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Conference 7.286::ufos

Notice:Keep Looking Up
Created:Tue May 31 1988
Last Modified:Thu May 29 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:272
Total number of notes:11071
Number with bodies:18
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1.031OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTTue May 31 1988Welcome to UFO notes !!
2.0194TWEED::TETZLOFFWed Jun 01 1988Books on UFO's
3.0763OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTWed Jun 01 1988UFO Sightings
4.0249HAMPS::MUNSON_PWed Jun 01 1988Roswell Incident
5.084SSDEVO::ACKLEYWed Jun 01 1988Channeled UFO communications
6.035MTWAIN::KLAESWed Jun 01 1988What Are UFOs?
7.078OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTWed Jun 01 1988Voluntary Introductions
8.01OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTThu Jun 02 1988Origin of the term "Flying Saucer"
9.0116OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTThu Jun 02 1988Friends or foe ?
10.0235IOSG::LANEThu Jun 02 1988UFO Evidence
11.054CURIUM::SHAHThu Jun 02 1988Atlantis
12.038LDYBUG::PAREThu Jun 02 1988Genetic Engineering by Aliens
13.0184NEXUS::DEVINSFri Jun 03 1988UFO Stealth/Secrecy
14.050CNTROL::HENRIKSONSun Jun 05 1988Wanna go for a ride?
16.0170OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTTue Jun 07 1988UFO Movies/Flicks
17.0125CIMNET::PIERSONWed Jun 08 1988IFO (Identified Flying Objects)
18.068DPDMAI::SCHOONOVERThu Jun 09 1988Other Weird Happenings !
19.06CIMNET::PIERSONThu Jun 09 1988Who should/shouldn't we read ?
20.06HPSTEK::VIAUThu Jun 09 1988Statistics, cyclic tendencies
21.036OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTThu Apr 12 1990Abductee Statistics
22.042TAVMon Jun 13 1988Assumptions *we* make on *them*
23.016TAVMon Jun 13 1988UFOs & time relativity
24.060EBBVMon Jun 13 1988Betty Hill
25.059SSDEVO::ACKLEYTue Jun 14 1988Cattle Mutilations
26.016LUNER::MMERCIERMon Apr 27 1992Strange object patrolling part of Amazon
27.025PBSVAX::COOPERThu Jun 16 1988Judging distance, size and velocity.
28.080COBRA::SANTUCCISat Jun 18 1988UFO Encounters
29.022TRNING::ALLERTONThu Jun 23 1988Jimmy Carter Issue
30.017SSDEVO::ACKLEYWed Jul 13 1988Never Quite Proof
31.042SSDEVO::ACKLEYWed Jul 20 1988
32.017SSDEVO::ACKLEYWed Jul 20 1988the Subjective UFO
33.0840MTWAIN::KLAESThu Jul 21 1988TV Documentaries/Films/Shows on UFOs
34.09OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTThu Apr 12 1990Why 'little' & 'green' ?
35.087OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTFri Jul 22 1988Bermuda Triangle
36.087TDCIS3::LECKFri Jul 22 1988The Philadelphia Experiment
37.026OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTThu Apr 12 1990UFO and alien dreams (nightmares)
38.09SSDEVO::ACKLEYTue Jul 26 1988The Men In Black; A UFO Myth
39.013TAVFri Aug 12 1988Thoughts about infinity
40.09SSDEVO::ACKLEYMon Aug 15 1988Plasmoids, Spirits and Energy Beings
41.03SSDEVO::ACKLEYSat Aug 27 1988dealing with "strangeness"
42.0282SHRBIZ::WAINEMon Aug 29 1988Mars (Face/Buildings/Life)
43.059THOTH::SIARTTue Aug 30 1988UFOs mentioned in Songs?
44.023LUNER::MMERCIERWed Apr 08 1992The Watchers
45.08MEDUSA::CLOUDWed Sep 28 1988Future visititation
46.034NEEPS::HALLFri Oct 07 1988Alien Intentions
47.07CIMNET::PIERSONFri Oct 21 1988Tunguska Event
48.03TINCUP::MICHAELFri Feb 21 1992Embassy for ETs?
49.077NEXUS::MORGANMon Nov 07 1988The Lear Files
50.013NEXUS::MORGANTue Nov 08 1988Personal Risks of the Third Kind
51.032COLThu Jan 23 1992News from NASA.....
52.07SSDEVO::ACKLEYSat Nov 26 1988A change of heart
53.040EMASS::VIAUWed Dec 14 1988Most people do not care.
54.045NEXUS::ENTLERFri Jan 13 1989Nuclear Waste in Space!
