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Conference nsic00::eis_dw

Title:Executive Information Solutions & Data Warehousing Conference
Notice:Welcome to the Data Warehousing conference
Created:Thu Sep 01 1994
Last Modified:Thu Jun 05 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:499
Total number of notes:2932
Number with bodies:460
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1.09IJSAPL::OLTHOFMon Jul 03 1995welcome
2.066IJSAPL::OLTHOFMon Jul 03 1995Registration
3.0+67IJSAPL::OLTHOFMon Jul 03 1995Presentations
4.0+31IJSAPL::OLTHOFMon Jul 03 1995Seminars and conferences
5.0+156IJSAPL::OLTHOFMon Jul 03 1995References
6.0+24IJSAPL::OLTHOFMon Jul 03 1995Press-releases, announcements
7.0+18IJSAPL::OLTHOFMon Jul 03 1995Resources
8.0+91IJSAPL::OLTHOFMon Jul 03 1995Training
9.0+15IJSAPL::OLTHOFMon Jul 24 1995Competitive information
10.0+23IJSAPL::OLTHOFThu Jul 27 1995Books
11.016IJSAPL::OLTHOFWed Sep 13 1995Reports
12.0+3IJSAPL::OLTHOFWed Oct 11 1995Proposals and letters
13.0+27IJSAPL::OLTHOFMon Oct 23 1995Alpha Warehouse Program
14.0+6IJSAPL::OLTHOFWed Nov 01 1995Demo's
15.0IJSAPL::OLTHOFMon Jul 03 1995reserved
16.0+16IJSAPL::OLTHOFMon Jul 03 1995MicroStrategy
17.0+9IJSAPL::OLTHOFMon Jul 03 1995Dimensional Insight
18.0IJSAPL::OLTHOFMon Jul 03 1995References needed, info to Mike Harden
19.0+24IJSAPL::OLTHOFFri Jul 28 1995Prism Solutions
20.0+41IJSAPL::OLTHOFFri Jul 28 1995Business Objects
21.0+28IJSAPL::OLTHOFFri Jul 28 1995Red Brick Systems
22.0+46GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Oracle
23.0+28GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Sybase
24.0+32GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Informix
25.0+8GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Carleton
26.013GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Pilot Software
27.0+16GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Software AG
28.0+19GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995HP
29.0+16GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995IBM
30.0+27GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995SAS
31.0+13GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Andyne Computing
32.0+14GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Brio Technology
33.0+21GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Cognos
34.02GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995DbStar
35.0+3GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Dynamic Information Systems
37.08GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Holistic Systems
38.0+12GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Information Advantage
39.0+13GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Information Builders (IBI)
40.06GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Innovative Systems
41.04GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995IRI Software
42.0+11GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Kenan Technologies
43.0+13GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Logic Works
44.02GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Open Data Corporation
45.0+23GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Platinum Technologies
46.0+8GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Praxis International
47.01GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995QQQ Software
48.0+10GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Sequent
49.0+6GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Smart Corporation
50.04GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Stanford Technology Group
51.04GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Vality Technologies
52.0+24GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Arbor Software
53.02GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Codework
54.06GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Sinper Systems - TM1 Software
55.05GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995AT&T / Teradata
56.07GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Computer Associates
57.04GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Illustra
58.02GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995MasPar
59.0+9GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Tandem
60.0+12GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995VMARK
61.06GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Trinzic
62.04GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Unify
63.0+10GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Sun Microsystems
64.0+5GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Silicon Graphics (SGI)
65.03GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Pyramid
66.02GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995nCube
67.0+5GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Data General
68.04GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Cray
69.0+9GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Comshare
70.0+11GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995Planning Sciences International
71.03GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Aug 07 1995VTX IR
72.07GNROSE::HAGGERTYTue Aug 08 1995Evolutionary Technologies (ETI)
73.0+5IJSAPL::OLTHOFTue Aug 29 1995Risk Management Technologies
74.0IJSAPL::OLTHOFTue Aug 29 1995Resources needed
75.01GNROSE::HAGGERTYWed Aug 30 1995Cambridge Quality Management
76.09ALFSS2::FOLDEVIWed Aug 30 1995what's in our portfolio?
77.0+5GNROSE::HAGGERTYThu Aug 31 1995Acuity Management Systems
78.02GNROSE::HAGGERTYThu Aug 31 1995European Management Systems
79.07GNROSE::HAGGERTYThu Aug 31 1995Hyperion Software
80.01MANMFri Sep 01 1995How do you get copies of these?
81.02HGOVC::JAMBUWed Sep 06 1995HP - IW all hipe.
