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Conference noted::pcdecwindows

Title:PC DECwindows Motif
Notice:Take discussions to RANGER::PATHWORKS_V5
Created:Thu Jul 07 1988
Last Modified:Fri Dec 10 1993
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1102
Total number of notes:4522
Number with bodies:0
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1.02RANGER::WASSERThu Mar 25 1993Read Me! (All of me!)
2.010RANGER::WASSERFri Mar 08 1991Latest kit information
3.02MOSAIC::GIOKASWed Jul 13 1988PC DECwindows Program
4.019RANGER::PFEFFERFri Dec 21 1990Sign in.....
5.01RANGER::WASSERFri Nov 22 1991Troubleshooting Hints and Tips
6.03HERESY::KOMISKYWed Jul 20 1988Memory requirements?
7.02SARAH::PWONGThu Jul 21 1988DOSX BL4 font files?
8.06CASEE::LACROIXMon Jul 25 1988A problem with BL4 of the MS/DOS X Server
9.01SPCTRM::REGANWed Jul 27 1988DOSX server bug
10.08MAGES::BURRThu Jul 28 1988Xalloc likes returning NULL pointer
11.01EFVAX::FEATHERSTONMon Aug 01 1988Small User Interface nitpicks in MSWIN BL5
12.04MAGES::BURRTue Aug 02 1988DOSX problem with DECW$WINMGR
13.02SMAUG::MURALIMon Aug 15 1988Largest window application can create ?
14.01WAV14::GELLENTHIENMon Aug 15 1988Help with MSWIN BL5
15.05MAGES::BURRTue Aug 16 1988Can I Start DECterm from DOSX?
16.01STKHLM::THOMASSONWed Aug 17 1988Running Client applications
18.05EFVAX::FEATHERSTONTue Aug 23 1988Finding fonts in BL4a
19.014GERUND::SMITHMon Aug 29 1988PCSA 2.2 REQUIRED?
20.01MAGES::BURRThu Sep 01 1988Directory not specified error forever...
21.01GERUND::SMITHFri Sep 02 1988packaging?
22.01CEDSWS::SCHELLSat Sep 03 1988Where to get MSWindows 2.??
23.0BALZAC::CHALUMEAUThu Sep 08 1988VAXPC_SAVE documentation?
24.0MINNY::JEGERLEHNERFri Sep 09 1988Software Co-processor ???
26.01RTPSWS::DUNCANThu Sep 15 1988Access to extensions?
27.02STKHLM::THOMASSONThu Sep 15 1988MSWINBL6 problems
28.04MOSAIC::B_BROWNFri Sep 16 1988Base Level Release Announcements
29.04NEWVAX::PRUSSMon Sep 19 1988First Look: How to tune this stuff?
30.0SED75Mon Sep 19 1988(PC)DECwindows Performance?
31.09GRANMA::FPRUSSTue Sep 20 1988Window Manager for DOSX?
32.01GRANMA::FPRUSSTue Sep 20 1988WINX response to 'unzoom' oddity
33.01MAGES::BURRWed Sep 28 1988WINX or DECterm bug?
34.01INFACT::DATZMANMon Oct 03 1988X-Server from White Plains?
35.02BALZAC::KUOCHThu Oct 06 1988Application not found.
37.02MAGES::BURRTue Oct 11 1988Hardware or Software memory parity errors?
38.01TBD1::BURLEIGHThu Oct 20 1988Kit for ISVs?
39.04BALZAC::KUOCHFri Oct 21 1988Unable to connect to remote node.
40.0MOSAIC::B_BROWNMon Oct 24 1988DECUS
41.0HPSTEK::JORGENSENFri Oct 28 1988Serving the VAXPC emulator
42.0BAILEY::JORGENSENFri Oct 28 1988Installing 3rd Party Software
43.03BMT::BRASHSun Oct 30 1988I need a larger bit map...
44.02GRANMA::FPRUSSMon Oct 31 1988dwwinbl8 & dwdosbl6 up ok
45.06ILO::VMURPHYTue Nov 01 1988Need Help !
46.02LDP::SHAHTue Nov 01 1988White Pine Software's X-Server problem
47.01MAGES::BURRWed Nov 02 1988Problems with VUE and DWWIN BL8
48.04NAC::BRANNONWed Nov 02 1988bare minimum fonts needed?
49.011MOSAIC::B_BROWNThu Nov 03 1988Budget crunch...
50.04KETJE::DELAMPERFri Nov 04 1988ms-windows <-> decwindows conversion ?
51.02GRANMA::FPRUSSSun Nov 06 1988TCP/IP?
52.04GRANMA::FPRUSSSun Nov 06 1988Changes in net object names?
53.04DLOACT::RESENDEMon Nov 07 1988Application Invocation under windows
54.03UPNRTH::GOZALOFFTue Nov 08 1988Can't set help modifier error??
55.0RYLOS::LEWISWed Nov 09 1988What versions of PCSA for what?
56.01WAV14::SLATTERYThu Nov 10 1988How's Performance
57.01BMT::BRASHThu Nov 10 1988Will the real PM please stand...
58.01DPDMAI::MCCLELLANDWed Nov 16 1988PC/AT DECwindows query
59.07WAV12::GARDNERFri Nov 18 1988DOS on VMS on DOS?
60.02CTCADM::NICKERSONMon Nov 21 1988Where is Windows 2.
61.05INFACT::DATZMANMon Nov 21 1988Accessing DECwindows on VMS and ULTRIX systems
62.01PEARS::STEINMETZTue Nov 29 1988Different X-Server baselevels..
63.01ZURFri Dec 02 1988X Server's from Locus Computing
64.0DIMSUM::PWONGWed Dec 07 1988Release baselevels as ARC files?
65.015DPDSAL::ALBURYThu Dec 08 1988Can't open display
66.01SQM::HARLOWMon Dec 12 1988RAM required
67.0MAGES::BURRWed Dec 14 1988Problems with DECW$UWM
68.01STKHUV::HULTMANWed Dec 21 1988Which applications will run under VAXPC ?
69.08STKHLM::THORINFri Dec 23 1988VAXmate and LIM 4 ?
70.03PEARS::STEINMETZWed Dec 28 1988LK25
71.03GRANMA::SGOLDSTEINThu Dec 29 1988questions in search of answers
72.01CSOA1::FRASZWed Jan 11 1989327
73.01MINNY::ANTENENThu Jan 12 1989PCX$WMGR problem with SDC DECwindows
74.08JULIET::KOOPUS_JOFri Jan 13 1989its time to join the world.
75.02SQM::HARLOWWed Jan 18 1989v1.
76.025241Fri Jan 20 1989CGA vs. MCGA
77.01OZZAIB::SUNThu Jan 26 1989MS-window V2.1 support PCdecwindow?
78.04KINRYU::JENNINGSMon Jan 30 1989Presentation Manager
79.01MACGPX::MOYMon Jan 30 1989Support for SDC V5.1 yet?
80.01VENOM::DLUGOSZFri Feb 03 1989Hardware requirements still valid?
81.06MERIDN::JENNINGSSat Feb 04 1989What's the story with VAPORWARE!
82.04ERFARE::PERRETTSun Feb 05 1989Where/What is PCDECWINDOWS
83.05PEARS::STEINMETZMon Feb 06 1989BL9 - tmp_dir - memory problems
84.02CGOOThu Feb 09 1989DOSX on VAXmate? CGA?
86.04YUPPY::NATHWANIMon Feb 13 1989DECterm = VT32
87.0SMAUG::MURALIMon Feb 13 1989X resolution NEQ Y resolution
88.01TRCAMon Feb 13 1989More than 1 DWDOS server ??
89.03SMAUG::ROSANDERTue Feb 14 1989help latest kit
90.04SMAUG::DESMONDTue Feb 21 1989Format of font compiler output
91.01MSDOA::COPPOCKWed Feb 22 1989First Revenue Ship
92.01BRDWLK::VOGELWed Feb 22 1989PCX_SERV.COM - Where ???
93.015ILO::VMURPHYWed Feb 22 1989What Am I doing Wrong ?
94.016RAINBO::PETERSONWed Feb 22 1989The NEW and IMPROVED DWDOS is ready
95.03EXOCET::ATTWOOLWed Feb 22 1989Portable DECwindows output
96.04HERON::DEVRIESFri Feb 24 1989VUE$MASTER problems...
97.03ILO::VMURPHYFri Feb 24 1989Windows Too Large
98.06MOSAIC::PFEFFERFri Feb 24 1989Running EVE and NOTES V2.
99.02CVG::PETTENGILLFri Feb 24 1989EVE and PCX$WINMGR incompatible
100.02GLDOA::COHENSun Feb 26 1989RELEASE.MEM BL4g, FIXED font problem
101.02DELNI::MHARRISTue Feb 28 1989Minimum req for DISPLAY only on VAXmate?
102.011POBOX::DIDATOWed Mar 01 1989Error Allocating memory
103.03SQM::HARLOWThu Mar 02 1989Managing sessions
104.09NEXUS::B_WACKERSat Mar 04 1989Will it work on dial-up lines?
105.04BARQUE::LISTER_PMon Mar 06 1989Unsupported XVD ?
106.06OSLLAV::TORHMon Mar 06 1989Documentation
107.01RAINBO::SLICKWed Mar 08 1989Log file Protocol Errors
108.05CIMNET::SCHNEIDERTue Mar 14 1989extended memory?
109.06POBOX::DIDATOTue Mar 14 1989DECterm support
110.09POBOX::DIDATOWed Mar 15 1989PCX$WINMGR, PCX$UWM ... do they work??
111.01YUPPY::BERKOFFWed Mar 15 1989Any UK sites? How long to set up a demo?
112.01CSOA1::AYLWARDFri Mar 17 1989SPD Information?
113.01WINGER::GIFFORDMon Mar 20 1989Problem with flight instument windows
115.014GL::WIXONMon Mar 20 1989Can anybody spare a DECstation
116.01PEARS::STEINMETZMon Mar 20 1989Official name of PC-DECwindows...
117.06DELNI::KARPOWSKIMon Mar 20 1989VAXmate????
118.02CSOA1::LOCKERTMon Mar 20 1989PC Graphics Display
119.04TROAMon Mar 20 1989X server for OS/2?
120.01SPIDER::ZINGERTue Mar 21 1989DECwindows limitations??
121.06CIVAGE::PRUSSWed Mar 22 1989Cardfiler w/ images - glitch
122.03SQM::HARLOWWed Mar 22 1989PC LV support
123.09VAOAWed Mar 22 1989Ultrix clients supported?
124.01CANYON::DALTONThu Mar 23 1989Help starting WINMGR & apps
125.0BALZAC::MICHELFri Mar 24 1989pcx_server on ULTRIX Problems ...
126.07ROBOT::ENDSLEYMon Mar 27 1989How to implement an X11 Window Manager?
127.01KOBAL::WIXONMon Mar 27 1989Notes file on DECstation 32
128.02TROAMon Mar 27 1989Color on a DECstation 316?
129.0GSPMO::MISKOWITCHTue Mar 28 1989Performance and PC application questions
130.04TRCATue Mar 28 1989VAXimage/DECterm under DWDOS
131.01YUPPIE::COLETue Mar 28 1989V1.
132.02OSLACT::ARNEWed Mar 29 1989Problems with fonts in DWDOS
133.07OSLACT::OLAVWed Mar 29 1989Capture portion of screen?
134.01MCNALY::MILLERWed Mar 29 1989PCX$UWM bug and questions...
135.04PEARS::STEINMETZThu Mar 30 1989Access Control info -> Controlling node
136.01MCNALY::MILLERThu Mar 30 1989Failure to find font: decw$cursor
137.02MCNALY::MILLERThu Mar 30 1989PC-DECwindows and CHILD?
138.01AVIATE::SHAHFri Mar 31 1989OSF Motif window manager works
139.01MERIDN::JENNINGSFri Mar 31 1989PC DEcwindows Basic Question
140.03DLOACT::TASSANTue Apr 04 1989PC-DECwindows - What's Required?
141.02BALZAC::MICHELWed Apr 05 1989Please Help (ULTRIX Problems)
142.01WELSWS::WARBURTONWed Apr 05 1989DWDOS installation problem
143.02WKRP::LENNIGWed Apr 05 1989another memory note
144.08MAIL::HAYDENThu Apr 06 1989PC-DECwindows with Novell?
