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Conference nsic00::qsm

Title:Quantitative Software Measurements
Created:Tue Aug 16 1994
Last Modified:Fri Sep 23 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:20
Total number of notes:47
Number with bodies:0
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1.01NSICTue Aug 16 1994Welcome
2.04NSICTue Aug 16 1994Who Are You?
3.01NSICTue Aug 16 1994What is PADS
4.01NSICTue Aug 16 1994What is SLIM
5.01NSICTue Aug 16 1994What is Size Planner
6.01NSICTue Aug 16 1994What is SLIM Control
7.0NSICTue Aug 16 1994Contact names on QSM within Digital
8.01NSICTue Aug 16 1994Available demos
9.01NSICTue Aug 16 1994Available presentations
10.0NSICTue Aug 16 1994Use of QSM in Digital
11.04NSICTue Aug 16 1994QSM and Cohesion
12.01NSICTue Aug 16 1994Information on the QSM company
13.01NSICTue Aug 16 1994Service offerings in PSC-2
14.01NSICTue Aug 16 1994QSM and SEI Maturity levels
15.07NSICTue Aug 16 1994Service offerings by QSM
16.01NSICTue Aug 16 1994Related conferences
17.0NSICTue Aug 16 1994Reserved
18.0NSICTue Aug 16 1994Reserved
19.0NSICTue Aug 16 1994Reserved
20.01NSICThu Sep 22 1994LOC source line counting practises