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Conference noted::wireless_lans

Title:RoamAbout Wireless LANs
Created:Wed Feb 17 1993
Last Modified:Fri May 16 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:348
Total number of notes:1173
Number with bodies:86
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1.01DELNI::PRESCOTTWed Feb 17 1993Introduction
2.01DELNI::PRESCOTTThu Feb 25 1993RoamAbout Sales Update Articles
4.01DELNI::PRESCOTTTue Mar 02 1993Information Sheet
5.0--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 11 1993RoamAbout Presentations
6.03TOOK::SCHWARTZThu Mar 18 1993WaveLAN NIC User Documentation.
7.02MJPRThu Apr 22 1993Configuration Details ... fuzzy
8.01DPDMAI::DAVIESThu May 06 1993Interference and Overlapping LANs
9.0+19DELNI::PRESCOTTSun Oct 01 1995RoamAbout Certifications
10.03DELNI::PRESCOTTSun Oct 01 1995Future Customer Requirements for RoamAbout
14.01MSDOA::HACKNEYMon Jul 26 1993VTs with wavLAN ?
18.01UNYEM::ADAIRCWed Aug 18 1993Wired backbone to Wired Classroom
19.01ZPOVC::RAMARAJWed Aug 25 1993WavelanII/Persoft support?
20.01DPDMAI::DAVIESThu Aug 26 1993MOP/SNMP Support
21.01ANGLIN::MFORDFri Sep 03 1993wirless notebooks??!
22.02CGOSThu Sep 16 1993WAVELAN PS file doesn't print
23.02MLNORO::SANTINIMon Sep 27 1993WaveLan software on the Net
24.01ODIXIE::STUMPFTue Sep 28 1993competing against NCR
25.01ODIXIE::STUMPFTue Sep 28 1993multiple wireless <--> wire connections per network
26.01UNYEM::ADAIRCMon Oct 04 1993Seed and/or Demo Equipment
27.03GRANMA::BDEHAVENFri Oct 15 1993Connection from PC to VAX
28.02ODIXIE::STUMPFWed Nov 03 1993Netware V4.
29.01FJIVTue Nov 30 1993Does the DEIWX-AB exist
30.02CLEON::KULLMon Jan 03 1994Can't print WAVELAN.PS on 325
31.0CLEON::KULLThu Jan 20 1994RoamAbout - Mobile IP vs. Transport?
32.01CLEON::KULLThu Jan 20 1994Remote Net vx 'Local' Net bridging?
33.06CLEON::KULLWed Feb 02 1994Directional Ant. & Limits w/ AccessPoint?
34.04ODIXIE::DWILLIAMSWed Feb 02 1994address limit? antenna cost?
35.01CGOOA::VAOP21::SZOSTAKMon Feb 07 1994Remote site configuration confusion
36.01RTOIC::TWALKERWed Feb 09 1994DEIWA availability???
37.04RODGER::MILESWed Feb 23 1994Can multiple Access Points be used for "Roaming"
38.02RODGER::MILESWed Feb 23 1994Is 915Mhz the only channel that can/will be used for WaveLAN?
39.01FJIVWed Mar 02 1994Config of 6 node wavelan
40.01MSAMFri Mar 04 1994DECpc AXP 15
41.06DPDMAI::DAVIESSun Mar 06 1994Apple MAC support?
42.03DPDMAI::DAVIESSun Mar 06 1994roaming and Network IDs
43.01FJIVMon Mar 07 1994configuration help needed
44.04FJIVTue Mar 15 1994does remote s/w handle 2 into 1
45.01DPDMAI::DAVIESWed Mar 23 1994MIB location
47.05AIMHI::JMURPHYTue Mar 29 1994total loss budget?
48.03IJSAPL::VANGEESTThu Mar 31 1994WaveLAN roaming?
49.02KAOFS::D_FORBESThu Apr 21 1994software pointers
51.01TROOA::LWEBSTERMon Apr 25 1994Directional Antenna for the PCMCIA adapter
52.05RODGER::MILESWed May 04 1994Power problem with the DECpc 425SE ?
