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Conference noted::pcsav2

Title:PCSA Notes Conference Volume 2
Notice:Write-locked, please use NOTED::PWDOSWINV5
Created:Mon Dec 04 1989
Last Modified:Mon Jul 18 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:5156
Total number of notes:19326
Number with bodies:0
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1.05MOSAIC::LICHTENBERGMon Dec 04 1989PCSA Conference Information
2.0136MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989Users of this Conference
3.02MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989PCSA Kit Availablity and Ordering Information
4.07MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989Official List of Product Managers
5.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989Proper Methods of Getting Support
6.06MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989Online PCSA Documentation
7.05--UnknownUser--Mon Dec 04 1989Related Conferences
8.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989Tips on Searching Notesfiles
9.013MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989DECnet PCSA SPDs and SSAs
10.02MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989Directory Listing Note
11.01MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989Keyword Listing Note
12.03MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989Public Tools Directory
13.01MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989Troubleshooting Tips and Procedures
14.030MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989PC Related Job Opportunities
15.026MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989PCSA V3.
16.011MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989PCSA Unload and Memory Utilties
17.012MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989SHOW -- PCSA and DOS Information Tool
18.02MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989DECnet PCSA Error Mappings
19.01MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989What Remote Boot Numbers Really Mean
20.019MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989USE Programmer's Library
21.05MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989PC Interoperability Guide
22.020MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989PrintScreen Utility Available
23.04MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989PCSA V3.
24.010MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989Messages from Product Management
25.01MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989EtherWORKS CHKROM.SYS -- Workaround for Warm Boot
26.02MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989PCSA Training Information
27.01MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989CIS/EIC Application Design Resource
28.09MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989Network Activity Clicker (CLICK.COM)
29.011MRMIPS::LichtenbergMon Feb 18 1991NDIS Configuration Cheat-Sheets
30.010MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989PCSA V4.
31.01MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989Installing NDIS Drivers with PCSA V4.
32.02MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989Top 1
33.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989[reserved]
34.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989[reserved]
35.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989[reserved]
36.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989[reserved]
37.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989[reserved]
38.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989[reserved]
39.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989[reserved]
40.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989[reserved]
41.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989[reserved]
42.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989[reserved]
43.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989[reserved]
44.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989[reserved]
45.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989[reserved]
46.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989[reserved]
47.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989[reserved]
48.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989[reserved]
49.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989[reserved]
50.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989[reserved]
51.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989[reserved]
52.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989[reserved]
53.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989[reserved]
54.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989[reserved]
55.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989[reserved]
56.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989[reserved]
57.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989[reserved]
58.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989[reserved]
59.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989[reserved]
60.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989[reserved]
61.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989[reserved]
62.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989[reserved]
63.0MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989[reserved]
64.019MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 04 1989DECMOUSE
65.01SNOCMon Dec 04 1989[not reserved :-)]
66.01NEWVAX::SGRIFFINMon Dec 04 1989What about DECnet-DOS customers?
67.011NZOVMon Dec 04 1989More performance info required
68.02BREAKR::UDICKTue Dec 05 1989NET DISK Services - Session Open Rejected
69.05BREAKR::UDICKTue Dec 05 1989BAT files for PCSA management from the PC
70.03MLNCSC::LANCELLOTTITue Dec 05 1989Windows/386 and Mouse Support
71.09BDYSRF::UDICKTue Dec 05 1989Net Univ Request
72.01RAVEN1::TIMMONSTue Dec 05 1989VAXmate SETHOST print problem
73.03BDYSRF::UDICKTue Dec 05 1989SETHOST over T-1
74.01FSTRCK::TAYLORTue Dec 05 1989Use /v/show error.
75.04SKYWAY::STUKERTue Dec 05 1989Accounting
76.01SKYWAY::STUKERTue Dec 05 19894x34
77.0PANIC::HOLDERWed Dec 06 1989PCLAN 31
78.06MALLET::BATESWed Dec 06 1989Network transfer rate
79.05CSGWed Dec 06 1989LA75 fades to white - some companion
80.01KAOOWed Dec 06 19893COM2 alternate?
81.02BACHUS::SASWed Dec 06 1989copy to file server
82.04ATLV5::SAKOVICH_AWed Dec 06 1989PC Mag Reviews LANserver 31
83.02GALLOP::SHARKEYAWed Dec 06 1989USE bug or feature ?
84.04CSCOA3::CURLE_AWed Dec 06 1989RMS-W-RTB error using PCDISK IMPORT
85.013FIXSOR::WHITTINGTONWed Dec 06 19893Com 3C5
86.02SUBWAY::TEMINWed Dec 06 1989DEPCA REV F
89.01FSTRCK::TAYLORThu Dec 07 1989fcb's
90.0ELWOOD::BOONEThu Dec 07 1989Logical mapping of COM2 to SPP
91.08ASABET::K_HAMILTONThu Dec 07 1989Edit problem with new PCSA software
92.08SKYWAY::STUKERThu Dec 07 1989Installation Time Estimates?
93.013COPCLU::JESPERThu Dec 07 1989PCFS_SERVER eats the VAX
94.08UBOHUB::HOBBS_CFri Dec 08 1989Windows/386 and Remote Boot
95.0RAINBO::HARRISFri Dec 08 1989DVN Broadcast on PCSA V3.
96.021GLIND1::VALASEKFri Dec 08 1989Config_extra_mem question
97.06THEBAY::BOSWELLBRFri Dec 08 1989VAXmate, LN
98.016CHOVAX::JVANWINKLEFri Dec 08 1989PCSA 2.1 and VMS secondary passwords
99.0RTPSWS::DAVISSat Dec 09 1989Oracle and SQL Net ref?
100.07MQOASun Dec 10 1989Moving PCSA$SYSTEM_CONTAINER
101.07GIDDAY::OMELEYSun Dec 10 1989Manipulating COM1.... questions.
102.01COPCLU::HESSELBERGMon Dec 11 1989SAA-support???
103.05GIDDAY::CANTLONMon Dec 11 1989VT32
104.05COLLEX::SCARBOROMon Dec 11 1989LANCE controller support
106.01USEM::HONERMon Dec 11 1989Disappearing PArtition
107.03MUSKIE::ROLINGMon Dec 11 1989DEPCA's and EMS boards
108.06MUSKIE::ROLINGMon Dec 11 19898
109.04NOBHIL::CLARK_ROTue Dec 12 1989Accessing PCSA from a program
111.02PEARS::STEINMETZTue Dec 12 1989FTP Software and TCP/IP
112.02COMICS::COLOMBOTue Dec 12 1989NETBIOS and AFE
113.0COMICS::MOORETue Dec 12 1989Cure for Can't open ACF file
114.01HSOMAI::SPARKSTue Dec 12 1989Sixel, LN
115.06GIDDAY::CANTLONTue Dec 12 1989SCH and keyboard problems
116.012GIDDAY::CANTLONTue Dec 12 1989LASTCP OK, LAD service not offered...
117.016CACIQE::RUIZJTue Dec 12 1989PC'S XT AND LK25
118.07OTOOTue Dec 12 1989Heterogenous Cluster Configuration
120.04GIDDAY::HUMMERSTONTue Dec 12 1989International PCSA Demo system
121.03SNOCTue Dec 12 1989mounting user disks
122.02CSOA1::CUNNINGHAMWed Dec 13 1989V3.
123.02GIDDAY::OMELEYWed Dec 13 1989Server process corrupting memory
124.04ZPOVWed Dec 13 1989Novell LAN and PS/2 Issues
125.011DYO78Wed Dec 13 1989PCSA V2.2 and Zenith 248 1.2M Floppy Problems
126.01FENNEL::BOEHMWed Dec 13 1989V3.
127.0GALLOP::SHARKEYAWed Dec 13 1989EasyEdit and PCMAIL and Message router
128.03OSLWed Dec 13 1989FRB from 3 1/2 diskette???
129.03SUBWAY::MONASCHWed Dec 13 1989PC DECwindows - Ultrix
130.09OTOUWed Dec 13 1989PCSA Ultrix File Server
132.05TRCAWed Dec 13 1989Oracle and PCSA together
133.0MAMTS2::VCARUSOWed Dec 13 1989Keyboard Overlays For Sethost.exe
134.03GIDDAY::OMELEYThu Dec 14 1989BADIRECTORY on files under PCFS_SERVER control
135.07MLNCSC::LANCELLOTTIThu Dec 14 1989HP Vectra and v2.2
136.05KERNEL::COLOMBOThu Dec 14 1989GRANT/GROUP=??????
137.02TRCOThu Dec 14 1989NETBIOS Problem with PCSA V3.
138.01CSC32::KURTThu Dec 14 1989Are RZ55 SCSI disks supported?
139.05CSCOA3::NICHOLSON_SThu Dec 14 1989Com files and the MENU ???
140.02BRSSWS::SASFri Dec 15 1989Keyboard Mapping with VT32
141.08HGOVC::ANTHONYCHUNGFri Dec 15 1989Can VS31
142.06ACTORS::SCOTTFri Dec 15 1989Windows/386 and PC-DECwindows
144.01FSAEUR::RYEFri Dec 15 1989Spurrious characters after V2.2 upgrade
146.03WR1FOR::BROOKS_ALFri Dec 15 1989Need help
147.02RAINBO::GIOKASFri Dec 15 1989PC DECwindows V2.
148.03HGSWMon Dec 18 1989FAL as TSR ?
149.05HGOVC::ANTHONYCHUNGMon Dec 18 1989NETTIME problem - Invalid protocal negotiated
150.06TAVMon Dec 18 1989Remaining links and other problems in PCSA V3.
151.01BRICHS::BARKER_EMon Dec 18 1989Cluster-wide PCSA/NCP setup
152.01CTOAVX::RJONESMon Dec 18 1989VAXMATE - Printer Question
153.01MOSAIC::LORDMon Dec 18 1989USE Programmer's Library?
154.05NANOOK::LEBELMon Dec 18 1989Is V3.
155.011HOTAIR::TIDWELLMon Dec 18 1989PCSA and LAT?
156.04DAVE::MITTONMon Dec 18 1989Positive PCSA V3.
157.01MSDOA::COPPOCKTue Dec 19 1989Paradise VGA with DEPCA
158.02TRNING::BARFIELDTue Dec 19 1989external 3.5 drive for vaxmate
159.09HOO78C::BATSTue Dec 19 1989Invisible RAM Manager for Shadow RAM
160.08PANIC::BLACKWELLTue Dec 19 1989PC Ethernet Boards onto UTP
161.0CUPCSG::FRITZTue Dec 19 1989ASCII files available for V.3.
162.014CANYON::GURALNIKTue Dec 19 198916-bit VGA and DEPCA???
163.012GIDDAY::KOTue Dec 19 1989PCMAIL messages over X.25 network
164.07TSCVM::LEONHARDWed Dec 20 1989postscript queues and generic queues
165.02RAINBO::WONGWed Dec 20 1989Bug in DEPCA-F(1,2,3) ROM
166.013RAMIUS::HAYESThu Dec 21 1989Alisashare+PCSA Concurrent Foxbase Access - why not?
167.02GLIND1::VALASEKThu Dec 21 1989UB NIUpc driver ?! developed ?
168.02NWDThu Dec 21 1989Dell PC PCSA Support
169.03WR1FOR::BROOKS_ALThu Dec 21 1989S/W performance
170.01GUIDUK::STEBBINSThu Dec 21 1989dBASE III+ PRINT; must QUIT to complete?
171.01TKTV2Fri Dec 22 1989Do key donen't work.!? vt32
172.01UTRTSC::ANBEEKFri Dec 22 1989Is pcsa v2.2 docs on the network ??????
173.07UTRTSC::BARENDREGTFri Dec 22 1989net print /delete problem
175.06SUBWAY::TEMINFri Dec 22 1989PCSA 2.1 --> 3.
176.0PTOMV4::GLASSFORDFri Dec 22 1989Problem with PCSA and DSA disk failover.
177.0CTOAVX::JENNINGSFri Dec 22 1989Western Digital Ethernet Card ???'s
178.05IAMOK::ROSENBERGSat Dec 23 1989Problem w/VAXmate and Scholar modem
179.01TAVMVC::SYSTEMTue Dec 26 1989How many clients on 642
180.01CSCOA5::CURLE_ATue Dec 26 1989Location of the RSM$ISL_SERVER.EXE patch/image
181.02PRCSWS::HENRYKONGWed Dec 27 1989Materials on PCSA v2.1 wanted
182.04BREAKR::BUDZOWSKIWed Dec 27 1989Z-248 W/1
183.02CACIQE::RUIZJWed Dec 27 1989PCMAIL/X4
185.010WAV12::STEINHARTWed Dec 27 1989DEMM.SYS & PCSA V3.
186.04MSDSWS::NADAMSThu Dec 28 1989decstation keyboard mapping
187.01CSOA1::SMARACKOThu Dec 28 1989Error reading drive E
188.01NEWVAX::CAPUTOThu Dec 28 1989PCSA V3 questions/problems
189.02GIDDAY::OMELEYThu Dec 28 1989Large Directories and PCSA V2.2... recommendations ?
190.02ZPOVFri Dec 29 1989MS-Window Issues
191.03MORONI::THOMSONFri Dec 29 1989V2.2 Remote Boot Hangs between .8, .9
192.02GLDOA::WESTBROOKSSat Dec 30 1989Single Remote Boot Disk Doesn't
193.04TAVMVC::SYSTEMSun Dec 31 1989decnetdos 3.
194.04TAVIS::RONYSun Dec 31 1989Installation on VAX 632
196.02GIDDAY::OMELEYTue Jan 02 1990TFA remote file access problems.
197.010HGOVC::SUSANCHANTue Jan 02 1990Client VAXmate V2.2->V3.
198.04PRCSWS::ALEXCHUTue Jan 02 19903COM-VAX
199.08EEMELI::TUURITue Jan 02 1990VMS Services for PCs and VMS 5.3?
200.01HGOVC::LILLIANTANGTue Jan 02 1990Plotters and non-digital printers
201.01GALLOP::SHARKEYATue Jan 02 1990DOSLOAD hangs on me
202.05SHALOT::WEIRTue Jan 02 1990Windows 386 Mouse driver
203.03BUDDRY::KILEYTue Jan 02 1990Did v3.
204.03ATLV5::SAKOVICH_ATue Jan 02 1990Interesting HELPLIB on PCLS 31
205.05WARNUT::TYASWed Jan 03 1990DWDOS386 on DECstation?
206.02GALLOP::SHARKEYAWed Jan 03 199032Kb mode hang ?
207.06TRNING::BARFIELDWed Jan 03 1990smartdrv.sys and himem.sys
208.03BRSSWS::VANTUYKOMWed Jan 03 1990DOSLOAD fails after second try
209.03WR1FOR::BROOKS_ALWed Jan 03 1990Unsupported PCs Work?
210.04OTOOWed Jan 03 1990LK25
211.02ECGLD1::SARKOZYWed Jan 03 1990START DISK set request failed ?
212.013GLDOA::MORRISONWed Jan 03 1990LANmanager 2.
213.05POBOX::DIDATOThu Jan 04 1990Memory allocation error
214.02MDRThu Jan 04 1990PS/2,LN
215.02RIPPLE::KOTTERRIThu Jan 04 1990Word Perfect and LA21
217.01MAIL::WHITEThu Jan 04 1990AT&T 6286 will it work?
218.04KIPPIS::BACKSTROMThu Jan 04 1990PCFS$SERVER application ACls: What? Why?
219.06KIPPIS::BACKSTROMThu Jan 04 1990File server UIC protection propagation
220.04GLORY::TOKARThu Jan 04 1990Sanity check for 3.
221.02CSOA1::MCKENNAFri Jan 05 1990PS2-5
222.01CGOSFri Jan 05 1990PCSA V3.
223.01MAIL::HAYDENFri Jan 05 1990Is broadband still supported?
224.03ATLV5::SAKOVICH_AFri Jan 05 1990 Kermit works w/ PCSA NetBios!
226.05SKYWAY::TSCHECHTELINSun Jan 07 1990Problem to print from Windows App since Redir 3.
227.06TAVMVC::SYSTEMSun Jan 07 1990PHONE utiltity for pcsa available in TAVMVC
228.07MSAMMon Jan 08 1990Cluster alias and LAD disks
229.02SRFSUP::HANNANMon Jan 08 1990Grant, read-only directory?
230.03SUBWAY::GARDELLAMon Jan 08 1990COMPAQ Diagnostics Lock PC w/DEPCA F-
231.01BIGRED::KARENMon Jan 08 1990What VMS process owns VIRTUAL DISKS open files?
232.02BRICHS::BARKER_EMon Jan 08 1990NETBIOS & RMS Record Locking
233.06EST::TOUYSSERKANIMon Jan 08 1990Can't see the network when I spawn
234.07CLOVE::BOEHMMon Jan 08 1990shut off pcmail
235.02GLORY::KATZMon Jan 08 1990Training?
236.01CAADC::PMWVESTUTOMon Jan 08 1990PC DECWindows White Paper
237.08LAIDBK::SCHNEIDERMon Jan 08 1990network kits soon?
238.02A12::VOGELMon Jan 08 1990Reverse LAT with DS5
241.04VNABRW::BOTEKTue Jan 09 1990What does "NOSEMI" do?
242.04VNABRW::BOTEKTue Jan 09 1990Remote Boot Problems!
243.02DUBTue Jan 09 1990upgrade pclan server
244.06GALLOP::SHARKEYATue Jan 09 1990A suggestion for install
245.03PRSUD1::CEGALERBATue Jan 09 1990NETBIOS error 17 (name deleted)
246.03CURIE::NEWMANTue Jan 09 1990Problems installing PCSA2.2/Server -- doesn't do LAD
247.01CSC32::B_PROCTORTue Jan 09 1990PCFS_SERVER takes over CPU periodically
248.03GRANPA::MCARDYTue Jan 09 1990SQL hook inot RdB?
249.03BDYSRF::SYSTEMTue Jan 09 1990NET Dismount
250.03SUBWAY::GARDELLATue Jan 09 19902.
251.01BDYSRF::SYSTEMTue Jan 09 1990Update PC LANserver Ver 1 to Ver 3.
252.01GIDDAY::HUMMERSTONTue Jan 09 1990Doc files with shorter names?
253.01GIDDAY::HUMMERSTONTue Jan 09 1990EMSSPEED error
254.01DUBWed Jan 10 1990Does Broadcast work on Vaxmate?
256.01CTOAVX::JENNINGSWed Jan 10 1990Print Queue Contention ?
257.0BREAKR::BUDZOWSKIWed Jan 10 1990HP NewWave & AdvanceMail vs DEC
258.0CSOA1::CARLOTTIWed Jan 10 1990PC LAN to IBM bi-sync questions...
259.06CRACKR::SYSTEMWed Jan 10 1990SET HOST
260.0CURIE::NEWMANWed Jan 10 1990When installing DOS on server|Net error: session aborted
261.04BERFS3::RAUFMANNThu Jan 11 1990Mount. LAD-Disk crash. Server
263.06MEIS::FERRANTEThu Jan 11 1990VAXmate and SCSI controller. Possible ??
264.02CSCOA5::PRICE_DThu Jan 11 1990Hard disk being overwritten by LADDRV.SYS
265.02BDYSRF::SYSTEMThu Jan 11 1990How do we offer FAX to the PC Users
267.04TROAThu Jan 11 1990KERMIT file vs PCSA files
268.04UTRTSC::ANBEEKFri Jan 12 1990PC-DECwindows with a LAT-window availablility
269.07DASXPS::DREWNIAKFri Jan 12 1990Colorize a VAXmate.
270.016MAIL::WHITEFri Jan 12 1990Clustered PCSA
271.07RIPPLE::BAUER_MAFri Jan 12 1990PCSA Benchmark Testing
272.01MANUEL::MATTHEWSFri Jan 12 1990PS2 Memory manager
273.01GUEMUS::SASLOW_STFri Jan 12 1990Heard of RAF???????
274.05MANMMon Jan 15 1990No Print Service
276.01STKHLM::WETTERBERGMon Jan 15 1990sethost and local print via com1:
277.01FILTON::BARKER_EMon Jan 15 1990Problems copying between file services
278.02SAC::STRICKLAND_MMon Jan 15 1990PC-FOCUS NETBIOS problem
279.03--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 15 1990ERROR WITH GBLPAGES COMMAND LINE ??
280.06ZHSSMon Jan 15 1990PCFS and (to) many directory levels
281.01VANDAL::FRYTue Jan 16 1990 PC dialup protocol?
282.02GALLOP::SHARKEYATue Jan 16 1990anyone seen a bug in XCOPY /S ?
283.017IBEEAM::GENIUSTue Jan 16 1990PCSA 3.
284.04GALLOP::SHARKEYATue Jan 16 1990VMS NetBios Specs ?
285.02MANMTue Jan 16 1990SUSPEND SESSION problem
287.012DEMOAX::KUHLTue Jan 16 1990Compaq and HImem.sys
288.01DEMOAX::KUHLTue Jan 16 1990V3.
289.06YUPPY::HOLDERRTue Jan 16 1990Ethernet Packet Headers
290.09BREAKR::UDICKWed Jan 17 1990Why is PC LANSERVER still ver 2.2
291.01GBIWed Jan 17 1990Shared files and PCSA
292.01NEEPS::IRVINEWed Jan 17 1990Spin up probs on Vaxmate (rd32)
294.02UTRTSC::ANBEEKThu Jan 18 1990PC-decwindows and screen caputure program manual
295.02TRNOIS::ANDERNELLOThu Jan 18 1990pcsa 3.
296.0TRNOIS::ANDERNELLOThu Jan 18 1990PCSA 2.2 AND 132 MODE
298.0PAPITU::VAXNOTESThu Jan 18 1990RRD5
299.01BRSTR1::SCHOOFSThu Jan 18 199032K Secondary and remote boot
300.05SCCAT::DICKEYThu Jan 18 1990PC's hanging at random.
301.01NUTMEG::ROOSAThu Jan 18 1990A good Windows Term. Emulator
302.01PAPITU::VAXNOTESThu Jan 18 1990RRD5
303.03CHGVThu Jan 18 1990LAD_START crashes system
304.03GUCCI::RJENKINSThu Jan 18 1990postscript document splits when printing via pcsa
305.08DACT6::MITCHELLThu Jan 18 1990Custom Spawner
306.021CSOA1::CUNNINGHAMFri Jan 19 1990Pop-up mail notification.
307.0COLLEX::SCARBOROFri Jan 19 1990Printing Postscript files from File Service
308.01JUMBLY::BEAUMONTFri Jan 19 1990HELP..Ext mem on Vaxmate
310.0PHOTON::LichtenbergFri Jan 19 1990Announcing Notestuff, the REAL PC Notes!
311.0HGOVC::ANDREWWAITESFri Jan 19 1990Logging Management Functions
312.05BREAKR::UDICKSat Jan 20 1990Check for net availability.
313.04BREAKR::UDICKSat Jan 20 1990PIM's in use. LOTUS VAXnotes.
314.0BREAKR::UDICKSat Jan 20 1990Number of users on ...
315.06CSOA1::CUNNINGHAMMon Jan 22 1990LAN Manager/NOVELL
316.0ZPOVMon Jan 22 1990Banyan support for VAX
317.03WELLIN::SYSTEMMon Jan 22 1990KEYB problem on PS/2 55sx when Loading hi
318.01STKHLM::WETTERBERGMon Jan 22 1990rwscs wait state for pcfs_server process
319.05YUPPY::HOLDERRMon Jan 22 1990PCSA and Security
320.03CTOAVX::JENNINGSMon Jan 22 1990Disk Services >3
321.01NEEPS::IRVINEMon Jan 22 1990Remote Boot Failures
322.03PIPA::TOUYSSERKANIMon Jan 22 1990file service limitation?
323.06MORONI::THOMSONMon Jan 22 1990PCSA - created files without STREAM attribute?
325.01SIEVAX::WATTONTue Jan 23 1990PCSA under non-Microsoft DOS's
326.0SIOG::FITZMAURICETue Jan 23 1990VAXmate MS-DOS TYPE command ?
327.01VAOUTue Jan 23 1990PCSA V2.2 and 32k mode expected behaviour question
328.0NEEPS::NORRIETue Jan 23 1990PCSA & expired passwords
329.012DENVER::MEDAUGHTue Jan 23 1990File corruption using dBase, PCSA 3.
330.012NCBDVX::HOHMDTue Jan 23 1990Western Digital/PCSA V3.
331.03CANYON::HOMYAKTue Jan 23 1990Help-->PCSA+QEMM=Problems
332.01SUBWAY::BENJAMINTue Jan 23 1990PCFS$SPOOL Search List?
333.03RIPPLE::BAUER_MATue Jan 23 1990PCSA Supported PC Applications
334.07MXOVTue Jan 23 1990asynchronous communication
335.0EIGER::HUESLERWed Jan 24 1990SDLC card I*M TE327
336.04SUBWAY::GARDELLAWed Jan 24 1990WHO GETS IRQ5???
337.05SUBWAY::DLYONSWed Jan 24 1990Compaq 386, QEMM, VGA, E
338.05KAOFS::N_MARTELWed Jan 24 1990Slow remote boot with COMPAQ 386
339.01SUBWAY::BENJAMINWed Jan 24 1990Looking for PCFS Error Log Messages List
340.06BREAKR::UDICKWed Jan 24 1990SETHOST to ULTRIX - VI Editor
341.04HSOMAI::MORNINGWed Jan 24 1990Sethost with script probs!?
342.02GLORY::SHIVESWed Jan 24 1990throughput of transfers
343.03MQOPWed Jan 24 1990PCSA 3.
344.05OTOOWed Jan 24 1990QMS POSTSCRIPT and PCSA
346.02FSADMN::CARZELLThu Jan 25 19901
347.020MEIS::FERRANTEThu Jan 25 1990PCSA V3 and QEMM and system hangs
348.04BREAKR::BUDZOWSKIThu Jan 25 1990FTP's or other TCP/IP w/PCSA?
349.07BREAKR::UDICKThu Jan 25 1990Midnight Code --> Product ?
350.0BREAKR::UDICKThu Jan 25 1990Compaq SLT 286 --> LIM 4.
351.05TRCAThu Jan 25 1990DEPCA vs 3COM
352.01TRCOThu Jan 25 1990bad or missing command.com
353.05MDM::ROZETTFri Jan 26 1990Can't get PC DECwindows to run on V2.2
354.03FIXSR1::WHITTINGTONFri Jan 26 1990PCSA V3.
355.02UTRTSC::HOSANGFri Jan 26 1990PCFS logging when device full
357.05CSCOA3::CURLE_AFri Jan 26 1990Error with STOPNET / MEMMAN /U
359.04WR1FOR::BROOKS_ALFri Jan 26 1990Impossible Mission?
360.02CSOA1::CUNNINGHAMSat Jan 27 1990DOSLOAD Errors...(V3.
361.03DEMOAX::KUHLSat Jan 27 1990client floppy kit
362.08DEMOAX::KUHLSat Jan 27 1990Lotus Add-in's w/ v3.
364.03USHSMon Jan 29 1990Problem with suspening DWDOS386 and have avail. mem
365.03CLO::CUNNINGHAMMon Jan 29 1990Remote Boot to new server.
366.04MINDER::ROBINSONMon Jan 29 1990generic remote boot AND conserve memory with PCSA
367.010CSCOA3::TAYLOR_JMon Jan 29 19903.
368.02NOSNOW::MELSONMon Jan 29 1990Network Key Disk Write Fails
369.012MEIS::FERRANTEMon Jan 29 1990QEMM availability ????
370.03CECVMon Jan 29 1990version 3.
371.03KIPPIS::BACKSTROMMon Jan 29 1990PCSA menu 'Add a Printer Queue' woes
372.01MANMMon Jan 29 1990PCSA workstation as a remote node
373.03COLLEX::SCARBOROTue Jan 30 1990Long print delays
374.0FULMER::CAMPBELLTue Jan 30 1990PCSA and RF modem connection
375.04MLNCSC::CACCIARELLITue Jan 30 1990Write protect error writing drive D:
376.06SUBWAY::SUENTue Jan 30 1990Network 8
377.02SUBWAY::SOLOMONTue Jan 30 1990SNA Connectivity
378.05SUBWAY::NATTERTue Jan 30 1990Installing PCSA V2.2 Windows w/PCSA V3 (no upgrade)
380.01DENVER::MEDAUGHTue Jan 30 1990Com1 and PCSA 2.2 conflict
381.08MQOPTue Jan 30 1990Share remote boot disk?
382.04CSC32::B_PROCTORTue Jan 30 1990How to turn off PCFS_SERVER OPCOM security messages
383.01AHIKER::EARLYTue Jan 30 1990Using SETHOST V1.1.5 with full modem controls??
384.011USWAV1::LOEWTue Jan 30 1990Presentation Materials?
385.01MSDSWS::COOPERTue Jan 30 1990Presentation Needed
387.01TRAMNR::HummerstonWed Jan 31 1990Server install won't accept some logical names
389.03STKHLM::THOMASSONWed Jan 31 1990Abovedisk and VAXmate
391.02TAVIS::RONENWed Jan 31 1990where does ncp takes pc type.
392.05MINDER::ROBINSONWed Jan 31 1990Any hints on setup for large PCSA networks
393.08ZPOVWed Jan 31 1990PCSA "lacks" security
394.02KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Jan 31 1990show workstation
395.06UTRWed Jan 31 1990logical names in database?
396.07GSRC::MISKOWITCHWed Jan 31 1990set term/wid=132 not working.
397.02NERSW5::MILOSHWed Jan 31 1990V3.
398.01BREW11::MORTONWed Jan 31 1990PC' from ALLY ?
399.01DZIGN::MALKEMESWed Jan 31 1990 Printing in Sethost
401.010COOKIE::MELTONWed Jan 31 1990PC/DECwindows access from dial-up laptop?
402.01TRAMNR::HummerstonThu Feb 01 1990Reflections 4 and PCSA V3.
403.02TRAMNR::HummerstonThu Feb 01 1990HP Laserjet extra page-throws.
404.0GALLOP::SHARKEYAThu Feb 01 1990Anyone got CEMM ?
405.04BACHUS::VERMEIRThu Feb 01 1990DEPCA Revision number
406.08KIPPIS::BACKSTROMThu Feb 01 1990File server data buffering behaviour
407.03OTOUThu Feb 01 1990boot here, mail there
408.06KETJE::DESCHUYTERThu Feb 01 1990Looking for PRINTER DRIVERS
409.02KIPPIS::BACKSTROMThu Feb 01 1990OPCOM messages and PCSA_MANAGER register dump (acc. viol.)
410.03ULTRA::SEKURSKIThu Feb 01 1990What Software do I need to order ?
411.01CTOAVX::EGERTONThu Feb 01 1990Higgins under PCSA?
412.011NOBHIL::CLARK_ROThu Feb 01 1990Lost COMMAND.COM
413.010KAOFS::R_STJEANThu Feb 01 1990sch /ems /abovedisk/compaq
414.03KOALA::MACKINThu Feb 01 1990redirection from within application
415.03TRAMNR::HummerstonThu Feb 01 1990extended error 392
416.01YUPPY::EDLEYFri Feb 02 1990Remote boot problem
417.01NCBDVX::HOHMDFri Feb 02 1990Sloppy lines in PCX$SERVER.COM
418.01DENVER::MEDAUGHFri Feb 02 19903C5
419.01MINNY::PEDRIOLISat Feb 03 1990Network Access to MS-COBOL Applications
420.06BREAKR::UDICKSat Feb 03 1990PC/MAC Dbase sharing.
421.03MANMSun Feb 04 1990Ventura publishing
422.02MANMSun Feb 04 1990Asynch speed
423.03HGSWSun Feb 04 1990VMS file rcd format for MS-DOS access
424.06PRSUD1::CHAILLEYMon Feb 05 1990Pb between (3COM) 3C5
425.05WELLIN::WARBURTONMon Feb 05 1990NETSETUP Run-Time error
426.03WAV14::VIGNEAULTMon Feb 05 1990second ethernet board problem
427.01SOSYS::HAYESMon Feb 05 1990Explaination of Remote Boot Process and Templates, Please
428.09GALLOP::SHARKEYAMon Feb 05 1990Invalid format on USE *: - why?
429.01BACHUS::SASMon Feb 05 1990memory in decwindows
430.010HSOMAI::THOMASMon Feb 05 1990PC NFS ?
432.01CLOVE::ISBELLMon Feb 05 1990PCSA LAT Driver Question
433.013NOSNOW::HIPPMon Feb 05 1990PCSA V3.
434.04CSCOA5::CURLE_AMon Feb 05 1990Norton Utility and Virtual disk
435.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Feb 05 1990login problems
436.03POCUS::BOLTMon Feb 05 1990PCSA V3.
437.03BRSTR1::SCHOOFSTue Feb 06 1990LPS4
438.014MQOP12::A_COURCHESNETue Feb 06 1990USE NULL Pointer Problem with /FIXUP
439.01MDRTue Feb 06 1990PCSA NETBIOS Problem
440.08MSAMTue Feb 06 1990PC print service offering on PCSA
442.01WOWZER::KATZTue Feb 06 1990VAXmate and VGA Board Compability
443.03GLOBI::JEGERLEHNERTue Feb 06 1990sethost problems
444.02COIT::GARRISON_NATue Feb 06 1990VDISK/PCSA; Conflicts??
445.01CSCOA5::EPLEY_TTue Feb 06 1990MSwindows and PCSA 3.
446.02GLORY::MAGLIONETue Feb 06 1990PCSA/UCX in combination?
447.021HSOMAI::HOAGLANDTue Feb 06 1990dBase IV file lock errors
448.05WR1FOR::BROMARTHTue Feb 06 1990MS Windows & PCSA TE
449.07HAMSUP::RITSCHERTue Feb 06 1990Interrupts used by DEPCA and V3.
450.02SXOSLS::MOORETue Feb 06 1990Compaq password, and remote boot
451.0ATLV5::LOWE_BTue Feb 06 1990V3.
452.03GLDOA::VALASEKTue Feb 06 1990SETHOST V3.
453.04COPCLU::BJARNERWed Feb 07 1990QEMM and WINDOW286 hangs !!
454.08GLORY::GRAEFFWed Feb 07 1990WP 5.1 and PCSA 3.
455.02KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Feb 07 1990file service and int.
456.0VIVIAN::GOODWINWed Feb 07 1990ETdriver Hang with PCSA
457.03CSCOA3::TAYLOR_JWed Feb 07 1990Autocad 1
458.01NCBDVX::HOHMDWed Feb 07 1990KEYSYM keyboard definition examples please!
459.02CGOSWed Feb 07 1990Keyboard and PC DECwindows Questions
460.011BIGRED::KARENWed Feb 07 1990DEPCA for MicroChannell?
461.03ULTRA::SEKURSKIWed Feb 07 1990Help Installing V2.2 PCSA
462.03ACTORS::SCOTTWed Feb 07 1990386 + MSWindows286 V2.11 + QEMM (large frame) = system hang .HELP!!
463.03SUBWAY::SFIELDWed Feb 07 1990WP 5.
464.02PSG::GUPTAWed Feb 07 1990Download VMS data into PC
465.04WR1FOR::BROMARTHThu Feb 08 1990HLLAPI
466.01ELWOOD::DMACKENZIEThu Feb 08 1990Problems printing from MS-Windows using PCSA V3.
467.06MDRThu Feb 08 1990PS/2-3
468.02SUBWAY::LEEThu Feb 08 1990qemm + xms + ems
469.011FSADMN::CARZELLThu Feb 08 1990PCSA, dBase III+, and Clipper Problem
470.04PSBU::ZELAKThu Feb 08 1990PCFS and file version limits
472.02VAOAThu Feb 08 1990brainless vaxmate
473.03CSC32::B_PROCTORThu Feb 08 1990V2.1, V3.
474.02TROPPO::LUCKFri Feb 09 1990Windows/Partition not seen?
475.01MANMFri Feb 09 1990Will this configuration work fine?
476.02FSAEUR::NEDBALEKFri Feb 09 1990Zenith 248 rem boot PCSAV3.
477.02KETJE::LEFEVERFri Feb 09 1990Olivetti/DEC PC's
478.01MEIS::FERRANTEFri Feb 09 1990can EMSLOAD load non-PCSA stuff ?
479.03MINDER::THORNTONDFri Feb 09 1990V4 dos 32 Mbyte file limit to change ??
481.01KAOFS::D_MULHOLLANDFri Feb 09 1990Read/Write Raw Operations doesn't work
482.0MISFIT::FOLTSDFri Feb 09 1990Cursor arrow response problem with terminal window
483.01COMICS::SHOULDINGFri Feb 09 1990modify workstation/comment not working!
484.04ODIXIE::HIPPFri Feb 09 1990Memory Savings 1Meg Systems
485.08ODIXIE::HIPPFri Feb 09 1990login command
486.02SEVERN::BREWTONSun Feb 11 1990Novell IPX/SPX Protocol Help
487.03KLEINE::SIMPSONMon Feb 12 1990PCs not always put into server NCP database
488.08MDRMon Feb 12 1990PCSA V2.2 printing problem.
489.02GALLOP::SHARKEYAMon Feb 12 1990Bug in USE /SETDIR ?
490.06BUFFER::LOMBARDIMon Feb 12 1990SET command...CLEAR explanation needed!
491.04FSAEUR::NEDBALEKMon Feb 12 1990Mouse cursor disappears
492.03AUNTB::WARNOCKMon Feb 12 1990Need help with "wired" RFP (for Novell ?)
493.01WKRP::HENRYMon Feb 12 1990New Firmware for the LK25
494.07FSAEUR::NEDBALEKMon Feb 12 1990Specify boot drive letter??
495.01SWSCHZ::VANDEHEYMon Feb 12 1990PC files from RRD4
496.05OTOUMon Feb 12 19903COM 5
497.03WR1FOR::BROMARTHMon Feb 12 1990PCSA V3.
498.02MELKOR::DEWISTue Feb 13 1990Customer questions
499.01HGOVC::PATRICKNGTue Feb 13 1990Configuration of key diskette?
500.02VLOMFG::SAMOUNTue Feb 13 1990problems using LA75 on COM1
501.01HGOVC::PATRICKNGTue Feb 13 1990Urgent. Netsetup problem.
502.04SHIRE::INGRAMTue Feb 13 1990PCMAIL on a VT via a 24
503.010HXOUTue Feb 13 1990DEPCA Information
504.06BAHTAT::PESTELLTue Feb 13 1990remote boot floppy ?????
505.013HKFINN::CORBOTue Feb 13 1990The Revised IPC Handbook
506.02DPDMAI::GIAUQUETue Feb 13 1990IBM PC/AT Memory Management
507.02DPDMAI::GIAUQUETue Feb 13 1990LK25
508.03CSOA1::SCHRAMM_KTue Feb 13 1990NETBIOS Implementation
511.02SUBWAY::LEETue Feb 13 1990PCSA configuration guide line manual
512.06HOO78C::BATSTue Feb 13 1990What's going on?
513.01RIPPLE::ANDERSON_BITue Feb 13 1990PCSA/Ethernet/Cellular Phones
515.01MANMWed Feb 14 1990Ethercard Plus/A
516.01TRHWed Feb 14 1990Permit command not working with 3c5
517.02BACHUS::VERMEIRWed Feb 14 1990LAD problem 2.2
519.03CUJO::MARIAWed Feb 14 1990File Creation Date Changes when Backed Up
520.02AUNTB::WARNOCKWed Feb 14 1990OS/2 Server - how does our's compare ?
521.01MINDER::EWINGRWed Feb 14 1990server process bottleneck
522.0243878::MUMFORDWed Feb 14 1990Asynchronous/callback DECnet DOS
523.01SUBWAY::TEMINWed Feb 14 1990PC LANserver v1.
524.01TOWNS::BIGSBYWed Feb 14 1990Where is Datagram support??
526.03SNOCWed Feb 14 1990/SETDIR with USE
527.04WR1FOR::BROMARTHWed Feb 14 1990X, PCs & VAXstns
528.0FSAEUR::NEDBALEKWed Feb 14 1990DOS 3.2 works, 3.3 doesn't
529.04TRAMNR::Paul_HummerstonThu Feb 15 1990Banyan VINES connecting to VAX.
530.02NEEPS::NORRIEThu Feb 15 1990Expired passwords and PCSA ??
531.04ROVRUM::ROBINSONThu Feb 15 1990Enhancement Request - ability to disconnect particular LAD sessions
532.013HGOVC::PATRICKNGThu Feb 15 1990Configuring a remote boot failed
533.0TWOTO1::COOPERMThu Feb 15 1990printing graphics (lines) from an application
534.03NEEPS::IRVINEThu Feb 15 1990EMM + VAXmate 2Mbyte
535.04LISVAX::PACHECOThu Feb 15 1990EMSLOAD hanging a Zenith - PCSA 3.
536.02CANOVA::GIUAThu Feb 15 1990PCSA 3.
537.01CSCOA5::ROLLINS_RThu Feb 15 1990PCDISK Import of 7.1M file
538.02LMBASS::CLARKThu Feb 15 1990OS/2 Named Pipes documentation anyone??
539.03TWOTO1::COOPERMThu Feb 15 1990PCDecwindows crashes with micrsoft serial mouse
540.0CSCOA5::ROLLINS_RThu Feb 15 1990DECMODE M
541.01CSCOA5::ROLLINS_RThu Feb 15 1990SEDT and SEDTP
542.07CTOAVX::JENNINGSThu Feb 15 1990PCmail Forward & Edit Question
543.01GSRC::MISKOWITCHThu Feb 15 1990Security risks having a PC on the network.
