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Conference oinoh::greek_culture

Title:Welcome home to Greece ...
Created:Thu Mar 29 1990
Last Modified:Wed May 28 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:203
Total number of notes:763
Number with bodies:4
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1.0OINOH::KOSTASThu Mar 29 1990Greedings ...
2.01OINOH::KOSTASThu Mar 29 1990announcements ...
3.056OINOH::KOSTASThu Mar 29 1990Introductions ...
4.03OINOH::KOSTASThu Mar 29 1990Elementary textbooks in Greek ...
5.0ELWOOD::HECTORThu Mar 29 1990An evening of Y.Ritsos Poetry
6.016HPSTEK::DHAGGISFri Mar 30 1990Being Greek, and go or no go to church
7.02HPSTEK::DHAGGISSun Apr 01 1990Easter date assingment
8.07HPSTEK::DHAGGISWed Apr 04 1990Are there two kind of Greeks?
9.010OINOH::KOSTASThu Apr 05 1990Writing whole documents in Greek ...
10.0OINOH::KOSTASFri Apr 06 1990Digital facility in Athens ...
11.010OINOH::KOSTASMon Apr 09 1990facts about Greece ...
12.01CIMNET::NIKOPOULOSMon Apr 09 1990any comments from the elections?
13.0OINOH::KOSTASTue Apr 10 1990satellite images of Greece ...
14.06HPSTEK::DHAGGISSun Apr 15 1990Greek army, and the privilage to serve it
15.07ATHINA::PAGETue Apr 24 1990Digital-Greece
16.0MEMORY::PAPPASThu May 17 1990FYI...Learning Greek in Greece
17.0VANISH::HALLTue May 22 1990INTER RAIL Holiday!
18.02KETJE::HAENTJENSWed May 30 1990Greek->Latin transcription
19.05KETJE::HAENTJENSWed May 30 1990Forms of writing
20.0336624::ISLERFri Jun 01 1990Greek Festival/June 3/Worcester
21.04REFINE::KATSOULISTue Jun 12 1990Greek Convention - Washington D.C.
22.02NIKOS::YANNIOSFri Jul 13 1990Visiting Greece from the US
23.04NIKOS::YANNIOSWed Jul 18 1990Patriarch Dimitrios Visits New York
24.016VAXWRK::SKALTSISFri Jul 20 1990Resturant Reviews
25.04VAXWRK::SKALTSISFri Jul 20 1990Places to buy Greek food staples
27.02MEMORY::PAPPASMon Aug 06 1990OLYMPICS 1996
29.01HPSTEK::DHAGGISWed Aug 22 1990Who is Greek? Are Cypriots Greeks?
30.01BUFFER::STARRTue Sep 18 1990Music Help
32.0VAXWRK::SKALTSISFri Sep 21 1990Free Sickle Cell Anemia testing at PK3; 9/27/9
33.010KETJE::HAENTJENSMon Oct 01 1990Greek = super communication device
34.0HAMIS3::MARGARITMon Oct 22 1990search for a book ...
36.02STAR::ELBEERYWed Oct 24 1990Greek dance lessons
37.0+5EMASS::SKALTSISWed Nov 28 1990Greek American Women's Network
38.0BUFFER::STARRFri Dec 14 1990Ionian Village Celebrates 2
39.04BTOVT::HARAMUNDANISFri Jan 11 1991Decline of the Greek Pantheon
40.03BTOVT::HARAMUNDANISFri Jan 11 1991Greek Holidays and Festivals
41.07BTOVT::HARAMUNDANISMon Jan 14 1991Greek News
42.09AKO569::JOYTue Jan 15 1991Info request on islands and Lindos hotel
43.011BUFFER::STARRThu Jan 17 1991Greece in Op Desert Sword
44.03ATHINA::PAGEWed Jan 23 1991Broadcast frequencies
45.05DEMON::CARDUNERFri Jan 25 1991Greek music on radio, Boston area?
46.0CUPMK::SMURPHYTue Jan 29 1991Two books for sale
47.0DEMON::CARDUNERFri Feb 01 1991Looking for book:STIN ASTORIA - The Great Longing
48.0BTOVT::HARAMUNDANISWed Feb 06 1991Greek Stores
49.0AKO569::JOYTue Feb 12 1991Greek-English TV program
50.06POCUS::HAMELSun Mar 03 1991Sailing in Greece
51.01OINOH::KOSTASThu Mar 14 1991Digital Equipement Hellas ...news
52.09RTOVCH::CMISTRYTue Mar 19 1991CYPRUS North and South - Any Restrictions
53.03--UnknownUser--Mon Mar 25 1991March 25th Greek Independence Day ...