53.02RODGER::MILESFri May 13 1994Where is the documentation on the RoamAbout products?
54.05KEIKI::WHITETue May 24 1994DEINA-AA antenna cable length
55.01MARIN::KIRKTue May 24 1994Problem loading WVLAN25 in Sager 486/66 notebook PC
56.0TOOK::CIARFELLAMon Jun 13 1994Mobile IP V2.
57.01DPDMAI::DAVIESMon Jun 13 1994DHCP an Industry Standard?
59.01UNYEM::LEFFLERMThu Jun 30 1994Number of clients for 1 AP?
60.02CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONTue Jul 12 1994Digital Wireless Network Interface Cards (NICs) and WFW 3.11
61.01NYOSS1::TEDWARDSWed Jul 27 1994Unix support?
62.01NWDThu Jul 28 1994WAVELAN Failover
63.04ODIXIE::DWILLIAMSWed Aug 03 1994Misc ?s
64.01DPDMAI::DAVIESWed Aug 31 1994Network IDs profide Autonomy??
65.09TELNET::DUGALWed Sep 14 1994Announced locations of publicly accessible RoamAbout software
66.01ROMEOS::MORRISJAFri Sep 16 1994EIR?
67.01CGOOA::SZOSTAKTue Oct 04 1994I need the Power
68.01CGOOA::CRICKFri Oct 07 1994performance of the wireless bridge
69.04TROFS::WEBSTERFri Oct 07 1994Wavelan thru windows vs. laser
70.01NWDFri Oct 07 1994Windows for WorkGroups Support on PCMCIA S/W
71.03TELSEL::DAY_CTue Oct 11 1994wireless link for parallel printer interface?
72.01CSC32::B_HORNETue Oct 11 1994bridge mode capability
73.01CGOOA::SZOSTAKTue Oct 11 1994Power output needed?
74.01TBB2::MOKBELWed Oct 12 1994Replace Bridge with Access Point ?
75.07BSS::HEWITTFri Oct 14 1994Cable Length for Omnidirectional antenna?
76.02ATYISA::POITEVINFri Oct 21 1994Pb with the network on wireless Lan
77.01HXOUTue Oct 25 1994F-type/N-type coupler?
78.01DPDMAI::DAVIESWed Oct 26 1994NE2
79.01FLYERS::WITHERSPOONFri Oct 28 1994Node Diagnostics ??
80.01NCMAIL::SCHEIDMon Oct 31 1994DHCP and MOBILE IP
81.01TROFS::WEBSTERTue Nov 01 1994Roamabout and Novell LAN routing
82.0DELNI::HATFIELDFri Nov 04 1994Alternative Solutions for WaveLAN ISA NIC Customers
83.0136963::WITHERSPOONTue Nov 08 1994Access Point Software Versions ??
84.02UKVWed Nov 09 1994Wireless in Europe
88.01DELNI::HATFIELDFri Nov 11 1994RoamAbout International Info
89.03TENNIS::KAMFri Nov 11 1994Can someone explain Wireless ethernet address?
90.01TENNIS::KAMFri Nov 11 1994Can you gain access to the AP via remote console carrier?
91.01CUJO::HILLTue Nov 15 1994PCMCIA compatibility - PDAs, Pen-based, etc.
92.01MCSSRV::FEINSTEINTue Nov 15 1994AP to AP Bridging
93.01CUJO::HILLWed Nov 16 1994IRQ conflict when trying to load with Windows for Workgroups
94.01CUJO::HILLWed Nov 16 1994ODI driver won't bind to second wireless adapter.
95.05TENNIS::KAMMon Nov 28 1994In the example on pg. A-2 : is initftpd the same as ftpd?
96.02CUJO::HILLTue Nov 29 1994Problems downloading Access Point via BOOTP/TFTP.
97.02VEGAS::GURALNIKTue Nov 29 1994Need to Order Drivers for Wavelan
98.07TENNIS::KAMThu Dec 01 1994Can DEChub 9
99.01CGOOA::SZOSTAKFri Dec 02 1994Beacon & Domain ID explained.