544.06SCAACT::FIFEThu Feb 15 1990Disappearing Objects
545.03SCAACT::FIFEThu Feb 15 1990HP LJ II Setup needed
546.019SCAACT::FIFEThu Feb 15 1990QRAM 286 memory manager
547.01SCAACT::FIFEThu Feb 15 1990286 to 386 Upgrade
548.02SCAACT::FIFEThu Feb 15 1990286 LIM 4.
549.03SCAACT::FIFEThu Feb 15 1990Word Perfect Office Lan Ver 2.
550.01SCAACT::FIFEThu Feb 15 1990DEPCA REV E and REV F
551.01SCAACT::FIFEThu Feb 15 1990Disk Service in LIMBO
552.06SCAACT::FIFEThu Feb 15 1990Netsetup consumes CPU
553.0SCAACT::FIFEThu Feb 15 1990LTA Devices
554.01SCAACT::FIFEThu Feb 15 1990Remote Boot Database Corruption
555.01NZOVThu Feb 15 1990Problem installing SuperCalc5
556.02SUBWAY::LEEThu Feb 15 1990Centronics parallel port terminal server
557.07OTOUThu Feb 15 1990Remote boot/DOSLOAD/Add workstation
558.011NWDFri Feb 16 1990Compaq configuration, please
559.01ODIXIE::RICHARDSONFri Feb 16 1990327
560.03EXOCET::ATTWOOLFri Feb 16 1990DECbank PC Management Internal software field test/base level release.
561.04CSCOA3::OLSEN_RFri Feb 16 1990Error: server timed out
562.03SCACT::KNOWLESJIFri Feb 16 1990File Sharing between Macs & PCs
563.04HGOVC::SAMTSEFri Feb 16 1990File service - problem on file format
564.03ROMSat Feb 17 19902
565.02OVRDRV::BEIKMANSat Feb 17 1990Sethost / Next-Screen behavior
566.01WEFXEM::MINERSat Feb 17 1990Are they available over the net?
567.02MAMTS2::KHARRISMon Feb 19 1990Novell/IBM Lan to PCSA file transfer.
568.03UBEAUT::SMITHEMon Feb 19 1990Funnies with V3.
569.02STKHLM::HEGNELIUSMon Feb 19 1990VT32
570.0BRSDVP::VANTUYKOMMon Feb 19 1990error in setup.inf after upgrade to v3.
571.01KETJE::PIERSONMon Feb 19 1990PCSA 3.
572.04JGO::VERSCHUUREMon Feb 19 1990How/where to order Harvard Graphics (VAXmate)?
574.010ATLV5::BELL_JMon Feb 19 1990PCSA Printer TSR Utility Avaliable
575.01WEFXEM::MINERMon Feb 19 1990How to find Enet hard addr?
576.03STKHLM::AAMISEPPMon Feb 19 1990Is SCSNODE neccessary for PCSA?
577.01CTOAVX::JENNINGSMon Feb 19 1990Help with MS-Windows/QEMM!!!
578.03STKHLM::WETTERBERGMon Feb 19 1990xma2ems.sys driver for ibm m7
579.07HOTAIR::SIMONMon Feb 19 1990Keypad Setup
580.02BFOSLS::steidleMon Feb 19 1990SEDT and an SLT. (Problems)
581.04NAC::GUSTINMon Feb 19 1990QEMM V5.
582.03UBEAUT::SMITHEMon Feb 19 1990LATCP and preferred services
583.03HGOVC::ERICTSETue Feb 20 1990Novell/PCSA Application Migration Questions
584.07BASLAB::SCHWYNTue Feb 20 1990PS2-8
585.04MQOPTue Feb 20 1990PMW and PCSA
586.07MQOPTue Feb 20 1990vt32
587.03SWAPIT::ELLIOTTTue Feb 20 1990V2.2 Spooler Conflict
588.05SCOTMN::RADBURNTue Feb 20 1990USE \\server gives Session aborted
590.03AUNTB::LAROETue Feb 20 1990file services problem
591.03NZOVTue Feb 20 1990Distributed PCs and terminals?
592.08HGOVC::SAMTSEWed Feb 21 1990PCSA/DESQview coexist problem!
593.02HGOVC::LILLIANTANGWed Feb 21 1990overhead on the server
594.05HSSWS1::GREGWed Feb 21 1990Questions re: PCSA V2 vs V3
595.03LEMAN::PITTETWed Feb 21 1990Network and Performances
596.03KAOFS::A_LALONDEWed Feb 21 1990Bad or missing command int. on vaxmate
597.03AUNTB::PRESSLEYWed Feb 21 1990disappearing services
598.0249ER::DAVISWed Feb 21 1990Vaxmate SPP port: IRQ and I/O address?
599.05COMICS::SHOULDINGWed Feb 21 1990ACCESS DENIED when connecting to print services
601.01DBCIC1::FITZMAURICEWed Feb 21 1990LK25
602.0KAOFS::R_STJEANWed Feb 21 1990VAXMATE.TSK 2.1 /2.2 printing paradox
603.05USRCV1::EDMONDSJWed Feb 21 1990PCSA server loading failure
604.011MANMWed Feb 21 1990Change of nodename...
605.01MANMWed Feb 21 1990Remote Boot ?
606.07BIGUN::SIMPSONThu Feb 22 1990EMSSPEED ratings?
607.03FORTY2::JONESThu Feb 22 1990What happens to file attributes VAX->PC
608.06SIOG::ESBECKThu Feb 22 19908
609.06YUPPY::HOLDERRThu Feb 22 1990IBM XMS and EMS driver Problems!
611.03HGOSPS::LIWAICHUNGThu Feb 22 1990Does PCSA V3.
612.022WOODRO::CASEYThu Feb 22 1990LAST and Extended LANs (TransLANs)
613.01EIGER::HUESLERThu Feb 22 1990PCSA 3.
614.01PHDVAX::GREBLEThu Feb 22 1990DEPCA Required?
615.06MQOAThu Feb 22 1990PCFS server process failure
616.01KERNEL::COLOMBOFri Feb 23 1990INTEL /what ?
618.05OTOAFri Feb 23 1990Security bottom line?
619.05TRCAFri Feb 23 1990DEPCA conflict with EMM and other boards
620.05DPDFri Feb 23 1990Hidden areas & PCSA
621.01DPDMAI::MALONEYFri Feb 23 1990SUPER VGA?
622.01CSC32::A_FROSTFri Feb 23 19903rd party memory boards that DEC has used PCSA
623.06BREAKR::BUDZOWSKIFri Feb 23 1990Freebie EMS emulator, works w/V3!
624.01DEMOAX::HAYESFri Feb 23 1990DOS 327
625.05MAPROP::MKINGSun Feb 25 1990VAX,8
626.0STLACT::HIRABAYASHIMon Feb 26 1990RMS queries from PC
627.01STKHLM::WETTERBERGMon Feb 26 1990ds3
628.02BREAKR::BUDZOWSKIMon Feb 26 1990"Service not offered" with /REPLACE
629.07BEEZER::MOORETue Feb 27 1990redir4
630.01VOGON::AUSTINTue Feb 27 1990EMS, XMS & PC DECwindows
631.01MINDER::THORNTONDTue Feb 27 1990DOSLOAD error %RMS-E-FNF file not found PCSA V3
632.02CSOA1::CARLOTTITue Feb 27 1990Customer's experiences with v3.
633.01DCSVAX::MINERTue Feb 27 1990PCSA 2.1 and a pc325?
634.05SLOVAX::SLOUGHTue Feb 27 1990Print Serving Performance Questi
635.02ROMTue Feb 27 1990From v2.1 to v3.
637.0BIGUN::SIMPSONTue Feb 27 1990No memory:QEMM&PS2&PCSA
638.01MANMWed Feb 28 1990WP on IBM PC and MAC
639.02ACTORS::SCOTTWed Feb 28 1990Questions on new PCI PID
640.03TAVMVC::SYSTEMWed Feb 28 1990pcmail, error 1
641.05MANMWed Feb 28 1990PCSA$RMI caused PCFS_SERVER not running
642.01UTRTSC::BARENDREGTWed Feb 28 1990SMBERR, common file service, MKDIR
643.0OTOUWed Feb 28 1990Time stamp in PCMAIL?
644.0FENNEL::BOEHMWed Feb 28 1990block size info please
645.0CSC32::L_DALBERTIWed Feb 28 1990WANTED: LK25
646.04MAV::PIETRONIGROWed Feb 28 1990MS Windows Cut & Paste problem on 32
647.02CSCOA3::TAYLOR_JWed Feb 28 1990Max working_set
648.04SHEILA::HERRINGEThu Mar 01 1990v3 & lat & remote boot
649.0BRSTR1::SCHOOFSThu Mar 01 1990QEMM V5 on DECStation 35
650.0BRYAN::ARCHERThu Mar 01 1990Cannot Connect to Host
651.02HSOMAI::MORNINGThu Mar 01 1990WP5.1/PCSA3.
652.01TOWNS::UNDERLANDThu Mar 01 1990Compaq 386/2
653.0TOWNS::UNDERLANDThu Mar 01 1990SEVMS on LANserver?
654.04MQOP12::A_COURCHESNEThu Mar 01 1990Transfering *LARGE* files with LAD
655.01RIPPLE::BAUER_MAThu Mar 01 1990Anvil 1
656.02SDOGUS::DIAZFri Mar 02 1990Trouble with File Service
657.04NCDEL::BJORKLUNDFri Mar 02 1990LAD & LAST Ethernet Packets
658.01CGHUB::HOKENSTROMFri Mar 02 1990NETSETUP hangs on LK25
659.01CSCOA5::CURLE_AFri Mar 02 1990NETTIME returns error NOT READY READING ...
660.02FACNET::COHENSat Mar 03 1990PATH command w/ Ambiguous drives
661.02AUSTIN::GIAUQUEMon Mar 05 1990LAT Support with PCSA V3
662.01TROPPO::LUCKMon Mar 05 1990RBASE with VMS Reporting I/F
663.03SKYWAY::HOLSTMon Mar 05 19903C5
664.04FRSTSC::SATTLERMon Mar 05 1990PCSA 2.2 hangs NOVELL V2.15
665.018ATLV5::BELL_JMon Mar 05 1990New version of PRINTTSR.
668.02STKHLM::WETTERBERGMon Mar 05 1990vmsinstal fails for pcsa 3.
669.01WHELIN::CASHMANMon Mar 05 1990PCSA for OS/2 part numbers needed
670.011CACT48::BARTHMon Mar 05 1990Remote Boot Hangs on DS 316
671.02CACT48::BARTHMon Mar 05 1990How to set DEPCARAM.TSK?
672.05SHEILA::HERRINGETue Mar 06 1990NFT slow since v3
673.02SHEILA::HERRINGETue Mar 06 1990after pcsa, cant see hard disk
674.09HGOVC::SAMTSETue Mar 06 1990Question on record attribute
675.01TAVIS::RONENTue Mar 06 1990what happen to open files after power down of pc
676.01MUSKIE::HENDRIKSENTue Mar 06 1990Need PGM to Find Enet Add.
677.01SIXTO1::AL35Tue Mar 06 1990Is this right ?
678.03KAOTTue Mar 06 1990NETBIOS PROBLEM
679.03USRCV1::HOLTJTue Mar 06 1990"Logout" needed...
680.03OTOOTue Mar 06 1990VMS 5.3 and PCSA 1.1
681.01ROMTue Mar 06 1990RMS journaling for PCSA files?
682.01SCAACT::STEERTue Mar 06 1990Shared Files and Network Throughput
683.09HSSWS1::GREGTue Mar 06 1990PCSA and 1
684.06RIGEL4::RGRUVERTue Mar 06 1990SCSI controller hangs USE command
685.05MAMTS2::VCARUSOTue Mar 06 1990Laser Twin Printer Emulator
687.0HLFSWed Mar 07 1990VT32
688.01WILARD::JENNINGSWed Mar 07 1990Need help with PCSA 3.
689.02COMICS::MOOREWed Mar 07 1990Netbios installation check
690.02IDOOA::VALASEKWed Mar 07 1990PCSA-PCNET-PC LAD disks to PC
691.01MPGS::SCANLONWed Mar 07 1990PC Client media only
692.01MUSKIE::HENDRIKSENWed Mar 07 1990Need High Res Solution
693.08WIKKIT::WARWICKWed Mar 07 1990PERMananent disks not being mounted on boot
694.01CACT48::BARTHWed Mar 07 1990DECMOUSE and SEDT final status pls?
695.04PHDVAX::GREBLEWed Mar 07 1990AST386 Memory Manager
696.01HXOAWed Mar 07 1990ReGIS Terminal Emulation?
697.0WILARD::JENNINGSWed Mar 07 1990Need Reference Site!
698.0DAVE::MITTONWed Mar 07 1990C Programmer's Guide to NETBIOS
699.02GUMNUT::Paul_HummerstonThu Mar 08 1990Duplicate UIC entries
700.03KIPPIS::BACKSTROMThu Mar 08 1990NET SUBMIT; wouldn't it be nice?
701.04CMOTEC::AUSTINThu Mar 08 1990DISABLE DRIVE 'A' ?
703.01TAVThu Mar 08 1990PCFS_SERVER stays in COM state for long time ??
704.0FILTON::BARKER_EThu Mar 08 1990PC Packages under PCSA ?
705.01MAIL::WHITEThu Mar 08 1990Config Problem
706.03VAOAThu Mar 08 1990PCSA across TRANSLAN's - file serving
707.07WILARD::JENNINGSThu Mar 08 1990PCLANServer 3.
709.011UTRTSC::BARENDREGTFri Mar 09 1990SET _SYSD=?: problem
710.05CMOTEC::AUSTINFri Mar 09 1990Any guidelines ?
711.09COMICS::MOOREFri Mar 09 1990NFT/BLOCK on FMS files unusable
712.03SCAACT::STEERFri Mar 09 1990NEC386/2
713.0COIT::GARRISON_NAFri Mar 09 1990LK25
714.02ODIXIE::HIPPFri Mar 09 1990Sizing for PCSA Servers?
715.08OTOOFri Mar 09 1990PS2 5
716.04TAVMVC::SYSTEMSun Mar 11 1990FRAME TOO LONG with DECPCA rev F-
717.0HGOVC::PATRICKNGMon Mar 12 1990Award bois's remote boot on v3?
718.01PENSKE::DATZMANMon Mar 12 1990Controlling PC application software with PCSA
719.01STKAI1::HNORDBERGMon Mar 12 1990Oracle and PCSA
720.04FULMER::TAYLORMon Mar 12 1990VAXmate server/client gaffe?
721.03WMOIS::D_MELANSONMon Mar 12 1990Old Disk won't mount
722.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Mar 12 1990cluster and add user
723.0VAOUMon Mar 12 1990UPS for PCSA Servers
724.01ZPOVMon Mar 12 1990Cannot load LAD driver
725.04MINDER::THORNTONDTue Mar 13 1990LAT sessions and virtual circuit limits on PC?
727.0PTOVAX::JOHNSTONTue Mar 13 1990SETHOST and the F8 key
728.01SUBWAY::DERISETue Mar 13 1990read/write raw mode?
729.04SUBWAY::LIVIGNITue Mar 13 1990NET PRINT problems ??
730.01FSADMN::CARZELLTue Mar 13 1990SuperCalc5 and PCSA-- Insufficient Memory Error
731.0USRCV1::HEMMINGTue Mar 13 1990Rev E DEPCA modules
732.04BDYSRF::SYSTEMTue Mar 13 1990EXCEL and the DECmouse on a DECstation
733.01RIPPLE::ANDERSON_BITue Mar 13 1990Problem DECnet/Routers
734.04RIPPLE::ANDERSON_BITue Mar 13 1990LAD services / Clusters
735.02OTOUTue Mar 13 1990PCSA V1.1 to V3.
736.01MELKOR::DEWISTue Mar 13 1990Help on DOS Extender
737.02GUMNUT::Paul_HummerstonTue Mar 13 1990PCLAN/Server 31
738.01GUIDUK::CHANGTue Mar 13 1990Help with VT32
739.02MANMTue Mar 13 1990Disk services problem
740.02UBOHUB::HOBBS_CWed Mar 14 1990PRINTER HELP!!!!!!
741.0SAC::PRESTON_DWed Mar 14 1990VT131/VT33
742.02HSSWS1::GREGWed Mar 14 1990PC-based 327
743.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Mar 14 1990alias V3.
744.02FORTSC::CHABANWed Mar 14 1990Help with DEPCA
745.04EMASS::PARKWed Mar 14 1990MS-Windows hangs on PCSA v3.
746.03MAMTS5::PDORNANWed Mar 14 1990PCSA Asynchronously??
747.02CSOA1::CARLOTTIWed Mar 14 1990<ctrl><print-screen> again!
748.01OCKER::HERRINGEWed Mar 14 1990rooted logicals and v3
749.01HGOVC::PATRICKNGThu Mar 15 1990132 column display on Hercules.
750.01HGOVC::PATRICKNGThu Mar 15 1990Character loss in autotyping(sethost).
751.02SIXTO1::AL35Thu Mar 15 1990Two problems
752.02SIXTO1::AL35Thu Mar 15 1990Bad disk number from USE
753.05TENNIS::KAMThu Mar 15 1990where is STARTNET.BAT executed from ?
754.01UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDThu Mar 15 1990PCSA using SYSMAN?
755.02UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDThu Mar 15 1990Mount/Dismount of Virtual Disks?
756.04SUBWAY::LIVIGNIThu Mar 15 1990Disk Service/DOS Int 21H problem??
757.01HOO78C::BATSThu Mar 15 1990LAD Problem (Weird)
758.06WRASSE::FRIEDRICHSThu Mar 15 1990Copying Lotus files
759.01TENNIS::KAMThu Mar 15 1990Does DECnet PCSA Client for DOS require DECnet DOS Installed ?
760.0CHOVAX::JVANWINKLEThu Mar 15 1990BOOT/CLIENT client nodes??
761.01TENNIS::KAMThu Mar 15 1990Where does NETSETUP get it's information ?
762.05MAMTS2::SFAIRCLOTHThu Mar 15 1990DEPCA&TRing Card in AT
763.04SNOCFri Mar 16 1990OS/2 EE support
764.02OCKER::HERRINGEFri Mar 16 1990printscreen & v3 pcsa
765.0KERNEL::NIBLOCKDFri Mar 16 1990backup in dos enhancements
766.0VNABRW::SCHERBFri Mar 16 1990unwanted net error messages
767.02FRAMBO::RICHTERFri Mar 16 1990NFT copy error and 3Com. Urgent!
768.05UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDFri Mar 16 1990BA5
769.01PH4VAX::BETZFri Mar 16 1990Hangs occur within "time ticks"????
770.02WEFXEM::MINERFri Mar 16 1990Not enough Memory problem
771.02CACIQE::RUIZJFri Mar 16 1990DEPCA PROBLEM...
772.02KETJE::DESCHUYTERFri Mar 16 1990Problem with DOSLOAD & DOS V4.
773.02DECXPS::DREWNIAKFri Mar 16 1990Trade up to VT34
774.01TENNIS::KAMFri Mar 16 1990User Authorization Failure
775.01GUIDUK::CHANGFri Mar 16 1990PCSA Performance Tuning
776.02CSOA1::SMARACKOFri Mar 16 1990PCSA Customer Questions
777.01TRCU11::DYMONDFri Mar 16 1990ATI VGA card in COMPAQ PCs
778.02WILARD::JENNINGSFri Mar 16 1990NCP Problem
779.04VAXMAC::VAX2MACSat Mar 17 1990DOS LOAD fails but doesnt
780.01VAXMAC::VAX2MACSat Mar 17 1990VGA.exe What does it do
781.0VAXMAC::VAX2MACSat Mar 17 1990Power Menu - Self configuring menu system
782.01TAVMVC::SYSTEMSat Mar 17 1990what happened to PCSA 3.
783.02VAXMAC::UDICKSat Mar 17 1990DISmount permanent for disk service ?
784.04VAXMAC::UDICKSat Mar 17 1990Socket not connected. Error messages not found.
785.01DCSVAX::MINERSun Mar 18 1990Booting across areas, yes or no?
786.0TAVIS::RONYMon Mar 19 1990OSI for PCs over token-ring
787.03LSNCSC::LEGERETMon Mar 19 1990LAD does not work properly across bridges
788.02EEMELI::TUURIMon Mar 19 1990How to modify LAD cache size
789.04UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDMon Mar 19 1990Logicals OR Hard-coding?
791.09MXOVMon Mar 19 1990installation problem
792.01CHOVAX::JVANWINKLEMon Mar 19 1990Workstation node name -> CLIENT
793.03EEMELI::TUURIMon Mar 19 1990LADs thru 7 LANbridges
794.05TRCOMon Mar 19 1990DECstation Ethernet Address
795.02HOGAN::PATILLAMon Mar 19 1990PCSA and Graphics Packages (vs. Novell)
797.07OTOUMon Mar 19 1990IBM XTs and V3.
798.02HGOVC::PATRICKNGTue Mar 20 1990Remote boot on 3 COM???
799.04HGOVC::PATRICKNGTue Mar 20 1990PCSA and Netware co-existence???
800.01HGOVC::PATRICKNGTue Mar 20 1990PCSA Client on File Services.
801.0STKHLM::AAMISEPPTue Mar 20 1990Server crash while doing backup on non-PCSA disk
802.06UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDTue Mar 20 1990Serial/Parallel??
803.02COMICS::MOORETue Mar 20 1990Query, in retrospect
804.01LFOIS1::PONTIERETue Mar 20 1990File server via ASYNC ?
805.01SUBWAY::GARDELLATue Mar 20 1990ASTs being certified???
806.0CSCOA5::MANDERSON_CTue Mar 20 1990Supported ROM BIOS for Windows?
807.02CSCOA5::CURLE_ATue Mar 20 1990ERRORLEVELS for the USE commands
808.02INFACT::DATZMANTue Mar 20 1990Need examples of task-to-task
809.015JET::SOUSATue Mar 20 1990Backing up the Client's Hard Disk
810.03BUFFER::LOMBARDITue Mar 20 1990HELP on Composing Characters in SEDT...
811.07CSCOA5::CURLE_ATue Mar 20 1990MEMMAN/S & reported conv memory on a ps2 model 8
812.01KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Mar 20 1990depca 64k or 32k
813.02WINERY::HULLTue Mar 20 1990PCSA and Harvard Graphics on a VAXmate
814.02KOALA::BOEBINGERTue Mar 20 1990Problem with DEPCA mouse and MS-Windows
815.01MSAMWed Mar 21 1990set host, disconnect, no response from host ?
817.02VNABRW::BOTEKWed Mar 21 1990PCSA 3.
818.01COPCLU::BJARNERWed Mar 21 1990DECWindows and TCP/IP
819.01SIOG::MORRISWed Mar 21 1990Advanced Revelation? What is it?
820.01GAMMDY::HONERWed Mar 21 1990Sharing Violation Error
821.02AUNTB::WARNOCKWed Mar 21 1990Will the IPX (Novell) stack run on our OS/2 Server ?
822.05KYOA::LAMMWed Mar 21 1990Perform. & Dataease probs.
823.03SEATTL::MARTINCHWed Mar 21 1990Help Hanging in MS-Windows PCSA V3.
824.08TRCAWed Mar 21 1990SHARED Read/Write LADs?
825.01COOKIE::WOODWed Mar 21 1990PCSA installation question
826.02KDFF::CONNORWed Mar 21 1990QEMM and CV/E on 386 Decstation 32
827.01SUBWAY::SENKENWed Mar 21 1990Netware-VMS in a WAN - Any knockoffs?
828.01CURIE::DECARTERETWed Mar 21 1990Extended Keyboard Mode
830.08GIDDAY::HUMMERSTONThu Mar 22 1990WHAT, and how to use it
831.09UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDThu Mar 22 1990LPS2
832.010BUFFER::LOMBARDIThu Mar 22 1990Files hanging in the PCFS_SPOOL directory??
833.02BUFFER::LEEThu Mar 22 1990PC image station
834.0SLOVAX::BAUERThu Mar 22 1990Dual Servers - Remote Boot
835.06SLOVAX::BAUERThu Mar 22 1990Remote Boot NETSETUP Failure
836.010GLORY::HULLFri Mar 23 1990Basic questions on file services
837.03BIGUN::SIMPSONFri Mar 23 1990Wanted: NEC problem reports
838.02BISTRO::HASLERFri Mar 23 1990Desparately looking for Novell !
839.03KETJE::CORTEBEECKFri Mar 23 1990A: Question on Diskless PCs and DECnet node names
840.01UTOPIE::PAYERHUBERFri Mar 23 1990386clone and depca
841.02GOTA1::WANNERSKOGFri Mar 23 1990RE 571.1:Netbios/DNN available ?
842.01KETJE::CORTEBEECKFri Mar 23 1990LAST specs free?
843.01CHOVAX::HEIMFri Mar 23 1990Btrieve applications using PCSA
844.02HOTAIR::SIMONFri Mar 23 1990Mixed Versions of PCSA?
845.03DEALIN::CASHMANFri Mar 23 1990Simultaneous VAX/PC read access
846.0CAADC::PMWVESTUTOFri Mar 23 1990CI vs DSSI performance
848.01HOTAIR::SIMONFri Mar 23 1990LAD not installed.... questions...
849.03WR1FOR::BROOKS_ALFri Mar 23 1990DEPCA/NOVUS VGA conflict
850.04COIT::GARRISON_NAFri Mar 23 1990Lost Keyboard Mapping (SETHOST)
851.03COIT::GARRISON_NAFri Mar 23 1990VMS 5.3/DECwindows-DOS V2 compatability
852.0WILARD::JENNINGSSat Mar 24 1990PS/2 Mod 3
853.05WAV13::BONDMon Mar 26 1990SETHOST WAIT FOR Commands
854.01EIGER::SCHMITTMon Mar 26 1990HP Laserjet, printout on several pages
855.0UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDMon Mar 26 1990XT Hanging in SETHOST!?
856.01HGOVC::PATRICKNGMon Mar 26 1990Low cost for connecting remote PCs
857.03UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDMon Mar 26 1990Windows from PCSA V2.2???
859.07SAC::JEPSONMon Mar 26 1990PC's as file servers
860.01KAOTMon Mar 26 1990Vstream.c deaccess failure
862.01DAVE::MITTONMon Mar 26 1990Any Sniffer experts out there?
863.010NBOFS1::HERMANNTue Mar 27 1990LN
865.02UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDTue Mar 27 1990BUG in PCMAIL??
866.03UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDTue Mar 27 1990Routers and End-nodes??
867.03COMICS::FOSTERTue Mar 27 1990Laddrv.sys-funny message
868.011BUFFER::LOMBARDITue Mar 27 1990NODEname Environment Variable from Startnet.bat?
869.05ROMCSA::CHIARANTINITue Mar 27 1990DNP/NETBIOS overwrites user memory?
870.03DPDSAL::ALBURYTue Mar 27 1990LATMASTER availability?
871.03GLORY::HULLTue Mar 27 1990WordPerfect compatible w/PCSA as R/O service?
872.081MRMIPS::LichtenbergTue Mar 27 1990PCSA's name changing to LanWORKS???
873.02CACT48::BARTHTue Mar 27 1990Compaq 286, DEPCA, & Added Memory Q's
874.04VAXMAC::UDICKTue Mar 27 1990Phase Review Docs online ?
875.03VAXMAC::UDICKTue Mar 27 1990DECprint with PCSA
876.01MAIL::HAYDENWed Mar 28 1990Personal Decision Series?
878.0DENVER::MEDAUGHWed Mar 28 1990COM1 and PCSA 2.2 conflict
879.05NOBHIL::FREEMAN_RIWed Mar 28 1990External 5 1/4" diskette drives with PCSA
880.05SANDS::FRITZWed Mar 28 1990PCLAN/Server V.3.
881.0WR1FOR::BROMARTHWed Mar 28 1990Hayes Etherbridge w/ PCSA V3
882.0TRCAWed Mar 28 1990Compaq SETUP incompatible extended & expanded
883.01HOO78C::BATSWed Mar 28 1990Does clsuterwide locking work or not?
884.07ANDREW::OSTROMThu Mar 29 1990Does FASTBACK Plus (or any other pkg) work on VAXMATE?
885.0HGOVC::PATRICKNGThu Mar 29 1990PCSA-3COM-Netware on Vitalink Bridge??
887.02ANDREW::OSTROMThu Mar 29 1990VAXmate and LK25
888.01GIDDAY::HERRINGEThu Mar 29 1990%nb-e-ncberr
889.02COLA1::STALZThu Mar 29 1990PCMAIL and EXTRACT
890.04COMICS::FOSTERThu Mar 29 1990Lotus 123 V3.
891.06SUBWAY::DERISEThu Mar 29 1990experience with virus' needed.
892.02PH4VAX::BETZThu Mar 29 1990Rabbit Gateway/PCSA V3.
893.01SUBWAY::CITRONThu Mar 29 1990Remote Boot W/EMS & XMS Support?
894.04SUBWAY::LEEThu Mar 29 1990Ethernet card from Tiara
895.04NOBHIL::CLARK_ROThu Mar 29 1990Ramdrives
896.03NOBHIL::CLARK_ROThu Mar 29 1990SETHOST and UDKs
897.02CGOSThu Mar 29 1990Olivetti M24 and PCSA V3.
898.03KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Mar 29 1990MENU PCSA 3.
899.01NOBHIL::CLARK_ROFri Mar 30 1990Write a LAT driver anyone?
900.04TROPPO::LUCKFri Mar 30 1990V3 MS-Windows Support?
901.05BREW11::MASSARIFri Mar 30 1990Trouble with Printing and Installing EMS
903.01AWOSFri Mar 30 1990AST 386 pc clone?
905.04ANDREW::OSTROMFri Mar 30 1990Help connecting RD54 (Maxtor XT219
906.01MORK::MEDAUGHFri Mar 30 1990Long Wordperfect files problems.
907.01CHOVAX::MUEHLMANNFri Mar 30 1990SYTEC 414
908.05IDOOA::VALASEKFri Mar 30 1990QEMM V5 and DS32
909.01BDYSRF::UDICKSat Mar 31 1990Proper channels for Patches
910.01BDYSRF::UDICKSat Mar 31 1990PCPRINT for locally att. printers.
911.03WILARD::JENNINGSMon Apr 02 1990Customer Satisfaction Problem
912.01TRCOMon Apr 02 1990Exp/Ext memory on Window V2
915.04CANYON::GURALNIKMon Apr 02 1990PC <-> VAX <-> IBM Connectivity??
916.07CANYON::GURALNIKMon Apr 02 1990PCSA <-> NOVELL <-> BANYAN ???
917.02CANYON::GURALNIKMon Apr 02 1990Tandem Terminal Emulator???
918.02AUNTB::MCCAWMon Apr 02 1990Modem Service and NON-buffered output port
920.06ODIXIE::HIPPMon Apr 02 1990PCSA 3.
921.02BDYSRF::UDICKMon Apr 02 1990PCprint - Printing to the locally attached PC printer
922.039SCACT::KNOWLESJITue Apr 03 1990extra pages with HP Laserjet
923.03SCACT::KNOWLESJITue Apr 03 1990cleaning up personal directory
924.01HGOVC::PATRICKNGTue Apr 03 1990Re-assign a logical drive for personal use.
925.06UTRTSC::HOSANGTue Apr 03 1990share violation when opening for read
926.05SCAACT::MALONEYTue Apr 03 1990DOS 327
927.06GLORY::GRAEFFTue Apr 03 1990Where's a PRINTSCREEN TSR
928.04BUFFER::LEETue Apr 03 1990Using printers on PCs from VAX users
929.02MAMTS2::VCARUSOTue Apr 03 1990Word 4 Windows Install On LAD No Go.
930.02MELKOR::DEWISTue Apr 03 1990316 and expanded mem
931.04KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Apr 03 1990pcsa 3.
932.02AUSTIN::GIAUQUEWed Apr 04 1990WINDOWS-286, VT32
933.01AUSTIN::GIAUQUEWed Apr 04 1990WINDOWS/286, Postscript Printers
934.01AUSTIN::GIAUQUEWed Apr 04 1990PC/MAC File Sharing
935.02VNABRW::PAYLOR_SWed Apr 04 1990VMS V5.3-1 & PCSA V3.
936.01SKYWAY::HOLSTWed Apr 04 1990Microsoft's Bruchures
937.02SKYWAY::HOLSTWed Apr 04 1990pcsa for os/2 - lanmanager questions -
938.04BUFFER::LOMBARDIWed Apr 04 1990WHAT a great Utility!...a couple of questions
939.04CECVWed Apr 04 1990pc memory hints
940.01OTOUWed Apr 04 1990Sethost answerback <CR>?
941.0CGOFS::CADAMSWed Apr 04 1990LAD drives on a cluster/failover inquiry.
942.01KAOFS::A_LALONDEWed Apr 04 1990unregistered printqueue problems.pcsaV2.2
943.04BUFFER::LOMBARDIWed Apr 04 1990Connecting to a REMOTE FILE SERVICE...
944.03BIGRED::KARENWed Apr 04 1990Multiple Sessions with LAT.EXE (PCSA V3.
945.03NWDWed Apr 04 1990Locally attached printer problem!
946.03KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Apr 04 1990UIC and pcsa
947.04IDOOA::VALASEKWed Apr 04 1990ds325c-QEMM4.23-PCSA3.
950.04EVTIS2::LESOTThu Apr 05 1990PCDISK with the FLOPPY on VS31
951.02SHIPS::GAHAN_GThu Apr 05 1990Scheduler Functionality ?
952.04MLNCSC::LANCELLOTTIThu Apr 05 1990pcsa 3.
953.03FILTON::BARKER_EThu Apr 05 19903.1/Disk caching/Memory support ??
954.03KAOFS::R_STJEANThu Apr 05 1990TASK in PCSA$DOS_SYS... why?
955.0WKRP::LENNIGThu Apr 05 1990Mouse support confusion
956.02IDOOA::VALASEKThu Apr 05 1990scsiha.sys for ds325c
957.07AUSTIN::GIAUQUEFri Apr 06 1990WINDOWS-286 Write Protect Error
958.01ADODNT::HAMPTONFri Apr 06 1990PCSA performance at V3.
959.01UTRTSC::HOSANGFri Apr 06 1990server 3.1a and file locking
960.018GOTA1::WANNERSKOGFri Apr 06 1990XIRCOM Pocket LAN - COMPAQ LTE/286 support ?
961.07MUSKIE::MILLERFri Apr 06 1990Depca rev changes from E to H
962.02SUBWAY::MONASCHFri Apr 06 1990PC/LANserver 31
963.023OLDTMR::BROWNFri Apr 06 1990Lotus bought Novell!
964.0VICKI::LONGFri Apr 06 1990problem w/update
965.010SUBWAY::TAKOSFri Apr 06 1990NETbios Problems w' Lotus Notes
966.03MISFIT::STEIDLEFri Apr 06 1990FYI Cabletron's 1
967.01KIPPIS::BACKSTROMFri Apr 06 1990Why hidden TEMPLATE.INI with V3.
968.0MISFIT::STEIDLEFri Apr 06 1990PC-DOS 4.
969.03TRCU11::MOKFri Apr 06 1990VT32
970.03KAOFS::M_VALLEEFri Apr 06 1990Print services menu
971.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEFri Apr 06 1990add workstation problem
972.02GIDDAY::HUMMERSTONSun Apr 08 1990Performance vs PCFS$SERVER base priority
973.04OTOASun Apr 08 1990CFG_WS.DAT problem
974.05FRSTSC::SATTLERMon Apr 09 1990LOTUS 3, REDIR in XMS and file service?
975.05MINDER::THORNTONDMon Apr 09 1990PCSA and XNS protocol coexistence in DECStation??
976.05UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDMon Apr 09 1990WP4.2, PCSA V3.
977.05GIDDAY::CANTLONMon Apr 09 1990Delete directories in Personal service?
979.01GLDOA::TEVANSMon Apr 09 1990DWDOS386 Mem Consumption
980.03CSOA1::CONNERMon Apr 09 1990SoftPC conf. pointer/info needed
981.01NBOFS1::HERMANNMon Apr 09 1990Printing from MS-WINDOWS
982.04UBOHUB::MATTHEWSMon Apr 09 1990Printing and Multimate
983.01CSOA1::SMARACKOMon Apr 09 1990Memory control blocks destroyed
984.01TRCU11::DYMONDMon Apr 09 1990V2.
985.01VICKI::LONGMon Apr 09 1990cannot remote boot
986.03KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Apr 09 1990login failure pcsa v3.
987.012OGWV5Tue Apr 10 1990Novell Token-Ring access to VAX on Ethernet?
988.03KAOFS::A_LALONDETue Apr 10 1990Problem After upgrading from 2.1 to 3.
990.0KAOFS::A_LALONDETue Apr 10 1990editing files , Wordperfect on PCSA
991.02HOGAN::PATILLATue Apr 10 1990LATTISnet and PCSA
992.0CACT48::BARTHTue Apr 10 1990NETSETUP hangs under DOS 4.
993.01OTOUTue Apr 10 1990ACL Problems?
994.08OTOUTue Apr 10 1990PCMAIL/WordPerfect editor
995.0RANGER::KALIKOWTue Apr 10 1990Check out PC-related notes in MARKETING and DIGITAL?
996.03MORK::LIBERTONEWed Apr 11 1990Another Netsetup problem!
997.03UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDWed Apr 11 1990Where to get patches??
998.01FRAMBO::ERIKSSONWed Apr 11 1990PCSA ISDN support???
999.02UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDWed Apr 11 1990OPTICAL mouse problems?
1000.02KERNEL::OSMONDWed Apr 11 1990Zenith, XMS and PCSA V3.
1001.03SHAPES::OSBORNENWed Apr 11 1990Cannot Add a User or Node
1003.03KAOFS::A_LALONDEWed Apr 11 1990Olivetty M24 on PCSA V3.
1004.03OTOAWed Apr 11 1990Talk to a PDP11
1005.04BUFFER::CORMANWed Apr 11 1990OS/2 V1.1 for PCSA (Help!!)
1006.03VICKI::LONGWed Apr 11 1990what's not happening?
1007.01AKOV11::BAREWed Apr 11 1990LJ25
1008.0CHOVAX::MUEHLMANNWed Apr 11 1990Zenith-286LP with 4
1010.01MINDER::THORNTONDThu Apr 12 1990DEPCA throughput? File service access times?
1012.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Apr 12 1990DNP blues
1013.01HGOVC::LAWRENCEThu Apr 12 1990Postscript-VAXMATE-VMS ??
1014.03ISTWI1::DUMANThu Apr 12 1990HELP! I am in trouble with DOSLOAD.
1015.0ATFAM::HARRISThu Apr 12 1990HP laser jet still extra page with application
1016.0MANIS1::WILLEThu Apr 12 1990Maynard Streamer Problems
1017.01MANIS1::WILLEThu Apr 12 1990386MM & EXTLISP,ORACLE
1018.01UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDFri Apr 13 1990Workstation Profile Not Modified??
1019.04CSOA1::SCHRAMM_KFri Apr 13 1990PCLAN/Server 31
1020.01MUSKIE::HENDRIKSENFri Apr 13 1990Presentation Material
1021.04NEWVAX::HAMILTONMon Apr 16 1990Upgrade Question
1022.02STLACT::DONOVANMon Apr 16 1990Any plans for MS-WORD on the VAX?
1023.05VAXSPO::MONTENEGROMon Apr 16 1990How many PC's can be served by 1 VAXserver 34
1024.02GIDDAY::HUMMERSTONTue Apr 17 1990Unable to write to file service
1025.05GIDDAY::RALLINGSTue Apr 17 1990QEMM + PCSA v3.
1026.011GIDDAY::RALLINGSTue Apr 17 1990Expanded Memory(EMS) + PCSA v3.
1027.02STKHLM::WETTERBERGTue Apr 17 1990pcsa$rmi info needed !
1028.03GIDDAY::RAINERTue Apr 17 1990Doc Transfer problem on 5
1029.03VOGON::DBERGSTROMTue Apr 17 1990Problem with DOSLOAD on PCSA V2.2
1030.03NUTMEG::ISBELLTue Apr 17 1990HLAPPI Interface Question
1031.02VAXWRK::MANEYTue Apr 17 1990Expanded memory emulator questions
1032.02CIMNET::LEVTue Apr 17 1990Can't attach to remote file system
1034.01KAOFS::A_LALONDETue Apr 17 1990Slow file service ,coping file
1035.0CSCOA5::EPLEY_TTue Apr 17 1990PCLAN/server backup problem
1036.07DEMOAX::BRAVERTue Apr 17 1990PC printer sharing
1037.01SPCTRM::NUSBAUMWed Apr 18 1990Summer School / On Tour demo now available
1038.010WILARD::JENNINGSWed Apr 18 1990PCSA for Ultrix Conference??
1040.03GLASS::HULLWed Apr 18 1990Simultaneous Dual LAN access?
1041.02KAOOWed Apr 18 1990DECSTART time?
1042.0PIRU::GOETZEWed Apr 18 1990Even better support of HP LaserJet...
