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Title:PATHWORKS usenet newsgroup
Notice:Please establish the context of your reply by extracting text
Created:Thu Jun 06 1991
Last Modified:Thu Oct 31 1991
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:475
Total number of notes:1059
Number with bodies:0
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1.01RANGER::WESTERVELTThu Jun 06 1991Welcome
6.0::Robbie BarberThu Jun 06 1991RE: Mail Clients for Mac Pathworks???
7.0::Kevin L. DavidsonThu Jun 06 1991RE: Remapping Sethost Keyboard
8.03::Tom AllebrandiThu Jun 06 1991Re: AST Computers VS PathWORKS for DOS
9.02::NAME 'John Nelsen'Thu Jun 06 1991NCR 386sx Keyboard problems...
10.0::JOVAIS@RADThu Jun 06 1991Hangs/Disconnections
11.015::MAThu Jun 06 1991MacUser Report
12.02::bae.ncsu.edu MCHENRYThu Jun 06 1991Supported equipment
13.0::Joe SasiadekThu Jun 06 19913.1, QEMM, LAN WPOffice, WD NICs
14.04::Robbie BarberThu Jun 06 1991PCSA 4.
15.04::JOHNNY@AUDUCVAXThu Jun 06 1991Qemm and Dwdos386
16.0::Niels Kristian JensenThu Jun 06 1991LN
18.0::Dave LennonThu Jun 06 1991VMS SRV For PCs v3.1 and RESTRICTED accounts
19.02::BECKS@DJUKFA52Thu Jun 06 1991hardcopy to a local printer
20.02::ROLF KURAS, PSYCHOLOGIThu Jun 06 1991Lost PCSA-Containerfile
21.0::Evert Jan EversThu Jun 06 1991PCSA (LANworks) PCmail and Jnet do not cooperate?
22.0::Robbie BarberThu Jun 06 1991PCMAIL sending Bitnet or Internet
24.0::Jaye MathisenThu Jun 06 1991PCSA4.
25.02::Ted-E-BearThu Jun 06 1991RE: PCSA4.
26.0::carlino@kimsThu Jun 06 1991VT32
27.02::Luis AlvesThu Jun 06 1991VT32
28.01::BECKS@DJUKFA52Thu Jun 06 1991hardcopy
29.01::Paul van der Elst - MeThu Jun 06 1991Low responce from DISK-SERVICES due to excessive broad- en multicastmessages
30.03::les@uwovaxThu Jun 06 1991PCSA 4.
31.0::JMAASKANT@UTHSCSAThu Jun 06 1991VT32
32.02::Ted-E-BearThu Jun 06 1991VTxxx Terminal emulation and scroll buffers...
33.0::David E. BellamyThu Jun 06 1991LaserPrep 6.
34.0--UnknownUser--Fri Jun 07 1991reserved
35.01::Eric M. BoehmFri Jun 07 1991Problem using NDIS driver with WD 8
40.02::JMAASKANT@UTHSCSAFri Jun 07 1991PathWorks/Mac
41.0::Craig FarrellSat Jun 08 1991Pathworks 4, NDIS, NCSA
42.03::Eric M. BoehmSat Jun 08 1991EMC disk and PATHWORKS not reporting disk space correctly (long)
43.0::Luis DelgadoSat Jun 08 1991DEMCA and TANDY tc 5
44.0::Luis DelgadoSat Jun 08 1991PCSA - VERSION LIMIT
45.07::richardj@uhunix1Sun Jun 09 1991PSC and printing troubles
46.01::bae.ncsu.edu MCHENRYMon Jun 10 1991TCP/IP Option in 4.
47.02::Maria Rosa DrakeMon Jun 10 1991Kermit, LAT & Windows 3.
48.0::richardj@uhunix1Tue Jun 11 1991More printing woes
49.0::Murray Penno, MAF, NewTue Jun 11 1991Lost connections
50.01::Robbie BarberTue Jun 11 1991Redirector and WINDOWS
51.03::chambers@UHTue Jun 11 1991Remote boot VAXmates with Pathworks v4.
52.0::JMAASKANT@UTHSCSATue Jun 11 1991Redir in XMS
53.02::snopesTue Jun 11 1991Banyan and Pathworks
54.0::Donald EllisWed Jun 12 1991REQUEST users of DAL (Pathworks Mac/VMS)
55.02::John R ThurstonWed Jun 12 1991Disk/File performance tools
56.0::MAWed Jun 12 1991Lanworks performance
57.0::BECKS@DJUKFA52Wed Jun 12 1991hardcopy pcsa
59.0::Bob Hirlinger, Mgr, EnWed Jun 12 1991Qemm/Qram vs. Netroom
60.05::axsymgr@acad2aWed Jun 12 1991Pathworks 4.
61.04::Gregg Pentecost X6228 Wed Jun 12 1991PCSA 4.
62.0::gonzalez@esvaxWed Jun 12 1991How do you view *.eps files on a Mac?
63.0::Ian MurphyThu Jun 13 1991printers/disk services
64.0::MAThu Jun 13 1991Pathworks on Mac
65.0::JMAASKANT@UTHSCSAThu Jun 13 1991Dos 5.
