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Conference noted::pwdos4

Notice:Write-locked: Use NOTED::PWDOSWINV5
Created:Tue Aug 20 1991
Last Modified:Mon Jul 18 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:8390
Total number of notes:30880
Number with bodies:0
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1.011RANGER::LORDTue Aug 20 1991PCSA Conference Information
2.0223HIJINX::LORDTue Aug 20 1991Users of this Conference
3.095RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Jan 13 1993PATHWORKS On-Line Kits & Documentation
4.01--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 20 1991Official List of Product Managers
5.06HIJINX::LORDTue Aug 20 1991Proper Methods of Getting Support
6.05HIJINX::LORDTue Aug 20 1991Online Documentation
7.028RANGER::BACKSTROMSun Mar 22 1992Related Conferences
8.01HIJINX::LORDTue Aug 20 1991Tips on Searching Notesfiles
9.05HIJINX::LORDTue Aug 20 1991PATHWORKS SPDs and SSAs
10.0HIJINX::LORDWed Aug 21 1991Directory Listings
11.01HIJINX::LORDWed Aug 21 1991Keyword Listings
12.01HIJINX::LORDWed Aug 21 1991Public Directories
13.0HIJINX::LORDWed Aug 21 1991Troubleshooting Tips and Procedures
14.012HIJINX::LORDWed Aug 21 1991PC and PCSA Job Opportunities
15.01HIJINX::LORDWed Aug 21 1991Training Opportunities
16.017HIJINX::LORDThu Aug 22 1991Messages from Product Management
17.01HIJINX::LORDThu Aug 22 1991PC Interoperability Guide
18.02MJBOOT::JONESTue Sep 24 1991PATHWORKS Documentation List
19.030HIJINX::LORDThu Aug 22 1991DECPCI CompuServe forum information
20.017HIJINX::LORDThu Aug 22 1991SHOW Utility and SHOW Server
21.07HIJINX::LORDThu Aug 22 1991PATHWORKS Product Release Notes
22.02HIJINX::LORDThu Aug 22 1991PATHWORKS 4.1 Technical Notes
23.03HIJINX::LORDThu Aug 22 1991Online Presentations
24.012TRODON::SIMPSONThu Feb 06 1992Keyword feedback please
25.01HIJINX::LORDThu Aug 22 1991PC/PCI/PCA Resource List
26.011HIJINX::LORDThu Aug 22 1991Edit and Change Histories for Components
27.020TRCOA::JOHNSTONFri Jul 31 1992Acronyms, TLAs, and sometimes DECspeak
28.02HIJINX::LORDThu Aug 22 1991FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions
29.025MRMIPS::LichtenbergFri Aug 30 1991NDIS Cheat Sheets (Ethernet and Token-Ring)
30.077HIJINX::LORDThu Aug 22 1991PATHWORKS and Multiple Protocol Stacks
31.0375HIJINX::LORDThu Aug 22 1991IRIS -- PC LAN Analyzer/Sniffer (see RANGER::IRIS)
32.07BIGUN::SIMPSONMon Sep 16 1991Really Dumb Things My Customers Have Done
33.0284AKOCOA::DSIMPSONThu Aug 22 1991[Not Reserved]
34.01HIJINX::LORDTue Aug 27 1991Top 1
35.014HIJINX::LORDTue Aug 27 1991Common Windows and PATHWORKs Problems
36.01STKHLM::WETTERBERGTue Aug 27 1991decnet.wik modifications don't work for config.sys
37.01CHOVAX::EHRLICHTue Aug 27 1991Forcing a Network Printer to Print
38.011COLTue Aug 27 1991ISDN and PathWorks
39.01WMOIS::COLLINS_DTue Aug 27 1991Looking for MS-DOS file system spec.
40.01RIPPLE::NICHOLS_DATue Aug 27 1991Problem connecting via LAT to Application Services
41.01KOMAIL::VALASEKTue Aug 27 1991AST486/25 with CADKEY V4.
42.01YOSMTE::GEIGER_RITue Aug 27 1991LAD Service Not Offered with XTs -- LAST Bug
43.01BREAKR::BUDZOWSKITue Aug 27 19913Com to PATHWORKS Migration. LANMAN Differences?
44.018TROOA::MACARTHURTue Aug 27 1991AS4
45.03FORTSC::SASTRYTue Aug 27 1991Asynch DECnet using DR25
46.01GRANPA::KHARRISTue Aug 27 1991Admin Large # of PC's with Pworks
47.02SUBWAY::MAXSONWed Aug 28 1991LOTUS hangs on write - puzzle
48.01NBOFS1::KOLBWed Aug 28 1991MS WINDOWS V3.
49.06YUPPY::GINNWed Aug 28 1991File Server Dies...No more heap space
50.02YUPPY::GINNWed Aug 28 1991Windows in enhanced mode
51.01UTRTSC::ANBEEKWed Aug 28 1991FAL within MS-Windows hangs PC with deleting file
52.02KERNEL::IMBIERSKIWed Aug 28 1991Network modules maximum header length ?
53.0KERNEL::IMBIERSKIWed Aug 28 1991PCFS_SERVER accvio, pc=
54.08PARVAX::WARDLEWed Aug 28 1991VAXnotes for DOS client
55.05HGOVA::KIMWAHNGWed Aug 28 1991Async Decnet on DECserver
56.01COLES1::BACHORWed Aug 28 1991Codepage LK25
57.01KAOTWed Aug 28 1991Quotas on Groups and undeleted spooled files
59.04SUTRA::BASSINNEWed Aug 28 1991DECpc433w Diskless
60.04OSLLAV::LARSL_PWed Aug 28 1991PCFS$STARTUP-F-MMGET when Configure server params
61.07KITVAX::METHOTWed Aug 28 1991PATHWORKS Performance Report available
62.02KITVAX::METHOTWed Aug 28 1991The "Supported" question
63.07SCAACT::SARDELLAWed Aug 28 1991file locking
64.08PARVAX::STORMWed Aug 28 1991MS SQL reference
65.07FILTON::DAVISSWed Aug 28 1991Problems with Mail V4.
66.01CSOA1::FLOYDWed Aug 28 1991QEMM and UNISYS
67.04DYOSW5::ALLENWed Aug 28 1991Zenith 248 Keyboard Problems
68.01MQOSWS::M_LEMAYWed Aug 28 1991ATTACHMATE 327
69.04CSCOA1::MCCRARY_JWed Aug 28 1991SETHOST - 2
70.016CAPITN::MORRISON_HUWed Aug 28 1991pc/mac file sharing with ACL's
71.010CSCOA1::WHITSON_JWed Aug 28 1991Max Links fixed at 32, DEFinable at 64?
72.0CSCOA1::WHITSON_JWed Aug 28 1991VT32
73.010BDYSRF::UDICKWed Aug 28 1991DECnet Wave I Extensions and PW for DOS
74.06CSCOAC::HUNT_KWed Aug 28 1991Out of Environment Space
75.06GLDOA::HALLBERGThu Aug 29 1991> Novell Relationship <
76.01BREAKR::BUDZOWSKIThu Aug 29 1991HP Laserjet III & Postscript
77.01BDYSRF::UDICKThu Aug 29 1991New PID? What do you want the PID to cover?
78.012MANIS1::WILLEThu Aug 29 1991PSC not working w/dBASE III
79.03ZPOVC::LCLEEThu Aug 29 1991AUTOWRAP in SETHOST F3 Setting
80.01JITThu Aug 29 1991EMS mode (Fixed/Paged) ?
81.02YUPPY::BAYLISSThu Aug 29 1991terminal emulation 132 column mode
83.0ATHINA::RAGHEBThu Aug 29 1991PWRK Server 31
85.02KERNEL::IMBIERSKIThu Aug 29 1991DEMCA kills PS/2 memory board?
86.03CSCOAC::WEBB_AThu Aug 29 1991pcfs$collector RUN COMMAND?
87.03PCOJCT::FERMIThu Aug 29 1991Novell Coexist/Gupta/NETBIOS
88.01CARTUN::HONERThu Aug 29 1991Connection Problem
89.03GRANPA::FBOWLESThu Aug 29 1991PCDISK Access and Banyon Coexistence...
90.02CSCOAC::COSTELLO_JThu Aug 29 1991Client Operating system database?
91.03CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Aug 29 1991Print output header ? (cont.)
92.0KAOFS::M_ROLLINThu Aug 29 1991DECNET REASON 61 message.
93.01CSTEAM::TURBETTThu Aug 29 1991Adobe Type Manager and LJ25
94.03SANFAN::HILL_GRThu Aug 29 1991Ancient problem revisited: DEPCA Diagnostics disk
95.05SNOMAN::AARONThu Aug 29 1991Sharing Disk Services: 1 RW, rest RO?
96.06GLDOA::HILLMANThu Aug 29 1991Command.com date is changing!
97.07SNOMAN::AARONFri Aug 30 1991VAX teaser in CompuServe Magazine?
98.0ADO75A::WILEYFri Aug 30 1991VT32
99.02VNABRW::RABL_GFri Aug 30 1991Problems with open file caching
100.03WARNUT::YOUNGFri Aug 30 1991dxterm function keys not working on PC
101.03STRIKR::RAYERFri Aug 30 1991Remote Booting from DOS 5
102.02AUNTB::MCCAWFri Aug 30 1991Performance Data for number of Client --> VAX
103.05CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Aug 30 1991BCAST and RCV (can we limit usage?)
104.01BBIVFri Aug 30 199151
105.02GRANMA::AHAYNESFri Aug 30 1991Turbo/TP Compaq 486 config. files?
106.05MUDIS3::AMOUSSETFri Aug 30 1991Retrieving memory values
107.0MALMA1::PSVENSSONFri Aug 30 1991Spoolfiles not deleted after printjob is finished
109.0KALISE::THOMPSONFri Aug 30 1991PC->VAX file transfer with All-in-1
110.09CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Aug 30 1991More on SPTREQ
111.02UTRTSC::BAKKERFri Aug 30 1991bootdisk and DECNET.WIK
112.02THORND::thorntondFri Aug 30 1991PC connections?
113.09BUFFER::COUGHLINFri Aug 30 1991?setup: DWDOS386 can't see HIMEM extended ?
114.07CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Aug 30 1991SETHOST, WPS-PLUS and 132 wide?
115.01SVCRUS::LOPEZFri Aug 30 1991pathworks v4.
116.0KAOFS::M_ROLLINFri Aug 30 1991PCFS_SERVER goes up and down.
117.0SUBWAY::KABELFri Aug 30 1991Internet newsgroup for PATHWORKS
118.04WR2FOR::BARNES_ROMon Sep 02 1991TCP/IP - Western Digital
119.010HGOSPS::DENISLIMon Sep 02 1991remote boot problem with AST premium 386
120.0BRSSWS::SASMon Sep 02 199176
121.03SSSZH8::STAMPFLIMon Sep 02 1991NETBIOS process crashes
122.0ARNE::HARTMon Sep 02 1991<DEVICE FAULT>error message when editing a VMSfile by EDIT in DOS 5.
123.05YUPPY::HEPWORTHMon Sep 02 1991NETBIOS API on VMS server
124.0POCUS::WOODMon Sep 02 1991327
125.0JOCKEY::SHARKEYAMon Sep 02 1991Router priority can show up problems
126.0NEWPRT::DUNLOP::KAMTue Sep 03 1991Ctrl-F9 or Ctrl-F1
127.01DESGOR::GordondesTue Sep 03 1991Invalid service or username
128.02HGOVC::ANDREWCHIUTue Sep 03 1991NFS over PWDOSV4.x?
129.05HTSC19::ANDYNGTue Sep 03 1991Can pathwork functions across subnet (tcp/ip)
130.02BELFST::ROONEYTue Sep 03 1991PCFS_SERVER memory requirements ?
131.03DUCAT2::64544::LICAUSETue Sep 03 1991Can't communicate w/PATHWORKS V4.1
132.02UTRTSC::WIEBENGATue Sep 03 1991DEMM386 on a DS3
133.05MFOIS1::ROSTANTue Sep 03 1991Floating Numbers Conversions
134.0JEKYLL::HYDETue Sep 03 1991How to tell if PCDISK exited because of an error?
135.0SXMVTue Sep 03 1991Are there any MS-DOS servers available
136.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Sep 03 1991STOPNET error Secondary Shell dectected
137.02HOTWTR::MURRAY_RUTue Sep 03 1991Pathworks 4.
138.02HGOVC::ANDREWCHIUTue Sep 03 1991PCmail to X.4
139.06EVOAI2::CHEVRYWed Sep 04 1991NetBEUI request
140.01FREEBE::B_ROSEWed Sep 04 1991Unsupported Ethernet Options
141.06YUPPY::GINNWed Sep 04 1991INFOSERVER and Pathworks
142.05YUPPY::GINNWed Sep 04 1991IBM ps/2-9
143.02HGOVC::ALEXWUWed Sep 04 1991Netware Co-exist sleeps with Path for ULTRIX
144.06ARRODS::WILLIAMSONWed Sep 04 1991WIN3SETU isn't working for me!
145.05KERNEL::IMBIERSKIWed Sep 04 1991MKDIR doesn't work!
146.01CSOA1::FLOYDWed Sep 04 1991Trident & PC DECwindows
147.03POBOX::TODDWed Sep 04 1991WordPerfect as editor for PCMAIL?
149.09COPCLU::BJARNERWed Sep 04 1991IBM PC LAN support and PATHWORKS
150.0CTOAVX::DAVENPORTWed Sep 04 1991327
151.01KAOTWed Sep 04 1991Where does pcfs$mapped_spt get defined?
152.02CAPITN::FREEMAN_RIWed Sep 04 1991Pathworks on a GRID/XIRCOM ?
153.04OTOUWed Sep 04 1991COM1 redirection?
154.02SARAH::HOVEYWed Sep 04 19913 button mouse driver for Windows.
155.01ANGLIN::ORTHOBERWed Sep 04 1991File Server Goes Nuts On Harvard Graphics Install
156.02TKOV51::MANABEWed Sep 04 1991with PC-NIU(?)
157.02SNOCThu Sep 05 1991Control-Q not sent SETHOST 4.
158.017YUPPY::GINNThu Sep 05 1991When cometh 4.1
159.02YUPPY::GINNThu Sep 05 1991Terminal emulation in DECwindows
160.01TRCU11::DYMONDThu Sep 05 1991printer on separate ethernet rail? supported?
161.04LYOThu Sep 05 1991NETSETUP,Remote boot,IO.SYS Pb
162.0HGOVC::ACRISOLOGOThu Sep 05 1991Compress in Lotus, shaded bars in Multimate
163.0HOGS::MCCABEThu Sep 05 1991a few questions
164.01CAATS::TAMThu Sep 05 1991PCFS Server Statistics
165.02SALISH::MURRAY_RUThu Sep 05 1991Finding heavy disk users.
166.02YUPPY::GINNThu Sep 05 1991Turbo ETHERworks card in 286 ?
167.01WKRP::GILBERTThu Sep 05 1991DEC Printer Dvrs - WIN3.
168.03BREAKR::BUDZOWSKIThu Sep 05 1991Zenith 248/V1
169.02CSCOA1::SMITH_MThu Sep 05 1991How to access menu from inside mail message?
170.02ALOSWS::SCHICKEDANZThu Sep 05 1991VT32
171.0TENNIS::KAMThu Sep 05 1991F3 Keyboard select Digital LK25
172.07TENNIS::KAMThu Sep 05 1991PATHWORKS & LAN Manager and LM/X interoperability
173.05SANFAN::HILL_GRFri Sep 06 1991Pre-expired passwords revisited %^(
174.04GIDDAY::WINGFri Sep 06 1991VAXmate 2.2 client software/PW4.
175.01CIVAGE::PRUSSFri Sep 06 1991PC WAN driver?
176.02MALMA1::PSVENSSONFri Sep 06 1991Broadcast doesnt work under DECwindows.
177.05STKHLM::AHGRENFri Sep 06 1991327
178.0BAHTAT::ALDERTONMFri Sep 06 1991Remote PC connections to ULTRIX
179.04GANTRY::HULLFri Sep 06 1991Is AT&T 63
180.0LILFri Sep 06 1991Printing of DECterm Fonts
181.03STKAI2::ACEDERHAGFri Sep 06 1991etherlink 16, netbind hangs pc
182.03HXOUFri Sep 06 1991Minimum amount of memory used for virtual disk connecitons
183.07UTRTSC::WIEBENGAFri Sep 06 1991WindowsV3
184.02MXOVFri Sep 06 19913+OPEN LAN MANAGER
185.0LEMAN::DELLAPUPPAFri Sep 06 1991Pathworks 4.
186.02BREAKR::BUDZOWSKIFri Sep 06 1991Winword w/WD card hangs..
187.03KAOFS::M_ROLLINFri Sep 06 1991printqueue doesn't work at all.
188.01CLOVAX::POLITZERFri Sep 06 1991Quattro Pro V3.
189.01EVOAI2::CHEVRYFri Sep 06 1991DS425, DE2
190.01VCOUFri Sep 06 1991Applications compatible with PW
191.03GUCCI::RJENKINSFri Sep 06 1991Interlan's 521
192.04ANGLIN::BURKLESun Sep 08 1991pc's connecting to the wrong pccommon
193.03TYSON::HUNGSun Sep 08 1991DECstation 325c and LA75
194.03CSOA1::REARICKMon Sep 09 1991NDIS TCP/IP driver location ?
195.0MEO78B::MILLETTMon Sep 09 1991VT32
196.03MEO78B::MILLETTMon Sep 09 1991LAST packets time out value
197.04HTSC19::KENNETHMon Sep 09 1991cannot print through MS-window
198.018SNOCMon Sep 09 1991File Server Dissappears
199.01ZPOVC::LCLEEMon Sep 09 1991PCSA V4.
200.03CSCOAC::MCCRARY_JMon Sep 09 1991Pathworks 4.
201.08KAOFS::V_LEDOUXMon Sep 09 1991NET command = insufficient privileges
202.03KERNEL::SINCLAIRALMon Sep 09 1991Network Printing only on application exit!
203.01MLNCSC::CASAROTTIMon Sep 09 1991PW 4.
204.02USRCV1::STEIDLESMon Sep 09 1991sys$qiow errors and PC hangs with multiple links
206.09YUPPIE::GULATIMon Sep 09 1991USE error: session open rejected
207.08ALOSLS::RYANMon Sep 09 1991PathworksPlus documentation location ?
208.019BOMBE::ALDENMon Sep 09 1991Windows 3.
209.03KAOFS::V_LEDOUXMon Sep 09 1991PCSA_MANAGER process crash to $ prompt.
210.03--UnknownUser--Mon Sep 09 1991DEC 32
211.014SIETTG::HETRICKMon Sep 09 1991IP programming without Microsoft C
212.01SCAACT::BARRMon Sep 09 1991Installation user error
213.05EPAVAX::CARLOTTITue Sep 10 1991PC editor saving files in stream format?
214.03CIMNET::MATHEWSTue Sep 10 1991MODPARAMS.DAT requested changes
215.01LKPDEE::HALLBERGTue Sep 10 1991Name standard, please
216.02CENPCS::BIRMINGHAMTue Sep 10 1991LASER TWIN and DEClaser 21
217.06LRGMTH::TOWNSENDTue Sep 10 1991RMDIR in Personal Directory doesn't work
218.08KAOTTue Sep 10 1991nettime fails
219.0KAOTTue Sep 10 1991sethost/vt32
220.0OS2PS2::taberTue Sep 10 1991TTT Bug / deficiency / gotcha
221.07DENVER::THURYTue Sep 10 1991VAX 651
222.03JOCKEY::COOPERMTue Sep 10 1991Wordperfect problems with ln
223.08SANFAN::WRIGHT_KETue Sep 10 1991Moving to a new node revisited
224.02TROOA::PIERCETue Sep 10 1991BTRIEVE and PathWORKS
225.03GUCCI::RJENKINSTue Sep 10 1991More Interlan 521
227.010KAOFS::S_SAUVEWed Sep 11 1991New mail notification
228.03COMICS::COLOMBOWed Sep 11 1991redirector and int 17
230.0IJSAPL::HUIJTSWed Sep 11 1991Pworks 4.
231.07KERNEL::SINCLAIRALWed Sep 11 1991DNNETHAT + DNNETHLD high memory problems
232.07PANIC::HOUSTONWed Sep 11 1991LAT circuit timer
233.03MLNCSC::LANCELLOTTIWed Sep 11 1991m24 problem again
234.02KAOFS::V_LEDOUXWed Sep 11 1991Remote boot /command.com problem
235.0SUBURB::64776::TUPPENWed Sep 11 1991Problem running PATHWORKS with DISKLOCK
236.02CSCOAC::MCCRARY_JWed Sep 11 1991Orange 386 card/LADDRV problem
237.01TOOK::MCCARTHYWed Sep 11 1991LPS4
238.03GNOCLU::PORELLWed Sep 11 1991netbios limit of 32?
239.05TROOA::MORCOSWed Sep 11 1991pc433w - VR29
240.03TODD::WARNOCKWed Sep 11 1991TRMNLAXS.DLL ?
241.02TROOA::MORCOSWed Sep 11 1991Effective selling Aid?
242.01CSCOA1::HEATHCOCK_GWed Sep 11 1991Problem--4.
243.02LRGMTH::TOWNSENDWed Sep 11 1991Multiple Protocol Stacks
244.02CGOSWed Sep 11 1991Decent Dos programming question re: "C"
245.02BFOTGH::THERENDEENWed Sep 11 1991HP Ether Twist cards
247.06EPOCH::JOHNSONWed Sep 11 1991Just can't connect
248.01BAGELS::CHANDLERWed Sep 11 1991Failed to get socket?
249.06SALSA::SCHENKERWed Sep 11 1991TCP/IP and DOS V5.
250.018SMAC1Thu Sep 12 1991SETHOST and switching sessions
251.013YUPPY::TRFLGR::HOLDERRThu Sep 12 1991486 and memory management
253.01LEMAN::BAGNOUDThu Sep 12 1991lastcp on BI and UB controller
254.019SCOTTR::ScottRThu Sep 12 1991Test the os/2 server
255.04NANOOK::COOPERThu Sep 12 1991BNC to RJ45
256.01SUBWAY::BOETTCHERThu Sep 12 1991FoxPro and PATHWORKS in Expanded Memory Problem
257.01KAOFS::M_ROLLINThu Sep 12 1991PSC.COM and QEMM conflict
258.01GRANPA::SFAIRCLOTHThu Sep 12 1991Tell me why? REF: Documentation
259.015OTOP14::RiceThu Sep 12 1991Windows/DECnet DLL Support
260.03KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Sep 12 1991vt32
261.02POBOX::DECAPPThu Sep 12 1991Asynch DECnet Baud Rate
262.03ALOSWS::SCHICKEDANZThu Sep 12 1991Bigger fonts for VT32
263.01ODIXIE::STUMPFThu Sep 12 1991TELNET term emulation issue
264.06SNOCFri Sep 13 1991Error copying documentation
265.020ZPOVC::ANDREWWAITESFri Sep 13 1991LAST Multicast Address?
266.05KERNEL::SHOULDINGFri Sep 13 1991TCP/IP and MS-Windows V3.
267.01HAMPS::MOORE_AFri Sep 13 1991Idea for 'bodging' remote boot
268.03YUPPY::63657::GORARDMFri Sep 13 1991Access to LAN MANAGER server as well as PATHworks VMS server
269.03OSLVIG::DORTHEFri Sep 13 1991Number of file services?
270.04RIGI::BURKARTFri Sep 13 1991File Service slow on VAX4
271.01ODIXIE::RICHARDSONFri Sep 13 1991Calculating PCFS$PAGE_FILE in param.dat file
272.02CSCOAC::BURGESS_RFri Sep 13 1991SNAGNI.CFG file for Attachmate
274.01GUCCI::RJENKINSFri Sep 13 19918
275.03CSCOAC::HILLING_PFri Sep 13 1991Sethost,Reverse LAT,hangs PC
276.0CAATS::TAMSat Sep 14 1991Everex Tempo/VT32
277.010CAATS::TAMSat Sep 14 1991DS325/IDE drive/EBIOS ... FDISK divide by zero err
278.03CHOWDA::GLICKMANSun Sep 15 1991NCP-W-UHRFUN for TELL command?
279.01HGOVC::DANIELYUENMon Sep 16 1991PWKS for DOS for InforServer 1
280.06BACHUS::SASMon Sep 16 1991net print/note= 4
281.0COPCLU::HENRIKMon Sep 16 1991ms C-compiler and pathworks probl.
282.04WARNUT::YOUNGMon Sep 16 1991Speed of transfers with NFT
283.01GJOVAX::GRAEFFMon Sep 16 1991PC DECwindows and Xlib error 65535...
284.02STKHLM::WETTERBERGMon Sep 16 1991add user error: %PCSA-E-INFOOPENERR, %PCSA-E-ERRDETUSLANG......
285.0UTRTSC::ADEJONGMon Sep 16 1991Sethost,Cterm and set term/parity
286.02PHDVAX::WINIGRADMon Sep 16 1991DE21
287.01VIA::EWALDMon Sep 16 1991TCP/IP in a DLL
288.02KETJE::VANHOVEMon Sep 16 1991DE1
289.01ESRAD::PANGAKISMon Sep 16 1991Real numbers PC->VAX
290.0CSCOA1::DALTON_KMon Sep 16 1991Sethost problem defining key.
291.028WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAMon Sep 16 1991Real business ON HOLD due to Novell Relationship.
292.03KAOFS::M_ROLLINMon Sep 16 1991VR34
293.0BREAKR::HAMon Sep 16 1991INFORM mail
294.02SUBWAY::LEETue Sep 17 1991Server-based Licensing for PATHWORKS?
295.01YUPPY::GINNTue Sep 17 1991REFLECTION and multiple sessions
296.03GUIDUK::STEBBINSTue Sep 17 1991/SETDIR security questions
297.05GUIDUK::STEBBINSTue Sep 17 1991PARADOX configuration problems
298.01PASMTue Sep 17 1991Asynch DECNET DOS client - HOW?
299.01STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LTue Sep 17 1991NetBios support TCP/IP?
300.0YUPPY::GINNTue Sep 17 1991Plethora of Problems from students
302.06CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Sep 17 1991NETremote product across diff DECnet areas
303.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Sep 17 1991Two ques.: UNLOAD and no startup of LAD?
304.03CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Sep 17 1991PC DECWindows & VUE$MASTER initialization
306.0KITVAX::METHOTTue Sep 17 1991New Performance Tests
307.01ANGLIN::ORTHOBERTue Sep 17 1991Performance numbers for Digital Network Cards
308.02SNOCWed Sep 18 1991Problems TTT with BASIC
309.03IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Sep 18 1991forcing a PC to boot via the network?
310.01HGOVC::FERRIEWUWed Sep 18 1991Problem with file server in PCSA V4.
311.02KERNEL::SINCLAIRALWed Sep 18 1991Plotter doesn't work after upgrade to V4.
312.02MUDIS3::UKERSTINGWed Sep 18 1991Modifying DECPARM.DAT with an editor?
313.02MLNCSC::LANCELLOTTIWed Sep 18 1991decrouter 25
314.05KALISE::BURGESSWed Sep 18 1991VT32
315.05KALISE::BURGESSWed Sep 18 1991How to "use ?: FileService" ?
316.01KALISE::BURGESSWed Sep 18 1991Extended Pathworks - what *should* work ?
317.018RLAV::GORMLEYWed Sep 18 1991PERMITing a local CDROM drive
318.0RLAV::GORMLEYWed Sep 18 1991IRMALAN/ibm mainframe
319.0253273::KIRALYWed Sep 18 1991Local paralell printer LAT service
321.0YUPPY::GINNWed Sep 18 1991DECstation 316 and ASYNC
322.018OSLACT::DMOPC::DortheWed Sep 18 1991All these passwords at log in time...
323.01BREAKR::BUDZOWSKIWed Sep 18 1991LAD connect only w/o DECPARM.DAT
324.03CSCOA1::JONES_TWed Sep 18 1991Unable to lock/unlock byte range errors...
325.01GUIDUK::TREMBLAYWed Sep 18 1991Paralan server - how to compete with it
326.04IJSAPL::NATERWed Sep 18 1991LAT on 3COM CLIENTS?
327.01CHOWDA::DONNELLWed Sep 18 1991Can't Print from Windows!
328.03YUPPY::GINNThu Sep 19 19913com card support at v4.1
329.03HGOVA::KIMWAHNGThu Sep 19 1991Error mounting disk
330.01KAZAN::CHALLALThu Sep 19 1991CLAIM_NAME timeout
331.0FRUST::STEINMETZThu Sep 19 1991Unload DCA software correctly ?
332.02JOCKEY::WOODWARDAThu Sep 19 1991PATHWORKS Supported List
333.03OASS::ADAMS_SThu Sep 19 1991decnet error 24
334.07DUCAT2::64544::LICAUSEThu Sep 19 1991LANSESS Required?
335.01CLOVAX::POLITZERThu Sep 19 1991Broadcast ==> Device Timeout MEssage
336.02KERNEL::IMBIERSKIThu Sep 19 1991File server accvio, PC=
337.011RANGER::MARTINThu Sep 19 1991Basic Redirector vs Enhanced Redirector
340.0653273::KIRALYThu Sep 19 1991What about DOS V5.
341.03KERNEL::BURNSThu Sep 19 1991Unexpected Error Class=Use
342.0LATINA::LUISThu Sep 19 1991problem with S4.
343.02TYSON::HUNGThu Sep 19 1991CFGWS.DAT question
344.01CSOA1::MCKENNAThu Sep 19 1991MAC
345.01TRCOA::BBUTLERThu Sep 19 1991PW Token Ring Clients & IBM 327
346.01ODIXIE::STUMPFThu Sep 19 1991ORnet/PC Ethernet adapter support NDIS?
347.03CSCOA1::MCKINNEY_DThu Sep 19 1991LATCP Fallback and Search
348.01TRCOA::TROTTIThu Sep 19 1991STATUS of ERROR on USE command?
349.03SNOMAN::AARONThu Sep 19 1991Desktop Integration Logo
351.01GIDDAY::CASEYFri Sep 20 1991Password protected services and VT32
352.0DASMIA::DREWNIAKFri Sep 20 1991Keyboard Mapping from 325c
353.014DASMIA::DREWNIAKFri Sep 20 1991Reflection 4 and Pathworks ?
354.01PDVFri Sep 20 1991MS-Windows enhanced + DECQuery + Novell print services
355.02HAMPS::MOORE_AFri Sep 20 1991Visionware on Pathworks
356.01WMOIS::STROLLO_TFri Sep 20 1991Outside cust revenue job!
357.01BSS::BORENFri Sep 20 1991<>PC-VIRUS INFO<>
358.01VEGAS::GURALNIKFri Sep 20 1991HP dropping LM/X?
359.01PTOVAX::WILKINSFri Sep 20 1991sizing PATHWORKS server
360.0DELNI::GILLIAMFri Sep 20 1991CD-ROMs on DEC Networks
361.01KAOFS::M_ROLLINFri Sep 20 1991microvax 42
363.01STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LSat Sep 21 1991Sethost and 85
364.05CHOWDA::GLICKMANSun Sep 22 1991Remote PC slow (Cont'd from PCSAV2)
365.01CHOWDA::DONNELLSun Sep 22 1991325c DECstation
366.02GIDDAY::BLOOMMon Sep 23 1991Why does an Apricot Qi6
367.02KETJE::VANHOVEMon Sep 23 1991DECPC 433 , PCSA 4.1 and DWDOS386 to ULTRIX host
368.04BEAGLE::NISMon Sep 23 1991PC-LAN connecting remote PCs
369.02WASHDC::SARASINMon Sep 23 1991Printing PC <->PC without going to server
371.02YUPPY::GINNMon Sep 23 1991VT32
372.01CGFSV3::ADAMSMon Sep 23 1991TCPIP and LAT and PWDOS 4.1
373.0CHICHZ::EDELMANNMon Sep 23 1991Xircom - New Address, Phone numbers.
374.03ONE9Mon Sep 23 1991TCP/IP on a serial line DECstation 32
375.03UTRUST::DEWIJKMon Sep 23 1991fileserver and RMS performance
376.04KCBBQ::TERRYMon Sep 23 1991TR-PATHW-TCP/IP VAX642
377.05NEOVMon Sep 23 1991Asynchronous DDCMP driver?
378.0SANFAN::HILL_GRMon Sep 23 1991SETHOST script vars (internal/environ)
379.0JOCKEY::COOPERMTue Sep 24 1991anvil 5
380.0KERNEL::SHOULDINGTue Sep 24 1991sethost and WPS+ within all-in-1
381.0OSLLAV::PETERKTue Sep 24 1991pathworks 4.
382.01COPCLU::RISTOTue Sep 24 1991DOS 4.
383.04POOLTue Sep 24 1991OS2 -- MSDOS -- TR -- PROBLEMS
384.02KERNEL::SINCLAIRALTue Sep 24 1991QMS Postscript printers
385.0COMICS::FOSTERTue Sep 24 1991PCSA SMB Spec ?
386.01DECWET::SHOEMAKERTue Sep 24 1991MB2 No Longer Appears to Function as Before...
387.010SUBWAY::LALLATue Sep 24 1991Remote Boot Fails
388.012BOMBE::ALDENTue Sep 24 1991DOSLOAD
390.02TIGEMS::D386::grantWed Sep 25 1991PCSA 4.
391.03HKGACT::CHAKLEEWed Sep 25 1991COBOL print file problem
392.03ZPOVC::WHYEMUNWed Sep 25 1991DECpc 433W connectivity to 3rd party networks
393.03HGOVA::KIMWAHNGWed Sep 25 1991Problem with NFT
394.02KERNEL::SHOULDINGWed Sep 25 1991IBM PS/2 7
395.0UTRTSC::DEKKERWed Sep 25 1991NCP errors on DE2
396.05CHOWDA::DONNELLWed Sep 25 1991^D in Windows Documents - Prevents Printing
397.01GOTA1::SJOBERGWed Sep 25 1991Invexceptn, Lansdriver+1ED9
398.01ARSNAL::ESBECKWed Sep 25 1991PW Postscript Doc
399.02MALMA1::PSVENSSONWed Sep 25 1991Office and remote boot 4.
400.03KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Sep 25 1991edit & pcsa 4.
401.011DESTOP::HARRYWed Sep 25 1991Call-back and LAT in EMS
402.02HANWed Sep 25 1991sys$assign failed
403.01DENVER::STROIKWed Sep 25 1991PATHWORK V4.
406.08SIOG::FITZMAURICEWed Sep 25 1991PCMAIL / NETTIME qeuries ?
407.02MELKOR::DEWISWed Sep 25 1991WYSE/286 problems
408.01BREAKR::HAWed Sep 25 19913C5
409.02MAIL::HAYDENWed Sep 25 1991complex configuration advice
410.02SANFAN::HILL_GRWed Sep 25 1991SETHOST+SCRIPT+Ctrl-F9=Stealth_mode
412.013SANFAN::BRENNAN_JIWed Sep 25 1991autoexec/startnet not finishing
413.02HGOVA::KIMWAHNGThu Sep 26 1991NDIS driver for old DEPCA
414.02STKHLM::WETTERBERGThu Sep 26 1991paintjet as shared on local lat port
415.03RANCHR::GIFFORDThu Sep 26 1991Trouble at startup.
416.04SUBWAY::DERISEThu Sep 26 1991ethernet encryption/decryption?
417.07LRGMTH::TOWNSENDThu Sep 26 1991LAN MAN 2.
418.03ARRODS::SWANSONThu Sep 26 1991PC-LAT questions
419.01HERON::BEAUThu Sep 26 1991Remapping F1-F5 keys in VT32
420.07KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Sep 26 1991performance of disk vs file services
421.0BLGThu Sep 26 1991set terminal emulator on EPSOn & Bull PCs
422.04RIGI::KESSLERThu Sep 26 1991Remote computer not listening
423.02GNOMO::LUISThu Sep 26 1991PCFS_SERVER dump. ACCVIO at PC=
424.02ZAPDEV::MACONIThu Sep 26 1991Services getting disconnected
425.01TROOA::JORGENSENThu Sep 26 1991PW Ques. VMS & DECNET
426.07TUNEIT::MAURERThu Sep 26 1991DECram and Logical Search lists
427.01OTOUThu Sep 26 1991Async connect problems
428.02DUCAT2::64544::LICAUSEThu Sep 26 1991More than 4 sessions in SETHOST?
429.04CUJO::PROCTORThu Sep 26 1991problem copying .exes to virtual disks.
430.03DUCAT2::64544::LICAUSEThu Sep 26 1991SETHOST to protected service
431.01GOONS::EYE246U1Thu Sep 26 1991Programming info
432.0BLOFLY::GORDONThu Sep 26 1991Equinet
433.04TENNIS::KAMThu Sep 26 1991File Server for PATHWORKS for VMS will not start
434.01DENVER::ARCHERFri Sep 27 1991OS2:: location ?
435.0LATINA::ALVAROFri Sep 27 1991sedt and security
436.0MARSFri Sep 27 1991management of remote pathworks servers
437.01COPCLU::RISTOFri Sep 27 1991Info on PROTOCOL.INI parameters for TCP/IP
438.01ONOIS1::DEGATFri Sep 27 1991WINDOWS 3.
439.02RIGI::BURRIFri Sep 27 1991win3
440.01BACHUS::SASFri Sep 27 1991netapi.dll
441.04TUNEIT::MAURERFri Sep 27 1991LAT disconnect/retransmission limit reached
442.0RIGI::CERETTOFri Sep 27 1991Remote Boot with Template File
443.04CROWES::HULLEYFri Sep 27 1991error reading drive c: (intermittant)
444.02BOMBE::ALDENFri Sep 27 1991PCSA
445.0TARUGO::JANTONIOFri Sep 27 1991DECpc 222 EMM286.SYS PATHWORKS 4.
446.01GLDOA::ZAMMITFri Sep 27 1991PATHWORKS Compatible Realtional Database Products?
447.01TROOA::SLEUNGFri Sep 27 1991How to tell the maintenance release number?
448.02GLDOA::DISHNEAUFri Sep 27 1991Information about upcoming Pathworks DVN broadcast ?
449.04PHDVAX::JACKSONFri Sep 27 1991Enhanced RDR & VMS Server
450.020RANGER::PEACOCKFri Sep 27 1991PATHWORKS Tech Ref - What would *you* want?
451.03ALOSLS::RYANFri Sep 27 1991DESKTOP-VMS and Pathworks
452.02OTOP14::RiceFri Sep 27 1991Network Access Server for PATHWORKS?
453.04TAVMVC::SYSTEMSun Sep 29 1991NETTIME hangs p.c's after a certain date
454.02DECWET::SCHREIBERSun Sep 29 1991Remote Boot -- What are ALL the steps to set it up?
455.04HGOSTS::DENISLIMon Sep 30 1991How to display USER'S NAME in SHOW QUEUE?
456.01EVTAI1::LESOTMon Sep 30 1991PSC.COM character
457.0GRANPA::SFAIRCLOTHMon Sep 30 1991Convert Application from Novell to PATHWORKS
458.02LOOUMon Sep 30 1991Tuning DECNET & VMS for Pathworks
459.01EDSBOX::EBROWNMon Sep 30 1991PCSA, 3+OPEN, LanMgr2.
460.01CSCOAC::MCCRARY_JMon Sep 30 19918 plane video board - pcdecwindows
461.01AUNTB::MCCAWMon Sep 30 1991Printer Drivers for DEClaser 21
462.02THEBAY::SOORENKFEMon Sep 30 1991Problem printing to LPS4
463.01RTPDHL::SYSTEMMon Sep 30 1991driver for high resolution monitor on decsystem 433 and decwindows decwindows driver for decstation 433
464.011HGOVA::TASMANSIUTue Oct 01 1991Printing graphics to HP LaserJet
465.01ADO75A::WILEYTue Oct 01 1991VT32
466.02KERNEL::QUINNTue Oct 01 1991Problem with Lat V4
467.0KETJE::WARICHETTue Oct 01 1991Remote boot after upgrade to 4.
468.0HGOVA::KIMWAHNGTue Oct 01 1991DOSLOAD problem
469.03AUNTB::TOWNSENDTue Oct 01 1991Enhanced REDIR-Can't Connect to File Service
470.010MDRLEG::MAITETue Oct 01 1991PCFS_SERVER parameters and resources
471.04HERON::WENGERTue Oct 01 1991Endnodes need router ?
472.02CSCOA1::ECKLUND_KTue Oct 01 1991DNETMAIL to READ ONLY service doesn't work
473.04CAATS::TAMTue Oct 01 1991REDIR.4
474.09HGOVC::GEORGETILLEYTue Oct 01 1991Intel 386SX and Windows V3.
475.0AUNTB::MCCAWTue Oct 01 1991DECstation 212 remote Boot/Network Config?
476.01HGOVA::KIMWAHNGWed Oct 02 1991Explain PCFS_STARTUP & LAD_STARTUP please
477.02HTSC19::KENNETHWed Oct 02 1991Security, user logon disable
478.01ALBIS::BURKARTWed Oct 02 1991lad$mailbox logical
479.01HERON::WENGERWed Oct 02 1991How does RCV work ?
480.02NZOMIS::STUARTWed Oct 02 1991MS-WINDOWS won't work with PCSA Remote Boot
481.03YUPPY::PATELWed Oct 02 1991Channelcnt in 4.1
482.017KERNEL::BURNSWed Oct 02 1991PW MAIL: No formfeed printing to local printer
483.06VMSNET::S_YUANWed Oct 02 1991send pathworks mail to allin1 account
484.02JOCKEY::SHARKEYAWed Oct 02 1991DEPCA error 8B ?
485.014KETJE::DESCHUYTERWed Oct 02 1991RCV for Windows 3.
486.02CACIQE::RUIZJWed Oct 02 1991Error: Session aborted
487.02YOSMTE::GARRISON_NAWed Oct 02 1991VT32
488.04MANTOW::knowlesWed Oct 02 1991Async DECnet problem
489.0EVTAI1::63635::boubertThu Oct 03 1991SETHOST or VT32
490.01CLOVAX::POLITZERThu Oct 03 1991DOS version in environment variable ?
491.01PADIS2::PERIEThu Oct 03 1991PW for DOS & for ULTRIX
492.04VNABRW::HABRICH_PThu Oct 03 1991Permit doesn't work
493.04TROPPO::VOSEThu Oct 03 1991Diskless boot on Ultrix TCP/IP
494.01BOSWKG::GARDNERThu Oct 03 1991LanMan APIs and Borland C++
495.02ODIXIE::WOODROWThu Oct 03 1991VT32
496.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGThu Oct 03 1991Terminal Access Library - What to order?
497.02MELKOR::DEWISThu Oct 03 1991DECMOUSE & TCP/IP?!
498.01TENNIS::KAMThu Oct 03 1991async-decnet: network device no longer exist
499.02VEGAS::GURALNIKThu Oct 03 1991How to use 212LP w/ 1MB?
500.04OWSLA::PUThu Oct 03 1991Copy/paste VT32
501.05CSC32::J_FORRESTThu Oct 03 1991Sending binary file from PC mail to VMS mail
502.0ATFAM::HARRISThu Oct 03 1991Minimum disk space for Async DECnet
503.0PRCFS1::STANLEYWONGThu Oct 03 1991Locus product info required
504.04KYOA::WINGFri Oct 04 1991Turn off PC, file serv connect still active?