1043.0SAILN::BUDZOWSKIWed Apr 18 1990LAT
1044.01OTOUWed Apr 18 1990Excel/Remote Boot
1045.02KAOHWed Apr 18 1990Privs needed to use PCSA_MANAGER>
1046.0YZR5Thu Apr 19 1990PCSA Broadcast. Support of F$FAO lexical ?
1047.04NBOFS1::HERMANNThu Apr 19 1990XCOPY doesn't copy renamed files ?
1048.02UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDThu Apr 19 1990DEGA video card & 132 Width
1049.04UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDThu Apr 19 1990Deleting Service removes directory??
1050.09UBEAUT::SMITHEThu Apr 19 1990File server peformance problem in CLUSTER
1051.07INBLUE::VUJNOVICThu Apr 19 1990PD ZIP2EXE reports NET8
1052.05CURIE::NEWMANThu Apr 19 1990Can I change remote booting to a larger virtual disk?
1053.05ROMThu Apr 19 1990Wordperfect hangs on disk-service
1054.02KAOFS::A_LALONDEThu Apr 19 1990NET PRINT /HEADER/noflag doesn't work
1055.02VAXMAC::UDICKThu Apr 19 1990Document Error Message in one place
1056.02DELNI::HANNAThu Apr 19 1990startup problem
1057.016RANGER::RIZZOLOThu Apr 19 1990DEC LanWORKS for ULTRIX Internal Field test kit
1058.01SUBWAY::SUENThu Apr 19 1990Design1 creat dir error
1061.01STKHLM::AAMISEPPFri Apr 20 1990Dosload and remote boot problems
1062.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEFri Apr 20 1990net print question
1063.03VICKI::LONGFri Apr 20 1990vms 5.3-2
1064.0WNOUFri Apr 20 1990327
1065.01WIDGIT::LUSARDIFri Apr 20 1990%PCSA-E-NOFSVRLINK, unable to establish link
1067.0SIXTO1::AL35Sun Apr 22 1990A job well done
1068.04MEO78B::MANTUANOMon Apr 23 1990Logicraft & DEC
1069.02BDYSRF::UDICKMon Apr 23 1990File transfer to UNISYS
1070.04ODIXIE::RYANKEMon Apr 23 1990Size =
1071.02GRANPA::RJONESMon Apr 23 1990Can Novell live with PCSA, what will the parents t
1072.07CRONIC::PCUMMINGSMon Apr 23 1990PCFS_SERVER process ACCVIO'ing
1073.02UBEAUT::SMITHEMon Apr 23 1990What does STACKS do? Is it needed?
1074.03UBEAUT::SMITHEMon Apr 23 1990CTERM problem on COMPAQ 386
1075.02HGOVC::PATRICKNGTue Apr 24 1990Foxbase doesn't work on LAD???
1076.01IJSAPL::NIESSINKTue Apr 24 1990LOTUS or PC-Oracle problems ?
1077.02STKHLM::HEGNELIUSTue Apr 24 1990PCmail and serial mouse
1078.01UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDTue Apr 24 1990FREE FAILED revisited??
1079.09MAMTS2::RJONESTue Apr 24 1990PCSA V3.
1080.03EEMELI::TUURITue Apr 24 1990PCSA and Tecmar EMS?
1081.03TRCOTue Apr 24 1990V4 wishlist entry
1083.02SCAACT::MALONEYTue Apr 24 1990GammaLink FAX/MAIL products
1084.0KAOFS::N_MARTELTue Apr 24 1990Reverse Video problem after PCMAIL
1085.08DENVER::MEDAUGHTue Apr 24 1990PCMail corruption
1086.08ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKTue Apr 24 1990add users without menu
1088.01BDYSRF::UDICKTue Apr 24 1990Apple MAC SMB driver work with PCSA
1089.03MSDSWS::DANTONIWed Apr 25 1990Multiple Area question
1090.05BARNA::OLIVELLAWed Apr 25 1990Btrieve application and PCSA 3.
1091.01HGOVC::PATRICKNGWed Apr 25 1990How many Free memonry on remote PC Client?
1092.01HGOVC::PATRICKNGWed Apr 25 1990How to set up nowrite on remote boot drive?
1093.06KAOFS::N_MARTELWed Apr 25 1990Wrong number of PCmail messages
1094.01PRMSWed Apr 25 1990HP Cables Needed
1095.03UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDWed Apr 25 1990Some questions....
1096.04NYSBU::CHURCHEWed Apr 25 1990q about file ownership with file server
1097.03GIDDAY::KOThu Apr 26 1990CD reader caused problems on NETTIME & REDIR?
1098.02UBEAUT::SMITHEThu Apr 26 1990Freelance from Disk services
1099.01ISIDRO::JIMENEZThu Apr 26 1990Looking for a PD VT24
1100.01CASEE::EISENBERGThu Apr 26 1990Reccomendation for Compose Sequence
1101.01HGOSPS::LIWAICHUNGThu Apr 26 1990Write Remote Boot Key Disk failed...
1103.05HGOVC::PATRICKNGThu Apr 26 1990How to get more memory?
1104.02HGOVC::PATRICKNGThu Apr 26 1990Can Aboveboard on AT giving out 5
1105.0KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Apr 26 1990Compaq 386 and Cterm
1106.05BLUES::JUNGCLASThu Apr 26 1990VMS file vs MSDOS file charactertics
1107.01XLII::RGRUVERThu Apr 26 1990REDIR4
1108.01POBOX::HOBSONThu Apr 26 1990Comp-U-Add DEPCA errors w/fast clock?
1110.04CSCOA5::CURLE_AThu Apr 26 1990NO FILE SELECTED when backing up PC/LAN server 31
1111.03HSOMAI::TILLEYThu Apr 26 1990DNP.EXE QUESTION.....
1112.02CACIQE::RUIZJThu Apr 26 1990ACL IN PCSA V3.
1113.02MUSKIE::HENDRIKSENThu Apr 26 199035MM Express & LVP16
1114.07FRSTSC::SATTLERFri Apr 27 1990Restoring connections?
1115.01STKHLM::WETTERBERGFri Apr 27 1990FrameWork 3 files remains open when pc crashes.
1116.06CSCOA5::TAYLOR_JFri Apr 27 19903.
1117.06SPCTRM::GORCZYCAFri Apr 27 1990Can't restore VMS MAIL files
1118.08MSVAX::ALLENFri Apr 27 1990Menuing Application Hangs With PCSA
1119.05HALIBT::MCCANTAFri Apr 27 1990Encryption and PCSA? Can we do it?
1120.01VAOUFri Apr 27 1990EMS emulation
1121.02TRCOSat Apr 28 1990Can user define first virtual drive? (LADDRV.SYS)
1122.01HGOVC::ALECLEEMon Apr 30 1990File server hang or stop itself
1123.02HGOVC::PATRICKNGMon Apr 30 1990Temp file is being locaked in PCmail?
1124.02FSADMN::CARZELLMon Apr 30 1990Exiting RBase Generates Memory Allocation Error
1125.02ZURFCC::PEDRIOLIMon Apr 30 1990PCSA for School - Server Performances?
1126.01SIOG::MCCARTHYMon Apr 30 1990Abovedisc, PCSA V3.
1127.0CSOA1::WILKINSMon Apr 30 1990DECsystem/PCSA questions
1128.01CSOA1::SCHRAMM_KMon Apr 30 1990FAL
1129.012SUBWAY::YOUNGMon Apr 30 1990read MS-DOS disk
1130.02ODIXIE::KELLENMon Apr 30 1990ScriptPrinter Queue's from PCSA
1131.04ODIXIE::HIPPMon Apr 30 1990File Locking Again...
1132.01YZR5Tue May 01 1990PC DECWindows and EGA Graphics
1133.02HGOVC::ALECLEETue May 01 1990Number of Users each server can support
1134.02CSOA1::SCHRAMM_KTue May 01 1990Local Drive Backups
1135.05KAOFS::M_VALLEETue May 01 1990RCV problem
1136.01CSCOA5::EPLEY_TWed May 02 1990PCLAN/server upgrade fails
1137.03MANMWed May 02 1990Demo/benchmark on index files
1138.03TPOVC::MICHAELWANGWed May 02 1990PCs communicate without VAX's intervention ??
1139.03HGOVC::ALECLEEWed May 02 1990IBM XT not working under v3.
1140.04KERNEL::SHOULDINGWed May 02 1990LAT Groups & SETHOST
1141.0UTRTSC::ANBEEKWed May 02 1990logical names within the fileserver
1142.01VAOUWed May 02 1990DELETE SERVICE goes into loop.
1143.0SCAACT::MALONEYWed May 02 1990CodeView/Mouse problem
1144.0CSCOA5::ROLLINS_RWed May 02 1990RESTRICTED flag and connecting to directory
1145.012ODIXIE::HIPPWed May 02 1990PCSA Deleted Files
1146.02CTOAVX::STARKEYWed May 02 1990Driver for DEPCA in CQ486/25?
1147.09HOO78C::BATSWed May 02 1990Cabletron Card for PCSA!!!!
1149.01ODIXIE::HIPPWed May 02 1990DEMCA vs 3C523
1150.04CSCOA5::EPLEY_TThu May 03 1990DECstation performance not acceptable
1151.03KYOA::LAMMThu May 03 1990Is V3.1 alive somewhere?
1152.0MANMFri May 04 1990How to read a PC ind. seq. file from VAX cobol
1153.05HGOVC::PATRICKNGFri May 04 1990PCSA tuning for benchmark
1154.06EEMELI::MITTSFri May 04 1990Why no asynch in PCSA for OS/2??
1155.03MANMFri May 04 1990DEC VS HP
1156.0TAVMVC::SYSTEMFri May 04 1990NETTIME and DWDOS286 help needed
1157.05UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDFri May 04 1990Open Access on File Services Problem!!
1158.0SCACT::KNOWLESJIFri May 04 1990ps/2 hangs during login
1159.02CSCOAC::JACOBS_RFri May 04 1990Installing ms-windows under 3.
1160.012HOT::GOODRIDGEFri May 04 1990What platforms?
1161.01SPIRIT::JAKOBSCHEFri May 04 1990Looking for ATT.EXE for VAXmate
1162.06TRCOFri May 04 1990PCSA 2.1 and VMS 5.3?
1163.01MSAMSat May 05 1990Netware/VMS vs PCSA ?
1164.07IOWAMV::WIDICKSun May 06 1990COMPAQ386/DEPCA (H) DOA
1165.0GIDDAY::BLOOMSun May 06 1990Netsetup problems in PCSA v3.
1166.04GIDDAY::BLOOMSun May 06 1990PCSA v3.
1167.01BACHUS::DHAENSMon May 07 1990sethost, 132columns vers3.
1168.03CSOA1::SCHRAMM_KMon May 07 1990PCSA in a realtime environment??
1169.01VAOUMon May 07 1990QEMM for 8
1170.01CSCOA5::TAYLOR_JMon May 07 1990Case of the 'Black box'!
1171.02OTOAMon May 07 1990Ultrix X11 clarification
1172.011HGOVC::ANDREWWAITESTue May 08 1990LAT /S qualifier
1173.04GIDDAY::RALLINGSTue May 08 1990LK25
1175.01UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDTue May 08 1990LATSYM looping?????
1176.01ZPOVTue May 08 1990Upgrade questions
1177.02EIGER::HALBHERRTue May 08 1990Differences on Remote Boot with W16 or FRB Disket
1178.01CSOA1::CONNERTue May 08 1990V2.
1179.05HSOMAI::TILLEYTue May 08 1990HELP printing from PCSA to an Apple LaserWriter
1180.0MISERY::AFENDAKIS_MITue May 08 1990V2.2 Documentation
1182.01USWS::JOHNSONTue May 08 1990Need SEDT Keyboard Information
1183.0CSCOA5::NICHOLSON_STue May 08 1990Dos copy deletes files when copy fails
1184.06MUSKIE::HENDRIKSENTue May 08 19905 DOS Partitions supported?
1185.03CSCOAC::JACOBS_RTue May 08 1990New Mail Count is incorrect on VMS side
1186.07VICKI::LONGTue May 08 1990Invalid DNP variant
1187.02CSCOAC::JACOBS_RTue May 08 1990Problems in adding user thru pcsa
1188.01CANYON::GURALNIKTue May 08 1990Windows 386 and PCSA 3.
1189.02HSOMAI::LINWed May 09 19901M memory not enough?
1190.01HGOVC::ALECLEEWed May 09 1990DECwindow doesn't work under AST 386
1191.02BDYSRF::UDICKWed May 09 1990Disk slow with large free space ?
1192.06BDYSRF::UDICKWed May 09 1990PCSA Server Usability Issues
1193.05BDYSRF::UDICKWed May 09 1990Client Usability Suggestions
1195.01HGOVC::DEREKLUIWed May 09 1990VMS 5.3 and PCSA 2.2 ???
1196.03HGOVC::ALECLEEWed May 09 1990Lotus problem on file server
1197.04HGOVC::ALECLEEWed May 09 1990dBASE4 problem on PCSA
1198.03TASTY::WHITMARSHWed May 09 1990changing a decnet address??
1199.06TAVWed May 09 1990PCDISK doesn't support DKA5
1200.02UTRTSC::BARENDREGTWed May 09 1990Checking for LAD existence
1201.01FRAFS3::ELHAJWed May 09 1990SETHOST and 8 bit DEC Multinational char
1202.06CSCOAC::JACOBS_RWed May 09 1990Zenith 248 and logitech inport mouse conflict
1203.0--UnknownUser--Wed May 09 1990
1204.09CSCOAC::JACOBS_RWed May 09 1990DECMOUSE and new Microsoft products
1205.011MQOUWed May 09 1990PC MAGAZINE Volume 9 Number 1
1206.02BUFFER::LOMBARDIWed May 09 1990PCSA distribution lists...
1207.01TOPTEN::WOODWed May 09 1990LK25
1208.07TENNIS::KAMWed May 09 1990dwdos386
1209.02NZOVWed May 09 1990Upgrade 2.1->2.2 with 3.
1210.07HGOVC::ANDREWCHIUThu May 10 1990PCSA over TransLAN?
1211.0HGOVC::ANDREWCHIUThu May 10 1990Problem with PSI or PCSA V3.
1212.02PHIN::Cockcroft,CSC OZThu May 10 1990Read and Write RAW mode in Cluster
1213.01HOE::osmondThu May 10 1990PCMAIL and PRCLM
1214.01ZPOVThu May 10 1990Coexistence of 2 versions of PCSA
1215.05EEMELI::WESSLINThu May 10 1990MDBS III (NetBIOS), PCSA V3.
1216.02GIDDAY::RALLINGSThu May 10 1990NETSETUP and Monochrome Monitors
1217.01PGG::MCKINNONThu May 10 1990Max No. PCs and Max size Virt Disk?
1218.01CSOA1::MCKENNAThu May 10 1990Reference Sites for PCSA 3.
1219.08SEDGPX::COLEThu May 10 1990QEMM "tutorial" topic
1220.02HGOVC::ANDREWWAITESThu May 10 1990V2.2 Templates?
1221.04OSLFri May 11 1990PCMAIL and monochrome adapter
1222.04GIDDAY::RALLINGSFri May 11 1990EMSLOAD Errors with Hypertec
1223.01PRSUD1::CEGALERBAFri May 11 1990Reference PCSA + AUTOCAD
1224.018KERNEL::OSMONDFri May 11 1990SYSGEN drives and PS2 Model 5
1225.02KAOFS::A_LALONDEFri May 11 1990PCMAIL comments in distribution lists
1226.05EISCDL::LOMBARDIFri May 11 1990"Quantifiable" statistics anywhere...
1227.01OLYMP::RUEFFFri May 11 1990Parallel Port to Ethernet with customized DLL.EXE
1228.0TRCAFri May 11 1990Can't Fontload XEROX4
1229.02TOOK::ICENOGLEFri May 11 1990A SETHOST emulation problem
1230.03EEMELI::TUURIFri May 11 1990LADs and heavy traffic on a LAN
1231.010MARVIN::WARWICKFri May 11 1990FISH program for MS-Windows/VAXmate
1232.0MOVIES::BLAKESun May 13 1990VAXmate, LA5
1233.04CANYON::GURALNIKSun May 13 1990PC Hangs on Printing!
1234.03TROPPO::LUCKSun May 13 1990PC DECwindows - Separate Product??
1235.03--UnknownUser--Mon May 14 1990File Service on ASYNCH ???
1236.09KLEMOM::STAUDENMAIERMon May 14 1990VMS T5.4-FK and PCSA V3.
1237.02EIGER::HUESLERMon May 14 1990RCV EMSLOAD Problem with RCV /D
1238.06TENNIS::KAMMon May 14 1990Undocumented arguments to 'path' command
1239.02EISCDL::LOMBARDIMon May 14 1990DISKCOPY problem for NETSETUP Floppies...
1240.02WLW::SHREVEMon May 14 1990LK25
1241.0NZOVMon May 14 1990MS-WINDOWS SETUP problem with PCSA 3.
1242.02MSAMTue May 15 1990replace redir files, printout still slow.
1244.01GIDDAY::RALLINGSTue May 15 1990MS-Windows PAINT and v3.
1245.04GIDDAY::RALLINGSTue May 15 1990Problem With USE ( Bug Found? )
1246.02KETJE::LEFEVERTue May 15 1990remote PC connection via MUXserver-DECmux
1247.03TRCOTue May 15 1990Philips PC's Remote Boot Problem
1248.03SUBWAY::SENKENTue May 15 1990PCSA in a WAN - What's lost?
1249.01SUBWAY::SENKENTue May 15 1990Multiple versions of DOS files
1250.03SUBWAY::SENKENTue May 15 1990PCSA-lanWORKS interoperability
1251.02TWOTO1::COOPERMTue May 15 1990AMSTRAD 2286 mod 4
1252.0BDYSRF::UDICKTue May 15 1990ATT's LAN MANAGER running on DECstation 31
1253.05SUBWAY::SFIELDTue May 15 19903com5
1254.02OTOATue May 15 1990MS-WINDOWS access errors
1255.02OTOATue May 15 1990Blank pages
1258.03TAVIS::RONENWed May 16 1990multiple sessions with SETHOST, why not ?
1259.01MECCA::DIMARIOWed May 16 1990Help on Task to Task VAX Cobol to RM Cobol
1260.02BEEKER::LOMBARDIWed May 16 1990DOS TO MAC file retrieving...
1261.01YUPPIE::TURCOTTEWed May 16 1990Support for Japanese PCs?
1262.01--UnknownUser--Wed May 16 1990PCSA-DEAD LAST/Please Help
1263.02ODIXIE::MEDERWed May 16 1990Custom Keyboard mapping
1264.01TIGEMS::GILMANWed May 16 1990Can't Start PC DECWINDOWS with v3.
1265.01CSCOAC::JACOBS_RWed May 16 1990microsoft windows, dec mouse not working
1266.03KEIKI::BROWNLOWWed May 16 1990HP Laser Jet printing problems from the window
1268.01MEOVM1::SMITHEThu May 17 1990Broadcast message format
1270.07SANFAN::YOUNG_MIThu May 17 1990PARADOX or PC Wang Office on PCSA?
1271.0TWOTO1::COOPERMThu May 17 1990vt32
1272.02VNABRW::BOTEKThu May 17 1990DLL 54K big?
1274.01CSCOAC::JACOBS_RThu May 17 1990multimate crashing w/divide overflow
1275.0DENVER::WOODThu May 17 1990PC Chalk
1276.0DENVER::WOODThu May 17 1990Paradox/Rdb
1277.0CSCOAC::JACOBS_RThu May 17 1990PCMAIL and wordperfect
1279.07GIDDAY::LIMThu May 17 1990f12 key does not work properly
1280.06BDYSRF::UDICKFri May 18 1990Banyan and Microsoft ?
1281.0BDYSRF::UDICKFri May 18 1990PC Mag Review of LAN's
1282.0BDYSRF::UDICKFri May 18 1990Interoperability Guides ?
1283.02HGOVC::PATRICKNGFri May 18 1990What is REDIR /z?
1285.03EVTIS2::LESOTFri May 18 1990NFT PASSWORD
1286.011ZPOVFri May 18 1990Unable to run applications concurrently
1287.01OTOUFri May 18 1990File service in a heterogenous Cluster
1288.0TRCOFri May 18 1990pcmail issue
1290.01GLORY::WESTBROOKSFri May 18 1990Sethost S-L-O-W on Model 3
1291.0MANMSat May 19 1990TTT using PC as Server
1292.02GIDDAY::YOUNGSun May 20 1990Broadcast from a PC
1293.02EEMELI::JVAANANENMon May 21 1990286 + vga + ems + depca in small mode
1294.04YUPPY::HOLDERRMon May 21 1990DECnet link = NETBIOS session?
1295.06ZPOVMon May 21 1990VMS upgrade from V5.1 to V5.2
1296.01UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDMon May 21 1990Yeah but...
1297.03EXOCET::ATTWOOLMon May 21 1990Problem with adding new boot disks under VMS 5.4
1298.06UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDMon May 21 1990Not ready reading drive M???
1299.02CSCOAC::JACOBS_RMon May 21 1990printscreen and PCSA 3.
1300.095DUGGAN::FALSAFIMon May 21 1990PCSA & MS Windows 3.
1301.04CSCOA5::TAYLOR_JMon May 21 1990Cluster/Acl guru needed!
1302.0CSCOA5::OLSEN_RMon May 21 1990la324 printer setup w/3.
1303.0MSAMTue May 22 1990internal illegal error w running dbase application
1304.02KERNEL::COLOMBOTue May 22 1990Clusters and NETSETUP
1305.01KERNEL::SHOULDINGTue May 22 1990vt32
1306.01BIGRED::KAMPSTue May 22 1990Backup/restore problem with file service
1307.0NOTTue May 22 1990HP Vectra with HP-ARPA(?) Ethernet Board?
1308.04CSCOAC::JACOBS_RTue May 22 1990Wanted: Anyone using NCR pc's
1309.01DELNI::HANNATue May 22 1990VAXmate 2 meg extended memory
1310.01WINERY::DEVINNEYTue May 22 1990PCSA V3.
1311.05POBOX::DECAPPTue May 22 1990CLOSEUP/LAN
1312.02DEMOAX::BREITNERWed May 23 1990SOLOMON run on PCSA?
1313.02MANUEL::MATTHEWSWed May 23 1990PC File Transfer
1314.04UTRUST::DEWIJKWed May 23 1990Disk server process crashes..
1315.02HGOVC::PATRICKNGWed May 23 1990Too many read I/O??
1316.04TRCU11::DYMONDWed May 23 1990PCSA 2.2: workstation profile not added, acl empty
1317.05VANILA::KOSKUBAWed May 23 1990TTT Link Unable to Reconnect
1318.01CSCOAC::JACOBS_RWed May 23 1990Dell 286/386, diskless system, problems
1319.03TROAWed May 23 1990Network Harvard Graphics install
1320.014DENVER::ARCHERWed May 23 1990customer PCSA questions?
1321.01BREAKR::BUDZOWSKIWed May 23 1990LAT & PCTools
1322.01SUBWAY::DERISEWed May 23 1990Lotus 1-2-3, ALLWAYS, & PCSA
1323.08CLO::ROSSITERThu May 24 1990cc:Mail Gateway or Replacement cc:Mail
1324.04WR1FOR::BROMARTHThu May 24 1990DOS to VMS conversion utility
1325.01ROMThu May 24 1990Remote PCs and allin1 mail ??
1326.01PRMSThu May 24 1990Supported DOS Applications
1327.04SUBWAY::YOUNGThu May 24 1990327
1328.01--UnknownUser--Thu May 24 1990DEC LANworks questions.
1329.01HGOVC::ALECLEEThu May 24 1990Showing all file and printer services
1330.02MSAMFri May 25 1990xms config, cluster alias & sethost.dat problems
1331.0CACIQE::RUIZJFri May 25 1990FAL PROCESS...
1332.02CSCOAC::JACOBS_RFri May 25 1990Sethost losing PF1 function
1334.014--UnknownUser--Fri May 25 1990PCSA 3.1 release?????
1335.0WLDWMN::BYRAFri May 25 1990VAXSTATION 31
1337.02MELKOR::DEWISSat May 26 1990Some general questions
1338.03IJSAPL::VANHAMBURGSun May 27 1990List of LANMANAGER versions used in LANworks?
1339.03VAOUMon May 28 1990Lotus and network printers.
1340.01TRCAMon May 28 1990CAN PCSA work well with 64
1341.06BORDX1::GUISELINTue May 29 1990Documentation PCSA 3.
1342.02UTRTSC::BATSTue May 29 1990D-Link ethernet boards support PCSA
1343.03IJSAPL::HUIJTSTue May 29 1990PCSA and Kyocera printer ?
1344.02KAOFS::M_VALLEETue May 29 1990pcmail and missing messages
1345.01CSCOAC::JACOBS_RTue May 29 1990DOS C program & RMS files
1346.01UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDWed May 30 1990PCDSHR-E-FNF, file not found ERROR!
1347.01LNKHUB::HELLSTROMWed May 30 1990MODIFY USER functionality
1348.01MANIS2::WILLEWed May 30 1990PCSA Printer Trigger needed
1349.04ZPOVWed May 30 1990Problem registering new clients after server upgra
1350.03HGOVC::PATRICKNGWed May 30 1990File Services problem
1351.0SSGRB1::Derek ArnoldWed May 30 1990HP WD Printer? Any Views?
1352.01UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDWed May 30 1990Q: PCmail and Black Holes!
1353.02ROVRUM::ROBINSONWed May 30 1990Attached printers and terminal emulation
1354.06FIXSR2::WHITTINGTONWed May 30 1990Another HP Laser Form Feed
1355.0SUBWAY::YOUNGWed May 30 1990Windows V3 and PCSA
1356.02SIOG::FITZMAURICEWed May 30 1990REBOOT.COM required ?
1357.02WIRDI::KAMRANWed May 30 1990Print jobs disappears
1358.03BERKLY::SEELEY_JEWed May 30 1990dev no longer exists/unable to contact remote node
1359.02GIDDAY::RALLINGSWed May 30 1990NEAT Chipset and Weird EMM Problems
1360.01GIDDAY::DUBBERThu May 31 1990Decmode, LK25
1361.0FSADMN::CARZELLThu May 31 1990More Documentation on LASTCP, Please
1362.02FSADMN::CARZELLThu May 31 1990How can we get SMART to work with PCSA?
1363.02UTRUST::DEWIJKThu May 31 1990can file server buffer size be changed?
1364.01COMICS::FOSTERThu May 31 1990Windows 386 , DNP and Expanded Memory
1365.0CSCOA3::TAYLOR_JThu May 31 1990Possible cause for "status=8412".
1366.02CSCOAC::JACOBS_RThu May 31 1990Copying variable length files - File service
1367.06HGOSPS::LIWAICHUNGThu May 31 1990Idea of Dnet/PCSA client for DOS
1368.07NSGThu May 31 1990Dual LANs under NETBIOS, PCSA and Token Ring
1369.07UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDFri Jun 01 1990NET PRINT problem (wot, another one)?
1370.09SCOTMN::RADBURNFri Jun 01 1990WPS-PLUS and V3.
1371.01COLA1::STALZFri Jun 01 1990PCSA 3.
1372.0CUBFAN::LABICHFri Jun 01 1990PC EXPO '9
1373.01CSCOA5::TAYLOR_JFri Jun 01 1990Bound Volumes
1374.012HGOSPS::LIWAICHUNGFri Jun 01 1990Western digital card offically supported?
1375.010OLDTMR::BROWNFri Jun 01 1990VMS T5.4-4DN, Pele, PCSA V3.
1376.03ODIXIE::HUTNICKFri Jun 01 1990creating a STREAM_LF file on a PC
1377.06SIXTO1::SHARKEYASun Jun 03 1990Some useful info on WP 5.1 and PCSA 3.1a
1378.07NEGD::LOMBARDISun Jun 03 1990help with "SINGLE" buffered controllers...
1379.01TWOTO1::COOPERMMon Jun 04 1990lanserver backup menu command in batch
1380.03TAVMVC::SYSTEMMon Jun 04 1990depca modes and address space
1381.01NANOOK::FOXMon Jun 04 1990How to change DECnet Nodenames and Addresses
1382.03NEGD::LOMBARDIMon Jun 04 1990327
1384.06YUPPY::PAUMon Jun 04 1990MENU
1385.04ABLE::LUMon Jun 04 1990DECmouse/DEPCA driver for Windows 3.
1386.04SIXTO1::SHARKEYAMon Jun 04 1990Help wanted on a server slowdown
1387.0GUIDUK::VAUGHNTue Jun 05 1990Diskmanager 4.
1388.06VFOVAX::ZITELMANTue Jun 05 1990Banyan,Novell,IBM TR Integration with VMS
1389.04BIGUN::SIMPSONTue Jun 05 1990PCSA server fails to support ACLs
1390.03MINDER::THORNTONDTue Jun 05 1990DEC LanWORKS for OS2 availability?
1392.05RAKE::COLOMBOTue Jun 05 1990int 6DH ...
1393.05TRNOI2::ANDERNELLOTue Jun 05 1990WORD5 AND LN
1394.01CSOA1::SCHRAMM_KTue Jun 05 1990Santa Clara System/Novell Help!
1395.02KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Jun 05 1990netsetup and os/2 for pcsa
1396.02VAXRIO::LOBOTue Jun 05 1990PCSA 3.
1397.0SPCTRM::BRANDTTue Jun 05 1990DECworld Training - Objections Clinic Session
1398.03DENVER::LIBERTONETue Jun 05 1990Drive not ready?
1399.0SPCTRM::GORCZYCATue Jun 05 1990Dropping HERCULES video support in PC DECwindows?
1401.05SNOCTue Jun 05 1990DECMOUSE causes system hang
1402.01GIDDAY::DUBBERWed Jun 06 1990Mouse, QEMM, Windows 286 hang
1403.0ZPOVWed Jun 06 1990NETTIME problem on Philips AT
1404.03BACHUS::SASWed Jun 06 1990WPSdos disk serv. and doc exchange to A1
1406.07TRCOWed Jun 06 1990NET PRINT - file transfer foreground or background
1407.02CSCOAC::JACOBS_RWed Jun 06 1990Lotus as a Disk Service??????
1408.04PRETST::BUTTSWed Jun 06 1990Multi Processors
1409.04GUIDUK::EDENSWed Jun 06 1990Compaq/33 will NOT work, Help!!
1410.0CANYON::GURALNIKWed Jun 06 1990VAX-to-FAX w/ PCSA?
1411.05TROAWed Jun 06 1990Layered products on LANServer??
1412.05CSCOA5::EPLEY_TWed Jun 06 1990moving lad$boot_disks=problems.
1413.0GLDOA::HACKThu Jun 07 1990PCSA vs 3COM performance timings
1414.03UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDThu Jun 07 1990LAD Resource Error??
1415.0BRSTR1::SCHOOFSThu Jun 07 1990DOSLOAD problems
1416.01FSADMN::CARZELLThu Jun 07 1990DLL /PORT ==> No Such Switch As PORT
1417.09WARNUT::YOUNGThu Jun 07 1990autouser.bat & lpt1 & nodename
1418.015MISERY::AFENDAKIS_MIThu Jun 07 1990Pcsa v3.
1419.02GENRAL::CLAUSONThu Jun 07 1990Ultrix Lanworks Questions
1420.02ZPOVFri Jun 08 1990VT32
1421.01GVMIND::VASICFri Jun 08 1990VT emulator - Truly Windows compliant ?
1422.02OTOUFri Jun 08 1990PCSA V3.
1423.02NBOFS1::HERMANNFri Jun 08 1990Error in structure of file
1424.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEFri Jun 08 1990backup and pcsa v3.
1425.06XLII::RGRUVERFri Jun 08 1990File version limit not honored by DOS
1426.0FRSCS::SATTLERFri Jun 08 1990pcmail date field?
1427.06WARNUT::TYASFri Jun 08 1990LAT and Clusters
1428.06WKRP::HENRYFri Jun 08 1990Windows 3.
1429.012CSCOAC::JACOBS_RFri Jun 08 1990microsoft windows 3.
1430.0CSCOAC::JACOBS_RFri Jun 08 1990Only see partial files from PC
1431.0TRCAFri Jun 08 1990Performance of FOXbase db served over TransLAN?
1432.04TAVIS::RONENSat Jun 09 1990broadcast VMS messages to p.c
1433.03WSINT::GOLDBERGSat Jun 09 1990LA75 Driver for Windows 3.
1434.0USCTR2::AMCDONALDSun Jun 10 1990Need VT-XXX key conventions for VAXmate (IBM-PC) 2
1435.02IJSAPL::VOERMANSun Jun 10 1990Ether/G Ethernet card?
1436.06COLMon Jun 11 1990NET SAVE,NET LOAD diskservice w. password
1437.08UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDMon Jun 11 1990Flow Control On Printer Port /SETHOST??
1439.02HGOVC::PATRICKNGMon Jun 11 1990Whereabout is Dec LanWorks?
1440.03COMICS::FOSTERMon Jun 11 1990DEMM386 OFF
1441.01MXOVMon Jun 11 1990write problems in a application file services
1442.02MSVAX::ATTERBERRYMon Jun 11 1990Logicraft and PCSA problems
1443.03CIVVAX::GUILLENMon Jun 11 1990Ungerman Bass & TCP/IP on PCSA ??
1444.02BIGUN::SIMPSONTue Jun 12 1990DECworld Down Under
1445.04KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Jun 12 1990moving file services
1446.06UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDTue Jun 12 1990CLAIM_NAME, and what it does???
1447.012POBOX::BOLKERTue Jun 12 1990PCSA 3.
1448.05BACHUS::VERMEIRWed Jun 13 1990stopnet problem reported by JEAN CLAUDE tssc brussels
1449.03IAMOK::ROSENBERGWed Jun 13 1990Problem installing MS-DOS
1450.03PCOJCT::LEEGWed Jun 13 1990Harvard graphics print problem & redirector
1452.02SUBWAY::LEEWed Jun 13 1990Redir.exe & Redir4
1453.0CSCOAC::JACOBS_RWed Jun 13 1990Foxbase - Error reading drive.
1454.03XLII::RGRUVERWed Jun 13 1990Cannot send PCMAIL to PMDF or JAYNET hosts
1455.02CUJO::PROCTORWed Jun 13 1990Paradox V3.
1456.021UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDThu Jun 14 1990Network 'Aware' Languages??
1457.04KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Jun 14 1990VERY Long print delays
1458.02FSADMN::CORDELLThu Jun 14 1990MS Word V5 and downloadable fonts stalls queue
1459.03KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Jun 14 1990netbios and NCB
1460.03IJSAPL::NATERThu Jun 14 1990pC-Decwindows and MS-windows 3.
1461.04MECCA::KERBYThu Jun 14 1990Token Ring for VAX/VMS?
1462.01MAIL::WHITEThu Jun 14 1990MICRO STATION and PCSA????
1463.03CSCOAC::JACOBS_RThu Jun 14 1990WEIRD!!! WordPerfect problems.
1464.01RIPPLE::KOPEC_STThu Jun 14 1990Novell WAN product offerings
1465.01SUBWAY::VOYSESTThu Jun 14 1990Looking for INDXMAA.SYS driver
1466.02GLORY::GRAEFFThu Jun 14 1990More QEMM V5.
1467.02PIRU::GOETZEThu Jun 14 1990DEPCA & DMA access
1468.04GUIDUK::CHANGThu Jun 14 1990WINDOWS V3.
1469.03MXOVThu Jun 14 1990non-PCSA NETBIOS services
1470.02WPOMM2::TOLLIDAYThu Jun 14 1990PCLAN/SERVER upgrade to PCSA V3.
1472.03WCSM::CDEGUIAFri Jun 15 1990Won't boot in C:
1473.02HGOVC::DEREKLUIFri Jun 15 1990G:\> really is the last virtual drive ???
1474.06LEMAN::GERVAZFri Jun 15 1990File in "EXECUTE" mode only ?
1475.01COMICS::FOSTERFri Jun 15 1990DNP V3.
1476.01KETJE::WARICHETFri Jun 15 1990PCSA LAT Service name
1477.03CSCOA3::TAYLOR_JFri Jun 15 1990DecWindows and Memory
1478.012WAV14::ADAMFri Jun 15 1990DE1
1479.0TOMCAT::TREATSat Jun 16 1990Intermec Bar Code reader to a VAXMATE
1480.02LODGE::WVCSun Jun 17 1990Dusty DEPCA rev D1?
1481.0ALICAT::SMITHEMon Jun 18 1990How to get DEPCARAM on REMOTE boot?
1482.07MSAMMon Jun 18 1990Virus questions
1483.03OLDTOM::WALKERMon Jun 18 1990DEMCA-5
1484.02IJSAPL::VOERMANMon Jun 18 1990Remote boot stops after 11
1485.03IJSAPL::VOERMANMon Jun 18 1990QEMM 5
1486.0WKRP::LEETCHMon Jun 18 1990Network application questions
1487.02FRSCS::SATTLERMon Jun 18 1990file service on lad device?
1488.01OTOOMon Jun 18 1990PC DECwindows keymapping
1489.03VAOUMon Jun 18 1990FOXpro 1.1 and PCSA 3.
1490.09ZPOVTue Jun 19 1990pcfs_server v2.1 crashes sometimes
1491.02YUPPY::JACKSONDTue Jun 19 1990Colour PC Graphics --> CGM format
1492.05KAOFS::M_LAVERGNETue Jun 19 1990 VT32
1493.04DWOVAX::LICAUSETue Jun 19 1990App disconnects disk service!
1494.03HXOUTue Jun 19 1990Assigning virtual drive letters
1495.02CSCOAC::JACOBS_RTue Jun 19 1990286 memory optimization
1496.02OTOUTue Jun 19 1990XMS and performance
1497.04LSNCSC::LO_PRESTITue Jun 19 1990Diskquota and Losing Files !!!
1498.03CSCOAC::JACOBS_RTue Jun 19 1990File Server Error Message??????
1499.08CSCOA3::PRICE_DTue Jun 19 1990PCMAIL to ALL-IN-1
1500.09CSOA1::SCHRAMM_KTue Jun 19 1990LAN Manager Info
1501.04MAVSN1::STOTTTue Jun 19 1990LAT, LTA, and logicals
1502.04MLNCSC::LANCELLOTTIWed Jun 20 1990VAX/PC & PCSA on the same disk???
1503.04TWOTO1::COOPERMWed Jun 20 1990dbase IV on lad ?
1504.03VAOUWed Jun 20 1990Ethernet delay specifications
1505.02VICKI::LONGWed Jun 20 1990PCSA$DOS_SYSTEM_V3
1506.06UTRTSC::HOSANGThu Jun 21 1990PCMAIL and MCS / IBM characters
1507.06STKHLM::WETTERBERGThu Jun 21 1990Cant' close descriptor in pcfs_server.log
1508.02HANThu Jun 21 199025 MHz PS/2-8
1509.02POBOX::BOLKERThu Jun 21 1990Running portions of STOPNET.BAT
1510.02IJSAPL::IJSAPL::NIESSINKThu Jun 21 1990LAC device ?
1512.03OTOAThu Jun 21 1990132 column on PS/2 ?
1513.03KAOFS::M_LAVERGNEThu Jun 21 1990vt32
1514.06TOOHOT::ALLENThu Jun 21 1990Memory Alloc. on Lanserver 31
1515.05CGOOThu Jun 21 1990VAXmate and Win 3.
1516.05CSOA1::CUNNINGHAMFri Jun 22 1990Bernoulli Boxes and CD-ROMs
1517.02BIGUN::PARKERFri Jun 22 1990VAXmate Software for Stand-alone Use (version?)
1519.01SKYWAY::HOLSTFri Jun 22 1990windows 3.
1520.0HAMPS::BOURNEFri Jun 22 1990pc-host (IBM) co-op. processing??
1521.01BRULE::KNIGHTTFri Jun 22 1990Borland QUATTRO PRO doesn't work under 3.
1522.02BRYAN::KEENANFri Jun 22 1990Print screen to a networked printer.
1523.06UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDFri Jun 22 1990Sethost and Alian
1524.04SUBWAY::YOUNGFri Jun 22 1990DEPCA cards work with 3Com network?
1525.01TROAFri Jun 22 1990MAXLINKS ? - What's it's purpose
1526.013VCOUFri Jun 22 19901
1527.01MXOVFri Jun 22 1990network name not found
1528.04HGOVC::ALECLEESat Jun 23 1990386 & 286 optimization
1529.03ZPOVMon Jun 25 1990DEPCA and DATALINK issue
1530.0USHS11::HOAGLANDMon Jun 25 1990Slow downloading of font files with V3.
1531.06STLACT::DONOVANMon Jun 25 1990Increase the circuit timer > 6
1532.0CSCOAC::JACOBS_RMon Jun 25 1990virtual disk, corruption when copying
1533.0MELKOR::DEWISMon Jun 25 1990COMPAQ 486
1535.01HGOVC::ALECLEEMon Jun 25 1990Customerized Netsetup Utility
1536.05HGOVC::ALECLEETue Jun 26 1990User interface on PCSA
1537.02CACIQE::RUIZJTue Jun 26 1990PCSA CLIENT V3.
