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Conference noted::woodworking_and_tools

Title:Woodworking and Tools
Notice:INDEX see 5.nn, BUY/SELL/SWAP see 7.nn
Created:Sat Mar 01 1986
Last Modified:Wed Jun 04 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:2113
Total number of notes:20008
Number with bodies:164
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1.015OLORIN::PERKINSThu Jan 10 1985Introduction
2.052ELUDOM::CLARKFri Jan 11 1985American Machine & Tool Co.
3.064INANNA::FORTMILLERFri Jan 11 1985Where to Buy Tools
4.0+16MILRAT::MUNROEMon Jan 14 1985Woodworking Stores
5.055--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 14 1985Directory by Keyword - See reply #1 for details
6.015SAMURI::BLUEJAYTue Jan 15 1985Wanted: Big sockets
7.0+91--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 15 1985 BUY, SELL, SWAP, the FOR SALE Note
8.023NISYSE::VINCENTMon Jan 21 1985Saw Sharpening
9.02AUTHOR::WELLCOMETue Jan 22 1985Gerstner tool chests
10.016OLORIN::PERKINSTue Jan 22 1985Saber and power saws
11.039GIGI::GINGERWed Jan 23 1985BOATBUILDERS???
12.0185ASGMKA::PENNEYSat Jan 26 1985The SHOPSMITH
13.08ELUDOM::CLARKMon Jan 28 1985Brad point woodbits
14.010ELUDOM::CLARKMon Jan 28 1985Sharpening stones
16.037ASGMKA::PENNEYTue Jan 29 1985Favorite Tool
17.018R2ME2::ZIMANSat Feb 02 1985Plastic Laminates - tools & techniques
18.013CRVAX1::KAPLOWMon Feb 04 1985UNIMAT
20.0132JACOB::MUNROEWed Feb 20 1985Sources for Wood
21.0+38OBLIO::WADEThu Feb 28 1985Buying and Curing Green Wood
23.03NETMAN::DUNLAPFri Mar 08 1985Hardwood sizing conventions - or what is 4/4?
24.016LATOUR::JMATTSONSun Mar 10 1985Hot air paint strippers
25.0+153LATOUR::JMATTSONSun Mar 10 1985Buying a table saw.
26.02CRVAX1::KAPLOWMon Mar 11 1985Composite materials
27.08WSGATE::BRACKETTTue Mar 12 1985Blacksmith tools
28.018AUTHOR::WELLCOMETue Mar 12 1985Useful books you'd recommend
29.08ELUDOM::CLARKFri Mar 15 1985Our old tree - a sad story
31.04CACHE::BRETSCHNEIDEWed Mar 20 1985Live Steam Magazine
32.0CACHE::BRETSCHNEIDEMon Apr 01 1985Buck Tool Info.
33.02GIGI::GINGERFri Apr 05 1985NORTON CO- Abrasive Products
38.011BCSENG::DMCOBURNFri May 17 1985Wood Carving
40.04OBLIO::WADEWed Jun 05 1985Source for Canvas, Leather??
42.04AUTHOR::WELLCOMEFri Jun 07 1985WILKE Machine Co?
43.04AUTHOR::WELLCOMEThu Jun 13 1985ENCO Machinery Co.
44.06AUTHOR::WELLCOMEWed Jul 10 1985Taiwan machinery
45.04OBLIO::WADEWed Jul 24 1985Norton Flea Market
47.013TRACTR::DOWNSWed Aug 21 1985Habor Freight Co?
49.09GRDIAN::COUTUWed Aug 28 1985Parts is parts (wooden lathe)
51.07DVINCI::BRACKETTFri Aug 30 1985Old grinder help
52.010ELUDOM::CLARKWed Sep 11 1985Soldering with a small flame
53.03GIGI::GINGERWed Sep 18 1985Welding Torch
55.015MUTT::WAGNERMon Sep 30 1985Generators
59.08FURILO::JOHNSONMon Oct 07 1985Carbide blade sharpening ??
61.038OBLIO::WADEFri Oct 11 1985Small planers, Ryobi, Delta, etc
67.0--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 31 1985About that Peabody Lecture
73.058ALIEN::WEISSThu Nov 07 1985Jointers, Planers, or both
74.04AUTHOR::WELLCOMEThu Nov 07 1985Tool & Cutter Grinder
78.017GUMDRP::BARWISEWed Nov 13 1985mortise and tenon,dovetailing
80.01SWATT::BAUMGARTFri Nov 15 1985Wet/Dry Vacuum Filters
81.01SSVAX::SARAOTue Nov 19 1985Office Desk Specs.
83.035BEING::WEISSThu Nov 21 1985Bench grinders
85.0+6OBLIO::WADEFri Nov 22 1985Brass & Stainless Steel Source
86.04ACE::MARTINEZMon Nov 25 1985rough oak prices
90.047FURILO::KENTTue Dec 17 1985Table or Radial Arm Saw?
91.04BLUES::HARNOISWed Dec 18 1985Table saw alternative
92.063CRVAX1::KAPLOWSat Dec 21 1985Dremel Moto-Tool replacement?
93.03FSLENG::GIUNTAWed Jan 08 1986glass hardware
95.08GRAMPS::LISSThu Jan 16 1986Removing broken screw?
96.09HANOI::CLARKFri Jan 17 1986Tap and die questions
99.05XANADU::HASKELLMon Feb 17 1986Real Stairs
101.03EAGLE1::DANTOWITZMon Feb 24 1986Disk sander
102.020ELUDOM::CLARKThu Feb 27 1986Improving an old Delta saw
103.07MOTHER::NICHOLSThu Feb 27 1986Looking for lumber
105.024FURILO::JOHNSONTue Mar 04 1986Joiner recommendations
106.0+54FURILO::BLESSLEYTue Mar 11 1986Air compressors - everything you ever needed to know
110.012SSVAX::SARAOThu Mar 20 1986Woodwright's address ?
113.016BLUES::HARNOISWed Apr 02 1986Sanders
114.013CSSE32::NICHOLSSat Apr 05 1986On buying tools for first time
116.091FURILO::JOHNSONFri Apr 11 1986AP1
119.0263SNO78C::MCLARENWed Apr 16 1986Routers you like, and why?
120.011BELKER::JOHNSONThu Apr 17 1986Universal vs induction motors
121.0123GRDIAN::COUTUThu May 08 1986How to buy a Bandsaw?
122.07MAY11::WARCHOLFri May 09 1986Shop tips
124.05KAOMTue May 13 1986Anyone know about ELM
125.01SPAGS::STEBULISTue May 20 1986Foley-Belsaw equipment
126.06OASS::M_HYDETue May 20 1986Anyone do picture frames?
128.079BRUTWO::COUTUREFri May 23 1986Portable Drills (Help)
129.060VLNVAX::FERWERDATue May 27 1986Dado Blades
130.029WAFER::WILSONWed Jun 04 1986sabre saws
133.022THORBY::MARRATue Jun 10 1986Shop vac advice wanted.
134.09OURVAX::BBROWNWed Jun 11 1986wood wheeled toys
136.06CLOUD9::SPT_LEPAGETue Jun 24 1986Using Glass/Tile Drill Bits
137.057FROST::RICHARDSONFri Jun 27 1986Glues...
139.0131FRSBEE::PAGLIARULOThu Jul 03 1986Plans Exchange
140.01PAXVAX::NAYLORMon Jul 07 1986Looking for a pea shooter
145.02CRVAX1::KAPLOWThu Jul 17 1986Sandpaper cleaner
147.012ESPN::MCWILLIAMSTue Jul 22 1986RUST
148.015ALPHA::CARRAFIELLOWed Jul 23 1986Routers vs. Jointer/Shapers
150.012GUMDRP::BARWISEWed Jul 30 1986sharpening stones
151.01WHOARU::HARDINGFri Aug 01 1986Looking for odd size sanding belt
153.03FRSBEE::FARRINGTONWed Aug 06 1986Making Woodworking Tools
154.076MELODY::HAFFNERWed Aug 13 1986Hardwood Prices
156.01FURILO::BLESSLEYTue Aug 19 1986Vermont American & the power of the printed word
157.07JOULE::OBRIENWed Aug 20 1986Protective Coatings
158.03Q::ROSENBAUMSun Aug 24 1986.1 hp tool "develops" 7 hp...
159.017THORBY::MARRAMon Aug 25 1986Jointed edges, power or hand planed?
161.08DRUID::MEANEYWed Aug 27 1986Books on scrollsaw projects ?
162.030BEING::WEISSWed Sep 03 1986Benches
164.0+9SAVAGE::LOCKRIDGEThu Sep 04 1986Wanted: METRIC Forstner Bits
167.024CHARON::LISTONMon Sep 08 1986Bandsaw Blades
169.05QUICK::BURDICKWed Sep 10 1986How to sharpen gouges?
175.03BRUTWO::COUTUREWed Sep 24 1986Need info on power miter boxes..
176.08CYGNUS::VHAMBURGERFri Sep 26 1986Tool Store locations
177.022BURREN::WATERSJFri Sep 26 1986BELT SANDERS??????
178.0+25JOULE::OBRIENMon Sep 29 1986The Woodwright's Shop
179.09WHY::FANEUFWed Oct 01 1986Money, the root of all?
182.02SAVAGE::LOCKRIDGEMon Oct 06 1986FOUND: Black and Decker Tool Outlet
185.01KUNTRY::CRUMPTue Oct 07 1986Frame me Please!!!
186.015AVANTI::DCLWed Oct 08 1986Advice on Makita 8-1/4" tabletop saw
187.037KIRK::GOSSELINThu Oct 09 1986disk/belt sanders
190.08BURREN::WATERSJTue Oct 14 1986Power drill comparison questions
191.04BURREN::WATERSJThu Oct 16 1986power jig saw questions
193.02GING::GINGERFri Oct 24 1986Shop Visits
195.010BOVES::FORTMILLERMon Oct 27 1986Wanted: ALUMINUM Wood Screw Source
196.05KIRK::GOSSELINMon Nov 03 1986step ladders
198.03JOULE::OBRIENMon Nov 10 1986DELTA Service Center
199.054CLOSUS::TAVARESMon Nov 10 1986Circular Saw Blades
200.02ZEPPO::MAHLERMon Nov 10 1986Electrical Crimps in the Central Ma/Worcester Area?
201.020EXODUS::SEGERMon Nov 10 1986Looking for good/cheap pine
202.012COLORS::BOWKERMon Nov 10 19861 hp motor source?
203.023JOULE::OBRIENWed Nov 12 1986Wood Filler Tinting
204.04DAIRY::FRASERThu Nov 13 1986WOOD IN THE WEST ???
205.023MOZART::LEACHFri Nov 14 1986antique tools: One man's junk.....
208.018EXODUS::SEGERTue Nov 18 1986Woodworking Courses
209.05FRSBEE::PAGLIARULOThu Nov 20 1986Need 12" diameter Sanding Disk paper
211.024ULTRA::PRIBORSKYMon Nov 24 1986Looking for power Miter Box
212.015SSVAX::SARAOTue Nov 25 1986Non-toxic finishes/fillers
214.063EXODUS::SEGERMon Dec 01 1986Making raised panels
215.07ERLMK::KILIANMon Dec 01 1986Glass Cutter
216.0+41HPSCAD::FORTMILLERTue Dec 02 1986How to make Bookcases
219.08TRACTR::DOWNSThu Dec 04 1986Grizzly Thickness Planer ????
220.066EXODUS::SEGERFri Dec 05 1986dovetail jigs
221.03COOKIE::SIDMANFri Dec 05 1986Hitachi Planer/Jointer
222.012FRSBEE::PAGLIARULOMon Dec 08 1986Chisles: Marples vs. Freud
223.05FROST::RICHARDSONWed Dec 10 1986'Hold-down' Clamp Info.
226.028EXODUS::SEGERMon Dec 15 1986Table saw blade guards
227.0138CLOSUS::TAVARESMon Dec 15 1986Cordless Screwdriver and Friends...
229.019ARGUS::CURTISWed Dec 17 1986Info on circular & table saw makers
230.016TRACTR::DOWNSFri Dec 19 1986Portable Power Hand Planer???
231.03KIRK::GOSSELINFri Dec 19 1986sharpening steels/stones
232.069CSSE32::NICHOLSSun Dec 21 1986Accidents with power tools. Lots of tales?
233.02THORBY::MARRATue Dec 23 1986Arm-strong hand plane advice needed.
234.02MILRAT::FARRELLWed Dec 24 1986Kent-Moore Automotive Tools
235.04FRSBEE::PAGLIARULOMon Dec 29 1986Old Sears Jig Saw
236.02FURILO::BLESSLEYMon Dec 29 1986Leichtung / DRI Conspiracy?
237.037TRACTR::DOWNSMon Dec 29 1986Where to get OAK, dry & rough
238.03TSE::BAUMGARTTue Dec 30 1986Power Hammer on sale thru Sear's catalog
240.04ALEX::CONNTue Dec 30 1986Warning on Black and Decker 9
241.012NCVAX1::EVENSONSat Jan 03 1987Do you need your ears for saftey?
244.010GRAMPS::POIRIERMon Jan 05 1987Can you mill with a drill press?
245.03STAR::SWISTTue Jan 06 1987Drill bits for plumbing/elect rough-in
247.04DRFIX::HENNESSYWed Jan 07 1987RIP FENCE for Sears table saw??
248.014FRSBEE::PAGLIARULOWed Jan 07 1987Lathe Toolrests
249.017HBO::PENNEYFri Jan 09 1987planing my own flooring questions
251.022VIDEO::DCLMon Jan 12 1987Sawdust
252.019EXODUS::SEGERMon Jan 12 1987saws on wheels
253.010MTV::PENNEYMon Jan 12 1987Sources for Turning Stock??
254.022CHOPIN::LEACHTue Jan 13 1987Crane's Auction Schedule
255.023USMRM2::JONESTue Jan 13 1987glue-up boards
256.03JOULE::OBRIENWed Jan 14 1987Get your Diamonds now!
257.04VIKING::FLEISCHERFri Jan 16 1987removing putty plugs in an old ice box
258.02FRSBEE::PAGLIARULOSun Jan 18 1987Now that I have it - What do I do With it?
259.0ESPN::PENNEYMon Jan 19 1987Any Experiences with PEG?
260.011FROST::RICHARDSONThu Jan 22 1987Bench Vises; general discussion
261.06RSTS32::DELBALSOThu Jan 22 1987In search of a Slick
262.02OBLIO::WADEWed Jan 28 1987Northeast Woodshop News
264.01CYGNUS::VHAMBURGERMon Feb 02 1987New England Wood Carvers Note
265.02CYGNUS::VHAMBURGERMon Feb 02 1987Official tool auction note
268.028TRACTR::DOWNSFri Feb 13 1987AP-1
272.024AMULET::YELINEKWed Feb 18 1987BandsawBladeSelection:needAdvice
275.06FROST::RICHARDSONWed Feb 25 1987Lumber Buzzwords & Terms
276.011BPOVThu Feb 26 1987Hole saw question
277.07CURIE::DIMANThu Feb 26 1987Drilling Pearls? (yes, really)
278.04BPOVFri Feb 27 1987Block Plane Wanted
279.019SAGE::AUSTINSun Mar 01 1987Air Compressors
281.09FROST::WALZMon Mar 02 1987Refinishing Mahogony
282.09TRACTR::DOWNSMon Mar 02 1987Watco oil finish - Fading
283.017FRSBEE::PAGLIARULOWed Mar 04 1987In Search Of The Perfect Edge
284.093BOOKIE::WIEGLERWed Mar 04 1987Table Saw suggestions?
285.010OVDVAX::MCCULLOUGHThu Mar 05 1987Wooden Planes
286.049BARNUM::JORGENSENFri Mar 06 1987Sander Recommendations
287.013ZEPPO::MAHLERSun Mar 08 1987Allen Key unavailable? Hard to believe!
288.011SEESAW::PILANTTue Mar 10 1987Dado & shaper blades
289.02IMBACQ::SIEGMANNTue Mar 10 1987Roundtable Radiusing Rendering
292.01FRSBEE::PAGLIARULOTue Mar 17 1987Hitachi Plunge Router
294.04FROST::RICHARDSONMon Mar 23 1987Dave Barry on Carpentry
295.06KELVIN::RPALMERTue Mar 24 1987ATLAS table saw, anyone else got one?
298.011OVDVAX::MCCULLOUGHMon Mar 30 1987cleaning oilstones
299.012SUBSYS::FILGATEMon Mar 30 1987Grizzly 18 inch bandsaw
302.017AMULET::FARRINGTONTue Mar 31 1987Wheelbarrows ?
303.013DSSDEV::AMBERTue Mar 31 1987Sawzall choices?
304.05USMRM2::GROSSThu Apr 02 1987Eye Protection
306.06DSSDEV::AMBERTue Apr 07 1987Rechargeable circular saws?
307.02ENUF::LANOUEWed Apr 08 1987Need OAK!!
309.015BAEDEV::RECKARDThu Apr 09 1987One-man tree-felling saws
310.05TLE::KLINGFri Apr 10 1987Exotic woods?
311.0+37EMIRFI::JACKSONWed Apr 15 1987Plane talk
315.016SUBSYS::FILGATEWed Apr 22 1987makita water wheel sharpener
317.07SUBSYS::FILGATEWed Apr 22 1987barrel or handle type bosch jig saw
318.02BARNUM::JORGENSENFri Apr 24 1987Welding Information
319.015BURREN::WATERSJFri Apr 24 1987bandsaw setup help
320.020SIOUXI::STEWARTFri Apr 24 1987AIR-TOOLS
321.0WELFAR::PGRANSEWICZFri Apr 24 1987Yates American
322.015BOEHM::SEGERFri Apr 24 1987levels
323.07Q::ROSENBAUMMon Apr 27 1987Cutting holes in glass
326.05ELWOOD::DYMONWed Apr 29 1987welding tank info needed
327.03SUBSYS::FILGATEThu Apr 30 1987bull's eye dove tails
330.017BARNUM::JORGENSENMon May 04 1987Makita Power Miter Recommendation
331.017RICKS::YODLOWSKIThu May 07 1987Cabinet Scrapers - Use and Sharpening ?
