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Conference noted::scouting

Notice:Welcome to the new home of SCOUTING
Created:Thu Jan 08 1987
Last Modified:Wed May 28 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:528
Total number of notes:3706
Number with bodies:12
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1.06CACHE::LEIGHThu May 11 1989Conference Guidelines
2.0217CACHE::LEIGHThu Jan 08 1987Introductions
3.028CACHE::LEIGHMon Jan 19 1987Wanted, for sale, trade
4.0CACHE::LEIGHWed May 08 1991Notes listed by title
5.023CACHE::LEIGHMon Jun 19 1989Locating Scouting Groups
6.05PHDVAX::MCGLINCHEY_JFri Oct 19 1990Camp Directory
8.011CACHE::LEIGHFri Mar 08 1991Training opportunities
9.0LAMHRA::WHORLOWWed Jan 10 1990The Traveller's Note
10.042CACHE::LEIGHMon Jan 12 1987Camp Recipes
11.013RT1Mon Jan 12 1987Explorer Posts
12.09DREAMN::OBUISEMon Jan 12 1987Merit Badge Counselors
13.02HUDSON::SYMMESFri Jan 09 1987Computer Camps
14.018CLOSUS::J_BUTLERFri May 12 1989Order of the Arrow
15.07CEODEV::HANLEYFri Jan 16 1987Winter Camping
16.082ENGINE::MAYFri Jan 09 1987Females in Scouting
17.09CHUCKL::DUNCANMon Jan 19 1987Information Handouts
18.03CACHE::LEIGHTue Jan 20 1987Newsletters
20.05USWAV1::PARKMon Jan 26 1987Demonstrations: what do you do?
21.012CACHE::LEIGHThu Jan 29 1987Tricks of the Trade
22.01GEMVAX::GRANTMon Feb 02 1987Cub Olympics
23.05POWPAC::SNOWThu Feb 05 1987Wanted: Yellowstone Information
24.03VINO::EKLUNDFri Feb 06 1987Basketry Material?
25.06NATASH::AIKENTue Feb 10 1987Making snowshoes
26.023CACHE::LEIGHFri Jan 09 1987Eagle Court of Honor
27.010CACHE::LEIGHFri Jan 09 1987Growing EAGLES
28.04GOONEY::MASSICOTTEThu Jul 27 1989Campfire stories
29.05NISYSG::ELIASun Feb 22 1987Scout-O-Rama Entertainment
30.06TLE::SAVAGEMon Feb 23 1987'Bad' Boys
31.04CACHE::LEIGHSat Jan 10 1987Non-EAGLE Court of Honor
32.011CACHE::LEIGHFri Apr 28 1989Record-keeping forms
34.06CHET::K_HAMELFri Mar 06 1987Florida Sea Base
36.030VAX4::ALLENTue Mar 10 1987Adult Leadership
37.015VAX4::ALLENTue Mar 10 1987Youth Leadership
38.013RATTLE::GOODIEWed Mar 11 1987Board of Review
39.021TLE::SAVAGEFri Mar 13 1987Girl Scouts - General discussion
40.04RATTLE::GOODIETue Mar 17 1987STAR/LIFE Service Projects
41.06CACHE::LEIGHFri Sep 15 1989Summer Camp: Winocksett, NH
42.011CACHE::LEIGHThu Mar 19 1987Summer Camp: Hidden Valley, NH
43.03CACHE::LEIGHThu Mar 19 1987High Adventures
44.018CACHE::LEIGHThu Jun 06 1991Pen-pals
45.08RATTLE::GOODIEMon Mar 23 1987New England: Places for Campouts
46.01ROCK::LEIGHTue Jul 14 1992Summer camp: Camp Quinapoxet, NH
47.05HYDRA::ECKERTSat Mar 28 1987Wood Badge
50.03JACUZI::MALONEMon Apr 13 1987Jr. Leaders Training
51.06CACHE::LEIGHTue Apr 14 1987Used Scout Uniforms
53.04OCKER::WHORLOWFri May 08 1987What about a J.O.T.C ??
55.02TIPPLE::PLEVAThu May 21 1987Orienteering competition
56.010MSTIME::WISEThu May 21 1987Scoutmaster's Minutes
57.035TLE::SAVAGEFri May 29 1987Songs for All Scouts
59.022CHET::K_HAMELFri May 29 1987Declining BOY SCOUT Membership
62.02OTOUFri Jul 03 1987Canada: BEAVER program
63.04VICKI::WILLIAMSSun Jul 05 1987Aquatics programs
65.02CACHE::LEIGHMon Jul 27 1987Summer camp: Eagle advancement?