82.01IJSAPL::OLTHOFWed Sep 06 1995Information Manager from Digital
83.03GNROSE::HAGGERTYFri Sep 08 1995Tessera Enterprise Systems
84.02GNROSE::HAGGERTYTue Sep 12 1995Attar Software
85.0+5GNROSE::HAGGERTYTue Sep 12 1995BMC (Patrol)
86.04GNROSE::HAGGERTYTue Sep 12 1995Information Discovery
87.0+11GNROSE::HAGGERTYTue Sep 12 1995Intersolv
88.0+8GNROSE::HAGGERTYTue Sep 12 1995IQ Software
89.01GNROSE::HAGGERTYWed Sep 13 1995neurOagent
90.01GNROSE::HAGGERTYWed Sep 13 1995Recognition Systems
91.0+25GNROSE::HAGGERTYWed Sep 13 1995Informatica
92.04GNROSE::HAGGERTYThu Sep 14 1995Prodea
94.0+5GNROSE::HAGGERTYFri Sep 15 1995Bachman Information Systems
95.08GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Sep 18 1995Apertus
96.02GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Sep 18 1995Group 1 Software
97.0+3GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Sep 18 1995PostalSoft
98.01GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Sep 18 1995Legent
99.01GNROSE::HAGGERTYMon Sep 18 1995Easel
100.01OTOP89::"belloni@otopTue Sep 19 1995CICS Encina Opportunity
101.01OTOP89::"belloni@otopTue Sep 19 1995White paper needed
102.04KETJE::63872::BICCLERWed Sep 27 1995References with SAS ?
103.0+557785::HAGGERTYThu Sep 28 1995Texas Instruments
104.0357785::HAGGERTYThu Sep 28 1995IntelligenceWare
105.0157785::HAGGERTYThu Sep 28 1995Knowledgeware
106.0257785::HAGGERTYThu Oct 05 1995Statistical Sciences
107.0+657785::HAGGERTYThu Oct 05 1995Visual Numerics Inc.
108.0357785::HAGGERTYThu Oct 05 1995Lighten Inc.
109.0+757785::HAGGERTYThu Oct 05 1995Speedware Inc.
110.06STKHLM::KNORNMon Oct 09 1995What is Digitals pitch in Data Warehousing
111.01OSLWed Oct 11 1995Customers wants info. about services and products
112.030ISIDRO::SANCHOWed Oct 11 1995DW from SI point of view
113.04STOWOA::HAGGERTYTue Oct 17 1995DW vendor/product cross-references
114.01IJSAPL::OLTHOFMon Oct 23 1995Alpha Warehouse Sales Guide
115.0HOWICK::PCDEM1::howardMon Oct 30 1995Predictive Planning
116.04IJSAPL::OLTHOFMon Oct 30 1995ESI Communications Update #1
117.0IJSAPL::OLTHOFMon Oct 30 1995Sid Adelman questionaire
118.0IJSAPL::OLTHOFTue Oct 31 1995New Business Information
119.0357785::HAGGERTYWed Nov 01 1995The Ken Orr Institute
120.0+1257785::HAGGERTYWed Nov 01 1995Crystal
121.0+7IJSAPL::OLTHOFFri Nov 03 1995SDP (S-Designor)
122.01HERON::ROWLANDSFri Nov 03 1995DBI-based DW demo PC kit
123.01HOWICK::PCDEM1::howardWed Nov 15 1995Business Analyst expertise needed
124.0+1457785::HAGGERTYMon Nov 20 1995Microsoft
125.0+557785::HAGGERTYMon Nov 20 1995SAP
126.0457785::HAGGERTYMon Nov 20 1995UniData
127.0157785::HAGGERTYMon Nov 20 1995CenterView
128.0+257785::HAGGERTYMon Nov 20 1995Forte
129.0+357785::HAGGERTYMon Nov 20 1995Object Design
130.0257785::HAGGERTYMon Nov 20 1995ParcPlace-Digitalk
131.0+657785::HAGGERTYMon Nov 20 1995Borland
132.0457785::HAGGERTYMon Nov 20 1995MITI
133.0+357785::HAGGERTYMon Nov 20 1995Techgnosis
134.0+357785::HAGGERTYMon Nov 20 1995Peerlogic
135.0257785::HAGGERTYMon Nov 20 1995Momentum
136.0457785::HAGGERTYMon Nov 20 1995Wall Data
137.02WOTVAX::DENTMon Nov 20 1995SQl Group
138.01MXOCThu Nov 23 1995How to build a mulidimDB based on ...