1538.03CHOVAX::WILLIAMSTue Jun 26 1990DNP into EMS problem; buffer configuration too large
1539.01SUBWAY::FRIEDMANTue Jun 26 1990Quickie Information
1540.05UTRTSC::BARENDREGTTue Jun 26 1990NET CREATE problem
1541.02TRCATue Jun 26 1990IRMA 327
1542.01MQOUTue Jun 26 1990Async + ethernet clients on same server
1543.01FIXSR2::WHITTINGTONTue Jun 26 1990Slow remote boot under V3.
1544.02CGOATue Jun 26 1990Will an AT&T 63
1545.01HGOVC::PATRICKNGWed Jun 27 19903COM remote boot failed
1546.07HGOVC::PATRICKNGWed Jun 27 1990Disk quota on File Services
1547.01HGOVC::PATRICKNGWed Jun 27 1990Whereabout technical doc?
1548.05BELFST::MILLARWed Jun 27 1990Does MS-WORD work with PCSA ?
1549.04HOO78C::GIELTJESWed Jun 27 1990PCSA V3 info about tuning, parameters, etc
1550.01HGOVC::ALECLEEWed Jun 27 1990In trouble with the DOSLOAD utility
1551.0BLUES::JUNGCLASWed Jun 27 1990VMS BACKUP problems with PCSA File services files
1552.03VNABRW::FLEISCHER_AWed Jun 27 1990another XCOPY /S problem
1553.0GLASS::RUTTWed Jun 27 1990Byte-range locking by an application
1555.03TROAWed Jun 27 1990NDIS & PCSA v4.
1556.02CGOSWed Jun 27 1990PCTools V6.
1558.04TOWNS::MATTHEWSWed Jun 27 1990Looking for PC-DECwindows source code
1559.03WLW::SHREVEWed Jun 27 1990XT won't connect to PCSA$DOS_SYSTEM_V3
1560.03JULIET::CRABTREE_LAWed Jun 27 1990PCSA NOVELL on same PC
1561.0TRCU11::DYMONDWed Jun 27 1990INDICE mail in a NOVELL token-ring network?
1562.021DEMOAX::KUHLWed Jun 27 1990DEMCA and PCSA V3.
1563.02DENVER::ARCHERWed Jun 27 1990PCSA Programming ?
1564.05BDYSRF::UDICKThu Jun 28 1990Modem with the Compaq SLT doesn't work.
1565.01TWOTO1::COOPERMThu Jun 28 1990buffer configuration too large - qemm
1566.04HGSWThu Jun 28 1990Pgm Microsoft C
1567.02MINDER::THORNTONDThu Jun 28 19903COM523-TP controller works-is it supported??
1568.02WARNUT::YOUNGThu Jun 28 1990PCSA sizing situation
1569.01AKRON::DEPRIESTThu Jun 28 1990IMRS Micro Control ??
1570.0MLNCSC::MAGGIONIThu Jun 28 1990TTT with LARGE memory model dnet_conn error!
1571.010SUBURB::GALECThu Jun 28 1990File Server Performance with Byte Range Locking
1572.03CACTThu Jun 28 1990PCSA to Wang OFFICE
1573.04ART::COHENFri Jun 29 19903COM 3+/Open, OS/2, PCSA, et al
1574.03GUCCI::SVILLARIFri Jun 29 1990LAT for PC's ??
1575.01TRCU11::DYMONDFri Jun 29 1990Vt32
1576.0MARVIN::WARWICKSat Jun 30 1990VAXmate BIOS compatibility
1577.02OHFVMC::ElsenheimerSun Jul 01 1990NET PRINT LPTn: crashes PCFS_SERVER
1578.03SNOCMon Jul 02 1990MS-DOS line graphics translation on VAX printer
1579.02GIDDAY::ASHLEYMMon Jul 02 1990DEPCA vs ETHERwork controller
1580.0KETJE::CORTEBEECKMon Jul 02 1990I: Interest in a generic key diskette ?
1581.05MANMMon Jul 02 1990DOS and VMS windows
1582.01COLA1::STALZMon Jul 02 1990PCSA-WORD-LPS2
1584.01KERNEL::SHOULDINGMon Jul 02 1990PCDISK Import problem...
1585.01JEREMY::ORONMon Jul 02 1990Using a floppy disk on VAXPC
1586.02NEGD::LOMBARDIMon Jul 02 1990Invalid record access(when moving PCSA)...
1588.04BACHUS::SASTue Jul 03 1990backup/since of personal disks
1589.0MANIS2::WILLETue Jul 03 1990Quorum lost when create disk
1590.01MANIS2::WILLETue Jul 03 1990COPY to an existing file=errors
1591.06WARNUT::TYASTue Jul 03 1990Security-No Floppy please
1592.06CANYON::GURALNIKTue Jul 03 1990Need help with WIN386,Windows V3, PCSA
1593.02KERNEL::SHOULDINGTue Jul 03 1990Access Denied on disk service
1594.02BIGRED::DUANETue Jul 03 1990How to move disk services?
1595.02DPDMAI::PAYETTETue Jul 03 1990Compaq 386/Memory Manage/LK25
1596.03KAORSC::A_LALONDETue Jul 03 1990Privs in pcsa_manager when you mount disks
1597.04SDOGUS::DIAZTue Jul 03 1990?'s on Asych Config
1598.01MANMWed Jul 04 1990Rdb/VMS file to PC dBase file
1599.03EVTIS2::LESOTWed Jul 04 1990EMS with Async
1601.01IJSAPL::VOERMANWed Jul 04 1990configuring PS/2, 286-machines
1602.02KAOFS::R_STJEANWed Jul 04 1990MS-NET , DISK vs. FILE service
1603.0TAVMVC::SYSTEMWed Jul 04 1990ASM386 and NET 81
1604.03KERNEL::SHOULDINGWed Jul 04 1990Vstream.c extend failed for file.
1605.01TRNAF1::ALLOISWed Jul 04 1990DEPCA & multicasting messages
1606.02KAOFS::B_CORBINWed Jul 04 1990Mouse Drivers??
1607.06TAVMVC::SYSTEMThu Jul 05 1990which privileges PCFS_SERVER really needs?
1608.02TAVMVC::SYSTEMThu Jul 05 1990EMS emulator for AT-CLASS machines and HIMEM.SYS
1609.07HGOSPS::TERENCEYINGThu Jul 05 19903.
1610.03SIOG::ESBECKThu Jul 05 1990Management Tools
1611.01WARNUT::YOUNGThu Jul 05 1990codex disk drive experience
1612.0DENVER::HOOVERThu Jul 05 1990PCSA vs SCO-UNIX Performance
1613.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Jul 05 1990show command in pcsa_manager
1614.01SEDSWS::PHIPPENFri Jul 06 1990Help upgrading pcsa needed
1615.012COLA1::STALZFri Jul 06 1990COMPAQ AND DEPCA 85
1616.038POBOX::REGISTERFri Jul 06 1990Lotus 2.2/PCSA 3.
1617.08OTOOFri Jul 06 1990Remote Boot/MOP call ignored
1618.01TAVMVC::SYSTEMSun Jul 08 1990invalid path in PCFS_SERVER.LOG
1619.02GIDDAY::RALLINGSMon Jul 09 1990Reasons Needed For LAD Write Limitations
1620.01GIDDAY::RALLINGSMon Jul 09 1990Help Needed With PCFS_SERVER Errors
1622.05COLMon Jul 09 1990DOSSHELL,MSDOS 4.
1623.05NSGMon Jul 09 1990How to talk VMS to PC NETBIOS application?
1624.0KAOFS::R_STJEANMon Jul 09 1990LAD disconnects ERROR
1625.01POWDML::BACKUSMon Jul 09 1990Revised DEPMOUSE.SYS - WHEN??
1626.02UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDTue Jul 10 1990Zero Length Files Don't Copy!
1627.04HGOVC::PATRICKNGTue Jul 10 1990PCSA for over 1
1628.02HGOVC::ALECLEETue Jul 10 1990In trouble with DEC server connection
1629.07MINDER::THORNTONDTue Jul 10 1990VT32
1630.03TIMABS::TSCHECHTELINTue Jul 10 1990Compaq 386/s - Depca - E
1631.02NANOOK::SORENSONTue Jul 10 1990GWBasic for VAXmate question
1632.04FRAFS1::ELHAJTue Jul 10 1990PCMAIL cuases PC hanging
1634.01CSCOAC::JACOBS_RTue Jul 10 1990SMB error when copying a file
1635.04CANYON::IDEKERTue Jul 10 1990TenNET PC LAN > VAX connection
1636.06HGOSPS::JOHNKWANWed Jul 11 1990"not properly mask/unmask interrupts" ??
1637.0HGOVC::PATRICKNGWed Jul 11 1990large PCSA site issues?
1638.01SKYWAY::HOLSTWed Jul 11 1990windows 3.
1639.01SKYWAY::HOLSTWed Jul 11 1990dwdos386 and 386max !
1640.01OTOAWed Jul 11 1990Common remote boot area
1641.01MLNCSC::ZAPPANIWed Jul 11 1990MS-Dos drive to use LG31 in PCSA
1642.08LISVAX::AOLIVEIRAWed Jul 11 1990<crtl><alt><prtsc>/PCSA V3.
1643.02CSCOA5::ROLLINS_RWed Jul 11 1990File Server/Other Process Open Simultaneously
1644.05CSCOA3::TAYLOR_JWed Jul 11 1990Vax 4
1645.0RTPSWS::DAVISWed Jul 11 1990valid summary?
1646.01GUIDUK::STEBBINSWed Jul 11 1990LAT can't access DECserver service
1647.02MXOVWed Jul 11 1990HP PaintJet question
1648.02BIGUN::SIMPSONThu Jul 12 1990USE /d /exc= problem
1649.02EEMELI::HARMANENThu Jul 12 1990Lotus 123 r3 - PCSA 3.
1650.04UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDThu Jul 12 1990XONXOFF and Local Print Problem!
1651.02GIDDAY::RALLINGSThu Jul 12 1990All XT's Tried Hang with NETSETUP
1652.0KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Jul 12 1990Dosshell support in v3.
1653.04TROAThu Jul 12 1990DOS Sharing Violations
1655.04UTRTSC::BATSThu Jul 12 1990File buffer space exhausted ?
1656.02WMOIS::STMARYThu Jul 12 1990Access denied while using 4 nodes on a single RA9
1657.06SUBWAY::CITRONThu Jul 12 1990Have we/can we certify the MICOM 521
1658.01MXOVThu Jul 12 1990modem connection
1659.05ROVRUM::ROBINSONFri Jul 13 1990Novell IPX - DECnet Portal
1660.0CSCOA3::PRICE_DFri Jul 13 1990Spawned process return error=12
1661.03CGOSFri Jul 13 1990PCSA, PS/2 and Intel abovebaard
1662.04DWOVAX::LICAUSEFri Jul 13 1990How to track individual PC access to server?
1663.02HLYCOW::ORZECHFri Jul 13 1990How to fix PCSA Admin menu screen problem
1665.0BEAGLE::HASLERSat Jul 14 1990DEClanWORKS course material ??URGENT
1666.05BARNA::MARTINMon Jul 16 1990EXCEL and WORD PERFECT problems
1667.01COMICS::64685::FOSTERMon Jul 16 1990Load Lat Anyway
1668.06ATLV5::SCHULTZ_CMon Jul 16 1990Server Performance Problem(s)
1669.02SALMON::HENDRIKSENMon Jul 16 1990Voice Recognition WP system
1670.0CSCOAC::JACOBS_RMon Jul 16 1990Problems with Decmouse 4.
1671.01WEORKS::ROBBINSMon Jul 16 1990Info on NEC Powermate1 Plus and Toshiba T51
1672.01GENRAL::CLAUSONMon Jul 16 1990Ultrix lanmanager command line?
1673.0EIGER::SCHMITTTue Jul 17 1990VT32
1675.01KURMA::CMACDONALDTue Jul 17 1990Assigning PCSA$DOS_SYSTEM_V3
1676.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Jul 17 1990PCSA bundled w/ VMS -- is this real??
1677.03KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Jul 17 1990file size in common file service
1678.0KAOFS::A_LALONDETue Jul 17 1990stopping user access to VMS directory
1679.07FACNET::COHENTue Jul 17 1990DEMCA adapter config problem
1680.01WR1FOR::BROMARTHTue Jul 17 1990memory taken by processes
1681.01WR1FOR::BROMARTHTue Jul 17 1990Printing to an LPS2
1682.06WR1FOR::BROMARTHTue Jul 17 1990CAD pkg takes ALL 64
1684.01SIOG::ESBECKWed Jul 18 1990Wordperfect and HP Laserjet
1686.06LAIDBK::MENDOZAWed Jul 18 1990Procom Drive and LAD
1687.07KYOA::SCHULZWed Jul 18 1990PROCOM 3 1/4 drive doesn't work
1688.01UTRUST::DEWIJKThu Jul 19 1990strange PCFS_DELETED%%%%%.%%% files
1689.02EIGER::SCHMITTThu Jul 19 1990NFT - no buffer space available
1690.05BAHTAT::PESTELLThu Jul 19 1990PCFS_SERVER (Fatal error).
1691.02TRCOThu Jul 19 1990LAD size - allocated vs. max. size
1692.01BACHUS::DHAENSFri Jul 20 1990dosshell and dos V4.
1693.01SIOG::ESBECKFri Jul 20 1990Expanded Memory again
1694.01LARVAE::MOORE_AFri Jul 20 1990Graphics Support?
1695.01FSADMN::CARZELLFri Jul 20 1990STUB- PC Can't Connect to Container File
1696.01FSADMN::CARZELLFri Jul 20 1990What's the Throughtput on EtherWORKS boards?
1697.01VAXRIO::ABREUFri Jul 20 1990SETHOST .. service problem ?
1698.04FSADMN::CARZELLFri Jul 20 1990PCSA v3.
1700.03TRUCKS::YOUNGMon Jul 23 1990Help Remote boot setup
1701.01COMICS::TANMon Jul 23 1990EXTENT qualifier questions???
1702.0FRUST::HAGEMANNMon Jul 23 1990PCMAIL connect problem
1703.010FRUST::HAGEMANNMon Jul 23 1990Broadcasting problem?
1704.03CSCOA3::ROLLINS_RMon Jul 23 1990PCSA and Disk Striping
1705.01ODIXIE::RICHARDSONMon Jul 23 1990SETHOST only configure for the PC
1706.01SMAUG::DESMONDMon Jul 23 1990Preventing printer formfeeds?
1707.09PARITY::MITCHELLMon Jul 23 1990Printer Problems
1708.04LUDWIG::RAPHAELSONMon Jul 23 1990Site Support?
1709.03MELKOR::DEWISMon Jul 23 1990width=132 & SETHOST
1710.02SNERT::Andrew Rallings,TSC,Syd,OzTue Jul 24 1990SEQUENTIAL_FIXED Files Possible in Personal File Services?
1712.06UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDTue Jul 24 1990SHOW IRQ information please!
1713.02NEEPS::NORRIETue Jul 24 1990Supercalc5 & PCSA problem.
1714.06DBOSW7::ESBECKTue Jul 24 1990Bookreader Documentation
1715.04KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Jul 24 1990demca problem with pcsa
1717.04CSCOAC::JACOBS_RTue Jul 24 1990"Error Reading Drive" - locking issue
1718.01MEO78B::MANTUANOTue Jul 24 1990Diagnostic kit
1719.02VNABRW::BOTEKWed Jul 25 1990WORD 5.
1720.05UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDWed Jul 25 1990Protection of PCFS_SERVER.LOG!
1721.03WARNUT::SACKFIELDWed Jul 25 1990Ungermann Bass Network
1722.06LARVAE::MOORE_AWed Jul 25 1990Ethernet address for DEPCA?
1723.01HGOVC::CHARLESKWANWed Jul 25 1990questions on file service
1724.03VLOMFG::BEAUWed Jul 25 1990PCSA & Software licensing
1725.02MAMTS2::SFAIRCLOTHWed Jul 25 1990Novell ENET Controllers
1726.01COMICS::FOSTERWed Jul 25 1990EXEC Counter LDB
1727.0STRASB::HAELBERGWed Jul 25 1990PClanserver and PCSA 3.
1728.05MDRLEG::MAITEWed Jul 25 1990Compaq CEMM & MS-WINDOWS
1729.03PRMSWed Jul 25 1990PCSA Management Issue
1730.01PRMSWed Jul 25 1990PCSA Broadcast Question
1731.02PH4VAX::BETZWed Jul 25 1990Non-Paged Pool free space query??
1732.01CSCOA5::SMITH_MTWed Jul 25 1990Lad problems on Gateway 2
1733.02TRCOWed Jul 25 1990Async PCSA Startup problem
1734.017GLORY::WESTBROOKSWed Jul 25 1990CD ROM Server for LANworks
1735.02CSC32::SHEEHYWed Jul 25 1990Decnet links abort on segment fault
1736.01JOCKEY::SHARKEYAThu Jul 26 1990PRINTTSR bug ?
1737.02STKHLM::AAMISEPPThu Jul 26 1990Windows/286 on a Compaq 386n gives NET81
1739.0SSGAT1::anbeekFri Jul 27 1990PCmail.exe crashes while sending a mail
1740.02BARNA::MARTINFri Jul 27 1990LK25
1741.02TRCOFri Jul 27 19903Comm access to ALL-IN-1 (mail)?
1742.01CSCOAC::JACOBS_RFri Jul 27 1990Weird copy problem w/file service
1743.03SMAC1Fri Jul 27 1990dbase file test fails under pcsa
1744.07IOWAMV::WIDICKFri Jul 27 19901.44 mb Floppy problem w/DECstation?
1745.05KAOFS::N_MARTELFri Jul 27 1990Backup and Shutdown not in PCSA menu
1746.012FIXSR2::WHITTINGTONFri Jul 27 1990Why is Network Access Denied?
1747.02PH4VAX::BETZFri Jul 27 1990LAD connections lost on DS212's????
1748.01TROU51::HANDYFri Jul 27 1990Online documentation in SDML format
1749.07SNOCMon Jul 30 1990Diskette access freezes system?
1750.04TRHMon Jul 30 1990CASE problem with SETHOST script
1751.05TOOK::RSTEVENSMon Jul 30 1990MOP Load Server?
1752.08ODIXIE::RICHARDSONMon Jul 30 1990NOVELL 8
1753.01CSCOAC::JACOBS_RMon Jul 30 1990Fails copying to disk service
1754.03ART::COHENTue Jul 31 1990Client/Server OS/2, 3+ Open, gateway
1755.08GIDDAY::RAINERTue Jul 31 1990LK25
1756.03KYOA::BARKERTue Jul 31 1990SETHOST, MS-WINDOWS 3.
1757.0758839::MURRAYTue Jul 31 1990Windows V3.
1759.02BCSE::HEADLEYTue Jul 31 1990PC's launching VAX applications
1760.01ODIXIE::RICHARDSONTue Jul 31 1990Remote table full - DOSLOAD
1761.05ZPOVWed Aug 01 1990pcsa_server v2.2 keeps crashing
1762.03ZPOVWed Aug 01 1990pcfs_server v2.2 keeps crashing !!!
1763.02ZPOVWed Aug 01 1990pcfs_server v2.2 keeps crashing !!!
1764.01FRAWed Aug 01 1990PC NFS <--> PCSA ULTRIX/DOS Client V.4.
1765.01EISDAW::WESTCOTTWed Aug 01 1990DEMCA/What Ver.'s of PCSA
1766.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Aug 01 1990file service copy fails
1767.0BDYSRF::UDICKWed Aug 01 1990LAN Manager Performance
1768.012CSCOAC::JACOBS_RWed Aug 01 1990"WHAT.EXE" utility???
1769.06TRCOWed Aug 01 1990classroom printing strategy
1771.0KAOFS::LOCKYERThu Aug 02 1990NAPLPS Decoder For Rainbow
1772.03CIVAGE::WILDYThu Aug 02 1990Information on Banyan or Mobius?
1773.07MINDER::ROBINSONThu Aug 02 1990TCP/IP and protocols
1774.09STKHLM::AAMISEPPThu Aug 02 1990divide by
1775.02STKHLM::WETTERBERGThu Aug 02 1990pcdisk 1.1 erorr :rms-w-rtb user buffer....
1776.01EISDAW::WESTCOTTThu Aug 02 1990RBASE & PCSA?
1777.03CSCOAC::JACOBS_RThu Aug 02 1990SEDT and microsoft mouse
1778.01CSCOA3::TAYLOR_JThu Aug 02 1990Cluster problem with the mount command.
1779.02FRSCS::SATTLERThu Aug 02 1990WORD 5 and depcamouse???
1780.06CLO::POLITZERThu Aug 02 1990qemm and sethost hang
1781.04TROAThu Aug 02 1990RAF Competition, TASK to TASK Communications
1783.01WILARD::BEAULIEUFri Aug 03 1990Translan bridges and NDU
1784.01CSCOA3::SMITH_MTFri Aug 03 1990Buffer config too large on DNP in EMS
1785.02ZPOVSat Aug 04 1990Max. No. of File and Disk Services ?
1786.04GIDDAY::RALLINGSSat Aug 04 1990DNP in EMS + MAX BUFFERS + MAX LINKS - Info?
1787.02FSADMN::CARZELLSat Aug 04 1990DOSLOAD- Session Aborted. Check USername/Password
1788.01FSADMN::CARZELLSat Aug 04 1990Remote Boot-Can You Specify a Specific Drive?
1789.05FSADMN::CARZELLSat Aug 04 1990Problems using USE \\server /NETWORK /SHOW et. al.
1790.03SNOCMon Aug 06 1990Delete PCFS$ACCOUNT?
1791.010UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDMon Aug 06 1990VT32
1792.03KYOA::SCHULZMon Aug 06 1990DELNI port 9 --PC in?
1793.02ALICAT::SMITHETue Aug 07 1990Remote boot for OS/2?
1794.01HGOVC::ALECLEETue Aug 07 1990PCLAN/SERVER 31
1795.02WINERY::DEVINNEYTue Aug 07 1990Token Ring vs. Ethernet
1796.03NECSC::YOUNGTue Aug 07 1990Help on using Multi-Mate files in Decwrite......
1797.02KYOA::SCHULZTue Aug 07 1990DOSLOAD hangs after copying DOS
1798.02GLDOA::HALLBERGWed Aug 08 1990> Breaking up the users into groups <
1799.02MINDER::THORNTONDWed Aug 08 1990DECstation35
1800.05SAC::WILLIAMS_AWed Aug 08 1990More security-related questions...
1801.05IGNATZ::JUDDWed Aug 08 1990"Session Open Rejected by Host"
1802.02FIXSOR::WHITTINGTONWed Aug 08 1990File Server is not running??
1803.01KYOA::CHURCHEWed Aug 08 1990RAMpage ems on 286
1804.01MQOAWed Aug 08 1990OS/2 1.2 E.E. to PCSA
1805.04CACIQE::RUIZJWed Aug 08 1990UNIT xxx LINK ABORTED...
1806.04YZR5Thu Aug 09 1990SETHOST CTERM not working to Sun Sparc1 WS
1808.02SIOG::CARRICKThu Aug 09 1990TEK Emulation in PCSA environment?
1809.02TRCAThu Aug 09 1990HR2
1811.04CAATS::MURRAYThu Aug 09 1990LAT load blancing with PCSA V3.
1812.04SNOMAN::AARONThu Aug 09 1990More c#@p from DR
1813.01PHDVAX::GREBLEThu Aug 09 1990AutoCad and Synergis with PCSA?
1814.02THAMFri Aug 10 1990DE2
1815.0FRUST::HAGEMANNFri Aug 10 1990DNETLIB problem
1816.08COLFri Aug 10 1990AST_LIMIT of PCFS_SERVER ?
1817.06WARNUT::YOUNGFri Aug 10 1990autogen with feedback or not?
1818.0BACHUS::SASFri Aug 10 1990disk caching/non-paged pool details
1819.01HGOSPS::LIWAICHUNGFri Aug 10 1990How to analyse PCFS_SERVER.DMP?
1820.01UBOHUB::WALL_CEFri Aug 10 1990CLUSTER SET-UP???????
1821.01COLFri Aug 10 1990(vstream.c) Deaccess failed... Message ?
1822.04NANOOK::COUTUREFri Aug 10 1990remote boot error: firm version not support???
1823.04ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKFri Aug 10 1990Not always connecting to same VAX for DOS
1824.0FROCKY::SPARRFri Aug 10 1990
1825.02WLW::SHREVEFri Aug 10 1990Netsetup with PS/2-8
1826.02CANYON::GURALNIKFri Aug 10 1990NewWave information??
1827.0CSOA1::CUNNINGHAMSun Aug 12 1990Mouse Pointer
1828.01CSOA1::CUNNINGHAMSun Aug 12 1990PERMITed CD-ROM
1829.03IJSAPL::VOERMANMon Aug 13 1990Where's my memory!
1830.0SNERT::Andrew Rallings,TSC,Syd,OzMon Aug 13 1990Symphony Crashes With PCSA Loaded
1831.02BIGUN::SIMPSONMon Aug 13 1990Windows V3/1-2-3 Rel3 clash
1832.05ISTWI1::DUMANMon Aug 13 1990Does MITAC2
1834.02HGOVC::ALECLEEMon Aug 13 1990Remote Boot under EPSON AX3e
1835.08UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDMon Aug 13 1990Status of LADDRV disk, when unused?
1836.011MQOSWS::A_COURCHESNEMon Aug 13 1990How much time to remote boot 5
1837.0TPOVC::NORBERTLAIMon Aug 13 1990ACAD SHELL cmd & file service
1838.02ODDBOD::AUSTINMon Aug 13 1990RV2
1839.0CSCOA3::SMITH_MTMon Aug 13 1990Demca & 327
1840.02KETJE::VANHOVEMon Aug 13 1990DisplayWrite 4 on PC/AT with PCSA3.
1841.03CSCOA5::ROLLINS_RMon Aug 13 1990PCSA v3.
1842.01COLLEX::SCARBOROMon Aug 13 1990Enhanced REDIR please?
1843.01MSAMMon Aug 13 1990pcsa S3.
1844.01HGOVC::ALECLEETue Aug 14 1990Connectivity with Token Ring and Novell
1845.04SDOGUS::DIAZTue Aug 14 1990The WHY behind ACAD & PCSA plots
1846.09CHOVAX::DIPIETROTue Aug 14 1990DEPCA Turbo & DLL
1847.017SWAM1::LESSARD_ARTue Aug 14 1990DECStation 325 + DEPCA Boot Problems
1848.01NOBHIL::BAPTISTA_VITue Aug 14 1990Printer stall problem with NEC and Laserjet
1849.014TROATue Aug 14 1990WP PRINT DELAY
1850.02PRMSTue Aug 14 1990Need help to set up CABLETRON Board
1851.01SUBWAY::CICCARONEWed Aug 15 1990Fastback using File services
1852.06SNERT::Andrew Rallings,TSC,Syd,OzWed Aug 15 1990Error Using ADD USER in PCSA Menu
1853.02HGOVC::CHARLESKWANWed Aug 15 1990STREAM_LF format question again
1854.01HGOVC::CHARLESKWANWed Aug 15 1990Disable useless function keys in SETHOST
1855.05DEMOAX::KUHLWed Aug 15 1990Harvard Graphics and HP 755
1856.08ISEWed Aug 15 1990DECLanWorks for MS-DOS and PCSA
1857.01ODIXIE::RICHARDSONWed Aug 15 1990async/remote boot/lad
1858.03CIMNET::ENGBROCKWed Aug 15 1990Maximizing conventional memory
1859.03SANFAN::WHITEBIWed Aug 15 1990Local Boot using Remote Boot Task Problem
1860.02NEGD::LOMBARDIWed Aug 15 1990Executing in Drive M: "freezes" the system..
1861.01TPOVC::THYANGThu Aug 16 1990LAD$KERNEL exited when doing del disk service
1862.02UTRTSC::XAVEERThu Aug 16 1990DECNODE.TXT where from ?
1863.03CLO::POLITZERThu Aug 16 1990ansi.sys, EMS, Wordperfect?
1864.02UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDThu Aug 16 1990MD=good, RD=bad???
1865.09DENVER::MEDAUGHThu Aug 16 1990Maximum Open Files Parameter
1866.01MSDOA::KRESSENBERGThu Aug 16 1990where's dbase notesfile?
1867.07EPOCH::NELSONThu Aug 16 1990HELP! Connecting VAXmate to ext modem
1868.0CSCOA5::TAYLOR_JThu Aug 16 1990Old server links left behind!
1869.01TRCAThu Aug 16 1990commodore with pcsa
1870.07NEOVThu Aug 16 1990PCSA too slow. HEEELP!!!
1871.03BREAKR::BUDZOWSKIThu Aug 16 1990SCREEN lock utility?
1872.03HGOVC::ALECLEEFri Aug 17 1990Uploading with [SHIFT]F1 key
1873.03ODIXIE::RICHARDSONFri Aug 17 1990NCSA TELNET with DEPCA board???
1874.02TROAFri Aug 17 1990Unrecognized A2
1875.010MALLET::BARKERFri Aug 17 1990Problem with VAXmate & VT32
1876.04OTOAFri Aug 17 1990LAD Security
1877.07CSCOA5::SMITH_MTFri Aug 17 1990Benchmarks for Depca LC and Turbo
1878.0FSADMN::CARZELLSat Aug 18 1990NETSETUP/DEMCA- Selecting DEPCA Causes Reboot
1879.04GUIDUK::MACHSun Aug 19 1990GEM - Disk Service
1880.02WEORKS::ROBBINSSun Aug 19 1990Problem with cursor after booting
1881.0JOCKEY::COOPERMMon Aug 20 1990Relational Report Writer (R&R) /PCSA ?
1882.05MSAMMon Aug 20 1990Micom InterLan Card anyone?
1883.03HANDVA::JOSEPHLIUMon Aug 20 1990Question of a new user!
1884.01HGOSPS::LIWAICHUNGMon Aug 20 1990(SMBERR) VMS Unknown error
1885.06ARRODS::BURDENPMon Aug 20 1990Ethernet Monitor using DEPCA
1886.0TAZBOY::ZIGLERMon Aug 20 1990PCSA Proposal Boilerplate Available?
1887.01BAHTAT::PESTELLMon Aug 20 1990PCSA V3.
1888.03CSCOA3::SMITH_MTMon Aug 20 1990386SX clone and Depca Turbo problems
1889.04RIPPLE::VELIS_MAMon Aug 20 1990LK25
1890.0RTPSWS::DAVISMon Aug 20 1990VECTRA, 3C5
1891.06PCOJCT::LEEGTue Aug 21 1990Which mail package for Wordperfect
1892.05HGOVC::APSCHOUTENTue Aug 21 1990Any result yet in increasing AST limit?
1893.04KETJE::DEVOSTue Aug 21 1990Token Ring and Ethernet
1894.02A1VAX::REEDTue Aug 21 1990PCSA Integration with ALL-IN-1 (Diamond)
1895.04ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKTue Aug 21 1990PCFS server messages to console
1896.01GIDDAY::DUBBERWed Aug 22 1990Receive Buffers on 286 with Depca 32K
1897.01NOBHIL::CLARK_ROWed Aug 22 1990PCSA-E-BADDSVRRECV error encountered
1898.02STVWed Aug 22 1990Yet another remote boot problem.
1899.01TAIJI::CANDYGAOWed Aug 22 1990DEClanWORKS for ULTRIX support asyn line?
1900.02HGOVC::PATRICKNGWed Aug 22 1990Subst doesn't work in File Services
1901.03QCAVWed Aug 22 1990PCSA performance problem on PCSA V3.
1903.015ODIXIE::RICHARDSONWed Aug 22 1990SETHOST not working
1904.02ODIXIE::RICHARDSONWed Aug 22 1990character delay problem
1905.03XLII::RGRUVERWed Aug 22 1990What does LAST.EXE Checksum do?
1906.02MUSKIE::HENDRIKSENWed Aug 22 1990Custom Printer Support for UNsupported printers
1907.03UTRUST::NATERWed Aug 22 1990GENIUS mouse experience ??
1908.04SUPVAX::KERMITWed Aug 22 1990PSCA <----> Ultrix ??
1909.02MANMThu Aug 23 1990DEClanworks for Ultrix and Foxbase?
1910.01KCBBQ::DUNCANThu Aug 23 1990SMP Problems ?
1911.0ALICAT::SMITHEThu Aug 23 1990DEMCA and QEMM V5.
1912.01YUPPY::HOLDERRThu Aug 23 1990New DEPCA's & Memory
1913.06HGOVC::ALECLEEThu Aug 23 1990Support for "SUBST" command
1914.03IJSAPL::IJSAPL::NIESSINKThu Aug 23 1990DOSLOAD, file protection violation
1915.03RICARD::NISThu Aug 23 1990Does PCSA V3.
1916.01DBOSW7::ESBECKThu Aug 23 1990Graphics and slow file services
1917.01WJOUSM::SCHWABEThu Aug 23 1990Hidden area questions
1918.03DENVER::JESPERSENThu Aug 23 1990File corruption problem using file services.
1919.02CANYON::GURALNIKThu Aug 23 1990problems with ZENITH XT
1920.04ODIXIE::RICHARDSONThu Aug 23 19901..2 then it hangs - DEPCA- turbo
1921.01CGOOThu Aug 23 1990Windows support for NEC Graphics Engine?
1922.03CACIQE::RUIZJThu Aug 23 1990DEPCA SOFTWARE...
1923.02CSCOAC::WEBB_AThu Aug 23 1990INVBUFLEN attempting to MOUNT disk service
1924.07ALICAT::SMITHEFri Aug 24 1990Server problem after Break in detected
1925.09SNO78A::BRESSINGTONFri Aug 24 1990DEPCA LC Warmboot
1926.03LEMAN::MAILLARDFri Aug 24 1990Q-Number for DEC LanWORKS for ULTRIX ?
1928.0GLORY::KATZFri Aug 24 1990Mail to IP Addresses
1929.01USRCV1::CROSSENPFri Aug 24 1990PCSA & NETBIOS compatibility
1930.0UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDFri Aug 24 1990Strange NET PRINT behaviour!
1931.04HGOSPS::LIWAICHUNGFri Aug 24 1990crash at LADDRIVER+1
1932.01HSOMAI::TOUSIGNANTMFri Aug 24 1990AST help
1933.06GRANPA::GFERSONFri Aug 24 19903COM5
1934.01SIOG::ESBECKFri Aug 24 1990Configuration advice
1935.01AUNTB::MCCAWSat Aug 25 1990DEPCA card slot & Path length- does it matter??
1936.011NEGD::LOMBARDISun Aug 26 1990Again with asynch PCSA...
1937.01COPCLU::RISTOMon Aug 27 1990Digital mouse and the DEC EtherWORKS cards
1938.04STKHLM::AAMISEPPMon Aug 27 1990Net print doesn't work, nft copy/print does.
1939.06ROMMon Aug 27 1990PCSA v4.
1940.01PIRU::GOETZEMon Aug 27 1990Upgrade policies for DEPCAs
1941.03MSDOA::KRESSENBERGMon Aug 27 1990dbase re-index dies
1942.07CGOAMon Aug 27 1990Novell vs. PCSA
1943.02BDYSRF::UDICKMon Aug 27 1990Reconfigure - How do I modify the Service data base
1944.03DPDMAI::STACKMon Aug 27 1990Some LANworks for OS/2 questions
1945.09ORAN::ORANTue Aug 28 1990Help for poor fool upgrading to PCSA 3.
1946.02ROMTue Aug 28 1990HELP! Where is the patch?
1947.02GOTA1::WANNERSKOGTue Aug 28 1990AUTOCAD performance problem
1948.06MINDER::BANKSTue Aug 28 1990Relationship PCSA/LanWORKS versions?
1949.07SSGAT1::anbeekTue Aug 28 1990use ?: /setdir bug ????
1950.04EIGER::HUESLERTue Aug 28 1990Alt+Ctrl+DEL with DEPCALC (DE1
1951.06MELKOR::DEWISTue Aug 28 1990New name for PCSA - etc?
1952.04TROATue Aug 28 1990hangs with DOS 4.
1953.01WEORKS::ROBBINSTue Aug 28 1990%PCDSHR-E-EINDIR when adding remote boot PC
1954.05MANMTue Aug 28 1990Window Graphics on a PC?
1955.05MELKOR::DEWISWed Aug 29 1990Remote boot setup problem
1956.03UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDWed Aug 29 1990LAD Disk Outperforms a Porche!?!?!
1958.03YUPPY::JACKSONDWed Aug 29 1990WPS-DOS 3.1 Problem
1959.02KETJE::MORRENWed Aug 29 1990potential SETHOST problem when using scripts
1960.04DPDMAI::DAVIESWed Aug 29 1990DECwindows, Windows V3.
1961.06FILTON::EMSLEY_RWed Aug 29 1990IBM PS/2 Model 5
1962.02BACHUS::SASWed Aug 29 1990keyboard control for broadcast
1963.01MAIL::EATONDWed Aug 29 1990PCSA Environment Software Listing?
1964.06ODIXIE::RICHARDSONWed Aug 29 1990DEPCA 86 error
1965.07TRCOWed Aug 29 1990Vax 4
1966.01EXIT26::STRATTONWed Aug 29 1990Does USE work with STUB loaded? Getting 8
1968.03HGOVC::ALECLEEThu Aug 30 1990in problem with PCMAIL
1969.01TROPPO::LUCKThu Aug 30 19903COM 3Station/2X & PCSA
1970.04TRNOI2::ANDERNELLOThu Aug 30 1990PCSA->OS/2 Presentation?
1971.0GOTA1::WANNERSKOGThu Aug 30 1990HP Laser Jet printing problem
1972.01AUNTB::HACKNEYThu Aug 30 1990Help on PCSA/Novell/TR
1973.01TAVThu Aug 30 1990SCSI + DEPCA ???
1974.02HOCUS::JEBRINEThu Aug 30 1990DE1
1975.01HXOUThu Aug 30 1990CADKEY and MicroSoft Windows
1976.06JOCKEY::SHARKEYAThu Aug 30 1990Why bother with 64Kb mode on a DE1
1977.02CANYON::GURALNIKThu Aug 30 1990?'s: TCP/IP & Other PC LAN Connections
1978.09SNERT::Andrew Rallings,TSC,Syd,OzFri Aug 31 1990Restricted Login Accounts With /SETDIR
1979.04ZPOVFri Aug 31 1990VT34
1980.02MDRLEG::MAITEFri Aug 31 1990Network device not longer exist
1981.011BACHUS::DHAENSFri Aug 31 1990access denied - personal file service pcsa v3.
1982.03SSGAT1::anbeekFri Aug 31 1990dbase IV and PCSA V3.
1983.02RIPPLE::VELIS_MAFri Aug 31 1990PCSA Slow on Microvax II
1984.04CSCOA5::MANDERSON_CFri Aug 31 1990Revison date clarification please?
1985.08GUCCI::RJENKINSSat Sep 01 1990Word Perfect used with Pcmail
1986.08SNOCMon Sep 03 1990VMS print parameters from MS-DOS applications?
1987.09ADOVS3::HAMPTONMon Sep 03 1990Need the password in the environment
1988.01ZPOVMon Sep 03 1990sethost to ULTRIX via LAT ?
1989.07ZENA::PUGGELLIMon Sep 03 1990DE1
1991.0EIGER::SCHMITTMon Sep 03 1990REMOVE SERVICE goes into loop
1992.04LEECHS::malcolmTue Sep 04 1990Screen Saver required
1993.0UTRTSC::HOFMANTue Sep 04 1990fontfiles don't print
1994.03TOWNS::ROTHKUGELTue Sep 04 1990pcsa configuration questions
1995.01TROATue Sep 04 1990TTT and spawn USE in C program
1996.04MUSKIE::MILLERTue Sep 04 1990How to install Printtsr?
1997.03OPG::SIMONTue Sep 04 1990segmentation fault on Ultrix
1998.06BERNTue Sep 04 1990?? Ungermann Bass, TCP/IP, PCSA, NDIS, ULTRIX
1999.02VAXWRK::GROSSTue Sep 04 1990Modify Disk > insuff. privileges
2000.07KETJE::CORTEBEECKTue Sep 04 1990Remote PC screen and Keyboard takeover wanted !!!!
2002.03KAOFS::M_ROLLINTue Sep 04 1990PCSA and DBASE.
2003.01SUBWAY::CICCARONETue Sep 04 1990NETBIOS E-net controller?
2004.01RTPSWS::LEONARDTue Sep 04 1990problems with 3c5
2005.05GIDDAY::COOPERWed Sep 05 1990Etherworks cards and NEC PC's
2006.01BRUMMY::MASSARIWed Sep 05 1990Queries on LAST
2007.07LARVAE::MOORE_AWed Sep 05 1990Portable Netware on Ultrix
2008.07MANIS1::WILLEWed Sep 05 1990How get DECnet Nodename ??
2010.02YUPPY::GINNWed Sep 05 1990Info about DEPCA memory modes please
2011.02HOCUS::JEBRINEWed Sep 05 1990PCSA V3.
2012.03BRYAN::KEENANWed Sep 05 1990Help on OS/2 Servers
2013.03SUBWAY::SAPIENZAWed Sep 05 1990Inbound set host to PCs?
2014.04THEBAY::SOORENKFEWed Sep 05 1990Why use SMB and not NFS in DECLanWORKS for Ultrix?