505.01MEOVM1::SMITHEFri Oct 04 1991How to use NET PRINT qualifiers in a Windows world?
506.0MEOVM1::SMITHEFri Oct 04 1991Remote boot for XT machines with 1.2 mB lads?
507.0HGOVA::KIMWAHNGFri Oct 04 1991Async Decnet problem
508.02ONOIS1::DEGATFri Oct 04 1991Print service and LAT pb
509.0TENNIS::KAMFri Oct 04 1991PATHWORKS for DOS V4.
510.01TENNIS::KAMFri Oct 04 1991When logging I get Bad command or file name
511.03EISJLW::WHITLOWFri Oct 04 1991Wellfleet compatability with V4
512.0OSLACT::LARSL_PFri Oct 04 1991backup/restore directories with -
513.03ROVRUM::ROBINSONDFri Oct 04 1991Interrupt 14
514.03ASDS::DIOTALEVIFri Oct 04 1991PCFS_SERVER crashes system
515.0BREAKR::UDICKFri Oct 04 1991VMS 5.43 autotuning files
516.02GLDOA::COMFORTFri Oct 04 1991PW API for Windows?
517.0RIGI::BURRIMon Oct 07 1991nft and dap error 2/323
518.0TAVMon Oct 07 1991Tow PCs talking NETBIOS over async. line ?
519.03TAVMon Oct 07 1991Genoa 46
520.05WAREGL::BROOKSMon Oct 07 1991Can I do PWv4.1+token ring+netware coesxistence?
521.0FRAFS1::ELHAJMon Oct 07 1991NDU and Postscript Printer
522.09TAVIS::SHEFTELMon Oct 07 1991pathworks for DOS(Infoserver) doesn't work ?
523.03CHOWDA::GLICKMANMon Oct 07 1991Prob w/ Backing up a PC Hard Disk to a VMS Server
524.01GUIDUK::KEROUACMon Oct 07 1991TCP/IP and WD3
525.01ANGLIN::ORTHOBERMon Oct 07 1991Attachmate Corp XTRA 327
527.03STRIKR::RAYERMon Oct 07 1991AMI-PRO 2.
528.0STRIKR::RAYERMon Oct 07 1991MS-Windows & Pathworks MAIL
529.03SUBWAY::LICATAMon Oct 07 1991DOS 5.
530.0COPCLU::JESPERMon Oct 07 1991A Virus a day,makes my pay
531.0CSCOA1::COSTELLO_JMon Oct 07 1991Scripts and Sethost
532.02BREAKR::BUDZOWSKIMon Oct 07 1991Can DEPCA actually map into E space?
533.05TYSON::HUNGTue Oct 08 1991MI-cluster sysuaf merge and PATHWORKS impact
534.01KETJE::SCHOOFSTue Oct 08 1991DECnet subroutine libr. compat.
535.02UPROAR::WATSONRTue Oct 08 1991VT32
536.04KERNEL::IMBIERSKITue Oct 08 1991Quotas for new users
537.0KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Oct 08 1991pcsa-e startup error
538.02VNABRW::ENGEL_WTue Oct 08 1991fal under windows
539.01CSCOA1::BURGESS_RTue Oct 08 1991How exactly does REDIR.EXE work
540.0SUBWAY::BUONOMOTue Oct 08 1991WINWORD Print corruption
541.01MQOSWS::M_LEMAYTue Oct 08 1991NETAPI.DLL for SQL/Services thru PW
542.0NEWOA::BAILEYTue Oct 08 1991File server data re-transmision
543.011POBOX::DECAPPTue Oct 08 1991DBase IV and REDIR revisited
544.03CSCOAC::COSTELLO_JTue Oct 08 1991File allocation table - to file service
545.01MADWT::HEEBTue Oct 08 1991Matrix of interoperability
546.02HIJINX::LORDTue Oct 08 1991Hack: Device driver loader (LD) for DOS
547.014HIJINX::LORDTue Oct 08 1991Hack: Remote Booting with a Shared LAD Disk
548.02HIJINX::LORDTue Oct 08 1991Hack: BITSWAP To display token ring addresses
549.04HOTWTR::MURRAY_RUTue Oct 08 1991Determining ethernet card type.
550.07SNOCWed Oct 09 1991PATHWORKS and hidden areas. Some questions
551.02TPSPS1::TSC1MGRWed Oct 09 1991programmer's reference manual
552.0ZPOVC::YEECHINWed Oct 09 1991Sethost session chews up CPU...
553.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Oct 09 1991(file Search) Invalid path ... from client
554.01CLOVAX::POLITZERWed Oct 09 1991Print Spooling
555.0ANNECY::VEREQUEWed Oct 09 1991PATHWORK TCP/IP compatible with socket UB ?
556.01HSOMAI::CHANGWed Oct 09 1991VMS TCP/IP Prompt question
557.08RANGER::YOSCAWed Oct 09 1991Win3setu Documentation
558.02PTOECA::JOEWWed Oct 09 1991SETHOST/LAT Session hangs under 4.
559.03CSCOA1::COSTELLO_JWed Oct 09 1991double password fails
560.01TIGEMS::MARTINWed Oct 09 1991VT32
561.02TROOA::WEAVERWed Oct 09 1991Network Utilization Concerns
563.02EVTAI1::LESOTThu Oct 10 1991PCSA DBASE Server Edition Network
564.01ZPOVC::ANDREWWAITESThu Oct 10 19912 LATCP Questions
565.07STKAI2::ACEDERHAGThu Oct 10 1991local print from user connected fileservice
566.05KERNEL::IMBIERSKIThu Oct 10 1991Setting file server parameters by hand
567.06PCAE::RYANThu Oct 10 1991Programmers Kit ?
568.01COLThu Oct 10 1991Example code for Terminal Emulator under Windows?
569.03TROOA::DLOTENThu Oct 10 1991DECpc Notebook, AsyncDECnet & 327
570.03FIXSR1::WHITTINGTONThu Oct 10 1991Problems with SETUP in MSWINV3
571.06NEWOA::BAILEYThu Oct 10 1991LAD disk 'problems'
572.02KAOFS::N_MARTELThu Oct 10 1991PERMIT command in a WAN?
573.0WMOIS::STROLLO_TThu Oct 10 1991Undetected Errors Using PCSA net streams
574.03GIDDAY::LILICThu Oct 10 1991DECnet DOS programming & Windows Enhanced Mode
575.01DECAUX::VNASWS::HUEBSCHFri Oct 11 1991DEPCA mouse DLLNDIS and MS Windows
576.03TRCOA::TROTTIFri Oct 11 1991Pathworks Presentation ?
577.01MJBOOT::COLEMANFri Oct 11 1991file server crashing
578.01UTRTSC::BAKKERFri Oct 11 1991DECNET Access control difference
579.02RIGI::KESSLERFri Oct 11 1991PCSA 4.1, DWDOS386 and 256 colors, XGA-Support ?
580.01GRANPA::GTHOMASFri Oct 11 19914.1 Field Test/Crash config. Remote Boot!
581.0GUCCI::RJENKINSFri Oct 11 1991Virtual Comm port
582.01NSDC::BIANCHIFri Oct 11 1991DECnet-DOS programming question
583.01SUBWAY::BUONOMOFri Oct 11 1991NETbios tracing?
584.0CSCOA1::DALTON_KFri Oct 11 1991VT32
585.01CAPITN::HUDSPETH_WIFri Oct 11 1991w/Northgate and PW4.
586.09HOTWTR::MURRAY_RUFri Oct 11 1991Information about patches ?
587.0TENNIS::KAMSun Oct 13 1991Incompatible PCs/remote boot/AST PC questions
588.06TENNIS::KAMSun Oct 13 1991does the DECpc 433W support remote booting?
589.01HGOVC::GEORGETILLEYSun Oct 13 1991MOP and Novell?
590.02GIDDAY::HUMMERSTONMon Oct 14 1991DE1
591.0HGOVA::KIMWAHNGMon Oct 14 1991PCSA 3.1 supported by VMS 5.4 ?
592.03KERNEL::IMBIERSKIMon Oct 14 1991USE timeout?
593.01SHAWB1::ACHESONMon Oct 14 1991VAXmate and MS-DOS 5.
594.04RANGER::OLSONMon Oct 14 19914.
595.03VNABRW::MATHE_WMon Oct 14 1991remote boot on ps2/35
597.0RIPPLE::VELIS_MAMon Oct 14 1991Upgrade from 3.
598.02RIPPLE::VELIS_MAMon Oct 14 1991Upgrade client w/o server?
599.0MDRLEG::MAITEMon Oct 14 1991INTERNALS training of PATHworks
600.0NERSW5::MARTINELLOMon Oct 14 1991MSwindows and Printing
601.04CLOVAX::POLITZERMon Oct 14 1991File server crash - any ideas?
602.03CSCOA1::COSTELLO_JMon Oct 14 1991VT32
603.04SDOGUS::SPENDLOVEMon Oct 14 1991Wordperfect Mail and PCSA
604.05CHOWDA::GLICKMANMon Oct 14 1991LADDRV.SYS, MS WINDOWS and a printer
605.05CAMTWO::HESSMon Oct 14 1991Multitasking question
606.0HGOVA::KIMWAHNGTue Oct 15 1991Mechanism for GRANT and DENY ?
607.02TAIJI::HENRYKONGTue Oct 15 1991Any VMS task for the task-to-task communication ?
609.02KERNEL::SINCLAIRALTue Oct 15 1991STOPNET/STARTNET hangs with printer redirections
610.01FRAFS1::ELHAJTue Oct 15 1991Cluster Alias in NETSETUP
611.02MANSW1::WILLETue Oct 15 1991Clipper/DOS5
612.01ARGUS::LEBLONDTue Oct 15 1991Symbol Definition Problem
613.02UFRCS1::GRAFTue Oct 15 1991old HP_VECTRA problem
614.0LYOTue Oct 15 1991PCFS_SERVER Crash
615.02ASDG::DANGTue Oct 15 1991Sethost compresses VAXmate screen
616.02CSCOA1::MCCRARY_JTue Oct 15 1991Stopnet/Dos 5.
617.05PENUTS::HOTue Oct 15 1991NET PRINT qualifiers for postscript file
618.0GLDOA::MLYNNTue Oct 15 1991Lan Manager X and Pathworks
619.0TRCOA::BBUTLERTue Oct 15 1991Protocols for local PrintServer across Token Ring?
620.06RT93::LOMBARDIWed Oct 16 1991SETHOST problem..NTS not installed!
621.03ZPOVC::RAMARAJWed Oct 16 1991PCSA DOS over ISDN?
622.03GOTA1::WANNERSKOGWed Oct 16 1991SETDIR directory lost on auto-reconnect to file service
623.01CSCOA1::ROLLINS_RWed Oct 16 1991Questions on v4.
624.0BAHTAT::ASHCROFTWed Oct 16 1991printing and passall
625.03ESRAD::PANGAKISWed Oct 16 1991Display partyline?
626.01COLWed Oct 16 1991STOPNET/STARTNET with DE-2
627.09GRANMA::TCANNONWed Oct 16 1991Oracle's SQL Net and PW?
628.06ARGUS::LEBLONDWed Oct 16 1991Downgrade Client 4.
629.02RANGER::FONTAINEWed Oct 16 1991PCSA v3 and file corruption
631.0CSCOAC::SMITH_MWed Oct 16 1991Scripting into more than one session?
632.022JOCKEY::SHARKEYAWed Oct 16 1991QEMM, STEALTH and PATHworks - nope!
633.02JOCKEY::SHARKEYAWed Oct 16 1991Write-only LAD click wanted
634.01THEBAY::GARRISONNAWed Oct 16 1991Configuration Guidelines?
635.0MADWT::HEEBWed Oct 16 1991AT&T Starlan to Pathworks Migration AT & T Starlan to Pathworks migration AT&T Starlan to Pathworks migration
636.02SUBWAY::ROTHMANWed Oct 16 1991PSC.COM/Netsetup Hangs/QEMM
637.01MARSThu Oct 17 1991NAMED PIPE out of the LAN ?
638.0MALMA1::PSVENSSONThu Oct 17 1991Program F1 key in SETHOST to <Esc>[224z
639.010COMICS::COLOMBOThu Oct 17 1991USE LIB Question
640.0KERNEL::SINCLAIRALThu Oct 17 1991Amstrad 3386sx
641.03DUCAT2::FOUR62::LICAUSEThu Oct 17 1991Does V4.1 work w/VMS V5.5?
642.0BLGThu Oct 17 1991Terminal emulation 132 column mode
643.01SUBWAY::ROTHMANThu Oct 17 1991BUFFERS/X - EMS - Divide Overflow
644.01VNABRW::PUSCHThu Oct 17 1991snagni for windows ?
645.02TROOA::TYOUNGThu Oct 17 1991DOS 5.
646.03SOTT::NAULTThu Oct 17 1991PC hangs after exiting MS-Windows
647.01CAATS::TAMThu Oct 17 1991Qs on PW V4.1
648.01CAATS::TAMThu Oct 17 1991User/Group RW means Delete as well?
650.03TENNIS::KAMThu Oct 17 1991Documentation for programming DECnet on a PC?
651.03HTSC19::TONYLIUFri Oct 18 1991PCP1
652.0TYSON::HUNGFri Oct 18 1991JOB_CONTROL and Symbiont processes question
654.01CSCOA1::MCCRARY_JFri Oct 18 1991NETSETUP (
655.0GOBAMA::BROOKSFri Oct 18 1991Configuration help on Optical Disks + Plotters.
656.0TAZMAN::TRIOLIFri Oct 18 1991fastback backup
657.01--UnknownUser--Fri Oct 18 1991What's the deal with Windows and DOS.5.
658.04TRCOA::BBUTLERFri Oct 18 1991Pathworks supported in Enet-16MbpsTR-Enet config?
659.06SHLSAM::BEANEFri Oct 18 1991PCFS_STARTUP problem
660.07CSC32::D_SLOUGHFri Oct 18 1991SETHOST 132 mode and DOS v5.
661.03CHOWDA::GLICKMANSat Oct 19 1991PC w/Etherworks card & UB Lan Manager
662.02EISKVP::VANPATTENSun Oct 20 1991TIGA Mode with PW 4.1?
663.01CAATS::TAMSun Oct 20 1991DS316 USE causes QEMM to bomb
664.09JOCKEY::SHARKEYASun Oct 20 1991USE 4.1 running slowly?
665.01HGOVC::FEFSSPSMon Oct 21 1991MS Windows support in TCP/IP
666.02COMICS::COLOMBOMon Oct 21 1991LAT versions / start session calls
667.03KERNEL::IMBIERSKIMon Oct 21 1991VT32
668.04ZPOVC::CHIKLIAKMon Oct 21 1991STOPNET and Parallel Printer
669.05BRSDVP::VERMEIRMon Oct 21 1991LAST connections that drop
670.0FILTON::DOWN_JMon Oct 21 1991IBM 55 SX and DEMCA Boards
671.02MSBCS::CHICOINEMon Oct 21 1991Mounting/accessing an existing container file
672.030HIJINX::LORDMon Oct 21 1991Hack: LATCOM - LAT Comm Port Emulator/Redirector
673.01GOLF::STOCKWELLMon Oct 21 1991Documentation Directories Temporarily Unavailable
674.0KERNEL::SINCLAIRALMon Oct 21 1991Moving file services
675.06CLOVAX::FORNERMon Oct 21 1991Wordperfect and local print queue.
676.02SALISH::THORNTON_JEMon Oct 21 1991TANDY card w/ NDIS driver?
677.03HIBOB::CHAMBONMon Oct 21 1991Need Pathworks
678.09RTPSWS::GALLAGHERMon Oct 21 1991DECnet.asm questions!
679.01ART::COHENMon Oct 21 1991COM Port Redirection, Serial Drivers, HP Plotters, ACAD
680.02SUBWAY::DERISEMon Oct 21 1991qemm386 v3.
681.01TROOA::CURZONMon Oct 21 1991Groupware location?
682.01EPAVAX::CARLOTTITue Oct 22 1991VAXmate - boot order program?
683.02YUPPY::GINNTue Oct 22 1991Netware for VMS
684.02SUOSW3::WAGENBLASTTue Oct 22 1991Slooow copy ULTRIX4.2 --> PC, DECnet, PCSA4.
685.01ALBIS::BURKARTTue Oct 22 1991DECPC 433 Remote Boot and Line open error...
686.0RIGI::KESSLERTue Oct 22 1991Memman /s/f and MFT hang PC
687.0KETJE::SCHOOFSTue Oct 22 1991Millenium: General Ledger
688.05AUNTB::BRILEYTue Oct 22 1991Async DECnet again...
689.0KAOFS::M_ROLLINTue Oct 22 1991file server session timeout...
690.01MARSTue Oct 22 1991ODI or 8
691.04RIPPLE::ANDERSON_BITue Oct 22 1991Education on ODI
692.01MEO78B::MILLETTWed Oct 23 1991Run-away process on the Server
694.02STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LWed Oct 23 1991Estonian characters in PATHWORKS?
695.01GALVIA::MOONEYWed Oct 23 1991MS-Word files appear corrupt
696.01MLNWed Oct 23 1991IBM PC Support: what protocol ?
697.02MRKTNG::BOEHMWed Oct 23 1991Disk fragmentation causes high CPU utilization
698.02SMAC1Wed Oct 23 1991VMS5.4-3 and PCSAV4
699.011CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Oct 23 1991Invalid protocol, No TIME SERVER
700.05HXOUWed Oct 23 1991Drive letters for LAD
701.02BOSWKG::GARDNERWed Oct 23 1991COM2LAT location?
702.02KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Oct 23 1991sethost and windows
703.06TROOA::BAPTIEWed Oct 23 1991286 Memory problems - Lotus error?
705.01GIDDAY::HUMMERSTONWed Oct 23 1991DECnet socket problems in MS-Windows real & standard mode
706.05GIDDAY::HUMMERSTONWed Oct 23 1991Multinet TCP/IP on VMS
707.02ZPOVC::CHIKLIAKThu Oct 24 1991Wordperfect and HP LaserJet parallel printer?
708.02PAOIS::LAZERGESThu Oct 24 1991IBM Token Ring Adaptaters
709.0VMSNET::S_YUANThu Oct 24 1991specify more than one domain name server
710.01MSBCS::CHICOINEThu Oct 24 1991LOGON returns EXTENDED ERR 65
711.02STRIKR::RAYERThu Oct 24 1991NETSETUP fails with ERROR 226: No available devices
712.01DENVER::THURYThu Oct 24 1991PCSA 3.x & INFOserver incompatible?
713.02LUXThu Oct 24 1991VT34
714.03LUXThu Oct 24 1991NETOP and PCSA
715.0SWAM2::MENDOZA_DAThu Oct 24 1991Vitalink, Pathworks, performance
716.01GOTA1::WANNERSKOGThu Oct 24 1991TCP/IP and LAT coexistens ?
717.09RIPPLE::ANDERSON_BIThu Oct 24 1991Ethernet packet error with remote boot
718.04ALOSWS::STREVELLThu Oct 24 1991NETBIOS Remote Adapter Status Bug
719.02GIDDAY::HUMMERSTONThu Oct 24 1991WD8
720.02VMSNET::S_YUANThu Oct 24 1991speed problem when copy large files
721.01HGOVA::KIMWAHNGFri Oct 25 1991NETSETUP problem with remote boot
722.04KERNEL::SINCLAIRALFri Oct 25 1991Maximum number of workstations calculation
723.01HEART::MACHINFri Oct 25 1991Async socket reads again
724.0ESRAD::PANGAKISFri Oct 25 1991printing PS files
725.02CSCOA1::MCCRARY_JFri Oct 25 1991CTERM - third party software - Windows 3.
726.03DASMIA::DREWNIAKFri Oct 25 1991QWIKNET-I-COLORS... too many colors...
727.01LISVAX::DOMINGUESFri Oct 25 1991Pathworks Ultrix Number of Directories
728.02MR4DEC::WILLINGERFri Oct 25 1991DECnet-DOS, Pathworks, and AutoCAD problem
729.02CAADC::TRAINISOBELFri Oct 25 1991SLOWWWW PATHWORKS Services on Compaq
730.015LOOUFri Oct 25 1991PCFS_SERVER, LGI_BRK_LIM and VMS breakin
731.04KYOA::WALKERFri Oct 25 1991AT&T bus mouse problems
732.0KAOFS::M_ROLLINFri Oct 25 1991DEPCA mouse, Windows 3 and pathworks configuration.
733.01CSCOAC::WHITSON_JFri Oct 25 1991PS/2-35sx Remote Booting Anyone?
735.0TROOA::POCZOFri Oct 25 1991Security and CLIPPER DBASE programs
736.04ODIXIE::STUMPFSun Oct 27 1991TCP/IP mail solution
737.06GIDDAY::BLOOMMon Oct 28 1991NETBIOS error
738.03GIDDAY::WINGMon Oct 28 1991File Service vs disk service
739.01BBIVMon Oct 28 1991Installation error @IVP stage
740.02BBIVMon Oct 28 1991PCSA and X.25 PSDN
741.0UTRTSC::XAVEERMon Oct 28 1991RESTORE gets into a loop
743.025LUXMon Oct 28 1991Unbelievably Mega-Wicked Cool SHOW Utility Discussion
744.02ASD::KRISHNAMon Oct 28 1991How do I get DOS 5.
745.04ASD::KRISHNAMon Oct 28 1991Pathworks VMS server kit?
746.01ASD::KRISHNAMon Oct 28 1991Pathworks DOS client kit?
747.02TEASE::LEARYMon Oct 28 1991dBase coexistence and coherency ?
748.03CSCOA1::MCCRARY_JMon Oct 28 19911
750.01BOSTON::BIANCOMon Oct 28 1991How to backup 1
751.01CLOVAX::FORNERMon Oct 28 1991VMS T5.5 AND PW f DOS V4.
752.02CLOVAX::FORNERMon Oct 28 1991DOS 5.
753.01HTSCTue Oct 29 1991PCSF$STARTUP-F-MMGET Err Retrieving Memory Values
754.04HGOSTS::DENISLITue Oct 29 1991SETHOST CTERM: problem...
755.04HGOSTS::DENISLITue Oct 29 1991Can LAT parameter 'response timer' be changed..?
756.02COLTue Oct 29 1991LANSESS and Windows problems...
758.0COLTue Oct 29 1991Remote Boot,EMS,Windows3.
759.01SUTRA::SPATOLISANOTue Oct 29 1991Warm boot and Pathwork V4.
760.09GJOVAX::GRAEFFTue Oct 29 1991Packed executables and LAD...incompatible?
761.01OTOOA::ANDERSONTue Oct 29 1991pw4/win3/dos5 & network printers
762.02MECCA::STRAUBTue Oct 29 1991X server and Pathworks
763.05CRONIC::WHITTENTue Oct 29 1991Error msg WSMAX to high.
764.0SCAACT::VELEZMTue Oct 29 1991DECNET Constants ?
765.02TAVTue Oct 29 1991remote boot via WAN?
766.04ESMAIL::BEANTue Oct 29 1991Use problem, Print question, MS-Net question...
767.01WMOIS::SKOWYRATue Oct 29 1991Msdos rx
768.01ASD::KRISHNATue Oct 29 1991Pathworks Applications info location ?
769.01TROOA::TYOUNGTue Oct 29 1991Change MAINTAINER Account ?
770.02TROOA::TYOUNGTue Oct 29 1991SETHOST connection rejected
771.0GIDDAY::BLOOMTue Oct 29 1991VT32
772.01HTSC19::ANDYNGWed Oct 30 1991mini conventional memory to start Pathwork V4.
773.04COPCLU::BJARNERWed Oct 30 1991Banyan and NDIS
774.01ARSNAL::ESBECKWed Oct 30 1991Remote Boot incomplete - DECpc 433
775.0KALVIN::CHINNASWAMYWed Oct 30 1991EISA & ISA I/O space addressing
777.01NEASSG::MARTINELLOWed Oct 30 1991V4.
778.06WA1UAR::Michael McCarthyWed Oct 30 1991Root directory with FAL
779.01HOTWTR::MURRAY_RUWed Oct 30 1991Experience with Volume shadowing?
780.04SSPENG::MICKALIDEWed Oct 30 1991Installing MSDOS problem
781.03KETJE::GORREMANSWed Oct 30 1991NETBEUI and LAN Manager on VMS?
782.03CSCOA1::COSTELLO_JWed Oct 30 1991File sharing... and Engineering level explanation?
783.0446538::KULESSAWed Oct 30 1991HP Laserjet Fails on DECserver port
784.03COMICS::FOSTERThu Oct 31 1991LAT.. SERVICE or service
785.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Oct 31 1991Infoserver -- File and/or Disk Service?
786.05TAINO::FARDONKThu Oct 31 1991EMM V4.
787.01HXOUThu Oct 31 1991Mixture of VAXmate and non-VAXmate
788.0STKHLM::HARTIKAINENThu Oct 31 1991Reflection with telnet is slow
789.01CGHUB::RYANThu Oct 31 1991Security questions/complaint?!
790.02ECAMVThu Oct 31 1991tape drive server?
791.01RIGI::KESSLERThu Oct 31 1991DECpc 433, Ethernet Adapter and 32k Mode possible
792.01SALISH::MURRAY_RUThu Oct 31 1991Can NCP take command line input?
793.0CIVAGE::PRUSSThu Oct 31 1991vt32
794.02KYOA::WINGThu Oct 31 1991Detecting asynch decnet via sethost script?
795.01HTSC19::ANDYNGFri Nov 01 1991HPlaserjet III cannot print landscape on Ultrix !
796.01HGOVC::ACRISOLOGOFri Nov 01 1991PCSA 3.
797.0KAOOA::WEISSFri Nov 01 1991P-works DOS 4.1 SPD?
798.04ODIXIE::RICHARDSONFri Nov 01 1991read receipt for mail requirement
799.03LOOUFri Nov 01 1991PCFS_SERVER process state RWSWS.. ?
800.01DENVER::STROIKFri Nov 01 1991DE2
801.012POCUS::JEBRINEFri Nov 01 1991DOS Protected Mode Interface?
802.02ODIXIE::RICHARDSONFri Nov 01 1991mail purge procedure?
803.03FIXSR1::WHITTINGTONFri Nov 01 1991Which connector for a LA75
805.03NEMAIL::ROBERTSONFri Nov 01 19913com 5
806.02DENVER::PAULTERFri Nov 01 1991DECnet-DOS trapping NFT Error Messages
807.01STKHLM::IVANFri Nov 01 1991PWRKS FOR OS/2 ?
808.04CSCOA1::EBBITT_RFri Nov 01 1991PCFS startup and page file size
809.08RANGER::COOKSat Nov 02 1991STARTNET's limitation of DOS-path to 78
810.0COPCLU::COPFT::JESPERSun Nov 03 1991Cluster Locks and PCFS_SERVER
811.01RIGI::KESSLERMon Nov 04 1991WIN 3.
812.03QCAVMon Nov 04 1991Remote boot problem with DEPCA
813.04QCAVMon Nov 04 1991Remote boot support for WD card ?
814.01UTROP1::MIJNLIEFF_KMon Nov 04 1991USELIB in combination with TURBO PASCAL V6.
815.012UTROP1::MIJNLIEFF_KMon Nov 04 1991XCOPY problem with network drives...
816.01UTROP1::MIJNLIEFF_KMon Nov 04 1991Binary GEM files not properly copied with COPY
817.01HGOVC::ANDREWCHIUMon Nov 04 1991Performance of PC ethernet cards?
818.07TAVMon Nov 04 1991What is link state LL_INACTIVE?
819.03STKHLM::WETTERBERGMon Nov 04 1991stopnet/reboot of a pc and local lat -port , one print job lost
820.0ZURMon Nov 04 1991PW 4.
822.01BIS6::VANNESTEMon Nov 04 1991COMPAQ and QEMM
823.05STKHLM::WETTERBERGMon Nov 04 1991Slow performance on 631
824.01BPSMon Nov 04 1991NDIS supported Ethernet Cards
825.01DRAC::BOSCHMon Nov 04 1991mail startup command
826.0TROOA::TYOUNGMon Nov 04 1991Global Buffers ?
827.01POBOX::DECAPPMon Nov 04 1991PW Mail & dist lists
828.02LOOUMon Nov 04 1991Can PATHWORKS reconfig. affect LAT
829.02WIKI::PAGANOMon Nov 04 1991TCP/IP with TGV on VMS?
830.02CSCOAC::MCCRARY_JMon Nov 04 1991PCSA menu - Delete user - always deletes directory!
831.07HGOVA::KIMWAHNGMon Nov 04 1991DECnet-DOS programming questions
832.01EPAVAX::CARLOTTITue Nov 05 1991Memory requirements: Netware Coexistence, LAT print que?
833.04HGOVA::KIMWAHNGTue Nov 05 1991Usage of LDU.EXE ?
834.04KERES::FSMAILTue Nov 05 1991Task-2-Task
835.01HERON::BEAUTue Nov 05 1991Redirecting the PCFS_SERVER.LOG outputs
836.03COLTue Nov 05 1991Ping via gateway doesn't work
837.01GJOVAX::GRAEFFTue Nov 05 1991Redirection of local device letters supported?
838.01PHHPST::CAPAHB::CONFUSERTue Nov 05 1991HP IIIsi Printer ?
839.0TRCOA::ROUSTue Nov 05 1991Pathworks and Windows NT Security Positioning
840.01FROSTY::RYANTue Nov 05 1991ISV questions...
841.0SALSA::DUPRETue Nov 05 1991How to disable shadow ram?
842.02CSC32::J_FORRESTTue Nov 05 1991redirect hard disk?
843.02GLDOA::ADIBHATLATue Nov 05 1991HP Laser Jet III prints extra garbage!
844.02ANOSWS::COMFORTTue Nov 05 1991TCP/IP, 3COM5
845.06CSCOAC::MCCRARY_JTue Nov 05 1991XTREE GOLD - hangs on logon to drive
846.01RCOCER::MEADTue Nov 05 1991Novell Certified
847.02JOCKEY::SHARKEYATue Nov 05 1991Can we force Lansess?
848.01WR2FOR::FIELDS_JETue Nov 05 1991TN327
849.01STKAI2::ACEDERHAGWed Nov 06 1991Remote boot with DEPCA turbo and pcsa v3.
851.03HTSC19::ANDYNGWed Nov 06 1991How to add CC: prompt to PC MAIL
852.01ZPOVC::SAWATOWed Nov 06 1991PCSA V3.1 .vs. DOS V5.
853.02LUXWed Nov 06 1991pcsa 3.1 supported by 5.4 5.5....
854.03COMICS::COLOMBOWed Nov 06 1991pause/stop session ?
855.01ZPOVC::ANDREWLIMWed Nov 06 1991List of 3rd party software supported by PATHWORKS?
856.02SUBWAY::DERISEWed Nov 06 1991CMS client-server?
857.04CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Nov 06 1991Running MS-Windows in Enhanced mode?
858.01COLISB::COLPC3::stalzThu Nov 07 1991Connection restriction for disk services?
859.02TRUCKS::YOUNGThu Nov 07 1991TCP/IP Network name not found?
860.01TAVThu Nov 07 1991SETHOST SCRIPT and <kp1>
861.01KERNEL::SINCLAIRALThu Nov 07 1991Epson wide printers, FX1
863.01TAVThu Nov 07 1991NDIS questions.
864.0KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Nov 07 1991mailchk and username/password
865.01COMICS::FARROW_SMITHThu Nov 07 1991Load Balancing
866.06ARTLIB::GOETZEThu Nov 07 1991How to force TCP/IP mode in NETSETUP?
867.02ZPOVC::SAWATOThu Nov 07 1991Troubleshooting guide location ?
868.01PHDVAX::JACKSONThu Nov 07 1991Latest Pathworks matrix?
869.06CGOOA::BARNABEThu Nov 07 1991PWDOS and Expanded memory?
870.01PHDVAX::JACKSONThu Nov 07 1991HP Vectra mouse support?
871.02NBOFS1::KOLBFri Nov 08 1991Support of F11,F12 key in future?
872.02TOSSUC::MIONFri Nov 08 1991Pathworks TCP/IP programming?
873.05HTSC19::STEVENLAUFri Nov 08 1991How to send mail from a BAT batch file?
875.07COPCLU::COPFT::JESPERFri Nov 08 1991DE2
877.03PANIC::BARRETTOFri Nov 08 1991How to compose chara on LK25
878.04KETJE::VERVAENENFri Nov 08 1991Multi-protocol stacks above NDIS
879.01ROMFri Nov 08 1991Connection via terminal servers
880.02PHDVAX::JACKSONFri Nov 08 19913COM a DEPCA substitute?
881.03HOTWTR::MURRAY_RUFri Nov 08 1991Pathworks and DECnet areas.
882.0ACOSTA::MIANOFri Nov 08 1991FBSS anyone?
883.0LJOHUB::CARLTONFri Nov 08 1991Salestools for PCI products
884.0KITVAX::METHOTFri Nov 08 1991PW for ULTRIX FYI
885.01PICKET::LEONARDFri Nov 08 1991Pathworks won't start from c:\drive
886.01HANNAH::B_COBBFri Nov 08 1991More than 3 printers?
887.03HALIBT::MCCANTAFri Nov 08 1991Remote Boot Hard Disk ?
888.03RIPPLE::ERICKSODAFri Nov 08 1991Memory Mgmt slides?
889.09SNOMAN::AARONFri Nov 08 1991FAL won't come up under Windows
890.01GRANMA::AHAYNESFri Nov 08 19912 PW/D setup questions...
891.0TPSPS3::TSC1MGRSat Nov 09 1991Show disk connection problem
892.05HOBBLE::ROTHKUGELSun Nov 10 1991DE2
893.01HTSC19::STEVENLAUMon Nov 11 1991Concurrent access DBase file problem.
894.0TYFYS::SLATERMon Nov 11 1991The PARADOX Notes Conference
895.06HTSC19::STEVENLAUMon Nov 11 1991What is LOGIN.BAT?
896.06SMAC1Mon Nov 11 1991HP Laserjet IIIsi, Local printing problem
897.0MLNMon Nov 11 1991Multiple sessions under Reflection 4
898.01WASHDC::RICHARDSMon Nov 11 1991MS-WINDOWS running off a virtual drive?
899.0RIGI::BURRIMon Nov 11 1991neatemm.sys and tcpip on a 286
900.06SUOIS4::MGOLDWASSERMon Nov 11 1991DECnet-DOS 2.? ->DExxx gottcha's?
901.04ODIXIE::RICHARDSONMon Nov 11 1991PERFORMANCE how to keep Novell out
902.04GOYA::VICTORMon Nov 11 1991Problems with TTT over DECnet
903.01STKHLM::HARTIKAINENMon Nov 11 1991printing binary from application ?
904.01TRCOA::TROTTIMon Nov 11 1991Pathworks over Vitalink (96
905.01KERNEL::SHOULDINGMon Nov 11 1991CTERM V4.
906.02KERNEL::QUINNMon Nov 11 1991DE2
907.01KERNEL::QUINNMon Nov 11 1991Microsoft versions of redirector
908.06KAOFS::M_ROLLINMon Nov 11 1991the USE command doesn't display connection..
909.0ANGLIN::BURKLEMon Nov 11 1991decwindows hangs with decmouse
910.02FILTON::DAVISSMon Nov 11 1991Print from Lotus to LN
911.06WLDWST::DRIEARMon Nov 11 1991Printing in Windows fails on 2nd attempt
912.0WLDWST::DRIEARMon Nov 11 1991Kermit + DECnet + Windows = Bomb
913.0HGOVC::ACRISOLOGOTue Nov 12 1991DEClaser 22
914.01MLNAD3::BENASSATITue Nov 12 1991printing national Chars
915.01ZPOVC::SAWATOTue Nov 12 1991Lost network objects ?
916.03MEO78B::MILLETTTue Nov 12 19914.1 Software. Location on the net ?
917.0BRUMMY::WILLIAMSMTue Nov 12 1991Key functions lost 3
918.04MEO78B::MILLETTTue Nov 12 1991How do file and disk server caches work
919.03MSBCS::HSUTue Nov 12 1991Programming APIs for PCSA MANAGER?
921.02VNABRW::ENGEL_WTue Nov 12 1991Error reading drive n:
922.02KERNEL::SHOULDINGTue Nov 12 1991Book$reader doc set for the Client
923.04KETJE::MORRENTue Nov 12 1991NETBIOS TO TCP/IP mapping ? (Gupta)
924.01VEGAS::GURALNIKTue Nov 12 1991Field Test Site Volunteer
925.04RANGER::COOKTue Nov 12 1991CTRL-Q (XON) doesn't work in SETHOST/Serial
926.01CGOOA::BARNABEWed Nov 13 1991Will PCISV node come back some day?
927.010IJSAPL::NATERWed Nov 13 1991DE2
928.07TRNWed Nov 13 1991NE1
929.0JRDDVL::TANABEWed Nov 13 1991PrintTrouble:SETHOST_GUIDE_V41.PS
930.03MSAMWed Nov 13 1991DECnet for OS/2 questions...
932.01BAHTAT::BELLWed Nov 13 1991WPS+/DOS <--> ALL-IN-1 Doc Transfer
933.03ZPOVC::LCLEEWed Nov 13 1991DBASE IV File locking with PW for ULTRIX
934.02MLNWed Nov 13 1991DNNETHAT qualifier and performance
935.01BRSSWS::COLLARTWed Nov 13 1991Subdirectory in a File Service?
936.02TARUGO::MAITEWed Nov 13 19913COM5
937.016GJOVAX::GRAEFFWed Nov 13 1991NETSETUP wk_free() fatal error with remote boot
938.08RIPPLE::VELIS_MAWed Nov 13 1991Backup PC to VMS Tape
939.02RIPPLE::VELIS_MAWed Nov 13 1991NETBIOS suport in LANSESS?
941.01HANNAH::B_COBBWed Nov 13 1991DISK vs FILE system locations
942.0SAC::HODGE_SWed Nov 13 1991Moving PC package to Pathworks
943.03CACIQE::RUIZJWed Nov 13 1991DWDOS386 hang with QEMM386
944.08KAOFS::P_SAVOIEWed Nov 13 1991mail from mac--->OS/2 server
945.04BMEUP::NGUYENWed Nov 13 1991PATHWORKS vs SiteLock Software
946.014RUMOR::ROBBINSWed Nov 13 1991XIRCOM and 4.1 - ok?
947.04CSCOAC::SOVEREIGN_SWed Nov 13 1991LANSESS, Invalid mailbox message 6553
948.0SUBWAY::ROTHMANWed Nov 13 1991BLUE MAX vs. QEMM
949.01GIDDAY::BLOOMThu Nov 14 1991NCP show line count - bitmap error codes ?
950.07STKHLM::HARTIKAINENThu Nov 14 1991Sethost and lost keyboard mapping
951.07MEO78B::MILLETTThu Nov 14 1991DDCMP ASYNC problem with USE command
952.01MLNCSC::LANCELLOTTIThu Nov 14 1991Share a local parallel printer ?
953.05HGOVC::CHARLESKWANThu Nov 14 1991Quote Pathworks for DOS (TCP/IP) ONLY?
954.03MLNCSC::ZAPPANIThu Nov 14 19913C5
955.01RIPPLE::VELIS_MAThu Nov 14 1991FRB with 3C5
956.01BENONI::YONThu Nov 14 1991Out out disk space installing PW/DOS ?
957.02KAOM25::HAMILTONThu Nov 14 1991async decnet from PC to VMS problem
958.01SPTNIK::SWABOWICZThu Nov 14 1991DOS machine will not boot
959.04ANOSWS::COMFORTThu Nov 14 1991LAT static rating problem
960.02JOCKEY::COOPERMThu Nov 14 1991PC-NFS DECpc 433 Heuristics=1 still no go
961.01YNGSTR::BROWNThu Nov 14 1991V4.1 DECMODE weird one
962.0YOSMTE::SOORENKO_FEThu Nov 14 1991Can PC DECwindows display a UIS appl. under UISx?
963.03RTPSWS::TAYLOR_EThu Nov 14 1991Lotus3.1 "invalid path"
964.02HTSC19::KENNETHFri Nov 15 1991Floppy drive problem with AST/286
965.03STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LFri Nov 15 1991LN
966.02JUNG::NEUMANFri Nov 15 1991Detect DDCMP on ASYNCH line at PC Boot Time
967.0LOOUFri Nov 15 1991TTT and UAF Login Fails counter
970.02TPSYS::CAIAZZIFri Nov 15 1991REDIR - Incorrect DOS Version
971.01HOTWTR::MURRAY_RUFri Nov 15 1991Determining file activity to I/O count.
972.07RLAV::GORMLEYFri Nov 15 1991starlan and pathworks
973.03RT95::LOMBARDISun Nov 17 1991PCFS_SERVER.LOG file info requested...
974.04FREEBE::JHOOGENDOORNSun Nov 17 1991Using 2 DEPCAs in one machine: NDIS/NDIS or NDIS/Native
975.01EMASS::VANPATTENSun Nov 17 1991NEC SX2
976.08JUMBLY::BEAUMONTMon Nov 18 1991PC/LN
977.06CSC32::D_SLOUGHMon Nov 18 1991RMS Protection Mask (RWD,RWD,R,) Why?
978.06CSCOAC::KOMANDURIMon Nov 18 1991PCMAIL encoding mechanism for binary attchment
979.01FORTSC::MOKMon Nov 18 1991Pathworks vs Novell: user asking for opinions
980.01MSBCS::HSUMon Nov 18 1991Real-time PCSA MANAGER info. ?
981.02COPCLU::COPFT::JESPERMon Nov 18 1991NETBIOS over WAN connection
982.08SALSA::SCHENKERMon Nov 18 1991Packet Drivers?
983.01ZPOVC::GEORGEKOHTue Nov 19 1991Backup hangs
984.05ZPOVC::MICHELLETANGTue Nov 19 1991File locking / file permissions?
986.03CLOVAX::FORNERTue Nov 19 1991DS316SX hangs
987.01KERNEL::SINCLAIRALTue Nov 19 1991Local LAT printer behaviour?
988.0GLDOA::STALLMANTue Nov 19 1991data formats
989.04TAVTue Nov 19 1991VAX to OS/2 LAN Manager (NETBEUI) over Token Ring
990.010SOFBAS::KEHOETue Nov 19 1991Remote boot problem with VMS V5.5 and Pathworks 4.1
991.04LEMAN::BAGNOUDTue Nov 19 1991local printer and heavy load ?
992.03SPTNIK::SWABOWICZTue Nov 19 1991NET 32 Error? What is it
993.03ODAY4Tue Nov 19 1991Network busy
994.09POBOX::REGISTERTue Nov 19 1991RRD42 as a File Service?
995.02JOCKEY::SHARKEYATue Nov 19 1991USE Exception 13 if DExxx ROM Mapped with QEMM
996.02ANGLIN::BURKLETue Nov 19 1991Remote boot hang
997.03KITVAX::METHOTTue Nov 19 1991Modeled PW Capacity numbers
998.0CSCOAC::MCCRARY_JTue Nov 19 1991pcsa 3.
999.04ZPOVC::PETERDINGWed Nov 20 1991SetHost CTRL/Q problem...
1000.02YUPPY::GINNWed Nov 20 1991Reconnecting SETHOST
1001.01EVTAI1::63635::boubertWed Nov 20 1991PWRKS V4.
1002.01PANIC::BARRETTOWed Nov 20 1991Remote boot NetSetup ERROR 166
1003.01CACT46::MARKWed Nov 20 1991NOVELL IPX to VAX?
