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Conference noted::system_census

Title:POLYCENTER System Census
Notice:System Census has been retired
Created:Wed Oct 07 1992
Last Modified:Thu May 29 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:615
Total number of notes:2452
Number with bodies:1
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1.01VINO::BHATWed Oct 07 1992Welcome to the POLYCENTER System Census Notes Conference
2.050VINO::BHATWed Oct 07 1992Introductions
3.0VINO::BHATWed Oct 07 1992Product Set Description
4.040VINO::BHATWed Oct 07 1992Kit Announcements
5.020VINO::BHATWed Oct 07 1992Documentation Announcements
6.01VINO::BHATWed Oct 07 1992Phase
7.0VINO::BHATWed Oct 07 1992Reserved
8.0VINO::BHATWed Oct 07 1992Reserved
9.0VINO::BHATWed Oct 07 1992Reserved
10.0VINO::BHATWed Oct 07 1992Reserved
11.06SUBURB::PALMERRJWed Oct 14 1992Collection Failing
12.03SUBURB::PALMERRJFri Oct 16 1992CI Rev Level?
14.05VINO::ROMTue Oct 20 1992wishlist for the Agents
15.04VINO::ROMTue Oct 20 1992wishlist for the Consolidator
16.01VINO::ROMTue Oct 20 1992wishlist for database reports
17.02VINO::ROMTue Oct 20 1992wishlist for the GUI
18.0VINO::ROMTue Oct 20 1992wishlist for the DECmcc Mmgt Interface
19.01BRAT::WELLSWed Oct 21 1992Practical Uses
20.08DSSR1::LUNDThu Oct 22 1992Installation failure - SCCON
21.05ROMTue Oct 27 1992Multiple platform agent planned ?
22.019BOMBOM::PALMERRJTue Oct 27 1992ft41
23.01TALK::JARVISThu Oct 29 1992Stripping my icons away?
24.03MANTA::SIMONFri Oct 30 1992V6.
25.02MANTA::SIMONFri Oct 30 1992A group, or not a group, that is the question !
26.011BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Nov 03 1992First help on SYSTEM CENSUS ?
27.02BACHUS::WILLEMSGWed Nov 04 1992creating report via the GUI gives error
28.018CRONIC::ANSTINEFri Nov 06 1992Collection failure
29.03CCEIMon Nov 09 1992DECmcc MI question
30.03CPDW::RROGERSTue Nov 10 1992purpose of xxxCOLLID column in tables?
31.08USOPS::HARBWed Nov 11 1992SCAGT crashing nodes?
32.03HERON::TIMMERMANSThu Nov 12 1992MS-DOS agent, FT kit ?
33.02MANTA::SIMONFri Nov 13 1992Looping GUI when building Machinegroup View
34.011EVOAI2::FAUDOTTue Nov 17 1992Unique HW -> Multi element in Dbase
35.0VINO::ROMTue Nov 17 1992fyi - SCAGT_CLUSTER_NAME must be <= 6 chars
36.0NYAAPS::CORBISHLEYWed Nov 18 1992Previous Problem with Losing Colors in Displays, Printouts
37.02FDCV14::DOTENSun Nov 22 1992Install fails unless /NOMAP specified with LINK
38.0GALVIA::PFEHINMon Nov 23 1992New book on Usability Available
39.08HYEND::KRISHNASWAMYTue Nov 24 1992Requirements requested for Phase 1.1
40.09VINO::DIAZWed Nov 25 1992PC functional prototype Base Level One
41.01DURDUR::AJZENBERGFri Dec 04 1992Software discovery
42.05VELI::KORKKOSun Dec 06 1992(Re)installing Wave 1 after System Census ...
43.01BELFST::ROONEYTue Dec 08 1992System Census vs. AES ?
46.014MANTA::SIMONThu Dec 10 1992SCAGT MOM process dying
47.02POWDML::KMURPHYFri Dec 11 1992Is there a table of supported processors ?
49.03BOMBOM::PALMERRJThu Dec 17 1992GUI/PC/Display
50.02MANTA::SIMONFri Dec 18 1992PC Agent problems
51.01CSC32::M_LAPINSFri Dec 18 1992GUI displays incorrect queue information
52.01CSC32::M_LAPINSMon Dec 21 1992License questions
53.01TROUTue Dec 29 1992ALL-IN-1 2.4 not recognized!
54.01TROUTue Dec 29 1992Can GUI be installed on a non-consolidator?
55.01TROUWed Dec 30 1992SCHEDULER 1.1a not recognized by SCCON
56.01WELLIN::GRAHAMMon Jan 04 1993definition of CM + standards
57.01ICS::DARCANGELOTue Jan 05 1993SC compliant to DECinspect???
58.011EVOAI2::CHAVERONTue Jan 05 1993SC-E-CONOBJNAME ...object Tape...
59.01LEZAH::FLESSATue Jan 05 1993What tasks is the GUI useful for?
60.010VINO::ROMWed Jan 06 1993from RCMP notesfile: license data not sufficient
61.02CRIME::BIJAOUIThu Jan 07 1993Setting severity on external messages ?
62.04GMTNET::SYSTEMThu Jan 07 1993Problems collecting data from an ultrix Client
63.0HERON::TIMMERMANSThu Jan 07 1993PC BL1 problem when a Drive is NOT connected to a service
64.01MLNORO::CAROSISat Jan 09 1993SC vs. CA-NETMAN of Computer Associates
65.04LICAUS::LICAUSESun Jan 10 1993SYSTEM CENSUS breaks DECmcc T1.3
66.02USOPS2::HARBMon Jan 11 1993System Census Agent installation via RSM fails
67.03USOPS2::HARBMon Jan 11 1993Agent Internal Error
68.04GVPROD::MSTEINERWed Jan 13 1993SCGUI.EXE crashes...
69.01GMTNET::SYSTEMThu Jan 14 1993VMS agent on 5.3-2,will it work please ??
70.08USOPS1::HARBThu Jan 14 1993Question: How do you delete collections from the database?
72.01MINNY::WALDISPUEHLFri Jan 15 1993Product positioning please
73.04LICAUS::LICAUSESat Jan 16 1993Agent doesn't install on DECnet/OSI VMS
74.03BALZAC::PETITTue Jan 19 1993Information on printer Queue
75.02ROMTue Jan 19 1993OSF/1 and AIX agents ?
76.02TROUThu Jan 21 1993Product vers. /nodename MATRIX support
77.02BOMBOM::PALMERRJThu Jan 21 1993Disks Space - Where?
78.04BALZAC::PETITFri Jan 22 1993Memory detail
79.01CPDW::RROGERSMon Jan 25 1993peer and hscPeer table question
80.03MACNAS::EDGARWed Jan 27 1993SC-E-ACCAGNT Access to Agent denied...
81.03TRCOA::AHMEDWed Jan 27 1993<Alpha agents?
82.01CUJO::HILLWed Jan 27 1993SC-E-PSCINT and %SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO when accessing agent
83.0LEZAH::FLESSAThu Jan 28 1993export Rdb using DECquery --> Microsoft Access
84.01CPDW::MCCLUREThu Jan 28 1993QAR system for System Census??
