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Conference noted::sns

Notice:Wishes:406,FAQ:845,Kits-VMS:1000,UNIX:694 VMS ECO01 FT kit: 521
Created:Fri May 15 1992
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1033
Total number of notes:4584
Number with bodies:181
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1.04VINO::SYSTEMFri May 15 1992Welcome to SNS notes
2.016VINO::JOHNSONMon May 18 1992Kit information
3.037VINO::JOHNSONTue May 19 1992Introductions
4.0VINO::JOHNSONMon May 18 1992reserved
5.0VINO::JOHNSONMon May 18 1992reserved
6.0VINO::JOHNSONMon May 18 1992reserved
7.0VINO::JOHNSONMon May 18 1992reserved
8.0VINO::JOHNSONMon May 18 1992reserved
9.0VINO::JOHNSONMon May 18 1992reserved
10.016VINO::JOHNSONMon May 18 1992Wish List
11.01VINO::JOHNSONTue May 19 1992System Sensor Project Docs
12.07SPAZZO::SHEPARDWed May 20 1992SNS Message list
13.02SHIRE::MSTEINERWed May 20 1992Two ways to exit "show event/contig" ?
14.03TOOK::GAETZFri May 29 1992Start consolidator misleading
15.02SHIRE::MSTEINERFri Jun 05 1992Comments about the Motif profile editor
16.01XCUSME::MORIN_JMon Jun 08 1992Priviledges please post them
17.01XCUSME::MORIN_JMon Jun 08 1992Disk space - How much used?
18.02STKEIS::BYSTAMTue Jun 09 1992Is the SPD ready ?
19.04TRCOA::TOYONAGAWed Jun 10 1992DCM->SNS: Cost, Upgrade Plan, Release Date?
20.01USOPS::HARBWed Jun 10 1992external messages added twice
21.02EVTAI1::LEGERFri Jun 12 1992disk threshold ?
22.09SPAZZO::SHEPARDTue Jun 16 1992Profile changes from DCL
23.04ULYSSE::WEISSBECKThu Jul 02 1992EMA compliant, when?
24.02VINO::JOHNSONWed Jul 22 1992New name: POLYCENTER System Watchdog
25.04WOTVAX::ELLISMMon Aug 10 1992feeback on START CONSOLIDATOR
26.0VINO::JOHNSONTue Aug 18 1992Editing profiles on remote nodes
27.04ULYSSE::WEISSBECKThu Aug 20 1992Continue to us DCM or wait SNS?
28.03AQOPAS::CONEJO::GLOVERFri Aug 28 1992Who is the product manager?
29.02ZPOVC::MICHAELLEEMon Sep 07 1992Are customers allowed to FT?
30.05STRASB::EBLEThu Sep 17 1992Customer presentation ?
31.01HYEND::LHORNFri Sep 18 1992System Watchdog Announcement
32.01COLES2::SCHROEDERMon Sep 21 1992SSB Kit on net?
33.01LAIDBK::PETERSON_RIMon Sep 21 1992Almost there, but...
34.05TYCOCH::WILLIAMSGWed Sep 23 1992DCM - SNS Compatibility
35.02TYCOCH::WILLIAMSGFri Sep 25 1992External messages added from a nonpriv account
36.013KDDID::DABAREINERMon Sep 28 1992Invalid UIC
37.02ZPOVC::MICHAELLEETue Sep 29 1992Is a SPD available yet?
38.03CENPCS::BIRMINGHAMTue Sep 29 1992DCM/UI vs DCL Command Compatibility in SNS
39.01OLHEAP::JFISCHERMon Oct 05 1992Need a PAK
40.012KTOV12::G12_KUGAWed Oct 07 1992Cons proc starts only on SYSTEM account.
41.01KTOV12::G12_KUGAWed Oct 07 1992SNS$DECW_MAIL.UIL available?
42.01BALZAC::PETITMon Oct 12 1992LOG FILE question
43.012BALZAC::PETITMon Oct 12 1992Connection status:login information invalid at remote node ?
44.04PYRO::VANZUYLENMon Oct 12 1992System Watchdog and VAXclusters
45.02BACHUS::WILLEMSGWed Oct 14 1992Is system watchdog case sensitive for MR and DDS ?
46.04ARRODS::WHITAKERThu Oct 15 1992Similar Products ?
47.011CSC32::E_ALSBERGMon Oct 19 1992Monitoring Display Processes
48.07VINO::JOHNSONTue Oct 20 1992SNS SPDs in VTX SPD
50.04WARNUT::FOSSEY::FOSSEYSun Oct 25 1992DCL interface and Process name specification
51.0--UnknownUser--Sun Oct 25 1992Server queues and Device Queues
54.01COLES2::SCHROEDERTue Oct 27 1992POLL/RESET and missing batchjobs
55.013EBYGUM::SHAWKThu Nov 05 1992Conflicting information from decwindows interface
56.01MSDOA::HYMESThu Nov 05 1992System Watchdog pricing questions
57.02ARRODS::WHITAKERMon Nov 09 1992Alpha Watchdog ?
58.02CSC32::E_ALSBERGTue Nov 10 1992DCM vs SNS consolidator
59.02NEWOA::KOSKUBATue Nov 10 1992How do we reconfigure cons on another node?
61.08NEWOA::KOSKUBAThu Nov 12 1992unable to spawn Action Routines - BYTLM too low
62.05NEWOA::KOSKUBAThu Nov 12 1992contraint error in sns$add_message
63.0NEWOA::KOSKUBATue Nov 17 1992Constraint error when MOD after SHOW ALL
64.02NEWOA::KOSKUBATue Nov 17 1992no action for messages starting with @ ?
65.02NEWOA::KOSKUBAWed Nov 18 1992Watchdog re-generating _dead_ messages?
66.06AUSSIE::LISTERWed Nov 18 1992PAKS for SNS
67.01NEWOA::KOSKUBAThu Nov 19 1992no action on DEL MESS, please.
68.011ANIMLZ::DUBEThu Nov 19 1992Problem editing profile using logical name
69.04COLES2::SCHROEDERFri Nov 20 1992DCMX <==> PSW connection problem
70.05COLES2::SCHROEDERFri Nov 20 1992Licensing and setup questions
71.02NEWOA::KOSKUBAFri Nov 20 1992messages lost during longer poll interval?
72.02FDCV14::DOTENSun Nov 22 1992Install fails unless /NOMAP used with LINK
73.08NEWOA::KOSKUBATue Nov 24 1992messages processing - Last In First Out
74.03NEWOA::KOSKUBAWed Nov 25 1992$status from SNS EDIT PROFILE ?
75.011ULYSSE::WEISSBECKMon Nov 30 1992SNS$FEED_ENS and removed messages
76.07CX3PT1::WSC236::T_SULLIVANTue Dec 01 1992Installation without MOTIF ?
77.01SUOSW3::NIESSERThu Dec 03 1992Roboman positioning
78.01324Thu Dec 03 1992INSPECT flags the SNS$WATCHDOG account ...
79.02USOPS::HARBFri Dec 04 1992Can't abort SNS SHOW LOG command.
80.02TUNEIT::MAURERFri Dec 11 1992Want to wildcard the process names.
81.02USOPS::HARBTue Dec 15 1992BYTLM exceeded when running action routines.
82.07VINO::JOHNSONWed Dec 16 1992sns v1.1 phase
83.02COLES2::SCHROEDERFri Dec 18 1992Device queues versa printer stalled event
85.04NEPHI::COARWed Dec 23 1992Bug in DQP, BQP priority
86.06NEPHI::COARMon Dec 28 1992Comments on the UI (User Interface)
87.01USOPS1::HARBThu Dec 31 1992Action Routine problem.
88.07CX3PT1::WSC236::T_SULLIVANMon Jan 04 1993Consolidator Aborting soon after startup
89.03BIGUN::KEOGHTue Jan 05 1993Training info.
90.010BTOVT::HARAMUNDANISWed Jan 06 1993Monitoring reachability w/out agent
91.03NEPHI::COARThu Jan 07 1993Deleting DISK message; complains, but does it
92.03COLES2::SCHROEDERFri Jan 08 1993SNS$AR_nnnn - why, what...
93.0HYEND::LHORNMon Jan 11 1993DCM Migration to System Watchdog
94.01TRCU17::BROWNTue Jan 12 1993Consolidator needs DECnet/OSI? Why?
95.07AUSSIE::LISTERThu Jan 14 1993Ultrix watchdogs do they exist???
97.01KERNEL::MORGANITue Jan 19 1993U*X Version Conference ?
99.01BALZAC::PETITWed Jan 20 1993Loose of external messages
100.04TRCOA::ANGFri Jan 22 1993PSW TCP/IP support?
102.0EEMELI::SRYYNANENMon Jan 25 1993Editing your datafile SNS$PROFILE.DAT
103.08USOPS3::HARBMon Jan 25 1993Insufficient Virtual Memory?
104.05ICS::POLCARIMon Jan 25 1993SNS processes go away.....
105.02JOCKEY::BOURNEJTue Jan 26 1993Can DCM & SNS co-exist
106.01BELFST::SPS33::M_DOHERTYWed Jan 27 1993SNS$FEED_VCS / Icon colour change
107.05VINO::JOHNSONThu Jan 28 1993A profile generator
108.01REOSV3::HUGHESAThu Feb 04 1993Monitoring remote Consolidator Processes ?
109.0EEMELI::SRYYNANENFri Feb 05 1993How to check ONLINE disks?
110.04HERIAM::DIAMONDFri Feb 05 1993Can SNS monitor Pagile File Usage?
111.02MFRFMS::DIRKMon Feb 08 1993DCMX and/or PSWX presentation needed
112.03PLAYER::VANDENEYNDETue Feb 09 1993%SNS-E-REJECT, The SNS$WATCHDOG process rejected your request
113.02ULYSSE::WEISSBECKTue Feb 09 1993Stopping monitoring of an application
114.01ULYSSE::WEISSBECKTue Feb 09 1993External message with "|"
115.02TYCOCH::WILLIAMSGWed Feb 10 1993Profile File Definition
116.0VINO::JOHNSONWed Feb 10 1993Consolidator/agent polling protocol
117.01PLAYER::VANDENEYNDEThu Feb 11 1993event priority
118.07BALZAC::PETITFri Feb 12 1993Process in RW****
119.01CERN::JRSMon Feb 15 1993What is the user interface to the System Watchdog like?
120.01TYCOCH::WILLIAMSGTue Feb 16 1993Security ??
121.06BLKPUD::SHAWKFri Feb 19 1993SNS thinks queue stopped when it isn't.
122.03AZUR::HEUSBOURGMon Feb 22 1993Polycenter System Watchdog course & OSCint
123.03KETJE::SYBERTZWed Feb 24 1993PSWX: Lost connection message using dcm_dsp
124.07KETJE::SYBERTZWed Feb 24 1993PSWX: DNF definition ?
125.01KETJE::SYBERTZWed Feb 24 1993PSWX : Installation script bug
126.04VINO::JOHNSONWed Feb 24 1993Using SNS$CLUSTER_NAME, a clarification
127.05JGODCL::MJANSSENThu Feb 25 1993Use of remote profile ?
128.03KETJE::SYBERTZMon Mar 01 1993PSWX : PRS : more info needed
129.01OTOOA::DUFFTue Mar 09 1993Problem with time diff in consolidator V1.
130.0VINO::JOHNSONThu Mar 11 1993POLY-SWDAGT-USER PAK with version problem
131.010POOLFri Mar 12 1993Q: SNS for OSF/1 Alpha?
132.01JGODCL::MJANSSENFri Mar 12 1993Syntax with EXCLUDE...
133.010VINO::JOHNSONFri Mar 12 1993Cluster alias message
134.02KAOFS::BOIVINMon Mar 15 1993SNS and VMS Blade (T6.
135.01HERIAM::DIAMONDWed Mar 17 1993Problems with device queue exception
136.012SNAX::ERICKSONFri Mar 19 1993Installation hangs system...