145.01WKRP::LENNIGFri Apr 07 1989observations, and a query
146.04GRANMA::NNICOLLTue Apr 11 1989Availability?
147.03AUNTB::MASSENGILLTue Apr 11 1989Launching ARC/INFO to PC's
148.02MRFLEX::MILLERTue Apr 11 1989How to change root win color on VAXmate?
149.02MRFLEX::MILLERWed Apr 12 1989DECterm/Mouse Performance Problems...
150.02TEASE::LEARYThu Apr 13 1989Using QEMM and configuring network
151.01SRFSUP::GOETZEThu Apr 13 1989Tolerating TSRs?
152.0HSSWS1::GREGSun Apr 16 1989Importing MS-WRITE documents
153.03SOADC::PULLENTue Apr 18 1989PCX$UWM and mouse problem
154.01DLOACT::MALONEYWed Apr 19 1989Customer Questions
155.0MISFIT::KNIGHTTThu Apr 20 1989.XVD interface defined for home grown i/f?
156.01LARRYC::SYSTEMThu Apr 20 1989X windows for PCs and Macs
157.01CSOA1::FRASZFri Apr 21 1989Is all memory recoverable?
159.04GIDDAY::HUMMERSTONThu May 04 1989Cannot invoke Ultrix applications from PC
160.04OTOUFri May 05 1989Basic questions...
161.06TOOK::MERSHONFri May 05 1989Required Configuration for Testing
162.02ZPOVSun May 07 1989without a rodent?
163.05GALLOP::SHARKEYATue May 09 1989Colour - is it possibl;e ?
164.09MAMTS1::JZITELMANTue May 09 1989Evaluation and test use only?
165.03NEWVAX::GOLDSTEINWed May 10 1989so confused...
166.02GALLOP::SHARKEYAFri May 12 1989A bug ?
167.0STKHLM::THOMASSONTue May 16 1989Line going down
168.02WAV14::ADAMTue May 16 1989speeds needed
169.01BAHTAT::PESTELLThu May 18 1989We love you VAX mates we do...(especially DEC/win)
171.02COIT::REDMOND_NAFri May 19 1989Ultrix application startup errors
172.02EEMELI::TUURIMon May 29 1989How many DECterms at the same time?
173.06SMAUG::FLOWERSThu Jun 01 1989Default font size in widgets?
174.0CIVAGE::PRUSSSun Jun 04 1989A Gold Key for my DECstation 32
175.01SMAUG::FLOWERSMon Jun 05 1989Application left running after "End session"
176.02GALLOP::SHARKEYATue Jun 06 1989Which should I be using ?
177.08MOSAIC::PFEFFERTue Jun 06 1989Survey
178.03SMAUG::FLOWERSTue Jun 06 1989getting aspect ratio from XSizeHints
179.02SMAUG::ROSANDERThu Jun 08 1989bug - fontname.map
180.01SMAUG::ROSANDERThu Jun 08 1989need help
181.02SMAUG::ROSANDERThu Jun 08 1989log.fil error meanings
182.03SMAUG::ROSANDERThu Jun 08 1989glich window mangers-cursor
183.02SMAUG::ROSANDERFri Jun 09 1989bug - memory problem
184.01LEVERS::MAGLIOZZISun Jun 11 1989Accessing memory above 64
185.0SKYWAY::STADELMANNJFri Jun 16 1989Limitations of the PC DECwindows Display Facility
187.02MSDOA::MALLEYTue Jun 20 1989DECwrite and PCSA
188.04SMURF::MLANGONEWed Jun 21 1989Cannot open system font: fixed
189.03LEVERS::MAGLIOZZIFri Jun 23 1989X-Window applications under MS-WINDOWS?
190.0UTROFF::OTTENMon Jun 26 1989my top 3
192.01LARVAE::MOORE_ATue Jun 27 1989Customer Requirement
193.06HGOVC::ALECLEEThu Jun 29 1989DECwrite on PCSA DECwindow
194.03RAINBO::WALKERThu Jun 29 1989DECwindows notes works on the PC!
195.03ERFARE::PERRETTFri Jul 07 1989Help, Is it stable, reliable, ...
196.02DACT6::MITCHELLThu Aug 10 1989ALL-IN-1 Phase II
197.08ASHBY::FEATHERSTONMon Aug 14 1989Any possibility of 'unsupported' VAXMate support in V2?
198.03NEBR::HARRISONWed Aug 16 1989V3.
199.05CSCOA3::OLSEN_RThu Aug 17 1989dwdos in windows/386 virtual machine
200.02GALLOP::SHARKEYAFri Aug 25 1989Who do I talk to ?
201.08DAVE::MITTONFri Sep 01 1989VM error: not enough disk space??
202.04YUPPIE::COLEThu Sep 07 1989VMS X5.3 problem?
203.01RAINBO::PFEFFERMon Sep 11 1989Request for video characteristics
204.02EPOCH::JOHNSONMon Sep 11 1989Want to window into MS-DOS
205.0EPIK::CUMMINGSTue Sep 12 1989DECwrite fill pattern and bitmap problems
206.06TEASE::LEARYTue Sep 12 1989BL2 - multiple flakey symptoms
207.03UTROFF::OTTENWed Sep 13 1989BL2B problem: driver ?
208.06BUFFER::LOMBARDIThu Sep 14 1989Help with PC Session Manager.....
209.01MUNICH::STEINMETZMon Sep 18 1989Mouse fo MOUSE SYSTEM CORPORATION supported?
210.03SUBURB::GALECMon Sep 18 1989DECStation 35
211.09DENVER::MEDAUGHWed Sep 20 1989TCP/IP, multi-stack protocol?
212.02FSTRCK::TAYLORThu Sep 21 1989F13-F2
213.03RIPPLE::ANDERSON_BIThu Sep 21 1989Losing the mouse
214.02FSTRCK::CURLEMon Sep 25 1989MicroSoft BUS Mouse not working with PCDECwindows
215.09ACTORS::SCOTTTue Sep 26 1989Starting Decwindows on 386
216.06MERIDN::JENNINGSTue Sep 26 1989PC DECwindows (just be able to purchase it?)
217.03MEO78B::PRIEBATSCHWed Sep 27 1989Couple of dumb questions
218.03TEASE::LEARYWed Sep 27 1989maxlinks = 12 problem w/v2.
219.03NBOSWS::FUCHSThu Sep 28 1989A little more about PCX$UWM.UWMRC?
220.02CESARE::FRANCIAThu Sep 28 1989DS21
221.0WCSM::ALIFri Sep 29 1989problem copying release notes
222.01LOGRUS::KELSEYWed Oct 04 1989Where can I get V1.
223.07COLLEX::SCARBOROFri Oct 06 1989BL2B PC Session Manager things..
224.03DENVER::MEDAUGHFri Oct 06 1989PC X-Sight from LOCUS
225.0BREAKR::UDICKMon Oct 09 1989Compaq SLT - Sections of Display go Black
226.010COLLEX::SCARBOROMon Oct 09 1989DECWindows Terminal and BL2
227.0AKOVMon Oct 09 1989Runaway FileView
228.0SURFLA::UDICKPTue Oct 10 1989Local Printing to PC Printer/Mono Hercules Support
230.05SMAUG::DESMONDTue Oct 10 1989LOGITECH Serial Mouse does not respond.
231.01SMAUG::DESMONDTue Oct 10 1989Unsolicited exits.
232.01SPCTRM::GORCZYCAWed Oct 11 1989PHASE
233.01SPCTRM::GORCZYCAWed Oct 11 1989Other Phase
234.04SMAUG::DESMONDWed Oct 11 1989Too many devices left over.
235.01BREAKR::UDICKThu Oct 12 1989Hercules Monochrome Board - Local Printing
236.01UTRACK::ANBEEKFri Oct 13 1989can optical mouse work on com port with pcdecwind
237.09SMAUG::DESMONDFri Oct 13 1989Wildcards in font names?
238.0GOIVIT::ALDENMon Oct 16 1989DWDOSUSR.ini setup from DWCONFIG in BL3
241.023GOIVIT::ALDENMon Oct 16 1989Futures for PCDECwindows???
242.05GOIVIT::ALDENMon Oct 16 1989Slide_windows
243.01SMAUG::DESMONDMon Oct 16 1989Changing login modes?
244.02SMAUG::DESMONDMon Oct 16 1989VMS version conflicts
245.02GOIVIT::ALDENMon Oct 16 1989Memory protection fault with BL3
246.01GOIVIT::ALDENTue Oct 17 1989My window manager gets blown away
247.01YUPPY::HOLDERRTue Oct 17 1989DWDOS.INI maxlinks question
248.03DPDTue Oct 17 1989XIO error 65535
249.01COLLEX::SCARBOROWed Oct 18 1989Gold Key Blues (revisited)
250.01ACTORS::SCOTTThu Oct 19 1989What runs on the pc?
251.06EEMELI::TUURISat Oct 21 1989Digital mouse supported ??
252.01EPOCH::JOHNSONMon Oct 23 1989Why not VAXmate?
253.0MOSAIC::SLICKTue Oct 24 1989Tell us about your video cards.
254.011COLLEX::SCARBOROTue Oct 24 1989Loooong disk swap times
256.05LEVERS::MAGLIOZZIWed Nov 01 1989PCDECwindows 1.
257.0RAINBO::GIOKASFri Nov 03 1989PC DECwindows Job Openings
258.02RAINBO::GIOKASFri Nov 03 1989PC DECwindows BL4 is now available
259.02AKOV11::KWILSONMon Nov 06 1989Custom Colors?
260.0TRCOMon Nov 06 1989MS-WIndows to DECwindows Conversion
261.012SMAUG::DESMONDMon Nov 06 1989Can't start DWDOS386
262.04HANDVA::WUWINGLOKTue Nov 07 1989PC DECwindows BL4 Hangs
263.02GALLOP::SHARKEYATue Nov 07 1989A job well done is worth doing
264.06GALLOP::SHARKEYATue Nov 07 1989What is taking my memory ?
265.010GALLOP::SHARKEYATue Nov 07 1989Password query
266.02GALLOP::SHARKEYAThu Nov 09 1989Why does VTX send BL4 (386) crazy ?
267.05TEASE::LEARYFri Nov 10 1989Non-Standard Video Guidelines ?
268.010GALLOP::SHARKEYAMon Nov 13 1989Bookreader comment
269.01CB75Wed Nov 15 1989quick questions
270.09CSOA1::CUNNINGHAMFri Nov 17 1989DECwrite won't run.
271.02GALLOP::SHARKEYAFri Nov 17 1989Another wish
272.03DAVE::MITTONMon Nov 20 1989Compaq 386/33's and PS/2 Keyboard woes
274.02GALLOP::SHARKEYAThu Nov 23 1989Two problems in DWDOS386
275.0GENRAL::CLAUSONMon Nov 27 1989xedit, xrn, & dxue Mouse Problems
276.05LENO::GRIERMon Nov 27 1989VGA Colors on DWDOS386 on a DECstation 32
277.08PIXEL::CUMMINGSTue Nov 28 1989Server attributes accurate?
278.01TEASE::LEARYWed Nov 29 1989Other X-Server comparisons ???
279.02LENO::GRIERWed Nov 29 1989PCX$WINMGR crash
280.0RAINBO::IANNUZZOFri Dec 01 1989OS/2 DECwindows
281.01EPIK::ZASLAWTue Dec 05 1989Why are IS84DUS and IS1
282.02TAVENG::AVIWed Dec 06 1989Xserver - LK25
283.01BDYSRF::UDICKWed Dec 06 1989Concealed Logicals not recognized by PCDECwin
284.01BDYSRF::UDICKWed Dec 06 1989Why are the Windows so big
285.02CSOA1::CONTINIThu Dec 07 1989bypassing username and password in decterm window?
286.011EEMELI::WESSLINTue Dec 12 1989IBM 8514 support?
287.03GIDDAY::HUMMERSTONTue Dec 12 1989DECWindows application development on PCs
288.05ACTORS::SCOTTFri Dec 15 1989TCP/IP instead of Decnet?