100.03TENNIS::KAMSun Dec 04 1994were can we get latest docs?
101.02CGOSMon Dec 05 1994Using AP to do path check?
102.013CGOSMon Dec 05 1994AP with directional antenna!
103.01TBB2::MOKBELThu Dec 08 1994IEEE 8
104.01OUTHSE::adcwsc.sca.dec.com::holvenstotMon Dec 12 1994Problems configuration wavelan on WNT 3.5
105.07TENNIS::KAMThu Dec 15 1994WaveLAN w/ PATHWORKS V5?
106.01TENNIS::KAMFri Dec 16 1994Anyone set up PW5 w/ ISA WaveLan NIC?
107.01TENNIS::KAMFri Dec 16 1994NDIS Driver Installation & General Information?
108.01SPARGL::63695::hoedelFri Dec 30 1994RoamAbout Mobile IP - German TELEKOM MODACOM support
109.03GRANPA::DFAUSTWed Jan 04 1995Need a directional antenna
110.04TENNIS::KAMThu Jan 05 1995RoamAbout Mobile IP & RoamAbout Transport?
111.02DPDMAI::DAVIESFri Jan 06 1995RoamAbout in a FAB facility
112.027VAOUFri Jan 06 1995Windows 95 support?
113.01OURGNG::RIGGENMon Jan 23 1995White paper available ?
114.01POBOX::JOCIUSKWed Jan 25 1995LOADHI wavelan driver?
115.01SWAM2::JACOMB_SCWed Jan 25 1995Who is the competition?
116.02STRWRS::KOCH_PThu Jan 26 1995WVLAN
117.03VAXRIO::VASCONCELLOSWed Feb 01 1995More then 8
118.01SWAM2::JACOMB_SCWed Feb 01 1995Software versions
119.03STRWRS::KOCH_PThu Feb 02 1995Providing a way to secure an antenna?
120.02STRWRS::KOCH_PThu Feb 02 1995Using wireless in a remote boot PC environment?
121.02ANGLIN::CLAYTONMon Feb 13 1995On-Site Demo?
122.03ANGLIN::BERNDTTue Feb 14 1995"Floating" Access Points
123.04ANGLIN::BERNDTTue Feb 14 1995Upgrade w/EZ Loader?
124.01XROADS::SYSTEMMon Feb 20 1995RoamAbouts in an Airport environment?
125.01PDVMon Feb 27 1995Wireless card with variable frequency?
126.01ANGLIN::CLAYTONTue Feb 28 1995Problems with PCMCIA on 325SL
127.02ZPOVC::CHINHENGWed Mar 01 1995DECtransport Doc on install,config and use (OVMS)
128.0ANGLIN::CLAYTONFri Mar 03 1995FCC Selling Off Wireless Freq Band?
129.02TENNIS::KAMThu Mar 09 1995PCMCIA NIC & SSU/CCU: are the mutually exclusive?
130.01MQOOA::POISSANTFri Mar 10 1995UNIX cards
131.07HERON::ERBESMon Mar 13 1995Real wavelan connectivity is less than 12m (4
132.03ANGLIN::CLAYTONThu Mar 16 1995DIAG Problem
133.01ANGLIN::CLAYTONThu Mar 16 1995Max Remote Devices?
134.0HERON::ERBESFri Mar 17 1995frequency range for the CT-3!
135.01DPDMAI::DAVIESFri Mar 24 1995Lower power PCMCIA adapter...
136.01TENNIS::KAMSat Mar 25 1995Memory windows NOT available, check /M= option(s)?
137.05TENNIS::KAMSat Mar 25 1995PTPDIAG for PCMICA WaveLAN setup?
138.03SALUD::ORTIZMon Mar 27 1995Cabling issue with AP Console
139.01STRWRS::KOCH_PWed Mar 29 1995New IBM Wireless products
140.03TENNIS::KAMMon Apr 03 1995DECpc 433SLC PCMCIA WaveLAN & Modem simultaneously?
141.01TENNIS::KAMTue Apr 04 1995Is this an error in the Owner's Manual: Memory Space?
