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Conference 16thbt::decmail-11

Title:DECmail-11 Discussions, Bugs, and Wishes
Created:Tue Feb 10 1987
Last Modified:Fri Feb 11 1994
Last Successful Update:Thu Jan 23 1997
Number of topics:87
Total number of notes:351
Number with bodies:0
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1.03RSTS32::REYERTue Feb 10 1987Introduction and Conference Rules
2.0VCQUAL::THOMPSONTue Feb 10 1987Conference Directory
3.01RSTS32::VMILLERTue Feb 10 1987Don't Abort Multiple Commands on Warning Errors
5.07RSTS32::LABATue Feb 24 1987Maintaining current message pointer
6.0RSTS32::MORGANTue Feb 24 1987Converting multiple spaces/tabs
7.02SWAPS::HORNETue Feb 24 1987FORMAT for MAIL.MAI
8.011LAMIA::ROBERTWed Mar 04 1987V3.
9.03RSTS32::REYERMon Mar 09 1987Hints using DECmail-11
10.01GEM::HUTCHINSWed Mar 11 1987Problem with SEND command!
11.01ANGORA::MORRISONThu Mar 12 1987Problem: Unwanted hard-copy DECmail received
12.016VCQUAL::THOMPSONWed Mar 18 1987Who's here
13.04MSTIME::SMITHTue Mar 24 1987names.sys layout--(Read-only I promise)
14.02MSTIME::SMITHThu Mar 26 1987odd cc line
15.04RSTS32::REYERFri Apr 03 1987DECmail-11 V3.
16.04MSTIME::SMITHThu Apr 09 1987mail.sys and decmail-11 for vms
17.0IMAGIN::SAUNDERSThu Apr 09 1987MERGING a message range request as enhancment
18.020RSTS32::HAYESMon Apr 20 1987DECmail-11 NETKITS
19.04MSTIME::SMITHMon Apr 20 1987Vaxnotes and DECmail-11 for VMS
20.0IMAGIN::SAUNDERSWed Apr 22 1987supressing execution of mail.ini for DCL send
21.01MSTIME::SMITHThu Apr 23 1987DECmail-11/VMS and CTRL/Y
22.03KONING::KONINGMon May 11 1987big screen microbug
23.04KONING::KONINGMon May 11 1987batchmail issue on vms
24.04VCQUAL::THOMPSONMon May 11 1987Cluster wide MAIL.QUE?
25.03MSTIME::SMITHFri May 15 1987Max memory in Post
26.05KONING::KONINGFri May 15 1987batchmail problem
27.03NEXUS::B_GEIGERFri Jun 05 1987SEARCH/TEXT function?
29.03KONING::KONINGMon Jun 08 1987Batchmail bug with folders
30.05BASHER::KERRISONTue Jun 09 1987"FETCH" me a solution?
31.02BASHER::MARTIN_ABELThu Jun 11 1987Routing info missing on send to A1..?
32.03VCQUAL::THOMPSONMon Jun 22 1987MAILQ gives up too easy
33.01FDCV11::ARONSONThu Jun 25 1987An Item for the Wish List\
34.01KONING::KONINGMon Jun 29 1987mail that should have been retried
36.0RSTS32::HAYESTue Jul 21 1987Problem with DECmail-11 on RSX-11M-PLUS Update E kit
37.0VCQUAL::THOMPSONFri Jul 31 1987Good Press for DECmail-11
38.01RSTS32::COFFLERSat Aug 08 1987Need to convert from DECmail to VMSmail folders
39.0ULTRA::GASSERThu Aug 13 1987Folder names in default menu not displayed
40.0RSTS32::HAYESFri Aug 28 1987PRINT FILE problem for RSTS
41.02WIENER::RANISCHFri Sep 18 1987DECmail crashes when illegal folder name
42.010IMAGIN::SAUNDERSMon Sep 21 1987DECMAIL11 on VMS V5.
43.01GIDDAY::VETTEFri Oct 16 1987V2.