337.07NETCOM::OSTROMThu May 21 1987Where to buy veneer?
338.02SUBSYS::FILGATEWed May 27 1987General cabinet saw with Paralok rip fence
339.01SUBSYS::FILGATEFri May 29 1987looking for a used jig saw (walking beam)
342.01SAVAGE::LOCKRIDGEMon Jun 08 1987Makita Sharpener - you guys cost me $363.75!
343.022HPSCAD::FORTMILLERMon Jun 08 1987Drill Bit Sharpening
345.015ALEX::ALEXMon Jun 08 1987Eye Protection
346.010BAEDEV::RECKARDTue Jun 09 1987Driving pilot-less screws
348.039SENIOR::HAMBURGERThu Oct 08 1992The Official SPAG'S note
349.01OMEGA::BROWNFri Jun 12 1987Is AcuEdge DADO a good buy?
350.03BEANCT::VANCLEAVEFri Jun 12 1987How to free rusted screws?
354.08CSSE32::NICHOLSWed Jun 17 1987Where is quality plywood found?
355.05VIDEO::FINGERHUTThu Jun 18 1987Airless Paint Sprayer problem
356.05PUNDIT::PAGLIARULOFri Jun 19 1987Importing Mahogany
359.04VIDEO::GOODRICHThu Jun 25 1987Air compressor upgrade from 1-2 HP
360.011OMEGA::BROWNMon Jun 29 1987Ryoba Saw?
361.018SAVAGE::LOCKRIDGETue Jun 30 1987**REALLY** thin kerf saw blades.
362.02BARNUM::JORGENSENWed Jul 01 1987sharpening lawn mower blades
363.02ULTRA::PRIBORSKYTue Jul 07 1987Small blades in big saws
364.016BPOVFri Jul 10 1987WATCO finishing products
365.08VENOM::WATERSMon Jul 13 1987Another Magazine Offer....
367.0MPGS::HAFFNERThu Jul 16 1987Delta Lumber Mill?
369.06PUNDIT::PAGLIARULOTue Jul 21 1987Beginning Woodcarving
370.0PUNDIT::PAGLIARULOThu Jul 23 1987chisels: Marples vs. Mifer
371.08VENOM::WATERSTue Jul 28 198745 degree angles???
372.08VENOM::WATERSTue Jul 28 1987RUSTY SPOTS??
373.02PEACHS::MOODYWed Jul 29 1987Woodworking in Atlanta
374.0TALLIS::WADETue Aug 04 1987Designer Plane Blades!
375.05WKRP::MIDDLETONTue Aug 04 1987Planer/Moulding Combos
376.03FDCV11::PELONThu Aug 06 1987Wormdrive vs. reg. circ saws
378.02BOOKIE::WIEGLERFri Aug 07 1987New idea for wood finish?
379.09BAEDEV::RECKARDWed Aug 12 1987Table lamp wood
384.05LABC::FRIEDMANThu Aug 20 1987Masonry trowels - buying tips
386.06GUNSTK::PAGLIARULOTue Aug 25 1987Freud Handsaws & Poor Quality
387.015STAR::GOLDSTEINWed Aug 26 1987HP vs amps in circular saws
388.014CURIE::FERWERDAWed Aug 26 1987Drilling in concrete
389.09BOOKIE::WIEGLERWed Aug 26 1987problems with staining wood, knots & glue?
390.0163D::SULLIVANThu Aug 27 19876 or 12 point sockets ?
391.019VENOM::WATERSWed Sep 02 1987Help needed w/resawing and planing
392.015LDP::BUSCHWed Sep 02 1987Scandinavian cabinetmakers bench.
395.02MEMORY::BERKSONFri Sep 04 1987Small aluminum hinges?
397.08WILVAX::GALVINTue Sep 08 1987Manufacturers Warranties
398.03TALLIS::WADETue Sep 08 1987Rack and pinion gears?
399.02BARNUM::FOBRIENWed Sep 09 1987Polyurethane problem
400.0CYGNUS::VHAMBURGERFri Sep 11 1987New books at a cheap price
401.02BARNUM::JORGENSENFri Sep 11 1987Honing Machines
402.03CNTROL::KINGFri Sep 11 1987Blank Mandrel?
403.04SMURF::HODGESMon Sep 14 1987Onan Generators? A good machine?
404.06SUBSYS::FILGATEMon Sep 14 1987Trigger activated stud (RAM) guns
405.06BARNUM::JORGENSENTue Sep 15 1987Vendor for Polishing Compounds
406.02TRACTR::DOWNSWed Sep 16 1987Electronic Tape Measure?????
407.03NFL::EDWARDSThu Sep 17 1987Car tools in Acton ??
409.07HPSVAX::POWELLThu Sep 17 1987Router mounting assembly for radial saws
410.02NAC::GODDARDMon Sep 21 1987FWW videos @ your library?
411.08MALLET::NEALEWed Sep 23 1987Sharpening plane irons
412.04BARNUM::JORGENSENWed Sep 23 1987Making a Large radius
413.09CAD::BROPHYThu Sep 24 1987Branding irons
414.07SAGE::DERAMOFri Sep 25 1987bench grinder, American or Japanese brands?
416.09ROLL::MARTINMon Sep 28 1987Storage, lighting, anvils.
418.016BARNUM::DODDThu Oct 01 1987Craftsman #1
421.03EMIRFI::MYLREAMon Oct 12 1987Antique plough plane wanted, where to find one?
422.034SQM::MARCONISMon Oct 12 1987Drill Press Stand for Portables?
423.08BEING::WEISSMon Oct 12 1987One-shot shop visits
425.04TSG::DAVISWed Oct 14 1987Hard to Find Band Saw Blades
426.03MEMORY::BERKSONThu Oct 15 1987Found big motor
428.01HPSVAX::POWELLSat Oct 17 1987Exact angle cuts on a radial saw
429.07ASTRO::OBRIENThu Oct 22 1987removing oil stain from antique table
430.01CLT::RONANFri Oct 23 1987WANTEDFORRENT: LEIGH Dovetail Jig
431.015HPSCAD::FORTMILLERMon Oct 26 1987Dowels aren't always their nominal size
432.03BEANCT::BERKNERTue Oct 27 1987Sears bandsaw - Ryobi?
433.046RICKS::WILSONWed Nov 04 1987Miterboxes, hand and power
434.06DOODAH::WIEGLERThu Nov 05 1987Trim a door...use a plane?
435.04TIGEMS::RYDERSun Nov 08 1987Drill press purchase advice requested
440.02VICKI::ESONISThu Nov 19 1987belt sander won't anymore
444.04SMEGIT::BROUILLETTEMon Nov 23 1987holiday wishlist
446.0MEMORY::STANLEYTue Nov 24 1987A good source for used tools!
447.06LABC::FRIEDMANTue Nov 24 1987Shingling Hatchet
450.012OLDCAR::VAN_CLEAVEWed Nov 25 1987Diff betwn jig and scroll saw?
453.035MRMFG1::J_BORZUMATOTue Dec 01 1987warning on "freud" blades
454.06JUNIOR::WLODYKAWed Dec 02 1987More on Freud blades
455.058NHL::EDWARDSWed Dec 02 1987WOOD Lathe
457.047KEEPER::PFLUMThu Dec 03 1987Radial Arm Saw Advice
458.0106FUTBAL::RONANWed Dec 09 1987Drill Press Advice, Anyone?
459.05DSSDEV::CLIFFORDWed Dec 09 1987Pencil post bedframe advice?
460.01KEEPER::PFLUMThu Dec 10 1987Delta 1
461.038HPSMEG::LUKOWSKIFri Dec 11 1987Retail stores - Sales on tools
462.043TRACTR::DOWNSFri Dec 11 1987What Skill Saw To Buy ??????
463.035USADEC::EUSTACEMon Dec 14 1987advice needed for craftsman tools.
464.0+98SNO78C::MCLARENMon Dec 14 1987Plane spotters test!
465.03SNO78C::MCLARENMon Dec 14 1987Suppliers and Prices for Chisels
467.023VENOM::WATERSTue Dec 15 1987DELTA POWER MITER..$169.
468.015COMET::FISHERRTue Dec 15 1987How to begin furniture making?
471.010GNUVAX::LIBRARIANThu Dec 17 1987How to prevent warping on wide boards ?
472.01ECAVAX::SHOTWELLMon Dec 21 1987Vice for Workbench
474.01MEMORY::BERKSONMon Dec 21 1987Jewelery making supplies
476.05AKOV11::FRECHThu Dec 31 1987HELP: 22
478.02NPOVAX::PETERSTue Jan 05 1988Need old table saw parts
479.06ARCANA::JORGENSENWed Jan 06 1988Enco Table saw???
480.04AZXLUA::ROSSCWed Jan 06 1988Chainsaw Sharpening - electric
481.02SALEM::PAGLIARULOThu Jan 07 1988Grizzley Router Bits
482.010DECSIM::DEMBAThu Jan 07 1988Discount Tool Houses
483.08LDP::BURKHARTFri Jan 08 1988AIR Powered Tools
484.013CNTROL::XMXTue Jan 12 1988Central Mass Lumber yards ?
489.017STEREO::COUTUREFri Jan 15 1988Woodworkers Warehouse clearance sale
490.07FREDW::MATTHESSat Jan 16 1988Killer drill press
491.038SNO78C::MCLARENMon Jan 18 1988Stores and hours
493.025CLT::RONANThu Jan 21 1988Molding for picture framing?
495.015STEREO::COUTUREMon Jan 25 1988Looking for rough cut maple/pine/cherry
497.016STEREO::COUTUREMon Feb 01 1988Any recomendations on Air drying wood?
498.07TRACTR::DOWNSTue Feb 02 1988Welding Your Own Bandsaw Blades?????
499.033USRCV1::RECUPARORTue Feb 02 1988Info on Sears Radial Saw
501.035HPSMEG::LUKOWSKIThu Feb 04 1988Wood turning tools
502.016NAC::CARRAFIELLOTue Feb 09 1988Sander repairs?
504.015TALLIS::STEWARTThu Feb 11 1988handsaws
506.03USRCV1::DEEPRMon Feb 15 1988In town - Need tools!
508.06MPGS::BARWISETue Feb 16 1988Fine WW/HB mags in libraries?
509.042NETMAN::SEGERTue Feb 16 1988Dry-wall Screw Guns
511.04CYGNUS::VHAMBURGERWed Feb 17 1988Brass letters? Anyone know of any?
513.02WLDWST::LOHThu Feb 18 1988Select resawing bandsaw
514.028GWYNED::JOHNSONFri Feb 19 1988Opinions wanted on scroll saws- stationery type
515.025MISFIT::DEEPMon Feb 22 1988Japanese Waterstones
516.02STEREO::COUTUREMon Feb 22 1988looking for jointer and drill press info
517.036TOOK::ARNMon Feb 22 1988Pipe Clamps
519.06SUSHI::KMACDONALDTue Feb 23 1988ShopMaster (no, not the ShopSmith!) info?
520.061SUBSYS::FILGATETue Feb 23 1988shop wiring for 24
521.03DALI::BRACKETTWed Feb 24 1988Brass rivets source
522.05RGB::CLOUSERWed Feb 24 1988returning mail order tools
523.01SUBSYS::SETOThu Feb 25 1988Saw blade burn wood
524.0+116BPOVThu Feb 25 1988Building a Router Table
525.013TALLIS::STEWARTThu Feb 25 1988handscrew clamps
527.043D::BOYACKFri Feb 26 1988Legend: What's a DELTA?
528.019PARVAX::DEGIDIOTue Mar 01 1988non toxic glue
530.010MONSTR::PHILPOTT_DWThu Mar 03 1988boxes, boxes, boxes
531.012SALEM::PAGLIARULOThu Mar 03 1988Noisy Router
533.01--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 03 1988Want drawings of MLO clock tower
534.022USRCV1::DEEPRThu Mar 03 1988Delta Bandsaw Help!
535.04BPOVFri Mar 04 1988which tool to use ?
537.018STEREO::COUTURETue Mar 08 1988Clock movements
538.07CSSE32::NICHOLSTue Mar 08 1988How to cut fibreboard/hardboard?
539.03HPSCAD::FORTMILLERTue Mar 08 1988Heat Guns
540.04SHIGEO::SASAKIWed Mar 09 1988Japanese blades and sharpening jigs
541.05AUNTB::BOYERThu Mar 10 1988Boat Repair: Wood Type & Tips Wanted
543.09SUSHI::KMACDONALDFri Mar 11 1988Proper drill speed for Forstner bits?
544.03CLT::ZEHNGUTFri Mar 11 1988how to determine screw size
546.035ASD::DIGRAZIASun Mar 13 1988Plastics, Plexiglas, Lucite, acrylics, etc.
547.011CLT::ZEHNGUTMon Mar 14 1988Incra-Jig
548.024VIDEO::FINGERHUTTue Mar 15 1988Veneering the edge of plywood
549.038MISFIT::DEEPTue Mar 15 1988Ryobi R-5
550.07MISFIT::DEEPWed Mar 16 1988A trick to perfect dovetails!
551.010CSC32::D_GLEASONThu Mar 17 1988Colo. Spgs. Woodworking Scene
552.028CSC32::D_GLEASONThu Mar 17 1988Basement shop advice needed
553.08SUBSYS::SETOFri Mar 18 1988Portable power plane or belt sander
555.08BUTTON::BROWNMon Mar 21 1988Plane, Scrape, or Sand?
556.09ASD::DIGRAZIAMon Mar 21 1988Leichtung dowel jig
558.010MPGS::BARWISETue Mar 22 1988so. yellow pine
559.07BRAT::LEINSINGTue Mar 22 1988Cheap Drill Sets
560.079SALEM::PAGLIARULOTue Mar 22 1988Frame and Panel Router Blades
562.012CYGNUS::VHAMBURGERThu Mar 24 1988Repair person for REED ORGAN wanted.
564.05MRED::CURELOPMon Mar 28 1988Cutting Plywood
565.01CYGNUS::VHAMBURGERMon Mar 28 1988Woodworking projects for extra cash.
566.04CYGNUS::VHAMBURGERMon Mar 28 1988Use for Hickory wood?
568.02CYGNUS::VHAMBURGERMon Mar 28 1988Where to learn woodworking?
569.010CYGNUS::VHAMBURGERMon Mar 28 1988Information on milling lumber?
570.07GOJIRA::PHILPOTT_DWTue Mar 29 1988Power versus hand tools?
571.06MISFIT::DEEPWed Mar 30 1988mail order postcard ripoff?
574.02AKOV11::FRECHMon Apr 04 1988Stanley Two-Tones
575.047GOJIRA::PHILPOTT_DWTue Apr 05 1988material for a workbench top
576.03HPSTEK::JORGENSENTue Apr 05 1988Parts for WWII vintage BX-2435 generator?
580.011CLT::ZEHNGUTTue Apr 12 1988cherry wood and color matching
583.013HPSTEK::JORGENSENThu Apr 14 1988Makita 3X21 Sanders...
584.02BALBOA::SEIDMANWed Apr 20 1988Dado joints?
585.018MISFIT::DEEPFri Apr 22 1988Sources for Veneer?
586.04BRAT::LEINSINGMon Apr 25 1988'Exotic' Woods
587.032ETHEL::BOOSINGERTue Apr 26 1988Workshop Wish list-Input wanted
588.08CLT::RONANTue Apr 26 1988Needed: Table Designs
589.07CSMADM::EDWARDSWed Apr 27 1988Adirondack Chairs ??
593.06MERIDN::DOIRONSat Apr 30 1988CAS 15 Wood Shaper
594.03CSSE32::NICHOLSMon May 02 1988Making some trunks
595.01SYNTH::SEIGELTue May 03 1988How to bond foam rubber to plywood
597.037PENUTS::AERNIWed May 04 1988Buying a radial arm saw
598.02NETMAN::SEGERWed May 04 1988electronic tools
599.026ARCANA::JORGENSENThu May 05 1988Bolts & Nuts!!
600.04SSDEVO::MCCOLLUMThu May 05 1988Paulownia Tomentosa - need info
601.08HPSTEK::FOBRIENThu May 05 1988Raised panels vs. Varnish
602.053D::GINGERMon May 09 1988Favorite USED tool Stores
603.011GORDON::GORDONTue May 10 19889/16" dowels needed
605.05SHIGEO::SASAKITue May 10 1988Making kitchen cabinets
606.0--UnknownUser--Tue May 10 1988Native Cherrywood For Sale
607.06NHL::EDWARDSTue May 17 1988White Cedar
608.010PLATA::OSWALDTue May 17 1988Saw blade question
611.03CSOA1::MOLLMon May 23 1988Hydraulic Seal Source ?
612.018SHIGEO::SASAKIMon May 23 1988Veneering a table top
613.034SUBSYS::SETOMon May 23 1988Hinges
614.09HPSTEK::JORGENSENTue May 24 1988Managing metal disks...
617.020PLANET::EDWARDSTue May 31 1988DELTA Scroll Saw ??
620.011AITG::HANSSENWed Jun 01 1988Impact Wrenches
621.0SA1794::RAYMONDLThu Jun 02 1988Warning AP1
622.04AITG::HANSSENThu Jun 02 1988Woodturner's Association
624.06DELNI::GOLDSTEINMon Jun 06 1988Gumwood door's frame shattered
626.012SUBSYS::SETOThu Jun 09 1988Sticky sand paper
627.025HOCUS::CONNORFri Jun 10 1988Jet bandsaw info
628.01SUBSYS::FILGATEFri Jun 10 1988Dust collector electric control systems
629.03CLT::RONANMon Jun 13 1988wooden sliders for table top?
