995Is anyone using InstallSHIELD 3 for Alpha or Intel?
2589.08SMAUG::NICHOLSThu Aug 03 1995unresolved external symbols
2590.01BROKE::ROWLANDSThu Aug 03 1995simple file redirection
2591.02BROKE::HANCKELThu Aug 03 1995doing symbolic bugchecks
2592.04LEDDEV::MAYLOTTThu Aug 03 1995SetFilePointer call problem??
2593.03DCEIDL::EVE_LIThu Aug 03 1995network perf question
2594.0DCEIDL::EVE_LIThu Aug 03 1995insure, has anyone used it?
2595.01TROOA::BROWNFri Aug 04 1995?Oracle WorkGroup for Alpha NT?
2596.04USCD::DOTENMon Aug 07 1995Meaning of high word bits returned by GetVersion
2597.02KTOV11::SHIMADAWed Aug 09 1995What is "CSRSS" ?
2598.0NETRIX::"leon@viis.shr.dec.com"Wed Aug 09 1995Software Engineer
2599.0NETRIX::"leon@viis.shr.dec.com"Wed Aug 09 1995Software Engineer
2600.0NETRIX::"leon@viis.shr.dec.com"Wed Aug 09 1995Software Engineer
2601.04NETRIX::"leon@viis.shr.dec.com"Wed Aug 09 1995Software Enginer
2602.01DV78Thu Aug 10 1995CD-ROM and the Registry
2603.05USCD::DOTENFri Aug 11 1995Couple of environment variable questions
2604.01BBIVMon Aug 14 1995Oracle on Windows NT
2605.0NETRIX::"cirpka@apd.dec.com"Tue Aug 15 1995
2606.05UKARC1::JENKINSWed Aug 16 1995Why does execl behavour differently on WNT (Alpha)
2607.013USCD::DOTENWed Aug 16 1995DWORD - isn't 32 bits 32 bits?
2608.01ADISSW::FERRARAWed Aug 16 1995Windows NT driver for the TKZ15?
2609.01TKOVOA::NAGATA_MFri Aug 18 1995Plane-Mask of X-Windows
2610.01MROA::SHILOFri Aug 18 1995"how-to" for making the MS HCL entry
2611.01BABAGI::HDCRSH::GAGNONFri Aug 18 1995NT 3.51 SCSI Pass Through Info Needed
2612.0STAR::KOTCHFri Aug 18 1995Any Empower Performix or QA Partner users ?
2613.01RECV::SETTYMon Aug 21 1995Docs on batch/com scripting
2614.0BROKE::ROWLANDSMon Aug 21 1995gnu make?
2615.07STAR::KOTCHTue Aug 22 1995Code coverage analysis tool?
2616.02RANGER::COOKWed Aug 23 1995'Corrupt' files during 3.51 installation
2617.04TAVWed Aug 23 1995Size of exe files on Alpha vs. Intel
2618.02TALER::BURFORDWed Aug 23 1995Virus reported during installation 3.5
2619.05BGSDEV::STOCKWELLThu Aug 24 1995need different versions of arc console for avanti and alcor
2620.01DCEIDL::EVE_LIThu Aug 24 1995DES encryption lib wanted
2621.0DPD26::MCKENZIEThu Aug 24 1995RAS with Decserver Question
2622.02VOLAPM::HAIGHFri Aug 25 1995Checkbuild and Etherworks 3 devices
2623.02JURA::JURA::DUQUESNEFri Aug 25 1995WNT-W95 - exe compatibility?
2624.01BOBSBX::QUINLANFri Aug 25 1995malloc and free from MS
2625.01TAVIS::ADDADYThu Aug 31 1995Schedule ntbackup hang on net drive.
2626.04KAMPUS::BIALEKThu Aug 31 1995NetPirate - Application Sharing for Windows NT
2627.0STAR::MRUSSOThu Aug 31 1995midl problemon nt 3.51
2628.01BGSDEV::SWARTZFri Sep 01 1995Resolution to READONLY install probelm ?
2629.0TALLIS::DARCYFri Sep 01 1995Questions about Windows NT Alpha
2630.04DCEIDL::EVE_LIFri Sep 01 1995best tools for writing instal program
2631.01TPSYS::WANFri Sep 01 1995Need help on sending mail from a NT system to other systems ?
2632.04ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGFri Sep 01 1995Logon across TCP/IP router?
2633.0TKOVOA::HOSHINOMon Sep 04 1995Auto Reset Event Question
2634.0MAHONE::DMCWEENEYMon Sep 04 1995help with FileManager add-ons...
2635.03ALFAM7::BAUMERTTue Sep 05 1995Max. files - fdopen
2636.01HURON::BATESTue Sep 05 1995MS Developer Days on DVN ?
2637.01GALVIA::BNOONANWed Sep 06 1995Security tool on WNT ?
2638.05NETRIX::"jrward@hannah.enet.dec.com"Wed Sep 06 1995How do I do "LoadLibrary" on a Win16 file?
2639.02TPSYS::MARRAThu Sep 07 1995Uninstallers for NT?
2640.03YOUNG::YOUNGThu Sep 07 1995Wanted: Code fragment
2641.02RANGER::COOKThu Sep 07 1995DDK-related 'symbols'?
2642.0DCEIDL::EVE_LIMon Sep 11 1995why LogonUser hangs?
2643.011TPSYS::WILKMon Sep 11 1995How to setup 1-1 TCP/IP socket?
2644.08BALZAC::DAKONOTue Sep 12 1995Problem at the end of WINSOCK
2645.05ZENDIA::HAGGERTYWed Sep 13 1995Event log monitoring
2646.0USCD::DOTENWed Sep 13 1995Buffer returned from NetUserEnum
2647.0MOSDM::GALITSKYThu Sep 14 1995SQL access from Excel on Alpha
2648.0BALZAC::DAKONOFri Sep 15 1995Memory shared between process
2649.01POBOX::TSUCHIYAMAFri Sep 15 1995RAID on boot partition?
2650.0ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGSun Sep 17 1995IP port list for NT services?
2651.03OTOUMon Sep 18 1995Drivers..how under NT?
2652.04GIDDAY::MILNETue Sep 19 1995LookupAccount Woes
2653.01BABAGI::CHELLARTue Sep 19 1995pci video question
2655.0VNACO1::BOSTERSWed Sep 20 1995Grant user rights from program?
2656.01GBIFri Sep 22 1995Percise timers availability?
2657.01RANGER::COOKFri Sep 22 1995Maybe Cairo will implement '\\*\FOOBAR' shares?
2659.02TPOVC::ERICHUANGMon Sep 25 1995Where to find gif or jpeg viewer on AXP WNT?
2660.05KIMBLE::JMELODYMon Sep 25 1995Enterprise Messaging System
2661.01BESMon Sep 25 1995problem running posix application
2662.01NOWIT::THOMPSONWed Sep 27 1995How to stop an NT Service using the Scheduler
2663.06UKARC1::CHAMBERLINWed Sep 27 1995why two mouse pointers?
2664.04HYLNDR::VONSUCKWed Sep 27 1995MTV for Nerds? Do we get it?
2665.01DECWET::VOBAWed Sep 27 1995Alpha NT O/S Load Options (OSLOADOPTIONS)
2666.01KIMBLE::JMELODYThu Sep 28 1995Modifying Account Policy from a program.
2667.02BROKE::HANCKELThu Sep 28 1995launching a passive tcp server on nt
2668.01HAN::HAEUSSERFri Sep 29 1995VMS-UAS to NT UAS Migration-Tool ?
2669.0DECWET::MUPOPAFri Sep 29 1995Anyone running VC++ 4.
2670.04HGOVC::EDDYWANGSun Oct 01 1995Migration from Intel to Alpha ...
2671.03IRNBRU::MENNIEMon Oct 02 1995How do you stop a detached process?