137.04BTOVT::HASKINS_MMon Mar 22 1993Action routines on remote nodes...
138.04PLAYER::VANDENEYNDEThu Apr 01 1993Server queues
139.07COPCLU::PETERCFri Apr 02 1993Polycenter for Ultrix
140.03STKEIS::BYSTAMMon Apr 05 1993Some customer questions
141.09KTOV11::KUMEThu Apr 08 1993NOLOGNAM bug in DCM was fixed in SNS V1.
142.01UTRTSC::HALLINGFri Apr 09 1993QUEUE_MANAGER process consuming cpu time.
143.016LISVAX::MIRANDAMon Apr 12 1993Edit Profile error PROOPENFATAL
144.06CSC32::B_BIEBERWed Apr 14 1993%DTK-F-INVVOI_ID using DECTALK
145.03MSDOA::KEPHARTMon Apr 19 1993Customization request
146.01CX3PT1::WSC236::T_SULLIVANMon Apr 19 1993BATCHJOB definition in profile CASE sensitive?
147.01COLES2::SCHROEDERTue Apr 20 1993Problems with the profile editor
148.02AUSSIE::LISTERThu Apr 22 1993PSWX kit????????????
149.04UTRTSC::PEETERSTue Apr 27 1993Polycenter system watchdog action routine questions ..
150.01TINCUP::BOTTOMSTue Apr 27 1993Problem with short node names
151.013EEMELI::SRYYNANENThu Apr 29 1993Connection status: record not found
152.02MSDOA::HYMESFri Apr 30 1993< No Access > message in captive account
153.07MSDOA::HYMESFri Apr 30 1993DECtalk problems, questions
154.03BACHUS::WILLEMSGWed May 12 1993SNS-E-REJECT problem at installation time
155.03BACHUS::WILLEMSGThu May 13 1993free block count question
156.02UNH1::SISLEThu May 13 1993Trouble polling PSWX from SNS
157.03BACHUS::WILLEMSGMon May 17 1993sh log and sys$output problem
158.08TAVThu May 20 1993TCP/IP comm for VMS ?
159.02DARGLE::COUGHLANMon May 24 1993SNS to VCS/ENS again
161.01ELMAGO::WPASHWed May 26 1993SNS Patches available?
162.01KERNEL::HANNANSThu May 27 1993Psw and decnet
163.03AIAG::LINDSEYThu May 27 1993SNS-E-REJECT during IVP
164.04FROCKY::TEICHERTFri May 28 1993Integration System Watchdog/DCMX with HP Openview
165.019BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Jun 01 1993PWS 1.
166.02MFRFMS::RINGTue Jun 08 1993monitoring DFS (DFSCx:) ,disks
167.04MFRFMS::RINGTue Jun 08 1993"Storage controller HSC
168.01EEMELI::OJUSSILAFri Jun 11 1993How to check the reachability of DECnet node?
169.01KERNEL::JAMESMon Jun 14 1993Spurious Action Routines
170.02USDEV::GWESTROPPWed Jun 16 1993BYTLM too low
171.0UTROP1::RIJSBERGEN_MThu Jun 17 1993Monitor DECnet PSW agents via TCP/IP WAN.
172.013NEPHI::COARThu Jun 17 1993Error in PSWX agent reporting of free disk space
173.01SNAX::ERICKSONThu Jun 17 1993Is there an equivalent symbol of DCM$TITLE under SNS?
174.02KTOV12::SUZUKIFri Jun 18 1993Watch_dog's Direct I/O
175.0USOPS::HARBFri Jun 25 1993Need more information regarding the SNS event code
176.08EEMELI::OJUSSILATue Jun 29 1993Steve has gone
177.03CSC32::B_BIEBERTue Jun 29 1993DCM and Watchdog Consolidator
178.03UTROP1::SCHUURMANS_MWed Jun 30 1993UIS manager/System Watchdog
179.0CROWN::SAELYThu Jul 01 1993x CONS and AR Processes starting ?
180.04BACHUS::WILLEMSGThu Jul 01 1993How to see if process is restarted via PSW
181.02CSC32::B_BIEBERFri Jul 02 1993Priv's for show events
182.01UTRTSC::PEETERSTue Jul 06 1993Action routine problem
183.02COLA1::COOIT1::KNITSCHWed Jul 07 1993PSW Consolidator with PSWX Agent on HP-UX?
184.02USDEV::GWESTROPPWed Jul 07 1993SNS not posting some messages
185.04SAC::BURGESSTue Jul 13 1993Project manager FY94?
186.01KNUT2::THIELFri Jul 16 1993Single PAGER action send for 1 or more alarms?
187.02CSC32::B_BIEBERTue Jul 20 1993Connect to network object rejected
189.05CSC32::S_ROCHFORDThu Jul 22 1993WatchDog support for VMS V6.
190.03RIPPER::PARSONSFri Jul 23 1993Licence question for Consolidator & Agent
191.01BLKPUD::SHAWKTue Jul 27 1993Changing a "missing process" name
192.02NRSTA2::NISHINAGATue Jul 27 1993Any sample SNS Mailbox Reader Programs?
193.02CSC32::B_BIEBERWed Jul 28 1993Shadow Set problems?
194.02DNEAST::BRYANT_RICHAMon Aug 02 1993SNS uses the task object?
195.04COLTue Aug 03 1993Profile for ULTRIX system?
196.03CGOOA::VCOOKETue Aug 03 1993NETSERVER.LOG Question
197.0GMTNET::SYSTEMWed Aug 04 1993Problems,cant install teh agent on VMS5.3-2
198.0--UnknownUser--Fri Aug 06 1993
199.02CGOOA::VCOOKEFri Aug 06 1993Bound Shadow Sets
200.01ESSB::BREEMon Aug 09 1993node availability
201.08PT73::MGRACEFFATue Aug 10 1993SNS$WATCHDOG in a infinite loop once someone polls it
202.03CSC32::D_MAHDERThu Aug 12 1993SNS action routine process doesn't rundown
203.01AUSSIE::LISTERSat Aug 14 1993deferred mails ???? from PSWX
204.05BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Aug 17 1993BQP,DQP messages get lost
205.03BACHUS::WILLEMSGWed Aug 18 1993looking for volunteers
206.02AZUR::NAVARROThu Aug 26 1993Want AIX Agent ?, get it NOW !!!
207.01CSC32::K_CARNEYFri Aug 27 1993Agent reports missing process that is still there.
209.0MSDOA::HYMESMon Aug 30 1993Duplicate events in PSW log file
210.02OLHEAP::JFISCHERTue Aug 31 1993Need PU PAK
211.03SHAWB1::HUGHESSThu Sep 02 1993USer Guide Where is it and QAR
212.07LTLKNG::ZIGLERFri Sep 03 1993PSWX External Msg - Help!
213.01CX3PST::WSC236::T_SULLIVANTue Sep 07 1993BAT event triggers action routine twice
214.01LTLKNG::ZIGLERFri Sep 10 1993Action Routine Logging Suppression?
215.0IJSAPL::PEURSUMThu Sep 16 1993SNS$FEED_ENS displays hexadec. priority code in EN
217.01WOTVAX::ELLISMSun Sep 19 1993RoboMon, PSW, and Power/Tools
218.03ANGLIN::VALORATue Sep 21 1993LOP Event - misleading triggers
219.0LTLKNG::ZIGLERSat Sep 25 1993PSW Msg Length Problems - Help!
220.05CSC32::RODASMon Sep 27 1993New location of the SNS documentation and kits?
221.0TOOK::ARROYOWed Sep 29 1993*****NEW KIT AND DOC AREA*****
223.01VNASWS::WILFRIEDFri Oct 01 1993SNS$EDIT problem, delete node doesn't clean up properly
224.0DEBUG::GALLOMon Oct 04 1993SNS Stars Database?
225.04SOLVIT::ROHNERTMon Oct 04 1993PSW Product Manager?
226.01WARNUT::PURNELLRMon Oct 04 1993Power/Tools from Digital ?
227.02AWECIM::CHIANGThu Oct 07 1993Need help finding PAK for PSWX2.
228.01WIRDI::CARTERWed Oct 13 1993SNS$FEED_VCS - can't get ENS to see the events
229.04ESSB::BREEFri Oct 15 1993licensing PSW
230.01AUSSIE::LISTERMon Oct 18 1993ra disk shows as rz on display???
231.07UTRTSC::PEETERSTue Oct 19 1993Example actionroutines ?
232.0SUPER7::HUGHESAWed Oct 20 1993PSW events showing as updated on every scan
233.05COLES1::WERNERWed Oct 20 1993Disk errors not reported
234.02BLKPUD::SHAWKWed Oct 20 1993license part number query
235.01ESSB::BREEThu Oct 21 1993PSW and management points
236.01BOSMNP::PICARDThu Oct 21 1993OSF/1 Availability
237.0RCOCER::MICKOLThu Oct 21 1993Negative time doesn't work in DECwindows
238.02SOLVIT::ROHNERTThu Oct 21 1993Posting messages DCM/PSW
239.030AZUR::HEUSBOURGFri Oct 22 1993PSW Update - Let's go for OpenVMS AXP and OSF/1 AXP
240.01TAVIS::BOAZSun Oct 24 1993Usin a logical or symbol for a proccess name.
241.02PACVAX::CHRISTOPHERWed Oct 27 1993Wildcarding on modify statements?
242.03AIMHI::LMCCARTHYThu Oct 28 1993DECwatchdog/Autopilot for Ultrix = PS SWD Unix?
243.02HAMSUP::MICHELFri Oct 29 1993action routine for specific process
244.03TYCOCH::WILLIAMSGFri Oct 29 1993node unknown ??
245.01AIMHI::LMCCARTHYFri Oct 29 1993DCM to Polycenter System Watchdog Upgrade Program
246.05KERNEL::MORGANIThu Nov 04 1993PSWX - WHERE?
247.02SUPER7::HUGHESAFri Nov 05 1993Consolidator "hanging" when polling agent
248.02RTOVCFri Nov 05 1993Dont always get SS$_NORMAL ;-)
251.01CSC32::B_BIEBERFri Nov 12 1993Printer Stalled (PRS) event message.
252.04OSLACT::TORKILD_PSat Nov 13 1993DECalert versus PSW
253.05BIGUN::ANDERSONTue Nov 16 1993Presentations???
254.05HERON::TIMMERMANSTue Nov 16 1993VMS Watchdog DECnet-TCP/IP transport ?
255.03LARVAE::DRSMTue Nov 16 1993Can SNS handle security audit alarms
256.04SNAX::ERICKSONTue Nov 23 1993Easy way to look at profiles?
257.01TRNMon Nov 29 1993Mixed Environment !?!
258.05WARNUT::SIDNEY::YATESTue Nov 30 1993PSW for HP-UX V9.
259.01ANIMLZ::DUBEThu Dec 02 1993DCM files still on disk after SNS install
260.06HERON::TIMMERMANSFri Dec 03 1993Additional features to PSW agent ...
261.08GIDDAY::SANKARMon Dec 06 1993Can I get the Part number to use for the PSWX ultrix kits please?
262.01LUNER::CARLSONTue Dec 07 1993Pak for PSWX-AGENT
263.03SHIPS::WRIGHT_AWed Dec 08 1993 %SNS-E-CONTNOPRIV, Insufficient privileges...
264.01MLNCSC::MOCELLINFri Dec 10 1993HP9
266.02AZUR::NAVARROFri Dec 17 1993PSWX Contacts/Part Number ...
267.01KETJE::STAESTue Dec 28 1993SPDs for ULTRIX and OSF/1 ?
269.0MUZICK::KUNGThu Dec 30 1993Marketing/Sales Tools
270.010KAOFS::CARSWELLTue Jan 04 1994What exactly does DISABLE Node do?
271.01KERNEL::MORGANIThu Jan 06 1994License wanted!
