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Conference 7.286::decfonts_typeface_collection

Title:DECfonts Typeface Collection
Notice:see note 8 for kits; 54 for PAKs; 72, 39, and 5 for font util
Created:Thu Mar 14 1991
Last Modified:Tue Apr 15 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:153
Total number of notes:758
Number with bodies:3
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1.01HANNAH::HAMILTONThu Mar 14 1991Welcome - Purpose and Guidelines
2.04HANNAH::HAMILTONThu Mar 14 1991Conference Announcements
3.02HANNAH::HAMILTONThu Mar 14 1991Related Conferences
4.05HANNAH::HAMILTONThu Mar 14 1991Software Product Descriptions (SPD)
5.06HANNAH::HAMILTONThu Mar 14 1991Font Kit Contents
6.01HANNAH::HAMILTONThu Mar 14 1991Legal Information
7.02HANNAH::HAMILTONThu Mar 14 1991Product Phase Announcements
8.022HANNAH::HAMILTONThu Mar 14 1991Network Kit Pointers
9.02HANNAH::HAMILTONThu Mar 14 1991Product Announcements
10.0HANNAH::HAMILTONThu Mar 14 1991(reserved)
11.0HANNAH::HAMILTONThu Mar 14 1991DECwrite V1.1, ZapfDingbat problem
12.07ALAMOS::ADAMSSun Mar 24 1991Where can we get it
13.011ARTLIB::GOETZETue Mar 26 1991How are we charged for using these?
14.03ZURA3::WIEDLERWed Mar 27 1991Plans for Garamond ?
15.02COOKIE::WALLACEThu Mar 28 1991Can we *Create* Fonts?
16.05FUNYET::ANDERSONMon Apr 01 1991V1.
17.01ARTLIB::GOETZEMon Apr 01 1991Documents containing fonts--what restrictions?
18.01OASS::NORRIS_RThu Apr 04 1991Multiple Master ffonts, does DEC have it now?
19.07SEACPA::SYSTEMFri Apr 05 1991Can't "add" fonts w/write$fontutil
20.01LEMAN::ROSSIERMon Apr 08 1991other font integration
21.02MAXWEL::GORRMon Apr 08 1991EWS Workstation FONT Path?
22.01SMURF::SCHOTTMon Apr 15 1991How to print files created outside that depend on laserwriter fonts?
23.023D::DAVISWed Apr 24 1991Server-only kit?
24.01HANNAH::HAMILTONThu Apr 25 1991Using VTX PAKs with ULTRIX
25.03OPG::PHILIPTue Apr 30 1991V1.
26.06DRPDRY::KESSLERWed May 08 1991DECfonts, Write$fontutil T2.
27.01BEEZER::LOATMon May 20 1991Where have my fonts gone?
28.07PTOVAX::SCOTTThu May 30 1991large point size question
29.02BIGRED::DANIELSTue Jun 04 1991Why this approach to offering fonts?
30.01SUBVS3::SLATTERYWed Jun 05 1991where do you get ffonts
31.06KETJE::CAUDRONWed Jun 12 1991Use fonts in WPS-PLUS ?
32.02FROCKY::TNICKLASFri Jun 21 1991Font-Downloading, wher Ican get teh Fonts
33.01FROCKY::TNICKLASFri Jun 21 1991Font-Editor for DECwrite
34.05OASS::NORRIS_RFri Jun 21 1991WIll DECfonts Typeface Collection work with CDA PostScript viewer, and DECprint Utility?
35.02SUNNIE::GOWTue Jul 30 1991No Royalty PAK in GIA PAK Generator
36.05KERNEL::LOATThu Aug 15 1991PAK problems.
37.03BLKOUT::GLASERTue Sep 03 1991what changed V1.
38.05ARTLIB::GOETZEWed Sep 04 1991Any way to get fi, fl ligatures and Adobe Standard Encoding?
39.0113D::DAVISThu Sep 12 1991Using DECfonts typeface collection w/ DECwrite, DECpresent
40.02SNEEZY::oranFri Sep 13 1991How to use fonts with PSViewer
41.01OASS::NORRIS_RTue Sep 17 1991Does 1.1 include 1.
42.02SOLVIT::JSTOHLBERGFri Sep 20 1991Need expert advice
43.05TAIPAN::BIBEAULTTue Sep 24 1991Problems with royalty PAKS
44.01HANNAH::SCHULLMANThu Sep 26 1991VMS X server limitation of 2
46.02SEACPA::WHITTONThu Sep 26 1991More PAK problems...
47.04ARTLIB::GOETZEMon Sep 30 1991Kerning Pairs
48.0HANNAH::SCHULLMANTue Oct 01 1991ULTRIX V1.1 LW kit omitted mention of font util problems
49.01RVRCTY::JOHNTue Oct 01 1991Load Fonts on other than System Disk
50.01RVRCTY::JOHNTue Oct 01 1991Helvetica Fonts from "News #1" kit - where??