85.02ROMTue Feb 02 1993Augmenting the DataBase ...
86.016LARVAE::POETTTue Feb 02 1993NODE and DECMCC MI
87.04PKHUB1::VANKONYNENBUWed Feb 03 1993adding a Class Attribute
88.02ROMThu Feb 04 1993List of maintained attributes
89.04PLAYER::HERICKXMon Feb 08 1993VAXcluster graphical representation
90.010PLAYER::HERICKXMon Feb 08 1993What node names within the configuration database ?
91.07PLAYER::HERICKXMon Feb 08 1993SCAGT_PRDB.DAT (Product Reference DB) updates
92.04SUBURB::MORRISONGTue Feb 09 1993duplicate entrys ? for hsc map
93.07USOPS::HARBTue Feb 09 1993HSC disks report is incorrect.
94.01VINO::LUNDGRENTue Feb 09 1993Volunteers for Data Collection Please...
95.01AWECIM::COLBATHWed Feb 10 1993CNF?
96.01CX3PT3::ANASAZ::J_BECKERFri Feb 12 19937
97.02BOMBOM::PALMERRJMon Feb 15 1993S/W Collection prob
98.05TRNMon Feb 15 1993KITs & DOCs location changed?
99.01PLAYER::HERICKXWed Feb 17 1993SCGUI stopped when shutting down the Consolidator
100.09PLAYER::HERICKXThu Feb 18 1993File specification for Representative File Name of products.
101.02MANTA::SIMONThu Feb 18 1993Internet number and BIND address on UCX nodes
102.01KAOFS::LIGHTMANThu Feb 18 1993unable to delete bogus node
103.04PLAYER::HERICKXFri Feb 19 1993SC-I-OPENFIL, SC-E-LICTEMP and SC-E-SYSCALL error messages
105.02JGODCL::MJANSSENTue Feb 23 1993Remote profile ?
106.06VELI::KORKKOTue Feb 23 1993System Census Agent on VMS V6.
107.01PRSSUD::LESTRATThu Feb 25 1993prolblems collecting data from ultrix
108.01KETJE::STAESMon Mar 01 1993Database is user tailorable. How?
109.02ZURMon Mar 01 1993DECmcc IMPM does't show all Census subentities
110.04BTOVT::HASKINS_MWed Mar 03 1993Delta Reporting?
111.03ROMMon Mar 08 1993Populating DECmcc from System Census ...
112.06EVOAI2::FAUDOTTue Mar 09 1993Collecting from hidden area
113.01KAOTWed Mar 10 1993Can census do network asset and inventory tracking?
114.010CCEIThu Mar 11 1993MI and DECmcc T1.3 on Ultrix
115.0CPDW::RROGERSThu Mar 11 1993data inconsistency on license data collection
116.05SAC::MAGUIRE_GFri Mar 12 1993Can't open Default Repository or New Repository
117.08ESSB::BREEFri Mar 12 1993PC client, Question from Germany
118.04TRCOA::TRCP9Wed Mar 17 1993Macintosh Clients?????
119.04BSS::E_HILLIGRASSThu Mar 18 1993Printing graphic displays
120.09CSC32::C_TOWNSENDFri Mar 19 1993DSSIs in the GUI Machinegroups
121.09WELCLU::WOODWARDAWed Mar 24 1993Census Agent for MS-DOS
122.04COPCLU::PETERCThu Apr 01 1993Polycenter system watchdog for Ultrix
123.0ROMThu Apr 01 1993Specification for the database
124.0VINO::ROMFri Apr 09 19937
125.01UTROP1::RIJSBERGEN_MWed Apr 14 1993Add new hardware support.
126.02POWDML::BRYANTTue Apr 20 1993VXT 2
127.02USOPS::HARBWed Apr 21 1993Collection interrupted and never resumed.
128.021VINO::BHATWed Apr 28 1993Need Field Test Sites for the V1.1
129.01FLYWAY::WALKERNWed Apr 28 1993Licenses and Pricing policy?
130.01MEDINA::BEELENThu Apr 29 1993Kit access failure
131.01NEWVAX::TROMBETTAThu Apr 29 1993Problem with VAX 761
132.05CHGVFri Apr 30 1993Other Protocals being thought about?
133.01VINO::BHATFri Apr 30 1993Phase
134.01NEWOA::SAMTue May 04 1993The meaning of CM.....
135.03ZURFri May 07 1993Default Database
136.01CPDW::RROGERSMon May 10 1993Install failure for ULTBASE43
137.02HERON::TIMMERMANSMon May 10 1993Hanging NML processes when SCAGT not installed on server with VAX-DECnet extension.
138.02NQOPS::DAUPHINAISWed May 12 1993Consolidator Error
139.01FLYWAY::WALKERNTue May 18 1993Remote repositories?
140.01FLYWAY::WALKERNTue May 18 1993New node recognition?
141.01FLYWAY::WALKERNTue May 18 19933rd Party Software?
142.01MANTA::SIMONWed May 19 1993Windows-NT agent ?
143.01MIACT::CARTERRFri May 21 1993PAKS location?
144.04TINCUP::CSENCSITSMon May 24 1993Profiler using CPU
145.01ZURTue May 25 1993from DCM to Polycenter
146.01UNH1::SISLEWed May 26 1993Multiple Agent Platforms
147.02CSC32::WATERSThu May 27 1993Polycenter SNA Manager ?
148.02VINO::BHATFri May 28 1993V1.1 Phase 2 Exit Scheduled for June 3,1993
149.01VINO::PRATTTue Jun 01 1993Request for information...Could anyone care to help Red out ?
150.04HERON::TIMMERMANSFri Jun 04 1993PC census PCSC installation problem?
151.01PORLA::FRISKFri Jun 04 1993Pathwork v 5 vs System Census
152.01COLNSB::WELZELFri Jun 04 1993probl. Census Agent T1.1 and DEcmcc V1.3
153.010PKHUB1::VANKONYNENBUMon Jun 07 1993SQL error invoking SCCON_ADM
154.06VINO::BHATMon Jun 07 1993Sales Update Flash on Immediate Re-pricing
155.05CLARID::HOFSTEEThu Jun 10 1993LAN auditor lecense costs?
156.06CX3PST::ANASAZ::J_BECKERThu Jun 10 1993gui prints black boxes
157.01ANIMLZ::DUBEFri Jun 11 1993T1.1 Consolidator work with V1.
158.01--UnknownUser--Mon Jun 14 1993PCSC.ZIP,PSCDEMO.ZIP - errors
159.05PKHUB1::VANKONYNENBUMon Jun 14 1993Problems using .ZIP packages
160.02NEWVAX::MURRAYThu Jun 17 1993SUN, WFW, LAN Auditor
161.01UTROP1::LIETHOFF_SFri Jun 18 1993SC agent for OS/2 ????