66.01::Sylvester Timothy JThu Jun 13 1991RE: pathworks for Mac is slow
67.0::Egypt Education PlanniThu Jun 13 1991Paradox on PCSA
68.01::RAICE@VAX2Thu Jun 13 1991Memory Requirement
69.01::Egypt Education PlanniThu Jun 13 1991VMS Version 5.3 and PCSA Version 4.
70.01::mikeb@MAXWELLThu Jun 13 1991Problems installing Pathworks 4 on an XT
71.0::BETTY PAGEThu Jun 13 1991compatibility Apple CDRom/Pathworks
72.01::Andre MenardThu Jun 13 1991Site license for Pathworks
73.04::KRAALINGEN@CABOFri Jun 14 1991Diskless machines, who has experience
74.0::BETTY PAGEFri Jun 14 1991Apple CDRom compatibility with Pathworks
75.0::Richard HuntingtonFri Jun 14 1991Remote booting VAXmates with Pathworks 4.
76.0::Richard HuntingtonFri Jun 14 1991Diskless machines and Pathworks
77.0::John R ThurstonMon Jun 17 1991Western Digital microch. card w/4.
78.0::Egypt Education PlanniTue Jun 18 1991Tandy 5
79.02::oracle_mgr@beckmanTue Jun 18 1991CD ROM server on Pathworks
80.02::HERB MARTINTue Jun 18 1991Appletalk/ADSP Programming
81.03::Luis AlvesWed Jun 19 1991mail v 4.
82.04::HERB MARTINWed Jun 19 1991MAC Pathworks LIMITATIONS
83.04::ilt.fhg.de MARTENWed Jun 19 1991LAT-Printer connected to PC
84.0::Richard HuntingtonWed Jun 19 1991PathWorks for VMS 4.
85.01::KEN@UABDOMThu Jun 20 1991Downloading Bitstream fonts via Pathworks
86.0::Brenda Frick - SRCThu Jun 20 1991Connecting a printer to a terminal server
87.02::BETTY PAGEThu Jun 20 1991Apple CDRom/Pathworks compatibility
88.0::gjc@mitechThu Jun 20 1991How much time does a MAC Pathworks install take?
89.0::vossj@topazFri Jun 21 1991Pathwork mail v4.
90.0::Richard HuntingtonFri Jun 21 1991PathWorks for VMS 4.
91.0::C.H. Cheng, The ChinesFri Jun 21 1991sub
92.0::C.H. Cheng, The ChinesFri Jun 21 1991Sorry
93.0::Eric VYNCKE - Network Fri Jun 21 1991Pathworks for a lot of Mac
94.03::LMILAM@WVNBSCFri Jun 21 1991Microsoft Works
95.02::Eric M. BoehmSat Jun 22 1991xwininfo & dxwm & PC DECwindows
96.01::outafrl@ccSun Jun 23 1991VAXmates with MS-Windows V3
97.06::cnolan@meeTue Jun 25 1991PathWorks for Mac: Reading mail?
98.01::Cory Snavely Tue Jun 25 1991RE: PC/TCP - Can it run with DLLDEPCA and remote boot?
99.03::EITNER@DBNISKP5Tue Jun 25 1991RCV /D with EMS
100.01::Fred StevensTue Jun 25 1991How to unsubscribe
101.0::MATue Jun 25 1991MacUser
102.04::Murray Penno, MAF, NewTue Jun 25 1991windows 3.
103.0::Richard EssaryTue Jun 25 1991MS-Works
104.02::Craig FarrellTue Jun 25 1991Pathworks and HP IIISI
105.0::Fred StevensWed Jun 26 1991Thanks for the info
106.0::wallis@wsuiarWed Jun 26 1991Pathworks and SuperVGA compatibility?
107.0::HERB MARTINThu Jun 27 1991MAC PATHWORKS 51 Concurrent Users
108.02::David EllisFri Jun 28 1991Directory of File Service
109.05::Pat LankswertFri Jun 28 1991PCSA v4.
110.0::EGGERFri Jun 28 1991PATHWORKS 4.
111.0::J StalcupFri Jun 28 1991RE: CC: prompt in MAIL
112.02::Paul Grimes Fri Jun 28 1991Using Depca cards with an AT&T 6383/sx machine.
113.0::HERB MARTINFri Jun 28 1991Maximum broadcast NonRouters
115.02::Mr. SmithSat Jun 29 1991APPLEtalk for PC's
116.04::EGGERSat Jun 29 1991PCSA 3.x und MS-DOS 5.
117.0::Todd III,ErmineMon Jul 01 1991DOS 5.
118.0::mccool@GP3Mon Jul 01 1991Using a MICOM NI-5
119.03::LENORRIS@DAVIDSONMon Jul 01 1991Mac System 7.
120.01::Murray Penno, MAF, NewMon Jul 01 1991Windows 3.
121.0::daparish@beckmanTue Jul 02 1991pathworks with TCPIP client
122.02::GRAEME SHELLTue Jul 02 1991Multiple postscript queues cause queues to stall
123.01::Gordon Cressman - RTI Tue Jul 02 1991Paradox with PATHWORKS
124.01::Rick PimTue Jul 02 1991problem upgrading 286 client to 4.
125.02::EITNER@DBNISKP5Tue Jul 02 1991RCV /D in EMS ?