142.02TENNIS::KAMWed Apr 05 1995What does the ENABLER do?
143.05DYPSS1::TROXELLFri Apr 07 1995RoamAbout Communication Security?
144.04STRWRS::KOCH_PMon Apr 10 1995New products & our claim of 1.2Mbps?
145.01RIPPER::MORETTITue Apr 11 1995S parameters for RF modems
146.01BEJVC::TYRONELINThu Apr 13 1995Wireless Paper
147.015STRWRS::KOCH_PWed Apr 19 1995Trying to upgrade old RoamAbout Access Point
148.03TROOA::LEONGWed May 03 1995Parallel Accesspoints
149.02DPDMAI::DAVIESSun May 07 1995Socket Services
150.0DELNI::HATFIELDThu May 11 1995Two New RoamAbout 915 Packages
151.02NWDFri May 12 1995Help needed with directional antena
152.01OTOOA::MACKENZIEMon May 15 1995RF Interference
153.0NWDMon May 15 1995Wired vs. Wireless
154.01CGOOA::VAOPMon May 15 1995Latest Version of S/W Roamabout
155.02BBOVTue May 23 1995mobileip with wfw
156.01OTOOA::FINUCANTue May 23 1995RF Emissions Revisited
157.0STROP::LAYLANDWed May 31 1995Some Roamabout questions
158.01DRAC::63795::LLUISWed May 31 1995Availability of products in Spain
159.02MKOTS3::OPENRD::blanchetteTue Jun 06 1995PCMCIA RoamAbout and Netware V4.11
160.0DELNI::KOPECSat Jun 10 1995IS-41? New standard?
161.01STRWRS::KOCH_PMon Jun 12 1995Mobile IP, who owns it?
162.07SWAM2::JACOMB_SCWed Jul 05 1995Access Point Failure
163.010MSDOA::REEDSat Jul 08 1995Can we Connect to MAC ??
164.02MOSCOW::KOLOMIETSThu Jul 13 1995Brick walls and coverage area ?
165.04RDGENG::GREIDTue Jul 18 1995WVLAN
166.0CIVPR1::BURKETue Jul 18 1995Fujitsu - Proxim Wireless setup
167.01ANGLIN::KUTZThu Jul 20 1995RoamAbout hub vs stand-alone
168.01ESSB::JFARRTue Jul 25 1995RoamAbout fequencies
169.02VAXRIO::ROLFTue Jul 25 1995Remote Connect question
170.01NEWVAX::BARBERThu Aug 03 1995WaveLan vs. RangeLan2
171.06STKHLM::WEBJORNTue Aug 08 1995Where are Freq Hopping documentation?
172.01PTOJJD::DANZAKWed Aug 09 1995Hubloader+depea=NO TFTP
173.08SWAM2::JACOMB_SCThu Aug 10 1995Windows NT support
174.0DECPRG::PAVLUPMon Aug 14 1995RoamAbout in EMG noise - impacts???
175.0STROP::LAYLANDTue Aug 15 1995Security for a banking sale
176.0DPDMAI::auodial1_port1.auo.dec.com::KornsFri Aug 25 1995Update on 8
177.019DPDMAI::DAVIESTue Aug 29 1995Windows 95 Support
178.02HGOVC::SHUMCFTue Aug 29 1995Can't print frequencing hopping doc
179.01ANGLIN::BERNDTThu Aug 31 1995Help ISA NIC w/WFW ODI
180.016TNPUBS::EWARTMon Sep 11 1995Revised AP docs available
181.02CMOTEC::CHOIWed Sep 13 1995Weight & Power of PCMCIA NIC?
182.0CGOOA::CRICKWed Sep 13 1995What error handling techniques do we use?
183.02ROMEOS::MOKBEL_SAFri Sep 22 1995Roaming Ability for ISA NICs?
184.03MAIL1::RMILLERTue Sep 26 1995Indoor site survey
185.01HITIT::KAYITue Oct 03 1995Order codes?