162.02RTOVCTue Jun 22 1993EWS information required
163.08TRNOIS::TESTATue Jun 22 1993Vax 761
164.05XSTACY::HUTTONTue Jun 22 1993PC software audit ? - 2
165.02MARVA1::DISNEYTue Jun 22 1993scagt image in mwait state - mailbox full
166.06MOSPRT::T_MCCARTHYTue Jun 22 1993Consolidator stays in collecting state, %SQL-F-NULLNOIND error when new collection forced
167.03BERNWed Jun 23 1993Node status 'successful' but not in database
168.01TINCUP::CSENCSITSThu Jun 24 1993PROFILER not shutdown
169.03KAOFS::LIGHTMANThu Jun 24 1993SC-E-ACCAGNT Access to Agent denied on node
170.02ANNECY::HAVARD_PTue Jun 29 1993submitting reports....
171.03JDARC::SANTACREUMon Jul 05 1993SC-E-CMIPSND CMIP send failed to node
172.04MOSPRT::T_MCCARTHYWed Jul 07 1993Machinegroup confusion -- Two groups for one cluster
173.03FCOIS::AJZENBERGThu Jul 08 1993Database snapshot size
174.04PT73::MGRACEFFAMon Jul 12 1993System Census Agent crashing my V6.
175.05ROV2K2::DTURNERMon Jul 12 1993PC Agent and PATHWORKS (TCP/IP)?
177.03AYRMIS::IAINWed Jul 14 1993RF31F disks not seen by System Census
179.01VNASWS::WILFRIEDThu Jul 15 1993%JBC-E-NOSUCHQUE - if no queues exist (node marked UNSUCCESSFUL)
180.0VINO::RAMANMon Jul 19 1993ULTRIX SCCON & SCGUI kit users ...
181.0MANENG::KEENThu Jul 22 1993Problem with local agent.
182.02MANTA::SIMONFri Jul 23 1993DECnet/OSI compatability et al...
183.01EVOAI2::STAGETue Jul 27 1993How to convert AUDITOR.DAT ?
184.05TAVWed Aug 04 1993GUI loops on activation
185.02MUDIS3::SMUELLERThu Aug 05 1993problems collection machinegroupname
186.06ANNECY::HAVARD_PThu Aug 05 1993Report functions are not currently implemented ????? on v1.1 ft
187.09SMURF::BARRYSThu Aug 05 1993DEC OSF/1 Support on Schedule ??
188.09BBIVFri Aug 06 1993Cluster Alias giving problem
189.02MUGGER::NORTHMon Aug 09 1993Simple questions
190.02MUGGER::BLOWERWed Aug 11 1993Cannot get PAKS for ULTRIX Version
191.01CHGVWed Aug 11 1993SCCON_ADM Menu Display Problem
192.04GARGOL::DUFFYWed Aug 11 1993Installation of latest SCAGT fails.
193.02MUGGER::BLOWERThu Aug 12 1993SCGUI11
194.01VINO::PRATTFri Aug 13 1993SCGUI problem: Too many tapes displayed for a cluster
196.01GYMAC::PSMITHTue Aug 17 19933.4.1 Adding a Large Number od Nodes
197.01MANWRK::BLOWERWed Aug 18 1993No machines in database
198.0VINO::PRATTWed Aug 18 1993The official but informal PSC newsletter note
199.02YUKON::GLENNWed Aug 18 1993SC-E-ALLOCCMEM Allocation of memory failed
200.02ANNECY::HAVARD_PMon Aug 23 1993problems with SCAGT_USER_PRDB.DAT;
201.01CHGVMon Aug 23 1993SAMPLE_DB_CREATE.COM -Can't find
202.01KETJE::STAESTue Aug 24 1993Netware Server Agent?
203.01TAVThu Aug 26 1993AXP product status ?
204.02NGYOSC::HANSENTue Aug 31 1993SCAGT Installation fails on DECnet/OSI
205.09PA31Tue Aug 31 1993When version 1.1 is available for customer
206.01OLHEAP::JFISCHERTue Aug 31 1993Need PU PAK
207.02ATYISA::SIPWed Sep 01 1993UNSUCCESSFUL : Collect Problem with PSC 1.
208.02ANIMLZ::DUBEWed Sep 01 1993DMS files on V6.
209.01HAMWed Sep 01 1993Broken Pipe from PC to Consolidator
210.03XSTACY::BODONOVANMon Sep 06 1993Interpreting the Datbase contetnts
211.02NYAAPS::CORBISHLEYTue Sep 07 1993WHY??? When I reboot I get an unsolicited consolidator run
212.04IAINF::IAINThu Sep 09 1993Anyone using System Census as part of a User Account Authorisation Process?
213.06TINCUP::CSENCSITSThu Sep 09 1993v1.
214.04BLKPUD::WATTERSONPMon Sep 13 1993No records found in database
215.03PRSSUD::NEYERSMon Sep 13 1993T1.1-
216.02PLAYER::HERICKXTue Sep 14 1993Installation deletes SCAGT_USER_PRDB.DAT
217.01TRNTue Sep 14 1993DDIF maps are not recognized
218.017VINO::BHATWed Sep 15 1993The New SCAGT_PRDB.DAT for OpenVMS Agent
219.02--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 15 1993Product Reference DB outdated in T1.1 release
220.0PLAYER::HERICKXWed Sep 15 1993Points to mention about the SCAGT_CLUSTER_NAME logical
221.03PLAYER::HERICKXMon Sep 20 1993New consolidator DB structure
223.01TINCUP::CSENCSITSTue Sep 21 1993Update a single node
224.02GIDDAY::PARSONSWed Sep 22 1993SC-E-AGTAVL on new isntallation
225.02PLAYER::HERICKXWed Sep 22 1993PSC-ERROR-E error in open log file sys$message:scagt_msg.dat - image exiting
226.07IDOWS::IDOThu Sep 23 1993Presentation needed - Prefered PowerPoint...
227.02SUBURB::HARWOODJFri Sep 24 1993Licence part number query
228.02ANNECY::HAVARD_PMon Sep 27 1993SC-E-CMIPUNK CMIP detected unknown error from node .....
229.04MQOSWS::F_MONETTEWed Sep 29 1993Can we delete entries into the RDB database
230.02CHPSC::GAISFORDWed Sep 29 1993Internal error CeReqMgrProcess:ReqFail2 detected
231.01ULYSSE::BAUDELLEFri Oct 01 1993Sysuaf Flags not reported by PSC
232.02UEOIS1::CYVOCTTue Oct 05 1993psc_scgui_userguide.ps pb to print
233.03UEOIS1::CYVOCTTue Oct 05 1993SSB 1.1 date in France ?
234.04USOPS::ZAKSZEWSKITue Oct 05 1993gui and admin menu discrepancy
235.03PA31Thu Oct 07 1993More objet version in database
236.04TROUFri Oct 08 1993Source Code For Reports?
237.01RUMOR::FALEKMon Oct 11 1993long term architecture/framework direction?
238.01ISIDRO::MVICTORThu Oct 14 1993PPT Presentation ??