289.013RAINBO::GIOKASFri Dec 15 1989PC DECwindows V2.
290.0RAINBO::GIOKASFri Dec 15 1989An Invitation.....
291.0DEMOAX::MCCANNSun Dec 17 1989Image hardware assist support?
292.03EEMELI::TUURIMon Dec 18 1989Keymapping, again!
293.02GALLOP::SHARKEYAMon Dec 18 1989Q techy query
294.02BAHTAT::PESTELLThu Dec 21 1989help please!!!
295.02NWDThu Dec 21 1989Dell Systems Support?
297.0CURIE::NEWMANFri Dec 22 1989Memory leaking away on the server
298.01WIRDI::RICHMONDFri Dec 29 1989Abnormal program termination error
299.012EEMELI::TUURITue Jan 09 1990DECterm start problems
300.02CURIE::NEWMANTue Jan 09 1990Problems re-installing PCSA/Server 2.2 -- doesn't do LAD stuff
301.06PIRU::GOETZEThu Jan 11 1990pw field trashed on win mgr (to 2 hosts)
302.0RAINBO::GORCZYCAMon Jan 15 1990Looking for REFERENCE Sites...
303.06BUFFER::LOMBARDIMon Jan 22 1990DWDOS286 doesn't work on a VAXmate...
305.02KETJE::DE_BOEVERWed Jan 24 1990DECwrite problem with scanned images
306.02SOSYS::HAYESSun Jan 28 1990X Errors Running NAS Portablity Demo
307.05HSOMAI::LINMon Jan 29 1990Is this possible?
308.01YUPPY::STANFORDTue Jan 30 1990PC DECwindows & 286 PC?
309.02FILTON::NOBLETue Jan 30 1990Status line on VT32
310.03MPGS::SCANLONTue Feb 06 1990Help! How to start applicationsunder pcdecwindows.
311.010CB75Wed Feb 07 1990color compatibility?
312.0VMSNET::R_OLSENThu Feb 08 1990Zenith 286lp fails running dwdos286
313.02WILARD::DIONNEFri Feb 09 1990DECdecision/PC DECwindows copy selection problem
314.08COLA1::STALZFri Feb 09 1990DEMM386 and DWDOS386
315.02STORM::BROWNFri Feb 09 1990IS 1
316.01FSAEUR::NEDBALEKMon Feb 12 1990Color and DECW$PAINT
317.06CB75Tue Feb 20 1990Motif on DOS-X?
318.0MOSAIC::PFEFFERWed Feb 21 1990Also see article in PC Week (2/19/9
319.01OLDTMR::BROWNWed Feb 21 19908/16 bit video performance
320.03SUBWAY::KABELThu Feb 22 1990PCMotifwindows?
321.03EPSDEV::WILLIAMSFri Feb 23 1990DWDOS386 crashes on DS32
322.04SCAACT::MALONEYTue Feb 27 1990SUPER VGA?
323.02STKHLM::WETTERBERGWed Feb 28 1990zenith z248 and ms inport bus mouse --> hang etc.
324.02FRUST::HAGEMANNThu Mar 08 1990PC-DECwindows & EGA ??
325.02WILARD::JENNINGSThu Mar 08 1990Rational Technology ???'s
326.0LISVAX::PACHECOMon Mar 12 1990X server crashing on Zenith 286
327.01IDOOA::VALASEKMon Mar 12 1990DWDOS Fatal error cannot load VGA driver
328.05BDYSRF::SYSTEMTue Mar 13 1990ULTRIX startup does not work
329.03IDOOA::VALASEKFri Mar 16 1990Xerror event pushing Bravo3 Xwindow
330.010KETJE::DE_BOEVERMon Mar 19 1990DECwindows display facility and 2-button mouse
331.04LISVAX::PACHECOMon Mar 19 1990Zenith Z449 video card .vs. DWDOS286
332.04HSOMAI::TILLEYMon Mar 19 1990Executing application fron the FILEVIEW problem!!!
333.01TIMID::BROWNMon Mar 19 1990Keyboard/mouse overload=>crash
334.0FILTON::BARKER_EWed Mar 21 1990DECterm can hog memory on F1
335.03CSCOA5::CURLE_AThu Mar 22 1990PC DECwindows and the use of FONT FILES
336.06ELWOOD::DMACKENZIEThu Mar 22 1990Challenging Performance Problem
337.0RAINBO::PFEFFERMon Mar 26 1990Epson problem
338.04COIT::GARRISON_NAMon Mar 26 1990VMS V5.3 and DWDOS V2.
339.01HGOVC::MICHAELSHIUTue Mar 27 1990DECterm sneaks away
340.03CURIE::NEWMANThu Mar 29 1990Request for VDISK 4.
341.02CURIE::NEWMANFri Mar 30 1990"SYS$NET" = "BRAQUE::"
342.010EIGER::HALBHERRSun Apr 01 1990Big video screens like Princeton 16
343.02BILL::ZAHARCHUKTue Apr 03 1990Pseudo colors for the PCDECwindows?
345.01WNOUFri Apr 06 1990PC DECWINDOWS and Datatrieve
346.03WNOUFri Apr 06 1990PC DECwindows and the HELP key
347.05CSCOA3::EPLEY_TMon Apr 09 1990applications won't run from FV
348.01STAR::WILLISWed Apr 11 1990LPDOS and PC DECwindows
349.02DPDMAI::WALKERThu Apr 12 1990dwdos.str modifications ?
350.09RANGER::PFEFFERMon Apr 16 1990PC DECwindows V2.1 - Base Level 1 availability.....
351.013OURBOX::ROBINSONTue Apr 17 1990V2.1 MONO and Panning video?
352.02TENNIS::KAMThu Apr 19 1990Will this allow me to run Remote Applications ?
353.02OURBOX::ROBINSONThu Apr 19 1990LK25
354.01CURIE::NEWMANThu Apr 19 1990Can I change remote booting to a larger virtual disk?
355.02WOTVAX::YOUNGEThu Apr 19 1990Fonts for PCDECwindows
356.02RANGER::PFEFFERThu Apr 19 1990HERC
357.01YUPPY::STANFORDFri Apr 20 1990DECdecision PC display
358.0SPCTRM::GORCZYCAFri Apr 20 1990*** FIELD TEST *** Candidate Nominations?
359.01CSCOA5::EPLEY_TMon Apr 23 1990ImageView application on PC?
360.07CANYON::GURALNIKTue Apr 24 1990Hi-Resolution (1
361.01WIDGIT::BARRASWed Apr 25 1990"Unable to connect to remote node"
362.0DROIDS::ALBURYWed Apr 25 1990Two anomolies - NET PRINT & DECTERM
363.02SUBWAY::VOYSESTTue May 01 1990Paint problems
364.01SUBWAY::VOYSESTTue May 01 1990DECterm Icons with identical numbers
365.01LSNCSC::LEGERETWed May 02 1990DWDOS386 and DWDOS286 crash with DOS 4.
366.01VFOVAX::ZITELMANFri May 04 1990DOS/16:M Unexpected Interrupt=
367.07YUPPIE::COLEFri May 04 1990DWDOS286 V2.1 Problem
368.03SIOG::ODRISCOLLMon May 07 1990Displaying DECwrite on PCDECwindows?
369.01LISVAX::PMPEREIRATue May 08 1990Locus-Xsight
370.0LISVAX::PMPEREIRATue May 08 1990Locus-Xsight
371.01HSOMAI::LINTue May 08 19901M memory not enough?
372.05HGOVC::ALECLEEWed May 09 1990PC DEcwindow problem with AST 386
373.01UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDThu May 10 1990Strange Problem!?!?!
374.02BOSWKG::GARDNERMon May 14 1990Screen saver? / Remote Session Manager?
375.0MEIS::FERRANTETue May 15 1990Font size problem
376.03CSCOA3::CURLE_ATue May 15 1990Move the mouse cursor and the screen displays garbage
377.02CSCOAC::JACOBS_RTue May 15 1990ms bus mouse - cursor displays, mouse doesn't work
378.01TIGEMS::GILMANThu May 17 1990Unable to start PCDECWINDOWS
379.02WKRP::LENNIGThu May 17 1990Suppress session manager?
380.03UPWARD::ALLEN_WIThu May 17 1990SUPERVGA benefits realized?
381.01HGOVC::ALECLEEMon May 21 1990Trying to get DECwindow to work
382.04CSCOA5::OLSEN_RMon May 21 1990Compaq 386-2
383.01CSCOAC::JACOBS_RMon May 21 1990Is Logitech bus mouse supported????
384.03EEMELI::TUURIThu May 24 1990Numeric keypad and arrow keys produce same keys!?
385.02CSCOA3::CURLE_AFri May 25 1990DECstation 316sx with LK25
386.08SNOCTue May 29 1990MS-DOS window too?
387.03WOTVAX::YOUNGETue May 29 1990dos_reserve and DODOS386
388.03TROU51::HANDYSun Jun 03 1990Mapping NUMLOCK to ALL-IN-1 GOLD key?
389.02DENVER::MEDAUGHMon Jun 04 1990How we get JUST PC Decwindows?
390.04SPCTRM::GORCZYCAMon Jun 04 1990IS1
391.02SPCTRM::GORCZYCAMon Jun 04 1990IS1
392.07SPCTRM::GORCZYCAMon Jun 04 1990IS1
393.05LENO::GRIERTue Jun 05 1990Unsupported pointer type: MOUSE
394.02LENO::GRIERTue Jun 05 1990Shift-key weirdness with DWDOS286
395.03RANGER::PETERSONMon Jun 04 1990Cornerstone / Princeton Display Adapter
396.06FRSCS::SATTLERThu Jun 07 1990dwkeysym problem!!!
397.02WARNUT::YOUNGThu Jun 07 1990decw$terminal and status line
398.01CACT48::BARTHThu Jun 07 1990Multiple Displays Possible?
399.01HGOVC::ALECLEEThu Jun 07 1990Fail to connect to DECstation 31
400.03COPCLU::JESPERFri Jun 08 1990More questions on colors
401.01CTOAVX::GUMBUSFri Jun 08 1990DECmcc & PCDECWindows - Any Gotcha's?
402.013SUBWAY::VOYSESTMon Jun 11 1990DECterm sessions disappear
403.01CSCOAC::JACOBS_RTue Jun 12 1990Can't Open Display - HELP!!!!!!
404.02TROPPO::LUCKTue Jun 12 1990STBEM-16 Monitors
405.02GIDDAY::HERRINGEMon Jun 18 1990dw heavy i/os on vax
406.02TOWNS::DAVISTue Jun 19 1990ATI Wonder 1
407.02CSCOAC::JACOBS_RWed Jun 20 1990IBM PS/2 Inport mouse
408.01KAOFS::R_STJEANFri Jun 22 1990Window size , in DECterm help feature
409.09FORTSC::CHABANFri Jun 22 1990VT1
410.02FORTSC::CHABANMon Jun 25 1990Client-Server & PCDecwindows.
411.0EPIK::GOFFMon Jun 25 1990curve drawing bugs/PF1 key problems
412.01PEACHS::BELDINTue Jun 26 1990Problems with Xodus X-server on Mac from VMS 5.3
413.0EPIK::GOFFThu Jun 28 1990graphic bug
414.02VFOVAX::MCHALEFri Jun 29 1990Window Limit Restriction
415.04KERNEL::SHOULDINGMon Jul 02 1990Paradise 1
416.02GIDDAY::DUBBERTue Jul 03 1990DECterm sessions and RIGHTONE
417.03OTOUTue Jul 03 1990ALL-IN-1/IS1
418.04CMOTEC::AUSTINThu Jul 05 1990Licencing question
419.03LARVAE::MOORE_ATue Jul 17 1990MSWX
420.01WILARD::JENNINGSTue Jul 17 1990PC DECwindows on a COMPAQ SLT/286
421.02KLARGO::HECKMThu Jul 19 1990more dwdos386 keyboard problems
422.03KYOA::BARKERThu Jul 19 1990DWDOS.STR video type definition
423.044RANGER::PFEFFERFri Jul 20 1990PC DECwindows V3.
424.01CSCOA3::ROLLINS_RFri Jul 20 1990Network Name Not Found
425.043LENO::GRIERFri Jul 20 1990Hang with V3.