2672.01BACHUS::ROETSWed Oct 04 1995Pathworks and WNT group limit replication
2673.04BEET::nasti.sca.dec.com::wilsonWed Oct 04 1995CHAR <---> LPWSTR
2674.01QUABBI::"vetrone@zendia.tay.dec.com"Thu Oct 05 1995Net Send and LAN Manager API ?
2675.07UKARC1::HUDSONFri Oct 06 1995How to get debuggable process dump on NT?
2676.05KIMBLE::JMELODYFri Oct 06 1995Missing Operating System
2677.07LEDDEV::MAYLOTTFri Oct 06 1995Can't print 64 bit value on Intel system. Any help?
2678.05UFHIS::MDRECHSELMon Oct 09 1995Change blocksize for QIC tape?
2679.05SUPER::HARRISTue Oct 10 1995MSDN - Items Received
2680.04QUABBI::"vetrone@zendia.tay.dec.com"Tue Oct 10 1995Remote Exec from an NT Workstation
2681.0KIMBLE::JMELODYTue Oct 10 1995Using NetAlertRaise
2682.01TARUGO::LIDIATue Oct 10 1995FTP and home directory
2683.04WKRP::HENRYWed Oct 11 1995Win95 shell for Alpha??
2684.08MICROW::WIMBERGFri Oct 13 1995Services and detached processes
2685.02WHOSFri Oct 13 1995Windows-NT -> VMS 6.2?
2686.05MRLAT::RASPUZZIFri Oct 13 1995Is there a 'VUIT'-like tool for Windows to design GUIs?
2687.02--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 16 1995How to debug a service ?
2688.02STAR::RHOUSEMANMon Oct 16 1995Checking for Windows NT minor version
2689.03TELFON::MAILMANMon Oct 16 1995Message codes and FormatMessage
2690.01NETRIX::"leon@viis.shr.dec.com"Tue Oct 17 1995HELP: Return Code from a thread?
2691.0TAVIS::HIRSCHWed Oct 18 1995Sms & Novell
2692.0KIMBLE::JMELODYWed Oct 18 1995Using AddAuditAccessACE
2693.02AIAG::DESENBERGThu Oct 19 1995stack-trace/driver-info from dump file
2694.05DECWET::KOWALSKIThu Oct 19 1995Plans for CMC API on Alpha NT? Common Messaging Calls
2695.01KIMBLE::JMELODYFri Oct 20 1995Restarting the Network
2697.01CSC32::R_NICKLESMon Oct 23 1995software for NT
2698.0STAR::FENSTERMon Oct 23 1995Bad message while installing ?
2699.02KERNEL::GARDNERNTue Oct 24 1995V3.51 on Venturis slow...
2700.04PAMSRC::XHOST::ZACHWIEJATue Oct 24 1995Tracking down handles
2701.03COOKIE::REUTER::REUTERTue Oct 24 1995How to get to NT file shares over TCP/IP?
2702.07SPESHR::ROCKWELLTue Oct 24 1995NTBACKUP reports Bus Reset errors using TLZ
2703.0BACHUS::VERCAMMENWed Oct 25 1995Last Modification date/time NOT updated from Windows-NT client - OK for WFW Client.
2704.01LEDDEV::MAYLOTTWed Oct 25 1995Any "affinity" experience out there?
2705.0TOOK::CUDMOREWed Oct 25 1995How can I make my app simulate Alt-PrintScreen?
2706.01JOBURG::LORENKThu Oct 26 1995C 32bit calling 16bit dll's
2707.0STKHLM::SAMUELSSONThu Oct 26 1995Port of ethernet multicast read support from VMS to NT
2708.05HYLNDR::POLTRACKThu Oct 26 1995Why am I too small?
2709.0KIMBLE::JMELODYThu Oct 26 1995Access Denied when Querying Service object
2710.04MALLOC::CARDIMINOSat Oct 28 1995Update registry via batch script
2712.01QUABBI::"vetrone@zendia.tay.dec.com"Mon Oct 30 1995Domain API
2713.05WHOSTue Oct 31 1995ORACLE on Alpha NT 3.51?
2714.02AD::MCCALLIGWed Nov 01 1995Looking for DCE for NT
2715.0BGSDEV::SWARTZWed Nov 01 1995Version Information in Driver .sys files
2716.05WHOSWed Nov 01 1995Code to convert files into gif or jpeg?
2717.03TLAWS4::LINITDAThu Nov 02 1995NT sizing
2718.0DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGThu Nov 02 1995winzip and NTAS V3.51 with ALPHA21
2719.0UTRUST::hlp985.uto.dec.com::peterhFri Nov 03 1995How To register a machine with the Domain Controller
2720.04DJMVAX::MCCULLERSMon Nov 06 1995How does one disable a Lana?
2721.07BLKES7::BLASINGAMEMon Nov 06 1995Retreiving System Serial Number on Alpha
2722.01GVPROD::ZAVADILTue Nov 07 1995boot from floppy?
2723.0LEMAN::JOSHITue Nov 07 1995REMOTE (Detailed) MGMT Of NT m/c's
2724.0HANNAH::VAUGHANTue Nov 07 1995Is there an API to add a machine to a domain?
2725.02KIMBLE::JMELODYWed Nov 08 1995FTP logon information in Security log
2726.02CIVPR1::SHULLWed Nov 08 1995Checked version for kernel debug?
2727.0DCEIDL::EVE_LIFri Nov 10 1995_popen not work with MFC ?
2728.05CHEFS::YATES_MMon Nov 13 1995RMS to NTFS and HSM
2729.012HANNAH::OSMANMon Nov 13 1995how can I make so printf output appears ?
2730.01GRANPA::EHEROLDTue Nov 14 1995Intel & Alpha Binaries ???
2731.03CAMINO::MCCANCETue Nov 14 1995who is using the pagefile?
2732.04HANNAH::OSMANTue Nov 14 1995how can I reference argc and argv ?
2734.011MSE1::MASTRANGELOTue Nov 14 1995How can I hang a system?
2735.01CRONIC::BURKEWed Nov 15 1995Slow print time with NT workstation V3.51
2736.02LJSRV1::HOWed Nov 15 1995NT Security with named pipe
2737.02OZROCK::CECILThu Nov 16 1995Problem with winnt.h and Intel build
2738.04HDLITE::PASHAPOURThu Nov 16 1995Incremental link limit?!
2739.05KERNEL::GARDNERNFri Nov 17 1995Bug Check on installation - Alpha 2
2740.04FSCORE::KAYETue Nov 21 1995another 'detached' process question
2741.01USCTR1::lexyfi.lex.dec.com::islerTue Nov 21 1995Win16 APIs on OpenVMS?
2742.04HANNAH::VAUGHANSat Nov 25 1995Network race conditions
2743.014HANNAH::OSMANMon Nov 27 1995how can I figure out why my .DLL file is bad, please ?
2744.02OTOOA::JPONDMon Nov 27 1995FX!32...pointers?
2745.05TALLIS::NELSONTue Nov 28 1995Source code analyzer tool?
2746.01DECWET::GETSINGERTue Nov 28 1995MKS Toolkit for Win32
2747.03CSC32::R_NICKLESTue Nov 28 1995NT - install
2748.02TPSYS::MARRAWed Nov 29 1995Visual C++ won't debug correctly
2749.01QUABBI::"vetrone@zendia.tay.dec.com"Fri Dec 01 1995DeviceIoControl vs. ReadFile
2750.07ADISSW::FERRINMon Dec 04 1995NTP for NT ??
2751.0AD::MADLERMon Dec 04 1995Account with predefined SID?
2752.01ALFAM7::BALTESKONISTue Dec 05 1995xbm to bmp?
2753.02ALFAM7::BALTESKONISTue Dec 05 1995Win32 SetTimer
2754.0ALFAM7::BALTESKONISTue Dec 05 1995event queue handling
2755.01ZEKE::HAIGHTue Dec 05 1995Windows NT Specialist
2756.09DECWET::MPETERSONTue Dec 05 1995Does NT have the equivalent of UNIX Raw I/O?