44.03VMSDEV::SZETOFri Oct 23 1987CC and VMS V5 MAIL
45.03UTRTSC::PILMEYERThu Nov 05 1987Zero blocks show as -1 in LIST FILES /FULL
46.07RSTS32::HERBERTFri Dec 04 1987Trailing bells are annoying on VMS
47.02MDVAX1::DUNCANGWed Dec 23 1987Help With VMS to DECmail-11 on uPDP-11
48.04BEVRLY::KASPERTue Jan 19 1988SET DEFAULT does strange things
49.0124Wed Jan 20 1988Wishlist of VMSmail stuff for DECmail-11
50.01SKIVT::P_BOUCHERTue Feb 02 1988MAIL.LOG info ???
51.01KONING::KONINGFri Feb 12 1988remove bug
52.02KONING::KONINGThu Feb 18 1988editor problem with TPU
53.03KONING::KONINGFri Feb 19 1988extra entry in CC: line on Answer
54.01RSTS32::KASPERWed Feb 24 1988File ACP failure
55.01KOAL::STRONGFri Mar 11 1988Deferred message queue?
56.07CVG::THOMPSONTue Apr 19 1988Auto reply from DECmail-11 (VMS)
57.01KONING::KONINGWed Jun 15 1988Dismail doesn't
58.06KONING::KONINGFri Jun 17 1988spaced VMSmail
59.01RDGE28::THORPE_JWed Jun 22 1988Help on Decmail setup
60.01CVG::THOMPSONMon Jun 27 1988DECmail-11 and Nmail
61.01MINDER::NEWELLMon Jul 04 1988Callable interface ?
62.01NOETIC::SAUNDERSSun Jul 31 1988Can MAIL.ini be suppressed for commd file execution
63.01NOETIC::SAUNDERSMon Aug 01 1988Help on DECMAIL 11 as a foreigh mail protocolSmail.
64.08KONING::KONINGWed Aug 03 1988ddif
65.04ATSE::REYERMon Aug 08 1988DECmail-11 V3.2 cancelled
66.0HARPY::HERBERTTue Sep 06 1988Maximum length for SET EDITOR command
67.01RENTA::HERBERTTue Oct 11 1988EXPORT command and DFS served disks
68.0ATSE::REYERThu Oct 13 1988New EXPORT/VMSMAIL feature
69.02CVG::THOMPSONFri Oct 21 1988Problem with V3.1-
71.02CVG::THOMPSONTue Dec 06 1988Directory Protection Problem?
72.04KONING::KONINGMon Dec 12 1988oversized mail problem
74.02KERNEL::MCGOWANFri Mar 03 1989Sorting a folder
75.03KERNEL::PARRYThu Mar 23 1989MAILQ terminates with M+ V4.1 patches
76.07NOETIC::SAUNDERSMon May 01 1989Forwarding to decmail-11 server object 227
77.0NOETIC::SAUNDERSMon May 01 1989meaning of decmail$system_flags on VMS cluster
78.05AWTOE::RAQUEPAUThu Jul 06 1989DECmail-11 KIT for RSTS/E
79.01TLE::CHENGFri Jul 07 1989Lost newmail messages at MAIL prompt
80.01KERNEL::MCGOWANTue Nov 07 1989MAIL on RSX11M+ v4.2
81.0ATSE::SMITHThu Jul 05 1990Customers should not have DECmail-11/VMS
82.09CVG::THOMPSONMon Apr 08 1991ULTRIX/UNIX based DECmail-11??
83.06CVG::THOMPSONWed Aug 21 1991login information invalid?
84.01CVG::THOMPSONMon Jun 29 1992DECMAIL-11 for Alpha ???
85.01KERNEL::MCGOWANMon Jul 27 1992Directory write operations
86.02CVG::THOMPSONSun Aug 09 1992Move a VMS MAIL folder to DECMAIL-11?
87.0UTOPIE::ROBERTWed Feb 24 1993Sources for DECmail-11/VMS - are they available anywere