239.03CUJO::HILLMon Oct 18 1993What are your plans for moving to SNMP or OSI/CMIP?
240.01PKHUB1::VANKONYNENBUMon Oct 18 1993LAN Auditor questions
241.02PA31Thu Oct 21 1993Historical database
242.01ASD::DIGRAZIAThu Oct 21 1993Can I see a typical report?
243.01NEWVAX::MURRAYFri Oct 22 1993Virus Checking?
244.01UTROP1::RIJSBERGEN_MMon Oct 25 1993SCGUI crashes '%SYSTEM-F-ROPRAND,'
245.04TROOA::BALDOCKMon Oct 25 1993SC Agent CPU Bound
246.0TOOK::MCPHERSONTue Oct 26 1993I: Integrating SCGUI and MCC V1.3
247.01YUKON::GLENNTue Oct 26 1993sqlcode is: -811 - singleton select returned more than 1
248.02RDGENG::LYNDONWed Oct 27 1993PC Client Problems
249.02MLNORO::CAROSIWed Oct 27 1993Some Customer Questions !
250.03TROUWed Oct 27 1993SCCON database too large and growing rapidly
251.04USOPS::HARBThu Oct 28 1993SCGUI - MACHINE view returns no disks
252.01IJSAPL::PEURSUMThu Oct 28 1993Difference SystemCensus - AES (ESM/CNF) ?
253.02VELI::KORKKOFri Oct 29 1993SC AGT breaks DECnet Wave 1 remote mgmt
255.02ZURTue Nov 02 1993failed to collect data from Ultrix agent
256.01EBYGUM::WATTERSONPWed Nov 03 1993Can get info from a node - PSCINT
257.03CESARE::ERMACORAThu Nov 04 1993V1.
258.04ATYISA::AJZENBERGFri Nov 05 1993Several consolidators in the same VAX
259.04ZURThu Nov 11 1993Cannot collect data from PC LAN database
260.02CSC32::C_TOWNSENDThu Nov 11 1993How to create a new database?
261.01UTROP1::RIJSBERGEN_MMon Nov 15 1993Extract and feed other products using PSC.
262.02ICS::PRESCOTTMon Nov 15 1993Where is the documentation?
263.01BOOZER::CARTERRMon Nov 15 1993GUI install problem on Ultrix 4.3a
264.04GIDDAY::WANWed Nov 17 1993SC-E-INTCNNT
265.02ZENDIA::BHATSat Nov 20 1993V1.1 was submitted to SSB today (Nov.19,1993)
267.01CSC32::C_TOWNSENDMon Nov 22 1993One cluster but two aliases
268.01UTROP1::RIJSBERGEN_MThu Nov 25 1993Performance guidelines ?
269.03ZPOVC::RAMARAJThu Nov 25 1993Netview/Hermes impact?
270.01BELLS::SYSTEMMon Nov 29 1993How to remove a duplicate node in the database
271.03RTOVCTue Nov 30 1993SCXBASE Kit problem
272.04GVPROD::JORHAT::BOWERSWed Dec 01 1993PC Domain collection fails
273.010RTOVCThu Dec 02 1993GUI V1.1 view hangs
274.01NOTPC9::WiddowsonThu Dec 02 1993Asset Register
275.03GVPROD::JORHAT::BOWERSThu Dec 02 1993LAN Auditor functionality /query questions
276.02STRASB::HONOREWed Dec 08 1993"the repository does not contain any machines"
277.02MLNCSC::MOCELLINFri Dec 10 1993HP9
278.03UEOIS1::CYVOCTTue Dec 14 1993OSF/1 and OVMS agent ????
279.08VNABRW::KARTNER_MThu Dec 16 1993Problem with getting started with CENSUS
280.09BIGUN::ANDERSONThu Dec 16 1993Third party/non-LMF compliant software tracking?
281.01SHIPS::LYNCH_MMon Dec 20 1993Reporting on non-existant machines ?
282.01JDARC::SANTACREUWed Dec 29 1993Can't exploding zip file
283.010OPCO::TSG_MASWed Dec 29 1993Are HSJs supported yet?
286.09PT73::MGRACEFFATue Jan 04 1994Consolidator dies with a deadlock on logical area 1
287.02CSC32::N_SCHENKTue Jan 04 1994SC-E-AGRAVL, agent is busy or not available
288.04HTSC19::IVANCHENGWed Jan 05 1994Kits & Docs access failure
289.02TLSEThu Jan 06 1994Again SC-E-AGTAVL
290.01BELFST::TAGGARTSun Jan 09 1994PC_LANs questions
291.01GIDDAY::RALLINGSWed Jan 12 1994Approx FCS for V1.1a
292.02VNABRW::KARTNER_MWed Jan 12 1994Physical Capacity field empty for HSC9
293.0ZENDIA::PRATTThu Jan 13 1994Problems with accessing this notesfile
294.01CSC32::B_MACKENZIEThu Jan 13 1994PhaseV is around the bend...
295.04ZURTue Jan 18 1994Is there a list of the requirement for V1.2?
296.03BIGUN::ANDERSONFri Jan 21 1994Consolidator licenses and the SPD?
297.02NBOFS1::HERMANNFri Jan 21 1994Agent-Kit for Ultrix/VAX required
298.03ANNECY::LEMMAFri Jan 21 1994Macintosh support. how?
299.04ATYISA::NEYERSTue Jan 25 1994INGRES ERROR 9895942
300.08HERON::TIMMERMANSTue Jan 25 1994PC LAN Auditor collects but does not display?
301.011IOSG::GILESLWed Jan 26 1994ALL-IN-1 Multi-Lingual Systems ?
302.01MFRNW1::SCHUSTERThu Jan 27 1994polling of ultrix4.3a system unsuccessfull
304.01ZENDIA::PRATTThu Jan 27 1994VMS .COM file to enable/disable groups of nodes
305.0ZENDIA::PRATTThu Jan 27 1994Items to check if ULTRIX collections are not occuring:
306.06RDGENG::LYNDONTue Feb 01 1994Lan Auditor Queries
307.01COLTue Feb 01 1994saving "Printing Options"-setup
308.03GVPROD::SISLEY::HYDETue Feb 01 1994LAN Auditor 3.
309.06GYMAC::SMUELLERThu Feb 03 1994multiple collections
311.03CX3PT2::ANASAZ::J_BECKERMon Feb 07 1994print option does not change size of paper
312.04ZURTue Feb 08 1994support for VAX 1
313.02CSC32::RODASTue Feb 08 1994Product not showing up in S/W license report.
314.01SPECXN::ODONNELLWed Feb 09 1994Walk-around collector
315.03PRSSUD::NEYERSThu Feb 10 1994Decosf1 agent ?
316.04UTROP1::RIJSBERGEN_MThu Feb 10 1994Bugs, wishes, remarks concerning PSC.
317.01USOPS::HARBThu Feb 10 1994Question on Roll-Up of Consolidator databases
318.05POCUS::HUSTONMon Feb 14 1994DEC OSF/1 Server?