139.0257785::HAGGERTYWed Nov 29 1995Convex
140.0+1257785::HAGGERTYWed Nov 29 1995Sagent Technology
141.03SNOFS1::DAVIESSHAWNWed Nov 29 1995Integral Solutions Limited
142.0CHEFS::WICKSMWed Nov 29 1995Datawarehousing 95 exhibition
143.05TKOV5Thu Nov 30 1995Data Warehouse Almighty Web Site
144.05STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu Nov 30 1995ANGOSS Software Int'l
145.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu Nov 30 1995TriMetrix
146.03STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu Nov 30 1995BBN
147.04STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu Nov 30 1995Belmont Research Corp
148.04STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu Nov 30 1995Alta Analytics
149.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu Nov 30 1995CorVu
150.0+7STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu Nov 30 1995Applix
151.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu Nov 30 1995California Scientific Software
152.0+5STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu Nov 30 1995SPSS Inc
153.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu Nov 30 1995NeuroDimension Inc.
154.0+3STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu Nov 30 1995WizSoft Inc
155.04STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu Nov 30 1995Liant Software
156.0+6STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu Nov 30 1995Sterling Software
157.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu Nov 30 1995Spalding Software
158.01NETRIX::"chaes@zappa.bro.dec.com"Fri Dec 08 1995Would like a list of applications + Operating System support
159.0657785::HAGGERTYMon Dec 11 1995The OLAP Council
160.01HERON::ROWLANDSMon Dec 11 1995Database Features matrix?
161.0+5STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu Dec 14 1995the Metadata Coalition
162.01NETRIX::"Roger.Martens@BRO.MTS.DEC.COM"Fri Dec 15 1995Urgent: Info needed
163.022STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu Dec 21 1995recognized industry experts
164.07STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu Dec 21 1995Rankin Technology Group
165.0257785::HAGGERTYFri Dec 22 1995Mercantile Software
166.0257785::HAGGERTYFri Dec 22 1995Select Star
167.0257785::HAGGERTYTue Dec 26 1995Brietschwerdt Info. Systems
168.0357785::HAGGERTYTue Dec 26 1995Harte-Hanks
169.0257785::HAGGERTYTue Dec 26 1995Data Distilleries
170.0357785::HAGGERTYTue Dec 26 1995Research & Planning, Inc.
171.0+24IJSAPL::OLTHOFWed Dec 27 1995TPC-D results
172.01STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed Dec 27 1995Pattern Recognition Systems
173.05NETRIX::"roger.martens@BRO.MTS.DEC.COM"Tue Jan 02 1996Extraction tool for DMS-II
174.03DEKVC::DONGWONSHINFri Jan 05 1996Contact Information for Business Object ?
175.08DEKVC::DONGWONSHINMon Jan 08 1996Reference list by Digital ?
176.06TROOA::SONMEZMon Jan 08 1996Nucleus of Sand Technologies ?
177.01IJSAPL::OLTHOFWed Jan 10 1996ed
178.0IJSAPL::OLTHOFWed Jan 10 1996Multidimensional Databases, copied from IM Partners
179.01BBIVThu Jan 11 1996Need a Video cassette on DW
180.011DEKVC::DONGWONSHINFri Jan 12 1996Questions for DW ?
181.0ALFSS2::FOLDEVIFri Jan 12 1996interesting tests with SAP & VLM
182.03ALFSS2::FOLDEVIFri Jan 12 1996Informix VLM - WHEN?
183.08ALFSS2::FOLDEVIFri Jan 12 1996Practical Experiences???
184.05HAN::AUETue Jan 16 1996PRISM / Accessworks comparison
185.0157785::HAGGERTYTue Jan 16 1996Libertech
186.08GENIE::HARTMANNFri Jan 19 1996Practical experiences
187.0357785::HAGGERTYTue Jan 23 1996Tivoli
188.08STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed Jan 24 1996DataMind
189.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed Jan 24 1996Intel
190.0ALFSS2::FOLDEVIThu Jan 25 1996DW and OLTP in MC cluster?
191.04NCMAIL::MACKINMon Jan 29 1996Regenisys Rulefinder??
192.0IJSAPL::OLTHOFTue Jan 30 1996Configuration Guidelines for DW and OLTP
193.02ALFSS2::FOLDEVIFri Feb 02 1996Oracle's star schema optimization
194.0OHFSSat Feb 03 1996Data Mining
195.02MRKTNG::SLATERSun Feb 04 1996Application Performance & Configuration Guide
196.0IJSAPL::OLTHOFWed Feb 07 1996Configuration Guidelines
197.0358179::HAGGERTYWed Feb 07 1996HOPS International
198.0+3STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed Feb 07 1996NeuralWare
199.03STKHLM::KNORNMon Feb 12 1996Lets stay at the same hotel
200.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYTue Feb 13 1996Management Science Associates
201.0257785::HAGGERTYWed Feb 14 1996Reportech
202.03ALFSS2::FOLDEVIMon Feb 19 1996Ingres/VLM?!