272.04AZUR::GAUMEWed Jan 12 1994Internal Use support, your feedback Urgent !!!!!!!!!! ( also posted in pswx21_ft )
273.06PADNOM::DELPRATThu Jan 13 1994DCM faster to poll than PSW ????
274.01FLYWAY::WALKERNThu Jan 13 1994PSWX for OSF field test kits?
275.01FLYWAY::WALKERNTue Jan 18 1994No SNS_C_REM messages in ENS
276.02UTRTSC::DORLANDTue Jan 18 1994Q: use of SNS$FROM_ id and SNS-E-REJECT error
277.06CX3PT1::WSC236::T_SULLIVANTue Jan 18 1994SNS$ADD_MESSAGE Return Status = 233866817
278.02FLYWAY::WALKERNWed Jan 19 1994"not checked" ignored
279.02TRNOIS::TESTAThu Jan 20 1994SNS$WATCHDOG - amazing behaviour
280.01ANIMLZ::DUBEThu Jan 20 1994Node name still in use
281.03LTLKNG::ZIGLERThu Jan 20 1994Variable Process Name Monitoring?
282.02TYCOCH::WILLIAMSGFri Jan 21 1994External message problem
283.06HRDBAL::MJONESFri Jan 21 1994Colors when using show event/continuious
284.02NRSTA2::HOPKINSFri Jan 21 1994access violation
285.01ANGLIN::VALORAWed Jan 26 1994VCS feed: Multiple consolidators to 1 icon
286.0UTROP1::RIJSBERGEN_MFri Jan 28 1994SET LOG and concealed devices do not work.
287.09AZUR::BONETTOWed Feb 02 1994PSWX OSF/1 proto. feedbacks
288.02KTOV11::SUZUKIThu Feb 03 1994Action Routine "unsupported" flag?
289.03TOOK::CPATS1::WELLINGTONFri Feb 04 1994Customer Requests Enhancements
290.034BACHUS::WILLEMSGFri Feb 04 1994Meaning of SYNCHRONIZING state ?
291.02AZUR::BONETTOMon Feb 07 1994PSWX for VAX-Ultrix?
292.0OSLLAV::HALVORV_PWed Feb 09 1994PSW/AES/DSNlink combination ?
293.0KERNEL::MENDELSOHNThu Feb 10 1994Cross posted from KERNEL::RSMS
294.04SQGUK::NOFERINIFri Feb 11 1994PSW Architecture?
295.05SQGUK::NOFERINIMon Feb 14 1994VCS$FEED_ENS again
296.04TYCOCH::WILLIAMSGTue Feb 15 1994Stack dump when deleting an external message class
297.01TYCOCH::WILLIAMSGTue Feb 15 1994Still have external message problem
298.01TOSSUB::SICBALDITue Feb 15 1994Channel not released from program interface.
299.04SQGUK::NOFERINITue Feb 15 1994understanding license
300.02SQGUK::NOFERINIWed Feb 16 1994Configuration/Profile Database Schemas?
301.02SQGUK::NOFERINIThu Feb 17 1994Func spec doc
302.02AZUR::HUREZTue Feb 22 1994PSW Engineering Change Order ECO
303.02FILTON::PACK_JTue Feb 22 1994SNS Phase V anyone?
304.01CX3PT2::ANASAZ::J_BECKERTue Feb 22 1994SENSE WATCH SHOW LOG/NODE returns info about all nodes
305.03KETJE::STEUKERSWed Feb 23 1994DCM deinstall procedure wanted
306.0SQGUK::NOFERINIWed Feb 23 1994Security Features?
307.0CX3PT2::WSC236::T_SULLIVANWed Feb 23 1994Events missing from consolidator logfile
308.05SQGUK::NOFERINIMon Feb 28 1994Mailboxes?
309.01KTOV12::G12_KUGATue Mar 01 1994DSSI bus status
310.01POKIE::DIFIORETue Mar 01 1994Upgrading from Assets package
311.0332FAR::JSTONETue Mar 01 1994<SNS feed TCW>
312.01STKEIS::BYSTAMWed Mar 02 1994When will FT for PSW V.next start?
313.03SUPER7::HUGHESAMon Mar 07 1994Disks do not exist but are not reported
314.03UTRTSC::WIJKAMPTue Mar 08 1994Watch stalled queue's question.
315.04BIGRED::SPARKSTue Mar 08 1994Store filtered data in RDB
316.05DECWET::KOWALSKITue Mar 08 1994Beginner's question
317.03FAILTE::SWSALE::TimThu Mar 10 1994SunOS Agent kit?
318.04BACHUS::WILLEMSGFri Mar 11 1994PSW,PSWX-->TCP/IP transport not available
319.09MSDOA::HYMESFri Mar 11 1994PSW / DCMX problems
320.02KETJE::STEUKERSWed Mar 16 1994Node unreachable, while reachable
321.05ANGLIN::VALORAThu Mar 17 1994Disks in mount verification?
322.07UTRTSC::PEETERSMon Mar 21 1994%SNS-E-ERRORNOTACCES after ECO kit ?
323.04KERNEL::BINGHAMKTue Mar 22 1994Time Difference query
324.03GVPROD::MSTEINERTue Mar 22 1994How to exit "show event/conti" from a motif DECterm ?
325.01GIDDAY::PARSONSTue Mar 22 1994Problem with agent startup
326.07SUPER7::HUGHESAWed Mar 23 1994Displaying cluster events query
327.04FRIGID::GWESTROPPWed Mar 23 1994connect to network object rejected error
329.01UTRTSC::WIJKAMPThu Mar 24 1994Very OLD message show up.
330.03NLFDC::JACKSON_AHFri Mar 25 1994Consolidator generating audit events at on every scan
331.05PYRO::VANZUYLENSat Mar 26 1994Bug polling PSWX + DECnet/OSI
332.02KERNEL::JAMESMon Mar 28 1994No Action Routine fired for Ultrix Disk Full
333.01GIDDAY::KINGTue Mar 29 1994DTC
334.05LUXTue Mar 29 1994SNS over WAN (charged on utilisation)
335.02BACHUS::FRATERSThu Mar 31 1994PSWX v2.
336.0AZUR::HUREZFri Apr 01 1994PSW v1.
337.013GVPROD::MSTEINERWed Apr 06 1994Known problem with HSC event ?
338.03SNAX::ERICKSONWed Apr 06 1994Is there a "missing process" characater limitation, while looking at an ultrix process?
339.01WOTVAX::ELLISMWed Apr 06 1994PSW selling guide against competition
340.02AUSSIE::LISTERThu Apr 07 1994RAID5 checking???
341.05MSDOA::HYMESFri Apr 08 1994"Network partner exited" problems encountered
342.04BACHUS::WILLEMSGWed Apr 13 1994VCS-->PSW loop problem
343.0MOLAR::MALONEYWed Apr 13 1994QAR database PSW
344.05CX3PT2::ANASAZ::J_BECKERThu Apr 14 1994What quotas are needed for the convert
345.03EEMELI::OJUSSILASun Apr 17 1994New psw_feed_dsp for each new event
346.05EEMELI::OJUSSILASun Apr 17 1994Ethernet interface ln
347.02UTRTSC::BARKMon Apr 18 1994Agent is hanging with Polling node ... message
348.02CSC32::K_CARNEYMon Apr 18 1994SCO UNIX plans for the future?
349.01TOSSUB::SICBALDIThu Apr 21 1994SNS on ALPHA news??
350.01CLPRWed Apr 27 1994Action Routine for Process Missing
351.02NRSTA2::HOPKINSFri Apr 29 1994SNS and DEBUG
352.01BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODFri Apr 29 1994PSW on OSF/1 version 1.3 and 2.
353.03TOOK::MCPHERSONFri Apr 29 1994PSWX prototyp on osf/1 dumps core
354.04EEMELI::OJUSSILASat Apr 30 1994PSW V2.1 for AIX has expired
355.03CRONIC::ANTROBUSMon May 02 1994Kit/Doc for PSWx for OSF/1
356.08HERON::TIMMERMANSWed May 04 1994PSW and Wollongong or TGV Multinet ...?
357.03PIYUSH::RUPARELIAFri May 06 1994Polycenter System Watchdog Future/PID Information
358.07HELKA::OLLIKAINENMon May 09 1994Will SNS support hostnames longer than 6-chars ?
359.07SUPER7::HUGHESAMon May 09 1994Funny Disk State Problem (DSS) Messages
360.02FILTON::BOYLESMon May 09 1994Terminal Page Length 48 ?
361.03SUPER7::HUGHESATue May 10 1994Monitoring batch jobs and the use of logical names
362.03KERNEL::BINGHAMKThu May 12 1994WILDCARDS on BATCH jobs
363.01CX3PST::WSC254::CARTERFri May 13 1994Will ECO
364.02OPCO::TSG_SJMMon May 16 1994HSJ's on same CI
365.02CRONIC::ANTROBUSTue May 17 1994External Messages/Action Routine problem...
366.03SWETSC::EKLUNDWed May 18 1994Wrong output in logfiles ?
367.01CX3PST::WSC254::CARTERWed May 18 1994Looking for similar functionality in POLYCENTER System Watchdog that was available in DCM
368.02TRNOIS::TESTAThu May 19 1994Edit profile problems
369.02ANNECY::BESSEASThu May 19 1994Agent on Unix/Pc plateforms
370.01UTROP1::RIJSBERGEN_MFri May 20 1994Customer would like to be EFT, how ?
371.01USOPS::HARBMon May 23 1994Could the SNS developers please publish the SNS logfile record layout
372.02EEMELI::ROUHUThu May 26 1994DCM_RAISE for SNS, Motif, eXcursion ?
373.04MUGGER::PICKTHALLFri May 27 1994%NCP-W-UNRCMP, Unrecognised component
374.03AZUR::BONETTOTue May 31 1994System Watchdog on OSF/1 - FT announcement
375.012SNOCWed Jun 01 1994Sun SPD for PSW?
376.05JGODCL::MJANSSENThu Jun 02 1994Find suspect process states commandfile...
377.02SIBILO::BARBERISFri Jun 03 1994PSWX Documentation needed
378.0MUZICK::KUNGTue Jun 07 1994PSWX agents
379.01AZUR::HUREZWed Jun 08 1994PSW V2.
380.018EEMELI::ROUHUWed Jun 08 1994Problems with SunOS and Ultrix/DECnet phase V
381.01CSC32::J_SOBECKIMon Jun 13 1994Login limit usage with Watchdog?
382.08SIBILO::BARBERISThu Jun 16 1994OSF/1 ADV : When it will be supported on PSW ?
383.02SIBILO::BARBERISThu Jun 16 1994Missing project windows of PSW resized it too small
384.04MUGGER::PICKTHALLThu Jun 16 1994SNS Message list - real examples
385.02SIBILO::BARBERISFri Jun 17 1994Is OSF/1 root supported for PSW ?
387.01MSDOA::JANCULAThu Jun 23 1994Process running in cluster? (instead of node)
388.01SUPER7::HUGHESAMon Jun 27 1994PSWX --> PSW agent on OpenVMS
389.04COMICS::VMon Jun 27 1994CI path is bad for HSJ4
390.04CX3PST::ANASAZ::J_BECKERTue Jun 28 1994POLL/RESET fails to reset a message
391.010CSC32::K_DIMICKWed Jun 29 1994Re-reporting of disk errors
392.01CX3PST::ANASAZ::J_BECKERThu Jun 30 1994%ADA-F-EXCCOPLOSX error from batch after ECO install
393.02KTOV11::SHIMADATue Jul 05 1994RISC: can't read from /dev/kmem
394.010EEMELI::OJUSSILAWed Jul 06 1994Problem with HP-UX using Yellow pages
395.02CX3PST::ANASAZ::J_BECKERThu Jul 07 1994VMS V6.
396.01CLARID::GACHOTWed Jul 20 1994PSW Engineering Change Order ECO
397.01OFOSWed Jul 20 1994Watchdog for Solaris ??
