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Conference nowit::decpos

Created:Wed Nov 24 1993
Last Modified:Thu Apr 25 1996
Last Successful Update:Thu Jun 05 1997
Number of topics:85
Total number of notes:223
Number with bodies:0
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1.0NOWIT::THOMPSONWed Nov 24 1993Aim of this notes conference
2.01SUBURB::DUCEPThu Dec 02 1993Battery Back Up - working yet?
3.015Mon Dec 13 1993OS/2 - available on DECpos?
4.0142653::WOODSWed Feb 09 1994CTS Checking for DECPos?
5.0251488::MAIJALAWed Mar 02 1994SCO and DECpos
6.0851488::MAIJALAThu Mar 03 1994Documentation for partner
7.051678::SWETue Mar 08 1994DECpos, Pathworks for TCP/IP and DOS:: Conflict
8.04AUSSIE::CHUTue Apr 12 1994MS Windows cannot load onto DECpos
9.03AUSSIE::CHUTue Apr 12 1994HEART -> EFTPOS from DECpos
10.034873::KUTZFri May 06 1994RCS + DECpos
11.0134873::KUTZFri May 06 1994diskless pos register
12.0134873::KUTZMon May 09 1994Scanners
13.02NOWIT::THOMPSONMon May 16 1994US Retail Newsletter
14.0161132::FLAHERTYWed May 25 1994Access to Prog Guide file?
15.0134873::KUTZFri May 27 1994DecPOS peripherals questions
16.0334873::KUTZFri May 27 19942nd drawer
17.034873::KUTZFri May 27 1994PDED
18.0134873::KUTZFri May 27 1994component weights
19.012Tue May 31 1994Please, DECPOS in PS!
20.0NOWIT::THOMPSONThu Jun 02 1994Double bank memory SIMMS
21.02NOWIT::THOMPSONThu Jun 02 1994Retail exhibitions
22.0AUSSIE::CHUTue Jun 07 1994Redefining POS keys
23.02SIOG::S_FARRENTue Jun 07 1994DECpos 32
24.03SIOG::E_CUSACKTue Jun 07 1994INFO REQ
25.0252279::MSOUSAWed Jun 22 1994Programming examples
26.0SIOG::S_FARRENFri Jun 24 1994Spare keys for cash drawer?
27.012Thu Jul 14 1994Applications ported to DECpos?
28.0249393::SCHUDELMon Jul 18 1994Several questions (bios/firmware/diags/etc.)
29.0134873::KUTZMon Jul 18 1994NCR = open?!
30.034873::KUTZTue Jul 19 1994NCR OS = ICS
31.034873::KUTZMon Jul 25 1994Standard Interchange Language
32.0349393::SCHUDELTue Aug 02 1994Problems with Battery Backup
33.0352279::MSOUSAWed Aug 03 1994DECpos and PSI
34.01AUSSIE::CHUMon Aug 08 1994Sales brochures
35.0149393::SCHUDELFri Aug 12 1994Probl. with magnetic card reader (2 tracks)
36.07MROA::EIBENTue Aug 16 1994DECpos DIAGS
37.03NOWIT::THOMPSONWed Aug 17 1994Location of Drivers & Diagnostics
38.032Thu Aug 18 1994Redefinition of keys?
39.012Thu Aug 18 1994Serial ports COMa-d in DOS?
40.0248235::TRUONGMon Aug 22 1994C libraries to access DECpos drivers
41.012Tue Aug 23 1994Problem with battery backup
42.012Thu Sep 01 1994Announcement of New DECpos Products?
43.022Thu Sep 01 1994Supplies for the 2.5 Station Printer?
44.012876Thu Sep 01 1994DECpos have VT1
45.0NOWIT::THOMPSONWed Sep 28 1994DECpos training slides available on TIMA
46.0321351::SILVAThu Oct 13 1994Wire-less or mobile data sites?
47.034211Wed Oct 19 1994Keyboard testing ( MXTLA-AA )
49.052339::TLOZANOTue Oct 25 1994Part list of MTXNA-AA (printer of decpos)
50.0254487::GRITTER_AThu Oct 27 1994V1.
51.021NOWIT::THOMPSONMon Oct 31 1994Competitive Information - IBM
52.0154487::GRITTER_ATue Nov 08 1994printer test paper jams
53.022Wed Nov 16 1994A push button to open the CashDrawer?
54.0354487::GRITTER_AThu Nov 17 1994a key to keys ? or more...
55.0151488::ALANNEThu Dec 08 1994URGENT: COM-ports A-D?
56.04MROA::EIBENThu Dec 15 1994Switching to a better POS keyboard
57.0154487::GRITTER_AFri Dec 16 1994Q's decpos slides
58.0NOWIT::THOMPSONTue Dec 20 1994Bar code printing software
59.0151488::juppi.fno.dec.com::POKKINENSun Jan 22 1995Venturis PC-POS
60.01227Mon Jan 16 1995Is it 8Mhz or 2
62.012Tue Jan 24 1995Quantum Driver for Serial Ports?
64.01NOWIT::THOMPSONTue Jan 31 1995Competitive Information - SNI
65.0NOWIT::THOMPSONMon Feb 13 1995Conference is write locked
67.0145353::absnb2.ucg.dec.com::SalesRepresentativeThu Mar 09 1995486 version of DECpos?
68.0248912::ntvar.aty.DEC.COM::van-trung truongMon Mar 20 1995programmer guide
69.04226Wed Mar 22 1995Error in Journal Printing
70.054487::GRITTER_AWed Mar 22 1995old-keyboard-new
71.02Wed Mar 22 1995U: Updating DECpos bios from 1.
72.049328::APFELTHALERTue Mar 28 1995Opening Solenoid without diode
73.0153679::KHRAPKINTue Apr 11 1995DECMEM driver for DECpos need
74.0258524::R_STJEANTue Apr 11 1995ex
75.058631::PINKERTONTue Apr 18 1995Still alive DECpos?
76.0GLDOA::WWILSONMon May 01 1995Potential customer
78.0442135::BONDMon Jun 19 1995BIOS 2.1
79.0254487::GRITTER_AThu Aug 31 1995unix drivers available ??
80.0154487::GRITTER_AWed Sep 13 1995use new keyboard without SET KBD=1 ?
81.0154487::GRITTER_ATue Sep 26 1995keyklick off ?
82.0142326::DAVISIThu Nov 23 1995Contact needed for DECPOS.MWX
83.0154487::GRITTER_ATue Nov 28 1995BBS # 519-672-6
84.0452Tue Apr 23 1996info needed on the monitor
85.0KAOFS::N_BROWNThu Apr 25 1996Looking for Documentation Files (EK-DCPOS-UG)