203.04NYOSS1::GREENBERGSat Feb 24 1996Information Managers Installation experiences?
204.0757785::HAGGERTYTue Feb 27 1996Advanced Visual Systems
205.057785::HAGGERTYTue Feb 27 1996Applied Parallel Technologies
206.0257785::HAGGERTYTue Feb 27 1996Brossco Systems
207.0ALFSS2::FOLDEVITue Feb 27 1996$4
208.0+13STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu Feb 29 1996NCR
209.01HGOVC::JAMBUMon Mar 11 1996Extraction Alternatives to legacy platforms
210.03NZOVTue Mar 12 19962Tb Database on Sun !!
211.02OTOOA::otopFri Mar 15 1996Data Warehouse Questionnaire
212.04STOWOA::HAGGERTYFri Mar 15 1996Thomson Software
213.03STOWOA::HAGGERTYFri Mar 15 1996The Data Warehousing Institute
214.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYFri Mar 15 1996The Meta Group
215.02ALFSS2::FOLDEVITue Mar 19 1996Red Brick success stories?
216.02NEWVAX::EBARONTue Mar 19 1996Reverse Engineering Tool for dBase III
217.01STKHLM::KNORNThu Mar 21 1996Mixed OLTP and DW-like environment from Terradata --> ?
218.0MRKTNG::SLATERFri Mar 22 1996MRP with Oracle Manufacting on Digital UNIX
219.0GENIE::HARTMANNMon Mar 25 1996Experiences using Business Objects 3.1 on RDB
220.0+726Thu Mar 28 1996Compuware
221.01ALFSS2::FOLDEVIThu Mar 28 1996sure hope this is not ours ...
222.0226Wed Apr 03 1996Siemens-Nixdorf (SNI)
223.0526Wed Apr 03 1996Bull HN Information Systems
224.0126Wed Apr 03 1996EDS
225.0+526Wed Apr 03 1996KPMG
226.0126Wed Apr 03 1996Andersen Consulting
227.0+226Wed Apr 03 1996Gartner Group
228.0DEKVC::DONGWONSHINThu Apr 04 1996IMS DB extraction Tool ?
229.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYFri Apr 05 1996The Data Management Review
230.06STOWOA::HAGGERTYFri Apr 05 1996Encore
231.0+4STOWOA::HAGGERTYMon Apr 08 1996Ralph Kimball
232.0+3STOWOA::HAGGERTYMon Apr 08 1996Aberdeen Group
233.0NQOSTue Apr 09 1996Looking for Articles
235.02NZOVWed Apr 10 1996Building the Methodology
236.0ERFARE::SDThu Apr 18 1996Generic DW Reference details required for Retail
239.03CHEFS::BUXTONJFri Apr 19 1996Reference Site Assistance
240.04MRKTNG::SLATERSat Apr 20 1996Baan Triton 3.1 on Digital UNIX Performance Flash
241.0+4STOWOA::HAGGERTYSat Apr 20 1996Progress Software
242.04STOWOA::HAGGERTYSun Apr 21 1996PeopleSoft
243.04WRLDYD::HASHMIMon Apr 22 1996Data Mapping/Extraction Tools for R/3
244.02ALFSS2::FOLDEVITue Apr 23 1996Local government DW Project experience?
245.0IJSAPL::OLTHOFFri Apr 26 1996European DW Focus Team announcement
246.07DEKVC::DONGWONSHINMon Apr 29 1996Prism can extract the changed data from ORACLE ?
247.0226Mon Apr 29 1996Atre Companies
248.04STOWOA::HAGGERTYTue Apr 30 1996Manugistics
249.05STKHLM::KNORNTue Apr 30 1996Magazines with DW content
250.03STOWOA::HAGGERTYTue Apr 30 1996HNC Software
251.0+2STOWOA::HAGGERTYTue Apr 30 1996Computron
252.0+8STOWOA::HAGGERTYTue Apr 30 1996Thinking Machines
253.0+226Tue Apr 30 1996DataQuest
254.0ALFSS2::FOLDEVITue Apr 30 1996data mart vs. data warehouse?
255.0326Tue Apr 30 1996International Data Group (IDC)
256.09WOTVAX::DENTWed May 01 1996Must a warehouse be modelled dimensionally?
257.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu May 02 1996Dodge Group
258.0326Fri May 03 1996Gupta / Centura
259.0MRKTNG::SLATERSat May 04 1996SAP R/2 V2.2E with Digital UNIX AlphaServers Performance
260.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYTue May 07 1996Bus-Tech
261.02VAXRIO::NOVELLOTue May 14 1996Course materials...