398.03FRAFS2::SCHMITTTue Jul 26 1994PSWX-Consolidator and VMS Agent
400.02MSBCS::FRAZIER_JWed Aug 03 1994SNS V1.
401.02NEWOA::HATTThu Aug 18 1994Queue problems displayed twice
402.03TPSYS::COTEFri Aug 19 1994Wait sequence for pagers
403.04MUGGER::PICKTHALLTue Aug 23 1994%SNS-I-BADFORMATLOCK, File might have a wrong format
404.05AZUR::HUREZWed Aug 24 1994New PSW for OpenVMS AXP & VAX V2.2 - Information note
405.04VELI::KORKKOWed Aug 24 1994sys$hiber() missing from SNS$FEED_PCM.C code example?
406.029EEMELI::OJUSSILAWed Aug 24 1994------ Post V2.2 WISHLIST ------
407.07WOTVAX::ELLISMThu Aug 25 1994TCP/IP for OPENVMS agent for PSW
408.012FRAFS2::SCHMITTThu Aug 25 1994PSWX PRO other than root ?
409.06ROMFri Aug 26 1994SNS connection betwen AXP and VAX
410.05UTRTSC::VELZENFri Aug 26 1994Consolidator->Agent Node unreachable (same node) ?
411.01TROOA::BROWNWed Aug 31 1994
413.01ROMTue Sep 06 1994CONVERT PROBLEM PSW V2.2
414.04DATCHA::GHEORGHINTue Sep 06 1994Questions about 2.2 ...
415.03ICS::CROUCHTue Sep 06 1994OSF/1 S67psw file not created
416.04AZUR::HUREZThu Sep 08 1994New SNS$FEED_PCM.C (sample PCM feeder).
417.06KNUT2::THIELThu Sep 08 1994Monitoring UNIX nodes that do not have agent
418.04UTRTSC::VELDMANMon Sep 12 1994VMS watchdog and Ultrix agent and DNS
419.02WRLMTS::VIGEANTTue Sep 13 1994How to get more than 6 char hostname displayed
420.01GIDDAY::PARSONSThu Sep 15 1994Question on poll Updates
421.09BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODThu Sep 15 1994Latest part numbers, SPDs and availability please
422.0232FAR::JSTONEFri Sep 16 1994Need to monitor PCs on a Novell network
423.03UTROP1::RIJSBERGEN_MMon Sep 19 1994V2.2 customer kit, AXP 3
424.02FILTON::REID_DMon Sep 19 1994Unwanted Warning Messages
425.019EEMELI::OJUSSILASun Sep 25 1994Final PSWX V2.2 kits?
426.05DARGLE::COUGHLANTue Sep 27 1994PSWX - SYSWD and problems with dsp
427.04PRSSUD::ABULIUSWed Sep 28 1994SNS & DECnet/OSI
428.05ZURWed Sep 28 1994SNS V2.2 / 3 minor bug reports
429.01ZURWed Sep 28 1994SNS V2.2 / major problem / spawned action routines "never" complets
430.03BSS::R_SCHMITTFri Sep 30 1994How to only process events once?
431.06FLYWAY::WALKERNMon Oct 03 1994Shadowing support and more
432.09AZUR::BONETTOMon Oct 03 1994Agent OpenVMS talking TCP/IP
433.01CSC32::ANASAZ::J_BECKERWed Oct 05 1994CAN A 1.
434.04MSDOA::KEPHARTThu Oct 06 1994TCW and PSW V2.2 ?
435.03CSC32::S_WAHLFri Oct 07 1994PSW V2.2 Fails for Consolidator only!
436.04MKOTS1::JREGANSat Oct 15 1994Trying to send mail using Ultrix consolidator
437.04MKOTS1::JREGANTue Oct 18 1994Runs on Ultrix,,,doesn't on OSF - psw.log is empty?
438.0AZUR::BONETTOFri Oct 21 1994Sun4m agent available
439.02CSC32::S_WAHLWed Oct 26 1994What does NOT_CHECKED mean for TIM?
440.04EEMELI::OJUSSILAThu Oct 27 1994Dynamic reconf and signals
441.03EEMELI::OJUSSILAThu Oct 27 1994VMS style consolidator needed.
443.02NRSTA2::NISHINAGAFri Oct 28 1994Help: Big problem with SNS APIs!
444.03EEMELI::OJUSSILAMon Oct 31 1994How to add entries psw_sensor_syswd.conf
445.03COPCLU::UWEMon Oct 31 1994Is "$" char in names valid?
446.02ZOMBEE::HALLWed Nov 02 1994REM code questions/clarification
447.03RUPERT::BROWNWed Nov 02 1994RRD43 shows - "software write locked"
448.0AIMHI::LARSONWed Nov 02 1994DECwatchdog VS. PSW
449.01TYCOCH::WILLIAMSGThu Nov 03 1994Problem adding disks using international characters
450.02AZUR::HUREZThu Nov 03 1994PSW V2.2 on OpenVMS V6.2 anybody???
451.01UTRTSC::WIJKAMPThu Nov 03 1994RRD43 write locked message.
452.01ZOMBEE::HALLTue Nov 08 1994custom scripts/coms on PSW for VMS
453.04MFRNW1::SCHUSTERThu Nov 10 1994V2.2 VMS stopps polling
454.01CSC32::S_WAHLThu Nov 10 1994SNS and multiple profiles
455.05KNUT2::THIELThu Nov 10 1994%LICENSE-F-INVALID_DATE, license is invalid for this product
456.01CSC32::ANASAZ::J_BECKERThu Nov 10 1994How to monitor a server queue
457.026PT73::MGRACEFFAFri Nov 11 1994Polling UNIX/OSF nodes voa TCP from an OpenVMS consolidator
458.01BSS::R_SCHMITTMon Nov 14 1994Bandwidth req'd for remote consolidator ?
459.04BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Nov 15 1994Unable to start SNS$WATCHDOG agent
460.02MFRNW1::SCHUSTERFri Nov 18 1994psw_dsp: UNABLE TO GET THE INPUT SOCKET DESCRIPTOR Address already in use
461.01CSC32::S_WAHLWed Nov 23 1994Install fails on AXP 21
462.01--UnknownUser--Sat Nov 26 1994Moderator actions...
463.04COMICS::BEDDALLMon Nov 28 1994Reporting errors on HP-UX systems
464.02GRANPA::NNICOLLMon Nov 28 1994Watchdog and Paging...
465.06GRANPA::NNICOLLMon Nov 28 1994Polling vs threshold event notification...
466.03BSS::R_SCHMITTTue Nov 29 1994Polling agents in a hidden area ?
467.02GRANPA::NNICOLLThu Dec 01 1994OSCint ???
468.01CSC32::S_WAHLThu Dec 01 1994Batch job submits twice from Action routine
469.014AZUR::BONETTOFri Dec 02 1994PSW for Windows NT
470.01CSC32::VANDENBERGFri Dec 02 1994Action routines
471.01CSC32::VANDENBERGFri Dec 02 1994Source code
472.016KERNEL::COFFEYJMon Dec 05 1994Watchdog for OSF/1 support - where? 52397
473.0KAHALA::BURKHARDTMon Dec 05 1994Looking for NOTIFY documentation
474.02OPCO::TSG_SJMMon Dec 05 1994CPU is stopped error
475.02STKAI1::MAJAThu Dec 08 1994When do you need DECnet?
476.09CSC32::ANASAZ::J_BECKERTue Dec 13 19942.2 on osf fails to use a properly loaded license
477.019BELLS::SYSTEMWed Dec 14 1994PAK name for OSF?
478.07DARGLE::COUGHLANFri Dec 16 1994OSF - Missing Process uid
479.07BACHUS::WILLEMFri Dec 16 1994SNS Installation hang, HELP
480.012KYOSS1::GREENFri Dec 16 1994console manager versus SNS
481.01ISIDRO::ALBERTOFri Dec 16 1994PSW for DEC OSF/1 USERS GUIDE. Where ?
482.02GIDDAY::DONNELLYSun Dec 18 1994Watchdog and Multinet??
483.023BACHUS::WILLEMSGMon Dec 19 1994PSW incorrect reports 'mount verification timeouts'
484.08ESSB::JNOLANMon Dec 19 1994Batchjob entries with spaces
485.07CSC32::S_WAHLTue Dec 20 1994SNS 2.2 Agents and Volume Shadowing
486.02GRANPA::NNICOLLWed Dec 21 1994User extensible agent?
487.02GRANPA::NNICOLLWed Dec 21 1994Corrective actions...
488.02FROCKY::LUDWIGThu Dec 22 1994Update license ULTRIX -> OSF/1 ?
489.01SNAX::ERICKSONWed Dec 28 1994PAKS from VTX are not working...
490.02CSC32::ANASAZ::J_BECKERTue Jan 03 1995Running the editor in a command file loops:
491.013COPCLU::BRIANWed Jan 04 1995PSWX problems/questions
492.07ROMWed Jan 04 1995Agent Link Hang...
493.06KERNEL::NICHOLSONAThu Jan 05 1995%SNS-E-DCLERR,and PSW 2.2-
495.01TAVTue Jan 10 1995Looking for presentation
496.03DECPRG::AMBLERTue Jan 10 1995How to run just the consolidator ?
498.01TOOK::DORIANWed Jan 18 1995Need to use EXCLUDE in OSF/1
499.05ZPOVC::COLINTONGThu Jan 19 1995PCM & PSW Integration
500.01JDARC::GUIBOILEAUFri Jan 20 1995Old messages
501.01DRAC::DSMAILTue Jan 24 1995Integrating NETVIEW with PSW in OSF/1
502.015ZOMBEE::HALLTue Jan 24 1995invalid i/o channel error?
503.09CSC32::ANASAZ::J_BECKERTue Jan 24 1995sns fails to use a logical name for the dectalk device
504.013NGYOSC::KLUETZThu Jan 26 1995license question
505.0ICEKRM::KUNGThu Jan 26 1995Re-establish DCM -> PSW Migration program?
506.05CSC32::VANDENBERGMon Jan 30 1995Consolidator Hanging in LEF state
509.05SUPER7::HUGHESAMon Feb 06 1995PSW v2.2 ECO 1 Installation Fails
510.06MUNICH::KASERTue Feb 07 1995pollinterval > 999 seconds ?
511.01STRWRS::KOCH_PTue Feb 07 1995Physical Alarm Solution for Watchdog?
512.01CSC32::VANDENBERGWed Feb 08 1995ECO3 on consolidators only
513.03SUPER7::HUGHESAThu Feb 09 1995PSW 2.2 ECO 1 Install Problem
514.03STKEIS::BYSTAMThu Feb 09 1995Questions about Unix/VMS Consolidator/Agents
515.04SIOG::FARRELLThu Feb 09 1995Contact name for porting
516.06MALFri Feb 10 1995SNS V1.
517.02COMICS::MILLSSTue Feb 14 1995Multiple disk thresholds ?
518.012GLDOA::MAURERTue Feb 14 1995Need to know which SNS will work with 5.5-2
519.02KERNEL::ROOMEMWed Feb 15 1995TCPIP for VMS Consolidator but not UCX
520.02COMICS::PARRYThu Feb 16 1995cluster alias node name problem on OSF/1
521.033AZUR::HUREZFri Feb 17 1995POLYCENTER System Watchdog V2.2 ECO
522.06EVTW12::WILLAYTue Feb 21 1995Problem with Agent V2.2 ECO
523.03CSC32::ANASAZ::J_BECKERWed Feb 22 1995SNS-E-PBCREATMP errors with 1.
524.02VELI::KORKKOSun Feb 26 1995SNS> disable node command and list of nodes
525.09HLFSFri Mar 03 1995SunOS 4.1.3_U1, libc.so.2.9 and PSW 2.2
526.06PT73::MGRACEFFAMon Mar 06 1995Wildcard missing process names and PSWX agent logfile
527.02DCOFS::CARTERMon Mar 06 1995Install system watchdog on 21
528.03EVTW12::WILLAYTue Mar 07 1995Unreachable node not correctly displayed (SNS 2.2 ECO
529.04KERNEL::BOWENSTue Mar 07 1995Privilege problem when installing Images.