1004.01TAVWed Nov 20 1991net print /param -invalid print qualifier value:
1005.07RLAV::GORMLEYWed Nov 20 1991DSSI cluster and pathworks
1006.01MSDSWS::NADAMSWed Nov 20 1991IBM/286 EMS not loading
1007.0MAIL::HYSLIPWed Nov 20 1991PCSA 3.
1008.0BOSEDF::FEATHERSTONWed Nov 20 1991Anyone using the D-Link DE-2
1009.01OTOP19::AndersonWed Nov 20 1991Sethost/Lat/xmodem/ansi
1010.01--UnknownUser--Wed Nov 20 19912
1011.02TWYLA::LOEWWed Nov 20 1991Btrieve Controversy Unsolved!
1012.02OFFPLS::PETERSWed Nov 20 1991ASYNCH DECNET - without a server
1013.03ARTLIB::GOETZEWed Nov 20 1991SEDT freezes up a Logicraft Omniware box
1014.01HGOVC::CHARLESKWANThu Nov 21 1991Any new summary of common MSwindow setup problems?
1015.07COMICS::COLOMBOThu Nov 21 1991protocol.ini database path..
1016.04KIPPIS::JVAANANENThu Nov 21 1991AUTOMENU/out of environment space
1017.05KERNEL::SINCLAIRALThu Nov 21 1991SETHOST pound signs in ALL-IN-1
1018.09IJSAPL::VOERMANThu Nov 21 1991LAT and DLL initialisation error
1019.02LEMAN::DELLAPUPPAThu Nov 21 1991SETHOST and Zenith Keyboard
1020.05SUOSWS::BETZMANNThu Nov 21 1991"PCSA Files STREAMED to FIXED possible ?"
1021.02VMSNET::CHURCHEThu Nov 21 1991PCFS_SERVER: dismounted disk channel still there
1022.0HALIBT::MCCANTAThu Nov 21 1991AUTOEXEC moved to DOS directory with floppy kit
1023.0KAOFS::M_ROLLINThu Nov 21 1991COMPAQ 386s cannot run with Pathworks v4.
1024.0LJOHUB::GEREThu Nov 21 1991PATHWORKS Success Story Drafts
1025.01SIOG::FITZMAURICEThu Nov 21 19913c5
1026.03HOPOFF::TAKOSThu Nov 21 1991NETBEUI and DECNET on Enet and TRing
1028.0ZPOVC::SAWATOFri Nov 22 1991Extra brank page suppression for TOSHIBA printer
1029.05ZPUPPY::SEOWHURNFri Nov 22 1991Sethost Application keypad hex code seq. required !
1030.02ROMCSA::FIASCHIFri Nov 22 1991Printing TCS using SETHOST
1031.01VAXRIO::MAFRAFri Nov 22 1991Pathworks/Printers/SIXEL
1032.02KETJE::DE_BOEVERFri Nov 22 1991PW VMS File Service performance
1033.01LISVAX::RUIPC::pachecoFri Nov 22 1991PW for DOS Netware Coexistance presentation
1034.05BORIKN::EFRAINFri Nov 22 1991NetWare Server and PCSA
1036.05KERNEL::COLOMBOFri Nov 22 1991rename directory
1037.02HOPOFF::TAKOSFri Nov 22 1991Negotiated max packet sizes across diff media
1038.01OWSLA::PUFri Nov 22 1991DOS application server
1039.03TROTFri Nov 22 1991MS-DOS INT 21H and PATHWORKS
1040.01SSBN1::BALLOUFri Nov 22 1991USE Service Not Available Error
1041.01AUNTB::TOWNSENDSun Nov 24 1991PC MAIL and LOGIN.COM
1042.02TENNIS::KAMSun Nov 24 1991LOGON file location on Diskettes ?
1043.03ZPOVC::PETERDINGMon Nov 25 1991Point me to the source .....v4.1
1044.012QCAVMon Nov 25 1991MOP details ?
1045.03OFFPLS::PETERSMon Nov 25 1991* ASYNCH DECnet Communications? *
1046.04GJOVAX::GRAEFFMon Nov 25 1991Gateway 2
1047.01UTRTSC::BAKKERMon Nov 25 1991Again Backup/Restore....
1048.04PTOVAX::SCHRAMM_KMon Nov 25 1991PATHWORKS and OSI
1049.01KETJE::PIERSONMon Nov 25 1991Poor performance w. TR and 82
1050.09WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAMon Nov 25 1991Will Pathworks-VMS Server V4.1 support LAN MANAGER clients?
1051.02ANGLIN::ORTHOBERMon Nov 25 1991Old Depca Card Dos V5.
1052.05VAXRIO::MAFRAMon Nov 25 1991PATHWORKS MAIL (Folders)
1053.04VAXRIO::MAFRAMon Nov 25 1991LOGON in big style?!
1054.03KAOFS::M_ROLLINMon Nov 25 1991sethost and full modem control problem
1055.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANMon Nov 25 1991DEPCA Diagonostics Autoconfiguration failure (26)
1056.01TRCOA::STANIEWSKIMon Nov 25 1991pathworks for dos (infoserver)
1057.08RADBOX::ANDERSONMon Nov 25 1991How to get ethernet address?
1058.03ZPOVC::CHINHENGMon Nov 25 1991PWDOS 4.1 Release Notes
1059.03PCONE1::hamptonTue Nov 26 1991VT32
1060.02ZPOVC::SAWATOTue Nov 26 1991Disconnect no responce from host lat retransmit..
1061.07CSCOA1::BURGESS_RTue Nov 26 1991NET PRINT /SET/PARAMETER problems...
1062.02ODIXIE::RICHARDSONTue Nov 26 1991SETHOST script for modem access
1063.02RTPLTue Nov 26 1991Can't read ISO966
1064.07GOTA1::WANNERSKOGTue Nov 26 1991RMS-protection with Norton Comander ?
1065.04PUERTO::MILIANTue Nov 26 1991Disappearing Icon Box
1066.06SUBWAY::BUONOMOTue Nov 26 1991PATHWORKS USE Library (USELIB) for Windows?
1067.05VCOUTue Nov 26 1991DCA IRMALAN memory use and windows
1068.07ANOSWS::COMFORTTue Nov 26 1991LANSESS incompatible with Lotus notes?
1069.06SNOMAN::AARONTue Nov 26 1991[..] path prompt in Windows
1070.03KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Nov 26 1991tcp/ip task to task windows
1071.0CSCOA1::MCFARLAND_DTue Nov 26 1991more psc.com woes...with lotus symphony
1072.02ADO75A::WILEYTue Nov 26 1991HP Laserjet IIIsi via VMS queue?
1073.04ADO75A::WILEYTue Nov 26 1991Compaq "Drive Array Technology"?
1074.02RT95::LOMBARDITue Nov 26 1991CD audio driver location ?
1075.02KEIKI::BROWNLOWTue Nov 26 1991Does old DEPCA-CA works with REMOTE BOOT V 4.1
1076.02MQOOA::MCUSSONTue Nov 26 1991Extended PC char. on postscript printer
1077.01HGOVC::GEORGETILLEYWed Nov 27 1991init/queue hang up on local printer VMS setup
1078.0VNABRW::ENGEL_WWed Nov 27 1991XCOPY does not copy all directories
1079.01WARABI::OLIVIERWed Nov 27 1991Pocket Ethernet Adapters
1080.02DEMOAX::SMITH_BWed Nov 27 1991LJ25
1081.04XNOGOV::WESTERNWed Nov 27 1991Disk Server Problem
1082.08YUPPY::EDLEYWed Nov 27 1991NDIS and Western Digital
1083.01ISIDRO::MAMORENOWed Nov 27 1991SETHOST script problem with CASE instruction
1084.0TAVWed Nov 27 1991vax to p.c,transparent task-to-task/block size
1085.0GJOVAX::GRAEFFWed Nov 27 1991File service conn. limits and Windows apps...
1086.029RTP4ME::GIOIELLIWed Nov 27 1991PCMS futures for PC code management
1087.0KERNEL::BURNSWed Nov 27 1991acl's behave differently on a file service
1088.0GUIDUK::FUNGWed Nov 27 1991Exceeding Disk Quota Hangs Print Request
1089.05NZOMIS::ROBBINSWed Nov 27 1991BOOKREADER on PC?
1090.0SNOCWed Nov 27 1991SETHOST to LAT application port
1091.01ZPOVC::SAWATOThu Nov 28 1991Insufficient Server Resouces to Support Request
1092.03ZPOVC::SAWATOThu Nov 28 1991Questions about SHOW utility on PC
1093.0COMICS::FOSTERThu Nov 28 1991SNAGNI Debug Version
1094.01KERNEL::COLOMBOThu Nov 28 1991DOS partitions > 32mb
1095.010ZPOVC::PETERDINGThu Nov 28 1991Local printers , VMS queues pause when PC are off
1097.01MQOOA::CARBONNEAUThu Nov 28 1991Info. about services databases
1098.01KERNEL::BURNSThu Nov 28 1991Whats different with FCB
1099.07COPCLU::BJARNERThu Nov 28 1991DECnet and another protocol
1100.04HGOVC::GEORGETILLEYFri Nov 29 1991Disk Bindings and Pathworks for DOS
1101.02HGOVC::GEORGETILLEYFri Nov 29 1991LAT load into EMS and locally att. Printer &QEMM
1102.04KERNEL::QUINNFri Nov 29 1991Far Heap Memory error
1103.02VAXRIO::MAFRAFri Nov 29 1991Flowcharting 3 under PW 4.
1104.0TYSON::HUNGFri Nov 29 1991transmit_quota in ess$last_startup.dat question
1105.0TROOA::MSCHNEIDERFri Nov 29 1991what was the last version of VT24
1106.02VMSNET::R_OLSENFri Nov 29 1991Backup block size via PCSA menu
1107.01TYSON::HUNGSat Nov 30 1991PATHWORKS/Novell for customized PARADOX performance
1108.07ELWOOD::PETERSSat Nov 30 1991PC network Backup Product - Field Test
1109.03MEO78B::KLEINSun Dec 01 1991DNETHeapSize
1110.0FRAFS1::ELHAJMon Dec 02 1991DECLASER 11
1111.05KERNEL::COLOMBOMon Dec 02 1991down load from PC
1112.0LYOMon Dec 02 1991Low Perf with FOXBASE versus NOVELL
1113.02HGOVC::CHARLESKWANMon Dec 02 1991Low-memory consumption terminal emulator req'd
1114.04FRAFS1::ELHAJMon Dec 02 1991DS425, DOS 5.
1115.07SHALOT::GD::GozaloffMon Dec 02 1991Windows access to RMS files
1116.01TRCOA::STANIEWSKIMon Dec 02 1991exception #13
1117.02CSC32::MORGANMon Dec 02 1991BSW Make
1118.010MINDER::MACDONALDIMon Dec 02 1991PCSA/MS-DOS ?
1119.0LATINA::CABREROMon Dec 02 1991Printing from VMS & DOS, national characters
1120.01QUIPU::KULVETEMon Dec 02 1991VAXmate OS versions?
1121.05KAOFS::M_ROLLINMon Dec 02 1991password displayed on the screen when using logon
1122.04VAXWRK::BARRETTMon Dec 02 1991problems with decnet library
1123.01PCAE::RYANMon Dec 02 1991Lost with different protocols ?
1124.09MQOSWS::C_GAVOUYEREMon Dec 02 1991DE2
1125.04MAIL::HAYDENMon Dec 02 1991DECnet/NetBIOS vs. NetBEUI/Named Pipes?
1126.05ODIXIE::HIPPMon Dec 02 1991VAX Dual-Host Cluster Questions
1127.01HOBBLE::CHASEMon Dec 02 1991Pathworks: programming problems
1128.03FASDER::DWICKERTue Dec 03 1991QEMM386 V6.
1129.01ROMSLS::FEDITue Dec 03 1991DCA IRMALAN, SNAGNI, and Pathworks
1130.01TLAVC::SENISTue Dec 03 1991Pathwork via TransLAN
1131.02ARNE::AAMISEPPTue Dec 03 1991Can't connect PC over Vitalink bridge.
1132.0SYSTMX::BEANTue Dec 03 1991Device is not redirected errors
1133.01ADO75A::HAMPTONTue Dec 03 1991When will Parallel postscript over Lat be supported?
1134.01LEMAN::BAGNOUDTue Dec 03 1991pcfs password change
1135.01RADBOX::ANDERSONTue Dec 03 1991Password Encryption
1136.02STKHLM::HARTIKAINENTue Dec 03 1991Mail folders and Pathworks for Ultrix
1137.02KAOFS::M_ROLLINTue Dec 03 1991postscript printing from MAIL
1138.01VAXRIO::MAFRATue Dec 03 1991PW Mail- Folders forever?
1140.02KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Dec 03 1991demca floating memory address
1141.03CSCOA1::MCFARLAND_DTue Dec 03 1991NEW LN
1142.0TLAVC::SENISTue Dec 03 1991Performance between TransLAN and DECRouter
1143.02KATIPO::KENTTue Dec 03 1991Replicator function with Lan Man 2.1
1144.01PRMSTue Dec 03 1991How much CPU for X many users?
1145.0ZPOVC::CHIKLIAKTue Dec 03 1991lk-25
1147.02AZUR::KOREVAARWed Dec 04 1991Can a customer avoid paying the Pathwork client license?
1148.04SED75Wed Dec 04 1991VT32
1149.04SUOSWS::FELIXWed Dec 04 1991PW + IBM LAN Server
1150.02PANIC::HOUSTONWed Dec 04 1991LAT service announcements
1151.03SUOSWS::FELIXWed Dec 04 1991FINDFIRST,FINDNEXT + fileservice
1152.01BRUMMY::RADLEYWed Dec 04 19914.
1153.01BRSSWS::SASWed Dec 04 1991local shared printer with ms-windows
1154.02AUNTB::PRESSLEYWed Dec 04 1991pathworks using tcp/ip
1155.07YNGSTR::BROWNWed Dec 04 1991NETTIME nit
1156.0TRYST::RozettWed Dec 04 1991V4.1 Client Release Notes Questions...
1157.03CSC32::MORGANWed Dec 04 1991Uneven Client/Server versions?
1158.05KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Dec 04 1991vt32
1159.02THEBAY::SOORENKFEWed Dec 04 1991Pathworks and DNS?
1160.04CANOVA::RUSSOWed Dec 04 1991Failed to bind on WD8
1161.03OTOP19::AndersonWed Dec 04 1991WP51/Windows/System Integrity Violation Revisted
1162.012USWRSL::ROCH_VIWed Dec 04 1991cc:MAIL and Pathworks
1163.02SUBWAY::PROTANWed Dec 04 1991TCPIP 1.2 for Hummingbird or XView ?
1165.0JOCKEY::SHARKEYAWed Dec 04 1991Prodesigner IIs and EMS memory
1166.02CSCOA1::WEBB_AThu Dec 05 1991LAST transport counters info ?
1167.02ZPOVC::SAWATOThu Dec 05 1991NET MOUNT /PASSWORD problem
1168.01ZPOVC::SAWATOThu Dec 05 1991PC print server performance
1169.01ZPOVC::SAWATOThu Dec 05 1991PATHWORK V4.
1170.02KERNEL::QUINNThu Dec 05 1991Problem with disk service ratings.
1171.04LRGFMT::FIELDSThu Dec 05 1991Define node x.x name xxxx doesn't stick
1172.06KETJE::VANHOVEThu Dec 05 1991PCSA v4.1, TokenRing, TCP/IP and 327
1173.01CARWSH::COMFORTThu Dec 05 1991local/remote adapter names questions
1174.0CSCOA1::WEBB_AThu Dec 05 1991Setting ALISASES for OTHER GROUPS
1175.02KETJE::VANHOVEThu Dec 05 1991SETHOST alternatives for use with TCP/IP ?
1176.011CARWSH::COMFORTThu Dec 05 1991Pathworks viability issues
1177.03KAOFS::M_ROLLINThu Dec 05 1991sequential_fixed attribute and personal file service
1178.02YUPPY::PATELThu Dec 05 1991LAT v4.1 corrupts session control block
1179.05TROOA::WEAVERThu Dec 05 1991Windows Network Login?
1180.02RIPPLE::VELIS_MAThu Dec 05 1991Local CD Access on Net
1181.02TROOA::WEAVERThu Dec 05 1991Disk Caching?
1182.04TRLIAN::BARRETTThu Dec 05 1991netbios vms/app. question
1183.0KAOFS::M_ROLLINThu Dec 05 1991DECNET dump file on floppy disk....
1184.01MAIL::HAYDENThu Dec 05 19916
1185.01PHDVAX::JACKSONThu Dec 05 1991Open Acess...works w/ PW?
1186.05CLO::FORNERThu Dec 05 1991Redirect COM? Is it possible?
1187.05BREAKR::BUDZOWSKIThu Dec 05 1991BCAST/RCV sources or Windows versions?
1188.010CUJO::TOBIASSENFri Dec 06 1991VMS 5.5 PW 4.
1189.03ZPOVC::SINSPSFri Dec 06 1991PW 4.
1190.0MRKTNG::BOEHMFri Dec 06 1991DB-Library Network communications layer?
1191.0TRCOA::STANIEWSKIFri Dec 06 1991netsetup/config.sys hangup
1192.02NBOFS1::KOLBFri Dec 06 1991MS-WORD 5.5 Problem
1193.04KERNEL::HARRISKFri Dec 06 1991mail notification with 4.1 query
1194.02KAOFS::M_ROLLINFri Dec 06 1991SETDIR does not work ?
1195.01BRSSWS::DHAENSFri Dec 06 1991lansess kill netbios application
1196.01CSCOAC::SMITH_MFri Dec 06 1991dynamic network connections
1197.02HOTWTR::MURRAY_RUFri Dec 06 1991Identifiers, diskquotas, and DOS free space.
1198.01CSCOA1::CRISAFULLI_CFri Dec 06 1991Node Name change, Disk services won't connect
1199.014HOTWTR::MURRAY_RUFri Dec 06 1991Lansess, netbios, DECnet ?
1200.04KAOFS::M_VALLEEFri Dec 06 1991notebook 32
1201.02GUIDUK::VAUGHNFri Dec 06 1991Etherworks specs
1202.0--UnknownUser--Fri Dec 06 1991[hosed note]
1203.0GRANPA::RJONESFri Dec 06 1991ROM Err Msg on Sperry & Unisys.
1204.02HIBOB::CHAMBONSat Dec 07 1991Several Problems
1205.01ORABX::CARZELL_MSat Dec 07 1991Error 'Network terminal server driver not installed'
1206.01TAENG4::JNLINSun Dec 08 1991DR-DOS V6.
1207.02KERNEL::COLOMBOMon Dec 09 1991windows and directories ...
1208.04ZPOVC::YEECHINMon Dec 09 1991LPT1 service disappears overnight...
1209.02DBOSW2::ESBECKMon Dec 09 1991VAXmail interface over TCP/IP
1210.01ZPOVC::SAWATOMon Dec 09 1991Can connect to Server...
1211.01ZPOVC::SAWATOMon Dec 09 1991disk services on WAN
1212.04MQOSWS::F_BOURGAULTMon Dec 09 1991Upgrade From PW4.
1213.0KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Dec 09 1991lansess and file services
1214.0IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Dec 09 1991Shell wanted!
1215.01LILBUD::EUSTACEMon Dec 09 1991Pathworks Plus ans Async Decnet
1216.014BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANMon Dec 09 1991Dual stack works but get non-fatal netbind error
1217.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Dec 09 1991demca remote timeout
1218.01AZUR::PUYDEBOISMon Dec 09 1991TCP/IP socket library doc ?
1219.01PARVAX::SCRATCHLEYMon Dec 09 1991CDC/Repertoire, seeking info
1220.01NOLE::WOODINGMon Dec 09 19912 quick questions:TCP/IS, PWDOS4.1
1221.02CSCOAC::BURGESS_RMon Dec 09 1991Assembler code for PSC.COM Ctrl Alt Prtsc
1222.04TROOA::SISSONMon Dec 09 1991Connecting to DECrouter-25
1223.02SPTNIK::SWABOWICZMon Dec 09 1991PC IMages files on TK5
1225.02SUBWAY::DERISEMon Dec 09 1991PW, Netware, and Windows
1226.08HGOVC::MICHAELWANTue Dec 10 1991MS-Windows enhanced mode again!
1227.0TAVTue Dec 10 1991<ESC>[?66h doesn't work with SETHOST
1228.01EVTDD1::ALETONTue Dec 10 1991VMS process and PC access
1229.05JOCKEY::SHARKEYATue Dec 10 1991mouse driver bug in MS-windows?
1230.01MUDIS3::UKERSTINGTue Dec 10 1991Common PWDOS and PWOS2 fileserver?
1231.08HGOSPS::DENISLITue Dec 10 1991Window 3.
1232.03NOLE::WOODINGTue Dec 10 1991DECmux connection?
1233.02MQOSWS::C_GAVOUYERETue Dec 10 1991Reference site: ECON technologie
1234.01WELLIN::WARBURTONTue Dec 10 1991Sharename Limit on REDIR
1235.01TRNOIS::POLETTITue Dec 10 1991Which shared local printers over LAT ?
1236.03EPAVAX::CARLOTTITue Dec 10 19913Com 3C323 "Protected mode" problem
1237.06CARTUN::ELGINTue Dec 10 1991Larger Hard Disk on a VAXmate?
1238.011ESRAD::SCHNEIDERTue Dec 10 1991PATHWORKS V4.
1239.01CSC32::NOVEYTue Dec 10 1991VAXMATEs & PATHWORKS v4.1-- Document please !
1240.01SWAM2::RASTOGI_SAWed Dec 11 1991Printing under Pathworks-Ultrix
1241.03KERNEL::SINCLAIRALWed Dec 11 1991Latest version of V3 Cterm
1242.0KERNEL::SINCLAIRALWed Dec 11 1991SET FILE SERVICE/RMS doesn't work?
1243.03KURTAN::NORDBERGWed Dec 11 1991NETBIOS error
1244.0BELFST::BURGESSWed Dec 11 1991Disable Account Creation ?
1245.01NACAD::PLOUFFEWed Dec 11 1991dwdos286, unable to connect to remote node:
1246.01MAIL::VOGELWed Dec 11 1991LAT access from within an OS/2 DOS window ?
1247.02FROCKY::KOSTISWed Dec 11 1991Does REDIR call int 17h for LPTs?
1248.05SALISH::GROSS_HEWed Dec 11 1991MEM/C(onfusion)
1249.07HURON::BATESWed Dec 11 1991DLL's Anyone?
1250.04CPDW::RROGERSWed Dec 11 1991Licensing - Keys - PAKS functionality ?
1251.0KAOFS::M_ROLLINWed Dec 11 1991LOCAL boot and DECNET DUMP file
1252.01CIVAGE::PRUSSWed Dec 11 1991VT32
1253.0TARUGO::MAITEThu Dec 12 1991Mouse's problem on LAPTOP and NOTEBOOK-Crazy
1254.01JOCKEY::COOPERMThu Dec 12 1991windows 3 Tuning tips ?
1255.01PAULUS::HUEGEMANNThu Dec 12 1991Problems with 3C5
1256.01SPTNIK::SWABOWICZThu Dec 12 1991Word Perfect network print problem
1257.01SLUGER::PSHEEHANThu Dec 12 1991PCSA4
1258.02SPOCK::IRONSThu Dec 12 1991LAT V4.1.15 available over net?
1259.03MRKTNG::BOEHMThu Dec 12 1991Flow of DOS reads and writes thru DECnet stack?
1261.01BRSADV::VANHOVEThu Dec 12 1991PCSA v4.1 with TCP/IP: 327
1263.0VAXRIO::MAFRAThu Dec 12 1991Printing with LOTUS v2.
1264.08TROOA::BALDOCKThu Dec 12 1991PCSA and Security
1265.02RANGER::GORCZYCAThu Dec 12 199112/19 DVN - PATHWORKS & NetWare
1266.01MJBOOT::COLEMANThu Dec 12 1991NDU ?
1267.03CSC32::J_FORRESTThu Dec 12 1991Pathworks 4.1 and DR-DOS 6.
1268.0FLYWAY::WIEDLERFri Dec 13 1991SETHOST print problem
1269.03KERNEL::FOSTERJFri Dec 13 1991LAT Server using API ?
1270.02GYPSC::RDIETRICHFri Dec 13 1991DECnet using X.25 card
1271.01COLISB::COLPC3::stalzFri Dec 13 1991file service lost with MS-WINDOWS
1272.02YNGSTR::BROWNFri Dec 13 1991DECpc DOS V5, PCSA V4.1 PSC.COM
1273.0KAOFS::M_VALLEEFri Dec 13 1991386max problem with pathworks
1274.011CSCOA1::CRISAFULLI_CFri Dec 13 1991DLL , Can you CHange 1C?
1275.0SUTRA::BASSINNEFri Dec 13 1991DOS5 PCSA 4.1 and Remote Boot -- nit pick
1276.03KYOA::BODNARSat Dec 14 1991docs on swops unavailable?
1278.06ZPOVC::SAWATOSun Dec 15 1991PCs hang with Network read AST error
1279.02ZPOVC::SAWATOSun Dec 15 1991PC connects to servers which are avalable.
1280.09ZPOVC::SAWATOMon Dec 16 1991server not listening when try to connect disk ser
1281.09TAVMVC::SYSTEMMon Dec 16 1991VS4
1282.01UTRTSC::ADEJONGMon Dec 16 1991Compaq LTE with Xircom adapter and SETHOST
1283.02UTRTSC::WIEBENGAMon Dec 16 1991Buffers, Sockets and maximum links
1285.01ELSPBU::GRANTMon Dec 16 1991Sharing Disk Services
1286.0DRLSGT::JENNINGSMon Dec 16 1991PCI Focused Technical College
1287.01SUBWAY::DERISEMon Dec 16 1991Netware coexistence and Pathworks print service?
1288.0METMV2::DRGMon Dec 16 1991What to do with support for VMS V5.5?
1289.02KERNEL::FOSTERJTue Dec 17 1991NBtrace.exe -> NBtrace.Dat -> NetAnal.Exe -> NBtrace.txt
1290.0LEMAN::PITTETTue Dec 17 1991Printscreen (DOS applic. called from WINDOWS)
1291.02ZPOVC::SAWATOTue Dec 17 1991LOGOFF.BAT...
1292.02BOBSEG::SEGRESTTue Dec 17 1991PCSA
1293.01BOBSEG::SEGRESTTue Dec 17 19914.1 Client on 4.
1294.05VANINE::LOVELLTue Dec 17 1991ADD WORKSTATION gives %PCSA-E-IVSYNTAX, invalid command syntax
1295.0TAVTue Dec 17 1991task to task , block size problem
1296.04ANGLIN::CORRIGANTue Dec 17 1991Pathworks Hangs?
1297.02ANOSWS::COMFORTTue Dec 17 1991Task to task problems with VISUAL BASIC
1298.01KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Dec 17 1991server upgrade to 4.1
1299.0GJOVAX::GRAEFFTue Dec 17 1991DOS5/PW4/WIM3 and net printers revisited...
1300.02KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Dec 17 1991com port and pw4 and win3.
1303.05OTOOA::KMACNEILTue Dec 17 1991Modifying expired VMS Password
1304.03SUBWAY::WANGTue Dec 17 1991Visual Basic and Rdb/VMS V4.1
1306.01VEGAS::GURALNIKTue Dec 17 1991File Format Important?
1307.0HALIBT::MCCANTATue Dec 17 1991Windows 3.1 (beta) and PATHWORKS 4.
1308.02SUBWAY::LICATATue Dec 17 1991Pathworks Mail
1309.02HOBBLE::CHASETue Dec 17 1991V5 DOS Assistance?
1310.05GUIDUK::STEBBINSTue Dec 17 1991DOS Menu systems (again)
1311.01MSAMWed Dec 18 1991Ethernet card usage/access methods ?
1312.02ZPOVC::SAWATOWed Dec 18 1991XCOPY problem under V4.
1313.02KERNEL::IMBIERSKIWed Dec 18 1991ALT/F17 doesn't work under WINDOWS 3
1314.01MLNAD3::BENASSATIWed Dec 18 1991Local or Remote Boot ?
1315.02COPCLU::BJARNERWed Dec 18 1991DECpc 433W and MS-WIN low res.
1316.01SEDOAS::DAVIES_GWed Dec 18 1991CTERM/DECnet/Async dialup
1317.03SIOG::DALYWed Dec 18 1991SQL Services development questions...
1318.02CSCOA1::KINSER_JWed Dec 18 1991lat hangs if service goes away
1319.0HOBBLE::RUFFIEUXWed Dec 18 1991Enable & WP Hanging...
1320.0DECWET::CAPPELLOFWed Dec 18 1991Finding NETFILES
1321.06MEO78B::MILLETTWed Dec 18 1991DEPCA memory modes
1322.01EDUOZ::BOERSWed Dec 18 1991DR-DOS V6.
1323.01ZPOVC::PETERDINGWed Dec 18 1991Watchdog, QEMM 5.11 and PWDOS problem
1324.05COOKIE::WOODWed Dec 18 1991Problem starting Datalink with Dos 5.
1325.0MALMA1::PSVENSSONThu Dec 19 1991Sethost, printer dowlineload question
1326.04MALMA1::PSVENSSONThu Dec 19 1991Sethost,NRC and Multinational problem
1327.01CSCOAC::SMITH_MThu Dec 19 1991pcsa.drv programming info ?
1328.03BENONI::YONThu Dec 19 1991Norton Desktop can't Connect/Disconnect Drives
1329.04LYOThu Dec 19 1991SUBST pb with WIN3 on PS2
1330.0VAXRIO::ABREUThu Dec 19 1991Clipper, revised date , VMS
1331.01TROOA::BALDOCKThu Dec 19 1991Numerous AST errors
1332.07WIKI::PAGANOThu Dec 19 1991PQL_WORKING_SET too low
1333.02JUNG::NEUMANThu Dec 19 1991DDE Support in VT32
1334.05STRIKR::THATCHERThu Dec 19 1991sethost over ethernet
1335.01REDBRD::KALEEMThu Dec 19 1991UCX STOP COMMUNICATION causes system crash
1336.02POBOX::REGISTERThu Dec 19 1991Developers kit for Pathworks
1337.04AKRON1::SMITHThu Dec 19 1991hex 1A added to file copied to MSDOS?
1338.09TPSYS::CAIAZZIThu Dec 19 1991Session Open Rejected on a USE \\SERVER command
1339.01HAMPS::MOORE_AThu Dec 19 1991Monitor Print Jobs
1340.01HERON::VOGELEERFri Dec 20 1991Clipper and Remote Boot
1341.02ZPOVC::SINSPSFri Dec 20 1991How to setup a PC's serial printer to be shared
1342.010STKHLM::BEDOFri Dec 20 1991IF EXIST ... \NUL on fileservice
1343.04KERNEL::SINCLAIRALFri Dec 20 1991LN
1344.0RLAV::GORMLEYFri Dec 20 1991DCA 327
1345.01RLAV::GORMLEYFri Dec 20 1991problems with vt32
1346.01DENVER::THURYFri Dec 20 1991PW 3.x & 4.
1349.02CSCOAC::COSTELLO_JFri Dec 20 1991LAD - dismounted Permanent?
1350.01TARKIN::AHOFri Dec 20 1991PCX$SERVER problem for V4.
1351.04DRLSGT::JENNINGSFri Dec 20 1991Device NET, ... link aborted
1352.0JOCKEY::SHARKEYASat Dec 21 1991Whats going on with AMI ?
1353.05EMASS::VANPATTENSun Dec 22 1991Does PW check DOS for sharable bit?
1354.04HLFSMon Dec 23 1991XIRCOM
1355.01OSLLAV::MONICA_PMon Dec 23 19913+ Open and PATHworks
1357.01TAVMon Dec 23 1991File server performance
1358.02SUBWAY::WATSONMon Dec 23 1991NDIS swallows int 5C?
1359.01POBOX::REGISTERMon Dec 23 1991TCP/IP programmers guide over e-net?
1360.02OSLLAV::MONICA_PMon Dec 23 1991SPTREQ problems
1361.03OSLLAV::MONICA_PMon Dec 23 1991WP for Ms-WIN and PW4
1363.026CLO::COBURNMon Dec 23 1991DECnet source compile problems
1364.03SALISH::THORNTON_JEMon Dec 23 1991NE2
1365.0CSCOAC::SMITH_MMon Dec 23 1991Problems with pathworks restore!
1366.0CSC32::D_SLOUGHMon Dec 23 1991Error Status 9
1367.03ZPOVC::CHIKLIAKTue Dec 24 1991Strange request on NETBIOS?
1368.02TAVIS::SHEFTELWed Dec 25 1991NETBIOS async program example
1369.03POBOX::JESSEEThu Dec 26 1991Why is Windows running so slow?
1370.02HOBBLE::SWEATTThu Dec 26 1991327
1371.0NETCUR::VASSILFri Dec 27 1991Soliciting for ideas
1372.02DMSSFri Dec 27 1991Making network connections to File Services - Windows
1373.01ZPOVC::SAWATOSun Dec 29 1991What is SET CHAR/VAR=PClAN_2 ?
1374.01TAVMon Dec 30 1991File handles conflict between TSRs and TTT.
1375.03SWTHOM::MARCHAISMon Dec 30 1991SETHOST/cterm and DECFORM
1377.0KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Dec 30 1991tcp/ip unload and reload
1378.01HOBBLE::RUFFIEUXTue Dec 31 1991UNISYS 386 Problems
1379.01HTSCThu Jan 02 1992LAT is invalid in LATCP !?
1380.0EVTAI1::LESOTThu Jan 02 1992PS1 with PATHWORKS REDIR
1381.0SAC::KINDER_NThu Jan 02 1992Videotex on ULTRIX or PATHWORKS P.C.'s
1382.04TAVIS::SHEFTELThu Jan 02 1992PCFS_SERVER crashes again
1383.02ZPOVC::LCLEEThu Jan 02 1992DE2
1384.01HXOUThu Jan 02 1992Combining MS' Lan Mgr and pathworks using OS/2
1385.04UHURU::LAMBERTThu Jan 02 1992Connecting a VAXmate to a VAXstation via Network Port - What's needed?
1386.01WLW::PCLAN7::shreveThu Jan 02 1992Reference for AUTOCAD customer
1387.07KAOTThu Jan 02 1992sethost script, exit script on:
1388.0LJOHUB::NUSBAUMThu Jan 02 1992Response to BRG study quoted in NetWork World
1389.01CAATS::TAMThu Jan 02 1992PW: Highest Admin Cost!
1390.07SANFAN::HILL_GRThu Jan 02 1992LAD connection limit probs
1391.03HTSC19::TONYLIUThu Jan 02 1992How to contact InterConnections
1392.02ZPOVC::SAWATOThu Jan 02 1992Cabletron disk service prob on PATHWORK DOS 4.
1393.01COPCLU::GREGFri Jan 03 1992VT32
1394.03EEMELI::WIKFri Jan 03 1992DECserver3
1395.01QCAVFri Jan 03 1992How to use job spawner
1398.02CSCOA1::MCCRARY_JFri Jan 03 1992Stopnet/Startnet Netware Coexistance Problem
1399.02SHALOT::GD::GozaloffFri Jan 03 1992Submit from Windows?
1400.01ALOSWS::LAMOTHEFri Jan 03 1992SS4 - Albany, NY DTN 344-72
1401.04KAOFS::R_STJEANFri Jan 03 1992NFT without password prompt
1402.019ASDS::SEGERFri Jan 03 1992Network Programming
1403.09HYDRA::ALDENFri Jan 03 1992Lockout from personal network file service
1404.0KAOFS::M_VALLEEFri Jan 03 1992file server question
1405.011ANGLIN::URBANFri Jan 03 1992Flow Control
1406.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANSat Jan 04 1992PRINTER DRIVERS diskette obtained at DECUS?
1407.0CALS::TOXENSat Jan 04 1992gethostname() crashes if TCP/IP not running
1408.06ANGLIN::CORRIGANSun Jan 05 1992Pathworks and Token Ring
1409.05TAVMon Jan 06 1992NDIS programmer manual ?
1410.01HGOVA::KIMWAHNGMon Jan 06 1992SETHOST screen refresh problem
1411.0ZPOVC::SAWATOMon Jan 06 1992Ms-window Print Mgr. General Network Error
1412.06DASMIA::DREWNIAKMon Jan 06 1992PC DECwindows & DECW$MAIL
1413.03ALFTP::HOSSEINIMon Jan 06 1992PathWork doesn't send abort link message to thserver
1415.0DMSSMon Jan 06 1992Developers Kit
1416.02BCSE::SUEIZZ::GENTILEMon Jan 06 1992LATCp wont change values/SCB problems
1417.02CSCOAC::STUBBS_AMon Jan 06 1992Problems using LAT API with MS Windows 3.
1418.03HAACK::HAACKMon Jan 06 1992What to use for group Calendar?
1419.02ZPOVC::SAWATOMon Jan 06 1992intermittent mulch page print problem on LAT prin
1420.0HGOVC::ACRISOLOGOTue Jan 07 1992Looking for new PATHworks demo.
1421.01HGOVC::ACRISOLOGOTue Jan 07 1992Pathworks for DOS (TCP/IP)
1422.06ZPOVC::SAWATOTue Jan 07 1992SETHOST disconnect problem intermittently
1423.02VIVIAN::GOODWINTue Jan 07 1992DECNET phase V
1424.01MARSTue Jan 07 1992NETWARE COEXISTENCE + P41
1425.01ANGLIN::CORRIGANTue Jan 07 1992Privileged Logins
1426.0ZURTue Jan 07 1992winword and macro with lk25
1427.01DREICH::GRANTTue Jan 07 1992Mail with a VAX/Mvax account?
1428.01ZPOVC::LCLEETue Jan 07 1992Pascal, dBASE, NETTIME
1430.0HOTWTR::MURRAY_RUTue Jan 07 1992Getting files to print from C.
1431.02STRIKR::RAYERTue Jan 07 1992Netsetup & PCSA$RMI problem
1432.02CSCOA1::SHIVER_DTue Jan 07 1992Vaxmate and a DEPCA, can do?
1433.03JSOCSS::HAYASHITue Jan 07 1992system parameter question
1434.02HGOVC::ACRISOLOGOWed Jan 08 1992Checksum invalid - pcsa$mail_server.exe
1435.01XNOGOV::SEYMOURWed Jan 08 1992How broadcast works
1436.01WPOAJB::BeesonWed Jan 08 1992No PATHWORKS ACEs in our ACLs, please
1437.010CSCOA1::HEFFELFINGERWed Jan 08 1992LAT printer from ULTRIX does not print. PW 4.1
1438.01ROMTSS::PASIWed Jan 08 1992Dos 5.
1439.01VCOUWed Jan 08 1992SETHOST and attached printer problem
1440.011FIXSR1::WHITTINGTONWed Jan 08 1992Getting Not ready reading drive
1441.05SHALOT::JANCULAWed Jan 08 1992VT32
1442.03CSC32::J_FORRESTWed Jan 08 1992Unable to create directories on N: drive
1443.02RANGER::REZUCHAWed Jan 08 1992Cannot run Windows in standard mode...
1444.0KAOTWed Jan 08 1992unresolved_external, why?
1445.01BOSWKG::GARDNERWed Jan 08 1992Windows VT32
1446.02ADO75A::BAIRDWed Jan 08 1992VT32
1447.03KAOFS::D_FORBESWed Jan 08 1992OS/2 version 2 support?
1448.03OTOOWed Jan 08 1992PW ultrix problems
1449.01MEO78B::PRIEBATSCHThu Jan 09 1992Less Than 1
1450.0ZPOVC::SEOWHURNThu Jan 09 1992Another ARCnet and Pathworks topic
1451.03NEWOA::KOSKUBAThu Jan 09 1992PUTEXEC.C bug
1452.02COMICS::PEWTERThu Jan 09 1992WORD 1.1A
1453.06PSCPCThu Jan 09 1992Multiprotocol DEC and OSI Stack
1454.04HYDRA::ALDENThu Jan 09 1992Paradise VGA board memory loading?
1455.09UTROP1::KOMEN_AThu Jan 09 1992VAXmate/PCSAv4
1456.02CHGVThu Jan 09 1992PCFS_SERVER related to PCFS$SERVER account?
1457.01AVIVA::NEUMANThu Jan 09 1992SCH/N doesn't work with 3C5
1458.01YNGSTR::BROWNThu Jan 09 1992Oracle Card for Windows + PATHWORKS?
1459.07CSCOA1::WRIGHT_RThu Jan 09 1992NetBIOS hangup doesn't release LSN on other side
1460.02MXOVThu Jan 09 1992Can I use another TCP/IP for PATHWORKS than ours
1461.02HALIBT::MCCANTAThu Jan 09 1992DECnet-DOS date/time routines
1463.01KYOA::KOCHFri Jan 10 1992NCR Support?
1464.04KYOA::KOCHFri Jan 10 1992Function of NetBIOS under PW for DOS?
1465.06KYOA::KOCHFri Jan 10 1992Is PC SETHOST a full CTERM implementation?
1466.0KYOA::KOCHFri Jan 10 1992Program to detect DECnet sync messages?
1467.06KYOA::KOCHFri Jan 10 1992VT32
1468.05BOSWKG::GARDNERFri Jan 10 1992Easynet db breaks DECnet-DOS
1469.01KYOA::KOCHFri Jan 10 1992Reflection vs. Kermit vs. DECnet... which is better?
1470.01KYOA::KOCHFri Jan 10 1992Install PCSAv4
1471.011COLES3::BACHORFri Jan 10 1992Performance problem by using cluster alias
1472.03SHAWB1::WHITTLEIFri Jan 10 1992Backing up .WK3 files from file service?
1473.02ACTVAX::LEWISFri Jan 10 1992IVBUFLEN error installing V4.1 PCSA
1474.0KYOA::KOCHFri Jan 10 1992LK25
1475.01XCUSME::BOOTHFri Jan 10 1992LOGON failure = video breaks
1476.02RIPPLE::VELIS_MAFri Jan 10 1992Compaq LTE's Lose Disk Services
1477.03HOBBLE::RUFFIEUXFri Jan 10 1992XTREEE GOLD Log to disk problem
1478.01KYOA::KOCHFri Jan 10 1992Does VT32
1479.03ASDS::SEGERFri Jan 10 1992any way to do timer services?
1480.03KAOFS::R_STJEANFri Jan 10 1992Why DLLNDIS and DLLDEPCA and not DNPNDIS
1481.03SELECT::JONESFri Jan 10 19924dos connect to file server batch file example
1482.01KYOA::JACKEWICZSat Jan 11 1992SCHEDULER hangs with Laserdata HiRes Board
1483.09HIBOB::CHAMBONSat Jan 11 1992SETHOST: 'usage exceeds active license', mail & bell
1484.01DRKELF::lilicSun Jan 12 1992byte range locking problem - lock allocated twice
1485.02ZPOVC::KHENGLIMSun Jan 12 1992Permission Denied using PATHWORKS Mail
1486.01TAVMon Jan 13 1992Hotkey from application?
1487.0BACHUS::SASMon Jan 13 1992slow retrieval with WR file servers
1488.02ZPOVC::CHIKLIAKMon Jan 13 1992xcopy and last transport counters?
1489.02ZURMon Jan 13 1992Write only to file service..
1490.01HOBBLE::RUFFIEUXMon Jan 13 1992pipeline quota and DEPCA buffer size
1492.06EPAVAX::CARLOTTIMon Jan 13 1992DECpc 433W hangs at SETNAME with PW4DOS V4.