630.01SUSHI::KMACDONALDMon Jun 13 1988Woodworking classes in DC/MD/VA area.
631.01EBBVTue Jun 14 1988Loanable Plans Library
633.05KIRKWD::SERVERWed Jun 22 1988Exterior Redwood finish?
634.072SALEM::PAGLIARULOWed Jun 22 1988Router Bit - Which ones are good?
635.022BTO::MORRIS_KMon Jun 27 1988Molding head on a table saw
636.0+34PLATA::OSWALDWed Jun 29 1988Finishing Process Question
639.010SNO78C::MCLARENFri Jul 08 1988Rim Profile on bandsaw wheels
640.02RLAV::BAKALETZFri Jul 08 1988Sawhorses
641.05TOLKIN::GAGNONMon Jul 11 1988How do you cut plate glass?
642.010UBOHUB::SWANNFri Jul 15 1988New smoother from Record
645.0SAGE::DERAMOMon Jul 18 1988Making a table sturdy
646.013LDYBUG::DITMARSMon Jul 18 1988How do I put a clock movement in the back of a clock?
647.010ELWOOD::NORCOTTWed Jul 20 1988Which ONE BRAND would you choose?
648.02ELWOOD::NORCOTTThu Jul 21 1988
649.012ERLANG::SOUZAMon Jul 25 1988Teak
650.035VLNVAX::SUMNERTue Jul 26 1988Power nailer input wanted
651.06CLT::RONANWed Jul 27 1988patching a table top
652.04VTHRAX::KIPTue Aug 02 1988Novice sandpaper question
653.06STAR::SWISTWed Aug 03 1988Stair Stringers - How did they do it?
654.09ELWOOD::NORCOTTThu Aug 04 1988Ryobi RA-2
656.04HPSTEK::JORGENSENWed Aug 10 1988Screw Extractors?
658.05NAC::GODDARDMon Aug 15 1988Bosch 1611...where?
659.012CSSE32::PHILPOTTTue Aug 16 1988EMCO woodworking machines
660.06BUTTON::BROWNFri Aug 19 1988Hand Planing Maple
661.04SHIGEO::SASAKIFri Aug 19 1988The Luthierie
662.01249ER::LOHFri Aug 19 1988Drill-guides and wood plug cutters
663.015CSSE32::NICHOLSMon Aug 22 1988Seeking recommendations on plywood joinery
664.07CGVAX2::WOODWed Aug 24 1988couch/bed frame diagram wanted
665.013PCOJCT::SELZAMFri Aug 26 1988techniques for a wall unit?
666.05EUCLID::PAULHUSMon Aug 29 1988Homebuilder school?
668.010BPOVTue Aug 30 1988Shop in Garage?
669.03BUFFER::CHOWTue Aug 30 1988wood toy houses
670.034SALEM::PAGLIARULO_GTue Aug 30 1988Ripstrate
671.07CSSE32::PHILPOTTFri Sep 02 1988a simple way to perfectly align routed dadoes.
672.05UBOHUB::SWANNMon Sep 05 1988end grain ebony
673.03DECSIM::DEMBATue Sep 06 1988sizing a motor for a bandsaw
674.03CLT::FANEUFTue Sep 06 1988tool burnout
679.06TALLIS::STEWARTMon Sep 12 1988plane iron source wanted
683.010FROST::WALZTue Sep 13 1988Source for Drawer Lumber?
685.01TALLIS::WADEWed Sep 14 1988Needed: small screws, 1-64 thread
686.018FUTURA::MCNULTYWed Sep 14 1988Getting good, even results from stain (?)
688.02NAC::GODDARDSat Sep 17 1988Plans for a small cider press
690.01HILLST::MASONSun Sep 18 1988Looms and presses...
691.012PTOMV3::JACOBWed Sep 21 1988luan doors & stain
692.029SUSHI::KMACDONALDWed Sep 21 1988Balcony [and stairs] railing details wanted!
693.08NANOOK::LANGONEWed Sep 21 1988Alltrade table saw ???
698.036BEING::WEISSThu Sep 29 1988A router table for your table saw
700.04NATASH::HYATTFri Sep 30 1988Need advice for cedar chest
701.02CSCMA::MAYNARDFri Sep 30 1988Refinishing products like Formbys?
702.02HPSCAD::DANCONATue Oct 04 1988cracking cain
703.06SHIGEO::SASAKITue Oct 04 1988Cutting a round table top
704.04NWDTue Oct 04 1988How to remove excess glue?
705.018CLT::ZEHNGUTWed Oct 05 1988workbenches: build vs. buy
706.02PLANET::EDWARDSWed Oct 05 1988Dril-Lathe ??
707.01GLIND1::SHOTWELLWed Oct 05 1988Visit to Asheville NC
709.07POOL::HAMMONDWed Oct 12 1988Drawer Slides
711.02UNIVSE::BAHLINThu Oct 13 1988determining screw size?
712.05HOCUS::CONNORFri Oct 14 1988Boxing in Columns-advice
713.05HPSTEK::JORGENSENTue Oct 18 1988Chain Saw Sharpening Tools...
714.020DNEAST::RIPLEY_GORDOFri Oct 21 1988Leigh jig? Is it worth the $$?
716.04SHARE::MCELHINEYThu Oct 27 1988A Float Building Project
717.09SLSTRN::BROWNTue Nov 01 1988Oak vs cherry for woodwork?
718.03MUSKIE::EVENSONTue Nov 01 1988Computerized Woodsmith index
719.07MPGS::BRIGHTMANWed Nov 02 1988Finish That Will Get Wet?
720.03STEREO::COUTUREThu Nov 03 1988What makes up Watco Danish oil?
721.0BUTTON::BROWNThu Nov 03 1988Question On Japanese Plane Tuning
722.07STEREO::COUTUREThu Nov 03 1988need access to 2
724.06TALLIS::WADEMon Nov 07 1988Minor table saw problem warning
726.09SUBSYS::FILGATETue Nov 08 1988Hanson tools
727.013POLAR::FERGUSONRWed Nov 09 1988tips re:gun stocks??
729.07ATLAST::TERPENINGFri Nov 11 1988drill bit
731.08BBLBRX::DOUGHERTYTue Nov 15 1988Dovetail Jig - Woodsmith #58 Article
733.02SNO78C::MCLARENTue Nov 15 1988Garratt Wade/Woodline Japanese tools
734.025STEREO::COUTUREWed Nov 16 1988seek opinions on old tools
735.08WMOIS::JORGENSENThu Nov 17 1988Socket Storage...
736.010DISCVR::CASEYFri Nov 18 1988Rip Fence Replacement
737.06NATASH::HYATTMon Nov 28 1988Mayonaise ???
738.01GRANMA::GHALSTEADWed Nov 30 1988Sears Bandsaw ??
739.021BPOVMon Dec 05 1988Rust Prevention On Power Tools!
740.034WHYVAX::GEYERMon Dec 05 1988Cutting beech tree into lumber
742.04HPSCAD::DANCONAWed Dec 07 1988cracked oak top
743.060NETMAN::SEGERThu Dec 08 1988Kitchen Cabinets
745.012TALLIS::WADEMon Dec 12 1988Dust collector attachment for AP1
748.014DECSIM::DEMBATue Dec 13 1988looking for 5/8" radius cove router bit
749.05SUBSYS::FILGATEWed Dec 14 1988source/vendor of K & E planimeter
751.04BUTTON::BROWNWed Dec 14 1988Source For Lamp Parts
752.01HPSTEK::SKIESTFri Dec 16 1988Pine Wood Door
753.014NETMAN::SEGERFri Dec 16 1988Sight Seeing
755.013PENUTS::AERNIMon Dec 19 1988Bleedback on Oak, boo!
758.012SHIRE::NICKFri Dec 23 1988Dust collector for 1
759.09MEMORY::BERKSONTue Dec 27 1988Looking for unusual bolt
761.013PEOVAX::DRAGONWed Dec 28 1988Handplaning Rosewood
762.019HPSTEK::DVORAKSat Dec 31 1988Building your own Tablesaw
765.08TRACTR::DOWNSFri Jan 06 1989Touching up/Cleaning Blades??
766.018MPGS::BRIGHTMANFri Jan 06 1989Where to buy books & mags?
767.01PEOVAX::DRAGONFri Jan 06 1989Fulton Combination Plane
768.05AKOV12::ANDREWSFri Jan 06 1989Victorian whacha-ma-callit?
769.04GL::ZEHNGUTFri Jan 06 1989Delta 1
770.0544GL::ZEHNGUTTue Jan 10 1989Belt sander recommendations
771.015NAC::GODDARDTue Jan 10 1989Tempering methods
772.026MISFIT::DEEPThu Jan 12 1989Justifying Tools to your spouse (or SO)...
773.09SUBSYS::FILGATEThu Jan 12 1989Delta DJ-2
775.05PAMOLA::RECKARDFri Jan 13 1989Cutting to length
777.07TRACTR::DOWNSThu Jan 19 1989MinWax Poly Won't Dry!
778.026TYCHO::REITHFri Jan 20 1989Designing a Swinging bookcase (ala Secret Passage)
780.05STEREO::COUTUREFri Jan 20 1989how to control shop dust
781.02POBOX::KOCHFri Jan 20 1989Planing varnished boards?
782.05DNEAST::RIPLEY_GORDOFri Jan 20 19892" wood screw thread?
783.055PARVAX::DEGIDIOSat Jan 21 1989Shopping for a Thickness Planer
784.013PENUTS::AERNISat Jan 21 1989NYWS - New Woodworking TV show
785.0455VMSSPT::NICHOLSSat Jan 21 1989The New Yankee Workshop note
786.03BTO::MORRIS_KMon Jan 23 1989More to consider...
787.023SICVAX::SCHEIBELTue Jan 24 1989Used DELTA contractor's saw
788.02STEREO::COUTUREWed Jan 25 1989Hazard -- upgrade for AP-1
789.06AKOV13::FULTZWed Jan 25 1989Good Tool Stores
790.0114POLAR::FERGUSONRWed Jan 25 1989the wood carving note
791.021CADSE::ENGELHARDTWed Jan 25 1989How to cut tapered legs?
793.020SUBSYS::FILGATEThu Jan 26 1989pulleys and drive belts
794.010TALLIS::LEACHTue Jan 31 1989What I want to see and my creed, if anyone cares.
796.047WMOIS::JORGENSENTue Jan 31 1989DELTA T-SAW $475 @Spags
799.033DWOVAX::RULLOWed Feb 01 1989HELP me!! Walnut and Motor Oil...
800.03AKOV88::LAVINWed Feb 01 1989Place that will Plane ?
801.012POLAR::FERGUSONRWed Feb 01 1989delta 14"bndsw owners
803.03DNEAST::RIPLEY_GORDOThu Feb 02 1989Walnut for workbench top?
805.026WMOIS::POSCOFri Feb 03 1989Sk verses Craftsmen Tools
806.03AKOV88::LAVINFri Feb 03 1989Dado blades, New and Old
807.05CADSE::ENGELHARDTMon Feb 06 1989Will tacks split oak?
810.010NITMOI::MARATue Feb 07 1989Half Sheets of Plywood?
812.0+6DNEAST::RIPLEY_GORDOWed Feb 08 1989Bad saw sharpening???
813.09CSCMA::FINIZIOWed Feb 08 1989Help Finding Thick Wood?
814.03SALLIE::AERNIWed Feb 08 1989Where to find sale ads
816.07WONDER::MAHEUMon Feb 13 1989Plan on buying Craftsman?
817.02DNEAST::RIPLEY_GORDOMon Feb 13 1989a few tips
818.023NETMAN::SEGERMon Feb 13 1989Cabinet (kitchen) Building
819.03VIDEO::MAYMon Feb 13 1989Help on kitchen cabinets
820.012PAMOLA::RECKARDTue Feb 14 1989Dado beginner / bookcase beginner
822.024SSGBPM::YELGINWed Feb 15 1989Chisels - Marples vs. Sorby
823.028AKOV12::ANDREWSWed Feb 15 1989A Plunging Router Table?
824.02HILLST::MASONThu Feb 16 1989LONG Torx 1
825.015BOOTES::KEYESMon Feb 20 1989Help with striping old Varnish/Stain.
828.08BEING::WEISSFri Feb 24 1989Why breadboard ends?
829.01NITMOI::MARAFri Feb 24 1989Delta Rockwell service phone number needed
830.08SLOAN::HOMSun Feb 26 1989Help with planing maple
831.029BEING::WEISSMon Feb 27 1989New Powermatic Contractor's Table Saw
832.018SA1794::RAYMONDLMon Feb 27 1989working with cherry
833.012CUSPID::MCCABEMon Feb 27 1989Long extention jambs
834.010DNEAST::RIPLEY_GORDOMon Feb 27 1989Steamed at Taunton Press!
835.045NETMAN::SEGERMon Feb 27 1989Applying Polyurethane
836.014ONFIRE::PJOHNSONTue Feb 28 1989Source for 1/2" thick dried pine needed
837.021HOTAIR::DEGIDIOWed Mar 01 1989Building a Pool table
838.04STRECH::P_COLEWed Mar 01 1989Plans/suggestions for kids Pic_a_nic Table
839.023DNEAST::RIPLEY_GORDOWed Mar 01 1989re-installing planner blades???
841.041PEOVAX::DRAGONThu Mar 02 1989Carving Chisels
843.05BOEHM::ICENOGLEFri Mar 03 1989Looking for table top fasteners
844.04SALEM::YACKELTue Mar 07 1989Stain too Dark/how to remove
845.05POLAR::FERGUSONRTue Mar 07 1989microwaving wood
847.022MPGS::QUISTGWed Mar 08 1989Shop Smithers at DEC unite
848.09SUSHI::KMACDONALDWed Mar 08 1989questions about plywood grades and sizes
849.012VIDEO::MAYWed Mar 08 1989Building a cut-off box
850.04WILKIE::BERKNERThu Mar 09 1989HydroCoat
851.033VMSSPT::NICHOLSFri Mar 10 1989Grinding and honing for the occassional user
852.011DNEAST::RIPLEY_GORDOMon Mar 13 1989mortising chisels for drill press
853.08VIDEO::MAYMon Mar 13 1989HELP!! TS blade out of parallel with mitre/..
855.0FXNBS::WYETue Mar 14 1989Highland Hardwoods, Brentwood NH
857.04VIDEO::MAYThu Mar 16 1989Help attaching stiles/rails
859.021SMURF::YELGINThu Mar 16 1989Hand & Power tools - What do you use?
860.0JACKAL::BOURGEOISFri Mar 17 1989HAWK scroll saw
861.010MPGS::GIFFORDFri Mar 17 1989Grizzly tools (good or bad)
862.022BEING::WEISSFri Mar 17 1989How do you finish plane a large surface?
865.012VIDEO::MAYWed Mar 22 1989is there a rail and stile file somewhere??
866.057NETMAN::SEGERWed Mar 22 1989Palm Sanders
867.043POLAR::FERGUSONRWed Mar 22 1989stupid mistakes
869.02DNEAST::RIPLEY_GORDOMon Mar 27 1989SEARS return policy?
870.08SLOAN::HOMMon Mar 27 1989Calculating the amt of wood needed
871.06PEOVAX::DRAGONTue Mar 28 1989Homemade Varnish?
872.06WONDER::MAHEUThu Mar 30 1989Shapers? Which one?
873.03HAL9Thu Mar 30 1989source for oil?
874.03FRSBEE::PETERSFri Mar 31 1989Casters for Sears Table Saw?
878.03DWOVAX::LICAUSETue Apr 04 1989Myford Lathe?
879.06VMSSPT::NICHOLSMon Apr 10 1989Anti-skid mat?
880.092BAD::JAKUSMon Apr 10 1989"Old Fashioned" Nail source wanted.
881.06AKOV13::FULTZTue Apr 11 1989Flower Box Questions
882.016HPSCAD::DANCONATue Apr 11 1989drilling a hole where the plug goes in
884.06NETMAN::SEGERWed Apr 12 1989Why do you use clamps when gluing
885.01ADVAX::MCMULLENThu Apr 13 1989? Dovetail jigs
886.03EUCLID::FRASERThu Apr 13 1989Sources for wood requested.
887.018SSGBPM::YELGINThu Apr 13 1989Shopsmith Classes - Worth going to??
888.02AKOV76::LAVINFri Apr 14 1989Queen Anne Legs
890.0139HOCUS::SEARLThu Apr 20 1989Delta 1
891.02DNEAST::RIPLEY_GORDOFri Apr 21 1989tel # for 7 corners hardwre?
892.022MAYAN::LOUFri Apr 21 1989Getting ZZapped!
893.017DODO::MARTINFri Apr 21 1989Bending of Copper PIpe?
894.02AD::TUMBLINMon Apr 24 1989Chainsaw lumbermill?
895.05SMAUG::GUNNTue Apr 25 1989Abrasives for Sand Blasting.
896.02CARTUN::DERAMOWed Apr 26 1989Walnut: front page news
897.09HPSTEK::JORGENSENThu Apr 27 1989Portable Belt Sanders...
898.018NBC::STEWARTFri Apr 28 1989PRO-TECH TABLESAW???
899.02SUBSYS::SETOFri Apr 28 1989Sanding sealer
901.016DECWET::FURBUSHTue May 02 1989Sawbuck vs Miter Saws
902.04TARKIN::GOODYThu May 04 1989source for 5" pin type blades??
905.07HAMPS::PHILPOTT_ITue May 09 1989Inca/Eumenia radial arm saws?
