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Conference noted::vaxpc

Title:VAXpc - DOS Software Coprocessor
Notice:Please read note 1.3
Created:Thu Oct 06 1988
Last Modified:Wed Nov 29 1989
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:235
Total number of notes:1138
Number with bodies:0
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1.03MOSAIC::WELLSThu Oct 06 1988Introduction
2.03MOSAIC::WELLSFri Oct 07 1988VAXpc Version 1.
3.02MOSAIC::WELLSFri Oct 07 1988VAXpc Version 1.1 Schedule
4.060MOSAIC::WELLSFri Oct 07 1988Who are you?
5.01MOSAIC::WELLSFri Oct 07 1988Field Test Announcement for V1.
6.01MOSAIC::WELLSFri Oct 07 1988VAXpc V1.
7.03MOSAIC::WELLSFri Oct 07 1988Current V1.
8.01MOSAIC::WELLSFri Oct 07 1988Current V1.1 Kit Pointer
9.02MOSAIC::WELLSFri Oct 07 1988Internal Only V1.
10.01MOSAIC::WELLSFri Oct 07 1988Field Test Update...BL4
11.01MOSAIC::WELLSFri Oct 07 1988License or PAK..for those who asked for a seperate note
12.02MOSAIC::WELLSFri Oct 07 1988Documentation Pointers and SPD
13.016CANYON::DALTONFri Oct 21 1988Alternative Loading Methods
14.015KGB::TAYLORMon Oct 24 1988Cant access kit
15.05GERUND::SMITHMon Oct 24 1988serial port support?
16.01GERUND::SMITHMon Oct 24 1988protected mode mem?
17.02KGB::TAYLORMon Oct 24 1988Startup failure
18.04GERUND::SMITHMon Oct 24 1988Quota Requirements?
19.03DIMOND::MCLEMANTue Oct 25 1988Problems with virtual floppies
20.08CASEE::WYMANWed Oct 26 1988CPU Consumption = 1
21.012CASEE::WYMANWed Oct 26 1988Publicly available disks?
22.02GERUND::SMITHWed Oct 26 1988import/export utility?
23.05GERUND::SMITHWed Oct 26 1988GPX performance?
24.01KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Nov 01 1988brutal lost
27.08GRANMA::FPRUSSMon Nov 07 1988Does it LOTUS yet? Floppy required?
28.01GRANMA::FPRUSSMon Nov 07 1988ultrix?
29.04GRANMA::FPRUSSTue Nov 08 1988VAXpc and colors
31.01KRAKAR::WARWICKMon Nov 14 1988BL2/PCDISK - approximately when ?
32.01GERUND::SMITHMon Nov 14 1988PCSA DISKS/ Shared DISKS?
33.05GRANMA::FPRUSSMon Nov 14 1988Intentions on Network Kit?
34.01MJG::GRIERSat Nov 19 1988PCDISK -> EXCHANGE?
35.0GRANMA::FPRUSSTue Nov 22 1988Competition report in Byte
36.04MOSAIC::SPRUNGWed Nov 23 1988installation problem correction
37.04MJG::GRIERMon Nov 28 1988OS/2 support?
38.06NZOVTue Nov 29 1988Install problems
39.015RAINBO::SPRUNGTue Nov 29 1988looking for DOS app users on VAXpc
40.01TEASE::WEAVERWed Nov 30 1988Problem with PCDSK?
41.02--UnknownUser--Fri Dec 02 1988
42.04WIKKIT::WARWICKFri Dec 02 1988Problems with Gamma 1.
43.02EXOCET::ATTWOOLMon Dec 05 1988When will there EGA ?
44.05DRRUTH::PATRICKMon Dec 05 1988Problems after Reboot
45.09MKTUP4::EIBENWed Dec 07 1988Some observations
46.05DRRUTH::PATRICKWed Dec 07 1988Tested Software List?