55.062OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTThu Apr 12 1990Missing Time
56.027OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTThu Feb 02 1989Eduard Meier - Swiss farmer ...
57.012JACOB::SULLIVANMon Feb 20 1989Aquatic U?Os
58.017NRADM::COLLETONTue Feb 21 1989Tabloids and UFO coverage
59.014JACOB::SULLIVANWed Feb 22 1989MUFON
60.084WMOIS::S_FIRMANIThu Feb 23 1989 Government/Military Covert Information
61.011WMOIS::S_FIRMANIWed Mar 01 1989Relevant or not?
62.042HDSRUS::BILLTue Mar 14 1989UFO Jokes/Humor
63.012SUNRIZ::JBONINWed Mar 15 1989Myth of the Thought Police
64.06--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 03 1992Messengers of Deception
65.016SSDEVO::ACKLEYMon Mar 20 1989Gyroscope Power?
66.07EXIT26::CONLEYWed Apr 19 1989My opinion on UFO's and alien visitors
67.010SSDEVO::ACKLEYWed May 10 1989Who Gains? Speculation Only!!
68.08RENOIR::KLAESThu May 25 1989The Drake Equation
69.05ASDG::SCARBOROUGHTue Dec 24 1991What if...
70.05LOWRID::KELLEYThu Jun 08 1989Project Blue Book
71.016PNEUMA::WILSONMon Jun 19 1989Radio Astronomy and Other Civilizations
72.049PNEUMA::WILSONThu Jul 20 1989The Actual Films & Photos of UFOs
73.093ABLE::CROSSNOThu Sep 07 1989Gulf Breeze
74.0136VCSESU::COOKMon Oct 09 1989TASS Reports UFO landing in USSR
75.014VCSESU::COOKTue Oct 10 1989Whitley Streiber and his 1-9
76.099PHAROS::WILSONWed Oct 11 1989Aliens as Subconscious Symbols?
77.093CSC32::MORGANWed Oct 11 1989A good-little alien miner?
78.013TRCOFri Nov 03 1989Phil Klass
79.030HKFINN::STANLEYFri Nov 17 1989Huge Wall of Galaxies Discovered
80.0104HPSMEG::BONOMOMon Nov 20 1989Articles from papers/magazines
81.08RENOIR::KLAESTue Dec 12 1989Celestial Relative Distance/Size Scale
82.0138OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTFri Mar 23 1990The UFO Conspiracy
83.066BACHUS::GALLOYFri Apr 20 1990Strange activity in the sky...
84.0818--UnknownUser--Thu Jun 14 1990Circular Evidence/Crop Circles
85.0101NIOMAX::LAINGThu Dec 26 1991Communication gap?
86.04SASE::CREEGANThu Nov 07 1991What Barry Goldwater said about UFOs (worth commenting)
87.016TFH::ANGELOTTIWed Oct 30 1991UFO Styles Thru the Centuries
88.053JANL::WILSONTue Oct 29 1991UFOs in Ancient Times
89.058OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTMon Apr 09 1990Tabloid Articles & Discussion
90.020VERGA::STANLEYMon Aug 26 1991The Rainbow Declaration and Human Destiny in the Cosmos
91.06VERGA::STANLEYThu Aug 22 1991object made of unknown metal or alloy found in Utah
92.069LASCPM::BARNETTEThu May 31 1990Practicality of space travel - a simple question
93.015--UnknownUser--Sun Jun 10 1990The Ptarmigan Project
94.095CLOSUS::TAVARESThu Jun 14 1990When Will We Know?
95.01CADSYS::COOPERTue Jun 26 1990Definitions of species (longer than I intended).
96.083--UnknownUser--Mon Jul 02 1990The Krill papers
97.08CIMNET::PIERSONTue Jul 10 1990Paranet
98.01DECNET::YAGUSICFri Aug 16 1991Info on Gravity/Magnetic Anomallies
99.020KETJE::ROBBENSThu Jul 12 1990BELGIUM UFO - serious discussion moved to note 154
100.0196KETJE::ROBBENSFri Jul 13 1990Belgium UFO confirmed - The AP Press Article
101.041VCSESU::COOKMon Jul 16 1990MJ-12/Majestic/Majic
102.010CSGThu Jul 26 1990UFO Expedition?
103.03HAMPS::PATTISON_MThu Aug 02 1990What is a Grey/Gray ?