530.01SNOFS1::ELLISSTue Mar 07 1995PSWX event log file
531.01SNOFS1::ELLISSWed Mar 08 1995What is the difference between the custom sensors in PSWX?
532.05SUPER7::HUGHESAThu Mar 09 1995PSWX Consolidator on OSF/1 v3.2
533.01KERNEL::BOWENSMon Mar 13 1995Agent looping in the CPU on AXP.
535.02SUPER7::HUGHESATue Mar 14 1995Environment Variables for PSWX
536.010CSC32::ANASAZ::J_BECKERTue Mar 14 1995connection rejected by object
537.010QPC1::MURPHYTue Mar 14 1995psw_external on osf V3.1
538.01OHFSS1::COMFORTWed Mar 15 1995Watchdog and DSM?
539.04TOPTEN::LEONARDWed Mar 15 1995SNS$FEED_PCM assistance please
540.01BRIEIS::BARKER_EThu Mar 16 1995Clear status for psw_feed_pnv alarms ?
541.01BACHUS::WILLEMSGMon Mar 20 1995BATCH versus SPAWN mode
542.04KERNEL::MCGILLMTue Mar 21 1995SNS$PROFILE.DAT file with upgrade
543.01BRIEIS::BARKER_EWed Mar 22 1995Action routine for remote procedures from OSF-VMS
544.03CSC32::BARGERThu Mar 23 1995CONSOLIDATOR 1.
545.03AZUR::HUREZFri Mar 24 1995New SNS_ECO
546.01CSC32::S_ROCHFORDFri Mar 24 1995Action routines and P7 = unsupported
547.06ANIMLZ::DUBEMon Mar 27 1995UID vs RUID for missing processes?
548.08NEPHI::COARMon Apr 03 1995Problems with SNS (V/V) V2.2 ECO
549.01ZURTue Apr 04 1995Multiple UNR events just firing one action routine
550.05RHETT::CHOYTue Apr 04 1995version conflict?
551.03YUPPY::RAVENWed Apr 05 1995Watchdog kit for DECNET OSI - VMS6.1 - AXP
552.01CSC32::D_DONOVANThu Apr 06 1995Possible to modify the display banner?
553.01CSC32::D_DONOVANMon Apr 10 1995V1.x AGENT <==> V2.2 CONSOLIDATOR "?"
554.01DARGLE::COUGHLANTue Apr 11 1995Looping process not really looping
555.05GIDDAY::DONNELLYWed Apr 12 1995Does the 'Underscore' make a difference?
556.01TOPTEN::LEONARDTue Apr 18 1995SNS$FEED_VCS 2nd fatal event upon event clear???
557.05SUOBOS::SCHWIEZERWed Apr 19 1995PSW agent for WINDOWS NT AXP?
558.01MSAMSat Apr 22 1995Latest license problematic with SNS V1.
559.01VNABRW::KARTNER_MMon Apr 24 1995When is ECO
560.04TRLIAN::GORDONMon Apr 24 1995help on psw_config_editor
561.04CSC32::D_DONOVANMon Apr 24 1995V2.2 Consolidator "wildcarding" support
562.026PT73::MGRACEFFATue Apr 25 1995I need to know when nodes using TCP transport are down
563.02TRLIAN::MARZOTue Apr 25 1995Monitoring RZ disks...
564.01OFOSS1::HEGGEWed Apr 26 1995Consolidator profile
565.013RHETT::CHOYWed Apr 26 1995ultrix consolidator & HP agent
566.02CSC32::D_DONOVANWed Apr 26 1995How to control the base priority of a Consolidator process
567.06SWETSC::ALBINSSONFri Apr 28 1995SNS-E-REJECT ones more ...
568.01DATCHA::GHEORGHINFri Apr 28 1995SNS 2.2 and DECnet/OSI problems
569.05CSC32::D_DONOVANTue May 02 1995ECO revs. and "BADFORMATLOCK
570.06COMICS::FRAWLEYJWed May 03 1995installation and swagt_cluster_name
571.08KAHALA::BURKHARDTFri May 05 1995< Consolidator and controller mismatch >
572.04PTOVAX::PEARLMANMon May 08 1995Doc kits for Digital UNIX
573.05FRAIS::ORCHIS::MAASSMon May 08 1995Node names and Consolidator Startup
574.06CHGVTue May 09 1995On Lost Connection, why not try connection again later?
575.024SNAX::ERICKSONTue May 09 1995Paks messed up in VTX PAK
576.02COMICS::MILLSSFri May 12 1995Help with SNS$FEED_VCS... please !
577.02PTOVAX::PEARLMANMon May 15 1995generating external events?
578.03SUOBOS::SCHWIEZERTue May 16 1995Connection status:invalid device name
579.03DATCHA::GHEORGHINThu May 18 1995ECO
580.02GIDDAY::DONNELLYFri May 19 1995Future for DECtalk and SNS??
581.05UTROP1::RIJSBERGEN_MMon May 22 1995PCM - PSW integration.
582.03KETJE::MICHIELSWed May 24 1995PSW to monitor FDDI controllers?
583.04CSC32::D_DONOVANWed May 24 1995Question on EVENTS, MAILBOX_SETS and SEVERITY levels
584.04LOCH::KNAUERThu May 25 1995major issue
585.04SSSAXP::LIVINGSTONEThu May 25 1995Are repeat messages caused by network glitches fixed in PSW V2.2?
586.02LOCH::KNAUERFri May 26 1995Will 1.
587.03KNUT2::THIELTue May 30 1995hanging while polling after reconfigure
588.02SPECXN::REESEThu Jun 01 1995*UNIX* message list?
589.06NETRIX::"root@exagon.bbp.dec.com"Fri Jun 02 1995swdagt license for unix (OSF)
590.05CSC32::ANASAZ::J_BECKERMon Jun 05 19952.2 agent loops and polling returns network partner exited
591.05CSC32::ANASAZ::J_BECKERTue Jun 06 1995questions on severity of a mailbox set and sns$log.dat files
592.04BLAKFT::MAKIWed Jun 07 1995sns$add_message help needed
593.01VNABRW::BACHNER_HWed Jun 07 1995long delay for ADD MESSAGE
594.02CSC32::ANASAZ::J_BECKERWed Jun 07 1995does the agent support multinet?
595.01EEMELI::SRYYNANENThu Jun 08 1995Error in PSW startup file (Digital UNIX)
596.03KERNEL::COFFEYJTue Jun 13 1995OSF process searches only check the first 16 characters? 7
597.01KERNEL::COFFEYJWed Jun 14 1995OSF and VMS use different date formats on PSW. 9
598.01TAVIS::BOAZWed Jun 14 1995How can I speed up the detection of a looping proc
599.01KERNEL::COFFEYJWed Jun 14 1995Multiple EXT entries in the psw_agent.conf possible (VMS) 9
600.03KERNEL::COFFEYJWed Jun 14 1995OpenVMS PSW consolidator hangs deleting TCP connections 9
601.011COMICS::PARRYWed Jun 14 1995HP-UX time differs from local time
602.03KERNEL::MILLSSWed Jun 14 1995Bug with Motif based config editor ?
603.03CHGVThu Jun 15 1995UNIX:psw_sensor_fly_custom: termination problem
604.05CSC32::J_BOLANThu Jun 15 1995False "%SNS-I-CONSNOTACTIVE from SNS> SHOW CONS/ALL
605.01PTOVAX::PEARLMANMon Jun 19 1995Watchdog and Decsafe
606.01CSC32::D_DONOVANMon Jun 19 1995LOP event question
607.0VNZVMon Jun 19 1995WatchDog for 21
608.07UTROP1::RIJSBERGEN_MTue Jun 20 1995PSW-PCM merge into 1 product ?
609.02UTROP1::RIJSBERGEN_MWed Jun 21 1995Are examples part of the support contract ?
610.03ZENDIA::LEWWed Jun 21 1995PSW contact information sought
611.03ZEKE::KEITHThu Jun 22 1995Watchdog will not stay running - OSI V6.2-ECO1
612.0TKOV6Fri Jun 23 1995information about /usr/adm/binary.errlog
613.08CSC32::ANASAZ::J_BECKERTue Jul 04 1995How to delay reporting for UNR errors:
614.04MALThu Jul 06 1995REBOOT external message rejected
615.02MARIN::JONESFri Jul 07 1995Where's License POLY-SWDCON for AlphaVMS
616.03LTIMA2::M_HOLLANDMon Jul 10 1995old disk errors re-reported.
619.0AZUR::CHALONYTue Jul 11 1995A known bug when polling intensively agent through TCPIP
620.0+7BER::MUELLERTue Jul 11 1995SNS Consolidator with DECnet/OSI V6.2 problem
621.01CSC32::J_BOLANWed Jul 12 1995Question on what Watchdog does when it detects a missing process
622.06BACHUS::WILLEMWed Jul 12 1995Bad SNS$MSG.MSG ?
623.01KAOFS::CARSWELLMon Jul 17 1995P8 has extra "|||" in it?
624.01TRNOIS::TESTATue Jul 18 1995Motif edit on OSF????
625.03CHGVTue Jul 18 1995OSF Consolidator not displaying multiple custom_fly display lines
626.01GIDDAY::PARSONSFri Jul 21 1995PSW -> OpenView ?
627.01BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Jul 25 1995decwindows editor bug ?
628.01WMGEN2::hornet.det.dec.com::comfortTue Jul 25 1995Multiprocessors? Solaris?
629.01RHETT::CHOYFri Jul 28 1995question on monitor process 'PRO'
630.05CSC32::D_DONOVANFri Jul 28 1995V2.2-
631.01ULYSSE::STRATMANTue Aug 08 1995length limit...
632.01CSC32::VANDENBERGWed Aug 09 1995Different Agent and Consolidator versions
633.05COMICS::CURRENThu Aug 10 1995what value for sns$add_ci_port_type
634.02STKAI1::MALMWed Aug 16 1995MLS+ / MAXSIX???
635.02OHFGMG::FORTMANWed Aug 16 1995Integrating Robomon (or any other non-DEC tools) to PCM. Similar to SNS$FEED_PCM.C
636.01NZOVWed Aug 16 1995VAX/VMS OPCOM messages into PWD
637.02KERNEL::DAVIDCFri Aug 18 1995TCP/IP and Polycenter Watchdog
638.02BACHUS::WILLEMSGFri Aug 18 1995%SNS-E-DCLERR, Command language syntax error
639.01ATYISA::NEYERSMon Aug 21 1995protocol RCP, SNMP
640.014TRNOIS::TESTATue Aug 22 1995How to get message with +6 char node name?
641.05CHGVTue Aug 22 1995OSF/UNIX Cons/Agent Action Routing Setup?HOW?
642.01CSC32::VANDENBERGTue Aug 22 1995SNS$CONSOLIDATOR_ID default
643.01CSC32::VANDENBERGTue Aug 22 1995SMS$AR_xxx remain after a STOP CONSOLIDATOR
644.01DPDMAI::GROVETue Aug 22 1995Support for Watchdog on Alpha platforms
645.04CHGVWed Aug 23 1995PSW not reporting CAM SCSI errors on OSF/UNIX
646.02KAOTWed Aug 23 1995Process loops trying to start consolidator
647.02ATYISA::NEYERSThu Aug 24 1995SGI agent ?
648.04LTIMA2::M_HOLLANDTue Aug 29 1995Any news of 2.2 ECO1?..
650.03HTSCThu Aug 31 1995Task problem
651.04COPCLU::SORENCThu Aug 31 1995Process names that start with capital letters
652.02COPCLU::SORENCThu Aug 31 1995Script file for LOGIN FAILURE on OSF/1 or UNIX
653.05RTP4ME::GALLAGHERWed Sep 06 1995Which version supports monitoring HSJ's?