47.05DRRUTH::PATRICKWed Dec 07 1988Monitor Modes Supported
48.02DRRUTH::PATRICKWed Dec 07 1988MKDIR causes ACCVIO in GAMMA release
49.08RAINBO::SPRUNGThu Dec 08 1988New PCDISK network pointer
50.04ILO::VMURPHYMon Dec 12 1988Problem on cluster
51.0BRUTAL::WELLSMon Dec 12 1988DVDRIVER problem
52.02F18::AVERYMon Dec 12 1988Confusion Reigns!
53.04AUNTB::WARNOCKTue Dec 13 1988How does it work ?
55.04ILO::VMURPHYWed Dec 14 1988Problem with EXE files
56.02MJG::GRIERWed Dec 14 1988Is 6
57.06ILO::VMURPHYThu Dec 15 1988GPX crashes under VAXpc
58.01MJG::GRIERThu Dec 15 1988Hercules pixels aren't square, are VAXpc pixels?
59.02GERUND::SMITHFri Dec 16 1988VGA or not VGA?
60.04TEASE::WEAVERWed Dec 21 1988How bout a graphics application
61.05ILO::VMURPHYThu Dec 22 1988More than two hard disks ???
62.08GERUND::SMITHThu Dec 22 1988VMS 5.
64.04MJG::GRIERWed Dec 28 1988V1.1???
65.06BIGMOE::JORGENSENThu Dec 29 1988Help installing V1.1
66.05MACGPX::MOYThu Dec 29 1988Problems with VAXpc 1.1 - LAD stuff
67.03BOHR::CASSONEThu Dec 29 1988Can NDU container files talk to VAXpc?
68.01CASEE::WYMANFri Dec 30 1988Is this the same Phoenix?
69.05PEKKA::PEURATue Jan 03 1989VAXPC and SDC DECwindows
70.018ASIMOV::KENYONMon Jan 09 1989Problem with DECW$FONT logical
71.05CASEE::LACROIXTue Jan 10 1989PCSA 2.
72.07VIDEO::FINGERHUTWed Jan 11 1989VAXpc over serial line to Terminal
73.03KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Jan 11 1989installation
74.013DAVE::MITTONThu Jan 12 1989Floppy Assigns, crash emulation
75.07UTROFF::BROUWERSTue Jan 17 1989License key for VAXPC ?
77.018PEKKA::PEURAWed Jan 18 1989VAXPC for SDC decwindows ?
78.09STKHLM::GOLSSONMon Jan 23 1989VS31
79.01EEMELI::WESSLINTue Jan 24 1989PC emulators and asynch port?
80.07GRANMA::FPRUSSFri Jan 27 1989Virtual Network!
81.03BREAKR::UDICKSun Jan 29 1989AI Application - Enough Speed in VAXpc
82.04SHIRE::INGRAMMon Jan 30 1989QUATTRO crashes Gamma V1.
83.03EEMELI::MANNISTOMon Jan 30 1989VAXpc talks NETBIOS?
84.01LARVAE::JEFFERYTue Jan 31 1989Getting some software
85.08PEAKS::WELLSTue Jan 31 1989Unexpected SW interrupt
86.06CURIE::BOELKEWed Feb 01 1989Dual Problem
87.05SUTRA::LEHKYWed Feb 01 1989On multi-user VAXen?
88.01DAVE::MITTONWed Feb 01 1989How compatible is it?
89.06STRANJ::BROWNWed Feb 01 1989What Version of MS-DOS???
90.05STRANJ::BROWNWed Feb 01 1989PC Emulation for VAX-Ultrix or DECstation 31
91.0STAR::BECKSat Feb 04 1989"Worst-case" performance test, FYA
92.011BMT::SMITHMon Feb 06 19891.4MB floppy problem from msdos3.31
93.012BMT::SMITHMon Feb 06 1989Norton Utility performance
94.01AICAD::KHORRAMMon Feb 06 1989How to get VAXPC ?
95.03LISVAX::MONTEZMon Feb 06 1989Error accessing Kit !
