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Conference nyoss1::swshare

Created:Mon Mar 17 1986
Last Modified:Fri May 13 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:128
Total number of notes:341
Number with bodies:0
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1.0NY1MM::MUSLINSun Aug 19 1984Welcome!
2.04NY1MM::MUSLINSun Aug 19 1984Directory Maintenance
3.03ASGMKA::PENNEYSun Aug 19 1984Other Sources of Info...
4.03PRSTSC::DTLMon Aug 20 1984generosity
5.02NY1MM::SPRINGERFri Aug 24 1984See Directories! Use this one
6.08TURTLE::GILBERTSat Aug 25 1984'Here'
7.01NY1MM::SANTIAGOWed Aug 29 1984VMS MAINT Utility
8.03NY1MM::SANTIAGOWed Aug 29 1984VMS MAINT Mailing list
9.03TKOV6Sun Sep 02 1984Tools on TKOV6
10.05NY1MM::MUSLINSat Sep 08 1984SYS$GETUAI
11.07VIKING::FLEISCHERMon Sep 10 1984day-of-week conversion
12.01PRSOIS::DTLTue Sep 11 1984swich recognition
13.01VICKI::THOMPSONTue Sep 11 1984Wanted: 11/782 tester
14.02PRSOIS::DTLFri Sep 14 1984GETDOC last update
15.03PRSOIS::DTLSat Sep 15 1984Where am I ?
16.0REX::MINOWTue Sep 18 1984Map NRC's to DEC-Multinational
17.02NY1MM::SANTIAGOThu Sep 20 1984VMSmaint Revisited
18.01NATASH::RUDEThu Sep 20 1984Wanted: IBM S/34 to VAX Progs.
19.0PRSTSC::DTLFri Sep 21 1984Date in your 'personal name'
20.06SDCFri Sep 21 1984Don't mess with my text!
21.07PRSOIS::DTLSat Sep 22 1984MAINT.NOT feedback file ?
22.0PARVAX::PFAUThu Oct 04 1984Network File Copy Procedure
23.0NY1MM::SANTIAGOThu Oct 04 1984VMS MAINT Notes File
24.01REX::MINOWFri Oct 12 1984Expanding logicals
25.01PARVAX::PFAUWed Oct 17 1984Calc/VMS V
26.0--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 17 1984
27.01HARE::GILBERTSat Oct 20 1984Precedence Manager
28.06BBO75A::MARKMon Nov 12 1984VAX-11 Regis Hardcopy ??
29.0PARVAX::PFAUWed Nov 21 1984DECmail Checker
30.03PRSIS4::DTLSun Dec 16 1984DIR in NOTES-11 ala K-Notes?
31.0NY1MM::SANTIAGOFri Jan 11 1985SMG Access on VMS V3
32.0PRSIS4::DTLSat Jan 12 1985$SNDSMB examples
33.0AKOVWed Jan 16 1985Backup to Remote Tape
34.03NY1MM::SANTIAGOTue Jan 22 1985Another RCL
35.0KUDZU::BOUKNIGHTFri Jan 25 1985ADA package for SMG
36.0NY1MM::SANTIAGOFri Jan 25 1985EDT for DECmail
37.0NY1MM::SANTIAGOFri Jan 25 1985EDT V3 Initialization File
38.02NY1MM::MUSLINThu Jan 31 1985Day of week Algorithm
39.08NY1MM::SANTIAGOFri Feb 01 1985EASYnotes.COM
40.01NY1MM::SANTIAGOWed Feb 27 19853rd Party Accounting Packages?
41.01SDCTue Mar 05 1985Amortization routine?
42.02PSGTEK::QUODLINGFri Mar 15 1985Facility tools
43.07NY1MM::SANTIAGOMon Mar 25 1985TOPS-2
44.06PRSIS4::DTLThu Apr 04 1985No menu for my PRO
45.02NY1MM::SANTIAGOFri Apr 05 1985VMSmenu Tools
46.01NY1MM::SANTIAGOMon Apr 29 1985SANTIAGO.PUB public files
47.01PARROT::GOUTALWed May 08 1985DCL verification control
48.02NY1MM::MUSLINSat Jun 08 1985Finger
49.02NY1MM::MUSLINSat Jun 08 1985Lamp & Yell
50.03NY1MM::MUSLINSat Jun 08 1985Cluster Membership
51.01NY1MM::SANTIAGOFri Jun 21 1985MAINTrcl V1.1
52.05NY1MM::SANTIAGOFri Jul 26 1985KITINSTAL.COM Format?
53.01NY1MM::SANTIAGOFri Jul 26 1985Video Text from VMSmenu
54.02ATLAST::SKINNERThu Aug 01 1985Software not avail flame
56.02ZPOVFri Sep 13 1985Recover of "deleted" files
57.02NY1MM::SANTIAGOMon Oct 07 1985Reading an .RDB file
58.01NY1MM::SANTIAGOFri Oct 11 1985EDTINI to LSE Converter?
60.01NY1MM::SANTIAGOMon Oct 28 1985Garage Giveaway
61.0NY1MM::SANTIAGOMon Nov 04 1985WPS TPU Emulator
62.0PRSIS3::DTLSat Dec 21 1985sort a SYSUAF.LIS
63.0NY1MM::FLADUNGThu Jan 16 1986Docs for sale
64.03NY1MM::BONNELLTue Jan 21 1986reading VAXnotes offline?