54.02YUPPY::STANTONRSun Apr 07 1991It's Easter
55.0AKOVTue Apr 16 1991Pals/Penpals/Friends
56.03GRANPA::TTAYLORThu Apr 18 1991Yeehaw! I'm heading to Athens!
57.01HPSTEK::DHAGGISWed Apr 24 1991Greek coffee.
58.010TOOK::KATSOULISWed Apr 24 1991Greek values vs. American values?
59.02--UnknownUser--Fri Apr 26 1991recipies
61.02ARRODS::CARTERThu May 09 1991Zante? Any sightseeing?
62.07KOALA::BANTISFri May 10 1991Greek Events - N.H. area
63.01GLDOA::SPATOULASSat May 18 1991How is DEC doing in Greece ???
64.02EMASS::SKALTSISThu May 23 1991Questions about dual citizenship
65.0HAVOC::SARANDREAThu May 30 1991Greek Festival, Lowell, 31 May - 2 June 1991
66.0PROSE::CLOUTIERFri May 31 1991Greek exchange student looking for 1991 US home.
67.03CARTUN::TAPLINThu Jun 27 1991Info/Greek Festivals?
68.0IOSG::JOHNSONRFri Jul 26 1991Athens University ??
69.03LEDDEV::LAVRANOSTue Jul 30 1991Greek Band Recommendations
70.0BELFST::COLLINSWed Aug 14 1991Holiday Rates To Greek Islands
71.02HANThu Aug 15 1991LESBOS - any informations ?
73.0ARRODS::CARTERMon Sep 09 1991Greek villa?
75.05NYTPThu Oct 03 1991Patriarch's Dimitrios death and Media
76.09SAHQ::WILLARDTue Oct 29 1991Greek Confections
77.0USPMLO::SARANDREAThu Nov 07 1991Athens Square Park Project
79.03FLYWAY::VELALOPOULOSMon Dec 02 1991Greek Christmas
80.07GRANPA::TTAYLORFri Dec 06 1991Recipe for Moussaka - In Search Of
81.03--UnknownUser--Thu Dec 19 1991Recommendation on Winter Visit to Greece?
82.02--UnknownUser--Mon Dec 23 1991Need Rent Car In Athens
83.0CSCMA::BALDWINThu Dec 26 1991Demis Roussos wanted in the U.S.
85.03KETJE::STAESTue Jan 14 1992Ermones Beach Hotel @Corfu ?
86.01OSLLAV::SVEINN_PThu Jan 16 1992From Mykonos to Turkey...
87.02STEREO::JENKINSTue Feb 04 1992Can someone help us?
89.037242::CARDUNERWed Feb 05 1992How to learn Greek?
90.023--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 06 1992History is Repeating
91.04--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 10 1992They don't know where thet belong
92.028WONDER::YOUNGTue Feb 11 1992Cyprus - Greece/Turkey
93.07SONATA::BLOMGRENFri Feb 14 1992Holiday in Greece
94.0258252::BONIASTue Feb 18 1992greek poetry
95.0ROMThu Feb 27 1992Info about PARGA for summer holidays
96.05NYTPFri Mar 20 1992The truth about Macedonia...
97.0MEMORY::PAPPASWed Mar 25 1992Greek Calendar March 1992 (Boston)
98.02TYFYS::MUNNSFri Mar 27 1992Q's from Colorado
99.0ELWOOD::BATESWed Apr 08 1992Imminent Event
100.0DCLIB::JRODOPOULOSThu Apr 09 1992Greek Business Network
101.010NYTPThu Apr 09 1992The New York Times insults Greece - Respond,Urgent
102.0NYTPFri Apr 10 1992"Support your Hellenic Heritage"
104.01ONOIS1::LEGUIGOWed Apr 15 1992hotel at athenes
105.01AKO569::JOYSun Apr 26 1992Bodrum, Turkey to Islands
106.04COGITO::ROMEDU::NEBBIAThu May 14 1992Paros Island
107.0COGITO::KYOA::STAVROSFri May 22 1992Greek_National_Tourist_Organization_Addresses
108.01COGITO::FASDER::MTURNERMon Jun 01 1992Language (e.g. Greek) Samples?