186.0HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGFri Oct 06 1995RoamAbout Qs from customer
187.01MIMS::WHITTINGTONMon Oct 09 1995Roamabout on powerbooks
188.01HGOVC::SHUMCFTue Oct 10 1995Interoperability of mobile LAN adapter
189.01NAC::LICAUSEMon Oct 16 1995docs on access point placement?
190.01STKHLM::WEBJORNTue Oct 17 1995Drivers for OS != DOS/WIN
191.03STRWRS::KOCH_PThu Oct 19 1995ISA software & documentation?
192.01THEPUB::JRSThu Oct 26 1995Problems with RoamAbout FH/PC card on a HiNote Ultra
193.01ROMEOS::MOKBEL_SAFri Oct 27 1995Community String Change via Network
195.01BIS5::RUTTENSTue Oct 31 1995OS/2 drivers ?
196.02XEDON::RAISON::GRIMESWed Nov 01 1995RangeLAN2/PCMCIA -- DECpc 425slc -- Can someone comment, please?
197.0MINNY::WIDMERThu Nov 02 1995Wireless reference Sites?
198.03MKOTS3::BLANCHETTEMon Nov 06 1995Other transmitters for Access Point?
199.02HGOVC::SHUMCFMon Nov 13 1995Software for designing wireless LAN
200.01STROP::LAYLANDMon Nov 13 1995can not get test utility to run
201.01MIMS::OLSEN_GMon Nov 13 1995Need Wireless Solution
202.04STRWRS::KOCH_PMon Nov 13 1995Is 2.4 Ghz the 8
203.0NCMAIL::SCHEIDMon Nov 13 1995 EMI in volts/meter for WAVELAN PCMCIA
204.01PTOJJD::DANZAKTue Nov 14 19955 volts vs 3.5 volt PCMCIA slot
205.02OTOOA::CHANDLERFri Nov 24 1995satellite connectivity?
206.05STROP::LAYLANDMon Nov 27 1995Are we still active
207.06ATYISA::POITEVINThu Nov 30 1995Technical questions
208.01CHEFS::HARVEYTue Dec 05 1995Technology Update required
209.05EDISTO::greeneThu Dec 07 1995Technical Training Information
210.01CGOOA::VAOPThu Dec 14 1995System impedance
211.03MEOCTue Dec 19 1995parts used in old RemoteConnection
212.01SWAM1::JACOMB_SCFri Dec 22 1995Product Compatability Matrix?
213.02MIMS::OLSEN_GWed Jan 03 1996Roamabout Polling Conflict?
214.01PTOJJD::DANZAKSat Jan 06 1996No access to FEENIX/Software etc.
215.04ODIF11::LICATAWed Jan 10 1996Simple Config question
216.02TENNIS::KAMSun Jan 14 1996Is the DEIWA a Network Interface Card?
217.01JULIET::WENGER_GESat Jan 20 1996net id and channel alocation
218.01ATYISA::POITEVINMon Jan 22 1996Driver NDIS 3 for FH
219.05HGOVC::SHUMCFTue Jan 23 1996Configuration of AP
220.06CGOOA::CRICKTue Jan 23 1996Certified for the Bahamas?
221.04VAXRIO::ROLFThu Jan 25 1996How many partitions?
222.02TENNIS::KAMThu Jan 25 1996Does DEIWB-AA = DEINAA-AA?
223.02PHHSS1::DFAUSTFri Feb 02 1996Using HUBloader with RoamAbout Access Point
224.0TROOA::MUSTAKIMFri Feb 02 1996A few customer questions
225.05TENNIS::KAMSun Feb 04 1996Latest firmware for DEIWA-AA & DEINA-AA?
226.01TENNIS::KAMWed Feb 07 1996Mobile IP Server support for Wireless ISA WaveLAN?
227.01TENNIS::KAMWed Feb 07 1996Mobile IP can't create page file?
228.01STKHLM::WEBJORNWed Feb 07 1996Crynwr (PACKET) drivers ??