126.01::W. Todd WipkeTue Jul 02 1991PCSA 3.
127.0::W. Todd WipkeTue Jul 02 1991RE: PCSA 3.
128.01::mccool@GP3Wed Jul 03 1991Using 3COM 5
129.0::Gordon Cressman - RTI Wed Jul 03 1991Paradox and PATHWORKS
130.0::Luis AlvesThu Jul 04 1991dos 5.
131.01::MICHIELThu Jul 04 1991Print problem
132.0::NAME 'John F. Cargill'Fri Jul 05 1991ISO-966
133.04::NAME 'John F. Cargill'Fri Jul 05 1991RE: InfoServer 1
134.02::PEREBOEL@HUGSE1Sat Jul 06 1991Real time notification of VMS Mail
135.0::Luis AlvesSat Jul 06 1991How to set CC prompt in PCSA MAIL v 4.
136.0::Ta Fuh ChiamSat Jul 06 1991Pathworks - new LPS based on # of clients
137.02::SKELTON@VAXMon Jul 08 1991Pathworks for OS/2 and Lan Manager co-existence?
138.01::butlerc@mofMon Jul 08 1991Backing up PC's hard disk from VAX - help
139.01::mccool@GP3Tue Jul 09 1991NDIS driver for 3COM 5
140.03::bryan%tekgenTue Jul 09 1991PC ethernet cards
141.02::]Tue Jul 09 1991Pathworks v4.
142.0::Udo KellerTue Jul 09 1991EMS Problems in spawned DOS processes under MSWIN 3
143.0::Luis AlvesTue Jul 09 1991DOS 5.
144.02::Michael T. DavisTue Jul 09 1991LANworks LAT-related query
145.01::Gordon Cressman - RTI Tue Jul 09 19913COM 3C5
146.0::]Thu Jul 11 1991MS-DOS 5 AND 286s
147.01::Harry StoxThu Jul 11 1991Desqview and PCSA
148.0::mandel@vaxThu Jul 11 1991System 7.
149.04::Paul van der Elst - MeThu Jul 11 1991RE: weird hardware-related problem
150.0::Luis AlvesThu Jul 11 1991spawner, fal, access checking
151.0::Tom DolanThu Jul 11 1991RE: Wierd hardware-related problem
153.0::E. Spitzbarth, SystemsThu Jul 11 1991DrawPerfect
154.0::Peter Ruwhof - Leiden Thu Jul 11 1991loading lansess in EMM
155.0::SKELTON@VAXThu Jul 11 1991RE: Pathworks and Lan Manager
156.03::smith@mcclbFri Jul 12 1991User suddenly unable to log on. Any explanation?
157.01::Ta Fuh ChiamFri Jul 12 1991Can I use LPT4: ?
158.01::hank poorFri Jul 12 1991Problem with Pathworks (TCP/IP)
159.0::Denise A. Saunders, WVSat Jul 13 1991Using dBASE III or IV with pathworks
160.01::Bob RiedelMon Jul 15 1991Setting Up A PC Based FAX Server
161.02::brodie@misMon Jul 15 1991Need help accessing INFOSERVER from PCSA station
162.0::Guy GondorTue Jul 16 1991Pathworks Mac to TCP/IP Printers (MultiNet)
163.0::Nick de SmithTue Jul 16 1991Notice: Code to stop LATSYM printing blank pages
164.05::Bob BrownWed Jul 17 1991Pathworks - is it robust?
165.0::Peter Ruwhof - Leiden Thu Jul 18 1991RE: Pathworks Mail 1.15
166.0::JMAASKANT@UTHSCSAThu Jul 18 1991Onesey --- Twosey
167.0::JMAASKANT@UTHSCSAThu Jul 18 1991Remote User
168.0::Jaye MathisenFri Jul 19 1991PCFS_SERVER crashing regularly.
169.05::Eric M. BoehmFri Jul 19 1991Re: Laser Prep for System 7.
170.02::Michael L. Clarke Fri Jul 19 1991PRINTERS FOR pc/mac Support
171.01::TomFri Jul 19 1991Pathworks on a MicroVAX II
172.05::Stephen StoneFri Jul 19 1991RE: Data overrun
173.01::Murray Penno, MAF, NewSun Jul 21 1991ZSTEM 24
174.02::W. Todd WipkeMon Jul 22 19913c5
175.02::Craig FarrellMon Jul 22 1991IBM DOS 5 and Pathworks
176.0::D. E. 'Dave' BloombergMon Jul 22 1991SYSGEN External 5.25" 1.2 MB & LADDRV.SYS.....
177.01::E. Spitzbarth, SystemsMon Jul 22 1991Gateways
178.0::Kevin L. DavidsonMon Jul 22 1991Panasonic 4455 laser printer
179.01::Shawn Allin - Alcan KRTue Jul 23 1991Problems with Pworks 4.
180.0::Jim GaynorTue Jul 23 1991Pathworks killing DECnet?
181.0::Denise A. Saunders, WVTue Jul 23 1991PC's losing connection
182.0::Luis AlvesWed Jul 24 1991123R3.1 AND PATHWORKS 4.
183.0::david@cccThu Jul 25 1991Q: EtherLink-16 & Pathworks4.