67.021HUDSON::DUNCANWed Jul 29 1987International Scouting
69.02MORRIS::CARLSONMon Aug 24 1987Summer Camp: Treasure Valley, NH
71.07OCKER::WHORLOWWed Sep 02 1987Let's rag chew to say 'hello'
72.02DALI::BRACKETTFri Sep 11 1987Freeze dried food info
73.03AKOVFri Sep 11 1987Locations for large events
75.012TOPDOC::AHERNTue Sep 22 1987How [not] to form a den.
77.019MPGS::PIERMARINIThu Oct 08 1987Skits
81.010GUCCI::MOENMon Nov 16 1987Jamborees: General discussion
82.0TLE::SAVAGEWed Nov 25 1987Appalachian Mountain Club
83.030CYGNUS::HAMBURGERFri Nov 20 1987Badges & Rank: getting easier?
87.011XROADS::MURRAYTue Jan 12 1988Sustaining Membership Enrollment
89.011LOWLIF::WAGNERWed Jan 13 1988Patch Trading
92.06ZNANYE::WHORLOWSun Jan 17 1988Work/Service opportunity wanted.
94.06NYJMIS::CHERYLTue Jan 26 1988Dutch Ovens
95.03SHRBIZ::STOCKDALEFri Jan 29 1988High Adventure: Camp Meade, NH
97.01RATTLE::GOODIEMon Feb 15 1988Horseback-riding Campout
98.0108CACHE::LEIGHTue Mar 01 1988Pinewood Derbies
101.02VOLGA::JALBERTWed Mar 09 1988Tiger Cubs
103.04TUNER::FLISSat Mar 19 1988Model Rocketry
106.0CAMLOT::COFFMANFri Apr 15 1988Scouting Alumni Membership
107.01ABLE::MOSERMon May 09 1988Camping with Dinosaurs
108.02TFH::HSIAThu Aug 30 1990Eagle Project Reports
109.012DLOWed May 11 1988Ideas for Eagle projects
111.03XANADU::FLEISCHERTue May 17 1988pack meeting ideas wanted!
113.02VINO::KILGOREWed Jun 08 1988Info needed - WEBELOS den leader
115.024HPSVAX::MEDEIROSThu Jun 23 1988Philmont Scout Camp
118.06ABLE::MOSERMon Jul 11 1988Girl Scout Camp Activities
120.02ABLE::MOSERThu Aug 04 1988Large-group Activities
121.0TLE::SAVAGETue Aug 30 1988The Concord Scout House
122.04AKOVFri Sep 16 1988DECies and Scouters
125.05TLE::SAVAGEThu Sep 22 1988Unit/Council Relationships
126.04ISWS::HAMBURGERThu Sep 22 1988Scoutmaster conference
129.01CAMILE::BRACKETTTue Sep 27 1988Camping via train
130.010TSE::POLIKOFFTue Sep 27 1988Smoking at Scout Activities?
132.02ISWS::HAMBURGERTue Oct 04 1988Record keeping regarding Awards
133.028XANADU::FLEISCHERThu Oct 13 1988Buying scout supplies
134.018ISWS::HAMBURGERWed Oct 19 1988Troop discipline ??
135.01ALLZS::MORRISONMon Oct 24 1988New Cub Leaders
137.021OASS::B_RAMSEYTue Nov 08 1988Fire Building Techniques
138.03OASS::B_RAMSEYThu Nov 10 1988Pointer to SURVIVAL conference
139.014OASS::B_RAMSEYWed Nov 16 1988Snipe Hunts
140.0OASS::B_RAMSEYSat Nov 19 1988Patrol Specialities
141.08CLIMB::LEIGHMon Nov 28 1988Eagle project: Organ donors
142.010CLIMB::LEIGHMon Nov 28 1988Eagle Scout Advisor
143.0EMASS::PARKFri Dec 02 1988Tote 'n Chip
144.04AKOV13::LECLAIRSun Dec 04 1988Help on Aerospace
146.07LAMHRA::WHORLOWTue Dec 06 1988Chief Scouts of the World
149.01CSSE::AIKENWed Dec 14 1988Camping in Canada
151.02LAMHRA::WHORLOWMon Dec 19 1988Christmas Dinner
152.021SALEM::WARSHAWTue Dec 27 1988USA: Record-keeping software
157.04TADSKI::STOCKDALEThu Mar 09 1989Saco River (NH) trips?
158.09LVS::HABERLANDThu Mar 23 1989Help Recruiting Boys
159.0REPAIR::PAYNEWed Apr 05 1989Did i miss/a funny thing
160.020LAMHRA::WHORLOWMon Apr 10 1989Who should get the top Award???
162.016WORDS::BADGERFri Apr 14 1989Are we turning out wimps?