2015.014MXOVWed Sep 05 1990remote boot under DEMCA
2016.01JOCKEY::COOPERMWed Sep 05 1990ndis to integrate 2 networks
2017.01CACIQE::RUIZJWed Sep 05 1990PCSA VERY S-L-O-WWWWW...
2018.03NBOFS1::HERMANNThu Sep 06 1990FAL Problem on V3.
2019.0HGOVC::ANDREWCHIUThu Sep 06 1990PCSA and IDEAS?
2020.01NOTThu Sep 06 1990Applications running under PCSA
2021.05STKHLM::WETTERBERGThu Sep 06 1990net print hangs, no problem with disk quota , file & print services ok !!!!
2022.01KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Sep 06 1990More ACL questions....
2023.01ENGINE::MYSELThu Sep 06 1990VAXmate Question/Problem....
2024.0STKHLM::WETTERBERGThu Sep 06 1990pcmail fails to send to DISOS(IBM) via DDXF
2025.0ODIXIE::APEREIRAThu Sep 06 1990XENIX AND MOS help
2026.0COMICS::BURNSThu Sep 06 1990PCLANserver Backup
2027.0OSPREY::HUTCHESONTThu Sep 06 1990VAXmate -> LN
2028.06ODIXIE::RICHARDSONThu Sep 06 1990DOS assigning wrong LAD drives
2029.02CSCOAC::JACOBS_RThu Sep 06 1990Will decmouse ever work w/windows 3.
2030.04SLOVAX::VELISThu Sep 06 1990Password Front-End
2031.04MQOSWS::R_GASCONThu Sep 06 1990Unwanted Ethernet interference ???
2032.03RENFRO::POWELLThu Sep 06 1990DEPCA questions?
2033.04BOSWKG::GARDNERThu Sep 06 1990sethost/qemm/vga monochrome
2034.02HSOMAI::LINThu Sep 06 1990Video 7 card
2035.03SNERT::Andrew Rallings,TSC,Syd,OzFri Sep 07 1990Printing To LPT1 Hangs PC
2036.0HGOVC::CHRISWESTFri Sep 07 1990Job opennings in Far East.
2037.03HGOVC::ALECLEEFri Sep 07 1990Communication card for twisted pair?
2038.011HIJINX::LORDFri Sep 07 1990Problems with USE and MEMMAN on 486 Systems
2039.01SKRAM::STETSONFri Sep 07 1990I Need DEPCA Turbo Manual
2040.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEFri Sep 07 1990file service connection problem
2041.06PULLEN::PULLENFri Sep 07 1990Why does DNP keep DECALIAS.DAT open?
2042.02GIDDAY::LIMMon Sep 10 1990printing lotus & harvard graphic on to ln
2043.05SNERT::Andrew Rallings,TSC,Syd,OzMon Sep 10 1990COMM Port Data Loss With PCSA Components in EMS
2044.0IJSAPL::HUIJTSMon Sep 10 1990Pegasus telex gateway problem.
2045.02UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDMon Sep 10 1990CTERM not installed via Personal Drive!
2046.02LARVAE::MOORE_AMon Sep 10 1990Info sources on Lan Manager structure
2047.01TPOVC::JOHNNYHOMon Sep 10 1990various output devices on PCSA server?
2048.01YUPPY::GINNMon Sep 10 1990PS/2 AND NCR QUERIES
2049.08CSCOA5::BURGESS_RMon Sep 10 1990Poor performance printing Harvard Graphics
2050.09KYOA::SCHULZMon Sep 10 1990How many PC's per VUP?
2051.01WKRP::HENRYMon Sep 10 1990The VT24
2052.01ODIXIE::RICHARDSONMon Sep 10 1990novell, SPX/IPX, PCSA
2055.012CMOTEC::AUSTINTue Sep 11 1990PCSA V2.1 and DE2
2056.01YUPPY::GINNTue Sep 11 1990DEMCA remote boot
2057.03KAOFS::M_ROLLINTue Sep 11 1990PCSA with CD ROM not recognise !
2058.04ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKTue Sep 11 1990can't create TCB for tree TANNED
2059.04ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKTue Sep 11 1990unable to connect to service; LAST 3.1.4
2060.08PRMSTue Sep 11 1990Does DEPCA do Novell?
2061.02DENVER::ELMOTue Sep 11 1990PCSA 3.
2062.01AUNTB::LAROETue Sep 11 1990Site wide licensing available?
2063.0GIDDAY::DUBBERWed Sep 12 1990NETSETUP remote boot failed
2064.01WEACDU::DELINOWed Sep 12 1990DECstation 316sx keyboard hang
2065.01MANMWed Sep 12 1990Network capabilities
2066.04OKYAH::DUNOYERWed Sep 12 1990PRINTTSR and QEMM
2068.06THEBAY::LIOUWed Sep 12 1990load balancing
2069.02NEADEV::CHAFFINWed Sep 12 1990File Service Protection Problem
2070.01GLDOA::GHEESLINGThu Sep 13 1990Lk25
2071.02VNASWS::HAUSBThu Sep 13 1990Missing file in V4 Field Test
2072.01BRYAN::KEENANThu Sep 13 1990Memorex Telex PC in PCSA
2073.0WELLIN::WARBURTONThu Sep 13 1990PRINTTSR problem with RAPID/Chembase
2076.01KAOFS::R_STJEANThu Sep 13 1990LAD disk timeouts
2077.0WILARD::JENNINGSThu Sep 13 1990WAN/LAN Asynch or X.25 File Services?
2078.01TROAThu Sep 13 1990PC to keep running when VAX dies!
2079.01NEGD::LOMBARDIThu Sep 13 1990Northgate PC's
2080.06DENVER::MEDAUGHThu Sep 13 1990DEClaser 22
2082.03FLATTP::SLOUGH_DEThu Sep 13 1990Starlan do NDIS? ifso Etherworks DLL do Starlan?
2083.02LARVAE::MOORE_AFri Sep 14 1990Print Services - LanWORKS for Ultrix
2084.03UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDFri Sep 14 1990Large file one File Service!
2085.0KYOA::SCHULZFri Sep 14 1990QUATTRO PRO and 3.
2086.01CSCOAC::COSTELLO_JFri Sep 14 1990ALisashare and PCSA problems
2087.03VAXWRK::BARRETTFri Sep 14 1990de1
2088.04FIXSR2::WHITTINGTONFri Sep 14 1990Performance suffers as day goes by
2089.02DENVER::MEDAUGHFri Sep 14 1990I saw Version 3.1! I did! Really!
2090.03KAOAFri Sep 14 1990Manual - PCSA extra memory
2091.0TAVMVC::SYSTEMSun Sep 16 1990DEPCA and TMC 84
2092.01TRAMNR::HummerstonMon Sep 17 1990File server performance problems
2093.0GIDDAY::HUMMERSTONMon Sep 17 1990File server performance
2094.0FRAFS1::ELHAJMon Sep 17 1990HP Vectra and EMS
2095.01DENVER::MEDAUGHMon Sep 17 1990LAT SCB Sessions?
2096.07TRCAMon Sep 17 1990Project Workbench and Expanded Memory Protection
2097.05HGOVC::ALECLEETue Sep 18 1990VMS Service for DOS v3.1
2098.0GIDDAY::RALLINGSTue Sep 18 1990NETBIOS Hanging Under Heavy Load
2099.03UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDTue Sep 18 1990Hidden VMS Files!!
2100.03FILTON::EMSLEY_RTue Sep 18 1990DEMM386 V4.
2101.03KETJE::DOMSTue Sep 18 1990IVP failure on VMS 5.4
2102.0UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDTue Sep 18 1990True Understanding of PCFS$DELETED?
2103.01UBOHUB::WALL_CETue Sep 18 1990HP755
2104.07OPAL::SYSTEMTue Sep 18 1990Documentation on ASYNCH???
2106.05TRCATue Sep 18 1990cant add workstation
2107.01KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Sep 18 1990speed probl. with turbo depca
2108.08CSCOA5::BURGESS_RTue Sep 18 1990How do PCFS$READ and PCFS$UPDATE work!!!
2109.02RTPSWS::DAVISTue Sep 18 1990"Packed File Corrupt" error
2110.02FLATTP::MURRAY_RUTue Sep 18 1990Remote boot from 4
2111.02CALLAO::MICTue Sep 18 1990PCFS PROCESS DIES...
2112.02TRCU11::DYMONDTue Sep 18 1990minminimum PCSA parts needed to run NETBIOS?
2113.03RIPPLE::BRANNONMATue Sep 18 1990Moving user files
2114.06MANMWed Sep 19 1990HP Vectra 286 hangup and DEPCA 88
2115.02SUOSW3::GUTHWed Sep 19 1990DFS & PCSA ?????
2116.02PAPITU::IGNACIOWed Sep 19 1990To know wich DISK SERV. connect. from a program
2117.0KERNEL::SHOULDINGWed Sep 19 1990BOOKREADER doc sets..?
2118.02ODIXIE::HIPPWed Sep 19 1990LaserTwin Printing with DEC LANworks
2119.01JOCKEY::COOPERMThu Sep 20 1990Pcsa Hoggs cpu
2121.03TRCAThu Sep 20 1990memory resident vy emulator
2122.01CSCOA5::ROLLINS_RThu Sep 20 1990NET 8
2123.01ATHINA::RAGHEBFri Sep 21 1990Microfocus II
2124.010HGOVC::ANDREWWAITESFri Sep 21 1990EtherWORKS LC, Lost 18K Memory, DEPCA
2125.01UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDFri Sep 21 1990Setting /CACHE on a Disk Service!
2126.01KETJE::DEVOSFri Sep 21 1990Multiple 327
2127.05STKHLM::WETTERBERGFri Sep 21 1990LK25
2128.04COPCLU::JESPERFri Sep 21 1990PCSA 2.2 documentation,where ?
2129.06CSCOA3::MANDERSON_CFri Sep 21 1990Login & VMS 5.4
2130.03MAIL::BAILEYDFri Sep 21 1990DE1
2131.05SPIKER::BOETTCHERFri Sep 21 1990WordPerfect printing problem
2132.01VLOMFG::BEAUFri Sep 21 1990PCSA, Windows v3 LJ25
2133.03CSCOA5::SMITH_MTFri Sep 21 1990Error 6
2134.02BORDX1::GUISELINFri Sep 21 1990SPD or description of DEC lanworks 4.
2136.04KURMA::CMACDONALDFri Sep 21 1990Problem with disk services
2137.02VCOUFri Sep 21 1990PS/2 with DEMCA hangs with SETHOST
2138.01MANIS1::WILLEFri Sep 21 1990CLIPPER/packets too small
2139.02MANIS1::WILLEFri Sep 21 1990OS2/PCSA/CommMgr/SNA Gateway Help
2140.01MAMTS2::SFAIRCLOTHFri Sep 21 1990Beta Site Request "Bleeding Edge"
2141.0MAMTS2::SFAIRCLOTHFri Sep 21 1990PCSA Person Needed/Virginia
2142.0SANFAN::WRIGHT_KEFri Sep 21 1990Klassic Kludge Konfiguration
2144.02RIPPLE::VELIS_MASat Sep 22 1990WordPerfect SLOOOOOW while printing
2145.05NEGD::LOMBARDISat Sep 22 1990Help with SUPER VGA and DEPCA...
2146.03COMICS::TANMon Sep 24 1990device control library tlb files
2147.01TRCU11::DYMONDMon Sep 24 1990Blind person can't hear screen, suggestions?
2148.03USRCV1::HOLTJMon Sep 24 1990Odd brand Ethernet Card
2149.02KAOFS::M_ROLLINMon Sep 24 1990Lost keyboard mapping part2
2150.06TROU51::HANDYMon Sep 24 1990Local boot from a floppy doesn't work?
2151.02AIADM::EUSTACEMon Sep 24 1990LastDriver, Lad and RSM...
2152.09SLOVAX::VELISMon Sep 24 1990SETHOST not saving config
2153.0CHOVAX::HORNUNGMon Sep 24 1990Ordering info on ESTIMACS?
2154.03FIXSR2::WHITTINGTONMon Sep 24 1990PCFS$logicals and where are they
2155.04MILPND::CANSLERMon Sep 24 1990Help. Can not get VAXmate internal modem to operate
2156.05KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Sep 24 1990cache tuning
2157.03HOGS::TAYLORMon Sep 24 1990Novell Terminal Emulation
2158.02FLATTP::THORNTON_JEMon Sep 24 1990VMS 4.7 Support?
2159.08NEOVTue Sep 25 1990dBase IV on DECLanWORKS Environment!!
2161.03YUPPY::GINNTue Sep 25 1990lad disk sizes
2162.03SNERT::RALLINGSTue Sep 25 1990Info on DNP Required
2163.08FSADMN::CARZELLTue Sep 25 1990USE Statement Connects w/Garbage
2164.06FSADMN::CARZELLTue Sep 25 1990Compaq w/Micom 521
2166.05KERNEL::BROWNPTue Sep 25 1990error no available device
2167.01TAVMVC::SYSTEMTue Sep 25 1990IRQ range for DEPCA TURBO
2168.01FIXSR2::WHITTINGTONTue Sep 25 1990Looking for Foxbase knowledge
2169.07KERNEL::COLOMBOTue Sep 25 1990DEMCA 8K
2170.08AUNTB::PRESSLEYTue Sep 25 1990pcsa client patch 3.
2171.03NEOVTue Sep 25 1990NETBIOS Limitation under LanWORKS!!!
2172.0TROU51::HANDYTue Sep 25 1990Configuring 2.2 clients for remote boot from 3.
2173.01CXCAD::CHAMBONTue Sep 25 1990Configuration Help.....
2174.04RIPPLE::VELIS_MATue Sep 25 1990File Services in a Cluster
2175.01RIPPLE::VELIS_MATue Sep 25 1990NETSETUP failing in Cluster
2176.0RIPPLE::VELIS_MAWed Sep 26 1990Adding Options to PCSA Menu
2177.03ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKWed Sep 26 1990pcfs_server crash (PCSA 3.
2179.01ARRODS::CARTERWed Sep 26 1990Various questions
2180.0ORO5Wed Sep 26 1990Sethost local printer problems
2181.03REEF::MAURERCWed Sep 26 1990application prob. under 3.
2182.02NOVA::BARNESWed Sep 26 1990Borland Paradox ^C problem w SQL Services
2183.080SNOMAN::AARONWed Sep 26 1990DEC LanWORKS Name Changing. Suggestions Welcome.
2184.01TOOLEY::B_WACKERWed Sep 26 1990Can't run DW debugger with PCSA
2185.03TOOLEY::B_WACKERWed Sep 26 1990VAXmate won't boot cold
2186.06SCADMN::FIELDSWed Sep 26 1990Adding a node updates the entire cluster...
2187.02DPDMAI::PAYETTEWed Sep 26 1990KEYBRD.EXE/PCSA/Smarterm/DWDOS386
2188.01DPDMAI::PAYETTEWed Sep 26 19901
2189.06CANYON::GURALNIKWed Sep 26 1990DEPCA and Packet Drivers
2190.01HGOVC::PATRICKNGThu Sep 27 1990Does Ultrix server support Lan Manager/X?
2191.01YUPPY::GINNThu Sep 27 1990cluster aliases
2192.03STKHLM::AAMISEPPThu Sep 27 1990Logitech mouse and PC-mail problem.
2193.01WLW::SHREVEThu Sep 27 1990Logitech mouse, Zenith, MS-Windows
2194.03PULLEN::PULLENThu Sep 27 1990REDIR loads twice in Expanded Memory?
2195.01STKHLM::WETTERBERGThu Sep 27 1990login breakin attempted detected on PC server.... in pcfs_server.log
2196.05YUPPIE::GRANTHAMThu Sep 27 1990PCSA 3.? for VMS 5.4
2197.04PCOJCT::COLVARDThu Sep 27 1990Copy failure - PCSA Client Setup
2198.0MXOVThu Sep 27 1990hardware address/default boot disk name=
2199.012BACHUS::VANTUYKOMFri Sep 28 1990DE1
2200.02STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LFri Sep 28 1990Printing on spooled printers from software
2201.05YUPPY::BAYLISSFri Sep 28 1990Copying DX files using NFT
2202.01YUPPY::GINNFri Sep 28 1990Virtual Circuit Blocks
2203.01COMICS::OSMONDFri Sep 28 1990< Problems Adding Remote Boot on one node in cluster >
2204.01TEXAN::ALBURYFri Sep 28 1990ISO966
2205.07BRULE::CUTRIFri Sep 28 1990WYSE PC and MC Card
2206.0JOCKEY::SHARKEYAFri Sep 28 1990PCFS dumps on me
2207.01CAESAR::DANGFri Sep 28 1990Need help in VAXmate built-in modem
2209.01VAXRIO::ABREUFri Sep 28 1990NETSETUP / DOS 4.
2210.03DENVER::MEDAUGHFri Sep 28 1990Creative print que needed...
2211.02MXOVFri Sep 28 1990problems connecting LaserJet to MicroVAX 31
2212.03RT95::LOMBARDISun Sep 30 1990DE1
2213.06RT95::LOMBARDISun Sep 30 1990Can't connect to virtual drives...
2214.04OURBOX::ROBINSONSun Sep 30 1990Invalid Service or Password? Why now?
2215.01YUPPY::GINNMon Oct 01 1990MS-WORD AND LNO3R'S
2218.05EVETPU::MACKMon Oct 01 1990NET8
2219.01CMOTEC::AUSTINMon Oct 01 1990PCSA using VAX memory ?
2220.05CSCOA3::EPLEY_TMon Oct 01 1990showing lad services consistently
2221.03CANYON::GURALNIKMon Oct 01 1990A1DTD and New Wave?
2222.013TROAMon Oct 01 1990VAXmate remote boot hang on drive A:
2223.05MELKOR::DEWISMon Oct 01 1990Async DECnet and PCSA
2224.014BREAKR::UDICKTue Oct 02 1990QEMM that is MS-Windows compatable. PCSA Compatable?
2225.03YUPPY::GINNTue Oct 02 1990DOS SERVERS ?
2226.01YUPPY::GINNTue Oct 02 1990Installing the server ...
2227.01EIGER::SCHMITTTue Oct 02 1990Problem with PCSA-MANAGER>SHOW DISK CONN command
2228.01COMICS::MADCOW::FOSTERTue Oct 02 1990Invalid Space Session/Netbios
2229.07YUPPY::GINNTue Oct 02 1990NETBIOS incompatibilty in LAN
2230.02CSOA1::REARICKWed Oct 03 1990NETBIOS LISTEN problem...
2231.02YUPPY::GINNWed Oct 03 1990portables and ethernet cards
2232.01MANMWed Oct 03 1990VT241 or VT34
2233.09ZPOVC::APSCHOUTENWed Oct 03 1990Keyboards locked/Pcs unuseable after use of A1mail
2234.06COMICS::SHOULDINGWed Oct 03 1990LOTUS V3.
2235.02CGHUB::RYANWed Oct 03 1990Asynch/Ethernet on same Laptop?
2236.0TRCAWed Oct 03 1990Toshiba laptop and LapTop Connectivity card
2237.0--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 03 1990[discussion moved to 2183]
2238.04THEWAV::LEWWed Oct 03 1990Macintosh Support on PCSA for ULTRIX
2239.04TRCAWed Oct 03 1990Toshiba laptop and LapTop connectivity card
2240.05--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 03 1990PCSA and Netware Interoperablity
2241.0SPCTRM::WHIPPLEWed Oct 03 1990PHASE
2242.02DPDMAI::DAVIESWed Oct 03 1990Ultrix PCSA Protocol Support
2243.01TKOV51::KATSUBEWed Oct 03 1990DEREN is OK?
2244.05SNERT::RALLINGSThu Oct 04 1990Olivetti M3
2245.02COMICS::FOSTERThu Oct 04 1990DNP /FC:n
2246.0COMICS::TANThu Oct 04 1990PC LanServer 31
2247.01COMICS::TANThu Oct 04 1990SMB Errors when copying files
2248.0WLW::SHREVEThu Oct 04 1990PRINTTSR needs longer timeout
2250.0CSCOA3::TAYLOR_JThu Oct 04 1990Ps/2 model 65sx and 55sx problems.
2252.01OTOAThu Oct 04 1990pcsa_manager minimum privileges
2253.0SUBWAY::BROOKSThu Oct 04 1990NETBIOS/PCSA/IBM System38 Problem
2254.015GUIDUK::B_WOODThu Oct 04 1990Problem, LASTCP, VMS5.4, PCSA v3.1
2255.08RT95::LOMBARDIThu Oct 04 1990Error...LAD not installed
2256.02GIDDAY::DUBBERThu Oct 04 1990Compaq DLL hangs keyboard on boot
2257.0BDYSRF::UDICKFri Oct 05 1990Decstation 32
2258.02BDYSRF::UDICKFri Oct 05 1990ALL-IN-1 DESKTOP for DOS . Is it a PC or a VAX...
2259.08WELLIN::WARBURTONFri Oct 05 1990REDIR and mysterious Z: parameter
2260.04QCAVFri Oct 05 1990Remote Boot Problem-Pls Help
2261.0SPCTRM::NUSBAUMFri Oct 05 1990NOW - AT LAST - DECnet/VAX over TRN FT nominations
2262.02ARRODS::CARTERFri Oct 05 1990Memory requriements
2263.04ZPOVC::DAVIDLEWISFri Oct 05 1990Multimate deletes my printer!
2264.0SLOVAX::VELISFri Oct 05 1990Clipper Compiled DBASE III on LAD?
2265.01POBOX::DECAPPFri Oct 05 1990PCMAIL/LK25
2266.01JOCKEY::COOPERMSat Oct 06 1990file sevices over LAST - how ?
2267.03JOCKEY::COOPERMSat Oct 06 1990Depca LC with no remote boot ROM
2268.02ZPOVC::DAVIDLEWISSun Oct 07 1990ALR's, DEPCAs and PCSA
2269.04EVTAI1::BOUBERTMon Oct 08 1990VMS SERVICES V3.1 ON VAX9
2270.0STKHLM::WETTERBERGMon Oct 08 1990Need printtst 1.1
2271.01WOTVAX::ROBINSONDMon Oct 08 1990remote boot server/network load data please
2272.02IJSAPL::CAMERONMon Oct 08 1990PCSA - cluster environment and load balancing
2273.04LRGFMT::FIELDSMon Oct 08 1990Invalid DNP Variant Loaded (286)
2274.01GUCCI::RJENKINSMon Oct 08 19903.1 Lansever questions
2276.01CSOA1::REARICKMon Oct 08 1990PCSA & SMARTDRV problem?
2277.03CSOA1::REARICKMon Oct 08 1990Need Novell & PCSA expert.
2278.010YUPPY::GINNTue Oct 09 1990Cabletron Cards and PCSA
2279.04EVOAI2::CHEVRYTue Oct 09 1990PC INTEROPERABILITY GUIDE -> Where ???
2280.01HXOATue Oct 09 1990DEC LanWORKS and ULTRIX/RISC.
2281.0PULLEN::PULLENTue Oct 09 1990DECmouse + WordPerfect crashes ...
2282.01EIGER::SCHMITTTue Oct 09 1990status=295244 (invalid form name)
2283.02GLORY::GRAEFFTue Oct 09 1990QEMM 5
2284.02TROATue Oct 09 1990Access to PDP/RSX files
2285.02POCUS::JEBRINETue Oct 09 1990Novell Drivers
2286.03SUBWAY::GARDELLATue Oct 09 1990MS-Windows/DECmouse driver needed
2287.02TROATue Oct 09 1990XONXOFF/Harvard/PCSA print problem
2288.03BIGUN::MAYNEWed Oct 10 1990Serial pretending to be LAT?
2289.02YUPPY::GINNWed Oct 10 1990Wordstar and PCSA
2290.05IJSAPL::HUIJTSWed Oct 10 1990Cannot create new logfile (???)
2291.02UTRTSC::HOSANGWed Oct 10 1990ESDI formatted disk not reachable with remote boot
2292.01COLWed Oct 10 1990password problem
2293.02CXCAD::CHAMBONWed Oct 10 1990PCSA, QEMM and disk caching software
2294.03BRULE::CUTRIWed Oct 10 1990MHS mail to PCmail
2295.0HOGAN::LESSANSWed Oct 10 1990FREEDOM for LN
2296.05RIPPLE::DAVIS_PUWed Oct 10 1990NET8
2297.03SUBURB::WISEMThu Oct 11 1990HELP! DECstation 35
2299.03FRUST::HAGEMANNThu Oct 11 1990file buffer inconsitancy
2300.03QCAVThu Oct 11 1990using PCmail and remote boot
2302.01SAGE::BARRYThu Oct 11 1990MAC Performance -xtrap?
2303.03BORDX1::GUISELINThu Oct 11 1990Dbase IV network - pcfs_server crash
2304.02GLDOA::JMARSHALLThu Oct 11 1990File Not Found
2305.03FILTON::EMSLEY_RThu Oct 11 1990Floppy Remote Boot and Depca LC
2306.04NYEM1::COLVARDThu Oct 11 1990Bad Remote Boot-LAST problem
2307.03FOLK::HASSFri Oct 12 1990PCSA with no DEC hardware?
2308.02KERNEL::SHOULDINGFri Oct 12 1990Server name is missing!!
2309.016UTRTSC::HOSANGFri Oct 12 1990DE1
2310.04TROAFri Oct 12 1990remote boot - soft reboot error
2311.01KAOFS::N_MARTELFri Oct 12 1990ps/2 mod 5
2312.04FCOIS::GOFFARDFri Oct 12 1990LAT V4.
2313.04CIVAGE::WILDYFri Oct 12 1990TCP/IP Vendors and DEXXX Controllers
2314.05TAVIS::RONENSun Oct 14 1990claim_name and cb error
2315.0COMICS::TANMon Oct 15 1990CTERM, ORACLE DELAY/ECHO Timing Problem
2316.02STKHLM::AAMISEPPMon Oct 15 1990PCSA and QEMM 5.1?
2317.02GIDDAY::RALLINGSMon Oct 15 1990S/W Package Crashes On File Service
2318.05TAVIS::RONENMon Oct 15 1990NETTIME cause to hang
2319.05UTRTSC::HOSANGMon Oct 15 1990ms-mouse V6.1
2320.01YUPPY::GINNMon Oct 15 1990ms-windows and vt34
2321.03COLMon Oct 15 1990PCFS-Process crashes in LAVC
2323.0MLNCSC::BLGSUPPMon Oct 15 1990BULL Micral-45 with DEPCA/LC
2324.010CGOFS::CADAMSMon Oct 15 1990File Server break-in protection information request..
2325.03PENUTS::IRMT1::MCOMEAUMon Oct 15 1990Question on where/how to get software
2326.0KAOFS::M_ROLLINMon Oct 15 1990SMART sftwr vs PCSA
2327.06KIPPIS::JVAANANENMon Oct 15 1990De1
2328.02DENVER::MEDAUGHMon Oct 15 1990Inscrutable RBD Corruption
2329.010DENVER::MEDAUGHMon Oct 15 1990NDIS Documentation?
2330.01SUBWAY::LEEMon Oct 15 1990PCSA client for Ultrix
2331.0YUPPY::GINNTue Oct 16 1990pcsa and tape drives
2332.04COMICS::MADCOW::FOSTERTue Oct 16 1990Lanserver Does Not Backup !
2333.0GBITue Oct 16 1990PCSA in Cluster ...
2334.01UTRTSC::NORRISTue Oct 16 1990Memman /unload problem
2335.07MAHIMA::JPARKERTue Oct 16 1990DEMCA & Novell???
2336.02SSGAT1::ANBEEKTue Oct 16 1990allin1,sethost, Wordperfect voor the Vax, PC and the keyboard file
2337.03CSOA1::SCHRAMM_KTue Oct 16 1990SABER Software
2338.0SWAM3::KATO_ZEWed Oct 17 1990PC->PCSA->525
2340.07QCAVWed Oct 17 1990Problem in installing s/w on virtual disk
2342.02HGOVC::DEREKLUIWed Oct 17 1990SETHOST 132 column on VAXmate ?
2343.03BORDX1::GUISELINWed Oct 17 1990DEC printer and WORD or DOS Application
2344.01YUPPY::GORARDMWed Oct 17 1990Clean exit from SETHOST TE ...
2345.02ZYWWT::ChouWed Oct 17 1990Let the Protocol Manager takes care of it
2346.01SUBWAY::DERISEWed Oct 17 1990V3.1 LAD Server woes
2347.02BYTOR::SPRINGERWed Oct 17 1990DEPCA with TCP/IP, drivers and doc
2348.02CSCOA3::EPLEY_TWed Oct 17 1990losing data in dos copy
2349.02VCOUWed Oct 17 1990Connect to LAD is sporadic.
2350.01JOCKEY::SHARKEYAWed Oct 17 1990CTERM swap problem
2351.05SVCVAX::BOWEWed Oct 17 1990login hangs PC
2352.02MARVA1::RICKWed Oct 17 1990SETHOST memory whoes.
2354.01KERNEL::BROWNPThu Oct 18 1990PCSA and DBASE V4.
2355.02HAMPS::SHOREThu Oct 18 1990Problems with HSC's in clusters?
2356.0UTRTSC::SWEEPThu Oct 18 1990Fil buf cache incons,no raw mode
2358.05VAXRIO::HERALDOThu Oct 18 1990DLL Programmer's Manual
2359.01SOFBA1::SCARSDALEThu Oct 18 19902 X Sessions --> 1 modem --> phone line --> lat --> VMS
2360.01CUJO::WASHBURNThu Oct 18 1990DETPR, DE2
2361.02WLDWST::DRIEARThu Oct 18 1990Works + VAXmate = crash
2362.01TRAMNR::HummerstonFri Oct 19 1990PCFS_SERVER priority and performance
2363.01OGWV5Fri Oct 19 1990DS5
2364.01SUBWAY::SENKENFri Oct 19 1990Japanese PCSA
2365.01TSGDEV::JUNGCLASFri Oct 19 1990PCSA - incorrectly sets VMS file dates?
2366.04RIPPLE::ANDERSON_BIFri Oct 19 1990System hangs creating PRN directory
2367.03HGOSTS::FRANCISSat Oct 20 1990Remote Boot Can't Get Time & Date
2368.04CTOAVX::LOWSun Oct 21 1990Memory management setup woes...
2369.02DLOSun Oct 21 1990DEMCA & DLL, PCSA V3.1
2370.04COMICS::TANMon Oct 22 1990Cluster, PCSA and Paradox
2372.03FRUST::HAGEMANNMon Oct 22 1990DECnet/PCSA connect to Token Ring??
2373.08BACHUS::SASMon Oct 22 1990permit/copy big files
2374.05RTPSWS::DAVISMon Oct 22 1990Packet Driver s/w -- mult stacks
2375.02RTPSWS::DAVISMon Oct 22 1990mult wrong pw -- reboot server?
2376.01RTPSWS::DAVISMon Oct 22 1990West Digital --Hancock column
2377.04RTPSWS::DAVISMon Oct 22 1990raw mode?
2378.02RTPSWS::DAVISMon Oct 22 1990last, checksums
2380.02COMICS::MADCOW::FOSTERMon Oct 22 1990Gupta Tech. SQL Base
2381.0GLDOA::DISHNEAUMon Oct 22 1990Request for PC Product List - Successful Installation
2382.04AUNTB::DAVISSTMon Oct 22 1990disk ser -- slows after 1
2384.07HSOMAI::CESAKTue Oct 23 1990I/O management on a Vaxmate.
2385.04NEMAIL::BONDTue Oct 23 1990Externally Triggered Reboot
2386.01GIDDAY::KINGTue Oct 23 1990PCSA problem with a 3rd party application...(Dataplex one ..)
2387.0WARNUT::YOUNGTue Oct 23 1990Concurrent DOS anyone?
2388.09RTPSWS::DAVISTue Oct 23 1990password expiration
2389.01ZPOVC::LCLEETue Oct 23 1990NEWKEY For Keyboard Mapping
2390.07GUIDUK::KEROUACTue Oct 23 1990NDIS & DEPCA info needed ASAP
2391.0COMICS::TANTue Oct 23 1990Keys mapping SHIFTED FUNCTION KEYS
2392.0SVCVAX::BOWETue Oct 23 1990printtsr not working w/ SPRINT or QUATTRO
2396.02ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKTue Oct 23 1990VT3
2397.02YUPPY::GINNWed Oct 24 1990hp laserjet + file server crashes
2398.03STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LWed Oct 24 1990Mail between PCSA and Novell
2399.02YUPPY::BOOTHWed Oct 24 1990Remote boot problem
2400.04RIPPLE::PERTTUBEWed Oct 24 1990PCSA 4.
2401.02CSOA1::SCHRAMM_KWed Oct 24 1990Moving Remote Boot Disks
2402.0COLISA::WOLTERWed Oct 24 1990PCSA and VM/386
2403.09WKRP::HENRYWed Oct 24 1990A problem with a DE2
2404.06BIGUN::MAYNEWed Oct 24 1990PCSA Internals Documentation?
2405.03FRUST::HAGEMANNThu Oct 25 1990Zenith 248 DNP problem
2406.0ZURThu Oct 25 1990PCSA 3.
2407.04WARNUT::YOUNGThu Oct 25 1990LAT and Reflection 4
2408.06MUSKIE::HENDRIKSENThu Oct 25 1990IPX/PCSA - Bandwidth issue
2409.010DWOVAX::PETTUSThu Oct 25 1990problem connecting to server
2410.02LFOIS1::PONTIEREThu Oct 25 1990Print Services on local PC's Printer
2411.01PH4VAX::VILLARIThu Oct 25 1990What to install??
2413.01BRSTR1::SCHOOFSThu Oct 25 1990DLL8
2414.02CSOA1::REARICKThu Oct 25 1990Windows V3 and remote boot problem.
2415.03PRMSThu Oct 25 1990QEMM and CTL-ALT-DELETE
2417.04CANYON::GURALNIKThu Oct 25 1990Modem Pool Sharing
2418.01KIPPIS::BACKSTROMFri Oct 26 1990Client V3.
2419.02KERNEL::NIBLOCKDFri Oct 26 1990LGO1 printing spaces
2420.03WILARD::JENNINGSFri Oct 26 1990Paradox Network Printing problem
2421.01CGOAFri Oct 26 1990Audit Trails & Security
2422.01ZURFCC::64598::AntenenFri Oct 26 1990HW-Interrupts 1
2424.05KAOAFri Oct 26 1990DEMCA + PS/2 mod. 5
2425.01GLORY::GRAEFFFri Oct 26 1990PCSA, Cabletron, remote boot, etc.
2426.04PH4VAX::VILLARIFri Oct 26 19903.1 pcsa and pc-mass11
2427.09IRISH::BOETTCHERFri Oct 26 1990dBase Clipper file corruption under v3.
2428.02STKHLM::HARTIKAINENSun Oct 28 1990Unable to connect to remote node (ultrix/risc)
2429.0KAORSC::M_LAVERGNESun Oct 28 1990SETHOST and multiple sessions...shift-next/prev screen
2430.01KAORSC::M_LAVERGNESun Oct 28 1990Net commands hang PC
2431.01ZPOVC::RICHARDTEOMon Oct 29 1990Cluster and LAD disks - Revisited
2432.01TRCU11::DYMONDMon Oct 29 1990ASCII.CHR not found by SETHOST
2435.02THEBAY::BOSWELLBRMon Oct 29 1990VAXmate printer port at 19.2 bps
2437.06CSOA1::REARICKMon Oct 29 1990LAD 32 Meg Limit...
2438.01CHOVAX::CUSATOTue Oct 30 1990prob printing SAS graphs to HP laserjet
2439.0ODIXIE::BIRCHTue Oct 30 1990Zenith 248, 132 column mode
2440.06CSCOAC::SMITH_MTue Oct 30 1990Remote boot & Thickwire problem
2442.02VICKI::LONGTue Oct 30 1990Service Ver. name
2444.07BIGRED::KARENTue Oct 30 1990malloc failed & can't create thread errors
2445.02HGOSPS::LIWAICHUNGWed Oct 31 1990286 PCs hang with Wordperfect V5.1 disk service
2446.01MINDER::BLOWERGWed Oct 31 1990Ultrix PCSA management Facilities
2447.0KERNEL::COLOMBOWed Oct 31 1990BACKUP from DISK - F/Service
2448.03FULMER::FERGUSONWed Oct 31 1990Fernhart Servicedesk S/W Problem
2449.02ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKWed Oct 31 1990LAD drive disappears for OS/2 client
2450.02TRNAF1::CRAVEROWed Oct 31 1990PCSA and VECTRA compatibility
2451.01FRUST::HAGEMANNWed Oct 31 1990ttt buflen problem
2452.05FLATTP::MURRAY_RUWed Oct 31 1990WordPerfect error 55 server lost error
2454.0LNKHUB::HELLSTROMThu Nov 01 1990Bug in NET PRINT /SET /SETUP= ?
2455.01MALLET::ABNETT_KThu Nov 01 1990MS-NET Query
2456.05CSOA1::REARICKThu Nov 01 1990Lotus Server Edition on PCSA?
2457.014ODIXIE::JBROWNThu Nov 01 1990LAN Manager Coexistence
2458.01UTRTSC::NORRISThu Nov 01 1990adapter hw failure on async line
2459.0SIOG::S_DONNELLYThu Nov 01 1990dbase4 & adv rev print problem
2460.01TRCU11::DYMONDThu Nov 01 1990Olivetti M386/25
2461.01THEBAY::LESTERPEThu Nov 01 1990What version of ULTRIX needed?
2462.03RIPPLE::BRANNONMAThu Nov 01 1990Apple Laserwriter from DOS PCs
2463.02DENVER::BUCKLEYThu Nov 01 1990Western Digital Interlan ethernet cards
2464.0CSCOAC::ROLLINS_RThu Nov 01 1990OHIO Virus
2465.0MELKOR::DEWISThu Nov 01 1990QEMM and PS/2
2466.02LOMBRD::BROWN_DAThu Nov 01 1990PARADOX Postscript Printing Problem
2467.02BDYSRF::UDICKThu Nov 01 1990%LASTCP-E-VERSERR, LASTDRIVER version mismatch
2468.011MQOSWS::R_GASCONThu Nov 01 1990DOSLOAD and DOS V 4.
2469.02NOBHIL::CLARK_ROFri Nov 02 1990Remote Boot failure + answer?
2470.01HGOVFri Nov 02 1990PCMAIL
2471.03KERNEL::COLOMBOFri Nov 02 1990ps/2 3
2472.08KAOFS::M_VALLEEFri Nov 02 1990new cd rom infoserver questions
2473.03UTRTSC::ANBEEKFri Nov 02 1990Lat programming problem Please help....
2474.01PANIC::HEPWORTHFri Nov 02 1990Patch disk for IBM OS/2 V1.2
2475.0MUSKIE::HENDRIKSENFri Nov 02 1990WARNING - ODS Collision Avert Feature
2476.05MUTTON::LAMBFri Nov 02 1990Error: Netowkr device type incorrect
2477.02BDYSRF::UDICKFri Nov 02 1990PCSA V4.
2478.03USWRSL::ROCH_VIFri Nov 02 1990PCSA V3.
2479.04MUTTON::LAMBFri Nov 02 1990MEMMAN Doesn't see ROM on PS2/MOD 7
2480.03MAMTS3::NNICOLLFri Nov 02 1990Hot-keying and PCSA behavior vs RAF...
2481.06RANGER::GUTFREUNDFri Nov 02 1990New BIOS available for Remote Boot
2482.0KAOFS::M_ROLLINFri Nov 02 1990LAD$KERNEL error message...
2483.03BRULE::CUTRIFri Nov 02 1990CC:mail with PCSA
2484.04DMOPST::COPFT::JESPERFri Nov 02 1990VAX9
2485.0GIDDAY::DUBBERSun Nov 04 1990INSVIRMEM Deleting a print service
2486.03STKAI1::HNORDBERGMon Nov 05 1990EtherWORKS/TP => IBM Cabling system II
2487.01RT95::LOMBARDIMon Nov 05 1990DEPCA 1
2488.02NEEPS::NORRIEMon Nov 05 1990OS/2 Server and DataEase
2489.03ARRODS::SWANSONMon Nov 05 1990Dual Ethernet controllers and PCSA
2490.011UTRTSC::ANBEEKMon Nov 05 19905 harddisks, PCSA V3
2491.0SUOSW4::BINDERMon Nov 05 1990CA SuperProject Instal. Problem
2492.01RIPPLE::FLOWERS_CLMon Nov 05 1990PCFS and QUE problems...
2493.01VMSNET::R_OLSENMon Nov 05 1990Pcfs_server.log error, file extend failed
2494.01CSOA1::REARICKTue Nov 06 1990QEMM, PCSA, and Windows woes...
2495.03NOBHIL::CLARK_ROTue Nov 06 1990PCSA error recovery?
2496.03ZPOCSC::GEORGEKOHTue Nov 06 1990Wierd keyboard characters on PC when scrolling
2498.02YUPPY::GINNTue Nov 06 1990Dismounting disks in a cluster
2499.02BDYSRF::UDICKTue Nov 06 1990Dirty Monitor Case
2500.0CSOA1::SCHRAMM_KTue Nov 06 1990Lan Port Info???
2501.01GRANPA::RFAGLEYTue Nov 06 1990PICT to RMS?
2502.03MISERY::AFENDAKIS_MITue Nov 06 1990Pcsa and wps keyboard error.