184.05::72Thu Jul 25 1991Pathworks and DECnet end-node licence
185.0::Murray Penno, MAF, NewThu Jul 25 1991RE: ZStem24
186.0::Jim MayneThu Jul 25 1991Error using Windows 3.
187.02::Craig FarrellFri Jul 26 1991Network card selection
188.01::MichaelFri Jul 26 1991Mac, DOS All-in1 Dream?
189.04::Gregg Pentecost X6228 Sat Jul 27 1991PWRKS/MAC patch 3
190.05::JMAASKANT@UTHSCSAMon Jul 29 1991<None>
191.02::J-YOUN@UMINN1Mon Jul 29 1991PATHWORKS
192.01::GORDON G. JONES, UNIV.Mon Jul 29 1991Racal Interlan 1
194.01::David CoonsMon Jul 29 1991PC + DE1
195.03::Cliff FischerTue Jul 30 1991pathworks and futrak problems
196.02::GRAEME SHELLTue Jul 30 1991Any comments on a Pathworks 31
197.0::GRAEME SHELLTue Jul 30 1991Any comments on Pathworks 31
198.02::EITNER@DBNISKP5Tue Jul 30 1991Diskquota-Exceeded /OPEN_FILE_CACHE
199.01::Denise A. Saunders, WVTue Jul 30 1991Alias for elec mail addresses
200.01::Peter Ruwhof - Leiden Wed Jul 31 1991test
201.0::Donna R-M. DayWed Jul 31 1991PathWorks 4.
202.01::GRAEME SHELLThu Aug 01 1991Pathworks error: network name not found - on new installation
203.0::JFM@IRUCCVAXThu Aug 01 1991Change of DECNet Area Number
204.06::Jim GaynorThu Aug 01 1991Pathworks for DOS, MS WIN 3, problems with print service
205.02::mpd@hermesThu Aug 01 1991Personal file services
206.03::Axel SchweigerThu Aug 01 1991PC-Decwindows under TCP-IP to non-DEC machines ?
207.0::J StalcupThu Aug 01 19913c5
208.0::A. Mahendra Rajah, SysFri Aug 02 1991RE: Personal file service
209.01::ccmk@lureFri Aug 02 1991dBASE III and multiple users?
210.0::Todd III,ErmineFri Aug 02 1991PCSA v4, Windows
211.03::Undetermined origin c/Fri Aug 02 1991External Floppy Software Driver
212.01::deflenniken@beckmanFri Aug 02 1991Pathworks client in OS/2 DOS box?
213.01::The PhantomFri Aug 02 1991Lotus and WordPerfect hanging
214.0::ccmk@lureSat Aug 03 1991FAL failing in Windows
215.03::ccmk@lureSat Aug 03 1991Error mounting Mac volumes on an LC
216.0::Egypt Education PlanniSat Aug 03 1991Tandy 5
217.01::Craig FarrellMon Aug 05 1991LAST and Pathworks 4
218.0::Craig FarrellMon Aug 05 1991LAST without DNP
219.0::John M. BeaubrunMon Aug 05 1991Wyse 5
220.0::Victor ArnoldTue Aug 06 1991RE: Wyse 5
221.0::JOVAIS@RADTue Aug 06 1991MAC Kermit - VT emulation???
222.01::SYSMGR@IPGTue Aug 06 1991Wanted: cheap board for MCA PS/2
223.03::tuttiett_p@kosmosWed Aug 07 1991PCSA 3.
224.05::EITNER@DBNISKP5Wed Aug 07 1991PRTSC
225.06::Denise A. Saunders, WVWed Aug 07 1991Changing passwords
226.01::J StalcupWed Aug 07 1991Pathworks v4.
227.0::daparish@beckmanWed Aug 07 1991Pathworks v4.
228.03::Cory SnavelyWed Aug 07 1991DIS_PKT.DOS in Zenith 286
229.0::Joe SasiadekThu Aug 08 1991Print-DOS via TServ to NetPrinter
230.0::Harry StoxThu Aug 08 1991LAT 4.
231.0::cnolan@meeThu Aug 08 1991PathWorks for Mac: Printing problems.
232.02::Frank StorbeckThu Aug 08 1991Kinetics Fastpath II & Pathworks for Macintosh
233.0::Denise A. Saunders, WVThu Aug 08 1991Change Password error
234.05::Shawn Allin - Alcan KRThu Aug 08 1991RE: Password change in Pathworks
235.02::cnolan@meeThu Aug 08 1991PathWorks for Mac: Printing problems (still).
236.01::72Fri Aug 09 1991PW 4.
237.02::72Fri Aug 09 1991Using RCV with LANSESS
238.03::cmorgan@ccFri Aug 09 1991Pathworks, NDIS and DIS_PKT
239.01::deflenniken@beckmanFri Aug 09 1991Pathworks client for OS/2 v2.
240.03::Peter Ruwhof - Leiden Sat Aug 10 1991Pathworks 4 netenvi problem
241.04::sdroppers@pbsMon Aug 12 1991Mac Pwks 1.
242.01::Steven W. SmithMon Aug 12 1991remove client_os
243.01::72Mon Aug 12 1991PW 4.