165.012MONGUS::DUFFYWed May 03 1989Fund raising: a ? on car washes
166.05TSE::POLIKOFFWed May 10 1989Anti-Semitism in the Boy Scouts
168.01LUDWIG::BOURGAULTMon May 22 1989Medical Concerns:
169.01TSE::POLIKOFFThu Jun 22 1989Jewish retreat: Shabataton
170.05SUBURB::EASTONMon Jun 26 1989BSA Mail Order 'Phone Number?
171.07IDE::JAMESTue Jun 27 1989Scouting for College Students
172.05SUBURB::EASTONTue Jul 04 1989Summer camp: memories
174.03AYOV1Fri Jul 14 1989The Scout Centrum-Holland Info
177.02SUBURB::EASTONTue Jul 18 1989North American Indians
178.07VICKI::MCLAINTue Jul 18 1989Where can I take the canoes??
180.027SKYLRK::WISEERFri Jan 09 1987Merit Badges: tooo easy??
183.07CARTUN::PAVLOCKThu Aug 24 1989Scoutmaster Needed!!!
184.03COMET::HULTENGRENThu Aug 31 1989New Girl Scout Leader Needs HELP
185.03MADMXX::GROVERFri Sep 01 1989DEC Scouters & Notes
186.0CACHE::LEIGHMon Sep 11 1989MORSE CODE Interpreter Strip
189.01CACHE::LEIGHFri Sep 15 1989Summer camp: Camp Onway, NH
190.03CACHE::LEIGHFri Sep 15 1989Summer camp: Camp Kunatah, NY
191.02CACHE::LEIGHFri Sep 15 1989Summer camp: Camp Sachem, NH
194.010RAINBO::WALKERMon Sep 25 1989Girl Scouts: Daisy's
195.011XANADU::FLEISCHERWed Sep 27 1989Webelos meetings and advancement
197.08MADMXX::GROVERThu Sep 28 1989Scouters' Involvement
202.04MADMXX::GROVERMon Nov 06 1989Scouting for Food
203.010CLOSUS::J_BUTLERMon Nov 13 1989Computer Explorer Post (CXO)
204.07UKCSSE::HOBBSWed Nov 29 1989UK: Record Keeping Software
205.020CACHE::LEIGHWed Dec 13 1989Camporee activities, age 11-2
206.01NOSNOW::MCDOWWed Dec 20 1989NESA looking for Eagles
208.0SWEEP::NAYLORMon Jan 08 1990-campsites in Cologne Germany
209.06SUBURB::EASTONTue Jan 09 1990Computers for Cub Scouts?
210.01COMET::BOWERMANTue Jan 09 1990Any one from Singapore?
211.0LAMHRA::WHORLOWWed Jan 10 1990First Aid
212.01ASDS::AIKENThu Jan 11 1990Unit Finances
213.05ASABET::EHNSTROMThu Jan 18 1990Blue and Gold Banquet
214.05NYFSWed Jan 24 1990Looking for a Genealogy Badge
216.01ASDS::AIKENTue Feb 06 1990Canadian High Adventure
217.05MCGRUE::FRENCHSWed Feb 07 1990Games you play on a troop night.
218.015CACHE::LEIGHThu Feb 08 1990Competition: winning & loosing
219.07PROXY::GRUDAThu Feb 08 1990Survival Kits /Survival
220.0PROXY::GRUDAFri Feb 16 1990Campout War Stories
221.013XANADU::FLEISCHERFri Feb 16 1990Webelos grad. & Arrow of Light
222.01SA1794::WILLIAMSIFri Feb 23 1990Cub packs: yearly schedules
223.024TALLIS::KENNEDYMon Mar 19 1990Scoutmasters
224.010CACHE::LEIGHWed Mar 21 1990Custom Patches
225.02CACHE::LEIGHThu Mar 22 1990Self-esteem & self-confidence
227.02CACHE::LEIGHThu Mar 29 1990Fund raising: Families
229.0PROXY::GRUDAFri Apr 06 1990Metric Maps
230.077CACHE::LEIGHMon Apr 09 1990Fund raising: Troops/packs
231.06ESCROW::KILGORETue Apr 17 1990What is a Unit Commissioner?
232.06PROXY::GRUDATue Apr 24 1990OA: Section Conclave's
236.03UILA::WHORLOWThu Jun 14 1990Scouter going Walkabout - UK/USA
237.06UILA::WHORLOWThu Jun 14 1990Scouting Museums
238.07CAPNET::BARCLAYFri Jun 15 1990Summer Camp: Camp Collier, MA
239.03XANADU::FLEISCHERFri Jun 15 1990Summer camps in mid-August?