426.01NUTMEG::BUSCEMIMon Jul 23 1990PCSGDECWIN Service - ??
427.02CSCOA3::ROLLINS_RWed Jul 25 1990MASS-11, DECterm, LK25
428.02EPIK::CUMMINGSFri Jul 27 1990DECwrite looks quite bad w/ V3.
429.02EPIK::GOFFFri Jul 27 1990export to bookreader fails
430.0EPIK::GOFFFri Jul 27 1990V2.
431.02CSCOAC::JACOBS_RMon Jul 30 1990ms mouse w/Compaq 386
432.02ODIXIE::PIPERTue Aug 07 1990327
433.02MINDER::THORNTONDTue Aug 07 1990Euro DS35
434.02STKHLM::WETTERBERGWed Aug 08 1990An Xwindow appliction i a HP (unix) machin and display it on a PCDECwindows PC
435.01MINDER::THORNTONDWed Aug 08 1990GOLD key in 1
436.03ZURFCC::64598::AntenenTue Aug 14 1990DWDOS386 V3.
437.03EAGLEZ::LASSENTue Aug 14 1990error copying files
438.03WARNUT::YOUNGThu Aug 16 1990DWDOS286,DWDOS386 difference?
439.05USWAV1::LOEWFri Aug 17 1990Color and Resolution
440.03CAATS::TAMMon Aug 20 1990DECwindows/VGA/ANSI
441.03IBEEAM::GENIUSWed Aug 22 1990Driver for Sigma LaserView
442.03SUBWAY::SAPIENZAWed Aug 22 1990Is PCSA required for PC DECWindows?
443.015KOBAL::ODESSA::LODDINGThu Aug 23 1990Pointer init fail for 3-button mouse, 2-button OK
444.03CGOOThu Aug 23 1990Support for NEC Graphics Processor?
445.03ODIXIE::MOREAUTue Aug 28 1990DECterm font is either too big or too small
446.06WORDS::BEIKMANTue Aug 28 1990two small problems
447.01EVTAI1::BOUBERTFri Aug 31 1990Mouse problem on decstation 2
448.0TAVSat Sep 01 1990MATHLAB on PcDECwindows (DecTerm)
449.01HSOMAI::LINFri Sep 07 1990Viedo 7 card
450.02FLATTP::MURRAY_RUMon Sep 10 1990Text not displayed in window!
451.02LISVAX::PACHECOFri Sep 14 1990BDF files needed
452.04CSCOA5::OLSEN_RFri Sep 14 1990dwdos386 hang on asynch ps/2 model 8
453.06HSOMAI::LINMon Sep 17 1990running a window application
454.04FRSCS::SATTLERWed Sep 19 1990MB3 on microsoft serial mouse?
455.03KOALA::MACKINThu Sep 20 1990Dos Extender DNP
456.05CSCOA5::ROLLINS_RThu Sep 20 1990PC DECwindows v2 DWDOS.STR video type definitions
457.02HSOMAI::LINThu Sep 20 1990Paradise board and PCDECwindow
458.01BACHUS::SASFri Sep 21 1990suisse keyb/ no []{}
459.01MERLOT::BASSETTFri Sep 21 1990Problems accessing Kit
460.02SCACT::KNOWLESJISat Sep 22 1990need more conventional memory
461.02LISVAX::PACHECOMon Sep 24 1990ERROR [62] 8
462.06--UnknownUser--Mon Sep 24 1990New release! See notes 2.*
463.01RIPPLE::NORDLAND_GEWed Sep 26 1990Need help on IS1
464.01AUSTIN::PAYETTEThu Sep 27 19901
465.01STKHLM::WETTERBERGThu Sep 27 1990Starting appliction(s) from vue$master --> pending
466.08TOOLEY::B_WACKERThu Sep 27 1990Can't run the DW Debugger on PCDW
467.0LENO::GRIERThu Sep 27 1990Latest '386 server hangs with motif mail
468.07YUPPIE::COLEFri Sep 28 1990Wishlist for PC DECWindows
469.03RANGER::WASSERMon Oct 01 1990The RIGHT SHIFT Problem
470.01SPCTRM::GORCZYCAWed Oct 03 1990MS Windows X-Server - Phase
471.01HSOMAI::LINWed Oct 03 1990Swap file error
472.01SCACT::KNOWLESJITue Oct 09 1990Problem running DECwindows 327
473.03TALLIS::LEUNGTue Oct 09 1990DECpresent problems on PC-DECwindows V2
475.02AUSSIE::UNDERWOODThu Oct 11 1990FONT errors on DOSX V3
476.05EPIK::CUMMINGSThu Oct 11 1990OS/2 X server?
477.07CALYPS::KLAMERUSTue Oct 16 1990Video Upgrades
478.03CSOA1::WVCTue Oct 16 1990PS/2s, LK25
479.02POBOX::DECAPPFri Oct 19 1990PS Previewer/PCDecWindows?
480.014WILARD::JENNINGSFri Oct 19 1990When Motif?
481.02RTPSWS::DAVISTue Oct 23 1990DGIS, Wyse 719
482.03RT95::LOMBARDIWed Oct 24 1990VCCS and PC DECwindows...
483.0RANGER::PFEFFERWed Oct 24 1990Running PC DECwindows under MS Windows
484.01CALYPS::KLAMERUSWed Oct 24 1990scanners
485.013OOBIE::DAMOREWed Oct 24 1990DECterms and PC Decwindows
486.0KERNEL::SHOULDINGFri Oct 26 1990windows, datatrieve and fonts
487.03YZR5Sun Oct 28 1990Using FASTFONTS=ON, getting problems with applications
488.01SWAM2::MENDOZA_DAMon Oct 29 1990PC DECwindows with Interleaf
489.03KERNEL::COLOMBOWed Oct 31 1990Errors in netserver
490.01YUPPY::JACKSONDWed Oct 31 1990Pound Sign and PC Keyboard
491.0KERNEL::COLOMBOThu Nov 01 1990unexpected interrupt
492.04ENGSV1::WIDMERThu Nov 01 1990Softpc using PC DECwindows ?
493.04VMSNET::R_OLSENMon Nov 05 1990Using xk_f2
494.09VMSNET::R_OLSENTue Nov 06 1990Suspend Session Environment Size
495.02STVWed Nov 07 1990dwdos286 - PF2 problem
496.01FOLK::HASSThu Nov 08 1990Sensitivity to network traffic?
497.0RANGER::PFEFFERThu Nov 08 1990PC DECwindows Directory Listing
498.06OURBOX::ROBINSONThu Nov 08 1990CRASH when hitting <LOCK> key
499.02FOLK::HASSThu Nov 08 1990Problem leaving DECwrite
500.018LENO::GRIERFri Nov 09 1990Latest DWDOS386.EXE hangs DECstation-32
501.03KERNEL::COLOMBOTue Nov 13 1990no mouse ?
502.02ADO75A::CLEGHORNTue Nov 13 1990Creating a bitmap file and replacing the Digital logo
503.04JOCKEY::AL35Wed Nov 14 1990Quick question
504.01HSOMAI::EDWARDSSWed Nov 14 1990COMPAQ 386s and 3COM Problems?!
505.03SCAACT::WAJDAWed Nov 14 1990Pointer init fail using remote boot
506.03CIMNET::BOURDEAUThu Nov 15 1990Another MS Bus-Mouse DW problem
507.02COMICS::FOSTERWed Nov 21 1990DRMFailure ???
508.02SOFCAD::KNIGHTWed Nov 21 1990What am I missing?
509.01HGOVC::PATRICKNGFri Nov 23 1990DOES 1
510.04HGOVC::ARTHURCHUNGMon Nov 26 1990Error when you quit from an application.
511.07DEKVC::TAEGYUSOHNTue Nov 27 1990session manager problem
512.010RANGER::PFEFFERWed Nov 28 1990DWDOSx86 executing under MS-Windows V3.
513.02KAORSC::M_LAVERGNEThu Nov 29 1990Starting applications as Icons
515.0ZURFri Nov 30 1990DECW$Terminal doesn't appear on the PC
516.03VITAL::KEEFEFri Nov 30 1990DECterm cut & paste problems with FT version
517.08SOFCAD::KNIGHTFri Nov 30 1990New version of DWDOS, what may I have done wrong?
518.09TEXAN::ALBURYMon Dec 03 19908514/a, MWM, anomalies
519.02TAIJI::HENRYKONGMon Dec 03 1990How many windows could be opened at a time ?
521.02TAIJI::HENRYKONGTue Dec 04 1990How many windows could be opened at a time ?
522.06ZURFCC::JEGERLEHNERTue Dec 04 1990DS325 Olivetti and 1
524.03BACHUS::SASThu Dec 06 1990memory when suspend window session
525.01HITPS::PRENTICEThu Dec 06 1990trouble running DWCONFIG
526.01SMURF::JPSThu Dec 06 1990Fatal error: 386|VMM Error reading EXP file
527.02RANGER::METHOTThu Dec 06 1990VMS DECwindow login?
528.06HGOVC::ARTHURCHUNGFri Dec 07 1990DECpresent V1.
529.02KYOA::GOLDMon Dec 10 1990x&y under pc decwindows
530.01FOOBAR::KABELTue Dec 11 1990Configuration advice wanted
531.0212Thu Dec 13 1990New version problems, yet again . . .
532.07CSC32::J_FELDMANFri Dec 14 1990motif window dressing solid grey
534.01KYOA::GOLDMon Dec 17 1990PCSA exiting to DOS
535.02SUBWAY::DERISEMon Dec 17 1990decw$terminal sessions
536.012HGOVC::HGOVTue Dec 18 1990Is there any list of supported VGA? Please help!
537.0HELLO::CUMMINGSTue Dec 18 1990DWDOS286 crashes with DECpresent
538.02KYOA::GOLDTue Dec 18 1990X protocol bandwith
539.01CSC32::E_LUFKERTue Dec 25 1990Beginner needs help.
540.05KYOA::GOLDWed Dec 26 1990password or no password
541.03STAR::KAPLANWed Dec 26 1990SoftPC & PATHworks/PC-DECwindows
543.01CSCOAC::DALTON_KThu Jan 03 1991PF2 key in DWDOS286 ?
544.01HSOMAI::LINSat Jan 05 1991PathWORKS for PC V4.
545.01GOLLY::KNIGHTMon Jan 07 1991screen update => short hang => done.
546.01GOLLY::KNIGHTThu Jan 10 1991Interesting "Feature" in Color
547.04GOLLY::KNIGHTFri Jan 11 1991Task switching while PAUSEd
548.01RT95::LOMBARDISun Jan 13 1991Help with "Printing the Screen"...
549.01HGOVC::ALECLEEMon Jan 14 1991Upgrading cause problem
550.06BAYERN::WOLFFMon Jan 14 1991Command recall and DECterm IO problems
551.04TENNIS::KAMTue Jan 15 1991SHOW OUTPUT - Can't open display
552.01ATFAM::HARRISTue Jan 15 1991VMS V5.4 PCDECwindow errors KIller Help box
553.05TENNIS::KAMWed Jan 16 1991Questions on PCX$SERVER, logical & procedure?
554.014RENFRO::POWELLWed Jan 16 1991compaq support
555.03SCAACT::WAJDAWed Jan 16 1991color problem under MS-WINDOWS
556.05DECWET::SCHREIBERThu Jan 17 1991Left handed mouse support?
557.03ALICAT::SMITHEThu Jan 17 1991Config guidelines for 4
558.03BREAKR::UDICKFri Jan 18 1991dwdos386 does not start -hangs
559.02KAOTFri Jan 18 1991PC-decwindows and fonts
560.01SOFCAD::KNIGHTMon Jan 21 1991Switch from PAUSE to MSwindows
561.02RIPPLE::KOTTERRITue Jan 22 1991Bookreader on a DECstation PC
562.03HSOMAI::THOMASWed Jan 23 1991OUT OF MEMORY when using PIXMAPS on PC
563.01HSOMAI::LINWed Jan 23 1991DWDOS386 - Authorization failure
564.03TROAWed Jan 23 1991Sanity CHECK??
566.01HITPS::PRENTICEFri Jan 25 1991How much do I need to do before running DWDOS386?