104.074KAHALA::PRESTONFri Sep 07 1990Breakthrough Technology
105.0176--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 15 1990The End of the World
106.039OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTFri Sep 14 1990Ratholes and General BS Topic
107.010BUSY::DRAGTONWed Sep 19 1990Howard Blum
108.04SCOPE::PRESTONWed Sep 19 1990Obscure organizations note
109.053FSDEV4::LWAINEFri Sep 21 1990UFO Conferences/Conventions
110.069FRSCS::FRERICHWed Oct 10 1990UFO shootdown over Kalahari Desert
111.041ISLNDS::BERTRANDFri Oct 12 1990Area 51
112.05CECVMon Oct 15 1990Cloaking & Syncronicity
113.016FRSCS::FRERICHTue Oct 16 1990Conference Policy Discussion
114.025STAR::DIPIRROWed Oct 17 1990UFO Hoaxes
115.047--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 22 1990UFOs and the Astronauts.
116.033--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 22 1990Collective Panic
117.084--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 23 1990Where UFOs are from.
118.023--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 24 1990UFOs and the hollow earth.
119.09KEIKI::WHITESat Dec 08 1990South Atlantic Anomaly - Whatsit?
120.027SWAM3::DOTHARD_STMon Dec 10 1990Ramtha, knows invasions...
121.065CADSYS::COOPERThu Dec 13 1990Polarization and cooperation.
122.08CADSYS::COOPERThu Dec 13 1990A safe haven for experiences.
123.015CADSYS::COOPERThu Dec 13 1990SAFE HAVEN for ideas.
124.04CADSYS::COOPERFri Dec 14 1990Note to discuss the safe haven notes.
125.027ANNECY::HUMANTue Jan 22 1991The Resign Note
126.025NIOMAX::LAINGTue Feb 26 1991StarTrek episode FIRST CONTACT
127.031ODIXIE::SWANSONWed Apr 10 1991Back in the USSR
128.021SWAM1::DOTHARD_STTue May 21 1991Biblical - UFO Correspondences
129.010VERGA::STANLEYThu Jun 06 1991Ufos in China
130.08EXIT26::SAARINENMon Jun 10 1991Starry Beings Watching Over Us
131.027VCSESU::MOSHER::COOKTue Jun 18 1991Implants
132.010ACESMK::PAIGETue Jul 30 1991ufos and camcorders
133.021KETJE::ROBBENSWed Aug 07 1991Just another theory
134.0271DICKNS::STANLEYWed Feb 13 1991The Arena
135.0113TUNER::BROWNWed Nov 20 1991unknown object, slowly approaching
136.0196SWAM1::DOTHARD_STThu Apr 02 1992Aliens create Christ? Introducing RAEL!
137.013Tue Apr 28 1992Directories of UFOS
138.03--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 28 1992** Is something Missing Here? **
139.0CADSYS::COOPERTue May 12 1992Chinese UFO meeting.
140.01EARRTH::MMERCIERFri May 15 1992The New Boogie Man
141.01HEADER::STS_DFThu Jun 04 1992Mystery Document To Reside Here
142.02ZEKE::BOSTEELSFri Jun 12 1992Space Shuttle observes object.
143.04ORION::DONAHUEMon Jun 15 1992Raymond Fowler to speak
144.05TINCUP::MICHAELThu Jun 18 1992MIT Abductee Conference??
145.03SALEM::NEAULTMon Jul 06 1992"Who - What - Why
146.081MILKWY::TRANDOLPHMon Jul 06 1992Alien base of operations in California?
147.027COMICS::TALBOTTue Aug 04 1992Brain the size of a planet!
148.04AOHM::JACOBSMon Aug 10 1992Looking for UFO's in Pine Bush NY.
149.014TOLKIN::QUIRICIWed Aug 19 1992Bush announces aliens...
150.03265Wed Aug 26 1992NH MUFON UFO Conference Sept 13, 1992
151.021--UnknownUser--Tue Sep 01 1992BIZARRE
152.011PCOJCT::RYANTue Sep 08 1992
153.02PLOUGH::KINZELMANTue Sep 15 1992Amateur Radio UFO Nets
154.051VERGA::STANLEYWed Sep 16 1992Getting it together on planet Earth... :-)
155.03FORTY2::CADWALLADERMon Sep 21 1992Leaving this weeks, bye to all!
156.033CADSYS::COOPERThu Sep 24 1992Premonitions and Precognition.
157.02KAOFS::R_HOULEFri Oct 02 1992UFO's in Canada?
158.029YRAM::WILSONMon Oct 12 1992Dr. John Mack Interview
159.0125SALSA::MOELLERFri Oct 16 1992Abduction: Repressed Sexual Abuse?