241.018LRENZO::WELCHThu Jun 28 1990Boy Scout logo in .ddif format
244.07LRENZO::WELCHFri Aug 10 1990Electric Boat/Gen. Dynamics Tour
247.01CACHE::LEIGHFri Sep 28 1990Ideas from other youth programs
248.0148ASDS::AIKENFri Sep 28 1990(God) and Country?
249.09ALLZS::MORRISONMon Oct 01 1990Fall 1991 DWC Jamboree
250.08ESCROW::KILGOREWed Oct 03 1990Scouting Computer Files
251.08CSC32::R_GROVERFri Oct 05 1990General ceremonies topic
252.05CACHE::LEIGHTue Oct 16 1990Scouts Own
253.04CACHE::LEIGHWed Oct 17 1990Measuring Success
254.04CACHE::LEIGHThu Oct 18 1990Scouting for the blind
255.04NYFSMon Oct 22 1990Family Relationships
256.014PHDVAX::MCGLINCHEY_JWed Nov 07 1990Alcohol
257.010CSGThu Nov 08 1990USA Flag Etiquette
258.04ODDONE::PAYNE_RMon Nov 12 1990Haarlem 1991 Jamboree (Holland)
259.06EXPRES::GILMANWed Nov 21 1990A death, Tony Gould
261.07ENOVAX::MCGRORYWed Nov 28 1990Advancement Errors
262.03TALLIS::KENNEDYWed Dec 19 1990Girl Scouts: Brownies
266.014TROAMon Jan 21 1991buying tents
267.0+4USCTR2::ADEMARSThu Jan 24 1991Space Derby
270.025AUSSIE::WHORLOWFri Mar 01 1991How to motivate parents!
271.0CIMNET::LEBLANCFri Mar 01 1991Webelos Week Activities Needed
272.06POCUS::HAMELSun Mar 03 1991CITY Scouting
273.04CLOSUS::J_BUTLERThu Mar 14 1991The Patrol Method
274.015LRENZO::WELCHThu Mar 14 1991Guests at Scout campouts
275.01PROXY::GRUDAFri Mar 15 1991Buying used/discount equipment
276.014CLOSUS::J_BUTLERWed Mar 27 1991BSA's Family Camping Program
277.07TOPDOC::AHERNFri Apr 05 1991Ethics of Scouting as a business
278.01XANADU::FLEISCHERMon Apr 08 1991Communications Merit Badge
279.04XANADU::FLEISCHERMon Apr 08 1991Safety Merit Badge
281.01CSC32::R_GROVERTue Apr 16 1991Pikes Peak Scouting EXPO, 1991
282.020CAPNET::BARCLAYTue Apr 23 1991Consolidation/Merger of Councils
284.012RUTLND::MCMAHONMon Apr 29 1991Black fly bites
285.02AUSSIE::WHORLOWMon May 06 1991Describe YOUR Scouting job.
286.05BSS::B_YOUNGWIRTHThu May 16 1991Raingutter Regatta Questions
287.01GPXENG::MAYERFri May 24 1991New Brunswick Jamboree - 1991
288.013AKOCOA::HEACOCKTue May 28 1991If You Could Start a New Troop
289.010AKOCOA::HEACOCKTue Jun 11 1991What about Free Time
290.010ODIXIE::RAMSEYThu Jun 20 1991Leaders without children
292.010TLE::SAVAGEFri Jun 28 1991Older Girl Scouts - Cadettes
293.02JGODCL::WIJGERSMon Jul 01 1991Korean Jamboree - 1991
294.09TLE::SAVAGEMon Jul 22 1991Gender gap: discrepancy in money for programs
295.09CACHE::LEIGHWed Aug 21 1991Learning for Life
296.01MIVC::ZUKATISTue Sep 03 1991Wood Stove Needed
297.016SASE::FAVORS::BADGERTue Sep 03 1991Uniform exchange
298.03SASE::FAVORS::BADGERTue Sep 03 1991Scouting for the deaf
300.03SUBURB::EASTONThu Sep 12 1991BSA Shop Address?
301.09CIMNET::LEBLANCFri Sep 20 1991Disruptive Cub Scouts in Dens
302.010NYFSMon Sep 23 1991Looking for medieval receipes
303.05GIAMEM::SMAYERMon Sep 30 1991International games needed
304.03RICKS::MORINMon Sep 30 1991Mid-State trail help
306.01SDOGUS::BOYACKThu Oct 03 1991Support your local Scouter! DEC help?
307.0CLOSUS::J_BUTLERWed Oct 09 1991Fall 1991 Pikes Peak Council Camporee
309.01MRDANA::BLANCHARDMon Oct 14 1991Carriagetown Jamborree 1991
310.06SDOGUS::BOYACKMon Oct 14 1991Un-uniting with United Way?