654.02DARGLE::COUGHLANThu Sep 07 1995DQP creation failure: configuration file unreachable
655.02UTRTSC::WIJKAMPThu Sep 07 1995Update runs action without update.
656.01PRSSOS::LEROYERThu Sep 07 1995SNS$FEED_VCS_MBX problem with PCM 1.6 Eco1
657.01ISIDRO::ALBERTOTue Sep 12 1995PSW 2.2 on OpenVMS AXP V6.2 ?
658.01CHEFS::WRIGHT_AWed Sep 13 1995Suppressing node name from an external event display
659.03KERNEL::NICHOLSONAWed Sep 13 1995node unreachable but is?
660.01CSC32::D_DONOVANWed Sep 13 1995V2.2 AGENT not remove messages
661.023RHETT::CHOYThu Sep 14 1995AIX 3.2.5, 'psw_sensor_eth' process looping
662.09RHETT::CHOYMon Sep 18 1995"read() failed", "Agent server aborted network link"
663.03ICEKRM::KUNGTue Sep 19 1995Installation problem with PSW looking for UCX
664.01CSC32::J_BOLANWed Sep 20 1995SYS-LRP EXP: Expanded messages in logfile 2.2 with OpenVMS 6.2
665.01PTOVAX::PEARLMANFri Sep 22 1995PSW customer questions
666.03BALZAC::MARKOWSKITue Sep 26 1995New Alpha AXP processors supported ?
667.01KERNEL::BARTLETTDTue Sep 26 1995Watch Dog v2.1b Install Failure with %NCP-W-UNRCMP, Unrecognized component.
668.06TRUCKS::ENERGISTue Sep 26 1995Generating 'external' events ??
669.07ZPOVC::BIJUJOHNThu Sep 28 1995Installation error with PSWXACONS22
670.03GECFri Sep 29 1995Unix H/W Models Supported?
671.04ISIDRO::ALBERTOMon Oct 02 1995psw$edit:yacc stack overflow
672.02CSC32::VANDENBERGTue Oct 03 1995SNS-E-DCLERR using continuation lines
673.01UTRTSC::WIJKAMPTue Oct 03 1995No LOG message with add message/LOG!
674.01COMICS::HAWLEYITue Oct 03 1995How many agents per consolidator?
675.01ISIDRO::ALBERTOTue Oct 03 1995How to trace the polling on UNIX ?
676.04CGOOA::ZALESKITue Oct 03 1995Official AlphaServer Support??
678.03CSC32::VANDENBERGWed Oct 04 19952.2-
679.01AKSELI::OJUSSILAThu Oct 05 1995C RTL eco which fix problems with BGA's
680.01KERNEL::BATCHELORMThu Oct 05 1995watchdog filters
681.06TRNOIS::TESTAMon Oct 09 1995Question about psw_config_editor (PRO)!
683.014UTRTSC::WIJKAMPTue Oct 10 1995AXP still has exiting AGENT. HELP?
684.01UTRTSC::WIJKAMPTue Oct 10 1995Nolicense on TCP enabled agent.
685.01CSC32::J_BOLANWed Oct 11 1995Question on Write-lockerror from Infoserver and SNS$DSK_FILTER_OFF logical
686.04CHEFS::MARTIN_PWed Oct 11 1995SNS V2.2 ECO 1 still failing on AXP MP systems
687.01RHETT::CHOYWed Oct 11 1995connection status: end of file
688.01SIOG::DOOLEYThu Oct 12 1995Product Manager in Europe SNS??
689.012PACVAX::CHRISTOPHERThu Oct 12 1995PCM and PSW integration on Digital UNIX (OSF) ??
690.03COMICS::HAWLEYIFri Oct 13 1995Agent/Consolidator compatibility issues
693.08GVPROD::MSTEINERThu Oct 19 1995changes in sns$shr for 2.2 eco 1 ?
694.01TYCOCH::WILLIAMSGFri Oct 20 1995Location of PSWX Kit?
695.02FLYWAY::WALKERNTue Oct 24 1995Is it possible to extract profile to file?
696.03HAMSUP::SONNENTAGWed Oct 25 1995Using psw_external without beeing root
697.02CSC32::J_BOLANThu Oct 26 1995DECnet logical links for SNS$WATCHDOG don't go away on AXP systems
698.02KERNEL::HEGARTYPThu Oct 26 1995PSW using OSI and DECNET Phase IV
699.04GECFri Oct 27 1995Profile Edit Abort - Help!
700.02GECFri Oct 27 1995STOP CONS/ALL Unreliable - Help!
701.03AZUR::HUREZTue Oct 31 1995Renewed internal use PAKs for PSW V2.2 for Digital UNIX
702.01NQOSTue Oct 31 1995What Happened to Concurrent Use Licenses?
703.07GIDDAY::SANKARWed Nov 01 1995vms consolidator digital_unix client ..queries!
704.01HGOVC::PATRICKNGThu Nov 02 1995Watchdog on mixed OVMS/AXP+VAX?
705.05DAGWST::PIAZZAThu Nov 02 1995Scripts to notify a pager?
706.03PHHSS1::SOBELThu Nov 02 1995Adjust Ethernet error threshold on UNIX agent?
707.03BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Nov 07 1995I'm leaving the Polycenter sinking ship.
708.06SWETSC::ALBINSSONFri Nov 10 1995Canot communicate whith ph IV node from UNIX ph V consolidator.
709.01NEOVFri Nov 10 1995Can %CPU be an event to watch?
710.05CSC32::D_DONOVANMon Nov 13 1995%SYSTEM-F-MBTOOSML - Alpha AGENT V2.2-
711.02SNAX::ERICKSONTue Nov 14 1995How is a HSJ checked?
712.01RHETT::CHOYTue Nov 14 1995error reaing ACK from the sink - sts =
713.04TROCTue Nov 14 1995PCM and PSW Integration
714.01IJSAPL::PEURSUMThu Nov 16 1995DECnet polling to Digital UNIX ?
716.04OPCO::TSG_JJBFri Nov 17 1995Cannot get Watchdog to find advise process ?????
717.01ULYSSE::STRATMANMon Nov 20 1995SNS$add_message returns 214
720.02CSC32::D_DONOVANWed Nov 22 1995"<ctrl>Y" being ignored V2.2-
721.03ULYSSE::STRATMANWed Nov 22 1995Message limit in ext. mess class?
722.03KERNEL::MEGARITYMon Nov 27 1995Problem with OSI node as agent - fix was to set Node Synonym
723.04COMICS::RINGITue Nov 28 1995Some detail on inter process communication
724.02AZUR::HUREZWed Nov 29 1995Pointer to PowerPoint slides...
725.02ZURWed Nov 29 1995ADA-F-EXCCOP - SHADOW_LIST_PROTECTED - unhandled exception
726.01LYOThu Nov 30 1995PSW V2.2 Digital Unix et ADVFS
727.06PHHSS1::SOBELFri Dec 01 1995Watchdog agent for Solaris?
728.02OHFGMG::FORTMANMon Dec 04 1995Meaning of level/priority in SNS$FEED_PCM.C
729.04CSC32::M_OLSONTue Dec 05 1995Batch job reported as missing while it is executing
730.04RHETT::CHOYWed Dec 06 1995process looping
731.02LILWed Dec 13 1995For training, Studient guide needed
732.03LILWed Dec 13 1995Pb with POLY-PSWAGT licence
733.02ULYSSE::STRATMANWed Dec 13 1995Timout too fast...
734.01CSC32::D_DONOVANWed Dec 13 1995T2.2-
735.02CRONIC::PCUMMINGSWed Dec 13 1995psw_external messages on an Agent
736.01CHEFS:: Dec 18 1995Message
737.03COMICS::MILLSSMon Dec 18 1995Warning: DSA6
738.03AKSELI::OJUSSILAThu Dec 21 1995System Watchdog V2.3 Product Requirements Phase Opening
739.03PEAKS::NIXDORFSat Dec 23 1995PAKS, again.
740.01BBIVWed Dec 27 1995watchdog licensing
741.02HTSCFri Dec 29 1995False alarm on missing system process
742.07KERNEL::BARTLETTDWed Jan 03 1996Consolidator not starting license issues, WatchDog v2.2, POLY-SWDCON license.
743.02DECWET::WHITEWed Jan 03 1996PSW for VMS docs?
744.04MEOCThu Jan 04 1996More on dangling links and stalled polls
745.01LVFREE::TURKINGTONFri Jan 05 1996questions on consolidator
746.01MOENCH::VOSSFri Jan 05 1996DNF event should exclude FOREIGN mounted disks
747.01CSC32::BUCKLEYMon Jan 08 1996sns$feed_pcm link errors on alpha
748.014NATA::TESTAWed Jan 10 1996Action routin make '/tmp' full
749.01CSC32::D_DONOVANWed Jan 10 1996License problem on V2.2-
750.023CHEFS::WILKINSON_MThu Jan 11 1996SNS V2.2-
751.06KERNEL::COFFEYJFri Jan 19 1996Ultrix PAKs do they have a -ultrix on the agent? 39
752.012AKSELI::OJUSSILASun Jan 21 1996HP-UX V1
753.05CSC32::D_DONOVANMon Jan 22 1996Is SNS V2.2-
754.07HAN::PUCHERMon Jan 22 1996Watchdog Agent V2.2 supported on V3.2c?
755.01LVFREE::TURKINGTONMon Jan 22 1996Consolidator question
756.01EVTAI1::LEREUILTue Jan 23 1996PSW and AXP and DECtalk ??
757.04KERNEL::COFFEYJWed Jan 24 1996Assistance with watchdog (on unix) documentation
758.01CSC32::D_DONOVANWed Jan 24 1996V2.2-
759.01IJSAPL::VELDENWed Jan 24 1996Urgent info AIX agent needed...
760.03HGOVC::STEPHENYUThu Jan 25 1996??? Problem in Setup Procedure
761.01COPSFri Jan 26 1996Advise for config
762.01RHETT::CHOYFri Jan 26 1996psw for LSM & DECsafe/ASE
763.02TAVSun Jan 28 1996Should action routine be re-activated?
764.04CHEFS::pgsp.hhl.dec.com::hewittcTue Jan 30 1996PSW & Manageworks for appl mgmt?
765.01ZURWed Jan 31 1996SNS V2.2 installation on OpenVMS Alpha V7.
766.01CSC32::D_DONOVANThu Feb 01 1996Help with user defined events
767.01KAOFS::J_WEIRFri Feb 02 1996Problems with aliases.conf and psw_feed_pnv
768.01CSC32::D_DONOVANMon Feb 05 1996AGENT not responding - "network partner exited"
769.01DECWET::WHITEMon Feb 05 1996Is AZUR::ADG$DISK:[PUBLIC.PSW22.DOCS] really current documentation?
770.04ZURTue Feb 06 1996When is SNS supported on OpenVMS V7.
771.01BACHUS::WILLEMSWed Feb 07 1996show log and /output problem
772.01MSE1::RAOWed Feb 07 1996agent sw for HP
773.01KILRB1::CARLSONMon Feb 12 1996no license is active
774.03HGOVC::KULKARNITue Feb 13 1996<Help on Disk Status>
775.04ROMTue Feb 13 1996information about WNT
776.01LISVAX::FOLGADOTue Feb 13 1996Competing agains HP OperationsCenter
777.04EPS::NGUYENTue Feb 13 1996Question on error log file!!
778.01MSE1::RAOThu Feb 15 1996psw and hp openview
779.01BBIVFri Feb 16 1996Combination of DECnet and TCP/IP Agents
780.03JOBURG::LUCOTTEFri Feb 16 1996List H/W messages sent by system watchdog
781.0212244::pcsy7.ogo.dec.com::ramanathanFri Feb 16 1996Idle Process - monitor and kill ?