244.0::Murray Penno, MAF, NewMon Aug 12 1991re remove client_os
245.01::Murray Penno, MAF, NewMon Aug 12 1991Kermit
246.01::Kevin L. DavidsonMon Aug 12 1991Zenith 386 slush-ware
247.0::J StalcupTue Aug 13 1991RE: Pathworks v4.
248.0::Marcus JenkinsTue Aug 13 1991DOS5 + PCSA3 + Printers = Problem?
249.0::EITNER@DBNISKP5Tue Aug 13 1991MSA> Printer (not!)Starting...
250.02::Chris ZagarTue Aug 13 1991Where is DIS_PKT.DOS
251.02::Ralph YinglingWed Aug 14 1991Mail for Mac (or 1.
252.0::Jim Gerland - Mgr UserWed Aug 14 1991Windows Write / Pathworks 4.
253.0::cnolan@meeWed Aug 14 1991Pathworks for MAC. Chars. missing.
254.0::Jerry KeysWed Aug 14 1991PCSA and WD8
255.0::George YobstWed Aug 14 1991CD-ROM's and Pathworks
256.05::Rick PimWed Aug 14 1991problem with printing via pathworks
257.0::bryan%tekgenWed Aug 14 1991File and/or Disk services
258.0::JeffWed Aug 14 1991VMS Mail for the Mac
259.0::dingwall@SIFVX1Thu Aug 15 1991Pathworks V4.
260.0::dingwall@SIFVX1Thu Aug 15 1991Pathworks V4.
261.01::Robbie BarberThu Aug 15 1991PCSA V4.
262.0::Father PomeroyThu Aug 15 1991using PC CD's from vms,after trying new pcsa cd software
263.01::Gregg Pentecost X6228 Thu Aug 15 1991Fileserver crash
264.0::TILLOTSON%VAXLF@ALISUVThu Aug 15 1991NDIS packet driver
265.02::Bevan AndersonFri Aug 16 1991LN
266.06::david@cccMon Aug 19 1991Q: Macintosh SQL front ends for RDB.
268.0::Harry StoxTue Aug 20 1991disk services with PCSA 4.
269.02::Kelvin K. YueTue Aug 20 1991Help with restoring VAXshare files
270.0::Paul van der Elst - MeTue Aug 20 1991NDIS driver for Interlan NI5
271.0::72Tue Aug 20 1991RE: Lanworks & file transfers
272.02::Richard HuntingtonTue Aug 20 1991DOS. 5.
273.0::Eric M. BoehmTue Aug 20 1991MAC clients for Pathworks for Ultrix?
274.0::M I ClarksonWed Aug 21 1991IBM PS/2 55LS-LE
275.04::Henning StamsWed Aug 21 1991Why is PCSAV4
276.02::Henning StamsWed Aug 21 1991WINDOWS 3.
277.03::Steven W. SmithThu Aug 22 1991LAD$KERNEL ENQLM value
278.0::Gregg Pentecost X6228 Thu Aug 22 1991Kermit transfers of "PCSA" files
279.0::James N PetersenFri Aug 23 1991Pathworks with AT&T StarLAN 1
280.01::Bevan AndersonFri Aug 23 1991PCSAv4.
281.0::Axel SchweigerFri Aug 23 1991NDIS driver for old DEPCA boards
282.01::MondoTue Sep 03 1991System 7 printer drivers for PW/Mac
283.0::Al DykesTue Sep 03 1991X Client for OS/2 PCSA ?
284.02::Dennis MisenerTue Sep 03 1991Everex Adapter Cards?
285.04::Victor ArnoldTue Sep 03 1991RE: DECnet for Mac don't work. (Specs follow)
286.01::A. Mahendra Rajah, SysTue Sep 03 1991RE: 386SX PC + EMM386.SYS + Remote Boot
287.0::RONAU%CUTTER%OPUS@MCOITue Sep 03 1991RE: Network Modems
288.0::WAHL@UWSTOUTTue Sep 03 1991Racal Interlan cards and Pathworks 4.
289.0::Denise A. Saunders, WVTue Sep 03 1991Losing access to files after copy
290.05::Jim GaynorTue Sep 03 1991Pathwork 4.
291.0::Anne T. PfohlTue Sep 03 1991Problems with PS/2 7
292.03::Marcus JenkinsTue Sep 03 1991Microsoft vs. DEC Redirector
293.0::Marcus JenkinsTue Sep 03 1991"Raw mode" ?!?
294.03::Stephen StoneTue Sep 03 1991RE: Windows applications
295.0::CHANTTue Sep 03 19913C5
296.0::Phil Scadden, ResourceTue Sep 03 1991Installing DDCMP serial connections on a client PC
297.01::NAME 'John F. Cargill'Tue Sep 03 1991Part Number of PathWorks for Dos InfoServer Software?