96.05BIGIST::ARDLEYWed Feb 08 1989SOFTpc vs VAXpc
97.07COPCLU::JESPERWed Feb 08 1989small VAXpc window
98.01NDLIS2::GRUTHThu Feb 09 1989HEEEEEEELP !!!
99.01KORNS::KORNSThu Feb 09 1989Getting "Login info invalid"
100.04PIWKIT::JAQUESSun Feb 12 1989never ending story
101.02MEMVWed Feb 15 1989Network not installed
102.05BMT::SMITHWed Feb 15 1989customers questions
103.03AKO484::SHEPROFri Feb 17 1989Which Kit?
104.01HPSRAD::FRIEDRICHWed Feb 22 1989Where is a PAK for kit in note 9.1?
105.01SELECT::EVANSThu Feb 23 1989Can't release virtual floppy
106.02GLDOA::SCHESKYThu Feb 23 1989Tested MSDOS Apps?
107.05CSOA1::CORNWELLMon Feb 27 1989VAXpc Lic. w/DESKtop VMS?
108.01RTPSWS::SCHELLTue Feb 28 1989Problems with HG in CGA
109.02NSSG::STCLAIRWed Mar 01 1989Is the VAXpc project too limited and could it hurt DEC?
110.01HPSRAD::FRIEDRICHWed Mar 01 1989Graphics coprocessor = faster VAXpc?
111.09HPSRAD::FRIEDRICHWed Mar 01 1989Microsoft mouse mode not working
112.012JHNTHN::SARENThu Mar 02 1989Will it work on a VT?
113.08HOTAIR::BOYLESThu Mar 02 1989VS2
114.03TROLOP::GRIMSHAWThu Mar 02 1989Centronics support planned??
115.02TROLOP::GRIMSHAWThu Mar 02 1989VAXpc & UWS & PMAX
116.03GLDOA::SCHESKYFri Mar 03 1989MS-Windows support?
117.04BUSHIE::DRANSFIELDSun Mar 05 1989Floating point performance and hercules graphics
118.03SHIRE::GOLDBLATTTue Mar 07 1989ibm compatibility
120.01RLAV::LITTLEWed Mar 08 1989Application dies on VAXpc but runs on VAXmate
121.01GALLOP::SHARKEYAThu Mar 09 1989EasyEdit works
122.02PEOVAX::MAMMENThu Mar 09 1989where is EXPORT?
123.03KBOMFG::JANICHTue Mar 14 1989Problem starting BL4 of VAXPC
124.02GLDOA::SCHESKYWed Mar 15 1989V1.1 available to test?
125.02GSPMO::MISKOWITCHWed Mar 15 1989Where is DECWPATCH.EXE?
126.01CSOA1::AYLWARDFri Mar 17 1989Some Customer Event Concerns/Questions?
127.02CIVAGE::PRUSSSat Mar 18 1989What causes errors on DOS screen scroll?
128.05SANTEE::GREENETue Mar 21 1989VAXpc and Printing Questions/Issues
129.02RICARD::PARIEWed Mar 22 1989NO FLOPPY...NO PCSA...
130.04--UnknownUser--Wed Mar 22 1989VAXpc and PCSG Rumors from Digital Review
131.03TRLIAN::CDANCYThu Mar 30 1989PCDISK read-only access problem
132.02ERA::JAQUESMon Apr 03 1989SEDT HANGS
133.01POBOX::MAMMENMon Apr 03 1989cut and paste graphics?
134.01BAHTAT::WILLIAMSHTue Apr 04 1989Virtual disks & partitions
135.08AUNTB::WALLACEWed Apr 05 1989VAXpc Performance In SPD
136.04EEMELI::MALILATue Apr 11 1989VAXstation CD-ROM support??
137.03VOGON::AUSTINTue Apr 11 1989Can I use other machine's devices ?
138.010UTROP1::VRIES_JANWed Apr 12 1989VAXpc availabillity ?!?!?!
139.01SNOCThu Apr 13 1989LK25
140.02SNOCFri Apr 14 1989VENTURA & VAXpc ?