319.01BELLS::SYSTEMWed Feb 16 1994Using SCCON_DBPURGER remove a VAX 4
320.03SQGUK::NOFERINIWed Feb 16 1994Configuration/Profile Database Schemas?
321.03SQGUK::PRASADWed Feb 16 19941.
322.01DELSWed Feb 16 1994Network TCP/IP
323.01CSC32::RODASFri Feb 18 19941.1 Admin gets errors from non-priv accounts.
324.02SQGUK::PRASADMon Feb 21 1994how to I collect data on a dialup line
325.02RHETT::DAMLEWed Feb 23 1994scagtd not collecting
326.01MARSThu Feb 24 1994Questions about POL SYSTEM CENSUS FOR PC LAN
327.02DARGLE::COUGHLANTue Mar 01 1994SQL/RDB Error from Consolidator
328.01CSC32::RODASThu Mar 03 1994TRANSFFERED status from SCCON_ADM
329.01CX3PT1::WSC1Fri Mar 04 1994%LICENSE-F-EXCEEDED, after updating to 1.1
330.01DCLAVC::VDKLEIJTue Mar 08 1994Looking 4 expertise on PC SC 4 PCLANs
331.01ADO75A::SHARPEWed Mar 09 1994Some questions from potential customer
332.02BACHUS::WILLEMSGThu Mar 10 1994PSC and DECsplit
333.02PKHUB2::VANKONYNENBUThu Mar 10 1994Merging Lan Auditor databases?
334.01MSDOA::HACKNEYFri Mar 11 1994PC Census Audit w/ walking dsk
335.01CSC32::B_MACKENZIEFri Mar 11 1994How about Logicals
336.010ZURMon Mar 14 1994LAN Auditor: doesn't recognize 486dx2, 456xx and ehternet address
337.01STRASB::HONOREMon Mar 14 1994SUN agent
338.07MERIDN::BUCKLEYTue Mar 15 1994sc-e-agtbusy
339.02TAVWed Mar 16 1994DATABASE structure ?
341.04ARRODS::LUDLOWPWed Mar 16 1994Agent Initiated Collections
342.08ARRODS::LUDLOWPWed Mar 16 1994TF867 Tapes not seen
343.013IOSG::GILESLThu Mar 17 1994Agent not talking to consolidator
344.01CSC32::MCCORMICKMon Mar 21 1994%sc-i-pscint internal error db loader detected
345.03ATYISA::AJZENBERGWed Mar 23 1994DMTF
346.01ADO75A::SHARPEWed Mar 23 1994TSTDRV not picking up PWV5 client name?
347.04GIDDAY::PARSONSWed Mar 23 1994PSC Agent startup message
348.01ADO75A::SHARPEThu Mar 24 1994Lan Auditor and Network drives?
349.02BACHUS::WILLEMSGThu Mar 24 1994Customize GUI Category possible ?
350.01BACHUS::WILLEMSGThu Mar 24 1994PSC versus Insite
351.0ZENDIA::PRATTFri Mar 25 1994PSC V1.3 Field Test
352.03ZENDIA::PRATTFri Mar 25 1994Machine display of DSSIs on XMIs - XMI attachment not shown
353.04BACHUS::WILLEMSGFri Mar 25 1994'Select Any' gives access violation of GUI.
354.01ADO75A::SHARPEFri Mar 25 1994Out or memor:No useful message!
355.03ADO75A::SHARPEFri Mar 25 1994Need more DOC!!!
356.0CHEFS::READYMon Mar 28 1994PCS with Quetzal
357.03CMGOP1::SIROKYDTue Mar 29 1994Problems with Lan Auditor identifying Network ID
358.08MUNSBE::CHEQUERTue Mar 29 1994PCSA identification ... how ?
360.0ADO75A::SHARPETue Mar 29 1994Lan Auditor VS Symantec Norton Admin for Networks
361.02ZENDIA::MCARLETONWed Mar 30 1994Iconify POLYCTRQ on startup?
362.02MUNSBE::CHEQUERWed Mar 30 1994DOS fixed & Logical disks
363.01MSBCS::HARTNETTFri Apr 01 1994Help with purge lock
364.01WOTVAX::ELLISMTue Apr 05 1994Ordering LAN auditor internally
365.0TOOK::ROBBINSWed Apr 06 1994Field Test Site Screening Questionnaire
366.01SNOCThu Apr 07 1994PC lan and PWV5
367.01CSC32::B_CUSACKThu Apr 07 1994Why census scagt startup needs dns?
368.03UTROP1::RIJSBERGEN_MFri Apr 08 1994Future of PSC, AssetWORKS, PATHWORKS, Hermes.
369.01BELLS::SYSTEMFri Apr 08 1994Auditing problems on VAX 4
370.06ULYSSE::CHARRIERMon Apr 11 1994A little precision about PSC...
371.06ZENDIA::PRATTWed Apr 13 1994PSC V1.3 schedules - OpenVMS (VAX, AXP), OSF/1, ULTRIX
372.05ZURWed Apr 13 1994How does LANauditor check new software versions?
373.01OPCO::TSG_PLLWed Apr 13 1994Using SC to find config changes
374.01EVTJLB::SYSTEMMon Apr 18 1994Problem RDB 5.1 & System Census 1.1
375.02NYFSWed Apr 20 1994disk by machine
376.04TAVMon Apr 25 1994CENSUS database questions
377.01UEOIS1::CYVOCTFri Apr 29 1994Bug unknown Hardware -->locking
378.06BERNFri Apr 29 1994License problem SCGUI
379.02MLNCSC::MOCELLINFri Apr 29 1994Compatibility between CONSOLIDATOR V1.1 and AGT V1.
380.03GIDDAY::PARSONSThu May 05 1994Standalone nodes as machinegroups ?
381.0NYFSMon May 09 1994CVMS/PASE information
382.0TYCOCH::WILLIAMSGTue May 10 1994SCAGT_USER_PRDB.DAT, access to non System logicals
383.07ZENDIA::PRATTThu May 12 1994In preparation for PSC V1.3 ...
384.04WMOIS::ECMO::SANTOROThu May 12 1994MAC data not exported to enterprise level...
385.02BIGRED::DOMINEYFri May 13 1994Help Lan Auditor/SCCON demo?
386.03ULYSSE::CHARRIERFri May 20 1994Report parameters passing in GUI...
387.0KERNEL::ROOMEMFri May 20 1994V1.1 GUI SOFTWARE/LICENSE REPORT - what is it ?
388.04ZENDIA::ELKINSMon May 23 1994Feedback requested for SC OSF/1 agent
389.01BAHTAT::CLEARYTue May 24 1994Help required
390.02UTROP1::RIJSBERGEN_MWed May 25 1994Integrating PC info into enterprise last steps ?