906.029NETMAN::SEGERTue May 09 1989finishing and sealing cherry cabinets
908.01TOOK::ICENOGLEWed May 10 1989Source for Flutex?
911.0ODIHAM::PHILPOTT_ITue May 16 1989Mill Route Machine
914.025USCTR2::MKOVARYTue May 16 1989Home Design Software???
915.04GAOVWed May 17 1989Marquetry anyone ??
916.011CVG::CIARALDIFri May 19 1989Baby furniture plans ????
917.026SUBSYS::SETOMon May 22 1989Powermatric Table Saw
919.08SUBSYS::SETOWed May 24 1989Oak Plywood
921.02GRANMA::AKAYEThu May 25 1989House siding - what shaper needed?
922.010STEREO::COUTURETue May 30 1989need source for quarter sawn lumber
924.04ASHBY::BEFUMOTue May 30 1989Plans for Artist's Studio Easel?
925.013ULTRA::ARGOWed May 31 1989aligning jointer blades
926.07BTOVT::MORRIS_KWed May 31 1989Hitachi table saw...???
927.02ACESMK::MCKIMThu Jun 01 1989Looking for a wood stool
929.09LESCOM::DUNLAPWed Jun 07 1989Adirondak Chair Plans
932.02POLAR::FERGUSONWed Jun 07 1989Doll Cradles
933.023NETMAN::SEGERThu Jun 08 1989sharpening jointer and planer blades
935.08YODA::BARANSKIWed Jun 14 1989fiberglass resin finish?
937.04RICKS::SPEARSun Jun 18 1989WANTED: Accessor for dial-guage micrometer
938.02SUBSYS::SALLESMon Jun 19 1989RYOBI RA2
939.02--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 20 1989NEED SCRAP PINE
940.010REGENT::MOZERFri Jun 23 1989Which wax for cast iron surfaces?
941.03DNEAST::RIPLEY_GORDOFri Jun 23 1989Skill saw accident!
942.06HPSCAD::LADEROUTEFri Jun 23 1989outdoor furniture
943.013HPSCAD::LADEROUTEFri Jun 23 1989delta 16" 3-wheel bandsaw
945.0233SALEM::PAGLIARULO_GSat Jun 24 1989Eagle Router bits, organize as a club!
946.05DBCOOP::SYSTEMTue Jun 27 1989Lubricant for an aluminum ladder
947.02SALEM::PAGLIARULO_GWed Jun 28 1989Source for Coping Saw Blades
948.031HPSCAD::LADEROUTEThu Jun 29 1989furniture kits
949.07DICKNS::GALLAGHERThu Jun 29 1989Looking for Makita Service Center
950.021NERDS::BARRYFri Jun 30 1989new to this
951.02GLIVET::RECKARDWed Jul 05 1989Finishing green wood
952.011CINEMX::GARABEDIANThu Jul 06 1989Orbital jigsaw?
953.07HKFINN::GALLAGHERFri Jul 07 1989Blade brake for Radial Arm Saw?
954.07AKOV11::FRECHTue Jul 11 1989Wanted info on Radial Arm Saws
955.05CECVWed Jul 12 1989ADJUSTMENT for DELTA Rip Fence????
956.02SMURF::WALLACEWed Jul 12 1989Where to find gears
957.08SMURF::YELGINWed Jul 19 1989Table Saw Motor Repair
958.011VMSSG::NICHOLSMon Jul 24 1989Help on window joinery!!
959.05REGENT::MOZERWed Jul 26 1989DEC Employee Discounts
960.05AQUA::SCHULLMANFri Jul 28 1989cutting tool steel
963.02PH4VAX::POINDEXTERFri Aug 04 1989School bus kiln
965.02POBOX::KOCHThu Aug 10 1989Need saw blade for old circ. saw
970.03MEMORY::MOORETue Aug 15 1989source for odd stock?
972.09COMET::SEDILLOThu Aug 17 1989Dado blade suggestions?
974.012GLDOA::ROMANIKFri Aug 18 1989sharpening drill bits
976.01GLIVET::RECKARDTue Aug 22 1989Veneer repair on an nice old bureau
977.013TALK::GONZALEZMon Aug 28 1989Tool Chests/Cabinets
978.016TYFOON::VALENTAMon Aug 28 1989What to do with scrap wood?
979.01NABSIP::GORDONTue Aug 29 1989old plans - Pop. Mechanics
980.03WOODRO::CASEYWed Aug 30 1989Mikita cordless 7.2 or 9.6 volts
981.06XCUSME::KRUYFri Sep 01 1989Drafting Table Plans?
982.09ROLL::BEFUMOTue Sep 05 1989Airless sprayer advice needed
983.03VMSSG::NICHOLSWed Sep 06 1989How to make CD containers?
986.011INKWEL::BJORKFri Sep 08 1989Hot motor
987.01DELNI::S_ALUNNIFri Sep 08 1989wanted: woodworking course
988.01GLIND1::SHOTWELLMon Sep 11 1989Sharpening a Broad Hatchet
989.04HPSTEK::DVORAKWed Sep 13 1989Leveling machinery/ equal foot loads
991.010ULTRA::BROOKSWed Sep 13 1989Blade Sharpening ?
992.010TALLIS::WADEThu Sep 14 1989Catalog
993.013DELNI::EDWARDSThu Sep 14 1989Help - Scroll Saw woes
994.02--UnknownUser--Fri Sep 15 1989Constantine catalog, Veneer supplier
997.06CSOA1::MCCULLOUGHWed Sep 20 1989Removing Smoke smell
998.08SUBSYS::SETOFri Sep 22 1989How to clean cast iron top?
999.062GLIND1::SHOTWELLMon Sep 25 1989Metal Plane Collecting
1000.01SUBSYS::SETOTue Sep 26 1989Delta toll free number
1001.0NAC::GODDARDTue Sep 26 1989New Stanley 45/55 irons
1002.02MPGS::PIERMARINITue Sep 26 1989projects to build
1003.012TALK::GONZALEZWed Sep 27 1989Welding
1004.06SUBSYS::SETOMon Oct 02 1989How to clean saw blade?
1005.010POTS::VISSERTue Oct 03 1989address or phone for Sears Dunlap saw parts?
1007.04DNEAST::RIPLEY_GORDOWed Oct 04 1989advertising tools, be specific!
1008.010SUBSYS::SETOWed Oct 04 1989Ripstrate
1009.03BTOVT::GONZALEZ_RThu Oct 05 1989Makita - Telephone Orders
1010.02LEVERS::SBEHMThu Oct 05 1989Finishing rosewood
1012.02HPSTEK::FOBRIENSun Oct 08 1989Ryobi Accessories Sources ???
1013.0TUNER::COUTUREMon Oct 09 1989anyone used pneumatic sanding drums?
1014.06MARVLS::PLYNCHTue Oct 10 1989table saw or radial arm saw?
1015.05USEM::CADLEThu Oct 12 1989Beginning Wood Carving Classes
1017.04ASHBY::BEFUMOMon Oct 16 1989Maple for Kitchen Cabinets?
1018.013ADVAX::MCMULLENTue Oct 17 1989plywood to plywood ?
1019.09PONDVU::ADAMSTue Oct 17 1989Child Safe Sealers
1020.021ASHBY::BEFUMOWed Oct 18 1989What can you do with a jointer?
1024.03SPGBAS::SODERSTROMWed Oct 18 1989Woodsmith Magazine
1025.06MILPND::STALLINGSWed Oct 18 1989Wood Carved Signs
1026.06ROLL::BEFUMOWed Oct 18 1989What to look for when buying used saws?
1027.01KATABA::MUNSELLWed Oct 18 1989Grizzly stories.
1028.01NABSIP::GORDONThu Oct 19 1989Tea Cart Wheels -- HELP!
1029.09STAR::WOODMANThu Oct 19 1989JET 12" portable planer
1030.03JAZZ::BRODERICKFri Oct 20 1989Determining drill power requirements
1031.03SALEM::PAGLIARULO_GMon Oct 23 1989Turning Burls
1032.011GLIND1::SHOTWELLMon Oct 23 1989Molding Plane Sharpening
1033.05NABSIP::GORDONTue Oct 24 1989Need (table) legs turned
1034.02SUBSYS::SETOFri Oct 27 1989Sawing wet wood!!
1035.03SNO78C::MCLARENSun Oct 29 1989Woodline address & other japanese mailorder?
1037.07WLW::ESLINGERTue Oct 31 1989Wanted Harpsichord Plans?
1038.013VMSDEV::HAMMONDThu Nov 02 1989Wilke Machinery Co. -- Bridgewood Machinery
1039.04NSSG::STCLAIRThu Nov 02 1989Delta Wood Turning Lathe a bargin @ $1499?
1040.04SALEM::PAGLIARULO_GFri Nov 03 1989Faceplate Lathe
1041.06AKOV13::DOUGANSun Nov 05 1989Band-saw kits
1042.020ROLL::ADAVISMon Nov 06 1989New England Hardwood Supply Co.
1044.02FORCE::HQCONSOLTue Nov 07 1989Bosch Circular Saw - Opinions??
1045.04DEMING::TADRYFri Nov 10 1989Adams Wood products...
1046.014NYEM1::MILBERGFri Nov 10 1989Makita tools, different colors, diff. innards?
1047.01NRPUR::DMOOREMon Nov 13 1989Router Fence Micro-Adjuster
1048.02434838::DLAVALLEYMon Nov 13 1989Weatherproofing Wood
1050.02FXADM::THOMPSONTue Nov 14 1989Where to buy supplies
1052.031PONDVU::ADAMSWed Nov 15 1989Heating your shop?
1053.04POTS::VISSERWed Nov 15 1989motor needed, 3/4HP or more
1054.09HPSTEK::DVORAKThu Nov 16 1989Where to buy tools in ENGLAND / UK.
1055.016AURIGA::DIGILIOThu Nov 16 1989drum sander for drill press...
1056.06MPGS::SAURIFri Nov 17 1989looking for air compressor
1057.026TALLIS::LEACHFri Nov 17 1989woodworking demonstrations
1058.05GRAMPS::FONTAINEFri Nov 17 1989Childs Sleigh
1059.01SNO78C::MCLARENMon Nov 20 1989Kisaku/Fukakuni Chisels?
1060.04CADSE::ENGELHARDTMon Nov 20 1989How much will doors expand?
1062.01ESKIMO::FISHERTue Nov 21 1989Question about bleaching Beech wood flooring
1063.07MCNALY::RECKARDTue Nov 21 1989Treating oak mantel
1064.012CIMNET::LUNGERMon Nov 27 1989Stacking green lumber to reduce warpage
1066.015YODA::MEIERTue Nov 28 1989How do you make a queen anne leg?
1067.012ATLV5::BAILEY_JTue Nov 28 1989Table Saw Fences
1069.010VMSDEV::HAMMONDWed Nov 29 1989Subscription Addresses & Phone Numbers
1070.022YODA::MEIERWed Nov 29 1989Molten metal into wood = E-Z inlay
1071.06VMSSG::NICHOLSWed Nov 29 1989How to make tack cloths
1072.01GLDOA::DLAVALLEYWed Nov 29 1989Mail-Order Lumber
1073.01DEMING::POLCARIThu Nov 30 1989Curio Cabinet Plans...
1074.04CADSE::ENGELHARDTThu Nov 30 1989Cutting plywood with circular saw
1075.08DECWET::JOHNSONThu Nov 30 1989Making table saw from circular saw
1076.04NETMAN::SEGERThu Nov 30 1989custom made metal picture frames
1077.024NETMAN::SEGERFri Dec 01 1989Palmer-Parker: Cheap Cherry!
1079.026DECWET::JOHNSONMon Dec 04 1989Hand saws over power saws?
1080.018TRACTR::DOWNSMon Dec 04 1989Repair Of Furniture Cracks?
1081.08SELECT::BOGATYMon Dec 04 1989Protection from >>> NOISE <<<
1082.08PH4VAX::POINDEXTERMon Dec 04 1989Craftsman Shaper???
1083.015NSSG::ROSENBAUMTue Dec 05 1989breathing protection
1084.04HPSCAD::LADEROUTEWed Dec 06 1989luan/formica adhesion
1087.07ELWOOD::OBRIENThu Dec 07 1989Cohasit Colonials Kits
1088.018HPSTEK::DVORAKSat Dec 09 1989Running 3 (three) phase motors on single phase supply
1089.02DECWET::JOHNSONMon Dec 11 1989Does diamond stone replace grinder?
1091.06NRPUR::DMOOREWed Dec 13 1989Dcontaminate Poly?
1092.04AXIS::BERUBEWed Dec 13 1989help getting started
1094.08GLDOA::BROWERFri Dec 15 1989glue for boats?
1095.03VMSSPT::NICHOLSMon Dec 18 1989Templates for hanging cabinet doors?
1096.08JULIET::MAY_BRMon Dec 18 1989Drilling help needed
1098.08DECWET::JOHNSONSat Dec 23 1989Dissolving Glue (was Too Much Egg Nog)
1101.05SCAACT::RESENDETue Dec 26 1989Help finishing pine?????????????
1102.09GLIND1::SHOTWELLWed Dec 27 19891989 Holiday Projects
1103.07MADMXX::GROVERWed Dec 27 1989How to AUTOGRAPH you work
1104.02ASD::DIGRAZIAWed Dec 27 1989Tool humor
1105.05SMURF::YELGINFri Dec 29 1989Mangled Fine Woodworking Mags
1108.09PH4VAX::POINDEXTERTue Jan 02 1990Salad Bowl Finish?
1109.06IOSG::WOODSWed Jan 03 1990Leather bound box repair/restoration
1111.011HPSCAD::LADEROUTEWed Jan 03 1990White board, what is it? Where?
1114.05REMACP::RICHARDSONThu Jan 04 1990Old-look finish
1115.09SALEM::PAGLIARULO_GThu Jan 04 1990Optimizing Table Saw Performance
1116.0CTOAVX::GUMBUSFri Jan 05 1990BOSCH's NEW 3
1117.08YODA::MEIERFri Jan 05 1990Engineering Expansion & Contraction Tolerance
1118.010NETMAN::SEGERFri Jan 05 1990building Christian doors
1122.08CTOAVX::GUMBUSTue Jan 09 1990Plastic Resin Wood Glue?
1123.010SHALOT::TERPENINGWed Jan 10 1990Ryobi jointer
1124.018POCUS::CONNORWed Jan 10 1990Surface Planer 12 1/2 Taiwan mfr
1125.05DECWET::JOHNSONWed Jan 10 1990Davis and Wells Table Saw Info?
1126.01DNEAST::WEBSTER_THERWed Jan 10 1990Need high chair pattern or kit
1127.0CISM::KNOWLANDThu Jan 11 1990Sanding Frames
1128.02VIRGO::CRUTCHFIELDSat Jan 13 1990Where can I find a good store?
1129.011BEING::WEISSMon Jan 15 1990Reverse your jointer for climb cutting?
1130.010SMURF::YELGINTue Jan 16 1990Swirl Marks with Orbital Sanders
1132.0CARTUN::VHAMBURGERWed Jan 17 1990Official woodworking Video Reviews!
1134.025SUSHI::KMACDONALDWed Jan 17 1990Angle measuring gadget (inclinometer?)
1135.03HPSCAD::LADEROUTEWed Jan 17 1990Noah's Ark, how to build one?
1136.014SALEM::GORMANThu Jan 18 1990Oil finish and antique tool????
1137.05NRPUR::DMOOREThu Jan 18 1990Solid Carbide Dovetail Bit?
1138.013SSDEVO::LYONThu Jan 18 1990Router Bits you prefer?
1140.05DINAH::FORSBERGFri Jan 19 1990fringe benefits of woodworking
1141.03ALEX::CONNSun Jan 21 1990Northern catalog
1142.05SUBSYS::SETOMon Jan 22 1990solid wood furniture
1143.02TOOK::SWISTMon Jan 22 1990How to reglue partialled un-glued-up board
1144.011TOOK::SWISTMon Jan 22 1990Special hardware for attaching legs to tables&benches
1145.02CSCMA::MAYNARDMon Jan 22 1990Where to find TIN pieces for Jelly Cabinet.
1146.04DNEAST::RIPLEY_GORDOTue Jan 23 1990Canopied pencil bed in Cherry?
1147.04IOSG::WOODSTue Jan 23 1990Varnish/laquer removal?
1148.09SALEM::GORMANWed Jan 24 1990Rock Maple won't take a stain.
1149.013NOVA::ARNOLDMon Jan 29 1990Table Saw and Shop-Vac control?
1150.013YODA::MEIERTue Jan 30 1990Cabinet scraper sharpening
1153.012VMSSG::NICHOLSSat Feb 03 1990Tung Oil vis a vis Polyurethane
1154.019MRMAC::BECKERMon Feb 05 1990Air guns for finishing...
1156.09IOSG::CARLINTue Feb 06 1990Uses for Robinia / False Acacia?
1159.03SALEM::PAGLIARULO_GSun Feb 11 1990Restoring an old mirror frame
1160.03SUSHI::KMACDONALDMon Feb 12 1990What's this gadget for?
1161.03JESICA::BOOTHMon Feb 12 1990How Does a Wobble Dado Blade work?
1162.010DECWET::JOHNSONMon Feb 12 199022
1163.014AISVAX::TAYLORTue Feb 13 1990Chairs falling apart
1165.03GWYNED::WADEThu Feb 15 1990Sanding Catalog
1169.056HPSTEK::DVORAKTue Feb 20 1990Tools you would NOT buy again
1172.08LVSB::GAGNONFri Feb 23 1990Table Saw Blade Choices
1173.0516BITS::DELBALSOFri Feb 23 1990Need 1
1175.023VMSDEV::HAMMONDMon Feb 26 1990Straight vs. Morticing bits
1176.05VMSDEV::HAMMONDWed Feb 28 1990What angle to use for Dove Tail Router Bits
1178.08SUBSYS::SETOMon Mar 05 1990Water based finish products
1179.013SHARE::MMORRISTue Mar 06 1990sealing wood for use with food?