229.01MIMS::OLSEN_GFri Feb 09 1996IBM Thinkpad Hangs with deina-aa
230.011WHYNOW::NEWMANFri Feb 09 1996Problem getting console to respond on AP
231.01NCMAIL::SCHEIDSun Feb 11 1996REmote Connect ...future yeah or never ...
232.01KERNEL::PATELAWed Feb 14 1996TCPIP,workplace v4.1.2 compatiblity .....
233.01HGOSPS::IVANCHENGThu Feb 15 199624
234.01TENNIS::KAMFri Feb 23 1996NDIS31 B3 flakey under Windows NT 3.51
235.04SNOFS1::KHOOJEANNIETue Feb 27 19961
236.05ATYISA::POITEVINWed Feb 28 1996Roaming technicals questions
237.0CADSYS::CRSUPPORTThu Feb 29 1996What to do with a number of wireless needs?
238.01LEMAN::JRSFri Mar 01 1996Security comparison of FH and DS
239.06ATYISA::POITEVINMon Mar 04 1996Technicals questions about DS products
240.02LEMAN::JRSTue Mar 05 1996network kit? Windows 95 support? measuring signal strength?
241.01NETRIX::"penno@nzo.mts.dec.com"Tue Mar 05 1996Three access points ?
242.03STROP::LAYLANDWed Mar 06 1996AP to AP connectivity for building to building ??
243.02ATYISA::PASCALIThu Mar 07 1996NO subnet mask in AP ?
244.0LFOIS1::MOUSSUMon Mar 11 1996Multiple LAN to LAN links
245.01TBJVOA::OHTANIThu Mar 14 1996What parts are orderable?(24
246.0ATYISA::POITEVINThu Mar 14 1996Pb with the FH driver with NT.
247.02PTOJJD::DANZAKTue Mar 19 1996Windows95 Gotcha
248.01ALFSS2::WELLONSWed Mar 20 1996Can an access point be a repeater?
249.04WOTVAX::ppp2.olo.dec.com::davetThu Mar 28 1996TELXON? interfere or interoperate??
250.01WOTVAX::ppp2.olo.dec.com::davetThu Mar 28 1996actual frequencies used by Roamabout?
251.02NETRIX::"clark@edisto.lkg.dec.com"Wed Apr 03 1996FH radios losing security ID
252.07SNOFS1::KHOOJEANNIEWed Apr 10 1996How much conv memory for 24
253.07ALFSS2::OLSEN_GFri Apr 12 1996WIN95 Drivers DON'T WORK!
254.01VMSNET::L_THOMSONMon Apr 15 1996ROAMABOUT in a docking station
255.05WOTVAX::ppp2.olo.dec.com::davetMon Apr 15 1996unable to load applications off server over roamabout
256.05SNOFS1::KHOOJEANNIETue Apr 16 1996Win 95 and 24
257.01RDGENG::GREIDWed Apr 17 1996Cannot upgrade AP to V2.1
258.03SUFGUN::BLANGThu Apr 18 1996problem to configure access point
259.0TNPUBS::EWARTThu Apr 18 1996DS ISA/PC Card docs with Win95 and NT
260.02IJSAPL::VANDOMMELENTue Apr 23 1996Performance with Novell ?
261.01ALFSS2::OLSEN_GTue Apr 23 1996Can ISA cards Roam?
262.01ALFSS2::OLSEN_GTue Apr 23 1996Standalone A.P w/o Ethernet?
263.03EEMELI::HUTTUNENWed Apr 24 1996AP1 roaming between AP2 and AP3???
264.0CERN::CARNEYThu May 02 1996Speaker on "Mobile IP" for Interop in Paris?
265.0DELNI::WOZNICKIMon May 13 1996NEW Literature for RoamAbout
266.01SNOFS1::KHOOJEANNIETue May 14 1996Compatibility with Proxim?
267.01ALFSS2::OLSEN_GTue May 14 1996Low Signal to Noise ratio - 2' away
268.04JUGHED::JOHNThu May 16 1996What to by for an internal site?
269.02BRSISD::CAEYMANMon Jun 10 1996Win95 and setting security ID on 24
270.02JULIET::WENGER_GETue Jun 11 1996can't upgrade really old! AP
271.01TENNIS::KAMTue Jun 11 1996DEIWA-AA & NT combination issues?
