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Conference nyoss1::what

Title:WHAT (DECwatch) is now an ASSET - see VTX REUSE Library
Notice:Current customer release is V1.1-049
Created:Mon Feb 03 1986
Last Modified:Wed Jun 28 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:210
Total number of notes:818
Number with bodies:0
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1.06TURTLE::STANWed Oct 19 1983Introduction
3.03TURTLE::STANThu Oct 20 1983VMS V4 and WHAT
4.01TURTLE::STANThu Oct 20 1983MAIL after SET SCREEN 132
6.02PIXEL::PWONGFri Oct 21 1983Window management
7.01TURTLE::STANMon Oct 24 1983Speed of arrow keys
8.02EIFFEL::GLOSSOPTue Oct 25 1983More data?
9.0NERMAL::THORSTEDWed Oct 26 1983It would be nice if ...
10.02TOOK::CAHILLThu Oct 27 1983Exiting prompt level
11.0TURTLE::STANThu Oct 27 1983Compatibility mode histograms
13.01TURTLE::STANMon Oct 31 1983SET NOCHANGE_MODE fails
14.01TURTLE::STANMon Oct 31 1983Bells on messages
15.01BABEL::REAGANMon Oct 31 1983More info on bottom line
17.01NUHAVN::CANTORTue Nov 01 1983Nonstandard tab settings
18.01NUHAVN::CANTORWed Nov 02 1983Bug in SET WIDTH
19.02NUHAVN::CANTORThu Nov 03 1983Screen width vs display width
20.02BABEL::REAGANThu Nov 03 1983Exclude disks in SHOW FILES
21.06NUHAVN::CANTORFri Nov 11 1983Need to reset video rendition
22.01FDCVSun Nov 13 1983Initialize Scrolling Regions?
23.0TURTLE::STANMon Nov 14 1983Mailboxes and files
24.02GRDIAN::COUTUWed Dec 28 1983Position glitch on VT125?
25.02PAXVAX::OTOOLEThu Jan 05 1984How to use IF CPU...
26.04HUMAN::BURROWSTue Jan 10 1984SET SCREEN bug from files
27.02HOBBIT::NORTONMon Jan 16 1984Question: How Many READS?
28.03GRDIAN::COUTUTue Jan 17 1984Wish: IF x (then) BELL
29.04REX::HUMMERSThu Jan 19 1984Problem with CLEAR?
30.01NUHAVN::CANTORMon Jan 23 1984Problem with HELP
31.0NUHAVN::CANTORMon Jan 23 1984HELP enhancement request
32.05NUHAVN::CANTORMon Jan 23 1984Multiply overlayed windows
33.0NUHAVN::CANTORMon Jan 23 1984Enhancement request
34.01NUHAVN::CANTORMon Jan 23 1984How to put a window on top?
35.01TOOK::CAHILLThu Jan 26 1984Here come terminal servers ...
36.04WEBSTR::BEYERWed Mar 07 1984Can I show a lock tree
37.04LATOUR::RDFThu Mar 29 1984Homing in on a process
38.0SYSENG::COULSONTue May 08 1984Wish - Additional Show Command
39.03VLNVAX::RDFTue Jun 19 1984WHATface spec
41.02VLNVAX::RDFFri Jul 13 1984FT2 WHAT
42.04LATOUR::RDFMon Aug 13 1984DCL commands
43.01SYBIL::SYSTEMWed Aug 22 1984What privs
44.01TOOK::CAHILLWed Aug 22 1984Bigger fields needed for V4
45.05OLORIN::ROBINSONFri Sep 07 1984Documentation
46.01MANANA::COLGATEFri Sep 28 1984flexible condition handlers?
47.05REGINA::SPENCESun Sep 30 1984What VMS V4.
48.04GVASA::CASELLINIMon Oct 01 1984Speed of WHAT
49.0HARE::STANMon Oct 01 1984HELP display lost
50.04GVASA::CASELLINISat Oct 06 1984Print more than one screen?
51.02ERLANG::WHALENSat Dec 01 1984Only 24 lines?
52.01PRSOIS::DTLTue Dec 04 1984Non AVO terminals handling
53.02PICA::HIDERThu Dec 06 1984Wishlist: print/batch queues.