141.03VOGON::AUSTINFri Apr 14 1989How many characters to a key cap ? 1,2,3,4,5 ?
142.0RLAV::LITTLEMon Apr 17 1989Good status upon error exit?
143.01MOSAIC::FJ_SMITHTue Apr 18 1989VAXPC Performance Report ...
144.08PLEXUS::NEZERWed Apr 19 1989Loading MS-DOS Applications?
145.01BAHTAT::WILLIAMSHThu Apr 20 1989Freelance under VAXpc
146.011AWTOE::RAQUEPAUThu Apr 20 1989Error: Network name not found - V1.1
147.03CTOAVX::KENNEDYThu Apr 20 1989Attempting illegal operation
148.09CTOAVX::KENNEDYThu Apr 20 1989Can't format floppies
149.02GLDOA::RAQUEPAUThu Apr 20 1989SETFONTPATH Hosed me!
150.0SPANNA::BALLETTAFri Apr 21 1989V1.1 + network + LAD
151.011CEDSWS::SCHELLSun Apr 23 1989Kit is not available - why?
152.09PVX::VANSICLENMon Apr 24 1989Floppy support: What is and what isn't?
153.06SONYA::ANDREWSTue Apr 25 1989Window size, changing
154.01CSC32::JJONESThu Apr 27 1989printing stream files
155.02PRNSYS::LOMICKAJTue May 02 1989"Insufficient memory available"
156.02GALLOP::SHARKEYAWed May 03 1989What is this ?
157.01ILO::VMURPHYWed May 03 1989Printing Woes .....
158.06MACGPX::MOYWed May 03 1989SDC yet?
159.05MERIDN::MATTHEWSFri May 05 1989Reflection package ?
160.05USHSMon May 08 1989PCSA and VAXPC
161.01FRUST::UNGERMANNFri May 12 1989USE/write available ??
162.023CSOA1::MCKENNAFri May 12 1989Unable to access DUA2
163.0BRUTAL::SPRUNGMon May 15 1989Call for field test sites for V1.1
164.04GALLOP::SHARKEYATue May 16 1989A contentious isuue here !!!
165.01CSOA1::HUNTTue May 23 1989ISE Emulation
166.01BOSTON::RYANTue May 30 1989VMS 5.1-TB
167.01BUNYIP::QUODLINGWed Jun 07 1989Talking to program on host vax.
168.04KAOFS::M_VALLEESun Jun 11 1989softpc
169.03AIRPRT::GRIERMon Jun 12 1989PCDISK bug when disk is full
170.09AIRPRT::GRIERMon Jun 12 1989Formatting RX33s using VAXpc/PCDISK
171.01EEMELI::TUURIWed Jun 14 1989Using async port (COM1)
172.0EXOCET::ATTWOOLWed Jun 14 1989I know what i did was wrong but it burped violently !!
173.03PADIS1::GOFFARDThu Jun 15 1989PC's management from a VAX :VAXpc ?
174.01SPANNA::BALLETTAMon Jun 19 1989VAXpc and VMS v5.2
176.0BRUTAL::SPRUNGTue Jun 27 1989policy on distribution of the SDC version of VAXpc V1.
177.0BRUTAL::SPRUNGTue Jun 27 1989Official FRS notice 2
178.0BRUTAL::SPRUNGTue Jun 27 1989more stuff on the floppy problem
180.0BRUTAL::SPRUNGFri Jun 30 1989Change of future product responsibility
181.04NUTMEG::RYANWed Jul 05 198935mm Express color/mouse problems.
182.01ALLVAX::BEERMANThu Jul 06 1989Problem with fonts
183.03THELAB::ASBRIDGEThu Jul 06 1989V1.1 and VMS V5.2 installation Failed
185.01AKO455::SHEPROFri Jul 14 1989RX33 won't read Lotus-123 disk
186.01INABOX::HOWARDThu Jul 20 1989READALL priv ?
187.06DRAFTY::SHAFFERFri Jul 21 1989
188.03CSCOA5::OLSEN_RMon Jul 24 1989"Can't open display" error.