273.03ALFSS2::OLSEN_GTue Jun 11 1996NT- Can't copy or print large files
274.05IJSAPL::VANDOMMELENThu Jun 13 1996Xircom Netwave ??
275.01NCMAIL::SCHEIDThu Jun 13 1996NT4.
276.01ALFSS2::OLSEN_GThu Jun 13 199682365 compatability??
277.01SCASS1::auodial1_port1.auo.dec.com::kornsMon Jun 17 1996RoamAbout for Macintosh & Newton?
278.03CGOOA::rasMon Jun 17 1996WIN 95, Rev A adapter problems
279.03LFOIS1::MOUSSUTue Jun 18 1996Security details
280.01NETRIX::"kull@acissa.chi.dec.com"Wed Jul 03 1996WWSE
281.08TENNIS::KAMThu Jul 04 1996WaveLAN: Card not found
282.01GIDDAY::STANISLAUSWed Jul 10 1996Console Problem on Access Point AP.
283.02GIDDAY::STANISLAUSWed Jul 10 1996Pointer to latest Access Point Software ??
284.0NETRIX::"Michael.Bell@sno.mts.dec.com"Mon Jul 15 1996Technology Manager
285.01BIS5::BHP98::Conferencing-UserThu Jul 18 1996radiation influences screen colour ??
286.01ALFSS2::OLSEN_GFri Jul 19 1996Supported Laptops?
287.02SUFGUN::BLANGTue Jul 23 1996Problem to configure Roamabout FH/PC Card under WI
288.01CHEFS::rasmodem4.reo.dec.com::WorkBenchUserWed Jul 24 1996Oil Rig use? Possible ?
289.02UNXA::MOKThu Aug 01 1996Where are the Roamabout Access Point DOCS today?
290.02SNOFS1::KHOOJEANNIEWed Aug 07 1996Advice needed on wireless config
291.029Fri Aug 09 1996PTPDIAG error codes
292.03NCMAIL::SCHEIDFri Aug 09 1996blank values for MIBS (droam.mib and dwavelan.mib)
293.02ALFSS2::OLSEN_GMon Aug 12 1996RoamAbout and 3C589 together?
294.01CHEFS::BILLERSBThu Aug 15 1996Directional aerial in UK ???
295.0234937::DANZAKMon Aug 19 1996NET.CFG a saga...
296.01PONDA::pb.mso.dec.com::pbennettWed Aug 21 1996Problems w/RoamAbout PC Card and HiNote Ultra II 15
297.01SCASS1::auodial1_port1.auo.dec.com::kornsTue Sep 10 1996Another upgrade problem
298.01SNOFS1::EMPEIGNEJWed Sep 11 1996misc. (Throughput & Media Access)
299.01WASHDC::KMOOREFri Sep 13 1996DEIWX-DA info?
300.0+8HGOVC::LAWRENCEWANMon Sep 16 1996Question for setup RoamAbout FH in WIN95
301.03ALFSS2::OLSEN_GTue Sep 24 1996ALERT!!! Console Port Dead on Access Point
302.05ULYSSE::virenq.vbo.dec.com::HEMMINGSThu Sep 26 1996Crazy 24
303.04tun-38.imc.das.dec.com::dfaustThu Sep 26 1996Using Wireless accross IP subnets
304.02NETRIX::"reich_pc@fkros1.fkr.dec.com"Wed Oct 02 1996Problems copying large files
305.01NPSS::LIZOTTEWed Oct 02 1996Can the PTPDIAG be run in an active network?
306.0+12ATYISA::POITEVINMon Oct 07 1996Many wireless PCs in a little area
307.04STKHLM::WEBJORNMon Oct 07 1996Roamabout in residential area.
308.02JOBURG::RYANTue Oct 08 1996Newton/Mac support revisited
309.013GIDDAY::CHONGMon Oct 14 1996 Problem with FH/PC Card installation on Win95
310.0+9BGSDEV::POEGELThu Oct 17 1996Wireless inside Digital?