782.01RHETT::LAROSEFri Feb 16 1996DUNIX Agent monitor all printer states
783.01RHETT::LAROSEFri Feb 16 1996DUNIX PSW monitor CPU utilization
784.01RHETT::LAROSEFri Feb 16 1996DUNIX Agent monitor LSM
785.03RHETT::LAROSESat Feb 17 1996DUNIX Agent LOP event alarms
786.07EVTW12::WILLAYMon Feb 19 1996Queue stopped seen started then stopped then started then ...
787.01CSC32::D_DONOVANMon Feb 19 1996"-NCL-E-ACCESSDENIED" error attempting to install T2.2
788.01CSC32::D_DONOVANTue Feb 20 1996TGV MultiNet TCPIP support (again ;-)?
789.04NATA::TESTAWed Feb 21 1996HP agent is too slow
790.01TAVThu Feb 22 1996Problem with X2.2-
791.02CSC32::J_KILLAThu Feb 22 1996Node unreachable if Username longer than 1
792.05CIMBAD::SHUMWAYFri Feb 23 1996multiple nodes, free disk space question...
793.03CENPCS::BIRMINGHAMMon Feb 26 1996Need V1.
794.01FLYWAY::WALKERNTue Feb 27 1996Bug in PSW unix startup file
795.03ROMTue Feb 27 1996PCM integration on OSF/1
796.03CRONIC::PCUMMINGSTue Feb 27 1996PSW Consolidators: VMS or Digital Unix ?
797.01OPCO::TSG_TMSWed Feb 28 1996Using ADD /DELETE external messages
798.01ROMWed Feb 28 1996Node Name can be DECnet alias name ?
799.01GECWed Feb 28 1996PSW Server thru DFU to Agent?
800.02OTOOA::OHHWed Feb 28 1996SHOW xxx/FORMAT=COMMAND/OUTPUT=T.T does not work.
801.04OTOOA::OHHWed Feb 28 1996SNS$CONTROL.EXE looping
802.02TRNOIS::TESTAThu Feb 29 1996File size check problem
803.03TAVSun Mar 03 1996RRD45 seen as DKX
804.02GIDDAY::SALMERITue Mar 05 1996SNS$*MESSAGE with ASTs ??
805.02KERNEL::BARTLETTDTue Mar 05 1996System WatchDog Error Message Documentation
806.01KERNEL::HORSNELLWed Mar 06 1996Node name length !!
807.01CSC32::VANDENBERGWed Mar 06 1996ECO 3
808.01CSC32::VANDENBERGThu Mar 07 1996Dectalk set 18 characaters after ECO 1
809.01CSC32::VANDENBERGThu Mar 07 1996Bug or Documentation problem?
810.01CSC32::VANDENBERGThu Mar 07 1996Message text truncated to 4 characters
811.03LTIMA2::M_HOLLANDMon Mar 11 1996Disk thresholds
812.014TAVThu Mar 14 1996AXP still exiting Agents
813.01FLYWAY::WALKERNFri Mar 15 1996Retry possibilities for tcp connections?
814.08CMGOP2::meod22dgp3.gen.meo.dec.com::mckenzieTue Mar 19 1996Digital Unix Consolidator OpenVMS agent
815.03TRNOIS::TESTAThu Mar 21 1996SYSWD is not running ...
816.06WOTVAX::WATSONRThu Mar 21 1996SNS loops starting consolidator
817.01HEN::PLESSASThu Mar 21 1996long process command info... again
818.02STKHLM::NORDSTROMFri Mar 22 1996PSW 2.2 eco2 and ESA
819.02TRNOIS::TESTATue Mar 26 1996Strange consolidator
820.03CSC32::D_DONOVANTue Mar 26 1996V2.2-
821.02ICS::BARRYTue Mar 26 1996 SNS_ECO
822.01CSC32::D_DONOVANTue Mar 26 1996Color coded events?
823.01KETJE::MICHIELSMon Apr 01 1996psw_sensor_syswd is looping
824.02CSC32::D_DONOVANMon Apr 01 1996"Connect to Network Object rejected"
827.04UTRTSC::WIJKAMPTue Apr 02 1996Poll hang --> NO action!
828.08CSC32::D_DONOVANTue Apr 02 1996 V2.2-
829.0+3OPCO::TSG_SJMThu Apr 04 1996PFN$PL_DATABASE undefined symbol linking SNS$WATCHDOG
830.01KETJE::MICHIELSFri Apr 05 1996PSW Consolidator Concurrent License in maintenance?
831.05CSC32::BUTTERWORTHFri Apr 05 1996UNR event is removed before Agent is restarted on target.
832.01KERNEL::TITCOMBERTue Apr 09 1996Consolidator process hang
833.0SHANE::PACIELLOTue Apr 09 1996PSW Documentation
834.01KERNEL::NICHOLSONAThu Apr 11 1996dectalk, how do they do it?
835.01KETJE::STEUKERSFri Apr 12 1996PSWXagent conflict with DECevent?
836.05MKOTS3::HAHNFri Apr 12 1996Support for UNIX V4.
837.06BBIVTue Apr 16 1996PSW Agent for OpenVMS using TCP/IP
838.01GESSUB::BAGNASCOTue Apr 16 1996process name length problem
839.07CHGVTue Apr 16 1996UNIX PSW Consol using DNET inted of TCP to new agent
840.03ROMWed Apr 17 1996Event not deleted ?
841.02LEMAN::LA_GIOIAWed Apr 17 1996reconfiguration hung
842.01RHETT::LOHWed Apr 17 1996Questions on agent/consolidator etc.
843.02VIRGIN::VOSSThu Apr 18 1996show events/cont - event list not updated anymore
844.03CSC32::D_DONOVANThu Apr 18 1996 How to turn "DEBUG_MODE" on??
845.0AZUR::HUREZFri Apr 19 1996PSW[X] Frequent Answers (without Questions ;-)
846.01GECFri Apr 26 1996
847.01CSC32::VANDENBERGTue Apr 30 1996Solaris 1.x or 2.x in Watchdog 2.2
848.01CSC32::BUCKLEYFri May 03 1996license confusion remains after many years
849.01CSC32::COLTERMon May 06 1996Is there a workaround for the 6 character nodename feature?
850.01ZURWed May 08 1996SNS seems to be able to hang whole cluster ?
851.01CSC32::D_DONOVANWed May 08 1996"T2.2-
852.0CSC32::BUCKLEYWed May 08 1996char cell editor from dcl after eco2
853.01CIMBAD::SHUMWAYMon May 13 1996Action routine will not fire...
854.04TAVSun May 19 1996Message from watchdog to a beeper?
855.01CHEFS::HANCOCK_MMon May 20 1996Redirect sho event/cont display to another terminal?
856.01CSC32::BUCKLEYWed May 22 1996external mess gives sns-upd not sns-new
857.03CHEFS::BRIGGS_RThu May 23 1996SNS and Netview/6
858.02SHOGUN::PAUL_DThu May 23 1996DNF reported incorrectly??
859.02WOTVAX::DAVIESGThu May 23 1996DUnix 3.2d consolidator, VMS 2.2-
860.0ZENDIA::DONAHUEFri May 24 1996URGENT! - This conference needs a new home - FAST!!
861.01CSC32::VANDENBERGFri May 24 1996QuesQueeus
862.01JOBURG::LUCOTTEMon May 27 1996Disk problems not reported on Unix 3.2d
863.01ZPOVC::COLINTONGThu May 30 1996HP PSW Question
864.01UTROP1::RIJSBERGEN_MThu May 30 1996Another license question.
865.0+3TAVIS::BOAZWed Jun 05 1996New PAK for SNS on OSF needed.
866.019HTSC19::KENNETHWed Jun 05 1996Consolidate node does not log event after systemsystem reboot
867.01KERNEL::TITCOMBERTue Jun 11 1996ECO 2 available yet?
868.05MUNICH::KASERWed Jun 12 1996OpenVMS consolidator watching DUNIX processes !
869.02STOSS1::MCLARENThu Jun 13 19966 Character Nodenames - Again!!
870.02GIDDAY::PARSONSThu Jun 13 1996UNIX agent 1
871.03HGOVC::EDMONDLEUNGSun Jun 16 1996Poly System Watchdog for Solaris UltraSparc
872.03BBIVMon Jun 17 1996psw using multinet tcp/ip
873.03MUGGER::BALMFORTHKMon Jun 17 1996consolidator hangs in LEF
874.02CSC32::BUTTERWORTHTue Jun 18 1996%ADA-F-FATINTERR, Fatal internal error in the DEC Ada
875.02CX3PST::CSC32::CARTERMon Jun 24 1996Why is HIB Process Considered to be Looping?
876.05OSLAGE::AGE_PTue Jun 25 1996%SNS-F-UNKNOW and %ADA-F-EXCCOP from agent!
877.03KERNEL::AMISSMThu Jun 27 1996installing v2.2. %link-w-rectyp, file disk:[dir]sns$msgex.obj;1 record 1 illegal (
878.0FLYWAY::WALKERNThu Jul 04 1996
879.0FLYWAY::WALKERNThu Jul 04 1996
880.0FLYWAY::WALKERNFri Jul 05 1996
881.02KAOFS::16.155.16Fri Jul 05 1996DQP time consuming ????
882.02KAOFS::16.155.16Fri Jul 05 1996DQP queue exclusion
883.0KAOFS::16.155.16Fri Jul 05 1996stopped process restart on DUNIX
884.03KAOFS::16.155.16Fri Jul 05 1996Old alarms keep coming back
885.025OPCO::TSG_SJMSun Jul 07 1996V2.2-
886.01KNUT2::THIELTue Jul 09 1996%UCX-E-INVRECORD, Invalid information
887.0FLYWAY::WALKERNWed Jul 10 1996
888.04ULYSSE::SOYEZWed Jul 10 1996PSW V2.3 Announcement
889.02FLYWAY::WALKERNWed Jul 10 1996Agent does not see HARD disk errors?!
890.01USCTR1::nqsrv1Wed Jul 10 1996OSF Docs?
891.01BACHUS::BIS1Thu Jul 11 1996Monitor UNIX procs with same name/diff arguments ??
892.02RHETT::LOHThu Jul 11 1996How to generate alarms and send to TeMIP
893.06CSC32::R_RIDGWAYFri Jul 12 1996Conection status added to external messages
894.02MFRNW1::RITATue Jul 16 1996logfiles of action routines
895.0+4KERNEL::NICHOLSONAWed Jul 17 1996psw_sensor_pro thinks process is not there
896.05SUOIS2::KBOHNThu Jul 18 1996delete message under DEC UNIX
897.05COMICS::SUMNERCThu Jul 18 1996Which TCP/IP Transport For OpenVMS Agent ?
898.012HAGGLE::dorianThu Jul 18 1996Can we check for NT reachability?
899.03OPCO::TSG_SJMThu Jul 18 1996Quick and simple remote actions
901.01CSC32::VANDENBERGFri Jul 26 1996Changing nodename
902.01RHETT::CHOYMon Jul 29 1996what is "cpu_run_6
903.08CSC32::D_DONOVANMon Aug 05 1996"%SNS-F-OTH" error "?" - v2.2-
904.03RHETT::CHOYMon Aug 05 1996about removing event
905.01CSC32::D_DONOVANWed Aug 07 1996How to identify "cluster" event codes?
906.010ULYSSE::SOYEZThu Aug 08 1996PSW SUPPORT ON HOLD !!!!!
907.0242441::SUMNERCFri Aug 09 1996Help connection rejected by object
908.02SUOBOS::SCHWIEZERMon Aug 12 1996PRS (stalled queues) and wildcard registering?
909.07UTRUIN::DORLANDTue Aug 13 1996Connection: message number
910.01RHETT::CHOYThu Aug 15 1996contents for the 6th parameter
911.05RHETT::CHOYFri Aug 16 1996polling interval & event update time
913.02DEKVC::YONGJOONCHOIWed Aug 21 1996V2.3 Release?
914.0DEKVC::YONGJOONCHOIWed Aug 21 1996Digital Unix Version?