51.01SEACPA::WHITTONTue Oct 01 1991Can't add "some" fonts with write$fontutil...
52.04VAOUWed Oct 02 1991YAPP - Yet Another PAK Problem
53.0MINNY::STAMBERGERFri Oct 04 1991MPS (My pak stinks)
54.039HANNAH::SCHULLMANFri Oct 04 1991got a PAK-related problem? read (and reply) here
55.04VINO::HOAGFri Oct 04 1991ISOLatin1
56.06GAUSS::DAVISMon Oct 07 1991DPS does not see all the DECfonts 1.1 fonts
57.0HANNAH::SCHULLMANFri Oct 11 1991deleting DECfonts font kits
58.010SOLVIT::JSTOHLBERGTue Oct 15 1991DECfonts don't appear on ADD list
59.02CSCMA::BLOODWed Oct 16 1991accvio trying to run write$font util
60.011HANNAH::CACIOPPOWed Oct 16 1991Promotional materials available. Neat posters anyone?
61.07SUNNIE::GOWThu Oct 24 1991Fun with WRITE$FONTUTIL
62.06BLKOUT::ORANThu Oct 24 1991Helvetica Wide
63.04HANNAH::SCHULLMANWed Oct 30 1991Seybold Seminars announcements
64.02TASTY::JEFFERYWed Nov 06 1991problem installing: This subset requires ULTRIX V4.
65.01HERON::DEVRIESWed Nov 13 1991Adobe Type 1 Fonts from the Mac?
66.03MILPND::GALLAGHERMon Nov 18 1991A sample or example of the fonts?
67.08HPSRAD::DZEKEVICHWed Nov 20 1991Cyrillic (Russian) Someday?
68.09HANNAH::SCHULLMANMon Nov 25 1991seeking advice on sample text with accented characters
69.04MUNICH::RUZICKAFri Nov 29 1991cannot see Brush script/ DEcwrite 1.1
70.03BIS1::STESMon Dec 16 1991Bar Code Font available???
71.01SOLVIT::JSTOHLBERGTue Dec 17 1991DECfonts on DOS
72.013HANNAH::SCHULLMANThu Dec 19 1991DECfonts Application Upgrade Kit -- Pointers
73.011HANNAH::SCHULLMANThu Dec 19 1991DECfonts Application Upgrade Kit -- Installations
74.036HANNAH::SCHULLMANThu Dec 19 1991DECfonts Application Upgrade Kit -- Bugs & Comments
75.04THEBAY::JENNINGSThu Jan 02 1992support PostScript Viewer, HP LaserJet, LPS2
76.04GAUSS::DAVISTue Jan 07 1992Single kit to install all fonts?
77.03HANNAH::SCHULLMANWed Jan 08 1992PAK converter
78.01BIGRED::DANIELSFri Jan 10 1992A La Carte Typefaces?
79.09LARRYC::SYSTEMTue Jan 14 1992LPS2
80.02GYZPBWed Jan 22 1992DECfonts Typeface Collection useable like fontcards ?
81.04TAIPAN::BIBEAULTFri Jan 24 1992Missing glyphs
82.03RANGER::BONAZZOLIWed Jan 29 1992Fonts not seen by system
83.02CACIQE::FONSECAThu Feb 06 1992"Universe" or "Universal" fonts ???
84.01GLDOA::DSMITHFri Feb 07 1992mismatch fonts in different vms versions?
85.01DENVER::MALKOSKITue Feb 11 1992DECfonts and Macs
86.06HANNAH::SCHULLMANSun Feb 16 1992seeking applications to support DECfonts offering
87.07HLDGWed Feb 19 1992DECfont fonts + 225
88.03GIDDAY::HAGANSun Feb 23 1992Question on OPTIMA point sizes
89.01HANNAH::SCHULLMANWed Feb 26 1992bad 'short_bdf_names' scripts in DFTC V1.2
90.01HANNAH::SCHULLMANWed Mar 11 1992problem with .XDPS$OUTLINE files for Display Postscript
91.01HANNAH::PORTANTEFri Mar 13 1992*** FAF ***: Samples of prototype output available...
92.01POLAR::TOMKINSThu Mar 26 1992DECfonts and DECwrite
93.01TAVSun Apr 05 1992Soft Fonts for PSPRINT ...
94.011TONKA::MADERThu Apr 09 1992Digital UNIX (DEC OSF/1) on Alpha/AXP
95.04AKOCOA::RMOOREThu Apr 09 1992ORATOR font availability??
97.06HSOMAI::LINFri May 22 1992Large font for DECwindow
98.01YUPPY::STANFORDFri May 29 1992Letter Gothic Font too pale?
99.05JOMO::SYSTEMWed Jun 03 1992Fonts not shown
100.02DECWET::KESSLERWed Jun 17 1992Digital Logo Font???