311.01SASE::FAVORS::BADGERWed Oct 30 1991Old IronSides
312.09DELNI::OTAWed Oct 30 1991help with a den leader
313.03GIAMEM::DESCHAMPSTue Nov 05 1991Help! with Spaghetti Supper
314.05SISDA::MENARDMon Nov 11 1991Bowlathon Madness!
315.01UPROAR::TAYLORTFri Nov 15 1991WS92
316.012WLDBIL::KILGORESun Nov 17 1991Trail's End Popcorn -- discussion on sales campaign
317.01WLDBIL::KILGOREWed Nov 27 1991How to regis. adult to mult. positions in same pack?
319.0ROCK::LEIGHFri Dec 06 1991Doing good deeds...
320.0TRACTR::JACOBMon Dec 09 1991Uniforms Needed
321.09DELNI::OTAFri Dec 13 1991Pack Meetings
322.03CARTUN::PAVLOCKMon Dec 16 1991Discussion Topics for Eagle Board of Review
323.03AUBREE::JEFFTue Jan 14 1992Scouting Pen-Pals
324.05VMSZOO::ECKERTTue Jan 21 1992Girl Scout First Aid/CPR requirements?
325.01SUBURB::EASTONThu Feb 06 1992Lincoln's Birthday
327.066DELNI::OTAWed Feb 19 1992Gay leaders in BSA?
328.02WHYNOW::NEWMANMon Feb 24 1992Indian Headress needed for Pack Ceremony
329.02JGODCL::KONINGThu Feb 27 1992are there scout magazine freaks?
330.05TRACTR::JACOBThu Feb 27 1992Help Help Help
331.02MRDANA::BLANCHARDMon Mar 02 1992Washington, DC.
332.012VMSSPT::NICHOLSWed Mar 04 1992Child Molesters in Scouting
333.04PRIMES::FINKELSTEINMon Mar 16 1992"Be Prepared?"
334.01SUBURB::EASTONMon Mar 23 1992Job Week Disaster
335.0AKOCOA::HEACOCKMon Mar 23 1992Executing Plan B, C, D ...
337.01WLDBIL::KILGOREFri Apr 10 1992Training Information -- Nashua Valley Council
338.08VSSCAD::SOOKIKIANTue Apr 14 1992why is scouting important to scouts
340.0FDCVFri May 01 1992First Aid Kits
341.07SASE::FAVORS::BADGERMon May 04 1992Cub Scout Ceremonies
342.09BOGUSS::RAWLINSWed May 06 1992What are you doing this summer?
343.01MRKTNG::PRICESun May 10 1992WANTED: Meeting Ideas
344.08DELNI::OTATue May 12 1992Outdoor games for cubscouts?
345.01AUSSIE::WHORLOWThu May 14 1992I am so jealous...
346.03MRDANA::BLANCHARDFri May 15 1992BSA store in Nashua Valley Council
347.010WLDBIL::KILGOREFri May 15 1992Twelve-council jamboree, 1994?
349.0LUNER::W_STEVENSSat May 30 1992Trade-O-Ree
350.08SASE::FAVORS::BADGERThu Jun 04 1992scouter's honesty with money
351.03RDVAX::DIEWALDMon Jun 15 1992craft ideas
352.03SIDON::AIKENTue Jun 23 1992Mixed meetings
353.03RGNET8::BOUTHIETTETue Jun 23 1992Women in Boy Scouting
354.06AKOCOA::HEACOCKFri Jun 26 1992Scout Stores in Australia
355.01COMET::HOOVERMFri Jul 10 1992looking for polic exp. post
356.08SX4GTO::OLSONMon Jul 13 1992Anybody got a 7
357.01ADVLSI::RINNEFri Jul 24 1992Webelos Leader Trainers Wanted
358.011NYFSThu Jul 30 1992Just a bit of clarification...
359.03CDROM::HENDRICKSTue Aug 04 1992NH Public Radio: Folk Songs of Camp this Sunday
360.03DENVER::DAVISGBFri Aug 07 1992Den Yells
361.02BSS::GROVERFri Aug 28 1992"ANDREW" - How can Scouting help ?????
362.03DELNI::OTAWed Sep 09 1992What badge should our cubs be on.
363.05LORD::DLEBLANCFri Sep 11 1992BSA logo in POSTSCRIPT format BSA logo in Postscript format
364.013BSS::GROVERFri Sep 11 1992CLOSET SCOUTING, WHY is this???
365.012KHAZAD::SAFFORDWed Sep 16 1992Buffalo Blood Ceremony?
366.04HACMAN::HACKFri Sep 18 1992Tax Deduction for Scout Service?