914.07SUOBOS::SCHWIEZERThu Aug 22 1996spawning actions -> %SYSTEM-W-MBFULL, mailbox is full
915.01CSC32::VANDENBERGFri Aug 23 1996How to include process name with SNS-W-LOP
916.01CSC32::R_RIDGWAYFri Aug 23 1996hide message behavior
917.05STKEIS::WEMSTADMon Aug 26 1996%SYSTEM-F-REJECT, connect to network object reject
918.02USOPS::CHANTHAVONGTue Aug 27 1996copy
919.03CSC32::R_RIDGWAYTue Aug 27 1996alias ignored on agents
920.02UTRTSC::CASPELMon Sep 02 1996Version for AIX V4.
921.0STKAI1::PSVENSSONTue Sep 03 1996Agent logfile fills disk
921.01CSC32::D_DONOVANThu Sep 05 1996T2.2-
922.02ZPOVC::NWEFri Sep 06 1996Consolidator drops
923.03CSC32::VANDENBERGMon Sep 09 1996HSZ reporting
924.01STKEIS::WEMSTADThu Sep 12 1996Error when trying ADD MESSAGE
925.01FLYWAY::WALKERNMon Sep 16 1996Agent for SUN os 2.4 or 2.5?
926.04CSC32::D_DONOVANTue Sep 17 1996VAL event - "...is not a disk"?
927.01CRLRFR::BLUNTTue Sep 17 1996Help needed with SNS/Watchdog event feeder
928.02CSC32::D_DONOVANWed Sep 18 1996DECtalk Set - can you suppress the "node_name"?
929.01MUNICH::KASERMon Sep 23 1996VAX/VMS 5.4-2 and PSW V2.2 agents ?
930.06CRONIC::ANTROBUSMon Sep 23 1996PSW V2.2 ECO 3 Agent install - no-go
931.04RHETT::CHOYTue Sep 24 1996monitor RZ, HSZ, SWXCR, LSM disks
932.01ZEKE::KEITHFri Sep 27 1996Consolidator Crash on VMS V7.
933.02BEEZER::JAMESMon Sep 30 1996Can not extend logfile - CANTEXTENDLOG
934.0CSC32::D_DONOVANTue Oct 01 1996V2.2-
934.03KETJE::MICHIELSThu Oct 03 1996Sensor /usr/opt/psw/psw_sensor_pro creation failure
935.01COMICS::SUMNERCFri Oct 04 19963rd Party TCPIP on OpenVMS Watchdog ?
936.05CSC32::D_DONOVANMon Oct 07 1996V2.2-
937.02ULYSSE::SOYEZTue Oct 08 1996Announcing PSW X2.3 Internal Field-Tests.
938.011DOOSJE::HERTAMon Oct 14 1996psw_agent won't start
939.02WOTVAX::DAVIESGWed Oct 16 1996Solaris 2.* agent, any more news?
940.07WROSWed Oct 16 1996more PSW-PCM integration issues
941.01RHETT::CHOYThu Oct 17 1996event display after shutdown agent
942.02DARGLE::COUGHLANTue Oct 22 1996Future change on Polling agents
943.02HLTIC4::GIELTJES_RWed Oct 23 1996cons to agent (TCPIP) status: file not found
944.04JOBURG::LUCOTTEThu Oct 24 1996Server name missing on Printer problem messages
945.02SCASS1::GROVEThu Oct 24 1996Additional Process States, named pipe delivery
946.0ULYSSE::SOYEZFri Oct 25 1996PSW V2.2 support.
947.08IJSAPL::KNOLWed Oct 30 1996time_differnce +
948.01ZPOVC::HINSIONGTANWed Oct 30 1996VMSIO: $QIOW.WRITE failure, return code
949.017TAVThu Oct 31 1996Events order in the events list
950.0+6HGOVC::EDMONDLEUNGSun Nov 03 1996POLY System Watchdog New Release?
951.01KERNEL::FISHERCTue Nov 05 1996Version of watchdog?
952.03FLYWAY::WALKERNFri Nov 08 1996What about an NT agent?
953.01COMICS::JOLLEYDSun Nov 10 1996The Year 2
954.01MUNICH::KASERThu Nov 14 1996PSW V2.2 - ECO
955.01TAVSun Nov 17 1996Some errors in events list
956.03CRONIC::ANTROBUSFri Nov 22 1996PSW consolidator not capturing Dunix disk errors
957.02HTSCSun Nov 24 1996Official release of SNS for VAX OpenVMS V6.2 &....
958.04UTRTSC::DORLANDTue Nov 26 1996CONSOLIDATOR hang (2.2 ECO3).
959.04IOSG::INNSTue Nov 26 1996SNS 1.
960.03CSC32::R_RIDGWAYTue Nov 26 1996False notifications and discarding messages
961.05COMICS::JUDDFri Nov 29 1996SHOW EVENT/CONTINUOUS display not updated
962.03OPCO::TSG_SJMTue Dec 03 1996Cosmetic modification suggestion
963.02CSC32::D_DONOVANWed Dec 04 1996TCPIP vs DECnet polling status question
965.0TRNOIS::TESTAWed Dec 11 1996Last kit for Dunix?
966.01HTSCFri Dec 13 1996Watchdog version with OpenVMS V6.2
967.0+1NQOSFri Dec 13 1996How does stalled/hung process work?
968.03ROMTue Dec 17 1996No answer from node...
969.02CRLRFR::BLUNTTue Dec 17 1996How many ways can you monitor a disk?
970.04PRSSOS::MENICACCIWed Dec 18 1996How to exclude CD-ROMs ?
971.03AZUR::HUREZFri Dec 20 1996PSW V2.2 ECO
972.01CSC32::D_DONOVANTue Dec 31 1996"SNS$LOG.DAT" - "?"
973.0+6SMOKEN::BRUNELLEThu Jan 02 1997Connection status: mount device busy
975.0+5HLFSMon Jan 06 1997Creation of SNS$WATCH_%%%% processes.
976.02MARVEL::NICHOLSONATue Jan 07 1997psw 2.3 where are you?
977.01HAN::PUCHERWed Jan 08 1997SunOS 5.5 Agent for customer site
978.02HAN::PUCHERWed Jan 08 1997DUNIX Watchdog: How to get the right parameters for specifying a process
979.04CSC32::VANDENBERGThu Jan 09 1997SYSTEM-F-REJECT after ECO 3
980.01NETRIX::"williamchan@hgcsTue Jan 14 1997Using UIC with wildcard
981.02FLYWAY::WALKERNWed Jan 15 1997Displaying +6 character nodenames (again)
982.01HGOVC::LKLEEFri Jan 17 1997POLYCENTER System Watchdog Agent for Alpha VMS ?
983.06OTOOA::OHHMon Jan 20 1997SNS using TCP to talk to VMS node
984.01NETRIX::"gabathuler@mail.dec.com"Mon Jan 20 1997psw_agent dying frequently
985.0+5CSC32::R_RIDGWAYMon Jan 20 1997SNS_C_DSK message removed/added problems
986.0+2WROSTue Jan 21 19976+ char nodenames in psw_pcm feed
987.0+14OTOOA::OHHWed Jan 22 1997SNS V2.2 install failed on VMS 6.1 system
988.0 *+1CSC32::D_DONOVANTue Jan 28 1997Will the "real" ECO3 kit please stand up!
989.0 *+1AMCFAC::RABAHYTue Jan 28 1997V7.1 support?
990.0 *+123111::WILLIAMCHANThu Jan 30 1997$sense wat show event/conti not update the time stamp of event
991.0 *WROSTue Feb 04 1997node names
992.0 *+3HGOVC::PATRICKNGWed Feb 05 1997Process Hang Detection?
993.0 *+2KERNEL::DAVIDCWed Feb 05 1997Connection status: Message number
994.0 *+3BRSADV::MICHIELSWed Feb 05 1997TCP/IP on OpenVMS V5.5-2 agent?
995.0 *+5CSC32::BUTTERWORTHThu Feb 06 1997Watchdog V2.2 ECO 2 - SCSI cluster disk errors
996.0 *+3PRSSOS::MENICACCIFri Feb 07 1997%CLI-W-VALREQ, in action routine
997.0 *+3STKAI1::MALMFri Feb 07 1997Loosing contact with the consolidator
998.0 *+2GIDDAY::REIDTue Feb 11 1997ESA
999.0 *+1VELI::KORKKOTue Feb 18 1997The ADARTL kit! WRONG file protections!
1000.0 *+7AZUR::HUREZTue Feb 18 1997PSW V2.2 ECO
1001.0 *+2MUNICH::KASERTue Feb 18 1997DECmcc feeder on Ultrix : bad substitution !
1002.0 *+1BACHUS::BANKENTue Feb 18 1997ECO3 : PRONOTFOUND
1003.0 *+2UTRTSC::DORLANDWed Feb 19 1997Clusterwide check for single process?
1004.0 *+2NETRIX::"faidherb@tsc.bro.dec.com"Wed Feb 19 1997Polycenter watchdog : creation failure
1005.0 *+1BIS6::VANDENBRAN_PThu Feb 20 1997syswd sensor looping on Alpha/UNIX
1006.0 *+4CRONIC::ANTROBUSMon Feb 24 1997HSZ/RZ/SWXCR device monitoring?
1007.0 *+1ITARES::IT_131647Wed Feb 26 1997time differs from local time by -
1008.0 *+6UTRTSC::WDEBAKKERWed Feb 26 1997Problems with ECO 3 and SNS$SHR
1009.0 *+3CIMBAD::SHUMWAYWed Feb 26 1997differences in the P8 field...
1010.0 *+8TAVTue Mar 04 1997How to install ECO3 without DECnet?
1011.0 *+1CSC32::VANDENBERGTue Mar 04 1997DECnet OSI compatibility
1012.0 *+2MEOCThu Mar 06 1997Urgent Need for AIX 4.1.4 PSW Agent
1013.0 *+223111::WILLIAMCHANThu Mar 06 1997P1 setting
1014.0 *+2HLFSThu Mar 06 1997Delete non printable character message?
1015.0 *+1NETRIX::"dani@furka.zuo.dec.com"Fri Mar 07 1997PSW 2.3 on Digital Unix
1016.0 *+1PRSSOS::MENICACCIFri Mar 07 1997SNS-E-REJECT (again)
1017.0 *+1BACHUS::BANKENWed Mar 12 1997V2.2-11 : no answer from ...
1018.0 *+4CSC32::R_RIDGWAYMon Mar 17 1997 When is WDM event reported...
1019.0 *+8ULYSSE::SOYEZTue Mar 18 1997PSW Support Moving To Computer Associates
1020.0 *+7TAVWed Mar 19 1997TCP/IP and other troubles...
1021.0 *+1ADOVWed Mar 19 1997Need a DCM kit please.
1022.0 *+1BACHUS::BANKENThu Mar 27 1997HSC event
1023.0 *+5TAGEIN::FRANKEFri Apr 04 1997SNSALPECO
1024.0 *ESSB::JNOLANTue Apr 15 1997Stopped queues on nodes not within a VMScluster
1025.0 *HGOVC::STEVENCHEUNGThu Apr 17 1997Block Size for PSWX agent on VMS Cons.
1026.0 *+4SANITY::KBERRYWed Apr 23 1997V2.3 for OpenVMS - soon?
1027.0 *CIMBAD::SHUMWAYTue May 06 1997sensor_lop arg list... what is the 1 for???
1028.0 *SNAX::ERICKSONThu May 08 1997Connection status: exceeded quota
1029.0 *COPCLU::JENSThu May 15 1997gethostbyname() failed in monitor display ?
1030.0 *+2UTRTSC::WDEBAKKERFri May 30 1997Still mount verification messages...
1031.0 *+1TAVSun Jun 01 1997Questions about TCWX
1032.0 *HGOVTue Jun 03 1997PSW on a mixed cluster???
1033.0 *HGOVTue Jun 03 1997Agent client requires Consolidator???