101.02ZHSSMon Jul 06 1992??? NEW GOTHIC ???
102.01UTROP1::CARLIER_JFri Jul 10 1992Times - LNSFT-AM - LNSFT-A5 is this on the net ?
103.01JRDVMon Jul 13 1992Question about Font library and Font resource
104.05SUOSW3::HINRICHSTue Jul 14 1992Font with signs male and female available ???
105.04COOKIE::WOODFri Jul 24 1992DECdesign and DECfonts conflict
106.03454Wed Aug 26 1992additional fonts supplied with DEClaser 115
107.04ZARDOZ::howeTue Sep 01 1992DECfonts and PrintServer2
108.02KAL::BJERKEHOLTWed Sep 16 1992Where to get bitstream fonts
109.01COMICS::BARHAMMon Oct 19 1992postscript virtual memory exhausted
111.0ARTLIB::GOETZEWed Oct 21 1992Any KEYCAPS program available for X?
112.02ENAEAS::GADALETATue Dec 15 1992list of softfonts
113.04FORTSC::SHOMOWed Dec 16 1992LW Fonts w/non-DEC clients
114.01KCOHUB::DAZOFF::DUNCANTue Dec 29 1992lps32/2
115.03FUNYET::ANDERSONTue Dec 29 1992New versions?
116.03HANNAH::SCHULLMANFri Jan 01 19931
117.01HANNAH::SCHULLMANThu Jan 21 1993looking for DFTC V1.3 internal field test sites
118.03MEOCWed Jan 27 1993Customer Fonts & Typefaces ?????
119.04CSCMA::PARADISOMon Feb 01 1993persistent loading and licensing
120.06HANNAH::SCHULLMANFri Mar 05 1993DFTC V1.3 first base kit
121.05TROOA::NAISHSun Mar 07 1993Monspaced for 132 in 7.5" portrait
122.04SUNNIE::GOWSun Mar 21 1993Migrating to the PC World
123.02COPCLU::PETHOMSENFri Mar 26 1993FONT list and MS-WINDOWS
124.01HARBRD::IRONSIDEMon Mar 29 1993ITC Century
125.02VNASWS::637Wed Apr 28 1993ITC Souvenir where ?
126.02FILTON::MARTIN_STue Jun 01 1993DEClaser 1152 Support?
127.0749393::KOHLERMon Aug 23 1993OCRB Font Problem
128.03GIDDAY::HAGANMon Aug 23 1993DFTC sample file inadequate.
129.01MC::CONNERSTue Sep 07 1993Questions about installing Park Ave. font
130.08GUCCI::CWOODWARDFri Sep 10 1993Font conversion tools
131.04FUNYET::ANDERSONThu Sep 16 1993DECfonts on InfoServer?
133.03NOODMA::NOODME::knightlyFri Oct 22 1993Arabic Fonts?
134.02CSCMA::PRICEThu Dec 16 1993DECfonts V1.1 w/ VMS V6.
135.011AUSSIE::LISTERMon Feb 14 1994fonts for alpha/axp
136.02TDCAI1::63935::DEGUILLAUMETue Feb 22 1994DECfonts V1.1 are still available on network ?
137.01AUSSIE::JAINWed Feb 23 1994want BDF bitmap screen font info for FAX usage
138.06TDCISA::63935::DEGUILLAUMEWed Mar 09 1994a way to display different font on the screen
139.01EEMELI::KIMINKINENTue Mar 15 1994Utopia??
140.03CSCMA::PRICEMon Mar 21 1994MICR Encoding
141.07CSCMA::RUSSELLFri May 27 1994magnetic ink - micr font - lps17-6
142.02KCOHUB::ROCHE4::SHERIDANTue Jun 28 1994Need BDF source files for fonts
143.04CHENG5::WIDMERWed Aug 10 1994No interoperability for Adobe Fonts?
144.03TDCISA::63935::DEGUILLAUMETue Oct 18 1994LinoScript D.F.U. and PC version ?
145.02UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Nov 03 1994looking for ITC Stone(R) Sans
146.04WONDER::BENTOWed Jan 25 1995Font unavailable...
147.01BIS1::VERHOELSTFri Feb 03 1995CG TIMES and Postscript printers
148.01MIMS::VASSILOS_AFri Feb 24 1995Is a font cartridge needed to print?
149.03VNASWS::GEROLDThu Apr 20 1995CDA PostScript backend and nonstandard fonts
150.02GIDDAY::SHCHIUWed Aug 16 1995 Helvetica-Narrow & ZAPFBINGBATS Font for lps4
151.05CSCMA::PAYNEWed May 08 1996Error activating image w$fontcomplier
152.01PVAX1::JPHIThu Jul 11 1996Looking for Americana font for Printservers
153.0 *+2AUBER::GEORGESWed Feb 05 1997Status for DECfont Typeface Collection Product?