2757.03BEET::GONZALEZWed Dec 06 1995Support for ZLXp-L2
2758.02HDLITE::MODIWed Dec 06 1995Does Alpha/NT need rainbow key for the secure ethernet?
2759.0BROKE::HANCKELWed Dec 06 1995Dialogues on batch files etc.
2760.03DYPSS1::MAXIWed Dec 06 1995win.ini run= function for multi-user NT?
2761.011COOKIE::REUTER::REUTERWed Dec 06 19959-pin to 9-pin null modem for kernel debug?
2762.01FORTY2::SIMSFri Dec 08 1995WNetAddConnection2
2763.0TUXEDO::LIMFri Dec 08 1995Berkeley db44 on nt?
2764.04BHAJEE::JAERVINENFri Dec 08 1995Quick context switch - suggestions? GINA?
2765.0ODIXIE::FEINSTEINFri Dec 08 1995Beta PCMCIA/PC Card Drivers for NTAXP
2766.05ATYISA::BENOITFri Dec 08 1995Alpha/NT CLOCK/Time Problem versus Intel/NT
2767.0MUNSBE::CHEQUERTue Dec 12 1995spotting changes to the registry.
2768.02USDEV::DLORADITCHTue Dec 12 1995Latest NT server kit?
2769.0QUABBI::"vetrone@zendia.tay.dec.com"Wed Dec 13 1995Telnet Port
2770.04MUDIS3::DSCHMIERThu Dec 14 1995Is where a driver for Tseng ET4
2771.0HANNAH::FINGERHUTThu Dec 14 1995Changing display res. from a program
2772.04PANHED::DROSTEThu Dec 14 1995Deinstalling NT from dual-boot system
2773.02CIVPR1::MARKISThu Dec 14 1995What comes after "Z" Drive ???
2774.02BODGIE::CUPITThu Dec 14 1995viewers and players
2775.01UTROP1::OVERBEEK_HFri Dec 15 1995PLOTUID.DLL AXP bugged ?
2776.01VAXRIO::CAMARAMon Dec 18 1995WNT with mte66: crash?
2777.02VAXRIO::LORENAMon Dec 18 1995SoftWindows & SoftPC - Insignia
2778.02SWAM1::MERCADO_OSMon Dec 18 1995Video card for VRT19 on a "DECpc 466ST"
2779.0ALFAM7::SIEBOLDTue Dec 19 1995NT performance tools from ntnone.zso.dec.com/ftp/performance/binaries (tvbtools.zip)
2780.0BROKE::HANCKELTue Dec 19 1995using posix utilities
2781.01MCITS1::BROSCHATWed Dec 20 1995Move / Remove Registered applications (in Registry)
2782.04AIAG::WISNERThu Dec 21 1995ordering Visual C++ 4.
2783.04DCEIDL::EVE_LIThu Dec 21 1995HELP: callkd and weird user breakpoint msg
2784.0GALVIA::BNOONANFri Dec 22 1995Phase
2785.05LJSRV1::RICHFri Dec 22 1995auto logon with NT 3.51 ??
2786.02HIHOSS::WOHOSS::HossfeldFri Dec 22 1995How to debug a child process.
2787.01ADCATue Dec 26 1995VC++ NT Aplha Kit available on net ?
2788.03GJOVAX::OSCWed Dec 27 1995User-level admin needed for NT Server...
2789.0STAR::FENSTERTue Jan 02 1996Looking for MSDN in ZKO
2790.05HERON::BEAUWed Jan 03 1996Alpha AXP15
2791.06SIOG::E_CUSACKWed Jan 03 1996TLZ
2792.01GRANPA::IKOLMAISTERWed Jan 03 1996Experience with AXPpci 233 and NT??
2793.01ADISSW::FERRARAThu Jan 04 1996DDK Documentation
2794.03SPESHR::roxbox.shr.dec.com::rockwellFri Jan 05 1996LPS2
2795.05TELFON::MAILMANFri Jan 05 1996RtlUnwindReturn; want to unwind to establisher
2796.05TAVSat Jan 06 1996Larger then 2GB partition with Mylex
2797.02ADISSW::FERRARAMon Jan 08 1996WindowsNT on MIPS-based DECStation 5
2798.01SCASS1::nasti.sca.dec.com::wilsonMon Jan 08 1996Memory use per thread controlable?
2799.03DCEIDL::EVE_LITue Jan 09 1996update system-wide env variable in the program
2800.01HIHOSS::WOHOSS::HossfeldThu Jan 11 1996CreateProcess problems.
2801.05BRONS::BURROWSThu Jan 11 1996How to propagate pre-assigned drive letters?
2802.0GALVIA::BNOONANFri Jan 12 1996Phase
2803.01LJSRV1::MAFFAFri Jan 12 1996RAS and auto-answerback
2804.020PAMSRC::XHOST::ZACHWIEJASun Jan 14 1996Atomic RelaseMutex and Wait
2805.02ACISS2::VANDYNEMon Jan 15 1996c
2806.0VARESE::CORGNATITue Jan 16 1996User crash dumps and Dr. Watson32
2807.02IRNBRU::MENNIETue Jan 16 1996Can't start WIN32 services
2808.02DCEIDL::EVE_LITue Jan 16 1996construct user env for creatprocess
2809.0+5DECWET::VOBATue Jan 16 1996Windows NT Device Driver Book
2810.01RUSURE::ZAHAREETue Jan 16 1996Repair what?
2811.01BLAZER::MIKELISTue Jan 16 1996Looking for MASM to ASAXP experience
2812.03CHEFS::YATES_MWed Jan 17 1996Urgent file/run disable needed
2813.010PAMSRC::XHOST::ZACHWIEJAWed Jan 17 1996Mailslot driver template ?
2814.02HIHOSS::WOHOSS::HossfeldThu Jan 18 1996CloseHandle help
2815.0SIOG::MURPHYThu Jan 18 1996Windows NT and X.25 Network Server
2816.06PECULR::WANThu Jan 18 1996Any system call on NT system that can return processor;'s clock speed ?
2817.01--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 18 1996SetTokenInformation
2818.02UCROW::GIBSONThu Jan 18 1996Exporting DLL procedures for VB 32 bit?
2819.02IRNBRU::MENNIEFri Jan 19 1996Can't find library
2820.04OZROCK::CECILSun Jan 21 1996Problems using NetUserAdd
2821.02CIVPR1::MARKISSun Jan 21 1996ISDN Interfacing ????
2823.01DCEIDL::EVE_LIMon Jan 22 1996RegLoadKey problem
2824.01BODGIE::CUPITTue Jan 23 1996acad rel 13 AXPNT ?
2825.01FLAMTue Jan 23 1996Porting question, building DLL file from Bliss code
2826.0CURRNT::CARSONWed Jan 24 1996dblib under Alpha ?
2827.03SWETSC::NORDBERGThu Jan 25 1996Alpha ddk code problem
2828.02PLAYER::OLLIERThu Jan 25 1996Installation on PC Issue
2829.04BROKE::ROWLANDSThu Jan 25 1996dblib under alpha
2830.01DCEIDL::EVE_LISat Jan 27 1996how to interperte error returned by Net* func?
2831.018MVMKT::KELLYSun Jan 28 1996Beta release of NT 4.
2832.02BASEX::KAIRYSMon Jan 29 1996Corporate standard for installations?
2833.0CIVPR1::MARKISMon Jan 29 1996Automated Dialup(RAS), poll for Mail, Hangup ???
2834.02ADISSW::FERRARAMon Jan 29 1996Lost UNIX boot block?
2835.02XSTACY::JENNINGSTue Jan 30 1996Form Virus - PC fails to re-boot - WinNT 3.51
2836.01POLAR::TOMKINSTue Jan 30 1996kaop81.kao.dec.com Server Status
2837.02DCEIDL::EVE_LITue Jan 30 1996free _USER_INFO_* struct returned by NetUserGetInfo?