160.042--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 19 1992SIGHTING
161.0328236::ZANELLAWed Oct 28 1992Post Dream Encounters
162.03KAOFS::R_HOULEThu Oct 29 1992Skylight in Cyprus
163.09STRECH::DONNELLANTue Nov 10 1992Meteor over Eastern Mass last night
164.013CADSYS::COOPERTue Nov 17 1992Skeptical interpretations.
166.09COMET::FARMERAFri Dec 18 1992Lunar Nazis!
167.0COMET::FARMERATue Dec 22 1992Happy Holidays!
168.04CXDOCS::TAVARESMon Dec 28 1992Far-Out Sarfatti
169.04VERGA::STANLEYMon Jan 11 1993Deep Space 9
170.012VXTST4::RANDOLPHWed Jan 13 1993NYC abduction case: fraud?
171.09STAR::YURYANThu Feb 04 1993Early NH MUFON Conf. '93 - info
172.023YRAM::WILSONFri Feb 05 1993One Light Year
173.011SWRRAT::RANDOLPHThu Feb 11 1993Mexican eclipse UFOs: July, 1991
174.07PAMSRC::635Mon Feb 15 1993Hackers seeking UFO secrets
175.0CADSYS::COOPERTue Mar 02 1993Sighting Rating System.
176.03ESBLAB::KINZELMANWed Mar 10 1993UFO Abduction Insurance available!
177.03--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 30 1993Aliens for sale
178.05ESBLAB::KINZELMANWed Mar 31 1993Gulf Breeze FL road trip
179.06TAVSat Apr 03 1993UFO's in the Holy Land
180.032CXDOCS::TAVARESMon Apr 12 1993Colorado Flap!
181.011CXDOCS::TAVARESFri Apr 16 1993Electronic Mind Control
182.02GLDOA::KATZWed May 05 1993Hard to believe any of this
183.01CADSYS::COOPERWed May 05 1993Canadian UFOs 1992
185.04GLDOA::KATZWed May 26 1993Phill Klass offer
186.019VERGA::STANLEYThu Jun 10 1993Unexplained signals from space...
187.023CXDOCS::TAVARESFri Jun 11 1993Ashtar, At Last!
188.028VERGA::STANLEYMon Jun 14 1993What if you were able to make actual physical contact?
189.0MKOTS3::ROBERTS_JWed Jun 16 1993Cross posted from internet
190.02DBOTMon Jun 28 1993white light at night
191.06MKOTS3::BROWNMon Jun 28 1993UFO picketers in Washington DC
192.01HWY61::BAECHTOLDTue Jul 06 1993Make Your Own UFO
193.06WCCLUB::BAGWELLTue Jul 27 1993UFO's On Radio
194.08SUBWAY::DAVIDSONThu Jul 29 1993Farewell
195.0MAYES::FRETTSFri Aug 06 1993Farewell friends...
196.06CXDOCS::TAVARESFri Aug 20 1993Comet Shoemaker-Levy
197.04CXDOCS::TAVARESMon Aug 23 1993Interview W/ Ed Dames (PSI TECH)
198.015JUPITR::LOMMETue Aug 24 1993Mars Observer
200.02MR4DEC::LBERMANFri Sep 10 1993Eisenhower and the alien?
201.0BGSDEV::LANGONEThu Sep 30 1993Anyone attend the recent UFO conference in Portsmouth, NH?
202.013PEKING::GERRYTFri Oct 01 1993Intelligent signals?
203.04SALEM::NEAULTThu Oct 07 1993UFO'S at Fatima
204.07CXDOCS::TAVARESTue Oct 12 1993Allagash Abductions
205.011HLDGFri Oct 22 1993What was it?
206.031USDEV::BLAISDELLMon Nov 08 1993Wilmington Ma. activity?
207.01COMET::MARGASONWed Nov 10 1993Delta Force increasing Alien Security?
208.05TPSYS::LAINGThu Nov 18 1993Agency/Organization to Report to?
209.08WELCLU::63854::lewisMon Nov 22 1993Dark stuff
210.08MR4DEC::LBERMANMon Nov 22 1993"Official Denial" review
211.0CXDOCS::TAVARESFri Dec 03 1993The UFO Guide
212.010GVAMon Dec 20 1993What was it?
213.02VERGA::KLAESWed Dec 22 1993Hessdalen Phenomena
214.037OTOOA::ESKICIOGLUWed Jan 05 1994Noah's Ark
215.0CIMCAD::PIERSONSun Jan 09 1994News from Japan
216.01SEDOAS::MILLER_NWed Jan 12 1994Did anyone video this? (UK)
217.03ODIXIE::CERASOMon Jan 17 1994Stanton Friedman on radio
218.09EARRTH::MMERCIERFri Jan 21 1994Sighting at Clinton Mass.