1180.02MVDSTue Mar 06 1990Parts for PARKS WOODWORKING Tools
1181.0+13REMACP::RICHARDSONTue Mar 06 1990WANTED: Source for Wide Pine Boards
1182.06TLE::TLE::SASAKIThu Mar 08 1990Spine-O-Meter
1183.03HOCUS::SEARLMon Mar 12 1990Source for cypress
1184.015GNPIKE::GOGUENMon Mar 12 1990Band or scroll saw?
1185.04CADSE::GLIDEWELLTue Mar 13 1990Clear Finish for Maple?
1186.04CADSE::GLIDEWELLTue Mar 13 1990Mini-Max and General Power Tools
1187.04SLOAN::HOMFri Mar 16 1990Biscuits vs dowels
1188.09REGENT::MOZERFri Mar 16 1990Metric Screws
1190.01HYSTER::MAZERMon Mar 19 1990Jewelry Box Lid Needs Fix
1191.05CSCMA::LEMIEUXTue Mar 20 1990Info on DeWalt radial saws needed
1192.04CIMAMT::CHINNASWAMYWed Mar 21 1990help locate walnut/cedar plywood
1193.05NETMAN::SEGERWed Mar 21 1990looking for cherry accessories
1194.013CSC32::R_GROVERTue Mar 27 1990Opinions on reconditioned tools
1197.02DECWET::JOHNSONTue Apr 03 1990where to buy stuff mailorder?
1198.015AKOV13::DOUGANThu Apr 05 1990Strip built canoe
1200.06NRADM::GENDRONMon Apr 09 1990reverse threading ?
1201.016MCIS5::CHURCHMon Apr 09 1990Woodworking for profit
1202.01CLOSET::DUM::T_PARMENTERMon Apr 09 1990EZ fence - faster, neater, steadier than board and clamps
1203.03POCUS::CONNORTue Apr 10 1990Refinish question
1204.05STRATA::FINNTue Apr 10 1990novice - red oak finishing
1207.08MRFLEX::RECKARDThu Apr 12 1990Bookcase dimensions
1208.016CPDW::ROSCHThu Apr 12 1990Your favorite magazine and why?
1209.03POTS::VISSERThu Apr 12 1990Need saw arbor bushings, 1/2" to 5/8"
1210.07POTS::VISSERFri Apr 13 1990Molding head for saw; makers?
1211.05ULTRA::PURRETTAThu Apr 19 1990Small diamond-coated blades?
1217.023CHEFS::CLEMENTSDFri Apr 27 1990Sears wrenches etc a good value?
1218.01HPSCAD::LADEROUTEMon Apr 30 1990norms new book ??
1219.02MEMVTue May 01 1990Info on Chicago???
1220.01FSTVAX::BEANTue May 01 1990WOODMASTER Multi_Tool
1222.026AKOV12::ANDREWSWed May 02 1990Tropical Rainforests: more timber species
1223.07CSCMA::BERGWed May 02 1990Help with turned posts
1224.06SMURF::AMBERThu May 03 1990Brad nailers - electric
1225.014REGENT::MOZERMon May 07 1990Carver-Tripp's "safe and easy" finishes
1226.03CPDW::ROSCHMon May 07 1990Furnaces and dust
1227.010MAMTS5::GHALSTEADTue May 08 1990which plate joiner to buy?
1228.07FIEVEL::FILGATETue May 08 1990Torque wrench
1230.013CADSE::ENGELHARDTFri May 11 1990Refilling propane cylinders
1232.013KITS::AREYMon May 14 1990What are the different GRADES of wood?
1233.05MCNALY::RECKARDThu May 17 1990Basswood?
1234.020NANOOK::COUTURESun May 20 1990seeking white cedar & outdoor wood use info
1235.012POTS::VISSERTue May 22 1990the Linseed Oil note
1236.020POTS::VISSERTue May 22 1990the Sharpening Oil note
1238.030MORO::BERG_BRWed May 23 1990BOSE Soundalike Speakers
1239.019CGOAMon May 28 1990Making HANDplanes? Any experience out there?
1240.011AKOVThu May 31 1990oak barrels?
1242.05DNEAST::DEE_ERICTue Jun 05 1990Looking for: Lion brand miter trimmer....
1245.014AKOV13::DOUGANMon Jun 11 1990Jigsaw problem
1246.01CURIE::DIMANTue Jun 12 1990Plate Rack Duplicate Needed
1248.01DECWET::JOHNSONFri Jun 15 1990Shedua - any info?
1249.0DECWET::JOHNSONTue Jun 19 1990Baobob Tree Note
1251.04HPSCAD::FORTMILLERFri Jun 22 1990Metal Lathe Info Wanted
1252.02POTS::VISSERMon Jun 25 1990Threads in wood
1253.02SNOCThu Jul 05 1990Source for DMT Diamond stones
1254.020DSSDEV::ZEHNGUTMon Jul 09 1990moderately priced jointers
1255.03SMURF::YELGINMon Jul 09 1990Resin Ooze and Sugar Pine
1256.07VMSSG::NICHOLSTue Jul 10 1990How long to store kiln dried wood
1257.012VMSSPT::NICHOLSMon Jul 16 1990building a cellar structure for storing lumber?
1258.0KITS::AREYFri Jul 20 1990Antique Tools?
1259.016VMSSPT::NICHOLSMon Jul 23 1990Is commercial resawing economic?
1260.021SUSHI::KMACDONALDMon Jul 23 1990Using/assembly of shaper questions
1264.017VMSSG::NICHOLSSun Jul 29 1990how to make finger joints/box joints
1266.04SMURF::YELGINTue Jul 31 1990Stanley 45 & 46 Combination Plane
1267.04VMSSG::NICHOLSSat Aug 04 1990Where to find 1/16" plastic laminate?
1269.07BTOVT::SCHILLERTue Aug 07 1990Air Nailer Best Pricing in NH or MASS wanted
1270.05FDCVWed Aug 08 1990Seat for a Rocker?
1271.022BPOVMon Aug 13 1990Cleaning up
1272.01HPSCAD::LADEROUTEMon Aug 20 1990whitewash effect ?
1275.017MVDSWed Aug 22 1990"CAST" Steel
1276.06CRLVMS::WOJCIKThu Aug 23 1990Combination Machines
1277.08PH4VAX::POINDEXTERFri Aug 24 1990Used Tool Stores, again...
1282.06HPSTEK::FOBRIENThu Aug 30 1990Water-based Lacquer
1283.01TINCUP::RANCETue Sep 04 1990Seeking DEWALT RAS Owner's Manual
1284.03DECWET::JOHNSONWed Sep 05 1990Transpower (TCM Industries) Info?
1285.04PULPO::MONTALVO_MWed Sep 05 1990NEEDED: Raised Platform Mechanism
1286.05WECROW::TAYLORWed Sep 05 1990Blacksmiths?
1287.03SHALOT::TERPENINGThu Sep 06 1990hinges
1289.02FIEVEL::FILGATESun Sep 09 1990Pittsburgh Forge
1292.013REMACP::RICHARDSONMon Sep 10 1990PLANS WANTED: Harpsicord & Clavicord
1294.010ECADSR::CANFIELDWed Sep 12 1990Planer blades need sharpening
1295.02BUNYIP::QUODLINGMon Sep 17 1990Connect bed to bedhead?
1296.01NANOOK::COUTUREMon Sep 17 1990Walker Turner still in business??
1297.016NETMAN::SEGERMon Sep 17 1990maple and mahogany flooring
1299.03SQM::HARTWed Sep 19 1990Wood prices at Northern Forest Products, Inc.
1300.01WKSHOP::DEBRUYNFri Sep 21 1990Plans for dory baby rocker?
1301.09KEEPER::LADEROUTEMon Sep 24 1990router table insert material ?
1302.017AUNTB::FULTONTue Sep 25 1990Info on Sassafras needed
1303.02DOMINY::TAYLORTue Sep 25 1990Need a blacksmith
1304.04BTOVT::GONZALEZ_RWed Sep 26 1990Need A Micrometer
1305.016HYEND::TOURIGNYWed Sep 26 1990Attaching Marble Tops
1306.01EPOCH::HAVENThu Sep 27 1990Wanted: Master carver workbench
1307.09POBOX::KOCHWed Oct 03 1990Need advice on resawing log
1309.05EPOCH::HAVENFri Oct 05 1990Wanted: plans 4 blnkt chests
1310.05CSS::CASEYFri Oct 05 1990paint for maple table legs
1311.04HYEND::ENGLUNDSat Oct 06 1990Looking for DEFT stains and finishes
1312.02DWNGRD::OLSONTue Oct 09 1990Wanted: Plans for standard headboard/footboard
1314.016SNDPIT::SMITHWed Oct 10 1990Need cheap Forstner bits
1316.010NOVA::ARNOLDMon Oct 15 1990Sandblast Cabinet wanted
1317.01CSS::CASEYTue Oct 16 1990Chair repair
1319.05SALEM::DIRIENZOTue Oct 16 1990<Hardwood Dowel Source So. N.H.>
1320.0BAGELS::HANNULAMon Oct 22 1990Child safe stains and paint for toys
1324.016ODIXIE::RAMSEYTue Oct 23 1990Fixing a Broken Rocker for Rocking Chair
1325.01ASD::LSMITHWed Oct 24 1990Fixing a table.
1326.016CSDPIE::LADEROUTEWed Oct 24 1990used Unisaw
1327.014VMSSPT::NICHOLSWed Oct 24 1990Frames: with mortise&tenon/tongue & groove?
1329.08VMSDEV::PAULKM::WEISSThu Oct 25 1990Extruded brass vs. stamped brass hinges
1330.03POLAR::KUMORThu Oct 25 1990Bending/straightening wood
1331.07WRKSYS::MCMULLENFri Oct 26 1990repairing a warped door
1333.07MAMTS3::GHALSTEADFri Oct 26 1990Replacing Router bearings
1334.05FSTTOO::BEANFri Oct 26 1990Power Plane questions...
1335.03TALLIS::MCEACHERNMon Oct 29 1990DELTA Tilting Arbor Saw
1336.04DNEAST::RIPLEY_GORDOMon Oct 29 1990Jig for getting straight edge
1337.09DSSDEV::ZEHNGUTMon Oct 29 1990How to make thin boards
1338.0CSGTue Oct 30 1990Wanted: Designs for trunk
1339.02DPDMAI::HYDETue Oct 30 1990Coat & Hat Rack -- Antique Brass Fixtures
1340.02GLDOA::JAKUBOWSKIWed Oct 31 1990drying wood for carving, paint the ends?
1341.017MAMTS5::GHALSTEADThu Nov 01 1990Working with hardwoods
1342.09PETERJ::JOHNSONThu Nov 01 1990Who makes Sears' tablesaws?
1343.02DOMINY::TAYLORFri Nov 02 1990What about the 45 ?
1344.011USEM::CADLEMon Nov 05 1990Tool for Roughing Carvings
1345.06UPNRTH::CARADONNAMon Nov 05 1990Safe Taper Cuts ???
1346.07MKFSA::STEVENSMon Nov 05 1990Source for Cabinet Doors (stocked)
1348.013CARTUN::NISOTELTue Nov 06 1990Opinions on Clamp Attachment for Miter Gage ?
1350.010TARKIN::KNIKERTue Nov 06 1990Plywood for Mortising Table
1351.01PETERJ::JOHNSONTue Nov 06 1990Use featherboards or this:
1352.08SUSHI::KMACDONALDWed Nov 07 1990Building an under-counter lazy susan
1354.08SNDPIT::SMITHThu Nov 08 1990Need help with wood selection
1355.02PETERJ::JOHNSONThu Nov 08 1990WANTED: Dial Indicator
1356.09DSSDEV::ZEHNGUTMon Nov 12 1990small Torx screwdriver wanted
1357.09NOTIME::SACKSMon Nov 12 1990Windham Tool Co.
1358.01DOMINY::TAYLORTue Nov 13 1990Spur drive wanted...
1359.011CSDPIE::LADEROUTETue Nov 13 1990freud 3hp plunge router
1360.08MPGS::GIFFORDWed Nov 14 1990Homemade gun stocks?
1362.018FSTVAX::BEANMon Nov 19 1990Old mirror frames, what to do?
1363.03ARCHER::PALUBINSKASWed Nov 21 1990would like to purchase unfinished wall cabinets
1366.09DOMINY::TAYLORMon Nov 26 1990Need source for period hardware...
1370.06BTOVT::MORRIS_KWed Nov 28 1990Glue for wood and leather???
1371.0CRBOSS::CARDINALThu Nov 29 1990aftermarket fences information?
1372.052DSSDEV::ZEHNGUTMon Dec 03 1990kitchen table finish advice
1373.04AISG::VAN_CLEAVEMon Dec 03 1990How to remove Formica scratches?
1374.02PETERJ::JOHNSONThu Dec 06 1990Can I use roll-yer-own variable speed?
1375.010AUNTB::FULTONFri Dec 07 1990Workshop security/alarm system
1376.06LARVAE::BRIGGSMon Dec 10 1990Light Oak Restoration
1378.0215Mon Dec 10 1990Safety of Woodworking/Shop Safety
1381.023VMSDEV::PAULKM::WEISSWed Dec 12 1990Children in the workshop
1383.020SCARGO::HAGERTYWed Dec 12 1990Framing Hammer question
1384.010BUSY::CLEMENTThu Dec 27 1990Need miter angle for octagon window
1385.02CRBOSS::CALDERAThu Dec 27 1990FORMIKA CUTTERS (where to get)
1386.023DECWET::JOHNSONWed Jan 02 1991The Chestnut Note
1387.012GLDOA::JAKUBOWSKIFri Jan 04 1991Need a 1/16 Square Screwdriver
1388.02DYOSW8::WILDERSat Jan 05 1991scrolling saw vs. bandsaw.....
1389.013NYDSMon Jan 07 1991Restoring Furniture
1390.035ECAD2::CANFIELDWed Jan 09 1991Aftermarket table saw fence
1391.03SHALOT::TERPENINGSun Jan 13 1991Abrasive Sander
1392.02WKSHOP::DEBRUYNMon Jan 14 1991Looking for FWW Index
1393.028VMSSG::NICHOLSMon Jan 14 1991H E L P. My new furniture is cracking
1395.03FIEVEL::FILGATEWed Jan 16 1991Wanted--Fine Woodworking issues/Techniques
1396.04IKE22::EIKENBERRYThu Jan 17 1991Designing a woodworking project...
1398.07VMSDEV::PELLISSun Jan 20 1991Bass wood furniture
1399.05QB::QBARRYSun Jan 20 1991Need advice for portable model RR tables. Thanks.
1400.02DECWET::JOHNSONMon Jan 21 1991Which Epoxy?
1401.02SHALOT::TERPENINGMon Jan 21 1991What is Buckeye wood?
1403.0354SENIOR::HAMBURGERMon Jan 28 1991The offical Norm Praising note
1404.04PROXY::DEVOETue Jan 29 1991House Framing - from tree to humble abode?
1405.014SENIOR::WLODYKAWed Jan 30 1991Plans for oak file cabinet?
1408.03XANADU::RECKARDMon Feb 04 199145 degree joints in molding
1409.03SIOG::KERRMon Feb 04 1991HELP - Looking for info on an old wood lathe
1410.017DOMINY::TAYLORTue Feb 05 1991The WARP Note
1411.04DOMINY::TAYLORTue Feb 05 1991zillions of questions about thumbnail moldings
1412.022ATPS::RUSCIOWed Feb 06 1991Looking for info/advice on table saw purchase
1413.02VMSDEV::PAULKM::WEISSFri Feb 08 1991Why are plane irons built bevel down?
1414.015DEMING::LAFORTEFri Feb 08 1991solution for warped wood
1415.02NRADM::CURRIEMon Feb 11 1991BEST WOOD TO USE?
1416.09DNEAST::RIPLEY_GORDOMon Feb 11 1991Beware latest WOODSMITH project
1417.034AUNTB::FULTONMon Feb 11 1991Help with the care and feeding of chisels
1418.07CPDW::ROSCHMon Feb 11 1991Powermatic Artisian
1419.013FIEVEL::FILGATEWed Feb 13 1991Barrel draw knife
1420.01CPDW::ROSCHWed Feb 13 1991Thos. Moser
1421.012MCDONL::BARANSKISat Feb 16 1991How well should a 1
1423.09DDIF::FRIDAYMon Feb 18 1991Poplar vs Pine anyone?
1424.07WILARD::BARANSKIMon Feb 18 1991Trimming post & beam mortices
1425.026CALS::LADEROUTEFri Feb 22 1991dowel dilema !
1427.024RTL::LEACHFri Feb 22 1991The New Will Walker Workshop.
1428.02THOTH::FILZMon Feb 25 1991wood lathing
1429.02DECWET::JOHNSONMon Feb 25 1991The Tenn. Red Cedar Note
1430.025SMURF::YELGINMon Feb 25 1991Handcut Dovetails and Handsaws
1431.019FROST::WALZTue Feb 26 1991Help me salvage these joints
1432.04BROKE::ACHARYAWed Feb 27 1991How to get a Teak finish on a dresser?
1434.012CALS::LADEROUTEFri Mar 01 1991P.C. small circular saws
1435.030ECAD2::CANFIELDMon Mar 04 1991Red/White Oak-everything you want to know about them
1436.09SIOG::KERRMon Mar 04 1991Anyone know any blind woodturners?
1437.02ASD::DIGRAZIAMon Mar 04 1991Fumeless finishes for inside boxes?