391.01ZENDIA::ROLLERWed Jun 01 1994PSC V1.3 FT1 - Late breaking announcements
393.01IOSG::GILESLThu Jun 02 1994*.CDF files still on system
394.02ULYSSE::BAUDELLEThu Jun 02 1994Stripe sets and Shadow in Census Database
395.03NQOPS::DAUPHINAISFri Jun 03 1994V1.1 Consolidator Problem
396.03ZENDIA::SEIDENSun Jun 05 1994Promotional demo diskette
398.03LYOThu Jun 09 1994Question about PSC/VMS and Lan-AUDITOR for a large PILOTE site
399.04UTROP1::RIJSBERGEN_MFri Jun 10 1994Look from 1 GUI to serveral domain databases.
400.01TOOK::QUANGFri Jun 10 1994NSMSPR system - a proper place for reporting Bugs
401.01IOSG::GILESLThu Jun 23 1994Consolidator holding UCX devices open
402.06XSTACY::KFLANNERYMon Jun 27 1994Problem - SC-I-STARTMSG Product: SCCON V1.3-
403.03GYMAC::SMUELLERTue Jun 28 1994SCGUI - X toolkit warning
404.03MINNY::DEANEWed Jun 29 1994SCCON problem
405.04BRSOPI::STAESWed Jun 29 1994SYSTEM-F-DUPLNAM with SCAGTAXP T1.3 installation
406.04ZURWed Jun 29 1994SAUDITOR not working, no PC server data
407.02ZURThu Jun 30 1994MAC auditing does not work!
408.0BRSOPI::STAESFri Jul 01 1994Can I poll your system?
409.02TYCOCH::WILLIAMSGMon Jul 04 1994Accessing S/W Details Using Logicals not in System Table
410.03KETJE::STAESTue Jul 05 1994Problems with collecting
411.04MANTA::SIMONWed Jul 06 1994SCCON 1.3 FT1 installation problem
412.07METZMon Jul 11 1994SCAGT failed on cluster with MTI
413.01BRSOPI::STAESMon Jul 11 1994Some customer feedback
414.02FROCS2::SYSTEMTue Jul 12 1994VAX4
415.03YOUWOT::HUGHESATue Jul 19 1994Census and DECnet/OSI
416.01ZURWed Jul 20 1994Automatic MAC auditor startup after booting?
417.03LOCUST::LYNDONWed Jul 20 1994Lan Auditor and Windows for Workgroups
418.02TYCOCH::WILLIAMSGFri Jul 22 1994Patch for 7
419.02ZENDIA::PRATTMon Jul 25 1994Announcement of PSC V1.3 field test kit #2
420.01GYPSC::WIENERTue Jul 26 1994POLYCENTER Software Distribution on OSF/1
421.05NUKVXA::Andy_DoranTue Jul 26 1994GUI and RDB 6.
422.03USOPS::HARBTue Jul 26 1994PSC T1.3 Collections fail with error message 'Agent not running'
423.05REDDWF::GIFFORDWed Jul 27 1994FT2 crashing on dec4
424.02REIKI::DUFFYWed Jul 27 1994How do you remove a node/nodes from the GUI repository?
425.01UTRTSC::ZWINKELSThu Jul 28 1994Meaning of field COLLID changed.
426.01UTRTSC::ZWINKELSThu Jul 28 1994SCAGT_STARTUP.COM checks for LOGIO and PHYIO priv
427.01WOTVAX::ELLISMThu Jul 28 1994Problem with installaing of SCCON, VMS V6.
428.0QUINCE::MADDENThu Jul 28 1994T1.3 bugs to ZENDIA::PSC
429.03WMOIS::ECMO::SANTOROWed Aug 03 1994Can PSC support Import/Export and flexible reporting?
430.01WOTVAX::DORANAThu Aug 04 1994Phase IV and V
431.02KERNEL::HAWLEYIThu Aug 04 1994Deadlocking resource problem
432.02WOTVAX::DORANAFri Aug 05 1994PATHWORKS 5 not found
433.01CCOFSun Aug 07 1994LANAuditor on PC's with no A: drive
434.01COOKIE::LAWSONMon Aug 08 1994Looking for DiskDeviceType: HSX
435.02GIDDAY::PARSONSWed Aug 10 1994LANauditor probs with A drive
436.01WMOIS::DEREZINSKIThu Aug 11 1994What about ISA Bus systems?
437.07BELFST::REGANFri Aug 12 1994PC Census licence Upgrade Problem
438.03ARRODS::HETHERINGTONMon Aug 15 1994SCAGT_GET_LIC runs at priority
439.01WMOIS::DEREZINSKITue Aug 23 1994PSC PC Lans and printers?
440.0WMOIS::DEREZINSKIWed Aug 24 1994Hidden Files?
441.01GENIE::TANNERThu Aug 25 1994Update please
442.01EVOAI2::CHAVERONFri Aug 26 1994Problems with documentation...
443.01ZURFri Aug 26 1994%RDB-E-NO_PRIV, while adding config notes
444.02ZURTue Aug 30 1994DECpc 466d2 rev. 1.
445.01TOOHOT::LEEDSWed Aug 31 1994customer doesn't want to pay for Rdb ...
446.01WMOIS::DEREZINSKIWed Aug 31 1994Apple Talk Support?
447.01IOSG::GILESLThu Sep 01 1994SQL Errors after upgrade, convert database ?
448.0ZENDIA::ROLLERTue Sep 06 1994Announcement of PSC V1.3 field test kit #3
449.03BSS::HEWITTWed Sep 07 1994PCSC over WAN?
450.04TAVThu Sep 08 1994FT3_3 questions
451.0ESSB::MMATTHEWSThu Sep 08 1994"Adding 'non-system' info to database"
452.01TNPUBS::CLIFFORDTue Sep 13 1994Product Comparison Info Needed
453.04WMOIS::MELANSON_DOMTue Sep 13 1994Horizon phone number?
454.07ZURMon Sep 19 1994Adding my own hardware (Printers) to VMS consolidator database?
455.0ZENDIA::PRATTMon Sep 19 1994Announcement of PSC V1.3 SSB submission kit
456.01ZURFri Sep 23 1994GUI improvements for printing??
457.03IOSG::BURTONTue Sep 27 1994Pre & Post Processor details wanted
458.03UTROP1::RIJSBERGEN_MTue Sep 27 1994Walk-around flop. 1 user. schedule.
459.012CSC32::B_MACKENZIEWed Sep 28 1994SCCON_ADM shows 'UNSUCCESSFUL' status
460.02CSC32::B_MACKENZIEThu Sep 29 1994SCAGT_PRDB.DAT (V1.3) appears to be missing images
461.03ROMTue Oct 04 1994Location for PC LAN kit
462.03CARLSN::FIELDWed Oct 05 1994MAC import problem
463.04CARLSN::FIELDThu Oct 06 19943.
464.03WMOIS::MELANSON_DOMMon Oct 10 1994Clients data not being collected
465.02HLTIC5::MARTINTue Oct 11 1994Can't create an Audit disk 3.
466.05CSC32::B_MACKENZIETue Oct 11 1994ACCVIO with V1.3 SSB Consolidator
467.03NEWVAX::MURRAYThu Oct 13 1994Site Specific Data
468.0PORLA::FRISKThu Oct 13 1994OS/2 Inventory from a DEC platform
469.02FILTON::REID_DFri Oct 14 1994Phase V Decnet. Will agent work.