262.011STKHLM::KNORNWed May 15 1996Issues when transforming logical->physical
263.0STKHLM::KNORNFri May 17 1996Prism interface for SQL/server
264.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed May 22 1996Visible Decisions Inc.
265.0+3STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed May 22 1996Price Waterhouse
266.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed May 22 1996The MathWorks Inc.
267.0+6STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed May 22 1996MapInfo
268.04STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed May 22 1996Acxiom
269.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed May 22 1996Warehouses and the Web
270.01FRAIS::EDDF24::HEIDBUECHELThu May 23 1996ALPHA; Informix, Prism, Business Objects performance/references ?
271.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu May 23 1996Amdahl
272.03STOWOA::HAGGERTYFri May 24 1996Hitachi Data Systems
273.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYTue May 28 1996Ward Systems Group
274.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYTue May 28 1996Promised Land Technologies
275.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYTue May 28 1996Continuum Software Inc
276.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYTue May 28 1996Triada
277.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYTue May 28 1996Information Harvesting Inc
278.0+3STOWOA::HAGGERTYTue May 28 1996Cross/Z International
279.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYTue May 28 1996LMI
280.03STOWOA::HAGGERTYTue May 28 1996MathSoft
281.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYTue May 28 1996Panorama Business Views
282.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYTue May 28 1996Show Business Software
283.03STOWOA::HAGGERTYTue May 28 1996AppSource Corp.
284.01STOWOA::HAGGERTYTue May 28 1996Meiko
285.0+4STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed May 29 1996Visigenic
286.0+2STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed May 29 1996Cabletron
287.0+4STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed May 29 1996EMC Corporation
288.01STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed May 29 1996Micro Data Base Systems
289.0+2STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed May 29 1996XDB Systems
290.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed May 29 1996Data Management Technologies, Inc.
291.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed May 29 1996White Crane Systems
292.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed May 29 1996System Techniques Inc
293.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed May 29 1996Forecross Corp
294.03STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed May 29 1996Tools & Techniques Inc
295.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed May 29 1996Applied Database Technology
296.0+3STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed May 29 1996Data Mirror
297.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed May 29 1996Virtual Integration Technology
298.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed May 29 1996Syware
299.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed May 29 1996Proginet
300.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed May 29 1996Fiserv
301.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed May 29 1996DataWatch
302.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed May 29 1996Oberon Software
303.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed May 29 1996SQL Business Systems Inc.
304.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed May 29 1996Schema Research Corp.
305.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed May 29 1996StarQuest
306.03STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed May 29 1996ExecuSoft Systems
307.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed May 29 1996Kapstone
308.03STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu May 30 1996Enterprise Solutions Inc.
309.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu May 30 1996MetaPraxis
310.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu May 30 1996Micronetics Design Corp.
311.01STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu May 30 1996KCI Computing
312.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu May 30 1996Actuate Software Corp.
313.0+3STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu May 30 1996Lotus Development
314.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu May 30 1996SLP Infoware
315.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu May 30 1996Db-Tech Inc.
316.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu May 30 1996Four Seasons Software
317.03STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu May 30 1996Asymetrix
318.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu May 30 1996NetScheme Solutions
319.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu May 30 1996Synergy Technologies
320.01STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu May 30 1996ProBit Research
321.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu May 30 1996Raima
322.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu May 30 1996Zen Software
323.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu May 30 1996Rocket Software
324.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu May 30 1996Interactive Software Systems Inc.
325.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu May 30 1996Sapiens International Corp.
326.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu May 30 1996Pacific Systems Group
327.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYFri May 31 1996Data Access Corp.
328.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYFri May 31 1996Paragon Decision Technology
329.02CHEFS::GROOMNFri May 31 1996Farewell
330.04MQOOA::LROYFri May 31 1996Looking for the biggest reference
331.012CHEFS::PANIC::CLARKMon Jun 03 1996Warehouse Backups
332.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYMon Jun 03 1996BioComp Systems
333.0+7STOWOA::HAGGERTYFri Jun 07 1996NeoVista
334.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed Jun 12 1996StorageTek
335.04STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed Jun 12 1996OpenVision
336.0+5STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed Jun 12 1996Spectra Logic
337.01STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed Jun 12 1996Forrester Research
338.02DEKVC::DONGWONSHINThu Jun 13 1996Some questions about BusinessObject
339.03DEKVC::DONGWONSHINThu Jun 13 1996Any obligation for selling Business Object ?
340.02JRFVAX::HODGESThu Jun 13 1996Enterprise Data Modeling Experience anywhere?
