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Conference npss::foreign_exchange

Title:Foreign Exchange
Created:Tue Dec 02 1986
Last Modified:Thu Jul 18 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:85
Total number of notes:429
Number with bodies:0
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1.0COVERT::COVERTTue Dec 02 1986Welcome
2.01COVERT::COVERTTue Dec 02 1986Conference Policy
3.0COVERT::COVERTTue Dec 02 1986Personal Exchange Bulletin Board
4.04COVERT::COVERTTue Dec 02 1986U.S. Banks
5.010COVERT::COVERTTue Dec 02 1986U.K. Banks
6.06COVERT::COVERTTue Dec 02 1986Personal checks in a foreign currency
7.012CSSE32::SIEBOLDTue Dec 02 1986Money Transfer Cost
8.011AVANTI::COHANTue Dec 02 1986Visa vs Mastercard
9.02AVANTI::COHANTue Dec 02 1986Int'l Postal Money Orders
10.04ECCGY4::JAERVINENWed Dec 03 1986Charge cards and mail order
11.022ECCGY4::JAERVINENWed Dec 03 1986Eurocheques
12.013RDGENG::LESLIEWed Dec 03 1986Foreign currency accounts
13.0419628::MR_TOPAZWed Dec 03 1986Exchange rate for traveller's cheques
14.05AKOVFri Dec 05 1986How to invest in Foreign Exchange?
15.05ADVAX::GREENWOODSat Dec 06 1986Transferring larger amounts
16.03CSSE32::PHILPOTTMon Dec 08 1986international standing orders?
17.06ECCGY4::JAERVINENWed Dec 10 1986Credit card surcharges
18.08ECCGY4::JAERVINENWed Dec 10 1986ATM security
19.01TLE::CRIMMINMon Dec 15 1986$$$ in Puerto Rico?
20.027COVERT::COVERTTue Dec 16 1986Credit/Debit Card Cash Advances
21.01SQM::HALLYBSat Dec 20 1986Paying your Brazilian hotel bill
22.01NY1MM::SWEENEYTue Jan 13 1987Profit Taking?
23.013UTRTSC::ROBERTSFri Jan 16 1987Soft currency countries
24.05UTRTSC::ROBERTSMon Jan 26 1987Trinidad and Tobago.
25.013363::BROWNWed Feb 04 1987Canadian $$$
26.08UTRTSC::ROBERTSWed Feb 11 1987Banknet mapping
27.06UTRTSC::ROBERTSThu Feb 12 1987Physical layer
28.03UTRTSC::ROBERTSFri Mar 13 1987Buying currency in advance of trip
29.02ATHOS::MORAThu Apr 02 1987MEXICO Currency Exchange/Credit Cards
30.05GOJIRA::PHILPOTTTue May 12 1987Foreign exchange table
31.04IECG::GREENWOODSat Jun 27 1987Time taken for funds transfer
32.022ECC::JAERVINENTue Jun 30 1987Visa cards & cash dispensers
33.01SHIRE::HOLSTENSONWed Jul 01 1987Cash Mgnt Customer Problem
34.011DELNI::DONOHUEWed Jul 15 1987Finances while touring Europe
35.05KVARS::LESMERISESThu Jul 16 1987German bank acct?
36.02FURILO::KENTWed Jul 22 1987Dollars and pounds
37.02DUBWed Jul 29 1987Forward Contracts
38.02OVDVAX::NLEESun Sep 20 1987Funds to Thailand
39.01FIDDLE::DUHIGGFri Nov 20 1987Terminology
40.04BIGMAC::HEMBERTTue Dec 01 1987Money Transfer USA -> Belgium/Europe
41.01MORGAN::JSMITHFri Dec 11 198712 mth FORWARD LIRA RATE
42.03LAWLER::ALTue Dec 15 1987Deposit here/withdraw there?
43.01WARSAW::SUDDICKWed Dec 16 1987Small transfers
44.05GLORY::DOUGLASThu Jan 28 1988currency information?
45.01LAVA::LANGENSTEINSat Feb 13 1988France <-money-> Germany
47.01ARCANA::JORGENSENFri Feb 19 1988Auto Feed of Ex Rates?
49.0TOKLAS::FELDMANSat Mar 05 1988Trouble with Canadian Postal Money Order
50.05DCC::PARROTTTue Mar 15 1988Regular transfers Germany to UK.
52.01VANISH::ROBERTSWed May 25 1988Application form for U.S. card wanted
53.07DCC::JAERVINENTue May 31 1988Gold cards?
55.03LESLIE::LESLIESat Sep 24 1988How to cash a cheque without a bank account?
56.0IOSG::GARDNERSat Dec 03 1988Tanzanian shillings for sale
57.06MUNKAD::VINZENZMon Feb 20 1989Info About American Banks Wanted
60.01TELALL::MORRISEYThu Aug 03 1989rate info avail on the network?
61.06HANNAH::FAULKNERThu Aug 31 1989Banks in both UK and US
62.04POBOX::CROWEFri Sep 15 1989U.S. Travelers to Francs
63.02BANZAI::YOSHIOKATue Nov 28 1989Transfer money to DCU account?
64.02WLDWST::CLORENZOWed Jan 10 1990How to get into AP
65.02PIPKIN::DAVIESFri Jan 12 1990Charges for Casking Travellers Cheques
66.0NOATAK::WHITEThu Jan 18 1990Canadian --> American Exchange...
67.06MEIS::FONSECAFri Feb 16 1990Shady currency transaction: Why?
68.03HSKAPL::CSIRENTue Feb 20 1990France-Finland
70.01CHEFS::HARRISRWed Apr 25 1990Travellers Cheques - Spanish Pts
71.03KETJE::HAENTJENSWed Aug 01 1990Coins or banknotes become invalid
72.01BONNET::BORDENWed Dec 19 1990Looking for Onlin
73.0CADSE::SMITHFri Dec 21 1990Field study
74.014ANGLIN::DEHARPPORTEFri Mar 29 1991Money from ATMs in Europe?
75.02WFOVX5::AWKALFri Apr 12 1991AP NEWS
76.02BALZAC::DONOVANThu Sep 05 1991Buying American Stocks
77.04BIS6::HELLINCKXWed Jun 03 1992*** BRAZIL ***
78.0EEMELI::CSIRENTue Sep 08 1992Don't really trust the pound
79.01HANNAH::KUMARTue Sep 08 1992UKL --> USD
80.0COVERT::COVERTSat Dec 05 1992Israel
81.02MARVIN::COBBWed Apr 14 1993Spain
82.02LARVAE::ANSELL_RFri Jul 15 1994Fast cash?
83.03SIOG::HANLYWed Feb 01 1995Money from Ireland to America
84.01BHAJEE::JAERVINENWed Feb 21 1996Money from ATMs in US with European cards?
85.05GVAWed Jul 17 1996QUICKEN and non-dollar currencies