54.06PRSEIS::DTLThu Dec 06 1984privileges
55.01SNOV1Mon Dec 17 1984Window Sizing
56.03SERPNT::SCHULTZMon Dec 31 1984WS Size & Virtual Pages
57.03HARE::STANThu Jan 10 1985WHAT for VMS V4.
58.06SERPNT::SCHULTZThu Jan 10 1985Hidden IF Fields
59.01EKBVMon Jan 14 1985Paste files - multiple opens
60.01ELSIE::LTSMITHMon Feb 04 1985Broadcast Mailbox with WHAT
61.06SKYHWK::SYSTEMFri Feb 22 1985VMS V4.
62.02NIMROD::JERThu Mar 07 1985V5.11 help lib
63.0HARE::STANSat Mar 09 1985Number of source lines in WHAT
64.02NULL::KHORRAMWed Mar 27 1985Questions on HISTOGRAM
65.03MADAME::MIREIDERThu Mar 28 1985VAX 79
66.01ZURSat Mar 30 1985/NOBROADCAST
68.01MELODY::HARLEYWed Apr 10 1985Deleting IF's
69.01ARGUS::HADAVIFri Apr 12 1985Spawn command
70.07SERPNT::SCHULTZMon Apr 22 1985Selecting Processes
71.01TOOLS::STANWed May 08 1985WHAT under V4.2
72.03PRSIS3::DTLMon May 27 1985WHAT.CLD
73.02LATOUR::CDUNNThu Jun 06 1985WHAT questions?
74.04KBOVTue Jun 18 1985What 5.11 - SH ACCOUNT bug
76.03SPRITE::OSMANWed Jul 10 1985WSAU, WSAU
78.09NWG78Mon Aug 05 1985WHAT - internal use only ?
79.012CHARS::SZETOThu Aug 29 1985MICROVAX-2 [sic]
80.0GNUVAX::HAKKARAINENFri Sep 06 1985Who am I?
81.03ZODIAC::SYSTEMWed Sep 11 1985HELP: Identity mismatch
82.0NUGGET::HARLEYTue Oct 22 1985SYS$NODE and WHAT
83.02SPRITE::OSMANMon Nov 25 1985after marquee, no column nums
84.0KBOVFri Dec 06 1985SHOW QUEUES bug
85.03TOOLS::STANFri Dec 06 1985Printing to a file
86.02PRSIS4::DTLSun Dec 22 1985SH LINKS if one link only
87.01TURTLE::GILBERTTue Jan 21 1986VAX Notes Conversion
88.0CHOPIN::DARCYTue Jan 28 1986Show Common Event Clus?
89.04NANDI::TAYLORWed Feb 12 1986ADD & DELETE from WHAT$INIT?
90.0SNOFLK::JARVISThu Feb 13 1986Hint for WHAT and HSC5
91.01KBOVFri Feb 14 1986WHAT enhancements - wish list
92.02KBOVFri Feb 14 1986Useful WHAT .HUH files
93.02SIVA::TAYLORFri Feb 14 1986Where is the lastest version?
94.02CLT::STANFri Feb 14 1986WHAT Development comes to an end
95.01CLT::GILBERTTue Feb 18 1986WHAT for VMS V5
96.0GLIVET::BATKEWed Feb 19 1986WHAT instruction caused it?
97.02POTARU::QUODLINGTue May 20 1986What for Customers?
98.012CARLIN::MAHLERWed Jul 09 1986What in Batch to Monitor links to system...
99.02NY1MM::SANTIAGOWed Jul 09 1986What is NOT Dead!
101.02THERA::MIREIDERFri Jul 25 1986WHAT 5.12 ON VMS 4.4
102.02GLORY::STREMICKMon Aug 04 1986PID's of mailboxes
103.01ZEPPO::MAHLERTue Aug 12 1986WHAT to monitor ONE file...
104.02MERIDN::BAYTue Aug 19 1986WHAT about disconnections?
105.05POTARU::QUODLINGWed Aug 20 1986What for the world...
106.01ZEPPO::MAHLERTue Aug 26 1986= versus MATCHES ?
107.01BERGIL::ZAMBREThu Sep 04 1986"ACCVIO error" Please Help
108.06KBOVSat Sep 06 1986WHAT needs chronological sort
109.01ASPEN2::BOIKOThu Sep 11 1986Another "ACCVIO" Error....