109.01COGITO::WFOV11::LEMERISEMon Jun 01 1992HELP
110.01COGITO::AIMHI::TROMBLYMon Jun 08 1992Help..I'm leaving JUne 1
111.01COGITO::KYOA::STAVROSThu Jun 18 1992A view of Greeks by our Fellow Turks.
112.02COGITO::MUNSBE::CHEQUERMon Jun 22 1992HELP request - Need a daily paper.
114.03COGITO::XNOGOV::LISAWed Jul 15 1992Crete
115.02COGITO::CASEE::KATWALAWed Jul 15 1992More on Greek Civilization
116.07COGITO::TNPUBS::STEINHARTWed Jul 15 1992Religious Holidays
118.01COGITO::GRANPA::TTAYLORTue Jul 21 1992Moving to Greece ... next year
120.03COGITO::DELNI::ABRAHAMSONSat Jul 25 1992Villa in Santorini?
121.09COGITO::CTHQ::NIGZUSFri Aug 07 1992Anybody up for speaking Greek? [LKG/MRO]
122.0COGITO::DANGER::YOUNGTue Aug 25 1992Lunch/Dinner Get-togethers
123.03COGITO::SPECXN::MUNNSTue Sep 01 1992Essence of Greece
124.0VAXCAP::FRIGID::VISHMon Sep 14 1992immigration of spouses from outside the U.S
127.05VAXCAP::NWDWed Nov 04 1992in search
128.0VAXCAP::POWDML::GIANAKISThu Nov 26 1992Lecture/Slide Pres. 12/3
129.0VAXCAP::POWDML::GIANAKISMon Nov 30 1992CD's-Greek Music
130.0VAXCAP::POWDML::PAPPASMon Dec 14 1992Holiday Gathering 12/17/92
131.01VAXCAP::ULYSSE::CARPENTIERTue Dec 29 1992Greek Mythology info needed
132.02VAXCAP::FAIRTue Jan 12 1993Which is better?
133.02VAXCAP::NECSC::BRASSARDMon Jan 18 1993Terminology.....seeking assistance please!
134.04VAXCAP::POWDML::GIANAKISWed Jan 20 1993Semi-Formal Dance
135.02VAXCAP::PAKORA::SWRIGHTThu Jan 28 1993Marmaras
136.02VAXCAP::PAKORA::DHAININGFri Jan 29 1993Kefalonia.... Any info.??????
137.0VAXCAP::EMASS::SKALTSISWed Feb 03 1993Independent Greek ORthodox Church?
138.03VAXCAP::SUBWAY::TJIONASWed Feb 10 1993Xairetismos /Contact list for Greeks
139.02VAXCAP::ROMEDU::NEBBIAFri Feb 12 1993Electronic Publishing prods to write Greek text
140.03VAXCAP::CGOOA::CALDERWOODFri Feb 19 1993Accomodations
141.04VAXCAP::MPGS::THIBAULTMon Mar 29 1993need Greek Wedding Toast - in Greek.
142.0VAXCAP::KETJE::STAESThu Apr 01 1993Looking for transport Athens - Kalamaki
143.04VAXCAP::DELNI::ADOHERTYThu Apr 01 1993Looking for Island Hotel Recommendations
144.0VAXCAP::MLNCSC::VACCAFri Apr 16 1993Info about Crete
145.01VAXCAP::WARABI::COOLINGWed May 12 1993Greek Name Day's
146.01VAXCAP::POWDML::PAPPASWed Jun 02 1993Magazine article on Greece
147.04VAXCAP::OPG::TONYFri Jun 04 1993Greece...football and USA 94
148.0VAXCAP::YUPPY::CARTERFri Jun 11 1993Camping/cycling in Greece??
149.03VAXCAP::SUBWAY::TJIONASTue Jun 15 1993"OK" - It's Greek to me
150.0+5VAXCAP::LARVAE::PETTIFORD_MTue Jun 22 1993Advise on Crete
151.02VAXCAP::GRANPA::TTAYLORTue Jun 22 1993Goodbye to everyone!
152.02VAXCAP::KERNEL::OTHENJThu Jun 24 1993Crete info required
153.02VAXCAP::POWDML::GIANAKISThu Jun 24 1993'Good bye'
154.0VAXCAP::DANGER::ASKETHMon Jul 26 1993My long awaited trip!!!!
155.02VAXCAP::BHAJEE::JAERVINENTue Jul 27 1993Islands in october?