567.01CSCOAC::DALTON_KSun Jan 27 1991Pf2 key or help key ?
568.02SOFCAD::KNIGHTWed Jan 30 1991Save Unders, Backing Store . . .
569.02KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Feb 07 1991dwdos386 or 286 hangs
570.04DECWET::SCHREIBERFri Feb 08 1991DWDSOS386 crash on startup
571.02RLAV::GORMLEYTue Feb 12 1991print screen function within pcdecwindows
572.013VINO::MCARLETONTue Feb 12 1991List of known named colors?
573.02SAC::EXTON_MThu Feb 14 1991When will PCdecwindows V3 ship?
574.02MUNICH::BALTESKONISThu Feb 14 1991VERY Basic Product Questions
575.03KAOFS::M_VALLEEFri Feb 15 1991color and hardware conflicts questions
576.02SNOMAN::AARONMon Feb 18 1991Xwindows from a Sun TCP/IP client?
577.01VSDD2Tue Feb 19 1991X(display)server capability for OS/2?
578.06PAPERS::RADBURNTue Feb 19 1991European monitors for 1
579.04CSCOA1::ROLLINS_RTue Feb 19 1991Can run CLOCK from second DECterm window
580.011BIGRED::DUANEWed Feb 20 1991Sess mgr menu bar/auto start apps?
581.03LEMAN::DELLAPUPPAThu Feb 21 1991Logitech PS2 Mouse & Compaq SLT/386
582.05SANFAN::BRENNAN_JIThu Feb 21 1991PCDECwindows/VAX Performance
583.04DNEAST::WHEELER_SCOTThu Feb 21 1991Can this work????
584.013HSOMAI::LINThu Feb 21 1991Display Postscript server extension?
585.07VNABRW::PAYLOR_SFri Feb 22 1991Windows configuration advice pls
586.012GOLLY::KNIGHTFri Feb 22 1991DW V3 - DWDOS286 - DWCONFIG - autostarting apps?
588.02CDROM::WARDTue Feb 26 1991Technical Questions...
589.03BIGRED::DUANETue Feb 26 1991DWDOSUSR.INI on a virt. disk service?
590.01HAMSUP::PETERSENWed Feb 27 1991KEYSYM definitions
591.01QCAVWed Feb 27 1991check if pcdecwindows works??
592.03SUBWAY::JAMESWed Feb 27 1991Session Manger using an ULTRIX server (PCDW v2.
593.01LTLKNG::ZIGLERThu Feb 28 1991VMS SYSGEN Performance Tweaking?
594.01GOLLY::KNIGHTFri Mar 01 1991WARNING -> "dumbuseralert!"
595.09EMASS::MORANSat Mar 02 1991PC based Xdisplay server performance and related questions
596.010OTOAWed Mar 06 1991Olivetti, EMS4
597.02GIDDAY::COLEMANMon Mar 11 1991DECW$SESSION, VMS 5.4, non-PCSA server problem
598.03CGOAMon Mar 11 1991Full Size Window on a PC?
599.01GRANPA::BMCHALEWed Mar 13 1991XGA Support Coming???
600.08CANYON::GURALNIKThu Mar 14 1991PC DECwindows and MOTIF???
601.01CANYON::GURALNIKFri Mar 15 1991Help with components of window system
602.05VNABRW::PAYLOR_STue Mar 19 1991XK_Execute remapping
603.01VNABRW::ENGEL_WTue Mar 19 1991NEC-5D driver ??
604.01STKHLM::WETTERBERGTue Mar 19 1991DWDOS386 tries to write to pcsa$dos_system_v3
605.02RHETT::KNORRTue Mar 19 1991DECterms go away when changing from 8
606.016TRCC1::SYSTEMWed Mar 20 1991PC DECwindows fatal error
607.01MEIS::FERRANTEFri Mar 22 1991Fatal errors and failed starts of PCDECwindows V3
608.04GOLLY::KNIGHTWed Mar 27 1991here's a curious little problem!
609.08CSCOA1::ROLLINS_RThu Mar 28 1991Sharing violation with DWDOS386
610.01CSCOA1::ROLLINS_RFri Mar 29 1991HP_VECTRA, General Protection Error
611.02GUCCI::RJENKINSMon Apr 01 1991Paste with Two button mouse ??
612.02ANGLIN::ORTHOBERMon Apr 01 1991DECW$SESSION problems
613.01GIDDAY::BLOOMWed Apr 03 1991Unable to run VUE$MASTER fileview - cant open file
614.05GOLLY::KNIGHTWed Apr 03 1991DECwindows V3 doesn't like PCDecwindows
615.01HAMBND::CHAVISTue Apr 09 1991DECW$TERMINAL colors change on exiting certain applications
616.02HKOVC::TERENCETue Apr 09 1991What is requred to run PCDW?
617.04VNABRW::PAYLOR_SWed Apr 10 1991DWDOS286 + WIN V3.
618.01CSCOA1::ROLLINS_RFri Apr 12 1991Everex Viewpoint VGA Graphics Adapter
619.017YUPPIE::COLETue Apr 16 1991DWDOSn86 V4.x Bug Reports
620.05CTOAVX::CYOUNGTue Apr 16 1991Image Capability?
621.04GUIDUK::B_WOODWed Apr 17 1991Ultrix/PC access control problems
622.01CSCOA1::COSTELLO_JWed Apr 17 1991PAUSE key in decterm, PC hangs
623.02CSCOA1::ROLLINS_RThu Apr 18 1991Mouse problem with DECterms on ALR PC
624.02TROUFri Apr 19 1991Broken Pipe when manipulating images
625.03ELRIC::MARSHALLFri Apr 19 1991Molasses in january
626.01CSCOAC::MANDERSON_CMon Apr 22 1991Meta key for Keysym file?
627.02WARNUT::YOUNGThu Apr 25 1991application vsf fails with PCDECwindows
628.01HGOVA::BURANCELEUNGSat Apr 27 1991How many PCs that 1 VUP machine can affort ?
629.03MDKCSW::HOWKMon Apr 29 1991Account Privileges/Security Issues
630.01MINDER::THORNTONDTue Apr 30 1991Invalid Video Adaptor Type : PVGA - causes please?
631.03CSCOAC::SKAGGS_CWed May 01 1991Not Enough Disk Space for Swapping
632.08BROUGH::DAVIESWed May 01 1991Help with DWDOS386 on DECstation 3
633.02COMICS::BIGMOREThu May 02 1991PC DECwin + 8
634.03GUIDUK::TREMBLAYThu May 02 1991decw$startlogin will not work on pc x
635.04MEO78B::FLAHERTYFri May 03 1991MS Windows apps running under DECWindows???
636.02VNABRW::ENGEL_WFri May 03 19914th window - disapeared
637.02TEXAN::ALBURYMon May 06 1991Problem with v4.x
638.07SUBWAY::DERISEWed May 08 1991QEMM386 & DWDOS386?
639.03MAGES::BURRThu May 09 1991Error setting parameter: valid_nodes
640.03KERNEL::BROWNPFri May 10 1991Badwindow Error
641.0MAGES::BURRFri May 10 1991Blue screen with yellow stripes when suspended with MS-Windows V3
642.03OSLLAV::TORHMon May 13 1991Annoying behaviour on application termination
643.01SUBWAY::YOUNGTue May 14 1991Mapping for keypad not complete
644.01BEEZER::SHOULDINGThu May 16 1991PC DECwindows and reverse fonts
645.07DNEAST::WHEELER_SCOTThu May 16 1991Can I change the default colors??
646.06SUBWAY::YOUNGThu May 16 1991releasing memory
647.04ZPOVC::POHINGFri May 17 1991Problems with DECpresent with PC DECwindows V3
648.02CSCOA1::SMITH_MTue May 21 1991No EMS on suspend session!!
649.08DIVING::DAVISWed May 22 1991Adding new Adapters to DWDOS.VID
650.05CSCOAC::SKAGGS_CWed May 22 1991Expired Password still has access
651.02RIPPLE::VELIS_MAThu May 23 1991Suggested PC Configuration??
652.03MARCOM::CLARKFri May 24 1991ULTRIX Display Problems
653.01RT95::LOMBARDIMon May 27 1991Any support for XIE?
654.06RT95::LOMBARDIMon May 27 1991Error..not enough disk space for swapping!
656.02GIDDAY::BLOOMTue May 28 1991cant find font 8x13 with pcdecwindows/motif
657.02HERON::BEAUTue May 28 1991Where is Wind/x
658.02VMSNET::K_DALTONTue May 28 1991Dismiss vs Exit
659.07MDKCSW::HOWKTue May 28 1991128
660.01HSOMAI::LINFri May 31 1991does this work?
661.06WNOUFri May 31 1991Poor Performance with PC DECwindows.
662.01RANGER::LESKOWITZMon Jun 03 1991Announcing WinD/X Notes Conference
663.03CSCOA1::SMITH_MTue Jun 04 1991Exiting DecTerm takes longer with 4.
664.01PEOVAX::DECAPPTue Jun 04 1991DWDOS286,PAUSE,Password reject
665.01GLDOA::DISHNEAUWed Jun 05 1991Request for Information and Performance Statistics
666.02SEDWS1::GULATIWed Jun 05 1991PC-DECWINDOWS / UCX advise sought...
667.02GOLLY::KNIGHTFri Jun 14 1991Hanging server, any ideas???
668.04GVAMon Jun 17 1991Question about Fonts
669.02SHARE::DOYLEMon Jun 17 1991PCDecwindows from MSwindows
670.02LILTue Jun 18 1991Logitec mouse out of control
671.04BITSA::WHITMARSHWed Jun 19 1991bug in DWDOS.VID for Euro PC's
672.02BIGUN::SIMPSONWed Jun 19 1991EMM386 and extended problem
674.06GIDDAY::BLOOMFri Jun 21 1991resizing or moving windows but screen does not refresh/redraw
675.02COPTOR::BIRGERFri Jun 21 1991DECfuse + PC's = bad performance????
676.02VOGON::BALLFri Jun 21 1991Are X Window Properies the same on PC DECwindows as on VMS?
677.02CSCOA1::ROLLINS_RFri Jun 21 1991DWFONT problems with files > 9
678.0RANGER::WASSERMon Jun 24 1991It's in there... FONT ALIASES!
679.0HAMPS::MOORE_AWed Jun 26 1991286 - OK. 386 - NO
680.03LENO::GRIERWed Jun 26 1991mwm windows off top edge of screen
681.02LENO::GRIERWed Jun 26 1991What info can we give you to debug server hangs?
682.02BRSSWS::VANTUYKOMThu Jun 27 1991PCdecwindows 3.
683.01CDROM::WARDThu Jun 27 1991Passing Parameters
684.01TYSON::HUNGFri Jun 28 1991Controlling Hosts and Valid Nodes list question
685.07SHARE::DOYLEFri Jun 28 1991Mouse Questions....
686.01DNEAST::WHEELER_SCOTFri Jun 28 1991DWCONFIG Problem with latest V4.x
687.04LILTue Jul 02 1991No answer from DECsystem
688.03LEMAN::BAGNOUDWed Jul 03 1991printing and decwrite
689.0CDROM::WARDWed Jul 03 1991PCDW PIF option
690.07KAOFS::M_ROLLINThu Jul 04 1991XGA video device configuration.
691.02ATHINA::RAGHEBFri Jul 05 1991Is PATHWORKS for VMS or ULTRIX a requirement?
692.02KAOFS::M_ROLLINFri Jul 05 1991DWDOS386 freezes the PC....
693.03DPDMAI::DAVIESTue Jul 09 1991API and Keyboard Mapping
694.03UTRTSC::HOSANGThu Jul 11 1991repeating keys with dwdos286
695.05BBIVMon Jul 15 1991colour planes and all that..
697.01ZPOVC::RICHARDTEOTue Jul 16 1991Errors in PC Decwindows
698.04OTOP25::sacharenTue Jul 16 1991x error - integer parameter out of range
699.0KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Jul 16 1991ATI wonder card support
700.03UTRTSC::ADEJONGWed Jul 17 1991PCDECwindows + DECpc 433
701.03TRCU11::DYMONDWed Jul 17 19912 questions: SOURCE CODE, and XDMCP?