2504.06BDYSRF::UDICKWed Nov 07 1990Error Network Name not found -PCSA V4 TCP/IP
2505.02ZURWed Nov 07 1990PCFS_server crash VMS5.4 PCSA3.1 Cache inconsist.
2506.01STKHLM::KOCHWed Nov 07 1990Concurrent access to file service file
2507.08YUPPY::GINNWed Nov 07 1990Help; guide to NetBIOS and/or SMB requested
2508.0UTRTSC::NORRISWed Nov 07 1990sethost hangs Compaq 386N
2509.01STLACT::HYSLIPWed Nov 07 1990Lotus install for PC problem
2510.01USRCV1::CROSSENPWed Nov 07 1990LANmanager Tech Literature
2511.03DELREY::LESSARD_ARWed Nov 07 1990VMS 5.4 accounts w/PCSA V3.
2512.01GRANPA::SFAIRCLOTHWed Nov 07 1990Kermit Error 5 Code/EMAIL
2513.08YZR5Thu Nov 08 19903Com 3C5
2514.01YUPPY::GINNThu Nov 08 1990Disk quotas and copying from DOS
2515.06BIGRED::KARENThu Nov 08 1990V3.1 Client sw same as V3.
2517.03TRCOThu Nov 08 1990Error:Cterm Sethost
2519.03NEGD::MICHAUDThu Nov 08 1990Boca RAM boards
2520.04USWAV1::LOEWThu Nov 08 1990Excelan Boards!
2521.02KYOA::GOLDThu Nov 08 1990keyboard mapping
2522.03COMICS::BIGMOREFri Nov 09 1990async decnet and expanded memory
2523.0JOCKEY::COOPERMFri Nov 09 1990broadcast causes pc's to crash intermittently
2524.0CSOA1::SCHRAMM_KFri Nov 09 1990DEPCA REV F Problem
2525.02MARVA2::RICKFri Nov 09 1990Paradox v3.5 on File Service; requires RO Attribute
2526.03KAOFS::R_STJEANFri Nov 09 1990DECALIAS.DAT stays open can't close ...
2527.01CSOA1::SCHRAMM_KFri Nov 09 1990Print Queue Stopping
2529.0YUPPY::HOLDERRSat Nov 10 1990HP755
2530.01YUPPY::HOLDERRSat Nov 10 1990File Security in PCSA
2531.03ANNECY::LEMMAMon Nov 12 1990PC server on U*X
2532.02LISVAX::DAVIDMon Nov 12 1990Measuring server processes queues
2533.01COMICS::BURNSMon Nov 12 1990PS/2 Model 3
2534.03COMICS::BURNSMon Nov 12 1990DEMCA Error 9
2535.03POCUS::JEBRINEMon Nov 12 1990DE1
2536.03GUIDUK::KEROUACMon Nov 12 1990Restrict by nodename possible??
2537.01DEMOAX::DUDEVOIRMon Nov 12 1990PC NFS Coexist with PCSA
2538.05KERNEL::COLOMBOTue Nov 13 1990DExxx (LC)/QEMM ROM !
2539.01NEMAIL::ROBERTSONTue Nov 13 1990PCSA impact on server and net???
2541.01CGOFS::CADAMSTue Nov 13 19902.1 -> 3.1 upgrade query...
2542.02MQOSWS::A_COURCHESNETue Nov 13 1990Accentuated caracters in PC <-> VAX environment.
2543.01SLOVAX::VELISTue Nov 13 1990HP Laserjet Series III
2544.03DENVER::MEDAUGHTue Nov 13 1990NDIS Not Supported on DEMCA?
2545.015KEIKI::BROWNLOWTue Nov 13 1990How LNO5 & LNO6 act in PCSA/VMS environment?
2546.01MANMWed Nov 14 1990Multiple Remote Boots from 1 disk?
2547.04HGOVC::ACRISOLOGOWed Nov 14 1990COMPAQ 386, DEPCA LC and EMS
2548.03TRCAWed Nov 14 1990PAUSE when doing DIR
2549.01MISFIT::MEADWed Nov 14 1990Machine Hang and Customer Thinks it's DNP Related
2550.01MDRLEG::LIDIAWed Nov 14 1990"Error writing to"
2551.0JOCKEY::AL35Wed Nov 14 1990Funny problem with background tasks and the keyboard in WIN3
2552.06ZMAN::BOWLESWed Nov 14 1990OS/2 Remote Sys. Admin. Question
2553.03FROCKY::SPARRWed Nov 14 1990sethost-CTERM-ALLIN1 problem
2554.02TAVHLT::YAKIRWed Nov 14 1990disk service vs file service performance
2555.02DEMOAX::DUDEVOIRWed Nov 14 1990VAXmate Integration: Is LANCE DLL the Solution
2556.01CACIQE::RUIZJWed Nov 14 1990PCSA V3.
2557.01KYOA::CHURCHEWed Nov 14 1990lad and vms 5.4 questions .. ess$driver?
2558.02IJSAPL::VOERMANWed Nov 14 1990can't get WP51 and lotus r3.
2559.0BDYSRF::UDICKThu Nov 15 1990327
2560.0BDYSRF::UDICKThu Nov 15 1990DECforms ? Windows Forms package ?
2561.0PANIC::DUNCANThu Nov 15 1990PCtext4 help needed
2562.01YUPPY::GINNThu Nov 15 1990N/work buffers and file transfers
2563.01LISVAX::PACHECOThu Nov 15 1990How many PC's in to a server can I connect ?
2564.01TRCAThu Nov 15 1990Two-tier DELNI and global mode
2565.01GRANPA::GFERSONThu Nov 15 1990TOSHIBA 32
2566.02GRANPA::GFERSONThu Nov 15 1990PCSA V4.
2567.02TAHOE::KELLYThu Nov 15 1990PCSA protocol type value(s)
2568.01GLORY::GRAEFFThu Nov 15 1990lanWORKS for MAC file integrity...
2569.04DYPSS1::SCHAFERThu Nov 15 1990Broadband/Baseband/Boot Problems?
2571.06VINO::MCARLETONThu Nov 15 1990Is PCSA going to Fall DECUS?
2572.01OTOAThu Nov 15 1990sch T2.8.3 availability?
2573.01SUBWAY::KABELThu Nov 15 1990PS/2 Model 9x, Compaq EISA 486 experience?
2574.03MARVA2::RICKThu Nov 15 1990QEMMv5.1 with Decnet in EMS (LOADHI)
2575.0SNERT::RALLINGSThu Nov 15 1990PCmail Can Corrupt Your Profile
2576.03BACHUS::DHAENSFri Nov 16 1990file serv V3.1 and passwords
2577.01VMSNET::R_OLSENFri Nov 16 1990Problem with dos 4EH call using file service
2578.0YUPPY::GORARDMFri Nov 16 1990File caching & ALL-IN-1 DESKtop for DOS
2579.05SUBWAY::LEEFri Nov 16 1990PCSA for Ultrix
2580.01SUBWAY::HABERFri Nov 16 1990Printscreen??
2581.0POBOX::SOBELFri Nov 16 1990WordPerfect Shell to SETHOST
2582.01POBOX::DECAPPFri Nov 16 1990Slow file service performance
2583.02TPOVC::ANDYLAIFri Nov 16 1990DEPCA available for ULTRIX now?
2584.011STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LSun Nov 18 1990Async PCSA - Help needed with installation
2585.06RTPSWS::DAVISSun Nov 18 1990dual boot: Novell PCSA
2586.02RTPSWS::DAVISSun Nov 18 1990desqview, mod7
2587.01RTPSWS::DAVISSun Nov 18 1990file version limit
2588.01RTPSWS::DAVISSun Nov 18 1990tcp and pcsa
2589.01RTPSWS::DAVISSun Nov 18 1990infoserver, pcsa
2590.02GIDDAY::WANMon Nov 19 1990Failed PCFS create io channel & reference count
2591.06QCAVMon Nov 19 1990Western Digital Ethernet Card for PCSA V3.
2592.02NZOVMon Nov 19 1990ULTRIX and LAN resources
2593.02YUPPY::GINNMon Nov 19 1990Tektronix terminal emulation
2594.01HSOMAI::LINMon Nov 19 1990TCPIP software in T4.
2595.03TAVIS::JONATHANMon Nov 19 1990PCSA vs 3COM performance
2596.02SHIPS::BOURNE_CMon Nov 19 1990sizing a VAX for PCSA
2597.01RT95::LOMBARDIMon Nov 19 1990Parallel printer as a LAT device...
2598.01BEBBI::SCHWYNMon Nov 19 1990PS/2-6
2599.06PIRU::GOETZEMon Nov 19 1990Bursty perf. File Svcs / PCFS errors?
2600.08STKHLM::WETTERBERGMon Nov 19 1990depca/tp and remote boot --> sloow !!
2601.03ODIXIE::STUMPFMon Nov 19 1990help with NETWARE 2.1.5
2602.03GUCCI::RJENKINSMon Nov 19 1990Emulator Key Codes
2603.01LAIDBK::MENDOZAMon Nov 19 1990Extended Error 65?
2604.02BIGRED::SPARKSMon Nov 19 1990Certification service???
2605.0KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Nov 19 1990remote boot and memory 16K
2606.03HGOVC::CHARLESKWANTue Nov 20 1990PCSA+FOXbase LAN version
2607.07BRSTR1::SCHOOFSTue Nov 20 1990All-in-1 to ASCII PC file
2608.0BRSTR1::SCHOOFSTue Nov 20 1990Problem deleting print services
2609.0UTRTSC::BARENDREGTTue Nov 20 1990copy from disk to diskservice problem
2610.01UTRTSC::NORRISTue Nov 20 1990demca, no rom present on adapter
2611.01YUPPY::GINNTue Nov 20 1990code pages
2612.04YUPPY::GINNTue Nov 20 1990Binary files in file services
2613.04SIOG::CARRICKTue Nov 20 1990Queries on NDIS, TCP/IP, Novell and PCSA 4.
2614.02PHAZER::BARNESTue Nov 20 1990Where to get Windows 3.
2615.03YUPPY::EDLEYTue Nov 20 1990Compatibility with Harvard Graphics
2616.07FRSCS::SATTLERTue Nov 20 1990page_setup problem?
2617.01SUBWAY::SENKENTue Nov 20 1990PCSA - Security on Subdirectories
2618.03JOCKEY::COOPERMTue Nov 20 1990Maximum NetBIOS session supported by PCSA V4.
2619.05KAOFS::M_ROLLINTue Nov 20 1990CTRL-Z at end of file with EDLIN
2620.02SCAACT::STEERTue Nov 20 1990HELP with Multiple DEPCA Installation
2621.02TRCAWed Nov 21 1990Connect accept failed - file server
2622.05BRUMMY::LUMMISWed Nov 21 1990No Real PC Printing ?
2623.03ADO75A::WILEYWed Nov 21 1990Misc. Client/Server questions (urgent)
2625.01COMICS::BURNSWed Nov 21 1990MS-Windows & Excel on a Disk Service
2626.04PARVAX::STORMWed Nov 21 1990Wordperfect & PCSA 4.
2627.02COMICS::BURNSWed Nov 21 1990Decmouse & Lotus 3.1
2628.03PHAZER::BARNESWed Nov 21 1990Help with DEPCA Turbo install
2629.01SUBWAY::SENKENWed Nov 21 1990File Service - Write Only?
2630.05GLDOA::SHOTWELLWed Nov 21 1990LAT setup for Foreign host
2631.01CGOSWed Nov 21 1990PCSA over VITALINK
2632.02HXOUWed Nov 21 1990circuit dropping...OS/2
2634.03BRUMMY::MASSARIThu Nov 22 1990LN
2635.01TROAThu Nov 22 1990How does system file service security work
2637.02KAOFS::S_SAUVEThu Nov 22 1990Lad error
2638.01POBOX::DECAPPThu Nov 22 1990USE /SHOW gives success error
2639.02MUSKIE::HENDRIKSENThu Nov 22 19903COM vs DE1
2641.06TRAMNR::HummerstonFri Nov 23 1990MS-Basic and V3.
2643.05HGOVC::KENNETHCHENGFri Nov 23 1990Do remote call back support?
2644.01CMOTEC::AUSTINFri Nov 23 1990PC LANserver and VMS versions
2645.01VNABRW::PAYLOR_SFri Nov 23 1990Printing with wordPerfect soft fonts
2646.03VNABRW::PAYLOR_SFri Nov 23 1990Server log file errors
2647.01MLNFri Nov 23 1990novell, ndis and PCSA 4.
2649.04TAVIS::JONATHANSat Nov 24 1990PC Batch jobs on a VAX?
2650.03IJSAPL::VOERMANSat Nov 24 1990Lotus hangs itself up
2651.01OTOASun Nov 25 1990PCSA and MS-Window 3.
2652.01HGOSPS::ANDYNGMon Nov 26 1990NET ERR 8
2653.03NBOFS1::HERMANNMon Nov 26 1990LK25
2654.01SUBURB::PEGGVMon Nov 26 1990GW-Basic V3.
2655.02IJSAPL::VOERMANMon Nov 26 1990Printscreen and 327
2656.04GRANPA::GFERSONMon Nov 26 1990Novell NE2
2657.05LEMAN::PITTETMon Nov 26 1990MS-NET & NETBIOS versions ?
2658.02PARVAX::STORMMon Nov 26 1990XONXOFF print problems
2659.06BIGRED::THOMPSONMon Nov 26 1990sizing a VAX 4
2660.01GUIDUK::KEROUACMon Nov 26 1990REmote printing without network software?
2661.01CSCOAC::SMITH_MMon Nov 26 1990Problems with IBM DOS 4.
2662.04TRAMNR::HummerstonTue Nov 27 1990USE/LAD: Error from Disk server; Bad service
2663.01BDYSRF::UDICKTue Nov 27 1990PC Based CDA Viewer - Pointer Plz
2664.05STKHLM::HARTIKAINENTue Nov 27 1990Apple Laserwrite and Pathworks for Ultrix
2665.01UTRTSC::BESEMERTue Nov 27 1990DEMCA hates SEAGATE???
2667.04MALLET::MATTHEWSTue Nov 27 1990Novell and async DECnet
2668.02HSOMAI::CESAKTue Nov 27 1990Port Addresses
2669.06FSADMN::MANDERSON_CTue Nov 27 1990Local vs. Network drive interrupt?
2670.06ART::COHENTue Nov 27 1990SETHOST, LAT session gets Password? prompt
2671.01BRSISB::VANNESTEWed Nov 28 1990FRBCON
2672.0COLWed Nov 28 1990DBASE IV V.1.1 Install.
2673.06KERNEL::TAGGARTNWed Nov 28 1990Open file caching
2675.04HOTAIR::SIMONWed Nov 28 1990File Service File Corruption
2676.01DECWET::ORMISTONWed Nov 28 1990NETBIOS Compatibility?
2677.0TRCOWed Nov 28 1990Ingres backend process won't terminate
2678.01TAVIS::JONATHANWed Nov 28 1990File Server Caching Questions
2680.01KAORSC::M_LAVERGNEWed Nov 28 1990Decwindows && applicatins
2681.01COLThu Nov 29 1990DEPCA Error 8B ?
2682.02YUPPY::GORARDMThu Nov 29 1990ALL-IN-1 DESKtop performance issue
2684.08JOCKEY::JOCKEY::SHARKEYAThu Nov 29 1990REALLY tuning RMS ?
2685.02BDYSRF::UDICKThu Nov 29 1990Can our OS/2 Intel based Server support 2 Ethernet Boards
2686.01GUCCI::RJENKINSThu Nov 29 1990Pcsa 3.
2687.0SDOGUS::LOWEThu Nov 29 1990Diff between Floppy and TK Client?
2688.06UTRTSC::MCCAULEYFri Nov 30 1990Execute VMS jobs from the PC
2689.0CSOVM1::ZanggerFri Nov 30 1990Windows VT32
2690.01UTRUST::DEWIJKFri Nov 30 1990performance slowing down after 8 seconds?
2691.0GUIDUK::VAUGHNFri Nov 30 1990PS2-5
2692.0SCACT::KNOWLESJIFri Nov 30 1990file locking again
2693.02COMICS::TANFri Nov 30 1990USE or Server Security???
2694.0GOYA::DAVIDFri Nov 30 1990DECnet-DOS/OS2 over X.25? Again, Sorry.
2695.07PANIC::HEPWORTHFri Nov 30 1990SETHOST TELNET problem
2696.01FRSCS::SATTLERFri Nov 30 1990calculating IO_DIRECT?
2697.0FRSCS::SATTLERFri Nov 30 1990starting LAD in spawn mode?
2698.02FRSCS::SATTLERFri Nov 30 1990print service schedule?
2699.01FRSCS::SATTLERFri Nov 30 1990file locking problem?
2700.01RIPPLE::PERTTUBEFri Nov 30 1990Sigma Design's Lasarview monitor
2701.01GLDOA::DISHNEAUFri Nov 30 1990pathworks vs competitive LANS
2702.0GLDOA::DISHNEAUFri Nov 30 1990PATHWORKS 327
2703.02MQOSWS::R_GASCONSat Dec 01 1990DEPCA and new DLL files
2704.02EXIT26::STRATTONSun Dec 02 1990"Error: Path not found" on USE command
2706.0IJSAPL::NATERSun Dec 02 1990ADMINSTER/PCSA MENU to change?
2707.0HSOMAI::CESAKSun Dec 02 1990Basic I/O
2708.0KAZ::Casey,CSC OZMon Dec 03 1990Sethost error
2709.04BRUMMY::MASSARIMon Dec 03 1990Can't get DOSLOAD to work
2710.03MLNCSC::LANCELLOTTIMon Dec 03 1990DEPCA-LC with DECNET/DOS v. 2.1
2711.05CSOA1::REARICKMon Dec 03 1990PCSA V3.
2712.02SRFSUP::RHODEWALTMon Dec 03 1990Integrated DOS applications from VMS
2713.02HSOMAI::EDWARDSSMon Dec 03 1990Multiple LAT sessions - MS Windows?
2714.01SLUGER::GRABOWSKIMon Dec 03 1990printing from allin1
2716.06FCOIS::GOFFARDTue Dec 04 1990hardware configuration ?
2717.03DEMOIN::GRULKETue Dec 04 1990Problems Mapping Gold Key
2718.04GUIDUK::STEBBINSTue Dec 04 1990Best way to check password?
2719.02GUIDUK::STEBBINSTue Dec 04 1990Simple way to access VMS DECnet object?
2720.04SUBWAY::HOFFTue Dec 04 1990vaxmate and windows 3.
2721.02KAORSC::M_LAVERGNEWed Dec 05 1990depca mouse driver/reverse buttons?
2722.0BAHTAT::ALDERTONMWed Dec 05 1990Printing via SETHOST to attached Printer
2723.02BAHTAT::ALDERTONMWed Dec 05 1990printing via SETHOST to PC printers
2724.02AUNTB::WILSONJWed Dec 05 1990VUP Ratings for PCs?
2725.01COPCLU::BJARNERWed Dec 05 1990X.25 connection to the PC
2726.05BERNWed Dec 05 1990NDIS-driver, Ungermann Bass
2727.01SMAC1Wed Dec 05 1990ULTRIX Server & domain-scope ?
2728.01GLORY::GRAEFFWed Dec 05 1990All-in-1 mail client kit location?
2729.02FREEBE::ARMANIOUSWed Dec 05 1990PCSA 3.
2731.02MRKTNG::SWABOWICZWed Dec 05 1990PCSA printing problem..sits in queue..
2732.0CSCOAC::ROLLINS_RWed Dec 05 1990VAXmate Server -- Too Many Incoming Requests
2733.03BDYSRF::UDICKWed Dec 05 1990VMS 5.41 breaks UCX 1.3a ?
2734.0RTPSWS::DAVISWed Dec 05 1990bios 1.1
2735.02EPERNA::HummerstonWed Dec 05 19903C523 memory locations
2736.02TAVThu Dec 06 1990SETHOST & EMS
2738.01UFRCS1::RITAThu Dec 06 1990Print LOTUS files
2739.0FILTON::BARKER_EThu Dec 06 19903.1 for PC LANServer 31
2740.02SUBWAY::SENKENThu Dec 06 1990MS-WORD 5.
2741.04UTRTSC::MCCAULEYThu Dec 06 1990Dosload fails with %LAD-E-SHOWSERVFAIL
2742.05ESRAD::SCHNEIDERThu Dec 06 1990error: invalid service or password for \\node\username ?error connecting to personal drive
2745.04HSOMAI::EDWARDSSThu Dec 06 1990Performance - VSM vs ULTRIX?
2746.04INFACT::BEVISThu Dec 06 1990PCSA V4.
2747.08TPOVC::KCFUThu Dec 06 1990REMOTE boot in DEPCA turbo card boot fail have some DEPCA CARD
2748.01TRCOFri Dec 07 1990Need Kit for VMS 4.7A?
2750.05QCAVFri Dec 07 1990<Cannot Connect To Host> again..
2751.03TPOVC::JOHNNYHOFri Dec 07 1990PCSA Client for DOS access ULTRIX server
2752.01VNABRW::NOVAKFri Dec 07 1990PC-MOS with pathworks????
2753.01HLFSFri Dec 07 1990Initialization failure .
2755.01GUIDUK::STEBBINSFri Dec 07 1990Renaissance GRX, DEPCA/turbo, "No ROM" error
2756.01MISERY::AFENDAKIS_MIFri Dec 07 1990Vaxmates and print serving only
2757.01OTOUFri Dec 07 1990Network failure & time delay for response
2758.0CASEE::EISENBERGFri Dec 07 1990Announcing VTX V5.
2759.02TROASun Dec 09 1990PageMaker performance tuning?
2760.02YUPPY::GINNMon Dec 10 1990DECstation 22
2761.02ZENA::GALOTTIMon Dec 10 1990Perhaps the SPD isn't enough clear.
2762.08PANIC::QUINLESSMon Dec 10 1990Large Vs Multiple smaller CPUs for PCSA?
2763.02MANIS2::WILLEMon Dec 10 1990How get PCFS Print-Output into a program ?
2764.08ZPOVC::LCLEEMon Dec 10 1990Cluster Alias re-visited.
2765.02UTRTSC::XAVEERMon Dec 10 1990PUBLIC access to fileservice
2766.02ZURA7::STUKERMon Dec 10 1990Performence/Exp.
2767.04CSCOAC::WEBB_AMon Dec 10 1990/passall deault printing from pcsa?
2769.03NZOVMon Dec 10 1990NE1
2770.01JODY::LOMBARDIMon Dec 10 1990Printing from LOTUS ALLWAYS ...
2771.0JOCKEY::COOPERMTue Dec 11 19902.1 PC's talking to 4.
2772.02TPOVTue Dec 11 1990depca.tsk
2773.04IJSAPL::RENIERSTue Dec 11 1990Break-in evasion triggered
2774.01CACIQE::RUIZJTue Dec 11 1990SMB ERROR WHY???
2775.01RTPSWS::DAVISTue Dec 11 1990WP Speller hangs PC
2776.07KERNEL::SHOULDINGTue Dec 11 1990VMS V5.4 and PCSA V3.1
2777.01ODIXIE::HIPPTue Dec 11 1990Version 3.1 Doc
2779.07SANFAN::WRIGHT_KETue Dec 11 1990Desktop III?
2780.01ITASCA::HENDRIKSENTue Dec 11 1990QEMM Optimize
2781.01COPCLU::JESPERWed Dec 12 1990cluster/service alias/file sharing
2782.04ODDONE::GILES_AWed Dec 12 19904
2783.04FRAFS1::ELHAJWed Dec 12 1990Convert DOS FORMAT to RMS FORMAT without PCSA
2784.02WMOIS::REINKEWed Dec 12 1990VAXmate HD Controller Query
2785.01OTOAWed Dec 12 1990ARCnet and PCSA
2786.02THEBAY::WIEGLEBDAWed Dec 12 1990Upgrade from V2.2 to V3.1 question
2787.01VLOMFG::SAMOUNThu Dec 13 1990PCSA for mac ?
2788.04HGOSPS::LIWAICHUNGThu Dec 13 1990Where is DNP V3.
2789.01TPOVC::JASONLUThu Dec 13 1990BTRIEVE and EMS
2790.02SUBWAY::DERISEThu Dec 13 1990DECstation 333c and QEMM386
2791.02DELREY::LESSARD_ARThu Dec 13 1990Do Banyan and PCSA play together?
2792.04SPIKER::BOETTCHERThu Dec 13 1990OS/2, 123/G, and PathWORKS for ULTRIX?
2793.02TENNIS::KAMThu Dec 13 1990PCSA & VMS Print Queue philosophy
2794.01VAOUThu Dec 13 1990PCSA V3.1, V5.4, and DOSLOAD ?
2795.07OGWV5Fri Dec 14 1990PCSA and Novell on same PC
2796.02SHIPS::GILES_AFri Dec 14 1990Interpreting log/dmp files
2797.05UTRTSC::MCCAULEYFri Dec 14 1990DOS V5.
2798.05TALLIS::CHICOINEFri Dec 14 1990Lad across LAN ?'s
2799.01GUCCI::BJELTEMAFri Dec 14 1990crazy user??
2800.01MALLET::BARKERFri Dec 14 1990Format DECmate RX5
2801.03CARTUN::ELGINFri Dec 14 1990VAXmate A1 Transfer Problem
2802.0KAOFS::R_STJEANFri Dec 14 1990USER shows interactive disable
2804.0TROASun Dec 16 1990timeout when connecting to PCSA$DOS_SYSTEM_V3
2805.02STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LSun Dec 16 1990Password on Common File Srvc Asyncronously?
2806.01GIDDAY::RALLINGSMon Dec 17 1990Fixed Length Files Not Handled By PCFS_SERVER
2807.01UTRTSC::MCCAULEYMon Dec 17 1990frame too long error after remote boot
2808.01WLDWST::PALERMOMon Dec 17 1990Pathworks 1.1 for OS/2 Availability
2809.02OTOAMon Dec 17 1990VAX Notification hangs PC
2810.02RIPPLE::HOFFMAN_DOMon Dec 17 1990Btrieve and sharing violation ?
2811.05DPDMAI::JONESDSMon Dec 17 1990DECUS PC SIG info
2813.01GIDDAY::HUMMERSTONTue Dec 18 1990Accounting tools for VMS server?
2814.0HGOSPS::LIWAICHUNGTue Dec 18 1990hang up at loading DNP if use WANG EMM.SYS
2815.01OSPREY::HUTCHESONTTue Dec 18 1990Parking drive C?
2816.0BAHTAT::BELLTue Dec 18 1990NewWave over PATHworks?
2817.0NVSD6::BRAVERTue Dec 18 1990DEC (Logitech) mouse and PCMAIL
2818.01OTOOTue Dec 18 1990Large disk quota required
2819.01OTOOTue Dec 18 1990OLD DEPCA and new DEPCA.TSK
2820.0ZPOVC::COLINTONGTue Dec 18 1990PCFS Server Crash
2821.01OTOATue Dec 18 1990Severe PCSA/Windows Problem
2822.01WRKSYS::KELLYTue Dec 18 1990login failure
2823.0ZIGLAR::ZIGLAR::MWILDYTue Dec 18 1990DBASE III - File not accessible
2824.0KERNEL::BROWNPTue Dec 18 1990print & sethost reset printer port.
2826.01SMAC1Tue Dec 18 1990IBM FDO...
2827.02NEOVTue Dec 18 1990PCFS_SERVER can't start
2828.02SXMVTue Dec 18 1990Does NAC::DECNETDOS still exist
2829.01GUCCI::RJENKINSTue Dec 18 1990Attachmate
2830.03FRAFS1::ELHAJWed Dec 19 1990Upgrade from V2.1 To V3.1
2831.01EEMELI::SYVANENWed Dec 19 1990SMB err [3,31] + XCOPY EXTENDED ERROR 65
2832.04HLYCOW::ORZECHWed Dec 19 1990Questions about ULTRIX versions for PATHWORKS for ULTRIX, V1.
2833.06HSOMAI::MORNINGWed Dec 19 1990Ethernet for Laptops
2834.02SMAC1Wed Dec 19 1990KEYBRD.EXE & PS/2 Model 3
2835.02FDCV29::WHITEWed Dec 19 1990DECstation 325c Problem
2836.01KETJE::WARICHETThu Dec 20 1990VAXmate and TCP/IP ?
2839.0MLNThu Dec 20 1990Ultrix/SQL access from PC using TCP/IP
2841.05MAIL::SHAHNAMThu Dec 20 1990memory mgmt on DS 212LP
2842.04SUBWAY::LEEThu Dec 20 1990AT&T StarLAN and VAX
2844.01HIBOB::KRANTZThu Dec 20 1990V3.1 install problem - INSFMEM
2845.0STKHLM::WETTERBERGThu Dec 20 1990network busy , logfile: invalid smb byte data type
2846.05FRSCS::SATTLERThu Dec 20 1990Problem starting LAST?
2847.01VROSRV::HEAFEYThu Dec 20 1990How do I move users from site to site?
2848.0GUCCI::SFEINTHELThu Dec 20 1990Security Requirements
2849.01CSCOAC::DALTON_KThu Dec 20 1990Bound volume set and free space
2850.0ZPOVC::ALEXTANFri Dec 21 1990pc based security question
2851.04AUNTB::BRADLEYFri Dec 21 1990Problems copying files
2852.01SUBWAY::LEEFri Dec 21 1990PATHwork 4.
2853.03RT95::LOMBARDITue Dec 25 1990Benchmarking against Netware...
2854.03MJBOOT::TENHUISENTue Dec 25 1990File Security for Executables??
2855.0BALZAC::ROMNEYWed Dec 26 1990Pathwork for OS/2 V1.1 References
2856.03WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAWed Dec 26 1990When is Pathworks for DOS V4.
2857.02CTCH22::CASHMANWed Dec 26 1990Named Pipes?
2858.01CSCOAC::SMITH_MThu Dec 27 1990Decpa TP & Dempr thru H335
2859.02UTRTSC::MCCAULEYThu Dec 27 1990VAX Crashes using PCDISK (VMS 5.4, PCSA 3.1)
2860.01EVTIS2::LESOTFri Dec 28 1990PCMAIL deny access account
2861.05HGOVFri Dec 28 1990Access the user directory directly
2862.01CAPITN::TEJA_DAFri Dec 28 1990PCSA Capacity Planing?
2863.03KAOTFri Dec 28 1990PRO-C and PCSA problem
2864.0TAHOE::LAMBERTFri Dec 28 1990decmouse Word V5 problems
2865.01CSCOAC::SMITH_MFri Dec 28 1990SPDs for PCSA for OS/2???
2866.01RIPPLE::KOTTERRISat Dec 29 1990PCSA Aynchronous Cable Pin-outs
2867.05DENVER::PAULTERTue Jan 01 1991Performance Measurement in PCSA
2868.01BELFST::ROONEYWed Jan 02 1991Installation Question ?
2869.01VAXRIO::ABREUWed Jan 02 1991SETHOST CTERM: and SET HOST/X29 problems ...
2870.05VICKI::LONGWed Jan 02 1991Datalink Init. Failure
2871.01TRCOWed Jan 02 1991softpc info
2872.01MTHOOD::GREGORYDAWed Jan 02 1991Character dropped after F12 key
2873.01ROYALT::MAYWed Jan 02 1991PCSA V3.
2874.011SNOMAN::AARONWed Jan 02 1991Novell bullets
2875.02ZPOCSC::RICHARDTEOThu Jan 03 1991Prints only when exit out of application (Revisite
2876.05BACHUS::DHAENSThu Jan 03 1991dos V4.
2877.03HAMPS::MUTCHThu Jan 03 1991Open File Caching Behavior
2878.03CSOA1::SCHRAMM_KThu Jan 03 1991DOS-based File Server Applications
2879.07UPWARD::HACHEThu Jan 03 1991Third party compatible with PCSA?
2880.02HGOVFri Jan 04 1991PC print more than 8
2881.05MLNCSC::LANCELLOTTIFri Jan 04 1991ms-window/386 v2.
2882.01LFOIS1::PONTIEREFri Jan 04 1991PCSA/NETbios over a DECnet WAN ?
2883.0KAOFS::M_VALLEEFri Jan 04 1991DE1
2884.01ANGLFR::HERKFri Jan 04 19913.1 Installation Help
2885.04SANBDO::MENDOZAFri Jan 04 1991SMB errors, open files, Dataflex
2886.02TENNIS::KAMSat Jan 05 1991Where is PC DECwindows kit?
2887.01ATSE::LABASat Jan 05 1991Vanilla DOS V3.3 on a VAXmate?
2888.01TAVSun Jan 06 1991TTT doesn't work with REDIR4
2889.01MSAMSun Jan 06 1991Keyboard Mapping for 3rd Party Software on PCSA ?
2891.0SMAC1Mon Jan 07 1991BICC cards with PCSA
2892.03DELNI::HANNAMon Jan 07 1991VMS V5.4-1 UPGRADE PROBLEM
2893.0FRUST::HAGEMANNMon Jan 07 1991dbaser-IV multiple db-access
2894.03CST1::TURBETTMon Jan 07 1991Can a Mac bring down LAVc's?
2895.03MUSKIE::HENDRIKSENMon Jan 07 1991TCP/IP Printing from DOS
2897.02TENNIS::KAMMon Jan 07 1991Faulure to load DOS on Server: Net error: Session aborted
2898.0COMET::KALINOWSKIMon Jan 07 1991TTT communication
2899.01ZPOVC::ALEXTANTue Jan 08 1991control-C disabling?
2900.02RDGE44::TAYLORTue Jan 08 1991DS35
2901.07GLORY::GRAEFFTue Jan 08 1991PCSA V4.
2902.04AEOEN1::PINASA_JCTue Jan 08 1991PCSA over synchronous lines?
2904.0KAOTTue Jan 08 1991Toshiba T16
2905.01SUBWAY::BUONOMOTue Jan 08 1991NETBEUI Transport
2906.01CSOA1::SCHRAMM_KWed Jan 09 1991Wordperfect and HP Laser Series III
2907.0UTRTSC::MCCAULEYWed Jan 09 1991another cause for network device type incorrect
2908.01HOTAIR::STROIKWed Jan 09 1991WANG 2
2909.0KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Jan 09 19913c5
2910.014JOCKEY::SHARKEYAWed Jan 09 1991Whats the market share of PCSA ?
2911.04MELKOR::DEWISWed Jan 09 1991file server and RMS
2912.01TRCOWed Jan 09 1991DOSLOAD not working
2913.02VFOVAX::BOWLESWed Jan 09 1991Btrieve strikes again!
2914.02UTRTSC::MCCAULEYThu Jan 10 1991Are there any EMS based terminal emulators ?
2915.07HGOVC::DEREKLUIThu Jan 10 1991"NET USE" problem
2916.0KYOA::SCHULZThu Jan 10 1991PCFS_SERVER working set size?
2917.0CALLAO::ALCAZARThu Jan 10 1991New location for ascii converter ACV
2918.0KAOTThu Jan 10 1991pcmail and local printer
2919.07MXOVThu Jan 10 1991NET8
2920.02CACIQE::RUIZJThu Jan 10 1991OS/2 LIMIT...
2921.06PULLEN::PULLENFri Jan 11 1991Tell me aint so...
2922.04STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LFri Jan 11 1991Disconnect Async PCSA with built-in modem?
2923.01BEEZER::BURNSFri Jan 11 1991Lastcp Query
2924.08RCODDF::FOLTSFri Jan 11 1991MS-DOS 5.
2925.0ODIXIE::STUMPFFri Jan 11 1991CompuAdd 286 w/ 16 bit DEPCA
2926.07KXOMAA::ALLEYFri Jan 11 1991Sizing for ULTRIX Services for PCs
2927.011SUBWAY::BUONOMOFri Jan 11 1991PCSA V4.
2928.01CGOSSat Jan 12 1991COMPAQ 386S + "Service not offered", again
2929.01BIGRED::LINSat Jan 12 1991DEMOUSE.COM in PCSA T4.
2930.04KYOA::WINGSat Jan 12 1991Can I use bind disks??
2931.04SANBDO::MENDOZASat Jan 12 1991dosload fatal error
2932.03TENNIS::KAMSun Jan 13 1991SHOW OUTPUT - Can't open display
2933.016UTRTSC::HOSANGMon Jan 14 1991COMPAQ 286n and CEMMP ??
2934.01TRNOI2::ANDERNELLOMon Jan 14 1991lan manager how?
2935.01RDGE44::TAYLORMon Jan 14 1991HELP w/ Setting in STARTNET for old DEPCA & V4.
2936.0GOYA::GONZALEZMon Jan 14 1991EMA/DECmcc access module for PCSA servers?
2937.02SANFAN::HILL_GRMon Jan 14 1991SETHOST /KEYBOARD=xxx (?)
2938.01NEWVAX::SCHMALFUSMon Jan 14 1991VAXmates V2.2 with Server running V4.
2939.03GLDOA::DISHNEAUMon Jan 14 1991Request for Information On Pathworks and 327
2940.01BREAKR::HAMon Jan 14 1991PCSA 4.
2941.06THEWAV::LEWMon Jan 14 19913C5
2942.04GOTA1::SUNDBLADTue Jan 15 1991ps/2 8
2943.05EVOIS6::DAN_MTue Jan 15 1991OS/2 PCSA Novell?
2944.02COMICS::TANTue Jan 15 1991Bad File Header Status 2
2945.01DBCIC1::FITZMAURICETue Jan 15 1991pcsa v2.2 KIT ?
2947.03GOBAMA::CHANDRASEKHATue Jan 15 1991one password for multiple appln. services in autouser.bat
2948.02STKHLM::WETTERBERGTue Jan 15 1991services disapears from service database !
2949.01HOTAIR::GLOVERTue Jan 15 1991PCSA 3.1 - VMS 5.4 vs VMS 5.3
2950.03UTRUST::DEWIJKTue Jan 15 1991access denied at remote boot problems
2952.02AUNTB::LAROETue Jan 15 1991PCSA, ALL-IN-1, & Wordperfect
2953.01AKRON::DEPRIESTTue Jan 15 1991PCSA v3.1
2954.04OTOOTue Jan 15 1991Remote boot disappears
2955.03WR2FOR::HARRIS_MATue Jan 15 19915
2956.010WIRDI::RICHMONDTue Jan 15 1991LAST/heartbeat issues
2957.06GUIDUK::STEBBINSWed Jan 16 1991Problem with File Service and DDCMP connection
2958.02HGOSTS::LIWAICHUNGWed Jan 16 1991Remote node is connected through x25router/decrouter
2959.012GIDDAY::RALLINGSWed Jan 16 1991LAD Not Installed - But It Has !
2960.02FRSTSC::SATTLERWed Jan 16 1991can't queue print file?
2961.07LFOIS1::PONTIEREWed Jan 16 19912 protocol stacks over NDIS ?
2962.05UTRTSC::MCCAULEYWed Jan 16 1991Dos directory limit and Xcopy query
2963.02LFOIS1::LIEBAERTWed Jan 16 1991Our Lan Manager and LMX ?
2964.01PRMSWed Jan 16 1991LOTUS LAN Version TOO SLOW!!!!
2965.0JOCKEY::SHARKEYAWed Jan 16 1991Hint
2966.0JOCKEY::SHARKEYAWed Jan 16 1991Another hint (Delta 5)
2967.0CSOA1::SCHRAMM_KWed Jan 16 1991Managing a PCSA Network
2968.02BORDX1::GUISELINWed Jan 16 1991FOXbase and PCSA
2969.02JOCKEY::SHARKEYAWed Jan 16 1991Can SETHOST be made to do 132 ?
2970.02KAOFS::M_ROLLINWed Jan 16 1991DNP and COMPAQ problem.
2971.06IJSAPL::VOERMANWed Jan 16 1991PCSA 3.1/PCmail and VMS 5.4 is not working
2972.0POBOX::SOBELWed Jan 16 1991Can't DOS FORMAT
2973.01HLYCOW::ORZECHWed Jan 16 1991Can Novell and PCSA/PATHWORKS coexist?
2974.02UTRTSC::BATSWed Jan 16 1991WAR just started!
2975.01TROPPO::WARDWed Jan 16 1991SNAGNI Information
2976.01GIDDAY::RALLINGSWed Jan 16 1991Q+E -> SMB Errors With VMS, OK With OS/2 Server
2977.03HGOSPS::ANDYNGThu Jan 17 1991Auto_purge/reclaim on PCMAIL??
2978.02STKHLM::WETTERBERGThu Jan 17 1991Some PC's wont get any disk services, but there is contact beetween PC and VAX
2979.02CGOFS::CADAMSThu Jan 17 1991Remote Boot Issues with August version of DEPCA.TSK
2980.02RCODDF::FOLTSThu Jan 17 1991Release of Ethernet controller after STOPNET
2981.02CGOSThu Jan 17 1991File Sharing between PCs and MACs
2982.02SANBDO::MENDOZAThu Jan 17 1991Novell Driver for DE2
2983.01ALICAT::ROBERTSThu Jan 17 1991316sx,325,lotus 123 and qemm 4.2
2984.02TPOVC::JASONLUFri Jan 18 1991File in File Service Hang PC
2986.01BREAKR::HAFri Jan 18 1991PCSA 4.