367.0ELYSEE::FUMSMon Sep 21 1992Scouting in Albania
368.0SUBURB::EASTONWed Sep 23 1992Anyone know the whereabouts of...
369.0BASCAS::PAYNE_RFri Sep 25 1992HAARLEM 1995
371.01SUBURB::EASTONWed Sep 30 1992Grand Howl (from around the world?)
372.02AKOCOA::THORPWed Oct 14 19921992 POWWOW
373.02BSS::GROVERFri Oct 16 1992Professional scouter ???s
374.03HPSRAD::WOLFEFri Nov 06 1992a request for PC software
375.01PONIL::J_BUTLERThu Nov 12 1992William "Green Bar Bill" Harcourt
376.06MRDANA::BLANCHARDTue Nov 17 1992Cub Scout Sports Program
377.02DV78Mon Nov 23 1992Old Scout handbooks
378.06VORTEX::SFCAST::STEWARTTue Dec 01 1992help on a patrol box
380.02DV78Wed Dec 09 1992Off to Philmont!
381.03DELNI::OTAMon Dec 14 1992Whats normal for achieving Webloe Pins?
382.010BSS::GROVERMon Dec 14 1992How to sign/keep committee members
383.0URRACA::J_BUTLERWed Dec 16 1992Topics from the Internet/USENET
384.012URRACA::J_BUTLERWed Dec 16 1992Games
385.07AIMHI::TLAPOINTEWed Jan 20 1993Troop-Pack Combo??
386.020AUSSIE::WHORLOWTue Jan 26 1993Get rid of the uniform!
387.02BSS::GROVERThu Jan 28 1993SCOUT WEEK activities
388.07GAAS::KENNEDYFri Jan 29 1993What to do about exterme weather?
389.02ILUVNH::BADGERTue Feb 02 1993Scout day at Finway Park
390.0CARTUN::PAVLOCKTue Feb 02 1993Norwich University NESA Camporee
391.01PHDVAX::JMCGLINCHEYMon Feb 08 1993Looking for info on new Council Exec.
392.0PHDVAX::JMCGLINCHEYSat Feb 20 1993Scoutmasters Benediction
393.09ILUVNH::BADGERWed Feb 24 1993Unwritten rules?/bobcat ceremony
394.03BRAT::JANEBWed Feb 24 1993Girl Scout Camps: Farnsworth/Albany?
395.01WHYNOW::NEWMANThu Feb 25 1993Looking for a donation
396.05TRACTR::JACOBSat Mar 06 1993help with a merit badge
397.0BSS::GROVERSat Mar 06 1993A moment of silence, PLEASE!!!
398.02PHDVAX::JMCGLINCHEYTue Mar 16 1993Looking for BBS Software
399.03JUPITR::LEPIRETue Mar 16 1993opening flag cermony needed please
400.0DC1Mon Mar 22 1993Patrol Cheers & Songs
401.012SOJU::SLATERMon Mar 22 1993Help-Computer Explorer Post
402.09TALK::JARVISWed Apr 07 1993University of Scouting
403.01URRACA::J_BUTLERThu Apr 08 1993Commissioner Service
404.0WFOV11::CHANGWed Apr 28 1993Western Mass Mini-Jamboree/Camporee
405.01AKOCOA::HEACOCKMon May 03 1993Boy Scout Sea Base in Flordia
406.03LARVAE::LEWIS_JTue May 18 1993BEAVERS
407.012BSS::GROVERFri May 21 1993Schools make wrong move in Colorado Springs
408.04CXDOCS::J_BUTLERFri May 21 1993BSA-provided Insurance
409.01AKOCOA::HEACOCKMon May 24 1993Fund raisers for Adults?
410.03TOPDOC::AHERNThu Jul 15 1993Baden-Powell House in London
411.015BSS::GROVERMon Jul 19 1993Rifle and Archery merit badge ???s
413.08CTOAVX::PEIRCEThu Aug 05 19931993 National Jamboree
414.02BSS::GROVERFri Aug 27 1993SCOUTING Magazine - ADVERTISEMENTS good/not good
415.03TRUCKS::MILES_BTue Aug 31 1993From UK to US
416.010BSS::GROVERWed Sep 15 1993Charter Rep. & Comm. Chair questions
417.0PARITY::RZASAFri Sep 17 1993Help For A webelo
418.07LORD::DLEBLANCFri Sep 17 1993When a Den is Disfunctional
419.03LORD::DLEBLANCFri Sep 17 1993Raingutter Regatta Boat Design
420.016CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Sep 21 1993Cold weather gear.