2838.06CIVPR1::MARKISTue Jan 30 199616MB Phys, 2GB Virtual & "INSUFFICIENT Memory" Error
2839.01CHICHZ::EDELMANNFri Feb 02 1996NetBEUI CP error 733
2840.0DECWET::QUINNFri Feb 02 1996Beta 1 Online
2841.07AEOENG::KAFETZIS_PMon Feb 05 1996BOOT.INI ARC on Alpha
2842.03MCSILO::JMURPHYMon Feb 05 1996NT Partition Information
2843.03WRKSYS::HOBSONThu Feb 08 1996Large NT Desktop (256
2844.014HANNAH::ALFREDFri Feb 09 1996What DLLs does an application depend on?
2845.02ADISSW::FERRINMon Feb 12 1996ntoskrnl.exe corrupted
2846.03CIVPR1::BURKEMon Feb 12 1996Looking for NT PP presentation
2847.09ACISS1::TSUCHIYAMAMon Feb 12 1996Access OpenVMS backup tapes?
2848.01SWETSC::NORDBERGWed Feb 14 1996Changing keyboard layout
2849.0RSNC::SCHMIDTFri Feb 16 1996load printer driver
2850.02DCEIDL::EVE_LIFri Feb 16 1996[Q] detect if stdin is redirected to nul?
2851.02SSDEVO::YESSEFri Feb 16 1996Writing a SCSI tape for NTBackup access
2853.01UKARC1::WOOD_JTue Feb 20 1996problems using Call Attributed Profiler (CAP) on a .EXE to see calls to .DLLs
2854.02BGSDEV::LANGONETue Feb 20 1996V3.
2855.02EDSCLU::NICHOLSTue Feb 20 1996TlsAlloc() etc
2856.09LJSRV1::RICHWed Feb 21 1996get BOOTP/DHCP TCP/IP address from program?
2857.0DCEIDL::EVE_LIWed Feb 21 1996advantage of LOGON32_LOGON_SERVICE
2858.04BLAZER::MIKELISWed Feb 21 1996FTP server not working
2860.03BLAZER::MIKELISWed Feb 21 19962 networked systems can't find the same node
2861.02MARIN::ARVINDThu Feb 22 1996NT driver for DE422
2862.02DECWET::MPETERSONFri Feb 23 1996How to obtain SCSI Address {bus,target,LUN} of physical disk
2863.0OTOUSat Feb 24 1996SQL Server 6.
2864.06PECSYS::CARRSun Feb 25 1996NT Services and Event Viewer
2865.02UFHIS::MDRECHSELTue Feb 27 1996`curses/termcap' using WIN32 API anyone ??
2866.02DCEIDL::EVE_LITue Feb 27 1996MS RPC<->DCE CDS ?
2867.04HDLITE::MODITue Feb 27 1996GNUbin tools for Alpha/NT: Where ??
2868.03CIVPR1::MARKISWed Feb 28 1996Alternate Load Device ?
2869.01TOOK::LEMMONThu Feb 29 1996ODBC Drivers on NT-Alpha?
2870.0SNOFS1::WATTSMICHAELSat Mar 02 1996WNT/DmQ/Access BASIC
2871.03KITVAX::METHOTSun Mar 03 1996NT SMP Interrupts?
2872.03KITVAX::METHOTSun Mar 03 1996NT timer losing interrupts
2873.01DECWET::MPETERSONMon Mar 04 1996WinNT System Capacity/Config Recommendations Sought
2874.02ADISSW::FERRINMon Mar 04 1996nt device driver question
2875.0NETRIX::"jmurphy@soggey.ilo.dec.com"Tue Mar 05 1996Getting the System ACL
2876.0GIDDAY::CHANTue Mar 05 19965738 error on NT
2877.01MOSCOW::KHALINWed Mar 06 1996Developing driver for NT...
2878.05OOYES::WEIERWed Mar 06 1996Can FTP work through batch?
2879.01WARFUT::TAYLORJThu Mar 07 1996Sharing a socket between multiple processes/threads
2881.0ZENDIA::MCARLETONThu Mar 07 1996Volatile Registry key on Win95?
2883.0TOOK::JUDEMFri Mar 08 1996developing an odbc+jet driver installation program - help needed
2884.01HLTIC5::GRAAF_ASun Mar 10 1996Postscript printing
2885.02HDLITE::MODIMon Mar 11 1996Visual Basic..When ??
2887.04CGOOA::KRUEGERWed Mar 13 1996Venturis Crash: SP2, NTVDM Errors - HELP!
2888.0BGSDEV::STOCKWELLWed Mar 13 1996environment options, named pipes and windbg
2889.01HDLITE::PASHAPOURWed Mar 13 1996vpath equiv. in nmake?
2890.03CUSTOM::STAFFORDThu Mar 14 1996RZ-56 and NT
2891.03KIMBLE::TMULLIGANFri Mar 15 1996Accessing system boot time
2892.04POLAR::MOKHTARFri Mar 15 1996monitoring other processes from program ?
2893.01IVOSS1::TU_TOFri Mar 15 1996Shared Memory
2894.04KERNEL::WILTSHIREAMon Mar 18 1996Porting Fortran, C from VMS to NT
2895.06RDGENG::HAQUEMon Mar 18 1996ONC (Sun) RPC?
2896.03SNOFS1::WATTSMICHAELWed Mar 20 1996VMS Mailbox Equivalent?
2897.02DEMAND::GALLAGHERWed Mar 20 1996Moveing the Print spooler directory??
2898.04TKOV51::KAWANISHIWed Mar 20 1996Irregular WM_PAINT message !
2899.05ANNECY::bordix.aeo.dec.com::KAFETZISThu Mar 21 1996Help developing a Video Driver
2900.02HDLITE::MODIFri Mar 22 1996Matrox drivers and NT/Alpha 4.
2901.06ACISS2::ECKSat Mar 23 1996NT Intel and NT Alpha - whats different?
2902.06IROCZ::SETOMon Mar 25 1996InstallShield 3 Create env variable wihtout reboot.t
2903.06GBIMon Mar 25 1996Again on VMS -> WNT porting
2904.03HANNAH::OSMANMon Mar 25 1996how do I find WHERE my program is ?
2905.04OZROCK::CECILTue Mar 26 1996Right(s) required to add user
2906.01RDGENG::HAQUETue Mar 26 1996How do you *remove* an installed service?
2907.08EDSCLU::NICHOLSTue Mar 26 1996MSVC condition variables(continued)
2908.0HLTIC5::GRAAF_AWed Mar 27 1996NETLOGON script failover MASTER/Resource domain ?
2909.01ACISS1::TSUCHIYAMAWed Mar 27 1996PPP through DECserver 9
2910.05MROA::CASINGHINOWed Mar 27 1996UNIX RPC calls on Alpha/Intel NT
2911.02SUPER::HARRISSat Mar 30 1996Inheriting Handles
2912.02ASABET::copdial1_port13.cop.dec.com::christianMon Apr 01 1996Moving users between Domains
2913.01OZROCK::GROHNMon Apr 01 1996easy way to pass data to new process
2914.01CSSE::KUMARTue Apr 02 1996Win32 SDK Programmer's Reference
2915.0AIAG::WISNERTue Apr 02 1996programming: create new user? configure replication service?
2916.02KOZY::SARKOZYWed Apr 03 1996SFMAPI.DLL docs???
2917.0HERON::thelem.vbe.dec.com::beauThu Apr 04 1996Maximum number of incoming trustee links in NT 4.
2918.03UCROW::GIBSONThu Apr 04 1996Winsock2 support?
2919.01TUXEDO::GIRKARThu Apr 04 1996How do I get the subnet mask/network addresse(s) on NT via an appropriate WIN32/or some other API?
2920.0MCSILO::JMURPHYThu Apr 04 1996Getting Lockout Information
2921.07CALDEC::SCHMIDTThu Apr 04 1996Moving the PDC from an old to a new alpha
2922.05BASEX::KAIRYSFri Apr 05 1996Help - struggling with unresolved symbols
2923.03BAGELS::HADAVIFri Apr 05 1996Web servers and CreateProcess on NT ?