1493.02SAC::EDMUNDSMon Jan 13 1992Notes - DECquery - VTX kits?
1494.01TRCOA::LONEYMon Jan 13 1992SETNAME hangs all clients
1495.04IOSG::LAWRENCEMon Jan 13 1992dos5.
1496.03GUIDUK::CHANGMon Jan 13 1992SOCKTSR.EXE
1497.01SANFAN::BRENNAN_JIMon Jan 13 1992NW Coexistence&TCP/IP?
1498.04BERNMon Jan 13 1992MSCDEX wrong DOS version
1499.03GUIDUK::WITTMon Jan 13 1992HPIIISi
1500.01TOOHOT::WALTERSMon Jan 13 1992Do we support Intel board?
1501.06GUIDUK::CHANGMon Jan 13 1992PC Ethernet Controller a N/W Bottleneck?
1502.09LRGFMT::FIELDSMon Jan 13 19923C5
1503.01HGOVC::GEORGETILLEYTue Jan 14 1992TCP/IP stacks and more !
1505.01ULYSSE::SAMOUNTue Jan 14 1992Pathworks slides ?
1506.03ULYSSE::SAMOUNTue Jan 14 1992LJ25
1507.01SUOSWS::FELIXTue Jan 14 1992LN
1508.01HKGACT::KENNETHTOTue Jan 14 19923COM 3Station 2E & 3S works for PATHWORKS?
1510.04WKRP::HENRYTue Jan 14 1992ERROR--- Class=LAD ERROR=6
1511.03UTRTSC::BAKKERTue Jan 14 1992sethost/script with NTS: command
1512.05PLAYER::ZODIAC::SMEKENSTue Jan 14 1992PATHWORKS V4.1 nettime -> Currently no TIME SERVER available
1513.03MRKTNG::DIONTue Jan 14 1992Can't print to LPT2
1514.01KAHALA::KASZYNSKITue Jan 14 1992Added Pathworks, lost a DECNet line
1515.01SHIPS::NORRIS_CTue Jan 14 1992Upgrade client s/ware 3.
1516.01TRCOA::ANGUSTue Jan 14 1992Interoperability Summary Request
1517.02BOSTON::PICARDTue Jan 14 1992DDIF and Scanned Image files
1518.0NZOMIS::ROBBINSTue Jan 14 1992Performance Acceptance Testing Scripts/Data ?
1519.02HGOSPS::DENISLITue Jan 14 1992HP DRAFTPRO DXL plotter driver wanted.
1520.01LUXWed Jan 15 1992Excelan EXAOS2
1521.01BEBBI::SCHMIDTIWed Jan 15 1992password encryption
1522.02HERON::BEAUWed Jan 15 19923COm TokenLink NDIS Driver ?
1523.01ZPOVC::SINSPSWed Jan 15 1992logout from sethost session to a VAX hanged !
1524.08KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Jan 15 1992window and rcv problem
1525.03TRLIAN::BARRETTWed Jan 15 1992rcv questions with Ether boards
1526.0UTRTSC::BAKKERWed Jan 15 1992DBASE III and redirected printer
1527.02CSC32::J_FORRESTWed Jan 15 1992Remote boot disk services go into dismount perm
1528.06ARNE::AAMISEPPWed Jan 15 1992Windows, network error and exception #13 on 3C5
1529.03MECCA::STRAUBWed Jan 15 1992REDIR to Datalink?
1530.02CSC32::J_FORRESTWed Jan 15 1992Moving PCSAV4
1531.03MQOSWS::M_LEMAYWed Jan 15 1992PATHWORKS VMS/DOS/Mac on a DECnet/OSI server
1532.04KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Jan 15 1992sethost and psc.com
1533.0KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Jan 15 1992math co-processor and booting
1534.02USHSWed Jan 15 1992Compaq Service Advisory - workarounds for PW 4.x?
1535.0UTRTSC::BATSWed Jan 15 1992IAX PS/2 services for DOS and NDIS support
1536.0CSCOA1::THIYAGARAJANWed Jan 15 1992%PCDISK-E-Econnect... Mount-F-Format...
1537.04MAIL::HAYDENWed Jan 15 1992525
1538.01GUIDUK::CHANGWed Jan 15 1992SMP Support?
1539.0ZPOVC::SAWATOThu Jan 16 1992question about link aborted in PCFS_SERVER.LOG
1540.01BELFST::DEANThu Jan 16 1992SUN ?
1541.01HTSCThu Jan 16 1992Can get printout from local ptr. after exit pgm.
1542.02HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGThu Jan 16 1992PCDISK on EASYnet?
1543.02KURTAN::HARTThu Jan 16 1992Windows on File-Serv+WP on Disk-Serv?
1544.019HGOVC::MICHAELWANThu Jan 16 1992Async DDCMP DECnet and Enhanced mode MS-windows
1545.02LATINA::CABREROThu Jan 16 1992"lj25
1546.04IEACAD::Conferencing-UserThu Jan 16 1992AutoCAD & PW TROUBLE
1548.04ECACAD::HenryThu Jan 16 1992PCSA MENU screen does not display correctly
1549.02KETJE::VANHOVEThu Jan 16 1992PathWorks Licences sold ?
1550.03CCIIS1::BOUVERATThu Jan 16 1992Remote boot with NDIS
1551.07WR2FOR::FIELDS_JEThu Jan 16 1992PCmail conversion?
1552.0LIOSThu Jan 16 1992Problems using Cabletron?
1553.04CSCOA1::MADDIREDDY_JThu Jan 16 1992Notes, specs, designs docs. etc. of PATHWORKS?
1554.05MECCA::GENSThu Jan 16 1992File locking with Pathworks
1555.03YUPPIE::CRAWLEYThu Jan 16 1992Xircom PE2-1
1556.0CSCOAC::STUBBS_AThu Jan 16 1992Foxpro Lan 2.
1557.04RDOVAX::CARRIGANThu Jan 16 1992Connect to disk service from code
1558.0HAACK::HAACKThu Jan 16 1992Print screen on windows into Decwrite and to print?
1559.02CSCOAC::MADDIREDDY_JThu Jan 16 1992Max NETBIOS session of PW4.1
1560.02YOSMTE::GARRISON_NAThu Jan 16 1992LMF Transition Plans?
1561.03TENNIS::KAMThu Jan 16 1992NE2
1562.02ZPOVC::SAWATOThu Jan 16 1992PCFS_SERVER.LOG Network read AST return code = 8444
1563.02GIDDAY::CASEYFri Jan 17 1992MS-Word 5.5 and printing to a laserwriter
1564.02HTSC19::ANDYNGFri Jan 17 1992add user: %PCSA-E-NOLANG %PCSA-E-ERRDETUSLANG
1565.02HTSC19::ANDYNGFri Jan 17 1992Mail with Wordperfect as editor problem !
1566.03NEWOA::KOSKUBAFri Jan 17 1992DECnet bugging me while I'm debugging.
1567.02GIDDAY::RALLINGSFri Jan 17 1992Remote Boot Consistently Corrupting PCs Integrity
1568.03HERON::BEAUFri Jan 17 1992PATHWORKS 4.1 and Windows 3.1 in Enhanced Mode
1569.06VAXWRK::BARRETTFri Jan 17 1992lad and last interface info?
1570.0TRCOA::VANDUYVENVOOFri Jan 17 1992urgent - QuickMail btn PC's and MAC's via PATHworks?
1572.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Jan 17 1992SMARTERM 42
1573.02EISNCG::OLEARYFri Jan 17 1992DOS PC Sethost to Ultrix Problem
1574.06POBOX::DECAPPFri Jan 17 1992DE21
1575.01VAXRIO::ABREUFri Jan 17 1992Compex ent16-u board information
1576.01TENNIS::KAMFri Jan 17 1992PATHWORKS & Novel: Features and Benefits & Cost Comparision?
1577.01CSCOA1::KOHN_DFri Jan 17 1992Ethernet card for HP LaserJet IIIsi?
1578.02MEO78B::MILLETTSun Jan 19 1992NETSETU hangs during remote boot creation ver 4.1
1579.02MANSW1::WILLEMon Jan 20 1992Security Questions PW/VMS
1580.03MANSW1::WILLEMon Jan 20 1992SNA Interconnect Problems
1581.01HTSC19::ANDYNGMon Jan 20 1992wordstar gets sharing violation reading device p:
1582.02WELLIN::HARRINGTONMon Jan 20 1992LAT Problems with DELL 486/HOLLOS/REFLECTIONS4
1583.06ZPOVC::SAWATOMon Jan 20 1992PC LAT printer problem when it is off-line
1584.01CRONIC::HOOVERMon Jan 20 1992DecStation 32
1585.02RANGER::GUSTINMon Jan 20 1992DOS V5.
1586.0GNOJP::PORELLMon Jan 20 1992Application Generators?
1587.01TEGAN::LACORTIMon Jan 20 1992RPL BOOT ROMS support in pathworks?
1588.01TROOA::COCHRANEMon Jan 20 1992PATworks 4.1 on CONDIST
1589.012GALVIA::MCHALEMon Jan 20 1992incorrect password - locked out - "Invalid service or password for ..."
1590.02KERNEL::SHOULDINGMon Jan 20 1992Qemm 386 v6.
1591.05KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Jan 20 1992infoserver cd access
1592.01TRUCKS::DUGGAN_RMon Jan 20 1992Pacer, MS MAil for PC Networks (Mac Client)
1593.02IJSAPL::VOERMANMon Jan 20 1992Last 4.1.13 and Remote Boot (PW 4.1)?
1594.06HOTAIR::OMALLEYMon Jan 20 1992Virtual terminal on PC please
1595.013WNOUMon Jan 20 1992Pathworks for VMS and FDDI
1596.01ZPOVC::SEOWHURNTue Jan 21 1992Memory used for shared PC-attached printer ?
1598.05YUPPY::RAVENTue Jan 21 1992PATHWORKS 4.1 client hangs with 4.
1599.02BERNTue Jan 21 1992Modem control + asyn. DECnet
1600.03KETJE::WARICHETTue Jan 21 1992Tuning TCP/IP
1601.02SEDOAS::DAVIES_GTue Jan 21 1992Remote boot sequence
1602.0MXOVTue Jan 21 1992LN
1603.01OTOOTue Jan 21 1992Pathworks V4.
1605.02YUPPY::GINNTue Jan 21 1992pcfs$mapped_spt logical name
1606.0YUPPY::GINNTue Jan 21 1992Dialback Modems
1607.02GNOJP::PORELLTue Jan 21 1992HP printers on ethernet
1608.07LEVERS::KIRKTue Jan 21 1992EMSload hangs on a DELL 486 EISA machine
1609.01ADO75A::WILEYWed Jan 22 1992Initial LAT load 3COM board slow?
1610.02HGOSPS::DENISLIWed Jan 22 1992WORDPERFECT 5.1 - hangs when preview...
1611.05BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANWed Jan 22 1992Xircom Pocket Adapter II and DLLNDIS problem
1612.02UTRTSC::ADEJONGWed Jan 22 1992vms, pcsa set command
1614.06RANGER::REZUCHAWed Jan 22 1992Soft-Ice (S-Ice) Tips, Traps, and Techniques ?
1616.01UTRTSC::BATSWed Jan 22 1992DLL/DNNETH and links and pool buffers relation
1617.0CGOOA::HOMMENWed Jan 22 1992?Way to have more printers connected?
1618.0CSC32::J_FORRESTWed Jan 22 1992Print causes PC to hang
1619.01DECWET::CAPPELLOFWed Jan 22 1992TCP/IP Domain Name Resolver problem?
1620.01CSCOA1::CRISAFULLI_CWed Jan 22 1992DOS 5.
1621.03TRUCKS::YOUNGWed Jan 22 1992Lan Manager, Depca, NDIS !
1622.0CGOOA::HOMMENWed Jan 22 1992SABER menu product with Pathworks? Contact #?
1623.05DPDMAI::DAVIESWed Jan 22 1992"LA" Protocols
1624.0CGOOA::BARNABEThu Jan 23 1992VMS 5.4-3 and PCSA V4.
1625.02OSLACT::DORTHEThu Jan 23 1992VAX crashes when copying from PCCOMMON
1626.01WARNUT::2HThu Jan 23 1992NETBIOS switch documentation
1627.09KERNEL::SINCLAIRALThu Jan 23 1992MEMMAN/U causes run time err R 6
1628.011KERNEL::SINCLAIRALThu Jan 23 1992LAT load balancing problem with v4.1.17
1629.04MAJORS::SPENCEThu Jan 23 1992Building VAX-PC applications
1630.04AUNTB::BOYDGThu Jan 23 1992TTIF to CGM conversion?
1631.06NETCUR::VASSILThu Jan 23 1992Cannot sethost to the server
1632.01JOCKEY::COOPERMThu Jan 23 1992tcp/ip object files available ?
1633.0VMSNET::CHURCHEThu Jan 23 1992LAT connection to dedicated service should work?
1634.05ROVRUM::ROBINSONDThu Jan 23 1992What is SETNAME, & where is the name from
1635.01CSCOA1::MADDIREDDY_JThu Jan 23 1992IPX and LAT over NDIS without DNP and REDIR
1636.0GNPIKE::NICOLAZZOThu Jan 23 1992Connect failure with Pathworks?
1637.01FDCV14::FREITASThu Jan 23 1992PCSA$CONFIG minor bug + workaround
1638.01CSCOA1::MCCRARY_JThu Jan 23 1992Reverse Lat /VT32
1639.01SNOMAN::TLMARK::AaronThu Jan 23 1992PWKS management presentation?
1640.01HOBBLE::RUFFIEUXThu Jan 23 1992Problem loading DLLDEPCA
1641.01MQOSWS::F_BOURGAULTThu Jan 23 1992No Remote Boot option in Netsetup?
1643.01ZPOVC::INDOFri Jan 24 1992system boot fails after executing lad_startup
1644.03HTSC19::ANDYNGFri Jan 24 1992NFT COPY not convert PRN file correctly !
1645.01NZOV97::NEVILLEFri Jan 24 1992DExxx and 32k mode
1646.03CSCOA1::KINSER_JFri Jan 24 1992Error: bad data received connecting disk service
1647.03SIOG::DALYFri Jan 24 1992cc:Mail to PCmail ?
1648.0RLAV::GORMLEYFri Jan 24 1992DEMCA rev B.
1649.02CSC32::J_FORRESTFri Jan 24 1992No PCSA Marks are Found in Memory error
1650.01WARNUT::2HFri Jan 24 1992TP4 protocol stack questions
1651.012FROCKY::KOSTISFri Jan 24 1992Hack: DECprLPT - local print filter for DOS
1652.07RTOIC::64739::hbinderFri Jan 24 1992Problem with DOS (TCP/IP) and UCX over IP router
1653.020FROCKY::KOSTISFri Jan 24 1992Hack: PrintIBM - code converter 437/MCS
1654.026MUCKER::RokickiFri Jan 24 1992WINRCV (Windows RCV)
1655.06SUBWAY::DERISEFri Jan 24 1992DECnet API DLL for Windows?
1656.0CSCOAC::MCCRARY_JFri Jan 24 1992LOCKIT - Error Reading Drive on large directory
1657.05TRCOA::JOHNSTONFri Jan 24 1992V4.1 Rel Notes questions ?
1658.03PRIMES::THOMASFri Jan 24 199288h - LANCE error
1659.04OWSLA::PUFri Jan 24 1992VT32
1660.09COGITO::BAKERFri Jan 24 1992DOS 5.
1662.0HOTWTR::MURRAY_RUFri Jan 24 1992File contents not updated on write.
1663.03MECCA::STRAUBFri Jan 24 1992LOOP.C Hangs
1664.02SMAC1Sun Jan 26 1992LAST but no DECnet
1665.02VANINE::LOVELLSun Jan 26 1992Mixed ASYNC and ETHERNET client
1666.04HTSC19::KENNETHMon Jan 27 1992local print queue pause
1667.01ZPOVC::SAWATOMon Jan 27 1992Can we get Pathworks for DOS V4.1 on net ?
1668.02UTRTSC::BAKKERMon Jan 27 1992Connection to application lat service fails
1669.06MARSMon Jan 27 1992PATHWORKS for DOS (TCP/IP) calls from Turbo C?
1670.03LJOHUB::CORBOMon Jan 27 1992ZapfDingbats
1671.04MALMMon Jan 27 19923C5
1673.0KERNEL::GARDNERNMon Jan 27 1992NET 819
1675.012FDCV14::FREITASMon Jan 27 1992More PCSA$CONFIG questions
1676.01BACHUS::DHAENSMon Jan 27 1992LANtastic and PW
1677.012KERNEL::TAGGARTNMon Jan 27 1992Problem printing from MSWORD for WINDOWS
1679.02HOTWTR::MURRAY_RUMon Jan 27 1992What version of Lanman?
1680.01HOTWTR::MURRAY_RUMon Jan 27 1992Backups from OS/2.
1681.01TRUCKS::YOUNGMon Jan 27 1992Tiara Card with Lan Manager 2.1
1682.01ATSE::VMILLERMon Jan 27 1992Interoperability problem - Pathworks V4.
1683.04MINNIE::GITTINSMon Jan 27 1992Changing addr of server?
1684.06ODIXIE::DWILLIAMSMon Jan 27 1992attached printer with Ultrix and TCP/IP
1685.01MQOSWS::F_BOURGAULTMon Jan 27 1992Printing from MAC on PC parallel port (lat)
1686.02MQOSWS::F_BOURGAULTMon Jan 27 1992Printing DOS french characters on VMS printer
1687.03FORTSC::MOKMon Jan 27 1992Pathworks: TCP/IP 1.1, WIN/TCP, VMS, Network name not found
1688.05RLAV::GORMLEYMon Jan 27 1992lanman v2.1
1689.05RLAV::GORMLEYMon Jan 27 1992odi drivers
1690.0ZPOVC::SAWATOTue Jan 28 1992Question of Personal File Service
1691.03COLTue Jan 28 1992327
1692.01KAOFS::R_STJEANTue Jan 28 1992MOP DOS ,no program request received
1693.08MANWRK::SHEATue Jan 28 1992Create mail while disconnected from network?
1694.02YUPPY::GINNTue Jan 28 1992v4.
1695.01ODIXIE::VPEREIRATue Jan 28 1992LAT Patch -
1696.01FINALY::PRENTICRTue Jan 28 1992part numbers ?
1697.02SUBWAY::DERISETue Jan 28 1992shared ascii files: VMS-DOS?
1698.02CSCOAC::KOMANDURITue Jan 28 1992PC Decwindos local printing
1699.0ECAMV1::REISTERTue Jan 28 1992Library for HP Laserjet III
1700.05ANGLIN::BURKLETue Jan 28 1992NET PRINT "Invalid string size"; VMS Server Error Log
1701.02MELKOR::DEWISTue Jan 28 1992win3.
1702.06MAIL::BRAMMERTue Jan 28 1992How long remote boot 6
1703.02BREAKR::UDICKTue Jan 28 1992Kermit transfer of VMS file to File Service ?
1704.03TALK::HICKSON_BTue Jan 28 1992TFA questions
1705.03KYOA::WALKERTue Jan 28 1992Postscript printing on HP LaserJet III?
1706.02POCUS::HOTue Jan 28 1992Informix & PWDOS/TCP/IP
1707.0HGOVC::THERESALOTue Jan 28 1992Pathworks comparisons
1708.02XKOVWed Jan 29 1992DISK SERVICE ERROR
1709.0UFRCS1::GRAFWed Jan 29 1992postscript printer on PC ?
1710.01MANSW1::WILLEWed Jan 29 1992Performance vs. Proactive Memory Recalamation
1711.010MANSW1::WILLEWed Jan 29 1992NETWORK()=FALSE again, Clipper, DOS5
1712.04THORND::thorntonWed Jan 29 1992TORUS NDIS AND pro
1713.03ALOSLS::RYANWed Jan 29 1992Hidden client using remote file services
1714.011DWESEL::GERROLWed Jan 29 1992Problem loading LAT
1715.01TENNIS::KAMWed Jan 29 1992Xstones ratings on a PC running DECwindows or Motif under PATHWORKS.
1716.03TARUGO::MAITEWed Jan 29 1992DS333 and CRTL-ALT-DEL problem with TCP/IP
1717.04CSC32::J_FORRESTWed Jan 29 1992NET PRINT fn LPT1: /FORM=
1718.01POBOX::DECAPPWed Jan 29 1992LANEAR Network?
1719.04RLAV::GORMLEYWed Jan 29 1992foxpro and pathworks
1720.0149ER::MARMOLEJOWed Jan 29 1992DECnet DOS question
1721.06UTRTSC::BAARSWed Jan 29 1992PC to PC async DECNET ?
1722.05KYOA::PEREZWed Jan 29 1992pre-expired vms passwords
1723.01ZPOVC::SAWATOThu Jan 30 1992Form-feed problem after applying 4.
1724.03UTRTSC::ADEJONGThu Jan 30 1992mail commmands from DOS
1725.04BDX64::GUISELINThu Jan 30 1992share local printer with LAT and TCP/IP
1726.0FIXSR1::WHITTINGTONThu Jan 30 199264k vs 32k ?
1727.02ODIXIE::STUMPFThu Jan 30 1992lat connection fails SET TERM/INQ
1728.01ZURThu Jan 30 1992NDIS driver for P139
1729.0OSLLAV::MONICA_PThu Jan 30 1992PCDISK and XCOPY with big disks ?
1730.08OSI::DOLANThu Jan 30 1992Printing PostScript file fr. Windows -> PS on paper
1731.0COLISC::COLPC3::StalzThu Jan 30 1992PCSA and Even & Sutherland maschines
1732.02UFRCS1::GRAFThu Jan 30 19923c5
1733.05VEGAS::GURALNIKThu Jan 30 1992Using TPU for editing AUTOEXEC.BAT file
1734.010RLAV::GORMLEYThu Jan 30 1992dos editor in pathworks mail
1735.0TSGWET::HOFFMANThu Jan 30 1992Windows 3.
1736.01TENNIS::KAMThu Jan 30 1992%AUTOGEN-I-ERROR, SETPARAMS phase was aborted due to an unexpected error.
1737.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Jan 30 1992nft variable lentgh files.
1739.0BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANFri Jan 31 1992Print spooling --- size-dependent?
1740.02HGOVA::KIMWAHNGFri Jan 31 1992S4.
1741.03HGOVA::KIMWAHNGFri Jan 31 1992PW 4.1: LAD/LAST driver not match !
1742.03UTRTSC::WIEBENGAFri Jan 31 1992DECnet error: Child load file not found
1743.03ATHINA::RAGHEBFri Jan 31 1992PWRK for DOS (TCP/IP) and MAIL.
1744.01SHIPS::SMITH_JFri Jan 31 1992NDIS and Pathworks questions
1745.03RLAV::GORMLEYFri Jan 31 1992redirecting a serial port
1746.01KERNEL::GARDNERNFri Jan 31 1992Network name limit exceeded
1747.04COPCLU::RISTOFri Jan 31 1992PrintScreen and Enhanced Redirector?
1748.01EMASS::HEBERTJFri Jan 31 1992pcsaclient
1749.04RANGER::REZUCHAFri Jan 31 1992Windows TSR debugger Tips, Traps, and Techniques?
1750.07RTOIC::64739::hbinderFri Jan 31 1992
1751.01MAIL::VOGELFri Jan 31 1992Compatability with LANmanager ?
1752.01KERNEL::TAGGARTNFri Jan 31 1992SNAGNI in MSWINDOWS enhanced mode ?
1753.01CSC32::J_FORRESTFri Jan 31 1992File creation error
1754.0RIPPLE::VELIS_MAFri Jan 31 1992Truncated File in MOLE
1755.03TROOA::PIERCEFri Jan 31 1992PC File sharing via Kermit and Pathworks
1756.02TAVSun Feb 02 1992QAR database location ?
1757.08SNOCSun Feb 02 1992Printer for VT32
1758.02GIDDAY::DUBBERSun Feb 02 1992DECnet DOS Programmers Guide version number
1759.01GIDDAY::RALLINGSMon Feb 03 1992Enhanced REDIR Questions
1760.02SNOCMon Feb 03 1992ASYNC P/WORKS & MODEMS
1761.01TAVIS::SHEFTELMon Feb 03 1992PCSA and QEMM386-Stealth
1762.03KERNEL::GARDNERNMon Feb 03 1992Drive allocation for file service
1763.0LOEDGE::DUNCANMon Feb 03 1992Can't read ZIP files via PW
1764.0RDOVAX::CARRIGANMon Feb 03 1992Print fancy to any printer ?
1765.016DYPSS1::ROPERMon Feb 03 1992Problem with PCSA mail Dist. Lists?
1766.06KERNEL::TAGGARTNMon Feb 03 1992486 PC with old depca
1767.05OSPREY::HUTCHESONTMon Feb 03 1992Mail login changes
1768.06KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Feb 03 1992dual protocol in 4.1
1769.0WIRDI::RICHMONDMon Feb 03 1992SNMP support on Etherworks cards?
1770.02CACIQE::GONZALEZEFMon Feb 03 1992Lattice RPG and PCSA (file corruption)
1771.05BELFST::ROONEYMon Feb 03 1992NETBIOS goes compute bound ?
1772.0ADO75A::WILEYMon Feb 03 1992Wang PC2
1773.01ADO75A::WILEYTue Feb 04 1992DE1
1774.03HERON::BEAUTue Feb 04 1992One or Several File Services....
1775.0YUPPY::GINNTue Feb 04 1992What about TCP/IP clients
1777.03ROMTue Feb 04 1992Remote PC print printing problem
1778.03SUTRA::SPATOLISANOTue Feb 04 1992SYS
1779.03CSCOA1::MCCRARY_JTue Feb 04 1992Wellfleet Router/Pathworks 4.1 - NO 4.
1780.01KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Feb 04 1992window viewing problem with file service
1781.01IJSAPL::NATERTue Feb 04 1992High CPU on 631
1782.03MQOSWS::MQOP36::m_lemayTue Feb 04 1992PW for DOS (TCP/IP) install. problem
1783.04GIDDAY::LEHWed Feb 05 1992Autoforwarding PATHWORKS mail
1784.05VAXRIO::ABREUWed Feb 05 1992asynchronous decnet
1786.0SHANE::PACIELLOWed Feb 05 1992PC Documentation
1787.01ODIXIE::JAXWed Feb 05 1992IBM graphics for PC users?
1788.0TRUCKS::YOUNGWed Feb 05 1992LAN MANAGER ?
1789.03MQOSWS::MQOP36::m_lemayWed Feb 05 1992WD Elite vs 8xxx
1790.01REDBUD::garrisonnaWed Feb 05 1992PW4TCP RFI Questions
1791.0UTRTSC::XAVEERWed Feb 05 1992RCV and WPOffice' NOTIFY together ?
1792.02KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Feb 05 1992winpopup in 4.1
1794.01CSCOA1::MADDIREDDY_JWed Feb 05 1992 Multiple network adapters on DOS machines
1796.07VEGAS::GURALNIKWed Feb 05 1992Network Software: "PC Support"?
1797.0ZPOVC::YEECHINWed Feb 05 1992Speed Up QUATTRO PRO...
1798.04TAVThu Feb 06 1992PATHWORKS and CPU usage
1799.0UNTADI::MACLIESHThu Feb 06 1992Client Management
1800.01SNOCThu Feb 06 1992OS/2 Peformance/tunning ?
1801.01COPCLU::JACOBSENThu Feb 06 1992Problems with .WIK-files
1802.01MANIOK::CZWIKLAThu Feb 06 1992Using Pathworks service over a serial line without modem
1803.015NEWOA::KOSKUBAThu Feb 06 1992Asynch DECnet sread() LL_DISCONNECTING
1804.01OUTBCK::BLOOMThu Feb 06 1992SETHOST key mapping of F1 key doesnt work
1805.011CSC32::R_SCHROEDERThu Feb 06 1992PW V4.1 DWin Video setup question
1807.08KOZY::SARKOZYThu Feb 06 1992Mainframe as PW server thru SNA gateway w/DTF?
1808.02CSC32::D_SLOUGHThu Feb 06 1992%PCFS$STARTUP-F-SYGET, Error retrieving sysgen parameters
1809.0FASDER::DWICKERThu Feb 06 1992Pathworks and DEPCA's ?
1810.03MEO78B::FLAHERTYThu Feb 06 1992Re-assigning SETHOST function keys?
1811.03MEO78B::FLAHERTYThu Feb 06 1992Printers direct on ethernet?
1812.08HGOVC::FEFSSPSFri Feb 07 1992Deinstall Pathworks completely
1813.01FRAFS1::ELHAJFri Feb 07 1992Printing EXCEL tables to DEClaser 225
1814.03UTRTSC::XAVEERFri Feb 07 1992
1815.0COLES3::BACHORFri Feb 07 1992PS/2 4
1816.02OTOOFri Feb 07 1992REMOTE BOOT/Etherworks Turbo/TP
1817.01TEASE::LEARYFri Feb 07 1992TCP/IP - DE1
1819.03CSCOAC::STUBBS_AFri Feb 07 1992Lotus 3.1 ASCII Import Problem
1820.08OTOOA::PONDFri Feb 07 1992PCSA over T1 link - performance expectations?
1821.01KAOFS::A_LALONDEFri Feb 07 1992Lotus write data to wrong file on file services
1822.01HGOVC::THERESALOSat Feb 08 1992Problem with Pathworks, 3C5
1823.011HGOSPS::DENISLISat Feb 08 1992file service - DECnet/LANSESS...?
1824.03TENNIS::KAMSat Feb 08 1992Comment on disk labels for PWRKS for DOS V4.1
1825.05DEKVC::JEONGGONSONSun Feb 09 1992Network name not found
1826.02COLA1::COLPC3::StalzMon Feb 10 1992MS-Windows lose Network connections
1827.0COLA1::COLPC3::StalzMon Feb 10 1992TEKTRONIX 41
1828.01YUPPY::GAURMon Feb 10 1992DUAL.SYS questions
1829.01LISVAX::SILVA_JCMon Feb 10 1992Pathworks, Novell and PC Support
1830.01UTRTSC::BARENDREGTMon Feb 10 1992Windows 3.
1831.03KERNEL::SINCLAIRALMon Feb 10 1992Visual Basic support...
1832.02GBIMon Feb 10 1992local printers on lat
1833.01TARKIN::AHOMon Feb 10 1992Problem installing DECNET utilities on PC
1834.0UPROAR::GUNNSMon Feb 10 1992Lockups in SETHOST
1835.03WARNUT::BANKSTMon Feb 10 1992Origins of TCP/IP on PATHworks?
1836.03MAJORS::SPENCEMon Feb 10 1992Can't get P.C. DECnet to work
1837.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Feb 10 1992nbns.exe what is it use for
1838.05DPDMAI::SMITHDMon Feb 10 1992DEPCA mouse not working ?
1839.01DPDMAI::SMITHDMon Feb 10 1992Tuning LAD & LANSESS ?
1840.01KURTAN::NORDBERGMon Feb 10 1992NBNS process. How to terminate?
1841.04STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LMon Feb 10 1992Exiting SETHOST AND Application correct.
1842.01VICKI::LONGMon Feb 10 1992Local or Remote boot display
1843.01BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODMon Feb 10 1992Ethernet card performance
1844.01MARVA1::GRIMESMon Feb 10 1992ALL-IN-1/PATHWORKS/WORDPERFECT & file sharing
1845.017SALSA::SCHENKERMon Feb 10 1992DOS V5.
1846.015OTOOA::ROUFMon Feb 10 1992132 screen in VT32
1848.01HGOVA::KIMWAHNGTue Feb 11 1992Pathworks coexist with 3COM ?
1849.0COLA1::COLPC3::StalzTue Feb 11 1992Server Directory Depth Limitations?
1850.010JEREMY::DANTue Feb 11 1992Data Link Programmer's Reference Manual
1851.07YUPPY::63657::GORARDMTue Feb 11 1992Windows, PATHWORKS and Share ...
1852.03OSLTue Feb 11 1992tn327
1853.023CSCOA1::WEBB_ATue Feb 11 1992Lad$kernel COMPUTE BOUND in V4.1
1854.04CSCOAC::MADDIREDDY_JTue Feb 11 1992RCV.EXE + EMS + CACHE + Network traffic
1855.01TALK::HICKSON_BTue Feb 11 1992TFA fails after 1K bytes?
1856.07TLE::WELLSTue Feb 11 1992DECpc 433 Network LED and PWRKS 4.1
1857.04KAFSV1::S_BAINSTue Feb 11 1992How to add a 3.5 diskette to a VAXmate?
1858.01CSCOA1::KOMANDURITue Feb 11 1992PC DECwindows: DECTERM controller timeout
1859.02PCAE::PCAE2::klasmanTue Feb 11 1992How can a process identify the PATHWORKS version?
1860.01PRIMES::64633::THOMASTue Feb 11 1992Can Files be Shared?
1861.01VEGAS::GURALNIKTue Feb 11 1992PC DECwindows with foreign TCP/IP?
1862.04WKRP::HENRYTue Feb 11 1992VAXmate Configured with DE1
1863.05WKRP::HENRYTue Feb 11 1992How do you list available services?
1864.01KEIKI::BROWNLOWTue Feb 11 1992Shift/PrtScrn does it work in V 4.1 & DOS 5.
1865.02JOCKEY::COOPERMWed Feb 12 1992windows 3 with pathworks network installation
1866.02MECCA::MRCLIF::muiseWed Feb 12 1992Question about speed performance
1867.0UNTADC::MACLIESHWed Feb 12 1992Client management
1868.02MQOSWS::MQOPWed Feb 12 1992Close-Up LAN and PATHWORKS
1869.02CHEFS::DAVIESSWed Feb 12 1992V4.1 PATHWORKS - DECnet DOS Programmers Reference
1870.08CRONIC::HOOVERWed Feb 12 1992GATEWAY 2
1871.06YUPPY::HEPWORTHWed Feb 12 1992Insufficient resources at remote node
1872.02DMSSWed Feb 12 1992PCSA.DRV - questions...
1873.01HSOMAI::LINWed Feb 12 1992Client Docs bookreader files?
1874.013EXOCET::ATTWOOLWed Feb 12 1992Adding a Remote boot workstation Error: 257 Session number out of range.
1875.01CTOAVX::PYERSWed Feb 12 1992Local Printers over Token Ring?
1877.05ZURWed Feb 12 1992COPY >3
1878.09PCAE::PCAE2::klasmanWed Feb 12 1992How do I execute a DCL file from a PC?
1879.01WIKI::PAGANOWed Feb 12 1992Server Capacity Guidelines
1880.03IJSAPL::VOERMANWed Feb 12 1992Xircom PE1
1881.0POBOX::SZILVASYWed Feb 12 1992CC: mail and MS mail information ?
1882.04MQOSWS::M_LEMAYThu Feb 13 1992Swapping protocol stacks
1883.03HKGACT::KENNETHTOThu Feb 13 1992Shared Parallel Printer Problems
1884.01COLThu Feb 13 1992LM Users Guide location ?
1885.0MUDIS3::AMOUSSETThu Feb 13 1992Two Ethernet on one PC ?
1886.02OSLThu Feb 13 1992PW VMS/DOS and Zstem 24
1887.02KAOFS::R_STJEANThu Feb 13 1992NFT priviliged node ?
1888.04CSCOA1::WITT_WThu Feb 13 1992Shared LAT print service LPT2 only
1889.03KAOFS::A_LALONDEThu Feb 13 1992Mistake in syntax causes FAL link to go IDLE
1890.03HOTAIR::INGRAMThu Feb 13 1992Access control in transparent task-to-task application
1891.0HANThu Feb 13 1992TCP/IP stack compatibility
1892.0CSOA1::FLOYDThu Feb 13 1992F12,F13 & LK25
1893.01MQOSWS::M_LEMAYThu Feb 13 1992Net4 before TCP/IP?
1894.0WNOUThu Feb 13 1992Can't access 2 InfoServers with SETHOST
1895.014RLAV::MURPHYThu Feb 13 1992pathworks with ftp's tcp/ip
1896.07WMOIS::STROLLO_TThu Feb 13 1992problem with Pathworks 4.1 for DOS - TCP/IP
1897.02CSCOA1::MADDIREDDY_JThu Feb 13 1992Netx.exe + dos 5.
1898.01SMAC1Thu Feb 13 1992LK25
1899.04UTCSCL::LOVEJOYThu Feb 13 1992Pathworks TCP/IP connectivity to Wollongong
1900.0NOOKIE::HCARTERThu Feb 13 1992Unattended File Transfer Using Asych Dial Up and FAL
1901.01BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANFri Feb 14 1992How to control VMS print queues from PC?
1902.01FRSCS::CARLOSFri Feb 14 1992Undocumented netbios return code (58h)?
1903.01KAHALA::KASZYNSKIFri Feb 14 1992NET PRINT tries to STARTNET
1904.04SNOMAN::AARONFri Feb 14 1992Undocumented environment variables in PW MAIL?
1905.07AIMHI::GARCIAFri Feb 14 1992C socket library borland compatable?
1906.02CHEFS::DAVIESSFri Feb 14 1992LMF implemenation plans
1907.04UPROAR::WATSONRFri Feb 14 1992Buffer lost or misplaced ?
1908.01KAHALA::KASZYNSKIFri Feb 14 1992Allow PC application to print to networked printer
1910.02CSCOA1::SOMPAYRAC_SFri Feb 14 19923c5
1911.01CSCOA1::SOMPAYRAC_SFri Feb 14 1992No Notification of incoming mail for tcp/ip
1912.04CRONIC::ORTHFri Feb 14 1992Stopping the LAD$KERNEL process?
1913.0MSAMSat Feb 15 1992 Async A1 Mail config question
1914.03MEO78B::MCKENZIESat Feb 15 1992Technical description of LAST protocol.
1915.0MR4DEC::LYSAKOWSKISat Feb 15 1992CRTL-Escape kills TTT comm link
1916.01ACOSTA::MIANOSun Feb 16 1992327
1917.01NZOMIS::TRUMANMon Feb 17 1992VT32
1918.01HGOVA::KIMWAHNGMon Feb 17 1992Questions on VT32
1919.02EEMELI::SYVANENMon Feb 17 1992LAT+A5.5+PW4.
1921.02BPSMon Feb 17 1992Code Page 852 ?
1922.01VICKI::LONGMon Feb 17 1992E241 Sr not avail could not connect to LAD
1923.02YUPPY::NORRISCMon Feb 17 1992Lotus 123 for Windows?
1924.02SHLSAM::BEANEMon Feb 17 1992Customer Questions
1925.07KERNEL::FOSTERJMon Feb 17 1992TCP/IP Socket Calls & INT 2F
1926.0GJOVAX::GRAEFFMon Feb 17 1992NETTIME causes endless printscreen, hanging...
1927.02NEOVMon Feb 17 1992SETHOST without Pathworks
1928.04EPIK::MJDAILEYMon Feb 17 1992I'm using REDIR.4
1929.02LIOSMon Feb 17 1992pw for tcp/ip
1930.04CSC32::S_MAUFEMon Feb 17 1992how to flush PCFS_SERVER.LOG ?
1931.04PRCFS1::STANLEYWONGTue Feb 18 1992File transfer speed: 3COM vs 3COM.
1932.06MANSW1::WILLETue Feb 18 1992PUPD41
1934.02FRAFS1::ELHAJTue Feb 18 1992Unable to obtain connection info.
1935.0COLES3::BACHORTue Feb 18 1992Host based Shadowing and Pathworks for VMS
1936.0KURTAN::HARTIKAINENTue Feb 18 1992Microsoft Word and Pathworks for Ultrix
1937.0CSSE32::MERMELLTue Feb 18 1992TEP IV announcement: DCE, Pathworks, NAS
1938.01ODIXIE::LAROETue Feb 18 1992free clients in California?
1939.04LEVERS::STRINGERTue Feb 18 1992REDIR.EXE for DOS 5.
1940.04GRANPA::FBOWLESTue Feb 18 1992Starting the network from MS-Windows
1941.03SWAM2::RHODEWALT_BRTue Feb 18 1992Remote-boot client upgrade catastrophe!
1942.01AUNTB::CAWLEYTue Feb 18 1992printing clarification?
1943.02DECSAD::SCRATCHLEYTue Feb 18 1992LM 2.1 recalled ?
1944.02TRCOA::RMCGUIRETue Feb 18 1992Remote Boot Problem - Moving to another node
1945.01MQOSWS::MQOP36::m_lemayTue Feb 18 1992TCP/IP & Oracle & appl. dev.
1946.01KAOFS::S_BAINSTue Feb 18 1992DOS 5.
1947.011CSC32::S_MAUFETue Feb 18 1992Disk service RALLY_T3
1948.02TLE::WINALSKITue Feb 18 1992Proxy access to file services?
1949.03KYOA::PEREZTue Feb 18 1992netware coexistence documentation
1950.0TYSON::KURATAWed Feb 19 1992Can Pathworks coexisit with UB XNS?
1951.06GIDDAY::BOJOVICWed Feb 19 1992NFT performance problem
1952.0BGOWed Feb 19 1992Crash in lastdriver(LASTDRIVER+
1953.01GOYA::ANGELWed Feb 19 1992? NetBIOS version
1954.03RDGENG::HAYWARDWed Feb 19 1992Dial-in and CDA q's about Conferencing
1955.02TRCOA::TROTTIWed Feb 19 1992IBM PS/2 Model with Invalid DNP.
1956.02TROOA::BALDOCKWed Feb 19 1992Show Disk Connections Inconsistency
1957.02EVTAI1::LESOTWed Feb 19 1992Logicals device file service
1958.03ECACAD::HenryWed Feb 19 1992Getting access to a disk file under Pathworks
1959.01DIVING::DAVISWed Feb 19 1992Documentation for LADCDDRV.SYS?
1960.01KAOFS::R_STJEANWed Feb 19 1992Words from Quarterdeck on PWDOS4 tips/kinks
1961.04GALVIA::CBECKETTWed Feb 19 1992Is "let'em login to VMS" reasonable?
1962.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Feb 19 1992wp for windows and setup
1963.04NOLE::WOODINGWed Feb 19 1992122-key keyboard?
1964.02CSCOA1::MCCRARY_JWed Feb 19 1992Remote Boot - TSR FAILED cannot continue
1965.03RLAV::MURPHYWed Feb 19 1992433w with dos application
1966.01CSCOA1::MCCRARY_JWed Feb 19 1992Unisys/Sumo SCSI uses odd address
1967.08SIOG::FITZMAURICEWed Feb 19 1992PCDISK crash VMS 5.5
1968.03ENUF::CAUDILLWed Feb 19 1992Example of accepting and closing a connection
1969.04GUIDUK::CHANGWed Feb 19 1992Multiple Ethernet Controllers on the Server...
1970.03CSCOAC::PEREZ_EWed Feb 19 1992LAT
1972.0SANTEE::GREENEWed Feb 19 1992DEPCA at IRQ 9?
1973.01ANGLIN::ORTHOBERWed Feb 19 1992Token Ring Client Support in Regular Client?
1974.04HGOVC::CHARLESKWANThu Feb 20 19922 questions on LAT
1975.02UTRTSC::BAKKERThu Feb 20 1992Multi volume restore fails
1976.02LARVAE::WALL_CThu Feb 20 1992SETHOST 132 - DECPC 433W
1977.04UNTADA::BAUERThu Feb 20 1992Initial workstation diskette ?
