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Conference 7.286::decarolers

Title:DECarolers NOTES
Notice:Contact names in 32; Westford info in 33
Created:Sun Sep 21 1986
Last Modified:Thu Dec 19 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:141
Total number of notes:430
Number with bodies:0
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1.03VIDEO::DCLSun Sep 21 1986Welcome
2.0VIDEO::DCLSun Sep 21 1986Directories
3.03VIDEO::DCLSun Sep 21 1986Maynard Board minutes
4.08ALEX::CONNWed Oct 08 1986Arrangements of Carols and Hanukkah Songs
5.03DSSDEV::EPPESWed Oct 08 1986History of the Spit Brook Singers
6.04LEROUF::CLARKWed Oct 08 1986The Nylons !!!
7.02KRYPTN::RENSINGThu Oct 09 1986A Relatively Unknowledgable Bystander
11.03EAGLE1::DANTOWITZFri Oct 31 1986Barbershop Harmony
12.02VIDEO::DCLFri Nov 07 1986"Remedial" rehearsals
13.010KRYPTN::RENSINGMon Nov 10 1986Suggestions for Songs
14.02DSSDEV::EPPESTue Nov 11 1986Free Christmas carol booklets from John Hancock
15.04VIDEO::DCLThu Dec 04 1986Parodies
16.0VIDEO::DCLThu Dec 04 1986History: Desperado writeup
17.0CSSAUS::BELLWed Dec 24 1986Greetings
19.0SUPER::MATTHEWSWed Dec 31 1986Carol of the Drum
20.0CASEE::CLARKSun Feb 01 1987Wall St. Crash
21.0DSSDEV::EPPESMon Mar 16 1987'Tunes in print
22.018DELNI::SILKMon Sep 07 1987Religion in the workplace?
28.01REGENT::GETTYSMon Dec 21 1987It's tape time again
29.01SUPER::MATTHEWSTue Dec 22 1987Christmas parody vetoed at Vt. school
32.018DSSDEV::EPPESFri Sep 30 1988Contacts in DECarolers Groups
33.014REFINE::BRODERICKMon Oct 03 1988Caroling in DSG (Westford)
35.0ZONULE::BERGERWed Oct 26 1988Maynard Area Carolers Schedule
36.049ER::MEYERSFri Nov 04 1988California DEC Carolers?
38.04PBA::COOKFri Dec 09 1988Review...
39.01CASEE::CLARKSun Dec 18 1988Seeking King's Singers recommendations
40.08HANNAH::DCLThu Apr 13 1989Idea: an offseason DECarolers' Convention
41.018TSG::BRODERICKThu Apr 13 1989On the music numbering system...
42.0TSG::BRODERICKThu Apr 13 1989making life easier for a laiason...
44.0FOOZLE::YOUNGSun Aug 13 1989New DEC Orchestra/Chorus?
46.0CSGTue Oct 10 1989DECarolers in Marlboro, MA!
47.02DEMING::LINDHOLMMon Oct 16 19891989 DEC Carolers Info
48.07CSGWed Oct 25 19891989 Kickoff Meeting - Nov. 7 - CTC
49.01CIVIC::SWANSONTue Oct 31 1989Merrimack DECarolers!!
50.0DSSDEV::EPPESWed Nov 01 19891989 Spit Brook Holiday Concerts
51.05CSGMon Nov 13 1989New Songs for DEC Carolers
52.07CSGMon Nov 13 1989Throw this one out!
53.0CSGMon Nov 13 1989Where can I get a photocopy of .... ?
54.01CSGMon Nov 13 1989Copyrighted music .... where can I find ...?
55.01CSGWed Nov 15 1989Details regarding "common" songs
57.03CIVIC::SWANSONThu Nov 16 1989Merrimack Challenges the DECarolers!
58.04CSGWed Nov 22 1989Performance Schedules
59.0ATSE::LEVANTue Dec 05 1989Sing for your supper next March?
60.02USMFG::NROSTANZOThu Dec 07 1989Where to find Carol Books?
61.01CSGFri Dec 15 1989Joint Performance Information - 1989
62.02REGENT::GETTYSTue Jan 02 1990Mill tape Dec 29 1989
63.0JTRBUG::HABIBThu Jan 04 1990An invitation to all female singers...
64.03VIA::EPPESMon Jan 08 1990Funny Stuff
66.01CSGMon Feb 05 1990SPEBSQSA, Inc.?
68.01MCIS1::MICHAELSONThu Mar 22 1990Sweet Adeline's
69.02CREDIT::GILPATRICKFri May 11 1990spring '9
71.01VIA::EPPESTue Jun 05 1990Spit Brook Singers spring concert at ZKO
72.0TADSKI::ABBERTONFri Jun 08 1990Wanted: Singing Women!
73.03TPS::HABIBMon Sep 17 1990Hudson DECarolers to begin...!!
74.06VIA::EPPESFri Oct 05 1990Holiday performance schedule 199
75.01CLUSTA::SPECTORThu Oct 25 1990Rehearsals in Littleton?
76.01ASABET::MINOSHMon Nov 12 1990I'm ready to sing
77.06TSGDEV::BRODERICKWed Nov 14 1990199
79.01HANNAH::PORCHERSat Dec 08 1990Other special DECarolers Events - 199
80.0REGENT::GETTYSSat Dec 22 1990Tapes available again!!