298.0::Craig FarrellTue Sep 03 1991Win 3, Icons and network paths
299.0::MichaelTue Sep 03 1991NetCopy and 'locked' folders
300.01::Marcus JenkinsTue Sep 03 1991Remote booting with DEMCA
301.0::Craig FarrellTue Sep 03 1991Local printer LAT problems
302.0::jfeldhouse@miavx3Tue Sep 03 1991ScriptServer,Mac Pathworks,QMS 81
303.04::Undetermined origin c/Tue Sep 03 1991Loading LAD while booted via TCP/IP
304.0::Trudy HyattTue Sep 03 1991Phantom Network Drives
305.02::laseman@EGLINTue Sep 03 1991WORDPERFECT 5.1 GRAPHICS ON PCs
306.0::Bill WineTue Sep 03 1991Pathworks over Appletalk?
307.0::Denise A. Saunders, WVTue Sep 03 1991Losing access to files after copy cmd
308.0::Todd III,ErmineTue Sep 03 1991Windows apps/batch routines
309.0::Patrick EitnerTue Sep 03 1991RE: DDCMP to connect PC to VAX
310.01::Fred Ross-PerryTue Sep 03 1991Pathworks on a VAX 4
311.02::Peter Ruwhof - Leiden Wed Sep 04 1991dos5/pcsa4/windows3-enhanced
312.01::Murray Penno, MAF, NewFri Sep 06 1991PC X windows options
313.0::Murray Penno, MAF, NewFri Sep 06 1991DOS servers to VAX terminals
314.02::Udo KellerFri Sep 06 1991DEC ftp site wanted (how can I get patch kits)
315.0CREEK::CANELLISFri Sep 06 1991Subscription
316.03::wong_a@summerFri Sep 06 1991ATalk for VMS vs. DECnet for Mac
317.02::Andrew TridgellFri Sep 06 1991VT32
318.02::Anthony MurdochFri Sep 06 1991Why does windows lockup when things are loaded into EMS ??
319.01::Fred Zwarts, KVI, GronFri Sep 06 1991RE: Pathworks on a VX 4
320.0::Leen VerhoefFri Sep 06 1991RE: no subject given (WP hangs after Quattro)
321.0::smith@mcclbSat Sep 07 1991Pathworks with the Western Digital Elite 16+ Enet card.
322.0::mpd@hermesSun Sep 08 1991Personal file services and VMS record attributes
323.0::Dietmar WeisSun Sep 08 1991Pathworks (TCP/IP): error: network name not found
324.02::Patrick EitnerMon Sep 09 1991PCFS_SERVER CRASH: File buffer cache inconsistency ?
325.0::Peter Ruwhof - Leiden Mon Sep 09 1991dos5/pcsa4/win3/qemm problem solved
326.0::GRAEME SHELLMon Sep 09 1991RE: network name not found (second attempt)
327.01::GRAEME SHELLTue Sep 10 1991RE: network name not found
328.02::Tsuma KavaziWed Sep 11 1991Installing just MacTerminal
329.01::Gregg Pentecost X6228 Wed Sep 11 1991Need network board for 11mhz I/O bus
330.02::Virgil W. SmaltzThu Sep 12 1991Pathworks for the Macintosh
331.0::cnolan@meeThu Sep 12 1991PW for Mac: System 7 print problem.
332.01::David MathogThu Sep 12 1991Vax access to Mac peripherals (disks and printers)
333.0::Dietmar WeisFri Sep 13 1991SOLVED: network name not found (with TCP/IP)
334.0::Phil Scadden, ResourceFri Sep 13 1991Pathworks under MW3, some queries.
335.0::Donna R-M. DayMon Sep 16 1991Scripts for MAC Terminal
336.01::waldrond@waikatoMon Sep 16 1991LAT retransmit limit
337.02::sdroppers@pbsTue Sep 17 1991Mac Pathworks MacTCP, is it complete?
338.0::Craig FarrellTue Sep 17 1991LANSESS and system crashes
339.01::bryan@TEKGENTue Sep 17 1991Novell .vs. Pathworks
340.02::KCHILES@ARACTue Sep 17 1991Serial X windows
341.0::Lloyd LittleTue Sep 17 1991runaway pcsafs
342.01::ALVES%64639@ISUVAXTue Sep 17 1991redir error with dos 5.
343.07::John CothranTue Sep 17 1991Macintosh Ethernet? Boards
344.01::Torgny Hallenmark LDCWed Sep 18 1991Use LAT part of Pathworks only
345.01::Victor ArnoldWed Sep 18 1991extra escape character !!!?
346.03::A. Mahendra Rajah, SysWed Sep 18 1991DWdos 4.
347.01::Murray Penno, MAF, NewWed Sep 18 1991PC DECWindows
348.0::IRRI%CGNET@INTERMAILWed Sep 18 1991Western Digital, PS2 55SX, PCSA 3.
349.08::Michel van der ListWed Sep 18 1991LanWorks for MacIntosh info needed (MSAP$RECEIVER.EXE)
350.01::system@idiws1Wed Sep 18 1991VMS to PC Copy Error
351.06::H.A. Kippenhan Jr.Thu Sep 19 1991Tuning memory
352.0::JMAASKANT@UTHSCSAThu Sep 19 1991Load Problem
353.03::Maria Rosa DrakeFri Sep 20 1991Dialup access to Pathworks for Mac
354.0::wallis@wsuiarSat Sep 21 1991Pathworks Driver for AT&T 1
355.05::garber@ARUTue Sep 24 1991File conversions
356.0::John GeorgeTue Sep 24 1991MAC/DOS PATHWORKS PROBLEM
357.0::Lambert HofstraTue Sep 24 1991Remote boot with PS/2 model 35
358.01::kerr@decusTue Sep 24 1991NEC 286+ problems
359.0::Ralph YinglingTue Sep 24 1991File Conversions/Translations
360.0"MRGATE::\"AM::MWHEELETue Sep 24 1991MAC/DOS file formats with Pathworks MAC and Pathworks DOS.