189.05DCC::HOERLThu Jul 27 1989unexpected SW interrupt error
190.01PRSUD1::NEYERSTue Aug 01 1989VAXPC on micro vax 31
191.01ICHI::HOWARDWed Aug 02 1989need some 1 on 1 help
192.03PUGET::WARRENThu Aug 03 1989What are Hours of access for BRUTAL:: ?
193.07COPCLU::STAEGERMon Aug 07 1989New PAK - 31-AUG-1989 is getting close
194.03CSOA1::SHORTTue Aug 08 1989Window size problem
195.08CADSYS::GALLAGHERFri Aug 11 1989DOUBLE DENSITY floppy questions
196.04BRUTAL::SPRUNGFri Aug 11 1989What you have to do to update your license (answer in 1368.11)
197.02AYOV18::CTRG_132591Wed Aug 16 1989VAXPC on VS2
198.02FSADMN::CARZELLThu Aug 17 1989FORMAL Elevation Path, Please
199.03MDVAX3::BACKERThu Aug 17 1989Synch port on the VAX running VAXpc
200.02ROMFri Aug 18 1989Problems about printer
201.02ATLV5::HOLLY_OFri Aug 18 1989"Invalid BPB format" error
202.01LBDUCK::SULLIVANTue Aug 22 1989expanded memory question
204.02TROAFri Aug 25 1989math co-processor behaviour?
205.03MINDER::THORNTONDThu Aug 31 1989SPD & UK availability ??
206.04CASP::SEIDMANThu Aug 31 1989No way to dial out?
207.05TOWNS::SEPPIWed Sep 06 1989Formatting HD RX23 problem, again.
208.04PRAVDA::JACKSONMon Sep 11 1989"Invalid Logical name" Could you be more specific?
209.04MAPROP::SPRICEThu Sep 21 1989PCdisk / VS31
210.0TAVAVI::AVISun Sep 24 1989VAXPC do not support Global Selection correctly ?
212.01CSC32::J_RABOINTue Sep 26 1989Having Problems with V1.
213.02ECAD2::TRLICAWed Sep 27 1989Vaxpc performance problem
214.02PACKER::JOHNWed Sep 27 1989VMS5.2 ?
215.03SANFAN::BATESON_MAWed Sep 27 1989VAXpc Questions
216.01MOSAIC::SPRUNGThu Sep 28 1989Documentation Location
217.04QUALLA::BETTROMon Oct 02 1989Any testing done with 3rd Party VSA or DFMA??
218.02HGOVC::PATRICKNGTue Oct 10 1989copying files from PS/2
220.06FRUST::VOGELERThu Oct 12 1989Voices of real PC
221.02JGO::BLOEMENDALThu Oct 12 1989using PCDISK on a non-DECwindow system
222.04FSADMN::CARZELLTue Oct 17 1989Problems With WordPerfect
223.05VMSSPT::J_OTTERSONFri Oct 20 1989Problems with PCDISK trying to EXPORT .GIF files from RX33
224.01AIDA::CARCANOThu Oct 26 1989Installation problem with official v1.
225.03HANThu Oct 26 1989EMS 4.
226.0MOSAIC::SPRUNGWed Nov 01 1989System disk problems
227.05MUNICH::LEONHARDFri Nov 03 1989vaxpc$key_translation.dat
228.06IOSG::GEEMon Nov 06 1989Problems with Installation and Running VAXpc
229.04EXPRES::CASEYMon Nov 06 1989VaxPC = SoftPC ??
230.01SKYWAY::STUKERTue Nov 07 1989VAXPC 1.1
231.0BYENGWed Nov 08 1989GEM draw
232.02EBBVThu Nov 09 1989Hardware vs Software Emulation???
233.02FSADMN::CARZELLTue Nov 14 1989PCDISK Error - Error Activating Image
234.0ENGINE::DORSEYThu Nov 16 1989human factors participants needed
235.0WSINT::GOLDBERGTue Nov 28 1989DOS/PC Solutions on Workstations