219.03WECARE::BOURGOINEWed Feb 09 1994Beit Bridge Encounter:
220.037MKOTS3::LANGLOISMon Feb 21 1994UFO show on FOX TV
221.033KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Feb 21 1994weird occurences in CA
222.041GLDOA::KATZFri Mar 04 1994First Contact
223.0117531::LYLEFri Mar 18 1994Where's Bigfoot?
224.06LIBMV3::OP_SCMon Mar 21 1994GIF files anyone?
225.04TRACTR::SAPPTue Mar 22 1994Dr Bruce Depalma
226.030GUCCI::OXBERGERTue Mar 22 1994More on Mack's "Abductions"
227.02WMOIS::LEMIRE_DTue Mar 29 1994Omni blowing the cover up issue?
228.02--UnknownUser--Mon Apr 11 1994Fire Officer's Guide to Disaster Control.
230.04ILLUSN::SORNSONMon Apr 25 1994Close encounters of a disgusting kind (F.I.T.S related)
231.02METALX::SWANSONTue Apr 26 19943 new planets found?
232.01BGSDEV::LANGONETue May 31 1994UFO Conf. in September?
233.02STAR::YURYANThu Jun 09 1994NH STATE MUFON Mtg, June 19, Portsmouth
234.011CSC32::J_SANDOVALFri Jun 10 1994Government Coverup !! Why?
235.05KAOS::STOLLSat Jun 18 1994Meteorite??
236.03TRUCKS::GOREWed Jun 29 1994UFO clubs?
237.044Thu Jun 30 1994Who are the Malacarias? What/Where/When/etc
238.017FCCVDE::KLIMASEWSKIMon Jul 25 1994ROSWELL, the MOVIE? When?
239.03WECARE::BOURGOINEFri Aug 12 1994Keene NH???
240.0BGSDEV::LANGONEFri Sep 30 1994I attended the '94 NH MUFON Conference
241.0BGSDEV::LANGONEFri Sep 30 1994Article on UFO's in New Hampshire Premier Mag.
243.07ARRODS::WHITAKERTue Nov 29 1994HORIZON Program
244.0STAR::DIPIRROTue Jan 03 1995Light in the sky
245.016DNEAST::DUVAL_GEORGETue Feb 07 1995Close encounters in MAine
246.012DNEAST::DUVAL_GEORGEWed Feb 22 1995Post abduction diseases?
247.08POLAR::KFICZEREWed Mar 01 1995X-FILES
248.02SNOFS2::ROBERTSONWed Jun 07 1995still looking despite search results
249.01FILTON::BIRD_CTue Jul 18 1995Roswell film this summer??
251.082HANDVC::STEVELIUTue Aug 22 1995UFO mystery disclosure
252.0REPAIR::TRIMMINGSTue Aug 29 1995Fire In The Sky.
253.06CSSREG::BROWNFri Sep 15 1995viewer's guide to the autopsy film
254.0CSSREG::BROWNThu Sep 21 1995More on the Walton Abduction Story (long file)
255.0CSSREG::BROWNThu Sep 21 1995CSETI and the Mexico City Events (long file)
256.0CSSREG::BROWNThu Sep 21 1995An Interesting and Unusual Thought on UFOs and ETI
257.01AQUTue Sep 26 1995Moving Stones
258.03LUDWIG::FARINASat Dec 02 1995Questions about Abductions.
260.025BASLG1::BADMANJThu Jan 18 1996Life-bearing planets discovered...
261.02037922::BOURGOINESat Jan 20 1996New Ipswich sighting (??)
262.04937922::BOURGOINETue Feb 06 1996Fear??
263.06SUBSYS::BURQUEMon Feb 12 1996Nova show on Abductions
264.05POLAR::VANHOORNWed Mar 20 1996Sighting near Pembroke Ontario
265.05METALX::SWANSONMon Jun 17 1996El Chupacabra
266.0SUBSYS::BEAUSOLEILMon Jul 08 1996Any updates?
267.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Jul 10 1996time travel
268.03CSC32::J_RABKEFri Jul 26 1996Nebraska Crop Circle
269.011SCASS1::SHOOKMon Jul 29 1996Topless Alien???
270.01CHEFS::MALSKIDWed Oct 30 1996Warminster:UKs answer to Area 51???
271.0+5METALX::SWANSONTue Dec 03 1996Object following Hale Bopp
272.0 *+15ACISS2::WOLFFri Mar 07 1997Recent N.E. sightings?