702.02RDOVAX::HALLWed Jul 17 1991Switching to DOS from a DECwindows application?
703.02DPDMAI::JONESDSWed Jul 17 1991Microsoft mouse goes beserk on occasion
704.02XCUSME::BOOTHWed Jul 17 1991PC DECwindows hangs
705.06TROOA::NAISHFri Jul 19 1991Support Video for V4.1
706.02GIDDAY::COCKCROFTMon Jul 22 1991INGRES/ bad DWDOS.STR error
707.02NCESW1::BONNAVAUDTue Jul 23 1991DWDOS386 or DWDOS286.
708.03SHARE::DOYLETue Jul 23 1991Tape support?
709.014GOLLY::KNIGHTWed Jul 24 1991Performance and the ethernet?????
710.02ORO5Wed Jul 24 1991Orchid ProDesigner II's VGAcard
711.06TENNIS::KAMThu Jul 25 1991PC DECwindows & DECpc 433W revisited
712.02TROOA::NAISHTue Jul 30 1991PCW$WINMGR and DECW$WINMGR Differences
713.04HGOVA::KIMWAHNGWed Jul 31 1991DECwindow problem with QEMM
714.01VMSNET::CHURCHEWed Jul 31 1991version mismatch errors kill winmgr?
715.01VNABRW::ENGEL_WThu Aug 01 1991DWDOS286 and EGA
716.09VMSNET::S_YUANFri Aug 02 1991help on DWDOS.INI encrypted password
717.04BIGRED::SPARKSFri Aug 02 1991PCDW vs VT-13
718.04TENNIS::KAMMon Aug 05 1991PC DECwindows over Async DECnet
719.010SNOMAN::AARONTue Aug 06 1991DWDOS & MS-DOS v5.
720.01SHARE::DOYLETue Aug 06 1991My PCwindows is starting to break down, Help!
721.01NZOMIS::VDPLASWed Aug 07 1991TIGA.exe where can I get it ?
722.04WARNUT::YOUNGThu Aug 08 1991works with C shell but not Korn shell
723.04GIDDAY::RALLINGSThu Aug 08 1991PCDECwindows V3.
724.0HGOVA::KIMWAHNGThu Aug 08 1991DWDOS386 and NUM LOCK
725.02VNABRW::HABRICH_PFri Aug 09 1991video cards
726.05CSCOA1::COSTELLO_JFri Aug 09 19918514 card, will it help compress display
727.03CSCOAC::COSTELLO_JMon Aug 12 1991disappearing key mappings
728.05PAKORA::FWATSONTue Aug 13 1991Errors when running DECPRESENT
729.05KERNEL::SHOULDINGWed Aug 14 1991korn shell and pc decwindows
730.04DPDMAI::JONESDSThu Aug 15 1991how to make 'Start Application' "talk"?
731.02RANGER::WASSERFri Aug 16 1991List of TIGA boards for PCs
732.0UTOPIE::SCHNABELTue Aug 20 1991Toolkit warning:Overr. translation manager actions
733.01COMICS::FOSTERFri Aug 23 1991MWM and PC-Decwindows
734.01TENNIS::KAMFri Aug 23 1991Title box larger than PC terminal window
735.03TENNIS::DUNLOP::KAMSat Aug 24 1991Can't get notes run via DECwindows
736.02CSCOAC::SMITH_MWed Aug 28 1991Lance NMS and PCDecwindows problems
737.03WARNUT::YOUNGWed Aug 28 1991Function keys not working
738.03BRSSWS::SASWed Aug 28 1991pcdecwindows from term. emulation
739.02PCOJCT::FERMIThu Aug 29 1991DWDOS386 reboots PC
740.01CSCOA1::ROLLINS_RThu Aug 29 1991Cannot Open Font TE14.SNF
741.02MSDSWS::COOPERThu Aug 29 1991DWDOS386+TCP/IP crash PC
742.03ROMA::RADBURNThu Aug 29 1991Strange behaviour with MS-Windows and DWDOS286
743.03DPDMAI::JONESDSThu Aug 29 1991how does a .BAT know 286 or 386?
744.03HSOMAI::LINFri Aug 30 1991TCPIP application launch problem
745.03PULLEN::PULLENFri Aug 30 1991PCDECWINDOW V4.1 locks up window activity
746.07ROMA::RADBURNFri Aug 30 1991The old chestnut - DECterms
747.02STKHLM::WETTERBERGTue Sep 03 1991inversed video and windows pop up utside the screen
748.06TRNOI2::TESTAWed Sep 04 1991PCX$WINMGR priv problem starting
750.02YUPPY::GINNThu Sep 05 1991DECW$TERMINAL and graphics
751.03VMSNET::CHURCHEThu Sep 05 1991decw$session vs. pcx$session
752.01CSCOA1::ROLLINS_RThu Sep 05 1991NEC 8514/A video adapter
753.03SUTRA::BASSINNEFri Sep 06 1991A diskless eclipse?
754.02MALMA1::PSVENSSONMon Sep 09 19911
755.03SVAN1Mon Sep 09 1991Dual-Head Support?
756.03VMSNET::S_YUANTue Sep 10 1991dwdos386+tcpip+ultrix ???
757.03KAOTTue Sep 10 1991execute batch file with suspend session
760.07ODIXIE::HIPPWed Sep 11 1991PC DECwindows w/ PATHWORKS for DOS only
761.015ANGLIN::ORTHOBERMon Sep 16 1991PCDECWINDOWS bugs/questions
762.01RIPPLE::NORDLAND_GEMon Sep 16 1991Support for SCO?
763.07GJOVAX::GRAEFFTue Sep 17 1991Xlib error 65535 with 4 windows (sometimes)
764.01KAOFS::M_ROLLINTue Sep 17 1991VT34
765.0HSOMAI::LINWed Sep 18 1991host time out revisit
766.0CGOOA::HALLIDAYWed Sep 18 1991tvtwm, anybody?
767.05KERNEL::SINCLAIRALThu Sep 19 1991Disappearing DECterm and KEYBRD and DECKEYB
768.0YUPPY::HEPWORTHThu Sep 19 1991DWDOS386 on PS/2 clone
769.03BOMBE::ALDENThu Sep 19 1991What happened to my mouse?
770.0KURTAN::NORDBERGFri Sep 20 1991PC DECwindows and 8514/A problem
771.04KETJE::VANHOVEMon Sep 23 1991DECpc 433, DWDOS386 to ULTRIX
772.04WILARD::JENNINGSFri Sep 27 1991Parametrics Pro Engineering
773.03UIST::ROSSFri Sep 27 1991Colours of PC Session Manager
774.04MLNCSC::LANCELLOTTITue Oct 01 1991Urgent problem with DWDOS386 starts
775.03COMICS::FOSTERTue Oct 01 1991BadWindow errors in Log File
776.01VMSNET::S_YUANWed Oct 02 1991optional parameters for pcdecwindows
777.01OTOP21::macwilliamsThu Oct 03 1991PCDECWindows 4.1 compatible with PATHWORKS 4.
778.03UTRTSC::ANBEEKThu Oct 03 1991PCdecwindows to a SCO box ????
779.03GRANMA::PTHUMANMon Oct 07 1991VT12
781.01YUPPIE::COLEThu Oct 10 1991DWDOS and Motif
783.06BAHTAT::HILTONFri Oct 11 1991Performance, swap dwdos286/386
784.0RANGER::WASSERMon Oct 14 1991Motif DECW$PAINT bug with DWDOSx86
785.01ANGLIN::ORTHOBERMon Oct 14 1991PCDECWINDOWS V4.1 on the Vaxmate?
786.09MAGES::BURRMon Oct 14 1991Does PC X server disconnect link if X events not processed?
787.03KERNEL::SINCLAIRALTue Oct 15 1991NEXPERT problems with PCDECwindows
788.02CSCOAC::COSTELLO_JTue Oct 15 1991FIleview and Italics
789.04ESRAD::PANGAKISWed Oct 16 1991Display expectations?
790.01SEDSWS::FOOTWed Oct 16 1991font present_bullets not found
791.01KURTAN::NORDBERGThu Oct 17 1991memory and graphics adapters
792.012VMSNET::CHURCHEThu Oct 17 1991question from THE CUSTOMER
794.01DNEAST::WHEELER_SCOTMon Oct 21 1991DWDOS386 and NDOS.COM?
795.06AIMHI::GINSBERGMon Oct 21 1991ms bus mouse paste in decterm
796.01HTSCTue Oct 22 1991How DWDOS286/386 access the 8514A ?
797.03AUNTB::BRILEYTue Oct 22 1991TIGA 2.
798.01ZPOVC::WENGSUENTue Oct 22 1991pc as a decimage12
799.02STKHLM::HARTIKAINENTue Oct 22 1991Cannot open RGB file: dwdos.rgb
800.0CSCOAC::SMITH_MWed Oct 23 1991decterm different than fileview/dcl command?
801.01DYOSW5::ALLENThu Oct 24 1991Zenith Keyboard Problems in PC DECwindows
802.01NZOMIS::HOWARDFri Oct 25 1991Cannot convert string "courier12"
803.02LARVAE::BURNS_TMon Oct 28 1991tcpip max links fixed / or not
804.03TOMBAY::LILICWed Oct 30 1991Cardfiler sorting problem - status 69
805.03KERNEL::SINCLAIRALThu Oct 31 1991WM: Invalid display error...
806.04PULLEN::PULLENThu Oct 31 1991DWDOS386 Crash Dump
807.04CLT::BBOOP::SCAERFri Nov 01 1991Dismissing error message box takes 14 seconds
808.03VMSNET::S_YUANTue Nov 05 1991performance issue
810.01GRANMA::AHAYNESMon Nov 11 1991DWDOS386 causes DECpc 433 to reboot??????
811.05COMICS::PENDERGRASTTue Nov 12 1991XApps.com := security loophole ?
812.0CSCOAC::DALTON_KTue Nov 12 1991Mouse cursor moves in wrong direction.
813.02CSC32::R_SCHROEDERWed Nov 13 1991ET4
814.02BASEX::EISENBRAUNThu Nov 14 1991PC DECwindows without a mouse?
815.01VMSNET::S_YUANFri Nov 15 1991launch X-applications from Integraph system
818.04MSAMTue Nov 19 1991TIGA Driver Integration
819.08HGOVC::CHARLESKWANWed Nov 20 1991AllocColor error. Any reason?
820.03HAMPS::IVES_JWed Nov 20 1991HIMEMvsQEMMvsNothing
821.03CSCOA1::SMITH_MWed Nov 20 1991baddrawable error with vpi
822.01EPAVAX::CARLOTTIWed Nov 20 1991DWINFO3 not working with PS/2 Model 7
823.05ZPOVC::PETERDINGMon Nov 25 1991NOTES/DECWINDOWS: Insufficient privilege or file protection
824.03SALSA::CAMBRONTue Nov 26 1991DWDOS-TCP/IP App Launch Sequence
825.0LATINA::ALVAROThu Nov 28 1991dxsession problems with dwdos286
826.01KETJE::VANHOVEThu Nov 28 1991DWDOS286 + TCP/IP + Motif(Ultrix) Window Mgr
827.07STAR::BOIKOThu Dec 05 1991Pipeline quota set/checked by PC DECwindows?
828.03ZPOVC::SINSPSFri Dec 06 1991PW DOS 4.
829.05AZUR::KOREVAARFri Dec 06 1991DWDOS X5.
830.01CGOOA::JANICFri Dec 06 1991DWDOS386 over PHONE line ie.96
831.01HIBOB::CHAMBONMon Dec 09 1991Several Questions
832.05SMAUG::DESMONDWed Dec 11 1991Updating FONTNAME.MAP
833.01NODDY::LILICThu Dec 12 1991DWDOS286 and REGIS graphics = SLOW. Other apps. performance ok.
834.04GIDDAY::BOERSThu Dec 12 1991DECterm window and font size problem
835.01SCAM::VPEREIRATue Dec 17 1991Problem opening DECwindows
836.05GOTA1::WANNERSKOGWed Dec 18 1991Hercules/TIGA problems ?
837.01HGOVC::CHARLESKWANWed Dec 18 1991Can PCDECwindow choose the transport?