361.0::John CothranTue Sep 24 1991Help needed with graphics dumps to LAT printers
362.02::Phil Scadden, ResourceWed Sep 25 1991WESTERN DIGITAL CARDS
363.02::les@uwovaxWed Sep 25 1991PCSA BROADCAST not working on 4
364.02::Terry Caleb - Systems Wed Sep 25 1991Remote Capabilities
365.0::Craig FarrellThu Sep 26 1991Pathworks and Word 5.5
366.01::Phil Scadden, ResourceThu Sep 26 1991file services on a tape drive???
367.0::JMAASKANT@UTHSCSAThu Sep 26 1991RE: NECT 286+ Problems
368.01::Craig FarrellThu Sep 26 1991Word 5.5 & Pathworks 4
369.02::E. Robert RhoadsFri Sep 27 19913Com5
370.02::72Fri Sep 27 1991SETHOST problem with WINDOWS
371.0::Harry StoxFri Sep 27 1991DLLPKT: a PCSA DLL to Packet Driver converter
372.03::archerb@vax1Fri Sep 27 1991Pathworks & Novell compatible?
373.02::RONAU%CUTTER%OPUS@MCOIFri Sep 27 1991RE: Security
374.05::sdroppers@pbsFri Sep 27 1991MAC VAXshare hangs on startup
375.03::ccmk@lureSun Sep 29 1991Remote boot with hard disk installed?
376.05::Murray Penno, MAF, NewMon Sep 30 1991Pathworks authorisation file ?
377.0::Bruce MooreMon Sep 30 1991new users !!!
378.01::Greg Oi, East-West CenWed Oct 02 1991PC-based ethernet monitors
379.0::Craig FarrellWed Oct 02 1991HP IIIsi printer modules
380.0::Per HogstedtMon Oct 07 1991Remote boot and low memory (<64
381.0::John CothranMon Oct 07 1991problem with PSC utility
382.05::yingling@gwTue Oct 08 1991RE: IBM XT connection problem
383.0::Gunnar HelliesenTue Oct 08 1991PacerPrint/ULTRIX/MS-Windows problem
384.0::Patrick EitnerTue Oct 08 1991VMS: HPLaser-Queue (HPPCL-Translator, DEC Printing-Service 4.
385.0::W. Todd WipkeWed Oct 09 1991Need config.sys, startnet and autoexec
386.03::Patrick EitnerWed Oct 09 1991WP+DRDOS5.
387.02::jpeterse%legolas@DNS1Wed Oct 09 1991High resolution X-windows
388.01::Kevin L. DavidsonWed Oct 09 1991RE: Pathworks authorization file ?
389.0::Craig FarrellWed Oct 09 1991Pathworks and Windows
390.0::Marcus JenkinsWed Oct 09 1991LAST timeout values
391.0::WINNER@CUAWed Oct 09 1991RE: Pahtworks authorization file?
392.01::gjocc@csvWed Oct 09 1991DEPCA using NDIS problem
393.08::dlm@hermesWed Oct 09 1991Question: how to avoid dwdos panning with big monitor?
394.0::gjocc@csvWed Oct 09 1991LM/X?
395.01::Marcus JenkinsWed Oct 09 1991Re: REDIR, PathWorks and DOS 5.
396.03::ccmk@lureWed Oct 09 1991How to make a network boot disk?
397.02::brunetti@alwWed Oct 09 1991Flag Page
398.01::RAVJWEI@UBEWed Oct 09 1991WordPerfect Office
400.01::Cory SnavelyWed Oct 09 1991DE1
401.0::mccool@GP3Wed Oct 09 1991Ethernet cards for Gateway 2
403.01::Per HogstedtWed Oct 09 1991Wanted: util to test disk performance
404.01::Maria Rosa DrakeWed Oct 09 1991Possible Server Configuration
405.0::Craig FarrellWed Oct 09 1991Infoserver 1
407.02::Anne L. Cooper UW-CDE Wed Oct 09 1991elementary question
408.01::RONAU%CUTTER%OPUS@MCOIThu Oct 10 1991RE: Dial-In access to pathworks for Dos
409.02::Jaye MathisenThu Oct 10 1991DEC 433PC w DWDOS386 in hires mode?
410.02::Bruce MooreThu Oct 10 1991Please sign me up. thanx!!!!
411.0::daparish@beckmanThu Oct 10 1991vms PCFS_server ACCVIO 4.
415.0::ccmk@lureFri Oct 11 1991Remote boot answers
416.0::Peter Ruwhof - Leiden Fri Oct 11 1991who knows irmalan?
417.03::SYSMGR@IPGFri Oct 11 1991Help? Quattro + DOS 5.
418.02::Ta Fuh ChiamFri Oct 11 1991RE: PATHWORKS and MS-WINDOWS...