110.014156::ZAMBREThu Sep 11 1986Solution to ACCVIO Error
111.04RENKO::KAISERWed Oct 29 1986WHAT manual is available
112.0NY1MM::SANTIAGOTue Nov 11 1986BL5.13 news
113.02NANDI::TAYLORMon Dec 01 1986WHAT over the network?
114.01AIWEST::MATTHEWSFri Feb 27 1987Bad "EXIT" handler?
115.01BARNA::SOLEPONTMon Mar 02 19878
116.07BARNA::SOLEPONTMon Mar 02 1987132 col refresh problems
117.01TOHOKU::TAYLORThu Mar 12 1987latest and greatest?
118.03CIM::KAIRYSFri Mar 20 1987What is a perfect ASSET!
119.01CIM::KAIRYSTue Mar 24 1987Wishing for bells and whistles
120.01TOHOKU::TAYLORThu Jul 02 1987Workstation Banner integration
121.020SNEAKY::KERRISKFri Jul 31 1987What for V5
122.04SEAPEN::PHIPPSWed Sep 16 1987WHAT Output to a File
123.02SEAPEN::PHIPPSFri Sep 18 1987Big Braodcast of ? is Still There
124.01ASPEN2::BOIKOWed Nov 04 1987Disk I/O rate per file...?
125.01VINO::FRANCINISat Jan 02 1988Is WHAT's version of RECOG available?
126.012Wed Apr 13 1988The 'MSG' field in show mailbox ??
127.07CLUSTA::ELLIOTTEThu Apr 28 1988manual please
128.013IND::SANTIAGOSun Jun 12 1988WHAT V5.21 Available
129.06BACHLR::HOVEYTue Jul 05 1988Help with Show Account display.
130.01BACHLR::HOVEYThu Jul 07 1988Show Cat does not work.
131.03SPUD::GAYFThu Aug 04 1988WHAT<>LAT=No Good..
132.02PRNSYS::LOMICKAJFri Aug 19 1988ACCVIO in V5.21
133.02ASD::MINTZFri Aug 19 1988No service substate for circuits?
134.02BRAT::SMITHWed Sep 07 1988Which WHATs work with V5.
135.04IND::SANTIAGOSun Sep 25 1988WHAT V5.3 is Available
136.01BMT::SANTIAGOSat Oct 01 1988WHAT Examples V1.
137.03SALEM::JACKMon Nov 28 1988What happen to show files?
138.05BMT::SANTIAGOSat Dec 24 1988WHAT V5.4 is Available
139.01JENNA::SANTIAGOWed Jan 25 1989Sample .HUH Files Wanted
140.06NITMOI::WITHERSFri Feb 10 1989VAX/VMS V5.1 Problem..."Wrong Version"
141.01THAMWed Mar 08 1989Boardcasting software
142.02NOVA::FEENANThu Mar 16 1989SHOW LOCKS ?
143.014SKYLRK::ENDTERThu Mar 16 1989Update on WHAT for customers?
144.03NANOOK::FOXTue Apr 11 1989V5.4 Kit Status??
145.06TOOK::C_PEREZFri May 26 1989WHAT for VMS V5.2 ???
146.0JENNA::SANTIAGOFri Jun 02 1989Bugs in V5.4 ?
147.01JENNA::SANTIAGOFri Jun 02 1989Default Category Field Lists
148.02RTOISB::TINIUSSun Jun 04 1989V5.4 Problem with PASTE PROXIES
149.06RTOISB::TINIUSSun Jun 04 1989V5.4 Problem with PASTE QUEUES
150.01RTOISB::TINIUSSun Jun 04 1989Mode V5.4 comments
151.01RTOISB::TINIUSFri Jun 09 1989Problem with VOLNAME in FILES display
152.05RTOISF::TINIUSWed Jun 21 1989SET SCREEN WIDTH 132 handling
153.01RTOISB::TINIUSThu Jun 22 1989$ WHAT/VERIFY is in the help
154.09SUBWAY::SANTIAGOThu Aug 10 1989V5.5 Preview
155.02WFOFAC::BILLWed Aug 23 1989< Where be it?? >
156.03AYOV27::STEVEBThu Sep 21 1989SHOW FILES no worky
157.02CARLSN::DIXONTue Oct 24 1989problem printing user guide
158.015JENNA::SANTIAGOSat Jan 27 1990DECwatch (WHAT V5.5) X1.