838.03CLO::FORNERFri Dec 20 1991Crash with DWDOS286 and WINDOWS
839.01COPCLU::BJARNERMon Dec 23 1991DWDOS386 & DECpc 433
840.02NIMVAX::CUMMINGSMon Dec 23 1991Mouse Problem
841.03SMAUG::DESMONDFri Dec 27 1991Duplicate keysyms?
842.01CSCOA1::STUBBS_AMon Jan 06 1992DECW$TERMINAL will not run on second DWDOS386.EXE
843.02ARRODS::HOUSTONTue Jan 07 1992DECwindows across WAN links
844.02IJSAPL::HUIJTSWed Jan 08 1992DWDOS286, error = badwindow using DECwrite ?!?
845.03GLDOA::MCMULLENThu Jan 09 1992To Delete or Not Delete, That IS the Question!
846.03ATOM::OPALKAFri Jan 10 1992
847.05MECCA::STRAUBFri Jan 10 1992more Super-VGA, TIGA drivers
848.02IDOFLY::LUDWIGMon Jan 13 1992Install PC DECwindows on standalone with floppies?
849.01ARRODS::HOUSTONWed Jan 15 1992window manager load
850.0CSCOA1::KOMANDURIThu Jan 16 1992Decterm controller timeout
851.02CSCOAC::STUBBS_AMon Jan 20 1992Motif 1.
852.02NECSC::MAYNARDTue Jan 21 1992SUSPENDing back to DOSSHELL or MS-Windows?
853.02KAOTTue Jan 21 19928514 DECpc 433w VR32
854.02MTA::HERMITTThu Jan 23 1992session mgr initial state?
855.03VNABRW::BOECK_PSat Jan 25 1992DWDOS386 V.4.1 and TIGA V.2.
856.03AKOCOA::JOHNSONPMon Jan 27 1992GUI information request
857.03CSCOA1::STUBBS_ATue Jan 28 1992DECterm and Regis
858.04AKOCOA::JOHNSONPThu Jan 30 1992PCDECwindows vs MSwindows
859.0TENNIS::KAMThu Jan 30 1992Xstones ratings on a PC running DECwindows or Motif under PATHWORKS
860.01CSCOAC::ROLLINS_RFri Jan 31 1992Custom Keyboard off serial port
861.02CSCOA1::KOMANDURITue Feb 04 1992Vue$master access violation
862.03CSCOAC::TAYLOR_DTue Feb 04 1992Fonts with BBOX won't compile
863.03KAOTFri Feb 07 1992Resize doesn't save on DECTERM windows
864.0SUOSW3::WESTDORFMon Feb 10 1992wrong dwconfig file. isn't X5.
865.02GIDDAY::RALLINGSThu Feb 13 1992ORACLE CASE Designer Give Error CreatePixmap, BadAlloc
866.02CSCOA1::STUBBS_AThu Feb 13 1992Error in command number 7E1
867.01VEGAS::GURALNIKThu Feb 13 1992PWDOSx86 and TCP/IP Supports?
868.01USHS1Thu Feb 13 1992Compaq 386 dies when initializing DECwindows
869.01MUDIS3::SWOBODAFri Feb 14 1992DWDOS386 -- VMS --> ULTRIX
870.01CSCOA1::STUBBS_AFri Feb 14 1992ATI Ultra 8514/a and PC Decwindows
871.01SAAVAK::CHANDLERFri Feb 14 1992PC DECwindows product manager?
872.02GOYA::ANATue Feb 18 1992ACCVIO displaying VUIT 2.
873.01HGOVA::KIMWAHNGThu Feb 20 1992MACX problem ?
874.02GLDOA::LIBOVEFri Feb 21 19921
875.03GLDOA::LIBOVEFri Feb 21 1992ultrix 4.2a dxterm not working to dwdos386
876.03GLDOA::LIBOVEFri Feb 21 1992DWDOS386 "start" box error reporting is bogus
877.02GLDOA::LIBOVEFri Feb 21 1992MB3 emulation by pressing both buttons at once?
878.01ANGLIN::ORTHOBERMon Feb 24 1992SVGA 64
879.02CSCOA1::SMITH_MTue Feb 25 1992dwdos386 w/dos v5.
880.04KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Feb 26 1992font alias
881.0HIBOB::CHAMBONWed Feb 26 1992Show your Colors
882.01PEACHS::LAMPERTThu Feb 27 1992Where is DwtFreeGrayPixmapCache?
883.03DKAS::JNELSONThu Feb 27 1992PC Xclient options?
884.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Feb 27 1992lk25
885.04DPDMAI::POOLEThu Feb 27 1992displaying vuit on a pc
886.02GUCCI::BJELTEMAMon Mar 02 1992memory management question
887.06TROOA::NAISHTue Mar 03 1992Erractic V4.1 Behavior on Heavy Network
888.01CSCOAC::SMITH_MWed Mar 04 1992Decw$termnal, options, printer - too large for vga
889.01FROCKY::LEHLWed Mar 04 1992German Translation of DWDOS 4.1
890.03MEO78B::FLAHERTYWed Mar 04 1992Motif WM hanging on End Session??
891.02RIPPLE::ERICKSODAThu Mar 05 1992PC DW w/o Pathworks server?
892.01KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Mar 05 1992DWDOS286 and xmaiiems.sys
893.0TROOA::NAISHThu Mar 05 1992PC Session Manager not setting Background in DECW$DEFAULT
894.05FORTSC::SCHMIDFri Mar 06 1992Square Blotches"
895.08UNITED::PCMon Mar 09 1992DWDOS286/386 with SUN OPEN LOOK fonts???
896.03TAVIS::RONENTue Mar 10 1992CAPS LOCK dosen't work in LK25
897.02TROOA::NAISHWed Mar 11 1992Unrecoverable Error
898.01CSCOA1::STUBBS_AThu Mar 12 1992Screen saver takes a long time to refresh
899.03KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Mar 12 1992DXTERM with PW for Ultrix V1.1
900.04KIAORA::VETTEThu Mar 12 1992F17 - F2
901.08KERNEL::SINCLAIRALFri Mar 13 1992Can't autoload PCX$WINMGR
902.010XCUSME::BOOTHFri Mar 13 1992DOS/16M error starting PC Decwindows
903.02CSCOA1::KOMANDURIFri Mar 13 1992Can't open display
904.09CSCOA1::SMITH_MSat Mar 14 1992256 colors with vga hardware possible?
905.03CSCOAC::STUBBS_AWed Mar 18 1992Error opening book
906.04VEGAS::GURALNIKThu Mar 19 1992Problems running on DECpc 333
907.03RULLE::BEDOMon Mar 23 1992Multiple color
908.02RULLE::BEDOMon Mar 23 1992Memory problem when plotting curve
909.06HPSRAD::LUDWIGMon Mar 23 1992DECW$TERMINAL disappears with PC DECwindows?
910.01STOHUB::MAIL::SHAHNAMTue Mar 24 1992Display X application off of IBM RS/6
911.01WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIWed Mar 25 1992Access to ULTRIX via Xprompter and login
912.014WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIWed Mar 25 1992configuring third party SVGA boards
913.02CSC32::S_MAUFEThu Mar 26 1992no "last_note_read" key on my PC!
914.08TROOA::MSCHNEIDERFri Mar 27 1992applications do not start on first click
915.0MIMS::KOMANDURIFri Mar 27 1992DECTERM Privilege error
916.01MIMS::KOMANDURIFri Mar 27 1992Ultrix 4.2 apps do not come up
917.07WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTITue Mar 31 1992ultrix application detachment problem.
918.05CSC32::R_SCHROEDERWed Apr 01 1992Motif 1.1 and PCDECWINDOWS 4.1
919.03OSLWed Apr 01 1992Language DWDOS ??
920.0HSOMAI::TOUSIGNANTMFri Apr 03 1992PC DECwindows over TCP/IP / Token Ring
921.0UNYEM::HALLETue Apr 07 1992ex
922.03CREATV::STRAUBThu Apr 09 1992PW4.1 and DECW$MWM
923.02MIMS::KOMANDURIFri Apr 10 1992Notepad access violation
924.04MS31Wed Apr 15 1992Color map, flicker with button click problem?
925.01MIMS::MCCRARY_JWed Apr 15 1992Cannot Create Journal file (fileview)
926.01MIMS::SMITH_MThu Apr 16 1992Do non-dec tiga boards need patch to tigacd??
927.04BREAKR::PALASETue Apr 21 1992WIN MGR crashed moving DECTERM
928.01CSC32::S_MAUFETue Apr 21 1992DEcterm and print screen to local printer
929.03MIMS::KOMANDURIWed Apr 22 1992Unable to pan completely
930.05TROOA::MSCHNEIDERWed Apr 22 1992what video for Tiger?
931.04GIDDAY::COOKThu Apr 23 1992Decpc EVC-1 vga+
932.01MIMS::DALTON_KTue Apr 28 1992colormap full?
933.04PRMSWed Apr 29 1992Third party X application not starting
934.01CSC32::R_SCHROEDERThu Apr 30 1992Diamond Speedstar and DWDOSx86
935.05CSC32::R_SCHROEDERThu Apr 30 1992Excursion
936.01MIMS::COSTELLO_JThu Apr 30 1992Greek characters w/DecTerm
937.02CREATV::63639::STRAUBMon May 04 1992XIO Errors
938.0MIMS::KOMANDURITue May 05 1992From FileView CPU going 1
939.02TRCOA::NAHMTue May 05 1992PATHWORKS for DOS V4.1 need Motif?
940.03FAILTE::GILLESPIEFri May 08 1992V4.1 Command Line Start - Fails
941.01MIMS::MCCRARY_JFri May 08 1992DWDOS286 - Dual Decterm - 2nd setterm/inq error
942.03RULLE::BEDOThu May 14 1992Reebot after exit DECterm
943.01LANCHZ::MAXFIELDThu May 14 1992Driver for VESA card?
944.02MIMS::STUBBS_AThu May 14 1992DXSESSION does not work with Pathworks 4.1
945.03MIMS::MCCRARY_JFri May 15 1992DECW$SESSION problems with background color
946.02WLW::PCLAN7::Conferencing-UserFri May 15 1992256 colors with DECpc 42
947.02MIMS::KOMANDURIFri May 15 1992Application not found
948.02MIMS::MCCRARY_JMon May 18 1992MOTIF - Decwindows/PCDecwindows operate differently
949.03WHTAIL::HUTCHINSMon May 18 1992pc windows and tiga XGI
950.01NOLE2::KIMBELMon May 18 1992Missing Borders?
951.04CREATV::63639::STRAUBTue May 19 1992UCX Assistance Needed
952.01KAOFS::M_VALLEETue May 26 1992double password
953.02VNABRW::MATHE_WWed May 27 1992problem with latin-2
954.01MIMS::KOMANDURIWed May 27 1992TCPIP Timeout
955.01GJOVAX::GRAEFFFri May 29 1992PCDECWINDOWS on ACER PC locks keyboard.
956.01STKAI2::EXTEN::cederhagMon Jun 01 1992Decw$winmgr reboots pc with Tiga/Hercules
957.06ODIXIE::HIPPMon Jun 01 1992DECpc 433W and PC DECwindows Hanging
958.03MAONSE::HOLLYMon Jun 01 1992DECpc 433 hangs using PC DECwindows/Motif
959.02MIMS::KOMANDURITue Jun 02 1992UIS applications from PC Decwindows
960.03KAOFS::R_STJEANFri Jun 05 1992interactive limit not respected
961.01CSOA1::HORRIGANTue Jun 09 1992Where does window mgr live?
962.03WHOSFri Jun 12 1992Looking For Xserver for OS/2- Third Party
963.022YUPPIE::COLESat Jun 13 1992XDOS Discussion (See 2.* for kit info)
964.02MIMS::MCFARLAND_DMon Jun 15 1992dwdos286 hangs at exit when running from ms windows 3.1
965.02KAOFS::M_ROLLINWed Jun 17 1992SVGA and DWDOS386
966.05MIMS::STUBBS_AWed Jun 17 1992PCX$SERVER.COM Questions
967.0BGYBRD::UDICKWed Jun 17 1992Why do we not have a way to easily launch X-Win Apps
968.01WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTITue Jun 23 1992SVGA 1
969.0MIMS::SKIFSTAD_TWed Jun 24 1992DWDOS386, TCP/IP, dxterm, and ksh
970.012TROOA::NAISHThu Jun 25 1992TIGA ERROR with PW V4.1 on 433W
971.01MIMS::COSTELLO_JThu Jun 25 1992barcode scanner & Dwdos386
972.02CSC32::M_MENKHUSFri Jun 26 1992Can we use SLIP?