1438.06VMSSPT::NICHOLSMon Mar 04 1991Gluing
1439.036ECAD2::CANFIELDMon Mar 04 1991Mortise and tenon joint
1440.07NATASH::MARCHETTIMon Mar 04 1991Workshop layout and organization
1441.02EPOCH::JOHNSONWed Mar 06 1991Clamping question
1442.05MLCSSE::HOFFMANNWed Mar 06 1991looking for a drill press pipe
1443.05VMSDEV::PAULKM::WEISSThu Mar 07 1991What makes a wood finish look good?
1444.049SIOG::KERRThu Mar 07 1991Anybody build their own woodturning Lathe?
1445.01CALS::WILLIAMSThu Mar 07 1991Delta jet_lock fence - tuning instructions
1447.03CALS::LADEROUTEMon Mar 11 1991Leigh address ?
1448.06CALS::LADEROUTETue Mar 12 1991the plane facts !
1450.016WRKSYS::MCMULLENThu Mar 14 1991Humidor guts
1452.09DOMINY::TAYLORWed Mar 20 1991Turning apple just off the tree
1453.06ECAD2::CANFIELDWed Mar 20 1991Wood for rifle stock
1454.011CALS::LADEROUTEWed Mar 20 1991beech wood ?
1456.02KHUFU::EVENSONThu Mar 21 1991Postscript drawing of rolltop desk
1457.02MILPND::ROSSThu Mar 21 1991WWJournal plans - Celtic Harp
1458.05ASDG::ADAVISFri Mar 22 1991HEGNER saw - Where to find one in MASS.
1459.05EPOCH::JOHNSONFri Mar 22 1991RE: blade height on TBL/RDL saws
1460.06GIAMEM::RIDGEMon Mar 25 1991TRIG anyone??
1461.08CHIEFF::UVAXMon Mar 25 1991Looking for Plans...
1462.026AIAG::HANSSENMon Mar 25 1991Making and fixing edge tools
1464.06BROKE::PERRYTue Mar 26 1991Rosette Blocks
1467.07SUSHI::KMACDONALDFri Mar 29 1991Building a ship's ladder
1470.02CALS::WILLIAMSTue Apr 09 1991HELP: DELTA Contractor's-Saw TILT PROBLEM
1472.019DSSDEV::ZEHNGUTMon Apr 15 1991Plans for a crib
1474.012XANADU::RECKARDTue Apr 16 1991Copies
1475.010TRCOTue Apr 16 1991Dovetail's
1476.02LAVGOD::BARANSKITue Apr 16 1991Beams with Anchor Bolts Discolor!
1477.02ELWOOD::OBRIENWed Apr 17 1991Architectural salvage wanted
1479.024STEPS1::VAN_CLEAVEWed Apr 17 1991Best finish sander? Noted in article?
1480.059KAHALA::FULTZThu Apr 18 1991what tool to buy next, 3-$4
1481.05DICKNS::WELLCOMETue Apr 23 1991Antique chisels
1482.04SCOVAX::MONOCCHITue Apr 23 1991staining end grain of wood
1483.09DSSDEV::ZEHNGUTWed Apr 24 1991Duplicating Lathes
1484.01SENIOR::HAMBURGERFri Apr 26 1991laminating wide panels - Why and how?
1486.03THOTH::FILZMon Apr 29 1991BAT HOUSE
1490.010YODA::ZECCHINOTue Apr 30 1991Unfinished furniture store locations?
1491.04DECWET::JOHNSONTue Apr 30 1991The Traveling Woodworker
1492.013HEURIS::DEMBAMon May 06 1991source for complete woodworkers' bench
1493.08POLAR::BOWIEMon May 06 19911/2 horse motor OK?
1495.06GRAH::GRAHAMWed May 15 1991Walker Turner Co Radial Arm Saw
1496.012ALOSWS::KOZAKIEWICZThu May 16 1991Help on planing technique desparately needed...
1497.010DOMINY::TAYLORMon May 20 1991Music to make sawdust by...
1498.015DECWET::JOHNSONMon May 20 1991Woodworking World History
1499.02REMACP::RICHARDSONWed May 22 1991<directions needed> Sears/Northboro,MA Parts Dept.
1500.03NEMAIL::COLVINThu May 23 1991Need Drawer Construction Advice
1501.06SYSTMX::BEANTue May 28 1991Help making railing?
1502.02MAY18::bobWed May 29 1991Sofa Cushions
1503.0+23USCTR2::KDUNNThu May 30 1991help needed with table project
1504.01SLOAN::HOMThu May 30 1991General Handtools - Stanley?
1506.01LEDS::HORSEYTue Jun 04 1991Adze, Broadaxe, Hewing Axe.
1508.014CXCAD::RSMITHFri Jun 14 1991Makita cordless & Panasonic keyless chuck?
1509.03RANCHR::SYSTEMFri Jun 14 1991B&D parts
1510.05CACHE::BEAUREGARDTue Jun 18 1991need small job/advice
1512.09SMURF::YELGINSat Jun 22 1991British Dovetail Gauge
1513.08GHOST1::HENDRICKSMon Jun 24 1991Help on old Sears Manuals.
1514.024SCOVAX::MONOCCHITue Jun 25 1991Info on Woodteks products
1515.018SOLVIT::YEEThu Jun 27 1991Ryobi 1
1517.02BROKE::HANCKELTue Jul 02 1991Where to buy veneer?
1519.016TINCUP::RANCEWed Jul 10 1991how are arched-top window moldings made??
1520.02REMACP::RICHARDSONSun Jul 14 1991TEMCO Electric Motor Company drill
1521.06DNEAST::RIPLEY_GORDOMon Jul 22 1991Name of Moulding machine Co?
1522.07NATASH::MARCHETTIMon Jul 22 1991What's so special about alder?
1523.04JUNCO::FISHERMon Jul 22 1991Catalog for Antique parts
1524.014HOTWTR::OBRIENKEFri Jul 26 1991What blades do I need?
1525.01WRKSYS::MCMULLENTue Jul 30 19911/4 sheet stick'it source
1526.014IMGAWN::BUZYNSKITue Jul 30 1991Pumice/Rottenstone
1527.04KRULES::FORSBERGThu Aug 01 1991Waterproofing Terracotta?
1528.0TADSKI::NEWTONThu Aug 01 1991Treadle Lathe looking for roots....
1530.05DNEAST::RIPLEY_GORDOSun Aug 04 1991Need help on making a cut!
1531.019GUFFAW::GRANSEWICZMon Aug 05 1991Building a Pickup Truck Rack
1533.05LEVERS::BUZYNSKIWed Aug 07 1991Wanted Small piece of 3/4 Red Oak Ply
1535.07CALS::LADEROUTEMon Aug 12 1991new haven router tables
1536.09DNEAST::RIPLEY_GORDOMon Aug 12 1991Loose chucks sink projects?
1537.01PH4VAX::POINDEXTERWed Aug 14 1991Patternmaker's Rasp
1538.08AKOCOA::SELIGWed Aug 14 1991Kitchen Countertops
1539.021DOMINY::TAYLORWed Aug 14 1991Loaning tools
1540.03CUPMK::LEHRERSat Aug 24 1991Woodworking Lessons?
1541.077DOMINY::TAYLORMon Aug 26 1991The turning techniques note
1542.02CRLVMS::WOJCIKMon Aug 26 1991Mail Order store table-American Woodworker
1543.026ASDS::SEGERTue Aug 27 1991anybody every hear of Sear's all inclusive service contract
1544.07DCSVAX::MCGUIREWed Aug 28 1991OOPS......STAIN TO DARK!!!
1545.02TPSYS::BOWERSWed Aug 28 1991Question on stain color/intensity...
1546.04TPSYS::BOWERSWed Aug 28 1991Question on brass drawer pulls/knobs...
1547.04XANADU::RECKARDThu Aug 29 1991Un-gluing
1548.07IKE22::EIKENBERRYThu Aug 29 1991Diagnosing a problem with electric table saw motor
1549.09EICMFG::DOUGLASWed Sep 04 1991looking for 'Ohio Forge'
1550.08XCUSME::HOGGEFri Sep 06 1991Microwave Wood Curing.
1551.03MODEL::CROSSMon Sep 09 1991Help! Restoration of old finish
1552.06WLDWST::JANTONIOTue Sep 10 1991Beginner
1553.04ATLV5::VALENTINE_JTue Sep 10 1991How Do I Clamp and Glue Wide Molding?
1554.01WLDWST::JANTONIOWed Sep 11 1991chest and dresser refinishing
1555.01SQM::BOYDThu Sep 12 1991any reference books for boring machines?
1556.08SMURF::YELGINThu Sep 12 1991Where to get a step pulley?
1557.07MARLIN::DUMASThu Sep 12 1991Readymade Tambour needed
1561.08CECVMon Sep 16 1991Help! My pump jacks won't come down!
1562.014MR4DEC::DERAMOMon Sep 16 1991Stain to achieve look of old patina
1564.05HPSRAD::HOWARTHTue Sep 17 1991door hardware
1565.08SOLVIT::TOMMYB::BERKNERMon Sep 23 1991Wood Grades
1566.015FIEVEL::FILGATEMon Sep 23 1991bandsaw blade guides
1567.04AKO588::SHARPMon Sep 23 1991value of antique auger bits?
1568.06SMURF::YELGINWed Sep 25 1991Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers
1570.02CALS::LADEROUTEFri Oct 04 1991Worcester Lathe ?
1571.02DSSDEV::ZEHNGUTFri Oct 04 1991Clamp 'n Tool Guide
1573.08XCUSME::HOGGETue Oct 08 1991P.E.G.... or is it K?
1575.02CAMTWO::CEARFOSSThu Oct 10 1991Looking for brass fencing
1576.0+41FIEVEL::FILGATEThu Oct 17 1991woodworking show announcements and discussions
1577.032MILPND::PANEKMon Oct 21 1991new store..The Home Depot
1579.03DNEAST::RIPLEY_GORDOTue Oct 22 1991The "woodchuck" note
1580.01--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 22 1991Exotic Woodworkers anyone?
1581.018ISLNDS::NISOTELTue Oct 22 1991Dado Cuts on Birch Veneer Plywood
1582.09AIAG::HANSSENThu Oct 24 1991Goodbye - Woodworkers leaving DEC
1583.04POBOX::KOCHThu Oct 24 1991Nedd baby cradle plans
1584.01OTOOA::DUNCANSun Oct 27 1991Pickled Pine
1586.04ZENDIA::REITHMon Oct 28 1991Screwdrivers - Standard vs Metric?
1587.02FSOA::BERICSONTue Oct 29 1991Water stain on dark finish piano?
1588.014SENIOR::HAMBURGERThu Oct 01 1992Incra Jig discussion
1589.08AKOCOA::BELMONTWed Oct 30 1991Where to find Hard Pine?
1590.06--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 30 1991suggestions on saw blade choice?
1591.022AIAG::VALCARCEWed Oct 30 1991using mixed woods
1593.05ISLNDS::JULIENMon Nov 04 1991cubby into shelves?
1594.04ISLNDS::NISOTELMon Nov 04 1991Has Anyone Used Ceramic Sharpening Stones ?
1595.06BOXERS::ROSINSKIMon Nov 11 1991Furniture Finish Damage & Repair Note
1596.02CSLALL::BORZUMATOMon Nov 11 1991pump pump, no thrill
1598.03BAYES::BORREROMon Nov 11 1991** Old tools "down east way" **
1599.011SSBN1::YANKESMon Nov 11 1991furniture design question-joint strength??
1602.0FSTTOO::ROTHBERGFri Nov 15 1991old dunlap circular saw
1603.05NEGD::GORDONFri Nov 15 1991BARTLEY Gel Stains and Finishes
1604.015XANADU::RECKARDTue Nov 19 1991Key-less chucks
1605.03TYSON::DORMANThu Nov 21 1991Need help choosing shelving material
1607.07CTOAVX::GUMBUSFri Nov 22 1991Vega Tablesaw Fence - Your 2 Cents?
1608.024WILARD::SIMONIANFri Nov 22 1991Variable Speed Rechargable Drills
1610.013JOCKEY::BLACKMTue Nov 26 1991UK Woodworkers?
1611.05CTOAVX::GUMBUSTue Nov 26 1991General Finishes - Opinions?
1612.02JPLAIN::AGOSTOFri Nov 29 1991classes in the Boston MA area?
1613.07SMURF::YELGINMon Dec 02 1991Lexan or Polycarbonate?
1614.04VORTEX::BUYA::HAMELMon Dec 02 1991Looking for 1/4" stock (Mahogany)
1615.05BUYDEC::KENNEDYThu Dec 05 1991Anyone hear of SawSmith (3
1617.0JOCKEY::BLACKMThu Dec 05 1991Robert Sorby Tools.
1618.011CTOAVX::GUMBUSThu Dec 05 1991SHOPNOTES Magazine from WOODSMITH - NEW!
1622.03BEAD::HOWLANDMon Dec 09 1991Finish for Quilted Maple - Advice Please
1623.014SYORPD::DEEPThu Dec 12 1991Wine Bottle Stand - Center of Gravity Demonstration
1624.01SALEM::GORMANTue Dec 17 1991BOISE CRANE saw...any good?
1626.018NITTY::COHENFri Dec 20 1991Types of Wood
1627.04GWYNED::FOBRIENMon Dec 30 1991Lacquer removal; any hints?
1628.02FERITE::HOWLANDMon Dec 30 1991The Central New England Woodturners
1629.07HOTWTR::OBRIENKEFri Jan 03 1992Disappearing TV
1630.03AKOCOA::BELMONTMon Jan 06 1992Delta Radial Drill Press Problem
1631.0MILPND::ROSSTue Jan 07 1992glass display coffee table plans wanted
1632.033CTOAVX::GUMBUSWed Jan 08 1992Rail & Stile Router Bits
1633.08MRCSSE::JACOBSONThu Jan 09 1992Douglas Fir
1634.0+5CSLALL::BORZUMATOMon Jan 13 1992Woodcraft moisture meter...
1635.0CTOAVX::GUMBUSMon Jan 13 1992Miter Lock Router Bit?
1637.015VLNVAX::TSMITHTue Jan 14 1992Looking for New or Used Motors
1638.04VAXUUM::T_PARMENTERWed Jan 15 1992DEC Surplus -- PDCstore, Contocook, NH
1640.011--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 16 1992hardwood from pallets, worth the effort?
1641.01EVMS::PAULKM::WEISSThu Jan 16 1992Brass bullet catches
1642.09IMTDEV::BRUNOThu Jan 16 1992Dog House Plans
1643.05CRLVMS::WOJCIKFri Jan 17 1992combo machine - Kity K-5
1644.08CTOAVX::GUMBUSTue Jan 21 1992Faceframes - How to Attach Without Nails?
1645.025R2ME2::LEACHWed Jan 22 1992Traditional_woodworking
1646.01RANGER::HANNULAThu Jan 23 1992tradtional woodworking course offered
1647.012TALLIS::PARADISFri Jan 24 1992Delta 12 inch planer rattle problem
1648.06MADCAP::MCMULLENMon Jan 27 1992AP-1
1650.04AHIKER::EARLYWed Jan 29 1992Wanted: A Source for Drawer Slides (full ext.)
1652.0--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 03 1992
1654.01CTOAVX::GUMBUSFri Feb 07 1992WoodHaven ?
1655.03CTOAVX::GUMBUSTue Feb 11 1992Mortising Bit Tune-Up Article?
1656.07LEVERS::ALBINOWed Feb 12 19923/8" **14**pitch bolts or die needed BADLY
1657.04OLDHSE::CARDINALMon Feb 17 1992How to find an antique tool auctioneer?
1658.03UNYEM::BLUMJMon Feb 17 1992Roy Underhill's Books/methods
1659.09FIEVEL::FILGATEMon Feb 17 1992Roller outfeed tables
1660.01POBOX::KOCHTue Feb 18 1992Need update on hand power planes
1661.016HYEND::ARUSSAUThu Feb 20 1992Need to make large amount of SHAVINGS
1662.02TPSYS::BOWERSWed Feb 26 1992Help with bleached area on buffet top...
1663.02GLDOA::SHOTWELLTue Mar 03 1992Marionettes and Puppets
1664.09ELWOOD::FONTAINEWed Mar 04 1992Making Croquet Mallets
1665.01MEMORY::STANLEYTue Mar 10 1992Need Instructions for Parks Planer
1666.07EPS::MARIKARTue Mar 10 1992Videos on power/manual carpentry tools
1667.0CTOAVX::GUMBUSFri Mar 13 1992KREG POCKET HOLE JIG - Review
1668.02CTOAVX::GUMBUSFri Mar 13 1992Dubby Jig
1669.04CTOAVX::GUMBUSFri Mar 13 1992JIG vs. FIXTURE Your 2 Cents..
1670.013DOMINY::TAYLORMon Mar 16 1992Words of wisdom
1671.0+31HOTWTR::OBRIENKEMon Mar 16 1992Power Miter Suggestions
1672.09FIEVEL::FILGATETue Mar 17 1992Delta 2
1673.019EVMS::EVMS::GODDARDTue Mar 17 1992Competition for Norm & Roy...
1674.01JUNCO::FINNWed Mar 18 1992FWW #76
1675.08RUSAVD::BECKERFri Mar 20 1992Be it green or not
1676.03KAHALA::KINGSLEYFri Mar 20 1992Pre -183
1677.01CFSCTC::LADEROUTEMon Mar 23 1992older delta radial arm saw ?
1678.08MR4DEC::DERAMOWed Mar 25 1992Clamping Challenge
1679.08CFSCTC::LADEROUTEWed Mar 25 1992blade protecting goop ?