341.06STKHLM::KNORNThu Jun 13 1996DW-light tool package
342.08WOTVAX::DENTFri Jun 14 1996Recommended modelling tool
343.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYFri Jun 14 1996FileTek
344.02NSICTue Jun 18 1996European contacts
345.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed Jun 19 1996Manager Software Products Inc.
346.0GENIE::HARTMANNHThu Jun 20 1996References for postal env. ???
347.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYFri Jun 21 1996Fujitsu
348.04STOWOA::HAGGERTYFri Jun 21 1996Compaq
349.01DEKVC::DONGWONSHINMon Jun 24 1996What OLAP features does BO V4.
350.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYTue Jun 25 1996Computer Intelligence InfoCorp
351.0+3STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed Jun 26 1996Lucent Technologies
352.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYTue Jul 02 1996Datapro
353.02DEKVC::DONGWONSHINFri Jul 05 1996What's relationship btw OLAP and Dimensional Model?
354.03EEMELI::MANNISTOTue Jul 09 1996date comparisions with BusinessObjects
355.03FRAIS::KAMINSKITue Jul 09 1996Disease Mgmt/Health Maintenance Organizations
356.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed Jul 10 1996Trajecta
357.03STOWOA::HAGGERTYFri Jul 12 1996ICL, Inc
358.02NETRIX::"pierre.musy@aty.mts.DEC.COM"Mon Jul 15 1996DW References SAS + Informix
359.03JRFVAX::HODGESWed Jul 17 1996Logical data model needed!
360.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed Jul 17 1996D.H. Brown
361.05STOWOA::HAGGERTYWed Jul 17 1996InfoSpace
362.01STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu Jul 18 1996International Data Warehousing Association (IDWA)
363.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu Jul 18 1996James Martin & Co.
364.02HGOVC::PATRICKNGSun Jul 21 1996RMS extraction tool for large file
365.02HGOVC::PATRICKNGSun Jul 21 1996RBD/VAX extraction tool???
366.02DEKVC::DONGWONSHINWed Jul 24 1996Need reference with Prism,VLDB & OLAP tools
367.01STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu Jul 25 1996Excalibur Technologies
368.0+4STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu Jul 25 1996Data Dynamics
369.01EPS::SLATERFri Jul 26 1996White papers on VLM64 technology
370.05NQOSTue Jul 30 1996Data Warehousing Help Needed in Telecom
371.06NQOSFri Aug 02 1996Teradata Help
372.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYMon Aug 05 1996Learning Tree
373.0+3STOWOA::HAGGERTYMon Aug 05 1996InfoDynamics
374.01STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu Aug 15 1996OpenMap
375.01STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu Aug 15 1996IDEAS International
376.01NETRIX::"pierre.musy@aty.mts.DEC.COM"Mon Aug 19 1996SAS/ACCESS to Informix
377.0+3STOWOA::HAGGERTYTue Aug 20 1996Inso Corp.
378.03STOWOA::HAGGERTYTue Aug 20 1996UniSQL
379.0+3STOWOA::HAGGERTYTue Aug 20 1996Versant
380.05STKHLM::KNORNWed Aug 21 1996OLAP vs ROLAP
381.03GENIE::HARTMANNThu Aug 22 1996Easy ways of getting informix/sun to informix alpha?
382.01CHEFS::malwic.reo.dec.com::wicksmWed Aug 28 19961TB+ references?
383.02DEKVC::DONGWONSHINMon Sep 02 1996Does Digital have rights to resell Powermart ?
384.02VAXRIO::NOVELLOTue Sep 03 1996How DW Symposium was?
385.02VAXRIO::NOVELLOFri Sep 06 1996JD Edwards...
386.0316875::LANGFELDTFri Sep 06 1996delivering a DW solution?
387.01NEOVFri Sep 06 1996MS SQL Server Datamart sizing?
388.0IJSAPL:: Sep 09 1996Partner product overview
389.04NZOVFri Sep 13 1996Example Project Documents available ?
390.02ADCAFri Sep 13 1996DW key people in AP region ?????
391.01NZOVWed Sep 18 1996Information Architecture Workshops
392.01HGOVC::PATRICKNGWed Sep 18 1996Data Extraction tools on VAX?
393.02STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu Sep 19 1996Wyle
394.0NETRIX::"anthony.willams@wro.mts.dec.com"Tue Sep 24 1996Oracle/Digital NT References
395.04HGOVC::PATRICKNGTue Sep 24 1996Backup problem on DW?
396.01MPOSFri Sep 27 1996New England Power Win/Deliver info?
397.02DEKVC::DONGWONSHINMon Sep 30 1996Any reference in Security Companies ?