470.04GLDOA::RBROWNFri Oct 14 1994Report Already Written - Someplace ? (I Hope)
471.06VNASWS::WILFRIEDSun Oct 16 1994DCL-W-EXPSYN, invalid expression syntax - installation of SCAGT V1.3 has failed
472.02MOSPRT::T_MCCARTHYWed Oct 19 1994AXP Agent dies and PAWS ACCVIOs
473.01ZURMon Oct 24 1994PCS V1.1 and VAX VMS 6.1 ???
474.02MUNMon Oct 24 1994export/print - size of picture
475.0PADNOM::DELPRATTue Oct 25 1994Can't collect from an ULTRIX/RISC node
476.03ZENDIA::ROLLERThu Oct 27 1994Ideas for the next release of PSC
477.01BSS::BOYERSun Oct 30 1994SCAGTAXP
478.02BIS1::BROEKHOV_WMon Oct 31 1994SC-D-DEBUG Debug Checksums don't match on file
479.07WOTVAX::ELLISMWed Nov 02 1994PSC on OSF/1
480.0BIS1::BROEKHOV_WMon Nov 07 1994
481.03BIS1::BROEKHOV_WMon Nov 07 1994%SYSTEM-F-FLTDIV_F, arithmetic fault, floating divide by zero
482.014OPCO::TSG_SJMTue Nov 08 1994Can't collect HSJ data
483.02CSC32::V_HEINICKEWed Nov 09 1994scagt-mom process disappearing - no dump
484.04TYCOCH::WILLIAMSGSun Nov 13 1994Database integration problem
485.06IOSG::BURTONTue Nov 15 1994Wollongong TCP/IP problems
486.01GMTNET::SYSTEMTue Nov 15 19941.3 consolidator compatible with 1.1 agent ?
487.08KERNEL::ROOMEMMon Nov 21 1994Software report fails to find ALLIN1
488.01MQOSWS::F_MONETTEMon Nov 21 1994AUDSPROC.NLM missing
489.01EVOCDG::DECPRG::AMBLERThu Nov 24 1994PCSC12 does not load the PSC 1.3
490.03EVOCDG::DECPRG::AMBLERMon Nov 28 1994Doubled End Machine from SCPC
491.06GIDDAY::PARSONSTue Nov 29 1994Problems with PSC 1.1 new install
492.01CHNAPS::DEGRAUWTue Nov 29 1994sun,hp,ibm agents
493.0ZENDIA::PRATTWed Dec 07 1994adios amigos
494.01CX3PST::WSC1Fri Dec 09 19941.1 of GUI and 1.3 Consolidator??
495.01WELSWS::CLIFTONMon Dec 12 1994PSC kit installation
496.01CSC32::V_HEINICKEMon Dec 12 1994collection ID not consistent for same machine in different tables
497.03UTROP1::RIJSBERGEN_MTue Dec 13 1994Polling nodes which stay in state PENDING.
498.03CX3PST::WSCThu Dec 15 1994V1.3 scagt.exe getting the error -SYSTEM-F-SHRIDMISMAT mthrtl.exe
499.01GECThu Dec 29 1994Help needed on PSC agent, does not connect!!
500.01DELNI::BIROThu Jan 05 1995ULTRIX/VAX/RISC SCAGT 1.3 kit?
501.01WSA911::SYSTEMWed Jan 11 1995SCAGT V1.3 hangs in startup on VMS 6.1, DECnet/OSI V5.8
502.01YUPPY::BAKERPTue Jan 17 1995V1.1 Consolidator compatible with V1.3 agent?
503.03CSC32::V_HEINICKEFri Jan 20 1995License reports not consistent
504.01ZURMon Jan 23 1995wrong RMS file format for MAC auditing with PW
505.01CSC32::MCCLELLANDWed Jan 25 1995accvio when using Print option
506.0KERNEL::SHOULDINGFri Feb 03 1995wfw, pc lan getting gpf in auditwfw
507.01MOSPRT::T_MCCARTHYFri Feb 03 1995Using GUI FILE open, reopen option returns repository does not contain any machines error
508.06HANNAH::B_COBBMon Feb 06 1995Where is Polycenter Assetworks
509.0MQOU18::MQOP23::f_monetteTue Feb 07 1995Support for Netware 4.1
510.0KERNEL::SHOULDINGFri Feb 10 1995Updates on TIMA / PCGUARD and SCPC 3.
511.02MXOVFri Feb 10 1995SRQ files interpretation
512.04WOTVAX::ELLISMMon Feb 13 1995KITINSTAL Problem "Unknown function EVENTSERVER"
513.07VNABRW::PIEBERTue Feb 14 1995PSC V1.3 kitinstal behavior
514.04KESAKO::CHAMEROYThu Feb 16 1995mcr scagt -p failed on a client
515.01CLPRTue Feb 21 1995Product Version = Unknown Version
516.04KESAKO::CHAMEROYWed Feb 22 1995Problem with Census, no HSJ42
517.05CSC32::MJONESWed Feb 22 1995Agent fails at startup with system-f-toomuchdata
518.05UTRTSC::BARKWed Feb 22 1995All agents give PENDING status
519.02ZURThu Feb 23 1995How does LANauditor get the "Primary Login" name?
520.01ULYSSE::STRATMANFri Feb 24 1995AXP kits on ZENDIA protected...
521.0KERNEL::SHOULDINGFri Feb 24 1995Updating the Inventory within Windows = problems
522.07CSC32::WSC1Mon Feb 27 1995ACCVIO starting SCAGT
523.05SNOFS1::ELLISSWed Mar 08 1995SC-E-PSCINT Internal error with Ultrix
524.03KERNEL::HAWLEYIWed Mar 15 1995How do you schedule agents and remove collections?
525.0CSOA1::TIMMELWed Mar 15 1995Training available?
526.01WMOIS::MELANSON_DOMTue Mar 21 1995access violation running SCAGT
527.0GIDDAY::DONNELLYWed Mar 22 1995updates for S.C for P.C. LAN
528.03HOO78C::KNOLMon Mar 27 1995stale ucb crashes in scagt
529.06CSC32::MJONESMon Apr 10 1995allocmem from agent and accvio from dbloader
530.01YUPPY::CUMMINGSDWed Apr 12 1995DBPURGER Didn't work
531.0WDFFS2::WDFFS1::walbridgeThu Apr 13 1995Way to create walkaround yet?
532.01CSC32::MJONESWed Apr 19 1995Install of agent on alpha failing
533.0KERNEL::SHOULDINGFri Apr 21 1995PC LAN - customizing admin information
534.03GIDDAY::DONNELLYTue May 02 1995Bulletin board number for P.C. Lan?
535.0ALBIS::STACHERThu May 04 1995Agent crash because UCX.