421.03BSS::GROVERThu Sep 30 1993Scouting of Canada, Advancement questions
422.01PARITY::RZASAWed Oct 06 1993For Camping
423.02AWECIM::MCMAHONFri Oct 08 1993J.O.T.A.
424.0SOUPER::COOPERSun Oct 10 1993$
425.014AIMHI::TLAPOINTEMon Oct 11 1993Rules of Conduct for a Troop?
426.018MSE1::BOWKERThu Oct 14 1993BSA Clip Art
427.09AUSSIE::WHORLOWWed Oct 20 1993A Cause for Concern: please help.
428.01EVEN::GREGOIREFri Oct 22 1993Want To Visit
429.05SUBSYS::HOPEWELLTue Nov 02 1993Pack Size?
430.03BSS::GROVERFri Nov 05 1993The President and the Boy Scouts
431.06CSC32::M_BLESSINGTue Nov 16 19931995 World Jamboree - Netherlands
432.0AYRPLN::KISERFri Dec 17 1993Brownie Uniform needed....
434.01AUSSIE::WHORLOWMon Jan 03 1994New Year, New Broom
435.0DEMAND::SEGUINWed Jan 26 1994Rich Seguin Troop 41 Fitchburg, Ma.
436.09BSS::GROVERMon Feb 07 1994Scout Sunday/Sabbath Activities ???
437.02AKOCOA::HEACOCKThu Feb 10 1994Hiker SAM Ideas Needed
438.05AUSSIE::WHORLOWSun Feb 20 1994Producing a Newsletter
439.04AWECIM::MCMAHONMon Feb 28 1994Frustrated with den leader
440.06BASLL1::ALLENMTue Mar 01 1994UK Venture Scouts......HELP
441.04POLAR::KAOM25::STILLWELLWed Mar 02 1994OA INFO
442.01CARROL::COXTue Mar 22 1994Webelos Geologist trainer needed
443.02SUBSYS::FORDEThu Apr 14 1994Anybody hiked Mt. Chocorua or Mt. Passaconaway?
444.07BONKIN::BOYLEFri Apr 15 1994Joeys around the world
445.0NYFSWed Apr 20 1994Volunteers Poem
446.01STRATA::BRICHARDMon May 02 1994Trading Council Patches
447.02KAOFS::W_GILROYWed May 11 1994Canadian World Cubbing Badge
448.0MKOTS1::SOUTHWORTHWed May 11 1994Free flagpoles
449.04NYFSThu May 12 1994Mt. Washington and Boots
450.01EMASS::GRECOWed May 18 19941994 Maine Jamboree
451.0CSLALL::WALIBBYFri May 20 1994Pack Flag Dedication Ceremony?
452.011NYFSMon May 23 1994need a flag-burning ceremony
453.04CXDOCS::J_BUTLERMon Jun 06 1994On to the Next Camp...
455.02BIS1::DEWANDREFri Jul 15 1994Ideas for travel/host Belgian scouts in August
456.02BSS::GROVERMon Jul 18 1994Black Forest Colorado LIFE scout killed ???
457.01MKOTS1::BENOITFri Jul 22 1994I want to get involved in Scouting
458.0UTRTSC::BERKHOUTFri Aug 19 1994Jamboree in Holland????
459.0CASDOC::SAVAGETue Aug 23 1994Accidental death of 3 leaders in Russia
460.02AIMHI::STINIUSWed Aug 31 1994Scouting in Nashua?
461.06CSC32::P_SOThu Sep 22 1994Home Lives of the Boys
462.05NYFSMon Sep 26 1994Girl Scout Clip-Art
463.03WRKSYS::DLEBLANCFri Sep 30 1994Disabled/Challenged Youth or Leaders)
464.01CSC32::P_SOMon Oct 10 1994Jamboree of the Air
465.08POLAR::BONNWed Oct 12 1994Canadian Scouting
466.07AUSSIE::WHORLOWThu Oct 27 1994Into the valley rode the 5
467.01HOBBLE::WURZBERGERMon Nov 07 1994There is interest from Maryland!
468.02LARVAE::TIERNEYFri Nov 11 1994Scouting in Spain... help please
469.03SSDEVO::LYONFri Nov 18 1994Letters from around the world
470.07NPSS::BADGERThu Dec 08 1994what is today's scouting role?
471.02CSC32::P_SOMon Dec 12 1994Invention Convention
472.02AIMHI::TLAPOINTEMon Dec 12 1994Scouts & I-net
473.0CSOA1::BRESMon Dec 12 1994
474.03AUSSIE::WHORLOWTue Dec 13 1994Quality Scouting
475.07A1VAX::OLDMAC::PRICEFri Dec 16 1994Should the children run the program?