419.02::Jim BeckerFri Oct 11 1991RE: DWDOS386 and QEMM
420.02::Lisa A. Ricci - Asst. Fri Oct 11 1991A verrrryyy slow network
421.0::W. Todd WipkeSat Oct 12 1991Sample Configuration Listings
422.02::Al DykesSat Oct 12 1991VMS/RMS file attributes
423.0::John CothranSat Oct 12 1991PSC utility - does it work?
424.03::goathunter@wkuvx1Mon Oct 14 1991Motif DECW$PAINT bug with DWDOSx86
425.06::Victor ArnoldTue Oct 15 1991RE: Sethost Telnet
426.04::Alan CantrellTue Oct 15 1991Stopnet and DE1
427.01RANGER::WASSERTue Oct 15 1991Will DWDOS386 V4.1 do 1
428.02::Rick PimWed Oct 16 1991problems connecting to disk services.
429.0::David MathogFri Oct 18 1991FAQ? NetCopy errors with wild cards
430.0::Murray Penno, MAF, NewFri Oct 18 1991DECMOUSE driver and AST 286
431.02::Keith BrownFri Oct 18 1991Anyone networked a Notepad ????
432.07::Paul RothiFri Oct 18 1991RE: Dear Administrator,
433.0::MichaelFri Oct 18 1991Apple NuBus ENet and DecNet
434.01::rth@MV36Fri Oct 18 1991Where is DOS -- can't find the file service
435.0::Ian MurphySat Oct 19 1991DecWindows
436.0::Shawn Allin - Alcan KRSat Oct 19 1991Need help with PC's hanging running Pathworks and Reflection 4
437.0::Tom DolanSat Oct 19 1991Mail 1.15 and SMTP transport
438.0::WINNER@CUAVAXASat Oct 19 1991Does PC have Open File Limit on File Servers?
439.014::MichaelSun Oct 20 1991Apple / Digital / Incompatible ?
440.01::Charlie FinebergSun Oct 20 1991EXOS 2
441.05::Bob FindlaySun Oct 20 1991How to get ethernet hardware address
442.02::72Sun Oct 20 1991Help resolve my ANXIETY Attack!
443.0::Donna R-M. DaySun Oct 20 1991VT32
444.0::Frank BoundsSun Oct 20 1991Pathworks for DOS (Netware Coexistence)
445.0::MICHIELMon Oct 21 1991PERMIT command
446.0::MICHIELMon Oct 21 1991PERMIT-continued
447.0::Gunnar HelliesenMon Oct 21 1991AppleDict 71 patch for MSA needed!
448.01::DXI:Tue Oct 22 1991PostScript from MAC
449.04::Phil Scadden, ResourceWed Oct 23 1991Backup of PC disks direct to tape drives - 4.1?
450.01::Tom DolanWed Oct 23 1991Win3, pathworks4 and printers
451.0::Alex PolymenopoulosWed Oct 23 1991SUB PCSA-L
452.01::Peter Ruwhof - Leiden Thu Oct 24 1991RE: Using PW v4.
453.03::Bruce MooreThu Oct 24 1991RE: Cannot connect file service after password change
454.04::nwmsu1@vax1Fri Oct 25 1991Conflict with Zenith 158 and DE1
455.01::TILLOTSON@ALISUVAXFri Oct 25 1991NDIS driver for a 3Com 523 board
456.01::John M. BeaubrunSat Oct 26 1991IBM PS/2 Model 35SX
457.01::Al DykesSat Oct 26 1991HP PaintJet XL on a PCSA LAN ???
458.0::Jim MayneSat Oct 26 1991packet drivers
459.0::nwmsu1@vax1Sat Oct 26 1991Conflict w/ Z158 and DE1
460.0::Gregg Pentecost X6228 Sat Oct 26 1991Infoserver: info and questions
461.02::Ken WhitfieldSat Oct 26 1991What do I need ?
462.0::Andreas MoravecSat Oct 26 1991PW for VMS SYS$SYSTEM:PCSA_RMI.COM
463.0::gjocc@csvMon Oct 28 1991NFS for PATHWORKS DOS TCP/IP?
464.01::rth@MV36Mon Oct 28 1991Trouble remote booting ZEOS
465.0::SYSMGR@IPGMon Oct 28 1991PC <-> Appolo/Domain networking: Help!
466.0::Eckart MeyerMon Oct 28 1991RE: Stopnet
467.0::Gunnar HelliesenTue Oct 29 1991SUMMUS optical disk as a PATHWORKS file service
468.0::LANWORKS@COLLOQUIUMTue Oct 29 1991ADD lanworks@colloquium.co.uk
469.0::W. Todd WipkeTue Oct 29 1991Configuration for big programs under windows + DOS5 + Pathworks
470.02::Tom DolanWed Oct 30 1991Connecting to servers intermittent
471.0::hassall@qutThu Oct 31 1991VT32
472.01::kmoch@whscdpThu Oct 31 1991Alisatalk vs Pathworks for Mac
473.0::Bob FindlayThu Oct 31 1991RE: binary attachments to mail messages
474.01::Paul GrieggsThu Oct 31 1991RE: Where did TELL go?
475.0::WELLS@UCBEHThu Oct 31 1991PCSA and Clipper