1680.06AUNTB::SCHMIDTThu Mar 26 1992Sand marks on Cedar
1681.04CTOAVX::GUMBUSFri Mar 27 1992Adjust Table Height - Finishing Table for SHop
1682.05BTOVT::MESSIERMon Mar 30 1992Rocking Horse Plans
1683.03KYOA::HELMKETue Mar 31 1992Right saw for accurate cuts
1684.04MQOSWS::M_CHEVRIERFri Apr 03 1992Risky proposition ? Oak outside
1685.0EVMS::PAULKM::WEISSMon Apr 06 1992Miniaturist's table saw
1686.08COMET::ARCHULETATue Apr 07 1992Special doweling jig?
1687.01GOLF::CONTOISWed Apr 08 1992Makita 2
1688.014CTOAVX::GUMBUSThu Apr 09 1992DustBoy Chip/Dust Collector
1689.0616BITS::DELBALSOTue Apr 14 1992Anyone know anything about Mortising Machines?
1690.01SMURF::YELGINThu Apr 16 1992Storing Seasoned Lumber
1691.021CPDW::ROSCHTue Apr 21 1992Ryobi BT-3
1692.05SALEM::PAGLIARULO_GFri May 01 1992Picture Frame Clamps
1695.01SALEM::PAGLIARULO_GWed May 06 1992Ceramic Wood?
1699.06KYOA::HELMKEFri May 15 1992Fine Coat HVLP sprayer
1700.02PHIGAM::CANFIELDThu May 21 199235mm Cabinet door system
1701.01SMURF::YELGINThu May 21 1992Foley-Belsaw Address
1702.011MRKTNG::BROCKTue May 26 1992Finishing a pine floor
1703.02CSC32::R_SWANSONTue May 26 1992Finishing wood for my car interior...
1704.03POLAR::COCKWELLTue May 26 1992Dresser Plans
1705.02SENIOR::HAMBURGERWed Jun 03 1992Woodworking plans index
1706.03RGB::MEHTAWed Jun 03 1992converting motor and assembly to 22
1707.03RT95::MCDONALDJFri Jun 05 1992Info on working Padauk?
1708.019SMURF::YELGINMon Jun 08 1992Squaring a rough edge
1709.07RT95::MCDONALDJWed Jun 10 1992Help with a frame & panel design
1710.03TYSON::DORMANWed Jun 10 1992Delta Tilting Arbor Saw question
1711.0DOMINY::TAYLORFri Jun 12 1992Hardwood from Papua New Guinea
1712.02UFRCS1::KURTENBACHMon Jun 15 1992Buy Tools at B.C.?
1714.0316BITS::DELBALSOSat Jun 20 1992Help reading a vernier caliper
1715.05RT95::MCDONALDJMon Jun 22 1992Melamine, anyone?
1717.018ROULET::BRACEFri Jun 26 1992Vise - Looking for advice.
1719.04SENIOR::HAMBURGERWed Jul 08 1992Tool carriers and tool chests, etc.
1720.012STRIKR::NODDLEFri Jul 10 1992Producing veneers
1721.03VINO::ROMFri Jul 10 1992looking for wooden wind catcher
1722.013EMDS::CUMMINGSFri Jul 10 1992Red oak storage
1723.01ARGUS::HADAVIMon Jul 13 1992Problems with White Cedar Outdoors
1724.01ODIXIE::ALEXANDERMon Jul 13 1992motor arbor needed
1726.01DOMINY::TAYLORMon Jul 20 1992Putty for reconstructing details
1727.04DELNI::WLODYKAWed Jul 22 1992PT for Out-door Furniture?
1728.02VMSDEV::KRIEGERWed Jul 22 1992Dominion, from Halifax, England - anyone ???
1729.07SPEZKO::LEMIEUXThu Jul 23 1992WANTED: Craftsman router for parts
1730.01FSOA::SDUNNTue Jul 28 1992Sealer instead of Conditioner ?!?
1731.07PRAVDA::JACKSONMon Aug 03 1992Lacquer finishing
1734.0SWAM2::MASSEY_VITue Aug 04 1992refinishing a pine plole bed
1735.05QUIVER::DESMONDThu Aug 06 1992Drill care -- leaking oil?
1738.04DOMINY::TAYLORWed Aug 19 1992Source for wood toxicity data?
1739.01416BITS::DELBALSOThu Aug 20 1992Powder Actuated Fastener Systems
1740.02SMURF::BREAUWed Aug 26 1992router plunge housings
1741.04FIEVEL::FILGATEThu Aug 27 1992Bosch micro plunge routers
1742.04FIVER::VALOISFri Aug 28 1992Help On Oak Door!
1743.06SPESHR::JOHNSONWed Sep 02 1992Steaming & Bending Wood
1745.02BUFFER::POKUThu Sep 03 1992African Mahogany Sale
1747.06CGHUB::PENNEY_WTue Sep 08 1992Computerized Indexes?
1748.04FRUST::HAMILTONWed Sep 09 1992Skil saw blade wobble problems
1750.05DATABS::PALThu Sep 17 1992Glue for an acoustic guitar?
1753.039KAHALA::RIPLEYMon Sep 28 1992what hardwood to use?
1754.010KISHOR::CYGANThu Oct 01 1992 What wood for a cider press?
1755.0TRACTR::HOGGEThu Oct 01 1992Plastic Source
1756.04KISMIF::MARATue Oct 06 1992Drill Press Advice
1757.0EMDS::GENDRONWed Oct 07 1992Hardware for Glyder chairs
1758.01SUPER::PARMENTERWed Oct 07 1992Trad'em,Swap'em,Stick'em in your spokes
1759.01XCUSME::HOGGEThu Oct 08 1992A chance to 'show off' and make some $$ too?
1760.04SALEM::PAGLIARULO_GFri Oct 09 1992Furniture Show
1761.013TUXEDO::YANKESMon Oct 12 1992Glass thickness suggestions
1762.0JAMMER::JACKThu Oct 15 1992Methods of work tips
1763.02SALEM::PAGLIARULO_GWed Oct 21 1992Knife Hinges
1765.04CSC32::R_IVERSFri Oct 23 1992Measurements for childrens furniture!
1766.07GLDOA::DLAVALLEYMon Oct 26 1992Speaker enclosure plans?
1767.05BSS::GROVERTue Oct 27 1992Wanted: antique toys/plans for toys
1768.0109CPDW::ROSCHWed Oct 28 1992SPAG SALES ALERT distribution list
1769.03WMOIS::GOSSELIN_EThu Oct 29 1992INCRA-JIGs
1771.07SPESHR::ASTONMon Nov 02 1992Deep,rich finish??
1772.09USCTR1::GCLIFFORDThu Nov 12 1992Novice Getting Started in Woodworking
1773.02JPLAIN::AGOSTOTue Nov 17 1992Plans for a bar
1774.01KAOOA::PRINCETue Nov 17 1992Help: Adjusting RAS
1775.01416BITS::DELBALSOTue Nov 17 1992Need suggestions for "spindle" materials
1776.01BAYES::CYGANTue Nov 24 1992Looking for Inlay Source
1777.03FIEVEL::FILGATEWed Dec 02 1992Wheelwright (the tool)
1778.07FIEVEL::FILGATEFri Dec 04 1992wanted to buy..Record
1779.0SAINT::STCLAIRMon Dec 07 1992Good bye
1780.05BSS::GROVERTue Dec 08 1992WANTED: Wood Sled, plans
1781.05WRKSYS::MCMULLENWed Dec 09 1992? Delta 2
1782.04R2ME2::LEACHThu Dec 10 1992My parting shot...
1783.07NOVA::ARNOLDThu Dec 10 1992Forrest blade sale!!
1784.08AEOEN1::KENNEALY_RMon Dec 14 1992Router table plans required
1785.02KAHALA::RIPLEYTue Dec 15 1992router bit for biscuit joining?
1786.02FIEVEL::FILGATEFri Dec 18 1992Whole Earth Access
1787.0AKOCOA::COLEMANThu Dec 31 1992Cordless Drill
1788.04MPGS::GIFFORDTue Jan 05 1993Brass grill work needed
1789.03SYORPD::DEEPThu Jan 07 1993Mule Sliding Table for Tablesaw
1790.05GUIDUK::GUEST13Thu Jan 07 1993Time/Life's "Art of Woodworking" ?
1791.03VESPER::VESPERTue Jan 12 1993Mission Oak (Stickley) finish; should I fume with ammonia or use a stain?
1792.03SMURF::YELGINTue Jan 12 1993Making a Double Paddle
1793.015RAGMOP::T_PARMENTERThu Jan 14 1993Minimum requirements for maximum table saw
1794.01MACNAS::WSHAWFri Jan 15 1993books
1795.04KISMIF::MARATue Jan 19 1993Sharpening Service in the Maynard area?
1796.04BAGELS::HANNULATue Jan 19 1993brightly colored stains
1797.07ODIXIE::WATSONPHTue Jan 19 1993Tool chest suggestions?
1798.04UECKER::CHAKMAKJIANWed Jan 20 1993Craftsman Club a la Sears
1799.03QUIVER::DESMONDFri Jan 22 1993The Workshop Companion by Nick Engler?
1800.06APACHE::DUKEWed Jan 27 1993Tumble 'sanding', any experience?
1801.01ALOSThu Jan 28 1993Problem with this conference/node??
1802.01TROIKA::BAKALETZMon Feb 01 1993Spare Parts for Wheelbarrow?
1803.01MACNAS::WSHAWWed Feb 03 1993ever heard of C.M.T. Tools ??
1804.01ASDG::ADAVISFri Feb 05 1993Need casters for Delta saw...
1805.04BAYES::CYGANTue Feb 09 1993Suggestions Rqst for upgrade
1806.03RAGS::ARCETue Feb 09 1993"rice post" cherry bed set.
1808.01MACNAS::WSHAWWed Feb 17 1993Attention U.K. Noters!!!!!!!!!!
1809.06SOLVIT::LEMPNERWed Feb 17 1993bubbles in finish
1810.06ALOSSun Feb 21 1993Suggestions needed for making crown molding.
1811.0812138::VALCARCEMon Mar 01 1993Tool quality
1812.02VTLAKE::MORRIS_KTue Mar 02 1993Bid ad in a newspaper...
1814.03SMURF::WALTERSWed Mar 10 1993How to make a hollow-core door?
1815.0SPESHR::JOHNSONThu Mar 11 1993Looking for a furniture repairer
1816.06AD::KEEGANThu Mar 11 1993a list of wood types...in order!
1817.0ASDG::ADAVISFri Mar 12 1993HELP! Jacobs Ladder plans needed...
1818.07GOLF::BROUILLETFri Mar 12 1993Fireplace Mantle plans?
1819.05PH4VAX::POINDEXTERMon Mar 15 1993Chestnut Oak vs White Oak?
1820.02AD::KEEGANTue Mar 16 1993High Chair Plans?
1822.04ESBLAB::GOODWINWed Mar 31 1993Gilliom Manufacturing
1823.0CADSYS::SPADAFOREWed Mar 31 1993Table Saw for Sale !
1825.01VMSDEV::LAMMWed Mar 31 1993Furniture Design Training?
1826.02SPEZKO::LEMIEUXFri Apr 02 1993Powermatic lathe Model 45...looking for info on
1827.0MSDOA::HYMESMon Apr 05 1993Childs toy chest plans?
1828.011SRUS::NEZBALLAThu Apr 08 1993New woodworkers consignment store
1829.01FIEVEL::FILGATEMon Apr 12 1993Sears catalog closing relative to Craftsman brand tools
1830.09EVMS::PAULKM::WEISSTue Apr 13 19933HP motor on Contractor's saw?
1831.011CACHE::SETOFri Apr 16 1993Mail Order Heavy Duty Machines
1832.03OBSESS::CARDINALWed Apr 21 1993Grandfather's clock works?
1833.05MKOTS3::COUTUREMon Apr 26 1993Plans needed from Woodsmith magazine
1834.0RELYON::CYGANTue May 04 1993Wanted -Idea's for Charity
1835.01TROOA::HILTONWed May 05 1993Delta Three Wheel Bandsaws
1836.03NHASAD::GARABEDIANFri May 07 1993What is a hypoid?
1838.02KAHALA::RIPLEYFri May 14 1993a sad fairwell to you all...
1840.0PH4VAX::POINDEXTERFri May 14 1993Southwestern influence?
1841.0FIEVEL::FILGATESun May 16 1993Book: Making Mechanical Marvels in Wood
1842.027XCUSME::HOGGETue May 18 1993The Perfect Workshop
1843.0ABACUS::DRYWed May 19 1993Help on Moldings
1844.07VFOVAX::STULLFri May 21 1993Help finishing gunstock.
1845.01LICAUS::LICAUSESun May 23 1993Tools for sale
1846.06QUIVER::DESMONDFri May 28 1993Flashlight recommendations?
1847.01MACNAS::WSHAWTue Jun 08 1993 SENCO nail guns
1848.01EVMS::GODDARDThu Jun 10 1993Joinery -- from the trad. ww conf.
1849.01EVMS::GODDARDThu Jun 10 1993Wood -- from the trad. ww conf.
1850.01EVMS::GODDARDThu Jun 10 1993Planes -- from trad. ww conf.
1851.01EVMS::GODDARDThu Jun 10 1993The orders of architecture & their relationship to woodworking -- from trad. ww conf.
1852.01EVMS::GODDARDThu Jun 10 1993Moldings -- fomr trad. ww conf.
1853.01EVMS::GODDARDThu Jun 10 1993Historical/general interest stuff -- from trad. ww conf.
1854.03QUIVER::DESMONDThu Jun 10 1993Noters of the past. Where are they now?
1855.01EVMS::GODDARDThu Jun 10 1993Bench appliances -- from trad. ww conf.
1856.03EVMS::GODDARDThu Jun 10 1993Hand plane restoration -- from trad. ww conf.
1857.01EVMS::GODDARDThu Jun 10 1993Traditional wood polishing -- from trad. ww conf.
1858.01EVMS::GODDARDThu Jun 10 1993General discussion of Japanese woodworking tools -- from the trad. ww conf.
1859.07KHUFU::EVENSONMon Jun 14 1993Aluminum Cutting Blade
1860.02CACHE::SETOTue Jun 15 1993Planar blade
1861.07EARRTH::ROBERTSThu Jun 17 1993Circular Saw sharpening recomendations
1862.0WLW::VONDY::Conferencing-UserMon Jun 21 1993Plans for a Baker's Rack???
1863.0NODEX::PRABHUTue Jun 29 1993wicker and cane furniture
1864.05CACHE::SETOWed Jun 30 1993Planer height adjustment
1866.016AIAG::VALCARCEMon Jul 12 1993table top problems
1868.0WONDER::PTAKMon Jul 19 1993Items for Sale
1869.05CACHE::SETOMon Jul 26 1993How to make a plywood top straight?
1870.08LICAUS::LICAUSEMon Jul 26 1993Donation suggestions for Band Saw?
1871.017USCTR1::BORZUMATOWed Jul 28 1993glueing plexi together
1872.02MIASYS::KEATING_TWed Jul 28 1993Advice on bench disk/belt sanders?
1873.025CACHE::SETOThu Jul 29 1993Formica (sp?)
1874.010TIS::GRUHNMon Aug 02 1993Billboard!
1875.01MAST::MCMULLENTue Aug 03 1993?storage
1876.01CACHE::SETOThu Aug 05 1993How much hp do I need?
1877.01SCOBIE::CPOINDEXTERThu Aug 05 1993Tambour cloth?
1878.0LICAUS::LICAUSESun Aug 08 1993Habitat for Humanity...contacts
1879.01BUSY::RIPLEYThu Aug 12 1993Source for 16/4 FIR?
1880.0YIELD::MYERSThu Aug 19 1993WANTED: Owners manual for Craftsman Drill Press
1881.03ISLNDS::RATHMELLThu Aug 19 1993Lawyers are good for something
1882.010PH4VAX::POINDEXTERMon Aug 23 1993Electronic Radial Arm Saw?
1883.05ONE9Mon Aug 23 1993Chainsaw repair?
1884.012BUSY::RIPLEYWed Aug 25 1993Good prices @TrendLines
1885.06MIMS::LIBOVETue Aug 31 1993three bed bunkbed plans?
1886.04BSS::GROVERWed Sep 01 1993Roll Top Desk/bread box questions
1887.04BUSY::RIPLEYFri Sep 10 1993"Special effect" glass
1888.04KAOFS::LIGHTMANTue Sep 14 1993choice of 6 x 6 pine or poplar ... greater strength ?
1889.02--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 15 1993Intarsia Anyone?
1890.0BUSY::RIPLEYMon Sep 20 1993Hussey/Williams Molding machine?
1891.09CSC32::R_ROMMESWed Sep 22 19932.5 inch and larger diameter drill bits for wood boring
1892.04BUSY::RIPLEYFri Sep 24 1993Can't afford it no mo!!!
1893.07CACHE::SETOMon Sep 27 1993Dust Collecting System?
1894.01CACHE::SETOMon Sep 27 1993Drill Press
1895.03CSC32::R_ROMMESWed Sep 29 199315" planer leaving marks with outfeed roller
1896.05STOWOA::HANNULAWed Sep 29 1993Antique Blowtorch
1897.03CACHE::SETOThu Sep 30 1993Which cordless drill/screw driver is consider the best one?
1898.0CADSYS::HARVEYFri Oct 01 1993Help on chair repair needed
1899.010CACHE::SETOMon Oct 04 1993Will Home Quarter match Home Depot?
1900.04CAPN::WOODThu Oct 07 1993Refinishing a cedar chest
1901.016BITS::DELBALSOSat Oct 09 1993Has anyone sprung for a "SKEWDRIVER" yet?
1902.01CACHE::SETOMon Oct 11 1993Drum Sander Speed?
1903.013MIYATA::LEMIEUXWed Oct 13 1993Coopered joints on table saw
1905.01SPEZKO::LEMIEUXMon Oct 25 19933 HP Motor wanted
1906.01SOLVIT::ROHNERTThu Oct 28 1993Trundle Bed plans?