1978.02RCORDF::FITTERThu Feb 20 1992Interpretting lights on DE212
1979.03RLAV::MURPHYThu Feb 20 1992vt32
1980.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Feb 20 1992xircom and network device no longer exist
1981.03TROOA::GILBERTThu Feb 20 1992Will 8-drive LAD limit be raised?
1982.03TENNIS::KAMThu Feb 20 1992Managing a PATHWORKS environment
1983.02CSCOAC::KINSER_JThu Feb 20 1992Max number of scb's in latcp
1984.06CSCOA1::SOMPAYRAC_SThu Feb 20 1992backup and OUT OF ENVIRONMENT SPACE
1985.0ICELAN::AARONThu Feb 20 1992Glowing article from Digital NEWS, 2/17/92
1986.011VEGAS::GURALNIKThu Feb 20 1992Optimize conventional and UMB memory?
1987.04CSCOA1::TAYLOR_DThu Feb 20 1992Moving DECPARM.DAT to different subdirectory
1988.0SANFAN::HILL_GRThu Feb 20 1992LASTDRIVER eats many LRPs
1989.0MQOSWS::MQOP36::m_lemayThu Feb 20 1992EMX-286 & EMX-386
1990.01TENNIS::KAMThu Feb 20 1992PW file conversion
1991.02BBIVFri Feb 21 1992Terminal Emulations Under PW for ULTRIX
1992.01STKHLM::BEDOFri Feb 21 1992ERROR CLASS 6
1993.01KERNEL::COLOMBOFri Feb 21 1992dnet_path and ifdef's
1994.04CSCOA1::SMITH_MFri Feb 21 1992Exit sethost from standard mode windows locks up
1995.03JOCKEY::42537::SharkeyaFri Feb 21 1992WIN3 and licence issues
1996.014FROCKY::KOSTISFri Feb 21 1992CompuServe DECPCI Forum Discussion
1997.02JOCKEY::42537::SharkeyaFri Feb 21 1992does NDIS work OK with LM 2.1 for DOS ?
1998.06CSC32::D_SLOUGHFri Feb 21 1992Are NET825 and "Response Buffers...already...released" related?
2000.09VICKI::LONGFri Feb 21 1992Network keys w/VMS 5.5 & PW4.1 upgrades
2001.04KAOFS::M_VALLEEFri Feb 21 1992PATHWORKS 4.1 LANSESS: Hangs on remote boot config
2002.02CSCOAC::OTERO_RFri Feb 21 1992"__2E" in PCFS_SERVER.LOG
2003.01POBOX::ALVESFri Feb 21 1992how to check return status from C program
2004.04HGOVA::KIMWAHNGFri Feb 21 1992SETHOST problem without Pathworks
2005.03SUBWAY::MAXSONSat Feb 22 1992Reading Pathworks STREAM files from VAX-C
2006.01STRIKR::RAYERSun Feb 23 1992Editing DOS Text files in VMS
2007.02THAMMon Feb 24 1992DECnet Programming kit
2008.07GIDDAY::LILICMon Feb 24 19924.
2009.01OSLMon Feb 24 1992Performance problems LAD/DECnet/LANsess
2010.01ZPOVC::SHANYONGMon Feb 24 1992Image Application on HP and VAX via DECwindows?
2011.0UTRTSC::SWEEPMon Feb 24 1992Pathworks and Performance Info.
2013.01CGOSMon Feb 24 1992Problems with NI521
2014.0WELCLU::HUNTINGMon Feb 24 1992DEPCA 2
2015.07STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LMon Feb 24 1992"PC-root" for LOGON
2016.02CSCOA1::MADDIREDDY_JMon Feb 24 1992Remote boot - netsetup - privileges
2017.01CSCOA1::WRIGHT_RMon Feb 24 1992Problems using ZP2 option!
2018.0YUPPY::HOUSTONMon Feb 24 1992Saber and other Menu systems
2019.01LATHAM::D_LATHAMMon Feb 24 1992Concurrent access to files
2020.01ANGLIN::ORTHOBERMon Feb 24 1992SVGA, DOS 5.
2022.01MANSW1::WILLETue Feb 25 1992USELIB and PRINTQ, where are the functions ?
2023.04KERNEL::SHOULDINGTue Feb 25 1992FAL under Windows with Async DECnet
2024.01MAOTAI::KNOWLESJITue Feb 25 1992DIR with corrupt files
2025.010KETJE::BRH578::De_BoeverTue Feb 25 1992Simple authentication support on PW ?
2028.03NOLE::WOODINGTue Feb 25 1992Container file tool?
2029.02PHDVAX::GREBLETue Feb 25 1992McAfee Virus Scan and DLLNDIS
2030.01DECWET::STIVERSTue Feb 25 1992Field Test site request for DECnsr V1.1
2031.04CSCOA1::MCCRARY_JTue Feb 25 1992use /fast - disk services
2032.01--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 25 1992Run netsetup from where ?
2033.0RANGER::HOGANTue Feb 25 1992PATHWORKS Support Survey
2034.02CSCOA1::STUBBS_ATue Feb 25 1992Factorylinks and Pathworks 4.
2035.01SLOVAX::VELISTue Feb 25 1992DOS 3.2 & PW 4.
2036.03SLOVAX::VELISTue Feb 25 1992Session Limit Exceeded ?
2037.01MQOSWS::MQOP36::m_lemayTue Feb 25 1992Printer selection software
2038.04TENNIS::KAMTue Feb 25 1992VSII, RD53 and VMS V5.5 - PW print & file services
2039.01TENNIS::KAMTue Feb 25 1992System Management
2040.02CSOA1::BALISHTue Feb 25 1992slow printing on HP laserjets
2041.03DNEAST::ARBOUR_STEVETue Feb 25 1992Unknown VMS err 436 :== HELP
2042.09ZPOVC::SAWATOTue Feb 25 1992Broadcast receiver (RCV) with Windows (Use WINRCV!)
2043.02ZPOVC::SAWATOWed Feb 26 1992Pathworks for OS2 latest version release notes
2044.02HGTAI1::CANDYGAOWed Feb 26 19923COM+ server on PATHWORKS?
2045.01MALMWed Feb 26 1992MS-DOS loadhost for WR15
2046.01ZPOVC::SAWATOWed Feb 26 1992needs PCSACLIENT
2047.0HGOSPS::DENISLIWed Feb 26 1992Sometimes some user do not receive MAIL
2048.01ROMTSS::PASIWed Feb 26 1992OS/2 SE and EE communication
2049.0KERNEL::SINCLAIRALWed Feb 26 1992NBNS errors...
2050.02COLWed Feb 26 19924.1 Remote Boot Netsetup fails
2051.02WELLIN::MCCALLUMWed Feb 26 1992File transfer to VAX
2052.0FRSCS::SATTLERWed Feb 26 1992Docu for DIALC, DIA...?
2053.01MQOSWS::MQOP36::m_lemayWed Feb 26 1992COM2: offered as a service by PW OS/2 server
2054.06UNTADH::BAUERWed Feb 26 1992Pathworks/DOS 4.1 beta ?
2056.03COPCLU::GREGWed Feb 26 1992Broadcast on TokenRing ?
2057.01ARGUS::DONMOYERWed Feb 26 1992Ultrix password too flexible for pathworks
2058.03DECWET::CAPPELLOFWed Feb 26 1992PC software installation?
2059.02KYOA::PEREZWed Feb 26 1992Calling LAT from DOSSHELL 5.
2060.02TENNIS::KAMWed Feb 26 1992C: drive backup when the user forgets to PERMIT the drive to the network?
2061.04BIGRED::THOMPSONWed Feb 26 1992pcsa
2062.09KERNEL::QUINNThu Feb 27 1992Problem printing from Wysiwyg
2063.01UPROAR::FROGGATTCThu Feb 27 1992Which conference handles Ultrix Server Questions?
2064.01TARUGO::ALVAROThu Feb 27 1992Windows Hangs on DECstation 32
2065.02COPCLU::RISTOThu Feb 27 1992Network problem exiting Windows
2066.02HANNAH::B_COBBThu Feb 27 1992Grant access to TOP level directories only?
2067.01CLPRThu Feb 27 1992MEMMAN/STOPNET does not support unloading from UMBs
2068.02ROMTSS::PASIThu Feb 27 1992EMS and PATHWORKS 4.1
2069.02CSCOA1::BURGESS_RThu Feb 27 1992Blank Pages and HP Laser Jet III's
2070.01KAOFS::S_BAINSThu Feb 27 1992VAXmate with DOS 5.
2071.0CSCOA1::OTERO_RThu Feb 27 1992UAF question/problem
2072.0CSC32::D_SLOUGHThu Feb 27 1992Tangent 486 and PATHWORKS v4 (seeking wider readership on this)
2073.03THEWAV::BRADLEYThu Feb 27 1992DECNET for DOS/MS-WIN/MAC from third party?
2074.05KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Feb 27 1992sethost local printer port
2075.05KAWPHY::LEMKEThu Feb 27 1992Translation required
2076.02SOLVIT::CASEYThu Feb 27 1992DECstation/Token Ring on Pathworks ?
2077.03SUBWAY::LICATAThu Feb 27 1992PW admin and control
2078.012VMSNET::MUNOZThu Feb 27 1992Enhanced Redirector Hangs with Incorrect Service/Pass Error
2079.02BBIVFri Feb 28 1992DECnet Programming Library: Help using sockets
2080.0ADO75A::WILEYFri Feb 28 1992VT32
2081.0KERNEL::IMBIERSKIFri Feb 28 1992PCFS extend size can cause performance problems
2082.03RULLE::BEDOFri Feb 28 1992SETHOST and LK25
2085.03TRCOA::TROTTIFri Feb 28 1992ACCPAC and Network Courier Mail.
2086.02OTOOA::GMACDONALDFri Feb 28 1992KB Adapter & LK25
2087.05BACHUS::DHAENSFri Feb 28 1992disks disconnected from server
2088.01CGOOA::NIXONFri Feb 28 1992print multiple mail messages?
2089.0BACHUS::BERGMANSFri Feb 28 1992%PSM-E-OPENIN after upgrade vms5.5 pw4.1 on HPlaserjetIII
2090.0DNEAST::WHEELER_SCOTFri Feb 28 1992Printing from apps started by File Manager.
2091.01ISLNDS::SCHWABEFri Feb 28 1992Installation question V4.
2092.02CSCOAC::STUBBS_AFri Feb 28 1992Error: Duplicate Redirection. Pathworks 4.1 and Logon.bat
2093.01ECAD2::STALKERFri Feb 28 1992Compatibility of Dos 5.
2094.03CSCOAC::KINSER_JFri Feb 28 1992enhanced redirector too many redirections?
2095.0SUBWAY::LEEFri Feb 28 1992Pathworks for Token Ring config guide
2096.09CGOOA::HOMMENFri Feb 28 1992PATHWORKS 4.1 NDIS config with 3Com 3C523B TP?
2097.05DMSSFri Feb 28 1992LAD device driver information.
2098.02RADBOX::ANDERSONFri Feb 28 1992Common remote boot disk...
2099.01GLDOA::LIBOVEFri Feb 28 1992NFT> COPY *.PAT to remote filepath?
2100.03ALOSWS::MULLERSat Feb 29 1992Performance -> VMS
2101.01DECWET::SCHREIBERSat Feb 29 1992Does DEPCA NDIS driver work in DEPCA 32K mode?
2102.06MAIL::SHAHNAMSun Mar 01 1992DLLNDIS/DLLNDIST Can't be Loaded High (LOADHI)
2103.03WMOIS::STROLLO_TSun Mar 01 1992Can one move files from a machine to an MSDOS PC ?
2104.013ZPOVC::SAWATOMon Mar 02 1992Error reading drive with XCOPY and File service
2105.01ZURMon Mar 02 1992PATHWORK 4.
2106.0RTPDHL::SYSTEMMon Mar 02 1992DECnet and NetBEUI Dual Stack Customers?
2107.0TROOA::NAISHMon Mar 02 1992Clarification on PW for Netware net kit
2108.05MLNTSC::MARCHETTIMon Mar 02 1992Problem with NI651
2109.01WELLIN::HARRINGTONMon Mar 02 1992HP laserjet and Font sizes
2110.02RIPPLE::VELIS_MAMon Mar 02 1992NET816 - Access Denied?
2111.03TAVMon Mar 02 1992DE2
2112.01UNYEM::COOKJMon Mar 02 1992TN327
2113.0CX3PT1::WSCMon Mar 02 1992FILNOTDEL when using PCSA% mail transport
2114.02ALOSWS::MULLERMon Mar 02 1992Performance tools?
2115.01MAIL::HAYDENMon Mar 02 1992List of SNAGNI 327
2116.01MAIL::HAYDENMon Mar 02 1992Can P/W work with 327
2117.04ITSHOT::DALTON_BRIANMon Mar 02 1992LPS2
2118.01GLDOA::LIBOVEMon Mar 02 1992how to customize STARTNET and AUTOUSER templates?
2120.04GLDOA::LIBOVEMon Mar 02 1992What does USE /REUSE do?
2121.08GLDOA::LIBOVEMon Mar 02 1992How does USE /ENV do it ?
2122.01GLDOA::LIBOVEMon Mar 02 1992pcsamgr deletes service but PC can still use it ?
2123.03UTRTSC::ADEJONGTue Mar 03 1992LAST /M:d -- Enable/Disable Multicast
2124.04PLAYER::ZODIAC::SMEKENSTue Mar 03 1992Remote boot problems DUE TO node chars of PC disappearing from NCP on server
2125.02RTODWT::SSTOECKERTTue Mar 03 1992Remote Booting: Problem during creation of NETWORK KEY DISK
2127.01KAHALA::KASZYNSKITue Mar 03 1992Printer problems
2128.02RULLE::BEDOTue Mar 03 1992DCA IRMALAN 327
2129.0MECCA::STRAUBTue Mar 03 1992TRMNLAXS.DLL questions
2130.03VEGAS::GURALNIKTue Mar 03 1992Pathworks w/ foreign TCP/IP (WIN/TCP)
2131.03RLG8Tue Mar 03 1992Windows & LANSESS Configuration Rule
2132.01CSCOAC::STEIDLE_STue Mar 03 199286 errors with a DE2
2133.023ESMAIL::BEANTue Mar 03 1992Automatic connections from Windows app icon (UNCs)?
2134.06ISLNDS::SCHWABETue Mar 03 19924.1 installation questions
2135.02TROOA::MSCHNEIDERTue Mar 03 1992Rumours of demise of LAST
2136.06SFSCV1::GARRISONNATue Mar 03 1992Digital/Banyan agreement; does one exist?
2137.01RTPDHL::SYSTEMTue Mar 03 1992NetBEUI/DECnet coexist. on Token Ring; NET LOGON fail
2138.010TRCOA::BBUTLERTue Mar 03 1992Infoserver Client w/ PW DOS(TCP/IP)?
2139.02SMAC1Tue Mar 03 1992Netware and TCP/IP
2140.02MQOSWS::MQOPTue Mar 03 1992Infoserver client option -- NETSETUP ran out of memory
2141.03ZPOVC::SAWATOWed Mar 04 1992Error status = 8412, when reading log file
2142.02TECRUS::JIMWed Mar 04 1992Fonts under Windows 3.
2143.02HGOSPS::DENISLIWed Mar 04 1992ADD USER - options for user directory path
2144.02DEKVC::SEUNGJOOSONWed Mar 04 1992NET8
2145.01KERNEL::GARDNERNWed Mar 04 1992CHGPASS.EXE is part of USELIB
2146.03LARVAE::WILLIAMS_GWed Mar 04 1992Remote Boot info ?
2148.01RANGER::RICHWed Mar 04 1992SOFT-ICE's EMM and PW DOS V4.1 question
2149.02IAMOK::ROWEWed Mar 04 1992V4.1 Ordering Info ?
2150.04UPROAR::FROGGATTCWed Mar 04 1992PAthworks windows DLL
2152.010LFOIS1::ALIEWed Mar 04 1992"ESC" with vt32
2153.03SWTHOM::MENICACCIWed Mar 04 1992PCFS_SERVER fails to start (Error retrieving memory values)
2154.0VMSNET::CALHOUNWed Mar 04 1992Banyan Vines to VMS servers?
2155.04CGOSWed Mar 04 1992Multi user access problems
2156.01WR2FOR::RIFKIN_DAWed Mar 04 1992LanManager Patch Level
2157.02CSCOA1::SMITH_MWed Mar 04 1992autoprint from sethost to networked lpt1 ?
2158.01GLDOA::WESTBROOKSThu Mar 05 1992Problem with DEMCA and PROTOCOL.INI
2159.02JSOCSS::HAYASHIThu Mar 05 1992PQL_WORKING_SET error message in pcfs$startup.log
2160.08POBOX::GULINOThu Mar 05 1992NFT/NOCONVERT - What's it doin?
2162.04SUBWAY::BOETTCHERThu Mar 05 1992FILE SERVICE performance problems... VMS ?
2163.01ONOIS1::DEGATThu Mar 05 1992How are VMS SYSGEN parameters calculated?
2164.01WMOIS::KENNEY_NThu Mar 05 1992Teamlinks Notes conference location ?
2165.01ACOSTA::MIANOThu Mar 05 1992NETBIOS/IP -> Server
2166.03RLAV::MURPHYThu Mar 05 1992VT32
2167.02SUFRNG::WSAThu Mar 05 1992Which VMS LAST Driver is newer?
2168.0KAOFS::R_STJEANThu Mar 05 1992SETHOST passthrough print WP/VMS
2169.01ADO75A::WILEYFri Mar 06 1992VT32
2170.03BUXHED::KIRKPATRICKFri Mar 06 1992PATHWORKS 4.1 is compatible with DOS 5.
2171.0UPROAR::FROGGATTCFri Mar 06 1992Pathworks and Win 3.1 support
2172.01ROYALT::MAYFri Mar 06 1992Where is PCSA V2.2 VAXMATE.TSK Boot Image?
2173.02CSCOA1::SOMPAYRAC_SFri Mar 06 1992decnet.wik customization not working
2174.03LILFri Mar 06 1992VT32
2175.010CSCOAC::WHITSON_JFri Mar 06 1992PERMIT Point-to-Point?
2176.05SUBWAY::BUONOMOFri Mar 06 1992PCFS_SERVER.LOG: Header Full Error
2177.02CSCOA1::DOUGLAS_JFri Mar 06 1992LAST Circuit Timeout determined by the Client?
2178.0SWAM2::RHODEWALT_BRFri Mar 06 1992Paralyzed mouse in Windows
2179.05SUBURB::RYBAKCFri Mar 06 1992NCP database - storing password and username, must be volatile
2180.01RUIPC::PACHECOFri Mar 06 1992Pathworks/Lan Manager Coexistance
2181.03KYOA::KOCHFri Mar 06 1992When will client/server kits be available on CONDIST?
2182.04LEMAN::BAGNOUDFri Mar 06 1992PS/2 7
2183.04CHOWDA::DONNELLFri Mar 06 1992DEClaser 22
2184.05CSCOA1::STUBBS_AFri Mar 06 1992How to hide a sub dir on appl. file service ?
2185.0TROOA::LEONGFri Mar 06 1992Multiple RRD42 on PCs
2186.02CSCOAC::MCCRARY_JFri Mar 06 1992NDIS netbind fails with PW supplied NETBIND.EXE
2187.05OTOOA::GMACDONALDFri Mar 06 1992Too Many PATHWORKS Questions!
2188.0CSCOA1::STEIDLE_SFri Mar 06 1992DR DOS corrupts copies from Disk Service
2189.01CHICHZ::EDELMANNSat Mar 07 1992PW, TCP/IP and SLIP
2190.01STRIKR::RAYERSun Mar 08 1992Pathworks Unable to Create R-Boot Workstations
2191.01SCHERZ::PATHWORKMGRSun Mar 08 1992HP DraftPro EXL 7576A initialize?
2192.04WPOPTH::BEESONSun Mar 08 1992DECnet and IBM LANServer Coexistence on Token Ring
2193.04BIGUN::PLEMELMon Mar 09 1992No LINE (Datalink) Counters with NDIS Configurations
2194.01BACHUS::SASMon Mar 09 1992Windows File Manager: Want 'Access Denied' Error.
2195.01KERNEL::BURNSMon Mar 09 1992LATCP: What is 'number of ticks per second' value?
2196.0BGOMon Mar 09 1992Printing to VMS server fails after upgrade to 5.5/4.1
2197.02BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANMon Mar 09 1992PC LAT printer queue with no Pathworks for VMS
2198.01KERNEL::SHOULDINGMon Mar 09 1992CompuAdd 386/25 with DE2
2199.01AUNTB::CAWLEYMon Mar 09 1992Pathworks and ARCnet questions?
2200.02ALOSLS::RYANMon Mar 09 1992NET PRINT Hangs PC -- Caused by Disk Quotas Enabled
2201.01RIPPLE::VELIS_MAMon Mar 09 1992SETHOST hangs with arrow keys
2202.01RIPPLE::VELIS_MAMon Mar 09 1992Windows & Application License Mgmt.
2203.013HIJINX::LORDMon Mar 09 1992Hack: MEMMAN and SAVE Support for Upper Memory
2204.05CSCOA1::OLSEN_RMon Mar 09 1992Net Admin \\server /c net error command hangs pc
2205.03FASDER::DWICKERTue Mar 10 1992NDU & USE HELP V4.1
2206.02SKIWI::EATONTue Mar 10 1992Pathworks for Mac Performance
2207.0MEO78B::FLAHERTYTue Mar 10 1992Front end security apps??
2208.04SUOSW3::STECKDAUBTue Mar 10 1992PATHWORKS 4.
2209.02TRHPC1::JoarTue Mar 10 1992PCFS_SERVER and a lot of buffered IO's. Why?
2210.02COPCLU::JESPERTue Mar 10 1992NET ATTRIB (LDU) in PW 4.1: Invalid file specification
2211.02MSBCS::YOUNGTue Mar 10 1992VAXMATE & printer HELP!
2212.02MSAMTue Mar 10 1992PRIMAVERA on PATHWORKS ?
2213.0RIPPLE::VELIS_MATue Mar 10 1992SETHOST Fails without Service
2214.028KERNEL::SHOULDINGTue Mar 10 1992Designated router missing after upgrade
2215.09KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Mar 10 1992PW 4.
2216.03RT95::LOMBARDITue Mar 10 1992PCSA V3.
2217.02KYOA::BOYLETue Mar 10 1992Teamlinks and Visual Basic
2218.08HIJINX::LORDTue Mar 10 1992Hack: NetBIOS Trace Utility
2219.01KXOMAA::ALLEYTue Mar 10 1992DOS 5.
2220.03MAIL::HAYDENTue Mar 10 1992PATHWORKS for Windows: Marketing Fluff
2221.02GUIDUK::TREMBLAYTue Mar 10 1992Ultrix SMB to Lan Man printing?
2222.01MQOSWS::M_LEMAYTue Mar 10 1992DECnet task-to-task demo
2223.0BIDDAH::plemelTue Mar 10 1992Applications break with 4.1
2224.04OTOOA::ROUFTue Mar 10 1992V4.1 server support DOS V3.
2225.01HAMCL3::ROEBENWed Mar 11 1992Remote boot and Multiple protocol stacks? No.
2226.01WOTVAX::JOYWed Mar 11 1992DECpc 333 - Memory usage with DOS 5, Windows V3.
2227.01DELSWed Mar 11 1992PERMIT does not work under Windows. Known limitation.
2228.01COLWed Mar 11 1992PCSA Manager ADD USER Fails: No Language Installed
2229.04CSC32::R_SCHROEDERWed Mar 11 1992User Buffer Unavailable: What conditions cause this?
2230.01CGOOA::DOELLWed Mar 11 1992Customizing PW Mail?
2231.01WR2FOR::SMALE_JOWed Mar 11 1992File Service->Remote System: Maintain Attributes/Type
2232.0TAVWed Mar 11 1992SETHOST - mapping ^Y ignore char 'Y'
2233.01JOCKEY::SHARKEYAWed Mar 11 1992TTT: What should \\t\????????????? be?
2234.01GLDOA::TEVANSWed Mar 11 1992NetBIOS (NetBEUI) Token Ring to Ethernet Gateway?
2235.0KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Mar 11 1992VT32
2236.04COPCLU::JESPERWed Mar 11 1992NETSETUP/PW 4.1/remote boot in cluster
2237.03GLDOA::WESTBROOKSWed Mar 11 1992PW remote print ?
2238.04BREAKR::UDICKWed Mar 11 1992DEC IS looks at deploying PC's - Phase
2239.01KERNEL::SINCLAIRALThu Mar 12 1992Ungermann-Bass NIUpc NDIS driver
2240.01FRAFS1::ELHAJThu Mar 12 1992Printer Driver for MS-Word 5.5 and DEC225
2241.01NETCUR::VASSILThu Mar 12 1992PATHWORKS Adv. Sys. Mgmt. Course
2242.03OSLThu Mar 12 1992Token Ring cards supported ?
2243.0KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Mar 12 1992PW 4.1 and Windows: New Features and Changes?
2244.03KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Mar 12 1992CEMM V5.
2245.04BACHUS::SASThu Mar 12 1992PC-DECwindows Security with Captive/Restricted Accounts
2246.01ROVRUM::ROBINSONDThu Mar 12 1992Printing through IBM 4
2247.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Mar 12 1992DIR Shows Deleted Files on VMS File Service
2248.05ZURThu Mar 12 1992Netware Coexistence, TokenRing, 82
2249.0TARUGO::LUISThu Mar 12 1992SETHOST via LAT problem
2250.01CSCOAC::SMITH_MThu Mar 12 1992TTT and Windows Programming: Documentation?
2251.0VNABRW::HABRICH_PThu Mar 12 1992PCFS interupt shutdown
2252.07DPDMAI::JONESDSThu Mar 12 1992NETTIME and MS-NET Nodes: Ignores first MS-NET entry?
2253.01THEWAV::BRADLEYThu Mar 12 1992Will Pathworks become integrated with WINDOWS
2254.03TROOA::POOTSThu Mar 12 1992327
2255.04POBOX::DECAPPThu Mar 12 1992Windows File Manager Partial Directory; DIR Works Fine
2256.05ACOSTA::MIANOFri Mar 13 1992NETBIOS Process out of control (Goes into COM state)
2257.02HGOVA::KIMWAHNGFri Mar 13 1992PCFS Process Disappears on Connect to App Service
2258.0TPSP11::SYSTEMFri Mar 13 1992PW4.1 and variable length files
2259.01RTOEU::FROCCIFri Mar 13 1992MAC
2260.01RCOJDS::SHOWALTERFri Mar 13 1992LAN Manager 2.1
2261.04RULLE::BEDOFri Mar 13 1992STOPNET/STARTNET problems
2262.07NEWVAX::SPANNFri Mar 13 1992Failed to add NETBIOS adapter Error
2264.0CGOOA::OWONGFri Mar 13 1992VAXserver Config. Guidelines?
2265.02ESSB::JNOLANFri Mar 13 1992two ethernet controllers DEMNA/DEBNI
2266.01INFACT::BEVISFri Mar 13 1992Server hangs with error on device NET
2267.0DWOVAX::WEAVERFri Mar 13 1992Pathworks and First Call
2268.0SIOG::MCCARTHYFri Mar 13 1992Can DESQview work with Pathworks?
2269.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEFri Mar 13 1992LAST 4.1.13 vs LAST 4.1.8: What Changed
2270.01GNOJP::PORELLFri Mar 13 1992Remote boot - and Windows 3.
2271.02CRONIC::HOOVERFri Mar 13 1992Problem Editing in a File Service
2272.06WIKI::PAGANOFri Mar 13 1992Setup TCP/IP for client and server on different networks
2273.02CGOSFri Mar 13 1992RCV does not work over WANs: Uses NetBIOS datagrams
2274.04MEO78B::FLAHERTYSun Mar 15 1992SETHOST & Function keys - Confirmation needed!
2275.0TKTV2Mon Mar 16 1992LAD device timeout with PCSA SHOW VERSION
2276.0VERS::BOUBERTMon Mar 16 1992Sending <
2277.01KERNEL::SHOULDINGMon Mar 16 1992backup to a file service.... is it supposed to work...?
2278.01CSCOA1::ROLLINS_RMon Mar 16 1992Epson printer getting Paper Out with Pwks v4.1 LAT
2279.05KERNEL::SINCLAIRALMon Mar 16 1992LAD/LAST Bad errors in PW 4.1: Fixed in LAST 4.1.14
2281.013VISUAL::SWABOWICZMon Mar 16 1992Pathworks 4.1 logon failure
2282.01YUPPY::GINNMon Mar 16 1992NET commands and errorlevels
2283.02YUPPY::GINNMon Mar 16 1992MAIL and CC prompt
2284.05ODIXIE::SHILLINGMon Mar 16 1992Version TCP/IP with 3COM enhancements?
2285.05NZOMIS::ROBBINSMon Mar 16 1992Does a PATHWORKS DLL exist?
2286.03PHDVAX::DLEWISMon Mar 16 1992Manual setup for TCP/IP?
2287.02TYFYS::MUNNSMon Mar 16 1992TCP/IP Socket management in TSR
2288.04CSCOAC::WEBB_AMon Mar 16 1992IVBUFLEN, invalid buffer length ESS$LASTCP
2289.05CGOSTue Mar 17 1992Is LAT parallel printing stable now?
2290.03ZPOVC::SINSPSTue Mar 17 1992source codes for NETENVI.EXE ?
2291.01WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTITue Mar 17 1992how to configure a WD8
2292.04BOUNCR::WOODSTue Mar 17 1992Help with AT&T Ethernet card?
2293.06HGOVA::KIMWAHNGTue Mar 17 1992CHANNELCNT problem
2294.03HGOVC::ALECLEETue Mar 17 1992Error printing PATHWORKS Overview presentation
2295.0RULLE::BEDOTue Mar 17 1992copy large file fail FAL
2296.02PDVTue Mar 17 1992USELIB location: Should have used the keyword!
2297.05TARUGO::ALVAROTue Mar 17 1992ORACLE SQL*NET problems with 4.1
2298.01MTVIEW::CHENGTue Mar 17 1992Where is TCP/IP Socket Library?
2299.03SFCPMO::SFC21::DOWENTue Mar 17 1992PASSWORD on /NOPASSWORD disk service
2300.01CSCOAC::OTERO_RTue Mar 17 1992PCSA SHOW DISK CONNECTIONS not working
2301.02CSCOA1::SMITH_MTue Mar 17 1992SETHOST/LAT to PDP with RSTS/E?
2302.05SLOVAX::TEERLINKTue Mar 17 1992Help with Justification for PATHWORKS
2303.0VAXRIO::ABREUTue Mar 17 1992Customizing keyboard with SETHOST and KBDCODE
2304.01KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Mar 17 1992Server startup error when NETBIOS$DEVICE set
2305.01N1BRM::GETTYSTue Mar 17 1992Can one pc use another disks??
2306.02TROOA::NAISHTue Mar 17 1992SETHOST and VT32
2307.03CSCOA1::KOMANDURITue Mar 17 1992Zenith PC Compatibility with PATHWORKS 4.
2308.02CSCOA1::KOMANDURITue Mar 17 1992Use SPAWNER under Windows
2309.01SUFRNG::WSATue Mar 17 1992Need Info on Environment Variables 'PCSA' & 'DECNET'
2310.0RIPPLE::ERICKSODATue Mar 17 1992Kanji Version of PATHWORKS?
2311.0WILARD::SIMONIANTue Mar 17 1992Lan remote async Access Carbon Copy/Logicraft
2312.02DRAC::ARRUZAWed Mar 18 1992NFT DAP errors and SNATERM socket errors with PW 4.1
2313.05HGOSPS::KENNETHWed Mar 18 1992Network name not found after upgrade to V4.1
2314.02YUPPY::GINNWed Mar 18 1992LATCP/LAT Local Printers and Cluster Aliases
2315.02VNABRW::MATHE_WWed Mar 18 1992Documentation on MSCDEX (for CD-ROMs)
2316.09CERN::JRSWed Mar 18 1992RRD42 on VMS, 3rd party CDs and PCs?
2317.06CHOWDA::DONNELLWed Mar 18 1992Windows 3.1 - When???
2318.04HIJINX::LORDWed Mar 18 1992DECnet Programmer's Reference: Structures are WRONG!
2319.03ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGWed Mar 18 1992Load/Unload PW from Windows
2320.07LISVAX::SILVA_JCWed Mar 18 1992Problem with Windows 3.
2321.0TARUGO::MAITEWed Mar 18 1992Problem with PCFS$SERVICE_DATABASE.DAT
2322.01AUNTB::BOUDREAUXWed Mar 18 1992Where are the DNNETH.EXE & DLLNDIST.EXE???
2323.0IJSAPL::HUIJTSWed Mar 18 1992TULIP AT Compact 2 works fine, memory problems.
2324.03UTRTSC::XAVEERWed Mar 18 1992How to detect RCV is loaded ?
2325.01YUPPY::GINNWed Mar 18 1992Backup and autogen
2326.03SUBWAY::DERISEWed Mar 18 1992Microsoft Blew It with LAN Manager!
2327.011SANFAN::HILL_GRWed Mar 18 1992Can't unload DNP after remote-boot
2328.03CSC32::D_SLOUGHWed Mar 18 1992PHARLAP Fatal Error 1
2329.01ZPOVC::YEECHINThu Mar 19 1992In defence of Pathworks ... help needed.
2330.06YUPPY::GINNThu Mar 19 1992Digital Technical Journal on PATHWORKS!
2331.03MLCADG::FALSINAThu Mar 19 1992Realtime/Remote PC Diagnostics: A SHOW Future?
2332.05ALOSThu Mar 19 1992Switch back fr 4.1 -> 4.
2333.01ESMAIL::TOBINThu Mar 19 1992Blank page when printing with HP LaserJet
2335.01IDEFIX::GEOFFThu Mar 19 1992Problem configuring DOS PC for remote boot
2336.02KERNEL::ASHCROFTDThu Mar 19 1992ACLs and default_protection ACE
2337.04CSCOA1::WRIGHT_RThu Mar 19 1992SETHOST hangs with fast TYPEAHEAD
2338.04POBOX::DECAPPThu Mar 19 1992HP Vectra and WIN3SETU
2339.01CSCOA1::ROLLINS_RThu Mar 19 1992Undocumented USE changes from v4.
2340.0CSCOA1::STUBBS_AThu Mar 19 1992Large Fortran Indexed Files
2341.03GUIDUK::MCCANTAThu Mar 19 19922MB line with PATHWORKS guidelines sought
2342.04MUDIS3::FISCALFri Mar 20 1992NCP + performance problem
2343.03MANSW1::WILLEFri Mar 20 1992Bridge and Multicast addresses for PW
2344.011RUTILE::MACKFri Mar 20 1992Network name not found
2345.01LEMAN::FONTOVAFri Mar 20 1992EXOS Card for Novell and DEC 333 Compatibility
2346.04ISIDRO::CABREROFri Mar 20 1992"VMS 5.5 & Server 4.1 & Client 4.
2347.0BPSENG::KIRALYFri Mar 20 1992SETHOST COMPOSE characters via CTERM
2348.012STKHLM::WETTERBERGFri Mar 20 1992connect/disconnect services from a Visual Basic program and PCSA V4
2349.06ATLABC::CurleFri Mar 20 1992NetWare Coexistence doesn't work with UB boards
2350.06WHELIN::MORENCYFri Mar 20 1992DO key in vt32
2351.0N1BRM::GETTYSFri Mar 20 1992PathWorks mail and folder names
2352.01CTHQ1::GHOSHFri Mar 20 1992Support for PMR (Poor Man's Routing) in PATHWORKS?
2353.04DREICH::GRANTFri Mar 20 1992MSCDEX Wrong DOS version
2354.01CHOWDA::DONNELLFri Mar 20 1992DEPCA MOUSE & DOS Ver 5.
2355.02WHO2Fri Mar 20 1992do DFS and Pathworks clash?
2356.03BKEEPR::BREITNERFri Mar 20 1992SCH reports DLLNDIS error w/ XIRCOM
2357.02GALINA::SSMITHFri Mar 20 1992Inspect & DECnet objects?
2358.02TAVIS::MERONSun Mar 22 1992PATHWORKS support for OS/2 V2.
2359.01FRAFS1::ELHAJMon Mar 23 1992Shared local printer after UNLOAD
2360.07ZPOVC::SEOWHURNMon Mar 23 1992Token Ring card + IBMTOK = PRO
2361.01YUPPY::GINNMon Mar 23 1992Convert users from Novell to Pathworks ?
2362.01ROVRUM::ROBINSONDMon Mar 23 1992USE command is slow
2363.0ZURMon Mar 23 1992PCFS_SERVER crashes on USE connect to specific directory
2364.03YUPPY::GINNMon Mar 23 1992Where is <Gold> key in VT32
2365.04KERNEL::SINCLAIRALMon Mar 23 1992Extended Error 65 instead of Access Denied?
2366.04MELKOR::DEWISMon Mar 23 1992Token ring to VAX
2367.03UTRTSC::XAVEERMon Mar 23 1992Remote boot for the first time fails
2368.01DRAC::ARRUZAMon Mar 23 1992NETSETUP Errors Configuring Remote Boot in PW 4.1
2370.01OTOOA::GMACDONALDMon Mar 23 1992Upgrading Many Diskless PC's
2371.03CSC32::J_FORRESTMon Mar 23 1992Accounting on individual users
2372.02DIENTE::OSWALDMon Mar 23 1992C++ "compatibility"
2373.01BEJVC::PRCSWSMon Mar 23 1992How to do noprint in NFT SUBMIT ?
2374.0TAENG6::WYANGPTue Mar 24 1992System boot crashes after execute pcfs_startup.com
2375.05MAIL::SHAHNAMTue Mar 24 1992display X application off of IBM RS/6
2376.02HTSC19::ANDYNGTue Mar 24 1992NFT COPY/BLOCK get record too big error !!
2377.07HGOVC::GILBERTYIPTue Mar 24 1992OS/2 DECnet is end-node only. Use EtherWORKS Router.
2378.0ZURTue Mar 24 1992PCFS_SERVER gives audit alarm
2379.05GIDDAY::LILICTue Mar 24 1992DOS 5.
2380.02CSCOAC::SMITH_MTue Mar 24 1992Sethost/lat leaves process on vax!!
2381.0RANGER::DHUMETue Mar 24 1992PW for SCO field test sites wanted
2383.01TROOA::BWONGTue Mar 24 1992Coexistence of PATHWORKS DECnet and TCP/IP on VAX
2384.03SUBWAY::BUONOMOTue Mar 24 1992DNNETH Switches and Defaults
2385.03KRELL1::SNYDERTue Mar 24 1992Can't communicate with Protocol Manager (PROTMAN.SYS)
2386.01KURTAN::KJOHANSSONTue Mar 24 1992PWD 4.1 EMSload RCV or LAT on DECpc433
2387.03SUBWAY::DERISETue Mar 24 1992Single NDIS driver supporting multiple network adapters
2388.011SUBWAY::YOUNGTue Mar 24 1992Banyan coexistence
2389.04ZPOVC::SEOWHURNWed Mar 25 1992EMS 4.
2390.03GIDDAY::LILICWed Mar 25 1992File Locking: INT 24h vs. Permission Denied in 4.1
2391.01CSCOA1::SMITH_MWed Mar 25 1992lk45
2393.0DBOSW2::ESBECKWed Mar 25 1992LAN Manager Technical Documentation?
2394.01SUBWAY::BOETTCHERWed Mar 25 1992PCONSOLE like print control and HP status codes
2395.08THEDGE::DWAYNEWed Mar 25 1992V4.1 system file service missing (?)
2396.05IOSG::MULLENWed Mar 25 1992Loop test result means what?
2397.06LEMAN::BEZENCONWed Mar 25 1992TCP/IP through SLIP & DECserver 9
2398.02LEVERS::KIRKWed Mar 25 1992AST Bravo 486/25 Problem with PW NC - no C: drive
2399.03BSS::JSALEWed Mar 25 1992DE2
2400.01TARUGO::ALVAROWed Mar 25 1992TCP/IP Programming and Windows
2401.04SQGUK::LEVYWed Mar 25 1992Remote Boot Problems: VAX crashes and drive A = C
2402.08ONEDGE::DUNCANWed Mar 25 1992Need 2.
2403.04CSCOA1::MADDIREDDY_JWed Mar 25 1992BSHELL w/4DOS on PATHWORKS 4.1 Remote Boot Client
2404.010SUBWAY::BUONOMOWed Mar 25 1992DECnet LDB Allocation Failures
2405.0REDBUD::garrisonnaWed Mar 25 1992Hard Disk Backup = DECstation DOS??
2406.05KYOA::PEREZWed Mar 25 1992Can REDIR support more than 3 printer redirections?
2407.0MJBOOT::COLEMANWed Mar 25 1992SMB Error in PCFS_SERVER.LOG
2408.06HGOSPS::DENISLIThu Mar 26 1992HP LaserJet IIp & Pacific Page Postscript cartridge
2409.02VAXRIO::ALCIDESThu Mar 26 1992Lan Manager using DECnet?
2410.06ZURThu Mar 26 1992_PC_
2411.0KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Mar 26 1992SETHOST and caps lock
2412.05MIMS::OTERO_RThu Mar 26 1992PCSA MENU Always Deletes Service Despite 'N' Response
2413.0TRLIAN::BARRETTThu Mar 26 1992Stream/Actual Directory Attribute Problems
2414.03VAXRIO::SANTOSThu Mar 26 1992Sharing Violation error with application: Not set RO!
2415.010OTOOA::GMACDONALDThu Mar 26 1992Remote boot with read-only LADs, 'captive' access
2416.03CLO::POLITZERThu Mar 26 1992PUBLIC access problem to file services in PW 4.1
2417.04PCAE::ANDERSONThu Mar 26 1992Can't Copy Documentation
2418.0DKAS::JONESThu Mar 26 1992Iooking for netware coexistence
2419.01TWYLA::LOEWThu Mar 26 1992Full Function or end node DECnet
2420.02PEODS1::decappThu Mar 26 1992VT32
2421.02RANGER::COOKThu Mar 26 1992Relative performance vs Native Netware
2422.03ANGLIN::KIRKMANThu Mar 26 1992Missing client files and NETSETUP arrow keys not working
2423.01MIMS::MADDIREDDY_JThu Mar 26 1992LAT - Service Table size - disconnection
2424.01TRIGG::HAYDENThu Mar 26 1992Print 123 graphics to LN
2425.03GIDDAY::RALLINGSFri Mar 27 1992PC LAT Support For Multiple Server Print Queues
2426.01MEO78B::FLAHERTYFri Mar 27 1992Advanced Revelation: Use LANMAN, MSNET or 3Com Selection
2427.01SNOCFri Mar 27 1992Changing VT32
2429.01JITFri Mar 27 1992PCSA stop file connection
2431.0DREICH::GRANTFri Mar 27 1992PCSA MENU Broadcast Option Fails
2432.05BACHUS::VERMEIRFri Mar 27 1992Maximum NetBIOS Adapater Names with PW 4.1
2433.03OTOPFri Mar 27 1992PC Mail problem
2434.01SHIPS::BRENNAN_DFri Mar 27 1992Closing old sockets?