156.05VLISI::KAZOGLESMon Sep 13 1993Fantasia in Boston
157.04OINOH::KOSTASTue Sep 21 1993Nea apo tnv Ellada ...
158.03VAXCAP::LARVAE::NEAL_DThu Sep 23 1993Learning Greek
159.04DANGER::ASKETHFri Sep 24 1993Milopita recipe?
160.07VAXCAP::ATHINA::RALLISWed Oct 06 1993Greece has qualified for both!
161.02VAXCAP::OPG::TONYMon Oct 11 1993PASOK win elections
162.01VAXCAP::CFSCTC::CARDUNERWed Oct 27 1993Greek film festival
163.01VAXCAP::LARVAE::NEAL_DMon Nov 01 1993Greek Food Shop
165.0CALLME::MR_TOPAZFri Jan 14 1994World Cup Tickets for sale (Greece @Foxboro)
166.07VAXCAP::OTOOA::ESKICIOGLUMon Feb 07 19941
167.01SAHQ::HAMBRIDGEMon Feb 28 1994Hire Car or Rely on Public Transport?
168.02TPSYS::MOVIES::POTTERTue Mar 29 1994Info Request: SAMOS
169.03TPSYS::SMAUG::BROWNThu Mar 31 1994Night club "fassaria"?
170.01TPSYS::KYOSS1::STAVROSMon Apr 04 1994F.Y.R.O.M. US Department of State
171.0TPSYS::33491::TJIONASFri Apr 08 1994Avg. 7
172.0TPSYS::KOOLIT::CAMACHOWed Apr 13 1994Looking for Suggestions while in Athens
173.0TPSYS::SSDEVO::HEATHCOCKWed Apr 27 1994Wedding in Santorini
174.0TPSYS::POWDML::PAPPASFri May 27 1994Greek Coffee Shop w/fat free muffins is a hit
175.02AKOCOA::RAMSAYTue May 31 1994Temporary Employment?
176.01SNOCMon Jun 06 1994Do I need to pre-book accomodation?
177.01TPSYS::KYOSS1::STAVROSTue Jun 28 1994Harrashing the Greeks at DIGITAL
178.01WOTVAX::HIGHAMJTue Jul 26 1994Greek Islands - Any Suggestions??
179.0VAXRIO::CSANTOSWed Jul 27 1994Going to Greece...
180.0WOTVAX::HIGHAMJWed Aug 03 1994Hotels in Athens ... Any Suggestions?
181.01VAXRIO::CSANTOSMon Aug 08 1994How to get to Istambul
182.0OINOH::KOSTASTue Aug 16 1994a map of Greece from www.forthnet.gr
183.0WOTVAX::HIGHAMJWed Aug 31 1994Agistri/Greek Isles
184.01VAXRIO::CSANTOSWed Sep 28 1994Temperature in november
185.01EEMELI::AMANNISTOFri Nov 25 1994Filippo Nikolau
186.01LGP3Tue Dec 13 1994Does classical Greek lack ambiguity?
187.0DECTLK::VITALEFri Dec 23 1994Ethnic and Geographical Expressions
188.0NYOSS1::TJIONASThu Feb 02 1995Alexander's the Great Tomb found
189.01VAXRIO::RHELENAThu Feb 09 1995Hermes Hotel - Athens
190.0MLNCSC::BORGINIMon Jun 05 1995Suggestions for Santorini and Milos.
191.0POLAR::PSIHOSJSat Jun 10 1995Bouzoukia on the Islands
192.03DANGER::ASKETHThu Jun 15 1995Earthquake?????
193.01NYOSS1::TJIONASThu Jul 06 1995Greece is comming to Olympics in Atlanta
194.0SIOG::BAUMFri Jul 07 1995Kosher food in Greece?
195.0SIOG::BAUMFri Jul 07 1995Things to see in Crete.
196.0NYOSS1::TJIONASTue Jul 11 1995Ancient Greek Computer. The Antikythira Machine
197.0NYOSS1::TJIONASMon Jul 24 1995Undefeated!
198.0UTROP1::ZABORSZKY_IWed Sep 27 1995Bouzouki, anyone?
199.021Tue Feb 27 1996Greek calandar script (generates postscript)
200.0NYOSS1::TJIONASMon Mar 18 1996Juan El Griego
201.04ROMEDU::NEBBIAMon Jun 03 1996Meaning of a Greek (?) name
202.01KETJE::STAESMon Jul 01 1996Looking for CD
203.0 *NYOSS1::TJIONASSat Apr 26 1997GO's Easter time...