1907.0BIGRED::SPARKSThu Oct 28 1993Child Slide Plans in New Shelter Mag 198
1908.03DELNI::FILZMon Nov 01 1993sanding sealer
1909.05VFOVAX::STULLTue Nov 02 1993rec.wood
1910.04JUPITR::BERARDWed Nov 03 1993info needed on Toolcraft Bsaw parts
1911.04ISLNDS::RATHMELLThu Nov 11 1993Pickled Oak Finish?
1912.02USCTR1::DLAVALLEYMon Nov 15 1993Pocket Door Hardware
1913.06TOOK::DELBALSOTue Nov 16 1993Seeking Wire bending form
1914.010JAMMER::JACKMon Nov 29 1993Looking for chime hardware
1915.07CACHE::SETOMon Nov 29 1993Compressed biscuit
1916.012CPDW::ROSCHMon Nov 29 1993Spag sale - fwiw
1918.02DEMING::TADRYWed Dec 01 1993Looking for Mantel and Surround plans.
1919.06BUSY::RIPLEYMon Dec 13 1993Sleigh bed experience?
1920.012SCITZO::OBRIENMon Dec 13 1993reliant 6" jointer ???
1921.010OASS::STDBKR::Burden_dWed Dec 15 1993Automotive wood replacement/restoration
1922.01SLOAN::HOMWed Dec 15 1993Radial Arm Saw Questions
1923.018RELYON::CYGANThu Dec 16 1993Inept Sales-people
1924.08WMOIS::GOSSELIN_ETue Dec 21 1993Jet-Lock fence/cast iron extensions?
1925.011KAOFS::N_PIROLLOWed Dec 22 1993drill press stand
1926.01JAMMER::JACKThu Dec 23 1993Sheetrock curiosity
1927.06MKOTS3::COUTUREMon Dec 27 1993Input on air brad nailers
1928.07HOTLNE::MALESKYTue Dec 28 1993Level repair?
1929.01TIS::GRUHNThu Dec 30 1993DECALS
1930.010WMOIS::POIRIERThu Dec 30 1993Question on what plane to use
1931.04EPS::MEGAThu Jan 06 1994Makita sawsall, blade stuck
1932.04WMOIS::GOSSELIN_ETue Jan 11 1994Woodworking Tool Shows
1933.0DOMINY::TAYLORTue Feb 01 1994Need article from April 1987 WOOD Magazine
1934.09MAY18::bobThu Feb 03 1994How to cut large circles?
1935.02LEZAH::WELLCOMEFri Feb 04 1994Sources for treadle or other foot-powered jigsaws?
1936.0DOMINY::TAYLORFri Feb 04 1994well, the old-timers...
1937.06CX3PT1::WSCMon Feb 07 1994Routing medium-density fiberboard (MDF)
1938.0HOTLNE::MALESKYTue Feb 15 1994Wooden circular hand rail ???
1939.08RDOVAX::CARRIGANWed Mar 09 1994Portable sawmills
1941.013MIYATA::LEMIEUXTue Mar 22 1994Delta Unisaw belt vibrations
1942.03OOES::MADMAG::NORRISTue Mar 22 1994Box Joint Jig
1943.016KAHALA::KINGSLEYFri Apr 22 1994Woodstove heated Shop questions
1944.04SEND::PARODITue May 10 1994Woodgrain
1945.03EPS::MARSHALLWed May 11 1994?Barge Cement, Where can it be bought?
1946.02SIOG::W_SHAWWed May 11 1994A Favour/Spags
1947.03DECWET::ROARKTue May 17 1994Router-base friction reduction?
1948.02TLE::GARRISONMon May 23 1994Cabinet maker recommendations?
1949.02FXODEV::CRANEWed May 25 1994woodworking and fathers day
1950.08ASD::GUDITZMon May 30 1994Skil 1
1951.02STRATA::FISHERThu Jun 16 1994Blue-print for circular-shape picnic table?
1952.0WMOIS::POIRIERTue Jun 21 1994Looking for mortise
1953.02QUABBI::"mrr@chene.cxo.dec.com"Thu Jun 30 1994Seeking comments on Powermatic Artisan TS
1954.05KAHALA::KINGSLEYSun Jul 10 1994Mill needed in Marlow NH
1955.06UNIVSE::BXCMon Jul 11 1994Level Liquid??
1956.06DELNI::BARWISEWed Jul 13 1994looking for "shim-stock"
1957.03IAGO::SULLIVANMon Jul 18 1994What is best material to fill void under veneer
1958.010IAGO::SULLIVANTue Jul 19 1994Support for long book shelves
1960.02BRAT::FULTZWed Aug 03 1994Ceiling bolts
1961.01KHUFU::EVENSONSun Aug 07 1994Shop Vac motor problem
1962.0CAPNET::SYKESMon Aug 15 1994Woodcutter Wanted
1963.01CMEM3::GOODWINMon Aug 15 1994angles for compound miters
1964.01VMSSPT::PAGLIARULOThu Aug 18 1994Built in Furniture
1965.04HNDYMN::MCCARTHYSun Aug 21 1994Saw Mills - Where and what do they have?
1966.01SWAM2::BURDICK_JIFri Aug 26 1994Delta 12" bandsaw?
1967.02SIOG::W_SHAWFri Sep 02 1994Where will I go?????????
1968.03CACHE::SETOMon Sep 12 1994Making dowel rod?
1969.04WMOIS::GOSSELIN_EThu Sep 15 1994Shophelper Anti-kickback wheels
1970.02DELNI::OTAMon Sep 19 1994Methods to maximize wood and reduce scrap
1971.01CMEM3::GOODWINWed Sep 21 1994Non-standard hardware
1972.0ASIC::RDAIGLETue Oct 04 1994FYI: Old Planers for Sale
1973.07TROOA::TRP358::StoikosTue Oct 11 1994Carpenter's Pencil
1975.03USCTR1::ESULLIVANMon Oct 17 1994Looking for lighthouse (wood)building instructions
1976.02NOVA::FISHERMon Oct 24 1994Window, door, baseboard molding plans?
1977.01SMURF::DANIELETue Oct 25 1994A shop from the ground up
1978.06KAOFS::N_PIROLLOWed Oct 26 1994Dust Collection Unit
1979.017DELNI::OTAThu Nov 03 1994So whats your holiday projects?
1980.02FOUNDR::DODIERThu Nov 10 1994Compound Mitre Saws
1981.01KOLFAX::ROZYCKISun Nov 13 1994NEEDED: Chinese/Korean furniture hardware sources
1982.03ANGLIN::WOLFWed Nov 23 1994B&D 1
1983.02TINCUP::OSWALDTue Dec 06 1994Spraying water-based poly?
1984.02--UnknownUser--Thu Dec 08 1994nyoss1::digital_investing
1985.02ICS::WALKERMon Dec 12 1994Where can I get veneered bed repaired?
1986.02ALLOUT::STEWARTThu Jan 19 1995where to get Forrest blade?
1987.0PATTRN::dworkn.reo.dec.com::KELSEYFri Jan 20 1995Pin-free Moisture meters?
1988.015STAR::RJONESWed Jan 25 1995Newbie questions
1989.0FIEVEL::FILGATEThu Jan 26 1995Delta / Rockwell electronic motor brakes
1990.01VMSSPT::PAGLIARULOMon Jan 30 1995Jointer Table problems
1991.01--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 16 1995Bandsaw Blade Dilemna
1992.01UPSAR::FRAMPTONFri Mar 03 1995painting kitchen chairs
1993.02GRANPA::GHALSTEADFri Mar 03 1995Finishing bathroom vanity
1994.0KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Apr 03 1995Address for AMANA TOOL
1995.05WRKSYS::KNIKERWed Apr 05 1995Brass Tacks for Shaker Boxes
1996.04DELNI::OTAFri Apr 28 1995looking for a old tool dealer?
1997.05MR4DEC::PMCEACHERNWed May 03 1995Spray painting with a contractors compressor?
1998.02--UnknownUser--Fri May 05 1995Installation costs ?
1999.026DELNI::OTAMon May 08 1995I hate it when...
2000.05TINCUP::OSWALDTue May 16 1995Tormek Experience
2001.06MCITS1::TEJATue May 16 1995No luck with corners
2002.07DELNI::OTAWed May 17 1995Looking for a source of Tin panels
2003.01DELNI::OTATue May 30 1995Helpful tips on creating miters?
2004.02GRANPA::CPOINDEXTERWed May 31 1995Glue Pot???
2005.014WRKSYS::MCMULLENMon Jun 05 1995Contractors Saw II ?
2006.06HANNAH::MCKINLEYThu Jun 29 1995Furniture Maker recommendations
2007.02DELNI::OTAMon Jul 17 1995Measurement of a rocking chair rocker
2008.011DELNI::OTATue Jul 18 1995Square slotted screws
2009.04CSC32::R_NICKLESFri Aug 04 1995An Easy to build Sleigh Bed ??
2010.07BRAT::DRYMon Aug 07 1995"Handyman Club of America"
2011.0GROOVE::DADDIECOWed Aug 09 1995Counter Tops
2012.02DELNI::OTAThu Aug 10 1995japanese pull saws
2013.07DELNI::OTATue Aug 15 1995Odd sanding question
2014.05ANGST::t1p2.zko.dec.com::marshallWed Aug 16 1995Source wanted for Fiber Glass and Resin
2015.04ATLANT::SCHMIDTWed Aug 16 1995Question About Building a Bed Frame
2016.03MANIOK::KREIDERFri Aug 18 1995Wanted: Plan of a "Barbie House"
2017.04VMSSPT::PAGLIARULOMon Aug 21 1995Best Location for Bench Outlets?
2018.07RANGER::RANGER::BAUMGARTMon Aug 28 1995Painting pressure treated wood
2019.010CAPNET::PJOHNSONSat Sep 02 1995Finishing cutting boards
2020.07CSC32::R_NICKLESTue Sep 05 1995Easy to build Shaker Furniture
2021.0WMOIS::POIRIERFri Sep 15 1995Help needed on 17
2022.02GRANPA::KAPPERWed Sep 20 1995HVLP Sprayers
2023.01CAMONE::GALLUCCIOFri Sep 22 1995Problem_Polyurethan_Finish
2024.05DELNI::OTAMon Sep 25 1995Auto putty for finishing
2025.03RICKS::DORMITZERThu Sep 28 1995Wash oak with TSP?
2027.01DELNI::OTAFri Oct 06 1995plans for old fashioned push cart
2028.0OHFSTue Oct 10 1995Sander for a Router
2029.03SPSEG::COVINGTONMon Oct 16 1995Circular Saws, 1/2 price
2030.0NETCAD::DESMONDWed Oct 18 1995Craft fair in LKG Cafeteria
2031.09VMSSPT::PAGLIARULOThu Oct 19 1995Rewiring a Motor for 23
2032.08PCBUOA::RIPLEYMon Oct 23 1995Williams & Hussey molder?
2033.06KAHALA::KINGSLEYMon Oct 30 1995Yards that deal in Cherry?
2034.04DELNI::OTAMon Oct 30 1995problems with air dried oak?
2035.01SPSEG::REGUERATue Oct 31 1995motor revolution
2036.016USDEV::CLEMENTMon Nov 06 1995Small Project Ideas
2037.05DELNI::CHALMERSWed Nov 08 1995Building Brio-compatable train tracks
2038.0SIOG::W_SHAWFri Nov 10 1995Urgent Information Needed
2039.010DELNI::OTAMon Nov 13 1995Routing verse Forstnesr bits
2040.011APACHE::KOLANSKYTue Nov 21 1995Routed Drawer Handles
2041.01MSBCS::MIDTTUNMon Nov 27 1995Marble slide toy (Wooden)
2042.03NWDTue Nov 28 1995Bandsaw Or Scroll
2043.03MPGS::G_FISHERThu Dec 07 1995Delta Drill Press
2044.07VMSSPT::PAGLIARULOTue Dec 19 1995Need Lighted Magnifier
2045.01DELNI::OTATue Jan 02 1996Use of Bees Wax in place of Tung oil or shellac
2046.016WAHOO::LEVESQUETue Jan 02 1996help needed for wine rack project
2047.02NWDWed Jan 03 1996Sunhill
2049.06MOLAR::DELBALSOSat Jan 06 1996Seeking plans for power hacksaw
2050.0DELNI::OTAThu Jan 11 1996Mail order houses good and bad.
2051.02ENGPTR::SULLIVANThu Jan 11 1996old yellow glue
2052.02MKOTS3::COUTUREThu Jan 11 1996spindle sanders?
2053.02DCETHD::TAYLORFri Jan 12 1996Looking for bog oak
2054.07AKOCOA::URREAFri Jan 19 1996Has this happened to you?
2055.01ENGPTR::SULLIVANMon Jan 22 1996Leichtung JointMaster - any experiences?
2056.03FIEVEL::FILGATEMon Jan 29 1996Source wanted for 1" bore shim set for stacking dado
2057.017DELNI::OTAWed Jan 31 1996Creating wide panels
2058.06LUDWIG::FANARAWed Jan 31 1996Any Ideas
2059.07CSC32::R_NICKLESThu Feb 01 1996Wire welders
2060.01MEMIT::DYERThu Feb 08 1996Help with mounting ballister
2061.0CSC32::S_WASKEWICZFri Feb 09 1996Paragraphics?
2062.05NOTAPC::SEGERFri Feb 16 1996looking for cable grommets
2064.02MROA::stenge.mro.dec.com::STENGERMon Feb 26 1996A tool project...Yes!!
2065.06CAM::GALLUCCIOThu Mar 14 1996Problem; Old dresser drawers.
2066.015XMAILR::DYERThu Mar 14 1996Ceramic tiles
2067.01NEMAIL::GREENBERGFri Mar 15 1996Tool Reviews
2068.010SIOG::W_SHAWFri Mar 22 1996Visiting Boston 28/3/96 - Info wanted on Toolshop
2069.09FOUNDR::DODIERFri Mar 22 1996Off the topic - aka: Rathole
2070.04NQOPS::ROCHEFri Mar 22 1996sandblasting needed
2071.03SIOG::W_SHAWMon Mar 25 1996Miter Saw - DE Walt DW 7
2072.08VLNVAX::BELCULFINEThu Mar 28 1996Bed Slats, what will do the trick
2073.03--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 02 1996North Carolina Furniture Makers?
2074.02REFINE::MCDONALDFri Apr 12 1996Overarm TS blade guard deal!
2076.09UHUH::TALCOTTWed May 08 1996Looking for door catches in southern NH for armoire doors
2077.0ESPOThu May 09 1996Gluing techniques for veneer
2078.02CSC32::R_NICKLESMon May 13 1996finish weather damaged wood
2079.0+14DELNI::OTATue May 21 1996looking for plans for grandfather clock
2080.03ICS::FISHERWed May 22 1996Finishing a Crib
2081.0CSC32::R_NICKLESFri Jun 07 1996Thanks
2082.014STARCH::HAGERMANThu Jun 20 1996transfer plan to wood
2083.01MKOTS3::COUTURETue Jul 09 1996advice on basement finishing??
2084.03CADSYS::SHEPARDThu Jul 25 1996How to reproduce old moulding profile?
2085.09AIAG::SEGERMon Jul 29 1996dead saw motor
2087.05NPSS::NEWFIELDThu Aug 22 1996Help - it appears bugs are in the wood...
2088.08VMSSG::PAGLIARULOMon Aug 26 1996Attaching a Cabinet Top
2089.06SASSON::KAPPERMon Aug 26 1996Air Nailers
2090.05WRKSYS::KNIKERThu Oct 03 1996CAD packages for furniture design
2091.05ASIC::RDAIGLEFri Oct 25 1996Stonemason Tools/Techniques....?
2092.07EVMS::SCHENThu Oct 31 1996Wanted: Plans for a child's sled
2093.012NEMAIL::GREENBERGWed Nov 06 1996Wanted:scrap countertop or sink cutout
2094.0CGOSMon Nov 18 1996How to age wood?
2095.0BRAT::THOMANNWed Nov 27 1996Wanted: Nutcracker Doll/Plans?
2096.03DELNI::OTAMon Dec 16 1996What is the best method to remove bows
2097.0+14FIEVEL::FILGATESun Dec 22 1996Network publications of woodworking
2098.06GROOVE::DADDIECOTue Dec 24 1996Wanted - Cat Condo Plans
2099.07DELNI::OTAFri Jan 03 1997Web Sites
2100.06VMSSG::PAGLIARULOMon Jan 06 1997Welding Cast Iron
2101.01LUDWIG::WIINIKKAWed Jan 08 1997Info on Wagner address
2102.0 *+6BSS::ANDERSONFri Jan 24 1997Performax Drum Sander Blues
2103.0 *+9POWDML::CARDINALMon Jan 27 1997Where to buy a Unisaw?
2105.0 *PERFOM::MATTHESTue Feb 18 1997Plunge Router, Chop Saw
2106.0 *+4RHETT::BURDENMon Feb 24 1997Estimating weight of wood
2107.0 *+4AIAG::MILLERFri Feb 28 1997Rheostat for speed control?
2108.0 *+5STAR::KLEINSORGEMon Mar 03 1997CAD Software?
2109.0 *+1NWDWed Apr 02 1997plans for birdhouse
2110.0 *+10MROA::PVINCENTWed Apr 09 1997Questions about Tung Oil Finish
2111.0 *TLE::MATTHESMon Apr 14 1997Router, chop saw
2112.0 *+9GROOVE::DADDIECOMon Apr 21 1997Watco Danish Oil - Spontaneous Combustion?
2113.0 *NPSS::GLASERWed Jun 04 1997Sears Tablesaw with Biesmeyer Fence