2435.0CARWSH::COMFORTFri Mar 27 1992LAT rating
2436.02KERNEL::SINCLAIRALFri Mar 27 1992LAT /I doesn't work after STOPNET
2437.04HOPOFF::TAKOSFri Mar 27 1992MS LanMan 2.1 Client (NETBEUI) and DEC LAT problem
2438.01BOSWKG::GARDNERFri Mar 27 1992OS2LAN::OS2:[PUBLIC.PATCHES] questions
2439.01NERSW5::MARTINELLOFri Mar 27 1992V4.1 VT32
2440.01OTOOA::GMACDONALDSat Mar 28 1992PW/SEDT Changing VMS File Versions
2441.0HGOSPS::DENISLISun Mar 29 1992WYSWYG file power reset LN
2442.01HTSC19::KENNETHMon Mar 30 1992multi session for OS/2?
2443.02BLOFLY::GORDONMon Mar 30 1992Invalid Handle?
2445.04HGOSPS::DENISLIMon Mar 30 1992PCFS cannot start with %PCFS$STARTUP-F-MMGET error
2446.03LARVAE::CHANDLER_SMon Mar 30 1992Dual TCP/IP Stacks
2447.02TRNOIS::ANDERNELLOMon Mar 30 1992NETBIOS interface on VAX or what else?
2448.0BGOMon Mar 30 1992NETSETUP 4.1 Problems Configuring Remote Boot
2449.02BACHUS::DHAENSMon Mar 30 1992dos5.
2450.05KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Mar 30 1992netsetup and 267 error
2451.04COLES3::BACHORMon Mar 30 1992Enhanced REDIR network name not found
2452.0MIMS::MADDIREDDY_JMon Mar 30 1992SEQ File, VFC Type, PRN Carriage, NFT COPY
2453.02RTPLMon Mar 30 1992Miscellaneous Pathworks Questions
2454.02MIMS::TAYLOR_DMon Mar 30 1992PW 4.1, WP 5.1, DNP in EMS, 286's hang
2455.0MIMS::KINSER_JMon Mar 30 1992What changed in the 4.1 server
2456.0TROOA::POOTSMon Mar 30 1992Sharing Printers: MVS + Pathworks ???
2457.04TROFS::A_HUNTMon Mar 30 1992DECnet-DOS programming help needed
2458.01MIMS::WRIGHT_RMon Mar 30 1992Applied useage of NAMED PIPES with Pathworks
2459.02BLOFLY::GORDONMon Mar 30 1992LAT - dropped connections
2460.03GUIDUK::TREMBLAYMon Mar 30 1992Redirect printqueue from PW server to UB NetOne server?
2461.03HGOVA::KIMWAHNGMon Mar 30 1992NCP Database Path, how to change ?
2462.01HGOSPS::DENISLITue Mar 31 1992VMS 5.5, PW 4.1, DISK service problem
2463.010TKOV51::MATTHEWSTue Mar 31 1992Cannot see VAX broadcast on PCs
2464.04KERNEL::SINCLAIRALTue Mar 31 1992VT32
2465.01MFRNW1::SCHUSTERTue Mar 31 1992FDDI support for LAST, LAD ?
2466.01ODIXIE::RICHARDSONTue Mar 31 1992moving PATHWORKS files to another disk
2467.08KAOFS::P_SAVOIETue Mar 31 1992Print manager, network error
2468.01KERNEL::SHOULDINGWed Apr 01 1992Western Digital in IBM PS/2 55
2469.06MIMS::STUBBS_AWed Apr 01 1992Pathworks 4.1, Sethost 4.1.
2470.04TRCOA::TROTTIWed Apr 01 1992PC access to SCO UNIX system.
2471.0DPDMAI::JONESDSWed Apr 01 1992PCSA MAIL Notifies Wrong Client
2472.01ZURWed Apr 01 1992Winword 2.
2474.02SICVAX::WICKERTWed Apr 01 1992NETBIOS programming examples (in C) ?
2475.02MIMS::WRIGHT_RWed Apr 01 1992ASYNCH DECNET Patch?
2476.02COPCLU::JESPERWed Apr 01 1992(Cluster handling) failure,but succesfull ??
2477.08COPCLU::JESPERWed Apr 01 1992Sethost,cterm and FMS problem
2478.01ANGLIN::ORTHOBERWed Apr 01 1992DECNET callable reads and writes V4.1 large buffer problem
2479.0SNOMAN::AARONWed Apr 01 1992Micro-Frame & server peformance
2480.02RIPPLE::VELIS_MAWed Apr 01 1992USE Command & Failover
2481.0RIPPLE::VELIS_MAWed Apr 01 1992Checking Connections from Client
2482.04GIDDAY::BOERSThu Apr 02 1992TCP/IP, NET, DECnet, Broadcast, ULTRIX problems
2483.06BBIVThu Apr 02 1992Async DECnet over Dial-up Lines
2484.01UNTADC::BAUERThu Apr 02 1992NETSETUP: 2 items in mem.config menu !
2485.03BACHUS::SASThu Apr 02 1992program to initialise depca
2487.02OSLThu Apr 02 1992Netsetup 4.1 remoteboot problem ?
2488.05ASOLOK::SYSTEMThu Apr 02 1992So what is a HEAP?
2489.02ASDG::MACCONNELLThu Apr 02 1992File Service Event Flags ?
2490.03LSNCSC::BRAUNThu Apr 02 1992PW4.1 and extra blank pages/HP
2491.01NERSW5::MARTINELLOThu Apr 02 1992Backup prompts in V4.1
2492.0LAVGOD::ALLENThu Apr 02 1992327
2493.0ASDS::DIOTALEVIThu Apr 02 1992EXCEL POSTSCRIPT printing problem
2494.01SSGVThu Apr 02 1992problem with P v4.
2495.04PEODS1::DeCappThu Apr 02 1992NETSETUP not writing files to diskette
2496.01BIGUN::ANDERSONThu Apr 02 1992so, PC CASE Strategy, who wants to talk?
2497.04BACHUS::SASFri Apr 03 1992stopnet with xircom
2498.04KURTAN::HARTIKAINENFri Apr 03 1992sethost via telnet to vax/vms, 2 <cr>
2500.03SHALOT::HUNTFri Apr 03 1992Node Name Swap ???
2501.05RTOIC::64739::hbinderFri Apr 03 1992PCDISK access to LAD = system crash!
2502.09ECACAD::HenryFri Apr 03 1992Help with a LOGON problem
2503.0DECWET::CAPPELLOFFri Apr 03 1992DECnsr V1.1 FT - contains network PC backup
2504.01OTOOA::ANDERSONFri Apr 03 1992Execute-Only Access to Files?
2506.01HANDI::CCDFri Apr 03 1992NET PRINT and USERNAME
2507.0MIMS::DALEY_JFri Apr 03 1992Mathematica 2.
2508.03MIMS::DAVIS_KFri Apr 03 1992Pathworks Client Setup Diskette Label
2509.0WHTFLD::SYSTEMFri Apr 03 1992SYSTEM-F-NOSUCHOBJ after upgrade to PW V4.1
2510.03MIMS::WRIGHT_RFri Apr 03 1992QuickBASIC TTT Problem - IBM PC BASIC OK
2511.02TENNIS::KAMSun Apr 05 1992Could not open source file MSWINV3
2512.05JOCKEY::AL35Sun Apr 05 1992A quick USE question (manual, what manual ?)
2513.03RDVAX::KALIKOWSun Apr 05 1992PATHWORKS database advice sought
2514.04ACES::MOKSun Apr 05 1992DEPCA conflict w/ Orchid Farenheit Display Adaptor
2515.02OTOOA::ROUFMon Apr 06 1992SETHOST & Wordperfect problems in V4.1
2516.01CLO::FORNERMon Apr 06 1992Regis support.
2517.0UTRTSC::WIEBENGAMon Apr 06 1992Pathworks V41 and Pagefile calculation
2518.017BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANMon Apr 06 1992LK45
2519.03LSNCSC::BRAUNMon Apr 06 1992Another driver (DBASE/DEC225
2520.03CLO::POLITZERMon Apr 06 19923C5
2521.01FAILTE::TAYLORMon Apr 06 1992TCP/IP Interoperability?
2522.05HERON::BEAUMon Apr 06 1992WIN 3.1 and SETUP/A pb
2523.06DELNI::BIROMon Apr 06 1992LAD$KERNEL won't start DEVINACT
2524.02VNABRW::ACKERMon Apr 06 1992Olivetti M24 and PW V4.1 ?
2525.04DOOFUS::SARGENTMon Apr 06 1992Where's the moderator?
2526.01GOEDUX::GOODWIN_WAMon Apr 06 1992Supported Ethernet boards
2527.02MIMS::SOMPAYRAC_SMon Apr 06 1992setname and broadcast address
2528.03SWORD1::ODONNELLMon Apr 06 1992Invalid service or passw--no login failures
2529.0TROOA::MSCHNEIDERMon Apr 06 1992TCP/IP client setups wanted
2530.011Mon Apr 06 1992PC seeing files on standalone workstation
2531.02SANFAN::HILL_GRMon Apr 06 1992BLINKING red LED on DEPCA?
2532.06RANIER::WATERHOUSETue Apr 07 1992PCFS hangs on broadband network
2533.05SNOCTue Apr 07 199232
2534.03ZPOVC::SAWATOTue Apr 07 1992Some escape sequences cannot work with SETHOST
2535.01ONOIS1::DEGATTue Apr 07 1992Problem with VERSION_LIMIT
2536.02GANTRY::HULLTue Apr 07 1992Modifying the WIK file?
2537.0UTRTSC::BAKKERTue Apr 07 1992Open files after prining since PCSA V4.1
2538.04MIMS::MADDIREDDY_JTue Apr 07 1992PW 4.1 can not distiguish network drives
2539.0ALOSLS::CHRISTENSENTue Apr 07 1992Keypad mapping on DECpc over network
2540.06RTPLTue Apr 07 1992PCSA.DRV w/ Oracle SQL*NET & Teamlinks
2541.0YUPPY::GINNTue Apr 07 1992How much does a DECnet link cost
2542.0HALIBT::MCCANTATue Apr 07 1992PRINTQ and files starting with _ problem
2543.0MIMS::STEIDLE_STue Apr 07 1992RMS g:wd for file copyies?
2544.01MONSTA::COLLINSWed Apr 08 1992Problem with LK25
2545.0UTRTSC::BAKKERWed Apr 08 1992NCP DEF Multicast disable in volatile db
2546.01UTRTSC::WIEBENGAWed Apr 08 1992Xircom PE-II and PCSA V3.
2547.0YUPPY::GINNWed Apr 08 1992Protection on Temporary Print Files
2548.03YUPPY::GINNWed Apr 08 1992DEClaser 21
2549.01TARKIN::AHOWed Apr 08 1992USE command and Passwords....
2550.0COPCLU::GREGWed Apr 08 1992NANSISYS colors and TD/SMP
2551.01BRSDVP::VERMEIRWed Apr 08 1992Weird question n file server behaviour
2552.01LEGUP::MACLEODWed Apr 08 1992Server/client internals; sources for info?
2553.01MIMS::MADDIREDDY_JWed Apr 08 1992NETBIOS on PCSA 3.
2554.04SUBWAY::BUONOMOWed Apr 08 1992NCP API calls
2555.03MACROW::MCCANCEWed Apr 08 1992433mp/dos 5.
2556.03SUOSW3::STECKDAUBWed Apr 08 1992PW 4.1, TCP/IP Startup Problem
2557.06BOMBOM::64825::ChrisWed Apr 08 1992PATHWORKS tuning information?
2558.03JOCKEY::COOPERMWed Apr 08 1992depca lc fails over cisco 3c5
2559.01ZPOVC::SAWATOThu Apr 09 1992VT32
2560.03CGOOA::HOMMENThu Apr 09 1992How much free ram with IBMDOS V5
2561.0NZOMIS::ROBBINSThu Apr 09 1992GraceLAN for PCs?
2562.01SUTRA::BOUCKAERTThu Apr 09 1992LAN Manager support
2563.01YUPPY::GINNThu Apr 09 1992MEMMAN /P
2565.02YUPPY::GINNThu Apr 09 1992EMM386 and UMB's
2566.01WKRP::HENRYThu Apr 09 1992Help with Novell co-existance
2567.03RANGER::OLSONThu Apr 09 1992VMS server I/O Channel use
2568.0CLO::POLITZERThu Apr 09 1992PQ Sethost, Mass-11 keyboard lockup
2569.07VICKI::PAHIGIANThu Apr 09 1992SETHOST and key-diskette access
2570.01OTOP19::andersonThu Apr 09 19923com+share & pathworks
2571.02GUIDUK::STEBBINSThu Apr 09 1992COMPAQ 386/2
2572.01GUIDUK::VAUGHNThu Apr 09 1992QPRO and file handles?
2573.010MIMS::OTERO_RThu Apr 09 1992No PW objects to the satellite nodes.
2574.01BREAKR::UDICKPThu Apr 09 1992Does the 32
2575.02BREAKR::UDICKPThu Apr 09 1992What is the LJ25
2576.01GUIDUK::VAUGHNThu Apr 09 1992DEC32
2577.0KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Apr 09 1992uaf quotas and printing
2578.01MIMS::MCCRARY_JThu Apr 09 1992LANSESS server log file explanation
2579.010CGOSFri Apr 10 1992REDIR + LOADHIGH
2580.03OSLACT::DORTHEFri Apr 10 1992Cannot print to LPT1/2 from Windows
2581.0UTRTSC::BAKKERFri Apr 10 1992Addres length in mail using annotate
2582.0KERNEL::SINCLAIRALFri Apr 10 1992PW MAIL extract/nohead adds blank lines to file?
2583.01LSNCSC::BRAUNFri Apr 10 1992Sethost and all-in-1 with non-US character set
2584.02NIMVAX::LOVINGFri Apr 10 1992NET PRINT /SET Command Hangs PC
2585.01ESMAIL::BEANFri Apr 10 1992Is there a Disconnect Timeout in PWKS/VMS?
2586.02MIMS::MACIOLEK_MFri Apr 10 1992Problems USEing a PERMITted PC
2587.01YUPPY::NORRISCFri Apr 10 1992async remote standalone PC
2588.010LYOFri Apr 10 1992ANA/RMS Errors on Stream Files
2589.03NOSNOW::SIMPSONTFri Apr 10 1992HELP w/ENABLEOA!!!
2590.02TAVIS::IDOSat Apr 11 1992SQL/Services with Object Vision - DLL Problem
2591.0LOCUST::LYNDONSun Apr 12 1992Network drive problems
2592.01PRMSSun Apr 12 1992Supported HW, SW, Failover...
2593.02SUBWAY::TEDWARDSMon Apr 13 1992Net print user notification
2594.05OTOOA::GMACDONALDMon Apr 13 1992PW4.1, WIN3
2595.0HIJINX::LORDWed Apr 15 1992Digital's TCP/IP Directions? 3Com?
2596.04HTSC19::KENNETHMon Apr 13 19923C5
2597.01ALOSMon Apr 13 1992PATHWORKS Desktop Backup?
2598.010BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHMon Apr 13 1992DEMSA load from a PC - Technical Feasibility
2601.01CREATV::WHEELERMon Apr 13 19924.
2602.0TARUGO::ALVAROMon Apr 13 1992PS/2 remote booting and windows
2603.03ONOIS1::DEGATMon Apr 13 1992What about USE /P
2604.027ZURMon Apr 13 1992Problem with spawner (pcsav41)
2605.0PDVMon Apr 13 1992PATHWORKS & MS-Windows Print Manager...
2606.03OTOP19::andersonMon Apr 13 1992Clipper & PathWorks for heavy duty data entry
2607.04SUBWAY::DERISEMon Apr 13 1992PW-OS/2 Server - CD-ROMs?
2608.06DNEAST::WHEELER_SCOTMon Apr 13 1992Four recent Problems....
2609.04SUBWAY::WANGMon Apr 13 1992Change the network drive so that it has "No Volume Label" !
2610.01SALSA::CAMBRONMon Apr 13 1992do, don't and will options on Multinet?
2611.01CRLVMS::HALBERTMon Apr 13 1992Pathnames get too long on XCOPY to M:
2613.01SUFRNG::WSAMon Apr 13 1992tree connect and disconnect events in pcfs_server.log
2615.01KURTAN::NORDBERGTue Apr 14 1992Remote Boot - Windows exit..
2617.06ZPOVC::SINSPSTue Apr 14 1992intermittent "system error" during startnet.bat
2619.02KERNEL::SINCLAIRALTue Apr 14 1992SEDT, is it supported?
2620.01TRIPEN::Conferencing-UserTue Apr 14 1992PATHWORKS, Netware, and IBM PCS coexistence...
2621.06AUNTB::DAVISSTTue Apr 14 1992DRDOS OK?
2622.01TAVIS::MERONTue Apr 14 1992Pathworks for DOS (TCP/IP ) V4.1 instalattion question
2623.01VAXRIO::EZEQUIELTue Apr 14 1992Decrouter 2
2624.06CLO::FORNERTue Apr 14 1992Depca Initialization problem
2625.0CRLVMS::HALBERTTue Apr 14 1992Access Denied until explicit destination given
2626.0SUBWAY::YOUNGTue Apr 14 1992LAT reason:
2627.01GUCCI::RJENKINSTue Apr 14 1992declat.dat /password
2628.01BLSEYE::DELINOTue Apr 14 1992TCP/IP and Lat Protocol for attached printer
2629.01TROOA::MSCHNEIDERTue Apr 14 1992SETHOST - TELNET problem
2630.04WASHDC::SARASINTue Apr 14 1992Problem with Excelan 2
2631.04SCAACT::ONAKATue Apr 14 1992HELP...multiple servers...
2632.010PTOVAX::DANZAKTue Apr 14 1992DOS 5.
2633.01CSOA1::HORRIGANTue Apr 14 1992Pathworks TCP/IP Competition
2634.01BREAKR::UDICKPTue Apr 14 1992Cannot find a device file.
2635.02TARUGO::ALVAROWed Apr 15 1992mail and Function keys
2636.07ULYSSE::SAMOUNWed Apr 15 1992Problems PWdos 4.1, VMS server and OS/2 Server
2637.01BACHUS::DHAENSWed Apr 15 1992PW 4.1 and sql*net
2638.04VNABRW::NESTLERWed Apr 15 1992LATCP and Clusteralias
2639.0TRLIAN::BARRETTWed Apr 15 1992vt32
2640.0MRMIPS::LichtenbergWed Apr 15 1992Microsoft<->Apple lawsuit dismissed!
2641.02CHICHZ::EDELMANNWed Apr 15 1992Print jobs spooled from PW don't get deleted
2642.02CHICHZ::EDELMANNWed Apr 15 1992PC keyboard locks up while in Reflections
2643.02CGOOA::HOMMENWed Apr 15 1992connecting printers via e-net devices?
2644.01SUBWAY::TEDWARDSWed Apr 15 1992Access to Gateway
2645.02WNOUThu Apr 16 1992VT32
2646.0ATHINA::RAGHEBThu Apr 16 1992G/Ethernet AT Adapter - Any Ideas?
2647.01ANNECY::CHABERTThu Apr 16 1992Problem with USE/PSCAV41
2648.0PLAYER::VANAVERMAETThu Apr 16 1992VMS server: special rights-IDs ?
2649.01KAAKAA::SEPPIThu Apr 16 1992Using queues w/o prev. admin?
2650.01HAMCL3::ROEBENThu Apr 16 1992Remote boot + 3COM-Cards
2651.01KYOA::HUSBYThu Apr 16 1992does Banyan mail connect to Pathworks mail?
2652.01PULLEN::PULLENThu Apr 16 1992DECMOUSE in PathWorks v4.1 kit can't find mouse port
2653.01ANOSWS::COMFORTThu Apr 16 1992Windows NFT / MSWINDOWS 3.1 file transfer fails
2654.01DYVN::CURBELOThu Apr 16 1992Task-to-Task communication under windows standard mode
2655.06HEAVY::JAMIEThu Apr 16 1992SETVER under DRDOS ???
2656.02TOSSUC::ALESSIOThu Apr 16 1992job queuing on lat paral. printer
2657.02RIPPLE::KOTTERRIThu Apr 16 1992File Service Performance Problem
2658.02SMAC1Thu Apr 16 1992HP Laserjet Network Printers
2659.01SUBWAY::LALLAThu Apr 16 1992Windows Print problem
2660.03SWAM1::LESSARD_ARThu Apr 16 1992DECStations, DOS 3.3 and QEMM problem
2661.06MIMS::MADDIREDDY_JThu Apr 16 1992select() function + max # of sockets
2662.04TRNOI2::BOCCIFri Apr 17 1992pc433w diskless
2663.02EVTAI1::LESOTFri Apr 17 1992UCX TRCV Connection TCP/IP
2664.05FORTY2::JAFFERFri Apr 17 1992Problems with NDIS/Pathworks4.1/WesternDigita;/Retix (!)
2665.01ONOIS1::DEGATFri Apr 17 1992PCDISK and RX26 Pb
2666.01ONOIS1::DEGATFri Apr 17 1992Pb SETHOST and stop/id
2667.0MIMS::STUBBS_AFri Apr 17 1992Sethost and Auto Print Mode
2668.01MIMS::HEATHCOCK_GFri Apr 17 1992Questions on Pathworks internals
2669.01ESMAIL::MAGALETTAFri Apr 17 1992problems with pworks install
2670.01GLDOA::GRAEFFFri Apr 17 1992PATHWORKS service pick list from Windows?
2671.03ATLX25::Conferencing-UserFri Apr 17 1992Reading Borland C++ Program with VAX C
2672.02ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGSun Apr 19 1992TCP/IP Support for EtherRouter?
2673.06MSAMMon Apr 20 1992Slow file access
2674.012THAMMon Apr 20 1992PATHWORKS and NEC file xfer
2675.01SFCPMO::SFC21::DOWENMon Apr 20 1992Borland no-show [FLAME NOTE]
2676.01BREAKR::BUDZOWSKIMon Apr 20 1992DIR to LOCAL/LAN drive diff.
2677.0MIMS::CRISAFULLI_CMon Apr 20 1992VT32
2678.06LISVAX::PRAZERESMon Apr 20 1992SK-Net Failed to bind
2679.03SUBWAY::DERISEMon Apr 20 1992More CD-ROM Trivia
2680.02GJOVAX::GRAEFFMon Apr 20 1992Attachmate over DECnet WAN
2681.04MIMS::CRISAFULLI_CMon Apr 20 1992Sethost and Windows enhanced mode
2682.02MIMS::OTERO_RMon Apr 20 1992LDU question.
2683.02CSC32::S_MAUFEMon Apr 20 1992setting up a personal service, how?
2684.01SNOMAN::AARONMon Apr 20 1992VT32
2685.05COWPOK::KERRMon Apr 20 1992LF
2686.04VEGAS::GURALNIKMon Apr 20 1992Zenith 248, WD8
2687.04MAOTAI::KNOWLESJIMon Apr 20 1992327
2688.02TLAVC::PARICHARTTue Apr 21 1992FAL-F_RAT when transfer .exe file
2690.01MIMS::SMITH_MTue Apr 21 1992Use from dos windows under 3.1 locks up??
2691.0TRCOA::POCZOTue Apr 21 1992FAX to/from PCs via TCP/IP???
2692.0COLTue Apr 21 1992DEPCA Diagnose SW Doku
2693.0KYOA::DEMOLATue Apr 21 1992Remote boot disk corruption
2694.01MUDIS3::VUSCLU::HATHWAYTue Apr 21 1992DOS Scheduler/TSRs/ClockTicks
2695.03KAOFS::W_VIERHOUTTue Apr 21 1992Decparam.dat & PW 4.1
2696.01JOCKEY::AL35Tue Apr 21 1992has anyone done async to OS/2 SQL ?
2697.03DELNI::GORMLEYTue Apr 21 1992DEC32
2698.0NISKY::SHREFFLERTue Apr 21 1992IBM Peer to Peer RPQ and PATHWORKS for DOS
2699.01TROOA::WEAVERTue Apr 21 1992Configuration Advice?
2700.06CSC32::J_FORRESTTue Apr 21 1992Xircom and stopnet hanging
2701.03MIMS::MCCRARY_JTue Apr 21 1992CTERM - PW4.
2702.04MAIL::SHAHNAMTue Apr 21 1992PW/DECnet & other TCP/IPs simultaneously
2703.05CGOOA::HOMMENTue Apr 21 1992PWRKS for DOS TCP/IP V1.1 vs V1.1A difference?
2704.02ZURWed Apr 22 1992SEDT hangs Compaq 486/33M
2705.0BGOWed Apr 22 1992Pointer to LDU.EXE v4.1.8
2706.0SWECSC::EXTEN::cederhagWed Apr 22 1992vax 4
2707.04RULLE::BEDOWed Apr 22 1992possible DEFRAGMENT problem
2708.02GIDDAY::LILICWed Apr 22 1992FAL hangs Windows on exit if DOS box active
2709.01ARRODS::HARDINGWed Apr 22 1992Problems with Cterm and REGIS graphics
2710.02HGOSPS::DENISLIWed Apr 22 1992setup LPS 2
2711.04KERNEL::SINCLAIRALWed Apr 22 1992Loop line controller fails but using DLLDEPCA?
2712.03AUNTB::TOWNSENDWed Apr 22 1992MicroSoft Mail anyone?
2713.01GOTA1::SBERGQUISTWed Apr 22 1992Using PathWorks instead of LANManager 2.1 - implications ?
2714.02SUTRA::AVIGDORWed Apr 22 1992LASTDRIVER X1.5 is stopped
2715.01ONEDGE::DUNCANWed Apr 22 1992Netupdate for PW4DOS ?
2717.03MIMS::SMITH_MWed Apr 22 1992memory allocation error from use command in dos win
2718.03ART::COHENWed Apr 22 1992The Great License Debate: when is cheaper more expensive?
2719.0THEDGE::DWAYNEWed Apr 22 1992Stray DECW$TE_* hangs DECwindows
2720.01SEVERN::ROSENTHALWed Apr 22 1992Novell Coexistence memory hit on DOS/PC
2721.01MIMS::STUBBS_AWed Apr 22 1992Sethost keyboard mapping of F19 and F2
2722.01MIMS::KOMANDURIWed Apr 22 1992APPC protocol & DECNET
2723.01SDOGUS::DIAZWed Apr 22 1992Task-2-Task w/ Windows
2724.01HTSC19::ANDYNGThu Apr 23 1992circuit receive err during lad_startup !!
2725.0ARNE::SAGSTROMThu Apr 23 1992declaser325
2726.01OSLACT::DORTHEThu Apr 23 1992LK25
2727.01RULLE::BEDOThu Apr 23 1992Runtime error 6
2728.05CHOVAX::MUEHLMANNThu Apr 23 1992NETBIND hangs PC on Cold Boot, works on Warm Boot!
2729.03SWECSC::EXTEN::cederhagThu Apr 23 19923c5
2730.03BDX64::GUISELINThu Apr 23 1992Mapping tool for VT32
2731.01LSNCSC::BRAUNThu Apr 23 1992sethost and local (non-LAT) printer question
2732.01SUBWAY::LALLAThu Apr 23 1992qar
2733.03XLIB::JUNGCLASThu Apr 23 1992Does NDIS protocol / turbo card support mutiple ehternet address?
2734.08PTOVAX::DANZAKThu Apr 23 1992FLAME - on PATHWORKS/DECPC support
2735.06NIMVAX::ADERERThu Apr 23 1992DOS BACKUP on 32
2736.02CREATV::63639::STRAUBThu Apr 23 1992NETBIOS support Group Name Addressing?
2737.0ODIXIE::GABELMANThu Apr 23 1992Hplaserjet queue stops when out of paper
2738.04WR2FOR::SMALE_JOThu Apr 23 1992pw4
2739.02MQOSWS::F_BOURGAULTThu Apr 23 1992xmodem on VAX
2740.02VNABRW::ENGEL_WThu Apr 23 1992LM 2.1 with PW 4.1 over NDIS ?
2741.01IJSAPL::NATERThu Apr 23 1992VT32
2742.01BBIVFri Apr 24 1992data packet > buffer size
2743.02KERNEL::COLOMBOFri Apr 24 1992file connect problem
2744.0WELLIN::GRAHAMFri Apr 24 1992HP Laserjet 3d & no header page (ultrix)
2745.01TARUGO::LUISFri Apr 24 1992Open file cache in PW for VMS file server
2746.01TARUGO::MAITEFri Apr 24 1992132c SETHOST with Orchid card
2747.03GRANMA::NNICOLLFri Apr 24 19923COM board and PW4.1 problem
2748.0BEAGLE::ICARDIFri Apr 24 1992sethost and ctrl alt f1
2749.06IMHOT2::DALTON_BRIANFri Apr 24 1992Upgrading PW to 4.1 breaks PCMS
2750.03MIMS::MACIOLEK_MFri Apr 24 1992Perplexing Problem with Application file service
2751.03YUPPY::STUBBSPFri Apr 24 1992VT32
2752.04SUBWAY::PIETRONIGROFri Apr 24 1992Enhanced REDIR 8 char limit fix?
2753.02GUIDUK::KANGFri Apr 24 1992RFC 1
2754.02HGOVA::BURANCELEUNGSun Apr 26 1992REMOTE boot through DECPA hang in AST machine
2755.02FAILTE::GILLESPIESun Apr 26 1992TCP/IP Install Problem
2756.09ADO75A::SHARPEMon Apr 27 1992Change LAT receive slot credit ...
2757.0ADO75A::SHARPEMon Apr 27 1992PATHWORKS and PC/NFS together?
2758.05HLFSMon Apr 27 1992TTT examples compiling?
2759.01HTSC19::KENNETHMon Apr 27 1992timeout parameter for file server connection
2761.06GIDDAY::LILICMon Apr 27 1992VMS - PC File Locking and Sharing - Clarification?
2762.02HSOMAI::MAZABOBMon Apr 27 1992PATHWORKS Co-exist with PC-Support on enet
2763.05POLAR::SAVOVMon Apr 27 1992Wireless LAN evaluation
2764.02UTRTSC::WIEBENGAMon Apr 27 1992Create directory on fileservice C:\>MD \
2765.03ZURMon Apr 27 1992PCFS_SERVER-crash by startup Version 4.1
2766.04TRIGG::VOGELMon Apr 27 1992Pathworks to an HP LAN Manager server
2767.05PRIMES::64633::THOMASMon Apr 27 1992Irmalan & DECSA Gateways
2768.02TRCOA::JOHNSTONMon Apr 27 1992Serial LAT served PC printer?
2769.07SMAC1Mon Apr 27 1992LK25
2770.06MIMS::WRIGHT_RMon Apr 27 1992DATAEASE SQL over DECNET fails, works over Netbeui
2771.02ZPOVC::INDOMon Apr 27 1992Need driver for Racal NI651
2772.02DEKVC::JEONGGONSONTue Apr 28 1992invalid service or password
2773.02TARUGO::MAITETue Apr 28 1992Cluster with Pathworks V4.1A
2774.02EVOAI2::CHEVRYTue Apr 28 1992NetBIOS API on VMS/U*X Servers
2775.03SNO78A::BRESSINGTONTue Apr 28 1992Logol as a file service
2776.01ONOIS1::DEGATTue Apr 28 1992How to limit PCFS_SERVER quotas ?
2777.014ZPOVC::KHENGLIMTue Apr 28 1992Cabletron driver?
2778.04TLAVC::PARICHARTTue Apr 28 1992FAL - pw4 & dos5
2779.01KERNEL::SINCLAIRALTue Apr 28 1992PCFS$Collector won't run
2780.03ZURTue Apr 28 1992Corrupt disk services
2781.06GANTRY::HULLTue Apr 28 1992Slow STARTNET
2783.05KURTAN::KJOHANSSONTue Apr 28 1992Problem! IBM Token Ring Network Adapter
2785.02ART::COHENTue Apr 28 1992Interleaf and PATHWORKS
2786.05MISFIT::SALEHIMTue Apr 28 1992difference between disk service and file service
2787.01DECWET::CAPPELLOFTue Apr 28 1992TCP/IP product needs \tcpip\protocol
2788.02HGOVC::NGSIUONWed Apr 29 1992SETHOST V4.
2789.01ZPOVC::SAWATOWed Apr 29 1992DECNET/DOS programmer's ref manual
2790.01KERNEL::SINCLAIRALWed Apr 29 1992SETHOST script error handling, strange results
2791.02SHIPS::SMITH_JWed Apr 29 1992Using Arrow keys in SETHOST causing character insertion
2792.01LSNCSC::BRAUNWed Apr 29 1992Reset original date after set file/...
2795.01UTROP1::HUGTENWed Apr 29 1992toshiba 2
2796.04NSDC::BIANCHIWed Apr 29 1992Remote boot: 'Non system disk or disk error'?
2797.0EVTAI1::KHELOUFIWed Apr 29 1992sethost problem
2798.01KERNEL::GARDNERNWed Apr 29 1992Remote Boot Disks
2799.02ODIXIE::STUMPFWed Apr 29 1992problems with CISCO/Pathworks resolved?
2801.01MIMS::MCCRARY_JWed Apr 29 1992Sethost won't do 132 column mode - Unisys
2802.04PFSVAX::GLASSFORDWed Apr 29 1992DEMCA rev. B questions? DE21
2803.01MIMS::KOMANDURIWed Apr 29 1992VT32
2804.010MELKOR::DEWISThu Apr 30 1992qemm386/dos5 question
2805.02SEDOAS::DAVIES_GThu Apr 30 1992Remote Boot setup from server
2807.01HTSC19::ANDYNGThu Apr 30 1992latcp> show ports with nothing return !!
2808.04BASCAS::KNIGHTThu Apr 30 1992Does VT32
2809.01BASCAS::KNIGHTThu Apr 30 1992Can the font in VT32
2810.05CHICHZ::EDELMANNThu Apr 30 1992PWDOS 4.1, Wind 3.1 & NetWare Coexist questions
2811.02MSAMThu Apr 30 1992SETHOST and VAX Phone ?
2812.02KYOA::PEREZThu Apr 30 1992unload ipx and netx from memory?
2813.02ASDS::SEGERThu Apr 30 1992screwed up server directory protections
2814.01HGOVC::NGSIUONThu Apr 30 1992Switching bwt Local/Remote boot
2815.02ASD::LSMITHThu Apr 30 1992Installing 4.1...
2816.01GNOJP::PORELLThu Apr 30 1992IBM XT and remote boot problems
2818.01DECWET::MITCHELLThu Apr 30 1992Interfaces to LAT and CTERM
2819.01ELMAGO::AHACHEThu Apr 30 1992VMS 5.5 and Pathworks 4.
2821.06OTOOA::ROUFThu Apr 30 1992WINRCV terminating
2822.01ADO75A::WILEYThu Apr 30 1992Novell NAS equivalent?
2823.02MIMS::SOMPAYRAC_SFri May 01 1992Number of connections allowed tcp/ip
2824.027RBW::WICKERTSun May 03 1992Traveling Notebooks within Digital
2825.01UTROP1::KOMEN_ASun May 03 1992IBM PS/2 model 35SX and the C-segment.
2826.01KURTAN::HARTMon May 04 1992USE *: /d gives Error:Path not found
2827.0ZPOVC::PETERDINGMon May 04 1992132 column with ATI VGA adaptor card
2828.06BACHUS::SASMon May 04 1992file service name = username
2830.01STKHLM::ARENDIMon May 04 1992Revision Date contra Creation Date on file server.??!!
2831.03KURTAN::KJOHANSSONMon May 04 199212 inch paper size on lj25
2832.04TENNIS::KAMMon May 04 1992can't logon after upgrading to V4.1
2833.02EVOAI2::CHEVRYMon May 04 1992Windows and Remote Boot PBs
2834.04NSDC::BIANCHIMon May 04 1992Browsing Print & Disk services.
2835.01STKHLM::IVANMon May 04 1992Lan Manager 2.
2836.01WEDOIT::KOUMon May 04 1992Win3.1 dropping *.grp files
2837.0CHGVMon May 04 1992How to check a print service in a program
2838.07HANNAH::B_COBBMon May 04 1992No LAD installed with 4.1
2839.01ALFHD2::64915::steidle_sMon May 04 1992Where fore art thou PC Ethernim
2841.02SLOVAX::VELISMon May 04 1992NI651
2842.01GIDDAY::HAGANTue May 05 1992USE PRN: not working in 4.1
2843.02BACHUS::SASTue May 05 1992netbios process goes away with no reason
2844.0COPCLU::GRYNNERUPTue May 05 1992Using VT32
2845.01BPSTue May 05 1992USE /J ?
2846.01MIMS::KOMANDURITue May 05 1992Windows 3.1 Hp Laserjet IIIsi problem
2847.02CODS::D_DALYTue May 05 1992Accessing DCA IRMALAN GATEWAY using NETBIOS in PATHWORKS
2848.0GOTA1::SBERGQUISTTue May 05 1992eXcursion (TCP/IP) with LAN Manager 2.1 ?
2849.0SSGPR1::BATSTue May 05 1992Security leak NetWare
2850.06CSC32::D_SLOUGHTue May 05 1992Two 6
2851.02PIWKIT::ODONNELLWed May 06 1992VMS 5.5 upgrade--Pcsa won't start
2852.09JOCKEY::AL35Wed May 06 1992Connecting to LAD drives under WIN 3.1 is flaky
2853.03SAC::CHANDLER_SWed May 06 1992DEPCAs and warm reboots
2854.01JOCKEY::COOPERMWed May 06 1992Move LANserver to MicroVAX that requires VMS V5.5
2855.03ODIXIE::DWILLIAMSWed May 06 1992CD vs Pathworks redirector
2856.03GLINDA::REHBEINWed May 06 1992File access error with Windows V3.
2857.07JOCKEY::AL35Wed May 06 1992Thats the problem with contractors ?
2858.03LSNCSC::BRAUNWed May 06 1992net print network error
2859.01PRIMES::64633::THOMASWed May 06 1992Irmalan and LK25
2860.025COPSER::COPBRI::RIISWed May 06 1992Can't load RCV.EXE
2861.04CLO::POLITZERWed May 06 1992Warm Reboot problem
2862.01PBST::BERRYWed May 06 1992Installation question
2863.05WARNUT::MCO3Wed May 06 1992Dual Ethernets and LAST/LAD?
2864.03GJOVAX::GRAEFFWed May 06 1992Attachmate Gateways crash with S.B. unavail.
2865.03GJOVAX::GRAEFFWed May 06 1992DWDOS286/MS-Windows combination hangs PC
2866.02OTOOA::DOIRONWed May 06 1992Question on Pathworks X.25 for DOS
2867.06TRCOA::BARTLETTWed May 06 1992WinV3.1 install problem BSHELL bandit ???
2868.05SWAM2::RHODEWALT_BRWed May 06 1992Duplex printing vs. extra form-feeds
2870.0VMSNET::CHURCHEWed May 06 1992tfa and remote output file's record attributes?
2871.01MIMS::MCCRARY_JWed May 06 1992DR DOS 6.
2872.04MIMS::STUBBS_AWed May 06 1992Enhanced Redir and Harvard Graphics for Windows
2873.02RKNROL::MARSHALLWed May 06 1992RCV and Windows 3.1 Screen saver Conflict
2874.01DEKVC::JINOHKWAKThu May 07 1992DE2
2875.04MUTTON::LAMBThu May 07 1992Problem installing Pwdos V4.1 Admin cli not defined
2876.06SWECSC::EXTEN::cederhagThu May 07 1992Strange message "ghost buffer" i server log
2877.04HTSC19::KENNETHThu May 07 1992Difference between Inforserver
2878.02TOSSUC::ALESSIOThu May 07 1992remote boot and drive A:
2879.01EISKVP::VANPATTENThu May 07 1992Can you purchase PC MAIL alone?
2880.01TRHPC1::JOARThu May 07 1992USE /SETDIR changes in V4.1?
2881.02EPAVAX::CARLOTTIThu May 07 1992DE2
2883.0MARSThu May 07 1992pathworks + PCS
2884.02MQOSWS::F_BOURGAULTThu May 07 1992Problem with NET CREATE /QUERY
2885.03ZURThu May 07 1992V4.1A installation problems
2886.01MQOSWS::F_BOURGAULTThu May 07 1992Copying a Saveset to a floppy with NFT
2887.03JEAVES::RICKW::RickThu May 07 1992Sizing capacity of a Remote Boot Server
2888.01ASDS::BALAJIThu May 07 1992How to create DECnetDOS library with MS WINDOWS ?
2889.06BREAKR::PALASEThu May 07 1992PCFS server Crashed
2890.01VICKI::LONGThu May 07 1992windows w/i autouser.bat
2891.02MIMS::MCCRARY_JThu May 07 1992Win 3.1 Sethost/Lotus - File reservation taken
2892.02OTOOA::ROUFThu May 07 1992V4.1 slower than V.4?
2893.0JOCKEY::BYNGNFri May 08 1992User interface software
2894.0RANGER::KURTAN::LAB5::Conferencing-UserFri May 08 1992WD 8
2895.01EMASS::HEBERTJFri May 08 1992request for dos code
2896.07SUBWAY::BUONOMOFri May 08 1992Netbios PC -> VAX
2897.03YUPPY::INZANIFri May 08 1992Dedicated PCSA server
2898.04WARNUT::MCO3Fri May 08 1992LAN Server/LAN Manager - DECnet/NETBEUI co-existence?
2899.05MAOTAI::KNOWLESJIFri May 08 1992Lotus/Impress job slow to print spooler
2900.02KERNEL::SINCLAIRALFri May 08 1992LAT session timeout?
2901.01BLKPUD::ASHCROFTDFri May 08 1992latcp and "search on"
2902.02EPAVAX::EPAPC1::Conferencing-UserFri May 08 1992Advanced Revelation 4GL with PATHWORKS??
2903.02PORVAX::MSOUSAFri May 08 1992Pathworks DOS + Netware Coexistence + NE2
2904.01POBOX::HINRICHSFri May 08 1992Telnet hangs PC
2906.03KYOA::PEREZMon May 11 1992Ndis unload from memory?
2907.01EVOAI2::CHEVRYMon May 11 1992Troubles with the Server Installation Guide
2908.04JUPITR::KILEYMon May 11 1992SETHOST and attached printer problem
2909.04MANENG::WHITHAMMon May 11 1992Writing NDIS driver...
2910.012KERNEL::IMBIERSKIMon May 11 1992Windows, Asynch Decnet and task to task
2911.02BEAGLE::HASLERMon May 11 1992DTS but for TCP/IP ?
2912.02SUBWAY::TEDWARDSMon May 11 1992Enh. Redir and TCPIP
2913.01ANVIL::BUEHLERMon May 11 1992fseek() and ftell()
2915.0ODIXIE::RICHARDSONMon May 11 1992Change in read only disks from 4.
2916.02EPIK::COLONMon May 11 1992File Attribute Problems
2917.03RUSVAX::RUSSELLMon May 11 1992TCP/IP and Netware Coexistance
2918.04OTOOA::GMACDONALDMon May 11 1992Windows - LAD Connections
2919.02TENNIS::KAMMon May 11 1992How to load LAST Datalink on the PC so LAD will work
2921.02BODRUM::OZILTue May 12 1992NOVELL network integration
2922.08MLNTue May 12 1992PW 4.1 and PC lan support
2923.02UTRTSC::XAVEERTue May 12 1992share DECLAT.DAT with PW4.1?
2924.06THAMTue May 12 1992Very slow .. when access server
2925.035Tue May 12 1992Network problems under Windows 3.1
2926.03IJSAPL::HUIJTSTue May 12 1992Unexpected error: Class=%Lu, Error=1
2927.01LSVAX::SALZMANNTue May 12 1992Translational Bridging
2928.03RIPPLE::VELIS_MATue May 12 1992Domain Controller on VMS Server? for OS/2
2929.011KETJE::VANHOVETue May 12 1992DLLNDIS and LAT only without DECPARM.DAT ?