973.0MIMS::GHEFFWed Jul 01 1992Silly icon question.
974.06MIMS::STUBBS_AThu Jul 02 1992QEMM 6.
976.04KERNEL::BURNSWed Jul 08 1992PCX$WINMGR support under PC DECWindows MOTIF
977.03YUPPY::PIERCYPWed Jul 08 1992Ultrix login problem
978.06MIMS::STUBBS_AMon Jul 13 19928514/a and TIGA support questions
979.04MIMS::STUBBS_ATue Jul 14 1992Lotus 3.1 from a suspend session
980.02CSCOA1::MCCRARY_JTue Jul 14 1992CAPS LOCK DROP - drops characters after caps lock
981.02BACHUS::VANTUYKOMFri Jul 17 1992VR319, 433w and dwdos386 ?
983.02BLKPUD::NORRISMFri Jul 17 1992Problem Executing .login
984.04THAMTue Jul 21 1992Can not use DXWM and DXTRM
985.01KADOW::PKADOWWed Jul 22 1992Update kit in Note 2.
986.01MIMS::MCCRARY_JWed Jul 22 1992DTR32 - xtoolkit warning - DRM not found
987.01KADOW::PKADOWWed Jul 22 1992DECPC 433T freezed coping VMS to PC
988.01MSASW2::RaymondLau@msavcThu Jul 23 1992DWDOS386 and non-DEC client problems
989.01KERNEL::SINCLAIRALMon Jul 27 1992Is black and white TIGA supported under DWDOS386
990.03WLW::SHREVEThu Jul 30 1992Can't display applications or window manager with 8514/a
991.0VAOUFri Jul 31 1992EMS vs XMS mem error w/ Win 3.1
992.02MAIL::HOLLINGSHEADMon Aug 03 1992deskview x
995.04VAOUThu Aug 06 1992dwdos won't run from win/s
996.0WD8EHB::HEFFELSat Aug 08 1992UCX 2.
997.0MIMS::BOULIFARD_RMon Aug 10 1992DEBUG Problem
998.02MIMS::BOULIFARD_RThu Aug 13 1992Escape Sequence Problem
999.03THAMFri Aug 14 1992Can't use dxwm and dxterm
1000.07JGODCL::BLOEMENDALFri Aug 21 1992erratic MOUSE on DECstat22
1001.04FIRFri Aug 21 1992No X-application is starting, HELP !
1002.01MIMS::ROLLINS_RWed Aug 26 1992LSE in DECterm - problems with CAPS LOCK
1003.03BREAKR::LOPEZWed Aug 26 1992rexec only works with root account
1005.0LJOHUB::MFFL::StraubFri Aug 28 1992PW XWindows Drivers Needed
1006.010CGOSMon Aug 31 1992dxterm fails with ULTRIX + TCP/IP
1007.07MIMS::SMITH_MTue Sep 01 1992IOCTL error from Oracle
1008.05MIMS::MCCRARY_JTue Sep 01 1992Autostart Application under DECTERM
1009.0KERNEL::PCIOF3::horseycFri Sep 04 1992Decwindows TIGA Timeout Error continued.....
1010.09MIMS::WEINBERGER_JWed Sep 09 1992DECterm disappearing in DWDOS
1011.02VAXRIO::SCHORWed Sep 09 1992DWDOS386 and .login
1012.02MIMS::WEINBERGER_JThu Sep 10 1992DWDOS suspend crashes with mouse movement
1013.01MUDIS3::TKELLERERTue Sep 15 1992Problem with GKS and PC DECwindows
1014.03MSDOA::CHERRYThu Oct 01 1992Does DECwindows work with LP upgradables
1015.03CSOA1::SMARACKOWed Oct 07 1992Fonts ?? / Command Prompt
1016.03TAVThu Oct 08 1992VMS TCP/IP Prompt
1017.01MIMS::MCCRARY_JTue Oct 13 1992DECTERM fails - error accesing wrights dbase
1018.0CREATV::SHAROSTue Oct 13 1992DECWINDOWS & TCP/IP question
1019.05VMSNET::K_DALTONTue Oct 13 1992DWDOS286 Monochrome problems.
1020.01TRHWed Oct 14 1992QEMM without EMS $ DWDOSx86
1021.03COLWed Oct 14 1992evc-1 in european DECpc433 ?
1022.02KERNEL::TAGGARTNFri Oct 23 1992No display for SH5 users
1023.02KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Oct 28 1992EVC-1 in DECpc32
1024.01MIMS::KOMANDURIThu Oct 29 1992No keyboard when remote start to SUN
1025.0VMSNET::GHEFFFri Nov 06 1992Remote start of DECterm on an Alpha Open VMS FT4 system?
1026.01SHARE::DOYLEFri Nov 06 19921
1027.07CARAFE::GOLDSTEINTue Nov 10 1992Barely works at all under DR-DOS V6
1028.01MIMS::KOMANDURITue Nov 17 1992digitiser
1029.01KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Nov 24 1992DECpc433sxlp and dwdos286
1030.02FRSPC1::SATTLERMon Nov 30 1992window rebuild with tiga board
1031.03DBOT14::BOCONNORMon Nov 30 1992pcx$server does a set display/delete
1032.02VMSNET::GHEFFThu Dec 10 1992Fileview, DWDOS, and starting apps.
1033.02MEOCMon Dec 14 1992second decterm fails
1034.0CSCOA1::KOMANDURIThu Dec 17 1992Logitech Bus Mouse
1035.03BLKPUD::PAGEHFri Dec 18 1992433 TIGA with Windows 3.1 and DWDOS386 hangs
1036.01HANTue Dec 22 1992X11-Applikations from RS/6
1037.01CSCOA1::TOSCANO_CThu Jan 07 19938514 software emulation
1038.07DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGMon Jan 11 1993Window color missing on PC
1039.01KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLTue Jan 12 1993DECWindows problems over a network
1040.03BACHUS::VERELSTWed Jan 13 1993suspend session in pcdecwindows hangs application when running windows in enhanced mode
1041.02CSC32::D_SLOUGHWed Jan 20 1993PC Video Primer
1042.01SSDEVO::PEAKS::LAWLORTue Jan 26 1993suspending from dwdos386
1043.01ZURThu Feb 04 1993Two monitors and dwdos386 ?
1044.01VNABRW::MILBERGER_RFri Feb 05 1993Compaq Deskpro 4/33i with QVision Graphic Adapter and DWDOSX86
1045.02CARAFE::GOLDSTEINFri Feb 05 1993IBM keyboard mapping for LK2
1046.04MIMS::KOMANDURIMon Feb 08 1993Does not support color or greyscale
1047.01ODIXIE::HIPPMon Feb 08 1993PS/2 Graphic Adapters?
1048.0CARAFE::GOLDSTEINMon Feb 15 1993Running DWDOS286 under OS/2 V2.
1049.01EBYGUM::WARNESGTue Feb 16 1993DWDOS386 over 19.2k sync link?
1050.0EBYGUM::WARNESGFri Feb 19 1993PIPELINE quotas yet again !!
1051.01BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANFri Mar 05 1993X windows/Pathworks for SCO
1052.0--UnknownUser--Mon Mar 15 1993For Sale: LK25
1053.01SSDEVO::PEAKS::LAWLORTue Mar 16 1993mouse/PC reboot
1054.04BACHUS::VERELSTMon Mar 22 1993Diferent behavior on DECpc 433ST and DECpc 433W
1055.0HTSC19::ANDYNGFri Mar 26 1993timeout waiting for DECterm controller to start
1056.04MIMS::KOMANDURIMon Mar 29 1993Bar Code Scanner
1057.06MIMS::KOMANDURIMon Mar 29 1993DWDOS386/Suspend Session locks up the pc
1058.08TRNOIS::POLETTIFri Apr 02 1993May I use 1
1059.043127Mon Apr 12 1993DWDOS fails with TCP/IP on VMS
1060.02MLNTSC::LAGORIWed Apr 14 1993default LANGUAGE problem
1062.01KERNEL::TAGGARTNWed Apr 14 1993DECW$STARTLOGIN problems
1063.01WIZZER::PARRYFri Apr 16 1993XUI Fileview fails with XVision server.
1064.02ONOIS1::DEGATFri Apr 23 1993DECterm & WSA device
1065.01GIDDAY::LILICWed May 12 1993DWDOS386 4.1-2 does not remote start from ULTRIX nodes.
1066.01COPCLU::BJARNERMon May 17 1993XGA support !!!
1067.01LYOISA::SABIRONTue May 18 1993"Save unders" pb with TIGA-433w
1068.04MIMS::WSATue May 18 1993Dual protocol and DWDOS
1069.01EZLCHZ::EZZELLMon May 24 1993Status of XIE support?
1070.08MIMS::TAYLOR_DWed Jun 02 1993Rendition IV/TIGA bug?
1071.0NJCAD1::LANDWEHRTue Jun 08 1993DECtouch and WINDOWS 3.1
1072.01MLNTSC::CINIWed Jun 09 1993decpc466 and 256 colours
1073.02USHSTue Jul 06 1993DWDOS387?
1074.02MIMS::WSAFri Jul 16 1993'XDOS" and 256 color support
1075.01MIMS::KOMANDURIMon Jul 19 1993PC DECwindows/.BDF
1076.0RONAN::RONANThu Jul 22 1993Bristol Tech?
1077.02TAOVWed Aug 04 1993DWDOS386 (Can't Open Display)
1078.011MIMS::WSAWed Aug 11 1993TGV Multinet and DWDOS
1079.01RIPPLE::GOODELL_MAFri Aug 20 1993X Version 5 vs. V. 4 & DWDOS
1080.0TOHOPE::WSAFri Aug 20 1993Mailing list for PATHWORKS-related CSCPAT kit updates
1081.01MIMS::WSATue Aug 24 1993"Xlib: sequence lost..." error in DWDOSx86
1082.01HKGACT::RICHARDLAMThu Sep 02 1993Run SUN X applications from PC DECwindows
1083.02HKGACT::RICHARDLAMTue Sep 07 1993Where is REXEC shell ?
1084.02MIMS::MEADOWS_CThu Sep 09 1993PC DECwindows, ALPHA AXP
1085.01USHSFri Sep 17 1993Unable to allocate colors for colormap segment
1086.01USHSTue Sep 28 1993Pseudocolors?
1087.02VAXRIO::SCHORThu Oct 07 1993Wrong colors and colormap full
1088.01HITIT::GOKCENFri Oct 15 1993TCP/IP dxterm doesn't work.
1089.01HITIT::GOKCENWed Oct 20 1993TCP/IP dxterm doesn't work.
1090.0VMSNET::GHEFFThu Oct 21 1993Some buttons on the Session Manager window not functioning.
1091.01CIM2NI::MESSIERFri Oct 22 1993Timeout error starting DWDOS with Tiga
1092.010VMSNET::M_SMITHMon Oct 25 1993date will not increment when dwdos is running
1093.01OTOOA::GMACDONALDMon Oct 25 1993DECWindows from MS Windows 3.1
1094.07MIMS::WSAFri Oct 29 1993DWDOS 5.
1095.02GIDDAY::COOKMon Nov 01 1993How is SYS$NET assigned
1096.04MIMS::WSAMon Nov 08 1993Non-translatable VMS error code
1097.05CAPNET::SLIBKINDFri Nov 19 1993DWDOS386 - Decwindows problem
1098.02AUSSIE::SULLIVANMon Nov 22 1993Request for ZIPped kit.
1099.08VMSNET::WSAMon Nov 22 1993Decision on 128
1100.06ONOIS1::DEGATTue Nov 30 1993S3 video & DWDOS386
1101.02BACHUS::VANDORMAELFri Dec 03 1993Xlib-F-ioerror , System-F-exquota with 8514
1102.01NYOSMon Dec 06 1993v5.