2924.04DECWET::KOWALSKIFri Apr 05 1996Unique process ids?
2925.02CRONIC::madnes.hlo.dec.com::notesMon Apr 08 1996remote directory mirroring utility ?
2926.02GBITue Apr 09 1996Sahred common (Fortran like) ???
2927.01OZROCK::CECILWed Apr 10 1996Default drive for NT services?
2928.01GBIThu Apr 11 1996Sahred common (Fortran like) ???
2929.04HANNAH::FINGERHUTThu Apr 11 1996Modifying the Start menu
2930.0DEMON::NOWARE::WITTMANFri Apr 12 1996Reviewers for Programming Win32 CBT ???
2931.05PAMSRC::XHOST::SJZFri Apr 12 1996Asynchronous Sockets
2932.0PADC::KOLLINGFri Apr 12 1996Dr. Watson on RASSRV.exe
2933.01ACISS1::TSUCHIYAMAMon Apr 15 1996Alpha OPTIMIZED compilers??
2934.01TROOA::HENDRIKSETue Apr 16 1996NT on DEC3
2935.03WRKSYS::NISHIMOTOTue Apr 16 1996Device Memory Mapping Help??
2936.01--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 16 1996Sizing info for file serving Mac clients?
2937.03ACISS1::TSUCHIYAMATue Apr 16 1996FAX applications on NT Alpha?
2938.02GIDDAY::CHANWed Apr 17 1996Covert HPFS to NTFS on System partition
2939.0MCSILO::JMURPHYThu Apr 18 1996Printer Permissions
2940.0EVOCDG::EL_YOUSSEFIFri Apr 19 1996The same LTF Utility in WNT environment ?
2941.0GBIFri Apr 19 1996how to disable ctrl+esc and/or alt+tab ?
2942.0PASMSat Apr 20 1996Any deadlock prevention?
2943.01EVOCDG::EL_YOUSSEFIMon Apr 22 1996Tape format ANSI under WNT
2944.01UKARC1::HAGUETue Apr 23 1996looking for rshd and rexecd functionality.
2945.01PSDV::ICE_CHICOTue Apr 23 1996Web application help?
2946.03HDLITE::BRYANTTue Apr 23 1996Eliminating all alignment fixups?
2947.0MCSILO::JMURPHYTue Apr 23 1996GetFullPathName & UNICODE
2948.0PMRV7Tue Apr 23 1996Q: How can I force 16 bit Windows EXE into the WOW VDM when using CreateProcess?
2949.0DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGWed Apr 24 1996NT 3.51 and Muxserver like
2950.08UNXA::PATELWed Apr 24 1996Disk Administrator vs. non-NT disks
2951.07PSDV::ICE_CHICOWed Apr 24 1996How to write a DLL
2952.0RANGER::RAOThu Apr 25 1996IoDeleteDevice question
2953.03UKARC1::HAGUEMon Apr 29 1996Function address at run-time from an executable
2954.01TAVIS::SHALOMMon Apr 29 1996Direct access on the PCI bus
2955.02APSMME::LEELAMon Apr 29 1996port i/o work same on x86 as alpha?
2956.0MLWS::LICHTTue Apr 30 1996peer-to-peer transactions ?
2957.017823::KEEFERTue Apr 30 1996 windows displayed off-screen
2958.01SIOG::KILROYWed May 01 1996Help on AXP 21
2959.0HDLITE::PASHAPOURThu May 02 1996MAPI32.LIB without CMC entry points?!
2960.0135Mon May 06 1996Need PSCRIPT.DRV installation disk
2961.03DECWET::PCBUOA::sheldon.ako.dec.com::GlicklerTue May 07 1996Programming accounts
2962.01DECWET::MPETERSONThu May 09 1996[Q]: How to install Service Packs?
2963.02BASEX::KAIRYSFri May 10 1996Question about multiple versions of MSVCRT
2964.0DECWET::JENNESSSat May 11 1996Are you a notes moderator?
2965.02AEOENG::BONNASSIEUXMon May 13 1996Services and Account
2966.01DECWET::MPETERSONMon May 13 1996Recommendations for System Services Programming Book?
2967.02TPOVC::JERRYYEHTue May 14 1996Application Error message
2968.0+8GBITue May 14 1996Setup Toolkit for AXP?
2969.010HANNAH::FINGERHUTTue May 14 1996how to turn off "full drag"
2970.01HANNAH::FINGERHUTTue May 14 1996How to disable the task bar
2971.01VARESE::CORGNATIWed May 15 1996Can a service have the Windows message loop ?
2972.01ANIMLZ::DUBEWed May 15 1996NT Admin functions from Win95?
2973.0WRKSYS::MYEAGERWed May 15 1996Double mapping of contiguous memory
2974.01TAPE::STROBERGERFri May 17 1996NuMega's SoftIce for NT
2975.03DECWET::PCBUOA::sheldon.ako.dec.com::GlicklerFri May 17 1996GUI via API?
2976.01HDLITE::DAVISFri May 17 1996NT Assembler info
2977.01EDSCLU::NICHOLSMon May 20 1996debugging mutex locks/events
2978.02SNOFS1::RASMUSSENTue May 21 1996Max virtual address space supported?
2979.03NETRIX::"oliver.dietz@frs.mts.dec.com"Wed May 22 1996Embedded SQL C-compiler on ALPHA/NT
2980.0ILLUSN::SORNSONWed May 22 1996NT to UNIX printing questions
2981.02RDGENG::therml.reo.dec.com::BAKERSThu May 23 1996Rogue Wave libraries for Alpha?
2982.02ADISSW::FERRINThu May 23 1996maptest.exe and hal.dll
2983.01BGSDEV::DINTINOThu May 23 1996NT PCI bus performance
2984.07WRKSYS::MCMULLENTue May 28 1996?How to program "Show List For"
2985.01PHXSS1::LEWISTue May 28 1996move 95 setup.exe to Windows NT
2986.01RCHSS1::GOLDSTEINWed May 29 1996Can NT handle "REALTIME" processing?
2987.04WRKSYS::NISHIMOTOThu May 30 1996Can't see stack in kernel debug (windbg)????
2988.05VFOVAX::WILLIAMSMon Jun 03 1996Inaccessible boot device???
2989.0WRKSYS::NISHIMOTOTue Jun 04 1996ServerDllIndex Error Message??
2990.02WRKSYS::NISHIMOTOTue Jun 04 1996Kernel Mode Debuggers???
2991.03USCTR1::wuupc.zpo.dec.com::WUUJIANNTue Jun 04 1996"Access Violation" when calling "GetWindowsThreadProcessID"
2992.02GUOVFri Jun 07 1996IP routing with NTAS 3.51 problem
2993.05BGSDEV::CARIDDIFri Jun 07 1996Help need to find out what is wrong
2994.01IBMon Jun 10 1996Thomas Conrad
2995.01APACHE::KUGLERTue Jun 11 1996Need Code sample
2996.03OZROCK::MOOREWed Jun 12 1996Alpha NT Troubles
2997.0HDLITE::DONSBACHWed Jun 12 1996clipboard size limitation on Alpha?
2998.05ODIXIE::VANESSOThu Jun 13 1996Problems porting from Intel to Alpha
2999.01TELFON::MAILMANFri Jun 14 1996How to delete open file
3000.01PSDV::ICE_CHICOMon Jun 17 1996Get window names
3001.02UTROP1::ZWETWed Jun 19 1996MS Project on Alpha NT ?
3002.02WRKSYS::MCMULLENWed Jun 19 1996login desktop access
3003.0DECWET::KOWALSKIThu Jun 20 1996Designed for BackOffice logo certification?
3004.0VARESE::CORGNATIThu Jun 20 1996OLE links: how to ?
3005.0BGSDEV::SWARTZThu Jun 20 1996CIA_ERR, CIA_STAT, CIA_SYN, etc
3006.01WRKSYS::MATTSONMon Jun 24 1996HCT Runs Out of Virtual Memory
3007.05LJSRV1::RICHTue Jun 25 1996can you run 'old' shell under WNT4?