2930.01SUBWAY::HOANGTue May 12 1992simple MS-LanMan 2.1 question
2931.01STKAI1::PRESTBYTue May 12 1992RPC support in TCP/IP client ???
2932.02ONOIS1::DEGATTue May 12 1992extra blank page & PWKS 4.1
2933.03LNGBCH::SCHNEIDERTue May 12 1992one PC and two lans... how?
2934.04DPDMAI::SCOTTTue May 12 1992Power Fail Emergency Processing
2935.09MTADMS::SCHEIBLETue May 12 1992Win 3.1 kills LAT prntrs
2937.01MIMS::MCCRARY_JTue May 12 1992Application doesnt like PASSWORDS on services
2938.08TRCOA::TROTTITue May 12 19923COM 5
2939.04CAPITN::DRUMMOND_ROTue May 12 1992PATHWORKS 4.1, WP 5.1, DOS 4.
2940.01MISFIT::SALEHIMTue May 12 1992HP file servers for pathworks?
2941.04HIBOB::CHAMBONWed May 13 1992PW4DOS4.x and OS/2 V2.
2942.01HGOVC::NGSIUONWed May 13 1992V4.1 file service error
2943.01STKHLM::IVANWed May 13 1992SETHOST under MS WINDOWS hangs
2944.02JOCKEY::AL35Wed May 13 1992Info on OS/2 takeup
2945.03MSAMWed May 13 1992LATCP over TCP/IP for printer
2946.02VNABRW::MATHE_WWed May 13 1992MSCDEX combined with different device driver
2947.0STAR::KAPLANWed May 13 1992Using a high-speed KODAK printer with Pathworks
2948.05SMAC1Wed May 13 1992SETHOST screen data corruption
2949.0MIMS::MCCRARY_JWed May 13 1992Loose access to Application File Service - 65
2951.0HSOMAI::MORNINGWed May 13 1992Thomas Conrad, and NDIS
2952.07ODIXIE::STUMPFWed May 13 1992Ventura V3.
2953.015YOSMTE::DRUMMOND_ROWed May 13 1992PWDOS 4.1, TCP/IP 2.
2954.0TENNIS::KAMWed May 13 1992Option Ref. Diskette for 3Com EthernetLink/MC
2955.01GROOVN::HannanThu May 14 1992Remote boot -failover techniques suggestions
2956.06SNOCThu May 14 1992Urgent: PATHWORK Question ??
2957.04BERNThu May 14 1992pathworks decnet, tcp/ip, ipx/spx, ncr9
2958.0KURTAN::HARTIKAINENThu May 14 1992Mail over TCP/IP and Swedish langue dosen't work
2959.02OSLACT::DORTHEThu May 14 1992LOGON failure --> disuser
2960.01EISKVP::VANPATTENThu May 14 1992Mail for MAC: purchase separately?
2961.03KETJE::WARICHETThu May 14 1992Remote Boot ON Western Digital
2962.01LYOThu May 14 1992DESKJET 5
2963.02LSNCSC::BRAUNThu May 14 1992SETHOST LAT problem
2964.01LUXThu May 14 1992What's about RFC951 and RFC768
2965.0GNOJP::PORELLThu May 14 1992DEMCA cards and 286 PCs
2966.01HGSWS1::KENNETHTOThu May 14 1992How to increase NETBOIS sessions for PW4.1?
2967.06264883::RANGER::MIKESThu May 14 1992AutoApp
2968.01WIRDI::RICHMONDThu May 14 1992Network connections under MS Windows 3.1
2969.0CREATV::63639::STRAUBThu May 14 1992TTT/WIN3.1-xposted from GLIMMR::DOS-SERVICES
2970.01JOCKEY::SHARKEYAThu May 14 1992OK, I'm greedy, but I would like this to work
2971.04GIDDAY::BURTFri May 15 1992unrecoverable DOS error:5 when PIF invoked
2972.04TECRUS::JIMFri May 15 1992Can I access the client from the server?
2973.0BEAGLE::ICARDIFri May 15 1992TTT and PC server task
2974.01COLA1::COLPC3::StalzFri May 15 1992PCSA and IBM 327
2975.05RUIPC::PACHECOFri May 15 1992Reflection for DOS (VT terminal emulator)?
2976.02CTHQ2::SPEEKFri May 15 1992VT32
2977.04EZLCHZ::EZZELLFri May 15 1992Support for network printers
2978.0RENOIR::GOLDBERGFri May 15 1992VAX/VMS SoftPC PATWORKS test kit available
2979.05MIMS::STUBBS_AFri May 15 1992Compose key just beeps
2980.01MIMS::KOMANDURIFri May 15 1992Path 4.1/Decmouse/Windows 3.1/MAIL
2982.02ODIXIE::DWILLIAMSMon May 18 1992Multimate and printing
2983.03ROYALT::MAYMon May 18 1992LOCKING VIOLATION to M:\
2985.02MIMS::HILLING_PMon May 18 1992Smartdrive and LAD's
2987.05YUPPY::GINNMon May 18 1992Sethost and Lat under windows 3.1
2988.07EVOAI2::CHEVRYMon May 18 1992Windows Optimization
2989.02VMSNET::MTSPC::MichaelMon May 18 1992Lat disconnect - reason=
2990.0HALIBT::MCCANTAMon May 18 1992LK25
2991.03FPTVX1::CUSHMANMon May 18 1992TCP/IP 2.
2992.02GRANPA::SFAIRCLOTHMon May 18 1992Phone Messaging Products for PATHWORKS?
2993.01DECWET::CAPPELLOFMon May 18 1992TCP/IP on token ring?
2994.0BLOFLY::GORDONTue May 19 1992VT32
2995.02MFRFMS::KLAUSTue May 19 1992only 65 nodes displayed
2996.03HAMCL3::ROEBENTue May 19 1992PCSA-Performance on TR
2997.04OSLTue May 19 1992PW printer listing in MS-WIN ?
2998.01SCAM::MURDOCKTue May 19 1992Pathw./A'CAD ref. needed
2999.04VOGON::AWILLIAMSVTue May 19 1992Microsoft CD Extensions required
3000.01BLKPUD::ASHCROFTDTue May 19 1992sethost decnet error 28
3001.06YOSMTE::DRUMMOND_ROTue May 19 1992DE2
3002.03BDX64::GUISELINTue May 19 1992Pathworks & Lan Manager 2.1
3004.02SAC::CHANDLER_STue May 19 1992Broadcast Receiver Problems
3005.05CGOOA::HOMMENTue May 19 1992Dual stack TCP/IP - DECNET clarification pls.
3006.0MAIL::HAYDENTue May 19 1992Ether adapters for laptops?
3007.06WMOIS::COLLINS_DTue May 19 1992Pworks/Windows - General Prot. Fault???
3008.09PTOVAX::PEARLMANTue May 19 1992how can we share a CDROM?
3009.04WASHDC::SARASINTue May 19 1992Xircom pocket adapter on DECpc32
3010.0MIMS::MCCRARY_JTue May 19 1992Pathworks Mail - Lost mail messages
3011.05SWAM1::LESSARD_ARTue May 19 1992PCFS_SERVER stuck in RWSCS
3012.0VMSNET::RRICKTue May 19 1992Banyan Notes Conference
3013.02LSNCSC::BRAUNWed May 20 1992kdb map change required for LK25
3014.02ZPOVC::INDOWed May 20 1992decnet not running
3015.05ADO75A::SHARPEWed May 20 1992PW DOS TCP/IP on a DECpc433w?
3016.07UTRTSC::WIEBENGAWed May 20 1992Emsload lad.exe and DOS Pipe
3017.01KURTAN::HARTIKAINENWed May 20 1992Which driver for TCP/IP ?.
3018.0LARVAE::JOHNSON_NWed May 20 1992SETHOST script problem
3019.02RDGENG::SJONESWed May 20 1992Can you check for CTRL C in .BAT file?
3021.01ALFHD2::ME2U::steidle_sWed May 20 1992Changing database path on remote boot
3022.01MXOVThu May 21 1992Silicon Graphics
3023.01CGOSThu May 21 1992IBM PC Support ?
3024.03RDGENG::SJONESThu May 21 1992DOS error 5 - what does it mean?
3025.01KYOA::PEREZThu May 21 1992Hp paintjet on decserver?
3027.01ALFHD2::ME2U::steidle_sThu May 21 1992Where fore art thou CTRACE??
3028.01COPCLU::BENTThu May 21 1992Local TokenRing printers
3029.04CSC32::J_FORRESTThu May 21 1992.PRT Files in PCFS$SPOOL subdirectories
3030.08DWESEL::GERROLThu May 21 1992FILE service vs DISK service
3031.02MARSThu May 21 1992IPX / TRN / ETHERNET
3032.02KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu May 21 1992sethost and settings
3033.01ODIXIE::VPEREIRAThu May 21 1992Problem with shared local printer
3034.06TROOA::POOTSThu May 21 1992ASYNC Pathworks HELP !!!!
3035.02GIDDAY::CASEYThu May 21 1992Use, Directory and windows
3036.01MSAMFri May 22 1992Accounting for Files
3037.0HGOSPS::DENISLIFri May 22 1992connect accept (SYS$QIOW(IO$_ACCESS)) failed...
3038.01ZURFri May 22 1992NET PASSWORD and PW-ULTRIX
3039.01RULLE::BEDOFri May 22 1992Can't rename directory in MS-W 3.1
3040.01BACHUS::DHAENSFri May 22 1992vt32
3041.07BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANFri May 22 1992Pathworks - PCsupport/4
3042.0ODIXIE::RICHARDSONFri May 22 1992Version of LAST in patched DEPCA_H.tsk?
3043.03MAIL::SHAHNAMFri May 22 1992Last version to support VAXmates?
3044.0FRAFS1::ELHAJFri May 22 1992LAT Remote printer is turned off
3045.0COPCLU::JESPERFri May 22 1992Another server crash.
3046.01FRAFS1::ELHAJFri May 22 1992Wordperfect and DNP in EMS, SCH???
3047.02GALVIA::JODONNELLFri May 22 1992CDA Cvt. Lib. V2.
3048.0TOHOPE::WSAFri May 22 1992PW 4.1A- pcfs_print.new_dat file not found
3049.02MIMS::MCCRARY_JFri May 22 1992Wordperfect VMS/DOS - File Locking Woe's
3050.0TAVSun May 24 1992TELL sources?
3051.01MEO78B::FLAHERTYSun May 24 1992Can SETHOST front screen be changed??
3052.05GUIDUK::BARTLETTMon May 25 1992Extra blank page, SMBSRVSHR.EXE???????
3053.05ZPOVC::MICHELLETANGMon May 25 1992asyn support services ??
3054.0BEAGLE::MCCANNMon May 25 1992demo/presentation ideas needed
3055.04BACHUS::VERMEIRMon May 25 1992Need info for wriing an internal course
3056.0BEAGLE::HASLERMon May 25 1992PWOS/2 and Proteon hang on IBM
3057.01MARSMon May 25 1992EXCEL -> DB2
3058.02RDVAX::DEMEMBERMon May 25 1992Printing with softfonts and LN
3059.02COLMon May 25 1992Again DLC,TCP,IPX ,TR question
3060.05IJSAPL::HUIJTSMon May 25 1992Framework experience wanted...
3061.0VAXRIO::ABREUMon May 25 1992performance?
3062.0STKHLM::WETTERBERGTue May 26 1992NET PRINT functionality from a c-prgram/MSwindows
3063.03TKOV5Tue May 26 1992setting enable warning in Control panel
3064.0HGOVC::THERESALOTue May 26 1992VT32
3065.06BACHUS::SASTue May 26 1992owner=identifier?
3066.05OSLTue May 26 1992Problem with diskless Compaq and Win3.1
3068.01MATISE::NOGUEIRATue May 26 1992MAXSENDSIZE question???
3069.02RANGER::REZUCHATue May 26 1992SETHOST to VAX BEEPS the terminal at every EOL!
3070.03ESOA12::LAPRADETue May 26 1992OS/2 remote printing (any suggestions)
3071.038BKEEPR::BREITNERTue May 26 1992Xircom, DS32
3072.04BAHTAT::FRANZWed May 27 1992Net Print within windows ?
3073.07OTOOA::GMACDONALDWed May 27 1992Changing Print Job Username?
3075.03TAVIS::IDOWed May 27 1992Pathworks/Banyan co-existence - Works fine
3076.03XNOGOV::GAWed May 27 1992DEPCA programming documentation?
3078.01ZURWed May 27 1992Resource identifier and pcfs$account
3079.01LYOISA::MINGOIAWed May 27 1992TCP/IP and IBM Lan Support Program co-existence
3081.0KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed May 27 1992TSA support
3082.04EMASS::HEBERTJWed May 27 1992attach printers dynamically??
3084.04PTOVAX::WILSONWed May 27 1992CALCOMP PLOTTER??? How to setup for PW....
3086.01TOPTEN::MEIGHANThu May 28 1992how does the dll handle an error?
3087.05GIDDAY::LILICThu May 28 1992T-T-T PC Server - How do you do it?
3088.04BREAKR::BUDZOWSKIThu May 28 1992Random HANGS and REBOOTS
3089.01CREATV::63639::STRAUBThu May 28 1992Changing DOS File Attributes
3090.010RANGER::BOOTHThu May 28 1992PC serial to LAT ideas
3091.01SPTNIK::SWABOWICZThu May 28 1992Garbage Characters on VT32
3092.07ODIXIE::RICHARDSONThu May 28 1992remote boot problems after upgrading to 4.1 image
3093.0PEACHS::BELDINThu May 28 1992Does TFA support access of DDIF files on VMS?
3094.01CSC32::J_FORRESTThu May 28 1992LANSESS and single node name access
3095.07CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu May 28 1992PCSA MANAGER MENU from a non-priv account?
3096.01TRNING::PRICEThu May 28 1992Divide overflow on DLLNDIS with Cabletron
3097.01ZPOVC::INDOThu May 28 1992WIN TCP/IP and PATHWORKS
3098.0HGOSPS::DENISLIFri May 29 1992INIT/QUEUE/DEFAULT=FORM=... not work
3099.03ROBOAT::HEBERTFri May 29 1992New to networked PCs
3100.01BLGFri May 29 1992IBM PC communication & IBM PC Link on Pathworks ...?
3101.01SUBWAY::DERISEFri May 29 1992CAPTIVE flag and GRANT problem
3102.02MIMS::MCCRARY_JFri May 29 1992Sethost Ctrl/F8 questions
3103.0ROMA::RALLINGSFri May 29 1992PATHWORKS and PC-NFS Coexistence
3104.0ROMA::RALLINGSFri May 29 1992PATHWORKS and FTP's PC/TCP Coexistence
3105.04ROMA::RALLINGSFri May 29 1992PATHWORKS and Banyan VINES Coexistence
3106.01OPHION::GAMBIERFri May 29 1992Read and Write performance differences on Xircom / 32
3107.04OWSLA::PUFri May 29 1992DECpc32
3108.01MIMS::COSTELLO_JFri May 29 1992Data Corruption w/4.1 Pathworks
3109.01SWAM2::BUDZOWSKI_JOFri May 29 1992"Protocol not available" from NCP DEFINE EXEC
3110.06IBR1::JAINSat May 30 1992Peer-to-Peer networking of DOS machines?
3111.01CACIQE::RUIZJSat May 30 1992HARVARD GRAPHICS and LA324...
3112.01GIDDAY::COCKCROFTSun May 31 1992SMB Error 33 & PARADOX
3113.01AUNTB::WILLIAMSLSun May 31 1992pwdos4.1 tcp/ip infoserver mscdex
3114.01RBW::WICKERTSun May 31 1992ANNOUNCE.TXT/WELCOME.TXT? Passwords & expiration?
3115.06SEDTU5::DAVIES_GMon Jun 01 1992Network Booting and Cluster's
3116.01SEDTU5::DAVIES_GMon Jun 01 1992DOSLOAD and ACL's?
3117.05BBIVMon Jun 01 1992stream vs sequenced sockets
3118.0BRSDVP::BERGMANSMon Jun 01 1992blank page suppression also supress accounting
3119.02KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Jun 01 1992file version limit
3120.01MIMS::BURGESS_RMon Jun 01 19923Com 3+Open & file services...
3121.0WNRWHO::HOLLYMon Jun 01 1992DECpc 433 hangs using PC DECwindows/Motif
3122.01DPDMAI::SCOTTMon Jun 01 1992LAT Circuit Timers?
3123.03GOEDUX::64275::GOODWIN_WAMon Jun 01 1992Apple Talk for DE2
3124.02DPDMAI::HARTSONTue Jun 02 1992File service adds ^Z
3125.02RDGENG::SJONESTue Jun 02 1992Mounting disk service cluster wide crashes VAX
3126.0VNABRW::ENGEL_WTue Jun 02 1992security problem with nettime ??
3127.01VNABRW::ENGEL_WTue Jun 02 1992RCV timout (instead of ALT Q) < 1 min.
3128.01DPDMAI::HARTSONTue Jun 02 1992File service changes attributes
3129.02HGOVC::NGSIUONTue Jun 02 1992PATHWORK strange behaviour on 316sx ?
3131.0YNGSTR::BROWNTue Jun 02 1992Novell memory requirements?
3132.01PLAYER::SOBCZAKTue Jun 02 1992Problems with LASTCP
3133.0KAOTTue Jun 02 1992Deleted file on file_service still show up
3134.0STEREO::LEWISTue Jun 02 1992PATHWORKS/PC Security info requested
3135.01STEREO::LEWISTue Jun 02 1992PATHWORKS/PC File Protection
3136.04RIPPLE::ERICKSODATue Jun 02 1992Tracking modem usage from PATHWORKS?
3137.04SANBDO::GRANTTue Jun 02 1992Carbon Copy/Remote Access via LAN
3138.06SNOMAN::AARONTue Jun 02 1992LAT service ratings=
3139.04MANTOW::knowlesTue Jun 02 1992Remote boot slower under 4.1 than 3.
3140.03ZPOVC::YEECHINWed Jun 03 19923Com EtherLink 16...
3141.02MSAMWed Jun 03 1992Access to 'virtual' printer queues
3142.09MSAMWed Jun 03 1992NFT copy - performance peculiar
3143.03HGOVA::TIMA_BURANCEWed Jun 03 1992WordPerfect and HP laserjet III
3144.0JOCKEY::COOPERMWed Jun 03 1992Async connects sometimes, fails others
3145.01JOCKEY::COOPERMWed Jun 03 1992sethost doesn't repaint the screen when changing sessions
3146.03DEKVC::SEUNGJOOSONWed Jun 03 1992network device no longer exists
3147.02MIMS::STUBBS_AWed Jun 03 1992File Service connect via INT 21h, Function 5Fh
3148.03TRCC1::PIETRONIGROWed Jun 03 1992SNMP support for TCP clients?
3149.02KAOTWed Jun 03 1992can use ADMIN/PCSA SHOW FILE SER/AUTH in .COM file
3150.06MIMS::MADDIREDDY_JWed Jun 03 1992USE \\SERVER on OS2 fails randomly
3151.0LNGBCH::SCHNEIDERThu Jun 04 1992tcpip with LAD support.
3153.02ZPOVC::SINSPSThu Jun 04 1992Windows 3.1 and LAD drives
3154.03UTRTSC::WIEBENGAThu Jun 04 1992Pathworks Mail wishes
3155.0LSNCSC::BRAUNThu Jun 04 1992SETHOST / unknown terminal type
3156.0GJOVAX::GRAEFFThu Jun 04 1992Can we force a drive letter for Rem. Boot LAD svc?
3157.05GUCCI::GPAULTERThu Jun 04 1992Failure to Bind w/TCP/IP and WD8
3158.0BRULE::KNIGHTTThu Jun 04 1992MSCDEX over TCPIP to PW Ultrix?
3159.02ISIDRO::CANDIDOThu Jun 04 1992ALL-IN-1 Mail & LAN Manager 2.
3160.01GOTA1::WANNERSKOGThu Jun 04 1992Remote Boot and lack of total memory ?
3161.0GNOJP::PORELLThu Jun 04 1992SNAGI V4.1-
3162.04MLNTSC::MARCHETTIThu Jun 04 1992Pathworks,Compaq,Cemm problems
3163.0MIMS::KINSER_JThu Jun 04 1992sethost error message explanation requested
3164.03TUNEIT::MAURERThu Jun 04 1992Extremely slow performance, CPU use High, Memory availability low
3165.0OTOUThu Jun 04 1992PCSA/Windows Productivity tools
3166.01POBOX::JESSEEThu Jun 04 1992PC Display Package for Pathworks
3167.02MUTTON::LAMBThu Jun 04 1992Solving Musical Drive Letters
3168.01WR2FOR::SMALE_JOThu Jun 04 1992VAXMATE, LOTUS3.1 - MEMORY
3169.03MJPRThu Jun 04 1992SETHOST over COM port problems
3170.0CRONIC::PARATOREThu Jun 04 1992Lock Violation problem
3171.0CGOOA::HOMMENThu Jun 04 1992OS/2 server reference site wanted.
3172.06GUIDUK::STEBBINSThu Jun 04 1992USE and returned error status?
3173.01MINNY::ZINNIKERThu Jun 04 1992Can't connect to disk service
3174.06SUBWAY::TEDWARDSThu Jun 04 1992SOCKET binding /w known Port & Address
3175.01HOBBLE::ROTHKUGELThu Jun 04 1992DOS SNA327
3176.05GIDDAY::BLOOMFri Jun 05 1992Microsoft Mail and Pathworks v4.1
3177.04WELLIN::HARRINGTONFri Jun 05 1992Server Backup From PCSA menu - V 4.1
3178.0PSCPCFri Jun 05 1992NetDDE and OLE over Network
3179.01HTSC19::WILLIAMCHANFri Jun 05 1992nonexisted process
3180.06ZPOVC::SEOWHURNFri Jun 05 1992Accessing Infoserver from DOS application
3181.02MQOSWS::MQOP36::m_lemayFri Jun 05 1992WORM device support
3182.01BACHUS::VANTUYKOMFri Jun 05 1992tfa with two handles
3183.09LJOHUB::MRCLIF::Conferencing-UserFri Jun 05 1992CTERM question
3184.02LARVAE::SMITH_JONFri Jun 05 1992HPIIIsi ps and Windows 3.1
3185.03MQOSWS::M_LEMAYFri Jun 05 1992NML 4.1 vs NML 4.
3186.01MIMS::STUBBS_AFri Jun 05 1992Sethost and CTRL/F8 in MS Windows 3.1
3187.02ODIXIE::RICHARDSONFri Jun 05 1992using MOUSE from non-windows applications
3188.05ISIDRO::POZUELOFri Jun 05 1992DECnet Driver without NETBIOS
3189.05APACHE::RAKOWSKIFri Jun 05 1992Does Pathworks access specific APIs ?
3190.01GOYA::MERINOFri Jun 05 1992Disk Services over extended LANs support
3191.06PARVAX::RUPARELIAFri Jun 05 1992SETHOST versus VT32
3192.01TROOA::POOTSFri Jun 05 1992SETHOST Script Hangs... Help !!
3193.02GUIDUK::STEBBINSFri Jun 05 1992Turbo Pascal and Shared Network Files?
3194.02CGOOA::IUSFri Jun 05 1992old system, depca in 386SX
3195.05HALIBT::MCCANTAFri Jun 05 1992NFT /ASCII with long records
3196.01NWTIMA::HAYESGLFri Jun 05 1992pc433w and ndis driver problem?
3197.0ZIGLAR::KSTANFORDSat Jun 06 1992DEPCA mouse not responding
3198.01TROFS::M_VALLEESat Jun 06 1992define lpt throttle
3199.01LARVAE::BRADERSun Jun 07 1992DExxx cards and "demand loadable stacks"
3200.02MIMS::THIYAGARAJANMon Jun 08 1992Help with Printing to Uppercase printer
3201.0MIMS::YAROSH_MMon Jun 08 1992DNETWIK.V41, Commands, & DOS Questions
3202.014KERNEL::SHOULDINGMon Jun 08 1992WINRCV - and TCP/IP V1.1a not seeing messages.
3203.03ROMTSS::PASIMon Jun 08 1992sethost --> ESC = CTRL-D on Ultrix ?
3204.02MQOSWS::F_BOURGAULTMon Jun 08 1992Maximum number of Telnet sessions?
3205.017SWAM1::DAVIS_ROMon Jun 08 1992Oracle SQL Net and PATHWORKS
3206.0FIXSOA::WHITTINGTONMon Jun 08 1992Pathworks Certification plans?
3207.01FAILTE::GILLESPIEMon Jun 08 1992New Installer - Help
3208.0KAOTMon Jun 08 1992Wordperfect .SET file not updated
3209.0MKONCG::ARDENMon Jun 08 1992First draft of PC Network Consulting Service
3210.04VEGAS::GURALNIKMon Jun 08 1992MACOLA Software??
3211.0KERNEL::LYDIATTSTue Jun 09 1992Auto Callback from within SETHOST
3212.0RULLE::BEDOTue Jun 09 19923COM,stopnet,spawner...
3213.06GIDDAY::LILICTue Jun 09 1992DOSLAN.LIB - what is it? or how to get Netlogon Username from an Application.
3214.03SUBWAY::DERISETue Jun 09 1992DNETDLL for Windows: ???
3215.02MLNTSC::MARCHETTITue Jun 09 1992net print /delete
3216.01JULIET::BAPTISTA_VITue Jun 09 1992Etherworks vs 3COM cards .. which is better?
3217.02FILTON::EMSLEY_RTue Jun 09 1992DECnet and USE
3218.0ODIXIE::HIPPTue Jun 09 1992TCP/IP Client Token Ring/ Server Ethernet
3219.05FHOPAS::DOSFUN::Conferencing-UserTue Jun 09 1992Unknown VMS error in PATHworks Log file
3220.02CGOSTue Jun 09 1992vt32
3221.03DSSDEV::GOHNTue Jun 09 1992"Program to big" problem
3222.04KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Jun 09 1992cd rom in vax as a service
3223.0MAIL::HIRABAYASHITue Jun 09 1992NETBIOS support over WANs and extended LANS
3224.01MUTTON::LAMBTue Jun 09 1992Windows Swapfile on LAD disk
3225.01DRAC::FURIOWed Jun 10 1992DECnet or TCP/IP Pc-Vax task-to-task
3226.0LSNCSC::BRAUNWed Jun 10 1992Word/DECMOUSE problem
3227.0FAILTE::TAYLORWed Jun 10 1992PATHWORKS - DEC only, therefore.......
3228.02ORING::GULATIWed Jun 10 1992DEPCA 2
3230.02MIMS::NUNEZ_PWed Jun 10 1992DOS Apps and Network Printer Support
3231.010KERNEL::LYDIATTSWed Jun 10 1992NDIS SetStationAddress Function ?
3232.02WARNUT::BANKSTWed Jun 10 1992Microsoft MAIL X.4
3233.0LIOSWed Jun 10 1992sethost keymap and 32
3234.02ODIXIE::SHILLINGWed Jun 10 1992Access to SUN NFS & TCP/IP with PATHWORKS DOS/VMS
3235.0BREAKR::WEBERWed Jun 10 1992DOS FIND* Functions and File Locking
3236.01MIMS::STERN_SWed Jun 10 1992NBNS on second ethernet controller?
3237.01CGOOA::PINTERWed Jun 10 1992NETBIOS caught in a loop
3238.04TOPTEN::MEIGHANThu Jun 11 1992How do we connect to a file service.
3239.02HGOSPS::DENISLIThu Jun 11 1992DISKQUOTA cause COPY many fileS problem
3240.0UTRTSC::VEN_EThu Jun 11 1992Is it bitswapped or swap some bits
3241.01KETJE::DE_BOEVERThu Jun 11 1992VT32
3242.02NYEM1::FERMIThu Jun 11 1992PROTEON M
3243.01OLYMP::RUEFFThu Jun 11 1992How to win against Novell or Microsoft etc.
3244.02CLARID::HOFSTEEThu Jun 11 1992windows mouse problem with PW41
3245.03KIPPIS::JVAANANENThu Jun 11 1992ndis+startnet=hangs
3246.013KAOFS::S_SAUVEThu Jun 11 1992132, KEATerm can do it!!!
3247.02AZTECH::LASTOVICAThu Jun 11 1992vms 5.5 upgrade when PW 4.1 already installed
3248.01KAOTThu Jun 11 1992DECMOUSE conflict with IRMA LAN drivers RXE78
3249.02CANYON::LEEDSThu Jun 11 1992PC files and ACLs - reading from VMS
3250.015RANGER::BASUThu Jun 11 1992New NDIS remote boot?
3251.04NQOPS::MALINThu Jun 11 1992Kit Ordering
3252.01MIMS::MADDIREDDY_JThu Jun 11 1992LAT v4.1.17q ?
3253.06ESOA11::BREITNERThu Jun 11 1992Fortran <-> Stream Transparently?
3254.01ANDRIS::putninsThu Jun 11 1992DECnet-DOS remote management questions
3255.01NZOMIS::ROBBINSThu Jun 11 1992Unusually high I/O rates
3256.01SEDTU7::MCMICHAELFri Jun 12 1992What do HEURISTICS do?
3257.03ULYSSE::DONZEFri Jun 12 1992tcp/ip v2.
3259.07ULYSSE::DONZEFri Jun 12 1992rsh problem
3260.03MLNFri Jun 12 1992Pathworks and Cluster Alias
3261.05MAIL::WHITEFri Jun 12 1992A VAXmate lives!
3262.0MAIL::WHITEFri Jun 12 1992REDIR ERROR
3263.08WELLIN::HARRINGTONFri Jun 12 1992Problem connecting to infoserver from PCSA V4.1
3264.03DVOPAS::PINHI::PROCTORFri Jun 12 1992VMS V5.5 & Motif causes PATHworks V4.1 to croak?
3265.01ROCHE::HUXTABLEFri Jun 12 1992Upgrade from 2.x to 4.1
3266.08BACHUS::BERGMANSFri Jun 12 1992"disconnect using sethost with latest lat version"
3267.06TROOA::PIERCEFri Jun 12 1992R.F.Curley - VAX Professional - Stony Pathworks
3268.06ANTPOL::PRUSSFri Jun 12 1992DE422 EISA ETHERworks?
3269.01FPTVX1::CUSHMANFri Jun 12 1992BCAST questions
3270.03RTPDHL::SYSTEMFri Jun 12 1992PC Lan Support Program and decnet
3271.0OLDTMR::SECGFri Jun 12 1992DECsystem 51
3272.06GLIND1::BURNSFri Jun 12 1992CTERM for EMS ??? HELP
3273.03HTSC19::WILLIAMCHANSat Jun 13 1992printing problem
3274.010MOVIES::HIRSTSat Jun 13 1992IFT Site Request - XQP
3275.03TENNIS::KAMSat Jun 13 1992PWDOS .LE. 4.1 prob w/DEPCA @ adrs C8
3276.02MANTOW::Conferencing-UserMon Jun 15 1992Directory reads are slow
3277.05COLA1::COLPC3::StalzMon Jun 15 1992DECnet, the PC and a PDP
3278.01FCOIS::CHAFFAUT_CMon Jun 15 1992Async DECnet with HAYES cards ?
3279.04ISIDRO::POZUELOMon Jun 15 1992Actual broadcast messages implementation: some related questions
3280.03TOPTEN::MEIGHANMon Jun 15 1992netsetup infoserver patch?
3282.02LSNCSC::BRAUNMon Jun 15 1992PATHWORKS for Alpha
3283.0KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Jun 15 1992latcp help command
3284.02ROMMon Jun 15 1992NCR PC92
3285.012SNOMAN::AARONMon Jun 15 1992Xircom, DS32
3286.04BRSTR2::SYSMANMon Jun 15 1992unattended NETSETUP ?
3287.02VIA::FITZELLMon Jun 15 1992Problems with SEQ VAriable length records
3288.02KAOTMon Jun 15 1992DECLAT aways has a NODE1 defined on inital settup
3289.0MANTOW::knowlesMon Jun 15 1992Help with support plan for PATHWORKS
3290.01TRIGG::VOGELMon Jun 15 1992Dual Stack - DECnet/TCPIP unloading?
3293.04JOCKEY::AL35Tue Jun 16 1992My CD-ROM drives are wrong ?
3294.02VMSNET::CHURCHETue Jun 16 1992Just what does that PC-LAT do, anyway?
3295.0CHIPS::SYSTEMTue Jun 16 1992DFS served disks accepted?
3296.05MORO::MAUTZ_RITue Jun 16 1992Net Mgt of PC's Questions
3297.02ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGTue Jun 16 1992A leaner SETHOST (TCP/IP)?
3298.04FAILTE::JONESRTue Jun 16 1992Problem configuring PATHWORKS for TCP/IP
3299.07DACT18::MITCHELLTue Jun 16 1992Certification Program
3300.01MIMS::MCCRARY_JTue Jun 16 1992DECGRAPH (the TSR) - Boxes / Lines = Probs
3301.01POBOX::SELLSTROMTue Jun 16 1992PATHWORKS VMS Server documentation??
3302.03QUABBI::"reilly@nsl.dec.com"Tue Jun 16 1992Using TCP/IP under windows 3.1
3303.01MQOSWS::MQOP36::m_lemayTue Jun 16 1992Removable WORM & USELIB
3304.03WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIWed Jun 17 1992PC DECwindows broken after 4.
3305.03KATIPO::KENTWed Jun 17 1992Sethost maps F11 and F12 keys AS4
3306.02GBIWed Jun 17 1992pw 4.1 netsetup fails (3com5
3307.06BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANWed Jun 17 1992TCP/IP and PCsupport/4
3308.0COPCLU::GRYNNERUPWed Jun 17 1992TE supporting DDE and Windows App Activation
3309.04SMAC1Wed Jun 17 1992DECnet Databases
3310.05YNGSTR::BROWNWed Jun 17 1992Oracle SQLTCP and PW TCP/IP V2.
3311.02CHEFS::DAVIDSONSWed Jun 17 1992TCP/IP size...
3312.0HOTWTR::THORNTON_JEWed Jun 17 1992ZIP mail ?
3313.07AUNTB::DAVISSTWed Jun 17 1992ip and dn on separate controllers?
3314.03KAOFS::R_STJEANWed Jun 17 1992WIN3.1 net conn. at window startup
3315.0POLAR::HAMILTONWed Jun 17 1992Share Violations
3316.03TRIGG::VOGELWed Jun 17 1992COexistance with IBM PC Support
3317.03HOTAIR::WHITEWed Jun 17 1992One LAT Service Database?
3318.0ALOSLS::CHRISTENSENWed Jun 17 1992Questions on LAT
3319.03ARTLIB::GOETZEWed Jun 17 1992PW for DOS Mail error/lock when >3
3321.03MIMS::MCFARLAND_DWed Jun 17 1992install excel 4.
3322.03HSSWS1::GREGWed Jun 17 1992Looking for DLLLANCE.EXE from V2.2
3323.04CSOA1::HORRIGANWed Jun 17 1992Pathworks Client OSI Support
3324.02AUNTB::DAVISSTWed Jun 17 1992TGV requires PAS?
3325.0ARTLIB::GOETZEWed Jun 17 1992REBOOT NEEDED for VMS--under what conditions
3326.01AUNTB::DAVISSTWed Jun 17 1992A1, must exit SETHOST to print
3327.0BREAKR::BUDZOWSKIWed Jun 17 1992DOS client LPS gets you TCP client LPS?
3328.02MIMS::WITT_WWed Jun 17 1992NBNS Error Log Allocation issue
3329.0BGYBRD::UDICKWed Jun 17 1992Why do we not have a way to easily launch X-Win Apps
3330.02RDOVAX::ROTHWELLWed Jun 17 1992directory problem
3331.01MAOTAI::KNOWLESJIWed Jun 17 1992Diskquota question
3332.03RANIER::TIMMERMANThu Jun 18 1992Where are Detailed Diagrams from PW Net T-Shoot Guide ?
3333.08WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIThu Jun 18 1992ne2
3334.0BACHUS::DEBEYSThu Jun 18 1992remote boot disk service size ???
3335.04ZPOVC::YEECHINThu Jun 18 1992Login Failure capture in console with session swit
3336.0ZPOVC::CHIKLIAKThu Jun 18 1992PCSA 4.1 LANServer 31
3337.02STAR::KAPLANThu Jun 18 1992STOPNET hangs system
3338.01LFOIS1::THAVEZThu Jun 18 1992softpc question
3339.03KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Jun 18 1992netbios and windows 3.1
3340.01UTRTSC::BATSThu Jun 18 19923c5
3341.01QBUS::L_BAUERThu Jun 18 1992CTERM v4.1.26a
3342.01MXOVThu Jun 18 1992Pathworks and Fox Pro Lan? (File or Disk Service)
3343.0KAOTThu Jun 18 1992ACCVIO in PCSA_MANAGER on list register file
3344.02GRANPA::MELO::fbowlesThu Jun 18 1992LU6.2 Access from PATHWORKS
3345.03POBOX::MAEGDLINThu Jun 18 1992Hi Res Graphics and DECwindows
3346.01OTOOA::ROUFThu Jun 18 1992NODE ID Information
3347.02GLDOA::COHENFri Jun 19 1992EtherWORKS/Turbo for IPX
3348.01BACHUS::DEBEYSFri Jun 19 1992reinstall pcsav41 after upgrading vms 5.5-1
3349.01CX3PT2::ROBSVX::R_SCHROEDERFri Jun 19 1992Version 4.1-A
3350.02JOCKEY::AL35Fri Jun 19 1992Algorithm question
3351.0WOTVAX::MORRISONFri Jun 19 1992Pathworks performance improvements
3352.02MINNY::MEIERHUFri Jun 19 1992/FC-Switch diff. between 4.
3353.01MIMS::MACIOLEK_MFri Jun 19 1992NCPDEFP/O functionality
3354.0MAOTAI::MIKAO::mullickFri Jun 19 1992DR DOS Recommendations for PW4.1
3355.08SANFAN::HILL_GRFri Jun 19 1992DEPCA cause harddisk problems?
3356.01BREAKR::BUDZOWSKIFri Jun 19 1992FTP's stack to VMS/UCX
3357.06ZPOVC::MICHELLETANGMon Jun 22 1992e/cards performance comparison charts ??
3358.0HTSC19::KENNETHMon Jun 22 1992problems after upgrade from 3.1 to 4.1
3359.09QMARY::CHRISMon Jun 22 1992Help! DECnet usernames for Proxies - can it work?
3361.02BREAKR::BUDZOWSKIMon Jun 22 1992TCP/IP for DOS & EMS
3362.03MIMS::STUBBS_AMon Jun 22 1992TCP/IP 2.
3363.02MEO78B::FLAHERTYMon Jun 22 1992Connecting HP755
3364.0MEO78B::FLAHERTYMon Jun 22 1992NFT problems!! (flacky).
3365.01DEMOAX::DUDEVOIRMon Jun 22 1992TFTP for Downline Load
3366.04OTOOA::GMACDONALDMon Jun 22 1992Rolling Pathworks Upgrade?
3367.01DGOIS1::DROMIGNYMon Jun 22 1992Pathworks and EMA
3368.0ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGMon Jun 22 1992TCP/IP based Remote Control S/W?
3369.06TROPMon Jun 22 1992PATHWORKS vs. LAN MANAGER functionality matrix ?
3370.05TROOA::BAPTIEMon Jun 22 1992Remote boot ms-win 3.1 emm386 problem
3371.02MIMS::NUNEZ_PMon Jun 22 1992SETHOST vs WIN VT32
3372.02LEMAN::BAGNOUDMon Jun 22 1992PATHWORKS and personal communication/327
3373.03GIDDAY::BOERSTue Jun 23 1992NETbios locking
3375.04EXOCET::ATTWOOLTue Jun 23 1992NetBIOS to TCP/IP Ultrix Server applications.
3376.02YUPPY::GINNTue Jun 23 1992Problems with upper memory and remote boot
3377.03UTRTSC::WIEBENGATue Jun 23 1992Pathworks mail and VMS error messages
3378.0KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Jun 23 1992vt32
3380.06GUIDUK::STEBBINSTue Jun 23 1992MAIL-11 Send(only) program needed for PC
3381.02ISIDRO::LESTEBANTue Jun 23 1992OS/2,TRN,pathworks,TCP/ip and supported versions
3382.05KAOTTue Jun 23 1992PROTOCOL.INI for WD8
3383.04MIMS::MADDIREDDY_JTue Jun 23 1992LAT - # of ticks per second
3384.01RCOCER::MEADTue Jun 23 1992SETHOST (PW DOS - TCP/IP) with PORT Parameter
3385.01LUNER::DESPOTOPULOSTue Jun 23 1992VT32
3386.01MAIL::HAYDENTue Jun 23 1992Can Wellfleet rout TCP/IP P/W Enet<->T/R?
3388.01QUABBI::"reilly@nsl.dec.com"Tue Jun 23 1992Documentation for TCP/IP for PW V2.
3389.020QUABBI::"reilly@nsl.dec.com"Wed Jun 24 1992TCP/IP V2.
3390.05YUPPY::GINNWed Jun 24 1992Unloading from the umb's
3391.03SUBWAY::BOETTCHERWed Jun 24 1992"Multi-threaded" task-to-task programming capabilities under Ms-Windows
3392.01MEO78B::KLEINWed Jun 24 1992$ASSIGN errors
3393.04SUBWAY::DERISEWed Jun 24 1992No personal service???
3394.01VFOVAX::ZITELMANWed Jun 24 1992EtherWorks Router Enhancements???
3395.03MIMS::MCCRARY_JWed Jun 24 1992F11 F12 Remapped Sethost/327
3396.04LJOHUB::MRCLIF::Conferencing-UserWed Jun 24 1992Read/write change mode question
3397.01TRCOA::TRCP57::SHEUWed Jun 24 19922.2 clients with 4.1 server
3398.01UTRTSC::ANBEEKWed Jun 24 1992Network has not been started with /I2a:d
3399.010GUIDUK::STEBBINSWed Jun 24 1992What is NDU's future?
3400.07DECWET::CAPPELLOFWed Jun 24 1992Ungermann-Bass network?
3401.013MIMS::WILLIAMS_PWed Jun 24 1992NETBIOS App Breaks with Pathworks 4.1 DNP
3402.01RENFRO::POWELLThu Jun 25 1992Problems with PATHworks and AST PCs??????
3403.02TARUGO::MAITEThu Jun 25 1992Patch for PCSA v3.1- HELP NEEDED_
3404.02AUSSIE::NGThu Jun 25 1992Can DE2
3405.02COLA1::COLPC3::StalzThu Jun 25 1992max connection in diskserver "Bad data received"
3406.02HTSC19::WILLIAMCHANThu Jun 25 1992Process resume after power down
3407.02WPORPC::COURTMANThu Jun 25 1992Printing from PC Lat ports (Parallel port)
3408.01BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANThu Jun 25 1992NCP MIRROR-like TSR or Windows application?
3409.01JOCKEY::SHARKEYAThu Jun 25 1992no more bitch and moan ?