2987.01HGOVFri Jan 18 1991Clearinghouse name not found
2988.03MSBNET::KELTZFri Jan 18 1991LAT Reason Code
2989.01NEAGP::MILOSHFri Jan 18 1991VAXserver31
2990.02FLATTP::MURRAY_RUFri Jan 18 1991LAT problem with Reflections
2991.0SDOGUS::DIAZSun Jan 20 1991ex
2992.01SDOGUS::DIAZSun Jan 20 19911
2993.01STKAI1::ARFORSMon Jan 21 1991Carbon Copy
2994.06MINDER::BANKSMon Jan 21 1991Turbo TP too big physicaly?
2995.0HGOSTS::JOYCETONGMon Jan 21 1991pc hangs
2996.02KERNEL::COLOMBOMon Jan 21 1991PCMAIL / PSI
2997.04NYSBU::LIGHTBURNMon Jan 21 1991Turbo DEPCA & PC333s 33MHz
2998.0CTOAVX::EGERTONMon Jan 21 1991PCMAIL v. A1 Mail performance
2999.06UTRTSC::MCCAULEYMon Jan 21 1991FOXbase and DEMCA loosing records on disk service
3000.0WILARD::JENNINGSMon Jan 21 1991Need answer to close sale!
3001.01BIGUN::MAYNEMon Jan 21 1991On-line software version list?
3002.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Jan 21 1991remote boot de1
3003.0IJSAPL::VANDERNIETTue Jan 22 1991Btrieve on VAX ?
3004.01YUPPY::GINNTue Jan 22 1991VMS disk de-fragmentors and lad disks
3005.05KAZAN::VASILACHETue Jan 22 1991NEC P6,P7 printers
3006.02DLNVAX::STATSTue Jan 22 1991Problem with <ESCAPE> on VAXmate
3007.02HSOMAI::MORNINGTue Jan 22 1991Turbo with Dell
3009.07HGOVC::ALECLEETue Jan 22 1991Problem with PathWORKS for ULTRIX
3011.016SUBWAY::DERISETue Jan 22 1991NET vs. LDU and PASSWORD
3012.05ORT::ORTHOBERTue Jan 22 1991Local Printers Service Support Timeframe
3014.0OTOATue Jan 22 1991X29 and PC's
3015.04NEWMKT::SYSTEMTue Jan 22 1991pcsa manager problem
3016.01MQOSWS::M_LEBELTue Jan 22 1991TOSHIBA 32
3017.02ZPOCSC::YNLOTue Jan 22 1991SETHOST V3.
3018.02LISVAX::PACHECOWed Jan 23 1991DEPCA & PCVIEW PLUS Scanner board
3019.03ZURWed Jan 23 1991Floppy remote boot and drive a
3021.01GOTA1::WANNERSKOGWed Jan 23 19918.33MHz DEPCA limit for ever ?
3022.01UTRTSC::ANBEEKWed Jan 23 1991Latest version od lastdriver
3023.02MLNCSC::ORIANAWed Jan 23 1991Help with LaserTwin
3024.02MISERY::AFENDAKIS_MIWed Jan 23 1991Mouse interrupt #72 Logitech mouse.
3025.0CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Jan 23 1991More on RBASE and DBgraphics ??!!
3026.08TROAThu Jan 24 1991QEMM DUMPS AT LOGIN
3027.01ZPOVC::ALEXTANThu Jan 24 1991HP755
3028.03ZPOVC::ALEXTANThu Jan 24 1991NORTON equivalent == X-TREE GOLD
3029.02HOO78C::RIDDERThu Jan 24 1991How to format Non-DOS-partitions?
3030.024LJOHUB::LOCKHARTThu Jan 24 1991Product Requirements for PATHWORKS for VMS 5.
3031.04SUBWAY::PROTANThu Jan 24 1991PS/2 55SX Random Disconnects
3032.06TRCOThu Jan 24 1991Asynch PCSA - PCMAIL and support tools questions
3033.05WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAThu Jan 24 1991Can VMS users mount PCSA disk/file services?
3034.0GIDDAY::LIMThu Jan 24 1991anyone use pc/tsp?
3035.01SUBURB::64861::TAYLORFri Jan 25 1991NET8
3036.02LYOIS1::MINGOIAFri Jan 25 1991PCSA vs AS4
3037.02MAJTOM::ROBERTFri Jan 25 1991Offering UCX filesystems to PCs via PATHWORKS for Ultrix
3038.05VMSNET::J_HAMFri Jan 25 1991USE/SETDIR and Connections to VMS directories
3039.08ODIXIE::STUMPFFri Jan 25 1991PCSA's TCP
3040.0CSCOAC::DALTON_KFri Jan 25 1991Hangs loading Last
3041.03HKGACT::MICHAELSHIUSun Jan 27 1991DEPCA 32KB with NDIS
3042.04YUPPY::EDLEYSun Jan 27 1991Granting user access
3043.0JOCKEY::SHARKEYAMon Jan 28 1991R4 keyboard mapping for ALL-In-1/Word Perfect
3044.0VOGON::HOOPERMon Jan 28 1991LOCUS v. PATHworks
3045.01FILTON::BARKER_EMon Jan 28 1991Canon Laser Printers ?
3046.0EMASS::HEBERTJMon Jan 28 1991help with NEC PCs
3047.01TOPTEN::MEIGHANMon Jan 28 1991zenith pc hangs on file service copy?
3048.05ODIXIE::BURTONMon Jan 28 1991dBase IV Multiuser problem
3049.04SUBWAY::BUONOMOMon Jan 28 1991Pathworks LITE
3050.01STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LMon Jan 28 1991DE2
3051.0KAOTMon Jan 28 1991Callback Fails
3052.010ISIDRO::MANUELMon Jan 28 1991PCSA and BANYAN on same PCs
3053.03CST1::TURBETTMon Jan 28 1991LAT administration help, please
3054.02KAOTMon Jan 28 1991net modify fails
3055.08FLATTP::THORNTON_JEMon Jan 28 1991Info world says Boeing jumping ship
3056.01TROAMon Jan 28 1991PC MENU NEEDED
3057.04HSOMAI::LINMon Jan 28 1991WSMAX is too high
3058.02SNOCMon Jan 28 1991HP Laserjet
3059.03ZPOVC::GEORGEKOHTue Jan 29 1991Compaq keyboard problem
3060.03COLES1::SCHEPERSTue Jan 29 1991CONV STREAM => 1
3061.01DLOTue Jan 29 1991Multiple applications on one disk service
3062.01MSAMTue Jan 29 1991327
3063.05GLORY::WESTBROOKSTue Jan 29 1991Write error creating Remote Boot Disk
3064.04KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Jan 29 1991use /fast or /slow ?
3065.02KIPPIS::LAITINENTue Jan 29 1991LAST
3066.07LRGFMT::FIELDSTue Jan 29 1991Remote Computer Not Listening
3067.08LYOIS1::CROZETTue Jan 29 19913+open and DECNET on same PC?
3068.05CSOA1::SCHRAMM_KTue Jan 29 1991Micro-Channel/twisted Pair
3069.04COMICS::TANTue Jan 29 1991Uninitialized GOFB or NET 8
3070.01ZURTue Jan 29 1991PATHworks/Ultrix: what default transport prot.?
3071.01BREAKR::HATue Jan 29 1991TTT examples DOS->VMS
3072.0TENNIS::KAMWed Jan 30 1991Invalid configuration information - pls run SETUP program
3073.03KEIKI::GOETZEWed Jan 30 1991E
3074.02HGOVC::ACRISOLOGOWed Jan 30 1991286/QRAM/EMS4
3075.01WARNUT::KAYDWed Jan 30 1991Case cards and PCSA ??
3076.0CASEE::GRANTWed Jan 30 1991VTX V5.
3077.05MAIL::VOGELWed Jan 30 1991Location of DECquery Notes conference
3078.01SHIPS::SMITH_JWed Jan 30 1991Any experience yet of DFS and PCSA?
3079.0KAOFS::M_ROLLINWed Jan 30 1991SHELL and print job with AUTOCAD
3080.01TENNIS::KAMWed Jan 30 1991Modify a User - missing some capabilities?
3081.0TENNIS::KAMWed Jan 30 1991%CLI-W-CONFLICT, illegal combination of command elements
3082.0ALEPH::ABRAHAMSWed Jan 30 1991Does your customer have a license?
3083.0UTRTSC::BESEMERThu Jan 31 1991List of IRQ's wanted for VAXmate
3084.01MAIL::HYSLIPThu Jan 31 1991Not connecting to server
3085.0UTRTSC::XAVEERThu Jan 31 1991show file servi/authorize gives %X1
3086.0RANGER::RIZZOLOThu Jan 31 1991PATHWORKS for ULTRIX file protections
3087.02JEKYLL::HYDEThu Jan 31 1991Question marks in file names reported by server log file
3088.01HSOMAI::LINFri Feb 01 1991PCFS_SERVER (T4.
3089.04HGOSPS::JOYCETONGFri Feb 01 1991pclan disk service
3090.03LARVAE::MITCHELLFri Feb 01 1991Uniface and PCSA
3091.04EPIK::HOVEYFri Feb 01 1991?Installation did not install HPFS386- do it by hand?
3092.01MYKENE::MOXLEYFri Feb 01 1991MS-Windows V3 and A1MAIL
3093.01SHIPS::GARLAND_HFri Feb 01 1991Xerox Viewpoint & Digital interconnect
3094.0CSCOAC::SMITH_MFri Feb 01 1991"Pick" O/S causing problems with laddrv.sys
3095.01CRONIC::HOOVERFri Feb 01 1991PCFS_SERVER still consuming the Vax
3096.03PHDVAX::GREBLEFri Feb 01 1991Server Disk Performance
3097.04MAIL::VOGELFri Feb 01 1991PC networking terminology ???
3098.05CSCOAC::DALTON_KSat Feb 02 1991Lad$kernnel crash
3099.01SUBWAY::HOFFSun Feb 03 1991disk service for Ultrix?
3100.01JOCKEY::SHARKEYASun Feb 03 1991Bug in 3.1 LAD startup code
3101.015BOUNCR::FULTONSun Feb 03 1991PCSA for OS/2 and LAN Manager ?
3102.01OGWV5Sun Feb 03 1991NetBIOS version???
3103.06MUSKIE::ORTHOBERMon Feb 04 1991Loading 3C5
3104.01MANMMon Feb 04 1991Animotion demo
3105.0HAMPS::THAYER::Susi ThayerMon Feb 04 1991TEN PLANNER under PCSA?
3106.01BEAGLE::T_CARPENTIERMon Feb 04 1991PCSA V3.1 problems with LAST
3107.0COMICS::TANMon Feb 04 1991Documentation for NETBIOS log error messages
3108.07STKHLM::AAMISEPPMon Feb 04 1991No remote boot after upgrade VMS 5.2->5.4
3109.03KAOFS::M_ROLLINMon Feb 04 1991DEVICE INACTIVE in PCSA v3.1
3110.02KETJE::CORTEBEECKMon Feb 04 1991135
3111.01RENFRO::POWELLMon Feb 04 1991PCSA and Compaq and VGA cards
3114.02TENNIS::KAMMon Feb 04 1991NETBIOS Documentation
3115.0CTCH22::CASHMANMon Feb 04 1991MS Windows course slot available
3116.01TENNIS::KAMMon Feb 04 1991Access Denied to Application File Service
3117.05SHALOT::KELLYMon Feb 04 1991Can Novell and PCSA coexist?
3118.01QCAVTue Feb 05 1991Problems using a mouse in a PCSA/DECwindows env.
3119.0UTRTSC::MCCAULEYTue Feb 05 1991emsload errorlevels ?
3120.03HAMPS::LEYTONTue Feb 05 1991WPS-PLUS to ALL-IN-1 over Modem line
3123.02CSTEAM::TURBETTTue Feb 05 1991Managing Large Novell Networks.
3124.0MSDOA::KRESSENBERGTue Feb 05 1991Decterm displays in never-never land
3125.01BREAKR::BUDZOWSKITue Feb 05 19915
3126.0UTRTSC::BATSTue Feb 05 1991Help, PS/2 mod 7
3127.06SXMVTue Feb 05 1991Number of directory entries in file service
3128.04YUPPY::GINNTue Feb 05 1991QRAM again...helppppp
3129.03CRONIC::HOOVERTue Feb 05 1991PCSA V3.
3130.01BUFFER::HOMERTue Feb 05 1991Removing Users from PCSA
3132.06HOGAN::LESSANSTue Feb 05 1991NETBIOS programming help
3133.01KYOA::PEREZTue Feb 05 1991Common vs Appl file svcs
3134.01TENNIS::KAMTue Feb 05 1991PATHWORKS for MacIntosh questions
3135.03CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Feb 06 1991Misc questions about PCSA (PATHWORKS FOR DOS)???
3136.0SIOG::S_DONNELLYWed Feb 06 1991PCSAV4.
3137.01KERNEL::COLOMBOWed Feb 06 1991SEDT and 32768 lines
3138.02EMILE::WALDWed Feb 06 1991Software remote boot
3139.03KYOA::WILSONWed Feb 06 1991Cabletron & PATHWORKS for Mac
3140.01TROAWed Feb 06 1991File/record locking?
3141.02GRANMA::NNICOLLWed Feb 06 1991Integrating with LANmanager and Pathworks
3143.01VCOUWed Feb 06 1991Buffers /X with NCP
3144.06BREAKR::HAWed Feb 06 1991dual DEPCA boards
3145.04TKOV51::YAMASHIGEThu Feb 07 1991TransLAN line speed?
3146.03UFRCS1::GRAFThu Feb 07 1991Compaq SYSTEM PRO hangs with DE2
3147.02EVOAI1::CHADZYNSKIThu Feb 07 1991Rdb SQL services out of PCSA
3148.01BRSSWS::SASThu Feb 07 1991redefine ^esc to quit term. emul.
3149.05BRSSWS::SASThu Feb 07 1991pcmail with PSI address
3151.01KAOFS::N_MARTELThu Feb 07 1991invalid file specification in PCMAIL
3152.0JEKYLL::HYDEThu Feb 07 1991Just what does CTRL/ALT/PF4 do?
3153.09UTRTSC::MCCAULEYThu Feb 07 1991Is there an answer for the blank pages problem yet
3154.08KAOFS::N_MARTELThu Feb 07 1991Olivetti m24 with pcmail
3155.06CSTEAM::TURBETTThu Feb 07 1991But I've already paid the royalties.
3156.01CSCOAC::DALTON_KThu Feb 07 1991vstream.c access failed
3157.02KIPPIS::BACKSTROMFri Feb 08 1991Workgroup calendar/scheduling apps (& PCSA of course ;-)
3158.03RANGER::VONRHEEFri Feb 08 1991PATHWORKS Accounting package
3159.0UTRTSC::HOSANGFri Feb 08 1991pcmail, lk25
3160.02PTOVAX::SCHRAMM_KFri Feb 08 1991DOS-OS/2-Unix-VMS Comaprison Chart?
3161.06VFOVAX::BOWLESFri Feb 08 1991PANASONIC KX-P1524 Printer
3162.01MSESU::HEILEFri Feb 08 1991Updating to VMS 5.4 causes problems
3163.0SUOSW3::BINDERFri Feb 08 1991Managing VMS and OS/2 Servers...
3164.01SAC::DELANY_SFri Feb 08 1991Converting stream file for TPU editing?
3165.01DWOVAX::BURKEFri Feb 08 1991Locking problems with Excel
3166.04NZOMIS::HOWARDSat Feb 09 1991OS2 faster than VMS server?
3167.0KAOFS::M_VALLEESat Feb 09 1991lotus 3.1 and pcsa v3.1 and printing
3168.0BREAKR::UDICKSun Feb 10 1991CConfiguraation Util
3169.0RT95::LOMBARDISun Feb 10 1991HAYES MODEM troubles with DEPCA(REV F) ...
3170.0DEMOAX::HAYESSun Feb 10 1991Windows Info from Internet News
3171.0TROASun Feb 10 1991EVEREX PC no 2 failures the same
3172.0SAC::DELANY_SMon Feb 11 1991WordPerfect PostScript + "number_up" = no go...
3173.01OSLACT::DORTHEMon Feb 11 1991
3174.03UTRTSC::MCCAULEYMon Feb 11 1991Can I reduce ethernet packet sizes ?
3175.05ITASCA::ORTHOBERMon Feb 11 1991Stargroup, LANmanager, MSnet interaction
3176.02COIT::GARRISON_NAMon Feb 11 1991NDIS/MCA/TP board?
3177.01FSADMN::NICHOLSON_SMon Feb 11 1991net 825 network data fault error
3178.02DSTEG2::SLACKMon Feb 11 1991How many diskettes per each module?
3179.01KAOFS::M_ROLLINMon Feb 11 1991printjob ID on the banner page.
3180.01CSCOA1::MCFARLAND_DMon Feb 11 1991lotus v. 2.2 and archive attrib
3181.03MXOVMon Feb 11 1991changing depca-ba to depca-lc
3182.03ZPOVC::ANDREWWAITESTue Feb 12 1991PCSA/Novell Printer PC
3183.0UTRTSC::HOSANGTue Feb 12 1991file server locking problen
3184.03SUBWAY::HOFFTue Feb 12 1991ultrix install pcsamgr hangs
3185.01ROMTue Feb 12 1991ibm & Novell
3186.01THE::STRAUBTue Feb 12 1991"H"commands within TTT
3187.01OTOOTue Feb 12 1991Version 4.
3188.03OTOOTue Feb 12 1991LAT group definition
3189.01GNOCLU::PORELLTue Feb 12 1991Pathworks for MAC ATK$Manager function
3190.02GNOCLU::PORELLTue Feb 12 1991Client licensing -Pathworks for MAC
3191.0SUOSW3::WUENSCHTue Feb 12 1991DECmouse and Quattro Pro 2.
3192.01USWAV1::DUDEVOIRTue Feb 12 1991Freelance on 286's
3193.01TROATue Feb 12 1991PCSA Extended LANS info
3195.02RANGER::RIZZOLOTue Feb 12 1991Announcing the PATHWORKS for ULTRIX conference
3196.01DEKVC::KIBOONGKIMTue Feb 12 1991How to use UDK?
3197.03UBOHUB::BRYANWed Feb 13 1991Telnet package ?
3200.03PDVWed Feb 13 1991HPems386 and DE1
3201.02KAOTWed Feb 13 1991record locking fails
3202.02ROVRUM::ROBINSONWed Feb 13 1991Problem with Windows 3 and VT32
3203.04HSOMAI::LINWed Feb 13 1991network name not found
3204.03DEOWS2::MELINEWed Feb 13 1991OS/2 FILE SERVER
3206.03VNABRW::HAINZL_RWed Feb 13 1991pcsa phase v transition impacts
3207.03TROAWed Feb 13 1991how high can we stack the DEC of cards?
3208.01KAOTWed Feb 13 1991file service and vms account, same name?
3209.01CSCOA1::COSTELLO_JWed Feb 13 1991DIR command - no files found
3210.03CSCOA1::COSTELLO_JWed Feb 13 1991ESS$LAD_STARTUP Crashing
3211.03TRCOWed Feb 13 1991Multi-vendor Servers for PW v4
3212.02GALVIA::OLEAHYThu Feb 14 1991Part numbers for PCSA client and server kits.
3213.02COPTOR::SYSTEMThu Feb 14 1991Novell network and DEC database server????
3214.0UTRTSC::HOSANGThu Feb 14 1991pcmail hanging after 4 or 5 messages
3215.05MAIL::VOGELThu Feb 14 1991TCP/IP support for OS/2 Server ???
3216.06MAIL::VOGELThu Feb 14 1991Windows 3.
3217.02BREAKR::BUDZOWSKIThu Feb 14 19919
3218.04ROULET::ROSOSKYThu Feb 14 1991Problem booting VAXmate into PCSA 3.
3219.04BREAKR::BUDZOWSKIThu Feb 14 1991US Air Force & ULANA
3220.06SNOMAN::AARONThu Feb 14 1991Xwindows from a Sun w/ Pwk 4.
3221.08RTPSWS::TAYLORThu Feb 14 1991Emm386 + Windows 3.
3222.0GIDDAY::MUNNThu Feb 14 1991Data over run on 5
3225.04INFACT::BEVISThu Feb 14 1991LAD, a dog (gone problem)
3226.04CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Feb 15 1991Review of PATHWORKS for DOS
3227.01LEMAN::AKERETFri Feb 15 1991Which VAX for 1
3228.01KAOFS::M_ROLLINFri Feb 15 1991<CR> when importing file from VMS
3229.02BAHTAT::ACHESONFri Feb 15 1991Vaxmate - Kermit???
3230.02MISERY::AFENDAKIS_MIFri Feb 15 1991Printing from Pagemaker to LPT?
3231.03BREAKR::DANAHYFri Feb 15 1991Pathworks Performance
3232.0ODIXIE::APEREIRAFri Feb 15 1991part number for V4.
3233.02KAOTFri Feb 15 1991compaq 2
3234.0HOTICE::METHOTFri Feb 15 1991PTAN Net PC Perf
3235.0POBOX::VITESFri Feb 15 1991Security issue
3236.05MUSKIE::ORTHOBERFri Feb 15 1991DOS 5.
3237.0MJBOOT::COLEMANSat Feb 16 1991file services and hidden area's
3238.03CHICHZ::EDELMANNSat Feb 16 1991XIRCOM NDIS works with Pathworks FT4.
3239.04BREAKR::BUDZOWSKISun Feb 17 1991File/print w/LAST only?
3240.08POBOX::FEIGLESun Feb 17 1991Wide area networking over bridges
3241.01SHIRE::BOWENMon Feb 18 1991PCSA security related problem
3242.0FSADMN::NICHOLSON_SMon Feb 18 1991exec error with REFLECTIONS software
3243.03CSCOAC::COSTELLO_JMon Feb 18 1991NFT - No Buffer Space available
3244.02KAOFS::M_ROLLINMon Feb 18 1991NDU and disk service connection...
3245.011MRMIPS::LichtenbergMon Feb 18 1991NDIS Config Cheat-Sheet in note 29.*
3246.02TENNIS::KAMMon Feb 18 1991having PCs attach to the correct Server
3247.01STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LMon Feb 18 1991VAX memory vs # PCs?
3248.03POCUS::LOKIETZMon Feb 18 1991NETROOM Anyone?
3249.0CSCOA1::COSTELLO_JMon Feb 18 1991Backing up from PC to Tape directly
3250.01COMICS::MISTRYTue Feb 19 1991LAST and buffer sizes
3251.0OSLACT::DORTHETue Feb 19 1991NAS applic wanted, Ultrix/MS-windows/word/excel/SQL
3252.01VSDD2Tue Feb 19 1991X(display) server capability on OS/2?
3253.03UTRTSC::BARENDREGTTue Feb 19 1991Remote boot 1..7 problem
3254.01AUNTB::WILSONJTue Feb 19 1991286-Based PC's Running X-Windows?
3255.02MUSKIE::ORTHOBERTue Feb 19 1991compaq 132 col and remote boot questions
3256.02LISVAX::PACHECOTue Feb 19 1991Ungermann Bass - NDIS compliant ?
3257.035RT95::LOMBARDITue Feb 19 1991Can't connect to ULTRIX host (via TCPIP)...
3259.02SNOMAN::AARONTue Feb 19 1991Open File Caching gives me heartburn
3260.01SANFAN::HILL_GRTue Feb 19 1991.BAT compiler?
3261.04GIDDAY::CASEYWed Feb 20 1991DE2
3262.0HGOSTS::LIWAICHUNGWed Feb 20 1991keybd doesn't work correctly at "TRaining" of ALLIN1
3263.03HGOSTS::LIWAICHUNGWed Feb 20 1991What does "-1" mean as qualifiers when load images?
3264.05BIS6::VANNESTEWed Feb 20 1991file service performance
3265.06LISVAX::PACHECOWed Feb 20 1991netbind not working with G/Ethernet NDIS driver
3266.01CSCOA1::COSTELLO_JWed Feb 20 1991corrupt file on file service
3267.05WIOVS1::OSCARWed Feb 20 1991MS-Windows and LN
3269.01KYOA::WINGWed Feb 20 1991327
3270.02GIDDAY::WANThu Feb 21 1991Sethost from PC change cursor from _ to block
3271.0AUNTB::TOWNSENDThu Feb 21 1991Network assets or products for PC's?
3272.01SHIPS::FROST_JThu Feb 21 1991Event 4.4 Pkt Fmt Error from PCSA Vaxen
3273.01WOTVAX::COUPLANDSThu Feb 21 1991kerberos ???
3274.0TRCAThu Feb 21 1991Sigma Laserview +19 in mono + sethost -> hangs
3275.0MAIL::WHITEThu Feb 21 1991COMPAQ, QEMM 5.11 and IOMEGA
3276.03CSCOA1::COSTELLO_JThu Feb 21 1991Broadcast hangs PC's
3277.0COMICS::OSMONDThu Feb 21 1991< Unknown VMS error >
3278.09DNEAST::WHEELER_SCOTThu Feb 21 1991Can this work????
3279.03FPTVX1::DINITTOThu Feb 21 1991Netbios failure on VMS 5.4 and PCSA 3.1
3280.04POCUS::HAMELThu Feb 21 1991Customer VAXmate Question
3281.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Feb 21 1991Questions about AUTOCAD
3282.03N2ITIV::LEEThu Feb 21 1991 DAP Status Code 4
3283.0PCONE1::HAMPTONThu Feb 21 1991Does INT 14 provide access for emulators
3284.0SNOCThu Feb 21 1991PathWORKS Server 31
3285.03ZPOVC::RICHARDTEOFri Feb 22 1991Broadcast messages and RCV
3286.03HGOSTS::LIWAICHUNGFri Feb 22 1991Works on vendor's E-net card & NETBIOS but not DEPCA
3287.01TROPPO::LUCKFri Feb 22 1991OS2 Client Mail
3288.01LEMAN::JOSHIFri Feb 22 1991MAC Client/VMS Server DOC?
3290.04MDRLEG::MAITEFri Feb 22 1991error opening ess$laddriver.exe
3291.02EVOIS6::DAN_MFri Feb 22 1991Pathorks for MAC in Japan
3292.011WELLIN::WARBURTONFri Feb 22 1991Dual ethernet, LAST connections
3293.06FRAFS1::ELHAJFri Feb 22 1991DECwindows application on the PC
3294.04SUBWAY::TEDWARDSFri Feb 22 1991looking for LNO3R printer cntrl libs
3295.06VICKI::LONGFri Feb 22 1991Firmware version/remote boot
3296.02CSCOA1::COSTELLO_JFri Feb 22 1991Password problem on one node
3297.0UTRTSC::MCCAULEYFri Feb 22 1991Smartterm startup problem
3298.03MRKTNG::BOEHMFri Feb 22 1991Problem with PCSA$CONFIG
3299.03ODIXIE::STUMPFFri Feb 22 1991FTP timeout after socket connection
3300.01CSCOA1::COSTELLO_JFri Feb 22 1991Line synchronization error
3301.05KAOFS::N_MARTELFri Feb 22 1991Turn off pc / doesn't loose connections
3302.02KAOTFri Feb 22 1991PCFS_MAIL process priority
3303.02TROAFri Feb 22 1991Network Back Up Notification
3304.03DEKVC::KIBOONGKIMFri Feb 22 1991Pathwork has a API with VMS programs
3305.09BIGUN::MAYNEFri Feb 22 1991USE which transport?
3306.09SNOMAN::AARONSat Feb 23 1991MSwindows Open [..] directory NA?
3307.03GLDOA::LIBOVESun Feb 24 1991security hole in pathworks for os/2
3308.01TPAC16::MOBBYLINMon Feb 25 1991simple programs for file records locking?
3309.03PAOIS::BELACHIKMon Feb 25 19913+ OPEN AND PCSA V4.
3310.02OSLACT::DORTHEMon Feb 25 1991Mail Notification when MS Windows 3.
3311.07HACMAN::HACKMon Feb 25 1991Policy change on kits on the network??
3312.02RT95::LOMBARDIMon Feb 25 1991Rbase problem with v4.
3313.01HGOSPS::ANDYNGTue Feb 26 1991edit file on VAX get EDT-F-OPENIN & RMS-E-FLK
3314.01STKAI1::HNORDBERGTue Feb 26 1991LAT and TTA
3315.01KERNEL::TAGGARTNTue Feb 26 1991Underline in Sethost question
3316.0KETJE::WARICHETTue Feb 26 1991SNAGNI NETANAL anywhere ?
3317.02YUPPY::GINNTue Feb 26 1991NML and how to use it
3318.02DESIR::BEAUTue Feb 26 1991A New Notesfile for PATHWORKS v4 ?
3319.04MARVA1::RICKTue Feb 26 1991Lanman v2 vs. Netware Coexistance?
3320.06ANVIL::BUEHLERTue Feb 26 1991VMS Filespec to MS/DOS Filespec mapping
3321.07SUOSW3::BINDERTue Feb 26 1991Compatible with MS OS/2 LANman domains?
3322.06TROATue Feb 26 1991286 MEMORY hopeful question about ems?
3323.0CSCOA1::COSTELLO_JTue Feb 26 1991Invalid Service or Password
3324.0GNOCLU::PORELLTue Feb 26 1991Need Copy of 316+ Utililty Disk
3325.01ROULET::ROSOSKYTue Feb 26 1991Pathworks 4.
3326.01DWOVAX::64544::LICAUSETue Feb 26 1991Novell NE2
3327.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Feb 26 1991PAK??
3328.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Feb 26 1991Removing DECNET-DOS for PATHWORKS FOR DOS, Help!
3330.01TENNIS::KAMTue Feb 26 1991what transport mechanism does LAN Manager use?
3331.02BRYAN::KEENANWed Feb 27 1991SPD for Coexistence V1.
3332.04MAIL::VOGELWed Feb 27 1991Wollogong support / Interconnection
3333.03MANSW1::BROEGGERWed Feb 27 1991BCAST : PC --> SERVER (VMS+PCSA)
3334.02PRMSWed Feb 27 1991COMPUADD PC's and No DECnet
3335.0CSSE32::FAMULAROWed Feb 27 1991GATEWAY2
3336.02CSCOA1::COSTELLO_JWed Feb 27 1991NFT COPY, remote to local
3337.03MUTTON::LAMBWed Feb 27 1991Pathworks V4.
3338.0MRMIPS::LichtenbergWed Feb 27 1991Novell NetWare conference
3339.02KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Feb 27 1991disk & file connections limits
3341.01GIDDAY::BLOOMThu Feb 28 1991SETHOST & Disconnected no response from host, lat retrans limit reached
3342.04EDUOZ::BOERSThu Feb 28 1991QEMM 5.
3343.0ATHINA::LAMBRAKISThu Feb 28 1991once more error: network device no longer exists
3344.02ZPOVC::GEORGEKOHThu Feb 28 1991File Services Security issue
3345.03UTROP2::BERG_TThu Feb 28 1991Pathworks for Ultrix and enhanced security
3346.01YUPPY::GINNThu Feb 28 1991EMM and COMPAQ 386sx problems
3347.04CSOA1::PAYNEThu Feb 28 1991VT382 Terminal Emulation ??
3349.06CGOFS::CADAMSThu Feb 28 1991Another "it works on Novell" NETBIOS problem...
3350.03VAXSPO::PEDROThu Feb 28 1991PCSA 3.
3351.0VICKI::LONGThu Feb 28 1991SETHOST times out
3352.0MOUSSE::SCCDThu Feb 28 1991Has anyone tried VersaForm with a File Service?
3353.01DELREY::LESSARD_ARThu Feb 28 1991What, exactly, is FORMAT!.EXE
3354.02RT95::LOMBARDIThu Feb 28 1991LOTUS conference moved?
3355.01SIOG::DALYFri Mar 01 1991IPX drivers required ...
3356.04MAIL::HYSLIPFri Mar 01 1991VMS server <> ul*ix
3357.01STKHLM::WETTERBERGFri Mar 01 1991failover from lad/file-service to lokal harddisk doesn't work via int 24
3358.0BRSSWS::VERMEIRFri Mar 01 1991ms-works and PCSA
3359.02DELREY::LESSARD_ARFri Mar 01 1991WordPerfect printing problems?
3361.01R2ME2::CURTINFri Mar 01 1991file access - control block set-up?
3362.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Mar 01 1991About Media and Documentation PATHWORKS for DOS
3363.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Mar 01 1991PCFS_STARTUP bombs out
3364.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Mar 01 1991Help me with patches to DNET PCSCLient V3.
3365.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Mar 01 1991Problem with ADD SERVICE in ADMIN/PCSA Menu driven
3366.01ODIXIE::VPEREIRAFri Mar 01 1991Emergency Request for V3.1 Kit
3367.0TROASat Mar 02 1991Desqview/386 and Pathworks 4.
3368.0DUCAT2::SMILEYSun Mar 03 1991Using CTRL-S/CTRL-Q with SETHOST V4.
3369.02ALOSWS::HEIGHTSun Mar 03 1991Has anyone tried HP Ethernet boards?
3370.03BDYSRF::UDICKSun Mar 03 1991Configurator BUG. Cache size in pages
3371.0JOCKEY::SHARKEYAMon Mar 04 1991How can I get 132 cols in VT32
3372.01STKAI1::HNORDBERGMon Mar 04 1991PCSA University
3373.02FRAFS1::ELHAJMon Mar 04 1991Documentation and Kits?
3374.07HGOVC::ALECLEEMon Mar 04 1991Trying to get VT32
3375.04TLSEMon Mar 04 1991TCP/IP, WIN/TCP and pathworks for VMS
3376.0UFRCS2::RITAMon Mar 04 1991backup problem with DECALIAS.DAT
3377.08ANGLIN::PRENTISS_SMon Mar 04 1991PATHWORKS and 3COM?? Urgent!
3378.0CSCOA1::COSTELLO_JMon Mar 04 1991Unable to open source - netsetup
3379.0KYOA::MICHIEMon Mar 04 1991Automatic print Queuing
3380.01OTOAMon Mar 04 1991Memory utilization PCSA + DESKTOP
3381.02JKNOHE::KENTMon Mar 04 1991Advanced Revelation and remote boot
3382.03FORTSC::SASTRYMon Mar 04 1991PATHWORKS for Ultrix-3+Open interoperability??
3383.05ANGLIN::ORTHOBERMon Mar 04 1991v4.
3384.012HGOSPS::ANDYNGTue Mar 05 1991How to local boot PC with DEPCA-LC installed
3385.01HGOVC::ACRISOLOGOTue Mar 05 1991Appln/Common File Service Error
3386.010BORDX1::GUISELINTue Mar 05 1991LATTISNET Connectivity
3387.01STAR::KAPLANTue Mar 05 1991NFT and NDU under PATHWORKS 4.
3388.0ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGTue Mar 05 19913+Mail Gateway?
3389.0UFRCS2::RITATue Mar 05 1991Print probs after upgrade
3390.02STOHUB::MAIL::SHAHNAMTue Mar 05 1991IBM's 327
3391.02CSCOA1::COSTELLO_JTue Mar 05 1991Corrupt virtual disk
3392.0LEMAN::GERVAZTue Mar 05 1991"Network" Common file service setup ?
3395.01GLDOA::DISHNEAUTue Mar 05 1991Pathworks for DOS Users Accessing Novell Printers (?)
3396.01ODIXIE::HIPPTue Mar 05 1991DECnet DOS Programming and API's
3397.01ANGLIN::KIRKMANTue Mar 05 1991PRINTTSR and autoCAD
3398.01PTOVAX::WILSONTue Mar 05 1991Need help: Western Digital and SETHOST
3399.01ZURWed Mar 06 1991PS2
3400.04KIPPIS::BACKSTROMWed Mar 06 1991LAN Man V1.
3401.01HGOVC::ALECLEEWed Mar 06 1991Connectivity with Novell
3402.01HGOVC::ALEXWUWed Mar 06 1991LanManager/X
3403.05TROAWed Mar 06 1991DECnet for transport ?
3404.01KIRKTN::CMACDONALDWed Mar 06 1991Problem Printing Network Troubleshooting Guide
3405.01ANGLIN::ORTHOBERWed Mar 06 1991Pathworks for MAC Printer Questions
3406.01CSCOA1::COSTELLO_JWed Mar 06 1991login breakin detected
3408.0HGOVC::ACRISOLOGOThu Mar 07 1991Italic on LA324 using Multimate
3409.02ZPOVC::GEORGEKOHThu Mar 07 1991Harvard Graphics install problem
3410.01COMICS::OSMONDThu Mar 07 1991< PC CTERM to SUN CONCERNS >
3411.02UTRTSC::HOSANGThu Mar 07 1991load addresses for depca.tsk
3412.01OTOAThu Mar 07 1991looking for Micro Channel DNNETH driver
3413.03STKHLM::WETTERBERGThu Mar 07 1991Exit windows in enanced mode , the pc hangs, (remote boot)
3414.02PHDVAX::GREBLEThu Mar 07 1991MS Word/Excel - No root on Windows 3.
3415.02SUBWAY::ZAMORAThu Mar 07 1991Problem with LATCP group codes
3416.0SUBWAY::ZAMORAThu Mar 07 1991SETHOST getting sessions mixed up.
3417.06TROAThu Mar 07 1991SHARE.EXE AND PCSA (&LOTUS)?
3418.02EPERNA::HummerstonFri Mar 08 1991PATHWORKS for MS-DOS and Token Ring
3419.05ODIXIE::RICHARDSONFri Mar 08 1991Async connects need MS-NET and LAT flags?
3420.01LAIDBK::NEMECHEKFri Mar 08 1991MEMMAN w/ 486 & DOS 4.
3421.01HAMPS::LEYTONFri Mar 08 1991VAXmate/SETHOST Font Problem -- HELP please
3422.02PSYCHE::ELLIOTTFri Mar 08 1991Net Comm Port questions
3423.03ALOSWS::MULLERSat Mar 09 1991Error copying docs?
3424.0WARNUT::YOUNGSun Mar 10 1991Documentary evidence of benefits of net versions needed
3425.05BFOPC3::scottSun Mar 10 1991Two PATH statements when I start the network
3426.07BFOPC3::scottSun Mar 10 1991Not Filtering group codes
3427.04ODIXIE::RICHARDSONMon Mar 11 1991POLYNET for Banyan PC network connect
3429.05TROAMon Mar 11 1991PC remoting; Closeup/Carbon Copy/PCanywhere/NETremote/etc
3430.017KERNEL::COLOMBOMon Mar 11 1991int 69H....
3431.09TENNIS::KAMMon Mar 11 1991basic questions on PCSA
3432.02CSCOA1::COSTELLO_JMon Mar 11 1991LAD - Unexpected Error w/PCTOOLS cache in wrong place
3433.0OTOOMon Mar 11 1991PCSA V4 and cluster aliases
3434.03ZPOVC::YEECHINMon Mar 11 1991MEMMAN hangs with AST 386
3435.06VNABRW::PAYLOR_STue Mar 12 19913c5
3436.05YUPPY::GINNTue Mar 12 1991SCH and the clock...help
3437.010FROCKY::SPARRTue Mar 12 1991LAT 4.
3438.01BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODTue Mar 12 1991Hot-key between VAX and PC applications - How?
3439.02ICETEA::TINGLOFTue Mar 12 1991Problem starting LAD
3440.011ISIDRO::CABREROTue Mar 12 1991"real-time mail notification"
3441.05HALIBT::MCCANTATue Mar 12 1991SCH can't find NI_IRQ in PROTOCOL.INI
3442.02HGOVC::ALECLEETue Mar 12 1991Problem in installating PCSA v4.
3443.02SCSSRN::NELSONTue Mar 12 1991Problems setting up V4 clients with LANSESS
3444.03GIDDAY::DUBBERWed Mar 13 1991QEMM DOs 4.
3445.01PANIC::HOLDERWed Mar 13 1991Optimizing Directory Reads!
3446.04CTHQ2::ROSENBERGWed Mar 13 1991DECquery/VAXmate/mouse problem
3447.01UTRTSC::XAVEERWed Mar 13 1991CHKDSK and minimal /ALLOCATION
3448.01TROAWed Mar 13 1991MOUNT/CLUSTER
3449.02HSOMAI::MORNINGWed Mar 13 1991Depca Rev. Utility?
3450.01TAIJI::HENRYKONGWed Mar 13 1991Installation problem with pathworks for ultrix
3451.03KURTAN::AAMISEPPWed Mar 13 1991IBM PS/2 m 8595 AJ9 and DEMCA?
3452.06YUPPY::BLACKWELLWed Mar 13 1991EtherWORKS and Packet Drivers
3453.05COMICS::BIGMOREWed Mar 13 1991Backup Dos4.
3454.01DELREY::WEYER_JIWed Mar 13 1991"A.G.I." PC supported?
3455.01NITTY::SORKINWed Mar 13 1991Need V4 Pathworks/ULTRIX/DOS A.S.A.P.
3456.05IJSAPL::BROUWERSWed Mar 13 1991Change LAST protocol ?
3457.0FIXSOA::WHITTINGTONWed Mar 13 1991Slow down on V3.1
3458.0PHDSRV::KOZICKIWed Mar 13 1991MS Windows and redirected printing
3459.0OTOAWed Mar 13 1991Pathworks Killing Memory????
3460.0GIDDAY::LIMWed Mar 13 1991printing > 1 file get corruptions
3461.0VMSNET::R_OLSENThu Mar 14 1991Limit on List Client Operating Systems?
3462.01MALLET::MATTHEWSThu Mar 14 1991Tuning help
3463.01FRAFS1::ELHAJThu Mar 14 1991DECnet-DOS, Async. --->X.25
3464.02ZPOVC::RAMARAJThu Mar 14 1991PCSA V4.