81.02BROKE::GILPATRICKThu Feb 14 1991spring, 1991 events
82.0DEMING::LINDHOLMTue May 07 1991Women's barbershop new member night May 15th, 1991
83.04XAPPL::CLARKThu May 23 1991Looking to borrow/rent a portable band/choir shell
84.0LYCEUM::CURTISFri Aug 09 1991OPEN HOUSE: Westford Chorus, in Westford, Mass.
85.016HANNAH::DCLFri Oct 11 19911991 DECaroling
86.06HANNAH::DCLFri Oct 11 1991History: Joint performance in Stow
87.0CSCMA::GILDERSun Oct 27 1991Shrewsbury Group Invites You
88.01ASABET::MINOSHMon Nov 04 1991Westford Group?????
89.09CSCMA::GILDERThu Nov 14 1991Stow Performance When?
90.0HANNAH::DCLWed Nov 20 1991Performing tradition: concert or kamikaze?
91.05ADVLSI::KASTNERMon Nov 25 1991DEC Carolers at Will Sherwood's
92.02CSSE32::BLOOMGRENTue Nov 26 1991Need singers for Dec. 6 Salute to Veterans
93.0REGENT::DODSONWed Dec 04 1991WCC Christmas Show Time!
94.03HANNAH::DCLTue Dec 10 19911991 performance schedules
95.02HANNAH::DCLTue Dec 10 1991Parodies, clever lyrics, weird words
97.0BAGELS::BARRYThu Dec 12 1991Westford DECarolers going to Boston Dec. 13 - HOW?
98.0KRULES::FORSBERGFri Jan 03 1992Post-1991 organization discussion
99.0REGENT::GETTYSSat Jan 04 1992Tape copies available - 24 Dec Mill performance
101.02XAPPL::CLARKWed Jan 29 1992In search of the New England Inter-Faith Gospel Choir
104.03BROKE::GILPATRICKTue Jun 02 1992Spring '92 events
105.012HUMOR::EPPESMon Jul 27 1992Farewell tape for KO?
106.01KRULES::FORSBERGFri Aug 28 1992Standard recruiting poster?
107.0WONDER::YOUNGThu Sep 03 1992Male-range Singers needed!
108.0BUFFER::BRODERICKTue Sep 22 1992Voice instructor wanted
109.09LJOHUB::DYERWed Oct 14 1992Contacts for 1992 Season
110.0HUMOR::EPPESTue Dec 15 1992Spit Brook Singers 1
111.03CSCMA::GILDERWed Dec 30 1992How'd this year go?
112.0CSCMA::GILDERTue Mar 02 1993A new Me on Monday
113.0BROKE::GILPATRICKThu Mar 25 1993Justine Sullivan and women of Minstrels 3/31/93
114.05HANNAH::DCLFri Jun 25 1993DSG facility closing
115.0HANNAH::DCLTue Oct 12 1993Bob Gettys passes away
116.07WONDER::ASKETHWed Nov 03 19931993 groups?????
117.0MR4DEC::GILDERTue Nov 30 1993Another New Me Ignore Note 112
118.04USDEV::OLSALT::DARROWFri Dec 03 1993MRO 1993
119.01ROCK::BENSCHThu Dec 09 1993Goliard Christmas Concert!!
120.0HUMOR::EPPESWed Jun 01 1994Spit Brook Singers 1
121.0MR4DEC::GILDERWed Jun 08 1994Good-bye
122.0NETCAD::RUBINOTue Oct 11 1994Littleton DECarolers Rehearsal Schedule
123.01HANNAH::PORCHERFri Oct 21 1994Marlborough DECarolers for 1994
124.01AD::BENSCHThu Oct 27 1994Hudson Carolers Announcement
125.04NETCAD::RUBINOTue Nov 22 1994Joint Gigs for 1994
126.01NETCAD::RUBINOMon Dec 12 1994Date Change for Performance for Bob Palmer....
127.0TUXEDO::BENOITTue Dec 13 1994Messiah Sing, Chelmsford, Tues Dec 13
128.01TNPUBS::JONGTue Dec 27 1994No more "Carol of the Bells" for me
129.0HUMOR::EPPESMon Jun 05 1995Nashua Choral Society 1995 Summer Sings
130.0HANNAH::DCLThu Jun 29 1995Coda
131.06POWDML::OLSALT::DARROWFri Sep 22 1995'96 DECarolers sign up here.
133.0HUMOR::EPPESTue Jan 02 1996Spit Brook Singers holiday concert ENCORE PERFORMANCE 1/11
134.0ORION::chayna.zko.dec.com::xanadu::eppesTue May 21 1996Spit Brook Singers spring concert, May 3
137.01POWDML::KNELSONMon Nov 04 1996DECarolers schedule??
138.0NETCAD::RUBINOFri Nov 08 1996The Littleton DECarolers Begin the Season
139.0ORION::chayna.zko.dec.com::tamara::eppesTue Dec 03 1996Quantum looking for carolers for Dec. 19
140.01AD::BENSCHWed Dec 11 1996SINGING FOR BP
141.0BOOKIE::chayna.zko.dec.com::tamara::eppesWed Dec 11 1996Spit Brook Singers 1996 Holiday Concert