398.01IJSAPL:: Sep 30 1996DW trial package with IBI and Pioneer
399.0+9JACEK::LAZARMon Sep 30 1996Arguments for Alpha OpenVMS
400.03MEOCMon Oct 07 1996MPP versus SMP Issues
401.01ALFSS2::FOLDEVITue Oct 08 1996DW at Bank of Montreal???
402.0+4EPS::HAGGERTYThu Oct 10 1996Ross Systems
403.04WRKSYS::DUTTONMon Oct 14 1996Looking for DW contact in Los Angeles area
404.02VAXRIO::NOVELLOTue Oct 15 1996Data Mining?
405.01MEOCMon Oct 21 1996Digital DW in Distribution Industry
406.02IJSAPL::dhcppc.uto.dec.com::olthof_hTue Oct 22 1996Pointer for Data Mining info
407.02EPS::HAGGERTYMon Oct 28 1996NewTHINK
408.0UTROP1::dhcppc.uto.dec.com::olthof_hMon Nov 04 1996Syllogic
409.02WOTVAX::LONGSTAFFTue Nov 05 1996Help with de-duping s/w
410.0+27UTROP1::dhcppc.uto.dec.com::olthof_hFri Nov 08 1996KDD Nuggets
411.01VNZVThu Nov 14 1996ESSBASE from Arbor Software for NT/Alpha
412.02ALFSS2::FOLDEVIThu Nov 14 1996details on HRDC benchmark?
414.0ALFSS2::FOLDEVIFri Nov 22 1996Decision Suite or DSS experience/comments?
415.0HERON::ROWLANDSFri Nov 29 1996DW tools technical support conference
416.0+3EPS::HAGGERTYTue Dec 03 1996SCH Technologies
417.02VAXRIO::NOVELLOTue Dec 10 1996Extraction tools from DB2...
418.0VAXRIO::NOVELLOWed Dec 11 1996Prism in Brazil?
419.01ADCAThu Dec 12 1996Reference in Satock exchages
420.05VAXRIO::NOVELLOThu Dec 19 1996What is the best extraction tool at this case?
421.0+3EPS::HAGGERTYThu Dec 19 1996Verity Inc.
422.02EPS::HAGGERTYThu Dec 19 1996Silvon Software
423.02EPS::HAGGERTYThu Dec 19 1996Sentry Technology
424.01VAXRIO::NOVELLOFri Dec 27 1996Sites to visit during DW Institute...
425.0+3VAXRIO::NOVELLOFri Dec 27 1996What are the 3 biggest DW sites?
426.01EPS::HAGGERTYTue Dec 31 1996Multi-Dimensional Data-Base Systems Inc.
427.06TROOA::BROWNTue Jan 07 1997Does DIGITAL do VLDW?
428.01EVMS::LIEMANThu Jan 09 1997OpenVMS references in Switzerland
429.02EPS::HAGGERTYMon Jan 13 1997Popkin
430.01EPS::HAGGERTYMon Jan 20 1997White Cross Systems
431.02PLACEK::LAZARMon Jan 20 1997Data Mapping & Modeling
432.04EPS::HAGGERTYMon Jan 20 1997Intellidex
433.0+3EPS::HAGGERTYMon Jan 20 1997Legato
434.02EPS::HAGGERTYWed Jan 22 1997Computer Network Technology Corporation
435.0+3EPS::HAGGERTYWed Jan 22 1997SyncSort Inc.
436.0+6EPS::HAGGERTYWed Jan 22 1997Pine Cone Systems
437.0+3EPS::HAGGERTYWed Jan 22 1997The OLAP Report
438.02EPS::HAGGERTYWed Jan 22 1997data-warehouse.COM
439.0EPS::HAGGERTYWed Jan 22 1997data warehouse salaries
440.0+4EPS::HAGGERTYThu Jan 23 1997Ovum, Inc.
441.0 *+6EPS::HAGGERTYTue Jan 28 1997DMDG newsletter
442.0 *+2ALFSS2::FOLDEVIFri Jan 31 1997Power Mart or other WNT experiences?
443.0 *+1TAVMon Feb 03 1997Me too at last
444.0 *+6EPS::HAGGERTYMon Feb 03 1997Vento Software
445.0 *+2IJSAPL::OLTHOFThu Feb 06 1997AltaVista as access tool?
446.0 *+3EPS::HAGGERTYThu Feb 06 1997Knosys LLP
447.0 *+3EPS::HAGGERTYTue Feb 11 1997Lawson
448.0 *+2EPS::HAGGERTYWed Feb 19 1997Deloitte Touche
449.0 *+1EPS::HAGGERTYWed Feb 19 1997Reliant Data Systems
450.0 *+2EPS::HAGGERTYWed Feb 26 1997Torrent Systems
451.0 *+4EPS::HAGGERTYFri Feb 28 1997D2K, Inc.