159.014PROXY::CANTORSat Jan 27 1990Experiences and observations with new DECwatch
160.01ASD::MINTZTue Mar 13 1990Problem with initialization file
161.02ASD::MINTZWed Apr 04 1990Paging problem with SHOW COMMAND
162.0JENNA::SANTIAGOFri May 04 1990DECwatch X1.
163.06NANOOK::FOXMon Jun 18 1990Kit protections and DECwatch kit location?
164.04DESTNY::KIPNESMon Jul 23 1990SHOW ADJacencies is partially broke
166.011JENNA::SANTIAGOFri Aug 24 1990IT'S OUT!
167.09JENNA::SANTIAGOFri Aug 24 1990V1.
168.01UTROP2::HOFLAND_ETue Sep 04 1990DECWATCH V1.
169.05POLAR::HUTCHFri Sep 07 1990Specify compound categories?
170.02LISVAX::MIRANDAFri Sep 28 1990Unable to find DECWATCH
171.06RTOIC::RSTANGEThu Oct 18 1990Politics on DECwhat pls.
172.01POLAR::HUTCHMon Oct 22 1990WHAT.COM - DECwatch made easy
173.0JENNA::SANTIAGOThu Feb 28 1991DECwatch in NETWORK ASSETS Library
174.01STAR::BOIKOMon Mar 25 1991Where is the kit???
175.04NANOOK::FOXFri Apr 05 1991PAMS Catagory?
176.02CGOWGS::OAKLEYFri May 10 1991any probs on >11
177.01CVG::SANTOROTue Jul 16 1991Need VAXC extension template
178.03SCOOTS::henryWed Aug 07 1991Mailbox Status
179.04DSTEG::FOXWed Apr 08 1992New Version of DECwatch??
180.03JENNA::SANTIAGOTue May 12 1992DECwatch V1.1 Field Test Kit
181.03STAR::BOIKOFri Jul 10 1992Alpha version of What/DECwatch - When?
182.01LASMon Oct 12 1992crash on new kit x1.1
183.03STAR::CANTORTue Oct 20 1992Problem with embedded '$' in quoted text
184.01RM222::SANDERMon Dec 21 1992Bug in FT3
185.01JENNA::SANTIAGOFri Feb 05 1993DECwatch T1.1-
186.02AWECIM::COLBATHMon Feb 08 1993Question about FT4
187.03SATRN::STEWARTSun Mar 21 1993command procedure?
188.01JENNA::SANTIAGOMon Mar 29 1993DECwatch T1.1-
189.01ZURFri Apr 02 1993DECwatch V1.1-
190.09ALVMon May 24 1993decwatch fails to run
191.08CVG::CAMPANELLATue May 25 1993Input problems
192.01AIMHI::TINIUSWed Jun 16 1993Only 128 processes?
193.03GEOFF::SCHULTZWed Jun 16 1993Incorrect display for swapped out processes
194.01SULACO::JUDICEWed Jun 30 1993Passing Parameters in EXEC
195.03NSTG::FOXMon Jul 26 1993DECnet/OSI Support?
196.01JENNA::SANTIAGOThu Aug 05 1993DECwatch T1.1-
197.01MIAWed Sep 15 1993DECWATCH Displays
198.01SBPEXE::SMITHFri Dec 10 1993SET LOGGING ON logs everything...?
199.03SBPEXE::SMITHThu Dec 16 1993Selective logging....and headings
200.07ROWEL::KEEWed Jan 19 1994When can we expect an 'SSB' version of version 6?
201.029WATCH::SANTIAGOSun Mar 13 1994DECwatch T1.1-
202.01WATCH::SANTIAGOThu Mar 17 1994Conference Moving
203.01MCMXC2::CARPENTERWed Jun 29 1994%CLI-F-SYNTAX, error parsing 'BELL'
204.03FRANZI::KRIEBELTue Jul 19 1994How to order WHAT ???
205.03ZACHEO::COLBATHThu Sep 08 1994What about HUBWATCH?
206.04ZACHEO::COLBATHThu Sep 08 1994Does show all subprocesses
207.02NYOSS1::SANTIAGOSun Sep 11 1994Moving to Oracle
208.03SDOGUS::KEEMon Jan 23 1995Is it soup, yet?
209.01TAVTue Feb 14 1995DECwatch for VAX V6.1 ??
210.0MINNY::WALDISPUEHLWed Jun 28 1995How can I get a PAK?