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Conference noted::pwi18n

Title:PATHWORKS & PC Internationalization/Localization
Notice:Re-engineering - Just say no!
Created:Sat Apr 25 1992
Last Modified:Fri May 23 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:115
Total number of notes:249
Number with bodies:4
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1.05RANGER::BACKSTROMSat Apr 25 1992Welcome and Conference Notices
10.028RANGER::BACKSTROMSat Apr 25 1992Introductions
13.02RANGER::BACKSTROMFri May 22 1992International Humour
50.04RANGER::BACKSTROMSun May 10 1992Related Conferences
55.015RANGER::BACKSTROMSun May 10 1992Documents (on- or off-line)
56.06RANGER::BACKSTROMMon May 18 1992Presentations
64.0RANGER::BACKSTROMSat Apr 25 1992[not reserved]
65.0RANGER::BACKSTROMWed May 13 1992IBM's Double Byte Character Set Sample String Library
66.02SLO::VUJNOVICFri May 15 1992Development <---> Localization interaction
67.0RANGER::BACKSTROMFri May 15 1992Next week: ISE International sw seminar
68.02RANGER::BACKSTROMFri May 15 1992Client/server message passing, internal storage formats
69.01SLO::VUJNOVICMon May 18 1992Apple and I18N/L1
70.01SLO::VUJNOVICMon May 18 1992Unicode
71.04SPACE::HouleMon May 18 1992common set of text/error messages
72.018RANGER::BACKSTROMFri May 29 1992I18N Product Requirements
73.0SMITIX::CrosbyWed Jan 22 1992Functionality differences. (from JPATHWORKS_FORUM)
74.0SMITIX::CrosbyWed Jan 22 1992Mem. concerns for Japanese PCs (from JPATHWORKS_FORUM)
75.022SMITIX::CrosbyThu Jan 23 1992Doko desu ka? Where are things? (from JPATHWORKS_FORUM)
76.04SMITIX::CrosbyMon Jan 27 1992Desired functionality in base product (from JPATHWORKS_FORUM)
77.02SMITIX::CrosbyMon Feb 10 1992Trip report available (from JPATHWORKS_FORUM)
78.04RANGER::GUTFREUNDFri Feb 21 1992Japanese X.25 Makers (from JPATHWORKS_FORUM)
79.05JSOVMon Feb 24 1992NDIS driver name, file name (from JPATHWORKS_FORUM)
81.07YAE385::CurlessThu Mar 05 1992A hardware dependant library? (from JPATHWORKS_FORUM)
82.02JSOVTue Mar 10 1992EtherWORKS (from JPATHWORKS_FORUM)
83.06JSOCSS::YOKOTAMon Mar 16 1992How to create DEPCA.DOS (from JPATHWORKS_FORUM)
84.01SMITIX::CrosbyWed Apr 15 1992Feedback from Japan is desired. (from JPATHWORKS_FORUM)
85.0SLO::VUJNOVICFri Jun 05 1992The + 3
86.01RANGER::BACKSTROMSat Jun 20 1992Current (and future) products/platforms
87.0RANGER::BACKSTROMSat Jun 20 1992About the PCSG/Asia/Japan Co-Development Plan...
88.04RANGER::BACKSTROMSat Jun 20 1992The (current) I18N/L1
89.0RANGER::BACKSTROMMon Jun 22 1992Stan Goldfarb's Portable 'C' Command Parser
90.0RANGER::BACKSTROMTue Jun 23 1992Ideas/suggestions for tools, routines, libraries
91.0SLO::VUJNOVICThu Jun 25 1992LISA = Standardizing L1
92.02FIZBUZ::SAUNDERSWed Jul 01 1992extract from "Paper on obstacles to simultaneous ship" Relase Notes....
93.04SLO::VUJNOVICTue Jul 07 1992Microsoft knows how to do it!
94.01RANGER::BACKSTROMThu Jul 09 1992Microsoft Windows (3.
95.03RANGER::CROSBYTue Jul 14 1992Netware and Drivers questions
96.05RANGER::BACKSTROMMon Sep 14 1992PATHWORKS I18N Cheat Sheet
97.02THOLIN::TBAKERThu Nov 19 1992Password case translation
98.0RANGER::HONDAMon Nov 30 1992Japanese Language
99.03RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Mar 24 1993Odds and Ends
100.01RANGER::BACKSTROMMon Jun 28 1993Microsoft Windows Far-East SDK available soon
101.03KAOFS::M_VALLEEFri Oct 01 1993french book and sftwr
102.02GALVIA::STEPHENSWed Oct 27 1993PIP handbook -- softcopy?
103.0ROMA::PARLINSKIThu Nov 18 1993Using PATHWORKS in Non - Latin-1 Environment
104.01MQOSWS::MQOP36::m_lemayFri Nov 26 1993WinRcv in French???
105.05ATHINA::SKARLATOSFri Apr 01 1994Custom Character sets not passed through?
106.02ZPOVC::SEOWHURNTue May 31 1994Pathworks Hanyu - on the net ??
107.0RANGER::BACKSTROMMon Jun 20 1994Windows DLL for 'generic' character set conversions
108.02SMURF::WENDYWed Jul 20 1994Unicode and Distributed Services ?
109.01MFRFMS::SFISCHERMon Nov 14 1994Problem with DEPEA and Windows for WorkGroups V3.11
110.0HERIAM::UGRINOWTue Jan 10 1995COURSE:Globalizing WIN/WIN32 Apps
111.02HGOVC::ESCUADRAWed Jun 21 1995Pathworks/Hanyu V5.
112.01SHIPS::BREIBART_SSat Aug 26 1995Cyrillic fonts for Pathworks terminal emulator
113.0HGOM11::ARTHURWANGFri Sep 27 1996how to connect win95 to pathwork for unix
114.0 *+1KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Mar 20 1997french SPD needed
115.0 *+1NNTPD::"paul.sture@gyproxy.rto.dec.com"Wed May 21 1997Admin/Pathworks Loops