452.0 *+1EPS::HAGGERTYFri Feb 28 1997Neon Systems
453.0 *EPS::HAGGERTYFri Feb 28 1997Cutter Information Corp.
454.0 *EPS::HAGGERTYFri Feb 28 1997Decision*ism, Inc.
455.0 *+2EPS::HAGGERTYFri Feb 28 1997Emergent Corp.
456.0 *EPS::HAGGERTYFri Feb 28 1997Harland
457.0 *EPS::HAGGERTYFri Feb 28 1997QDB Solutions
458.0 *EPS::HAGGERTYFri Feb 28 1997SIMBA Technologies
459.0 *EPS::HAGGERTYFri Feb 28 1997Talus
460.0 *EPS::HAGGERTYFri Feb 28 1997Unitech Systems
461.0 *EPS::HAGGERTYFri Feb 28 1997Storage Computer Corp.
462.0 *NETRIX::"bjorn.austrheim@nwo.mts.dec.com"Tue Mar 11 1997Need helkp sizing a DW solution
463.0 *+3EPS::HAGGERTYWed Mar 12 1997Open Systems Advisors, Inc.
464.0 *+1EPS::HAGGERTYWed Mar 12 1997ViaSoft, Inc
465.0 *+2EPS::HAGGERTYThu Mar 13 1997The Data Mining Institute
466.0 *IJSAPL::JMULDERFri Mar 14 1997Human Inference
467.0 *NZOVWed Mar 19 1997Standard Methodology for Data Warehousing
468.0 *STKHLM::KNORNThu Mar 20 1997report writers are avaiblable on Axp Windows/NT
469.0 *+1NETRIX::"ofer@tavosf.iso.dec.com"Mon Mar 24 1997Capacity planning for DW
470.0 *+2EPS::HAGGERTYTue Mar 25 1997ZYGA, Inc
471.0 *+3EPS::HAGGERTYWed Mar 26 1997Source Informatics
472.0 *+4VAXRIO::NOVELLOThu Mar 27 1997Digital in DW-Institute conference (Chicago)...
473.0 *+2EPS::HAGGERTYMon Mar 31 1997Quadstone
474.0 *+2NETRIX::"ofer@tavosf.iso.dec.com"Tue Apr 01 1997Data mining for cellular phone company
475.0 *+4EPS::HAGGERTYTue Apr 01 1997DataTools, Inc.
476.0 *+5NETRIX::"ofer@tavosf.iso.dec.com"Wed Apr 09 1997DW, my own thoughts, please comment.
477.0 *DEKVC::DONGWONSHINWed Apr 09 1997Where is financial expertise center for DW ?
478.0 *+1DEKVC::DONGWONSHINWed Apr 09 1997Questions for prism function ?
479.0 *+526Thu Apr 10 1997International Software Group (ISG)
480.0 *+1NZOVFri Apr 11 1997Intranet Browser DSS Tools, Alpha Server ?
481.0 *+4MSDOA:: Apr 18 1997DW Sizing help
482.0 *+2HGOVC::PATRICKNGWed Apr 23 1997OPS on Data Warehouse?
483.0 *UTROP1::utodhcp-197-24Wed Apr 23 1997Extraction from LHS application BSCS
484.0 *VAXRIO::LEOFri Apr 25 19971
485.0 *+4VAXRIO::NOVELLOMon Apr 28 1997TPC-D with more than 1
486.0 *+326Tue Apr 29 1997InfoModelers, Inc
487.0 *WRLDYD::HASHMIWed Apr 30 1997SAP R/3 & Data Warehousing @ DCI Conference.
488.0 *HGOVC::PATRICKNGWed Apr 30 1997VLM on Data Warehouse
489.0 *+226Thu May 01 1997Netscape Communications Corp.
490.0 *+2EPS::HAGGERTYFri May 02 1997INFORM newsletter
491.0 *+2VAXRIO::NOVELLOFri May 09 1997What are the best 3 of 17 TPC-D queries for Digital?
492.0 *+326Fri May 09 1997Linguistic Technology
493.0 *TAVTue May 13 1997SAS on Alpha presentation ?
494.0 *+226Tue May 13 1997Cogit, Inc.
495.0 *+126Tue May 13 1997Seybold Group
496.0 *+226Tue May 13 1997Engage Technologies
497.0 *+2COMICS::CORNEJFri May 16 1997Ingres performance
498.0 *+1VAXRIO::LEOTue May 27 1997MCI Datawarehousing project using Informix
499.0 *26Wed Jun 04 1997DIGITAL Data Mart software