536.0SNOFS2::FUNGSIONGMATue May 23 1995Pentium->486 in PSC LAN (Windows)
537.02CSC32::MJONESWed May 24 1995adding secure agents with external file
538.02CSC32::MJONESWed Jun 07 1995License by machine report showed multiple licenses
539.01CSC32::MJONESWed Jun 07 1995nodes being classified as intruders or suspects
540.02ZGOVFri Jun 09 1995ultrix kit protected
541.06GIDDAY::PARSONSThu Jun 15 1995PSC in a CI cluster
542.01HAN::ULRICHThu Jun 15 1995Accvio of the Agent at PC=
543.05TROOA::FERROMon Jun 19 1995PAW-Layered Prods. Version Numbers
544.0HLFSTue Jun 20 1995Licenses not in RPT report??
546.03CSC32::MJONESWed Jun 28 1995consolidator startup failing with sqlerr and intdiv
547.01KERNEL::ROOMEMFri Jun 30 1995Agent Installation ACCVIO
548.06CSC32::WSC1Mon Jul 10 1995The Agent and set host/dup
549.01NAC::ADIMon Jul 17 1995Problem with Ultrix Kit
550.01IJSAPL::SINKETue Jul 18 1995Ultrix kit V1.1 inaccessible
551.03IJSAPL::SINKEWed Jul 26 1995Ultrix <-> VMS woes....
552.011NAC::CELENTANOWed Jul 26 1995V1.3 consolidator problem?
553.03BIGUN::miphon.cao.dec.com::andersonWed Jul 26 1995FAL and DECnet IV b/w SEND and RECV on same machine
554.02CX3PST::WSC1Thu Aug 10 1995Troubleshooting tips when collections fail.
555.05ATYISA::ABULIUSWed Aug 16 1995=PSC 1.3 on OpenVMS Alpha V6.2 ?
556.01CX3PST::WSC1Wed Aug 16 1995DSSI GUI display....
557.09YUPPY::CUMMINGSDFri Aug 18 1995Re-install SCAGT
558.0OHFSS1::RBROWNWed Aug 23 1995Contingency Picture of Clusters
559.03DECPRG::LUFTThu Aug 24 1995PAW$DNET_RECV crashes
560.05OHFSS1::RBROWNThu Aug 24 1995Need to Modify a View
561.01ULYSSE::ALIZE::baillyFri Aug 25 1995
562.0ZURMon Aug 28 1995RZ29 disks are not seen by the agent
563.04GIDDAY::PARSONSMon Aug 28 1995ACCVIO with AXP CONS install
564.01CX3PST::WSC1Fri Sep 01 1995Delay before startup of consolidation.
565.01DPD1Tue Sep 05 1995Date of Last DISK Update
566.04ULYSSE::ALIZE::baillyWed Sep 06 1995PSC configuration and performance
567.04COMICS::FINNEYJMon Sep 11 1995PSC agent not reporting when AssetWORKS is enabled
568.02CSC32::V_HEINICKEWed Sep 20 1995HSD3
569.013COMICS::CURRENFri Sep 22 1995scagt.dmp & collection probs
570.02KYOSS1::FERRAROMon Oct 02 1995V1.3 PAW$DNET_RECV dying with arithmetic fault
571.0KERNEL::BARTLETTDWed Oct 11 1995Polycentre Census Agent v1.3 going into loop on node in VAX Cluster.
572.0HLFSWed Oct 11 1995How do we print Presentable????
573.0CSC32::V_HEINICKEMon Oct 16 1995DISK BY MACHINE returning incorrect data - free and formatted space
574.02ACISS1::SYSTEMMon Nov 06 1995Invalid License date for SCAGT13
575.01PADNOM::DEGAGEMon Nov 20 1995Agent on OSf/1 or Unix ???
576.02CHEFS::PACK_JWed Nov 29 1995Disables Licenses?
577.01COMICS::JUDDFri Dec 01 1995PAGOWNVIO error from SCAGT V1.3
579.04ZURThu Dec 07 1995error: %SYSTEM-F-PAGOWNVIO -> corrupt .CDF
580.0LEMAN::TAVERNONFri Dec 08 1995Self incompatibility!
581.05CHEFS::CUMMINGSDFri Dec 08 1995paw$dnet_recv disappearing
584.02ZURMon Dec 18 1995initialization failed: %SYSTEM-F-BADPARAM
585.01ZURTue Dec 19 1995Data migration from Census to SMS?
586.01KERNEL::HEGARTYPWed Dec 20 1995Licence report irregularity
587.02CX3PST::WSCTue Jan 09 1996AXP agent getting ACCviiolation after the error SC-E-SYSCALL Page locking
588.03BACHUS::BANKENFri Jan 12 1996Consolidator Concurrent Use license
589.01ROMWed Jan 24 1996How many users are using....?
590.0KERNEL::COFFEYJWed Jan 24 1996Assistance with system census (for unix) documentation.
591.04CHEFS::CUMMINGSDWed Jan 24 1996PAW$SENDER blank process
592.02CHEFS::CUMMINGSDFri Feb 02 1996SCAGT
593.01GIDDAY::DONNELLYFri Feb 09 1996An updated SCAGT_PRDB.DAT please?
594.01KERNEL::HEGARTYPFri Feb 09 1996License report irregularity
595.03LUCCIO::TERRINMon Feb 12 1996paw$sender process
596.01CSC32::G_BURTTFri Mar 08 1996question on proxies
597.01VNABRW::KARTNER_MWed Mar 20 1996Only n Nodes get checked (n = max. connections)!
598.03VNABRW::KARTNER_MWed Mar 20 1996In which version will HSJs be implemented?
599.01MKTCRV::KMANNERINGSWed Mar 27 1996LANauditor 3.1
600.05ALBIS::STACHERTue Apr 09 1996Agent: linking tcp image and cluster
601.01CSC32::V_HEINICKEFri Apr 12 1996What are >can files and when do they get deleted?
602.0ZURWed May 15 1996Again SYSTEM-F-PAGOWNVIO
603.01HTSCFri May 31 1996.PPT presentation wanted.
604.09COMICS::CURRENThu Jun 06 19961.3 report header & agent customisation
605.01ZURSun Jun 09 1996DNET Receiver Access Violation
606.01CHEFS::HARWOODJWed Jun 26 1996Product Management for Support Questions
607.01COMICS::CURRENThu Jul 04 1996psc-error-e open log file
608.0COMICS::CURRENThu Jul 04 1996collection status help?
609.02KERNEL::HEGARTYPWed Jul 24 1996license report again!!
610.0DECPRG::LUFTThu Jul 25 1996future and migration ?
611.01COMICS::CURRENWed Sep 11 1996kit location anyone?
612.02CHEFS::HANCOCK_MSun Sep 29 1996Many FYxx devices on system,cant access HSC's
613.0CSC32::J_HAVERThu Oct 10 1996How to incorp User-defined tables into GUI?
614.0KERNEL::ANDERSONSFri Oct 25 1996Problems collecting data on the consolidator.
615.0 *COMICS::SHELLEYThu May 29 1997SCCAGT install fails to create the PAW dir.