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Conference noted::ventura

Title:Xerox Ventura Publishing System
Created:Thu Nov 12 1987
Last Modified:Mon Feb 06 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:84
Total number of notes:320
Number with bodies:0
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1.03EXIT26::SOULESun Nov 15 1987Welcome to Ventura Publisher
2.013EXIT26::SOULESun Nov 15 1987Installation Notes
3.025TOPDOC::DUBEFri Nov 20 1987Ventura vs. Interleaf vs. PageMaker vs. DOCUMENT
4.07STKHLM::THOMASSONTue Dec 08 1987WPS-PLUS <-> Ventura
5.07TOPDOC::DUBEThu Dec 17 1987PageMaker 3.
6.01DARTS::STEINFELDThu Dec 17 1987Linking style sheets
7.01NAME::ZASLAWWed Jan 06 1988Anyone have a large-screen?
8.03EXIT26::SOULEWed Feb 10 1988West Coast user group info
9.05AUNTB::LINDSAYMon Feb 29 1988Integrating Ventura with the Digital World
10.02DARTS::STEINFELDTue Mar 08 1988Ventura bug???
11.01DARTS::STEINFELDWed Apr 27 1988Scanned Photos and Interference Lines
12.0WACHU2::HERTZBERGMon Jun 13 1988Re-Installation Overwrites Width Tables
13.0RAIN::WELCHTue Jun 14 1988Looking for Ventura documentation
14.02JAWS::STEINFELDWed Jun 15 1988Bug in Patch #2
15.07WACHU2::HERTZBERGFri Jul 01 1988VP Version 2.
16.06IOSG::HORSFIELDWed Sep 07 1988problem - how to include screen display?
17.04PROSE::SHERLOCKThu Sep 08 1988Printing on an LPS4
18.08RETORT::STEINFELDMon Sep 19 1988VENTURA Ver. 2.
19.01EDUC8::DUBEThu Sep 22 1988Ventura/PageMaker/Interleaf/Document/DECpage study
20.01USHSWed Oct 05 1988Severe Footnote Problem..
21.0DSSDEV::SURTEESTue Oct 11 1988DDIF Cookbook information request
22.02WACHU2::HERTZBERGWed Nov 09 1988Scale Factors & Grid Settings
23.01RTPSWS::DUNCANMon Dec 19 1988Document conversion questions
24.01GIDDAY::CANTLONThu Feb 09 1989Ventura V2.
25.08SRFSUP::GOETZEFri Mar 24 1989Digital Artlib available now!
26.03MGOIMon Apr 03 1989VENTURA-PAGEMAKER-or WordPerfect?
27.07WACHU2::HERTZBERGTue Jun 27 1989Bug In Text Flow
28.01UKCSSE::URIEFri Jun 30 1989Circle Printing Bug
29.01BBQ::CLARKEMon Jul 31 1989CBT for Ventura - Ventutor
30.0WACHU2::HERTZBERGMon Jul 31 1989Bug with Set Font
31.02CARTUN::TAPLINTue Sep 05 1989Help w/View
32.02SNOCWed Sep 06 1989VP V2 != PCSA V2.1
33.0WACHU2::HERTZBERGThu Sep 14 1989Bug -- Need > 2M Bytes Disk Space Free
34.0BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODThu Sep 14 1989WPSPLUS to Ventura converter?
35.01ASDS::WARDMon Oct 02 1989Clone for part-time
36.04RETORT::STEINFELDTue Oct 03 1989Ventura works in Windows 386
37.01WACHU2::HERTZBERGThu Oct 05 1989Bug in Formatting Left Aligned with Tabs?
38.01CARTUN::TAPLINSat Oct 14 1989Card Compatibility
39.01RETORT::STEINFELDTue Oct 24 1989Vertical Justification Problem
40.01COGITO::LEVESQUEWed Nov 08 1989Driver for HP2
41.06NOOGTE::STEINFELDFri Dec 15 1989New Versions Coming Soon
43.0NACAD::BERGERThu Dec 28 1989Need help with printing problem
44.05TROUThu Dec 28 1989Download font from Ventura to LPS4
45.01IBEEAM::GENIUSMon Jan 22 1990Ventura and PCSA 3.
46.03MEMORY::STANLEYWed Jan 31 1990VP Compatibility with other software
47.01PAOIS::BELACHIKTue Mar 20 1990Ventura and the live links
48.02HGOVC::ALFREDLEUNGThu Apr 05 1990Miscellaneous question.
49.02ULYSSE::FROSTMon May 07 1990PC/Ventura - a driver for LN
50.01WACHU2::HERTZBERGMon May 07 1990VP Utility Programs
51.01SUBWAY::SCHULMANWed Jun 06 1990DEPCA Mouse problem
52.02DORIE::COMPTONMon Jun 18 1990Ventura to DECwrite???
53.0WACHU2::HERTZBERGThu Aug 09 1990HP LaserJet III Support
54.0AXIS::STEINFELDTue Sep 04 19908
55.03TROUSun Sep 23 1990Copy & Rename VP1.
56.0NOVA::EASTLANDFri Oct 19 1990Installing Professional Extension
57.06VFOVAX::RAGWARWed Oct 24 1990printing ventura files on LN
58.01NOVA::EASTLANDMon Nov 05 1990FORMAT problems with embedded TAB
59.03TOMTOM::FINDLAYTue Nov 06 1990Driver for the HP_Paintjet ?
60.0GRANPA::MASMITHThu Dec 13 1990Dual page & Pathworks
61.02MSDSWS::NESTERTue Jan 22 1991How to make a TIFF file
62.07DP1FS1::FULLERMon Mar 18 1991scanned images
63.07GORE::G_FROEHLINTue Apr 09 1991Product Information on Graphics/Text Features
64.09RUTLND::GAUVINWed Apr 17 1991Word to Ventura, HELP PLEASE!
65.0COGITO::STRATTONWed Apr 17 1991"Ventura Video Training"
66.0229Mon Jun 17 1991Cassette Tape Inserts
67.05Tue Jul 16 1991Ventura and ATM
68.043975::ARBISERWed Jul 17 1991DECwrite --> Ventura conversion
69.0158633::MSCHNEIDERMon Jul 22 1991address or telephone number for Ventura?
70.0259Wed Aug 21 1991looking for apple application DOS MOUNTER
71.054158::STEINFELDTue Aug 27 1991Newer Ventura Releases for Windows?
72.0338399::PRASADMon Dec 02 1991FONTS needed for Ventura
73.02ELWOOD::HERTZBERGWed Jan 08 1992VP 4.
74.0143975::ARCHERGThu Mar 19 1992VENTURA->Readable VMS format?
75.0ELWOOD::HERTZBERGMon Apr 06 1992Ruling Box Around printing problem
77.0349628::KLAEYHMon Jun 22 1992Install Problem VP 4.
78.01ELWOOD::HERTZBERGThu Aug 20 1992Conference Moving Soon
79.01CIM1::FLOYDThu Oct 28 1993Is Ventura still in use??
80.02SPICES::TUCKERTue Nov 30 1993V4.2
81.02SPICES::TUCKERTue Dec 14 1993Ventura and Word
82.04ULYSSE::MILDERMon Feb 21 1994V3.
83.07NACAD2::HERTZBERGMon Mar 14 1994Corel Ventura/Draw 5.
84.01MPGS::MULATue Jan 24 1995Quark Express