3008.06FORTY2::NORRISThu Jun 27 1996'Digital' in the registry
3009.01QUABBI::"hardikar.jayant@a1.pcbuao.ako.mts.dec.com"Thu Jun 27 1996Replication Service over TCPIP?
3010.04HGOVC::EDDYWANGThu Jun 27 1996Imaging PCI card incompatable on AlphaXL
3011.04BALZAC::DAKONOFri Jun 28 1996Rexec daemon
3012.0DEKVC::INBOSIMTue Jul 02 1996Urgent!!! ODBC Driver for DB2 on NT-Alpha
3013.04WARFUT::TAYLORJTue Jul 02 1996Heap issue: DLL (C) and MFC based executable (C++)
3014.03DECWET::KOWALSKITue Jul 02 1996How to walk the system process list?
3015.03HDLITE::PASHAPOURWed Jul 10 1996RPC or DCE?!
3016.0EDSCLU::NICHOLSThu Jul 11 1996mix thread and non-thread dll's?
3017.01EDSCLU::NICHOLSTue Jul 16 1996naming a service
3018.04DIVING::DAVISTue Jul 16 1996BURNMEMORY or MAXMEM on NT 4.
3019.02DECWET::MPETERSONWed Jul 17 1996[Q]: Unresolved externals - What do I do now?
3020.01HDLITE::DORHAMERWed Jul 17 1996Alpha only ACCVIO for CRT_INIT code
3021.03BGSDEV::GREGGWed Jul 17 1996windbg err: Port lock was not acquired!
3022.0HIGHD::FISHERSat Jul 20 1996Looking for an NT port of "vmsbackup"
3023.0BGSDEV::SWARTZTue Jul 23 1996Seeking QA Partner version 2.
3024.01HAZMAT::WEIERMon Jul 29 1996Corrupt Boot Partition ??
3025.0PAMSRC::XHOST::SJZMon Jul 29 1996{allocat,free}ing security descriptors
3026.0TAPE::STROBERGERTue Jul 30 1996Windows NT File System Training Course
3027.0BASEX::KAIRYSWed Jul 31 1996Help: process dies with > 5
3028.02IRNBRU::JWESTERMANWed Jul 31 1996Clipper calling dll written in C
3029.03LEDDEV::CHAPSKYThu Aug 01 1996help with IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL
3030.01HDLITE::PASHAPOURThu Aug 01 1996lnk113
3031.07KOALA::BANTISTue Aug 06 1996gethostbyname()
3032.01ROKKON::LAVINThu Aug 08 1996spoolss crashes
3033.01HDLITE::MODIThu Aug 08 1996ZLXp-L series graphics drivers for NT V4.
3034.01PAMSRC::XHOST::SJZThu Aug 08 1996Forward Slashes in filename
3035.0KYOSS1::kyoa19.kyo.dec.com::SmalleyFri Aug 09 1996DEClaser 225
3036.05STKAI1::ELFGRENFri Aug 09 1996WriteFile to tape????
3037.03NZOVWed Aug 14 1996NT Events --> Polycenter Console Manager on OpenVMS
3038.02DECWET::CAPPELLOFThu Aug 15 1996Intercepting a call to a DLL function
3039.01NZOVFri Aug 16 1996Code to read Event Log/Write to COM port
3040.03OHFSS1::MALOTTFri Aug 16 1996Dead Gateway Detection on NT & 95
3041.01DEKVC::ILLDONGKIMMon Aug 19 1996ODBC Driver for Oracle ?
3042.02ROKKON::LAVINMon Aug 19 1996NT bootable floppy
3044.0alkaid.mko.dec.com::tun-12.imc.das.dec.com::DotenThu Aug 22 1996Multiple records returned by Net*Enum routines (eg NetUserEnum)
3045.07tisras2.mko.dec.com::DotenMon Aug 26 1996Routine to return build number of NT installed?
3046.0+4tisras2.mko.dec.com::DotenMon Aug 26 1996Possible to determine speed of installed CPU(s)?
3047.02ROKKON::LAVINTue Aug 27 1996Nfs client problem?
3048.010MARIN::NELSONTue Aug 27 1996NT 4.
3050.02NETRIX::"singh@cti.zko.dec.com"Tue Aug 27 1996ARC Development Environment
3051.0WRKSYS::NISHIMOTOThu Aug 29 1996Turn on FP in 4.
3052.03TAVFri Aug 30 1996URGENT: CreateFile returns error 7 after 31 calls.
3053.0NETRIX::"mathew@cti.zko.dec.com"Fri Aug 30 1996To get NT account's group permissions
3054.01DEKVC::SUNGJAEPAEKSun Sep 01 1996Direct-X the Windows 95 game Lib
3055.01UHUH::ALEXANDERThu Sep 05 1996NT 4.
3056.01HYDRA::PASHAPOURThu Sep 05 1996CVPACK: fatal error CK1
3057.05EDSCLU::NICHOLSThu Sep 05 1996CreateRemoteThread() v CreateThread()
3058.03HYDRA::MODIThu Sep 05 1996How to reboot NT from the program ?
3059.06TPOVC::ERICHUANGFri Sep 06 1996If WNT crash !
3060.03KOALA::CIOTMon Sep 09 1996Winsock and error 65535
3061.02HYDRA::PASHAPOURTue Sep 10 1996windbg and image activation problems.
3062.01WRKSYS::NISHIMOTOWed Sep 11 1996xl366 and 3.51 checked build bugcheck
3063.011PTPMWed Sep 11 1996Roaming global data
3064.06VIRKE::GULLNASThu Sep 12 1996Drivers, design advice?
3065.0FORTY2::NEWELLMon Sep 16 1996Synchronizing BDC in a program
3066.01TUXEDO::HASBROUCKTue Sep 17 1996Emulate flock(), fcntl() on NT?
3067.06TUXEDO::LIMWed Sep 18 1996how to find out if process runs as a service
3068.0AJAX::BUDAWed Sep 18 1996Port from NT to VMS
3069.03BGSDEV::LANGONEWed Sep 18 1996cron available for NT?
3070.01TUXEDO::LIMThu Sep 19 1996how to get info. on bugs listed in MSDN
3071.0ZEKE::BEKFri Sep 20 1996Decoding Exception Codes
3072.03RUSURE::ZAHAREEFri Sep 20 1996RAS - Don't drop that line!
3073.01TELFON::MAILMANTue Sep 24 1996Wildcards
3074.03HYDRA::PASHAPOURTue Sep 24 1996lnk4
3075.02UTROP1::BRAITHWAITEWed Sep 25 1996Can NT 4.
3076.03AEOENG::BONNASSIEUXFri Sep 27 1996CreateRemoteThread = kill process !!!
3077.05NSICMon Sep 30 1996Acrobat on Alpha NT?
3078.04NQOSWed Oct 02 1996NTVDM "Illegal Instruction" at LOGON time
3079.01PERFOM::PSMITHFri Oct 04 1996Looking for info on NT 4.
3080.03VAXCPU::michaudFri Oct 04 1996Get error after failed non-blocking connect (or how to time out a connect)
3081.03CANDOO::GRIEBMon Oct 07 1996process status != thread status ??
3082.0UTROP1::BRAITHWAITETue Oct 08 1996Auto-dial/RAS on NT 4.
3083.02ALFAM7::BAUMERTTue Oct 08 1996MS FORTRAN PowerStation on Alpha?
3084.03BGSDEV::GREGGTue Oct 08 1996malformed function table. what's this mean?
3085.01GRANPA::EHEROLDWed Oct 09 1996Maximum Memory for NT ???
3086.0BIGUN::nessus.cao.dec.com::MayneThu Oct 10 1996restoring registry from RegSaveKey
3087.02MLNORO::LANDINIThu Oct 10 1996Applications and Control Panel
3088.0TUXEDO::LIMThu Oct 10 1996control panel times out
3089.01TUXEDO::HASBROUCKThu Oct 10 1996Create a Process running as another user...