65.0NY1MM::SANTIAGOTue Feb 25 1986VMSmaint BL1.3-
66.03NY1MM::BONNELLWed Feb 26 1986VAXnotes converison
67.0NY1MM::FLADUNGThu Mar 06 1986Microfiche online ?
68.02NY1MM::DEUTSCHMANNThu Apr 03 1986Detailed Performance Comparison
69.03CGVAX2::BOIKOMon Apr 07 1986Working Version Of EZRnotes/build?
70.0NY1MM::SANTIAGOWed Apr 23 1986VAX-11 C Examples !
71.04NY1MM::SANTIAGOWed May 07 1986EASYNOTES.TPU It's here!
72.0PLDVAX::JANZENMon Jun 09 1986Team Software Text?
73.01METOO::LAMIAThu Jun 19 1986Gathering information on Software sources
74.0SNO78A::BRAHAMSun Jun 22 1986Inter-process comms using queues
75.01SNO78A::BRAHAMMon Jun 23 1986forcex DCL command
76.01ANT::SMCAFEEWed Jul 16 1986Histogram/bargraph/plot procedures?
77.0NY1MM::BONNELLMon Jul 21 1986Need help w/ 3rd party laser printer (talaris-81
78.03TRNTue Sep 30 1986Need VMS pck for 3741 IBM floppy.
79.01NBOIS::JOOSSTue Oct 14 198665
80.01--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 20 1986Wanted: Dial in w/o logging in?
81.0REGENT::BORTMANSun Nov 09 1986Parser Wanted
82.03GLASS::MAURERTue Nov 11 1986FMS to SMG converter?
83.02TRHSun Nov 30 198668
84.02GYPSC3::WIENERFri Dec 19 1986Converting RUNOFF Doc's
85.04ZEPPO::ZELTSERMANMon Jan 12 1987need CRC-16 table lookup algorithm
86.03REGAL::DESAIMon Jan 12 1987Screen Mgmt. (SMG subset) in C/Pascal/FORTRAN?
87.0NY1MM::CANZONERITue Feb 24 1987Nodename Change
88.0MERCRY::BJAQUESWed Feb 25 1987compresssion/expansion
89.0RDGENG::LINDETue Mar 10 1987information terminal ??
90.01BMT::NIELSENTue Mar 10 1987Access to Sales Updates
91.01PUZZLE::JOSEPHWed Apr 15 1987Food for thoughts...
92.02NEDVAX::RJACKSONTue Apr 28 1987Prime Fortran & COBOL to VAX
93.01WAGON::DONHAMTue Jun 09 1987Abbreviation Processor
94.02DARTH::SACHSMon Jun 15 1987Conference on PHONE?
96.0MLNAD1::VALLEMon Sep 28 1987Need sw metric tools
99.0BAXTA::PFISTER_ROBMon Nov 30 1987Hacked up Mail$edit.com
100.01BESS::NAGARAJANWed Dec 16 1987Reading from a terminal line .. HELP!
101.0MERCRY::BJAQUESMon Jan 11 1988Status of Easynotes.tpu ????
102.05RDVAX::CLARKWed Feb 17 1988Tool that counts words in document.
103.01LAVA::LANGENSTEINTue Feb 23 1988RTL+ available - or interest?
104.01CASVTue Mar 22 1988VMS Request Management Tool
105.02UNTADI::WALKERThu Jun 16 1988Disk Space Usage
106.01SUBWAY::BONNELLTue Jul 05 1988foo = set_nocontrol_y?
107.02WMOIS::LAMMIFri Sep 30 1988Create an index of VMS files...help needed!
108.0BANZAI::CARPENTERTue Nov 01 1988Database Systems Engineering Bulletin
109.0FNYFS::KENNEDYFri Nov 18 1988Wanted: Library system
110.02MUDIS3::SPOIDAMon Nov 28 1988Migration Tools Available (PDP/VAX) -?-
111.01FOO::BHAVNANIThu Dec 15 1988REMINDER Utility
112.0EMC2::CATTELTue May 16 1989Desperately seeking help on VDM and formal methods
113.01STRASB::HONOREMon Aug 21 1989SWING kit ????
114.03SALEM::WHITEWAYTue Nov 07 19893to5 convert
115.01LYOIS1::LEFEBVREWed Jun 13 1990RDB Image ???
116.01UNTADI::WILCOCKSONTue Jun 19 1990File Modification Utility
117.0TLSEMon Dec 03 1990plot MONITOR files ?
118.0BPOVWed Dec 19 1990PMU -- Project Management Utility
119.0BEAGLE::REZUCHASat Dec 22 1990DOS text search program like VMS STARS?
120.02WIENER::WEIDINGERFri Jan 04 1991printing bookreader files??
121.0ICS::SHERMANTue May 14 1991MS-DOS V3.
122.01BELFST::MITCHELLThu Jun 27 1991ocr results processing
123.01XSTACY::MDUNPHYFri Sep 06 1991vms awk equivalent
124.0BEAGLE::SEBBAGWed Sep 25 1991TOOL availability ??? Need help !
125.04GAOVSat May 02 1992Application monitoring tool
126.02CHEFS::GALLJWed May 06 1992Digital Fiscal Months
127.01MPGS::BUTLERAWed May 27 1992Motif Sccs : Mxsccs
128.01CONSLT::CHAMBERLAINWed May 11 1994HELP needed from:MKT/SALES/????