3410.02BIS6::VANNESTEThu Jun 25 1992WINRCV problem
3411.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Jun 25 1992move a user's account
3412.03LNGBCH::SCHNEIDERThu Jun 25 1992adding LAT to TCPIP only client
3413.01VICKI::LONGThu Jun 25 1992Creating .log files
3415.0KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Jun 25 1992cpu time goble by pcsa
3416.01NZOMIS::ROBBINSThu Jun 25 1992Common Mac and PC file service problem
3417.01HGOVA::KIMWAHNGFri Jun 26 1992NET PRINT/DELETE problem ?
3418.02LSNCSC::BRAUNFri Jun 26 1992DECROUTER 25
3419.01GUCCI::EWISEFri Jun 26 1992Modify file create date and time on server
3420.02GUESS::EUSTACEFri Jun 26 1992Pathworks on DECathena
3421.0BMEUP::NGUYENFri Jun 26 1992Network printing problem with Quattro Pro v3.
3422.03THEDGE::DWAYNEFri Jun 26 1992Network Accessed Denied error.
3423.01EASI::RYANSat Jun 27 1992PCMAIL over LANSESS?
3424.05HGSWS1::KENNETHTOSun Jun 28 1992Poor Performance Over 64K Link
3425.09JOCKEY::SHARKEYASun Jun 28 1992A way to get Stealth working ?
3426.05GIDDAY::LILICSun Jun 28 1992Task-to-Task connect() fails under 4.1 (EINVAL)
3427.04BBOCP::CLAIREMon Jun 29 1992Direct access to DEPCA
3428.02HGOSPS::DENISLIMon Jun 29 1992mail folder is not open....
3429.02SHAWB1::ADAMSONBMon Jun 29 1992PCSA$MAIL object problem?
3430.04NANTES::DEGATMon Jun 29 1992NETBIOS and Multiple controllers.
3431.01HAMCL3::ROEBENMon Jun 29 1992PW/async. DECnet/dialup/modems/performance
3432.03MIMS::WHITSON_JMon Jun 29 1992LAT programming info please
3433.02GNOJP::PORELLMon Jun 29 1992PATHWORKS and MS Windows 3.1 - drivers
3434.018POBOX::KOCHMon Jun 29 1992Changing a PC's node number?
3435.01USA::CHAVISMon Jun 29 1992Is there a Windows version of Pathworks Mail?
3437.0EMASS::HEBERTJMon Jun 29 1992term emulation question
3438.01HPSRAD::LUDWIGMon Jun 29 1992Windows, Qemm, Pathworks work together?
3439.0TENNIS::KAMMon Jun 29 1992Could not open source file; MS Win 3.
3440.03JOVE::reillyMon Jun 29 1992PW for OS/2 V2.
3441.04CGOOA::BARNABETue Jun 30 1992LAT frames per sec!!!
3442.0ZPOVC::CHIKLIAKTue Jun 30 1992file server register queries
3443.05SWETSC::LAB4::aamiseppTue Jun 30 1992File Service drives get mapped to SYS$LOGIN
3444.01MINNIE::GITTINSTue Jun 30 1992loading P/W into EMM
3445.0USA::CHAVISTue Jun 30 1992Crash and burn starting windows after LOGON
3446.01AUDIBL::SWABOWICZTue Jun 30 1992Network problems
3447.06VEGAS::GURALNIKTue Jun 30 1992Great Plains Software over Pathworks?
3448.01PCAE::CARIDDITue Jun 30 1992Is this a bug???
3449.02UNTADA::BAUERWed Jul 01 1992Why 512 max files on 2
3450.01MANIOK::CZWIKLAWed Jul 01 1992DEC @aGlance for MS Windows 1.
3451.07UPROAR::ADAMSONPWed Jul 01 1992PC Memory problems
3452.010IOOSRV::HITTENMILLERWed Jul 01 1992Trying to USE TCPIP from Pascal
3453.09UNTADA::BAUERWed Jul 01 1992STARTNET hangs (NDIS)
3454.01GJOVAX::GRAEFFWed Jul 01 1992Can SETHOST map multiple keystrokes into one?
3455.02MIMS::WRIGHT_RWed Jul 01 1992PCANYWHERE and PWDOS 4.1
3456.01RIPPLE::VELIS_MAWed Jul 01 1992set file serv service /conn FAILS
3457.0MIMS::THIYAGARAJANWed Jul 01 1992Help with printing
3458.01VEGAS::GURALNIKWed Jul 01 1992Help needed for PC Survey Proposal
3459.06BGYBRD::UDICKWed Jul 01 1992PW for DOS TCP/IP - Do they need Client to develop application.
3460.01KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Jul 02 1992%nb-f-scp (error in server client Protocol)
3461.02TRUCKS::YOUNGThu Jul 02 1992Support of new adapter card ?
3462.06SUTRA::PCIThu Jul 02 1992SCHK and NDIS
3463.0RANGER::DHUMEThu Jul 02 1992PATHWORKS for SCO-UNIX notes conference announcement
3464.05KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Jul 02 1992sethost and monochrome
3465.01SUTRA::PCIThu Jul 02 1992LSED on PC ?
3466.03KOMAIL::VALASEKThu Jul 02 1992Can anyone answer this one ? LANMAN , PW4.1 and Dual Cards ?
3467.06KOMAIL::VALASEKThu Jul 02 1992Dual Stack TCP/IP , DECnet, LAT in EMS ?
3468.02COLThu Jul 02 1992trouble with diskservices > 32MB
3469.0MIMS::MCCRARY_JThu Jul 02 1992Mail Merge can't print as we go.
3471.06VIA::TIBBITTSThu Jul 02 1992SO_LINGER socket option implemented in DECnet??
3473.0ANTPOL::PRUSSThu Jul 02 1992Who takes requirements for SETHOST?
3474.04ANTPOL::PRUSSThu Jul 02 1992latest vt32
3475.0ANTPOL::PRUSSThu Jul 02 1992VT32
3476.04BCFI::WILLANDERThu Jul 02 1992How to connect a RRD42 CD to a PC
3477.07GIDDAY::BLOOMFri Jul 03 1992Autoreconnect of File service not working
3478.02UNITED::THORND::davetFri Jul 03 1992inconsistent copy times from server to client?
3479.06UTRTSC::BAKKERFri Jul 03 1992Startnet using Cluster alias name
3480.03KERNEL::MADCOW::fosterFri Jul 03 1992DECnet Assembler Interface
3481.0TARUGO::ALVAROFri Jul 03 1992Two ethernet controllers and service not available
3482.03STKHLM::ARENDIFri Jul 03 1992Windows 3.1 hangs/crashes when adding network prn???
3483.03TRCOA::BARTLETTFri Jul 03 1992Prevent connections to Unregistered services - 4.X
3484.01RUIPC::PACHECOFri Jul 03 1992Etherworks router like on TCP/IP ?
3485.01SMAC1Sun Jul 05 1992LANMan Security
3486.0ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGSun Jul 05 1992differences tcp/ip 2.
3487.02ZPOVC::YEECHINSun Jul 05 1992Netware Con-existence for third party cards...
3488.07GRANPA::GTHOMASMon Jul 06 1992DECnet Phase V. and PATHWORKS
3489.014HGOVA::TIMA_KIMMon Jul 06 1992NETBIOS programming in VMS ?
3490.01HGOSPS::DENISLIMon Jul 06 1992Is new version of 3C5
3491.01JOCKEY::COOPERMMon Jul 06 1992Norton performance tool - what does it measure ?
3492.0VNABRW::ENGEL_WMon Jul 06 1992Extra! 327
3493.02UTRTSC::WIEBENGAMon Jul 06 1992PW Mail v4.1 leaving lines with /NOFEED/NOHEADER
3495.05KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Jul 06 1992net attrib /query command
3496.0FHOPAS::DOSFUN::Conferencing-UserMon Jul 06 1992LJ25
3497.018TYFYS::SLATERMon Jul 06 1992Questions From CompuServe Users
3498.02RIPPLE::LUKE_TEMon Jul 06 1992PCsupport w/Ethernet adn 525
3499.06GIDDAY::COOKTue Jul 07 1992Sound Blaster CD and Pathworks v4.1
3500.06GIDDAY::LILICTue Jul 07 1992NETBIOS under Windows - How many simultaneous NCBs are allowed?
3501.08KERNEL::MADCOW::fosterTue Jul 07 1992PC In A Timewarp !
3502.03TLACS1::PARICHARTTue Jul 07 1992remote boot/clsuter/error 241
3503.09DELNI::P_COLETue Jul 07 1992Invalid Service or Password
3504.02AUDIBL::SWABOWICZTue Jul 07 1992PCSA File Services on Dual SYstem disk
3505.04RADBOX::ANDERSONTue Jul 07 1992DE2
3506.02CGOOA::BARNABETue Jul 07 1992pw 4.1/win 3.1/interlan NI651
3507.02EMASS::HEBERTJTue Jul 07 1992tcp/ip and pathworks
3508.01BLGWed Jul 08 1992Keyboard mapping with sethost
3510.01COPCLU::RISTOWed Jul 08 1992TRCV, NETPOPUP and BCAST questions
3511.05UFHIS::GVIPONDWed Jul 08 1992SETHOST restricted access to DOS
3513.02FAILTE::JONESRWed Jul 08 1992HELP with 'C' programming an PATHWORKS/PCSA
3514.02DELNI::STACKWed Jul 08 1992Connecting to personal file service
3515.01VANINE::LOVELLWed Jul 08 1992WRITE access to Application File Service outside of normal PCSA Root
3516.0OTOOA::GMARCILWed Jul 08 1992Do we support 3COM's 3Station- diskless PC's?
3517.05MELKOR::SWIERKOWSKISWed Jul 08 1992PC hangs after 4.1 upgrade
3518.08SUBWAY::BOETTCHERWed Jul 08 1992EPSON Equity I+ / DECnet not functioning
3519.04HTSC19::KENNETHThu Jul 09 1992What is the difference between psc.com & prtsc.exe
3520.0UTRTSC::XAVEERThu Jul 09 1992WPOffice will not swap
3521.01UTROP1::MCCORMICK_BThu Jul 09 1992PC to HP3
3522.02NZOMIS::HOWARDThu Jul 09 1992Boot "diskless" from OS/2 or ULTRIX ?
3523.04TROOA::NAISHThu Jul 09 1992PCSA$ADD_DCL.COM File Note Found
3524.02CX3PT3::ROBSVX::R_SCHROEDERThu Jul 09 1992Remote booting to an InfoServer
3525.09KERNEL::LLOYDAThu Jul 09 1992VAX 4
3526.04TALE::63671::Conferencing-UserThu Jul 09 1992Remove client_os problems
3527.01KOMAIL::VALASEKThu Jul 09 1992TCP/IP and Domain Name Resolver, System hangs.
3528.04WR2FOR::SMALE_JOThu Jul 09 199232
3529.013GUIDUK::KEROUACThu Jul 09 1992TCP/IP V2.
3530.04MIMS::MADDIREDDY_JThu Jul 09 1992USE /ENV=ABC command fails
3531.01STRIKR::RAYERThu Jul 09 1992C Calls in PCSA 2.
3532.09VEGAS::GURALNIKThu Jul 09 1992XCOPY gets slow
3533.03THAMFri Jul 10 1992sethost problem with Thai char
3534.04HGSW67::CHARLESKWANFri Jul 10 1992Will PCmail still use UUENCODE/UUDECODE in future?
3535.02TARUGO::MAITEFri Jul 10 1992FOCUS with PCSA v3.
3536.08STAR::KAPLANFri Jul 10 1992file service w/o DECnet?
3537.09SAC::EDMUNDSFri Jul 10 1992WinSock - Windows socket API (for TCP/IP)
3538.02MANENG::WHITHAMFri Jul 10 1992Is this Correct ?
3539.02KAOFS::M_VALLEEFri Jul 10 1992server log message
3541.03KYOA::KOCHFri Jul 10 1992DE2
3542.04MIMS::MCFARLAND_DFri Jul 10 1992VT42
3543.01TRCOA::JOHNSTONFri Jul 10 1992Can't judge why this book cover won't open
3544.0WR1FOR::CABREIRA_ROFri Jul 10 1992DEC32
3545.0MIMS::COSTELLO_JFri Jul 10 1992ACCOUNT INFORMATION changes???
3547.04QBUS::L_BAUERSat Jul 11 1992DEPCA_H.TSK and DEPCA_S.TSK, whats new?
3549.021CHENG5::WIDMERSat Jul 11 1992Password change utility
3550.0GIDDAY::COOKMon Jul 13 1992FRB format disk with a label causes problems
3551.06TAVMon Jul 13 1992Pathwork Client from Token-Ring ?
3552.01HGOSPS::DENISLIMon Jul 13 1992MACLINK fails w file service, Word & Word Perfect
3553.01HGOVC::QCAVMon Jul 13 1992Netware Coexistence, Western Digital card
3554.01KERNEL::HARRISKMon Jul 13 1992Problem with Apricot PC
3555.02KERNEL::MADCOW::fosterMon Jul 13 1992LAT API, Get SCB function.
3557.05HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGMon Jul 13 1992Where is MIRROR.EXE?
3558.02HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGMon Jul 13 1992NCP TELL with strange result
3559.01GYPSC::FAIRHURSTMon Jul 13 1992Problems with postscript printing under V4.1...
3560.0ZPOVC::RAMARAJMon Jul 13 1992DOS(TCPIP)/DECmcc eth AM bug??
3561.09NEWOA::KOSKUBAMon Jul 13 1992Force DECnet to look at ACTUAL state of the link?
3563.01TRNING::BARFIELDMon Jul 13 1992vaxmate/himem.sys with windows 3.x
3564.011MIMS::BOULIFARD_RMon Jul 13 1992LANSESS & NET ATTRIB w/ Windows
3565.01GIDDAY::WINGMon Jul 13 1992DLL driver for WD8
3566.03DVOPAS::SKIBMP::PROCTORTue Jul 14 1992How to add PATHworks user from .COM file?
3567.06WARNUT::EAMONS::tyasdTue Jul 14 1992SETHOST DECnet error 64.
3568.0KEMER::DARUGERTue Jul 14 1992WD contact in Europe?
3569.01ZPOVC::SEOWHURNTue Jul 14 1992How to setup NETBIOS over asynchronous WAN ?
3570.06TAVTue Jul 14 1992Why should Novell be faster?
3571.03HTSC19::WILLIAMCHANTue Jul 14 1992startnet.bat
3572.02TLACS1::PARICHARTTue Jul 14 1992Epson printer out of paper !!
3573.01YUPPY::GINNTue Jul 14 1992Access RRD42 on DSSI ?
3574.02MINNY::MEIERHUTue Jul 14 1992DTS Problem during DECnet link test
3575.03ANOSWS::COMFORTTue Jul 14 1992TURBO DEPCA and 486/5
3576.01KYOA::GREENJTue Jul 14 1992Sending Binary File from PC to MAC
3578.02KYOA::HUSBYTue Jul 14 1992Secure passwords with Pathworks?
3579.02KERNEL::LYDIATTSTue Jul 14 1992use /setdir problem (another one)
3580.01YAKNOW::MCHIASSONTue Jul 14 1992LAD$KERNAL takes up 9
3582.02MIMS::LESSER_MTue Jul 14 19924.1A DLC drivers netware coexist windows
3583.0HGOVC::THERESALOWed Jul 15 1992PCSA & TIARA LanCard V2.34
3584.010BLOFLY::DESGOR::gordonWed Jul 15 1992ODI drivers ?
3585.0FAILTE::GILLESPIEWed Jul 15 1992SOCKTSR Becomes Unloadable
3586.014KERNEL::64685::fosterWed Jul 15 1992DOS 5 Breaks TTT...
3587.06FRUST::STEINMETZWed Jul 15 1992PW4DOS (TCP/IP) V2.
3588.01ZPOVC::CHINHENGWed Jul 15 1992unexpected connection close by PW/ULTRIX server ?
3589.01ZURWed Jul 15 1992DECpc 433W, ASPI2DOS, Remote Boot, LAD Problem
3590.06UTRTSC::HOSANGWed Jul 15 1992problem accessing file owned by resource ident
3591.06VS2K::GENTILEWed Jul 15 1992WIN3SETU in Shared Network Windows?
3592.01MIMS::MCCRARY_JWed Jul 15 1992SEDT/LK25
3593.05MIMS::STUBBS_AWed Jul 15 1992NFT and Binary Files
3594.01CSC32::J_FORRESTWed Jul 15 1992Client Installation Guides
3595.01WR1FOR::CABREIRA_ROThu Jul 16 1992V4.
3596.02ZPOVC::YEECHINThu Jul 16 1992Multiple Print Service --> One Physical Printer
3600.01PRCFS1::STANLEYWONGThu Jul 16 1992SETHOST ../scr=.. -> ^F9 -> exit -> PC hang
3601.04UNITED::THORNTONDThu Jul 16 1992Distributed PC LAN netbios challenge!-can u help please?
3602.02OSLThu Jul 16 1992Etherlink II TP / NDIS
3603.09KERNEL::SINCLAIRALThu Jul 16 1992Phantom file/print services
3604.01FLYWAY::SCHLAGThu Jul 16 1992VAX hangs (SYS$QIOW(IO$_ACCESS))
3605.0VAXSPO::CLAUDIOThu Jul 16 1992LAN MAN Client <-> PWULTRIX
3606.04KERNEL::COLOMBOThu Jul 16 1992async call backs from TSRs
3607.01FRAFS1::ELHAJThu Jul 16 1992Kit PCSA V 2.2
3608.011IAMA::MEANYThu Jul 16 1992Pathworks and DFS
3609.03KYOA::ERICKSENThu Jul 16 1992Install PWDOS Client v4.
3610.03ANTPOL::PRUSSFri Jul 17 1992HANG after SETHOST w/ WPSDOS & EDIT
3611.02HGOVC::THERESALOFri Jul 17 1992vt32
3612.03JOCKEY::LEUNGFFri Jul 17 1992433, QEMM, PW4.1-Doesn't work !
3613.01PSCPCFri Jul 17 1992RapiDriver for P139
3614.02LSNCSC::BRAUNFri Jul 17 1992ADD WORKSTATION problem
3615.02ODIXIE::PREVOFri Jul 17 1992Looking for SMB protocol specs
3616.01KERNEL::SHOULDINGFri Jul 17 1992DSM V6.1 and Pathworks V4.1
3617.01AUNTB::DAVISSTFri Jul 17 1992client s/w inventory and PW?
3618.02CHICHZ::EDELMANNFri Jul 17 1992NDIS driver for WD8
3619.03JGO::KNOLFri Jul 17 1992DR-DOS 6 with PATHWORKS 4.1
3620.03ECACAD::HenryFri Jul 17 1992A simple question I hope
3621.02AKOCOA::GIAFIN::cleggFri Jul 17 1992Winword, wordart, and pathworks
3622.01MIMS::MADDIREDDY_JFri Jul 17 1992LAT printer - stopnet - redir.exe
3623.01RDOVAX::ROTHWELLFri Jul 17 19924.1 very slow, help!
3624.05SCCAT::DICKEYSat Jul 18 19923C5
3625.01TENNIS::KAMSat Jul 18 1992Failed to spawn subprocess NCPSHOW: No such file or dir.
3626.05SQUIRL::KLAUSSun Jul 19 1992DEPCA Driver 1.14 fails w/Ethernet card
3627.01MEO78B::KLEINMon Jul 20 1992DECnet link throughput?
3628.01HAMCL3::ROEBENMon Jul 20 1992Problems with TR-Enhancements in PW
3629.06ISIDRO::CANDIDOMon Jul 20 1992WINRCV doesn't behave the same way for every user
3630.08OTOOA::PBALLMon Jul 20 1992Any problems with VAXclusters?
3631.04OTOOA::PBALLMon Jul 20 1992SMARTERM - CTERM or TCP/IP ?
3632.03AKOCOA::GIAFIN::cleggMon Jul 20 1992Too many redirections
3633.01MAYES::ZELISKOMon Jul 20 1992Extended Error 65 ??
3634.02UTROP2::64545::CARPMon Jul 20 1992On Notebook without Docking station: useful?
3635.05MIMS::SNIDER_BMon Jul 20 1992SETHOST Keymap Selections
3636.0ULYSSE::DONZEMon Jul 20 1992ftp mget from ucx
3637.018SEDTU7::MCMICHAELMon Jul 20 1992WINRCV & Windows 3.1 Bug
3638.01MIMS::SMITH_MMon Jul 20 1992View selected que from windows
3639.02MIMS::LESSER_MMon Jul 20 1992IMC PCnic2 MC causes PRO
3640.03TENNIS::KAMMon Jul 20 1992Error: Invalid drive - error connecting to personal drive
3641.08GIDDAY::COOKTue Jul 21 1992NCP show known nodes and show known links don't reflect each other under v4.1
3642.02KYOA::WINGTue Jul 21 19923.
3643.01JSOVTue Jul 21 1992PROTOCOL.INI setting
3644.02KERNEL::SINCLAIRALTue Jul 21 1992USE.EXE wants to read/write disk when cached
3645.03OTOOA::CLOSETue Jul 21 1992VAXmate technical manual
3646.02JOCKEY::COOPERMTue Jul 21 1992tcpip client startup fails
3647.05KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Jul 21 1992use 4.1 changes
3648.010MIMS::STUBBS_ATue Jul 21 1992AutoCad 12 and Pathworks 4.1
3649.03EDGEGU::SPENCETue Jul 21 1992Callable interface??
3650.02TROOA::BALDOCKTue Jul 21 1992LAST vs DECnet
3651.02BOOVX2::GLOSTERTue Jul 21 1992Convert Novell Server to Pathworks
3652.09MIMS::THIYAGARAJANTue Jul 21 1992"Can see password using RAM-VIEW"
3653.0EYEORE::STEWARTTue Jul 21 1992Japanization of PATHWORKS and SYSTEM.DRV
3654.03MIMS::MCFARLAND_DTue Jul 21 1992netsetup 4.1 bypasses first two screens?
3655.03AUNTB::TAYLOREWed Jul 22 1992Lans device timeout
3656.01MEO78B::FLAHERTYWed Jul 22 1992DEPCA prgramming ref manual??
3657.01TPLAB::DACHSBECKWed Jul 22 1992MSWIN - networks connections reestablished
3658.02VNABRW::MATHE_WWed Jul 22 1992DE2
3659.06CEDSWS::BRIERLEYWed Jul 22 1992Print services on a token ring
3660.05CEDSWS::BRIERLEYWed Jul 22 1992PW 4.1 kit volume labels
3661.01ZPOVC::LCLEEWed Jul 22 1992SETHOST without PATHWORKS to Particular Node
3662.02LEPTON::RYGIELSKIWed Jul 22 1992devctl.tlb help needed
3663.03HESIRI::62568::Conferencing-UserWed Jul 22 1992Racal NI521
3664.0KAOFS::R_RYANWed Jul 22 1992SETHOST and cluster alias
3665.02SANFAN::BRENNAN_JIWed Jul 22 1992How to dynamically update app. usage?
3666.03QUABBI::"jch@rdg.dec.com"Thu Jul 23 1992TCP/IP and QEMM 6.
3667.0MIMS::MCCRARY_JThu Jul 23 1992Embedded Distribution Lists - PW 4.1 MAIL = NO?
3668.0PARVAX::RUPARELIAThu Jul 23 1992PATHWORKS Server Management from DOS Clients
3669.0GOONS::SHERMANThu Jul 23 1992Incorrect DOS version - mswindows
3670.02KAOFS::M_VALLEEFri Jul 24 1992two ethernet controller 5.5-1 vms
3671.0HTSC19::KENNETHFri Jul 24 1992mail error, cannot continue
3672.01HAMCL3::ROEBENFri Jul 24 1992Broadcast on Token Ring
3673.06BUXHED::KIRKPATRICKFri Jul 24 1992external service
3674.01UNTADH::BAUERFri Jul 24 1992MSWINV31 wanted!
3675.01UNTADH::BAUERFri Jul 24 1992PW/DOS V4.1A Update Diskettes pointer
3676.04JEAVES::RICKFri Jul 24 1992vt32
3677.02KAOFS::M_VALLEEFri Jul 24 1992lat API free SCB
3678.04ROMFri Jul 24 1992Can't use Network Drives after running Texas 924 Emulator
3679.02TROOA::DLOTENFri Jul 24 19923rd Party App's Certification
3680.02OTOOA::PBALLFri Jul 24 1992Input needed for proposal...
3681.02MIMS::MADDIREDDY_JSat Jul 25 1992SETHOST TELNET: Server.name.longer.17chars
3682.0POBOX::PATLASat Jul 25 1992LK25
3683.02ODAY4Sun Jul 26 1992Pathworks pointing to existing VMS queues?
3684.0SNOCMon Jul 27 1992Does a Strategic White Paper Exist?
3685.04ZPOVC::INDOMon Jul 27 1992Too many open libraries when printing?
3686.010KERNEL::IMBIERSKIMon Jul 27 1992network traffic monitor?
3687.018UTRTSC::XAVEERMon Jul 27 1992Login-utility
3688.01STUMon Jul 27 1992pcfs_server crashes at PC=
3689.02ROMMon Jul 27 1992Reflection WRQ contact?
3690.03GIDDAY::HUMMERSTONMon Jul 27 1992DECquery and NetWare Coexistance
3692.05HPOUMon Jul 27 1992SEDT hangs and PATH not updated properly
3693.0TKOV51::OHARAMon Jul 27 1992packet size using file service
3694.02RBW::WICKERTMon Jul 27 1992Adding Print Services using Wildcards?
3695.01TYSON::KURATAMon Jul 27 1992TCP/IP setup questions
3696.08PHAROS::ELLIOTTMon Jul 27 1992Network name not found error
3698.0BIS1::BHP682::Jacques FORSTERTue Jul 28 1992NDIS for NP5
3699.02HAMCL3::ROEBENTue Jul 28 1992'NetWare Access'-functionality in PCSA
3700.03HPOUTue Jul 28 1992LAN version of Harvard Graphics.
3701.03SHIPS::RICHARDSON_STue Jul 28 1992DNETHAT anyone???
3702.04UPROAR::WATSONRTue Jul 28 1992VT32
3703.03SCOBOX::WestbrooksTue Jul 28 1992Remote boot hangs 661
3704.01WELLIN::HARRINGTONTue Jul 28 1992Dataease and data corruption
3705.01BACHUS::FOLENSTue Jul 28 1992Delay factor/weight differences between pc & Vax
3706.0NANTES::FARNETue Jul 28 1992WINWORD 2.
3707.01--UnknownUser--Tue Jul 28 1992parallel print not working?
3708.06KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Jul 28 1992PATHWORKS in different languages
3709.02KYOA::GOLDTue Jul 28 1992connecting a remote PC
3710.02BIGRED::THOMPSONTue Jul 28 1992Router cards and print services???
3711.02GIDDAY::BURTTue Jul 28 1992Problems linking to Pathworks file from DECwrite
3712.03MSASW2::RaymondLau@msavcWed Jul 29 1992Desperately seeking Print solution
3713.02HTSC19::WILLIAMCHANWed Jul 29 1992Server hangs during xcopy
3714.03LSNCSC::BRAUNWed Jul 29 1992NETBIOS problems on the server
3715.05UTRTSC::HOSANGWed Jul 29 1992received message size doesn't match what's expected
3716.05ZPOVC::INDOWed Jul 29 1992Network drive error after exiting Windows
3719.02COLES1::BACHORWed Jul 29 1992MS-Windows and diskless PC's
3720.04CGOOA::BARNABEWed Jul 29 1992WIN3.1/PWDOS4.1+DMA CARDS!!!
3721.06WELLIN::WARBURTONWed Jul 29 1992LAST support of Multiple Groups
3722.03LVOVAX::FULLERWed Jul 29 1992PC hangs when printing with SNA TE
3723.01FPTVX1::CUSHMANWed Jul 29 1992Domain Name Server - YP
3725.03MIMS::MADDIREDDY_JWed Jul 29 1992Print over enhanced redirector to OS/2 server
3726.01GUIDUK::NORDYS::Conferencing-UserWed Jul 29 1992decwatch: how do I get a copy
3727.02TYSON::KURATAWed Jul 29 1992Help! XIRCOM and TCPIP doesn't work
3728.06ZPOVC::SEOWHURNThu Jul 30 1992Maximum number of NETbios session YET AGAIN !
3729.02KERNEL::LYDIATTSThu Jul 30 1992Missing Mail Messages
3730.03HGOSPS::TONYLIUThu Jul 30 1992PCDISK,virtual disk size problem
3731.03BIS1::BHP682::Jacques FORSTERThu Jul 30 1992Latest NDIS - NI651
3732.01XFMVThu Jul 30 1992novell application under pathworks
3733.04MINNY::PFISTERWThu Jul 30 1992product manager
3734.01LEMAN::GOLON::bezenconThu Jul 30 1992Decnet Programming
3735.010MIMS::SMITH_MThu Jul 30 1992bcast to nodename fails?
3736.02WR2FOR::SMALE_JOThu Jul 30 1992ndis/novel/pathworks
3737.01MAIL::HOLLINGSHEADThu Jul 30 1992served modem on serial port
3738.04RENFRO::POWELLThu Jul 30 1992SETHOST and CTRL-F9
3740.01MIMS::WRIGHT_RThu Jul 30 1992LAT to TTT Communications Problem
3741.0KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Jul 30 1992Script bug and sethost
3742.01MIMS::TOSCANO_CThu Jul 30 1992default record size
3743.02KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Jul 30 1992sethost /keyboard=
3745.07AUSSIE::NGFri Jul 31 1992Can one build PATHWORKS with minimum features
3746.012UTROP2::64545::CARPFri Jul 31 1992Notebook use in different (DECnet) areas?
3747.07SHIRE::WENGERFri Jul 31 1992Pathworks VMS (Netware) questions
3748.02ARRODS::HARDINGFri Jul 31 1992I need help to size Disk service only systems
3749.03MNATUR::LISTONFri Jul 31 1992How to physically locate PC on network?
3750.02TROOA::BALDOCKFri Jul 31 1992USE and Multicast Messages
3752.0BIS1::BHP682::Jacques FORSTERFri Jul 31 1992Strange isnt-it ?
3754.01FRSOLD::ROEDSZUSFri Jul 31 1992Windows & TTT?
3755.01KERNEL::SINCLAIRALFri Jul 31 1992Incorrect error message when connecting to LAT service
3756.01ALFHD2::ME2U::steidle_sFri Jul 31 1992DEMNA, Remote boot, NOT!
3757.02MIMS::SNIDER_BFri Jul 31 1992SETHOST with VT52!
3758.0ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGSat Aug 01 1992Help Carbon Copy with PW TCP/IP
3760.01EVTAI1::LESOTMon Aug 03 1992INFSVRRFR
3761.0HGOVC::THERESALOMon Aug 03 1992Pathworks 4.1 & Gateway/Ethertwist AT adaptor card
3762.02ROMMon Aug 03 1992Broadcast receiver
3763.01TAPE::LKLMon Aug 03 1992Nodenames that start with number prob?
3764.01PAOIS::LAZERGESMon Aug 03 1992DE1
3765.03HPSRAD::LUDWIGMon Aug 03 1992Install Pathworks v4.1 on VAXmate.
3767.01TOHOPE::WSAMon Aug 03 1992Can PC Sethost using LAT receive same ltaXXX port name assignment.
3768.05SUBWAY::TEDWARDSMon Aug 03 1992swop 3Comm tcp/ip with FTP TCP/IP
3769.04ZPOVC::KUMARMon Aug 03 1992Cabletron card & NDIS driver information
3770.01SEDTU7::MCMICHAELTue Aug 04 1992LAD Connections under MS Windows 3.1
3771.0HTSC19::WILLIAMCHANTue Aug 04 1992Overlapped printing
3772.01AUSSIE::NGTue Aug 04 1992ADMIN cli problem during 4.1 server installation
3773.012WARNUT::BANKSTTue Aug 04 1992IBM LAN Support co-exist on 8
3774.0MIMS::BURGESS_RTue Aug 04 1992Where are dianostics codes for DE1
3775.06RDOVAX::ROTHWELLTue Aug 04 1992Hp laser jet problem???
3776.05ARRODS::MORSESTue Aug 04 1992Password example help
3777.01KERNEL::SINCLAIRALTue Aug 04 1992DNNETH and DNP .
3778.02AQOPAS::CONEJO::GLOVERTue Aug 04 1992DO key problem in SETHOST on OS/2 server
3779.04MIMS::NUNEZ_PTue Aug 04 1992Server Opens READ-ONLY File w/READ+WRITE?
3780.02GIDDAY::RALLINGSTue Aug 04 1992Where PCFS Parameters Documented in V4.1
3781.02HTSC19::STEVENLAUWed Aug 05 1992Accounting for PATHWORKS user in Release 5.
3782.02HTSC19::KENNETHWed Aug 05 1992Lansess and Last questions?
3783.02MANENG::WHITHAMWed Aug 05 1992Supporting a Custom Network
3784.03ZURWed Aug 05 1992incorect redirector version
3785.01VAXRIO::SCHORWed Aug 05 1992use /exc
3786.0RIPPLE::VELIS_MAWed Aug 05 1992Mail Fails with Notify On
3787.01ALOSWS::HEIGHTWed Aug 05 1992Pathworks
3788.02ALOSWS::HEIGHTWed Aug 05 1992C Programs that come with Pathworks
3789.0PFSVAX::JMUSSERWed Aug 05 1992DE2
3790.0CAFEIN::POLAKOWSKIWed Aug 05 1992Copy of Several Hundred Files Crashes VAX
3791.06SUBWAY::LEEThu Aug 06 1992PC access modem pools on ds2
3792.04GUIDUK::STEBBINSThu Aug 06 1992LAN Manager 2.1a changes
3793.0ZPOVC::YEECHINThu Aug 06 1992Lotus problem with File Service...
3794.03LSNCSC::BRAUNThu Aug 06 1992COMPAQ/WD8
3795.0TAVThu Aug 06 1992Desqview once more !!!
3796.02WELLIN::HARRINGTONThu Aug 06 1992Service access problems - personal service
3797.01LSNCSC::BRAUNThu Aug 06 1992response timeout
3798.03DVLPThu Aug 06 1992Remote boot setup problems
3799.0HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGThu Aug 06 1992525
3800.013VAXRIO::ABREUThu Aug 06 1992RCV .. message is not shown correctly
3801.05OTOOA::AUBINThu Aug 06 1992MS-Windows Network Applications & Licenses
3802.0MIMS::SNIDER_BThu Aug 06 1992SETHOST Looses its Grip!
3803.014CAMONE::WAYThu Aug 06 1992Customer's Appl breaks after upgrade to PATHWORKS 4.1
3804.01ERLANG::ALAGAPPANThu Aug 06 1992dynamic network bindings
3805.03WKOLThu Aug 06 1992Microsoft Windows for Workgroups
3806.01SSPADE::STEERThu Aug 06 1992Accessing More information about LAT Services
3807.04LSNCSC::BRAUNFri Aug 07 1992SETHOST LAT/NET confusion ?
3808.0KAOFS::M_VALLEEFri Aug 07 1992sethost and keymap
3809.0DABEAN::B_ROSEFri Aug 07 1992Multiple PATHWORK setups
3810.01KAOTFri Aug 07 1992Dual stack and RCV doesn't work?
3811.0KAOFS::P_SAVOIEFri Aug 07 1992Pathworks access protected file on VMS server
3812.01DELNI::STACKFri Aug 07 1992Printing to DEClaser 25
3813.0POBOX::DECAPPFri Aug 07 1992No Current Drive Connections
3814.03QUABBI::"reilly@nsl.dec.com"Fri Aug 07 1992Drive not ready
3815.03KYOA::WINGSat Aug 08 1992Cannot connect to server...
3816.05OTOUSun Aug 09 1992Laserwriter and postscript - PCs and Macs
3817.05GIDDAY::ARTHURSun Aug 09 1992Slow printing from parellel port
3819.01ZURCMO::MURRAYMon Aug 10 1992Printing LARGE PS files from PATHWORKS
3820.06ROCHE::HUXTABLEMon Aug 10 1992Setup PATHWORKS over Token Ring?
3821.03ROCHE::HUXTABLEMon Aug 10 1992Memory on 32
3822.0ODIXIE::RICHARDSONMon Aug 10 1992landscape/ps printing problems from MSWORD
3823.03USCTR1::MREICHMon Aug 10 1992help document asynch connection?
3824.01CSC32::D_SLOUGHMon Aug 10 1992PC's LAT Server Name Changeable?
3825.04WIKI::PAGANOMon Aug 10 1992UCX and Cluster Alias
3826.02GALINA::SSMITHMon Aug 10 1992DECpc 32
3827.03VNABRW::HERRMANN_CTue Aug 11 19923com NFS 1.
3829.07LOOUTue Aug 11 1992USELIB with 4.1 and 5.
3830.03CSC32::S_ROCHFORDTue Aug 11 1992TCPware for VMS and PW/DOS
3831.01SHAWB2::ASHCROFTDTue Aug 11 1992Pathworks+Wordperfect+lps2
3832.01TRCOA::ANGUSTue Aug 11 1992TRMNLAXS - Client Server (CTI, RPC)
3833.01TOPTEN::MEIGHANTue Aug 11 1992Any hints on upgrading clients to 4.1 (from 4.
3834.05NYCITY::ELLIOTTTue Aug 11 1992LAT Service Circ Timer
3835.02BODRUM::DARUGERTue Aug 11 1992cc:MAIL LAN Connector
3836.04MIMS::LESSER_MTue Aug 11 1992Toshiba T44
3837.015SUBWAY::DERISETue Aug 11 1992tcp/ip: RFCs supported?
3838.03AIDEV::CHENTue Aug 11 1992Sharing ASCII files between PC, VMS, and Ultrix
3839.01HLFSTue Aug 11 1992intel,remoteboot
3840.0MIMS::LOKIETZ_STue Aug 11 1992VMS q mgr fails ==> server fails
3842.0KERNEL::COLOMBOWed Aug 12 1992pcfs_server s4.
3843.0VNABRW::SCHMALSTIEGWed Aug 12 1992Password and intruder or LGI_
3844.03NZOMIS::HOWARDWed Aug 12 1992RIPL booting with TCP/IP?
3845.02QUOIT1::SOUSAWed Aug 12 1992Failure during PATHWORKS V4.1 Startup
3846.03PANIC::63889::HopeWed Aug 12 1992LPS2
3847.0UPROAR::WATSONRWed Aug 12 1992Intrusion records - some ideas
3848.01KERNEL::SINCLAIRALWed Aug 12 1992Is NBDRV.EXE a v2.
3849.0QBUS::L_BAUERWed Aug 12 1992SEDT V4.1.
3850.01HGOVA::KIMWAHNGWed Aug 12 1992LAT Printer Problem
3851.02CANOVA::RUSSOWed Aug 12 1992Passing ARGUMENT to a DECnet-DOS object
3852.01WKOLWed Aug 12 1992HP laserjet III si on token ring
3853.03ICS::TOBINWed Aug 12 1992WOLLONGONG support
3854.01ICS::TOBINWed Aug 12 1992PC hang via BCAST/RCV
3855.01JULIET::DRUMMOND_ROWed Aug 12 1992WINRCV/MAILworks Notification
3856.02WKOLWed Aug 12 1992Maximum amount of convential memory with Pathworks
3857.03RLAV::MURPHYWed Aug 12 1992Pathworks async
3858.013DPDMAI::JONESDSWed Aug 12 1992Unstable with DNNETH
3859.0HGOSPS::TONYLIUThu Aug 13 1992512MB virtual disk access problem
3860.0COLA1::COLPC3::StalzThu Aug 13 1992Once more: IBM LAN support with DEPCA
3862.03CASEE::CARLILLThu Aug 13 1992MSCDEX causes DOS box problems?
3863.04BERNThu Aug 13 1992tcp/ip over asynchronous/synchronous, slip
3864.05HXOUThu Aug 13 1992Security Issue - Help Needed
3865.01DEMON::PANGAKISThu Aug 13 1992Null characters at end of PC file?
3867.04GVAThu Aug 13 1992ACL
3868.03UNITED::PCThu Aug 13 1992where do i get remote boot option in netsetup??
3869.03PTOSRT::FENTONThu Aug 13 1992SETHOST, MS Windows 3.1 & async DECnet
3870.01MIMS::STUBBS_AThu Aug 13 1992Pathworks 4.
3871.03MIMS::EBBITT_RThu Aug 13 1992TCP/IP and third part netbios applications
3872.01WR2FOR::SMALE_JOThu Aug 13 1992dos/ultrix/dat devices
3873.01GIDDAY::RALLINGSFri Aug 14 1992How To Change User Password On OS/2 Mail Server
3874.02HTSC19::WILLIAMCHANFri Aug 14 1992High Memory Area
3875.01IJSAPL::HUIJTSFri Aug 14 1992(Schneider & Koch) + NDIS = NoWork ?
3876.01WELLIN::HARRINGTONFri Aug 14 1992PCFS$CHARACTERISTIC - menu customisation
3877.03BDX64::GUISELINFri Aug 14 1992Progress and WSOCKETS.DLL TCP/IP ?
3878.0SEDOAS::DAVIES_GFri Aug 14 1992Listing network connections from Visual Basic
3879.02LSNCSC::BRAUNFri Aug 14 1992USE problem ?
3881.01MILPND::BACCARIFri Aug 14 1992Error 57 and C
3882.06MXOVFri Aug 14 1992Sethost, NVT132= ?? for Olivetti VGA (color or b/w) Monitor.
3883.02DACT18::MITCHELLFri Aug 14 1992LAT Trouble
3884.01MIMS::MADDIREDDY_JFri Aug 14 1992Invalid Service or Password
3885.01CHOVAX::EHRLICHFri Aug 14 1992How do I auto-install a version upgrade
3886.02CHOVAX::EHRLICHFri Aug 14 1992Many small server or one big server?
3887.04VIA::EISENBERGFri Aug 14 1992decnet programmers ref for TFA
3888.01PWRKS::RRICKFri Aug 14 1992Bad COM1 chip & Async Decnet ??'s
3889.01KAOFS::K_MAINSun Aug 16 1992DECram and PATHWORKS ??
3890.01UNITED::63826::Conferencing-UserMon Aug 17 1992LATCP ADD failing to pick up services?!
3891.04WOTVAX::MORRISONMon Aug 17 1992Windows for Work Group
3892.01MUNDIS::KERNMon Aug 17 1992HELP against CONVEX!
3893.012BFOMV::THERENDEENMon Aug 17 1992PATHWORKS, QEMM, SuperStor & Windows Configuration
3894.02MIMS::MADDIREDDY_JMon Aug 17 1992Printscreen on Enhanced redirector
3895.0TAINO::RUIZJMon Aug 17 1992Harvard Graphics and LA324 Part II
3896.02CSC32::J_FORRESTMon Aug 17 1992CTRL-Z added to file
3897.04RIPPLE::VELIS_MAMon Aug 17 1992Group Conferencing or BBS?
3898.0CGOOA::BARNABETue Aug 18 1992Please add to Win VT32
3899.02MUDIS3::FISCALTue Aug 18 1992Excel Q+E DB-driver Rdb
3900.016WAGGIS::SCHWYNTue Aug 18 1992DOS 6.
3901.08HGOVC::JONASLEUNGTue Aug 18 1992Maximum Pipeline Quota
3902.02FRUST::STEINMETZTue Aug 18 1992What is DECnet Phase IV Prime?
3903.03XFMVTue Aug 18 1992s/w downloading to DEcrouter using PC
3904.02AKOCOA::AKH136::FRANKLINTue Aug 18 1992USE and LOGON not working over ASYNC DECnet
3905.02THAMTue Aug 18 1992