3090.03OZROCK::MOORETue Oct 15 1996VC++ Distributed Compilation Technology!
3091.01HAN::SCHNEIDERWed Oct 16 1996Problems to use RAS service on ALPHA WNT 3.51
3092.04ZEKE::BEKWed Oct 16 1996NT-based Defect Management Tools - Eg. Track, Track Record
3093.0KOZY::dhcpThu Oct 17 1996>64KB block transfers???
3094.04BALZAC::DAKONOMon Oct 21 19968
3095.02BLAZER::MIKELISMon Oct 21 1996Expired application before its time
3096.01CANDOO::GRIEBTue Oct 22 1996compatible dll building
3097.0BGSDEV::RJONESTue Oct 22 1996Problems with IoAllocateAdapterChannel on Alpha
3098.0BGSDEV::SWARTZWed Oct 23 1996EX: Invalid attempt to free protected pool block e125e
3099.04TELFON::MAILMANWed Oct 23 1996Admin Group and privs
3100.02COOKIE::FROEHLINWed Oct 23 1996Software Development and Code Management
3101.03DAGWST::PIAZZAWed Oct 23 1996Communicating with Multia from UNIX machine
3102.05OZROCK::GROHNWed Oct 23 1996How to detect if exe is running
3103.01BALZAC::DAKONOThu Oct 24 1996How to produce driver files with MSVC
3104.01OZROCK::GROHNMon Oct 28 1996user setting of affinity
3105.01FORTY2::PATTISONWed Oct 30 1996InstallShield & Window SDK functions
3106.01EDSCLU::JAYAKUMARWed Oct 30 1996License server.. which one ?
3107.02SWAM1::ROMERO_CAWed Oct 30 1996Debugger behavior in 21
3108.01BGSDEV::LANGONEThu Oct 31 1996Installation of WinNTv4.
3109.0+3PRIM14::ZIMMERMANNThu Oct 31 1996NT 4.
3110.05HYDRA::PASHAPOURFri Nov 01 1996system model?
3111.01FROCKY::KRIEBELTue Nov 05 1996'moving' of shares possible ?
3112.01DV78Tue Nov 05 1996NT with Unix Firewall?
3113.02BGSDEV::LANGONEWed Nov 06 1996WinNT v4.
3114.03BEORN::TARBAYThu Nov 07 1996Development for performance questions
3115.01POLAR::MOKHTARFri Nov 08 1996Win95 in NT domain security
3116.02BGSDEV::SWARTZFri Nov 08 1996MM: in page i/o error C
3117.03RTL::GARSIDESat Nov 09 1996Determining working set size ...
3118.01GEM::NORTHAMMon Nov 11 1996Looking for HAL.DBG files
3119.0MLNORO::LANDINIMon Nov 11 1996CreateProcess and Screen Saver
3120.01HELIX::KRUEGERMon Nov 11 1996object/executable file format information
3121.01CANDOO::GRIEBMon Nov 11 1996Help with work around ???
3122.02IOSG::TALLETTWed Nov 13 1996WNetGetUniversalName example?
3123.0+5KTOV12::SASAKIThu Nov 14 1996InstallShield on NT4.
3124.02TLE::ALEXANDERFri Nov 15 1996Visual Source Safe
3125.06CSC32::COMULADAFri Nov 15 1996Installing WINNT4
3126.01HYDRA::BRYANTMon Nov 18 1996How do you disable processors?
3127.03WRKSYS::MACKAY_EMon Nov 18 1996Directory search list for object files?
3128.0EDSCLU::NICHOLSTue Nov 19 1996WaitFor...Object() after ReadFile() on pipe?
3129.0COOKIE::FROEHLINTue Nov 19 1996Notification for List Control
3130.01SWETSC::ROZENBEEKMon Nov 25 1996Eventlogscanning appl. ?
3131.01NETRIX::"stav@mail.dec.com"Mon Nov 25 1996SETUP.EXE does nothing
3132.04HYDRA::LAVINTue Nov 26 199641
3133.0TLE::ALEXANDERWed Nov 27 1996Remote file system access from NT 4.
3134.03TKOV51::TAKAHASHI_KSun Dec 01 1996How to use VideoPortMapMemory
3135.0ZIGLAR::MELTONMon Dec 02 1996Help reading PERFMON log files
3136.02EDSCLU::JAYAKUMARTue Dec 03 1996Debug/memory tools on Alpha ?
3137.01QCAVWed Dec 04 1996SLIP on Windows NT 3.51.
3138.02CECMOW::ALIMARINThu Dec 05 1996SCSI miniport driver, SRB_FUNCTION_ABORT_COMMAND ??
3139.04BGSDEV::RJONESThu Dec 05 1996Looking for devices on a PCI bridge.
3140.01ULYSSE::CATTOLICOFri Dec 06 1996talking to a DOS box via pipe
3141.03OHFSS1::STREKWed Dec 11 1996DirectX 3 SDK for Alpha?
3142.0QCAVFri Dec 13 1996RAS API when connecting to Terminal Server.\
3143.02ICS::vfodial_port3.vfo.dec.com::digmanSun Dec 15 1996Help required for simple tcp/ip app.
3144.03CECMOW::ALIMARINMon Dec 16 1996SCSI miniport with PASS_THROUGH
3145.0CECMOW::OVSYANKINMon Dec 16 1996syncronize access to the device extension structure
3146.0+2BGSDEV::SWARTZMon Dec 16 1996APIMON API Monitoring Tool
3147.01KAOAWed Dec 18 1996Random WSAECONNREFUSED on dual NIC system
3148.01GRANPA::LEARYWed Dec 18 1996Realtime device driver developer needed
3149.01SAPEC3::TRINHThu Dec 19 1996Unicode on Alpha NT
3150.010MLWS::LICHTThu Dec 19 1996HalAssignSlotResources causes
3151.05RICKS::ZAMORAThu Dec 19 1996No memory??? what do you mean no memory!!!
3152.0+8EPS::DEANEFri Dec 20 1996Anyway to stop WNT from trimming Working Sets?
3153.0+1EPS::DEANEFri Dec 20 1996Locking down memory in WNT V4.
3154.0EPS::DEANEFri Dec 20 1996Global sections in WNT V4.
3155.0+1EPS::DEANEFri Dec 20 1996Large standard deviation of memory allocation performance?
3156.0EPS::DEANEFri Dec 20 1996Why does this program cause WNT to memory thrash?
3157.02CECMOW::OVSYANKINMon Dec 23 1996PCI busmastering problems?
3158.0MLNCSC::DALPORTOTue Dec 24 1996RASLOG_CALLBACK_FAILURE only on alpha system
3159.0BBIVThu Jan 02 1997Admin wizard/NT4.
3160.01NEWVAX::KSCHOFIELDMon Jan 06 1997Application Event Simulator needed
3161.01HYDRA::MODIMon Jan 06 1997miata/PowerStorm4D4
3162.03EDSCLU::JAYAKUMARTue Jan 07 1997LoadLibrary() / NuMega
3163.0MANMWed Jan 08 1997Clipper on an Alpha platform
3164.01BLAZER::MIKELISWed Jan 08 1997PANIC_STACK_SWITCH server crash
3165.0HYDRA::BRYANTWed Jan 08 1997Alpha Version of WNASPI32.DLL
3166.0SOS6::BERNARDWed Jan 08 1997REGINI on NTUSER.DAT ?
3167.01STAR::TCARRWed Jan 08 1997NT network programming question
3168.01CECMOW::NAZAROVThu Jan 09 1997Direct CDROM/HD read??
3169.05XMERVU::MAHERTue Jan 14 1997How to uniquely identify a PC
3170.0+2TAVThu Jan 16 1997odbc driver for MS access?