311.03SCASS1::auodial1_port6.auo.dec.com::kornsMon Oct 21 1996Using a pair as Wired-Wireless-Wired bridge
312.01DECBAH::SCONETTIWed Oct 30 1996Ultra Hinote II 24
313.07SCASS1::DAVIESTue Nov 05 1996Access Point Power supply??
314.04TLAVWed Nov 06 1996How can I use RoamAbout exceed 3
315.0+2HGOVC::LAWRENCEWANWed Nov 13 1996How to change parameter of AP at remote?
316.02JOBURG::RYANMon Nov 18 1996sizing 6
317.03NETRIX::"bichsel@mail.dec.com"Mon Nov 18 1996DECnet one way communication ?
318.01NETRIX::"Brian.mccolm@"Fri Nov 22 1996Business Partner Manager
319.02CHEFS::CHOICWed Nov 27 1996RoamAbout logo?
320.03HGOVC::SAMCHANFri Dec 06 1996Fail to communicate on Hinote WIN95
321.02TENNIS::KAMMon Dec 30 1996re-using Radio Mounting clips or new ones?
322.01TENNIS::KAMSat Jan 04 1997How to update Miniport Driver in Win95?
323.04TENNIS::KAMSat Jan 04 1997Not all PC cards can get Ethernet Mac Address from AP?
324.0+7BARNA::DSMAILThu Jan 09 1997Hinote VP and 24
325.01JOBURG::NICOPThu Jan 16 1997Out of range of master with 24
326.0+4ULYSSE::virenq.vbo.dec.com::HEMMINGSThu Jan 23 199724
327.0 *+1HGOVC::LAWRENCEWANFri Jan 24 1997Coverage Area and Throughput Problem
328.0 *+3ATYISA::POITEVINFri Jan 24 1997Tools for Win 95
329.0 *+2ATYISA::POITEVINTue Feb 11 1997Technical roaming question
330.0 *+1OSLLAV::BJORNTue Feb 11 1997Hospital usage of Roamabout?
331.0 *+2STOWOA::READTue Feb 11 1997RoamAbout in Ultra 475 w/ 1.3gig hard drive
332.0 *+1ATYISA::POITEVINFri Feb 14 1997How many differents bands ??
333.0 *+1HYDRA::SCHAFERMon Feb 24 1997Linux Device drivers
334.0 *+2NETRIX::"Youda.Kopel@meo.mts.dec.com"Tue Feb 25 1997Wireless FH/PC & Novell
335.0 *+1LEMAN::JRSFri Mar 14 1997Any plans to support PCI?
336.0 *ALFSS2::OLSEN_GMon Mar 17 1997RoamAbout fails on Dell XPI with NT4.
337.0 *+1ANNECY::ariel.aeo.dec.com::DEVEZEAUD_EWed Mar 19 1997multi-point wireless bridges and DS ?
338.0 *+6NETRIX::"Youda.Kopel@meo.mts.dec.com"Fri Mar 21 1997WIN NT V4.
339.0 *+4NETRIX::"eric gan@bejvc"Fri Mar 21 1997DS in TOSHIBA not work
340.0 *+2TLAVSun Mar 23 1997Win311 not work,but DOS O.K.
341.0 *+2ATYISA::POITEVINMon Mar 24 1997RL2setup in W95 or NT
342.0 *+1NETRIX::"Youda.Kopel@meo.mts.dec.com"Tue Mar 25 1997RL2setup on HiNote VP5
343.0 *+2ALFSS2::OLSEN_GMon Mar 31 1997DS ISA on NT 4.
344.0 *+1VMSNET::C_MANDERSONFri Apr 04 1997Thinkpad 76
345.0 *+4VMSNET::N_WILKINSONThu Apr 10 1997DSCARDUP blows away DS PCcards
346.0 *+3STKHLM::WEBJORNWed Apr 16 1997If breezecom can why cannot we?
347.0 *+2ALFSS2::OLSEN_GTue May 06 1997OSR2 Driver Fails - WaveLAN driver works!