3465.04OTOOThu Mar 14 1991Cluster Alias Information -- Correct?
3467.0UFRCS1::GRAFThu Mar 14 1991PC hangs - check network device
3468.0VIA::BARONThu Mar 14 1991DECquery product conference
3469.0VAXWRK::BARRETTThu Mar 14 1991logitech mouse -> microsoft calls
3471.03ORT::ORTHOBERThu Mar 14 1991nettime in startnet.bat PCSA V4.
3472.01HGOSPS::JOYCETONGFri Mar 15 1991application running on file service?
3473.0SUBWAY::LIVIGNIFri Mar 15 1991PS/2 Mod 95, PCSA v4.
3475.03OSPREY::HUTCHESONTFri Mar 15 1991RRD4
3476.0BRSSWS::SASFri Mar 15 1991function key in sethost to UNIX machine
3477.06ANGLIN::SCOTTGFri Mar 15 1991Remote booting pukes all over itself
3478.02LILFri Mar 15 1991Telnet and Windows 3.
3479.04LILFri Mar 15 1991Questions on Pathworks V4.
3480.07PHDVAX::COMFORTFri Mar 15 1991On ethernet bits
3481.0CSSE::BREYERFri Mar 15 1991Need VT32
3482.0MJBOOT::JONESFri Mar 15 1991DEPCA LC & UNISYS PW2 5
3483.02HGOVC::CHARLESKWANFri Mar 15 1991Maximum number of files in PCSA file service dir?
3484.02HACMAN::HACKSat Mar 16 1991PathWay for DOS...DEx
3485.06VAXWRK::MANEYSun Mar 17 1991VAXMATE RD32 possible CMOS problem
3486.03RT95::LOMBARDIMon Mar 18 1991Parallel printer questions (v4.
3487.01BEEZER::SHOULDINGMon Mar 18 1991Unisys PW2 (US Navy)
3488.01FMTACT::MCMAHONMon Mar 18 1991SETHOST Generating Pyramids
3489.02CHOVAX::GAULMon Mar 18 1991Free Mac access to VAX with 1 client license?
3490.0JEKYLL::HYDEMon Mar 18 1991Not just another break-in note!
3491.0GLDOA::LIBOVEMon Mar 18 1991LAD driver locks up OS/2 on boot
3492.02GLDOA::LIBOVEMon Mar 18 1991Getting directory of users in PC OS/2 MAIL ?
3493.04TRCC1::SYSTEMMon Mar 18 1991PC DECwindows error
3494.06GLDOA::LIBOVEMon Mar 18 1991Attach a COM: port to a LAT port/service?
3495.01HOTAIR::STROIKMon Mar 18 1991PATHWORKS for DOS (TCP/IP) & Class B Networks
3496.04RIPPLE::ANDERSON_BIMon Mar 18 1991NFT, FAL, EMM386, and Windows Enhance Mode
3497.0SRFSUP::RHODEWALTMon Mar 18 1991PCSA Broadcast without full privs?
3498.03HGOSPS::ANDYNGTue Mar 19 1991Cannot load DNP into EMS while QEMM is used!!
3499.01YUPPY::GINNTue Mar 19 1991PS/2's , dos 4.
3500.01IOSG::MULLENTue Mar 19 1991Questions about WINDOWS
3501.02FSAEUR::NEDBALEKTue Mar 19 1991DE2
3502.01GRANPA::SFAIRCLOTHTue Mar 19 1991REF: DISK Services
3503.01BSS::BOYERTue Mar 19 1991Corrupt files using AutoCad, CMS and PCSA...
3504.02STKHLM::WETTERBERGTue Mar 19 1991Zenith z248 and LK25
3505.0STKHLM::WETTERBERGTue Mar 19 1991PC' s loses connection in SETHOST via LAT to a VAX 43
3506.02STKHLM::WETTERBERGTue Mar 19 1991Compaq portable 386/2
3508.04YUPPY::GINNTue Mar 19 1991DNNDCPPC.EXE + DNNDCPEM.EXE - What's the difference
3509.01TRCOTue Mar 19 1991Asyn. PCSA and VT33
3510.02EPIK::HEILMANTue Mar 19 1991 display glitches with CTERM and editor
3511.03YUPPY::GINNTue Mar 19 1991Memory overhead for laddrv.sys
3512.05OSLLAV::LARSL_PTue Mar 19 1991Slow VT32
3513.0MALLET::MATTHEWSTue Mar 19 1991USER database
3514.0DPDMAI::DAVIESTue Mar 19 1991D&B Brightview software
3516.06SMPVAX::BLUNTWed Mar 20 1991PostScript print jobs randomly evaporate
3517.04SNOCWed Mar 20 1991UIC question
3518.01BDYSRF::UDICKWed Mar 20 1991QEMM Exception #13 at 2a58:
3519.01UTRTSC::BARENDREGTWed Mar 20 1991Microsoft C-compiler v5.1
3520.01ISIDRO::MAMORENOWed Mar 20 1991Forced boot path ?
3521.0MLNWed Mar 20 1991SLIP for PC/MS-DOS
3522.014ZPOVC::RAMARAJWed Mar 20 1991PCSA DOS (TCPIP), VMS file service problem
3523.01LEMAN::BAGNOUDWed Mar 20 1991pcsa in dssi cluster env
3525.01VLOMFG::SAMOUNWed Mar 20 1991pb using PCSA v3/MSwindows 3.
3526.0NCCODE::NGUYENWed Mar 20 1991Needed V2.2 kits
3527.01VEGAS::GURALNIKWed Mar 20 1991Default RMS protection for User Accounts?
3528.03USRCV1::PAULDINEWed Mar 20 1991Control I/O from PC under PATHWORKS
3529.03BDYSRF::UDICKWed Mar 20 1991sethost in 132 mode
3530.03FLATTP::MURRAY_RUWed Mar 20 1991I/O rate problems. Also printing causes net traffic
3531.02NZOMIS::ROBBINSWed Mar 20 1991TCP/IP and DECnet concurrently?
3532.0CURTIS::CURTISWed Mar 20 1991QEMM and DNP and LOADHI
3533.02ROMTSS::ABRUSCIThu Mar 21 1991Move PCSA$DOS_SYSTEM_V3
3534.0FSAEUR::NEDBALEKThu Mar 21 1991Memory prob with Windows 3.
3535.02FSAEUR::NEDBALEKThu Mar 21 1991DEPMOUSE.DRV and WIN 3.
3536.02HGOSPS::ANDYNGThu Mar 21 1991slow PCSA net printing with wordperfect V5.1
3537.02HAMPS::CHRISSYThu Mar 21 1991P/W For OS/2 NET3176 Error
3538.0CSTEAM::TURBETTThu Mar 21 1991Network kit complete?
3539.01OTOP14::RiceThu Mar 21 1991LANSESS and Cluster Aliases
3540.01CARTUN::TREMELLINGThu Mar 21 1991Serial port available for external modem?
3541.01MQOSWS::B_SAUVAGEAUThu Mar 21 1991PCSA/OS2 and service/password lenght
3542.03KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Mar 21 1991autocad v11 and pcsa v3.1
3543.01TAINO::RUIZJThu Mar 21 1991MEMMAN/U ERROR...
3544.02YUPPY::GINNThu Mar 21 1991PC DECwindows and TIGA cards
3545.02CSCOAC::MCFARLAND_DThu Mar 21 1991lotus 3.1, laserjet III and pcsa 3.
3546.03CSOA1::MAYNARDThu Mar 21 19912 VAX ethernet ports. Port 2 no Vdisk access.
3547.02SSGRB1::BatsThu Mar 21 1991SNAGNI module and Attachmate EXTRA!
3548.02GIDDAY::DUBBERThu Mar 21 1991Services not required for printer and files
3549.01HGOVC::ALECLEEFri Mar 22 1991Looking for contact person
3550.04SUBWAY::LIVIGNIFri Mar 22 1991Banyan migration experiences ??
3551.05HAMPS::MOORE_AFri Mar 22 1991DE1
3552.05IRNBRU::GRANTFri Mar 22 1991Watch those PC's
3553.01IJSAPL::HUIJTSFri Mar 22 1991Olivetti M24
3554.04STKHLM::HARTIKAINENFri Mar 22 1991Ultrix server, problem with timestamp and umask
3555.0DELREY::KATO_ZEFri Mar 22 1991IBM-JAPAN's DOS 4.
3556.02VICKI::LONGFri Mar 22 1991Incorrect kit
3557.03ODIXIE::STUMPFFri Mar 22 1991disable SETHOST session logging
3558.01YOSMTE::GARRISON_NAFri Mar 22 1991nemm.sys <purpose>
3559.02CTHQ1::PEARL::JAQUESFri Mar 22 1991can't ping off subnet ???
3560.04ISIDRO::SWASSOPMon Mar 25 1991HARVARD GRAPHIS net problems
3561.0BRUMMY::MASSARIMon Mar 25 1991Urgent Help for Customer for application development
3562.04JOCKEY::COOPERMMon Mar 25 1991pcsa v2.2 +depca lc +remote boot ?
3563.03JOCKEY::COOPERMMon Mar 25 1991old depcas really NDIS compliant or a hack ?
3564.05KIPPIS::JVAANANENMon Mar 25 19911
3565.01TARKIN::AHOMon Mar 25 1991Network error connecting via PCSA....
3566.05DAVE::MITTONMon Mar 25 1991NETBIOS VMS Server creates nuisance log files
3567.03KERNEL::GUEST5Mon Mar 25 1991Slow performance of DEPCA TURBO
3568.09NBOFS1::HERMANNMon Mar 25 1991DECmouse Driver V4.
3569.01OTOUMon Mar 25 1991V3.1 and V4.
3570.02ATLACT::CURLE_AMon Mar 25 1991LATCP printer problems
3571.01AIMHI::TINIUSMon Mar 25 1991Licensing for internal systems?
3572.01USWRSL::ROCH_VIMon Mar 25 1991Upgrade to V4.
3573.01KAOOMon Mar 25 1991Other Mac E-net cards?
3574.02FLATTP::MURRAY_RUMon Mar 25 1991DEMCA with DNP loaded high hangs system
3575.02HGOVC::ESTHERNGTue Mar 26 1991Emergency - Need Disk Label Names
3576.03NZOMIS::VDPLASTue Mar 26 1991Local printer on com1 instead of lpt1, pathworks V4.
3577.01TPAC16::ALLENPENGTue Mar 26 1991LAN Manager Named Pipes Support product?
3578.0HGOSTS::LIWAICHUNGTue Mar 26 1991Status=2
3579.01HGOSTS::LIWAICHUNGTue Mar 26 1991Program can be run on disk service but not file service
3580.01HANTue Mar 26 1991PCLAN/Server, software update
3581.01VNASWS::OFENSCHTue Mar 26 1991SETHOST's interrupt interface ?
3582.03UTRTSC::MCCAULEYTue Mar 26 1991connecting to nodes which aren't in DECparm.dat
3583.0STKHLM::WETTERBERGTue Mar 26 1991pcfs_server increases its needs of pagefilequota
3584.01HANTue Mar 26 1991PATHWORKS docu on CD-ROM?
3585.04HGOVC::ALEXWUTue Mar 26 1991PCSA/File Services/AutoCAD
3586.01AUNTB::TOWNSENDTue Mar 26 1991MS-Windows Network Printing Problems
3587.01PTODOS::SCHRAMM_KTue Mar 26 1991Automatic Failover?
3588.01VIVIAN::GOODWINWed Mar 27 1991COMPAQ, PCSA V3 and NET8
3589.0CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Mar 27 1991What is VAX/VMS SVC MSDOS SMS 16 MT?
3590.01TRCAWed Mar 27 1991INT 14 I/O redirect to LAT service?
3591.07UTCSCL::SYSTEMWed Mar 27 1991Banyan and Pathworks working concurrently
3592.03UTCSCL::SYSTEMWed Mar 27 1991MS-DOS 327
3594.0TROAWed Mar 27 1991Remote Boot/Windows Driver
3595.029CENPCS::TOWNSENDWed Mar 27 1991Why LAST and LANSESS?
3596.04HOCUS::LOKIETZWed Mar 27 1991printing - top-of-form alignment varies
3597.03VEGAS::GURALNIKWed Mar 27 1991Questions about USER OPTIONS
3598.0USWRSL::BONN_COWed Mar 27 1991Living with PC-NFS
3599.01SANFAN::WRIGHT_KEWed Mar 27 1991Time for a new volume
3600.08IJSAPL::SNEIJERSThu Mar 28 1991LAT printer support with ULTRIX server
3601.02AZUR::KOREVAARThu Mar 28 1991Order number for PCSA V4?
3602.01HGOVC::ALECLEEThu Mar 28 1991PC DECwindows crashes the PC under v4.
3603.03UTRTSC::HOSANGThu Mar 28 1991NO keyb with ps2/3
3604.01STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LThu Mar 28 1991PC DECwindows/MOTIF font?
3605.03WARNUT::YOUNGThu Mar 28 1991Invalid Clearinghouse name
3606.01CHOVAX::CUSATOThu Mar 28 1991still confused with HIMEM.SYS
3608.05LILThu Mar 28 1991Netbind error with 3C5
3609.03LILThu Mar 28 1991DEClaser2
3610.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Mar 28 1991landscape pcsa & hp
3611.02PARVAX::WARDLEThu Mar 28 1991PATHWORKS and it's impact on the Network
3612.01BORDX1::GUISELINThu Mar 28 1991Unload MS-WORD & EXCEL PathWorks 4.
3613.04BORDX1::GUISELINThu Mar 28 1991Sharing Local Printer in LAT Service
3614.02SDOGUS::SPENDLOVEThu Mar 28 1991DR-DOS support
3615.03PARVAX::WARDLEThu Mar 28 1991Async DECnet for client connect
3616.0KIPPIS::BACKSTROMThu Mar 28 1991MS-Windows X Server XVision with PATHWORKS TCP/IP
3617.02WLW::SHREVEThu Mar 28 1991Cabletron Cards and DNP with EMS
3618.03ROULET::ROSOSKYFri Mar 29 1991Site Support for PCSA/Pathworks?
3619.01MAIL::VOGELFri Mar 29 1991A1mail notes conference ???
3620.01BORDX1::GUISELINFri Mar 29 1991PSC.COM utility problems
3621.02FIXSOA::WHITTINGTONFri Mar 29 1991NETSETUP and V4.
3622.03NOBHIL::FREEMAN_RIFri Mar 29 1991PCSA V4.
3623.02CSCOAC::SMITH_MFri Mar 29 1991What is netenvi.exe and where does "Boot" come from
3624.0TYSON::HUNGSat Mar 30 1991Problem in sharing data in common area?
3625.01TRAMNR::HummerstonMon Apr 01 1991Why is BYPASS priv required?
3626.0VAXWRK::MANEYMon Apr 01 1991Problem using Aboveboard with VAXmat - noroom in upper memory
3627.05VICKI::LONGMon Apr 01 1991V.4.
3628.05STOHUB::MAIL::SHAHNAMMon Apr 01 1991scan codes form LK25
3629.04SELECT::JONESMon Apr 01 1991Pathworks 4.
3630.04SANFAN::BRENNAN_JIMon Apr 01 1991PATHWORKS/Async Performance
3631.02YNGSTR::BROWNMon Apr 01 1991QEMM mess
3632.06FLATTP::MURRAY_RUMon Apr 01 1991IBM PS2 hangs with netsetup
3633.02UTRTSC::BARENDREGTTue Apr 02 1991remote boot, pathworks 4.
3634.02MRKTNG::MAXIMOUSTue Apr 02 1991Can't start file server on boot node
3635.01GNOCLU::PORELLTue Apr 02 1991Western Digital compatible with Pathworks 4.
3636.0COMICS::FOSTERTue Apr 02 1991Lotus Import And RO Attrib
3637.05KAOFS::M_ROLLINTue Apr 02 1991PCSA and lost characters on COM port
3638.08OTOP14::RiceTue Apr 02 19914.
3639.01EVTAI1::TIMI::BOUBERTTue Apr 02 1991Western digital ndis with tcp/ip
3640.02ELMAGO::AHACHETue Apr 02 1991Pathworks and dial-ups?
3641.01WMOIS::STROLLO_TTue Apr 02 1991"bound volume set" and PCSA
3642.06MQOFS::LEDOUXTue Apr 02 1991Closing virtual circuit / PCFS$server hangs
3643.01SPCTRM::RAJUTue Apr 02 1991PCSA V4.
3644.01TROATue Apr 02 1991PCSA security/VMS access
3645.01OSPREY::FERGUSONWed Apr 03 1991U: Help Printing Fonts etc.
3646.0COLWed Apr 03 1991IPX-DECNET-Portal EUROPEAN Supplier wanted
3647.01FRAFS1::ELHAJWed Apr 03 1991Submit from DOS
3648.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Apr 03 1991A question about an old DEPCA
3649.03CSSE32::EIKELBOOMWed Apr 03 1991IBM AT - DEPCA - pcsa doesnt find the DEPCA
3650.01GLDOA::COHENWed Apr 03 1991Desktop-VMS 1.2 CD-ROM implications ....
3651.04GUCCI::RJENKINSWed Apr 03 1991Record locking question
3652.0CSCOAC::COSTELLO_JWed Apr 03 1991$ sign in username causes DOSLOAD to fail
3653.0UTROP1::KOMEN_AWed Apr 03 1991LK25
3654.01LANDO::BLANCHETTEWed Apr 03 1991Wrong floppy in kit
3655.02NZOMIS::ROBBINSWed Apr 03 1991Project Management software/Source book for PC software
3656.0FLATTP::THORNTON_JEWed Apr 03 1991SETHOST,WordPerfect,Prokey,keymaps
3657.03GIDDAY::LIMWed Apr 03 1991start transport/slow_mode questions?
3658.01TROAThu Apr 04 1991PC LANserver vs VMS Services for DOS
3659.02HGOSTS::LIWAICHUNGThu Apr 04 1991How to redirect LPT1 to other print services?
3660.02TRCAThu Apr 04 1991TSR's needed ASAP for PCSA 4.
3661.01GUCCI::RJENKINSThu Apr 04 1991Print screen with 4.
3662.04KAZAN::CHALLALThu Apr 04 1991Async line 96
3663.05PCOJCT::COLVARDThu Apr 04 1991PCSA V4.
3664.01VMSNET::R_OLSENThu Apr 04 1991LAT service table not updated with new node
3665.01ZURThu Apr 04 1991failed to lock down file buffer pages
3666.02SLIPUP::BOOTHThu Apr 04 1991NFT COPY breaks - Socket is not connected?
3667.03WR1FOR::BROMARTHThu Apr 04 1991Logon security questions
3668.09KAOTThu Apr 04 1991Pathworks 4.
3669.01COLFri Apr 05 1991Sethost/SCSI/HDtype22 problem
3670.05JOCKEY::SHARKEYAFri Apr 05 1991Ventura + PCSA = ??
3671.01MINDER::BANKSFri Apr 05 1991DECnet PC + ISDN?
3672.06WLW::SHREVEFri Apr 05 1991LAD not installed on XT
3673.04MELKOR::DEWISFri Apr 05 1991V4 FRB/316's failure
3674.0WLDWST::DRIEARFri Apr 05 1991A (good) copy of DECNET.WIK?
3675.0CSCOA1::WHITSON_JFri Apr 05 1991Cobol: TTT or Netbios?
3676.03CSCOAC::SMITH_MFri Apr 05 1991redir not in xms with windows! why?
3677.01TOOHOT::WALTERSFri Apr 05 1991Need 3C5
3678.04FORTSC::SASTRYFri Apr 05 1991Netware coexistence
3679.04EEMELI::SYVANENSun Apr 07 1991File buffer cache inconsistency (S3.1F)
3680.0HGOSPS::ANDYNGMon Apr 08 1991PCMAIL hangs intermittently
3681.02SNERT::RALLINGSMon Apr 08 1991Why QEMM/386MAX Not Supported With Windows 3.
3682.0VNABRW::PAYLOR_SMon Apr 08 1991327
3684.01PARVAX::STORMMon Apr 08 1991IRI Express?
3685.0OTOP14::RiceMon Apr 08 19913rd Party LAN Integration Document?
3686.03OTOAMon Apr 08 1991User Alarm Interrupt
3687.01MJBOOT::SOUDERMon Apr 08 1991PATHWORKS Client Kit on CDROM?
3688.01TIGEMS::ARNOLDMon Apr 08 1991PC hangs, Windows 386 mode, network app, PCSA V3
3689.06DENVER::MEDAUGHMon Apr 08 199125th Line Terminal Emulator
3690.01KAOOMon Apr 08 1991MS mouse & VT emulation
3692.06SOADC::PULLENMon Apr 08 1991Where is PCMS Server Saveset ...
3693.01THEWAV::BRADLEYMon Apr 08 1991LU 6.2 seesion support from DOS to IBM
3694.012CSOA1::MCKENNAMon Apr 08 1991TCP/IP - Network Name not found
3695.01SUBWAY::BUONOMOMon Apr 08 1991Client Documentation
3696.03SMPVAX::BLUNTTue Apr 09 1991PC & Mac -> VMS 327
3697.01PRESS1::GUILLENTue Apr 09 1991PROBLEMS w/ COMPAQ 486/33 and TURBO/TP
3698.03GIDDAY::MUNNTue Apr 09 1991SEDT and QEMM
3699.04JOCKEY::COOPERMTue Apr 09 1991ems everex imb at config probs
3701.0ZURTue Apr 09 1991dBASE IV and VAXmate printing with redirection
3702.02SUBWAY::LOUIETue Apr 09 1991Cabletron and PCSA for OS/2
3703.02PHAZER::BARNESTue Apr 09 1991PATHWORKS services without a DECnet node?
3704.05HSOMAI::MORNINGTue Apr 09 1991NCP Can't Update Database on File Service
3706.010QCAVTue Apr 09 1991Problem connecting to system disk in pcsa
3707.01STKHLM::HEGNELIUSTue Apr 09 1991load dnp without stub and netbios
3708.0MANTue Apr 09 1991Problems with HLLAPI.
3709.09IJSAPL::HUIJTSTue Apr 09 1991SETHOST/USE Turbo Pascal call problem.
3711.02SANFAN::HILL_GRTue Apr 09 1991Pipe input to LDU PASSWORD?
3712.01CSCOA1::ROLLINS_RTue Apr 09 1991Any change from v3.
3713.01TROATue Apr 09 1991QUE book program mails binaries
3714.02JOCKEY::SHARKEYATue Apr 09 1991Serious server bug ?
3715.03JOCKEY::SHARKEYATue Apr 09 1991Win3+PCSA+change time=dead
3716.02NITTY::SORKINTue Apr 09 1991Keyboard maps available?
3717.01MELKOR::DEWISTue Apr 09 1991Mouse driver for DECwindows?
3718.05FRSOLD::ROEDSZUSWed Apr 10 1991X.25 and Pathworks?
3719.0KIPPIS::JVAANANENWed Apr 10 1991DS22
3720.0LATINA::RAFAWed Apr 10 1991HP LaserJet III & Wordperfect
3722.0TRCAWed Apr 10 1991print spooling problem
3723.01PHDVAX::COMFORTWed Apr 10 1991NDU questions/solutions
3724.01KAOTWed Apr 10 1991shutdown fails with open files
3725.01PHDVAX::COMFORTWed Apr 10 1991MultiHost LAT services
3726.0ROMWed Apr 10 1991Is 3C5
3727.07NOTWed Apr 10 1991Disk Service Performance Tuning?
3728.08IJSAPL::VOERMANWed Apr 10 1991Fatal error. V4.
3729.0CSOA1::BRANSTEINWed Apr 10 1991Unable to see specific services.
3730.03CACIQE::RUIZJWed Apr 10 1991DECstation 325c PRINTER PORT...
3732.0GLDOA::DISHNEAUWed Apr 10 1991Pathworks and Japanese VMS questions/Configuration
3733.02SNOCWed Apr 10 1991SETLOGON program
3734.06TROAThu Apr 11 1991DOS 4.
3735.04WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAThu Apr 11 1991Can a VAX initiat a dial-up async DECnet session?
3736.04GIDDAY::LIMThu Apr 11 1991cannot copy file from different dir
3737.01MSAMThu Apr 11 1991Where's the NDU print driver ?
3738.07SUTRA::SPATOLISANOThu Apr 11 1991Netsetup question
3739.04CSCOA1::SMITH_MThu Apr 11 1991Where is "Netenvi.exe" documented???
3740.01KYOA::SCHULZThu Apr 11 1991Is v4.
3741.02CSCOA1::COSTELLO_JThu Apr 11 1991Breakin attempt - how to reenable user?
3742.01SMAC1Thu Apr 11 1991MS Windows & Remote Booting
3743.06CSCOA1::SMITH_MThu Apr 11 1991PCSA V4.
3744.0VAXWRK::TCHENThu Apr 11 1991QIO read functions used in serving VMS file?
3745.02SANFAN::HILL_GRThu Apr 11 1991HELP! %RMS-F-RSZ, invalid record size
3746.0OTOAThu Apr 11 1991Abovedisk with NeAT ChipSet on a 286
3747.010SLOVAX::VELISThu Apr 11 1991System Parameter Tuning??
3748.01OTOAThu Apr 11 1991Solution to SCSI drive conflict with LAD
3749.01ZURFri Apr 12 1991Network version from Harvard Grafic with Pcsa
3750.0BRSSWS::DHAENSFri Apr 12 1991demca and remote boot pcsa V4.
3752.0STKHLM::WETTERBERGFri Apr 12 1991File Server Corrupts Pathnames
3753.0PRMSFri Apr 12 1991Help with AT&T 3B2 and PCL LAN/AT&T PCs
3754.01CSCOA1::BURGESS_RFri Apr 12 1991In pathworks v4.
3755.03FRAIS::ARNOLDFri Apr 12 1991Problem to start Decnet
3757.01PRMSFri Apr 12 1991AT&T 6386 PC and TRW4
3758.01PTOVAX::SCHRAMM_KFri Apr 12 1991Index Files
3759.0GUIDUK::KEROUACFri Apr 12 1991LPT1 corrupts directory info
3760.04STOHUB::MAIL::SHAHNAMFri Apr 12 1991memory problems with lotus 3.1 + PW 4.
3761.0GIDDAY::MUNNFri Apr 12 1991SEDT bug: VIDEO=DIRECT
3762.04VEGAS::GURALNIKSat Apr 13 1991HP3 SI Laserjet???
3763.01GIDDAY::MUNNSat Apr 13 1991Server a bit overloaded ???
3764.06STOHUB::MAIL::SHAHNAMSat Apr 13 1991cabletron dll size
3765.01MEO78B::FLAHERTYMon Apr 15 1991Version number problem??
3766.01YUPPY::GINNMon Apr 15 1991NETTIME cause machine to hang
3767.03ODIXIE::RICHARDSONMon Apr 15 1991"no response from network object"
3768.03BFOSLS::Scott SteidleMon Apr 15 1991"Tunneling" NetBios
3769.0ISIDRO::CABREROMon Apr 15 1991Interleaf & PC DECwindows
3770.0MSDSWS::NADAMSMon Apr 15 1991hot key - 327
3771.03FRSCS::SATTLERMon Apr 15 1991DOS calls for disk service?
3772.02CSCOAC::SMITH_MMon Apr 15 1991Exactly what does rplmem.exe do?
3773.01SMAC1Mon Apr 15 1991MSWindows & Network Drives
3774.01ATFAM::HARRISMon Apr 15 1991PATHWORKS V4.
3775.05CSCOA1::WEBB_AMon Apr 15 1991PATHWORKS 4.
3776.0HLYCOW::VITESMon Apr 15 1991Racal/Interlan boards Help!!!
3777.01SUTRA::RICHTue Apr 16 1991Problems with CON, NUL, and PRN in file service
3778.01WIKKIT::WARWICKTue Apr 16 1991Recognize VAXmate h/w from program ?
3779.0HGOSTS::LIWAICHUNGTue Apr 16 1991breakin detected after set password
3780.04KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Apr 16 1991ibm ps/2 9
3781.0KERNEL::COLOMBOTue Apr 16 1991can't remember, type x.x |MORE
3782.05UTRTSC::BARENDREGTTue Apr 16 1991PW 4.
3783.02SUBWAY::BUONOMOTue Apr 16 1991MSwindows Programming Q
3784.03YUPPY::GINNTue Apr 16 1991Files from nowhere
3785.02JOCKEY::SHARKEYATue Apr 16 1991DE1
3786.01POBOX::SHEPPARDTue Apr 16 1991Concurrent DOS and PATHworks
3787.01YNGSTR::BROWNTue Apr 16 1991DOSLOAD V4, DOS V4.
3788.02HIBOB::CHAMBONTue Apr 16 1991Desperately seeking .... HELP
3789.06HOBBLE::ROTHKUGELWed Apr 17 1991Conflicts with DOS 4.
3790.02KYOA::SILVERMANWed Apr 17 1991PCSA V4.
3791.03GIDDAY::BLOOMWed Apr 17 1991NFT COPY PC to PC gives remote node unreachable
3792.02TRCOWed Apr 17 1991boot disk RO
3793.08VMSNET::R_OLSENWed Apr 17 1991Netsetup 4.
3794.05JOCKEY::SHARKEYAWed Apr 17 1991Oh well, shame its too late
3795.03MRKTNG::SWABOWICZWed Apr 17 1991PCSA V4.
3796.05YUPPY::GINNWed Apr 17 1991QRAM and Intel above boards
3797.03WLW::SHREVEWed Apr 17 1991need password for public file service
3798.0CSCOA1::COSTELLO_JWed Apr 17 1991sethost, shift <F3> problem
3799.05ZURWed Apr 17 1991ADMIN/PCSA CONFIG fails
3800.0TRCU11::DYMONDWed Apr 17 19912 PCSA managers, 1 VAX, separate management?
3802.03PRIG1::TOKARWed Apr 17 1991usestuff
3803.01XLIB::JACKSONWed Apr 17 1991DECnet/Banyan connection
3804.04MRKTNG::SWABOWICZWed Apr 17 1991DOS 4.
3805.03ANGLIN::ORTHOBERWed Apr 17 1991Pathworks and SCO Zenix and System V
3806.06SANFAN::HILL_GRWed Apr 17 1991Corrupted FAT w/ 64Mb disk service
3807.0ANGLIN::ORTHOBERWed Apr 17 1991386 Autocad?
3808.0MSDSWS::LOVEWed Apr 17 1991Will increased memory increase supported clients
3809.01AUNTB::BOUDREAUXWed Apr 17 1991Is the reboot necessary??????
3810.0TRCAWed Apr 17 1991 ASTEMM DECnet problems
3812.02MEO78B::FLAHERTYThu Apr 18 1991Value for Money???
3813.03CHOVAX::EHRLICHThu Apr 18 1991PATHWORKS VMS Load Balancing with a Cluster
3814.03HGOVC::ALEXWUThu Apr 18 1991Synchronous Connection [PCSA-file services]
3815.05ROVRUM::ROBINSONThu Apr 18 1991PARADOX and SQL services question
3816.01STKHLM::WETTERBERGThu Apr 18 1991Autocad 1
3818.01HGOVC::ALEXWUThu Apr 18 1991Where are NetWare Coexistence Docs?
3819.03SMPVAX::BLUNTThu Apr 18 1991Any DG terminal emulators?
3820.01KOALA::MACKINThu Apr 18 1991TCP from a TSR
3821.0IJSAPL::VANDERNIETThu Apr 18 19912
3823.02VEGAS::GURALNIKThu Apr 18 1991SEDT and DOS 4.
3825.01VEGAS::GURALNIKThu Apr 18 1991PCMAIL problems... no answers yet?
3826.01PARVAX::SCHUSTAKThu Apr 18 1991Vines to PATHWORKS???
3827.01ODIXIE::STUMPFThu Apr 18 1991postscript on an OS/2 server
3828.01VMSNET::64755::SYSTEMThu Apr 18 1991Network Device Type Incorrect /Lansess
3829.01GUIDUK::TREMBLAYThu Apr 18 1991Ungermann BAss server and Pathworks client together?
3830.01HGOVC::ACRISOLOGOFri Apr 19 1991ISO/PC cartridge or LN
3831.01COLFri Apr 19 1991Postscript versions of Unsupported PCSA V4.
3832.0CSCOA1::COSTELLO_JFri Apr 19 1991Parity error in log file
3833.01TDCIS3::PHANUELFri Apr 19 1991QWERTY LK25
3834.03KAOFS::M_VALLEEFri Apr 19 1991add user v4.
3835.010PEACHS::STURTEVANTFri Apr 19 1991Remote boot won't DEFINE EXEC
3836.01PCOJCT::PREVEDELLOFri Apr 19 1991Can MACs and OS/2 clients use TCP/IP?
3837.05BREAKR::BUDZOWSKIFri Apr 19 1991Drawperfect to local laser SLOW
3838.01KYOA::PEREZSun Apr 21 1991SLIDEWRITE print problem
3839.0VEGAS::GURALNIKSun Apr 21 1991TCP/IP or DECnet alternatively?
3840.01VEGAS::GURALNIKSun Apr 21 1991Partitioning System Management???
3841.01VEGAS::GURALNIKSun Apr 21 1991CMS,NOTES over TCP/IP?
3842.02HGOVC::JEREMYWOODMon Apr 22 1991HP Interoperability
3843.01CSOA1::FLOYDMon Apr 22 1991LAD Dismount Perm
3844.01UTRTSC::BARENDREGTMon Apr 22 1991DAP 11/1521 nft
3845.03ZPOVC::KHENGLIMMon Apr 22 1991SOS!!! MS-Windows V3.
3846.05TRCAMon Apr 22 1991LATCP V4.
3847.06KETJE::VANHOVEMon Apr 22 1991Copy to file service causes floppy to cycle on LABEL
3848.05TRCAMon Apr 22 1991DEPCA ERRORS DE1
3849.03LILMon Apr 22 1991No NDIS Interrupt Activity
3850.02KETJE::VANHOVEMon Apr 22 1991Power On password on PS/2 gone ?
3851.0TRCUMon Apr 22 1991Data entry packages in PCSA environment?
3852.02ISIDRO::CABREROMon Apr 22 1991LN
3853.06SHALOT::DROWNMon Apr 22 1991USE \\server problem: session aborted
3854.013VICKI::LONGMon Apr 22 1991Bad or missing command interpreter
3855.02SANFAN::HILL_GRMon Apr 22 1991Help creating FRB
3856.01VEGAS::GURALNIKMon Apr 22 1991Lan Manager... Again???
3857.04HRCG::DAVIESTue Apr 23 1991Lat-TR-?
3858.03ZPOVC::SEOWHURNTue Apr 23 1991PCSA TCP/IP, Ultrix and VMS
3859.0LEMAN::PITTETTue Apr 23 1991LPS2
3860.01OTOATue Apr 23 1991PWRKS V4.
3861.01ROVRUM::ROBINSONTue Apr 23 1991Printer connection parameters in Windows 3 / Pathworks 4
3862.03SCACT::KNOWLESJITue Apr 23 1991file copy delay to file service
3863.01KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Apr 23 1991ndis questions
3864.0CAADC::PMWHINRICTue Apr 23 1991Print Screen to Color printer?
3865.08LEMAN::DELLAPUPPATue Apr 23 1991MS-WINDOWS 3.
3866.02LMBASS::CLARKTue Apr 23 19914
3867.010FIXSR1::WHITTINGTONTue Apr 23 1991VAXmate Programming info sought
3868.01POBOX::REGISTERTue Apr 23 1991DE2
3869.02SNOCWed Apr 24 1991NET 8
3870.017WARNUT::KAYDWed Apr 24 1991PCSA and OSI compliance ?
3871.0ZURWed Apr 24 1991dBASE IV and Vaxmate print problem
3872.04SHALOT::DROWNWed Apr 24 1991What is NVTWIN variable
3873.03CLO::FORNERWed Apr 24 1991PCSAV4
3874.01KYOA::SILVERMANWed Apr 24 1991HCriteria needed for Novell/PCSA evaluatio
3875.01ANGLIN::TUTTLEWed Apr 24 1991Pathworks Technical Presentation
3876.09UTRTSC::MCCAULEYWed Apr 24 1991Wordperfect losing files ( again)
3877.0UTROP1::KOMEN_AWed Apr 24 1991ISOLAN NDIS driver and File Services in ERROR
3878.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Apr 24 1991using cluster alias very slow..
3879.01NOBHIL::CLARK_ROWed Apr 24 1991Does Digital sell upgrades?
3880.09HOTAIR::SIMONWed Apr 24 1991net print/binary
3881.02HGOVC::ALECLEEWed Apr 24 1991Records lose using copy command
3882.0ISIDRO::VARAThu Apr 25 1991Big network with PATHWORKS
3883.04HKGACT::CHAKLEEThu Apr 25 1991VMS V5.4 and PCSA V3.
3884.01COLISA::COLPC3::stalzThu Apr 25 1991MAC and security
3885.0HGOVC::LILLIANTANGThu Apr 25 1991LASTCP/LATCP counters
3886.01ZPOVC::KHENGLIMThu Apr 25 1991PATHWORKS for ULTRIX problematics
3887.02ZPOVC::SEOWHURNThu Apr 25 1991PW V4.
3888.026TROAThu Apr 25 1991Login scripts -- what are you doing?
3889.04PRIG1::TOKARThu Apr 25 1991VCB errors
3890.02JOCKEY::SHARKEYAThu Apr 25 1991MOUSE & MS-WIN - 2 problems
3892.0GOLF::BROUILLETThu Apr 25 1991PATHWORKS for VAXmate?
3893.03VIA::VIA::CHIPPERThu Apr 25 1991Incorrect response from network
3894.01COLISA::COLPC3::stalzThu Apr 25 1991MS-WINDOWS V3.
3895.0SANBDO::MENDOZAThu Apr 25 1991Line Open Errors-Vaxstation
3896.04ALOSWS::HEIGHTThu Apr 25 1991Links: Still hanging around when gone!
3897.02RT95::LOMBARDIThu Apr 25 1991NETWARE for VMS question ...
3898.04ART::COHENThu Apr 25 1991Maximum Directory Level with PATHWORKS for DOS
3899.05FLYWAY::DEROSAFri Apr 26 1991PC as area router
3900.0EVOAI2::CHEVRYFri Apr 26 1991DOS CLient 4.
3901.02DWOVAX::64544::LICAUSEFri Apr 26 1991DOMAIN field for SETLOGON?
3902.03KAOFS::M_ROLLINFri Apr 26 19913C5
3903.01DWOVAX::64544::LICAUSEFri Apr 26 1991Comm port fixed?
3904.02CHOVAX::CUSATOFri Apr 26 1991Chart-Master hangs PS/2 mod 5
3905.02ANGLIN::MILLERFri Apr 26 1991ALR 386 33MHz, I/O bus speed?
3906.02GUIDUK::STEBBINSFri Apr 26 1991TCP/IP and high memory?
3907.01SMAC1Sun Apr 28 1991SuperCalc4 Installation
3908.0IJSAPL::VOERMANSun Apr 28 1991Attachmate problems
3909.03MLNAD3::BENASSATIMon Apr 29 1991PCSA v3.
3910.0LATINA::LUISMon Apr 29 1991PCSA security problem
3911.03GOTA1::GORANMon Apr 29 1991PS/2 and PCDecwindows problem
3912.02ISIDRO::CARBAYOMon Apr 29 1991Problems with MS-DOS TCP/IP client program.
3913.01SUBWAY::BUONOMOMon Apr 29 1991NBTRACE Documentation ??
3914.02NYEM1::YOUNGMon Apr 29 1991ERROR: Wrong version of DOS ???
3915.0NOTMon Apr 29 1991Virus checking from VMS
3916.0POBOX::BAYLESSMon Apr 29 1991Foxpro Pathworks reference needed
3917.0KAOFS::M_ROLLINMon Apr 29 1991File service timeout period..
3918.01MDKCSW::HOWKMon Apr 29 1991Account Privileges/Security Issues
3919.01GJOVAX::GRAEFFMon Apr 29 1991Attachmate EXTRA! over DECnet WAN - HELP!
3920.01VEGAS::GURALNIKMon Apr 29 1991help setting up Netware Co-existence
3921.01NITTY::SORKINMon Apr 29 1991IRQs on IBM AT
3922.01PARVAX::TIHINMon Apr 29 1991Problem with Paradox coedit
3923.01GUCCI::RJENKINSMon Apr 29 1991Error reading server profile
3924.01NOLE::WOODINGMon Apr 29 1991Device inactive
3925.01HGOVC::ALECLEEMon Apr 29 1991Pcs' connectivity to IBMs
3926.0TSGDEV::DELISLETue Apr 30 1991V4.
3927.05SANFAN::HILL_GRTue Apr 30 1991Start DNP after LANSESS connections?
3928.07GLDOA::HALLBERGTue Apr 30 1991> PATH problems during STARTNET <
3929.03WPOPTH::BEESONTue Apr 30 1991OS/2 application support
3930.02RICTue Apr 30 1991Installing PCSA on DECstation 3
3931.09COLTue Apr 30 1991PAthworks 4.
3932.0ZURTue Apr 30 1991Sethost and printscreen to local file
3933.01PLDMV1::GAULTue Apr 30 1991PATHworks from VAXless LAN, Config OK?