476.01CGDEIS::WURZBERGERWed Jan 04 1995BSA clipart revisited.
477.0CGDEIS::WURZBERGERMon Jan 09 1995The significance of rank achievement!?
478.09MROA::DJANCAITISMon Jan 09 1995Costs associated to Scouts/Unit & Council
479.03AUSSIE::WHORLOWThu Jan 12 1995WHose job is recruitment?
480.07AUSSIE::WHORLOWSun Jan 15 1995Scouts Drown? What news?
481.0BSS::GROVERTue Jan 17 1995Maine v Girl Scout cookies....
482.05BSS::GROVERWed Jan 18 1995On line form needed
483.01CGDEIS::WURZBERGERThu Jan 26 1995Albanian Scout Movement
484.06WRKSYS::DLEBLANCThu Jan 26 1995Cub Scout Adventure Field Trips
485.02CSC32::P_SOTue Feb 07 1995Historic Trails Hiking
486.03USCTR1::BARCLAYThu Feb 09 1995Looking for Girl Guides in B.C.
487.09SSDEVO::LUNTFri Feb 24 1995Grand Canyon hike/how hard?
488.0CASDOC::SAVAGEMon Mar 13 1995The BSA's First Eagle Scout
489.06FOUNDR::BAUER::BauerTue Mar 14 1995Eagle Project on Word for Windows
490.03SUBSYS::GOODROWFri Mar 17 1995Martha Vineyard Experiences Wanted
491.05HOBBLE::WURZBERGERMon Mar 20 1995Quantity versus Quality
492.014DPD1Tue Mar 28 1995Another slap in the face of Boy Scouts
493.0HOBBLE::WURZBERGERFri Apr 28 1995Den grad. ceremony & misc.
494.05PERFOM::WALLACE_RTue May 09 1995Home made backpacks?
495.05NWDWed Jul 12 1995Knot insignia on U.S. uniform
496.0HOBBLE::WURZBERGERFri Jul 21 1995Need ideas for recruitment night.
497.010AUSSIE::WHORLOWTue Jul 25 1995Scouting WILL not last!
498.01NYFSMon Jul 31 1995Looking for a sailing adventure
499.0AUSSIE::WHORLOWTue Aug 01 1995The Way to Growth..
500.035HOBBLE::WURZBERGERThu Aug 03 1995Scouting CAN survive.
501.08CSC32::P_SOMon Aug 07 1995Our Pack is Falling Apart
502.012CASDOC::SAVAGEMon Aug 28 1995Girls in the BSA
503.0CASDOC::SAVAGEThu Sep 14 1995Campsites for 1996 Olympics in Atlanta area
505.012BRAT::VINCENTWed Sep 27 1995Daisy's
506.010BRAT::KELLEYWed Oct 04 1995Tiger by the tail...
507.0MALFri Oct 06 1995Words needed....
508.03AUSSIE::WHORLOWTue Oct 10 1995Time to spend more with teh family..
509.03CSC32::P_SOThu Oct 12 1995Den Meeting Activities
511.01NETCAD::ATKINSONTue Nov 07 1995Bunk space in Lincoln, NH in Winter?
512.0MALWed Nov 08 1995Maine Jamboree in '96??
513.0TNPUBS::BURNSFri Nov 10 1995"Holidays Around the World" ideas for activities?
514.01GENRAL::HULSEYWed Dec 27 1995Openings for Sea Base Sailing Trip
515.02NYFSThu Jan 25 1996Do You Know this Girl Scout?
517.05NYFSWed Feb 28 1996A Baby Boy Scout in a Girl Scout Troop
518.0CASDOC::SAVAGEFri Mar 22 1996NH Girl Scouts plan big camporee, 7-9 June 1996
519.02STRATA::KLAThu Apr 18 1996Vermont campsite
520.03NETRIX::"Monroel@akodhcp176-164.ako.dec.com"Wed Apr 24 1996Brownies in Ashland MA?
521.0SALEM::THORPTue May 07 1996Scouting Exhibit at Rockwell Museum
522.04tun-16.imc.das.dec.com::HammTue Aug 20 1996Looking for Trip Suggestions
523.015HAZMAT::WEIERMon Sep 16 1996Getting into Scouting questions
524.04TERRI::SIMONWed Oct 23 1996A sad night tonight, UK. Group Closing
525.04tunsrv2-tunnel.imc.das.dec.com::HammWed Nov 06 1996Still Singing After All These Years - May 1997
526.0 *+4WRKSYS::MURRAYTue Feb 18 1997International Thinking Day
527.0 *WRKSYS::MURRAYMon Apr 14 1997Scout Leaders in UK killed.
528.0 *POWDML::FRYEWed May 28 1997Canoe Instructor Needed