3171.0--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 16 1997No NT Diags tool
3172.0BGSDEV::COMEFORDThu Jan 16 19974.1a is now in beta test
3173.01ZEKE::BEKFri Jan 17 1997How To Create Self-Extracting EXE files for ALPHA NT - InstallShield & EXE Builder
3174.01DIEHRD::ODONNELLFri Jan 17 1997NT not see drive
3175.02TREES::THOMASWed Jan 22 1997SQLConnect fails under SQL Server Task Scheduler
3176.0HYDRA::PASHAPOURThu Jan 23 1997Dynamic memory for nt?
3177.0 *+1STOWOA::TALLURISun Jan 26 1997How to disable dialog box when an application crashes in NT 4.
3178.0 *+8PAMSRC::XHOST::SJZTue Jan 28 1997Where did the DDK go ?
3179.0 *RECV::CHOITue Jan 28 1997GetProcessTimes for NT 4.
3180.0 *+1CLT::KIDS::NESCHKETue Jan 28 1997COMPACT utility - support compression on A/NT?
3181.0 *+3MLWS::LICHTWed Jan 29 1997internal bus address translation...
3182.0 *+5PAMSRC::XHOST::SJZTue Feb 04 1997simple program doesn't compile
3183.0 *+1OSLFri Feb 07 1997System with 2 network cards
3184.0 *+2DECWET::ROBINFri Feb 07 1997Announcing Digital PCI Configuration Ultility V1.
3185.0 *HGOVC::XFMVMon Feb 10 1997NT RAS X.28 connectivity ...
3186.0 *+1BIKINI::EFFKEMANNTue Feb 11 1997Partitioning and formating under NT
3187.0 *+7HYDRA::AMORELLIThu Feb 13 1997Alpha XL 266 WNT/VC++ performance is BAD!
3188.0 *METALX::SWANSONFri Feb 14 1997Can't seek more than 2 Gig?
3189.0 *+4CADSYS::BURKEYSun Feb 16 1997NT -- 64 bit C++ support?
3190.0 *PSDV::ICE_CHICOWed Feb 19 1997Help with MAPI code in the Web
3191.0 *ULYSSE::CATTOLICOThu Feb 20 1997OLE automation Intel->Alpha
3193.0 *+6ULYSSE::BALLETTAThu Feb 20 1997how to access the DHCP data base from a program?
3194.0 *+2VAXRIO::COS_BASESTARSun Feb 23 1997TCP/IP printing
3195.0 *HYDRA::CHINTue Feb 25 1997a NT memory management question
3196.0 *+2AZUR::MASSONWed Feb 26 1997RPC on WNT - Beginner's question
3197.0 *VAXCPU::michaudFri Feb 28 1997Runtime loader look for DLL entry points via name or ordinal value?
3198.0 *VFOVAX::ZITELMANTue Mar 04 1997RFC 1323
3199.0 *DECWET::GETSINGERTue Mar 04 1997Digital-Internal Beta Testing -- VB and VC++
3200.0 *+2LEDER1::BENDELWed Mar 05 1997swxcr (RAID) changes made, now wont boot help
3201.0 *+2PACKED::MUPPIT::RUTIEZERThu Mar 06 1997Does the WINDBG debugger run on Alpha NT 4.
3202.0 *+7MAIL1::YATESMon Mar 10 1997ftp file copy verification on wnt
3203.0 *NETRIX::"raymond.dewil@mail.dec.com"Tue Mar 11 1997MFC library patch not running on Alpha
3204.0 *+1NETRIX::"raymond.dewil@mail.dec.com"Tue Mar 11 1997MFC library patch not running on Alpha
3205.0 *+2AXPBIZ::knobby.pa.dec.com::PHEBERTWed Mar 12 1997c2782 - BUG OR FEATURE?
3206.0 *+2MAIL1::GHAHRAMANIWed Mar 12 1997unix to nt migration white papers
3207.0 *tunsrv2-tunnel.imc.das.dec.com::gustinThu Mar 13 1997KI: Kernel Fixup: Pid=..., PC=..., Address=...E Total=
3208.0 *+4EDSCLU::JAYAKUMARFri Mar 14 1997threads / stack size / VM size
3209.0 *+1WRKSYS::NISHIMOTOFri Mar 14 1997kernrate (kernel profiling) problem
3210.0 *TUXEDO::HASBROUCKFri Mar 21 1997UNIX mkfifo, fifo special files
3211.0 *PACKED::MUPPIT::RUTIEZERMon Mar 24 1997How to print help file?
3212.0 *+3SWETSC::TORLIND_LTue Mar 25 1997Better accuraccy from GetLocalTime ??
3213.0 *+2TAVWed Mar 26 1997Doing fast 2D on NT
3214.0 *GUIDUK::BARTLETTWed Mar 26 1997MS/RPC vs. MS/LRPC performance?
3215.0 *+2HYDRA::BRYANTWed Mar 26 1997Startup Code Problems
3216.0 *+4ROBRTS::ROBERTSThu Mar 27 1997Intel to Alpha port - DLL Link error -ParseAnExport
3217.0 *IBIS3::TALLURIFri Mar 28 1997Is CPU Accounting availbale in Windows NT?
3218.0 *+2METALX::SWANSONThu Apr 03 1997How do you crash NT on purpose?
3219.0 *+2TUXEDO::ZEETue Apr 08 1997C library read() anomaly?
3220.0 *+3PTHRED::SHARRISWed Apr 09 1997Child Process invoking Command Interpreter with Subcommand, from a Service
3221.0 *+4NYOSS1::BUONOMOWed Apr 09 1997Remote Change of password
3222.0 *KAMPUS::ALTENHOFENFri Apr 11 1997Problems with EngFindImageProcAddress on Alpha/NT 4.
3223.0 *+1HGOVC::STEPHENCHENGThu Apr 17 1997ARCNet
3224.0 *I18N::LIGHTOWLERMon Apr 21 1997CONSOL and Print-to-file
3225.0 *+7CSC32::HOEPNERMon Apr 21 1997lib$deq functionality
3226.0 *+2HYDRA::MODIMon Apr 21 1997CAP does not report symbol names on Alpha/NT
3227.0 *STAR::TCARRTue Apr 22 1997STREAMS or not to STREAMS
3228.0 *+1RDGENG::HAGUEWed Apr 23 1997Programatical access to the NVRAM from Windows NT
3229.0 *ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGTue Apr 29 1997ifconfig equivalent in NT?
3230.0 *+1DECWET::VOBATue Apr 29 1997Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)
3231.0 *+2HYDRA::LNARAYANWed Apr 30 1997global variable usage in VC++
3232.0 *+5TLE::ALEXANDERThu May 01 1997What is the story on Windows NT on Alpha in native mode?
3233.0 *+1ZPOVC::SATISHKUMARMon May 05 1997LN17S printer - TCP/IP printing problem
3234.0 *TALER::GAISFORDTue May 06 1997What is ExceptionAddress?
3235.0 *+1BACHUS::VANHAVEREWed May 07 1997max size for HalAllocateCommonBuffer
3236.0 *+4OHFSS1::MALOTTThu May 08 1997Need to move system disk ??'s
3237.0 *TAPE::ROURKEThu May 08 1997Explorer problems - NT 4.
3238.0 *+2NNTPD::"rogerg@mail.dec.com"Thu May 08 1997Named Pipes and SMP
3239.0 *NETCAD::TERPENINGFri May 09 1997New DEFPA and DEFEA NDIS Drivers Available for IFT
3240.0 *SEESAW::PILANTTue May 13 1997Integrated debugger question
3241.0 *+2ADCAFri May 16 1997Referencing C++ variables from C files
3242.0 *+1NEWVAX::MELTONFri May 16 1997Logon security tracking for Exchange email
3243.0 *TUXEDO::FRIDAYWed May 28 1997How to find how which processes have a file open?
3244.0 *+1NNTPD::"forissier@taec.enet.dec.com"Thu May 29 1997ADA compiler for NT ?
3245.0 *+2PTHRED::SHARRISFri May 30 1997Access denied/named pipes/RPC
3246.0 *GVPROD::MSTEINERTue Jun 03 1997New high-level access control functions ?
3247.0 *CSC32::G_MURPHYTue Jun 03 1997MSIE Content Advisor Help Needed